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Side Story 6

       Cheerful music still reverberated everywhere in the amusement park, but unfortunately, there was not a single visitor which made it strangely deserted.

       The giant panda said he had to go see his senior brother first, so he left slowly with clumsy steps.

       Li Zhenruo looked at his back and asked Xia Hongshen curiously, “Is the giant panda’s cultivation level insufficient? Why does it not change into human form?”

       Xia Hongshen said, “No.”

       Li Zhenruo was even more strange, “Then why?”

       Xia Hongshen said, “I don’t know. I didn’t ask him, you can ask yourself.”

       Li Zhenruo didn’t feel like asking him and turned his head to look at Li Zhenran, who was sitting on his shoulder, then turned back and shook his shoulders, trying to get him down.

       Li Zhenran jumped to the ground and looked up at him.

       Li Zhenruo hadn’t calmed down yet and turned around to see the huge Ferris wheel moving slowly, so he said to Xia Hongshen, “The master hasn’t arrived yet, right? I’ll just go around.”

       Xia Hongshen waved his hand, “Go.”

       Li Zhenruo walked toward the Ferris wheel, and Li Zhenran followed behind him. Although he couldn’t hear the footsteps, he knew that Li Zhenran was following so close and not far, and he felt a little soft-hearted. Li Zhenruo reached out and touched his butt and found that it was still painful there, and his heart hardened immediately.

       There was no staff on the Ferris wheel. He went in by himself, opened the door and sat in when the empty carriage turned to the bottom. At the same time, Li Zhenran also rushed in.

       Li Zhenruo moved for a while, but then he reached out and locked the door.

       Li Zhenran sat face to face with him.

       One person and one cat were quiet for a while. When the carriage turned to the middle, Li Zhenran jumped down, jumped to Li Zhenruo’s seat and sat down.

       Li Zhenruo looked out of the car window with one hand on his face.

       Li Zhenran moved his body silently and sat down next to Li Zhenruo.

       Li Zhenruo saw the smile on his face from the reflection in the glass window.

       After a brief silence, Li Zhenran raised a paw and placed it on Li Zhenruo’s leg.

       Li Zhenruo continued to remain calm.

       Li Zhenran then stood up, slowly climbed onto Li Zhenruo’s lap, and sat down.

       Li Zhenruo then looked down at him.

       Li Zhenran was also looking up at him.

       When the Ferris wheel reached the highest point, Li Zhenruo lowered his head and kissed his cat. Although the cat was reluctant, he closed his eyes and touched his lips.

       Before the kiss was over, Li Zhenruo’s cell phone rang. It was Xia Hongshen who called and asked him to hurry over. The Master Yunshen he invited had already arrived.

       The speed of Yun Po’s arrival was very fast, which was beyond everyone’s expectations.

       While Li Zhenruo hoped that Yun Po really had a way to resolve Li Zhenran’s current situation, he also regretted that Li Zhenran became a cat in only just one day.

       It was a very happy thing to hold a furry Li Zhenran.

       After they got off the Ferris wheel, Li Zhenruo walked toward the depths of the amusement park according to Xia Hongshen’s instructions. There was the management office of the amusement park, which was an office in a two-story building.

       Li Zhenruo hurried over with Li Zhenran in his arms and saw a delicate and pretty monk sitting in front of the desk in the large office on the first floor, holding a cup of hot tea in his hand and taking a sip lazily.

       “Master!” Li Zhenruo called out to Xia Hongshen who was sitting at the desk next to him.

       Xia Hongshen raised his lower jaw, “This is Master Yun Po.”

       Li Zhenruo walked over, put Li Zhenran on the table, and said, “Master, my second brother turned into a cat after eating an elixir of unknown origin.”

       Yun Po looked up at Xia Hongshen and said, “First settle the money you owe me.”

       Xia Hongshen was neither in a hurry nor angry. He stretched out his hand and pressed Li Zhenruo’s shoulder, “Apprentice.”

       Li Zhenruo was a little helpless and asked, “How much?”

       Yun Po took out his mobile phone from the monk’s robe, tapped it for a few seconds, and said, “There are still three thousand two hundred and seventy-eight accounts that have not been settled.”

       Li Zhenruo said, “It’s on my brother.”

       He spoke so forthrightly that Yun Po couldn’t help but look up at him.

