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Chapter 51 – Killing the Devil

       The Gilded Phoenix Wings in Xia Hongshen’s hands were trembling slightly and making a buzzing sound. Xia Hongshen knew that it could no longer bear the demonic energy, and he was afraid that it would be eroded by the demonic energy.

       Long Xing and Xi Anling still hadn’t arrived yet. Xia Hongshen didn’t want to actually leave the Gilded Phoenix Wings in Mei Ling’s hand, so he held the Gilded Phoenix Wings horizontally, turned him into the size of a golden hairpin in his hand and put it back in his pocket.

       Mei Ling hadn’t taken the opportunity to kill everyone yet, and the demonic energy in her body became stronger and stronger. She asked with a sneer, “You don’t even have a weapon. How can you fight with me?”

       Xia Hongshen responded calmly, “Aren’t you afraid that the demonic energy will erode your sanity?”

       “Not afraid,” Mei Ling said, “because before that, I can subdue you first.”

       “Subdue me?” Xia Hongshen suddenly asked her, “Mei Ling, what do you want?”

       Mei Ling looked at Xia Hongshen and said coldly, “I want no one in heaven and earth to disobey me.”

       Xia Hongshen slowly shook her head, “Delusional.”

       As soon as he finished speaking, along the river, a sudden burst of cyan light illuminated half of the sky. Accompanying the cyan light was the sound of swords that followed each other, gradually becoming longer and shorter.

       Mei Ling turned her head to look at the light with doubt on her face.

       Xia Hongshen, however, similarly looked in that direction, and then a smile appeared on his face. Mei Ling had never seen Xia Hongshen smile like that, with a soft smile on his brows and eyes.

       “Chunjun,” Xia Hongshen called in a deep voice.

       Immediately after, a radiant light shot toward them like a released arrow. It forcefully pushed Mei Ling back a few steps with its sword energy, falling into Xia Hongshen’s hands. The blossoming cyan light gradually receded, leaving only a sharp-edged bronze sword.

       Xia Hongshen lifted Chunjun and slowly stroked Chunjun’s bronze sword body with his fingers. As if feeling his touch, Chunjun’s sword trembled continuously and made a sword cry, responding to Xia Hongshen’s previous call.

       Xia Hongshen held the hilt of the sword with both hands, pointed at Mei Ling and said, “Can you hear Chunjun’s excited cry? He hadn’t seen blood for a long time. Even if it’s a monster, he can’t hold it back.”

       When he finished speaking, Xia Hongshen raised Chunjun and struck lightly with his sword. Mei Ling suddenly felt the sword energy pressing against her face. Even though she held up Shining Snow to block it, she still took a few steps back before she could stand still. At the same time, to resist the impact, more magic flowed into her body.

       The blade of Shining Snow’s sword was slender, while the bronze sword was inherently heavy. When the Shining Snow hit Chunjun, it suddenly felt strenuous. It was only because Mei Ling constantly had to replenish it with magic power that it could maintain the Shining Snow to be undefeated.

       The Chunjun sword in Xia Hongshen’s hand had a warm and mellow glow, and the sword energy was full of spiritual power. It was better than the Gilded Phoenix Wings. In just a few confrontations, Shining Snow’s magic power was completely suppressed.

       Mei Ling gathered more and more magic power; she suddenly felt her consciousness dispersing. She realised that she was about to be controlled by the demonic energy; perhaps she would already be consumed by it before she could subdue Xia Hongshen.

       In her plan, Chunjun should not have been there. Chunjun was obviously trapped at Cen Le’s place.

       Mei Ling began to hesitate, and her sword moves became a little messy.

       Xia Hongshen knocked Shining Snow away with her sword, but he was not in a hurry to pursue her. He said to Mei Ling, “You want to be the only one in the world. Where will you put your father?”

       Mei Ling said, “Has he ever treated me sincerely? All he cares about is his position!”

       “Ridiculous!” Xia Hongshen rebuked. Chunjun gathered huge spiritual power and slid down tightly against Shining Snow. With a backhand move, Chunjun actually knocked Shining Snow out of Mei Ling’s hand.

       Shining Snow penetrated into the ground and trembled endlessly.

       Xia Hongshen said, “This sword can’t withstand the magic power.”

       Just hearing his assertion, Shining Snow instantly fell apart and turned into tiny crystal fragments.

       Xia Hongshen said: “Shining Snow is a divine weapon. If you infuse it with magic power, it will be unable to bear it sooner or later. Besides, all things have their own spirit. As the master, do you know Shining Snow’s intentions? Is it willing to follow you into the demonic path?”

       Mei Ling looked at the Shining Snow fragments and was stunned for a moment.

       “There’s no need to listen to him talk too much,” however, at that moment, they heard a voice at the same time, and that voice said, “Return Chunjun to me.”

       Immediately afterwards, Cen Le appeared behind Mei Ling. He supported Princess Mei Ling with one hand and said softly, “Princess, please let me come and serve you.”

       Mei Ling raised her hand, and pieces of Shining Snow flew into her palm one after another. She made a fist and put it in her chest.

       Xia Hongshen looked at Cen Le, “Who are you?”

       At this time, Chunjun trembled slightly, and Xia Hongshen heard Chunjun’s voice ringing in her ears and said, “This man is the City God. His name is Cen Le, and he is also the owner of the Demon Market.”

       “City God?” Xia Hongshen said, “You’re the one who stole from me?”

       Cen Le smiled when he heard this, “Why did Lord Immortal say this? Chunjun was originally my sword. In the past, you destroyed my seal and stole Chunjun. It’s time for you to return Chunjun to me.”

       Xia Hongshen’s expression did not change. He lightly stroked the Chunjun sword with his fingers and said, “If you can’t keep it, doesn’t it belong to me? Give it back to you? What a joke.”

       Cen Le responded calmly, “I guessed you wouldn’t willingly return it, so for something that was stolen, I’ll personally retrieve it.”

       Xia Hongshen sneered. He raised Chunjun, pointed it at Cen Le, and said, “Did you hear him answer you?”

       Xia Hongshen said to Cen Le, “Did you hear him answer you?”

       Cen Le said, “Hm?”

       Xia Hongshen raised his sword and struck at Cen Le, “He said you are delusional!”

       Cen Le retreated repeatedly, and Xia Hongshen waved his Chunjun, slashing with the powerful sword energy.

       At this time, Cen Le raised his hand and surrounded Xia Hongshen with many beasts emitting demonic energy from all directions.

       Xia Hongshen turned his wrist and instantly cut the surrounding beasts with Chunjun’s sword energy.

       “It’s useless,” said Cen Le, and he retreated to the surface of the river. “You can’t kill all the demonic beasts irrigated by demonic energy even with all your strength.”

       Xia Hongshen said, “That’s right, so I only need to kill one of you.”

       Cen Le saw Xia Hongshen disregarding the attacks of the demonic beasts and swung Chunjun towards him. Simultaneously, he used the demonic beasts as a shield in front of him and urged them to attack Xia Hongshen from behind. He said, “Do you want to perish together with me?”

       But as soon as he finished asking, the beast that pounced on Xia Hongshen’s back was wrapped around the neck by a silver whip, dragged away, and hit the ground hard.

       Xi Anling held the dragon tip whip in her hand and protected Xia Hongshen behind him. At the same time, she called out in surprise, “Chunjun?”

       Xia Hongshen said, “Stop them!” Then he held Chunjun tightly and chased Cen Le across the river.

       Cen Le waved his hand and summoned a spear to block Chunjun’s attack. At the same time, the demonic beasts appeared one after another and stepped forward to block Xia Hongshen’s attack and bite Xia Hongshen at the same time.

       Xi Anling used his Dragon Tip Whip to block them one by one, preventing the beasts from getting closer to Xia Hongshen.

       Soon, a large number of City God Temple guards came chasing from the river.

       Cen Le shouted, “Take him down for me!”

       But before they could take action, The Lord Magistrate of Yin and Yang Division also shouted loudly, “Don’t do anything!”

       Cen Le and the demonic beasts he bred were both equally full of demonic aura.

       Now, the whole city was overflowing with evil spirits, and it was sealed by the heavenly realm, leaving no way in or out. Originally, the City God should have made the decision in everything, but now the City God had fallen into his own selfish desires, disregarding the safety of the entire city.

       In the dark night sky, lightning and thunder continued. Whenever a demonic beast emerged from the gap, lightning would fall to block it. However, Jade Emperor seemed to be hesitant to make up his mind on what to do with the city, so he could only seal it first to prevent anyone from entering or exiting.

       The guards of the City God’s Temple should not have obeyed the orders of The Lord Magistrate of Yin and Yang Division and ignored the orders of the City God. But then, the judge, Black Bai Wuchang and others came one after another. Now that everyone saw this situation, they all felt that it was unusual.

       The judge stepped forward and said, “Lord City God! Please put the safety of the city first and stop now!”

       Cen Le naturally shouldn’t do it.

       Xia Hongshen said loudly, “You City God is the mastermind colluding with the demonic realm. It’s best for you to sever ties with them quickly. When the time for reckoning comes, don’t let yourselves be implicated by them!”

       The City God’s group of guards suddenly didn’t know what to do. They are just a group of small officials in the underworld, and they definitely didn’t dare to go against the underworld for the City God’s sake, let alone the heaven.

       Black Bai Wuchang stood beside the magistrate and The Lord Magistrate of Yin and Yang Division and asked, “What should I do?”

       The Lord Magistrate of Yin and Yang Division said, “Be calm and don’t be impatient. Send someone quickly to inform the underworld. The underworld will make the decision.”

       Everyone here was hesitant, but Xia Hongshen slashed hard with Chunjun in his hand. The river immediately split into two halves, and water mist splashed everywhere.

       Cen Le gradually lost the ability to fight back, and he laughed wildly, “As long as the demonic energy here remains, you will never be able to defeat me! I am different from Mei Ling. I am not afraid of becoming a demon. As long as I can get Chunjun back, what does it matter if I become a demon?”

       Xia Hongshen said, “Oh? You don’t think that I have a way to get rid of the devil?”

       Cen Le looked at him, “Even the Heavenly Lords remain indifferent. What can you do on your own?”

       Xia Hongshen raised his head, looked at the dark sky above his head, and said, “If He doesn’t want to take action, I will just force him to take action.”

       After saying this, Xia Hongshen held Chunjun tightly, jumped up high, and flew straight into the clouds.

       Cen Le was stunned for a moment. He saw Xia Hongshen lifting Chunjun above his head, gathering all his spiritual power, and slashing down into the void. He suddenly realised that Xia Hongshen was actually trying to use Chunjun’s power to split the boundary the Jade Emperor had left behind.

       Lightning flashed all of a sudden, and the whole city was illuminated like daylight. A gap was opened in Jade Emperor’s seal, and strong winds swept through it. Even the river in the city centre was churning as if an earthquake had shaken the mountains and floods had erupted.

       Yun Po still had time to send a text message to Xia Hongshen, saying, “Thank you!”

       It was a pity that even Xi Anling couldn’t take the time to reply to him.

       Yun Po led hundreds of monks from the temple into the city, chanting Buddhist mantras and washing away the evil spirits.

       Once the seal was broken, the Heavenly realm could no longer sit back and let the evil spread.

       At this time, if an ordinary person looked into the sky from the window, they would notice that besides the lightning and thunder, there were lights flashing in the sky and then falling to the ground, but they couldn’t see clearly what they were.

       That was when a large number of heavenly soldiers and generals descended from the heavenly realm. While sealing the gaps in the demon world, they wanted to capture Mei Ling and Cen Le back to the heavenly realm.

       Seeing Cen Le being surrounded by the heavenly generals, and the demonic beast being expelled by the heavenly generals, Xia Hongshen stood still and loosened the hand that had been holding Chunjun tightly.

       Song Jun appeared next to him and called, “Master.”

       Xia Hongshen turned to look at him and said, “Do you remember?”

       Song Jun nodded slightly.

       Xia Hongshen said, “You should call me Senior Brother; I’m used to hearing it.”

       Song Jun heard this and responded, “Okay, Senior Brother Xia.”

       Xia Hongshen hugged Song Jun a little tiredly, rested his head on his shoulder, and rubbed it for a while.

       Song Jun lowered his gaze but couldn’t help but blush slightly on his cheeks.

       At this time, a heavenly general came over and saluted, “Lord Immortal, Jade Emperor asks you to go back and see him.”

       Xia Hongshen responded, “Wait a moment, I will go back with you.”

       He handed the Gilded Phoenix Wings to Long Xing and Xi Anling, who came later and went to Yun Po himself to explain the situation of the city to him.

       “You’re going back to the Heavenly Realm?” Yun Po asked.

       Xia Hongshen nodded, “Although the Heavenly General is sealing the gaps in the demon world, there is still a lot of demonic energy remaining in the city, so I have to trouble you.”

       Yun Po looked at him and suddenly sighed, “You old monster, after living in the mortal realm for so long, have you developed feelings for humans?”

       Hearing this, Xia Hongshen raised his head, looked at the sky and said, “The human world is originally a place where humans and monsters coexist. It’s a pity that the heavens don’t cherish it, but I still do.”

       Yun Po also felt a little emotional for a moment, nodded, and then said, “Okay, leave it to me, but you should settle the bill with me before you leave.”

       Xia Hongshen patted him on the shoulder and said, “Go ahead and write it down. I’ll pay it back when I have the money.”

       Yun Po suddenly said angrily, “When will you have money?”

       Xia Hongshen smiled and said nothing, waved to Yun Po, and turned back to Song Jun and the others.

       However, Cen Le was besieged by the heavenly generals and wanted to fight to the death. He gathered a large amount of magic power around him and wanted to use the magic power to kill the heavenly generals. Seeing this from a distance, Song Jun gathered his sword energy and slashed at the magic power around Cen Le, scattering the magic power so that he could not gather it.

       Cen Le stopped and looked at Song Jun, “Do you really not care about our old friendship at all?”

       Song Jun said to Cen Le, “I have completely forgotten what you looked like in the past. So what friendship is there?”

