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Chapter 34 – Miss you

       That night, Zhuo Yue nestled in the man’s arms and fell asleep on the soft big bed. Fang Mingyan looked at the bitten lip of the person in his arms and the red whip marks on his chest. He touched his head with some reluctance and said softly, “I’m sorry.” The person in his arms moved uneasily as if he had had some unpleasant dream and snuggled up to him for some comfort. The man held him tighter, stroking his naked back soothingly, bringing him closer to him.

       The next day, Zhuo Yue woke up on time due to his biological clock and found that he was lying on Fang Mingyan’s body like a piece of stubborn adhesive plaster and was still wrapping him like an octopus. The posture was extremely inelegant. He wanted to move away secretly but didn’t dare to wake the man up. After a long time of effort, he finally managed to prop up his upper body. The movement involved the whiplash on his chest, and he couldn’t help but take a breath. Looking directly at the open dark eyes above and below, he froze and called out with some embarrassment, “Master…”

       Fang Mingyan raised his eyebrows, “Using this gesture to wake me up, you’re certainly creative.”

       Only then did he realise that he was straddling on top of the man, and his face suddenly turned red. He hurriedly tried to get off but was stopped by the other person’s words, ‘Don’t move’, and awkwardly remained in his original position.

       His naked body showed beautiful curves. His legs were spread apart, and he was kneeling on the bed. The part between his legs fell into the hands of the man below him without any cover. There was a shy and forbearing expression on his crimson face. This kind of Zhuo Yue was like a beautiful and delicate snack that made people want to enjoy it slowly.

       Fang Mingyan lay lazily on his back, fingers playing with his legs. “Slave, it turns out you like this position, what a surprise.”

       “It’s not… um… I don’t know why when I fell asleep, I didn’t mean to…” He stammered in explanation.

       “If you don’t like this, then…” The man straightened his back, sat up, facing him, and asked, “What about this?”

       Zhuo Yue was startled by such an unexpected approach, and when he leaned back, he was held around his waist. The distance was shortened to an extremely ambiguous range. The tight lower bodies could clearly feel the heat and thickness of the silk pyjamas. The tips of their noses were almost touching, and their breaths were intertwined.

       The handsome face before him, now magnified, bore an ambiguous smile. The hand pressing against his lower back slowly descended and slipped between his buttocks, gently pressing near the entrance of his rear. A soft, deep voice murmured in his ear, “Do you like it?”

       The temperature of his body gradually increased, and the oxygen seemed to be sucked away. Zhuo Yue dared not move and could only let the hand invade his secret parts, causing him to tremble, “Master…”

       “Answer my question.” The man turned his head and licked his earlobe.

       “I don’t know…” His breathing was out of rhythm. Zhuo Yue felt that he was about to burn because of the heat. He mustered up the courage to speak shyly, “As long as Master likes it… so do I…” This was the first time he said it so straightforwardly, but he couldn’t bring himself to say anything more.

       Fang Mingyan curled the corners of his lips. The dark and uncertain light in his eyes gathered into a sea. He lifted Zhuo Yue’s chin and kissed it. Like a gentleman, he gently licked his injured lower lip.

       “Master…” Zhuo Yue leaned against the man softly and gasped softly.

       He used to find it so difficult to say it, but now he wanted to keep calling him so.

       The person whom he once thought was lost forever was now by my side.

       The bottom of his eyes became moistened a little bit, and tears filled his eyes unconsciously.

       “Did I hurt you?” Fang Mingyan was slightly startled when he saw Zhuo Yue’s expression, stopped moving, and carefully checked the injury on his chest.

       “It doesn’t hurt.” Zhuo Yue shook his head.

       “Tell me what’s wrong with you.”

       “I just… suddenly feel like this isn’t real.” Zhuo Yue blushed and looked at him with wet eyes, “It was like dreaming. I feel happy but also very uneasy, I am afraid that the alarm will be triggered, and the next second I wake up, you will be gone.” He pursed his lips guiltily, “I’m sorry, Master.”

       Fang Mingyan knew that Zhuo Yue had always been insecure after experiencing that incident, and such a situation could only be cured through time. He touched Zhuo Yue’s head and said softly, “Don’t worry, I will always be by your side.”

       When the two of them went downstairs, the cook, Zhao, had already prepared breakfast, and Zhou Chi thoughtfully pulled out a chair for him. The sudden appearance of thick cushions on the chair made Zhuo Yue’s face turn red instantly.

       The man who sat down at the main seat chuckled, “Zhou Chi, you prepared this cushion a little early, he doesn’t need it now.”

       Hearing this, Zhou Chi asked Zhuo Yue, “Does Young Master Zhuo need me to remove it?”

       Zhuo Yue’s face was so hot that he could fry an egg. He whispered, ‘No need’ and sat down. He didn’t even raise my head after eating a meal.

       After breakfast, Lin Hui came to pick him up and take him to the airport. He was going to Lidao1or Li Island to participate in the recording of the special episode of “The Right Time to Fall in Love”, which was expected to take a week. This trip was booked long ago and cannot be cancelled. Therefore, Fang Mingyan did not leave any traces on Zhuo Yue’s exposed parts during the morning intimacy.

       The man sent him to the car, straightened his collar, leaned over and whispered in his ear, “Suddenly, I don’t want to let you go, Slave.”

       Zhuo Yue was startled, then laughed, pecked him on the face, and said, “I will always miss you, Master.”


       Lidao was located in the south, surrounded by the sea, with long summer and no winter. The island was covered with lush tropical plants, and the sea breeze was cool and refreshing.

       “The Right Time to Fall in Love” chose such a picturesque place to shoot the scene in order to enhance the romantic feelings of paradise. The four pairs of artists participating in the special episode were voted by netizens from ten pairs of on-screen couples who had participated in the show. Zhuo Yue and Sun Xinxin topped the list.

       Firstly, it was because both of them were highly attractive. Secondly, it was because their performances were captivating. Thirdly, Zhuo Yue had to leave the show abruptly after only four episodes due to health reasons, leaving the audience wanting more. Fans took to the internet, demanding that the show invite the duo back. Thus, this return was also intended to give closure to the on-screen couple.

       The recording started as soon as he got off the plane, and the camera followed him to the hotel, focusing on filming the scene where he reunited with Sun Xinxin. The two had worked together several times and had a tacit understanding, and they played the joy and heartfelt feeling of a long-time reunion to the fullest. Sun Xinxin took the initiative to give Zhuo Yue a hug. Zhuo Yue hugged her back weakly, showing a gentleman’s demeanour in every gesture. He did not forget to give a beautifully wrapped gift and said thoughtfully, “Last time you told me that you like chocolate, so I bought it.” Sun Xinxin was so moved that her eyes were brimming with tears. While taking small bites of her chocolate, she turned to look at him, her face full of gentle, feminine charm.

       When the director called for the ‘cut’, she immediately spat the chocolate in her mouth into the tissue handed to her by her assistant and said with a grimace, “I’m sorry, I’ve gained weight recently and can’t eat such high-calorie foods.”

       “I understand.” Zhuo Yue smiled politely. Female celebrities were very strict about managing their figures, typically avoiding foods like fried chicken, ice cream, and chocolate. The food photos they posted online were mostly just pictures with the food, while what they actually consumed were low-calorie vegetables and fruits. In fact, that box of chocolates had been prepared by Lin Hui according to the show’s requirements; he couldn’t even remember when she had ever mentioned liking chocolate. The show was just a performance catering to the many people who yearned for flawless love by displaying affection to satisfy their pursuit of perfection.

       After their respective groups arrived, the eight people started a ‘group date’ on the beach. One of the games required the male guests to swim to a floating island in the sea to get a garland for their female partner and then complete games with their female partner, such as biting an apple and drilling a circle. The worst group would be punished for cooking.

       This game put a lot of pressure on Zhuo Yue. While the wound on his lip could be temporarily concealed with makeup, the marks on his chest from the whip were something he absolutely couldn’t reveal. As a result, he became the only male guest unwilling to go shirtless. Every movement while swimming strained his muscles, causing him to grit his teeth and endure the pain as he completed the swim. His progress was significantly delayed, and by the time he reached the shore, the other teams were already nearing the finish line.

       Sun Xinxin felt dissatisfied in her heart but still showed a concerned expression. She shouted, ‘Come on’, and came over to cooperate with him in biting the apple. The string hanging the apple was swaying around, and the two people came together and actually touched their lips together, both of them were startled. The two had once shared an ‘on-screen first kiss’, which was awkward for both of them, so they used a camera trick to film it. This time, however, they actually kissed for real. The multi-directional lens captured that moment as clearly as possible. Sun Xinxin blushed and stayed there shyly without saying a word. Fortunately, the other three groups had completed the game at this time, and they became the last ones, so they did not need to continue. Several other couples came over to tease him one after another, saying that Zhuo Yue did it on purpose, preferring to come in last just to steal a kiss.

       Zhuo Yue smiled bitterly. Fang Mingyan once banned him from having close contact with others. If this scene was broadcast and his master saw it… his body ached just thinking about it. In private, he politely asked the director if the scene could be cut. The other person was surprised and said that this was a major attraction and he would never cut it. He was a little helpless, thinking about how to explain to the other party while recording.

       The punishment for the last place was to prepare dinner for eight people.

       When by the sea, seafood was a must. To make seafood delicious, getting the cooking time just right was crucial. Zhuo Yue was busy on one side, and Sun Xinxin kept causing trouble on the other side. She had little experience in cooking. After chopping onions, she touched her eyes with her hands, which made her cry. He had no choice but to immediately put down the pot and clean her. Sun Xinxin leaned on his arms and sniffed.

       “Does it still hurt? Why don’t you sit down for a while?” he asked.

       “It hurts. But I want to help you.” There was a bit of coquettishness in her tone.

       “Sit down and take a rest. You are tired enough today. I will do the rest.” Zhuo Yue performed the gold medal boyfriend’s performance to the fullest. He helped her sit down considerately and returned to the kitchen to play the leading role. After the dinner shooting was over, he returned to the hotel room exhausted, fell on the bed with his eyes closed, and didn’t even want to move his fingers.

       The door opened, and someone walked in. He thought it was Lin Hui, and without opening his eyes, he said dullly, “Just put the clothes there for me. I’ll take a shower later. I’m really tired…”

       However, the bed moved, the other party sat down on the edge of the bed, his voice low and melodious, “The room service I offer can include a bath.”

       Zhuo Yue was startled. He opened his eyes and saw the person in front of him clearly. He sat up immediately and said in surprise, “Master!”

       Fang Mingyan, wearing a loose T-shirt, had a faint smile on his face.

       “You…why are you here?” he asked stammering, and then said to himself in confusion, “Am I dreaming again?”

       Seeing his dumbfounded expression, the man felt funny in his heart and asked, “You don’t want me to come?”

       “Of course that’s not it.” Zhuo Yue’s eyes were bright, like a child who had received a prize—full of joy. He looked at the person in front of him for a moment and then said shyly, “…I miss you very much.”

       These words were spoken with genuine sincerity. He was not someone who easily showed emotion, but once he did, he became steadfast and persistent. After finally reuniting with the man, they were forced to part after just one night, leaving him full of reluctance. During work, he couldn’t help but be distracted many times, thinking of the other person. At this moment, seeing him again, he felt a lot of words stuck in his chest that he couldn’t express, so he used these four words to convey his feelings.

       Fang Mingyan laughed, put his arms around him, and said, “Good boy.”

       He had many subs but had never been sincere to anyone. Zhuo Yue was an exception. He was tempted, but he kept suppressing himself because he didn’t want the other person to enter the BDSM circle. When the man knelt in front of him on the East Coast in tears, he could no longer cruelly push the man away from him. He was a magnanimous person. Now that he had decided to establish a relationship, he would not have any hesitation. Zhuo Yue had always lacked a sense of realness in the relationship between the two, so he gave him a sense of realness. After spending some time in the morning to take care of the official duties, he took a break for himself and flew directly to Lidao to accompany him.

       “By the way, Master, are you tired? Would you like something to drink? The tea here doesn’t taste very good…” Zhuo Yue only then remembered the etiquette of hospitality and hurriedly got up to fetch him a drink, but his wrist was caught.

       “No need, I’m here to provide room service.” There was a teasing smile on the man’s lips. He picked him up with his long arms, went straight into the bathroom, placed him on the flat surface of the sink, and started filling the bathtub with water.

       “Let me do it, Master, I’m not tired…” Zhuo Yue felt very sorry to see him doing it himself and asked several times.

       “Sit down and don’t move.” Fang Mingyan adjusted the water temperature, selected a small pack of bath salts from the toiletries Zhuo Yue brought with him, sprinkled it on, and then began to unbutton him.

       Zhuo Yue sat with a blushing face and let the man take off his clothes one by one. When his slender fingers came to his waist to unbuckle his belt, he trembled slightly.

       Fang Mingyan slowly unzipped his pants and asked, “What are you thinking about?”

       He pursed his lips, and his face became even red, “…Nothing.”

       “Nothing?” The man’s hand reached between his legs, touching Zhuo Yue’s erect c0ck through his underwear, and said, “Slave, you will be punished for lying.”

       Such a subtle touch made the little brother between his legs become even more uncontrollably hard. Zhuo Yue wished he could throw himself into the bathtub and said in embarrassment, “Master…I…” He couldn’t say any more.

       “Tell me why it stands up?” Fang Mingyan opened the edge of Zhuo Yue’s underwear and exposed the delicate member.

       “I don’t know…” He couldn’t answer such a question at all, so he turned his head and looked away in shame. In a blink of an eye, his whole body was lifted off the sink, his loose outer pants fell to the ground, and only the grey boxer briefs were left on him.

       “Look in the mirror.” The hand came from behind and pinched Zhuo Yue’s chin to force him to look in the mirror. The man raised the corners of his lips, deliberately lowered his voice and said in his ear, “Let me guess what you were thinking just now.”

       Zhuo Yue’s sensitive zone is around the ear. The warm breath penetrated into his ears, causing half of his body to feel numb, and he couldn’t help but shudder.

       “You imagined me kissing you, didn’t you?” The man didn’t do anything but spoke in a low and sexy voice behind Zhuo Yue, “Did you imagine me pressing you on this sink and kissing you non-stop, making you breathless? Then licking your sensitive ears and biting your earlobes to make you tremble. I would slowly move down and suck on your nipples, leaving my teeth marks on them. I’ll treat them roughly and make them a better colour. I will leave hickeys on your belly and inner thighs to mark them uniquely for you with my mark…”

       Zhuo Yue’s breathing became more and more rapid. Even though the other party had done nothing, the words had given him endless imagination, and they were like an aphrodisiac that made his desires grow even more intense.

