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Chapter 60 – (Side Story Finale) Overcoming the Tribulation

       The injury on Erbao’s leg needs to be treated by removing the poison. Otherwise, his body will remain weak, and it will be difficult for him to recover fully.

       Everyone looked at Yun Po.

       Yun Po said, “What do you want me to do? Are you guys going to pay the bill?”

       Song Jun asked, “Does Master Yun Po have any solution?”

       Yun Po looked at Erbao’s wound again and said, “It’s not troublesome. Just take it back to Hongyin Temple and let my master help extract the poison. But it’s a demon, and it knocked over my car. Why should I help him.”

       Song Jun said, “Monk…”

       “Hey!” Yun Po interrupted him, “I’m not merciful, so shut up. Your family still hasn’t paid back the money you guys owe me.”

       Luo Fei said at this time, “Didn’t I help them pay it back?”

       Yun Po turned to Luo Fei and smiled, “Benefactor Luo is Benefactor Luo. He is different from these people. If it is your request, I will consider it.”

       Hearing this, Song Jun raised his hand and bumped Feng Junyuan.

       “?” Feng Junyuan was confused, “I have no money.”

       Song Jun whispered, “I’m not asking you to pay. I’m asking you to ask Luo Fei for help.”

       Feng Junyuan said, “Can I?”

       Song Jun nodded, “Go and try.”

       So Feng Junyuan walked to Luo Fei and pulled Luo Fei’s sleeve, “Mr. Luo.”

       Luo Fei turned to look at him, stretched out his hand to push the messy hair on his forehead to one side, and said with a smile, “What’s the matter?”

       Feng Junyuan said, “Can you let Master Yun Po save Erbao?”

       Luo Fei smiled and asked, “Why?”

       Feng Junyuan actually felt pity for Erbao. After all, they all watched Long Xing pick the dog up at that time. However, Feng Junyuan’s emotions were not as rich as those of Long Xing and Song Jun, and he didn’t feel any affection for Erbao.

       Seeing that Feng Junyuan didn’t speak, Luo Fei lured him and said, “If I save him, how will you thank me?”

       Feng Junyuan hesitated and turned to look at Xia Hongshen.

       Xia Hongshen had no intention of saving Erbao and said to Feng Junyuan, “Come back.”

       So Feng Junyuan stopped talking and went back to Xia Hongshen.

       Erbao lay on the ground and slowly closed his eyes at this time as if it didn’t matter whether his injury was treated or not; Long Xing didn’t want him anyway.

       Song Jun sighed, walked to the window and looked out.

       They were now on the second floor of the amusement park office building. It was very lively outside, with many demons gathered just to take a look at the legendary Firefly. And since they didn’t show up in the office building after a long time, the demons entertained themselves, and it turned into a carnival.

       Song Jun’s ears were filled with all kinds of happy music, and the rides in the amusement park began to operate.

       At this moment, a thunder exploded from the sky.

       Song Jun was slightly startled. He raised his head and looked into the distance. He saw that the sky in the distance was faintly white, and the thunder was followed by rolling thunder coming in this direction.

       Long Xing suddenly ran to Song Jun, looked out the window together, and then said, “Not good!”

       He returned to Erbao and asked anxiously, “Are you going through a tribulation1in some novels, a trial encountered by cultivators at key points in their cultivation, which they must resist and ultimately transcend. Because immortal cultivation (generally) goes against the Will of Heaven, the Heavens will send down tribulations to oppress high-level cultivators who make progress towards Immortality, often right when they enter a new cultivation stage. This typically takes the form of a lightning storm, with extraordinarily powerful bolts of lightning raining down from the Heavens to strike at the cultivator.?”

       Song Jun suddenly realised that he felt the thunder a bit strange, which made him slightly uneasy. Then he recalled that the current situation was very similar to that of Demon Zhen, who had overcome the tribulation and become immortal. This thunder was not an ordinary thunder.

       Sure enough, the thunder was getting closer and closer.

       Song Jun said, “Tell everyone to hide and avoid accidental injuries!”

       How could the little monsters outside be able to withstand the thunder tribulation of Firefly?

       Fortunately, this was the office building of an amusement park. Luo Fei immediately asked someone to make a broadcast, asking all the demons in the amusement park to find a place to hide and avoid being struck by the thunder.

       In an instant, the entire amusement park was in chaos.

       Yun Po said, “What should we do here? If it stays here, we will all suffer!”

       Xia Hongshen said, “Throw it out.”

       Erbao opened his eyes and said nothing. He glanced at Long Xing weakly, his eyes slightly moist.

       It was like it was about to die at that time, lying on the ground waiting for death, but Long Xing stayed and fed it a sip of water.

       Long Xing looked at it in a daze.

       Song Jun raised his hand and bumped Long Xing and said, “You don’t want to see it die, do you?”

       Long Xing shook his head, “But we can’t help it with its Heavenly Tribulation.”

       Song Jun said, “If you can’t help, someone can, as long as you are willing to beg Senior Brother Xia for it.”

       Long Xing hesitated.

       The thunder was getting closer and closer.

       Xia Hongshen suddenly walked up to Erbao, grabbed it by the back of the neck, and wanted to throw it out.

       Erbao didn’t struggle; just whimpered softly.

       Long Xing turned around and knelt down next to Xia Hongshen, grabbed the hem of Xia Hongshen’s clothes, and called out, “Master.”

       Xia Hongshen had a cold expression, clearly not very pleased.

       Long Xing held on to Xia Hongshen and secretly looked at Feng Junyuan and Xi Anling.

       Xi Anling curled her lips, walked over and knelt down with Long Xing, and said softly, “This dog is quite pitiful…”

       Feng Junyuan was the last one to come over and just knelt down after Long Xing without saying anything.

       Xia Hongshen glared at Song Jun.

       Song Jun smiled and said, “Save it.”

       Xia Hongshen said to Long Xing and others, “Go away all of you!” Then he threw Erbao away and reached out to Song Jun with one hand.

       Song Jun changed form in his hand, then Xia Hongshen held Chunjun, jumped out of the window and climbed to the top floor.

       Long Xing and Feng Junyuan jumped out immediately.

       Xi Anling chased to the window and shouted, “I’m not going! Be careful!” After saying that, she couldn’t help but worry as she looked out of the window. Then, she grabbed a frightened little squirrel by the wall and buried it in her chest.

       Luo Fei saw Feng Junyuan following him out, so he said, “I’ll help them,” and then followed him out.

       Wan Mingguang said to Yun Po, “Let’s go too!”

       Yun Po quickly grabbed him, “Why are you joining in the fun? Aren’t you afraid of being beaten to a pulp?”

       Wan Mingguang looked at the Erbao on the ground worriedly and said to Yun Po, “Then you save it first.”

       Yun Po was still a little unhappy.

       Wan Mingguang said, “Please, Master.”

       Yun Po said “Ay, ay, ay” a few times irritably and finally said, “Forget it, for your sake.” He squatted down and helped to treat the wound on Erbao’s leg.

       The demons in the entire amusement park had all scattered and hidden. After the bursts of thunder, there was still heavy rain in the sky, and then all the lightning and thunder concentrated on the office building, striking straight down.

       Xia Hongshen’s clothes were soaked through. He waved Chunjun, and a blast of thunder split open one after another. There were constant terrifying explosions all around.

       And Long Xing held the Gilded Phoenix Wings in his hand and leaned closely around Xia Hongshen.

       At this time, Luo Fei went up to the top floor and said to Long Xing, “Give me Fengliu, and you go and see the Firefly.”

       Long Xing hesitated for a moment and chose to hand the Gilded Phoenix Wings to Luo Fei, then turned around and went downstairs.

       Luo Fei waved his Gilded Phoenix Wings, caught a thunderbolt hitting his feet, and shattered it with demonic power.

       Xia Hongshen now had enough time to talk to Luo Fei, “What exactly is your true form?”

       The Chunjun and the Gilded Phoenix Wings in their hands immediately focused their attention, also wanting to know what the answer to this question was.

       Luo Fei smiled and asked, “Can’t you see?”

       Xia Hongshen said, “I can see it, but I don’t recognise it.”

       Don’t recognise it? Chunjun and Fengliu were both a little confused. Even Demon Zhen didn’t know what he was.

       However, as the thunder became stronger and stronger, the two people finally had no time to talk and began to concentrate on striking the thunder.

       Long Xing watched Yun Po treat Erbou’s wounds and asked, “Has its poison been removed?”

       Yun Po said, “There is no way to remove it cleanly here. You need to come with me to Hongyin Temple later.”

       Long Xing nodded.

       It took Yun Po some time to treat Erbao’s wounds. Long Xing heard the thunder outside gradually getting weaker. He knew that this thunderstorm had been overcome, and if he wanted to become immortal, he only had this chance.

       He picked up the Erbao and said to it, “I will send you to the top of the building. If you can become an immortal, this residual poison will be nothing to you.”

       However, Erbao shook his head.

       Long Xing said in surprise, “Are you going to let this opportunity go?”

       Erbao said, “I want to follow you.”

       Long Xing looked at it in a daze.

       By this time, the thunder had completely subsided, and the heavy rain had stopped.

       Xia Hongshen and Luo Fei came down from the top floor. They were soaked to the skin, and some wounds were faintly visible on their bodies.

       Long Xing once followed Xia Hongshen to overcome the tribulation and become immortal. He knew that it was not easy to overcome the tribulation. When he saw Xia Hongshen endure such a disaster because of his request, he suddenly felt uncomfortable in his heart. He walked to Xia Hongshen, hugged him and rubbed him.

       Xi Anling also grabbed Xia Hongshen’s hand as if she was frightened and shed a few tears.

       Xia Hongshen touched their heads and then said to Erbao, “You missed the opportunity to become an immortal.”

       Erbao didn’t seem to care. He opened his moist eyes and just looked at Long Xing.

       Later, Yun Po brought Erbao back to Hongyin Temple, and then there was no news about it.

       Two months later.

       Standing in front of the old dormitory building of Forensic Medicine College was a young man wearing a long-sleeved T-shirt and blue jeans. He had white hair on his head, but it had been cut short, making him look fresh and clean.

       The girls passing by couldn’t help but glance at him because he had a handsome face, but he looked a little dull. He kept wandering in front of the dormitory building, not daring to go in.

       Suddenly, a Maserati stopped on the side of the road. Luo Fei got out of the car and saw Erbao standing in front of the dormitory building.

       He asked, “Looking for Long Xing?”

       Erbao hesitated and didn’t speak.

       Luo Fei smiled and said to him, “Come in with me. Long Xing shouldn’t have gotten off work yet. He will be back later. Are you okay?”

       Erbao said, “Okay.”

       Luo Fei then said, “Let me treat you that night. Let’s go out to eat. I’ll call xiao Feng and ask him what he wants to eat…”


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I suddenly realised that I seemed to have confused the mines of the two stories, but it doesn’t matter. I would like to express my thanks again.

The side stories end here. Mainly because I don’t have the energy to update two stories at the same time. The ending is also perfect, so that’s it.

I keep checking the comment and some readers speculated that Luo Fei might be magical creature, kek
I’ll just keep stalking so I know what the heck is Luo Fei

Thank you for reading this, for the past few episodes, the scheduling system on the web is wonky and it keep missing the schedule and I forgot to publish it on time.
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Chapter 59 – (Side Story) Cat and Dog Fight

       The surroundings suddenly became dim, and the streetlights on the distant highway were hazy, leaving only a halo. The group kicked up dust and sand, creating a truly eerie atmosphere.

       Song Jun appeared in human form and couldn’t help but raise his hands to cover his face to avoid the flying sand and stones.

       Xi Anling hid behind Song Jun, held his sleeve, and said worriedly, “Is everything going to be okay?”

       Song Jun didn’t dare to say it, but he believed that there was no demon more powerful than Xia Hongshen in the world. In the many years they had been together, he had seen countless powerful monsters fall to Demon Zhen’s claws.

       As Demon Zhen let out a roar, Qin Song couldn’t resist it and was so frightened that he turned back into his original squirrel form and burrowed into Song Jun’s arms.

       Song Jun quickly grabbed his big tail and told him not to move.

       Firefly rushed over first and bit Demon Zhen. Demon Zhen hit one side of his body and hit his neck with his tail. Although Demon Zhen had long been cultivated into a demon, and even had gained an immortal body, when they fought, they were no different from ordinary beasts. The two formidable monsters engaged in a fierce battle, generating a thick aura of demonic energy. The surroundings were enveloped in a mist, concealing the ongoing conflict from the passing vehicles, leaving them unaware of what was happening.

       Song Jun and the others watched worriedly but had no room to intervene.

       Just a moment later, Song Jun noticed that the monster called the Firefly was showing some signs of fatigue, and he couldn’t help but wonder if there were wounds on his body that had never recovered.

       The moment it showed his mistake, Demon Zhen bit his neck and knocked him to the ground hard.

       He rolled over on the ground and got up. He no longer tried to rush out of the city but turned around and ran away into the city.

       Demon Zhen quickly chased after him.

       “Oh my!” Song Jun shouted.

       Demon Zhen turned back at the sound of his voice, took Song Jun in his mouth, and threw him onto his back, along with the little squirrel and Xi Anling.

       After delaying for such a short time, they could only see the back of the demon from a distance.

       After chasing through another street, the sound and shadow of the demon disappeared.

       Demon Zhen stopped and carefully searched for the beast’s traces. After a while, he transformed back into his human form and said, “Narrow the encirclement. He won’t be able to escape from this area.”

       So, once again, all demonic beasts were mobilised, and the magic circle was once again set up within the area designated by Xia Hongshen. There were always people stationed at the four points of the magic circle. In this way, whenever there was any movement from the beasts, Xia Hongshen could get the news immediately.

       Xia Hongshen and Song Jun stood on the rooftop of a nearby high-rise building.

       Song Jun asked Xia Hongshen, “Can you find it?”

       Xia Hongshen shook his head, “Firefly is exceptionally skilled at concealing its whereabouts. However, as long as it appears, there’s no way it can escape my grasp.”

       Song Jun looked at the tall buildings in the distance, hoping that nothing would happen to Long Xing.

       At this time, Long Xing, who had been sleeping for a long time, finally woke up from the haze.

       When he opened his eyes, he was in a daze, not knowing where he was. Then he realised that he was in a strange room, lying on a soft bed.