       Cen Le closed his eyes, allowing the Heavenly General’s large blade to rest against his neck. He sighed and said, “Back then, I should have taken you away. As long as you don’t recover your memories, you won’t be like this again today.”

       Song Jun asked, “You are the one who locked my soul in the Soul-Suppressing Pagoda?”

       Cen Le didn’t say anything and just sighed.

       Song Jun said softly, “Even if I don’t recover my memory, I won’t leave with you.” He pointed to his chest, “I’m not a cold weapon. I have a soul.”

       Princess Mei Ling still held the pieces of Shining Snow in her hand, and when the generals attacked her, she said, “Don’t come near me. I’ll go back with you.”

       She looked in the direction of Xia Hongshen from a distance and thought, in the end, she had underestimated him.

       Mei Ling and Cen Le were escorted back to the heavenly realm. The two heavenly generals were still waiting for Xia Hongshen, asking him to return with them.

       When Xia Hongshen returned, Long Xing and Song Jun were checking Feng Junyuan’s injury. He squatted down, looked at Feng Junyuan lying in Long Xing’s arms, and asked, “Are you okay?”

       Feng Junyuan shook his head.

       Song Jun said, “Demonic energy seeping in, but it’s nothing serious.”

       Xia Hongshen reached out and touched Feng Junyuan’s head and then said, “Come back to the heavenly realm with me, and I will find someone to help you remove the demonic energy.”

       Feng Junyuan nodded and turned into a small golden hairpin in Xia Hongshen’s hands, which he put into his pocket.

       Song Jun stood up, following Xia Hongshen, and asked, “Are you going to go back?”

       From the bottom of his heart, Song Jun was not too willing to return to that place.

       Chunjun in the previous life and Song Jun in this life were actually more like two people regardless of personality and experience. But once they were merged together, the one who had the upper hand was the life and memory that had lasted for thousands of years.

       And Song Jun couldn’t help but panic sometimes. He felt that the current Song Jun would be completely swallowed up.

       However, didn’t the fact that he still felt panic indicates that Song Jun was still present? This short experience of more than 20 years has shaken him despite his millennia-long lifespan.

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Chapter 50 – Lost Soul

       The child took Song Jun towards the top of the tower and told him that in the tower, he had seen a person exactly like Song Jun, except that he was dressed differently.

       “That man seemed to have lived in the tower for a long time,” the child said.

       Song Jun watched him jump up the stairs and suddenly asked, “When were you imprisoned here?”

       The child looked a little gloomy, “A few months ago.”

       Song Jun asked him, “Can you never get out again?”

       The child said ‘En’ and said, “I will become like them in the future, and then I won’t feel lonely anymore.”

       Song Jun raised his hand and touched the child’s head. They didn’t feel warm at all.

       The child raised his head and looked at him as if he didn’t need him to pity him and said to him, “You can’t get out either. You can talk to me in the future. Maybe we won’t become like them.”

       Song Jun smiled but said nothing.

       They arrived at the highest floor of the Soul-Suppressing Pagoda. The child suddenly stopped walking and pointed to a man in front of him who was leaning against the railing and looking up at the top of the tower.

       The man was wearing dark clothes, with long black hair hanging down his shoulders. His appearance was clearly the same as Song Jun’s, but his face was serene, and his eyes were devoid of any expression.

       This was the incomplete soul in Song Jun’s body. He had Song Jun’s missing memory, but he had lost his sanity. He just relied on his memory and looked in the direction of heaven day after day, wanting to return to his master.

       Song Jun looked at him, closed his eyes, and then slowly walked in his direction.

       Ever since he first accompanied Xia Hongshen to the City God Temple, he felt a pull from his own soul. However, at that time, he didn’t know what it was. Even now, he remained unclear about why his soul and spirit were lost and trapped in this place. Yet, he was certain that once he retrieved his lost soul, he should be able to recover his past memories.

       At the time when his soul fused, many memories and emotions came together. Even though he could no longer feel the pain without his body, he still felt extremely painful because of this feeling.

       When Song Jun was about to kneel on the ground, he supported his body with his hands. He raised his head, gasped for air, and then slowly closed his eyes.

       Xia Hongshen waved his Gilded Phoenix Wings and struck them repeatedly against the Shining Snow in Mei Ling’s hand.

       In fact, this was the first time Xia Hongshen had fought against Mei Ling. As the daughter of Jade Emperor, Mei Ling’s spiritual power was naturally not weak, but she should not be so strong. After all, her opponent was Demon Zhen, an ancient monster that even the Jade Emperor dared not offend easily.

       Xia Hongshen used the Gilded Phoenix Wings to force Mei Ling to take a few steps back, then stopped and said, “Didn’t you notice?”

       Mei Ling was startled, “What did you notice?”

       Xia Hongshen said, “The demonic energy in your body is restless and is about to overflow.”

       When Mei Ling heard this, her face turned cold.

       Xia Hongshen continued, “Are you the one who bring the demonic energy into the city?”

       Mei Ling didn’t speak, which seemed to be her acquiescence.

       Xia Hongshen didn’t understand, “Do you realise that as the demonic energy spreads, the heavenly realm won’t let you act freely? Sooner or later, you will ruin this city.”

       Mei Ling said, “How do you know I don’t have the ability to contend with the heavenly realm?”

       Xia Hongshen asked, “As the daughter of Jade Emperor, what’s the point of doing such a thing?”

       “The daughter of Jade Emperor?” Mei Ling showed a look of disgust, “Isn’t the Jade Emperor helpless against you as well? If there’s something I want to achieve, I will do it. Since the Jade Emperor is of no use, I’ll rely on my own abilities to accomplish it.”

       Xia Hongshen frowned slightly.

       Suddenly, Xia Hongshen noticed that the ground beneath his feet began to tremble. He looked at Mei Ling and asked, “What’s going on?”

       Mei Ling smiled and said, “I opened the passage from the human world to the demon world. Then, monsters from the demon world can use this passage to enter and exit the human world.”

       Xia Hongshen said, “Did you really collude with the demon world to do such a thing?”

       “Stop talking nonsense,” Mei Ling said impatiently, “Sooner or later, you will be nothing more than a prisoner under my command.”

       The Shining Snow Sword flashed with dazzling light and stabbed Xia Hongshen in the face again.

       At the same time, cracks invisible to the naked eye opened in countless dark corners of the city, and demonic energy sprang out from the cracks, flowing freely throughout the city.

       On the contrary, a bolt of lightning suddenly struck from the sky, followed by thunder and strong winds, as if a heavy rain was brewing.

       At this time, Xia Hongshen’s cell phone suddenly rang.

       He didn’t have time to answer the phone, so he flicked his fingers in his pocket, threw Xi Anling out, and asked her to answer the phone.

       Xi Anling turned over and knelt on the ground, with her short skirt not even covering her knees. After answering the phone, she heard Yun Po’s voice coming from the other side. He shouted loudly, “I can’t enter the city!”

       Xi Anling then shouted to Xia Hongshen, “Yun Po said he can’t enter the city!”

       While Xia Hongshen was fighting Mei Ling, he was still distracted and replied, “Tell him that this city has opened a gap with the demon world and has been sealed off by the heaven.”

       Xi Anling then told Yun Po again.

       Yun Po asked loudly, “What should we do?”

       Xia Hongshen said, “Tell him to find a way to get into the city.”

       Xi Anling conveyed Xia Hongshen’s words again, then hung up the phone, stood up and wanted to help Xia Hongshen deal with Mei Ling, but Xia Hongshen ordered, “Go to Long Xing and tell him the situation.”

       Xi Anling was unwilling to give in and stared at Mei Ling fiercely.

       Xia Hongshen raised his voice slightly and yelled, “Go!”

       Then she stamped her foot, turned around and ran away.

       Mei Ling glanced at Xi Anling, sneered, and drew a semicircle in front of her forehead with her left hand. Then Xia Hongshen saw countless dark demonic energy surging in the direction of Mei Ling and entering her body.

       Mei Ling wanted to use the power of the demon world to defeat Xia Hongshen.

       A dark glow spread along the snowy white blade. As it continued to clash with the Gilded Phoenix Wings, the golden glow of the Gilded Phoenix Wings slowly faded, and it was about to be eroded by the demonic energy.

       Although Gilded Phoenix Wings and Dragon Tip Whip were Xia Hongshen’s usual weapons, the most powerful weapon around him was still the Chunjun, and it was also the weapon he used most easily.

       Even now, Xia Hongshen still did not know the true identity of the owner of the Demon Market. However, since it was related to the demonic energy and connected to Princess Meiling, then Chunjun should also be trapped by them.

       Where was Chunjun?

       Xia Hongshen raised his head and let out a beast’s roar, which was the sound he made to summon Chunjun. In their long years, once Chunjun had left his side, he had always been like this, impatiently calling Chunjun back; he did not want to leave Chunjun.

       Before that, Song Jun, who had found his soul and memory, was half-kneeling on the ground, trying to digest the things that were pouring into him.

       The child next to him cautiously looked at him and asked, “Are you okay?”

       Song Jun shook his head, resisted the pain and stood up. He reached out and touched the child’s head and said, “I’m fine.”

       The child looked up at him and suddenly felt something strange because the expression of the person in front of him had changed. He was not as calm and lifeless as before, nor was he the silly and innocent one just now. It was as if he was a different person.

       Song Jun stretched out his hand to hold the railing in front of him and gently pressed his chest with his other hand. He finally remembered everything. He also knew why he was here, and he knew more clearly what he should do next. And only now did he realise that Chunjun in his previous life was not as indifferent as he saw, but had more and stronger emotions, far beyond what he thought.

       “There’s no way out,” the little child told him, “none of us can get out.”

       Song Jun turned around and told him, “I will definitely go out.”

       The child didn’t know whether to believe it or not and kept looking at him with his head raised.

       Song Jun said, “I will take you out with me and send you to reincarnation.”

       The child opened his eyes wide, then sniffed as he said, “I don’t have any tears, but my nose is a little sore.”

       Song Jun smiled slightly at him.

       He took the children down from the top to the bottom of the pagoda. If he remembered correctly, Xia Hongshen told him that the Soul Suppressing Pagoda was connected to the eighteenth level of hell. Even if there was truly no way out of the pagoda, he was determined to find a way to escape, even if it meant entering the eighteen layers of hell.

       He was Chunjun, and there were thousands of lives under his sword. He had nothing to fear in this world, only concern.

       The door of the Soul-Suppressing Pagoda was still closed. The soul could only enter, but there was no way to get out.

       The ghost guarding the door was still trying to grab Song Jun’s arm. Song Jun raised his hand and waved him away. His whole body suddenly flew up and then landed in the distance.

       Song Jun reached out and touched the tower door.

       “It can’t be opened,” the kid said. He didn’t want to discourage Song Jun. He was just afraid that too much hope would eventually lead to more painful disappointment.

       Song Jun slowly closed his eyes. He was a sword spirit, and his soul carried Chunjun’s sharpest and purest sword energy. The sword energy was slowly injected into the pagoda door in front of him, and he wanted to use the sword energy to split the door directly.

       The entire Soul Suppressing Pagoda began to tremble, but it was still not enough. He could not use his sword energy to break open the door.

       The child was very disappointed and said to Song Jun, “It won’t do.”

       Song Jun opened his eyes, and he was not disappointed. If his ability were not enough to break through the door of the Soul Suppressing Pagoda, then he would go and find the passage to the eighteenth level of hell.

       At this moment, Song Jun heard Xia Hongshen’s call.

       The child asked in surprise, “What is the sound?”

       Song Jun raised his head and said, “My master is calling me. He needs me.”

       “Huh?” The child didn’t know why.

       The beast’s roar came one after another.

       Song Jun closed his eyes hard, and countless energy from the sword overflowed from his soul. The child was frightened and hurriedly hid in a corner to avoid the Chunjun sword energy.

       He saw Song Jun emanating a bronze-coloured glow, the sharp sword energy disrupting the stagnant air within the tower. Countless spirits emitted wailing cries. As the radiance expanded, the entire tower began to tremble violently. Sounds of collisions echoed from doors and windows. The seal outside the main gate was slowly sliced through by the sword’s energy, burning into a pile of ashes.

       When Night Patrol God led the guards from the City God’s Temple arrived, they saw that the door of the Soul Suppressing Pagoda was broken open from the inside. Song Jun, who was lying on the ground, slowly stood up. The blood on his forehead was not dry yet, but the wound there was already healing slowly.

       “Chunjun?” Night Patrol God shouted angrily, “Do you dare to destroy the tower?”

       As soon as the tower door opened, Song Jun came out, and many souls scattered in all directions.

       Song Jun didn’t have time to struggle with the Night Patrol God. He used his sword energy to force them away and flew away outside the City God’s Temple.

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Chapter 49 – To Seek For

       The way leading to the City God Temple could only be opened when night comes. It was the main road of the city, and it was often full of traffic and splendour even at the end of the night, but now it was unusually cold.

       It was not that there were no healthy people in this city, but they might have left here long ago to seek refuge, or they might be hiding at home and trying not to go out.

       The government was still maintaining order in the city, so there was no chaos in the city. So far, no one died due to the infectious disease, and it had not caused too much panic to the outside world. However, only people in this city knew about how terrible this disease was.

       Medical aid was constantly being transported into the city, but no effective treatment had been found. No matter how many people come in, they would only gradually become infected and eventually become delirious.

       In Xia Hongshen’s terms, that would be called ‘falling into demonic influence’.

       The summer vacation was not over yet; the campus was still deserted, and when it got dark, there was no one on the school road.

       Feng Junyuan followed Xia Hongshen out of the school dormitory and walked outside.

       Long Xing just received a call and was called back to the Public Security Bureau. He was now on duty 24 hours a day, and he might be called back at any time in case of emergency.

       Before Xia Hongshen went out, he asked Xi Anling to transform into a crescent moon bell, put it into his jacket pocket, and then ask Feng Junyuan to follow him.

       Feng Junyuan asked him, “Are you going to save Song Jun?”

