Chapter 35 – How to chase after someone

Chapter 35 – How to chase after someone


Jian Luo’s whole body froze.


He turned his head and saw Lu Shifeng standing at the door. The man in the military uniform was leaning against the door, raising his eyelids and looking at him. His dark eyes were very oppressive.


Jian Luo’s head was buzzing: “Why are you here?”


“What?” Lu Shifeng said slowly, “I can’t be here?”


“……you can.”


Jian Luo remembered that he hadn’t washed up yet and quickly said, “Then I’ll go wash up first.”


The bathroom in the palace was very large, but it is almost brand new, as if no one used it much. Jian Luo quickly washed himself with the toiletries prepared by the servers.


When he came out, the servers outside did not leave.


Lu Shifeng sat beside his bed and glanced at him: “You’re finished?”


Jian Luo looked at this situation and was a little nervous. Looking at Lu Shifeng, he said: “What are you going to do?”


“Come here.”




Lu Shifeng stood up and walked in front of him. The man stretched out his hand and reached down. Jian Luo’s nervous eyes followed them as they tidied up the collar of his shirt for him.


Jian Luo felt nervous.


Lu Shifeng’s fingers were slender as he straightened his neckline before saying, “How old are you that you can’t even wear your own clothes well?”


Jian Luo said innocently, “I wasn’t paying much attention.”


“Okay.” Lu Shifeng said without arguing with him, “Let’s go.”


Jian Luo walked beside him: “Where are we going?”


Lu Shifeng pushed the door open and said, “I’m taking you to dinner.”


“But I still have to go to work.”


“Eat first.”




When Jian Luo reached the dining table, there were many dishes laid out from one end of the table to the other and it was almost impossible to see the end of it.


Jian Luo almost didn’t dare to sit down: “So many dishes.”


Lu Shifeng pulled a chair back for him: “The doctor has prepared a nutrition plan for you. Eat some of these, at least.”


Jian Luo sat down and looked at the table.


There was a lot of meat. Almost all of it was meat. The Dark Stars were good at two things, one is grilling food and the other is boiling food.


Occasionally, there were a few strange vegetables in the middle, which were strangely shaped and completely unappetizing.


Jian Luo grabbed the nearest piece of meat and started to eat. He was hungry now, so he wasn’t very picky and ate some of them. While he was eating, he found that Lu Shifeng didn’t move his chopsticks at all.


Jian Luo was very curious: “Aren’t you going to eat?”


“I’m not hungry.” Lu Shifeng had high standards for his food: “You should eat.”






Jian Luo was also not good at forcing others. He ates the food on his own, but because he ate a little too fast, he almost choked.


Lu Shifeng frowned: “You eat slowly, no one will steal from you.”


“I didn’t expect this meat to have been smoked, so I choked.” Jian Luo took a sip from the cup filled with green nutrient solution next to him: “But it’s quite delicious.”


Lu Shifeng said in a low voice, “You can eat it whenever you want, as long as you’re not tired of it.”


“I won’t get the chance to get tired of this.” Jian Luo held the glass in his hand: “When this cub comes out, I won’t have the chance to eat these.”


There were many meanings behind this remark.


Lu Shifeng tapped his fingertips on the table, pretending to be casual, “You can also order it if you want.”


Jian Luo shook his head: “No, it must be expensive. I won’t be able to afford it at home, even if it’s only for a few times.”


Lu Shifeng looked at Jian Luo, the young man who was eating at the table and holding a cup of nutrient solution, drinking the liquid leisurely.


He looked like someone who enjoyed the glory, wealth, and honor of it all, but in his bones, he had never even thought of staying in the aristocracy. Jian Luo still yearned for his own freedom, as if it were only a task to bring the child out. Once the task was completed, he would also withdraw and leave immediately.


“I’m stuffed.”


Jian Luo put down the glass.


Lu Shifeng recovered from his thoughts and stood up: “Let’s go then.”


“En.” Jian Luo followed him and walked outside: “I’m going to the seed cultivating base.”


Lu Shifeng walked steadily and asked, “Do you have to go?”


Jian Luo felt a little strange: “Isn’t it my job?”


“Why do you want to cultivate seeds?” Lu Shifeng’s voice was steady, as he glanced at him sideways: “If it’s for an official ID, I can handle it.”


