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Chapter 175 – Let's Go Home

Chapter 175 – Let’s Go Home


When Jian Luo approached the corner of the garden, he saw them: three well-behaved children standing obediently. Standing in the middle was a tall man, his back straight, clad in a dignified military uniform. His legs were long and powerful, his mature and handsome face carried a hint of seriousness. Even standing there quietly, he captivated every gaze.


For a moment, it felt like a lifetime away.


Jian Luo looked at Lu Shifeng, who stood motionless, unable to move or take a step forward. His mind was strangely blank.




Long Aotian looked up and wanted to run towards Jian Luo, but hesitated as his father was present, so he weakly called out, “Dad.”


Jian Luo snapped back to reality.


Lu Shifeng seemed to notice too. He turned his head slightly, locking eyes with Jian Luo. His face was nearly unchanged from before they entered the illusion, yet somehow different, more mature and exuding a composed confidence.


Seeing Jian Luo still unmoving, Lu Shifeng frowned slightly, stepped forward, and stopped in front of him, step by step.


“Why aren’t you coming over?” he asked.


Jian Luo’s throat felt dry. “Traffic on the road.”


A hint of amusement flickered in Lu Shifeng’s eyes. “Who asked you that?”


Jian Luo looked at his familiar smile and listened to his familiar voice. A sense of reality returned, but he still hesitated, afraid this might all be a dream, easily shattered.


Lu Shifeng noticed the bag of cloud fruits in Jian Luo’s hand, knowing they were for the children. He gestured to the three behind him. “They behave properly, no eating allowed.”


The three children were thunderstruck.


Feeling more grounded, Jian Luo chuckled. “Actually, we’ve got an etiquette teacher for them.”


“Yet they’ve learned so little,” Lu Shifeng seemed somewhat disdainful. “They won’t have any tomorrow.”


Long Aotian looked like he was about to cry.


Jian Luo wasn’t sure if he should defend the children further. He wisely chose to stay silent, pondering in his mind how to handle the snacks. Who should he share them with?


As he contemplated, Lu Shifeng stepped forward, took the bag, took one for himself, and handed another to Jian Luo. “Try it.”


Jian Luo hesitated for a moment, then mechanically took a bite. The cloud fruit tasted deliciously sweet. He remembered their first date years ago, in a shopping mall, when Lu Shifeng first treated him to these fruits. Back then, he had been cautious and reserved, not fully enjoying the taste.


Lu Shifeng ate a few bites in front of the children and asked Jian Luo, “Is it good?”


“Sweet,” Jian Luo replied.


“Hmm,” Lu Shifeng nodded. “Haven’t had anything from outside in a long time.”


Suddenly, Jian Luo remembered Lu Shifeng had spent nearly a year in the illusion. He felt a pang of sympathy. Taking another bite of the fruit, he said softly, “When we get back, I’ll cook something nice for you.”


“No need,” Lu Shifeng replied.


Jian Luo looked up.


“I’m not in a rush for food right now. If my wife cares about me, she should pay more attention to other matters.” Lu Shifeng’s handsome face began to turn slightly serious and his tone less playful.



After their chat, they entered the children’s classroom.


This school was an exclusive academy for nobility, bustling with children. Many parents had a change of mindset and were now actively participating in parent-child activities. When they entered, most people were already present.


Seeing Lu Shifeng’s figure, the entire classroom gradually fell silent. Someone stood up first, uncertain: “Greetings, Your Excellency.”


With one person leading, the others soon followed:


“Good day, Your Excellency.”


“Marshal, welcome back.”


“It’s an honor to see you.”


Their voices overlapped, but Lu Shifeng remained expressionless. “I’m here for the parent-child event. No need for formalities.”


Only then did the others nervously sit back down. They all knew the young prince of the Dragon Clan attended school here and were prepared to meet him, but they hadn’t anticipated seeing Lu Shifeng, especially without any news of the Dragon King’s return. It was unexpected and somewhat overwhelming.


The teacher was taken aback upon seeing Lu Shifeng and Jian Luo enter. Both were renowned figures.


“Um,” the teacher coughed lightly. “Thank you all for accompanying your children to our parent meeting.”


Lu Shifeng and Jian Luo glanced at the slightly nervous teacher.


Pointing to the tables, the teacher continued, “There are letters on the tables written by the children for you. Please open and read them, then write a reply to each child.”


There were three letters in front of Jian Luo and Lu Shifeng. They began reading, Jian Luo taking Long Aotian’s letter while Lu Shifeng read the first letter, from his younger sister. 


The child’s letter was brief, clearly not serious. Jian Luo quickly finished it and moved on to the second letter. Initially expecting little from the typically quiet second child, he was surprised to find a full page upon opening it.


Jian Luo paused, slightly stunned, before settling in to read. Though the handwriting was immature, the words were unexpectedly mature for the child’s age. It read: “Dad, don’t work too hard. Even without dad here, my brothers and sisters will take care of you in the future. We won’t let anyone bully you.”


“The Dragon Clan is your backing.”


“If not, we will be.”


“You took care of us before, and now it’s our turn to take care of you.”


Every word touched deeply, and it was hard to believe this was written by the usually reserved child. Jian Luo’s hand trembled as he held the paper.


After Lu Shifeng finished reading his sister’s letter, he asked Jian Luo, “What’s wrong?”


Jian Luo shook his head.


Lu Shifeng handed Jian Luo his sister’s letter, his crimson eyes staring at the young man’s slightly thin face for a moment before saying, “You’ve worked hard.”


Jian Luo paused, then took the letter from Lu Shifeng.


The little girl had written a lot, acknowledging Jian Luo’s hardships over the past year and expressing her determination to grow up quickly to help alleviate his burdens. Each word was sincere and heartfelt, melting hearts.


The teacher interjected, “Please write a reply to the children after reading.”


Jian Luo hesitated on what to write, but Lu Shifeng set aside the letter and found a clean sheet of paper. He wrote a single line: “He doesn’t need your care. He’ll live his own life. I’ll take responsibility for his life.”


The words reflected his character, bold and confident, evoking respect.




Jian Luo paused, then burst into laughter.


He watched as the three children nearby received their replies with astonished expressions, feeling deeply fulfilled. Indeed, he felt incredibly fortunate and satisfied now. His children were growing up well, and his husband had returned. Life’s path might not always be smooth, but being able to stay with his family and take it slow was a form of completeness.



The next day,


Today was the day for dismantling and constructing in Paradise. The old-fashioned houses were being torn down to make way for new office buildings. As business expanded, human industries such as clothing, food, medicine, and tourism were spreading further.