       Li Zhenruo put his hand on the table, “Only if my brother can turn back into a human again. Otherwise, it would be a waste of time to say anything, wouldn’t it?”

       When he heard this, Yun Po stared at his cat on the table for a while and said, “If I can turn him back into a human, add another two thousand, making a total of five thousand two hundred and seventy-eight, will you make a deal?”

       Li Zhenruo glanced at Li Zhenran and said, “Deal!”

       Yun Po smiled with satisfaction and said to Li Zhenran, “Stretch out your hand.”

       Li Zhenran stretched out a paw.

       Yun Po caught his pulse, released his hand after a while and said to him, “Open your mouth.”

       Li Zhenran opened his mouth to let him see.

       Li Zhenruo frowned slightly and asked Xia Hongshen in a low voice, “Is this friend of yours okay or not?”

       Before Xia Hongshen spoke, Yun Po raised his head and gave him a blank look.

       Afterwards, Yun Po dipped his fingers in some tea and drew a simple circle on the table, letting Li Zhenran stand in the middle.

       After Li Zhenran stood in, the magic circle seemed to flicker with golden light and then disappeared.

       Yun Po looked at the reaction of the magic circle, touched his chin with one hand and said thoughtfully, “It’s not that he turned into a cat.”

       Li Zhenruo and Xia Hongshen looked at him at the same time.

       “Then what is it?” Li Zhenruo asked.

       “Probably a dog,” someone said as he walked in, pushing the door open from the outside.

       Several people turned their heads to look and saw that the person who came in was Luo Fei, and there was a giant panda with Luo Fei, half a step behind him, followed Luo Fei into the office.

       Yun Po “tsk” and said, “Don’t talk nonsense if you don’t understand. He is still a person.”

       Li Zhenruo couldn’t help but pull up a chair and sit closer to Yun Po and ask, “If he’s still a human, then why would he become this way?”

       Yun Po said, “I haven’t seen the elixir you mentioned, and I don’t know what it looks like, but his body is actually a human body, not the cat we’ve seen.”

       With a smile on his face, Luo Fei sat beside the desk and reached out to touch Li Zhenran’s head, but Li Zhenran flicked his tail and deflected his hand. He retracted his hand and said, “Not at all well behaved.”

       Li Zhenruo quickly reached out and pulled Li Zhenran over to hold him in his arms, preventing Luo Fei from touching him again.

       Yun Po reached for a pen and wrote and drew on the sticky note in front of him, but if they looked closely, they could see that he was just drawing something meaningless and irrelevant.

       As he drew, he said, “He appeared to have properties that are different from his own essence. This looks more like a bluff.”

       “Oh,” Xia Hongshen said suddenly, “I see.”

       Li Zhenruo asked, “What?”

       Xia Hongshen said, “Taishang Laojun has all kinds of strange things in the alchemy furnace. I have heard that there is a kind of medicinal pill that has the effect of blinding the eyes.”

       Li Zhenruo was still curious, “What would it become?”

       Xia Hongshen shrugged, “I’ve only heard of it, but I haven’t seen it. What will it look like? There are too many things in the furnace of Taishang Laojun. I’m afraid he may not be able to pinpoint it.”

       All eyes fell on Li Zhenran.

       Li Zhenran sat calmly on Li Zhenruo’s lap without blushing or panting, accepting everyone’s attention.

       Li Zhenruo asked, “When will he return to his original form?”

       Yun Po said, “Since it is a blinding method, it is only supported by the spiritual power in the medicinal pill. It is estimated that it will not take too long, and the blinding method will naturally be broken when the spiritual power is exhausted.”

       “Ah—” At this moment, the panda next to him screamed and looked like he was hit hard, “He will not always be this way?”

       Yun Po said, “Of course, but you can go and ask Taishang Laojun for more elixir to keep him like this.”

       “Taishang Laojun?” The panda pointed his finger on his lips thoughtfully.

       Li Zhenruo said to him, “Don’t think about it! Even if he has always been like this, he will not be yours!”

       The giant panda seemed to have just reacted and was stunned for a moment and then looked tangled.

       Li Zhenruo was still worried and asked Yun Po, “Master, are you sure he can change back without doing anything?”

       Yun Po said, “It’s just a trick, how long can it last? If you’re really worried, I can help you put up a talisman and use up the remaining elixir spirit in his body, but the price is more than that.”

