Day: September 9, 2022

Chapter 9

       When I was at university, I would meet Xie Chenmin from time to time at some regular places.

       For example, the milk tea shop and the courier office.

       There, one could see Xie Chenmin working part-time and countless girls who chat with him.

       His appearance was so dashing that girls would always ask him if he was an art student.

       Sometimes people in my student council officer group would also talk about him.

       This man named Xie Chenmin, was the one we dealt with last time, right?

       The part-time daily publicity officer of the confession wall said so.

       Every week there are anonymous confessions to him, the frequency of this kid appearing in our place is too often. 

       I asked, Every week?

       The officer looked hurt when he said, Yes, I can’t stand it.

       Just across from me, he was wearing the employee hat backwards in his work uniform. He sat across the chair, rested his head and arms on the back of the chair as he sipped his milk tea and played with his phone.

       I looked up and said, You are quite a casanova.

       He said, I can’t help it, I got my face from my parents.

       I said, That’s nice.

       He also looked up at me and said, Is Senior jealous?

       I said, Jealous my ass.

       This sloppy boy straightened his chair and smiled at me, Senior, do you have a girlfriend, or a boyfriend?

       I said, Yes.

       He froze for a while, then stirred his milk tea and said, Huh? I haven’t seen one.

       I said, You see it every day, it’s called a computer.

       He said, Senior, don’t joke around.

       I said, What are you trying to say?

       As he held the side of his face, he said, I had a few girlfriends in the past.

       I pointed out the main point, A few. How great you are, Xie Chenmin.

       He said, No, I didn’t do anything. I even still have my first kiss. Do I look like that kind of person?

       He didn’t give me a chance to say ‘seemed like so’, as he continued, I was quite casual and felt proud to be pursued and that having a date was particularly awesome.

       He said, I’ve never chased anyone, it’s always the girls who come to me, impressive, right?

       I hid it from my mum at the time and felt especially cool.

       I ridiculed him, The rebellious period is overlaying the second phase.

       He said, My mum later found out and she asked me to leave the school at the time and dragged me home to talk about it all night.

       I stopped drinking my milk tea and looked up at him.

       He said,

       My mother said, Xie Chenmin, I have nothing against you falling in love, you can do whatever you want.

       But you’re a boy, and there are things you have to think about and take on more than the other person.

       You should not respond to any expectations from others until you have thought you can spend time with them.

       They are also someone’s children too, why should they be hurt by your lack of consideration? Why should they be turned into capital for you to show off?

       Xie Chenmin, you’ve let me down this time.

       He said, My mother just looked at me and said these words to me very seriously. I thought about it for a long time by myself, then I cut off all my girlfriends and got slapped by them one by one.

       Later, I was rumoured to be a scum, but I didn’t bother to mess with anyone else who didn’t mess with me.

       I laughed when I heard this.

       He said, I figured it out, I don’t actually like them in my heart, and if they follow me, it would be too suffocating later on.

       I jokingly said, How do you know whether you like it or not, who knows when your second grader syndrome strikes again.

       He said, Senior, I think if I really like someone, I’ll probably be especially crazy.

       I said, Huh?

       He gestured seriously and said, As if the whole world is black and white, but only this person is in colour.

       He said, If this person disappeared from my eyes, the world would probably be dull and boring.

       He said,

       So might as well let me disappear with him.

       I looked at him and thought he was joking.

       I was silent for a while and said, Go write a novel.

       He laughed cheekily and said, When the time comes, you will be the only one to read, Senior.

       I said, I’m short of a book for mouse pads.

       He said, Heartless.

       The man over at work called out to him, saying that a group of girls wanted to take a picture with him and one bought two large glasses of pearls.

       Xie Chenmin immediately straightened his hat, got up and said, Okay, coming.

       This guy had gone from a romantic expert to a mascot.


       Life was like a box of chocolates, you never knew what flavour you were going to eat next.