Some eyed the pie and sought to cause trouble, but the powers behind humans were too formidable. The Moon was the largest shareholder, and the Dragon Clan was not to be trifled with. As a warlike race, they typically didn’t mince words.


“Bro, everything should be dismantled over here today.”


“Most people have moved. The light rail installation from Dark Star to Earth is complete. It takes about an hour by light cruiser now. Everyone moved in last night.”


“Our home is also empty. The demolition team will be here soon.”


Jian Luo stood in the small courtyard. “Okay, you go greet them. I’ll stay here for a while.”


Jian Sheng hesitated. “Bro, if you can’t bear to, we can keep this place.”


Years had passed. The young man who once feared sleeping alone had grown up. Jian Sheng was almost as tall as Jian Luo now and could lead a team independently, decisive in making decisions.


Jian Luo glanced at the courtyard and smiled. “Mom, call her over for a photo.”


Jian Sheng’s eyes lit up. “Okay.”


Not far away, Su Liang, managing the construction of the office building, heard the call and walked over. “A photo? I’m not dressed up nicely today, Mom.”


“No, you’re always beautiful.”


Jian Sheng spoke the truth. Su Liang was indeed becoming more beautiful, or rather, confident. A confident mature woman’s air changed her entirely. With a successful clothing brand, she ventured into luxury items this year and employed thousands, making a fortune.


Sometimes, when Jian Luo had financial trouble or funding issues, Su Liang no longer worried or shed tears. Instead, she supported him and became a pillar for him. After women started businesses, their entire personalities changed.


Su Liang gave him a sidelong glance and smirked, “Always just trying to please your mom.”


The three of them stood in the courtyard. Although the small yard was still somewhat dilapidated, it had witnessed their hardest days, through thick and thin. Under the trees stood the swing that Jian Luo had assembled back then. At the courtyard entrance was the stone stool where they used to sit during tough times.


The photographer called over to them, “Alright, three, two, one, look at the camera!”


Jian Luo and Jian Sheng stood beside Su Liang, smiling at the camera. “Cheese.”


The photo captured a beautiful moment. Su Liang and Jian Sheng waited for the photo to be sent over, while Jian Luo went to his nearly empty room to check on things.


Inside the room, there was a worn-out sofa filled with memories. Jian Luo sat on it for a while, reminiscing about the awkward moments when he first arrived, recalling how Su Liang had advised him to distance himself from Lu Shifeng back then.


Scene after scene replayed in his mind, as if it were just yesterday.




The sound of the door being pushed open came from outside.


Jian Luo looked up and saw a tall, straight figure standing at the doorway. Lu Shifeng gazed at him and walked over. “I knew you’d be here,” he said.


Jian Luo smiled. “Not busy? Why did you come over?”


“They’re going to demolish this place,” Lu Shifeng said. “They’re moving everyone back to Earth at night.”


Jian Luo nodded. “It’s convenient to go back now, though it’ll take some time. Most industries have moved to Earth, and there’s hardly anyone left here. Even Mom’s clothing factory has moved.”


“What about you?” Lu Shifeng asked.


“As for me?” Jian Luo suddenly understood what he meant and couldn’t help laughing. “Where would I go? My home is here.”


Lu Shifeng looked at him, his gaze deepening, and sat down beside him. “Earth is your mother planet too.”


“What should I do then?” Jian Luo leaned against him. “Should I go back?”


Lu Shifeng held his hand firmly.


Jian Luo giggled. “Are you coming to pick me up?”


Lu Shifeng paused for a moment before saying, “Yes, to take you home.”




Such a beautiful word. Jian Luo had never had a home before; he was an orphan without a place to belong or any relatives. But now, standing here after all these years, with the man beside him coming to take him home, he finally had a place to return to.


Happiness, it seemed, could be so simple.


Jian Luo tilted his face up and smiled. “Lower your head a little.”


Lu Shifeng lowered his head, his handsome face close to his.


Jian Luo kissed him softly on the lips. “Alright, let’s go home.”


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Chapter 174 – Kidnapping Kids

Chapter 174 – Kidnapping Kids


The little brats looked at Jian Luo with slight surprise.


Jian Luo lowered his head and looked down at his own children from a superior position. There were many other children waiting around. He patiently repeated, “They served you and helped you. Did you say thank you?”


Perhaps no one had taught these children such manners, or informed the high-and-mighty little princes that service wasn’t a given.


Long Ao Tian was the first to react. The noble little prince turned to the server and nodded, “Thank you for the tickets.”


The server trembled nervously, not daring to accept a noble’s thanks. “It’s my duty, it’s my duty.”


The other two followed suit.


After they all thanked, Jian Luo led the three children inside. Along the way, he noticed they seemed a bit awkward. He found a pavilion and sat them down, ordering drinks for them. He asked, “Do any of you have something to say to Dad?”


Long Ao Tian spoke first, “Is Dad angry?”


Facing the same ruby eyes as Lu Shifeng, Jian Luo spoke gently, “Why does baby think Dad would be angry?”


“I don’t know.”


Long Ao Tian shook his head. Despite being five or six years old, with rosy lips and fair skin, he sat straight-backed, a testament to thorough etiquette teaching. However, no one had taught him how to handle interpersonal affairs.


Long Ao Tian said, “Dad gives money, she gives tickets, fair trade. Why should we say thank you?”


Jian Luo glanced back at the other two children, who looked at him with puzzled eyes. He paused, then reached out and said to the two children, “Give me your water bottles. Dad’s thirsty.”


Long Ao Tian and his sister took out water from their bags and handed it to Jian Luo.


Jian Luo took both cups but only smiled at his sister, nodding. “Thank you, baby did well.”


Long Ao Tian froze.


Jian Luo then said to his sister and Long Ba Tian, “Hand Dad a tissue.”


Both the second child and his sister took out tissues from their pockets and handed them to Jian Luo. He accepted them all but only said to Long Ba Tian, “Thank you, baby.”


His sister froze again.


After using them, Jian Luo asked Long Ao Tian, “Are you happy now?”


Long Ao Tian pursed his lips. “Why doesn’t Dad thank me?”


“Hmm?” Jian Luo said, “Dad bought you water. You gave Dad water. Fair trade. Should Dad thank you?”


It was Long Ao Tian’s logic, now returned to him by Jian Luo.


The oddity was that he first did this, but when I treated you the same way, you were unhappy.


Watching the brats, Jian Luo finally said, “Thank you is not just a matter of fair trade. It’s an attitude and recognition towards others, a respect and courtesy for both parties.”


Returning the water cups to Long Ao Tian, Jian Luo softened his voice. “Dad was rude just now. Apologies to you.”


Long Ao Tian took the water and pursed his lips, lowering his head. “But just now the brat wasn’t polite to someone else.”