       He sat up and suddenly found another person sitting beside the bed. The person had long white hair and was sitting there cross-legged in silence, his face looking a little gloomy.

       But after seeing Long Xing woke up, a pair of dog ears suddenly stood up on his head.

       Long Xing looked at him blankly, and after a moment of mental processing, he suddenly realised and asked, “Erbao?”

       Although the man’s face was still gloomy, the white-haired man stood up and pounced Long Xing onto the bed.

       Long Xing was overwhelmed and said, “Are you really the Erbao? How did you become like this? Why am I here with you?”

       The white-haired man seemed to accept the name Erbao calmly. He said, “Come with me.”

       Long Xing was baffled, “Where to?”

       Erbao told him, “I am going to overcome the tribulation and become an immortal. I will take you to the heavenly realm.”

       Long Xing said, “Why should I go to the heavenly realm? I won’t go.”

       Erbao raised his head to look at him, the ears on his head drooped, “Why don’t you go?”

       Long Xing was a bit frantic, “It was hard for me to follow my Master down here,. Of course I don’t want to go back, I like it here.”

       When Erbao heard this, he looked shocked.

       Long Xing asked strangely, “Do we know each other? Why do you want to take me to the heavenly realm?”

       Erbao said, “You don’t remember me.”

       Looking at his face, Long Xing couldn’t remember where he had seen this person before.

       Erbao said slowly, “Many, many years ago, I once encountered Demon Zhen, and you saved me from a life-and-death situation.”

       Long Xing looked confused. He had no memory at all.

       In fact, at that time, the Firefly was injured by Demon Zhen and fell to the ground, dying. Chunjun and Fengliu followed Demon Zhen away, while Longshao and Yueya were a step slower.

       Yueya asked Longshao, “Will it die?”

       Longshao squatted down, stretched out his hand to test the Firefly’s breathing, and said, “It might. What’s wrong?”

       Yueya said, “Can I eat it?”

       “No,” Longshao said. He lowered his head and saw the Firefly slowly opening his eyes, with tears in his eyes.

       Yueya felt bored and planned to chase Demon Zhen and the others.

       Longshao suddenly stopped her and said, “Go get some water.”

       Yueya helped Longshao bring a handful of water over. Longshao fed the Firefly water, then helped him wash his wounds, then stood up and said, “It’s up to you.”

       The Firefly looked at him with his weak eyes open.

       Longshao couldn’t help but say again, “Don’t overestimate your capabilities.”

       They were the most ferocious beasts, and they would fight to the death if they encountered one. However, Longshao had been following Demon Zhen for a long time, but he had never seen a demonic beast that could fight Demon Zhen.

       In fact, it was just a momentary sense of compassion. As time passed, Long Xing had long forgotten about this incident. Perhaps the supernatural creatures he had once shown mercy to were not limited to just Erbao.

       But the person in front of him still remembered him and wanted to take him away.

       Although Erbao’s expression still looked a little gloomy, as Long Xing looked carefully into his eyes, he was full of expectations for Long Xing.

       Long Xing suddenly felt a little pain in his heart.

       However, he still pushed Erbao away and said, “I really don’t remember you, and I won’t follow you. I won’t hold you accountable for sucking my spiritual power. I want to go back to my master now.”

       Erbao said, “I didn’t mean to suck your spiritual power. I was injured and couldn’t control myself.”

       Long Xing had already stood up from the bed. When he heard him say he was injured, he hesitated for a moment, turned his head slightly and asked, “Where are you injured?”

       Erbao, who was not wearing any clothes, opened his legs wide and showed him a long wound on the inside of his leg. The wound had festered, and pus had appeared, and it seemed that it had not healed for a long time.

       Seeing the terrible condition of the wound, Long Xing moved closer to take a look and asked curiously, “What’s going on?”

       Erbao said, “The poisonous energy cannot be eliminated.”

       Long Xing frowned. He saw Erbao looking at him with his ears drooped and felt that he was quite pitiful, so he said, “Why don’t you come back with me, and I’ll ask Master to find a way to help you remove the poisonous energy.”

       “No!” Erbao refused flatly, “He wants to snatch you away.”

       Long Xing immediately corrected him, “I belonged to Master. Even if he doesn’t come to snatch me, I won’t leave with you.”

       Erbao’s ears drooped, and he didn’t look very spirited as he said, “If you don’t come with me, then I won’t go to the heavenly realm.”

       When Long Xing was still about to speak, the doorbell of the room outside suddenly rang.

       This house was a temporarily vacant house in a nearby community. At that time, Erbao sneaked in with Long Xing in order to avoid Xia Hongshen.

       Erbao stood up immediately and pulled Long Xing nervously.

       Long Xing was not so nervous. As he walked outside, he asked, “Who is it?”

       A pitiful, trembling voice came from outside the door and said, “I’m checking the water meter.”

       It turned out that in order to find their traces, Xia Hongshen sent many little demons to search the area one by one. They knocked on doors under various pretexts to see what was going on inside. If they saw anything strange, they would immediately notify Xia Hongshen.

       The person ringing the doorbell now was Qin Song. He had already rang the doorbells of many nearby houses. When he opened the door and saw someone who was not the person he was looking for, he would apologise and say that he went the wrong way.

       But this time, he didn’t expect that the person who opened the door would be Long Xing.

       Originally, Qin Song didn’t expect that he could find them, and of course, he didn’t really hope that he could find them.

       However, at the same time as he saw Long Xing, the Firefly also jumped out and threw Qin Song to the ground.

       “Er Bao!” Long Xing scolded and pulled him hard.

       The big white-haired dog swung its tail and was pulled away by Long Xing.

       However, in this moment of movement, Qin Song had already sent a message to Xia Hongshen, and immediately after, Xia Hongshen climbed in from the corridor window and rushed towards Erbao.

       Seeing that they were about to fight, Long Xing quickly called to Song Jun, who was following Xia Hongshen, “Help me pull them away!”

       So one caught the dog, and the other pinned down the cat, finally nipping a war in its bud.

       Long Xing said to Erbao, “If you dare to hurt my Master, disappear from my eyes immediately!”

       Erbao looked at him in disbelief, as if he was greatly hurt.

       Song Jun also hugged Xia Hongshen tightly. Of course, he was not afraid that Xia Hongshen would hurt Erbao, but he felt that this environment was too dangerous. A neighbour might open the door at any time to check what was going on. He felt that they should change to a safer environment.

       Long Xing pressed Erbao to the ground and looked at Xia Hongshen, feeling a bit aggrieved as he sniffled.

       Xia Hongshen said, “Take it back and find a place to dispose of it.”

       That night, the amusement park became lively again, and the demons who heard the news came to watch one after another to see who dared to steal Demon Zhen’s precious weapon.

       Erbao didn’t know if his vitality was damaged again in the battle with Xia Hongshen that day. He never recovered since he transformed into the beast form, and he looked a little like dying.

       Inside the office building of the amusement park, Long Xing grabbed one of its legs and lifted it up to show Xia Hongshen and the others for inspection.

       “Tsk,” Yun Po squatted down, took a closer look at the injury on its leg, and said, “This seems to be poisonous.”

       Feng Junyuan said to Long Xing strangely, “It didn’t seem to have any injuries on it when you picked it back up.”

       Song Jun said, “Maybe it is hiding it. It just wants to take Long Xing away.”

       Xia Hongshen suddenly snorted and said, “Wishful thinking.”

       Long Xing quickly expressed his loyalty to Xia Hongshen, “I will never go anywhere, and I will always follow my Master.”

       Xia Hongshen raised his hand and touched his head.

       Erbao raised his head and made a soft whimpering sound.

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Chapter 55 – (Side Story) Picking Up a Dog

       Long Xing picked up a stray dog ​​when he was getting off work that day.

       When he saw the dog, it was huddled under a car in front of him, its fur dirty and messy, and it looked pitiful.

       Long Xing was afraid that it would be run over by the wheels when the car started, so he stretched out his hand to summon it out.

       The dog raised its head and glanced at Long Xing, then slowly got up and walked to him. It looked like it had been injured or had lost its vitality due to age. However, Long Xing couldn’t clearly identify it.

       Long Xing’s original intention was just to call it out, but the dog kept following Long Xing and refused to leave.

       It followed Long Xing back to the school dormitory where Long Xing lived.

       Oh, by the way, because Bu Hui moved out from the old dormitory of Forensic Medicine College to rent a house to live with his girlfriend, Xia Hongshen took advantage of his relationship to rent one of the two vacant dormitories to Feng Junyuan, and the other one was rented to Long Xing.

       The dog kept following Long Xing, but Long Xing couldn’t bear to get rid of it.

       Finally, when he returned to the second floor of the dormitory, the dog was still walking slowly behind him.

       When Long Xing came back, Song Jun and Feng Junyuan were watching movies in front of the computer. Long Xing put the lunch box he bought on Song Jun’s computer table and asked, “Where is Teacher Xia?”

       Song Jun turned to look at him and said, “Went to attend an academic conference with his tutor and won’t be back until a few days later.”

       “Oh,” Long Xing responded, “Let’s eat first.”

       At this time, both Song Jun and Feng Junyuan noticed the dirty stray dog following Long Xing and asked, “Where did it come from?”

       Long Xing was a little troubled, “It’s a stray dog. It’s been following me back.”

       Feng Junyuan took one look and said, “It’s so dirty. Do you want to keep it?”

       Song Jun whispered, “Senior brother may not agree.”

       Long Xing lowered his head to look at the dog, and the dog looked up at him pitifully. In the end, Long Xing couldn’t bear it. He took his lunch box, fed half of it to the dog, and said, “Let’s wait until Teacher Xia comes back.”

       After dinner, Song Jun helped him give the dog a bath.

       While washing, Song Jun said, “Do I need to take it to a pet shop for injection? I’m afraid it has some disease.”

       Long Xing seemed to think it didn’t matter, “It doesn’t matter, we shouldn’t be able to get rabies.”

       Song Jun looked at him and said, “True.”

       When the two of them finished bathing the dog, Long Xing discovered that the dog’s fur was pure white. It was so dirty just now that it was impossible to tell.

       Song Jun looked at the dog in confusion, “What breed is this? I can’t tell?”

       Long Xing also looked at it and said, “Huskies, right? Are there pure white huskies?”

       Feng Junyuan walked into the water room with a cup of mouthwash. He heard two people talking, so he also took a look at the dog and said, “Maybe it had albinism.”

       Given Feng Junyuan’s status as a doctor, both Long Xing and Song Jun were then convinced by him.

       Long Xing used a towel to wipe the water off the dog’s body. As he wiped it, he said, “Let me give you a name. Can we call it Erbao?”

       Not sure if Erbao understood, it shook its head, splashing water all over Long Xing’s face.

       When going to bed that night, Song Jun helped Long Xing find a large cardboard box, opened it and stuffed some unnecessary towels and sheets inside, temporarily making a place for Erbao.

       Erbao’s place was placed in Long Xing’s room. The room Long Xing lived in now was the same room that Bu Hui used to live in. It still had a simple layout of a small bed, desk, and wardrobe, and the dog kennel could only be placed next to the bed.

       Long Xing was lying on the bed and could touch Erbao’s head with his hand.

       Erbao was curled up in its kennel. Long Xing stretched out his hand to touch its head, and it would raise its head slightly and lick Long Xing’s fingers.

       Long Xing closed his eyes and fell asleep quickly.

       That night, he kept dreaming, and he always dreamed that something heavy was pressing on him, and he could hardly breathe. He repeated this all night long. When he woke up the next morning, he only felt a soreness in his back.

       When Long Xing opened his eyes, he saw Erbao lying beside the bed, looking at him.

       He reached out and rubbed Erbao’s head.

       Erbao stretched out his head and rubbed against his chest.

       Long Xing had to go to work in the morning, so he got up from the bed and dragged his tired body to the water room to wash up.

       Song Jun saw him and asked, “Why are you so haggard?”

       Long Xing rubbed his eyes and said, “Am I?”

       Song Jun touched his head, “Did Erbao disturb you to sleep?”

       Long Xing shook his head, “No, I just didn’t sleep very well. It’s nothing.”

       Because he had to go to work during the day, Long Xing asked Song Jun to help him find time to come back and feed the dog.

       At noon, Song Jun went to buy a bag of dog food and came back. He opened the door of Long Xing’s room and saw Erbao sleeping in its space. He didn’t move when he heard him come in.

       Song Jun poured the dog food into the bowl, put it near Erbao’s mouth, and then walked out gently.

       But until Long Xing came home from work in the afternoon, Erbao didn’t touch the dog food in his mouth. He didn’t seem to like eating dog food.

       Long Xing felt very tired. After he came back, he lay down on the bed and didn’t want to move.

       Unexpectedly, Erbao jumped on the bed, lay on Long Xing’s body, and licked Long Xing’s ears.

       Long Xing felt itchy and turned his head away with a smile.

       Erbao could be considered a large dog. With its size, it pressed down on Long Xing, making it impossible for him to move. It licked Long Xing’s ears for a while, then lowered its head to lick Long Xing’s collarbone.

       Long Xing struggled for a while but failed to break free and fell asleep with his eyes closed.

       After dinner, Long Xing took Erbao for a walk in the school. It was obviously a stray dog ​​that had been picked up from outside yesterday, but he didn’t expect that it would be surprisingly well-behaved and keep following Long Xing’s feet. Even when a girl teased it with food, it wouldn’t run away.

       He just picked up Erbao and raised him for several days. His skin became smoother and smoother, while Long Xing became more and more lethargic.

       One night, Long Xing took it out for a walk. Long Xing sat on a bench next to the small pond in the school and fell asleep after sitting for a while.

       Erbao, who was sitting next to his legs, seemed to notice that he was asleep, so he jumped up on the bench, lay down next to him, and put his head on his lap.

       After walking back, when Long Xing walked into the door of the first floor of the dormitory, Erbao suddenly stopped and refused to leave.

       Long Xing was a little strange and looked back at it, “What’s wrong?”

       Erbao raised his head and looked ahead warily.

       Then, Long Xing heard footsteps coming down the stairs. He turned around and saw that the person slowly coming down the second floor turned out to be Xia Hongshen.

       “Teacher Xia!” Long Xing was very happy to see Xia Hongshen.

       Xia Hongshen didn’t look at him but kept staring at Erbao at Long Xing’s feet.

       Long Xing felt a little strange and looked back at Erbao. Thinking that Xia Hongshen might have some hostility towards dogs, he explained, “I picked up Erbao. He is a stray dog.”