       Li Zhenruo was not reluctant to give up so much money, but after hearing what Yun Po said, he suddenly thought that it would be better to take this Li Zhenran back and watch it for a few more days, and it would not be possible to wait until then.

       But he didn’t want to reveal his thoughts to Li Zhenran.

       Li Zhenran stretched out his claws and grabbed him, probably meaning to let Yunshen form a formation to exhaust the medicinal power of the elixir now, but Li Zhenruo pretended that he didn’t know, and after a moment of contemplation said, he said, “Then I will go back and observe for a few days.”

       Yun Po nodded and stretched out his hand to ask for money, “Give me the money first.”

       Li Zhenruo said to him, “He hasn’t become a human yet. Master, you can leave your account number, and when he returns to human form, we will you give you money as soon as possible?”

       Yun Po looked at him for a while, and said, “Then you give me a call, and I will text you the account number.”

       Li Zhenruo heard the words, put Li Zhenran on the table and touched the mobile phone. He took out his mobile phone and dialled the number that Yun Po said, and hung up when Yun Po’s phone rang. Then he looked up and found Li Zhenran was gone from the table.

       “Where’s my brother?” Li Zhenruo suddenly stood up.

       Xia Hongshen pointed outside, “He was carried away by a giant panda.”

       “Ah—” Li Zhenruo shouted, “Why didn’t you tell me?” After speaking, he suddenly ran outside.

       The giant panda carried Li Zhenran and ran, but the speed was not slow at all.

       He hadn’t really thought about where he could carry Li Zhenran, but when he heard that the black and white Garfield might turn back into a human, he rushed out with him in his arms and ran all the way to the front of the Ferris wheel. The panda stopped to gasp for breath. When he saw that the cat in his arms didn’t move at all, he said, “Let’s go ride the Ferris wheel.”

       The panda thought this was probably their last romance.

       But perhaps, not only they would have three more minutes, what if the cat fell in love with him? He knew that he was so cute, and there were not many creatures in this world that could resist his charm, right?

       Li Zhenran did not agree or object but was carried into the Ferris wheel by the giant panda.

       They sat inside the Ferris wheel. The giant panda touched Li Zhenran’s head, suddenly became sad, and pressed his face to the top of his head and said, “Is there another cat with such a round face in this world?”

       In fact, there were, but the colour was not as pleasing to him as this one.

       Li Zhenran was a little breathless in his embrace and suddenly stretched out his paws and pushed him.

       The giant panda loosened a little in surprise. Li Zhenran struggled out of his arms and ran to the window to look down with his face against the glass.

       “What’s wrong?” The giant panda also looked in the same direction and was surprised to find that a cat had climbed over the vast steel frame of the Ferris wheel in their direction.

       The Ferris wheel was constantly rotating, although the speed was very slow, and the steel frame structure was complex, but they were still moving up, and the height here was terrible.

       The yellow-and-white Garfield climbed hard, seemingly unaware of the danger, only looking in the direction of his target and rushing up quickly.

       Xia Hongshen, Luo Fei, and Yun Po chased under the Ferris wheel and looked up at the heights.

       While the giant panda was surprised, it was also worried for Li Zhenruo.

       Li Zhenran stared in Li Zhenruo’s direction without saying a word.

       When the carriage turned to the top of the Ferris wheel, Li Zhenruo finally climbed from the steel frame to the outside of the carriage. Li Zhenran ignored the danger and opened the carriage door, and Li Zhenruo rushed in at once.

       Li Zhenruo threw Li Zhenran to the ground, followed by Li Zhenran but a rollover to pounce him underneath, rubbing his face with his face.

       Two cats hugged each other tightly.

       The giant panda stared at them blankly and suddenly burst into tears. He thought that he might probably lose his love and did so twice at the same time.

       The Ferris wheel rotated down, and Luo Fei opened the door and pulled them all out.

       The giant panda was still crying, and when he saw Luo Fei, he stretched out his arms to hug him and said, “Senior brother, woo woo—”

       Luo Fei patted his back and said, “Go and cry.”

       Xia Hongshen smiled and said to Li Zhenruo, who turned back into a human form and hugged Li Zhenran, “Not bad.”