“But the brat corrected it promptly.” Jian Luo said. “So, it can be forgiven.”


The other two brats seemed pensive too.


Jian Luo continued to play with them. Along the way, he noticed many issues with the three children. They indeed had noble ailments. Maybe these didn’t matter to etiquette teachers, but for Jian Luo, he hoped to make the brats more sensible. He could teach them what he knew, but what kind of people they would become and what path they would take in the future was up to them.



Next day


Jian Luo went to Earth.


Now in the age of industrial development, this century-old lonely planet was flourishing as never before. Various sectors were proceeding smoothly, and with the fame of Earth herbs, many other Chinese herbs were also proving effective:


“Chinese medicine health.”


“Specializing in various chronic illnesses.”


“Have you brewed wolfberry tea today?”


With free advertising from the Dark Star people, this remote little planet gradually entered the public eye. The development of Chinese herbal medicine made Earth’s health and nutrition better known to the public.


With advanced technology now, many things that were impossible in the 21st century can now be done.


A Underwater world


A Sky gliding track


A Temperature-controlled resort manor


These were all established in a short time. Jian Luo didn’t seek investment, mostly investing half himself, filling the rest for Lu Shifeng, and Moonlight always joined if he did business. Not for anything else, on the one hand, Nie Yan was his boss, and on the other, 80% of the economy across the universe was in Moonlight’s hands. Without a strong backing, he’d have difficulty in taking a step.


This, though, does not mean Jian Luo won’t deal with other investors daily, such as currently eating and accompanying his children while chatting with another star’s financial situation: “Mr. Lee, the lowest price is absolutely yours. I’m so sorry the last time I was involved in freezing fruit and vegetables was such an accident; this time, I’ll give you double.”


“Luo Luo, I absolutely trust you,” Mr. Li said. “But I heard that other interstellar regions have already received the latest cultivated vegetables and fruits. Why aren’t we on the list? Doesn’t this seem inappropriate?”


Jian Luo smiled, “Mr. Lee, to be honest with you, it’s not that I didn’t prioritize you. The first batch of newly cultivated vegetables and fruits are not for sale; they are gifts for major clients. We have rules to follow. Otherwise, wouldn’t I have rushed to you first?”




The man opposite was clearly delighted. “It’s always a pleasure talking to you. Alright, send the goods over. We’re about to celebrate a festival here, and His Majesty wants everyone to join in. The order is quite large this time. I won’t bother you with details; I’m not satisfied with your manager. I need it urgently now. Please follow up personally and send me the order this afternoon. If it works out, I’ll treat you to dinner.”


Jian Luo replied, “My pleasure. I’ll arrange it as soon as possible for you.”


The call ended on that note.


Jian Luo breathed a sigh of relief. This client was indeed difficult. Several product managers had failed before, with high demands. But this order was substantial: 80 million, with a net profit of at least 30-40 million. His hard work today was worthwhile.


At the dining table, the children were eating quietly.


Jian Luo said, “Don’t just eat meat, have some vegetables.”


Second child was the pickiest. Jian Luo said, “Long Ba Tian, if you pass some veggies to your brother, I’ll let you have nutrient drink tomorrow.”



After a moment of hesitation, the second child picked up a piece of vegetable and ate it.


Jian Luo sighed, “Nutrition needs to be balanced, you know. Do you see Dad being picky?”


“I want Dad to cook.” His daughter looked up from her bowl. “Dad hasn’t cooked in a long time.”


Jian Luo was too busy. Forget cooking, sometimes he didn’t even have time to eat. It took the children’s reminder for him to realize this. Looking at their faces, he couldn’t help but feel guilty. “Tomorrow, Dad will cook for you, alright?”


Long Ao Tian held his bowl. “Dad, there’s a parent meeting at school today. Are you coming?”



Jian Luo paused.


The other two children also looked at Jian Luo. It was their first parent meeting, and they hoped Dad would come.


Jian Luo remembered he had an urgent order today. “When does it start?”


“At 11 AM,” Long Ao Tian said. “Then there are many activities and games in the afternoon. It ends when school’s out.”


Jian Luo planned, “Alright, Dad will try to make it.”


It was now just after 6 AM. Jian Luo asked Secretary Jin to take the children to school so he could arrange the shipment quickly. He aimed to get there before 11 AM, but the more rushed he was, the more crowded his schedule became. Various issues piled up, keeping him busy and stressed.


“Jian Ge, please confirm the quantity here.”


“The warehouse supervisor said a batch of goods was redirected to emergency by the logistics of the B galaxy yesterday, Brother.”


“Bro, the PR department called. There was a malfunction at the Underwater World on Earth, and some tourists got injured.”


Jian Luo hadn’t stopped since early morning. But with a pile of tasks unfinished, it was already 10:30 AM, and his children’s school had a parent meeting at 11 AM.


Jian Luo messaged Qing’er, “Call Jian Sheng and ask him to hurry back. There’s an urgent order here for him to watch over. I have something on today.”


“Mr. Lee said he wants you personally involved with this batch of goods,” Qing’er hesitated. “He might come over today. The amount involved is significant, and last month, the F galaxy had a loss. We’re tight on funds now. If this order goes through, it could ease the situation.”



Jian Luo was well aware of these matters. That’s why he insisted on handling it himself and was able to chat with Mr. Lee for so long. His financial chain was in trouble, and he needed this order to ease the pressure.


*Ding Ling Ling*


A call came through.


Jian Luo answered, “Hello.”


“Dad.” His daughter’s young voice came through the phone, and Jian Luo could hear the joyous sounds of adults and children in the background. His daughter said, “When are you coming? We’re going to meet you at the school gate.”


Jian Luo choked up, hesitated for a moment, then heard a child’s voice from the other end, “Qi Qi, when is your dad coming?”


“Dad will be here soon,” his daughter replied.


“Then let’s go in first,” the child said. “We’ll see you later.”


“Okay, see you soon,” his daughter replied.


After the children finished talking, his daughter said to Jian Luo again, “Dad, call me when you get here. My brother and I will be waiting for you at the pavilion.”


Jian Luo swallowed his words. It was as if he had made up his mind. He said warmly, “Alright, there’s a bit of traffic on the way. Don’t wait under the sun. I’ll call you when Dad gets there. What do you want to eat? I’ll bring it over.”


“Brother wants to eat cloud fruits,” his daughter exclaimed excitedly. “I want some too.”


Jian Luo chuckled, “Sure thing. Wait for Dad to arrive.”


After hanging up, he began to delegate tasks, “Have Jian Sheng return. Have him watch over this batch of goods. I’ll explain to Mr. Lee on the way. If this order doesn’t work out, I’ll talk to someone else tonight. Don’t worry about the funds. As long as I’m here, we won’t collapse.”