       Xia Hongshen said, “Do you care about Song Jun?”

       Feng Junyuan stopped talking.

       They came to the river and saw the old man ferrying people by the river. The old man sat on the side of the boat with his head lowered and said nothing.

       When Xia Hongshen was about to get on the boat, he suddenly stopped.

       Feng Junyuan followed him and looked over with some doubts and saw a woman coming out of the cabin.

       The woman was wearing a blouse and short skirt, with an outstanding appearance and elegant posture. She said to Xia Hongshen, “Long time no see. It seems like you’re quite attached to the human world.”

       Xia Hongshen said, “Princess Mei Ling.”

       Mei Ling reached out and gently tucked her long hair behind her shoulders and said, “Actually, I also think that life here is very good. Would you be interested in buying me a cup of coffee?”

       Before Xia Hongshen could speak, the crescent bell in his coat pocket suddenly shook.

       Mei Ling noticed the movement, smiled and said, “Yueya is still so stubborn.”

       Xia Hongshen stretched out his hand to hold Yueya down, signalling her to calm down, and then said to Mei Ling, “All the cafes in the city have been closed.”

       Hearing this, Mei Ling said, “Why don’t you invite me to your home?”

       “I still have something to do. Princess, if you are willing, you can come with me.”

       Mei Ling asked, “Are you going to the City God’s Temple?”

       Xia Hongshen said, “That’s right.”

       Mei Ling smiled and turned toward the cabin, seemingly inviting Xia Hongshen and Feng Junyuan to board the ship. However, in the next moment, she lifted her wrist, and a surge of spiritual energy transformed into a slender, delicate sword thrusting towards Xia Hongshen’s chest, forcing him to take a step back.

       Xia Hongshen said in a deep voice, “What do you mean, princess?”

       Mei Ling turned her wrist, looked at the sword in her hand, and said, “This sword is called Shining Snow. I would like to try the Gilded Phoenix Wings in your hand to see who is more powerful.”

       Xia Hongshen let out and ‘Oh’ before saying, “The princess seems unaware that the demonic energy has spread throughout the city, and it is on the verge of a crisis. Yet, at this moment, she chooses to test her martial skills against me?”

       Mei Ling chuckled, “You don’t dare? Fair enough. Gilded Phoenix Wings is much weaker than Chunjun. Why don’t you find Chunjun first, and then we can have a proper match?”

       At this point, if Xia Hongshen previously had any doubts about Mei Ling’s connection to the anomalies within the city, he was now convinced. It seemed that to reach the City God Temple, he had to first pass through Mei Ling. Xia Hongshen extended his hand to Feng Junyuan and said, “It seems we have no choice but to comply.”

       When Mei Ling saw this, she suddenly felt a little emotional and said, “Spending these days in the mortal realm seems to have made you quite adept at human relations, more so than your time in the heavens.”

       Xia Hongshen didn’t say anything. Feng Junyuan turned into a Gilded Phoenix Wing with flowing brilliance and fell into his hands.

       Song Jun squatted in front of the Lake of Reincarnation in the City God’s Temple. He had already seen his past and present lives, and he could not see more even if he stayed here. But he just wanted to use this method to revive his memory.

       He was very curious and eager to know.

       “You won’t find anything from here,” a voice suddenly said behind him.

       Song Jun was startled and stood up quickly. He turned around and saw a long-haired man in a dark straight robe standing behind him. One side of his face was pale, and the other side was dark, the very same The Lord Magistrate of Yin and Yang Division he had once seen when he had come over with Xia Hongshen.

       After a moment of hesitation, Song Jun called out, “Sir.”

       The Lord Magistrate of Yin and Yang Division asked him, “What are you looking for?”

       Song Jun said, “I don’t know. I want to find the memory of my past life.”

       The Lord Magistrate of Yin and Yang Division said to him, “You won’t find it here.”

       Song Jun knew what he said was true, so he was a little frustrated and then asked, “Where is Cen Le? Oh, I mean Lord City God.”

       The Lord Magistrate of Yin and Yang Division said, “The Lord City God is out. There have been changes in the city recently. Don’t you know?”

       Song Jun guessed that he was talking about the spread of demonic energy and couldn’t help but ask, “Is it getting worse?”

       The Lord Magistrate of Yin and Yang Division said in a low voice, “It’s precarious.”

       Song Jun felt nervous and said to The Lord Magistrate of the Yin and Yang Division, “Sir, can you send me back? I’m very worried about Senior Brother Xia and the others.”

       The Lord Magistrate of Yin and Yang Division hesitated, “You are a guest invited by Lord City God. I have no right to send you away.”

       Song Jun said, “I just want to go back to take a look. I will come back again to find Cen Le. He promised to help me restore my memory.”

       The Lord Magistrate of Yin and Yang Division was silent for a moment and said, “Follow me.”

       Song Jun followed The Lord Magistrate of the Yin and Yang Division towards the gate of the City God’s Temple. As he approached the gate, he heard someone shouting, “Stop!”

       The two people turned around and saw Night Patrol God walking towards them with a long knife in his hand, “Where are you going?”

       Before Song Jun could answer, the Lord Magistrate of the Yin and Yang Division said, “You want to stop me?”

       “Lord Magistrate!” Night Patrol God bowed his hands, “Lord City God ordered me not to let Chunjun leave the City God Temple.”

       “Why?” Song Jun suddenly became anxious after hearing this.

       Night Patrol God said, “Lord City God said that it is very dangerous outside now. He was afraid that Chunjun would not be able to protect himself after going out, so it is safer to stay in the temple.”

       The Lord Magistrate of the Yin and Yang Division said, “I will accompany him there, don’t worry.”

       Hearing the insistence of The Lord Magistrate of Yin and Yang Division, the Night Patrol God suddenly became a little anxious, “Lord Magistrate, Lord City God ordered me; please don’t make things difficult for me. Besides, now that City God is not in the temple, how can you leave so easily?”

       The Lord Magistrate of Yin and Yang Division was about to retort when he suddenly felt the ground beneath his feet shaking.

       “What’s going on?” Apparently, he wasn’t the only one who noticed.

       Song Jun looked at the land under his feet in surprise. He found that the entire City God’s Temple was shaking. He heard the bells in the distance begin to ring erratically. It seemed as if it couldn’t withstand the impact and was on the verge of collapse.

       The Lord Magistrate of Yin and Yang Division and Night Patrol God changed their expressions at the same time.

       No longer caring about Song Jun, The Lord Magistrate of Yin and Yang Division shouted loudly, “Someone come!”

       The ghost generals in the City God Temple appeared from the darkness one after another.

       The Lord Magistrate of Yin and Yang Division immediately notified the underworld, and he took his people to find out what happened.

       Song Jun was left where he was, but there was a guard guarding the door, and he had no way to get out from there.

       The bells in the distance were still ringing one after another. He raised his head to look at the soul-suppressing pagoda. He felt that he was in a trance. He couldn’t help but stretch out his hand to press his chest and walk in that direction.

       The City God Temple was in chaos, and no one could care about him now.

       Song Jun didn’t know the way, so he could only try to walk in that direction, and it took him a long time to stumble to the foot of the Soul Suppressing Pagoda. From the first time he saw this pagoda, he felt that something was holding him back.

       The pagoda door was closed, and a seal was pasted on it.

       No living person could enter this pagoda; only souls could enter.

       Song Jun had been timid, even a little cowardly, all his life. Until now, Chunjun seemed to him to be an individual’s story and had nothing to do with him. But Xia Hongshen once told him that he was Chunjun.

       If he was really Chunjun, then he should believe that his body couldn’t die easily. He had no other way now. If he wanted to enter this pagoda, he could only let his soul leave his body.

       Song Jun took a deep breath. He felt that maybe he should really do something at this time instead of waiting here endlessly and leaving all his hopes in the hands of others.

       It should be very painful, so he needed to do it once.

       Song Jun banged his head against the pillar in front of the pagoda.

       “The Soul-Suppressing Pagoda can suppress all kinds of ghosts. Once thrown into the pagoda, they cannot come out. The Black Bai Wuchang captures the ghosts from the human world. When they need to be reincarnated, they go to the underworld, and when they need to go to hell, they are taken to the eighteenth level of hell. The rest will be trapped in this pagoda and will never see the light of day.”

       Song Jun’s soul left his body and drifted towards the Soul Suppressing Pagoda, and he easily passed through the pagoda door. Beside the door, someone tried to hold his hand, but he shook it off. When he turned around, he saw a headless soul standing by the door, seemingly trying to catch every soul that passed by him.

       There were many souls wandering in this pagoda. Once they entered, they never left. As they spend long years in darkness and isolation, most of these ghosts become numb and unconscious.

       Song Jun passed by them, but no one glanced at him. Song Jun found that he was no longer afraid. Facing so many ghosts, he felt that there was nothing scary for the first time because he was not even afraid of death. He could not imagine what kind of threat these ghosts could bring to him.

       He walked around the bottom of the pagoda in a daze and then noticed the stairs leading to the top of the pagoda. A child was squatting on the stairs, seeming to be carving something on the wooden stairs.

       This was the only soul that seemed to have any thought.

       Song Jun stood behind him.

       The child turned back to look at him and continued to paddle without any change in his expression.

       After a moment, he suddenly turned around and stood up with a surprised look on his face, “How did you become like this?”

       “Do you know me?” Song Jun asked him.

       The child looked at his face carefully, then raised his head and looked towards the top of the pagoda, wondering, “Aren’t you him?”

       Song Jun thought he might have found something and asked, “Who is he?”

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Chapter 48 – City Lockdown

       “The Nine Gates Yin Repelling Formation’s centre has been broken,” Xia Hongshen’s surroundings returned to the normal appearance of the haunted house, but he knew that the person setting up the spell array was not the person in front of him.

       This person was the person who was chased and hid from them just now, and he was also from the Demon Market.

       He was looking at Xia Hongshen in horror, as well as Ling Xiao and Xiang Wenxi, who came immediately after breaking the formation. Only Song Jun was missing.

       Although this man was said to be from the Demon Market, even he did not know the true identity of the owner of the Demon Market.

       “I have met the owner of the Demon City, but he always wears a mask when he appears. Since my cultivation is low, I don’t know his true identity.”

       “Who set up this spell array?” Xia Hongshen asked.

       The man said, “It was none other than the Lord of the Demon Market.”

       Ling Xiao frowned and asked, “Where did he go? Where did Song Jun go?”

       The man shook his head repeatedly and said that he didn’t know anything.

       Xiang Wenxi stepped forward, picked up his lapel, pointed at Xia Hongshen and said, “Have you never seen Demon Zhen? Are you not afraid that he will swallow you up if you dare to lie?”

       The man had a grimace on his face, “Of course I know about him, the Great Immortal, but I’ve told you everything I know, and I really don’t know about the rest.”

       Xiang Wenxi didn’t believe it, “Then why did you deliberately lead us here?”

       The man said, “I only followed the master’s orders. He said that if you all came, I should lead you all into the formation.”

       “You all?” Xia Hongshen asked.

       The man saw Xia Hongshen’s cold expression and felt frightened. He said, “It’s not you, but the young man who was travelling with you. He was the one Ling Xiao and the others called Immortal Sword Chunjun that day in the Demon Market.”

       Xiang Wenxi threw him away and looked at Xia Hongshen, “What should we do?”

       Xia Hongshen closed his eyes, slowly spread his arms, took a deep breath, and after exhaling, he let out a loud and intense roar—

       Xiang Wenxi immediately covered his ears in pain, and Ling Xiao pulled him away quickly.

       The entire amusement park trembled slightly with his roar.

       At this time, in the City God Temple, Song Jun raised his head in shock and said, “What was that sound?”

       Cen Le said softly, “Don’t panic. The demonic energy is spreading in the city, and the monsters are just restless.”

       Song Jun was still doubtful.

       With a wave of his hand, Cen Le completely blocked the passage between the amusement park and the City God’s Temple and, at the same time, completely isolated Xia Hongshen’s voice.

       Song Jun then turned around and continued to look at the lake, “No more?” he said.

       Cen Le said to him, “No more. What’s left is your memory in this life, which can no longer be seen from here.”

       Song Jun was silent for a moment and said, “I still don’t remember anything.”

       Cen Le raised his hand and gently touched the top of his head, “Because you drank Meng Po soup when you were reincarnated.”

       Song Jun was a little confused, “So those memories will never come back?”

       Cen Le did not answer him this time as if he acquiesced.

       Song Jun took a deep breath. His emotions were a little complicated. He couldn’t equate himself with Chunjun. After a moment of silence, he said, “So Senior Brother Xia came down to find Thousand Years Lamp because of me?”

       Cen Le smiled and said nothing.

       Song Jun squatted down slowly. He stretched out his hand to stir the water in the lake, and the scene he saw just now was completely gone.

       Cen Le said to him, “Princess Mei Ling is still waiting for him.”

       Song Jun heard this and turned to look at Cen Le in surprise.

       Cen Le said, “After retrieving Thousand Years Lamp, Demon Zhen will go back to the Heavenly Realm to get Princess Mei Ling, and at that time, the Jade Emperor might forgive you and allow you to return to the Heavenly Realm with Demon Zhen.”

       “Forgive us?” Song Jun repeated softly.

       “Chunjun,” Cen Le suddenly squatted down next to Song Jun, “stay,” he said while holding Song Jun’s hand.

       Song Jun was stunned for a moment.

       Cen Le said, “Demon Zhen just likes to collect weapons but doesn’t use them. Your value cannot be reflected at all by staying with him. What’s the point of following him back to heaven? Besides, you are not the only one around him. Do you still remember the days when you accompanied me on the battlefield?”

       Song Jun shook his head and retracted his hand, “I don’t remember,” he thought for a while and then said, “I don’t want to go to heaven with him.”

       Although he had no memory, he felt that the days in heaven did not look very good. If Xia Hongshen wanted to marry a princess when he returned, he would be even more unwilling to follow him back, but he also did not want to stay with Cen Le.

       Cen Le did not force him but asked, “Then what are your plans?”