Jian Luo walked slowly: “It’s not wholly because of that. I’ve wanted to grow peppers myself for a long time.”


Lu Shifeng frowned.


“Did the doc say I can’t overwork?” Jian Luo covered his stomach. He guessed as much: “Then when the seeds germinate and bear fruit, I’ll stop working for a while.”


Lu Shifeng’s furrowed brows loosened a little.


Who knew that Jian Luo would raise his brows and say: “I can live stream at home so it will not be tiring.”


He was thinking that he must find something to do, otherwise he will suffocate in the room every day. While waiting for the cubs to come out, he will still have to work hard in his career!




The Marshal did not dampen his enthusiasm.


The cloud car was already waiting. The car was fast and steady. They were closer compared to the route he normally took from Peace Paradise, so they would be arriving soon.


Jian Luo waved at him: “Well, I’ll go first.”


Lu Shifeng: “Wait.”


Jian Luo was stunned for a moment. He thought she could run away, but didn’t expect for someone to tell him to wait, so he said, “What’s the matter..?”


Lu Shifeng said in a deep voice, “I will pick you up in the afternoon.”


Jian Luo thought that it would be fine to take a taxi by himself, but when he was about to say that, he saw the eyes of the Marshal again: “Okay.”


This is the predetermined way.


When Jian Luo walked all the way to the shed, he felt weird along the way. How should he say it? He always felt like someone was staring at him. When he walked into the shed, she happened to see Wang Heng.


When Jian Luo walked in, he busied himself with looking at how the pepper seedlings were doing while Wang Heng was next to him was still looking down at the information terminal. Usually, at this time in the past, Wang Heng would always be sarcastic when he saw him.


“Beep, the temperature has been set.”


The temperature-adjusting machine sounded and became quiet again.


Jian Luo started to scan the status of the seeds with the detection instrument. The instrument scanned the soil before turning green: [Everything is normal.]


This is very good. Jian Luo estimated that if nothing else happened, the seedlings would sprout  within two days.


Wang Heng glanced at him: “They’re not dead yet?”


Jian Luo was too lazy to pay attention to him: “Those seedlings of yours are dying.”




Wang Heng was also very angry, but he couldn’t refute anything, because his seedlings were indeed dying.


Jian Luo came over and said, “Do you want me to help you?”


Wang Heng didn’t believe him one bit, but the situation in front of him was a reality he had to face. In the past few days, Jian Luo’s seedlings were getting better and better. They even had the tendency to germinate and burst from the soil, while his plants were almost untraceable.


Jian Luo came over and leaned down: “The temperature of the big vegetables should not be too high, around 25°C is best.”


Wang Heng was suddenly curious: “How did you know this?”


“Do you still need to know this?” Jian Luo said confidently: “This was originally a plant from our planet. The people of our planet must know how to grow them.”




Why didn’t the previous humans know about this?


Wang Heng wanted to complain a little in his heart, but after considering that Jian Luo had helped him just now because he was not good, he changed the subject instead: “Have you seen the hot search on ligthweb?”


Jian Luo was taken aback: “What’s the hot search?”


“The hot search states that we may have a cub.” Wang Heng’s face showed a proud expression: “The officials have basically confirmed it.”


Jian Luo was in a complicated mood: “This matter is so popular.”


Wang Heng sneered: “You don’t know anything at all.”




No, I really don’t understand.


“This child proves that we are not a planet destined for extinction.” Wang Heng rarely showed his emotion and he sighed: “This child is our hope. You don’t understand. It is the hope of the entire planet.”


Jian Luo sat down next to him and was really curious: “Then what if you can’t get new life other than this child?”


Wang Heng’s expression changed: “What nonsense!”


Jian Luo shrugged helplessly.


However, his words seemed to give Wang Heng some inspiration. He said: “Since he could conceive a child, this hero who has conceived a child will also become the hope of saving the entire planet. How he conceived a child can also be taught to us. For us, my wife was so excited yesterday that she didn’t sleep well. She always wanted a child and now with this hero, he’s found a way to save us all.”




No, he did not.


Jian Luo sat on the rocking chair to rest. Suddenly, he also began to fall into contemplation.