For a moment, Qing’er felt like Jian Luo was shining.


“Alright,” Qing’er said. “I’ll make the arrangements.”


Jian Luo was quite busy. Just as someone messaged him at this moment, the caller ID showed an unknown number. Without even looking, he hung up. “What a joke,” he muttered. “With so many harassing calls every day, who has the time to answer them all?”


Despite rushing around, constantly discussing business and handling matters on the way, he still arrived at the destination ten minutes late. When he reached the agreed pavilion, he didn’t see anyone there. Jian Luo was a bit puzzled. At that moment, a child sitting nearby said, “Are you Brother Yu’s dad?”


His second son was named Lu Chengyu.


“I am,” Jian Luo replied.


“Just now, Brother Yu’s parents came,” the little boy pointed down a path. “They took them over there for a talk.”


Jian Luo was taken aback.


He thought, this child seems to only have me as a father now. Could someone have kidnapped him and brought him to school these days?

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Chapter 173 – The Little Princes' Issue

Chapter 173 – The Little Princes’ Issue


Jian Luo made sure the children went to bed early.


After all, it was better to end this topic sooner rather than later, lest their father return and a tragedy unfold.


Returning to his room, Jian Luo found the lights on. Sitting at his desk, he began writing in his diary. Since Lu Shifeng had left, it had become a habit for him to jot down his thoughts—little daily occurrences, interesting moments, worries, and longing.


He didn’t know when Lu Shifeng would return, or even if he would. Human life was fleeting, illnesses commonplace, and any random wave could erase everything. Jian Luo hoped to leave something behind for Lu Shifeng, even if it was just a notebook.


Of course, he hoped even more to spend his future years with that man, if only he could return soon.



The Next Day


Early in the morning, Jian Luo received a brief message from Earth. It was short but heartening—the couple from the Dark Star had detected a pregnancy!


This was the first natural pregnancy on the Dark Star in millennia, achieved without technological or electronic assistance, solely through herbal remedies. It meant salvation for this lonely planet after countless centuries!


Jian Luo was overwhelmed with joy: “Really? Is it confirmed?”


The old Chinese doctor said, “We notify only after the fetus is stable at three months. We don’t take risks lightly. Inform the medical team from the Dark Star.”


Taking care of a Dark Star fetus required professionals. In case of any mishaps, it would prevent further complications.


Jian Luo assured him, “You can trust me on this matter.”


With absolute certainty, Jian Luo informed the authorities. Upon hearing the news, they were initially stunned, struggling to find words: “Is it true? Mr. Jian, you’re not joking, are you?”


Jian Luo smiled, “If this were a joke, it wouldn’t be funny at all.”


The Dark Star man fell silent for a moment and then unexpectedly started to cry. It was hard to believe; these proud and noble Dark Star people rarely showed such vulnerability. Jian Luo was taken aback.


“I’m sorry, I’m just so overwhelmed,” the man said. “My wife and I have dreamed of having a child. We never thought it could actually happen.”


Jian Luo comforted him, “Everything will be fine. Don’t be sad.”


The man quickly regained his composure, “Mr. Jian, you’re right. We’ll send someone over immediately. Thank you, thank humanity, thank Earth. You’re our saviors. The Dark Star people will forever be grateful to you.”


Listening to his somewhat disjointed words, Jian Luo chuckled softly, “No need for thanks. If your ancestors hadn’t accepted our wandering ancestors, humanity might have been extinct long ago. As our ancestors said, ‘repay a favor with a spring,’ mutual assistance is only natural.”


The male doctor on the other end sighed deeply.


After ending the call, Jian Luo hurried to the Sanctuary. This matter was significant; if the herbal remedy proved effective, he would need to mobilize resources and start preparing for a mass migration to Earth. His original goal was to bring all humans back to their homeland.


Upon returning, Jian Luo immediately told Qing’er, “I’m going to hold a meeting. Notify all senior supervisors to come here.”


Qing’er replied, “Okay.”


Their efficiency was remarkable. By noon, the news network of the Dark Star had officially announced the pregnancy of a Dark Star person, not through replication but through natural means. All Earthlings were informed, and the entire interstellar community was abuzz.


“I’ve waited so long for this day.”


“I knew Jian Luo could do it.”


“Humanity is truly magnificent.”


“Tears of joy. I suggest erecting a statue of Jian Luo in the central square.”


Online discussions were fervent, and the Sanctuary buzzed with excitement. When everyone gathered for the meeting, they were all smiles.


After everyone was seated, Jian Luo spoke, “I believe you’re all aware of today’s events. I won’t waste words. Today’s scientific achievement is not a matter for personal glory. Any misconduct that tarnishes humanity’s image will be severely punished without leniency.”


His words were firm and commanding, filled with undeniable authority.


After finishing, Jian Luo glanced at everyone and added, “I hope each of you will manage your subordinates well. Don’t get carried away, and don’t forget that not long ago, Earth and humanity were part of the Dark Star. Don’t let a little recognition make you forget where you come from.”


His words sobered everyone up instantly. There were indeed some who lacked foresight, but Jian Luo’s speech brought them back to reality in a heartbeat.


“Got it.”


“Jian Ge, don’t worry.”


“We’ll make sure everything’s in place and manage the people well.”


Jian Luo felt much relieved now. Then he brought up another important matter, “A lot of the land on our Earth is under development. We’re entering an industrial era there, constructing large-scale agricultural centers and tourist resorts. Basically, Earth needs people now.”


Everyone looked at Jian Luo.


“We’re all in this together, so I won’t keep anything from you,” Jian Luo said, propping his chin on one hand. His slender fingers tapped on the table intermittently. “Currently, Dark Star has a high acceptance of humans, and it’s one of the top planets in the universe. If anyone wants to stay and develop on Dark Star, they can.”


Jian Luo continued, “For those who want to immigrate to Earth, give me your names. Consider it for a week, no pressure.”


There was a moment of silence in the air.


Previously, people were unwilling to work on Dark Star because while the Dark Starians claimed to liberate humans, they still looked down on them. But now things were different; Dark Starians were grateful to humans and treated them kindly. They could find good jobs on Dark Star now.


After a while, someone said, “Let’s discuss this at home.”


Jian Luo nodded, “Go ahead.”


He left the decision to them, thinking the wish list might end up split fifty-fifty. However, within just two days, unexpectedly, the thirty or so people who had originally gone on vacation from Earth returned. At a time when people in Paradise were still hesitating, they came back.


“What? Immigration? That sounds great!”