       Song Jun said in a daze, “I want to get that memory back.” He looked at those pictures, but he had no idea what his past self was thinking, which made him feel uncomfortable.

       Hearing this, Cen Le said, “Let me help you find a way to neutralise the effect of Meng Po Soup.”

       Song Jun looked at him, “Is that okay?”

       Cen Le stroked the top of his head and said, “I’m willing to try it for you.”

       Feeling the other party’s gentleness, Song Jun suddenly felt a little uncomfortable. The memories of the past were right in front of him, and even though the person before him had once been his master, all he could think about was Xia Hongshen.

       “By the way,” thinking of this, Song Jun asked again, “Senior Brother Xia and Ling Xiao are still trapped in the haunted house. Will they be okay?”

       Cen Le said, “Of course nothing will happen. I am the City God, guarding the local yin and yang order, no one dares to mess around in my place.”

       Song Jun nodded slightly.


       Long Xing received an emergency call to the police that afternoon, saying that a man who had overdosed on drugs and had hallucinations was found in a community injuring people with a knife.

       After the 110 patrol officers arrived at the scene, they found that the situation was difficult to control and immediately requested support from the city bureau.

       Long Xing arrived at the scene and heard from his colleagues who had come earlier that the man had locked himself in the room with a knife and a hostage.

       They need to send someone to knock on the door and negotiate to attract his attention, and then one person could climb down from the upstairs window and seize the opportunity to break the window to save the person.

       Long Xing said, “I’ll go.”

       He secured a safety rope around his waist, then climbed out of the window of the upstairs house. Dangling, he slid down to the window of the floor below. Peering inside, he noticed that the assailant was currently distracted, holding a knife to the hostage’s neck while facing off with the people outside the door.

       He carefully reached out and pushed the window and found that it was locked from the inside and could not be opened.

       A colleague upstairs leaned out of the window to ask him about his situation, and he made two simple gestures.

       After a while, the people outside the door made a move to break in.

       The assailant shouted loudly not to come in, dragging the hostages back.

       Long Xing saw that the time was almost up; he clasped the outer edge of the window frame above his head with both hands, kicked through the glass with a strong kick, and entered.

       The assailant turned his head when he heard the noise, and Long Xing was stunned when he saw his face because his face was covered with scratched red sores, and his eyes were abnormally red.

       Although he was stunned for a moment, Long Xing still lifted his body into the air, wrapped his legs around the assailant’s neck and squeezed him hard.

       The assailant fell to the ground with his knife, and the hostages hurriedly crawled away from him.

       Long Xing subdued him, took out the handcuffs, tied the assailant’s hands behind his back, and then asked the hostage loudly, “Are you okay?”

       The man had not yet recovered from the shock.

       At this time, the assailant, who had been subdued by Long Xing, seemed to be going crazy. He twisted his neck at a terrible angle and bit Long Xing’s arm, making him bleed from the bite.

       When the colleague who broke in saw this scene, he stepped forward and kicked the assailant away and then worriedly asked Long Xing to quickly treat the wound. Because this person was a drug addict, the biggest fear was that he had AIDS.

       Long Xing did not react much. Even if this person really had AIDS, he would not be infected. However, he clearly noticed that his wound was filled with black mist that could not be seen with the naked eye. This was similar to the way Xia Hongshen was bitten by the beast. Just like wounds, they were manifestations of the invasion of demonic energy.

       He stood up and looked down at the assailant, still writhing on the ground. He couldn’t shake the feeling that the man seemed even more deranged, truly frightening. Concern washed over him involuntarily.

       After dealing with the assailant, Long Xing hurried to school to find Xia Hongshen. When he arrived, he found that Feng Junyuan and Xi Anling were both there, but Song Jun was missing.

       Xia Hongshen sat at the table and looked out the window expressionlessly.

       Xi Anling was very anxious and asked, “What happened to Song Jun?”

       Xia Hongshen glanced at her and said, “You don’t have to worry about it.”

       Upon hearing the words, Xi Anling felt the urge to get angry. However, seeing Xia Hongshen’s displeased expression, she didn’t dare to just leave like that. Just like that, she silently took a seat on the side.

       Xia Hongshen asked Long Xing, “What’s the matter?”

       Long Xing told Xia Hongshen what happened to him before.

       Xia Hongshen asked him to show him the wound on his hand.

       Long Xing stretched out his hand.

       Xia Hongshen looked at the wound on his hand and said, “There is indeed a demonic energy, but there’s no need to worry. Your body is not an ordinary mortal one; demonic energy cannot infiltrate through such minor wounds. In a few days, you’ll be healed.”

       Long Xing nodded and then asked, “What happened to Song Jun?”

       Xia Hongshen answered him, “Abducted.”

       Hearing this, Long Xing glanced at Feng Junyuan and Xi Anling next to him.

       Feng Junyuan shook his head, indicating that he didn’t know the situation.

       “The spread of demonic energy outside seems to be getting more and more serious,” Long Xing said, sitting down next to Xia Hongshen’s crib.

       Xia Hongshen did not comment.

       Feng Junyuan said, “My mentor has also fallen ill, the hospital is now overloaded with patients, doctors and nurses are being infected one by one, the situation is terrible.”

       Long Xing said, “The government has ordered the closure of roads in and out of the city, and medical rescue teams are on their way, but judging from this situation, it may be difficult to be effective.”

       Xia Hongshen suddenly raised his head and looked at the sky outside the window.

       Long Xing and the others fell silent, waiting for Xia Hongshen to speak.

       “Soon,” Xia Hongshen said, “The Jade Emperor won’t ignore this. The city may soon face an imminent catastrophe that will bury both those tainted by demonic energy within the city and the spreading demonic energy.”

       Long Xing’s face changed when he heard this, and he stood up, “What should we do?”

       “Find the root cause,” Xia Hongshen said. He always believed that the demonic energy here was related to the owner of the Demon Market, and the owner of the Demon Market was the one who took away Chunjun. But what was the purpose? Was it just for Chunjun’s sake?

       As Xia Hongshen contemplated, he suddenly remembered that there was a place that seemed unusually quiet at this time. Whether it was related or not, the entire city was in jeopardy, and as a deity, he should make an appearance to restore order.

       “We’ll go to the City God Temple tonight,” Xia Hongshen said.

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Chapter 47 – The Past

       Owner? Song Jun felt as if he was in a dream; everything was covered with a layer of mist, and he couldn’t see clearly.

       The man walked up to him with a determined and handsome appearance. A gentle smile graced his face as he reached out and tousled Song Jun’s hair.

       Song Jun took a step back uncomfortably.

       The man was not angry. He said, “You don’t remember me.”

       Song Jun said, “I don’t know you.”

       The man said to him, “Do you still remember the person you saw just now? That memory is actually your previous life.”

       Song Jun’s eyes widened in surprise.

       Seeing his reaction, the man smiled and said, “Actually, I should say that he is you; it’s just that you forgot that memory.”

       “That person…is Chunjun’s sword spirit?” Song Jun asked hesitantly.

       The man nodded.

       Song Jun asked again in disbelief, “He’s me?”

       “Yes,” the man told him.

       Song Jun shook his head, denying, “No, I don’t just have that memory; even those pictures didn’t evoke any emotions in me. In my opinion, it seems to me to be someone else’s story entirely.”

       The man said, “Then do you want to finish this story?”

       Song Jun looked at him silently.

       The man said to him, “You don’t have to doubt me. You have seen me before in your story just now.”

       Song Jun looked confused.

       The man said, “I told you that I am Chunjun’s owner. Have you forgotten?”

       When Song Jun heard this, he suddenly realised, “Are you the general who sealed Chunjun?”

       The man smiled slightly and said, “Gou Jian’s general, whose real name is Cen Le.”

       Song Jun then asked doubtfully, “You have been dead for so many years. Why haven’t you been reincarnated?”

       Cen Le said, “Because I was a general before my death and became an official of the underworld after my death, without being reincarnated.”

       Song Jun was surprised and understood when he heard this.

       Cen Le stretched out a hand, “Come, follow me, and I will take you to find the part of your lost memory.”

       Song Jun looked at him, hesitated for a long time and did not hold his hand but said, “I’ll go with you.”

       Cen Le was not displeased, turned around and walked in front of Song Jun, leading him in one direction.

       The two walked one after another for some time. Song Jun suddenly saw a pagoda standing in the distance. He had seen this pagoda before. Xia Hongshen told him that the pagoda was called Soul Suppressing Pagoda, and it was located in the City God Temple.

       He turned around and looked around, and Song Jun suddenly found that he was already in the City God’s Temple. He couldn’t help but quicken his pace to catch up to Cen Le and said, “Is this the City God’s Temple?”

       Cen Le said, “Yes, this is the City God’s Temple.”

       “What on earth are you…” Song Jun asked.

       Cen Le said, “I am the City God.”

       Song Jun looked at him, not very surprised, but although he had heard the name of the City God and had been to the City God Temple, this was the first time he saw the City God.

       After taking a few steps forward, Song Jun suddenly stopped.

       Cen Le turned back to look at him.

       Song Jun asked him, “Do you know who the owner of the Demon Market is?”

       He hadn’t forgotten why they went to that amusement park in the first place.

       Cen Le stood opposite him, calmly saying, “I am the owner of the Demon Market.”

       Song Jun looked at him in shock.

       Cen Le said, “This is originally the method I used to maintain order in this city. Who says that the owner of the Demon City must also be a demon? I just use the existence of the Demon City to restrict the balance of these demons wandering in this city. Don’t let them act recklessly.”

       Song Jun asked, “What about the spread of demonic energy?”

       Cen Le smiled faintly, “You have wronged me. I also want to find out what happened. How can I easily tolerate disturbing the order of this city?”

       Seeing Cen Le’s smile, Song Jun didn’t know whether he should believe it or not.

       At this time, there was a distant sound of bells, and the smell of incense was wafting in the air.

       Cen Le said to him, “Come with me.”

       Song Jun hesitated but followed.

       Cen Le took him walking in the City God Temple. Song Jun saw no one else along the way until they came to a lake. The lake had a perfectly round shape, but it was divided into two halves like a yin-yang symbol, with one side being darker and the other lighter.

       Cen Le stood by the lake and asked him, “What else do you want to know?”

       Song Jun said, “What happened after Chunjun was sealed.”

       Cen Le said, “Okay, what this lake can reflect are your own memories of past lives. Whatever you want to know, just go and see for yourself.”

       After Song Jun heard this, he slowly took two steps forward, lowered his head and looked towards the lake.

       Chunjun was sealed, and the stars moved. Two hundred years later, a man in white appeared in the sealed place. The man’s appearance had not changed even after thousands of years, and Song Jun saw that it was none other than Xia Hongshen.

       Xia Hongshen held the Chunjun inserted in the rock with one hand, and the palm of his hand glowed slightly; then he broke the seal and pulled the Chunjun out of the stone.

       At that time, Chunjun had not yet obtained the immortal body and could not transform. The so-called sword spirit was just a spirit attached to the sword.

       Xia Hongshen seemed to feel that the sword in his hand was about to move, and the sword spirit turned into a shadow in the air. Song Jun looked carefully at the shadow, and it was clearly Jijun, the villain whose body was refined to the sword before. Song Jun didn’t notice it at that time, but now he looked carefully It seemed that Jijun’s face was exactly the same as his own, but with a lot more ferocity, making it look like two different people.

       At this time, Chunjun was still a fierce sword containing endless murderous energy.

       But Xia Hongshen didn’t care. He put the Chunjun away and took it with him to start his long journey. Demon Zhen really liked to collect divine weapons from all over the world. Whenever he heard that someone had a powerful weapon in his hand, he would go and see it himself.

       During these long years, Chunjun had been by his side.

       Demon Zhen didn’t kill people; he only ate ghosts. The blood stain on the Chunjun sword slowly washed away over time, and the murderous aura in his body gradually subsided.

       Song Jun saw Xia Hongshen hugging Chunjun and sitting under a big tree to take shelter on a night of heavy rain. However, the rain was too strong, and his white clothes were soaked. He impatiently transformed into an animal shape, and the rain soaked him. The wet fur clung to his body, looking a little pitiful.

       The Chunjun Sword was pressed under him, and the sword spirit turned into a phantom and sat beside him with an empty expression. He had not taken it out of its sheath for a long time, and he had almost forgotten who he was.

       Demon Zhen shook his head from time to time, but the annoying rain could not be shaken away. He looked at Chunjun and tried to talk to him for the first time.

       During these years, although Demon Zhen travelled around as a human being, Xia Hongshen still maintained his beastly habits. He did not have close friendships with people and rarely talked to people.

       He was not very good at expressing himself, so he just said to Chunjun, “You can try cultivating.”

       Chunjun was a little slow. After a long time, he turned to look at the big cat lying on the ground.

       Demon Zhen said to him, “You are a spiritual weapon. Maybe you can try to cultivate the sword into a human form.”

       Chunjun was stunned for a moment, then asked, “What difference it made?” When he spoke, his voice was hoarse, and his tone was weird.

       Demon Zhen looked down at the sword pressed beneath him, then looked up at the torrential rain that continued to pour down and said, “You can help keep me out of the rain.”

       This was a very strange reason, but Chunjun’s paused thoughts inexplicably accepted it.

       He continued to follow Xia Hongshen, watching him search and collect the dragon tip whip, then the crescent moon bell, and finally the gilded phoenix wings. However, suddenly, one day, he found that he could escape from Xia Hongshen’s hands and transform into a physical entity—human form.

       That time it rained, he held an umbrella for Xia Hongshen.

       Xia Hongshen sat on a branch, feeling happy that he didn’t have to get wet in the rain.

       When the rain stopped, Chunjun closed his umbrella and sat down next to Xia Hongshen. He saw Xia Hongshen lying down with his head on his lap.

       Chunjun stretched out his hand and gently lifted the sideburns from Xia Hongshen’s cheeks.

       Later, Xia Hongshen began to persistently search for suitable beings to inject life into his weapons. Wherever he went, Chunjun would follow, not knowing joy or sorrow, with eyes only on his only master.

