Chapter 8


Jian Luan weakly and helplessly struggled in Lu Jingning’s hands, suddenly feeling that being eliminated from the field was not such a bad thing, in case this crazy Omega continued to use him as a human weapon towards the mecha if at the drop of a hat, he suddenly disliked him. It was a real threat.


It was fine for him to act like Tarzan and throw him towards other freshmen with his small frame, but he would be particularly helpless against a behemoth like a mecha.


Luckily, Lu Jingning didn’t seem to be looking at him either, only glancing around for a moment to find a relatively safe place to gently just, well, throw him away.


Jian Luan sat on his butt on the ground, facing this kind of hazardous situation in a rather complicated mood. Even the joy of coming back from the dead was lost.


One cannot help but fall into deep thought.


He used to be one of the most popular people in the world, but after he met Lu Jingning, an Omega, he felt less and less valuable.


What was most unacceptable to him was that everyone’s attention was now focused on Lu Jingning, who seemed to have completely ignored his “quiet departure”.


F-ck, was his presence that non-existent?


Jian Luan looked towards the two darting figures with resentment, and then, like the others around, noticed that the two pursuing the mechs closely suddenly stopped in their tracks and turned towards the back.


Jian Luan, who knew the truth, was expressionless.


The other freshmen were in a daze.


Their first thought: Why did they stop?


Their second reaction: They’re not about to steel themselves, are they? Sigh, man-versus-machine combat? How could that be!


In the next second: They punched it! They did it! Holy shit, they f-cking did!


In fact, it was not just the new students. The two operators sitting inside the mechs also did not expect the current students to be so rigid, not only did they not run away under the pursuit of the mechs, but they even wanted to have a good fight?


The originally close firing stalled slightly for a few seconds due to a moment of hesitation.


Just that brief moment, was enough for Lu Jingning and Wen Xingchen to be successful in completely closing up the distance between them.


Passing through the middle of the two mechs at almost the same time, Lu Jingning whistled softly towards Wen Xingchen, “Pick one?”


Wen Xingchen didn’t think much of it and casually pointed to the big guy on his right, “The one on my side.”


“Oh f-cking Kay~!”


Without saying another word, Lu Jingning flipped over and with unparalleled agility tore into the other mech.


Wen Xingchen was also very efficient and went straight to work.


By the time the two operators came back to their senses, the two had been flipped over smoothly in their respective chosen mechs and were locked in a blind spot in the control pod’s field of view.


Not being able to see what is happening on top of their own mechs, the operators could only make guesses about their own situation by the movements of their opponent’s figures based on the operator in the other mech.


The exchange over the communicator was busy –


“You watch out, he’s trying to open your hatch.”


“Don’t worry, as long as the operator inside does not allow it, no amount of external force is likely to break the pod.”


“It’s not a good idea to let them keep picking on it like that, maybe try shooting a little?”


“What are you thinking! This is public property, if it gets broken, will you pay or will I pay?”


“So… I’ll try moving? Maybe it’ll throw them off?”


“That’s a great idea, let’s try that!”


Outside, their exchange could not be heard, and the crowd simply watched as the two mechs suddenly hysterically shuddered under the command of their operators.


Such a scene, if there was a soundtrack, it would probably be accompanied by some fast-paced music with some rhythm to it.


Lu Jingning pulled himself up on top of the iron armour and struggled to find a place to steady himself on the smooth surface. He cursed in his heart: What are you shaking for, are you having a mechanical epileptic episode?


The strength in his hand was so strong that even though he only had little leverage, he still remained steady at all times. Looking up towards Wen Xingchen, he saw that the other’s brows had, unsurprisingly, also wrinkled with impatience.


Without another moment’s notice, he was seen to have taken a sudden small leap and by the force of the vibration, leapt directly onto the mechanical arm.


Lu Jingning blinked in confusion when he saw Wen Xingchen, who had one hand hanging on the mechanical arm and suddenly looked up towards him to gesture twice with his other hand distantly.


While many people still looked confused, Lu Jingning revealed a smile of understanding, suddenly releasing his hand and gesturing back with an OK.


However, in doing so, he completely lost his leverage.


The crowd watched as the figure was flung off the top of the mech, thinking he was finally giving up on this charade, when an odd noise drew their attention away.


When they looked up, they saw the mecha that Wen Xingchen was in had distinctively started to violently shake.


Hanging on the mechanical arm, Wen Xingchen followed the momentum of the mech’s tremors. He borrowed the force, to instantly increase the already considerable amount of shaking to the max.


Seeing that the mech was about to lose its balance completely under the tremendous swaying, he grabbed the mechanical arm as it toppled over and fell with his momentum, his afterimage sweeping over the point of landing before he gathered all the strength in his body into his hands the moment his feet hit the ground.


With a violent force, the entire mech was actually completely flung away and thrown out completely.


The operator had no time to react. He only felt that the sky was spinning as he was sitting in his c0ckpit, and through his vision screen, he could see another mech being lifted in front of him before becoming larger and larger. In his excessive shock, his hand shook and he accidentally hit a control button.


The mech Lu Jingning was on had been pinned to the ground by the helpful force of momentum, tipping it over. He had perfectly avoided the collision due to his decisive sliding manoeuvre just now. When he looked up, he happened to see a faint glow of charged energy diffusing from the laser weapon that was almost face-to-face with him.


Noticing the difference, even Gui Liangzhe on the podium couldn’t sit still and was about to rush off the stage quickly.


This laser weapon does have a very low killing power under regular strafing, but the damage value is completely different if it has been charged up in advance.