“Earth is so beautiful. The air there is sweet, and the food is delicious. I never want to drink nutrient solution again in my life.”


“And they’ve already built the new villa district. Jian Ge even got a research institute to set up a signal base, so the internet speed is super fast.”


“I want to die on Earth in this lifetime.”


As people hesitated, someone nearby was instigating them. This effect was powerful, and more and more people made up their minds. In the final wish list, 80% of people chose to immigrate to Earth.


Their reasons were simple:


“Home is where the heart is.”


“We can’t just stand still forever.”


“Earth helped us gain the right to freedom. Now that our mother planet needs development and people, if I don’t go back when needed, am I still a person?”


When Jian Luo received this list, he couldn’t help but laugh and cry.


It was a huge project. Many businesses and factories had to relocate, and only a few fast food outlets’ staff chose to stay. Jian Luo personally went to handle things over there. Originally, he planned to stay for a few months, but with children at home, he finished outlining the general tasks in just a few days and returned.




Long Aotian leaped into his arms.


Jian Luo caught the child. Since having a physical body, this child had started going to school. In less than a month after enrolling, the sociable child had become popular with everyone, always surrounded by a crowd after school. Even his elder brothers would pull him along with their younger siblings.


Jian Luo patted the child’s head, “Behaving well in school?”


Long Aotian nodded and glanced at his younger brother, saying, “Teacher praised him today.”


“Really?” Jian Luo looked over.


Long Aotian said, “Because during study period, everyone else was talking except for him.”




Clearly, he didn’t quite fit in.


Jian Luo was a bit worried. As children grew older, their personalities became more apparent. He didn’t know where Long Batian’s introverted nature came from. When he was young, Jian Luo thought things would improve with age, but apart from family, he ignored everyone. He had never had this problem with his dad, Lu Shifeng!


Jian Luo decided to spend more time with his child.


He said, “Daddy will take you to watch a movie today and then go to the amusement park.”


The three children’s excited eyes lit up, and they chorused, “Great!”


Usually, Jian Luo was busy with work, and the instructors took care of them. Now Jian Luo gradually felt that the children’s personalities were problematic and decided to take over.


They arrived at Dark Star’s largest entertainment venue. They ordered food here, which was one of Jian Luo’s franchises: fried chicken burgers, a favorite among the children. The waitstaff brought the food over. Long Aotian glanced at it and said, “Let’s go.”


The waitress looked at the other two children.


The white-haired girl was quite elegant. She said, “I don’t want the one with orange pulp. Could you please replace it?”


The second child, who didn’t speak much, just glanced indifferently at his own food and continued eating. Sitting across from them, Jian Luo took all this in. It seemed quite normal, but he felt a subtle abnormality.


It seemed—


His three little princes, surrounded by the adoring crowd, were becoming accustomed to their high status, which was just the beginning. As they continued on this path, Jian Luo became increasingly aware that something wasn’t right.


Finally, when they were buying tickets at the amusement park, Jian Luo said, “Have you thanked the person?”


The child sitting opposite him froze.


“I’m talking to you,” Jian Luo glanced at the timid waitress beside him, “She just gave you the tickets. You’ve received her service. Have you said thank you?”

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Chapter 172 – Father's Big Son

Chapter 172 – Father’s Big Son


Lu Shifeng left.


Jian Luo suddenly felt empty without him around, no children, no husband. He resumed his previous life, simply settling down in the house at Paradise. Life had been like this before, without Lu Shifeng and the children, and he had been quite happy then. Now, though, everything seemed the same yet different somehow.


Su Liang said, “You’ve been tired lately. Most things are sorted out now. Take a break?”


Jian Luo shook his head. “No need.”


He remained busy, intentionally so, keeping himself occupied to avoid melancholy and thoughts of his husband and children. Su Liang was right; he didn’t actually have that much to do.


To impress those below him, even the troublesome reports had lessened. He needed to train his subordinates’ abilities; not everything required his personal touch. With fewer worries, he could find time for live broadcasts.


Today, Jian Luo prepared a skewer hotpot.




The live stream started.


His popularity was high, especially with Earth promoting new products. As the broadcast began, viewers flooded in.


“The Series of Living Beings.”


“Finally remembered the password series.”


“Grandpa, your favorite streamer is live!”


Jian Luo laughed at the comments. This autumn, Su Liang had crafted the latest sweater, in a dark red tone with embroidered maple leaves on the chest, a bright touch of orange amid the main color. Perfect for the slight chill of autumn without needing air conditioning. Jian Luo’s fair skin was complemented by the dark red color, enhancing his charm.


Rolling up his sleeves, he said, “Today, we’re having skewer hotpot. I’ve also invited friends. There’s a variety of skewers to choose from.”


Recently, the cultivation center had developed many new vegetable varieties, and Earth had discovered many local delicacies. Jian Luo showcased them all to ensure their popularity.


“This is seaweed, very chewy.”


“This is lotus root.”


“And over here, potatoes and baby bok choy.”


He introduced each item, then began preparing the broth. With more and more herbs unearthed on Earth, the rich broth mixed with spiciness challenged everyone’s taste buds, making mouths water through the screen.


Jian Luo’s invited guests also arrived.


Qinger and Jiangjiang, along with several managers from his own factory, filled the room with lively chatter. Qinger and Jiangjiang helped out, Jiangjiang, as an administrator for Jinjiang Live Network, meeting everyone in a live stream for the first time. After some bustling around, they finally sat down to enjoy the skewer hotpot.


The best thing about hotpot was enjoying different delicious items in one place, especially when the chef made the broth, adding a unique taste. The audience was once again thrilled:


“Why can’t I afford vegetables?”


“I’m so hungry.”


“Okay, I’ve been on a nutrient fluid diet all month, but I want a plate of shredded potatoes.”


“Everyone, hold on. I heard next month there won’t be any limit on potatoes.”


Each of Jian Luo’s broadcasts spurred massive consumption. The already precarious vegetable market worsened due to this broadcast, with scalpers even hiking vegetable prices. However, this also elevated human status, as many of the lofty Dark Star beings disappeared, and humans began receiving more respect in various public places.


As they ate, many also noticed the clothes Jian Luo wore, which stood out.


“What brand is this new design?”


“I love it!”


“It looks so flattering. Is the Dragon Clan’s wife wearing high-end luxury?”


Seeing someone inquire about his clothes, Jian Luo honestly replied, “My mother knitted this. If you like it, you can visit her live stream to see if she has any available for order.”


Many didn’t know the relationship between the broadcaster Bai Ri and Jian Luo. After Jian Luo’s explanation, they were shocked; after all, Bai Ri was a giant in the handicraft sector, with her handmade products in high demand.