       “Thirsty slave, you must have imagined how I caressed you.” Fang Mingyan was like a bewitching wizard, chanting evil spells behind him, “My hands will knead your two sacs, causing you so much pain that you can’t help but beg me. Then I will use my nails to ravage the little holes you use for excretion and wrap the c0ck between your legs with my palms to masturbate you. I will soon give you the ultimate pleasure, but you can’t release it.” He paused, blew an ambiguous breath into his ear, and said, “Tell me why.”

       Zhuo Yue couldn’t help but moan. His throat was parched, and his body felt as if it was about to burn. All the heat gathered in his lower abdomen, and there was nothing in his head except the blissful world that the man had created for him. He gasped and replied, “Everything about me belongs to Master… I can’t… without Master’s permission…”

       “Very good.” Fang Mingyan narrowed his eyes slightly, “Tell me next, have you ever imagined how I would fvck you?”

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Chapter 59 – (Side Story) Cat and Dog Fight

       The surroundings suddenly became dim, and the streetlights on the distant highway were hazy, leaving only a halo. The group kicked up dust and sand, creating a truly eerie atmosphere.

       Song Jun appeared in human form and couldn’t help but raise his hands to cover his face to avoid the flying sand and stones.

       Xi Anling hid behind Song Jun, held his sleeve, and said worriedly, “Is everything going to be okay?”

       Song Jun didn’t dare to say it, but he believed that there was no demon more powerful than Xia Hongshen in the world. In the many years they had been together, he had seen countless powerful monsters fall to Demon Zhen’s claws.

       As Demon Zhen let out a roar, Qin Song couldn’t resist it and was so frightened that he turned back into his original squirrel form and burrowed into Song Jun’s arms.

       Song Jun quickly grabbed his big tail and told him not to move.

       Firefly rushed over first and bit Demon Zhen. Demon Zhen hit one side of his body and hit his neck with his tail. Although Demon Zhen had long been cultivated into a demon, and even had gained an immortal body, when they fought, they were no different from ordinary beasts. The two formidable monsters engaged in a fierce battle, generating a thick aura of demonic energy. The surroundings were enveloped in a mist, concealing the ongoing conflict from the passing vehicles, leaving them unaware of what was happening.

       Song Jun and the others watched worriedly but had no room to intervene.

       Just a moment later, Song Jun noticed that the monster called the Firefly was showing some signs of fatigue, and he couldn’t help but wonder if there were wounds on his body that had never recovered.

       The moment it showed his mistake, Demon Zhen bit his neck and knocked him to the ground hard.

       He rolled over on the ground and got up. He no longer tried to rush out of the city but turned around and ran away into the city.

       Demon Zhen quickly chased after him.

       “Oh my!” Song Jun shouted.

       Demon Zhen turned back at the sound of his voice, took Song Jun in his mouth, and threw him onto his back, along with the little squirrel and Xi Anling.

       After delaying for such a short time, they could only see the back of the demon from a distance.

       After chasing through another street, the sound and shadow of the demon disappeared.

       Demon Zhen stopped and carefully searched for the beast’s traces. After a while, he transformed back into his human form and said, “Narrow the encirclement. He won’t be able to escape from this area.”

       So, once again, all demonic beasts were mobilised, and the magic circle was once again set up within the area designated by Xia Hongshen. There were always people stationed at the four points of the magic circle. In this way, whenever there was any movement from the beasts, Xia Hongshen could get the news immediately.

       Xia Hongshen and Song Jun stood on the rooftop of a nearby high-rise building.

       Song Jun asked Xia Hongshen, “Can you find it?”

       Xia Hongshen shook his head, “Firefly is exceptionally skilled at concealing its whereabouts. However, as long as it appears, there’s no way it can escape my grasp.”

       Song Jun looked at the tall buildings in the distance, hoping that nothing would happen to Long Xing.

       At this time, Long Xing, who had been sleeping for a long time, finally woke up from the haze.

       When he opened his eyes, he was in a daze, not knowing where he was. Then he realised that he was in a strange room, lying on a soft bed.

       He sat up and suddenly found another person sitting beside the bed. The person had long white hair and was sitting there cross-legged in silence, his face looking a little gloomy.

       But after seeing Long Xing woke up, a pair of dog ears suddenly stood up on his head.

       Long Xing looked at him blankly, and after a moment of mental processing, he suddenly realised and asked, “Erbao?”

       Although the man’s face was still gloomy, the white-haired man stood up and pounced Long Xing onto the bed.

       Long Xing was overwhelmed and said, “Are you really the Erbao? How did you become like this? Why am I here with you?”

       The white-haired man seemed to accept the name Erbao calmly. He said, “Come with me.”

       Long Xing was baffled, “Where to?”

       Erbao told him, “I am going to overcome the tribulation and become an immortal. I will take you to the heavenly realm.”

       Long Xing said, “Why should I go to the heavenly realm? I won’t go.”

       Erbao raised his head to look at him, the ears on his head drooped, “Why don’t you go?”

       Long Xing was a bit frantic, “It was hard for me to follow my Master down here,. Of course I don’t want to go back, I like it here.”

       When Erbao heard this, he looked shocked.

       Long Xing asked strangely, “Do we know each other? Why do you want to take me to the heavenly realm?”

       Erbao said, “You don’t remember me.”

       Looking at his face, Long Xing couldn’t remember where he had seen this person before.

       Erbao said slowly, “Many, many years ago, I once encountered Demon Zhen, and you saved me from a life-and-death situation.”

       Long Xing looked confused. He had no memory at all.

       In fact, at that time, the Firefly was injured by Demon Zhen and fell to the ground, dying. Chunjun and Fengliu followed Demon Zhen away, while Longshao and Yueya were a step slower.

       Yueya asked Longshao, “Will it die?”

       Longshao squatted down, stretched out his hand to test the Firefly’s breathing, and said, “It might. What’s wrong?”

       Yueya said, “Can I eat it?”

       “No,” Longshao said. He lowered his head and saw the Firefly slowly opening his eyes, with tears in his eyes.

       Yueya felt bored and planned to chase Demon Zhen and the others.

       Longshao suddenly stopped her and said, “Go get some water.”

       Yueya helped Longshao bring a handful of water over. Longshao fed the Firefly water, then helped him wash his wounds, then stood up and said, “It’s up to you.”

       The Firefly looked at him with his weak eyes open.

       Longshao couldn’t help but say again, “Don’t overestimate your capabilities.”

       They were the most ferocious beasts, and they would fight to the death if they encountered one. However, Longshao had been following Demon Zhen for a long time, but he had never seen a demonic beast that could fight Demon Zhen.

       In fact, it was just a momentary sense of compassion. As time passed, Long Xing had long forgotten about this incident. Perhaps the supernatural creatures he had once shown mercy to were not limited to just Erbao.

       But the person in front of him still remembered him and wanted to take him away.

       Although Erbao’s expression still looked a little gloomy, as Long Xing looked carefully into his eyes, he was full of expectations for Long Xing.

       Long Xing suddenly felt a little pain in his heart.

       However, he still pushed Erbao away and said, “I really don’t remember you, and I won’t follow you. I won’t hold you accountable for sucking my spiritual power. I want to go back to my master now.”

       Erbao said, “I didn’t mean to suck your spiritual power. I was injured and couldn’t control myself.”

       Long Xing had already stood up from the bed. When he heard him say he was injured, he hesitated for a moment, turned his head slightly and asked, “Where are you injured?”

       Erbao, who was not wearing any clothes, opened his legs wide and showed him a long wound on the inside of his leg. The wound had festered, and pus had appeared, and it seemed that it had not healed for a long time.

       Seeing the terrible condition of the wound, Long Xing moved closer to take a look and asked curiously, “What’s going on?”

       Erbao said, “The poisonous energy cannot be eliminated.”

       Long Xing frowned. He saw Erbao looking at him with his ears drooped and felt that he was quite pitiful, so he said, “Why don’t you come back with me, and I’ll ask Master to find a way to help you remove the poisonous energy.”

       “No!” Erbao refused flatly, “He wants to snatch you away.”

       Long Xing immediately corrected him, “I belonged to Master. Even if he doesn’t come to snatch me, I won’t leave with you.”

       Erbao’s ears drooped, and he didn’t look very spirited as he said, “If you don’t come with me, then I won’t go to the heavenly realm.”

       When Long Xing was still about to speak, the doorbell of the room outside suddenly rang.

       This house was a temporarily vacant house in a nearby community. At that time, Erbao sneaked in with Long Xing in order to avoid Xia Hongshen.

       Erbao stood up immediately and pulled Long Xing nervously.

       Long Xing was not so nervous. As he walked outside, he asked, “Who is it?”

       A pitiful, trembling voice came from outside the door and said, “I’m checking the water meter.”

       It turned out that in order to find their traces, Xia Hongshen sent many little demons to search the area one by one. They knocked on doors under various pretexts to see what was going on inside. If they saw anything strange, they would immediately notify Xia Hongshen.

       The person ringing the doorbell now was Qin Song. He had already rang the doorbells of many nearby houses. When he opened the door and saw someone who was not the person he was looking for, he would apologise and say that he went the wrong way.

       But this time, he didn’t expect that the person who opened the door would be Long Xing.

       Originally, Qin Song didn’t expect that he could find them, and of course, he didn’t really hope that he could find them.

       However, at the same time as he saw Long Xing, the Firefly also jumped out and threw Qin Song to the ground.

       “Er Bao!” Long Xing scolded and pulled him hard.

       The big white-haired dog swung its tail and was pulled away by Long Xing.

       However, in this moment of movement, Qin Song had already sent a message to Xia Hongshen, and immediately after, Xia Hongshen climbed in from the corridor window and rushed towards Erbao.

       Seeing that they were about to fight, Long Xing quickly called to Song Jun, who was following Xia Hongshen, “Help me pull them away!”

       So one caught the dog, and the other pinned down the cat, finally nipping a war in its bud.

       Long Xing said to Erbao, “If you dare to hurt my Master, disappear from my eyes immediately!”

       Erbao looked at him in disbelief, as if he was greatly hurt.

       Song Jun also hugged Xia Hongshen tightly. Of course, he was not afraid that Xia Hongshen would hurt Erbao, but he felt that this environment was too dangerous. A neighbour might open the door at any time to check what was going on. He felt that they should change to a safer environment.

       Long Xing pressed Erbao to the ground and looked at Xia Hongshen, feeling a bit aggrieved as he sniffled.

       Xia Hongshen said, “Take it back and find a place to dispose of it.”

       That night, the amusement park became lively again, and the demons who heard the news came to watch one after another to see who dared to steal Demon Zhen’s precious weapon.

       Erbao didn’t know if his vitality was damaged again in the battle with Xia Hongshen that day. He never recovered since he transformed into the beast form, and he looked a little like dying.

       Inside the office building of the amusement park, Long Xing grabbed one of its legs and lifted it up to show Xia Hongshen and the others for inspection.

       “Tsk,” Yun Po squatted down, took a closer look at the injury on its leg, and said, “This seems to be poisonous.”

       Feng Junyuan said to Long Xing strangely, “It didn’t seem to have any injuries on it when you picked it back up.”

       Song Jun said, “Maybe it is hiding it. It just wants to take Long Xing away.”

       Xia Hongshen suddenly snorted and said, “Wishful thinking.”

       Long Xing quickly expressed his loyalty to Xia Hongshen, “I will never go anywhere, and I will always follow my Master.”

       Xia Hongshen raised his hand and touched his head.

       Erbao raised his head and made a soft whimpering sound.

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Chapter 28

       After the gauze on Chen Youyou’s forehead was removed, a scar was left. The doctor sutured it very carefully, but it still looked a little hideous before the swelling subsided.

       Zhan Weiyang stared at Chen Youyou’s scar, feeling anxious. He tapped it with his finger through the air and asked him, “Will it leave a scar?”

       “Who cares?” When he was first injured, Chen Youyou asked the doctor with a pale face whether he would be disfigured. Now he had almost forgotten the pain, and his tone had become indifferent.

       Zhan Weiyang lay on the table listlessly and said, “It’s all my fault.”

       Chen Youyou couldn’t help but persuade him, “Don’t blame yourself, blame Xie Ling.”

       Zhan Weiyang sat up straight, “Don’t blame him, blame me.”

       Chen Youyou was not very happy, “Why do you protect Xie Ling so much…”

       Zhan Weiyang said, “Because I am pursuing him.”

       Chen Youyou pouted in disdain.

       Zhan Weiyang reached out and pulled his sleeve, “I’ll treat you to milk tea at noon.”

       Chen Youyou said, “Starbucks.”

       Zhan Weiyang quickly said: “Okay, let’s go for Starbucks.”

       At noon, Zhan Weiyang ordered Starbucks takeout and had it delivered directly to the school gate. He ordered it before lunch, and just after lunch, he received a call that his drinks had been delivered.

       Chen Youyou went to the school gate with him to get the takeout. When he walked by, he saw Zhan Weiyang ordered three cups of coffee.

       “There’s another cup. Who is it for?” Chen Youyou felt strange.

       Zhan Weiyang said in a low voice, a little embarrassed, “For Xie Ling.” As he spoke, he took the bag from the delivery boy and said thank you politely.

       When he turned to leave, Chen Youyou asked him unhappily, “You, if you had to choose, between me and Xie Ling, who would you choose?”

       Zhan Weiyang panicked and said, “Why do I have to choose?”

       Chen Youyou said, “N-no matter what, you have to choose!”

       Zhan Weiyang looked at Chen Youyou and almost blurted out that he would choose him, but suddenly remembered that his points would be deducted, so he was so nervous that he stuttered, “C-choose Xie Ling.”

       Chen Youyou was originally standing side by side with him, but when he heard this, he turned his head hard and glared at him, saying, “I am, not, drinking!” After that, he ran towards the direction of the teaching building.

       Zhan Weiyang hurriedly wanted to chase him, but as soon as he ran faster, the coffee in the bag in his hand shook violently. He was afraid that it would spill out, so he didn’t dare to continue chasing.

       He walked to the stairs of the teaching building with a Starbucks paper bag, and when he was about to go upstairs, he ran into Xie Ling, who was coming back from the playground after playing basketball and was about to go back to the classroom to rest.

       Xie Ling was not alone. There were three boys and two girls with him. They were all his classmates. One of the girls had been with Xie Ling since the beginning of the school term. Zhan Weiyang and the others had seen him many times.

       Xie Ling stopped when he saw Zhan Weiyang. The others were about to pass by, but when they saw Xie Ling stop, they all stopped and looked at them.

       A girl came to another girl and whispered, probably talking about Zhan Weiyang.

       Zhan Weiyang had been the target of many girls’ inquiries since he entered the school. He was quite famous in the school, but no girl had ever shown any interest in him.

       The two girls said something unknown, covered their mouths and started laughing softly.

       Zhan Weiyang glanced at them, then looked at Xie Ling.

       Xie Ling asked him, “That friend of yours, the little stutterer, is okay?” Xie Ling didn’t think Zhan Weiyang and Chen Youyou were his seniors at all.