       Only then did Li Zhenruo turn to look at the Ferris wheel with some fear and said, “I’m afraid that my brother will be influenced by him…” Then he looked at the giant panda who was still crying and said, “I think I may have thought too much. “

       When sending them away, the panda raised a hand and waved, “I wish you happiness.”

       Li Zhenruo shouted to him, “You will find the panda you love.”

       The giant panda still looked resentful.

       After returning that day, Li Zhenran once again rejected Li Zhenruo’s courtship, but this time, instead of kicking him out of bed, he hugged him and kissed and licked him for a long time, then pushed him away lightly.

       On the third day after Li Zhenran became a cat, after rejecting Li Zhenruo’s plea five times, that morning, before Li Zhenruo woke up, he felt that he was being pressed on the bed.

       He reached out to touch his chest, and at first thought, he was touching cat hair, but later found that it felt wrong, and when he opened his eyes, he found that it was black hair.

       Li Zhenran raised his head from his chest and said to him, “Seeing that you have been dissatisfied with your desires for a few days, I will satisfy you today!”

       Li Zhenruo said “Ah—”, both pleasantly surprised and somewhat regretful, and finally chose not to continue to struggle and just lie down to enjoy it.

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Chapter 1

       “What’s the date today?”


       He asked me, and I was stunned for a moment. I quickly looked up at the calendar and replied, “The seventh day of the first lunar month.”


       He didn’t say anything and I added in a lighter tone, “Three more days until February 14, Valentine’s Day.”


       With a gloomy expression, he got up heavily and went back to the house, as if what he was about to spend was not Valentine’s Day, but Qingming Festival1Qingming festival is a holiday devoted to remembering and honouring the deceased, people sweep and decorate gravesites, burn incense. and paper money, and make food offerings..


       So the smile on my face slowly faded.


       Perhaps for him, it was indeed the Qingming Festival.


       I was actually glad that he was willing to talk to me today. Although he and I lived in the same house, he treated me as if I were a piece of talking furniture—he rarely even looked at me.


       We met regularly, but it was sad to see how far our relationship had become.


       I could probably guess why he suddenly asked me this question.


       Because in a few days, it would be my first year living with him, and the first year his lover has disappeared.


       I wanted to spend Valentine’s Day with him too.


       But I, for one, couldn’t say it.


       Within the first month of my return, he found out once and for all that I was not his lover.


       Maybe he thought I just had amnesia before? However, perhaps because the gap between me and that person before was so big, he finally couldn’t hold back and said directly, “You’re not Ze’an, aren’t you?”


       I wanted to say that I was Ze’an, I always had been. But when I met his sure, suspicious, and slightly questioning gaze, I realised which Ze’an he was talking about.


       But I really was Ze’an. My mouth opened and closed, hesitating and not knowing how to respond to him.


       He said, “You like spicy food, but Ze’an can’t touch any spicy food. You like to play games, Ze’an never plays games. You only know how to code and program, Ze’an can draw and sing, but you are tone deaf…”


       He paused slightly, “On top of that, Ze’an is left-handed and you’re not.”


       “Your handwriting is completely different.”


       I was stunned when I heard it. I didn’t expect that in just one month, he had figured out all the details.


       He said again, “Who are you? Where is Ze’an?”


       I calmed my breathing, met his eyes and smiled, “Ji Qin, I really am Ze’an.”


       I swore I wasn’t lying.


       He frowned and was about to speak when I said, “But it’s true that the Ze’an you spoke of is no longer here.”


       “—he’s gone.”


       I made a gesture that he had departed from my head and said with a smile.


       His expression went blank for a moment as if all the light in his life had been taken from him by me. I pursed my lips and slowly withdrew my smile.


       It was hard to come back, but I didn’t seem to be welcomed.

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Chapter 19

       From then on, the group of delinquents who lived nearby never came to mess with Chen Yuncheng again. Chen Yuncheng knew that they were talking in private, and they all said that the boy with Chen Yuncheng was a lunatic. No one wanted to provoke a desperate lunatic.

       Chen Yuncheng lay on the bed and did not fall asleep. He put his arms under his head and looked at the scarf hanging in the room. The light in the room was quite dim, but it was not like he couldn’t see anything, at least the outline of the scarf was still barely distinguishable.