“After Jian Luo’s grand wedding last time, I said there was a woman who resembled the bright daytime shadow.”


“Yeah, what a winner at life!”


“Husband is the Dragon King, children are the hope of the world, mother is skillful in heart and hands, boss is the richest, teacher is a revered figure. Tell me, what does Jian Luo lack?”


The audience started throwing sour comments at the screen.


Jian Luo looked at them mentioning Lu Shifeng’s name, smiling on the surface but feeling a heaviness inside. Even though the soul stone showed no anomaly, he couldn’t shake off the worry. While others envied him, he envied those with a blissful family life, free from daily fears and burdensome responsibilities. But everyone makes different choices, and each path is unique.



Half a month later,


Jian Luo was inspecting shops in the mall. He was planning to open a physical hotpot restaurant, so he needed to check out the space in person. As he was looking around, suddenly his communicator buzzed in his pocket.




“Luo Luo,” Secretary Jin said, “I think I should be the first to inform you that it seems the little princes from Dragon Valley have returned.”


Jian Luo felt his voice tremble slightly, “Really?”


Secretary Jin smiled, “It should be true. The movements from Dragon Valley indicate so. The sacred tree is about to bestow wings, so there’s been some activity. During this time, only three young princes entered the illusion realm, no one else.”


“I’m coming back right away!”


Jian Luo’s legs were trembling with excitement.


After a brief exchange with the person in charge about meeting later, he hurried back. Lu Shifeng had said it could be as short as a few months or as long as half a year, but these three had unexpectedly come out in less than two months. Was everything really okay?


As he flew back, Jian Luo arrived at the edge of the Dragon Clan’s illusion realm and heard dragon chants from inside—juvenile roars that sounded somewhat tender yet powerful, echoing one after another. The sound was different from the cries of infancy; there was already an underlying strength and presence.


Before Jian Luo arrived, the young dragons inside seemed excited and unwilling to come out. Standing at the entrance, Jian Luo could feel a gust of wind blowing from inside. Shortly after, figures emerged from above the doorframe, and in the sky above the military base, two black dragons intertwined with the clouds.


Jian Luo stood at the door and watched.


The slightly larger dragon, Aotian , was the first to dive down arrogantly, transforming into human form as he approached Jian Luo. Jian Luo had once thought that a humanoid form was already quite tall, but what landed in his arms was a boy who looked only five or six years old, with black hair, blood-red eyes, and sharp features resembling Lu Shifeng.


Aotian pounced into Jian Luo’s arms, hugging his neck, and said softly, “Daddy.”


Jian Luo held the child, feeling somewhat unreal. He patted the boy’s back, his voice trembling, “You’re back?”




Aotian buried his head in Jian Luo’s chest. Even though he had grown mentally, he was still quite young. He murmured, “Daddy, hug.”


Jian Luo couldn’t help but laugh and cry. When he looked up, the second eldest at home had also descended. This child had a slight difference in appearance from the eldest, with softer features resembling Jian Luo, but exuded a cold temperament. There was a distance around the child that kept others at bay. When he noticed Jian Luo looking at him, he walked over in small steps.


Jian Luo crouched down, gently let Aotian down, and said to the younger one, “Come here, Daddy will hug you too.”


Aotian walked over with an unexpected gentleness, despite his previous aloof demeanor.


“Are you injured?” Jian Luo couldn’t help but worry, “And where is your little sister?”


The two siblings glanced at each other, and finally Aotian  said, “Our illusions are different, so we don’t know about sister.”



There was a moment of silence in the air.


Jian Luo couldn’t help but start worrying. The two children might have noticed their father’s emotions and leaned against Jian Luo maturely. Just as they fell silent, a tender dragon chant came from inside Dragon Valley again. All three of them looked towards the door, and a silver dragon flew out as if sensing a familiar presence.


As she landed, Jian Luo saw a silver-haired girl, a small figure about five or six years old, wearing a delicate pink petal dress. Her eyes were deep black, and she was petite and adorable. When she saw Jian Luo, she staggered over and threw herself into his arms, her voice soft, “Daddy.”


Jian Luo looked at the three children before him, safe and sound, and almost shed tears. He smiled, “As long as you’re all okay, that’s all that matters.”


At first, the three little ones had wanted to find their father. However, when they found out he had entered the illusion, they weren’t as happy as Jian Luo had expected. When Lu Shifeng was there, he was always strict with them, never speaking kindly. Jian Luo had thought the children disliked their father, but after learning he was absent, they showed signs of disappointment, often sitting quietly with Jian Luo in Dragon Valley.


Lu Shifeng’s illusion was much longer for the three little ones.


One month, two months, half a year, a year—the Dragon Valley remained quiet. Under Jian Luo’s care, the children slowly grew taller and more sensible. The affairs of the Dragon Clan were managed by Lu Shifeng’s trusted aides. For the dragons, who lived long lives, a year passed like a dozen days, and there were no major incidents. However, there were some annoying rumors and gossip. Initially minor, they eventually reached even the young dragons’ ears.


In the evening, when Jian Luo was telling bedtime stories, Aotian couldn’t hold back any longer: “Daddy.”


Jian Luo looked up, “Hmm?”


“Don’t worry too much,” Aotian held Jian Luo’s hand and said, “Dad will be fine.”


Jian Luo smiled, “I know.”


Worried that Jian Luo might overthink, Aotian added considerately, “Even if Dad is not here, you can find us another father.”


Jian Luo’s hand trembled slightly.

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Chapter 171 – The Gods Won't Respond to You

Chapter 171 – The Gods Won’t Respond to You


Because of the Soul Flower matter, Jian Luo finally stopped worrying excessively about the cubs’ illusions. He began to immerse himself in work, diligently running to Phoenix Terrace for the recent chip development by the research institute. He frequently inquired after his mentor and earnestly made homemade cookies and pastries.


Zhan Wentai: “Spit it out.”


Jian Luo innocently: “Huh?”


“What do you need from me?” Zhan Wentai set down his book, looking at him with a hint of resignation. “Keeping it to yourself won’t make it any less exhausting.”


Jian Luo pretended for a moment longer: “Master, what do you take me for? I just wanted to check on your health and show filial piety.”


Zhan Wentai, expressionless: “I’m in my prime here at Phoenix.”




Jian Luo chuckled awkwardly: “I meant to check on you.”


Zhan Wentai stood up: “I have things to attend to.”


“Wait, wait!” Jian Luo quickly stopped him. “I… I have something to say!”


So he laid out his thoughts, about the chips and his own plans. Finally, he discussed his views on chip pricing; he wasn’t excessively greedy and was willing to buy in bulk if Phoenix Platform could provide them at a reasonable price.