       But life was actually more complicated than chocolate, and you never know when a flippant remarks you said at a certain time came true.

       He joked that if I must go before him, he asked me to wait for him in front of Naihe Bridge.

       He said that if the person disappeared, he would disappear with the person.

       One was a heavenly coincidence and one was never a joke.

       I only know now.


       Xie Chenmin was trembling as he held me, and I could feel that his temperature was slowly draining away.

       He was on the verge of dying, and his soul could temporarily wander away from his physical body.

       I said, Go back.

       He said, I won’t.

       I said, Don’t make me say it a second time.

       He said in a flustered and trembling voice, You agreed to wait for me, Chu, I don’t want to be alone, and neither do you, can’t we be together this time? We’ve been together before, don’t…

       Don’t you dare not want me.

       Chu, I miss you.

       I clutched his back with both hands and blocked the sobs that wanted to come out onto his shoulders.

       I could hear his trembling ending and felt his residual warmth.

       I could also hear the scraping of machinery, the resuscitation doctor’s yell, and the voice of the young female driver outside the door.

       She said sorry to Mother Xie countless times, saying that she didn’t expect him to suddenly appear in the middle of the road, and she also admitted that she was a little tired when driving.

       I could see that her brow was full of fatigue and guilt.

       I saw that Mother Xie’s eyes and saw the whites of her eyes were already bright red, her tone was trembling, but she still calmly said, It’s okay, he’s to blame.

       The female driver seemed to have never seen a sane family member in such a situation and was stunned.

       Mother Xie said, He’s been very off lately, I…I didn’t think he’d take his own life, if I could have realized it earlier, I ……

       His friends and relatives were comforting his mother who was alone at the moment. The female driver’s cell phone rang, and the childish voice over there asked her mother when she was going home.

       I said, Xie Chenmin, look over there.

       He buried his head on my shoulder, shook it and said, I’m not looking.

       I couldn’t express my conflicting feelings.

       I felt very selfish. I wanted to go through the cold death with Xie Chenmin, the man I love so much. I wanted to take him with me, and I didn’t want to leave him alone with a so-called important and false pretence ritual.

       But I absolutely couldn’t do that.

       I tried to calm down and said, You listen to me, okay?

       A long time ago, three of his roommates complained to me that Xie Chenmin listened to me the most. This person was usually late to class, talked back to teachers and disliked his classmates, but in front of me, he behaved like a kindergartener.

       Sure enough, he still listened and looked over there.

       I said, Look at our mother.

       Mother Xie’s back was still straight, but she was silent amid the countless noises, and there was an indescribable sadness.

       I said, You’re all she has left. If you leave, what do you want her to do?

       He didn’t say anything.

       I said, Look at that driver, her child is still calling her home. She’s probably a single mother, out on her own to make ends meet, and because of your one thought, their lives could be so devastated.

       But she still chose to stay and did not escape. Do you have the heart to let this crippled family take another blame?

       I said,

       Look, your friends, their expressions.

       Look at these doctors, they are desperately trying to save you.

       And Zhaocai, who is waiting for you to pick him up and take him back.

       How can you say you are alone.

       He said, But you are not there. Chu, how could I be without you?

       I said, I’m by your side, am I not? But you just couldn’t see me.

       He squeezed me tightly like he was trying to rub the breath out of two souls and melt them together.

       He said, Chu, I can’t let go.

       I said, I know.

       Whether it was me, or this world with the people’s warmth, he was just equally reluctant.

       He sobbed softly in my neck. It was the second time I saw him cry so unabashedly.

       He said, Lin Chu, you are too f/cking cruel.

       He was a cheerful person and someone with high self-esteem. How painful and difficult it was for him to convince himself to give up everything, even his life.

       But he really did.

       I said, I’m sorry.

       He said, Don’t say those words again.

       Like an oath of the youth who did not know the extent of heaven and earth, he made up his mind to come to me and said that he would love me longer than a lifetime.