       He remembered the events of his childhood, and the way Ning Junyan strangled Guan Anlin’s neck tonight. He felt that Ning Junyan was still a little crazy. There was some paranoia and madness in his heart, but Ning Junyan didn’t become a lunatic after all. He was measured and had a bottom line in his actions, and he was no longer someone who was not in his right mind like when he was a child.

       The next morning, Chen Yuncheng didn’t open the store. He planned to go out.

       When he went out, Chen Yuncheng took off the scarf hanging in the house and put it on his neck. The moment he got out through the half-opened shutter door, he felt a bit awkward and was not used to it, so he went back and hung the scarf back in its original position.

       Chen Yuncheng went to the second-hand car dealer where Zhou Yan worked as a salesman.

       When he first entered, the sales staff in the store thought he was a customer who was going to buy a car and took the initiative to come over to serve him.

       He turned around and didn’t see Zhou Yan, so he asked the salesperson if there was a staff member named Zhou Yan there.

       The salesperson asked, “Are you a customer of his?”

       Chen Yuncheng said “um”, “He contacted me before.”

       The salesman continued, “He no longer works here.”

       Chen Yuncheng seemed surprised, “Why didn’t he tell me.”

       “He hasn’t been here very long,” the salesperson said.

       Chen Yuncheng heard the disdain in the other party’s tone, and continued, “But he still asked me to see the car if I had time?”

       The salesman said, “He may ask you to go to other places to see the car. He has been dishonest from the beginning and stealing our customers.”

       Chen Yuncheng said in surprise, “Really? It’s all commission based anyway, so there’s no point in stealing customers to other shops, is there?”

       The salesman shook his head, “I don’t know.” He didn’t seem to want to continue talking about Zhou Yan and raised his hand to pat the second-hand Audi in front of him, “What do you think of this car? The performance is really good, I can give you a detailed introduction.”

       Chen Yuncheng listened to him for a few minutes, then made an excuse to leave.

       After leaving the second-hand car dealership, Chen Yuncheng called Zhou Yan as soon as possible. The phone rang a lot, but the other party didn’t answer.

       Chen Yuncheng then sent a WeChat message to Zhou Yan, “Call me back.”

       But until the afternoon, Zhou Yan neither called Chen Yuncheng nor even replied to his WeChat.

       Chen Yuncheng contacted Gu Yaojia in the hospital and asked her when Zhou Yan usually went to the hospital to see their children every day.

       Gu Yaojia said to Chen Yuncheng, “He will come every night when he’s done working except when he has a dinner party, he would come very late. He usually comes to the hospital at seven or eight o’clock.” After speaking, Gu Yaojia asked nervously, “Cheng ge, is there something wrong?”

       Chen Yuncheng said, “It’s nothing, don’t worry.”

       Zhou Yan arrived at the hospital after seven o’clock in the evening that day. When he got out of the elevator, he saw Chen Yuncheng waiting for him in the elevator room. He suddenly stopped, and his whole body became stiff.

       Chen Yuncheng said to him, “Let’s go. Let’s talk somewhere else, don’t disturb your wife and children.”

       Zhou Yan didn’t move, and with a pleading tone he said, “Cheng ge.”

       Chen Yuncheng walked in front of him. Chen Yuncheng raised his hand and place it on his back while at the same time reaching out to press the elevator.

       Zhou Yan frowned tightly, but in the end, he gave up his resistance and followed Chen Yuncheng downstairs obediently.

       The two of them came to the garden downstairs of the inpatient building. Because the weather was too cold in winter, there were not many people walking in the garden after dinner, and the garden benches were even empty, without a single person.

       Chen Yuncheng and Zhou Yan sat down on the bench.

       Chen Yuncheng said, “I went to the second-hand car dealership where you work today. They said that you didn’t work for long before you quit, and when you were working there, you ate your way out while you were working there and took the customers who came to the dealership elsewhere.” He finished dryly in one breath, “And then you wouldn’t answer my calls or return my texts.”

       Zhou Yan raised his hand and pushed back the hair that fell on his forehead, showing a restless look.

       Chen Yuncheng put one hand on the back of the bench, facing him from the side, “I’ll ask again, what are you doing with Zhang Wenyong and those two X-ethnic people?”

       Zhou Yan didn’t speak and didn’t look at Chen Yuncheng.

       Chen Yuncheng said, “If you don’t say anything, I still have a way to find out.”