       As soon as he finished speaking, Xia Hongshen turned into a black shadow and rushed towards Erbao, but Erbao suddenly retreated and disappeared from Long Xing’s face without any intention of fighting with Xia Hongshen.

       Long Xing was stunned.

       However, Xia Hongshen had transformed back into his human form and stood beside him, saying, “You idiot, your spiritual power has almost been sucked out.”

       Long Xing suddenly lost consciousness, turned into a silver whip, and fell into Xia Hongshen’s hand.

       Xia Hongshen brought Long Xing Whip back and put it on the bed. Song Jun and Feng Junyuan stood beside it, both of them were a little embarrassed because none of them realised that Erbao turned out to be a demon and let him stay beside Long Xing. So long.

       Song Jun asked, “What on earth is that? I can’t see what it was?”

       Xia Hongshen’s eyes fell on the Dragon Tip Whip and said, “It’s not an ordinary demon. I don’t know where it came from and what its purpose is.”

       Song Jun thought for a while and said, “It’s probably because of Long Xing’s spiritual power.”

       Xia Hongshen reached out and picked up the Dragon Tip Whip, handed it to Feng Junyuan, and said, “Send Long Xing to Yun Po. There is enough spiritual power on the mountain so that he can return to his human form as soon as possible.”

       Feng Junyuan took it and said, “I have to go to work.”

       Xia Hongshen said, “Am I not going to work?”

       Feng Junyuan was not very happy, “You are obviously more relaxed than me, okay? I have to work the night shift tomorrow!”

       Song Jun said softly, “I also have to go to work…”

       Xia Hongshen reached out and took the Dragon Tip Whip back, “Call Yun Po and ask him to come over.”

       Two days later, Yun Po appeared in Song Jun’s dormitory building.

       Xia Hongshen handed the Dragon Tip Whip into his hand, “Please help me take Long Xing back to Yun Qingshan Hongyin Temple and wait for him to absorb spiritual energy and return to his human form as soon as possible.”

       Yun Po took the Dragon Tip Whip, waved it excitedly in his hand, and said, “You gave it to me, but I won’t give it back to you.”

       Xia Hongshen didn’t care, “Long Xing will come back on his own.”

       Yun Po suddenly lost interest and asked Xia Hongshen, “How did it get like this?”

       Xia Hongshen said, “Its spiritual power was absorbed by a demon.”


       Xia Hongshen raised his head and looked out the window, “Something got in.”

       Yun Po left with the Dragon Tip Whip that day.

       At night, Song Jun sat on Xia Hongshen’s bed, playing games on his laptop.

       Xia Hongshen rummaged through boxes and cabinets to find something.

       Song Jun was a little strange, “What are you looking for?”

       Xia Hongshen didn’t say anything. He found cat food from the cabinet, grabbed a handful and put it in his mouth. He chewed it for a while and felt something was wrong, so he quickly spit it out. After looking carefully at the packaging bag, he realised that it was not cat food at all, but dog food.

       Seeing this, Song Jun stood up, grabbed the bag, and said, “I bought this for Erbao two days ago.”

       Xia Hongshen was not happy when he heard the word Erbao, and he was even more unhappy when there was no cat food. He looked gloomily and asked, “Where’s mine?”

       Song Jun said, “You have finished it all, and I haven’t had time to buy another yet.”

       As soon as he finished speaking, he was pressed onto the bed by Xia Hongshen, and he couldn’t say the next words.

       On the same night, Yun Po drove back to Hongyin Temple overnight, and sitting with him in the passenger seat was Wan Mingguang. Wan Mingguang devoted himself to practising Buddhism at Hongyin Temple. Yun Po saw that he was now dedicated to doing good, so he let his soul attach to his Buddhist beads and took him down the mountain to catch ghosts, eliminate demons, and do good deeds to accumulate virtue.

       Wan Mingguang held the Dragon Tip Whip in his hand and asked doubtfully, “What kind of powerful demon do you think it could be, keeping Chunjun and others in the dark?”

       Yun Po drove the car and responded casually, “Who knows?”

       When he finished speaking, Wan Mingguang suddenly exclaimed. It turned out that he saw a white figure running towards their car outside the car window.

       They were driving on a highway, and on this kind of highway, what kind of monster could catch up with the speed of a car?

The author has something to say:
As a side story, when I first started writing this piece, I revisited a heartwarming work that I really enjoyed, with its atmosphere of an entire extended family being together. That’s where the inspiration for this side story came from.

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Chapter 54 – (Main Story Finale) Thousand Years

       Coming out of the panda exhibit, Song Jun and Xia Hongshen met Long Xing and Xi Anling coming towards them.

       Song Jun became nervous reflexively when he saw Xi Anling and ran to buy her an ice cream.

       Xi Anling took it and took two bites, suddenly feeling that Song Jun was plotting against her, and said angrily, “You want me to eat more and get fatter, right?”

       Song Jun expressed that he was wrongly accused.

       Xia Hongshen said, “Alright, just eat what you want to have.”

       Xi Anling felt aggrieved, but she still couldn’t help finishing the ice cream.

       After returning to the dormitory in the evening, Xia Hongshen went to take a shower, and Song Jun used his laptop to surf the internet in his room. After playing for a while, he saw a QQ1messaging app pop-up window showing that Feng Junyuan had sent him a file.

       Song Jun was stunned for a moment and realised that Xia Hongshen’s QQ was hanging on this computer.

       He received Feng Junyuan’s compressed package and asked, “What?”

       Feng Junyuan replied, “For you.”

       Song Jun was confused. After unzipping the zip file, he found that there were more than a dozen photos in the folder. When he opened it, he found that they were all photos taken at the zoo today.

       Feng Junyuan used his mobile phone to take pictures of lions, tigers, leopards, and cheetahs in the zoo. Except for the lions, Song Jun couldn’t tell whether the other big cats were male or female.

       Anyway, when he heard Xia Hongshen open the door and come in, he immediately closed the photos and deleted them all so as not to show Xia Hongshen those various nude photos.

       Xia Hongshen still had moisture on his body. He walked up to Song Jun and asked him, “What are you doing?”

       Song Jun shook his head and said, “Nothing.”

       Xia Hongshen picked him up and put him on his lap.

       Song Jun reached out and gently brushed Xia Hongshen’s hair, just like how they did for many years.

       Xia Hongshen rested his head on Song Jun’s shoulder lazily.

       Song Jun suddenly said to him, “Let me teach you what lovers would do.”

       Xia Hongshen raised his head to look at him and said, “Okay.”

       As dawn approached, Song Jun lifted the hand that Xia Hongshen had wrapped around his waist and sat up from the bed. Since his soul was restored, his physical condition has improved significantly. For example, at this moment, he had enough energy to go to the bathroom and take a shower by himself.

       He thought of taking advantage of the situation before dawn; otherwise, it would be embarrassing if he bumped into Bu Hui when he got up later.

       As a result, as soon as Song Jun got out of bed, he was stopped by Xia Hongshen and dragged back.

       Xia Hongshen rolled over and sat on him.

       Song Jun cried bitterly, “Senior Brother Xia, stop making trouble.”

       Xia Hongshen obviously refused to give up easily. When Song Jun wanted to sit up, he pushed him back.

       Song Jun tried his best to turn over and crawled under the bed.

       Xia Hongshen suddenly showed his sharp claws and nailed Song Jun on the side of his head.

       Song Jun was startled and then felt something rubbing against his naked back. Without looking back, he could guess that it was Xia Hongshen who had shown his monster form at that time.

       Xia Hongshen bit Song Jun’s neck with his fangs, preventing him from escaping.

       Although he felt that the opponent was restraining his strength and did not want to bite him, Song Jun still refused to do it. He simply showed his original form, and a hard bronze sword fell to the ground with a clatter.

       Despite this, Xia Hongshen still took him to bed, and Song Jun didn’t want to remember what happened next.

       By the time Song Jun opened the door and wanted to take a shower, it was already dawn.

       He was in a daze. As soon as he opened the door, he saw Bu Hui passing by.

       Song Jun was startled and quickly closed the door.

       Bu Hui had already seen Song Jun. He ran over and knocked on the door curiously, asking, “Is it Song Jun? Why are you in the Senior Brother’s dormitory?”

       Song Jun leaned behind the door, not knowing how to answer him.

       In the end, Xia Hongshen walked over to him, opened the door, and said to Bu Hui, “He’s working on his paper.”

       After he heard Xia Hongshen say that, Bu Hui tacitly accepted that Song Jun was writing his thesis with Xia Hongshen guiding him through the night. He didn’t seem to find anything wrong and responded with an “Oh” before heading towards the water room.

       Later, when Bu Hui went out, Song Jun went to the water room to take a shower and then went back to his room to change clothes. He had to go to work at the appraisal centre today, and the senior sister should be discharged from the hospital this week.

       When he was going out, Song Jun saw Xia Hongshen transforming into a little black cat and waiting for him at the door.

       When Song Jun came out, the little black cat came over to tug off his trousers and wanted to follow him.

       Song Jun had no choice but to carry it along with him.

       Throughout the morning, the senior sister who was discharged from the hospital was trying to tease the little black cat, but the little black cat didn’t pay much attention to her. When it was bored, it would circle around Song Jun’s feet.

       The senior sister squatted next to the cat, reached out, tugged the tail of the little black cat, and said enviously, “How did you raise a cat to be so well-behaved?”

       Song Jun forced a smile and said, “Probably because of the breed.”

       The little black cat with nothing to do accompanied Song Jun for the whole day at the appraisal centre, and when there was nothing to do in the afternoon, it lay on Song Jun’s lap and slept.

       When he got off work in the afternoon, the senior sister had already left. Xia Hongshen asked Song Jun to go to Ling Xiao’s bar with him in the evening.

       Song Jun still hadn’t forgotten the time he went to the other person’s bar to cause trouble. He suddenly became a little nervous and asked, “Why do you want to go to his bar?”

       Xia Hongshen put a hand on his shoulder and said, “I want to tell them about the Demon Market.”

       Having said this, Song Jun asked curiously, “Do you know who the new City God is?”

       “It is temporarily vacant,” Xia Hongshen said. “The magistrate and The Lord Magistrate of Yin and Yang Division will manage internal and external affairs until suitable candidates are available.”

       Song Jun nodded when he heard this.

       In the evening, as soon as Xia Hongshen and Song Jun walked into Ling Xiao’s bar, the atmosphere in the entire bar suddenly became tense.

       Xia Hongshen casually sat down on the sofa next to him, and all the demons around him moved away.

       Xiang Wenxi ran over aggressively and said, “What are you doing here?”

       Xia Hongshen said, “Going clubbing.”

       Xiang Wenxi said angrily, “You are not welcome!”

       Xia Hongshen simply put his long legs on the table, folded his hands on his chest and looked at Xiang Wenxi.

       Xiang Wenxi was also a little afraid of him, so he turned to Song Jun and said, “You are not allowed to bring weapons!”

       Song Jun suddenly became angry and said, “What do you mean! There are no rules written at your door!”

       At this time, Ling Xiao came over to stop their quarrel.

       Ling Xiao sat down opposite Xia Hongshen and asked, “What is the purpose of your visit?”

       Their hostility towards Xia Hongshen had been reduced a lot after this demonic attack on the city. At least the purpose of this great demon staying in this city was not to destroy it but to protect it like them.

       Demons were different from deities. They shared this city with humans, and they didn’t want this place to be destroyed easily, so they also had their own order.

       Xia Hongshen did not answer Ling Xiao’s question but asked, “Where are the remnants of Demon Market now?”

       Ling Xiao said, “Mr. Yun is the one who is announcing the news. He said before that the Demon Market would be closed.”

       Xia Hongshen said to him, “I know. Go asked Mr. Yun to come to see me and then run the Demon Market.”

       This time, not only Ling Xiao but also many people in the bar were attracted.

       “You want to reopen the Demon Market?” Xiang Wenxi was very surprised.

       Xia Hongshen asked, “Not allowed?”

       Xiang Wenxi hesitated, “I thought you were going back to heaven.”

       “I’m not going back,” Xia Hongshen said. “I will take over the Demon Market from now on, and I will not ignore the affairs of the Demon Realm.”

       Song Jun couldn’t help but glance at Xia Hongshen.

       Xia Hongshen remained expressionless, and others had no way of guessing what he was thinking.

       But Song Jun knew that he and Xia Hongshen had been together for so long, and he often knew exactly what Xia Hongshen was thinking. In fact, Xia Hongshen just wanted to stay in this city. What happened with Cen Le probably made Xia Hongshen feel a little irritated. He was not willing to have someone to easily cause trouble in this city.

       Xia Hongshen was marking territory. This arrogant big cat had designated this entire city as his own territory, so everything here must be developed under his control. Other beasts that wanted to break into his territory must be evicted.

       Ling Xiao was originally a ferocious beast too, but Xia Hongshen probably didn’t pay much attention to him. In terms of strength, Ling Xiao was no match for Xia Hongshen.

       Fortunately, wolves were social animals. Ling Xiao did not reject Xia Hongshen too much. He said, “I will contact Mr. Yun and tell him your intention.”

       Xia Hongshen nodded, “Tell him to come see me.”

       So two months later, when autumn was just about to arrive, the Demon Market opened again.

       That night, Feng Junyuan stood at the gate of the amusement park checking tickets.

       All the monsters who entered looked at him secretly and then whispered, “This is Demon Zhen’s Gilded Phoenix Wings.”

       “It looks so handsome!”

       “But not as good as Chunjun though.”

       “It’s already very impressive. I heard that Chunjun is here today too.”

       Feng Junyuan’s face was expressionless, and he stretched out his hand to the next monster to enter, “Tickets.”

       The amusement park was very lively. This was probably the most lively time for the Demon Market in the history of the entire city.

       The giant panda was still selling masks at the fork in the road. Long Xing selected for a long time, but he still couldn’t find one he was satisfied with.

       The giant panda took one at random and put it on his face, saying, “Don’t pick any more, they all look good.”

       Long Xing hesitated for a moment, walked to the edge of the swimming pool, and took a look at his reflection in the water as if he didn’t quite believe what the giant panda had said.

       The giant panda waddled over and wanted to say a few nice words, but because its belly was too big, it knocked Long Xing into the swimming pool.

       “Oops,” it cried with little sincerity, “I’m sorry.”