       Zhan Weiyang wanted to say it was okay, but then he thought he shouldn’t say it for Chen Youyou, so he just said, “There’s a scar this long.”

       He compared it with his fingers, and when he put his hand down, he looked at Xie Ling and took a deep breath to ease his nervousness. He then mustered up the courage to ask, “Do you want some coffee?”

       Xie Ling said, “Don’t want any.”

       Zhan Weiyang clenched the paper bag in his hand, and the courage he had mustered up was completely gone, and he said, “Oh.”

       Xie Ling passed by him sideways.

       A tall boy saw the Starbucks bag Zhan Weiyang was carrying, smiled, and said, “Senior, why don’t you treat me a drink?”

       Zhan Weiyang looked up at him, stunned momentarily, not knowing whether to hand him the coffee.

       In the end, Xie Ling turned around and said coldly, “Let’s go, don’t bully him.”

       The boy shrugged at Zhan Weiyang, smiled and left with Xie Ling.

       Zhan Weiyang went upstairs to his classroom with three cups of coffee in his hand, dejected. Most people in the classroom were lying down to take a nap, and a few girls gathered together to chat in a low voice.

       Chen Youyou lay on his seat, looking like he had fallen asleep.

       Zhan Weiyang put a cup of coffee on Chen Youyou’s desk, and he drank the remaining two cups of coffee listlessly.

       The consequence was that he ran to the toilet after every class in the afternoon and couldn’t sleep that night.

       He lay flat on the bed, staring at the ceiling with his round glasses wide open, not feeling like sleeping at all.

       So Zhan Weiyang wanted to lift the quilt and sneak out of bed, only to have Pei Qing grab his arm just as he moved.

       Pei Qing’s voice was tired and unclear, low and deep, and he asked him, “Where are you going?”

       Zhan Weiyang said, “I can’t sleep.”

       Pei Qing turned over and faced the direction of Zhan Weiyang, “You are not allowed to go to the balcony even if you can’t sleep.”

       Zhan Weiyang asked him, “Why?”

       Pei Qing said, “You will catch a cold.”

       Zhan Weiyang thought for a while and said, “Can you hold me to sleep?” Ever since Zhan Weiyang asked Pei Qing if he wanted to like him on Sunday afternoon, he had been clinging to Pei Qing very much.

       Pei Qing didn’t answer for a long time.

       Zhan Weiyang thought Pei Qing was asleep, so he reached out to touch his eyes, but before he touched them, he heard Pei Qing say, “No.”

       “Why?” Zhan Weiyang was very disappointed.

       Pei Qing said, “You are almost an adult, not a child.”

       Zhan Weiyang lay on the bed, tilting his head to look out the window.

       Pei Qing heard that he stopped talking and asked, “Why can’t you sleep?”

       Zhan Weiyang said, “I drank two cups of coffee at noon.”

       “Why did you drink two cups of coffee?”

       “Because I bought it for others, but they refused to drink it.”

       Perhaps Pei Qing was sleepy, and his voice was a little unclear, “Who could be so mean? To refuse to drink the coffee bought by Yangyang?”

       Zhan Weiyang couldn’t help but get close to him when he heard what he said. He lay face to face with him, blinking, and asked, “Do you want to drink it? I’ll buy it for you next time.”

       They were so close that they could feel each other’s breathing. Pei Qing couldn’t help but step back, lie on his back on the pillow, and say, “What do you want to drink? I’ll buy it for you.”

       Zhan Weiyang put his face on Pei Qing’s neck and said, “Drink Oreo Boba.”

       Pei Qing suddenly couldn’t help but chuckle. He put his hands under his head, looked at the ceiling and repeated, “Oreo Boba?”

       Zhan Weiyang supported his upper body with one hand, raised his head, looked down at Pei Qing, and said, “It’s really delicious. Let’s go drink it together next time.”

       Pei Qing said, “Okay.”

       Zhan Weiyang looked at Pei Qing for a while, and suddenly remembered the topic just now, and said, “Why can’t you hold me to sleep?”

       Pei Qing asked him, “Will you let your brother hold you to sleep?”

       Zhan Weiyang thought about it and said, “Yes.”

       Pei Qing was a little surprised, “You will let Zhan Weiguang hold you to sleep?”

       Zhan Weiyang said, “I don’t want Zhan Weiguang, I only want you, you are also my brother.”

       Pei Qing looked at him silently for a while and found that Zhan Weiyang did not avoid his eyes at this time. Perhaps it was too dim, and many emotions could not be seen clearly. He could only see a pair of shining eyes in the dark.

       “An older brother can’t hold their seventeen-year-old younger brothers to sleep either,” Pei Qing told him.

       Zhan Weiyang instantly lowered his head in disappointment. He turned away from Pei Qing and lifted the quilt to get out of bed.

       Pei Qing grabbed him and asked, “Where are you going now?”

       Zhan Weiyang said, “I can’t sleep, I want to go check on my flower pots.”

       Pei Qing was a little helpless, silent for a while, opened her arms to him, and said, “Come here, gege will hold you to sleep.”

       Zhan Weiyang was overjoyed and threw himself into Pei Qing’s arms, hugging him tightly.

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Chapter 33 – Crossing the Line

       After hearing the order, Zhuo Yue hesitated for a moment and looked at the audience again. Fang Mingyan was no longer on the sofa in the first row.

       A wry smile appeared on his lips.

       That person had never been willing to expend energy to pay attention to people or things he was not interested in. It seemed that he had already been included in this category. After dissolving the master-slave relationship, he tried to forget about each other but failed repeatedly. When happy, depressed, or lonely, Zhuo Yue would always unconsciously think of that cynical but gentle and meticulous man. The shelter and warmth that man had given him were something he had never experienced in over twenty years of his life. He cherished it like a precious gem, unwilling to let it go.

       If there was anyone in this world who could make him change his sexual orientation, let go of his self-esteem and pride, and trust him wholeheartedly, this person could only be Fang Mingyan. It took Zhuo Yue a long time to figure out what kind of feeling this was. Finally, he decided to face everything and follow his heart. No one could understand how much courage it took for him to take such a step today. In fact, today was the last chance he gave himself, the last time he tried his best to get close to that light.

       However, it ultimately failed.

       Zhuo Yue knelt down numbly, feeling as if a piece of his heart had been hollowed out.

       Seeing that he was so obedient, No. 28 was very happy. He shook the soft whip in his hand, adjusted the distance slightly according to the length, and then ordered, “Next, I will administer four lashes to your front. If you move, you will bear all the consequences yourself. Do you understand?”

       Zhuo Yue maintained his kneeling posture, lowered his eyes and said, “I understand.”

       No. 28 swallowed, and the hand holding the whip trembled slightly because of nervousness. He took a deep breath, raised his hand and swung the whip out.

       The moment he pulled it out, he panicked. He instinctively felt that he had swung it in the wrong direction and used too much force. However, it was too late to stop, and the whip was just about to hit Zhuo Yue’s face. At this time, he felt the whip handle in his hand tremble, and a long golden soft whip came across the air, slashing straight down the middle, forcibly bending the red whip towards Zhuo Yue from the middle, and pressing it down hard. This strike was incredibly fast and powerful, hitting the stage with a sharp ‘crack’. As a result, the red whip’s tip that was supposed to strike Zhuo Yue’s face narrowly missed him, so close that he could feel the faint breeze it created. The Dom’s mouth on the stage went numb for a while, and the whip fell out of his hand and fell to the ground. When he saw the person wielding the whip clearly, he froze in place.

       Zhuo Yue didn’t move. He kept his eyes closed tightly and bit his lip with a pale face. It wasn’t until the ‘pop’ sound was heard that he opened his eyes in panic. The first thing that caught his eye was the golden soft whip lying on the ground, and then the person holding the whip under the stage.

       Time seemed to have stopped, and the vision was frozen.

       Fang Mingyan didn’t look at him. He raised the whip handle in his hand and neatly took the soft golden whip back into his hand. Then he said to No. 28 on the stage without expression, “Come down.”

       The man’s voice was as cold as ice, making the other party shiver. No. 28 knew in his heart that he had almost caused a big disaster. At this moment, everyone was trembling with fear. He did not dare to say a word and stepped back from the stage in dejection.

       The whole place was silent.

       Fang Mingyan stepped onto the stage step by step, stood before the kneeling Zhuo Yue, and raised his chin with the hard whip handle.

       Zhuo Yue looked up at him with trembling eyes and called softly, “Sir…”

       “Why are you here?” His tone was cold and hard, without any warmth.

       The light fell on his eyes and became mottled spots of light, illuminating his black eyes as bright as obsidian. He said softly, “Because you left my world, so I want to…come to your world to have a look.”

       “Now that you’ve seen it, do you find it interesting?”

       Zhuo Yue didn’t know how to answer for a moment. He moved his lips but made no sound.

       “Uh, you two, I’m sorry to interrupt you.” As the host, Rabbit cautiously interjected, “Because there was an incident just now, Dom No. 28 has left the stage again, and I need to seek the opinion of Sub No. 39. Do you want to continue your performance? Do you want to continue with someone else, or give up?”

       “If I choose to continue…” Zhuo Yue stared at Fang Mingyan and asked, “Are you willing to help me complete it as a Dom?”

       “I refuse.” The man glanced at him, turned around and walked towards the audience.

       Zhuo Yue, who was behind him, looked at his back and spoke slowly, “Are you unwilling to do it because you are afraid of hurting me, or is this job too difficult for you to complete?”

       Fang Mingyan stopped.

       At this moment, the audience was in an uproar.

       This was undoubtedly a blatant provocation.

       The club had a very strict class system, and it was extremely rare for lower-level members to speak rudely in such public places and challenge the authority of club elders.

       The man turned around and looked at him condescendingly. Every word was like ice, “Newcomer, you need to pay a price for provoking me.”

       The heavy sense of pressure made Zhuo Yue feel oppressed. He tightened the hands hanging by his sides and stretched his knuckles until they turned white. His eyes were filled with desperate determination, and he looked at him, “No matter what the cost, I just want you to do it yourself.”

       “I’ll do it.” There was no expression on the man’s face. He threw his coat aside, unbuttoned his cufflinks, rolled up his sleeves, held the golden whip in his hand, and ordered in a low voice, “Take off your shirt. “

       Using the whip to lash would leave marks on Sub’s body. Uneven strength and angle deviation would be clearly reflected on the whip marks. So when Dom asked Sub to take off his clothes, it meant that he had enough confidence in his skills.

       At the host’s signal, the audience fell silent.

       Xu Ye looked at Zhuo Yue with some worry. Zhuo Yue’s number card was indeed drawn because he had tampered with it. He originally thought that Fang Mingyan would come on stage to help Zhuo Yue complete the performance, which eventually led to the pairing and everyone would be happy. Although things had developed to this point and the two of them had begun to interact, the atmosphere was completely different. Zhuo Yue’s sudden provocation surprised him. The coldness in the Lion’s eyes even made him feel chill downstage… Everything was beyond his expectations.

       Zhuo Yue took off his white suit, saw the other person looking at him indifferently, lowered his head to unbutton his shirt, and finally showed his upper body naked in front of others.

       “Next, I will whip you from the front, four lashes in total.” Fang Mingyan’s instructions were simple and clear without any sloppiness. “Rule number one, keep the standard kneeling position and don’t move. Rule number two, look at me. Rule number three, don’t make a sound. If you break any of these rules, you will be whipped again. Do you understand?”

       “Understood, Sir,” he replied.

       Zhuo Yue knew his skills well and trusted him enough to not act rashly when the whip came. He made up his mind to remain silent, but he didn’t expect that he would fail at the first lash.

       It hurt so much, and the pain made his whole body tremble. Although he gritted his teeth tightly, he still couldn’t help but groan in pain. The whip was like a furious fire dragon, spitting flames and burning through his skin, leaving an indelible mark of pain.

       However, before he could recover, the second whip was already thrown at him. The golden soft whip perfectly copied the trajectory of the previous whip, accurately pressing on the previous whip mark at the same angle, rendering the mark sloping downward from the left chest a more brilliant red.

       Double blows to the same spot made the pain exponentially worse. Zhuo Yue let out a suppressed cry uncontrollably, his body trembled violently, and he instinctively arched his back in a defensive posture.

       “Repeat the three rules I gave you.” The man stopped and said coldly.

       Zhuo Yue’s eyes were filled with moist mist, and his voice trembled, “…First, keep kneeling and don’t move. Second, to look at you. Third… don’t make any sound.”

       “What did I tell you would happen if you disobeyed an order?”

       “The lashes…will be invalid.”

       “So the first two lashes are invalid.” Fang Mingyan looked at him coldly, “I personally don’t mind using you for some practice, but if you keep moving around unpredictably and yelling, it will ruin the spectacle of this performance and spoil my mood.” He paused and said, “If you still can’t do these three things, get out of here.”

       Zhuo Yue couldn’t help but pant and his trembling eyelashes were like small insects desperately struggling in the spider web. He straightened up with difficulty and said, “Sir, I will try my best not to make a sound…”

       Seeing him look at him with those wet eyes, a surge of agitation rose in the man’s heart. It was like a sharp thorn embedded in his flesh, impossible to locate yet causing a constant, dull pain. He gripped the whip tightly and, without any warning, lashed it out. As it struck Zhuo Yue’s body, his own heart seemed to jolt violently at the same moment.

       He knew very well how heavy the lash was and he also knew very well how painful it would be to be hit by such a lash.

       The soft whip slanted from the left chest to the lower right, leaving a clear mark. The skin showed a state of congestion that was about to be broken, and the fair skin showed a red colour like a blooming tea plant. The pain distorted all the senses, but the person who endured the whipping did not make a sound. His body was trembling violently, but he still maintained his kneeling position with difficulty. The hands behind his back were clenched into fists, and his nails pierced the flesh. There was blood oozing from his lower lip, which must have been bitten due to excessive endurance. Those clear black and white eyes were filled with water mist, still looking in his direction.

       Fang Mingyan was silent for a moment and said, “If you can’t bear it, you can stop at any time.”

       Zhuo Yue’s forehead was covered with cold sweat, and he said with a pale face, “You said that Sub’s obligation is to please the Dom. If my pain can make you feel happy, it should be worth enduring.”

       The man frowned deeply and said coldly, “Newcomer, you made a mistake. You are not my Sub, we are just doing a show. Your pain and endurance didn’t mean anything to me.”

       Hearing this, Zhuo Yue’s tearful eyes trembled, and he slowly said with heartbreaking sadness, “To you, I hold no significance, but to me, you are the only light in my life. Since I am not worthy to be your sub, at the very least, I should ensure that this performance ends perfectly.” He endured the pain and straightened his body and said, “Please continue.”

       Fang Mingyan’s dark eyes were filled with dim and uncertain light, and the hand holding the whip tightened and relaxed several times. After a moment of stalemate, he asked coldly, “You want to be my sub, right?”