       Zhou Yan bit his lip, and after a while, as if he had made up his mind, he raised his head and looked around. Seeing that there was no one nearby, he lowered his voice and said to Chen Yuncheng, “Those X-ethnic people are a car theft gang, they stole a car in the city, and originally drove it directly to the autonomous county over there to sell the stolen goods. Later, Zhang Wenyong somehow got in touch with them, so he found someone to modify the frame and engine numbers of those stolen cars, registered them under someone else’s name over there in the autonomous county, and then sold them back as second-hand cars.”

       Chen Yuncheng was silent for a while and asked, “Are you introducing them to clients?”

       Zhou Yan said, “It was Zhang Wenyong who introduced me to the job of second-hand car sales. He asked me to choose some greedy and careless customers and introduce them to cheaper second-hand cars. It didn’t take long for the boss to notice, so he asked me to pack up and leave. I changed to another second-hand car shop and went to work. “

       “How many cars have you sold?” Chen Yuncheng asked.

       Zhou Yan stretched out two fingers, he saw Chen Yuncheng looking at him, and whispered anxiously, “This business is not easy to do, because people don’t trust me, and Zhang Wenyong did not give me a high commission, but he was willing to lend me money for my child’s medical treatment.”

       Chen Yuncheng said, “Of course he is willing to lend it to you, but he doesn’t give you a high commission, because the money is all in his pocket.”

       Zhou Yan grabbed Chen Yuncheng’s arm and said, “Cheng ge, just pretend you don’t know about this. Otherwise, when the police will really investigate later, I’m afraid it’ll implicate you.”

       Chen Yuncheng pulled his arm out of his hand, “No need to wait for later, the police are already investigating.”

       Zhou Yan’s face suddenly turned pale, and he looked at Chen Yuncheng in a panic, “What?”

       Chen Yuncheng said, “If you don’t want to go to jail now, just go to the police station and report to yourself, and you may have a chance to get probation.”

       Zhou Yan said, “No, Zhang Wenyong won’t let me go.”

       Chen Yuncheng’s voice was a little cold, “Then go to jail with Zhang Wenyong.”

       Zhou Yan’s face was pale. He suddenly grabbed Chen Yuncheng’s hand and asked, “How did you know? Did the police officer surnamed Long tell you?”

       As soon as he said that, before Chen Yuncheng could answer, both of them heard footsteps approaching from the front at the same time.

       Chen Yuncheng looked up and saw Ning Junyan wearing a dark coat with his hands in his coat pockets, walking towards them along the garden path until he stopped in front of them.

       Zhou Yan also looked over, he didn’t recognize Ning Junyan, and for a moment remembered Chen Yuncheng said that the police had been eyeing them. He instantly thought that Chen Yuncheng had lured the police to arrest him, so he stood up violently from the bench.

       Chen Yuncheng got up slowly. He grabbed Zhou Yan’s arm and found that his muscles were so tense that he was a little puzzled. He said, “Zhou Yan, this is Ning Junyan, do you still recognize him?”

       Zhou Yan was stunned, looked blankly at the tall and handsome man in front of him, and repeated, “You’re Ning Junyan?”

       Ning Junyan’s eyes fell on Zhou Yan’s face, cold and emotionless, he just said, “Zhou Yan, it’s been years since I’ve seen you.”

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Side Story 5

       As he carried Li Zhenran away from the zoo, Li Zhenruo felt a little helpless.

       The phone in his pocket rang. It was Li Zhenran’s phone, which he always carried with him.

       When he answered the call, Li Zhenruo found out that the call was from Li Zhenzi. The other party was a little puzzled and asked, “Why are you answering the call? Where is my second brother?”

       Li Zhenruo said, “He’s taking a nap. I’ll relay it to him.”

       A passing car honked its horn.

       Li Zhen was silent for a moment and asked, “He took a nap on the street?”

       Li Zhenruo lied without changing his face, “I came out to buy something for him and took out his phone. What do you have to say? I’m not going to kill him.”

       Li Zhenzi finally said, “Nothing. You guys are not coming back these days?”

       Li Zhenruo hesitated a bit this time, “I won’t be back for a while. Please tell it to Uncle Li for me.”

       “Okay,” Li Zhenzi replied, then hung up the phone.

