Hi I’m Hoenika but you can also call me ika and I like reading tea lololol I’m a Japanese translator… well was… but I’ll try to translate when I have free time (suggest me one?). Maybe one day I’ll try to MTL cn novels too? But in the meantime I’m slowly learning cn _(:3」∠)_

Novel I’m releasing atm:

Sakura no Kuni Kirschblüte

Unnecessary info but some of my fav danmei are Star Around the Sun, Lovely Allergen, How to Say I Love You, Very Happy, How to Fail at Online Dating, I Can Do It, PUBG Romance of the Century, Moumou, Professional Body Double, Your Memes are Better Looking Than You, etc.

I wish I have more time to read _:(´ཀ`」 ∠):_