       Zhuo Yue was stunned for a moment. He saw Fang Mingyan throw away the whip and stand in front of him, a faint smile on his lips. “I have conditions for taking a sub. If you can complete my command, I might consider giving you a chance.” The man grasped Zhuo Yue’s jaw, roughly rubbing his thumb across his lips, and slowly said, “Please me with your mouth.”

       The moment he heard the order, Zhuo Yue felt cold all over.

       “That’s just…” Xu Ye could no longer remain seated after seeing the lion take such harsh action against Zhuo Yue. He couldn’t contain his anger any longer and stood up furiously, but was held back by Chu Yu beside him.

       “Sit still.” The Second Young Master looked at him calmly, “You have interfered enough; leave the rest to them.”

       “Always resorting to the same tactic… So shameless…” Xu Ye cursed angrily. Before, he was reckless and ignorant and planned to find the Lion as his new master. The Lion also gave him this order, asking him to perform oral sex on him in front of Chu Yu, which made him cry when he was punished by Chu Yu1(see Surrender 1 for details). Now he repeated his old tricks, obviously to make Zhuo Yue retreat in spite of the difficulties. He wanted to help, but his master spoke up, so he had to sit down again as he looked anxiously at the people on the stage.

       The entire banquet hall was so quiet that one could hear a pin drop, and the performance had completely deviated from its original track. However, the one on the stage was the Lion—one of the club’s major shareholders and none of the seniors in the audience made a sound to stop him. The others did not dare to make any mistakes and silently watched what happened. The host, Rabbit, even hid in a corner to watch the show.

       Zhuo Yue’s naked upper body was covered with a layer of warm yellow light, and a layer of clear mist rose in his eyes as if wrapped in strands of sadness and fragility entwined into knots like glass.

       The dark room, the dirty sheets, the shaky camera, the humiliating posture, the ugly man, the smelly bodily fluids, the feeling of retching when his throat was violated…that hellish nightmare that invades every night.

       It was Fang Mingyan who had taken him away from this nightmare, yet now used this method to make him remember it.

       The trembling fingertips touched the zipper of the man’s pants several times and then retracted several times. The water that had gathered in the corners of his eyes finally came out, sliding over his cheeks with scalding heat. Just when Zhuo Yue bit his bleeding lower lip and tried to do it again, his wrist was caught. He raised his face helplessly, looked at the person who was watching him, and said in a trembling voice, “I’m sorry…”

       “Why do you always have to make me feel so…” The words ended here. The dusty glacier in Fang Mingyan’s eyes finally cracked. He stared deeply at the hesitant man in front of him and sighed helplessly.

       Everything was supposed to go according to his plan. After using BDSM to cure Zhuo Yue’s PTSD, he intended to find an excuse to terminate their master-sub relationship, secretly monitor Zhuo Yue’s progress, and help him adapt to a life without him, ultimately facilitating his return to a normal life. However, fate played a cruel joke, making Xu Ye the link between their two worlds, bringing this stubborn man back to his side.

       Then he was in chaos.

       This person, who was so fragile that even a camera would frighten him, was stubborn to the point of being covered in scars yet refusing to turn back.

       Although he knew he shouldn’t take action to protect him, he couldn’t help but intercept the whip that would cause harm. Even though he knew he shouldn’t interfere with the performance, he was provoked into picking up the whip. He was the one who had planted the thorns blocking his path, yet he couldn’t bear to see him in pain.

       Because that pain felt as if he was experiencing it himself.

       For the first time, Fang Mingyan felt that he had lost—lost to a stubborn fool.

       Enough. He no longer wanted to hide himself under a calm and cold facade and torture and hurt the man who made his heart ache. He stretched out his hand to wipe away the tears on Zhuo Yue’s face, and his dark eyes revealed the long-lost tenderness, “Why do you have to choose a difficult road?”

       His long eyelashes moistened with tears trembled. The man who was still kneeling looked up at him and said, “Because only this road can lead to you.”

       The man stroked his hair and said in a deep voice, “Zhuo Yue, you need to understand that entering my world means you’ll become an outcast in others’ eyes. To most people, BDSM is seen as perverse, disgusting, and pathological. It can’t be brought into the light; you’ll never be able to discuss this preference with your friends openly. The intense stimulation it provides might make you addicted, and over time, you might become dependent on it to experience pleasure. Leaving all that aside, we’re both men, and you know very well how society views homosexuality. For you, this relationship is perilous. If anyone finds out, all the hard work and effort you’ve put into your career could crumble into ruins.” The man said these words patiently and seriously, “Many people here can no longer turn back, but you still have a chance to choose. You are not a complete sub, you can live a normal life.”

       Zhuo Yue shook his head and said, “I don’t want to live a life without you.”

       Fang Mingyan was silent for a while and asked, “Have you decided?”


       “No regrets?”

       “No regrets.”

       “Okay.” The man took a small step back and said, “Go and pick up that golden whip.”

       Zhuo Yue stood up despite the pain, picked up the whip, and then returned to its original position.

       “Kneel down and raise the whip above your head with both hands.” The second order came one after another, and Zhuo Yue did as he was told.

       At this time, several people in the VIP seating area stood up one after another, looking very solemn. Many people in the audience had surprised looks on their faces and lowered their voices to discuss something.

       “Is this…an oath?” Xu Ye in the audience widened his eyes and asked, “Master, what the Lion is doing now is…”

       “Yes. He is doing the master-slave oath ceremony.” Chu Yu said calmly while looking at the two people on the stage.

       “What is the difference between an oath and a contract?”

       “The validity of the oath is not only to confirm the relationship between two people but also to bind both parties. To terminate the contract, only one party needs to agree, but to terminate the oath, two people need to make a joint statement in public. Simply put, in the world of BDSM, it is equivalent to a marriage certificate,” Pharaoh said, “Because of this, very few people make such an oath now. The most recent one should be the one between Sima and Xia Ran, and that was two years ago.”

       Sima Jun was surprised, “I didn’t expect the Lion to do this.”

       “He’s been in love with that kid for quite some time now.” Chu Yu smiled, “As the saying goes, ‘Those involved can’t see clearly; it’s the outsiders who have the clearest view’.”

       Xia Ran sighed, “When someone who rarely takes things seriously starts being serious, it becomes quite special. And when someone who rarely loves finally falls in love, they become incredibly brave. The two of them are truly meant for each other.”

       At this time, with everyone watching, Fang Mingyan slowly said, “The whip represents power, and the person who owns the whip will become the master to control and dominate everything. Zhuo Yue, will you voluntarily hand over all your rights to me, and from now on consider me as your master, obey my orders, obey my command, and become my slave?”

       Zhuo Yue was still stunned when he suddenly heard a shout from the audience, “Answer him quickly!” He turned around and saw Xu Ye’s excited expression. He seemed to understand everything that was happening at this moment, and there were a few tears in his eyes, “I do.”

       The man took the whip from his hand, held the whip in his right hand, and lightly tapped the whip handle on his forehead. “Zhuo Yue, listen carefully to everything I am about to say.” His deep voice was as moving as reciting a psalm, “I hereby establish a master-slave covenant with you. Under the binding oath, neither you nor I shall have the unilateral right to terminate the relationship. Once the covenant takes effect, I will become your sole master, and you will become my sole slave. Everything you possess will belong to me, including your body and soul, as well as your property and life. Likewise, everything I possess will belong to you, including my body and soul, as well as my property and life. We shall be each other’s closest confidants, sharing everything in life.”

       At this point, Zhuo Yue could not hold back his tears any longer, and it slipped down his cheeks.

       “During the duration of the oath, I will not allow you to overstep your bounds, deceive or conceal anything, or have an affair with others. I will have the right to punish you. At the same time, I will also take on the responsibility and obligation to protect and care for you, doing everything in my power to ensure your safety, guide your spirit, and keep you away from all harm.” Fang Mingyan paused and said, “The above is the entirety of the oath, I will give you three minutes to think it over before making a decision.”

       “I do…” Zhuo Yue looked at him with tearful eyes and repeated, “I do.”

       Three minutes was too long, and he was unwilling to wait any longer.

       The man placed his right hand on top of his head and no longer concealed the soft warmth in his eyes, “In the presence of all, I hereby swear an oath to accept Zhuo Yue as my only slave, to take all responsibility for his care and protection, and to abide by all of the stipulations in the Master-Slave Oath. If he violates the oath, he is willing to accept any judgment given by the East Coast.”

       Zhuo Yue said word by word with tears in his eyes, “In the presence of all, I hereby swear an oath to accept Mr. Fang Mingyan as my only master, obey his orders, fulfil my obligations, and abide by everything in the master-slave oath. If I violate my oath…” He pursed his lips and said, “I am willing to lose everything I have.”

       “Then, the oath is established.” Fang Mingyan leaned over and kissed his forehead, then picked him up in his arms.

       Zhuo Yue didn’t remember how he left the club that day. He only remembered the man’s answer after he asked “Why?”

       ──Slave, I love you more than you can imagine.

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Chapter 27

       Later, Zhan Weiyang picked a large ceramic flowerpot for himself. Because it was large and heavy, Pei Qing helped him carry it to the car.

       They spent half a day in the flower market and only bought this one flowerpot. They didn’t buy anything else, mainly because Zhan Weiyang felt that he didn’t have time to take care of other plants.

       After driving back home, Pei Qing parked the car in front of the door.

       Auntie Luo came out of the house and stood at the door to watch them move the flowerpot down. She was surprised and said, “What do you buy such a big flowerpot for?”

       Zhan Weiyang said, “To live in.”

       Auntie Luo was puzzled.

       Pei Qing and Zhan Weiyang moved the flowerpot to the balcony on the second floor together and placed it on the spot Zhan Weiyang had chosen for himself.

       In the afternoon, Zhan Weiyang squatted on the ground, holding a wet rag in his hand, and wiped his flowerpot carefully.

       Pei Qing stood by the door leading to the balcony, leaning against the door frame to watch him.

       Zhan Weiyang looked very focused. The sun was shining on his head, and his soft short hair was lightly golden. His forehead and nose were slightly sweaty, and his fair cheeks were healthy and rosy.

       He pursed his lips tightly, and the corners of his lips that were always slightly upturned were stretched into a serious straight line. His eyes were staring at the big flower pot in front of him as if he was doing something sacred.

       Pei Qing couldn’t quite explain why he had been standing here, watching Zhan Weiyang. Now, whether it was him or Zhan Weiyang, they were both doing something quite boring. Yet, he found it difficult to look away, as if he had reverted to childhood, squatting at the doorstep and watching ants crawl along the concrete floor.

       Zhan Weiyang was certainly not an ant. He was a better-looking boy than ordinary boys. Because he was squatting on the ground, a part of his waist was exposed between the hem of his hooded sweatshirt and the waistband of his pants. He was thin and skinny, and his whiteness was dazzling. If he wasn’t a bit dim-witted, Pei Qing thought, at this age, he should be a confident and dazzling young man like his brother, Zhan Weiguang. Perhaps he was secretly in love, spending a sunny weekend afternoon playing basketball with a group of youngsters, with girls cheering and applauding for him when he scored. After all, he shouldn’t be squabbling with a large flowerpot on the balcony at home.

       As Pei Qing thought about this, Zhan Weiyang had already cleaned his flowerpot and was squatting on the ground, turning around the flower pot half a circle to check if there was any place that was not wiped clean. Seeing this, Pei Qing couldn’t help but smile faintly.

       Zhan Weiyang stood up from the ground, turned around and saw Pei Qing, and immediately showed a bright smile, waved at him, and then walked over.

       He stopped beside Pei Qing, raised the hand holding the rag, and said, “I’m going to wash the rag.”

       Pei Qing stepped aside and said, “Go on.”

       Zhan Weiyang nodded, walked past Pei Qing into the corridor, and went to the bathroom. He washed the rag with soap in the wash basin, then took it back to the balcony and hung it on the hanging rope. He then walked to his flower pot and looked at it with satisfaction.

       Pei Qing couldn’t help but tease him, “Do you want to give your flower pot a name?”

       Zhan Weiyang looked at him in surprise and said ‘Oh?’ softly, obviously not having thought about this question beforehand.

       Pei Qing sometimes felt that teasing Zhan Weiyang was not good, but he couldn’t help it. He said, “Yeah, there should be a name for it after all; you have a name.”

       Zhan Weiyang turned his head and stared at the flower pot, lost in thought.

       Pei Qing waited for him quietly.

       Unexpectedly, after a while, Zhan Weiyang raised his legs and stepped into the flower pot one after the other. He sat down in the flower pot and hugged his leg silently.

       At that moment, Pei Qing had an illusion, as if Zhan Weiyang really turned into a green plant with dense branches and leaves in front of him. Although it was growing vigorously, he could no longer move or speak, and he would no longer react when he wanted to tease him.

       Before realising that his emotion at that moment was panic, Pei Qing had subconsciously walked toward Zhan Weiyang.

       He squatted outside the flower pot and called him, “Yangyang?”

       Zhan Weiyang looked at Pei Qing but did not respond.

       Pei Qing raised his hand and touched Zhan Weiyang’s forehead, which was soaked with sweat but also slightly cool.

       Just like that, Zhan Weiyang suddenly spoke without warning, “I don’t know what it’s called, it’s my flower pot.”

       Pei Qing said, “Okay, don’t think much about it, it’s your flower pot.”

       Zhan Weiyang still sat there with his legs hugged, staring at Pei Qing and thinking seriously for a while. He said, “I want to go downstairs to shovel some soil up. Can you help me pour it in later?”

       Pei Qing stopped him, “Not today, let’s do it another day.”

       Zhan Weiyang asked, “Why?”

       Pei Qing said, “Because you have to go to class tomorrow. If you planted yourself in the soil, how can you go to class tomorrow?”

       Zhan Weiyang thought about it and felt that it made sense.

       Pei Qing continued, “Have you forgotten Chen Youyou? He got a wound on his forehead because of you. Are you not going to go to school tomorrow to comfort him?”

       Zhan Weiyang looked at Pei Qing with sparkling eyes, “I almost forgot. Qing ge you are really kind.”

       Pei Qing stretched out a hand to him, “Come out.”

       Zhan Weiyang’s gaze fell on Pei Qing’s palm, but he didn’t move for a long time. He didn’t want to come out.

       Pei Qing noticed it and asked him, “Don’t you want to come out?”

       Zhan Weiyang said, “En.”

       Pei Qing asked him, “Why?”

       Zhan Weiyang thought for a while and said, “I feel some—” He tried hard to find a word to express his meaning, and finally he really found it successfully. He was very surprised and happily said to Pei Qing, “Sense of belonging!”

       Pei Qing slowly shook his head at him, “No, you don’t. You’ve been busy all afternoon. Do you want to take a nap? How about taking a nap on Qing ge’s bed?”