What’s more, he was this close.


I’m afraid if he did get hit like that, he would…


At such a crisis, some people could not control their shrieks and subconsciously covered their eyes.


But the colour in Lu Jingning’s eyes flickered darkly for a moment, and at the nick of time, he suddenly do a large flip and sparingly managed to evade the danger.


Before anyone could see his movement, he was already behind the laser weapon in the next second as he wrenched down on it hard.


The path of the laser ray was suddenly reversed at an angle just as the energy build-up was complete. The scarlet laser beam shot out, hitting the mechanical leg joint of the mech below unerringly.


The laser beam was at arm’s length, and with its searing heat, it raked across the joints of the mechanical leg. In an instant, a series of sparks shot out in all directions.


A strong scorching smell filled the entire training ground, and the mech was exposed as a piece of its shell dissolved, the metal skeleton inside faintly visible.


The operators of the other two mechs had long since forgotten to move, watching the thrilling scene with the same jaw-dropping gaze as the rest of the field.


If the laser ray that was too close just now had actually hit the human body, the consequences would have been somewhat unimaginable.


Just as everyone was still dazed, Lu Jingning, the person in question, recoiled from a half-hearted awareness of that near-death experience.


He gritted his teeth and gave a fierce push. It was hard enough to break the huge laser weapon he was holding off the top of the mechanical arm as he let out a long sigh and greeted someone not far away, “Wen Xingchen, come and give me a hand?”


Wen Xingchen was obviously a bit surprised by his performance just now, but he didn’t say much, stepping over the two mechs and raising the heavy laser weapon high in the air with Lu Jingning on the left and him on the right. He swept his eyes down at him, “Start counting?”


The corners of Lu Jingning’s mouth cracked into a great smile, he was in a good mood and grinned brightly, “3, 2, 1–!”


As the third number was spoken, the laser weapon was seen to be slammed heavily towards the damaged mech’s leg with the combined force of the two men.


The sound of violent metal clanging resonated through the dome for a moment.


Many people subconsciously closed their eyes, and when they opened them again, all they saw were parts scattered all over the place.


The mechanical leg, without the protection of its shell, was completely separated from the mecha by the massive chiselling damage.


An eerie silence fell around them.


Who can tell them what had just happened? Is this the legendary unarmed demolition of a mech?


Standing amidst the wreckage, Lu Jingning patted the dust on his hands with satisfaction and reached out to hook Wen Xingchen’s shoulder, giving him a thumbs up without mincing his words, “Wen Xingchen, you’re good, you are really good at understanding others!”


Wen Xingchen wasn’t too courteous: “Thank you for the compliment.”


Lu Jingning’s eyes swept through the wreckage behind him, his heart was even more relaxed and he couldn’t help but hum.


Two mechs, two mechs, are now blindly complacent, blindly complacent~ one’s without a weapon, and the other’s without a thigh, how miserable, miserable~!


Tsk, coming after him? Come after him again if you can? Let’s see if they can shoot him again!


He thus walked back in full view of everyone with a confident stride, in stark contrast to the particularly subdued Wen Xingchen next to him.


Jian Luan, who sat on the ground and watched the whole thing, was faced with his two teammates returning side by side. His mouth was open in a wide “O” shape.


What more can be said about this? Both of you, are simply awesome!


He gathered his confused thoughts and was thinking of something to express his admiration, which was like a river of stars, but before he could speak, he saw a sudden darkness in front of him, and a huge body leapt up before he could do anything, their crass voice full of admiration.


“Crap, Lu Jingning, no matter how much you dislike me I have to tell you, you were so damn handsome just now! I’ve never seen an Omega that can wreak so much havoc! Tell me, how the hell did you do that? Teach me, will you?! I can only say that you really deserve to be taught by Uncle Lu. Of course, I’m not saying you’re not good, I am only saying that only an absolute power like yours must be able to hold in your urge to wreak havoc. Really, you’re just as handsome as ever! I’m pretty sure you’re going to go down in history, my brother!”


Jian Luan: “…”


Never mind. In terms of speaking rainbow farts and nonsense, I’m the one who is going to lose!



Everyone in the arena felt a little muddled until after the countdown timer for the end of the test had sounded.


At first, they had the advantage out of nowhere because of Lu Jingning. However, because of the two of them, he and Wen Xingchen were equal in strength when it came to demolishing the two mechs. This made it much less difficult to dodge them later on, thus increasing their absolute survival rate.


The survivors inevitably have some mixed feelings, most probably felt the well-known love and hate.


Lu Jingning and his team were the only team in the field to survive with all their members, so they undoubtedly took the highest score, with a full 280 points allocated to them.


Both Jian Luan and Yu Qingcang had long since lost their eyes squinting in a wide grin.


Steady, steady. As long as the pheromone test doesn’t end up too badly, their entry to the Quadruple College is assured!


Just as they were about to leave, someone suddenly shouted at them from behind.


Lu Jingning turned his head, only to see Gui Liangzhe, the head of the Quadruple College, standing not far away and looking at him in silence.


He rubbed the tip of his nose and coughed lightly in a pretentious manner, “This… Dean, I know I’ve been a bit overly prominent, if you could very sincerely invite me to join the Quadruple College early…”


Gui Liangzhe didn’t bother with him and expressionlessly took out a transcript, “Dear student, although it’s an old type of mecha, you have damaged the public machinery after all. Please compensate in full, here’s the bill.”


Lu Jingning’s smug words came to an abrupt halt, and it was only after a long time before he blurted out one word: “…f-ck?”


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