Thinking of traditional chinese medicine, his body was different from that of other Dark Stars, so is it possible that his soul did not transmigrate, but it was his entire body that was sent here?


So was it possible that he got pregnant because of his own body? Because he ate rice and drank boiled water like normal people in his era, he was able to become pregnant.


In the same way, if this logic is followed, if the Dark Stars also start to improve their diets, will they be saved?


Wang Heng’s voice came from beside him: “What are you thinking about?”


Jian Luo came back to his senses: “it’s nothing, I’m just thinking about something else.”


Wang Heng decided to ignore him.


Jian Luo’s ideas became more solid the more he thought about it, as he stood next to him. But not all the Dark Stars are drinking nutrient solution. The rich nobles also eat vegetables and meat, but these nobles obviously also had no children too so could it be possible that they must consume the vegetables and rice that come from Earth!?


According to this principle, the planting base on Peace Paradise is simply the Garden of Eden for treating the infertility of the Dark Stars!


Wang Heng was still beside him, thinking: “It would be nice if I could do something for the cub. I don’t know what their situation is now.”


“It’s alright!” Jian Luo said excitedly: “Don’t worry. You are contributing to the world if you grow more vegetables!”




You must be mentally ill.


Jian Luo spent most of the morning exploring the remaining cultivable seeds. According to records, there were at least 2,000 vegetable varieties in the freezer.


These varieties even contain onions, ginger and garlic, as well as various vegetables and fruits like watermelon.


It’s a place of happiness!


Wang Heng reminded him not far away: “It’s time to eat.”


Jian Luo responded casually: “Okay.”


He wasn’t too hungry as he ate too much in the morning, so he just wanted to continue experimenting for a while when a figure appeared at the entrance of the greenhouse.




A familiar female voice called out.


Jian Luo raised his head slightly in surprise, and saw Kazuki standing at the door, smiling: “I’m here to pick you up for a trip back to Moonlight. The boss seems to be looking for you for something.”


Jian Luo turned off the information screen: “What’s the matter with the boss?”


Kazuki shrugged, “I don’t know.”




After all, it’s just the boss. He was able to get a place here all because of Nie Yan, so it’s better to show him some courtesy, otherwise he won’t be able to continue working.


While sitting in the car, Kazuki always looked at him from time to time. Jian Luo couldn’t take it anymore: “Is there anything on my face?”


Kazuki shook her head quickly: “It’s nothing. I just haven’t seen you for a few days, so I wanted to look at you more!”




On the other hand,


The person Zhan Wentai sent over to pick Jian Luo up for dinner was in vain. Where was the person in the shed?


The attendant asked a person not far away: “Where is he?”


The guard of the phoenix clan, who had been secretly protecting him, said, “Boss Nie sent someone to pick him up.”


The attendant was disappointed that he didn’t even do anything: “Couldn’t you have stopped him?”


“The order we received was to ensure his safety.” The Phoenix clan’s guard said, “I didn’t want to stop him as he left voluntarily.”




The attendant gritted his teeth, not knowing what to do.


As the two were chatting, Secretary Jin also walked over slowly. She looked at the person before smiling: “Hello you two, I’m here to pick Luoluo up.”


The attendant turned around: “Who are you?”


Secretary Jin stood up straight and introduced herself: “I’m the secretary of the marshal. You can call me Secretary Jin.”


The attendant was curious: “Then why are you here today?”


“I’m going to pick Luoluo up for dinner.” Secretary Jin had a decent smile on her face: “Please call him for me.”


Oh, it turned out that they were looking for the same person.


The attendant suddenly felt less uncomfortable. He said, “I’m sorry, he has already picked up Moonlight.”


Secretary Jin was taken aback: “Where?”


The attendant repeated it again: “Moonlight.”




At Moonlight.


The entirety of Moonlight was the most prosperous place on the Dark Star.


When Jian Luo went in, he was still thinking about what Nie Yan wanted him to do, but he was directly taken to the hall where Nie Yan sat. There was a table with various delicacies on it.


Jian Luo stood at the table: “Boss?”


“You’ve arrived?” Nie Yan stood up and pulled a chair for Jian Luo thoughtfully: “Sit down.”


I get afraid when you are like this.


Jian Luo sat down nervously: “Is there a reason you’re looking for me?”