       Then, even with Longshao, Yueya, and Fengliu, whenever Xia Hongshen felt tired, he still liked to lie down on Chunjun’s legs and sleep. When it rained, Chunjun would hold an umbrella for him. It was like they were irreplaceable to each other.

       Day after day, year after year, Demon Zhen devoted his long life to cultivation and finally ascended to immortality. The Chunjun Four Soldiers naturally followed Demon Zhen to ascend to the upper realm and became immortal soldiers. They lived in the heavenly palace for a long time, accompanied by the lively Yueya and cheerful Longshao, and were not very lonely.

       What Demon Zhen liked most was that he revealed his original form every day and spent his days leisurely in the heavenly palace. He even liked to put his head on Chunjun’s lap and let Chunjun comb his fur.

       This kind of leisurely time was about to last until the end of the world, but a sudden change disrupted their good life.

       Jade Emperor suddenly proposed to Demon Zhen that he would marry his daughter Princess Mei Ling to him. Jade Emperor originally did not approve of this marriage because he felt that Demon Zhen was still wild and did not want his daughter to marry him.

       But Princess Mei Ling’s whole heart was tied to Demon Zhen. No matter how Jade Emperor and the Queen try to dissuade her, she would not marry if it was not him.

       Jade Emperor had no choice but to agree to the marriage and gave the artefact Thousand Years Lamp to Demon Zhen as Princess Mei Ling’s dowry.

       In response to this matter, Demon Zhen had yet to react, but Yueya vehemently opposed it. The disagreement escalated to the point where it reached the Jade Emperor, who angrily dismissed Yueya.

       Yueya was very angry and privately encouraged Chunjun to come out to oppose Demon Zhen’s marriage to Princess Mei Ling.

       Chunjun disagreed at first, but later, under Yueya’s coaxing, he accidentally smashed the Thousand Years Lamp, and the pieces of the Thousand Years Lamp scattered around the world.

       Jade Emperor was furious and demoted Chunjun and Yueya to the mortal realm, not allowing anyone to intercede. Demon Zhen pleaded with the Jade Emperor, volunteering to descend to the mortal realm to seek redemption by finding the Thousand Years Lamp. Longshao and Fengliu insisted on accompanying him.

       Driven by anger and unwillingness to let Mei Ling continue pursuing Demon Zhen, the Jade Emperor granted Demon Zhen’s request. Along with Longshao and Fengliu, they were banished from the heavenly realm and instructed to return only after retrieving the Thousand Years Lamp.

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Chapter 46 – Haunted House

       If the lights were on in the haunted house at the amusement park, Song Jun believed everything around would appear comical in the bright light. However, in this pitch-black environment, even fake and laughable toy ghosts could frighten someone to half-death.

       People’s biggest fear often stemmed from the unknown in the darkness. It was the anticipation of what might be, coupled with the uncertainty, that made it particularly terrifying.

       However, with Xia Hongshen in front of Song Jun and Ling Xiao and Xiang Wenxi behind him, those fears were buffered, and he felt much more relaxed.

       For example, right now, Xia Hongshen was pushing back the hair of a female ghost who suddenly fell from above with some disgust.

       Song Jun hurriedly followed Xia Hongshen, trying not to be swept away by the female ghost’s hair falling again.

       The haunted house in this amusement park was actually not big. It was originally located in an urban area, and the surrounding land was very expensive. The amusement park did not have much land to build such an unpopular haunted house.

       However, they had been walking for more than ten minutes and still had not seen the exit. Along the way, Song Jun was sprayed with air-conditioning, saw a coffin that was suddenly opened under a green light, and heard all kinds of ghostly screams. But now, the surroundings suddenly became quiet, and nothing strange was seen anymore. Only the green light not far from the ground still extended toward the front.

       Song Jun heard Ling Xiao, who was walking not far behind him, say, “Something’s not right.”

       Xia Hongshen said, “Something is indeed wrong. We walked into a formation set up by others.”

       “Formation?” Xiang Wenxi was surprised.

       Xia Hongshen stopped and said, “Nine-gate Yin-dispelling Formation? Do you know this formation?” There was some confusion in his tone, and then he said, “Be careful. No matter what you see or hear, don’t panic.”

       Hearing what Xia Hongshen said, Song Jun became even more panicked. He said, “What will we see?”

       Xia Hongshen just said, “Don’t be afraid.”

       Xia Hongshen closed his eyes and carefully checked the formation alignment before continuing to walk forward with Song Jun.  Although the spell array was complex, the location of the formation’s centre was also the position of the one who set it up. For him, breaking it was not difficult, as no scene could induce fear in him.

       Similarly, Chunjun would not be afraid because he shouldn’t have any fear emotion.

       But Song Jun didn’t consider himself Chunjun, and he felt extremely scared.

       He couldn’t see the people in front and behind him, and the weak light near the ground was not enough to illuminate the people in front and behind him. He could only feel Xia Hongshen holding his hand and the footsteps before and after him.

       Somehow, Song Jun felt very scared. He always tried to distinguish which footsteps belonged to whom. For example, Xia Hongshen’s footsteps were very light and almost silent, while Xiang Wenxi’s footsteps were slightly brisk, and Ling Xiao’s were relatively calm. But as he walked, Song Jun always felt that there was an extra person in front of him.

       He shook Xia Hongshen’s hand and asked, “Senior brother, is there no one in front of you?”

       “No,” Xia Hongshen told him very clearly.

       Actually, Song Jun knew the answer. He just wanted to hear Xia Hongshen say it so that he could feel relieved. Then he told himself not to think wildly and hummed a song in his heart. Anyway, he didn’t need to know the way; he just needed to be led by Xia Hongshen.

       However, while walking, Song Jun suddenly found that the footsteps behind him disappeared. He was stunned for a moment, then listened carefully. He really couldn’t hear the footsteps of Xiang Wenxi and Ling Xiao anymore; only his and Xia Hongshen’s were still there.

       Song Jun swallowed and said, “Senior Brother Xia, Ling Xiao, they are missing?”

       Xia Hongshen said calmly, “Got separated and had hallucinations.”

       Song Jun suddenly became worried, “Will something happen to them?”

       Xia Hongshen said, “Don’t underestimate Ling Xiao.” After saying that, he was silent for a moment and then said, “Don’t let go of my hand, or we may get separated.”

       Song Jun nodded, then realised that Xia Hongshen couldn’t see it, so he whispered, “Yeah.”

       After taking a few steps forward, Song Jun suddenly asked curiously, “Why didn’t I have hallucinations?”

       Xia Hongshen did not answer him immediately, but after a brief silence, he asked, “How do you know you are not hallucinating?”

       Song Jun was startled when he heard this.

       Xia Hongshen continued in a calm voice, “What you heard and saw, can you tell which one is true and which one is false? You may have been hallucinating from the moment you entered without knowing it. Do you know whose hand you are holding?”

       When he finished speaking, Song Jun suddenly felt goosebumps all over his body, and the hand of Xia Hongshen that he had been holding became cold. The outline of the person in front seemed to be faintly visible in the dark. He was very thin and tall, not like Xia Hongshen at all.

       Maybe what he said was true. Maybe the person he held was not Xia Hongshen’s hand from the moment he came in!

       Song Jun couldn’t help but scream, throw away the hand he was holding, and back away hastily.

       After taking a few steps back, he heard Xia Hongshen ask him, “I told you, don’t let go of my hand no matter what. Why didn’t you listen?”

       Song Jun was suddenly stunned. He stood there at a loss because he had let go of Xia Hongshen’s hand. He had clearly held Xia Hongshen’s hand before entering the haunted house. As long as he didn’t let go, there was no reason he was led by other people by mistake.

       However, he let go now.

       Xia Hongshen walked to him, held his hand again, and said, “Be obedient, don’t let go again.”

       Song Jun was led forward by Xia Hongshen. He felt that he was completely confused because he no longer knew whether Xia Hongshen was real or fake, and he didn’t know what was reality and what was an illusion.

       As he was stumbling, Song Jun suddenly heard footsteps chasing after him behind him. As he chased him, he shouted, “Song Jun!”

       That was Xiang Wenxi’s voice.

       Song Jun stopped quickly and pulled Xia Hongshen to stop. He said, “Xiang Wenxi is here.”

       However, Xia Hongshen said, “That’s not Xiang Wenxi.”

       At the same time, Song Jun heard Xiang Wenxi’s surprised voice, and he said, “Song Jun, who is that person with you? That doesn’t smell like Demon Zhen. Who is that?”

       Song Jun looked blankly into the darkness.

       “Go quickly!” Xia Hongshen urged him.

       But Xiang Wenxi said, “Song Jun, why don’t you come here quickly! That’s not the right person!”

       Song Jun was so frightened that he finally shook off the man’s hand, then pushed him away and ran towards the darkness. The small lights on both sides illuminated the way for him. As he ran forward, he shouted loudly, “Senior Brother Xia! Where are you?”

       He ran like this in the darkness for several minutes but still received no response. ‘Xia Hongshen’ and ‘Xiang Wenxi’ who were originally beside him, had long since disappeared. He felt tired and finally stopped running forward. Instead, he stepped aside, touched a wall, and then slowly sat down against the wall.

       He stretched his hand towards the small green light in the corner and finally saw his hand. However, at this time, he also used the faint light to see another hand not far from him.

       That hand was covered in blood.

       Song Jun was extremely frightened, but now he calmed down. He even asked, “Who are you?”

       He thought he wouldn’t get an answer, but unexpectedly, the hand beside me moved, and then a haggard voice said, “I am Jijun.”

       “Ji…jun?” Song Jun repeated blankly.

       The man said, “Someone is chasing me.”

       Song Jun asked, “Who is chasing you? Why are they chasing you?”

       The man said, “He is King Goujian of Yue’s man.”

       Song Jun felt a bit disoriented in time and space. “King Goujian of Yue? Why is he chasing you?”

       The man slowly raised his hand and clenched it into a fist, “Because I have killed countless people and am the most vicious person in the world.”

       The most vicious person in the world? Song Jun felt like he had heard it somewhere.

       The surroundings suddenly lit up. Song Jun stood up suddenly in surprise. He saw that the little green light was gone. The surrounding area was not a dark and endless passage but an open desert. The place where he was leaning just now was a piece of stone. It was a big yellow stone, and there was a person leaning on the stone at this time. The person was wearing a short coat and long boots in a style reminiscent of ancient barbarian clothing. His clothing was tattered and dishevelled, and his long hair hung loose. The person looked haggard, covered in bloodstains from head to toe.

       He raised his head and closed his eyes as if he had no strength to continue running away.

       Not long after, Song Jun heard the sound of horse hooves, and a group of people came from a distance. They surrounded the place and then took away the dying man who was sitting next to a stone.

       No one saw Song Jun. Except for the conversation with the man at the beginning, Song Jun seemed to be just a flicker of consciousness floating in this world. He could see and hear, but he could not touch or communicate.

       He watched the man being taken away and followed him unknowingly. After a long journey, he saw the man being brought into the palace, tied and kneeling in the main hall, and then taken down and locked in a cell.

       Two days later, someone took him out of the cell again, tied his limbs tightly, and brought him to an old man. The old man looked at him and nodded. The men pulled him up and threw him alive into a huge sword furnace; the furnace door was closed, he was burned alive, and the sword was forged with his flesh and blood.

       “…Extolling its splendor, like a lotus just emerging; examining its patterns, dazzling like the procession of stars; observing its brilliance, turbid like water overflowing a pond; inspecting its break, rugged like intricate rocks; observing its talent, radiant like the release of ice. This is what is called Chungao.1check author’s note

       Chunjun was presented to King Goujian of Yue by Ou Yezi, and was later given to the general of Yue. The life and death of that general were unknown, and he was the one who sealed Chunjun.

       Song Jun looked at all this, and he understood that this was Chunjun in his previous life, but this past could not evoke any memories in him.

       He stood there, watching the Chunjun sword being sealed, and the surroundings turned dark again. He couldn’t help but take a few steps forward. He wanted to see Xia Hongshen coming to unseal the past for Chunjun, but at this time, he heard someone ask him: “Do you still have your memories?”

       Song Jun turned his head and saw the outline of a person clearly in the darkness.

       The man was wearing a black robe, with long hair hanging over his shoulders. He was clearly someone from modern times. He took a few steps towards Song Jun and asked, “Do you still have your memories?”

       “Who are you?” Song Jun asked him.

       The man smiled slightly, walked up to Song Jun and said, “I am your master.”

The author has something to say:
Note: Chunjun, also known as Chungou, is excerpted from “Yue Jue Book: Chronicles of the Precious Sword”

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Thanks to Immortal Mountains Glossary for those who are interested in Formation~
Formations (阵 zhèn) (阵法 zhènfǎ) – divided into battle formations and spell formations, although they are often just called “formations”. Battle formations are “fantasy-fied” tactical formations used by several cultivators or martial artists attacking in concert. Spell formations are also called Arrays. They’re essentially magic circles which cast a continuous area-of-effect spell on the location the formation encompasses.

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Chapter 45 – Amusement Park

       Ling Xiao’s home was in an old apartment building in the city centre. Song Jun carried the little black cat as he climbed up to the third floor. Standing in front of the door he had visited once before, he took a deep breath and then knocked on the door.

       They didn’t get a response as quickly as expected. Song Jun even started to doubt if there was anyone inside at all.

       But the little black cat pulled him with a paw and motioned for him to wait a moment.

       Sure enough, after a full minute, and after Song Jun knocked on the door several times, the door opened from the inside.

       The person standing in front of the door was Xiang Wenxi. He looked at Song Jun and the little cat in his arms with a wary look on his face and asked, “What are you doing here?”

       Song Jun asked him, “Is Ling Xiao here?”

       Xiang Wenxi said, “Why are you looking for Ling Xiao?”

       Song Jun looked down at the black cat in his arms and said to Xiang Wenxi, “Senior Brother Xia wants to see him.”

