Various Alphas!Gong x Beta

Content tag: Show-biz/ Entertainment industry/ ABO/ Harem
Author: Lonely Deer/孤独的鹿
Artist: /
Alt. Name: ABO在劫难逃

Many Alpha!Gong x One Beta!Shou Alpha × Beta, Semi-Entertainment Industry.


“You’re a beta and you’re still looking for the Alphas? Qu Di, what are you thinking?”


All of them were prominent figures in the entertainment industry, but for some reason, they don’t like the sweet and tender Omegas. Instead, they set their sights on him, an ordinary Beta.


The various Alpha Gongs: Cute little Di is way better than those soft Omegas!


The Beta heads the race, while the Alphas chase the flame


I won’t stop making a scene (of dramatic plot twists)


Qu Di: I just want to go home… Wait! Isn’t my home getting a bit crowded!?

Table of Contents