Who says raising a dragon would be better than raising a snake?

Content tag: Xianxia/ Transmigration/ Fluff/ Strong MC,ML/ Happy End
Author: Hoenibean/湎红豆
Artist: /
Alt. Name: 《猾龙点紧》

“I really like you. Why not let me stay by your side for all of eternity?”

After twenty short years on Earth, Chen Zhennan fell asleep on a bar in some random club, only to wake up in a strange world full of crazy people who thought magic and legendary creatures were real. “All these women are crazy, but at least they are beautiful.” He had thought. That wrong thought of his was quickly rectified when a large phoenix landed on his back and flattened him to the ground, trying to groom his long, long hair.

From then on, he passed his days peacefully– that was if you didn’t count the five-days-a-week spartan training these Amazonian-like women. At least it was better than in his previous life, where he worked tirelessly 18 hours a day. In the first few weeks, he’d already figured out why this place seemed familiar when he arrived. That was because this world was one he had read of before, from a web-novel about a dark dragon trying to steal the world’s magic.

“Oh well, at least I get to live comfortably in this paradise full of women,” he had thought again. However, that too would soon be short-lived as soon as he turned 15, as he was the only male Herma to be born in over the last 3000 years. As his departure ceremony drew closer, a sparkly blue orb floating downstream caught his eye. Turns out it was a legendary dragon egg.

Zhennan: Okay, I’ve decided! Your name will be Huahua from now on since you like to eat flowers so much!

“Huahua” (thinking): ‘But I am male…’


He left the hidden forest city soon after, carrying along the little blessing with him. Perhaps his bad luck from his previous life was too strong, because misfortune would soon follow, as long as he kept that thing close to him.

*After evading bounty hunters and endless cultivation sects*

Huahua: whimper…

Zhennan: It’s not your fault.

Huahua (thinking): When I grow up, I’m going to become the strongest dragon to protect master. No one will be able to bully master again. No one will be able to win against me. Then, I will slowly court master and then we will have a happy family together!


Unbeknownst to his master, Huahua then began to put his plan into motion. Diligently learning everything his master had to teach him, and more, so he can be the perfect husband for his future mate. His master had only thought that the bad experience must’ve scared him into paying more attention during his classes.

Zhennan: Wah, who’s the goodest dragon? You are! *rubs Huahua’s belly affectionately*

Huahua (thinking): … Master… please don’t rub me there…


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