       At this time, a soft silver whip stretched out from the water, wrapped one of the giant pandas’ feet, and dragged it down, causing a huge splash of water.

       Xi Anling heard the commotion, took a look, then turned back and continued to guard the stall selling cotton candy in front of her.

       The owner of the stall was a squirrel demon. In fact, it was not easy for animals with short life spans like squirrels to become demons. Even if they could cultivate, their magic power was not very strong.

       Facing Xi Anling, it became a bit nervous. The cotton candy it had finally managed to turn around shook a bit when it handed it over, and it fell to the ground.

       Xi Anling said, “Oh” regretfully and turned to look at the squirrel, waiting for it to make one for her again.

       The little squirrel was stared at by Xi Anling, and its two front teeth suddenly began to tremble.

       Xi Anling looked at it strangely, imitating it and chattering her teeth, and said, “What are you doing? Make me a new one quickly, or give me my money back.”

       The little squirrel trembled even more.

       Xi Anling said angrily, “I’m going to find my master.”

       The little squirrel jumped up and ran away from the seat. Xi Anling couldn’t catch up, so she had to give up.

       Song Jun sat at the highest point of the Ferris wheel. Although the lights were flashing, the entire Ferris wheel was not moving, so he could always look down at the scenery from the highest point.

       Xia Hongshen maintained his monster form, lying on the roof of Song Jun’s small carriage, dragging his tail down and knocking on the glass window.

       Song Jun reached out and grabbed his tail.

       Xia Hongshen then flicked his tail and directly rolled Song Jun out and put him on his back.

       Song Jun lay on top of him and looked down with him.

       Suddenly, with some surprise, Song Jun pointed to a bald man in the crowd and said, “Is that Master Yun Po?”

       Xia Hongshen took a look and snorted from his nose.

       Song Jun scratched the hair on the top of his head and said, “Who is that behind him?”

       Xia Hongshen took another look and said, “A ghost.”

       Song Jun looked carefully and found that the ghost following Yun Po turned out to be Wan Mingguang.

       Suddenly feeling a little relieved, Song Jun lay down and brushed the soft fur on Xia Hongshen’s back.

       Xia Hongshen said, “Have you finished writing your paper? Can it be submitted to SCI2SCI stands for Science Citation Index, which is a citation index originally produced by the Institute for Scientific Information (ISI).?”

       Song Jun said helplessly, “Can you shut up at this time?”

       At the same time, fireworks bloomed in the sky, and the September Demon Market officially began.

       Chunjun had been accompanying Demon Zhen for thousands of years and perhaps countless thousands more; it will never end.

The author has something to say:
This is the end. In the future, I will consider a simple ghost story or a simple cute article about the animal world.

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Chapter 58 – (Side Story) The Whole City Under Siege

       Luo Fei recognising Song Jun was not a surprising thing. What surprised him was that the Panda’s Senior Brother was not a fat man.

       He lowered his voice and said to the giant panda, “Your senior brother is quite handsome, isn’t he? Why is he so thin?”

       The giant panda said, “Because he is not a panda. Besides, isn’t the fat man good-looking?”

       Song Jun said quickly, “That goes without saying, you are the best-looking. But if he is not a panda, what kind of demon is he? I can’t see his true form.”

       The giant panda was about to answer Song Jun’s question, but Luo Fei interrupted them at the right time. He asked Song Jun, “You want to find the whereabouts of the Dragon Tip Whip?”

       Song Jun immediately returned to business. He nodded, “Can you help us?”

       Luo Fei smiled and said, “Of course. If I am not mistaken, what you are most worried about now is that the demon will leave the city with the Dragon Tip Whip. By then, the world will be too vast, and even for someone as powerful as Demon Zhen, there will be no way to find out Dragon Tip’s whereabouts again.”

       Song Jun had to admit that what Luo Fei was saying now was what they were most worried about at the moment.

       Luo Fei said, “I know a way to help you.”

       Song Jun quickly concentrated his attention and said, “Sir, please give me some advice.”

       Luo Fei said, “I know that Master Yun Po of Hongyin Temple knows a magic circle to catch demons, and all demons will easily not be able to get out once they break into the spell. We only need to set up a huge magic circle around the city. It can trap that demon in the city and prevent him from leaving the city.”

       Song Jun was surprised by his whimsical idea and said, “How could we set up such a large magic circle?”

       Luo Fei said, “There are so many demons here, and they are all intimidated by Demon Zhen’s powerful ability. It is not difficult to set up a huge spell formation that surrounds the whole city.”

       “Even so,” Song Jun said, “How can Master Yun Po’s demon-trapping magic circle be easily taught to us demons?”

       Luo Fei smiled when he heard this and said, “I think money can make the world go round. Besides, there have been many rumours about Master Yun Po. We can use money to try it.”

       Song Jun hesitated, “We have no money.”

       The giant panda bumped Song Jun and almost knocked him down.

       “Are you stupid?” The giant panda said to Song Jun, “Have you forgotten who I said my senior brother is? Ask him for help!”

       Song Jun certainly wasn’t a fool, but Luo Fei wasn’t a fool either. There was no such thing as a free lunch in the world. Luo Fei took the initiative to help, obviously, he obviously had a request for them.

       Luo Fei saw that Song Jun was silent, so he was not in a hurry and waited for him to express his position.

       Song Jun had no choice but to finally ask, “Can Mr. Luo help?”

       Luo Fei smiled and said, “I have one condition.”

       Song Jun thought to himself, here it comes.

       Unexpectedly, Luo Fei next said, “But I haven’t thought of this condition yet, if you promise to keep this condition for me, I am also willing to help you communicate with Master Yun Po.”

       Song Jun said, “I can’t make the decision, so I’d better ask my master.”

       Luo Fei smiled and nodded,  indicating that he would be happy to do so.

       Song Jun took Luo Fei to find Xia Hongshen in the middle of the playground. After listening to Song Jun’s words about Luo Fei’s conditions, Xia Hongshen agreed to him without even thinking.

       Song Jun was a little nervous, grabbed Xia Hongshen and asked in a low voice, “Have you ever thought about what you would do if you couldn’t agree to the conditions he proposed, such as giving me to him?”

       Xia Hongshen’s answer was very simple and clear, “Kill him.”

       Song Jun was speechless.

       At this time, Feng Junyuan was sitting on a bench not far from the carousel, pressing his chest uncomfortably. If he continued to spin for a few more minutes, he probably would have really spun and vomited.

       Suddenly, someone put a scarf around his neck.

       It was late autumn now. Although Feng Junyuan and the others would not freeze to death, they would still feel cold. The scarf was wrapped around his neck, and he felt the warm temperature and the smell of men’s perfume on it.

       Luo Fei sat down next to him and asked him, “Are you not feeling well?”

       Feng Junyuan patted his chest and said, “I feel like vomiting.”

       Luo Fei said, “Wait.”

       He whistled, and a short man hurried over. Feng Junyuan realised that it was a rat demon. He respectfully said to Luo Fei, “Boss Luo, do you need anything?”

       Luo Fei said, “Go buy some hangover medicine.” After that, he gave the man two hundred yuan.

       The man went happily.

       Feng Junyuan suddenly discovered that money not only makes ghosts go around but also makes demons run errands. It was great to have money.

       Luo Fei put his arm around his shoulders, let Feng Junyuan lean on his shoulders, and said, “Close your eyes and take a rest.”

       Feng Junyuan pressed his face against Luo Fei’s shoulder and felt that even the material of Luo Fei’s clothes was softer than Xia Hongshen’s.

       Xia Hongshen, who was completely unaware, sneezed and jumped to the top of the amusement park. Seeing that the appointed time had come, almost all the monsters in the city should gather here.

       The matter of communicating with Yun Po was handed over to Luo Fei.

       After hearing about Luo Fei’s intention, Yun Po refused without hesitation.

       Luo Fei said, “I can help Master Demon Zhen pay you back the money he owes you.”

       Yun Po rolled his eyes at him, “Am I such a superficial person?”

       Luo Fei took out the Porsche key from his pocket and handed it to Yun Po, “I heard that your car was destroyed by that white-haired monster. This is a small compensation.”

       Yun Po took it and said, “These were originally included in the old Xia’s debt.”

       Luo Fei didn’t mind his actions at all and said, “I am willing to donate another 100,000 yuan of incense money to Hongyin Temple. I wonder what Master Yun Po thinks?”

       As soon as he finished speaking, Wan Mingguang, who was following Yun Po, opened his eyes wide, “One hundred thousand? That’s really a lot of money for incense.”

       Yun Po finally couldn’t resist anymore and said, “It’s everyone’s responsibility to subdue the demons and get rid of the devils. You write the check, and I will draw the magic circle for you. You will hand over the money, and I will deliver the goods.”

       Luo Fei smiled and said, “Okay.”

       After Yun Po finished drawing his demon-trapping spell formation, Xia Hongshen organised all the demons in the city to disperse and lay out this huge magic circle to surround the entire city.

       Yun Po summoned Xia Hongshen and Luo Fei and arranged, “The breaking formation of this magic circle is located at the four points of the southeast, northwest and northwest. To be honest, the magic circle is not difficult. If you have some knowledge of demons, you may have seen it, so we must arrange for people to guard the position. This is also an opportunity to seize him.”

       “How should we arrange the four directions?” Song Jun asked.

       Xia Hongshen thought for a moment and said, “According to the demonic beast’s previous course of action, I guess it’s most likely that he’ll be impacting the northern formation point.”

       Yun Po nodded, “Then the North needs the strongest defence.”

       Xia Hongshen said, “Song Jun and I will go.”

       Luo Fei said, “I can help you guard one side, but I have to ask Fengliu to follow me.”

       Xia Hongshen responded, “Okay.”

       Yun Po sighed, “I’ve taken all the money from you, so let’s send Buddha to the west. Mingguang and I will guard one side.”

       There was one formation point left.

       Xia Hongshen looked at Xi Anling.

       Xi Anling’s eyes widened, “Don’t look at me. I can’t do it.”

       Xia Hongshen said, “You have to do it even if you can’t, let Qin Song accompany you to guard the south side.”

       “Qin Song?” Xi Anling’s tone was completely that of you fvcking playing with me.

       At this time, the little squirrel was trying to escape.

       Xia Hongshen glanced around and shouted: “Qin Song, come back!”

       The little squirrel stood still for a moment, turned his head slowly with a trembling body, and whispered, “I’m going to draw the magic circle…”

       Xia Hongshen said, “No need for you to do that. You accompany Yueya to defend the southern position.”

       The little squirrel’s voice trembled, “I…can’t…can…”

       Xia Hongshen ignored it at all and said, “That’s it!”

       All the demons and monsters in the city were mobilised, and the formation was constructed very quickly. Several people guarding the formation were also in place to prevent the white-haired monsters from breaking the formation.

       Xi Anling and Qin Song, who were guarding the southernmost area, looked at each other and didn’t know what to do. The two of them were standing on a road out of the city in the south. This location was due south. Because it was late at night, there were almost no cars passing by.

       Qin Song said, “If they come, we two can’t stop them at all.”

       Xi Anling said, “That’s why he will definitely not come. I trust my master.”

       Qin Song whispered: “But I don’t believe him…”

       Xi Anling glared at him, “Shut up!”

       The little squirrel sniffed.

       At this moment, a sudden gust of evil wind blew up, and Xi Anling’s short skirt was blown up, revealing her lace panties.

       Qin Song covered his eyes and screamed.

       Xi Anling said angrily, “Why are you the one screaming?! I didn’t even scream!”

       As she finished speaking, the evil wind blew stronger and stronger. Both of them were no longer in the mood to joke. Qin Song stepped forward and stood cautiously in front of Xi Anling, saying, “If it really comes, you run away first, and I will block it for a while.”

       Xi Anling did not run away. She said, “I’ll call Master.”

       However, before she could summon Xia Hongshen and the others, a naked man with long white hair walked over from the other side of the road and headed out of the city.

       Xi Anling couldn’t help but hold her breath and whispered, “It turns out he is a pervert.”

       Qin Song’s teeth kept chattering.

       The white-haired man suddenly sped up and rushed toward them. At the same time, he raised the whip and swung it at Qin Song and Xi Anling.

       He moved so fast that Xi Anling and Qin Song had no time to avoid him.

       Xi Anling gritted her teeth and shouted, “Long Xing!” She was very angry because the enemy used Long Xing as a weapon to attack them.

       However, the whip failed to hit them after all. A bronze sword stood in front of Xi Anling and Qin Song. The dragon tip whip wrapped around the body of Chunjun’s sword and spun several times.

       Xia Hongshen held Chunjun in his hand, pulled the Dragon Tip Whip straight, and said to the white-haired man in front of him, “Give me the Dragon Tip Whip back.”

       The white-haired man lowered his head slightly, his long hair falling down and his appearance unclear.

       When Xi Anling saw Xia Hongshen coming, she immediately felt that she had a backer and became bolder. She pulled Qin Song to hide back and said, “Let that pervert give Long Xing back!”

       The white-haired man loosened his hand slightly and retracted the Dragon Tip Whip. He raised his head, looked at Xia Hongshen, and said, “Demon Zhen.”

       Xia Hongshen looked at him and said, “Who are you?”

       The white-haired man said, “I have seen you before, but you don’t recognise me.”

       Xia Hongshen frowned slightly.

       The white-haired man put away the Dragon Tip Whip and suddenly transformed into a huge white beast that looked like a dog.

       “Firefly,” Xia Hongshen said, and then he let go of Chunjun and transformed into his own beast form.

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Chapter 57 – (Side Story) Amusement Park Owner

       “Do you want some drink?” the tall and handsome man asked Feng Junyuan.

       Feng Junyuan was silent for a moment and asked, “What kind of drink?”

       The man smiled and said, “You can drink whatever you like.”

       Feng Junyuan was currently sitting in the home of the man he met on the street. The man’s name was Luo Fei; he had a large house with luxurious decorations. His human identity was that of a very successful businessman, and the identity of his demon form was temporarily unknown.

       Feng Junyuan followed him to his home just because he was a demon, and he was trying to find the monster to learn about Long Xing’s whereabouts.

       Luo Fei opened his wine cabinet, took out a bottle of Petrus1It’s around $257/bottle, opened the bottle and poured Feng Junyuan a glass.

       Feng Junyuan took a whiff of the flavour and then gave it a light lick.

       Luo Fei leaned on the back of the sofa and asked with a smile, “How does it taste?”