       Zhan Weiyang found it quite appealing too, feeling a bit conflicted all of a sudden.

       Pei Qing stretched out both hands, “I’ll carry you out.” He passed his arms under Zhan Weiyang’s armpits. Seeing that he didn’t struggle, he first helped him stand up, then hugged his waist and lifted him out of the flowerpot.

       Zhan Weiyang was not short, so it was not easy for Pei Qing to hug his waist and lift him. Zhan Weiyang cooperated very well, not only hugging Pei Qing’s neck but also wrapping his legs around his waist.

       Pei Qing couldn’t help but pause.

       Zhan Weiyang hugged his neck tightly, tilted his head, put his face against his face, and gently called him, “Qing gege.”

       Pei Qing had never heard a boy call him in such a soft voice, and he didn’t know how to answer for a while, so he just said, “To bed?”

       Zhan Weiyang nodded.

       Pei Qing carried him and walked towards the balcony door.

       When crossing the balcony door and entering the corridor, Zhan Weiyang suddenly rubbed Pei Qing’s face, then kissed Pei Qing gently under the earlobe, and said to his ear, “I like you so much.”

       Pei Qing didn’t speak.

       Zhan Weiyang asked him, “Do you want to like me?” Pei Qing still didn’t answer. Zhan Weiyang leaned his face on Pei Qing’s shoulder in disappointment and said, “You could have given it some thought.”

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Chapter 32 – To Choose

       Fang Mingyan and Chu Yu looked at each other for a few seconds and then laughed self-deprecatingly, “In that case, it’s me who is meddling in other people’s business.”

       “Let me introduce you.” Xu Ye patted Zhuo Yue on the shoulder and introduced him to the several people present. When he arrived at Qin Mu, Zhuo Yue took the initiative to greet him, “Lawyer Qin.” He now knew why he had a strong aura similar to Fang Mingyan’s; it turned out that he was also a Dom.

       “There is no need to use that name to address me here. You can call me Pharaoh.” Qin Mu’s attitude was very gentle.

       “I don’t need to introduce the rest of you. You should be familiar with each other.” Xu Ye deliberately left Fang Mingyan for last.

       Zhuo Yue saw him looking up at him, lowered his head with some restraint, and said softly, “Sir.”

       Fang Mingyan slowly glanced at him with a calm gaze and curled his lips, “I hope you enjoy your time on the East Coast, newcomer.”

       Being looked at like this, Zhuo Yue felt something suffocating in his heart and said quietly, “Thank you.”

       Xu Ye saw that the atmosphere grow awkward again, so he said, “It’s too boring here. Let me take you for a walk,” and led him to the open area of ​​​​the venue. With his outstanding appearance and elegant demeanor, Zhuo Yue, like a lamb thrown into a wolf pack, soon found himself surrounded by a circle of people, including some skilled Doms.

       The Lion glanced in the direction of the bustle and said expressionlessly, “You and I both know very well that he is not a complete Sub.”

       Chu Yu raised his eyes and looked at him, “His application is voluntary. It has been approved by more than 70% of the senior officials. There are no issues with the procedure.” He paused. “Whether it is to become a sub or find some other dom, it is his free choice.”

       “Is it his ‘free’ choice to come here or someone else’s deliberate instigation?”

       “If I remember correctly, your master-slave contract with him has ended. Whatever his reasons for entering the East Coast should be of no concern to you. Is the concern you are showing now from the standpoint of the previous master or the standpoint of the boss of the company?”

       Chu Yu’s question made Fang Mingyan speechless for a moment.

       Qin Mu on the side added leisurely, “As the company boss, you indeed have the right to intervene, considering Zhuo Yue signed a contract that leaves him with no personal life.”

       Fang Mingyan smiled helplessly, “Are you guys ganging up on me today?”

       “Xia Ran and I didn’t participate in anything.” Sima Jun raised his wrist and looked at his watch, “It will be nine o’clock soon. Tonight’s activities should be quite exciting.”

       “What activity?” Xu Ye returned to the sofa area and sat down next to Chu Yu.

       “Did you lose that cute newbie?” Seeing that he was the only one back, Xia Ran asked.

       “Zhuo Yue is more popular than I thought. In just a short period of time, seven or eight Doms expressed their willingness to contract with him, so I suppose my mission is accomplished.” Xu Ye said as he glanced at Fang Mingyan. Fang Mingyan remained as steady as a rock, talking with Qin Mu as if he didn’t care about Xu Ye’s words at all. He couldn’t help but feel a little frustrated and asked Sima Jun, “The waiter just gave both Zhuo Yue and me a number card. Is it related to tonight’s event?”

       “Yeah. Number cards will be randomly drawn tonight, and the person who is drawn will go on stage with their dom or sub for a public performance.”

       His eyes widened, “What’s the performance?”

       “Did you see that carousel? Binding, whipping, props, tolerance training, and other things. You’ll know what you’re playing when you spin it.”

       “What if we get someone who doesn’t have a CP(match)?”

       “You can invite someone on the spot, or you can ask the host to randomly pair you up. The number boxes for doms and subs are separate.”

       “That’s it.” Xu Ye tilted his head and smiled meaningfully at Chu Yu with a bright light flashing in his eyes.

       Chu Yu lowered his eyes, curled his lips, rubbed his head, lowered his voice, and said, “Don’t go too far.”

       He nodded and ran away happily.

       When the performance started, everyone gathered around the small central stage.

       After the first two groups finished their bondage and deep obedience training performances, the host drew the third number from the carton of the Sub group.

       Number 039.

       Immediately afterward, Zhuo Yue, who was holding the same number plate in his hand, was pulled onto the stage by the host with a look of confusion.

       “Sorry, I don’t understand the rules yet…” He tried to explain but was interrupted.

       “Mr. Number 39, you just joined the club today, what a coincidence,” said the young male host called ‘Rabbit’ as he flipped through the information in his hand. He made a gesture of invitation and said, “Don’t worry, I’ll explain the rules of the event clearly to you. Come on, spin the wheel of fortune, let’s see what you’ll draw.”

       Zhuo Yue looked at the yellow carousel with some embarrassment. The divisions on it were very complex, with many professional terms he didn’t understand. However, at this moment, he was on the stage and couldn’t back down, so he could only turn the handle and leave it to fate.

       The rotation speed became slower and slower, and the indicator finally stopped in the ‘whipping’ area, pointing to the red grid of ‘soft whip, more than two meters, front, no props, four times’.

       “Ah, the red block, the most difficult whipping.” Rabbit looked at him with a smile and asked, “Do you have CP?”

       Zhuo Yue turned his attention to the audience. Sitting on the sofa closest to the stage was his former owner. At this moment, the other person looked at him with a very indifferent expression, as if he was looking at a stranger who had nothing to do with him. Feeling empty in his heart, he answered softly, “No.”

       “So, is there a Dom you like more? You can try to invite him to come up and perform with you.” The host suggested.

       Zhuo Yue lowered his head and said, “No.”

       “It looks like you need me to help you find someone.” He shouted to the audience with a smile, “Ladies and gentlemen, the one in the center of the stage now is a newbie Sub, with an unknown personality, unknown stability, and unknown body sensitivity—everything is unknown, yet he has spun the most difficult whipping. This will probably be the most challenging performance tonight, and it is also the best stage for Dom to show his strength. Is anyone willing to go on stage? Come and perform with this Sub Number 39?”

       This speech was quite provocative, and many Doms in the audience showed a desire to go on stage, but they restrained themselves and didn’t raise their hands. One reason was that whipping like this could easily injure the Sub if they were not careful, requiring excellent skills and a good sense of touch. The second reason was because they had no understanding of this brand-new Sub. If they couldn’t build trust and control their emotions within a limited time, once the Sub panicked and acted out, the consequences would be disastrous. Therefore, all the DOMs were very cautious. After all, in such a public setting, nobody wanted to risk causing harm to a Sub.

       After a period of hesitation, someone finally raised his hand.

       Seeing the person clearly, Sima Jun almost choked on his drink and coughed for a while. Xu Ye was also stunned and felt anxious as he watched the person slowly walk onto the stage. He frowned and whispered urgently to Chu Yu beside him, “I originally intended for Lion to go up, but…”

       “Shh—” The man pressed his index finger on his lips, with a vague smile in his eyes, “Just watch quietly.”

       “Mr. Number 28.” The host flipped through the information in his hand and said, “Junior member, less than a year of experience. In the section where you listed outstanding skills in your registration, you wrote ‘bondage’ but did not mention the use of whips. To ensure the safety of the Sub, I need to understand your proficiency with soft whips. Would you mind demonstrating with a prop?”

       “The Dom’s skill is not measured by the time it takes to become a member. Since I’m on stage, it means I can handle it.” The young man said impatiently.

       “Excellent binding. Haha, he almost suffocated that Sub just now.” Xia Ran sneered, “This guy is really thick-skinned.”

       Indeed, the young man who volunteered to come on stage is the same DOM who sought guidance from the Pharaoh earlier, whose skills were so poor that they couldn’t bear watching.

       The host turned to Zhuo Yue helplessly, “So…are you willing to accept the training of Mr. Dom Number 28?”

       Zhuo Yue had been standing quietly, like a lonely tree. He was silent for a while, then lowered his gaze and said, “Yes.”

       No. 28 took the soft red whip from the waiter’s hand and couldn’t help but feel a little guilty. In fact, his skills were far from perfect, and the length of the whip was far beyond his control. He had never even used such a long whip on a real Sub.

       It was all just for the limelight.

       He had always wanted to find a good-looking SUB that he could show off. Unfortunately, he had too little qualifications and poor skills, so not many Subs were willing to follow him. If he could do it well this time, people in the circle would definitely look at him differently. Besides, the Sub on stage was exactly the type he wanted, and he was already itching.

       “What’s your name?” He walked up to Zhuo Yue and asked.

       “Zhuo Yue.”

       “Zhuo Yue, do you know what I’m going to do to you next?”

       Hearing this question, he looked at the other party blankly and shook his head.

       This unorganized way of asking questions made many people in the audience laugh out loud, and whispers spread. The roar of laughter made Number 28’s face flush. He suppressed his anger and said coldly, “Kneel down!”

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Chapter 31 – Anew

       After Zhuo Yue moved back to the small apartment, he stayed at home for three days.

       He did almost nothing during those three days. He just wrapped himself up, curled up quietly on the bed, and held a cashmere plaid scarf tightly in his hand. Sometimes, he would cry silently and suppress the sound, bury his head in his knees, and his shoulder would shake slightly. Lin Hui didn’t know how to comfort him and was afraid that Zhuo Yue wouldn’t be able to think clearly, so he slept on the sofa in the living room and watched over him.

       On the morning of the fourth day, Zhuo Yue walked out of the room with wet hair.

       Lin Hui was startled while half asleep and immediately got up and asked, “Ge, have you taken a shower?”

       “Yes.” He responded softly and asked, “Do you prefer a one-sided or double-sided omelette?”

       Lin Hui was stunned for a moment and then realised, “Ge, if you want to have breakfast, I will buy it for you.”

       “No, I’m used to it.” Zhuo Yue opened the refrigerator and found that there were basically no ingredients except expired milk. He sighed helplessly, “Let’s go out to eat. It’s been a long time since we had breakfast outside.”

       “Okay, okay, but you need to blow dry your hair, or you’ll catch a cold soon.” Lin Hui saw that Zhuo Yue was in high spirits and a relaxed mood, so he went to find a hair dryer to dry his hair.

       The weather in March was already warm, and the wind didn’t feel too cold on the body. Zhuo Yue wore a pair of black-rimmed glasses and a hat while sitting in a corner breakfast shop drinking soy milk. Around him were young people doing morning exercises, children hurrying to school, and elderly people accustomed to rising early. The lively scene was full of vitality.

       “Ge, try this.” Lin Hui brought several baskets over, “The xiaolongbao here tastes great.”

       Looking at the steaming buns before him, Zhuo Yue remembered the first time he tried to make buns in Hanguan. He kneaded the dough while watching the tutorial. Fang Mingyan leaned aside and watched, wiping the flour off his face with his fingers. The buns that were finally made were too thick and ugly, but the man ate them all in the end.

       With sore eyes, he lowered his head and took a bite. The hot juice wrapped in the thin skin melted in his mouth.

       “Be careful! It’s hot!” Lin Hui hurriedly handed him a tissue and said, “Spit it out.”

       The burning pain occupied his mouth, and he swallowed hard, smiling in the steaming mist.

       It was so sorrowful that it made one’s heart ache.

       After breakfast, Zhuo Yue received a call from artist manager Shen Luo. The other party on the other end of the phone said coldly, “I’m not interested in knowing where you have been after disappearing for so long. I just want to ask you if you can start working now?”

       “I can.” He replied.

       “Okay, today at two o’clock in the afternoon, ‘Entertainment Weekly’ has scheduled a two-hour cover photo shoot. Get ready.” Shen Luo hung up the phone. She glared at Fang Mingyan who was sitting behind the boss’s desk angrily, and fired like a barrage of questions, “Previously, when you brought that person in, I asked you if it was that kind of relationship. You swore it wasn’t and said everything would be under my control. So I managed it, and then what happened? Just when they started to gain some fame, you hid them away and wouldn’t let me intervene in anything. Fine, I stepped back, and now you throw them back to me. Big Boss Fang, what exactly are you playing at?”

       “Calm down.” The man said leisurely with a lazy smile on his face, “You are always so angry, there are more wrinkles on your face.”

       “This is all because of you!” She didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, “Please give me a clear explanation today. What are you going to do about Zhuo Yue?”

       “I’m arranging his schedule for the time being. I’ll hand it over to you after a while.”

       “As you wish.” Shen Luo finished venting her anger and looked at him sideways, and said, “This kid has a pretty good temperament. If you really like him, then get rid of your womanising ways and take him home to take care of him properly. If you don’t like him, then let go quickly. Don’t torment him, and don’t torment me either.”

       Fang Mingyan raised his eyebrows, “When did I start messing around with women outside?”

       “…That’s not the point!”

       Zhuo Yue had gained a lot of popularity in the film industry and on the internet, and with his handsome appearance and low profile, he had received little negative press, so many businesses were willing to come to him for commercials. Some film and program crews had also been in frequent contact with Huasheng, wanting to invite him to film movies or appear in various shows. Although the salary offered was very considerable, the company suppressed it without any reason. They only arranged some pictorials and cover photos for him. After a while, he started to take pictures in the studio and participate in announcements.

       In early April, he officially signed a contract to become the spokesperson of Baihe’s high-end buffet restaurant chain. Baihe needed to shoot a series of commercials, so he spent several days filming at its headquarters restaurant.

       At noon, Xu Ye, the group’s president, visited the set in person and had lunch with them.

       The two of them chatted while eating.

       “When I went last time, you had already moved out from Fang Mingyan’s place. And I heard that there were some problems between you.” Xu Ye paused and asked, “Did Fang Mingyan propose to terminate the relationship?”