       However, I could only drive him away.

       Romance could only be placed in the story, and it could only be defeated by a cruel reality.

       But the man in front of me said,

       Chu, let’s get married now, okay?

       I looked at him.

       The room was so quiet that only the sound of the rescuers remained.

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Chapter 13

       Some encounters were coincidental, but others were clearly intentional.

       Although Suo Yang had a splitting headache at the moment, his mind was still clear. He narrowed his eyes and looked at the cufflinks as the midday sun broke through the window, casting a somewhat dazzling light on it.

       “No.” Suo Yang said softly, “I really don’t remember anything.”

       The cufflinks were specially placed in Suo Yang’s pocket by Shen Huiming in order to create a chance for the next meeting reasonably.

       Therefore, he knew very well that either Suo Yang hadn’t found out, or Suo Yang had found out and was deliberately playing dumb.

       “Is that so…” Shen Huiming sighed with a wry smile, “I didn’t expect that I would lose it.”

       “It’s important?” Suo Yang thought subconsciously, that maybe the pair of cufflinks was given to him by someone who meant a lot to Shen Huiming.

       “Yes, it’s very important,” Shen Huiming said. “It’s an X brand limited edition, with the number and name engraved on the inside of the button, but that’s not important.”

       Suo Yang listened quietly while picking up the cufflinks on the table and examining them carefully.

       There was indeed a number on the inside of the button, and Shen Huiming’s cufflink was number 1.

       As for the name, he saw an “S” near the number, which should represent “Shen”.


       Suo Yang looked at it with a slight smile in his eyes.

       Suo Yang’s Suo was also S.

       He was suddenly alarmed because he found himself subconsciously looking for what he had in common with Shen Huiming.

       This was what happened when you start caring about someone.

       This made Suo Yang feel that he and Shen Huiming did seem to be starting to get involved in a way that was inevitable.

       “More importantly,” Shen Huiming said, “Someone told me yesterday that he likes the cufflinks.”

       With a “bang”, Suo Yang’s alarm bell blew up.

       It was not that Suo Yang had never met a push and pull master, but all the tactics Shen Huiming had used had hit him right in the heart.

       A subtle hint, no rush and no impatience.

       He preferred to be treated like this than those who thought they were passionately pursuing him.

       “I just got up.” Suo Yang said, “I’ll look for it later, and I’ll contact you later.”

       Shen Huiming smiled, and since Suo Yang said that, it proved that he had wavered.

       “Alright.” One couldn’t rush, couldn’t be too blunt, couldn’t give the other party the feeling of being pushed.

       Shen Huiming said, “I’ll also look for it. Maybe it fell in one of my pockets.”

       Suo Yang laughed silently and said softly, “I’ll contact you later. Bye.”

       He hung up the phone, lay on the sofa and played with the cufflink in his hand.

       He did say that he liked Shen Huiming’s cufflinks, but of course, that wasn’t his focus at the time. He believed that Shen Huiming could understand his underlying tone.

       It was just that they didn’t expect that the other party was also someone who was capable of going back and forth, and now these cufflinks had become the thread that held them together.

       Suo Yang hadn’t really looked at the cufflinks before but felt that the simple design matched Shen Huiming’s calm temperament.

       He hated everything that was overly ornate. Anything too shiny or complicated in design made him feel that it was too flashy and overwhelming.

       This simple design had just the right touch. It felt low-key and not cheap.

       The same was true for object and person.

       Half an hour later, Suo Yang sent a text message to Shen Huiming: Mr Shen, I found your cufflinks in my trouser pocket.

       At this moment, Shen Huiming was sitting in a coffee shop drinking coffee and reading a book, patiently waiting for his message.

       Shen Huiming didn’t expect Suo Yang to call, and he even suspected that the other party didn’t store his number at all.

       Suo Yang really didn’t save it, but he remembered the string of numbers, found the “good night” from a few days ago in the text message record, and sent the message.