After listening, Zhan Wentai said, “Do you know the cost of these chips and their bulk production price?”


Jian Luo: “How much?”


“A thousand stars per chip,” Zhan Wentai’s gaze fixed on Jian Luo. “That’s just the cost.”


Jian Luo’s heart sank. If he needed ten thousand chips, that amount wouldn’t be trivial, and that was just the cost.


Zhan Wentai continued, “How much are you prepared to discuss with me?”



Jian Luo fell silent.


After some thought, he said, “Could I start with a smaller purchase to save some?”


He was short on manpower now, and chips were necessary. However, their high price was daunting. He could start with a smaller quantity to enable communication among some, then gradually increase procurement as the economy improved.


Zhan Wentai, in his divine robe, appeared inviolable and sacred. Even seated, he maintained a stern and dignified demeanor, resembling a formidable opponent in negotiations. Just when Jian Luo was struggling, he said, “We’ll cooperate. The chips will be provided free of charge.”


Jian Luo looked up in surprise. “What?”


“After our herbal research yields results, disregarding manpower and resources, I’ll prioritize providing 500 units to the Phoenix clan,” Zhan Wentai’s voice was cold and indisputable. “As a gesture, we will provide chips for free.”


At that moment, Jian Luo suddenly felt like everything was a setup.


How coincidental that the chips from Phoenix Platform were ready just when he needed them. Zhan Wentai managed the Earth research institute, and there were researchers there. He must have known about Earth’s herbs long ago and made arrangements accordingly.


Jian Luo smiled faintly. “No problem.”


Zhan Wentai nodded. “We’ll sign a contract later, and I’ll have someone in charge coordinate with you.”


“Sure, I can handle this matter myself,” Jian Luo readily agreed, standing up to shake hands with Zhan Wentai. “Looking forward to a fruitful collaboration.”


Zhan Wentai stood and extended his hand, cool and elegant as jade. “Likewise.”


Only with strength could one negotiate with others. Dark Star was a world of survival of the fittest. Connections themselves weren’t wealth, but with enough power, one could be unstoppable in any endeavor.



Next day


“We’ve received approximately 36,000 applications for our recruitment.”


“The specific interviews will be scheduled for around 8 a.m. You might need to come over.”


“The final revised version of the employee contract is here for your review.”


“The Labor Bureau will be contacting us at 1 p.m. to discuss preparation funds.”


“At eight o’clock tonight, there’s a reception for new employees…”


Qing’er stood at the table, going through today’s schedule and Jian Luo’s daily routine report, then began reporting on the financial situation: “This month’s meeting is scheduled for tomorrow morning. All department heads and above have already been scheduled to report. Compared to last month, the output and revenue of the lower factories have increased by 30%, indicating initial success with the merit-based system.”


In the past, everyone just did their fixed tasks in the village without any competition or desire to work more. Since the factory’s labor system reform, everything has changed. With more work comes more rewards; every month, exemplary workers receive substantial bonuses, outstanding employees have opportunities for promotion and pay raises, and there are even spots for immigration to Earth. As a result, the efficiency of every position has increased several times over.


Qing’er smiled and said, “Luo Luo, this strategy of yours is brilliant.”


Jian Luo modestly replied, “It’s not brilliance, just something I learned from others.”


As for who he learned it from, everyone tacitly understood.


Progress at the factory and on Earth was exceptionally promising. By the end of the month, Jian Luo had received numerous urgent and high-paying orders from extraterrestrial sources. With the new recruits settling in, the efficiency of the assembly line had improved, leading to significant profits.


With work matters settled, Jian Luo started worrying more about family affairs.


He would visit the children’s soul flowers every few days. The little ones were generally fine; he had expected the three young princes to be timid and easily scared by beasts and dangers after losing their safe haven. However, reality surpassed his expectations. Once they truly lost their sanctuary, the children began to grow visibly faster. From being scared away by wild chickens to hunting with ease, from trembling in fear when surrounded to cautiously confronting greater numbers, their progress was remarkable.


Lu Shifeng remarked, “They’re not as weak as you thought.”


Jian Luo watched the scene in amazement and amusement, “It’s really surprising.”


“My dear, they won’t be lacking,” Lu Shifeng said gently, patting Jian Luo’s head. “You’ve taught them well.”


Jian Luo asked curiously, “But I didn’t teach them how to hunt.”


Lu Shifeng shook his head slowly. “The dragon clan has a martial nature. If their temperament leans toward aggression, they can easily lose control in their first trial, whether on the battlefield or elsewhere. It’s not advisable. Without proper guidance, they could easily go astray.”


Jian Luo suddenly remembered Lu Shifeng’s own first trial.


Lu Shifeng looked at Jian Luo and said, “You’ve given them plenty of love, so they won’t stray. That’s more important than anything.”


Looking at the tall man beside him, Jian Luo felt a lump in his throat. He hugged Lu Shifeng. “Have I given you enough love? Please don’t stray either.”


Lu Shifeng smiled at his slight pouting. He lifted his hand to caress the head in his arms, his voice deep and magnetic. “Don’t always look so downcast. I’m not planning my funeral just yet.”


Jian Luo laughed through his tears.


Though Lu Shifeng comforted him repeatedly, Jian Luo still couldn’t shake off his worries. Privately, he researched a lot about the realm of the Dragon King. The more he read, the colder his heart grew. Almost uniformly, every Dragon King emerged stronger after their first transformation from the realm, but equally uniformly, their passing, aside from battlefield deaths, almost always occurred during their transformation.



Jian Luo told himself not to worry, but he couldn’t control his thoughts.


He began praying to the Bodhisattva, imploring God, and constantly reciting prayers. If conditions allowed, he would even bring back a statue for worship, though such behavior seemed eccentric to others.


Even Su Liang said, “Luo Luo, don’t stress yourself too much.”


Jian Luo didn’t know how to explain that he wasn’t going crazy, so he could only say, “Mom, I’m really not crazy. I just read about a way to pray in ancient books.”


Su Liang still replied with pity, “It’s okay, Luo Luo. Try to be more open-minded and trust the Marshal.”




No one believed him anyway.


Jian Luo decided not to explain further. He would let things take their course. He had thought that Lu Shifeng wouldn’t find out about his behavior, but after some time passed, just before Lu Shifeng was about to enter his transformation period, Jian Luo was pulled by the Marshal one evening to a secret chamber.


Jian Luo was nervous. “Why are we here?”


Lu Shifeng gestured for him to sit down. The Marshal pressed something on the wall, and before Jian Luo’s eyes, the wall split open with creaking sounds in the dark night. Gradually, a dark box emerged from the wall. The entire box was black with intricate golden patterns, exuding a mysterious aura.