       Zhuo Yue nodded.

       “This guy is really…” Xu Ye gritted his teeth, “So irresponsible.”

       “It’s my fault.” His eyes were full of gloomy sadness, “I deceived him about some things, and that’s why it happened like this.”

       Xu Ye couldn’t help but feel a little distressed when he saw him like this. He pondered for a moment and said, “Do you still like him now?”

       He lowered his eyes to hide the emotion in his eyes and said softly, “There is no point in talking about this now.”

       “Of course it does.” Xu Ye patted his shoulder comfortingly, “If you really want to go back to him, I will try my best to help you.”

       Zhuo Yue was startled.

       The other party raised his eyebrows and smiled, “But whether you can succeed or not depends on how determined you are.”

       Spring was in full swing, and the air was still damp from the recent rain.

       As the city lights were starting to turn on, Fang Mingyan’s car stopped at the entrance of an unassuming small bar in the east of the city. A special silver elevator took him to the second floor. The large, brightly lit venue was as gorgeous as a pearl wrapped in an ordinary shell. Crowds of people scattered in twos and threes and greeted him one after another when they saw him, including many subs with admiring eyes. Without stopping, he casually took a c0cktail from the waiter’s hand and walked straight towards the VIP seating area.

       Four men were chatting in the sofa area embedded in the floor design. Fang Mingyan sat down next to Qin Mu and shook the wine glass in his hand as a greeting. He glanced at the bondage and training performance going on on the central stage, and frowned, “Since when has this level of skill been enough to perform on stage?”

       Xia Ran, who was sitting opposite him, smiled and said, “That Dom just came over to ask the Pharaoh for advice, and the Pharaoh asked him to go up and show it.”

       Sima Jun held Xia Ran’s waist and shook his head in disgust, “Don’t talk about arousing interest, this kind of tying method is going to make that Sub vomit.”

       Xia Ran rolled her eyes at him, “The first time you tied me up, you almost killed me.”

       “You don’t have to rehash old scores.” Sima Jun looked embarrassed and immediately changed the subject, “Pharaoh, I think you need to teach him from the very basics. This Dom skill is simply appalling.”

       Lawyer Qin Mu, who was wearing a black suit, smiled and snapped his fingers. He summoned the slave who was kneeling not far away and ordered, “Have them stop the performance and tell that Dom to wait for me in the side hall after today’s event.”

       “Yes, Master.” The slave responded briefly and went to do it immediately.

       This was a high-end BDSM club called the East Coast, which was owned by the Golden Eagle Group. The club had its own intricate social system and strict hierarchy. The high membership fees and rigorous entry requirements determined its membership composition. Multiple confidentiality measures and strict member regulations constrain members’ behaviour while protecting their privacy.

       The few people sitting in the VIP area at this moment were not only the founders of this club but also the masters who stood at the top of the entire BDSM circle. They reversed the initial violent BDSM trend, established game rules to protect the personal safety of subs, and cleared the boundaries of the circle. At the same time, they were top Doms regarding technical skills in their respective fields.

       Chu Yu, the leader of the Golden Eagle Group, was nicknamed ‘Earl’; lawyer Qin Mu was nicknamed ‘Pharaoh’; Sima Jun and Xia Ran could switch between Dom and Sub, using the name ‘Tom’ and ‘Jerry’—also known collectively as the cat and mouse duo. In BDSM, the Dom needs to design all game content, control the rhythm, and ensure safety, while the Sub often only needs to cooperate or endure, which results in a quantitative difference between the two. Doms with excellent skills and meticulous attention to detail were often very popular, so several of these people here were very popular. However, compared to them, the ‘Lion’, Fang Mingyan, was more popular with Sub. Because the Earl was married, the Pharaoh was abstinent, and the Cats and Mouse were self-sufficient, he was the only one who was easier to get close to.

       Everyone on the East Coast knew the three rules of the Lion; no relationships, no newcomers, no eating the grass by the nest1is a Chinese proverb that means not to take advantage of or cause trouble in one’s own community, workplace, or immediate surroundings—that means, no artists in the entertainment industry were involved. He was a hedonist who separated desires and emotions very well. He had many slaves under his command and replaced them quickly.

       At this moment, Mr. Lion was putting his long arms on the back of the sofa, looking up at the ceiling and complaining, “Boring.”

       Xia Ran glanced at him, “Where are your slaves?”

       “Tired of it.”

       “Then go find a new one. Just wander around the place, and you’ll find plenty of subs willing to submit to you.” Sima Jun said.

       “Not interested.” He leaned on the sofa and drank the wine in his glass slowly.

       “I think tonight won’t be too boring.” Chu Yu, who had been silent, glanced in the direction of the entrance and curled his lips.

       Fang Mingyan followed his gaze and was startled, his brows furrowed.

       Xu Ye, wearing a dark blue suit, walked toward them with a smile. Behind him was Zhuo Yue, who was wearing a white formal suit. Both of them were handsome and tall, attracting the attention of many people along the way.

       Xu Ye led Zhuo Yue into the VIP seating area. Just as he was about to speak, he heard a deep voice say, “Why are you here?”

       Zhuo Yue raised his head to face the man. His eyes trembled and he said, “I…”

       Before coming here, he had thought about many opening remarks. However now, when they met again, he couldn’t even say a complete sentence. He could only stand helpless and look at the other person with deep gazes.

       Xu Ye saw this and asked slightly provocatively, “Why can’t he be here?”

       The atmosphere in the area became interesting. Qin Mu glanced at Zhuo Yue and raised his lips slightly. Sima Jun and Xia Ran exchanged glances with each other, silently observing the changes. Chu Yu didn’t interfere and looked at them silently.

       “Is the current review process so relaxed that ordinary people can come and go at will?” Fang Mingyan’s tone was a bit cold.

       Xu Ye took out a card with the club’s emblem from Zhuo Yue’s pocket and said, “Look carefully. He is a newly approved member today.”

       The man frowned, “Xu Ye, you do not have the right to recommend someone who has no interest in BDSM as a member.”

       “I was his recommender.” Chu Yu, who was sitting aside, spoke slowly. “On his application form, it was clearly written that he had experience as a Sub and had established a master-slave relationship with his partner. So I think he has the qualifications to become a member.”

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Chapter 26

       Zhan Weiyang later had a dream.

       He dreamt that his roots were growing out of his fingers, extending longer and longer, and piercing into the mattress. At first, they enveloped Pei Qing’s entire hand, then gradually expanded and spread, trapping Pei Qing’s entire body beneath them. He felt as if he were hovering above Pei Qing, watching from above. He saw that Pei Qing, initially asleep with eyes closed, was slowly beginning to wake up from his slumber.

       Zhan Weiyang suddenly felt nervous. He tried hard to pull himself out of the mattress, but he was firmly rooted into the mattress and couldn’t get out. So the moment he saw Pei Qing open his eyes, Zhan Weiyang woke up with a fright.

       When he opened his eyes, he could still feel his rapid heartbeat, and the next thing he realised was that he didn’t know when his entire body had burrowed inside Pei Qing’s quilt. Until he woke up he still maintained the position of holding him.

       No wonder he dreamed that he trapped Pei Qing in his roots.

       Zhan Weiyang felt very embarrassed about this, and his embarrassment even continued to breakfast. He lowered his head to eat porridge and never dared to look at Pei Qing.

       After breakfast, Zhan Weiyang said to his grandma, “I’m going out today.”

       Grandma had already eaten breakfast, but after Zhan Weiyang and Pei Qing came downstairs, she stayed with them at the dining table. When she heard Zhan Weiyang say he was going out, she quickly asked, “Where are you going, Yangyang?”

       Zhan Weiyang said, “I’m going to buy a flower pot.”

       Pei Qing was eating porridge. Hearing this, he raised his head and looked at him.

       Zhan Weiyang felt nervous as soon as he met Pei Qing’s gaze, his ears turned slightly red, and he deliberately opened his eyes wide and stared at his grandma.

       Grandma asked him, “What are you buying a flower pot for? Aren’t there flower pots upstairs?”

       Zhan Weiyang said, “Bought it for myself.”

       Grandma asked, “Do you want to plant flowers?”

       Zhan Weiyang replied vaguely, “Yeah.”

       Grandma seemed a little worried, “Where are you going to buy it?”

       Zhan Weiyang didn’t know himself.

       Grandma said, “Grandma, go buy it for you.”

       At this time, Pei Qing couldn’t help but say, “I’ll go with him.”

       Zhan Weiyang glanced secretly at Pei Qing.

       Grandma turned to Pei Qing and said, “Do you know where to buy it?”

       Pei Qing said, “We should be able to find them at a flower market or a florist’s shop.”

       Grandma nodded, “Yes,” she looked at Zhan Weiyang again, “Qing gege will go with you, okay?”

       Zhan Weiyang stole a glance at Pei Qing again and then nodded to Grandma.

       Grandma felt a little relieved. She said to Pei Qing, “Why don’t you drive there? Otherwise, it’ll be difficult to bring the flower pots back.”

       Pei Qing said, “I understand.”

       When they went out, Grandma carried the small blanket she put on her legs to the door and asked Zhan Weiyang, “How many flower pots does Yangyang want to buy?”

       Zhan Weiyang thought for a while and said, “One is enough.”

       Grandma said, “Just plant one flower pot?”

       Zhan Weiyang nodded, “Yes.”

       Grandma said with a smile, “Okay, then go quickly.”

       Pei Qing drove the car out of the garage, Zhan Weiyang got into the passenger seat, stretched out his hand to fasten the seat belt, and then took a look at Pei Qing.

       “To the flower market?” Pei Qing asked him.

       Zhan Weiyang said, “Yeah.”

       Pei Qing was not familiar with the road, so he took out his mobile phone to search for flower markets and found one. Then he handed the phone screen to Zhan Weiyang and asked him, “Going here?”

       Zhan Weiyang said, “Yeah.” When Pei Qing put the phone back and started the car, he whispered again, “Thank you, Qing ge.”

       Pei Qing drove the car forward slowly and said, “No need to thank me, but—” He originally wanted to say that Zhan Weiyang didn’t need to buy flower pots, but he couldn’t say it, so he stopped.

       Zhan Weiyang looked at him curiously, “What?”

       Pei Qing said, “Nothing.”

       Zhan Weiyang struggled secretly for a while and said to Pei Qing, “I’m sorry.”

       Pei Qing looked at him and said, “Why are you saying sorry?”

       Zhan Weiyang wanted to say, ‘My roots have reached you.’ Then he remembered that he was dreaming, but he still felt a little guilty. In the end, he just said, “Nothing.”

       Pei Qing noticed that Zhan Weiyang was a little nervous, so he stayed silent and concentrated on driving without saying anything else.

       The flower market was located on the outskirts of the city, about forty minutes drive from their home. Upon arrival, Pei Qing discovered it was a massive flower market with nearly ten large warehouses neatly arranged, each filled with a variety of potted plants and flowers.

       It was also Zhan Weiyang’s first time to come here. After entering the warehouse, he opened his mouth in surprise.

       Pei Qing put the car keys into the pocket of his jacket and said to Zhan Weiyang, “Let’s have a look around.”

       Most of the merchants here sell wholesale. They walked along a passage and saw neat potted flowers and green plants on both sides. The scenery was almost spectacular.

       Zhan Weiyang was stunned. He took two steps and stopped in front of a shop selling succulents.

       Pei Qing saw the pot of Yulu1 that Zhan Weiyang was looking at. It was translucent and beautiful. So he casually asked about the price.

       The shop owner then brought out a box containing several dozen small pots of succulents and offered to sell them all for a hundred yuan.

       Zhan Weiyang said, “All of them?”

       The owner nodded, “Yes, handsome boy.”

       Zhan Weiyang looked at Pei Qing.

       Pei Qing asked him, “Do you want it?”

       Zhan Weiyang said, “Isn’t it too much?”

       Pei Qing said, “It’s a bit too much, and you can’t take care of it.”

       Zhan Weiyang squatted down and stared at the various succulents in front of him, lost in thought. Later, he put his hands to his mouth, whispered a few words to those beautiful plants in a low voice, and then stood up and said to Pei Qing, “Don’t want it, let’s go.”

       Pei Qing walked forward with him and asked him, “What did you just say?”

       Zhan Weiyang turned around and said, “I said I couldn’t take care of them in the future, so I decided not to take them back. I’m still waiting for someone to water me.”

       Pei Qing felt speechless for a moment.

       They continued to walk forward, not wanting to buy flower pots immediately. It was the first time they visited such a large flower market, and even Pei Qing became somewhat interested. They browsed through several warehouses together, admiring the variety of flowers and plants inside.

       When passing in front of a store selling large potted plants, Zhan Weiyang suddenly stopped.

       Pei Qing was walking in front but realised that Zhan Weiyang had not followed, so he stopped to look at him and found that he was stunned in front of a money tree2.

       “What?” Pei Qing came back to him and asked.

       Zhan Weiyang didn’t respond, still staring at the money tree in a daze. After a while, he grabbed Pei Qing’s arm and asked, “Do you think that tree looks good?”

       Pei Qing followed his gaze and said, “Are you talking about that money tree?”

       Zhan Weiyang nodded shyly.

       Pei Qing said, “It’s quite beautiful.”

       Zhan Weiyang was immediately filled with joy. He grabbed Pei Qing’s arm and said a little shyly, “Yeah, I think it looks good too.” After saying that, he let go of his hand and walked forward briskly.

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Chapter 57 – Chinese Bellflower (3) [Grand Finale]

       Qin Yun had never thought about having children in the past nearly 30 years. He had always stayed on the front line of the battlefield and had no idea whether he was safe or not. Even after retiring, it was not something he could think about immediately. Over the years, his mindset was geared towards ensuring his own well-being, with little thought given to the prospect of offspring and descendants.

       “If you want to give birth, of course you can.” Chris was very used to His Royal Highness the Queen often coming to bother him. He did his own experiments and left Qin Yun aside without feeling burdened, “With technology so advanced now, creating an artificial womb for you is possible.”

       Qin Yun: “…Why does it have to be me?”

       Chris glanced at him disdainfully, “I don’t have a problem if you can convince His Majesty to get a big belly.”

       “…” Qin Yun sighed, “I’m not ready to be a father yet.”

       Chris: “It has always been the dream of many men to carry on the family line and have children and grandchildren. His Majesty is still very considerate and has considered it for you.”

       Qin Yun frowned, “He hasn’t considered about it for himself?”

       “His Majesty?” Chris recalled, “When he first came of age, he secretly registered with the ‘Human Reproduction Program’ Bureau to never have offspring. However, such registration is not absolute for a lifetime, and it can be undone if he wishes.”

       Qin Yun was silent. He looked at the sunlight shining into the laboratory at noon. He thought for a while and then slowly said, “He doesn’t want the God-level genes to continue reproducing any longer, and he won’t have any offspring of his own.”