       Feng Junyuan actually couldn’t tell how it tasted. He could only reply calmly, “It’s not bad.”

       From Luo Fei’s angle, he could just see a section of Feng Junyuan’s fair neck exposed behind his collar. Gilded Phoenix Wing? Luo Fei thought to himself, what an exquisite thing. It looked much more delicious than Petrus.

       Feng Junyuan took another sip of the wine and found it not very tasty, so he put the wine glass on the table, raised his head and asked Luo Fei, “Have you ever seen a big white-haired demon?”

       Luo Fei asked, “Is it the one who kidnapped Dragon Tip Whip?”

       Feng Junyuan’s eyes widened, “Have you seen it?”

       Luo Fei shook his head, “It has spread throughout the city. I just heard about it.”

       Feng Junyuan was immediately disappointed. He said, “Oh”, stood up and said, “Then I’m leaving.”

       Luo Fei grabbed his wrist and said, “Where are you going to find their whereabouts? I will go with you.”

       Feng Junyuan was obviously hesitant.

       Luo Fei smiled and said, “Don’t be so anxious. The Dragon Tip Whip is a divine weapon. Even if the demon is very powerful, it can’t hurt him. Finding their whereabouts is just a matter of time. You don’t have to be so anxious. How about I treat you to a meal first?”

       Feng Junyuan looked at Luo Fei.

       Luo Fei looked very magnanimous.

       Feng Junyuan finally nodded.

       Xia Hongshen and Song Jun set out for Dongjiao Forest Park to look for traces of Long Xing. Before setting off, Xia Hongshen took Xi Anling with him, turning it into a bell and putting it in his pocket.

       Qin Song finally breathed a sigh of relief and hurried back to school for his next class.

       Because it was still broad daylight, Xia Hongshen did not dare to show off his form easily in the downtown area, so he finally chose the simplest way—taking a taxi.

       Song Jun was a little worried about money.

       In the taxi, he asked Xia Hongshen, “Senior Brother, how will we live in the future if we are so poor?”

       Xia Hongshen said, “There’s Long Xing and the others.”

       Song Jun counted on his fingers and said, “Long Xing is a policeman, so he probably would never make a fortune in his life. Fengliu is good; being a doctor in the future, his salary will likely be high. As for Yueya, don’t expect too much. It’s good enough if she can support herself. Who are you counting on to support you?”

       Xia Hongshen said, “No, I mean, we can sell them for money.”

       Song Jun: “…”

       Xia Hongshen thought for a while, “Since Fengliu can make money, it’s better not to sell it for the time being and start selling Yueya.”

       The little crescent moon bell bounced in Xia Hongshen’s pocket; she heard it all.

       Despite his words, Song Jun could still see Xia Hongshen’s urgency to find Long Xing’s trail. He reached out and rubbed Xia Hongshen’s hair, “Don’t worry too much. Long Xing will be fine.”

       Xia Hongshen held his hand and said, “I’m not worried. He’s the dragon’s tip.”

       Although the Dragon Tip was a whip and he was the softest, he was also the most resilient existence.

       Dongjiao Forest Park used to be a large wasteland, but now it has been developed into a large forest park. There were many restaurants, cafes, and open-air self-service barbecue restaurants. It was generally the first choice for family outings on weekends.

       Today was not the weekend, but there were many people travelling.

       But most of those people gathered in the dining and entertainment area. Beyond the dining area, there was a large area of ​​dense forest, and ordinary tourists would not go deep.

       Song Jun followed Xia Hongshen and walked inside. This forest was an old forest. The trees were all very tall and covered the sky. As they walked deeper, the light became very dark.

       Xia Hongshen took a deep breath and noticed the smell of strange beasts hidden in the air.

       He stood still, and suddenly, there was a clear whistle. The sound went straight into the sky, echoing over the entire city. It was the sound of him summoning his weapons. If Long Xing and Feng Junyuan could hear it, they would be like Chunjun at that time and return to Xia Hongshen immediately.

       It was a pity that Long Xing couldn’t hear it now.

       However, Feng Junyuan, who was already half drunk, heard Xia Hongshen’s call.

       This was Feng Junyuan’s first time getting drunk. Today’s meal was delicious, and the red wine surprisingly started to taste good even after drinking too much of it. The restaurant’s private room had been playing soothing music, and he felt the atmosphere was good.

       When he put down the wine glass, Feng Junyuan’s cheeks were slightly red, which made his skin fairer. He looked at Luo Fei without blinking.

       Luo Fei said, “You’ve had too much to drink?”

       Feng Junyuan suddenly stood up, walked to Luo Fei, and pushed him.

       Luo Fei was pushed back against the back of the seat. When he saw Feng Junyuan’s face approaching, he actually wanted to kiss him on the mouth.

       However, just when their lips were about to meet, Feng Junyuan and Luo Fei both heard Xia Hongshen’s clear whistle.

       “Demon Zhen?” Luo Fei said.

       Feng Junyuan suddenly stood up straight, and with a slight ‘ah’ sound, his body turned into a golden light and flew out of the window, heading straight towards the eastern suburbs.

       There were all kinds of meteors, satellite debris, and UFO legends that day.

       Golden light turned into Gilded Phoenix Wings and appeared in Xia Hongshen’s hand. Xia Hongshen waved him lightly and placed him to the side.

       Feng Junyuan appeared in human form again, covering his head in discomfort, feeling dizzy due to being drunk and flying too fast.

       Song Jun quickly came over to support him, smelled the smell of alcohol on his body, and asked, “Have you been drinking?”

       Feng Junyuan looked at Song Jun blankly and called his name, “Song Jun?”

       Song Jun responded strangely.

       Feng Junyuan suddenly came up and kissed Song Jun on the mouth.

       Song Jun’s entire demeanour immediately changed for the worse.

       Xia Hongshen was so angry that he grabbed Feng Junyuan and turned him into a small gold hairpin. He threw him into his pocket and scolded, “Don’t make trouble!”

       Feng Junyuan was thrown into the small pocket with Xi Anling. After a while, he heard a scream from Xi Anling and then a roar, “You dare to kiss me!”

       Xia Hongshen no longer cared about the two of them and walked deep into the woods with Song Jun. The closer Xia Hongshen got, the stronger the animal scent he smelled.

       Until the two of them found a nest piled with dead grass next to a big tree.

       There were a few long snow-white hairs scattered inside the nest, but the white-haired demon was not seen, and naturally, neither was Long Xing.

       Song Jun stretched out his hand and touched it. He could no longer feel the warmth. The person here must have been gone for quite some time.

       Xia Hongshen’s expression was very serious, even somewhat icy. He stepped onto the pile of grass, destroying it in a mess, then said to Song Jun, “Gather everyone tonight at the amusement park. I must root out that trash!”

       Song Jun nodded.

       That evening, the amusement park gathered all the demons of the entire city once again. However, this time, there was no joyful atmosphere of the Demon Market; instead, everyone’s faces were grave because their leader had taken action, and the consequences could be quite serious.

       There was still half an hour before the call time, and Song Jun stood next to the gate of the amusement park.

       There was no ticket check today. Feng Junyuan was still drunk and was thrown to the merry-go-round by Xia Hongshen, who said he had to vomit before he got off.

       Song Jun felt a little uneasy, mainly because the other party was too powerful and had been able to stay hidden in the dark for a long time. They didn’t know its details or its purpose.

       “Hi,” suddenly someone stood next to Song Jun and greeted him, “Little Chunjun.”

       Song Jun turned around and found that it was the giant panda.

       The giant panda was no longer selling masks today, but it still maintained its animal form and seemed unwilling to turn into a human form.

       Song Jun said to him, “Hello, Panda.”

       The giant panda said, “I was saddened to hear that little Long Xing is missing.”

       Song Jun nodded, “We are sad too.”

       The giant panda stretched out his hand to scratch his butt and asked Song Jun, “Is there anything I can do to help?”

       Song Jun said, “Senior Brother wants to summon all the demons to help him find the whereabouts of the white-haired demon and Long Xing.”

       The giant panda was a little regretful, “I’m locked up in the zoo every day, so I can’t help you much.”

       Song Jun smiled, “It’s okay.”

       The giant panda said, “But my senior brother may be able to help you.”

       “Your senior brother?” Song Jun was a little surprised, “Is he also a panda?”

       The giant panda shook his head, “My senior brother is the owner of the amusement park. The original owner of the Demon Market rented the amusement park area from him to hold the Demon Market.”

       This was the first time Song Jun heard of this person. He was curious, “Who is he? Why have I never seen him before?”

       The giant panda shook his paw and said, “He was very low-key and had no other interest except making money.”

       Song Jun thought for a while and said, “Can you take me to see him?”

       The giant panda said, “Of course, you can come with me.”

       After saying that, the giant panda turned and walked towards the amusement park, and Song Jun quickly followed.

       As he walked, the giant panda explained, “My senior brother has nothing to do with the Demon Market. He was just a human businessman. Don’t misunderstand him.”

       Song Jun couldn’t help but ask, “Why does he never show up and contact us?”

       The giant panda said, “Because the owner of the Demon Market gave a lot of money to rent the venue back then, which was considered a buyout price. Although the owner has changed, the Demon Market can still continue to operate here. Senior brother said that business must be done with integrity; only then will there be the next business deals.”

       With that said, the giant panda took Song Jun to the front of a small fast-food restaurant in the amusement park. The man sitting in the store leisurely drinking a drink was Luo Fei.

       Seemingly knowing Song Jun’s purpose, Luo Fei smiled and greeted him, “Hello, the famous Chunjun sword.”

WHAT?! Luo Fei is just human?????

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Chapter 56 – (Side Story) The Stolen Whip

       Song Jun slept until midnight and was woken up by a phone call. Xia Hongshen was still pressing on top of him and refused to move away. He raised his head and saw that the screen of Xia Hongshen’s mobile phone was glowing, and the caller ID was Yun Po.

       He took the phone over, connected it, and asked curiously, “Master Yun Po?”

       Yun Po yelled on the other end of the phone, “Long Xing was kidnapped!”

       Song Jun was stunned when he heard this. Before he could ask for more details, Xia Hongshen suddenly reached out and took the phone from his hand, “Hello?”

       Yun Po was a bit furious, “Holy shit! What the hell! It knocked over my car!”

       Song Jun could hear Yun Po’s roar from a distance. He couldn’t help but want to wipe the sweat from his forehead and persuade him to calm down and stop swearing as a monk.

       Xia Hongshen’s focus still remained on Long Xing, “Kidnapped?”

       Yun Po was still cursing, and Wan Mingguang couldn’t listen anymore. He took away his mobile phone and said to Xia Hongshen, “It was a giant white dog that knocked over our car and ran away with the Dragon Tip Whip in its mouth.”

       Xia Hongshen frowned slightly when he heard this.

       Song Jun grabbed the phone again and asked, “Is it a big dog that looks like a husky?”

       Wan Mingguang hesitated for a moment and asked, “What is a husky?”

       Song Jun remembered that his soul had been imprisoned in the mountains for many years, and he didn’t recognise any huskies at all. He was speechless and said, “Sorry, it’s nothing.”

       Xia Hongshen said at this time, “Let Yun Po come back first.”

       Song Jun conveyed what he meant, and then both parties hung up the phone as they had no more clues.

       He sat on the bed and thought for a while. Song Jun worried, “Is it really that white dog demon? What on earth is he going to do to Long Xing?”

       Xia Hongshen shook his head and then said to Song Jun, “Take a few days off and don’t go to work.”

       At dawn the next day, the news that Demon Zhen’s Dragon Tip Whip had been robbed spread throughout the city’s demon world. The rumors suggested that Long Xing was first ‘bitten’ and then ‘snatched away’ by a large monster resembling a white wolf. Anyway, now Demon Zhen was very angry, and the consequences were severe. Anyone who saw Long Xing or the big white demon was immediately supposed to report to Demon Zhen.

       Moreover, because the identity of that monster was unclear, even Ling Xiao came under suspicion. Ling Xiao was a wolf, and with the true identity of the mysterious monster still unknown, it seemed that no member of the Canidae family could escape scrutiny.

       “What a crap!” Ling Xiao, who knew the news, expressed his anger. It had nothing to do with him at all, let alone his relatives.

       Song Jun, who was sitting opposite him, waved his hand to signal him to calm down.

       Xia Hongshen sat next to Song Jun and asked, “Who do you think could do it?”

       Ling Xiao said, “How would I know?”

       Xia Hongshen raised his hand and drew the shape of the monster with his fingers in the air. White mist floated in the air, just like a ferocious husky.

       Xiang Wenxi was lying on the back of the sofa chair where Ling Xiao was sitting, looking at Xia Hongshen’s drawings carefully, and suddenly said, “Eh”.

       “Have you seen it?” Song Jun asked hurriedly.

       Xiang Wenxi held his chin, frowned and said, “I have seemed to see the portrait somewhere, but I can’t remember where I saw it nor what it is.”

       Ling Xiao heard this and said, “Anyway, it’s not a monster that originally existed in this city. It should have intruded from outside.”

       On the way back, Xia Hongshen turned into a little black cat and was held in Song Jun’s arms.

       Song Jun always thought that he was just too lazy to walk, but Song Jun didn’t care about this. He just held the little black cat and walked while saying, “He definitely won’t kill Long Xing. He probably just wants to absorb spiritual power from Long Xing. It looks like he was injured.”

       The little black cat’s ears moved.

       Song Jun felt that it looked cute and reached out to pinch his ears.

       Xia Hongshen immediately turned his head and saved his soft ears from Song Jun.

       Song Jun simply lifted him up and bit his ear.

       The little black cat’s ears twitched and stopped moving.

       In the past two days, Feng Junyuan and Xi Anling had no choice but to ask for leave from campus and the hospital to go out and inquire about Long Xing’s whereabouts.

       Xi Anling came to a middle school near the campus. The school was in class when she came. It was very quiet, and there was not a single student in sight.

       She entered the teaching building of the junior high school, climbed the stairs to the fourth floor, and looked in by the window of the first classroom on the right. There was a young male teacher inside who was giving a physics class.

       Xi Anling stayed quietly by the window and looked in. After a while, many students noticed her and turned to look.

       The male teacher obviously noticed it too. He looked out the window and saw Xi Anling smiling and waving to him.

       The handsome male teacher’s face instantly turned pale with fright, and then his words became stammering, and his mind went blank.

