Chapter 46 – How could the heir of the Shen family like a man?

Chapter 46 – How could the heir of the Shen family like a man?


As Xing Zhongwan left, Shen Qinghong looked at the photo in her hand, brushing her withered and slender fingers on the serious-looking girl’s face before finally pressing the photo under her pillow.


Closing her eyes, traces of tears slid from the corner of her eyes.


“Qian Yi, why don’t you call Xing Yanyin your father?”


“We have no blood relationship, so I don’t call him that. Plus, you never call him uncle.”


“Xing Yanyin is so young, in what way does he look like my uncle?!”


Shen Qinghong opened her eyes and Uncle Li on the side handed her a handkerchief. Shen Qinghong stared at the handkerchief in a daze.


“Xing Yanyin said that we should meet less often in the future to avoid suspicion.”


“Qian Yi, we are best friends right? Even if we can’t contact each other often, don’t forget me.”


Shen Qinghong removed her handkerchief, but her tears did not stop.


“Our marriage is never up to us. Qinghong, do you have someone you like?”


“Qianyi, instead of having to marry someone I don’t love for profit like my mother did, I’d rather not get married for the rest of my life!”


Feeling sullen, her mouth filled up with sweetness as Elder Li’s eyes were red, “Miss, don’t be aggrieved. Your body can’t bear it!”


“Qinghong, I’m pregnant.”


“Whose child is it? Qian Yi? Qian Yi!”


Shen Qinghong spat out a mouthful of blood, staining the snow-white veil in her hand red.


“Xing Yanyin asked me to marry Xing Zhengping. If that’s the case, then I will do as he wishes.”


“Qianyi, that kid looks gentle and elegant, but he is actually a playboy with bad intentions. How can you marry such a person? “


“Qinghong, I envy you very much. You have lived a very self-fulfilling life all your life. This is something beyond my ability.”


After Uncle Li took away Shen Qinghong’s blood-stained handkerchief, the nurse came in and hung a liquid for her. The cold fluid flowed into the blood in her body.


“Where’s my mother? I have to see her regarding a matter.”


“Miss, the madam is talking to the master of the Xing family, you can’t go in.”


Xing Yanyin also came so she also wanted to go and ask him why he treated Qianyi like this.


The study door was half-closed and Shen Qinghong could only see Xing Yanyin’s back, “Yuya, I have no one else to entrust that mother and son pair to. After I die, I ask that you take care of them. Let them go abroad safely and stay far away from the power struggle.”


Her mother sighed lightly, “You were too stubborn back then and led wolves into the house. You have suffered much for that mother and son pair. Don’t worry, I will do everything I can.”




“Hong’er, you go abroad for a while. Come back after finishing the job!”


“Why mother? Qianyi, that mother and son pair needs my help the most now. How can I leave?!”


“Listen to me. Regarding the Xing family, don’t you interfere. I know that you and Qianyi are deeply affectionate like sisters, but at this moment the word love is just a burden. Forget the friendships between us and the Xing family before this.”


Shen Qinghong clutched her aching lungs, that unconditional smile suddenly flashed in her mind. The  corner of her mouth twitched upwards thinking of Xing Zhongwan, who was sitting beside her not long ago.


“Qianyi, you really gave birth to a good son. He is too good. It’s a pity that our Qi family had no such luck with our sons.”


Qi Yun entered the hospital and arranged for a preliminary physical examination. After changing into the hospital clothes and entering the ward, he just laid down. He heard a knock at the door, so Qi Yun said enter. There was an unfamiliar sound of high heels. Qi Yun calmly looked to the direction of the door, “Who is it?”


Xue Qing walked to the bed, folded her hands in front of her chest and looked at Qi Yun carefully. He had a really good appearance.


“I’m Xue Qing.”


Qi Yun turned his face slightly, “Turns out it is Miss Xue. It has been hard on you for making this trip in person.”


Xue Qing snorted and sat on the sofa not far away, “I didn’t do it for you. I was curious about what kind of person you were, so I came here to see.”


Qi Yun was very calm, “I know you’re doing it for Wanwan, but thank you anyway.”


As Xue Qing saw his calm demeanor, a fire was lit inside her. Although she could not interfere with the affairs between him and Xing Zhongwan. But to Xue Qing, Xing Zhongwan was like a younger brother. After growing up together for more than ten years, she also felt the pain he felt deeply. Compared to what Qi Yun did to those outsiders, his deception to Xing Zhongwan was really nothing, but Xue Qing couldn’t bear it. This kind of calculated love will eventually harm Xing Zhongwan.


“Master Qi, you really gave up a lot to keep him, but a lie will always remain a lie. Are you not afraid that he will find out?”


Xue Qing raised her hands and looked at her blood-red fingernails with disdain.


Qi Yun’s expression didn’t change and he just said lightly, “I don’t understand what Miss Xue is talking about.”


Xue Qing got up and smoothed the folds of the hem of her suit, “If you don’t understand, it’s okay. You’ll understand later.” The sound of high heels left the ward and Qi Yun’s face sank.