       Out of courtesy, Shen Huiming did not call back immediately but sent a reply to Suo Yang via text message.

       【Luckily, I didn’t lose it. When is it convenient for you for me to go and pick it up?】

       Suo Yang had already drank two glasses of water while standing in front of the water dispenser. He looked at the text message, thought about it, and replied—

       【I haven’t made any arrangements today. Let’s meet somewhere.】

       Suo Yang really didn’t have the habit of letting unfamiliar people come to the door. So he met them outside, meeting at home was too ambiguous.

       The two met at a coffee shop an hour later. The coffee shop where they met was the one where Shen Huiming was now.

       He had already made plans when he came.

       When Suo Yang reported his home address to the taxi driver last night, he heard it, but he had to pretend he didn’t know.

       This coffee shop was not far from Suo Yang’s house, and there was a shopping mall and a cinema upstairs, so if possible, he might be able to get a chance to watch a movie and have dinner.

       After making an appointment with Suo Yang, Shen Huiming asked the waiter to clean up the table, take away the empty cup, and replace the tissue with a new one, then continued reading and waiting for Suo Yang to arrive.

       Before he left the house, Suo Yang deliberately found a small box and put the cufflinks in it. Because of the headache, he went back to take another painkiller when was already about to lock the door.

       In fact, he didn’t really want to go out today. The hangover felt too torturous.

       But he had a flight for three days in a row starting tomorrow. So after some hesitation, he decided to meet Shen Huiming today.

       With a headache and nausea, Suo Yang didn’t drive, went out and took a taxi to the coffee shop he had made an appointment with.

       Maybe he should have a cup of coffee, an Americano with ice,  to suppress the non-stop nausea feeling.

       Suo Yang sat in the back seat of the car, fell asleep in a daze, was woken up by the taxi driver, then hurriedly paid to get out of the car.

       He took a deep breath outside for a while and adjusted his state.

       It was already autumn in September, but the temperature was still a little high in the afternoon.

       He rubbed his eyebrows, saw the sign of the coffee shop, and walked over there.

       Before Suo Yang reached the door, he saw Shen Huiming. The man was sitting by the window, and the huge transparent glass wall allowed people outside to see the world inside in full view.

       Shen Huiming was sitting on a black leather sofa, looking down intently at the book in his hand, and Suo Yang couldn’t see clearly what he was reading, but the way the man was sitting there peacefully was a bit charming.

       He looked at him and smiled and suddenly felt that if he hadn’t made an appointment with Shen Huiming, if the two of them didn’t know each other, maybe, just as he passed by, he would have taken a second look at this man.

       Shen Huiming was very attractive.

       He pushed open the door and walked in, went to the bar and ordered an Americano with ice, then walked towards Shen Huiming with the small dark blue box with cufflinks in it.

       Shen Huiming never looked up. So Suo Yang walked towards him step by step, reached him, leaned over and put the small box on the table in front of him.

       Only then did Shen Huiming freeze for a moment before looking up.

       The two looked at each other and smiled, and Suo Yang sat opposite him.

       As Suo Yang sat down, he recalled the scene he had just witnessed, and surprisingly, he felt like he was proposing with a ring in his hand.

       This made him laugh and cry, and he felt that he was indeed strange.

       “Something to drink?” Shen Huiming put down the book and asked Suo Yang.

       “I already ordered.” Suo Yang glanced at the book Shen Huiming was reading, “Someone at 30,000 feet high must have been fiddling with our fate.”

       Shen Huiming followed his line of sight to the book and then smiled because this sentence was from the first chapter of the book, where the male and female lead met on the plane.

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Chapter 12

       Suo Yang woke up on the sofa the next day with a splitting headache and started to vomit as soon as he moved.

       He rushed straight into the bathroom and threw up all over the place.

       It was not that he hadn’t had hangovers before. He used to play around with everyone for a while when he was in college. On weekends, he would soak in bars and spend the next day recovering energy.