       As soon as the bell rang, the male teacher picked up the books on the desk and wanted to run away, but Xi Anling blocked him at the door of the classroom, grabbed his clothes by the back of his neck, and said, “Why are you running?”

       Then Xi Anling dragged him downstairs. He wanted to struggle but did not dare to struggle. His face turned pale with fright, attracting countless students to watch along the way.

       Walking to the shade of a remote tree near the teaching building, the male teacher could no longer bear the fright. He turned into a squirrel and slipped out of Xi Anling’s hand. He climbed up a big tree nearby and hid on the trees.

       Xi Anling immediately jumped up and down, “Get down!”

       The squirrel stretched out its head and shook it.

       Xi Anling said, “I won’t hit you. I have something to ask you!”

       The squirrel hesitated for a while and asked, “What do you want to ask?”

       Xi Anling raised his head and said, “Have you ever seen a big white dog demon?”

       The squirrel paused for a moment, put a paw to his mouth, looked at the sky and began to reminisce.

       “Qin Song!” Xi Anling called his name.

       The squirrel came back to his senses and said to Xi Anling, “I seem to remember something.”

       Xi Anling was immediately overjoyed, “Really? Where have you seen it?”

       The squirrel was trying to remember.

       Xi Anling suddenly raised her leg to kick the tree trunk and said, “Come down first and follow me to see Master!”

       The squirrel was so frightened that his fur stood up, and he shook his head vigorously.

       Xi Anling said, “Come down quickly! If not, I will ask Master to catch you! Then you will be miserable!”

       As if the thought of being captured by Xia Hongshen was even more terrifying, the squirrel looked at Xi Anling and began to hesitate.

       Xi Anling opened her arms and said, “Come here, I’ll buy you pine nuts to eat.”

       The little squirrel couldn’t resist the temptation and jumped down from the tree. Xi Anling grabbed his big fluffy tail and carried him out upside down.

       At this time, Feng Junyuan was squatting next to the bus stop with a confused look on his face. He had been hesitating all morning, not knowing where he should go.

       Xia Hongshen asked them to find the demon in the city for information, but he was not familiar with any demon. No, the only demon he was familiar with was Xia Hongshen.

       He didn’t know where to go. He watched the buses coming one after another, and He didn’t know which bus to get on.

       Suddenly, a Porsche stopped in front of the bus stop. The door opened, and a handsome man in a suit looked at him, “Fengliu?”

       Feng Junyuan looked up at him and noticed a trace of demonic energy.

       The man smiled and said, “Are you Xia Hongshen’s Fengliu?”

       Feng Junyuan said, “Have I seen you?”

       The man said, “We met last month.”

       When the Demon Market opened last month, Feng Junyuan was almost certain of this man’s identity, but he seemed to have a lot of cultivation. At least Feng Junyuan couldn’t see his real form.

       The man said to him, “Where to go? I can give you a ride.”

       Feng Junyuan didn’t know where he was going, but since this man was a demon, he finally found someone who could ask for information. So he stood up and got into the man’s car and said, “Let’s go to your place.”

       The man was stunned for a moment, then smiled and said, “Okay.”

       Song Jun and Xia Hongshen stopped by the supermarket on their way back because Xia Hongshen was worried that he had run out of cat food and had to buy it at this time.

       Song Jun felt helpless and said, “You actually don’t care about Long Xing’s safety at all, do you?”

       “Of course that was not the case.” Xia Hongshen has transformed into a human form in order to be able to enter the supermarket. “Only when you are full can you have the strength to find someone.”

       The two of them entered the supermarket and went straight to the pet counter. Song Jun was carrying the basket, and Xia Hongshen concentrated on choosing his food.

       After shopping, they went out to check out. The two of them met Xi Anling while waiting in line.

       Xi Anling came to buy pine nuts. When she saw Xia Hongshen and Song Jun, she almost forgot her own pine nuts and rushed over to boast, “I’ve got a lead on the white-furred monster.”

       Xia Hongshen silently put the cat food into Xi Anling’s basket and asked to check out with her.

       Song Jun quickly asked, “What clue?”

       Xi Anling thought of the poor little squirrel and said, “Wait a moment.”

       After paying the bill and coming out, Xi Anling took them to the self-service locker, opened the door, reached out, grabbed the squirrel’s tail inside, and pulled it out.

       People passing by showed frightened eyes.

       Song Jun almost fainted when he saw the squirrel. He couldn’t stand it anymore, so he reached out to rescue the squirrel from Xi Anling and said, “Is this Qin Song?”

       Xi Anling nodded.

       Song Jun saw that many people noticed them, so he simply stuffed the squirrel into his backpack and said, “Let’s talk about it when we get back.”

       Back at the school dormitory, Song Jun put the squirrel on the desk and fed him some water from a water bottle before he regained his breath.

       The squirrel woke up and saw a pine nut in front of him. He stretched out his paws to pick it up. After picking up one, he found that there was another pine nut in front of him, so he chased after it and continued to pick it up.

       After picking up four or five pine nuts in a row, he discovered that Xi Anling had neatly placed the pine nuts on the table one by one, teasing him to pick them up.

       The squirrel suddenly blushed and refused to move.

       Xia Hongshen reached out and knocked on the table.

       The squirrel raised his head and saw that it was him. He was so frightened that he stood up straight.

       “Qin Song,” Xia Hongshen said in a serious tone, “have you seen the monster that kidnapped Long Xing?”

       Squirrel nodded, and he glanced at Xi Anling secretly. In order to speak more conveniently, he turned into a human and sat on the stool in front of the desk. He said, “I received a call from a student in the middle of the night last night. I went to the internet cafe to find a dormitory student. He came out of the internet cafe. It was already very late when I saw a huge white figure running towards the east suburb of Forest Park. I thought I was dizzy at the time, but I seemed to vaguely feel the aura of the Dragon Tip Whip… “

       Xi Anling said, “Why don’t you take the initiative to explain to us?”

       Qin Song’s tone became weak. He lowered his head and said, “I have class in the morning…”

       Song Jun saw that Xia Hongshen seemed to be thinking about something.

       Qin Song asked in a low voice, “Master Demon Zhen, can’t you trace the spiritual power of the Dragon Tip Whip?”

       Xia Hongshen said, “He covered it up. I don’t know what methods he used and what his abilities are.”

The author has something to say:
Next will be the light and easy stories of the demons. Maintaining silence temporarily, it’s not convenient to update the side story now. I’ll consider it after some time…

Oh? Is that…?

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Chapter 53 – Panda

       Song Jun was a little unbelievable, “You dare to deceive Jade Emperor?”

       Xia Hongshen raised the corners of his mouth, put away the Thousand Years Lamp, and said, “So what?”

       In fact, it didn’t matter much. As long as Xia Hongshen was unwilling to return to the heavenly realm, even without the pretext of the Thousand Years Lamp, the Jade Emperor couldn’t force him back.

       Song Jun was speechless for a moment. But it didn’t matter to him anyway; as long as Xia Hongshen didn’t want to go back to the heavenly realm, he didn’t want to go back either. He just wanted to be with him.

       Seeing that Song Jun stopped talking, Xia Hongshen asked, “What are you thinking about? Do you want to go back?”

       “No,” Song Jun denied and walked towards Xia Hongshen’s room, “This is good.”

       He stood in front of the window of the room, and Song Jun looked outside. He had been on this campus for a year. When he came, it was the hottest time of summer vacation. Now, in the blink of an eye, it was the hottest time of summer vacation again. He had gone through a lot, and his state of mind had completely changed.

       “I…” Song Jun originally wanted to say something, but two small things attracted his attention on the roof across the street. He saw two cats mating there.

       Song Jun suddenly had an idea. If Xia Hongshen saw this scene, it would be equivalent to letting him watch AV, right?

       So when Xia Hongshen stood up strangely and asked him what was wrong, Song Jun immediately said, “Nothing.” Then turned around and covered Xia Hongshen’s eyes.

       Xia Hongshen stood still.

       Song Jun suddenly felt that he was making a fuss, couldn’t help but smile and took back his hand.

       However, Xia Hongshen had already diverted his attention. He looked at Song Jun and said, “You wanted to bite my mouth that day.”

       Song Jun said, “That’s not a bite.”

       “What is that?”

       Song Jun smiled and said, “That’s a kiss.”

       Xia Hongshen asked, “Are you a woman?”

       Song Jun was not angry; he just felt a little strange, “I see you are looking at your laptop every day. What are you looking at?”

       “Thesis,” Xia Hongshen said.

       Song Jun was speechless for a moment.

       Xia Hongshen said, “I want to bite you.”

       Song Jun almost laughed when he heard what he said seriously, so he asked jokingly, “Where to bite?”

       Xia Hongshen said, “Lip.”

       After saying that, he really came up and bit Song Jun’s lower lip. He didn’t bite hard, but he just felt that Song Jun’s lips were very soft.

       Song Jun opened his mouth slightly and lightly touched Xia Hongshen’s lips with the tip of his tongue, guiding him to continue the kiss. In fact, he himself had no experience, but compared to Xia Hongshen, he still knew a lot.

       The soft and moist feeling when lips and tongue touch was really good. Xia Hongshen soon fell in love with this feeling.

       When Song Jun felt short of breath and wanted to hide away, Xia Hongshen pinched his chin to prevent him from evading.

       At this moment, Xi Anling suddenly opened the door and barged in. She originally came to see Xia Hongshen for something, but she didn’t expect to see the scene in front of her and was stunned.

       Song Jun still couldn’t help being shy and pushed Xia Hongshen away.

       Xi Anling stared at them, her eyes slowly filled with tears, and she said, “How could you do this?”

       “What about it?” Xia Hongshen’s tone was nonchalant.

       Xi Anling was so angry that she couldn’t speak because she didn’t know whether to be angry with Song Jun or Xia Hongshen. It was as if they were originally a family, but she was suddenly blocked from their relationship.

       The more she thought about it, the sadder she became, and Xi Anling ran away angrily.

       “Are you going to leave her be?” Song Jun asked.

       Xia Hongshen said, “Ignore her.”

       Although he said that, Xia Hongshen might still care to some extent. So, on the next weekend, Xia Hongshen took them out for a day trip, and their destination was the zoo.

       When sitting in the car and setting off, Feng Junyuan suddenly asked, “Are you here to see the female leopard?”

       Song Jun suddenly felt a drop of cold sweat dripping from his forehead.

       As it turned out, Xia Hongshen was not angry but replied, “No.”

       They weren’t going to see the female leopard, and he didn’t know what they were going to do. The zoo sounded like a place not worth looking forward to. Perhaps, aside from Long Xing, who might show some interest, the others weren’t very enthusiastic.

       Xi Anling was still immersed in the emotion of disappointment.

       As soon as she got out of the car, Song Jun went to buy her an ice cream.

       Xi Anling took it silently.

       After entering the zoo, several people quickly separated, leaving only Song Jun and Xia Hongshen together. Song Jun was confused for a moment and asked Xia Hongshen, “Want to go see the female leopard?”

       Xia Hongshen said, “No, let’s go see the giant pandas.”

       The zoo in the city was not necessarily much busier than the amusement park in the city, and it had just opened after the threat of infectious diseases had ended. They were probably the first batch of guests to come.

       Sitting on a bench in the giant panda pavilion, Song Jun looked at the giant pandas gnawing bamboo through a glass wall.

       Song Jun said, “Yueya is still unhappy.”

       Xia Hongshen said “Hmm” indifferently.

       Song Jun asked him, “Do you know why she is unhappy?”

       Xia Hongshen didn’t answer but suddenly stretched out his hand to hold Song Jun on his lap and sat down, pinched his chin and kissed him.

       Song Jun didn’t have time to react, thinking that luckily there was no one else around.

       At this moment, he suddenly heard the sound of knocking on the glass.

       Song Jun turned his eyes in surprise and found that the panda had climbed to the glass at some point and was watching them and knocked on the glass.

       Yes, that panda was holding bamboo in its mouth with one paw and knocking on the glass with the other paw.

       Song Jun quickly pushed Xia Hongshen away.

       Xia Hongshen was angry. He had been pushed away by Song Jun over and over again, and he couldn’t help but show his fangs and bite Song Jun on the back of the neck.

       Song Jun’s attention was not on Xia Hongshen at this time because he saw the giant panda waving to him and motioning for him to come over.

       Song Jun stood up and walked slowly to the glass wall. Looking at the giant panda through the glass, he suddenly felt that it looked familiar.

       Then the giant panda threw away the bamboo, stood up against the glass wall, and stretched out his hand to scratch his butt.

       “= =It’s you,” Song Jun said, remembering who he was.

       The giant panda spoke at this time, “Are you on a date?”

       Song Jun still couldn’t help but look both ways and after making sure there was no one else, he said, “Why are you here?”

       The giant panda said, “This is my job. It’s much easier than Ling Xiao and the others running a bar.”

       Song Jun looked at the bamboo all over the place and agreed that this was indeed an easy job.

       At this point, Song Jun asked, “Are Ling Xiao and the others okay?”

       The giant panda said, “They are good, but the official Weibo of Demon Market said that it will be disbanded, that there’s no organiser for the next quarter’s Demon Market”

       Song Jun didn’t want to say anything about Demon Market’s official Weibo but said, “Is no one willing to come forward to handle it?”

       Panda shook his head.

       At this time, Xia Hongshen also came over, looked at the pandas inside through the glass, and asked, “Do you know each other?”

       The giant panda seemed to feel the pressure from Xia Hongshen. It slowly lay down on the ground, took two steps to pick up its bamboo, kept a distance from Xia Hongshen, and sat down to continue chewing the bamboo.

       Song Jun said, “We met at the Demon Market, and he said that the organiser of the Demon Market has stopped hosting the next Demon Market.”

       Xia Hongshen was deep in thought.

       The giant panda was gnawing bamboo and winking at Song Jun. However, its eyes were surrounded by black circles, so it was not easy to see his eyes clearly.

       Song Jun then asked, “What’s the matter?”

       The giant panda put one paw to its mouth and said softly, “Is Demon Zhen really your lover?”

       In his heart, Song Jun complained that even if the panda spoke so quietly, Xia Hongshen could still hear.

       As expected, Xia Hongshen asked, “Can men also become lovers?”

       Hearing this, the giant panda said, “Why not? Women and women can do it too. Besides—” it suddenly stopped mid-sentence, slowly got up and stepped back a distance, and continued after it seemed to feel safe, “You are not a human being, and neither is Chunjun. Where do the men and women come from?”