In the corridor, Xing Zhongwan bumped into Xue Qing while holding a thermal insulation box.


“Why are you here?” Xing Zhongwan smiled as Xue Qing squinted at him, “Have you come and see your baby?”


Xing Zhongwan took her by the shoulders, “What’s the matter? Hearing your tone of voice… is something wrong?”


 Xue Qing pointed to the thermal insulation box in his hand, “Is this for the person inside?”


Xing Zhongwan nodded. Xue Qing took it and as soon as she took it, she opened the lid, took the spoon on the side and started to eat it, “That kid in there is not worth your kindness. Laoniang will help you eat it. I haven’t eaten the porridge you made for a long time.”


Xing Zhongwan sat next to her, watching Xue Qing gulping down the porridge that was intended for Qi Yun, and felt a little uneasy, “What’s the matter? Don’t hide anything from me.”


The box was then put back into his hands, “I’m exhausted so I’m going back to sleep. Jet lag.  Call me if something happens.”


After she got up, she stretched her neck a few times. At this time, a group of people came to the end of the corridor. Walking in the middle was a rather dignified and refined old man. Xue Qing turned around and pulled Xing Zhongwan into the stairwell to the side.


The two watched as the group of people walked through the glass door.


Xing Zhongwan frowned, “It’s Qi Zongcheng.”


Xue Qing pulled Xing Zhongwan down the stairs, “You go back to the hotel with me first. The Shen family is watching Qi Yun so Qi Zongcheng will not do anything to him. It’s not convenient for you to be here, after all, your identity…”


Xing Zhongwan understood, “Then let’s go first.”


Xue Qing stopped Xing Zhongwan, “Sister will take you to eat delicious food. How about Jiangnan cuisine? I know one that is very authentic.”


“You foodie. Didn’t you say you were going back to sleep because you’re tired? Still eating?”


“You will only have the strength to sleep after you’re full, young master! So let’s gogogo!”


Xing Zhongwan grinned. When he turned around to walk down the stairs, there was still a smile on his face, but his eyes were cold.


Qi Yun lowered his head and fiddled with his fingers as Qi Zongcheng pushed everyone out and stood beside Qi Yun’s bed. He looked down at him, “Qi Yun, how long are you going to make trouble for? Don’t think that because Shen Qinghong is protecting you that I won’t dare to do anything to you, even if you’re my own grandson. If you damage the reputation of our Qi family, I will also…”


“Grandpa.” Qi Yun raised his head and looked at him with his dull eyes, cutting off his words.


“Is there no one else in the Qi family? It is said that apart from me, a crippled person who is useless in your eyes, there is no suitable heir after you.”


“You!” He was furious when he was attacked at a weak point.


“Qi Yun, don’t forget your surname is Qi!”


Qi Yun chuckled twice, but his face was indifferent.


“When I was sent to a suburban villa to die, why didn’t my grandfather bring up my Qi surname?”


Qi Zongcheng was trembling all over, pointing to him with his hands as they shook, “You! Good, very good! I, Qi Zongcheng, really raised a good grandson. If you don’t want to stop, then good. You won’t be able to keep the man standing by your side.”


Qi Yun raised the corner of his eyes lightly, “You can’t threaten me. Grandpa should know about grandma’s undisclosed will regarding the shares by now. I only need someone to be next in line for the Shen family. As long as that person is not lackey, anyone will do. 


Now that my goal has been achieved, even if there is no 35% stake in shares with that bracelet, as long as Shen Qing Hong departs, I am still the heir of the Shen family. Grandma said that the inheritance is to be left to the daughter-in-law. That daughter-in-law is a man and it is all just a pretense, grandpa. You really are serious about this, huh?!”


Qi Zongcheng was surprised, did the people under him make a mistake? It was clear that Qi Yun cared about the man beside him, the illegitimate son of the Xing family, very much. Now that the Xing family has fallen, they can’t do anything big.


Could it be that Qi Yun did all this to confuse the public, or did they misunderstand this from the very beginning and that man was really just a pretense?


“I don’t believe it. After all, you even thought up things like fake marriages. Although you did this to provoke me and your mother, I don’t believe that you are this selfish!”


Qi Yun replied calmly, “Grandpa, I used to want to compete with you, but now I don’t. It’s time for me to play on another stage. I want to go back to the Shen family. How could the heir of the Shen family like a man?”


Qi Yun said this one-by-one casually and the words were loud and clear.


Putting his hand under the quilt, he pinched his thigh using the hand hanging beside his leg tightly and through the thin hospital gown.


“Why should Grandpa bother with an irrelevant person? The person you want to deal with is me.”

T/N: oWO I sense that Qi Yun is gonna eat his own words soon…

Anyways, who cares if the heir of the Shen family likes a man? The heir of the Li family likes a cat! If you’re a feline lover like I am (Tho not to the extent of this cat perv from the Li family), do check out Revenge of the Garfield…! I can assure you it’s an absolute banger to read~ There are more shocking twists in that novel than this one too ohoho. Many more competitors for the same title of the Li family’s head.

Sigh, why can’t we just be left alone to love who we love?


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