Nie Yan snorted and sat down, “I’ve heard everything about you. Because I was worried about your health, I’ll decided to pick you up for lunch at noon.”


Jian Luo choked: “You didn’t have to.”


“You don’t have to be polite with me.” Nie Yan looked very generous: “You are my employee and you should be taken care of.”


Jian Luo blushed.


All the dishes on the table were very delicate. There were even some dishes that Jian Luo had never seen before. He heard Nie Yan next to him say: “These dishes are all made by the top chefs, especially that one, the golden pig is a delicacy that even the daughters of planet f90 can’t get, and this one…”


Jian Luo just kept listening to Nie Yan introduce how expensive and valuable these dishes are.


Finally, Nie Yan stopped: “Do you understand?”


Jian Luo almost fell asleep, but he replied confusedly: “I understand.”




Nie Yan sat on the chair, turned the gold ring on his finger, before saying meaningfully: “If money can buy something, there is nothing I can’t get.”


Jian Luo dealt with it perfunctorily: “It is admiration for you to be rich enough to rival the entire planet.”


Nie Yan’s face was full of shrewdness and a smile formed at the corner of his mouth: “I know you are a smart person, so you must know the weight of this.”


Jian Luo: “I understand. Don’t worry, I will definitely work hard for you.”




Jian Luo, I am upset at what a blockhead you are.


As the richest man ate the meal, it was full of mixed flavors. The most disturbing thing to him was that Jian Luo did not give a high evaluation after eating, but instead looked a little sad.


Nie Yan: “What’s wrong?”


“It’s nothing.” Jian Luo shook his head: “I was thinking, are these what you want to eat?”


The richest man raised the corner of his mouth confidently: “It’s just a few meals not worth mentioning. I’ll have someone pick you up tomorrow as well.”


Jian Luo sighed leisurely: “Thank you for your kindness, but you don’t have to.”


Nie Yan frowned, “Then what are you going to do?”


With this much delicious food, Jian Luo was still not satisfied. What else does he want to eat? Nie Yan didn’t believe that he couldn’t buy it.


Jian Luo said: “I can cook by myself.”


Nie Yan was taken aback.


“These things are delicious.” Jian Luo sighed: “But I still want to eat a proper meal or something.”


Nie Yan: ???


Was there not a single good meal you had out of the table that I’ve bought with a lot of my capital?


After leaving Moonlight, Jian Luo returned to the seed planting base in the afternoon to see his little pepper seedlings. Honestly speaking, after having meat in the morning and also in the afternoon, he was tired of eating meat. Not just tired, but sick of it. Tonight, he didn’t want to eat another meal with meat again.


Ever since he had the cubs, he didn’t know if it was because he was cultivating peppers or something, but he had a craving for spicy food, which he couldn’t have.


He still wanted to eat sour food or something that tastes like that.


But Dark Star doesn’t have it at all. It was all either barbecued or boiled here.


“Ding dong.”


There was a sound from his information terminal.


Jian Luo came back to his senses and opened his message to see a message from Lu Shifeng: “Come out after you get off work.”


Oh, it’s time to go.


Jian Luo packed up. Before leaving, he took a special look at his poor little peppers and wished from the bottom of his heart, praying secretly for his chili peppers to grow up quickly and save his poor palate.


The cloud car outside has been waiting for a long time.


Jian Luo got into the car: “You’re going to take me home?”


“I’m taking you to buy something.” Lu Shifeng looked at the clothes that Jian Luo was wearing and said: “On the way, we’ll get you some items.”


Jian Luo felt very strange: “But I already have them.”


He also had principles, didn’t he? He’s not like a dog, following him wherever he goes. He has to be firm and strong like a man!


Lu Shifeng sat lazily on the sofa in the car seat and said slowly, “You don’t have to repay the money.”




The car stopped at the largest department store in the entire Dark Star. It was also Jian Luo’s first time here. He had to sigh: “You actually go shopping?”


After all, shouldn’t the marshal be the cool and arrogant kind of tyrant, letting everything of insignificance be handled ‌by his secretary or just buy everything in the room in one go, instead of slowly choosing whatever you want? Why did you want to go shopping in person?! 