       Chris shrugged, “Well, that’s him, not you.”

       Qin Yun smiled and raised his eyebrows, “Have you forgotten that I am also a god-level?”

       Chris showed a surprised expression, and he was still holding the glass vial in his hand, which looked a little comical.

       “As long as it’s what he desires, I’ll help him make it happen,” Qin Yun said earnestly. “This is my way of loving him.”


       While Moschery was recuperating, Lin Dongliang took over all government affairs as Prime Minister. Although Skarter was dissatisfied, there was nothing he could do. The military department needed to be reorganised and managed. As Qin Yun said, the development of the new regime was lengthy, slow, and complex, and countless people would eventually embark on this path.

       Genes would no longer be the standard for judging humans. Whether they are low-level guides, sentinels or even ordinary people, they all have their own rights and obligations.

       “To contribute to the Empire is to achieve a better self.” Lin Dongliang said this in his post-war speech, “In this way, our lives will have more meaning.”

       Arthur and Shen Zhuofan were finally able to accomplish their wish to travel and get married, but because they had other important things to do, their honeymoon felt like a business trip.

       Olympus had persecuted Eta Star for a long time, and the avian race faced the threat of almost extinction. Shen Zhuofan brought over the childbirth plan that Chris had studied, determined to improve the awkward situation of male reproduction among the avian people. As a result, the title ‘Goddess of Fertility’ somehow ended up being associated with Shen Zhuofan.

       “You think I do?” Shen Zhuofan rubbed his neck with a headache, “His Majesty doesn’t go to work, so we have to do everything. I can’t even enjoy a honeymoon.”

       Lin Dongliang smiled bitterly, “Stop complaining. I’m in the same boat.”

       Shen Zhuofan breathed out, “Fortunately, Little Canon Girl is finally willing to get married. If not, none of us would be able to enjoy our vacation.”

       Lin Dongliang had a look of ‘brother, we’re in this together’. With Tristana’s willingness to marry, aside from Chen Xiao being delighted, the whole group was happy. The Empire’s only female general had finally agreed to marry. Of course, they had to thoroughly enjoy the benefits provided by the Emperor. One of the dowry items was that Chen Xiao had to tame a giant Titan as a pet…

       Chen Xiao couldn’t handle it alone, so he simply recruited Arthur and Skarter as strong men. The three of them went to the ‘Shura Gate’ a week ago.

       “Speaking of this.” Shen Zhuofan seemed to have thought of something and looked around, “Where are Qin Yun and Your Majesty?”


       G Star had rainy and hazy weather all year round, and the humid climate was very suitable for the growth of large amphibians. Moschery was riding on Zhongyan’s back, with one of his eyes wearing a black goggle, looking down expressionlessly.

       Qin Yun sat cross-legged next to the fire. He turned on the communication device, and Chen Xiao’s scowling face appeared.

       “When are you guys coming over!” The leader of the Star Thief was very anxious, “Let His Majesty lend us Zhongyan!”

       Qin Yun was helpless, “I told you. Tristana wants silver-ringed snakes, so we have to get a hundred of them first.”

       Chen Xiao was shocked, “What does she want a silver-ringed snake for?! To poison me on our wedding night?!”

       Qin Yun: “…”

       Zhongyan flew across the sky at high speed, and the clear roar of the dragon passed through the tree canopy, startling the birds. Moschery jumped down and threw the cage in his hand to the ground.

       He reached out his hand and turned the communication device around angrily.

       “Your woman’s wedding is more troublesome than mine.” Moschery said coldly, “Go teach her a lesson when you go back!”

       Chen Xiao pursed his lips and silently spat in his heart. Everyone knew that the Emperor spoiled his wife to death, so how could he criticise others…

       Qin Yun put the silver-ringed snake away and made an appointment with Chen Xiao. As soon as the communication device was turned off, Moschery leaned over.

       “…” Qin Yun was pressed on the back of his head, and his lips hurt from the kiss.

       Moschery opened his only remaining eye calmly, tilted his head and hugged Qin Yun’s waist.

       Qin Yun said vaguely, “…Want to freshen up?”

       Moschery’s forehead twitched, “Can’t you just shut up when we’re kissing?!”

       Qin Yun: “…”

       Moschery pinched his chin and said angrily, “How do you want me to stick my tongue in?! Open your mouth!”


       The two of them were piloting Qin Yun’s luxurious gold royal aircraft covered with rhilairones. In a rare act of mercy, Moschery didn’t take Zhongyan into the realm of consciousness so that the dragon could fly with him.

       “It’s like walking a dragon in space…” Qin Yun sighed.

       The gleaming aircraft was like an attractive ‘meat bone’, and the dragon flew happily around it. Fortunately, it was still somewhat conscious and did not breathe fire excitedly.

       Moschery’s expression looked unpleasant all the way. He ignored this stupid dragon’s request to take pictures several times and said cruelly, “Don’t even think about it, you can’t be seen even if I take a picture of you.”

       Zhongyan: “…QAQ”


       After half a year, they went back to ‘Shura Gate’, which had become one of the Empire’s strongholds, and the nearest F Star was home to the giant Titan that Tristana wanted. It was a very cute-looking but huge creature with high combat power and intelligence that could be domesticated.

       Chen Xiao was in even more of a mess than he’d seen in the communicator, and Arthur and Skarter weren’t much better, with Lord Duke’s red hair turned into a hedgehog.

       “We’ve alerted a large Titan lair,” Skarter said wearily. They had been squatting there for almost half a month. If they didn’t capture a Titan soon, Chen Xiao wouldn’t be the only one on the verge of a breakdown.

       Arthur sneered, “I told you not to let that stupid Haast Hawk go as bait. Titans get excited when they see something that can fly. It’s not enough to lure a bunch of them, and it actually lured a lair of them.”

       Qin Yun was embarrassed, “How many are there in total?”

       Chen Xiao clicked on the map, “6… If we catch them all, we can get one each.”

       Arthur looked at him with disdain, “Only Tristana would want such a thing to keep for fun. Zhuofan already has a cat.”

       Skarter said proudly, “It’s enough for the Prime Minister to have me.”

       Moschery didn’t want to pay attention to these wife slaves at all. He observed the surroundings of the lair, found a high point and installed a triangle digital net. When he descended, he noticed that apart from Qin Yun, the other three were still discussing what their wives liked.


       “I can’t help it; Little Canon Girl likes this kind of thing.” Chen Xiao had a helpless look on his face but felt very proud on the inside, “It has to be cute, not too weak, and smart, so it will have dignity when you take it out.”

       Arthur spat at him, “A titan this big, and you bring it out to show me? You want it to crash the gate once a day?”

       Skarter: “Well, Lin Dongliang likes it very much, but he is busy, and he definitely doesn’t have time to take care of it.” After saying that, he thought of something and turned to ask Qin Yun, “When will Your Majesty recover and take back your duties? Us family head also needs some rest.”

       Qin Yun didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Just when he was about to answer, he heard Moschery say coldly, “Lin Dongliang did a good job. It’s not like he was unwilling.”

       Skarter said with a grimace, “He is born to work hard, Your Majesty. It’s not like you don’t know; don’t cause any more trouble for him.”

       Moschery glanced at him, not sure if he was joking, and said coldly, “When he becomes president, he can give himself a holiday.”

       “??” Skarter didn’t understand for a moment, “Be what?!”

       Moschery was too lazy to answer. He signalled Zhongyan to hit the rock wall around the Titan’s lair and directed Arthur and Chen Xiao to stand on the control panel of the triangle digital net.


       Qin Yun called out Ishtar. He rode on the back of the unicorn and looked down at Moschery slightly, “What do you mean by waiting for Lin Dongliang to become president…?”

       “That’s what it means literally.” Moschery frowned, “Come down and don’t cause trouble. I’ll be the bait.”

       Qin Yun: “Then what should I do?”

       Moschery: “Sit and watch, cheering and saying, ‘Husband, you are awesome, I love you so so much’.”

       Qin Yun: “…”


       Skarter, Chen Xiao, and Arthur were standing by the triangular digital net in elevated positions. Moschery was riding on Ishtar’s back to serve as bait. Zhongyan had already weakened the surrounding walls of the lair with his impacts. Qin Yun was nervously staring at the lair’s entrance, and soon, the snow-white unicorn shot out like an arrow.

       Then, a thunderous sound shook the universe, and one of the youngest Titans rushed to the front, roaring and jumping into the triangle area. Moschery roared, “Cast the net!”

       Blue netting shot out from three high points simultaneously, and Arthur shouted, “Tightened it!”

       The digital net quickly tightened, binding the Titans tightly. The few Titans that had fallen behind had just arrived now. The heavy footsteps shook the surrounding rock walls. Zhongyan was still banging against them, but the rocks would not fall. Seeing the Titans was about to pounce on Ishtar, Qin Yun carried the high-energy cannon that he had put in his bag.

       “Zhongyan!” Qin Yun summoned the dragon while running. Zhongyan swooped down with a scream. It didn’t land, and the giant wings gathered up and lifted the guide onto its back.

       The power of the five Titans running was simply unimaginable. Qin Yun relied entirely on his feelings and fired the high-energy cannon without even standing still. Two of them were fired in a row. The powerful recoil knocked him off the dragon’s back.

       “Qin Yun!” Moschery said angrily. He ignored the Titan chasing behind him and flew directly towards Qin Yun. A Titan stretched out its hand in mid-air and grabbed Ishtar’s white feather. Moschery’s face was as dark as water as he pulled out the Dragon Scales on his back and chopped down with great force!

       The rock walls around the lair finally couldn’t bear any more and collapsed. Ishtar dodged the rolling stones and flew towards Qin Yun, who was still falling. Zhongyan spread his huge wings over the two of them, shielding them from the larger rocks.

       Seeing the ground approaching, Moschery jumped directly from the unicorn’s back. In the last moment, he embraced Qin Yun, swung the Dragon Scales into the nearest rock wall, and slid down just over two meters before barely stopping. However, Ishtar and Zhongyan weren’t as fortunate. The giant dragon, only managing to wrap its wings around the unicorn, crashed belly-up at the entrance of the Titan’s lair.


       Qin Yun looked at his dangling feet in shock. They were less than one meter above the ground. If Moschery hadn’t come, he might have fallen to the ground.

       The nearest Titan was trapped at the entrance by the Diginet, and the remaining five were blocked in the lair by shattered boulders.

       Zhongyan fluttered his wings and stood up. Ishtar licked and kissed the side of the dragon’s muzzle where it had been grazed by the boulder.

       “I almost lost my life by helping others get married.” Qin Yun said with a bitter smile. Moschery’s hand holding him was still shaking a little, and he opened his mouth without speaking.

       Qin Yun sighed, “Put me down.” He patted the Emperor’s hand, and Moschery looked down at him.

       “I was just thinking.” Moschery suddenly said, “If I can’t catch you, I’ll just fall down with you.”

       “…” Qin Yun said with a headache, “The monarchs cannot be buried together during their reign. Please promise me that you won’t entertain such thoughts.”

       Moschery didn’t say anything. He took out the Dragon Scale that was stuck in the rock wall and tied it behind his back, then turned around to close the net.

       Qin Yun chased after him and insisted, “Promise me first.”

       “Impossible.” Moschery said without looking back, “I have already written the abdication edict.”

       “Abdication…” Qin Yun reacted, “Edict what?!”

       Moschery suddenly turned his head, and Qin Yun almost hit his nose without stopping his forehead.

       “Abdication edict.” Moschery said word by word, “From now on, I will no longer be the Emperor of the Empire, and Lin Dongliang will take over the presidency. There will be no god level and no royal family; the two of us will become the most ordinary citizens.”

       Qin Yun murmured, “This is good…not right!” He said frantically, “Why are you thinking like this all of a sudden?!”

       Moschery’s expression was calm, but there was a smile in his eyes, “I have thought so for a long time.” He stretched out his hand, twirled the ends of Qin Yun’s hair with his fingertips, gently pulled and bit his lip.

       “I heard it all from Chris.” Moschery whispered against Qin Yun’s lips, “I know what you gave up for me, a family with intact lineage… You love me in your own way.”

       Qin Yun touched Moschery’s face with trembling hands. He kissed the tip of the Emperor’s nose and found that he was actually crying.

       “You’re ugly when you cry.” Moschery kissed his cheek, “Power means nothing to me anymore, and neither does the seat of Emperor.”

       Moschery said faintly, “Nothing can separate us from now on, not even death.”

       “…Shut up.” Qin Yun said sullenly, “Your only shortcoming is that your mouth is too sweet, you know.”

       Moschery chuckled softly. He picked up Qin Yun and pressed the back of his head, kissing him delicately.


       Chen Xiao finally caught the Titan he had longed for and couldn’t wait a second to go back to marry his wife. The five of them, covered in mud and looking miserable, hurried back to the empire. Skarter sent a message to Lin Dongliang, asking the soon-to-be bride to get ready.

       Fortunately, there was a bathroom in Moschery’s royal aircraft. However, after Chen Xiao finished showering, there’s no time for anyone else to wash up.


       So when everyone arrived at the wedding venue, except for the groom who looked somewhat presentable, all the other people were utterly unfit to be seen.

       Shen Zhuofan frantically rubbed the mud off Arthur’s boots, feeling so rushed that he almost fainted, “Tristana is going to kill us for sure…”

       Arthur stubbornly said, “We tried our best to help her prepare the dowry. What else does she want? What are you afraid of? With Chen Xiao leading the way, we might as well not go.”

       Shen Zhuofan was holding the brush in a funny manner. Arthur’s ferocious lion was still rubbing against him, and the tiger cat was also pulling its claws and trying to climb onto his back.

       “I’m not going.” Arthur clicked his tongue. He hugged Shen Zhuofan from behind and rested his chin on the opposite shoulder, “Let’s just sleep at home and have a baby together.”

       Shen Zhuofan couldn’t bear it anymore and threw the brush at the Lord Duke’s face.


       Lin Dongliang and Skarter were the first to get ready. The Prime Minister had to tie Skarter’s tie in a hurry, and the latter rubbed Lin Dongliang’s forehead mischievously.

       “Don’t move.” Lin Dongliang pushed a few times, “It will be done soon.”

       Skarter looked down at the other person and tied a Windsor knot carefully, “Will you give the wedding speech later?”

       Lin Dongliang nodded, and Skarter said angrily, “Then what does the Emperor do?”

       “Your Majesty also has something to say.” Lin Dongliang patted Skarter’s chest, “The marriage of the first female general will be broadcast live across the country. What I said was just the official statement. His Majesty, as the royal family member, must make a statement.”

       Skarter raised his eyebrows, “If the Emperor comes out to speak, doesn’t that mean he’s in good health? Won’t you be less busy from now on?”