       After hanging up the phone, Li Zhenruo also felt that it would be impossible to hide from the people of the Li family sooner or later. What if they really thought he had murdered Li Zhenran for money?

       He glanced down at Li Zhenran with some distress and found that Li Zhenran was staring straight ahead as if in a daze.

       They said goodbye to Song Jun at the zoo entrance and arranged to meet at the amusement park at twelve o’clock in the evening.

       When Song Jun left, Li Zhenruo carried Li Zhenran and sat down on the side of the road, sighed and asked him, “Where are you going?”

       Li Zhenran refused to speak and just sat quietly on his lap.

       The cold wind of the first month was blowing head-on, and Li Zhenruo couldn’t help shrinking his neck. Soon he saw that Li Zhenran also shrank his neck and silently lay down on his lap, with his two paws under his stomach.

       A little girl was standing by the road not far from them, looking around. The girl was alone and did not see her parents nearby.

       Li Zhenruo noticed that Li Zhenran looked in that direction first, so he also looked over and noticed the little girl.

       The little girl stood blankly for a while, and then suddenly, she was about to run towards the road without the zebra crossing.

       A bus was heading in this direction. When Li Zhenruo was about to stop the little girl, Li Zhenran suddenly rushed out of his arms, ran to the little girl at a high speed, and bit her pants.

       The little girl stopped and looked down at him, and the bus drove past them.

       Li Zhenruo’s heart was pounding, and she ran over to pick up the little girl and walked to the side of the road, saying, “It’s too dangerous, little miss. Where are your parents?”

       When the little girl was picked up by him, he reached out and grabbed Li Zhenran’s leg, so Li Zhenran was also lifted up by her and swayed and fell beside Li Zhenruo’s leg.

       Li Zhenruo walked next to the flowerbed and put the little girl down, only to notice Li Zhenran, who was dragged like a dead. He was startled and squatted down to smooth Li Zhenran’s hair while saying to the little girl, “Little miss, can you let him go first?”

       The little girl let go and said, “Cat.”

       Li Zhenruo combed Li Zhenran’s fur carefully and said with a sigh of relief, “Yes, cat. Where are your parents, little miss?”

       The little girl shook her head.

       Li Zhenran shook off the hair on his body, slowly stepped aside, sat down and licked his forelimbs, where he was caught and lifted just now.

       Li Zhenruo was still trying to talk to the little girl, but the little girl seemed to be frightened, and she started crying after she said a few more words.

       Li Zhenran looked toward them.

       Li Zhenruo waved to him.

       Li Zhenran turned his head indifferently and after a while, slowly and reluctantly walked towards him.

       Li Zhenruo picked him up and handed it to the little girl, “Here’s the kitty.”

       The little girl reached out and placed it on her lap, touching the top of Li Zhenran’s head.

       Li Zhenruo rummaged through her clothes pockets to see if he could find any information, but there was nothing in the little girl’s clothes pockets. He had no choice but to say, “Let’s wait here. If your parents don’t come back for you, we’ll have to send you to the nearby police station, okay?”

       The little girl didn’t speak. She lowered her head and focused on touching Li Zhenran’s head.

       She didn’t quite grasp the strength, and Li Zhenran had to close his eyes subconsciously when she pressed her palm down on him.

       After waiting for a while, sure enough, an old lady was called in. It was a grandmother who came to the zoo with her granddaughter. As a result, when she left the venue, there were too many people, and the little girl was lost. She searched everywhere and couldn’t find her.

       Li Zhenruo returned the little girl to the old lady, and the other party thanked him one after another with snot and tears.

       “You’re welcome, be careful next time,” Li Zhenruo said, waving to the little girl.

       The little girl pointed at Li Zhenran on the ground, “Cat!”

       Li Zhenran turned his head and didn’t look at her.

       Li Zhenruo smiled at her, “Bye-bye.”

       When the old lady left with the little girl in her arms, Li Zhenruo suddenly bent down and picked up Li Zhenran and threw him into the sky.

       Li Zhenran’s eyes widened instantly until he fell back into Li Zhenruo’s arms, stretched out his claws and grasped Li Zhenruo’s arm tightly. Li Zhenruo couldn’t throw him again if he wanted to.

       Li Zhenruo was in a good mood, hummed a song and carried Li Zhenran into the car.