       Xia Hongshen frowned slightly, pressed his hands on the glass wall, and said, “I am a male.” He was very sure of this.

       The giant panda said, “That’s true, but Chunjun is a sword. Are there male and female swords? Do you know he is a male?”

       Xia Hongshen looked towards Song Jun with doubt.

       Song Jun suddenly felt powerless. He patted the glass and said, “Don’t talk nonsense. I am a man, and I know it.”

       The giant panda continued, “What I want to express is that you are no longer human. Do you still care about men and women?”

       Song Jun mentally said that he never cared about that.

       However, Xia Hongshen asked, “Does that mean we can do everything men and women do?”

       The giant panda suddenly burped. It patted its chest and said, “I don’t care what you guys do.”

       Xia Hongshen said to it, “I can reopen the Demon Market.”

       The giant panda stopped eating bamboo. It grabbed a handful of bamboo, opened its mouth and stared blankly at Xia Hongshen.

       Xia Hongshen said, “Go tell all the demons that Demon Zhen will reopen the Demon Market on the first weekend of September, and the location will still be at the amusement park.”

       The giant panda swallowed the bamboo leaves in his mouth with difficulty and nodded blankly.

       Xia Hongshen turned to Song Jun and said, “Let’s go.”

       Song Jun quickly chased after Xia Hongshen and walked outside the panda exhibit. As he walked, he asked, “Why do you want to reopen the Demon Market?”

       Xia Hongshen said, “It’s nothing, I just plan to settle down here.”

       “Settling down?” Song Jun repeated.

       “You don’t like it?” Xia Hongshen asked him.

       Song Jun shook his head, “No, I like it very much.”

       Xia Hongshen then said, “Very good. Then let me ask you another question: are we lovers?”

       Song Jun smiled when he heard this, “If you say yes, then yes.”

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Chapter 52 – Heavenly Realm

       Cen Le was stripped of his immortal status and sent to the animal path for ten lifetimes, unable to live as a human being. Princess Mei Ling, on the other hand, was imprisoned in the heavenly realm, forcing her to devote herself to cultivation in a bitter and cold place and not be able to leave without permission for thousands of years.

       After all, she was the daughter of the Jade Emperor. Even though she committed a serious crime, she was still spared lightly.

       Jade Emperor announced that the sentence was over and the deities would take the two away.

       When Mei Ling left, he glanced at Xia Hongshen, who was standing next to the treasure hall and said nothing.

       Then Jade Emperor sent everyone away, leaving only Xia Hongshen, sighing, “Mei Ling is too high-spirited and harms others and herself.”

       Xia Hongshen listened expressionlessly and said nothing.

       Jade Emperor looked at him and said, “Demon Zhen, do you and I really have nothing to say?”

       Xia Hongshen then said calmly, “If you hadn’t stood by and watched, Mei Ling wouldn’t be where she is now.”

       Jade Emperor took a long sigh and said, “All things have their own rules. It’s not that I don’t care, but I can’t interfere. Although I understand everything happening in the world from my position, there are countless innocent lives harmed and deaths plotted for wealth. I can’t manage everything, so I end up not managing anything.”

       Xia Hongshen asked him, “If I hadn’t split the barrier, wouldn’t your entire city have been destroyed?”

       Jade Emperor said, “So what? Everything in the world has its own destiny, and I have interfered too much.”

       Xia Hongshen listened quietly and stopped arguing with him.

       Jade Emperor said, “Now that you’ve returned, there’s no need to go back to the next life. Stay here.”

       Xia Hongshen responded, “The Thousand Years Lamp has not yet been found.”

       Jade Emperor sighed, “No need to seek further. This matter can’t be entirely blamed on you. Back then, it was just a consideration for Mei Ling. Now, you’ve played a part in demon eradication, so I pardon Chunjun and Yueya’s transgressions. I won’t pursue it any further.”

       However, Xia Hongshen still said, “I will not come back until the Thousand Years Lamp is found.”

       “You!” Jade Emperor seemed to be resentful, “Do as you like. If you don’t want to come back, keep looking. If you can’t find it, don’t ever come back!”

       Xia Hongshen bowed and left in front of the Jade Emperor’s palace.

       At this time, Longshao and Yueya accompanied Fengliu to treat his injuries while Chunjun returned to their former residence in the heavenly realm alone.

       It was a small courtyard with a single door. Everyone had their own room. There was a garden in the courtyard. Demon Zhen loved sleeping on the grass those days.

       Song Jun stretched out his hand and pushed open his own room. This place had remained the same for thousands of years. Even if they left, there would be no changes. No one had ever visited, and not a speck of dust disturbed the stillness.

       The years in the heavenly realm had stood still, and the only thing that was changing was himself.

       Song Jun sat by the bed for a moment and then came to the yard, where he smashed the Thousand Years Lamp with his own hands. Everyone thought that Yueya had instigated him, but that was not the case. Instead, he inadvertently encouraged Yueya with his words, and then he smashed the thing. Regardless of whether he would be punished for this, the marriage between Demon Zhen and Mei Ling would undoubtedly be hindered.

       In fact, he was the one who opposed this marriage the most and hated Mei Ling the most. He was born vicious, and years of hard work had made him numb, but it did not make him kind. He was the most ruthless one around Demon Zhen.

       He just didn’t expect that Song Jun, who had lost his soul, would bring such a big change to him.

       Song Jun lay down on the grass, the pen filled with the fragrance of the greenery. He wanted to know what Demon Zhen felt when lying here. No one loved Demon Zhen more than he did. If one had to separate the feelings of Song Jun and Chunjun within his soul, Song Jun’s feelings for Xia Hongshen were far less than Chunjun’s feelings for Demon Zhen.

       But now, all the feelings were accumulated together.

       Song Jun thought that he might go crazy for him.

       Xia Hongshen opened the door of the small courtyard. His residence may be the simplest residence in the world. In fact, given his choice, he would rather live in a wide jungle or forest than be trapped in this small world.

       Then he saw Song Jun lying on the grass, so he walked over and lay on Song Jun’s body.

       Song Jun looked at him and asked, “Do you want to stay?”

       Xia Hongshen asked, “Do you want me to stay?”

       “Not really,” Song Jun said.

       Xia Hongshen reached out and lifted up a strand of Song Jun’s hair.

       Song Jun said to him, “My memory and incomplete soul were detained by Cen Le in the Soul Suppressing Pagoda when I entered the reincarnation of the human world.”

       “Well,” Xia Hongshen said, “Now you have it back.”

       “What if I never remember?” Song Jun asked Xia Hongshen curiously.

       Xia Hongshen replied, “I will get it back for you.”

       Song Jun did not continue to ask. He actually wanted to ask Xia Hongshen what difference it made to him whether he had past memories or not, but after thinking about it, he felt that it was a meaningless question, so he stopped asking.

       Xia Hongshen kept playing with a strand of Song Jun’s hair, and after a while, he said, “Let’s go back.”

       Song Jun looked at him in surprise.

       Xia Hongshen said, “We have to go back and continue to look for Thousand Years Lamp.”

       “Thousand Years Lamp?”

       Song Jun knew that Xia Hongshen had already found the lamp and wick of the Thousand Years Lamp. Thinking that all that was missing was the lamp holder of the Thousand Years Lamp.

       “Where is the lamp holder?” Song Jun asked.

       Xia Hongshen said, “I don’t know.”

       Song Jun sat on the grass and looked at Xia Hongshen lying on his lap. He hesitated for a long time and said, “It’s not because Yueya encouraged me to smash the Thousand Years Lamp, but it was because I didn’t want you to marry Princess Mei Ling.”

       Unexpectedly, Xia Hongshen said to him calmly, “I know.”

       Song Jun was startled.

       Xia Hongshen also sat up and said, “I know everything about you.”

       Song Jun said, “I thought you would be angry.”

       Xia Hongshen said, “If you smash it, just smash it. There is nothing to be angry about.”

       Song Jun was silent for a long time.

       The two of them were sitting facing each other, and Song Jun suddenly said, “Do you know what kissing means?”

       Xia Hongshen said, “I know.”

       “No,” Song Jun denied it for him, “You don’t.”

       Song Jun looked at Xia Hongshen’s lips and slowly leaned forward to kiss his lips. Xia Hongshen remained motionless, obviously not intending to evade. He also looked at Song Jun’s lips and felt that they were very soft; maybe he could take a bite.

       “Song Jun!” At this time, Yueya shouted and came in their direction.

       Song Jun immediately stopped his original movements and turned his head to avoid it. If it were him in the past, he would not care about the opinions of others, but now he was always affected by Song Jun’s shy character and couldn’t help but blush.

       Xia Hongshen was a little unhappy because he was about to bite Song Jun’s lip.

       Yueya didn’t notice the subtle atmosphere between them, so she ran over and threw herself behind Xia Hongshen, hugged Xia Hongshen’s neck and said, “Fengliu is fine, let’s go back.” She also wanted to go back to the human world, and she thought it was a matter of course.

       Xia Hongshen grabbed her arm and asked her to let go of her, stood up and said, “Let’s go.”

       The infectious disease that had been raging for many days had finally been brought under control. Rescue experts had developed new drugs to specifically target the spread of the virus. While controlling the transmission route, people who were sick in the past also began to slowly recover.

       The once desolate streets gradually regained vitality.

       The appraisal centre that was temporarily closed has also reopened for business.

       Song Jun didn’t have much time to rest. When he came back, he received a call from his teacher, asking him to go to work at the appraisal centre the next day.

       Walking on the path of the school, Song Jun saw people starting to play basketball on the basketball court. When the summer vacation ended in another month, he believed the campus would be lively again.

       He stood outside the basketball court and watched the people inside playing through the barbed wire fence. Suddenly, he noticed a child sitting on the basketball stand. When the child saw Song Jun, he waved to him.

       Song Jun still remembered him. He was the soul of the child that Song Jun met in the Soul-Suppressing Tower at that time.

       The next second, the child appeared in front of Song Jun, looking at him with a smile.

       Song Jun knelt down and asked him, “Why are you here?”

       The child said, “I’m looking for you.”

       “Looking for me?” Song Jun said, “Do you want to be reincarnated?”

       The child tilted his head and thought for a moment, “It’s better not to. My dad always beats my mom, and my mom would cry at home. When she’s done crying, she goes crazy and beats me. One time, she smothered me to death with a pillow.”

       Song Jun looked at him and felt a little uncomfortable, “Not all parents are like this. Maybe you will meet a pair of very good parents who love you and buy you beautiful clothes and take you to the amusement park to play.”

       The child has a look of yearning on his face.

       Song Jun said to him, “Come with me.”

       The kid finally nodded.

       Song Jun took him to find Yun Po. Yun Po hadn’t left the city yet, and they were still trying to check every corner to see if there was any remaining demonic energy.

       Hearing that Song Jun had arranged work for him again, Yun Po was a little irritable. “Have you and your family ever stopped? Do I owe you something?”

       Song Jun quickly advised him, “Monks, don’t be so impatient.”

       Yun Po said, “Get lost.”

       Song Jun then whispered, “How can a monk swear.”

       Yun Po stared at him for a long time and said, “You have been following Xia Hongshen for a long time, and you have become bad.”

       Song Jun just smiled when he heard this. He knew that Yun Po was hard-spoken and soft-hearted, so he said to the kid next to him, “Just follow Master Yun Po and let him send you to reincarnation.”

       After listening to Song Jun’s words, the child actually walked up to Yun Po and grabbed the hem of his robe.

       Yun Po’s forehead twitched.

       Song Jun said sincerely, “Master Yun Po, this child’s fate is lonely and difficult. I appreciate your help.”

       Yun Po did not refuse after all. He just waved to Song Jun and said, “Goodbye, no need to see you off.”

       In the evening, Song Jun went back to the dormitory and found Xia Hongshen in the room. He hesitated in front of the door and knocked on the door.

       As a result, Xia Hongshen said, “Come in.”

       Song Jun reached out to push the door open and found that the door was not locked at all.

       Xia Hongshen was sitting at the table, holding something in his hand that was emitting a faint light.

       Song Jun was stunned when he saw it, “Thousand Years Lamp?!” he said.

       What Xia Hongshen was holding was the complete Thousand Years Lamp, with all the lamps, wicks and holders. He cast a small seal to completely cover up the spiritual power of the Thousand Years Lamp.

       “You have found the light holder a long time ago?” Song Jun asked in surprise.

       Xia Hongshen looked calm, “The lamp holder of Thousand Years Lamp has always been in my hand.” He had found the complete Thousand Years Lamp. He just didn’t want to go back to the heavenly realm until the day he wanted to go back.

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Chapter 51 – Killing the Devil

       The Gilded Phoenix Wings in Xia Hongshen’s hands were trembling slightly and making a buzzing sound. Xia Hongshen knew that it could no longer bear the demonic energy, and he was afraid that it would be eroded by the demonic energy.

       Long Xing and Xi Anling still hadn’t arrived yet. Xia Hongshen didn’t want to actually leave the Gilded Phoenix Wings in Mei Ling’s hand, so he held the Gilded Phoenix Wings horizontally, turned him into the size of a golden hairpin in his hand and put it back in his pocket.

       Mei Ling hadn’t taken the opportunity to kill everyone yet, and the demonic energy in her body became stronger and stronger. She asked with a sneer, “You don’t even have a weapon. How can you fight with me?”

       Xia Hongshen responded calmly, “Aren’t you afraid that the demonic energy will erode your sanity?”

       “Not afraid,” Mei Ling said, “because before that, I can subdue you first.”

       “Subdue me?” Xia Hongshen suddenly asked her, “Mei Ling, what do you want?”

       Mei Ling looked at Xia Hongshen and said coldly, “I want no one in heaven and earth to disobey me.”

       Xia Hongshen slowly shook her head, “Delusional.”

       As soon as he finished speaking, along the river, a sudden burst of cyan light illuminated half of the sky. Accompanying the cyan light was the sound of swords that followed each other, gradually becoming longer and shorter.

       Mei Ling turned her head to look at the light with doubt on her face.

       Xia Hongshen, however, similarly looked in that direction, and then a smile appeared on his face. Mei Ling had never seen Xia Hongshen smile like that, with a soft smile on his brows and eyes.

       “Chunjun,” Xia Hongshen called in a deep voice.