Lu Shifeng lowered his eyes and remembered the words of the little emperor:


The little emperor: “Since they are your cubs, you have to take good care of them. Not just materialistically, but also spiritually. Luoluo is not very old and only 20 years old. In your dragon clan, he is very young and still weaning like a baby, so you have to care more about him.”


Lu Shifeng: “If you asked him to speak, he would be satisfied with anything.”


The big dragon should take care of the little dragon like this. No matter what the little dragon wants to eat or what prey it wants, the big dragon must satisfy him. This was what taking care of someone meant.


The little emperor was silent: “I don’t think so.”


Lu Shifeng raised his eyebrows.


“Uncle, maybe you are quite good at fighting, but you are really not good at pursuing and taking care of people. I think, why don’t you go back and ask Secretary Jin?”




Marshal Lu scoffed at the little emperor’s proposal.


When he went back, Lu Shifeng stared at Secretary Jin. He almost scared his secretary away: “Um, Marshal, did I do something wrong?”


Lu Shifeng’s handsome face tensed up. It was what the man did every time he encountered a massive problem, but the more he is like this, the more Secretary Jin feels that something was wrong.


“Um…Marshal.” Secretary Jin was very nervous: “Is there anything I haven’t done well recently?”


Lu Shifeng said indifferently, “No.”


Secretary Jin breathed a sigh of relief and asked again, “Then do you need me to do anything?”


Lu Shifeng was silent.


Secretary Jin felt that she had the right idea!


She quickly raced to the finish line: “Don’t worry. If there is anything I can do for you, I will do my best!”


Lu Shifeng lifted his eyelids and glanced at her, as if he was gauging her authenticity. Finally, the man said, “Do you know how to make the kid happy?”




The kids aren’t even out yet!


Marshal, wake up!


Secretary Jin said hesitantly, “Probably like usual dragon cubs…”


“Not them.” Lu Shifeng interrupted ruthlessly, “Jian Luo.”


Secretary Jin choked up. As an all-around secretary, she couldn’t admit defeat and she definitely couldn’t be ignorant. She thought for a while: “I think he should enjoy shopping in the mall!”


And so, the biased Marshal Lu brought Jian Luo to the mall.


As soon as Jian Luo came in, it was as if a country boy had entered the city: “What is that? How can it still fly? God, is the signboard of that shop made of clay?”


Lu Shifeng: “Don’t run around.”


Jian Luo responded, feeling that his two eyes were not enough: “It’s too amazing.”


When two people walked in front of each other, Jian Luo always almost got separated from him while watching all kinds of interesting things. After this happened several times, Lu Shifeng said, “Hand.”


Jian Luo: “En.”


Lu Shifeng took a step forward and held his hand with his fingers intertwined. The man’s palm was rough while Jian Luo’s was tender. The two hands were held together in unusual harmony.


Jian Luo stood beside him, like a petite daughter-in-law. This kind of mood that seems to resemble a couple shopping together was a bit awkward, even for Jian Luo, so he coughed lightly: “Cough, it’s alright. I can walk on my own.”


“What’s the matter?” Lu Shifeng gave him a slow, dark look. He raised his eyebrows with a hint of confusion in his eyes. After a while, he leaned down and said in a low voice, “Does holding my hand aggrieve you?”


His handsome face widened before his eyes.


Jian Luo’s goddamn face-con attributes began flaring up again. He stuttered and said, “No grievances here.”


“Hello. Here’s your cloud fruit.”


The voice of the staff making the food chimed in.


Jian Luo hurriedly pulled back his hand to hold the cloud fruit. He took a bite of the soft cloud fruit and the embarrassment from holding hands dissipated a lot as he sighed.


Lu Shifeng: “What are you thinking about?”


“I was thinking about the time when I was young.” Jian Luo sighed: “At that time, I only talked to the other casually while holding their small hand. I thought that it might be the beginning of a romance, but unfortunately, after so many years have passed, it turns out that would only be the highest point of that saga.”


In his opinion, it should be normal to talk about a few innocent past loves while he was still a young student.


Unexpectedly, Lu Shifeng narrowed his eyes dangerously: “How many people are you talking about?”


Jian Luo still had his head buried in the cloud fruit, missing the dangerous aura: “Not much. I can’t remember. Let me do the math for a second.”

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