       Lin Dongliang, “Logically speaking, it should be like this.” He hesitated for a moment and then said, “But I always have this bad feeling.”

       “The whole universe is watching His Majesty. He can’t avoid it.” Skarter didn’t think much about it, “Unless he doesn’t want to be the emperor anymore.”

       Lin Dongliang’s eyelids twitched, “Don’t talk nonsense.”

       Skarter laughed, “Haha, it’s not possible.”

       “…” The two looked at each other and fell silent…


       Tristana had put on her wedding dress and was combing her hair. Her skirt almost covered the entire bed, and it felt difficult to drag it when she walked. The Titan captured by Chen Xiao had been locked up in the yard. Titan is a creature that respects the strong. Whoever caught it would be acknowledged as its master, so even if it went to a strange place, it would still eat and drink well and treat it as its own home completely.

       Qin Yun was asked to play the role of the bride’s ‘father’. Tristana covered her head with white gauze and stretched out her hand to hold Qin Yun’s stretched-out arm.

       “What should I do?” the female general whispered, “I’m so nervous!”

       Qin Yun could only use his own experience to comfort her, “It’s okay, don’t be nervous, just stand there for a while, and it will be over.”

       Tristana: “No one speaks when you get married, so you just stand for a while. When I get married, His Majesty and Lin Dongliang will have to speak. How long do you have to stand?”

       “…” Qin Yun touched his nose.

       Tristana said gloomily, “Besides, Lin Dongliang is good at writing reports. I used to copy his papers; they were always lengthy, and even the professors were too lazy to read them.”

       Qin Yun: “…”

       Tristana sighed, “I finally married this pervert Chen Xiao, who has been spying on me since I was 12 years old. He must be moved to tears now.”

       Qin Yun carefully looked under the terrace and found that Chen Xiao seemed to be really crying…

       Tristana winked triumphantly, “Told you so.”


       Lin Dongliang lived up to expectations. The wedding congratulatory speech turned out to be a lengthy 30-chapter paper. He covered everything from Tristana’s birth, and even Chen Xiao’s pursuit of the bride since she was 12 years old was also vividly described. Now, the whole world knows that the leader of the Star Thief was a pervert who liked loli…

       Moschery shook Qin Yun’s hand before taking the stage. The scarlet cape on his shoulders almost reached the ground, and his back was tall and broad.

       “Happy wedding.” His Majesty the Emperor only said these four words.

       Tristana said excitedly, “I can finally throw the bouquet!”

       Moschery said expressionlessly, “No need to throw away the bouquet. Just throw this one.”

       “…” Tristana looked down at the abdication edict that the emperor forced into her hand.

       Lin Dongliang had already stood up. He didn’t know what was going on yet and smiled as he reached out, ready to take it.

       Moschery took Tristana’s bouquet and ignored Lin Dongliang’s expression behind him when he received the abdication edict. He casually tore off his cloak and tossed it high in the air. The flowers fell into his arms, and starlight adorned his shoulders.


       Qin Yun looked at Moschery running towards him, laughed and opened his arms—


I would like to be a lighthouse, pointing the way for you, soothing the trauma, loneliness and stormy seas.

Your life belongs to me, and my soul will be with you.



This is one hell of a chaotic way to end the series, befitting to all chaotic characters here XD
I will be posting the way to buy and enjoy the audio drama after this~
There’s actually 2 more bonus episodes after the ending in the audio drama~~~

I hope you guys come to like this series as much as me and will buy the audio drama too!
Some people in the audio drama seemed to keep saying that this is basically the story of Lin Dongliang promotion instead, lolol
But it’s true, Lin Dongliang kept moving up the ladder as the story progressed. (≧▽≦)

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Chapter 55 – (Side Story) Picking Up a Dog

       Long Xing picked up a stray dog ​​when he was getting off work that day.

       When he saw the dog, it was huddled under a car in front of him, its fur dirty and messy, and it looked pitiful.

       Long Xing was afraid that it would be run over by the wheels when the car started, so he stretched out his hand to summon it out.

       The dog raised its head and glanced at Long Xing, then slowly got up and walked to him. It looked like it had been injured or had lost its vitality due to age. However, Long Xing couldn’t clearly identify it.

       Long Xing’s original intention was just to call it out, but the dog kept following Long Xing and refused to leave.

       It followed Long Xing back to the school dormitory where Long Xing lived.

       Oh, by the way, because Bu Hui moved out from the old dormitory of Forensic Medicine College to rent a house to live with his girlfriend, Xia Hongshen took advantage of his relationship to rent one of the two vacant dormitories to Feng Junyuan, and the other one was rented to Long Xing.

       The dog kept following Long Xing, but Long Xing couldn’t bear to get rid of it.

       Finally, when he returned to the second floor of the dormitory, the dog was still walking slowly behind him.

       When Long Xing came back, Song Jun and Feng Junyuan were watching movies in front of the computer. Long Xing put the lunch box he bought on Song Jun’s computer table and asked, “Where is Teacher Xia?”

       Song Jun turned to look at him and said, “Went to attend an academic conference with his tutor and won’t be back until a few days later.”

       “Oh,” Long Xing responded, “Let’s eat first.”

       At this time, both Song Jun and Feng Junyuan noticed the dirty stray dog following Long Xing and asked, “Where did it come from?”

       Long Xing was a little troubled, “It’s a stray dog. It’s been following me back.”

       Feng Junyuan took one look and said, “It’s so dirty. Do you want to keep it?”

       Song Jun whispered, “Senior brother may not agree.”

       Long Xing lowered his head to look at the dog, and the dog looked up at him pitifully. In the end, Long Xing couldn’t bear it. He took his lunch box, fed half of it to the dog, and said, “Let’s wait until Teacher Xia comes back.”

       After dinner, Song Jun helped him give the dog a bath.

       While washing, Song Jun said, “Do I need to take it to a pet shop for injection? I’m afraid it has some disease.”

       Long Xing seemed to think it didn’t matter, “It doesn’t matter, we shouldn’t be able to get rabies.”

       Song Jun looked at him and said, “True.”

       When the two of them finished bathing the dog, Long Xing discovered that the dog’s fur was pure white. It was so dirty just now that it was impossible to tell.

       Song Jun looked at the dog in confusion, “What breed is this? I can’t tell?”

       Long Xing also looked at it and said, “Huskies, right? Are there pure white huskies?”

       Feng Junyuan walked into the water room with a cup of mouthwash. He heard two people talking, so he also took a look at the dog and said, “Maybe it had albinism.”

       Given Feng Junyuan’s status as a doctor, both Long Xing and Song Jun were then convinced by him.

       Long Xing used a towel to wipe the water off the dog’s body. As he wiped it, he said, “Let me give you a name. Can we call it Erbao?”

       Not sure if Erbao understood, it shook its head, splashing water all over Long Xing’s face.

       When going to bed that night, Song Jun helped Long Xing find a large cardboard box, opened it and stuffed some unnecessary towels and sheets inside, temporarily making a place for Erbao.

       Erbao’s place was placed in Long Xing’s room. The room Long Xing lived in now was the same room that Bu Hui used to live in. It still had a simple layout of a small bed, desk, and wardrobe, and the dog kennel could only be placed next to the bed.

       Long Xing was lying on the bed and could touch Erbao’s head with his hand.

       Erbao was curled up in its kennel. Long Xing stretched out his hand to touch its head, and it would raise its head slightly and lick Long Xing’s fingers.

       Long Xing closed his eyes and fell asleep quickly.

       That night, he kept dreaming, and he always dreamed that something heavy was pressing on him, and he could hardly breathe. He repeated this all night long. When he woke up the next morning, he only felt a soreness in his back.

       When Long Xing opened his eyes, he saw Erbao lying beside the bed, looking at him.

       He reached out and rubbed Erbao’s head.

       Erbao stretched out his head and rubbed against his chest.

       Long Xing had to go to work in the morning, so he got up from the bed and dragged his tired body to the water room to wash up.

       Song Jun saw him and asked, “Why are you so haggard?”

       Long Xing rubbed his eyes and said, “Am I?”

       Song Jun touched his head, “Did Erbao disturb you to sleep?”

       Long Xing shook his head, “No, I just didn’t sleep very well. It’s nothing.”

       Because he had to go to work during the day, Long Xing asked Song Jun to help him find time to come back and feed the dog.

       At noon, Song Jun went to buy a bag of dog food and came back. He opened the door of Long Xing’s room and saw Erbao sleeping in its space. He didn’t move when he heard him come in.

       Song Jun poured the dog food into the bowl, put it near Erbao’s mouth, and then walked out gently.

       But until Long Xing came home from work in the afternoon, Erbao didn’t touch the dog food in his mouth. He didn’t seem to like eating dog food.

       Long Xing felt very tired. After he came back, he lay down on the bed and didn’t want to move.

       Unexpectedly, Erbao jumped on the bed, lay on Long Xing’s body, and licked Long Xing’s ears.

       Long Xing felt itchy and turned his head away with a smile.

       Erbao could be considered a large dog. With its size, it pressed down on Long Xing, making it impossible for him to move. It licked Long Xing’s ears for a while, then lowered its head to lick Long Xing’s collarbone.

       Long Xing struggled for a while but failed to break free and fell asleep with his eyes closed.

       After dinner, Long Xing took Erbao for a walk in the school. It was obviously a stray dog ​​that had been picked up from outside yesterday, but he didn’t expect that it would be surprisingly well-behaved and keep following Long Xing’s feet. Even when a girl teased it with food, it wouldn’t run away.

       He just picked up Erbao and raised him for several days. His skin became smoother and smoother, while Long Xing became more and more lethargic.

       One night, Long Xing took it out for a walk. Long Xing sat on a bench next to the small pond in the school and fell asleep after sitting for a while.

       Erbao, who was sitting next to his legs, seemed to notice that he was asleep, so he jumped up on the bench, lay down next to him, and put his head on his lap.

       After walking back, when Long Xing walked into the door of the first floor of the dormitory, Erbao suddenly stopped and refused to leave.

       Long Xing was a little strange and looked back at it, “What’s wrong?”

       Erbao raised his head and looked ahead warily.

       Then, Long Xing heard footsteps coming down the stairs. He turned around and saw that the person slowly coming down the second floor turned out to be Xia Hongshen.

       “Teacher Xia!” Long Xing was very happy to see Xia Hongshen.

       Xia Hongshen didn’t look at him but kept staring at Erbao at Long Xing’s feet.

       Long Xing felt a little strange and looked back at Erbao. Thinking that Xia Hongshen might have some hostility towards dogs, he explained, “I picked up Erbao. He is a stray dog.”

       As soon as he finished speaking, Xia Hongshen turned into a black shadow and rushed towards Erbao, but Erbao suddenly retreated and disappeared from Long Xing’s face without any intention of fighting with Xia Hongshen.

       Long Xing was stunned.

       However, Xia Hongshen had transformed back into his human form and stood beside him, saying, “You idiot, your spiritual power has almost been sucked out.”

       Long Xing suddenly lost consciousness, turned into a silver whip, and fell into Xia Hongshen’s hand.

       Xia Hongshen brought Long Xing Whip back and put it on the bed. Song Jun and Feng Junyuan stood beside it, both of them were a little embarrassed because none of them realised that Erbao turned out to be a demon and let him stay beside Long Xing. So long.

       Song Jun asked, “What on earth is that? I can’t see what it was?”

       Xia Hongshen’s eyes fell on the Dragon Tip Whip and said, “It’s not an ordinary demon. I don’t know where it came from and what its purpose is.”

       Song Jun thought for a while and said, “It’s probably because of Long Xing’s spiritual power.”

       Xia Hongshen reached out and picked up the Dragon Tip Whip, handed it to Feng Junyuan, and said, “Send Long Xing to Yun Po. There is enough spiritual power on the mountain so that he can return to his human form as soon as possible.”

       Feng Junyuan took it and said, “I have to go to work.”

       Xia Hongshen said, “Am I not going to work?”

       Feng Junyuan was not very happy, “You are obviously more relaxed than me, okay? I have to work the night shift tomorrow!”

       Song Jun said softly, “I also have to go to work…”

       Xia Hongshen reached out and took the Dragon Tip Whip back, “Call Yun Po and ask him to come over.”

       Two days later, Yun Po appeared in Song Jun’s dormitory building.

       Xia Hongshen handed the Dragon Tip Whip into his hand, “Please help me take Long Xing back to Yun Qingshan Hongyin Temple and wait for him to absorb spiritual energy and return to his human form as soon as possible.”

       Yun Po took the Dragon Tip Whip, waved it excitedly in his hand, and said, “You gave it to me, but I won’t give it back to you.”

       Xia Hongshen didn’t care, “Long Xing will come back on his own.”

       Yun Po suddenly lost interest and asked Xia Hongshen, “How did it get like this?”

       Xia Hongshen said, “Its spiritual power was absorbed by a demon.”


       Xia Hongshen raised his head and looked out the window, “Something got in.”

       Yun Po left with the Dragon Tip Whip that day.

       At night, Song Jun sat on Xia Hongshen’s bed, playing games on his laptop.

       Xia Hongshen rummaged through boxes and cabinets to find something.

       Song Jun was a little strange, “What are you looking for?”

       Xia Hongshen didn’t say anything. He found cat food from the cabinet, grabbed a handful and put it in his mouth. He chewed it for a while and felt something was wrong, so he quickly spit it out. After looking carefully at the packaging bag, he realised that it was not cat food at all, but dog food.

       Seeing this, Song Jun stood up, grabbed the bag, and said, “I bought this for Erbao two days ago.”

       Xia Hongshen was not happy when he heard the word Erbao, and he was even more unhappy when there was no cat food. He looked gloomily and asked, “Where’s mine?”

       Song Jun said, “You have finished it all, and I haven’t had time to buy another yet.”

       As soon as he finished speaking, he was pressed onto the bed by Xia Hongshen, and he couldn’t say the next words.

       On the same night, Yun Po drove back to Hongyin Temple overnight, and sitting with him in the passenger seat was Wan Mingguang. Wan Mingguang devoted himself to practising Buddhism at Hongyin Temple. Yun Po saw that he was now dedicated to doing good, so he let his soul attach to his Buddhist beads and took him down the mountain to catch ghosts, eliminate demons, and do good deeds to accumulate virtue.

       Wan Mingguang held the Dragon Tip Whip in his hand and asked doubtfully, “What kind of powerful demon do you think it could be, keeping Chunjun and others in the dark?”

       Yun Po drove the car and responded casually, “Who knows?”

       When he finished speaking, Wan Mingguang suddenly exclaimed. It turned out that he saw a white figure running towards their car outside the car window.

       They were driving on a highway, and on this kind of highway, what kind of monster could catch up with the speed of a car?

The author has something to say:
As a side story, when I first started writing this piece, I revisited a heartwarming work that I really enjoyed, with its atmosphere of an entire extended family being together. That’s where the inspiration for this side story came from.

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