       However, Suo Yang only fooled around for around a year or so, and then gradually began to restrain himself and no longer indulged himself indiscriminately.

       He hadn’t felt this way in a long time.

       After he vomited, he took off his clothes and took a shower. The cold water poured down, causing him to clench his teeth and frown.

       His muddled brain was briefly awakened by the cold water, and he quickly adjusted to the temperature of the water, closing his eyelids as he finished the shower.

       Afterwards, he cleaned up the bathroom and did laundry.

       After he came out, he confirmed that he had no flying duties today, and then he rummaged through the cupboard to find a painkiller, took it with the cold water and slumped back down on the sofa.

       He fumbled with his phone and turned it on; it still had 20% battery left.

       In the middle of the night, Zhou Mo texted him back and asked him if something had happened to him.

       After about an hour, Zhou Mo sent another message. It should be Shen Huiming who told the other party that he had arrived home, so he told him to take a good rest.

       Except for Zhou Mo, nothing else.

       Suo Yang put the phone aside and looked at the ceiling pondering the events of last night.

       Nothing else impressed him, but that last call from Shen Hui Ming still made his fingers tingle when he thought about it.

       Suo Yang had never been a person who was easily attracted to someone. He even would suppress his own desires deliberately, for anything and everyone.

       He felt that desires were burdens, and when one had more and more desires, one would live an increasingly tiring life.

       Of course, it wasn’t much easier for him now.

       For several years, Suo Yang had done well, and he was very satisfied with himself.

       His home was in minimalist style, and so was his life. If he didn’t want or desire anything, he wouldn’t be trapped by his desires.

       However now, he was still stuck.

       Just because of the voice that reached his ears late at night.

       Suo Yang was not a person who had an obsession with sound, but he was indeed aroused by Shen Huiming’s voice at that moment.

       Was it because he had suppressed it for too long?

       Suo Yang found a reasonable explanation for himself. Because he had been abstaining from sex for too long, coupled with the catalyst of alcohol and the dark night, this had led to the buds of lust sprouting in his heart.

       That was probably the case.

       Suo Yang sighed and closed his eyes with a wry smile.

       He knew that wasn’t the case.

       Otherwise, why else would he have put his hand in his pyjama trousers now that the alcohol and the darkness had all but disappeared from his world?

       Ah, man…

       Inseparable from desire.

       Suo Yang thought: Let’s take a rest. I have a day off today.

       It was noon when Shen Huiming came out of the conference room. The assistant asked if he wanted help ordering lunch. He waved his hand and refused.

       “I’m going out, and I won’t necessarily be back in the afternoon.” Shen Huiming said, “Call me if anything happens.”

       He handed the materials in his hand to the assistant and went downstairs directly.

       Shen Huiming also went home shortly after Suo Yang left last night, but after all, he drank a lot of alcohol, so he didn’t drive when he came to the company this morning.

       Now, he walked out of the building and took a taxi to meet with Jiang Tongyan.

       The two of them met at a Spanish restaurant opposite the hotel where Jiang Tongyan stayed.

       When Jiang Tongyan came, Shen Huiming had been looking at the menu for a while.

       “How much did you drink yesterday?” Shen Huiming asked him, “You look half-dead now.”

       Jiang Tongyan sat down and first asked the waiter for a glass of warm water. He then finished it in one gulp.

       “I think I’m finished.” Jiang Tongyan said, “I’m in trouble.”

       Shen Huiming looked up at him, “What’s wrong? Did you give away your company while you were drunk last night?”

       Jiang Tongyan rubbed his eyebrows helplessly, “Do you know who was sleeping next to me when I woke up this morning?”

       Shen Huiming put down the menu.

       “Suo Yang.”


       “Okay, I lied to you.” Jiang Tongyan let out a sigh, “The one you danced with yesterday.”

       “Good for you. Surely you won’t go back empty-handed once you’ve come back, right?”