       Li Zhenran’s whole cat was dizzy. He hadn’t been picked up and thrown away for many years. His heart was beating non-stop, and his paws were tightly clasping Li Zhenruo’s arm, and he never let go.

       Li Zhenruo didn’t notice it at first; he drove the car and stepped on the brake in front of the red light at the intersection. Li Zhenran suddenly stretched out his claws and grabbed his arm. When he saw that Li Zhenran was still expressionless and even ferocious, but he looked down at the grabbed arm and felt something different.

       Back home, Li Zhenran walked in front and just jumped on the sofa. Li Zhenruo jumped on him, held him down, and asked, “Are you shy or nervous just now?”

       Li Zhenran swept over with cold eyes.

       Of course, Li Zhenruo was not afraid of him and instantly turned into a cat to hold him down and start licking his ears.

       Li Zhenran struggled to lie on his back on the sofa, stretched out his paws to push and refused for a long time and failed, so he turned over and pressed Li Zhenruo under him and stepped on his big cake face with a paw.

       Li Zhenruo was not angry but happily bit Li Zhenran’s paw.

       Li Zhenran simply stepped on Li Zhenruo for a while.

       Li Zhenruo couldn’t take it anymore and struggled to turn over and tried to crawl forward, but Li Zhenran’s whole body was pressed up, and he lowered his head and bit his neck to prevent him from running.

       Li Zhenruo was stunned. This posture was not—he gave up the struggle, put his big face under his paws, and obediently lay down and raised his tail, “o(≧w≦)o meow——”

       Li Zhenran also realised that the posture was wrong. He let go of Li Zhenruo and took two steps back, and kicked him off the sofa mercilessly.


       Before twelve o’clock in the evening, Li Zhenruo drove Li Zhenran to the amusement park.

       When he was kicked off the sofa by Li Zhenran, he hit his butt in the air and landed on the ground, and his butt was still sore.

       The amusement park was the same as last night. It was dark from the outside, but after entered, they found that all the amusement facilities were open, but there were not as many guests as last night. It was empty all the way in, and only the music of the rides sounded joyfully. However, the atmosphere seemed a little weird.

       Li Zhenruo rubbed his butt when he got out of the car. He was a little angry, so he opened the passenger door and didn’t reach out to carry Li Zhenran.

       Li Zhenran jumped out of the car by himself, looked up at him, and hesitated.

       Li Zhenruo had already closed the car door and walked toward the amusement park.

       Li Zhenran sighed slowly and walked inside, following his feet. They didn’t get to the carousel until they saw Xia Hongshen sitting on the turntable with his back to the carousel and playing with his mobile phone.

       Li Zhenruo didn’t understand why Xia Hongshen liked the merry-go-round so much, so he stood outside and shouted, “Master!”

       Xia Hongshen looked up at him.

       “Ah—” Li Zhenruo suddenly heard someone shouting at this moment and turned around to see the giant panda running in their direction, apparently aiming at Li Zhenran.

       Even when he was angry with Li Zhenran, Li Zhenruo was reluctant to give him away to the giant panda. When Li Zhenran stepped forward to stop him, Li Zhenran had already jumped on his shoulder.

       The giant panda ran over, stopped before Li Zhenruo, and scratched his head shyly, “You guys are here.”

       Li Zhenruo looked at him and asked a curious question, “Why are you allowed to come out at night?”

       The panda said, “Oh, I’m off work.”

       Li Zhenruo complained silently in his heart: So you were just working at the zoo.

       The giant panda looked at Li Zhenran on Li Zhenruo’s shoulder and said, “I thought about it later. After I got the pill last night, I opened the box and touched it.”

       “You touched it?” Li Zhenruo’s head was a little confused. He felt it had something to do with giant pandas, but he didn’t know what it was.

       The panda said, “Yes, I have touched it. Have you touched it too?”

       Li Zhenruo took out the medicinal pill and fed it to Li Zhenran’s mouth. Of course, he had touched it. Could it be related to this?

       The giant panda pointed at Li Zhenran, “Look, he is a black and white Garfield.”

       Li Zhenran, who became the focus of attention, very calmly grasped Li Zhenruo’s shoulder with his claws.

       At this time, Xia Hongshen jumped off the turntable and said to them, “I invited Master Yunshen of Hongyin Temple. He has researched alchemy and drawing talisman. Just ask him tonight.”

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