       Immediately after, a radiant light shot toward them like a released arrow. It forcefully pushed Mei Ling back a few steps with its sword energy, falling into Xia Hongshen’s hands. The blossoming cyan light gradually receded, leaving only a sharp-edged bronze sword.

       Xia Hongshen lifted Chunjun and slowly stroked Chunjun’s bronze sword body with his fingers. As if feeling his touch, Chunjun’s sword trembled continuously and made a sword cry, responding to Xia Hongshen’s previous call.

       Xia Hongshen held the hilt of the sword with both hands, pointed at Mei Ling and said, “Can you hear Chunjun’s excited cry? He hadn’t seen blood for a long time. Even if it’s a monster, he can’t hold it back.”

       When he finished speaking, Xia Hongshen raised Chunjun and struck lightly with his sword. Mei Ling suddenly felt the sword energy pressing against her face. Even though she held up Shining Snow to block it, she still took a few steps back before she could stand still. At the same time, to resist the impact, more magic flowed into her body.

       The blade of Shining Snow’s sword was slender, while the bronze sword was inherently heavy. When the Shining Snow hit Chunjun, it suddenly felt strenuous. It was only because Mei Ling constantly had to replenish it with magic power that it could maintain the Shining Snow to be undefeated.

       The Chunjun sword in Xia Hongshen’s hand had a warm and mellow glow, and the sword energy was full of spiritual power. It was better than the Gilded Phoenix Wings. In just a few confrontations, Shining Snow’s magic power was completely suppressed.

       Mei Ling gathered more and more magic power; she suddenly felt her consciousness dispersing. She realised that she was about to be controlled by the demonic energy; perhaps she would already be consumed by it before she could subdue Xia Hongshen.

       In her plan, Chunjun should not have been there. Chunjun was obviously trapped at Cen Le’s place.

       Mei Ling began to hesitate, and her sword moves became a little messy.

       Xia Hongshen knocked Shining Snow away with her sword, but he was not in a hurry to pursue her. He said to Mei Ling, “You want to be the only one in the world. Where will you put your father?”

       Mei Ling said, “Has he ever treated me sincerely? All he cares about is his position!”

       “Ridiculous!” Xia Hongshen rebuked. Chunjun gathered huge spiritual power and slid down tightly against Shining Snow. With a backhand move, Chunjun actually knocked Shining Snow out of Mei Ling’s hand.

       Shining Snow penetrated into the ground and trembled endlessly.

       Xia Hongshen said, “This sword can’t withstand the magic power.”

       Just hearing his assertion, Shining Snow instantly fell apart and turned into tiny crystal fragments.

       Xia Hongshen said: “Shining Snow is a divine weapon. If you infuse it with magic power, it will be unable to bear it sooner or later. Besides, all things have their own spirit. As the master, do you know Shining Snow’s intentions? Is it willing to follow you into the demonic path?”

       Mei Ling looked at the Shining Snow fragments and was stunned for a moment.

       “There’s no need to listen to him talk too much,” however, at that moment, they heard a voice at the same time, and that voice said, “Return Chunjun to me.”

       Immediately afterwards, Cen Le appeared behind Mei Ling. He supported Princess Mei Ling with one hand and said softly, “Princess, please let me come and serve you.”

       Mei Ling raised her hand, and pieces of Shining Snow flew into her palm one after another. She made a fist and put it in her chest.

       Xia Hongshen looked at Cen Le, “Who are you?”

       At this time, Chunjun trembled slightly, and Xia Hongshen heard Chunjun’s voice ringing in her ears and said, “This man is the City God. His name is Cen Le, and he is also the owner of the Demon Market.”

       “City God?” Xia Hongshen said, “You’re the one who stole from me?”

       Cen Le smiled when he heard this, “Why did Lord Immortal say this? Chunjun was originally my sword. In the past, you destroyed my seal and stole Chunjun. It’s time for you to return Chunjun to me.”

       Xia Hongshen’s expression did not change. He lightly stroked the Chunjun sword with his fingers and said, “If you can’t keep it, doesn’t it belong to me? Give it back to you? What a joke.”

       Cen Le responded calmly, “I guessed you wouldn’t willingly return it, so for something that was stolen, I’ll personally retrieve it.”

       Xia Hongshen sneered. He raised Chunjun, pointed it at Cen Le, and said, “Did you hear him answer you?”

       Xia Hongshen said to Cen Le, “Did you hear him answer you?”

       Cen Le said, “Hm?”

       Xia Hongshen raised his sword and struck at Cen Le, “He said you are delusional!”

       Cen Le retreated repeatedly, and Xia Hongshen waved his Chunjun, slashing with the powerful sword energy.

       At this time, Cen Le raised his hand and surrounded Xia Hongshen with many beasts emitting demonic energy from all directions.

       Xia Hongshen turned his wrist and instantly cut the surrounding beasts with Chunjun’s sword energy.

       “It’s useless,” said Cen Le, and he retreated to the surface of the river. “You can’t kill all the demonic beasts irrigated by demonic energy even with all your strength.”

       Xia Hongshen said, “That’s right, so I only need to kill one of you.”

       Cen Le saw Xia Hongshen disregarding the attacks of the demonic beasts and swung Chunjun towards him. Simultaneously, he used the demonic beasts as a shield in front of him and urged them to attack Xia Hongshen from behind. He said, “Do you want to perish together with me?”

       But as soon as he finished asking, the beast that pounced on Xia Hongshen’s back was wrapped around the neck by a silver whip, dragged away, and hit the ground hard.

       Xi Anling held the dragon tip whip in her hand and protected Xia Hongshen behind him. At the same time, she called out in surprise, “Chunjun?”

       Xia Hongshen said, “Stop them!” Then he held Chunjun tightly and chased Cen Le across the river.

       Cen Le waved his hand and summoned a spear to block Chunjun’s attack. At the same time, the demonic beasts appeared one after another and stepped forward to block Xia Hongshen’s attack and bite Xia Hongshen at the same time.

       Xi Anling used his Dragon Tip Whip to block them one by one, preventing the beasts from getting closer to Xia Hongshen.

       Soon, a large number of City God Temple guards came chasing from the river.

       Cen Le shouted, “Take him down for me!”

       But before they could take action, The Lord Magistrate of Yin and Yang Division also shouted loudly, “Don’t do anything!”

       Cen Le and the demonic beasts he bred were both equally full of demonic aura.

       Now, the whole city was overflowing with evil spirits, and it was sealed by the heavenly realm, leaving no way in or out. Originally, the City God should have made the decision in everything, but now the City God had fallen into his own selfish desires, disregarding the safety of the entire city.

       In the dark night sky, lightning and thunder continued. Whenever a demonic beast emerged from the gap, lightning would fall to block it. However, Jade Emperor seemed to be hesitant to make up his mind on what to do with the city, so he could only seal it first to prevent anyone from entering or exiting.

       The guards of the City God’s Temple should not have obeyed the orders of The Lord Magistrate of Yin and Yang Division and ignored the orders of the City God. But then, the judge, Black Bai Wuchang and others came one after another. Now that everyone saw this situation, they all felt that it was unusual.

       The judge stepped forward and said, “Lord City God! Please put the safety of the city first and stop now!”

       Cen Le naturally shouldn’t do it.

       Xia Hongshen said loudly, “You City God is the mastermind colluding with the demonic realm. It’s best for you to sever ties with them quickly. When the time for reckoning comes, don’t let yourselves be implicated by them!”

       The City God’s group of guards suddenly didn’t know what to do. They are just a group of small officials in the underworld, and they definitely didn’t dare to go against the underworld for the City God’s sake, let alone the heaven.

       Black Bai Wuchang stood beside the magistrate and The Lord Magistrate of Yin and Yang Division and asked, “What should I do?”

       The Lord Magistrate of Yin and Yang Division said, “Be calm and don’t be impatient. Send someone quickly to inform the underworld. The underworld will make the decision.”

       Everyone here was hesitant, but Xia Hongshen slashed hard with Chunjun in his hand. The river immediately split into two halves, and water mist splashed everywhere.

       Cen Le gradually lost the ability to fight back, and he laughed wildly, “As long as the demonic energy here remains, you will never be able to defeat me! I am different from Mei Ling. I am not afraid of becoming a demon. As long as I can get Chunjun back, what does it matter if I become a demon?”

       Xia Hongshen said, “Oh? You don’t think that I have a way to get rid of the devil?”

       Cen Le looked at him, “Even the Heavenly Lords remain indifferent. What can you do on your own?”

       Xia Hongshen raised his head, looked at the dark sky above his head, and said, “If He doesn’t want to take action, I will just force him to take action.”

       After saying this, Xia Hongshen held Chunjun tightly, jumped up high, and flew straight into the clouds.

       Cen Le was stunned for a moment. He saw Xia Hongshen lifting Chunjun above his head, gathering all his spiritual power, and slashing down into the void. He suddenly realised that Xia Hongshen was actually trying to use Chunjun’s power to split the boundary the Jade Emperor had left behind.

       Lightning flashed all of a sudden, and the whole city was illuminated like daylight. A gap was opened in Jade Emperor’s seal, and strong winds swept through it. Even the river in the city centre was churning as if an earthquake had shaken the mountains and floods had erupted.

       Yun Po still had time to send a text message to Xia Hongshen, saying, “Thank you!”

       It was a pity that even Xi Anling couldn’t take the time to reply to him.

       Yun Po led hundreds of monks from the temple into the city, chanting Buddhist mantras and washing away the evil spirits.

       Once the seal was broken, the Heavenly realm could no longer sit back and let the evil spread.

       At this time, if an ordinary person looked into the sky from the window, they would notice that besides the lightning and thunder, there were lights flashing in the sky and then falling to the ground, but they couldn’t see clearly what they were.

       That was when a large number of heavenly soldiers and generals descended from the heavenly realm. While sealing the gaps in the demon world, they wanted to capture Mei Ling and Cen Le back to the heavenly realm.

       Seeing Cen Le being surrounded by the heavenly generals, and the demonic beast being expelled by the heavenly generals, Xia Hongshen stood still and loosened the hand that had been holding Chunjun tightly.

       Song Jun appeared next to him and called, “Master.”

       Xia Hongshen turned to look at him and said, “Do you remember?”

       Song Jun nodded slightly.

       Xia Hongshen said, “You should call me Senior Brother; I’m used to hearing it.”

       Song Jun heard this and responded, “Okay, Senior Brother Xia.”

       Xia Hongshen hugged Song Jun a little tiredly, rested his head on his shoulder, and rubbed it for a while.

       Song Jun lowered his gaze but couldn’t help but blush slightly on his cheeks.

       At this time, a heavenly general came over and saluted, “Lord Immortal, Jade Emperor asks you to go back and see him.”

       Xia Hongshen responded, “Wait a moment, I will go back with you.”

       He handed the Gilded Phoenix Wings to Long Xing and Xi Anling, who came later and went to Yun Po himself to explain the situation of the city to him.

       “You’re going back to the Heavenly Realm?” Yun Po asked.

       Xia Hongshen nodded, “Although the Heavenly General is sealing the gaps in the demon world, there is still a lot of demonic energy remaining in the city, so I have to trouble you.”

       Yun Po looked at him and suddenly sighed, “You old monster, after living in the mortal realm for so long, have you developed feelings for humans?”

       Hearing this, Xia Hongshen raised his head, looked at the sky and said, “The human world is originally a place where humans and monsters coexist. It’s a pity that the heavens don’t cherish it, but I still do.”

       Yun Po also felt a little emotional for a moment, nodded, and then said, “Okay, leave it to me, but you should settle the bill with me before you leave.”

       Xia Hongshen patted him on the shoulder and said, “Go ahead and write it down. I’ll pay it back when I have the money.”

       Yun Po suddenly said angrily, “When will you have money?”

       Xia Hongshen smiled and said nothing, waved to Yun Po, and turned back to Song Jun and the others.

       However, Cen Le was besieged by the heavenly generals and wanted to fight to the death. He gathered a large amount of magic power around him and wanted to use the magic power to kill the heavenly generals. Seeing this from a distance, Song Jun gathered his sword energy and slashed at the magic power around Cen Le, scattering the magic power so that he could not gather it.

       Cen Le stopped and looked at Song Jun, “Do you really not care about our old friendship at all?”

       Song Jun said to Cen Le, “I have completely forgotten what you looked like in the past. So what friendship is there?”

       Cen Le closed his eyes, allowing the Heavenly General’s large blade to rest against his neck. He sighed and said, “Back then, I should have taken you away. As long as you don’t recover your memories, you won’t be like this again today.”

       Song Jun asked, “You are the one who locked my soul in the Soul-Suppressing Pagoda?”

       Cen Le didn’t say anything and just sighed.

       Song Jun said softly, “Even if I don’t recover my memory, I won’t leave with you.” He pointed to his chest, “I’m not a cold weapon. I have a soul.”

       Princess Mei Ling still held the pieces of Shining Snow in her hand, and when the generals attacked her, she said, “Don’t come near me. I’ll go back with you.”

       She looked in the direction of Xia Hongshen from a distance and thought, in the end, she had underestimated him.

       Mei Ling and Cen Le were escorted back to the heavenly realm. The two heavenly generals were still waiting for Xia Hongshen, asking him to return with them.

       When Xia Hongshen returned, Long Xing and Song Jun were checking Feng Junyuan’s injury. He squatted down, looked at Feng Junyuan lying in Long Xing’s arms, and asked, “Are you okay?”

       Feng Junyuan shook his head.

       Song Jun said, “Demonic energy seeping in, but it’s nothing serious.”

       Xia Hongshen reached out and touched Feng Junyuan’s head and then said, “Come back to the heavenly realm with me, and I will find someone to help you remove the demonic energy.”

       Feng Junyuan nodded and turned into a small golden hairpin in Xia Hongshen’s hands, which he put into his pocket.

       Song Jun stood up, following Xia Hongshen, and asked, “Are you going to go back?”

       From the bottom of his heart, Song Jun was not too willing to return to that place.

       Chunjun in the previous life and Song Jun in this life were actually more like two people regardless of personality and experience. But once they were merged together, the one who had the upper hand was the life and memory that had lasted for thousands of years.

       And Song Jun couldn’t help but panic sometimes. He felt that the current Song Jun would be completely swallowed up.

       However, didn’t the fact that he still felt panic indicates that Song Jun was still present? This short experience of more than 20 years has shaken him despite his millennia-long lifespan.

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