       As soon as he finished speaking, Xiang Wenxi immediately reacted and wanted to close the door. However, at this time, the black cat had already escaped from Song Jun’s arms and got into the house.

       Xiang Wenxi then didn’t care about closing the door and hurried to catch up.

       The black cat was extremely agile and quickly avoided Xiang Wenxi’s pursuit. It rolled and landed on the carpet in the living room. However, at the same time, Song Jun saw a black wolf leap out from the corner and bite the black cat on the carpet.

       Song Jun screamed in fright.

       However, he saw the black wolf suddenly roll away on the ground and let out a painful howl. The black cat landed on the ground and transformed into Xia Hongshen’s human form, standing in front of them.

       Ling Xiao also appeared in human form. Xiang Wenxi quickly went over to support him and asked, “What are you doing here?”

       Song Jun was a little afraid that they would start fighting again, so he quickly stepped forward and said, “We have no ill intentions, but Senior Brother Xia has something to ask you about the Demon Market.”

       “Demon Market?” Xiang Wenxi was a little surprised, “What’s going on in the Demon Market?”

       Xia Hongshen, calm and composed, walked over and sat down by the sofa, crossing his long legs. He said, “Do you guys know about the recent infectious disease?”

       Xiang Wenxi glanced at Ling Xiao.

       Ling Xiao said, “I know a little bit.”

       Xia Hongshen told them, “I suspect that the outbreak of infectious diseases has something to do with the owner of the Demon Market.”

       “How could that be?” Xiang Wenxi was obviously a little surprised.

       Xia Hongshen said, “Let’s sit down and talk. If we let the infectious disease continue to break out like this, I’m afraid this city will cease to exist.”

       Hearing what Xia Hongshen said, Song Jun suddenly felt very frightened.

       Xiang Wenxi looked at Ling Xiao at a loss. Although Ling Xiao didn’t look convinced, he still chose to sit down and talk to Xia Hongshen.

       “What is the identity of the owner of the Demon Market?” Xia Hongshen asked.

       Ling Xiao was silent for a moment and said, “We don’t know either. There have been rumours about him, but none of them have been confirmed. I don’t understand why you think the source of the infection has something to do with him.”

       Xia Hongshen said, “Do you still remember that time when I was bitten by his beast in the Demon Market?”

       Ling Xiao nodded slightly.

       Xia Hongshen said, “Because the wound could not heal for a long time, Lonshao took me to Yun Qingshan Hongyin Temple to ask the abbot for help. Only then did I realise that it was caused by demonic energy soaking into the wound.”

       “Demonic energy?” Ling Xiao couldn’t hide his surprise.

       They were demons living in this city, but they had grown accustomed to peacefully coexisting with humans. Generally speaking, they didn’t harm people because doing so could easily expose their existence, making their future lives more precarious.

       However, the so-called ‘devil’ was entirely different. They didn’t belong to this world; perhaps they didn’t even have a complete physical form. Nevertheless, without exception, they all possessed formidable power.

       While it wasn’t uncommon for the owner of the demonic market to tame supernatural beasts to guard the market, the problem arose when these beasts carried demonic energy. The demons in the city were reluctant to be controlled by a devil.

       Xiang Wenxi lay on the back of the sofa chair, frowned when he heard this, and said, “You’re saying that this city is mixed with devils?”

       Xia Hongshen shook his head, “It’s hard to say. That’s why I’ve come to ask for your help.”

       He used the word ‘help’, and Xiang Wenxi suddenly felt relieved. Ling Xiao was obviously no longer so resistant. He mused, “The Demon Market has been around for a long time. It has been said that the owner has immense influence here. It’s not realistic to say that it’s an external demonic entity. I speculate that his method of taming supernatural beasts may be unconventional, or perhaps he obtained some demonic artefact to assist him…”

       Xia Hongshen said, “The latter is more likely.”

       Ling Xiao continued, “But the identity of the owner of the Demon Market is too mysterious. He has never shown up in the Demon Market. Even on the day you almost destroyed the entire market, he could stop you but still didn’t reveal himself. I can’t think of anyone else in this city who might know his identity. The only way is to investigate at that amusement park. At least there must be someone in that amusement park who knows his identity.”

       Xia Hongshen seemed to think for a moment and said, “Let’s go together tomorrow.”

       Ling Xiao looked at him without speaking.

       Xia Hongshen said, “Like you, I don’t want to see this city destroyed.”

       Ling Xiao finally nodded.

       The next day, Song Jun took a leave of absence to accompany Xia Hongshen to the amusement park. In fact, the senior sister couldn’t come, and he, being the only one left, shouldn’t have taken a day off. However, the appraisal centre had been experiencing a downturn in business lately, and it was a matter of survival. At this time, no one was worried about whether his son was their biological child. For two or three consecutive days, there had been no clients at the appraisal centre.

       So, the responsible teacher simply granted him a day off while holding down the fort at the appraisal centre.

       Song Jun woke up in bed in the morning and suddenly had a realisation that it felt like he was going to go on a date with Xia Hongshen. He opened his eyes early in the morning and could not fall asleep again.

       In the morning, he and Xia Hongshen went out together. It was no longer easy to take a taxi, so they had to take the bus. They made an appointment with Ling Xiao and others to meet at the entrance of the amusement park.

       After arriving, Song Jun saw Xiang Wenxi waving to him from a distance, and he immediately had the illusion that they were on a double date.

       When he thought of this, Song Jun couldn’t help but turn his head and glance at Xia Hongshen. It turned out that Xia Hongshen was looking up at the sign at the gate of the amusement park and didn’t notice his thoughts at all.

       The amusement park was quite desolate, but fortunately, it hadn’t closed its doors to customers.

       In fact, the city’s amusement park hadn’t been doing well for the past two years. Despite its long history, the facilities were not as modern as those in larger amusement parks on the outskirts of the city. With the lack of attractions to draw in out-of-town visitors, the park had become increasingly deserted.

       The tickets to the amusement park were not expensive because all the rides there were charged separately. Xia Hongshen bought four tickets and went in with them.

       There were no guests along the way, only amusement park staff.

       But the person they were looking for should be lurking among these staff members.

       Ling Xiao and Xiang Wenxi were paying attention all the way. Although Xia Hongshen wasn’t actively looking around, he was still paying attention to the people around him. If someone was a demon, he could easily sense their aura.

       The only part of the amusement park that seemed to be doing relatively well was its water park. However, due to the infectious disease, there were also very few visitors there now.

       Song Jun was the only one who didn’t know anything and could only follow them. He was actually somewhat interested in the roller coaster he passed just now, but he didn’t have the nerve to suggest that he go on it.

       Xia Hongshen’s footsteps suddenly stopped, and he raised his head and looked up.

       Song Jun looked in the direction of his gaze and saw him looking at an observation deck opposite the water park, where someone could be vaguely seen sitting on it.

       Ling Xiao also looked over and said immediately, “They are from the Demon Market.”

       The person opposite seemed to notice their gaze, turned around in a hurry and climbed down from the observation deck.

       There was a large water pool separating them. While anyone could probably cross the pool to catch that person immediately, they obviously didn’t intend to do so in front of the other people in the amusement park.

       They quickly split into different groups to catch the person. Xia Hongshen asked Song Jun to follow him, and they ran around the pool towards the front.

       Song Jun hurriedly followed Xia Hongshen.

       Their movements in the entire amusement park were very conspicuous, and many staff members immediately looked over.

       Song Jun couldn’t run as fast as Xia Hongshen and his physical strength was far inferior to that of Xia Hongshen. When he chased after him, he was already out of breath.

       By this time, the man had long since disappeared.

       Ling Xiao moved even faster. He pointed in a direction to the right, indicating that he had seen the person running that way just now.

       Song Jun looked in the direction he pointed and saw that it was a haunted house in an amusement park.

       This haunted house was newly built in recent years. When Song Jun came here as a child, this thing didn’t exist yet, so naturally, he had never been inside.

       The staff guarding the gate in front of the haunted house were all gone, probably because there was no work and the weather was hot, so they went to hide somewhere.

       Song Jun gasped, pulled Xia Hongshen and asked, “Are we going in?”

       Xia Hongshen raised his head, looked at the outline of the entire haunted house and said, “Go in. There might be something mysterious inside.”

       In Song Jun’s opinion, haunted houses were all lies. He was not afraid at first, but when he heard Xia Hongshen’s unclear words, he suddenly became nervous.

       Xia Hongshen probably felt that Song Jun was afraid, so he stretched out his hand to him and said, “Follow me.”

       Song Jun quickly took Xia Hongshen’s hand and followed him towards the haunted house.

       As soon as they stepped in, the curtain at the door was drawn down, completely blocking out the light from outside. There was only a small, slightly glowing green light on both sides of the road pointing out the way forward.

       Xia Hongshen walked at the front, followed by Song Jun, and behind him were Ling Xiao and Xiang Wenxi. He had to say that this made him feel more secure.

       However, Xia Hongshen stopped and said, “The yin energy is very strong.”

       “Senior brother?” Song Jun couldn’t help calling him softly.

       Xia Hongshen said to him, “Never let go of my hand.”

       Song Jun nodded and held Xia Hongshen’s hand tighter.

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Chapter 44 – Demonic Energy

       At the beginning of July, a large temple fair would be held near a century-old temple in the city, which would last for a week.

       Xi Anling came to find Song Jun, hoping to invite him to the temple fair over the weekend. After some hesitation, Song Jun agreed to Xi Anling’s invitation but also invited Feng Junyuan to join them.

       Song Jun thought of taking this opportunity to visit the temple, offering prayers for Xia Hongshen and burning incense. He hoped that Xia Hongshen would recover soon, as he couldn’t stop worrying about it every day, and his sleep was restless every night.

       They went there in the afternoon that day, planning to stop by the temple fair to have some snacks for dinner.

       After arriving, Xi Anling couldn’t help but wander around. She had to go to almost all the stalls to take a look before she felt satisfied.

       Song Jun stood in front of a small stall, picked up a bell, and jingled it in his hand. Suddenly, he had the idea of giving this bell to Xia Hongshen. Ideally, he thought, he could first take it to the temple and have a master bless it. Then, Xia Hongshen could wear it around his neck. No, wait, it was meant for the little cat to wear…

       “What?” Xi Anling suddenly came over, reached out, snatched the bell from Song Jun’s hand, and said, “The bell.”

       Song Jun then remembered that Xia Hongshen already had a bell. Although he sometimes seemed a little disgusted with it, it was an immortal weapon at least, and it was far inferior to his own.

       Feeling a little frustrated, Song Jun turned around and walked towards other stalls.

       There were too many people at the temple fair. After Song Jun bought fried crepes in front of a small stall, he turned around and found that Xi Anling and Feng Junyuan were gone.

       Song Jun grabbed the crepes and squeezed into the crowd. He had only walked a few steps when he saw a woman blocking him.

       The woman was wearing Hanfu1Hanfu are the traditional styles of clothing worn by the Han Chinese., and her hair was in a bun. It didn’t look very strange in this kind of temple environment, but she still attracted a lot of attention from the people around her.

       Song Jun was slightly surprised when she stopped him.

       The woman smiled at Song Jun and said, “Little Brother, would you like to have your fortune told?”

       Song Jun was stunned for a moment, thinking it was a scammer from somewhere, but refused immediately, “No need.”

       The woman was not angry. She had a beautiful smile and an elegant posture. This dress suited her perfectly. She said, “I won’t charge you any money. I just want to give you a message. Those born under an inauspicious fate may inadvertently harm themselves by harming others.”

       Song Jun looked at her in shock when he heard this.

       After the woman finished speaking, she smiled gently, turned and left the crowd.

       However, Song Jun looked at her fading figure, feeling bewildered and at a loss for a long time. He thought the woman’s words seemed to be directed at him – born under an inauspicious fate? Harming oneself by harming others? What did it mean? Was she implying that Senior Brother Xia’s injury was a consequence of his involvement?

       “What’s wrong?” Xi Anling suddenly slapped him from behind.

       Song Jun shook his head, saying there was nothing wrong. However, even when Feng Junyuan and the others came to call him into the temple later, he still couldn’t shake off the lingering unease from the woman’s words.

       After returning from the temple fair that night, Song Jun just stepped onto the second floor of the dormitory and found that Xia Hongshen’s door was open.

       “Senior Brother Xia!” Song Jun couldn’t hide his excitement and ran towards Xia Hongshen’s room.

       In the end, it turned out that when he ran over, he found that apart from Xia Hongshen, Long Xing was surprisingly there as well, and immediately felt embarrassed.

       Xia Hongshen sat beside the bed and waved to him.

       Song Jun hurried over and asked, “Is the injury healed?”

       Xia Hongshen raised his trousers slightly and said, “It’s okay.”

       Song Jun squatted at his feet and looked down and saw that the injury on his leg had indeed healed.

       “What happened?” Song Jun couldn’t help asking.

       Long Xing looked at Xia Hongshen.

       Xia Hongshen touched Song Jun’s head and said, “It was eroded by the demonic energy.”

       “Demonic energy?” When Song Jun heard what Xia Hongshen said, he immediately thought of what Xiang Wenxi had mentioned when she came to see him earlier. Unable to contain his fear, he said to Xia Hongshen, “I heard from Xiang Wenxi that the owner of that Demon Market has quite a background. He warned us to be cautious, as he might seek revenge.”

       “Owner of Demon Market, huh,” Xia Hongshen said thoughtfully upon hearing this.

       Long Xing reminded him, “The wound on your leg was bitten by those demonic beasts guarding the Demon Market.”

       Xia Hongshen nodded, “I understand. The owner of the demonic market should indeed be a demonic being. But why would tamed demonic beasts carry demonic energy?”

       When he asked this, Long Xing and Song Jun were even more at a loss as to how to answer.

       Unable to figure things out immediately, Long Xing stood up and took his leave. These days had been challenging for him, and with Yun Po still not returning to the temple, he had taken Xia Hongshen to seek assistance from the abbot. They stayed in the temple for some time until the abbot helped cleanse the demonic energy from Xia Hongshen’s wound.