       Jiang Tongyan took the menu and looked at it: “I’m not kidding you. I’m really in trouble.”

       Shen Huiming leaned back in the chair and squinted at him with an amused look on his face.

       “I drank too much last night, and I don’t even remember how I got back to the hotel,” Jiang Tongyan said. “I was so drunk that I definitely couldn’t get hard, so I told him I didn’t touch him.”

       Shen Huiming sneered and said nothing.

       “But he said his butt hurt and asked me to be responsible for him.”

       Jiang Tongyan looked bitter, but Shen Huiming was happy.

       It was good. No one would rob Suo Yang from him this time.

       Jiang Tongyan said, “I have a good idea of what I can do, I definitely didn’t sleep with him.”

       “But you have no evidence.” Shen Huiming said, “Admit it, you’ve planted yourself in someone’s hands.”

       “This is a scam, I have to find a way.” Jiang Tongyan called the waiter and the two ordered their food.

       “By the way,” Jiang Tongyan asked Shen Huiming, “Last night, when I turned around, you and Suo Yang were gone. Don’t tell me you went to open a room.”

       Shen Huiming was about to drink water when he almost choked on his words.

       “You think we’re all the same as you?” Shen Huiming said. “You’re so senseless, you little.”

       Jiang Tongyan sneered, “You are really not a man.”

       “You are,” Shen Huiming said politely to him, “Sleeping with someone and still not admitting it.”

       “But I didn’t sleep with him!”

       “Who knows whether you slept or not? There’s no proof in your words, you have to show proof.”  Shen Huiming said, “With all this going on, are you not going to be able to leave today?”

       “Leaving, I’m definitely leaving,” Jiang Tongyan was flying back to New York tonight, “It’s just a little troublesome.”

       Shen Huiming’s cell phone rang, and the assistant called to confirm the time for a meeting tomorrow.

       In the time it took for him to call, Jiang Tongyan made a decision.

       “I’ve thought it over.”

       As soon as Shen Huiming hung up the phone, Jiang Tongyan said, “He didn’t say I slept with him, and I think I didn’t.”

       The waiter brought the food and set it up.

       When the waiter walked away, Jiang Tongyan stared at the meat on the plate and said, “Anyway, the pot has been buckled down. I’ll go back to sleep with him when I’m full.”

       Shen Huiming felt that the logic of this man was too formidable, and he could not wait to applaud him.

       After the two finished their meal, Jiang Tongyan rushed back to the hotel with a look of grief and indignation. Before leaving, he asked Shen Huiming, “What are your arrangements for later?”

       Shen Huiming didn’t tell him. He waited for Jiang Tongyan to leave, took out his phone, and called Suo Yang.


       “Suo Yang?” Shen Huiming stood in the autumn sunlight, looking at the flower shop across the street, and said with a smile, “It’s me, Shen Huiming.”

       “Ah, Mr Shen, how do you do?”

       “It’s just, when I sent my clothes to the laundry today, I found that I had lost one of the cufflinks on my shirt. I searched everywhere but couldn’t find it. I want to ask you if you have any recollection of where I dropped it. “

       Suo Yang sat on the sofa and listened to his voice. When he finished saying this, he raised his eyes slightly, and his eyes fell on the glass coffee table.

       There was a silver cufflink on it, the one he told Shen Huiming yesterday that he liked the brand.

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Thank you to the little angel who voted or irrigated nutrient solution for me during 2020-04-17 07:53:45~2020-04-18 07:45:33~

Thank you very much for your support, I will continue to work hard!


Originally when Jiang Tongyan said, “This is a scam, I have to find a way.” in the raw, he was saying 这是碰瓷 literal translation “This is touching porcelain.” It was a trick that reportedly takes its name from a scam in which unscrupulous antique sellers would rig up damaged porcelain vases to look whole, wait for customers to “break” one by picking it up, and then demand that they pay for the item.
But I had to change it to scam because it sounds suitable that way.

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