       Once the demonic energy was dispelled, the wound began to heal on its own. Long Xing hurried back with Xia Hongshen. He had taken several days off, and now he was anxious to return and officially end his leave to resume work.

       With Long Xing gone, only Song Jun and Xia Hongshen remained, and he felt a bit awkward, especially after learning that Xia Hongshen was the little black cat.

       Song Jun said, “You can rest. I’ll go back first.”

       Xia Hongshen suddenly called out, “Chunjun.”

       Song Jun turned to look at him in surprise. Ever since he took him away from the demon market that day, Xia Hongshen had been drowsy due to injuries. Song Jun also firmly believed that he was not Chunjun, so he didn’t ask him about it, but he didn’t expect that Xia Hongshen would take the initiative to mention it now.

       “I’m not Chunjun,” Song Jun shook his head.

       Xia Hongshen asked him calmly, “Why aren’t you?”

       Song Jun was momentarily stunned by the question. He couldn’t quite understand why he was so certain that he wasn’t the one, but a voice in his head kept insisting that he wasn’t. He could only say, “If I were, why am I still just an ordinary student? I haven’t felt any special powers within me, and I don’t have any memories of the past.”

       Upon hearing this, Xia Hongshen simply told him, “You are Chunjun, there’s no need for doubt.”

       Song Jun shook his head. He didn’t know what to say, so he said, “You can rest. I’m going back.”

       It was almost nine o’clock in the evening when Long Xing returned to his rented house. Long Xing lived in a shared apartment. His roommate was not a policeman but a boy who was still in college. He often stayed at home playing games and rarely went out.

       When Long Xing returned, his roommate was already asleep, and the room’s door was tightly shut. Long Xing took a shower, then went back to his own room, closed the door, and spent some time playing on his phone while sitting on the bed.

       Just when he turned off the lights and was about to go to sleep, he suddenly heard a slight movement from next door. The college student seemed to have suddenly opened the door and kept making small noises.

       At first, Long Xing thought he was looking for something to eat and didn’t pay attention. However, the noise lasted for a long time, and Long Xing finally couldn’t help but get up and open the door.

       The room was pitch black, with no lights on in the living room or the bedroom. Only a faint silhouette sitting on the sofa could be vaguely discerned.

       “Ma Yang?” Long Xing called the college student’s name.

       The other party did not respond to him.

       Long Xing walked to the door and fumbled to turn on the ceiling light in the living room. The moment the light enveloped him, he saw the college student sitting on the sofa with blood all over his face.

       At first, Long Xing thought he was injured and hurriedly went to take a look, only to find that his face was covered with red spots. The blood on his face was clearly caused by scratching the skin with his nails. At this time, he was still scratching his chest, raised his head as he looked at Long Xing and said, “It’s so itchy.”

       Long Xing felt his scalp numb and said, “Stop scratching it; it’s already broken!”

       He sent the roommate to a nearby hospital overnight.

       After arriving at the hospital, Long Xing discovered in the emergency department that many people came to the emergency department because of skin problems. First, they developed red spots and rashes, and then due to severe itching, the patients scratched the spots with their hands and started to bleed. It was like some terrible infectious disease, and the cause was unknown for the time being.

       Since that day, there had been reports in the city about a new infectious disease, and the citizens were advised to be cautious of early symptoms, seek medical attention promptly, and avoid crowded places.

       Song Jun saw the news on the TV in the campus cafeteria while having lunch. However, due to the summer vacation, there were not many people on campus, and the news didn’t elicit much reaction. It was only the next day, when Song Jun returned to the appraisal centre, that he found out his senior sister had taken a leave of absence.

       The teacher at the laboratory told Song Jun that the senior sister was infected with a new infectious disease and asked Song Jun to be careful and it would be best to go to the hospital for a check-up.

       Song Jun nodded and said he understood.

       That night, when Song Jun took a shower in the water room, he checked his whole body and found no red spots. But he still felt a little worried. After taking a bath, Song Jun ran to knock on Xia Hongshen’s door and asked him to help him check if there was anything growing on the back of his neck.

       Xia Hongshen checked him carefully and asked him to take off his T-shirt, saying that he wanted to check his back.

       So Song Jun hesitantly took off his T-shirt and stood in front of Xia Hongshen with his back to him to let him see.

       After looking at it, Xia Hongshen said, “There is nothing.”

       Song Jun put the T-shirt back on and, at the same time, heard Xia Hongshen say, “You won’t catch it easily.”

       “Huh?” Song Jun was a little surprised that he said this.

       Xia Hongshen sat in front of the computer desk, one leg propped up, and, in a rare occassion, wearing glasses. He said, “This is not an ordinary infectious disease; it seems like it’s been affected by demonic energy.”

       Song Jun’s eyes widened in disbelief.

       Xia Hongshen supported his chin with one hand and seemed to be thinking about this issue as well. He said, “The spread of demonic energy…how could this happen?”

       Song Jun was even more confused and sat down beside Xia Hongshen’s bed.

       Xia Hongshen seemed to be talking to himself, “It seems to have happened after we went to the Demon Market. I don’t know where it started to spread. Could it be related to the owner of the Demon Market?”

       Song Jun asked softly, “Erosion by demonic energy? What will happen to these people? Will they… die?”

       Xia Hongshen tapped his arm lightly with his left hand, “For now, it hasn’t happened, but if left unchecked, it might lead to demonic transformation.”

       Surprised, Song Jun stood up abruptly. “What kind of joke is this?” he exclaimed. He felt like Xia Hongshen had probably read too many fantasy novels. Even though he had accepted the existence of immortals and supernatural beings in this world, the idea of a city-wide demonic transformation and a bio-hazard sounded too unreal.

       Xia Hongshen seemed to know what he was thinking and said, “Of course, it won’t happen like you are worried about. There is still a balance in the natural order. If this city were completely infected by demonic energy, the celestial being above would abandon the city, burying it along with the demonic energy. After destruction, there is always rebirth. Humans have a powerful ability to propagate, and the heavens show no mercy.”

       Song Jun’s face changed because he felt that what Xia Hongshen said might be the truth.

       Xia Hongshen thought for a moment and asked Song Jun, “Can you still find the wolf demon and the little fox?”

       Song Jun recalled the house that Ling Xiao and the others took back from that old building. Xiang Wenxi once said that it was Ling Xiao’s home.

       “Maybe,” he said uncertainly.

       “I want to meet them. Please come with me,” Xia Hongshen said to Song Jun.

       Song Jun looked at Xia Hongshen’s expression and guessed that he might want to find out the source of the spread of demonic energy. He nodded quickly and said, “Okay.”

       The next evening, Song Jun came out from work at the laboratory and saw the little black cat that was Xia Hongshen sitting in front of the Forensic Medicine building, waiting for him.

       Song Jun walked up to him and asked in silence for a while, “You want to go like this?”

       The little black cat answered him, “Meow~”

       Song Jun picked him up and took a taxi to the school gate.

       The street looked very bleak these days. Because it was close to the hospital, there were slightly more pedestrians coming and going, but they were also in a hurry, and most of them were wearing masks.

       After finally stopping a taxi, the driver repeatedly warned Song Jun not to let his cat scratch the seat and not to urinate indiscriminately.

       Song Jun was a little embarrassed and said, “He won’t.”

       After getting in the car, Song Jun saw the little black cat lying on the car window looking out, so he went over and saw a man suddenly fall to the ground on the side of the road, desperately reaching out to scratch his face, and everyone around him ran away and didn’t dare to get close.

       “Ah—” the driver suddenly sighed and said, “If this continues, I won’t dare to do work tomorrow. I’d better go home and rest for a few days.”

       When Song Jun heard this, he lowered his head to look at the little black cat. The little black cat also raised its head and looked at him.

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Chapter 43 – Infectious Disease

       There was no news from Long Xing and Feng Junyuan for a while. After being rejected by Xia Hongshen, Xi Anling refused to come over but would occasionally call Song Jun from time to time to ask how Xia Hongshen was doing.

       In fact, Xia Hongshen’s condition had been very stable; the wound had not worsened, nor had he recovered.

       It was just drowsiness, unexplained drowsiness. Sometimes, he could sleep all day long in Song Jun’s arms. However, when Song Jun asked him to get up and eat, he was not entirely unresponsive. He was only willing to eat cat food, with the addition of Whiskas food pouch.

       Song Jun always felt that Whiskas pouch was not healthy for the injured Xia Hongshen, so he refused to give it to him. He just let him eat some cat food and drink some milk.

       As summer approached, Song Jun’s first year of graduate school came to an end. All his courses would conclude after this semester, and he would be exclusively engaged in lab experiments from the next semester onwards. With this, his schedule would become more flexible. Additionally, his advisor arranged for him to assist at the identification centre in the institute, earning a monthly salary of 1,200 yuan. Hence, he no longer had to take time off to work in a milk tea shop.

       But before that, he still had to deal with the final exam of this semester.

       Two days before the exam, Song Jun went to the classroom to borrow last year’s test papers and spent the afternoon studying in the classroom. Xia Hongshen refused to stay in the dormitory alone and insisted on going out with Song Jun.

       So Song Jun packed him up in a backpack and took him to the classroom.

       Fortunately, Xia Hongshen was not a real cat. He would not run around or meow at inappropriate times.

       Due to various chaotic events recently, Song Jun felt he was falling behind in his studies. Holding photocopies of exam papers, he spent almost two hours in the classroom, flipping through books and studying.

       Xia Hongshen lay down in his backpack at first, then crawled onto Song Jun’s lap and slept on his stomach.

       A girl sitting in the front row of Song Jun passed by his seat and noticed the black cat on his lap. She whispered, “You brought the cat to self-study?”

       Song Jun raised his head and smiled in acquiescence.

       The girl reached out and scratched the little black cat’s head, then returned to her seat and sat down.

       Xia Hongshen raised his paw and scratched the touched area.

       Song Jun then scratched him for a while, then raised his head to look at the girl and suddenly found several red spots on the back of the girl’s neck.

       While the girl was studying, she reached out and scratched the back of her neck.

       After a while, the red spot started to bleed. She covered it with a tissue and didn’t dare to scratch it anymore.

       Song Jun didn’t mind the distractions and spent the entire afternoon studying. Later, he returned to the dormitory, carrying Xia Hongshen with him.

       After two or three days, Long Xing and Feng Junyuan came back.

       They failed to find Yun Po, but they found the abbot master of the temple where Yun Po was located. The master had not left the temple for many years. If they took Xia Hongshen to the temple, the master might be able to try to find out what was going on.

       “Going to the temple?” Song Jun asked.

       Long Xing said, “I don’t know what else to do.”

       Several people were silent for a while.

       Long Xing said to Song Jun, “Why don’t you come with us? I’m really worried about leaving you alone.”

       Hearing what Long Xing said, Song Jun suddenly thought of Ling Xiao and Xiang Wenxi. Perhaps it was because those two people had never hurt him, and Song Jun wasn’t that afraid of them, but it was really not a pleasant thing to be caught and threatened to be sold.

       Song Jun had an exam tomorrow, and within the past two weeks, there would be three or four exams in succession. He had no way to leave, and there was no way he could let Xia Hongshen wait for him with his injury.

       After hesitating, Song Jun said to Long Xing, “You’d better bring Senior Brother Xia for treatment first. I’ll be fine.”

       Long Xing hesitated for a moment and said to Feng Junyuan, “You take Teacher Xia, and I’ll stay and watch Song Jun.”

       But Feng Junyuan said, “It’s better that I stay and you go.”

       Song Jun suddenly felt embarrassed and said, “I’m fine…” but he was only saying it and didn’t seem convincing.

       In the end, it was decided that Feng Junyuan would stay behind. Song Jun would at least have someone to help him if something happened. Long Xing took Xia Hongshen to the temple alone, and Xi Anling also stayed because he had final exams like Song Jun.

       Long Xing took Xia Hongshen away, and it was also time for Song Jun’s final exam. He was reviewing and preparing for the exam every day. In order to concentrate on reading, he simply went to the classroom most of the time.

       There had been no news from Long Xing, and Song Jun felt worried constantly.

       Just like this, the exam week was over, and Song Jun finally completed a few exams safely. He would not have to return to the classroom for the next two years.

       Many people plan to stay on the campus this summer, including Bu Hui, who was about to finish his hospital internship.

       Zhou Yingchun called Song Jun and asked him to go to the appraisal centre to help at the beginning of the summer vacation. He would have weekends off, and he would be paid at a rate of fifty yuan per day.

       Song Jun thanked Zhou Yingchun repeatedly.

       Before the exams, Song Jun had already informed the boss at the milk tea shop that once he finished the exam, he would no longer be working there. The boss was very nice and said there would be no problem at all.

       The night after Song Jun finished his exam, he went to the milk tea shop to help out for the last time.

       At around eight o’clock in the evening, he saw Xiang Wenxi, with yellow hair, walking in from outside.

       Song Jun suddenly felt nervous and subconsciously wondered if he should give Feng Junyuan a call.

       In the end, Xiang Wenxi sat in front of the counter and ordered a cup of milk tea.

       Song Jun brewed him milk tea and couldn’t help but ask, “Is Ling Xiao okay?”

       Xiang Wenxi propped up his face with both hands, looked at him and said, “Fine, he’s not dead.”

       Song Jun finished brewing the milk tea and asked, “Would you like to drink it now?”

       Xiang Wenxi nodded.

       So Song Jun helped him insert the straw and handed it to him.

       Xiang Wenxi took it, took two sips, and then said, “Ling Xiao isn’t dead, so I won’t bother with you guys.”

       Song Jun subconsciously retorted, “It was you who stole our things first. We should be the ones settling the score with you, shouldn’t we?”

       Xiang Wenxi glared at him.

       Song Jun lowered his head and wiped the counter hard with a rag.

       Xiang Wenxi said, “You killed my brother, and I wasn’t even planning to settle the score with you! Are we really going to be able to settle this?”

       In his heart, Song Jun was complaining that it was his brother who had evil intentions first, and that was why Senior Brother Xia killed him, no? But there was no point in arguing with Xiang Wenxi. After all, Xiang Wenshi had lost his life. It was normal for his brother to want revenge, so Song Jun fell silent.

       Xiang Wenxi continued, “But you have offended someone, and I am afraid that person will not let you go easily.”

       Song Jun heard this and looked up at him in surprise.

       Xiang Wenxi said, “Don’t you remember what happened that day when Demon Zhen made a big fuss in the Demon Market? I heard that the owner of the Demon Market has a very powerful background. I’m afraid he won’t let it go so easily.”

       Song Jun said, “What happened that day was obviously caused by you.”

       Xiang Wenxi’s expression immediately turned somewhat subtle. He was silent for a moment and said, “I took Ling Xiao for treatment, but many places were reluctant to accept him. I think someone might have spread the word behind the scenes.”

       Song Jun stopped wiping the counter and asked Xiang Wenxi, “Who is the owner of the Demon Market?”

       Xiang Wenxi shook his head and said, “I don’t know either. Anyway, just take care of yourself.” After that, he added, “If you are really Chunjun.”

       After that, Xiang Wenxi took the milk tea and left. After he left, Song Jun realised that he hadn’t paid at all, and he had to compensate for the money for his cup of milk tea himself.

       However, after seeing Xiang Wenxi, Song Jun could breathe a sigh of relief. At least Xiang Wenxi and Ling Xiao had no intention of kidnapping and selling him again. According to Xiang Wenxi, they might be somewhat preoccupied at the moment.

       He didn’t know who the owner of the Demon Market was, and he didn’t know what caused the injury on Xia Hongshen’s leg.

       These things were too complicated for Song Jun. He probably couldn’t figure them out clearly based on his own imagination.

       Xia Hongshen had not yet returned. Long Xing called, assuring them that they could relax as they had found a way to heal Xia Hongshen’s injuries.

       When he heard what Long Xing said, Song Jun breathed a sigh of relief.

       At the beginning of the summer vacation, he officially went to the appraisal centre to help. His job was very simple. He was responsible for receiving guests who came for appraisals and collecting blood from the persons being appraised.

       Song Jun had just started to work in this field, so it was inevitable that he would not be familiar with it. Fortunately, he had a senior sister with him who could teach him step by step.

       Their testing centre received the most customers who came for paternity testing. Generally speaking, the senior sister was responsible for reception, and Song Jun was responsible for collecting blood.

       However, it was only his second day at work. When he was collecting blood from a guest, he rolled up his sleeves and saw red sores all over the guest’s arms.

       Even though he was wearing gloves, Song Jun was still startled and subconsciously wanted to retract his hand.

       The customer also felt a little embarrassed and said, “I don’t know what I’m allergic to recently; every time I scratch, my hands end up covered in wounds.”

       Song Jun calmed down and said, “The allergy is so serious, it’s better to go to the hospital.”

       After that, there wasn’t much said. When the guests left, Song Jun returned to the computer, and his senior sister sat nearby, continuing to surf the internet.

       After a while, Song Jun noticed that the senior sister was scratching her own face. He turned around and took a look and saw many red pimples on the senior sister’s face.

       Song Jun stopped her and told her to stop scratching.

       The senior sister was stunned for a moment, ran to the bathroom and looked in the mirror. When she came back, she said, “It seems like an allergy. I don’t know what’s causing it. I’ll go buy some antiallergic medicine later.”

       Song Jun nodded and then felt something was wrong. He suddenly began to worry about whether it was an infectious disease, so he said to his senior sister, “Go to the hospital early after work. Be careful; it might be contagious. I just noticed that the arms of that customer were covered in red sores too.”

       When the senior sister heard this, she made a disgusted expression and said, “Then I’ll go to the hospital to have a look.”

       Thinking of this, Song Jun couldn’t help but go to the bathroom and wash his hands again.

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Chapter 42 – Little Black Cat

       Song Jun didn’t know when he fell asleep, or it would be more appropriate to say when he had fainted.

       It was still dark when he woke up. It was Long Xing who pushed him awake. He opened his eyes in confusion and couldn’t remember where he was for a while.

       Long Xing said to him, “Get up quickly. People will come to the park to exercise at dawn. You will be taken as perverts.”

       Song Jun suddenly came to his senses and found that Xia Hongshen was still lying on top of him, having returned to her human appearance.

       “Xia…Senior Brother Xia?” Song Jun still hasn’t recovered from yesterday’s shock.

       Long Xing knelt down beside Xia Hongshen and Song Jun and also reached out to push Xia Hongshen, “Teacher Xia?”

       Xia Hongshen slowly opened his eyes and took a look at him, then yawned tiredly and was about to close his eyes and continue sleeping.

       Song Jun came to his senses at this time and pushed Xia Hongshen hard together with Long Xing, “Don’t sleep! Get up quickly!”

       Xia Hongshen finally opened his eyes and sat up from Song Jun.

       Both he and Song Jun still had bloodstains on them. Somehow, Song Jun recalled the events of last night and felt that Xia Hongshen was somewhat frightening. Just a glance from Xia Hongshen made him quickly turn his head away.

       But Long Xing reached out and touched Xia Hongshen’s leg and asked, “Are you injured?”

       Xia Hongshen rolled up his trousers and saw that there were indeed deep bite marks on his calf. Although it was no longer bleeding, the wound was still visible. His own physical recovery ability was very strong, so he didn’t care and said, “Ignore it.”

       They left the park before dawn, and Long Xing drove Xia Hongshen and Song Jun back to the campus.

       In addition to being a little scared about what happened last night, Song Jun also thought that he knew too many incredible things at once and had complicated emotions. He found it challenging to easily distinguish what was true and what was false. Now, he struggled with how to face these things.

       The next day, Song Jun forced himself to gather his spirits. He attended classes and went to the lab as needed. Just after returning to the dormitory in the afternoon, Song Jun received a call from Bu Hui, asking him to have dinner with Xia Hongshen in the evening. Bu Hui also mentioned for Song Jun to inform Xia Hongshen after returning to the dormitory.

       Song Jun hesitated and asked, “Is Senior Brother Xia in the dormitory?”

       Bu Hui said, “He was there until I went out in the afternoon.”

       After hanging up the phone, Song Jun stood at the door of Xia Hongshen’s room and knocked on the door. After knocking for a while, there was no response. Just when he was about to call Bu Hui back and let Bu Hui call Xia Hongshen, the door opened.

       Xia Hongshen stood at the door, wearing a pair of trousers and an open white shirt, revealing his strong and smooth chest.

       Song Jun suddenly blushed.

       When Xia Hongshen saw Song Jun, he reached out and hugged him and then immediately went back to the room and lay down on his single bed.

       Song Jun was stunned for a moment, then walked in and saw Xia Hongshen lying on the bed holding the quilt, looking very sleepy. This was the first time Song Jun has seen Xia Hongshen like this.

       He hesitated for a while and finally walked to the edge of the bed, sat down, and called out ‘Senior Brother Xia’.

       Xia Hongshen didn’t respond at first, but after a moment, he said ‘hmm’ softly.

       Song Jun came closer and asked, “Are you sick?”

       Xia Hongshen suddenly opened his eyes and looked at him.

       Song Jun was startled, afraid that Xia Hongshen would suddenly jump up and bite him, so he couldn’t help but retreat.

       But Xia Hongshen just glanced at him, then closed his eyes and said, “No.”

       Song Jun’s rapid heartbeat gradually calmed down. Seeing Xia Hongshen completely wrapped in the blanket, with messy hair and an overall dispirited appearance, Song Jun couldn’t help but feel a twinge of heartache.

       It was true that he was a little afraid of Xia Hongshen now, but he also liked Xia Hongshen, and he knew it better than anyone else.

       Son Jun couldn’t help but reach out and touch Xia Hongshen’s hair. He found that it was unexpectedly soft.

       Xia Hongshen seemed to find it comforting. He moved his head slightly and rubbed against Song Jun’s palm.

       Seeing that Xia Hongshen found comfort, Song Jun gently stroked Xia Hongshen’s head, thinking that perhaps most furry animals enjoyed being petted like this.

       After a while, Song Jun heard someone knocking on the door outside. He quickly retracted his hand and blushed. He hurriedly ran to open the door and saw that the people who appeared outside the door turned out to be Long Xing and Feng Junyuan.

       Long Xing didn’t seem surprised to see Song Jun, he turned around and pulled Feng Junyuan in.

       Feng Junyuan looked unhappy.

       Long Xing pulled him to the bedside, squatted down and rolled up Xia Hongshen’s trouser legs to show Feng Junyuan.

       Only then did Song Jun realise that the injury on Xia Hongshen’s leg showed no signs of healing at all.

       Feng Junyuan glanced sideways and said, “What’s the use of calling me here? I’m not a veterinarian.”

       Long Xing said to him, “You should take a look first before talking. I think this wound may not be that simple.”

       Song Jun also quickly came closer to take a look and said worriedly, “What’s going on?”

       When Feng Junyuan saw Long Xing and Song Jun looking at him eagerly, he had no choice but to sit down by the bed, look carefully at the wound on Xia Hongshen’s leg, and even stretch out his hand to pinch it.

       Xia Hongshen woke up, raised hia head to look at them, and said, “What?”

       Feng Junyuan frowned. The person lying down was not an ordinary person, so it was meaningless to judge the progress of ordinary people’s wound healing. However, the wound on Xia Hongshen’s leg seemed to contain something that made people feel uncomfortable, and he couldn’t say what it was.

       Song Jun asked Feng Junyuan, “Do you need iodine?”

       Feng Junyuan rolled his eyes at him, “No need.”

       At this time, Song Jun’s cell phone rang. It was Bu Hui, asking if he had spoken to Xia Hongshen yet.

       Seeing Xia Hongshen’s condition, Song Jun felt that he might not be able to go to dinner, but he still leaned closer and asked softly, “Senior Brother Xia, Senior Brother didn’t invite you to dinner. Do you want to go?”

       Xia Hongshen opened his eyes and said, “I don’t want to go.”

       Song Jun quickly said to Bu Hui, “Senior Brother Bu, Senior Brother Xia seems to be sick and can’t go, and I won’t go either. Let’s try another day.”

       “Is that so?” Bu Hui said, “Then I will bring you some food in the evening.”

       Song Jun responded, “Thank you, Senior Brother Bu.”

       After hanging up the phone, Song Jun turned back to look at Xia Hongshen on the bed and was shocked to find that he was gone. Only a small black cat was left on the bed. Song Jun recognised this cat; it was the one that often came into his room to scavenge for food.

       Song Jun’s eyes widened, and he pointed at the cat on the bed.

       There was a strange silence in the room, and Long Xing said, “Ah, no, he seems to have changed back to its original form.”

       Change back to his original from? Shouldn’t it be the big scary monster from last night? Why a little black cat? And this little black cat was Xia Hongshen’s other form? So the cat that had been eating in his dormitory was actually Xia Hongshen?

       Song Jun felt that he couldn’t accept it for a while, and he said, “I’m going to wash my face…”

       He came to the water room and flushed his face with cold water. Song Jun felt calmer. Xia Hongshen first said he was a deity, and he accepted it. Later, he found out that he was a monster, and he reluctantly accepted it. Now, he was just a little black cat. Why couldn’t he accept it?

       When he went back to the room, Song Jun heard Long Xing telling Feng Junyuan that he was going to see Yun Po.

       Seeing Song Jun come back, Long Xing said, “Just in time, you can take care of Teacher Xia for the next few days. I will go find Master Yun Po and ask him to find out what happened to Teacher Xia’s injury.”

       Song Jun actually didn’t want Long Xing to leave. Perhaps because Long Xing was a policeman, Song Jun always felt that Long Xing was very reliable. He said, “I remember Senior Brother Xia has Master Yun Po’s phone number.”

       Long Xing said, “I can’t get through it. I’ll go to the temple to look for it first, hoping to find Master Yun Po.”

       Then, Long Xing looked in the direction of Feng Junyuan.

       Feng Junyuan seemed a little helpless and said, “I’ll go with you to find Yun Po.”

       Long Xing smiled.

       Xia Hongshen was handed over to Song Jun. Before leaving, Long Xing told Song Jun that if anything happened, he could contact him or ask Xi Anling for help.

       Song Jun nodded, turned back to look at the little black cat, and reached out to scratch his hair.

       The little black cat was still sleeping, looking very sweet.

       Later, Bu Hui brought them dinner. Song Jun simply told Bu Hui that Xia Hongshen was seriously ill and his family came to take him back.

       “Family members?” Bu Hui was a little surprised, “From so far away?”

       Song Jun didn’t know where Xia Hongshen told Bu Hui that his home was, so he could only smile and perfunctorily pass by.

       After receiving the dinner brought back by Bu Hui, Song Jun sat in Xia Hongshen’s room to eat. From time to time, he looked back at Xia Hongshen and always felt that it was very strange to associate this kitten with Senior Brother Xia.

       Before dinner was finished, Xi Anling came over. She even brought two boxes of milk, saying they were for Xia Hongshen.

       Xi Anling seemed neither surprised nor nervous about Xia Hongshen’s state but rather happy.

       Song Jun returned to his room and found the small bowl used by the little black cat. Xi Anling poured the milk into it and insisted on feeding it to Xia Hongshen.

       The little black cat was sleeping, but after it woke it up, she held it in her arms and put the small bowl in front of it. The little black cat stuck out its tongue and licked it twice, then refused to drink. It struggled to leave Xi Anling’s arms and crawled towards Song Jun.

       Xi Anling reached out to grab its tail, but the little black cat turned its head and tried to bite her, so Xi Anling quickly let go.

       The little black cat crawled into Song Jun’s arms, put its head on his arm and fell asleep again.

       Xi Anling was a little shocked and told Song Jun that she would come and visit when she had time, and then left.

       Song Jun gently rubbed the top of the little black cat’s head, stretched out his hand to pinch its hind legs and looked over. When he saw that the wound was still visible, he couldn’t help but feel heartache. He hugged it and kissed the top of its head.

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