Jian Luo was curious. “What is this?”


Lu Shifeng opened the box and placed something in front of Jian Luo. He said, “It’s for you.”


Inside was a black stone, within which red flames burned vigorously. The tiny flames looked cute yet stubborn. The black stone felt cool to the touch, yet it housed intense heat within.


“This is a part of my soul fire,” Lu Shifeng said.



Jian Luo was shocked.


“Don’t worry, it won’t harm my body. It’s made from my scales,” Lu Shifeng placed the stone into Jian Luo’s hand. “When I enter the illusion realm, if there’s any life-threatening danger, the soul fire will extinguish. If not, it means I’m safe.”


Jian Luo was speechless. Had Lu Shifeng noticed his worries and anxieties all along, to reassure him like this?


This man had always carefully guarded his heart, extraordinarily gentle.


Seeing Jian Luo looking at him with reddened eyes, Lu Shifeng gently cupped Jian Luo’s face with his rough palm. In his eyes, he could clearly see the figure of the young man before him. Leaning down, he placed a light kiss on Jian Luo’s smooth forehead, whispering in a somewhat reverent tone near Jian Luo’s ear, “The gods may not answer you, but I will. Trust me, not them.”

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Chapter 170 – Limited Edition Potatoes

Chapter 170 – Limited Edition Potatoes


Since returning from Dragon Valley, Jian Luo has been somewhat absent-minded.


Lu Shifeng said, “Worrying won’t help.”


Jian Luo sat on a chair outside their room. The lounge overlooked a large garden where he could see some scenery outside. These days, he often lay in this chair, looking towards Dragon Valley. Lu Shifeng was not entirely unprepared for this epiphany; most of his time was spent at the training ground, and his secretary even helped postpone most of his schedule and official duties.


Today, Lu Shifeng returned early.


Jian Luo sat in the chair handling official matters. Sometimes, even after work, he had to deal with these affairs. Things were never-ending. Even when he returned home, he still had to manage data from various places, handle sudden situations, client issues, production problems—all requiring his decision-making.


Lu Shifeng had just finished bathing and sat beside Jian Luo. “You handle all these things yourself?”


Jian Luo looked up. “Hmm?”


“How many capable people do you have under you?” Lu Shifeng asked. “What are they doing?”


Jian Luo hesitated. “There are some factory directors who collect and report issues to me.”


Lu Shifeng asked, “What’s the point of their existence? Just collecting problems?”


Jian Luo looked at his serious face and suddenly realized the problem. He seemed to have few capable subordinates; many minor issues didn’t need to be brought to him personally, yet he still had to handle them.


Lu Shifeng said, “Managing these people doesn’t mean you should handle everything yourself. You need to cultivate people, provide general guidelines, and correct mistakes promptly, not let these things tie you down.”


Jian Luo started to understand. “But I’m afraid they won’t handle it properly…”


“Then they shouldn’t be in those positions. Find capable people who can.” Lu Shifeng’s gaze focused on Jian Luo. “Talented individuals shouldn’t be buried, and positions don’t necessarily follow seniority. The capable should rise to the top, understand?”


Jian Luo felt enlightened by his words.


Before, he felt exhausted with no one to share the burden. But after Lu Shifeng spoke, he felt a sense of clarity.


Jian Luo said, “Then I’ll hire an assistant tomorrow, and as for the factory matters, I’ll review the personnel again.”


Lu Shifeng gently touched Jian Luo’s slightly thin face. His voice was solemn, “Am I being meddlesome?”


“How could you be!”


Jian Luo rubbed against Lu Shifeng’s hand affectionately. “I know you’re doing this for my own good.”


A hint of a smile appeared in Lu Shifeng’s eyes as he gazed at Jian Luo, noticing his recent weight loss. “For many business matters you don’t understand, consult Nie Yan. Despite his profit-driven nature, he is still your boss.”


Jian Luo obediently nodded. “I understand.”


“When faced with issues, discuss with others instead of stubbornly resisting.” Lu Shifeng patted his head. “They will help you.”


Jian Luo didn’t want to hear more, feeling as if he were receiving final instructions.


In the evening, the sunset cast its glow upon them. Jian Luo hugged Lu Shifeng around the waist, burying his face in his chest. He murmured, “I want to consult with you all the time.”


Showing some spoiled and unreasonable traits, Lu Shifeng’s eyes held a helpless smile. He patted Jian Luo’s back. “You’re still acting like a child at your age. Did you learn this from our son?”




Jian Luo justified himself. “He learned it from me.”



Late at night


Jian Luo lay on the bed, his brows tightly furrowed. His forehead was dotted with fine sweat, like delicate droplets of water. He curled up, even trembling slightly.




He woke abruptly from his dream, sitting up.


The soft bed helped him gradually come to his senses, but the scene he saw in his dream was unsettling. It was a dim place where his child was playing around, wings injured, surrounded by a pack of wolves. The dragon cub’s cries of distress woke him from the dream.


Lu Shifeng held Jian Luo’s cold hand. Sitting up, he asked, “What’s wrong?”


Jian Luo’s heart was racing irregularly as he slowly said, “It’s nothing, just a nightmare. You go back to sleep; I’ll wash my face to clear my head.”


Lu Shifeng got up and turned on the light.


When Jian Luo returned, Lu Shifeng handed him warm water. “Still worried?”


“No.” Jian Luo stubbornly maintained, “Just had a bad dream.”


Lu Shifeng glanced at him meaningfully but said no more. “Go to sleep.”


Jian Luo didn’t feel like talking anymore. He nodded and went to sleep. Lu Shifeng embraced him, his warmth providing Jian Luo with a sense of security. He didn’t have any more nightmares for the rest of the night, falling asleep nestled in Lu Shifeng’s arms.



Next day


After careful selection, Jian Luo chose an assistant for himself named Qing’er.


Qing’er’s family has only one daughter, whom they spared no expense to nurture. Since childhood, Qing’er has been attending school, and even as she grew up, she studied at a prestigious academy in Sky City. It was these conditions that allowed her to mingle with the aristocrats of Dark Star. However, Qing’er remained level-headed; she didn’t become arrogant because of this, nor did she give up on herself due to past relationships.


On her first day on duty, she didn’t bend the rules just because of her private relationship with Jian Luo.


“Boss, here’s our schedule for today.” Qing’er neatly organized the documents, saying, “If there’s anything that needs to be rescheduled, please let me know in advance so I can rearrange the timing.”


Jian Luo glanced over it and smiled, “No problem.”


Qing’er, dressed neatly in professional attire, brought in freshly brewed herbal tea with respect, “My office is outside, mainly responsible for assisting you with front-line document screening. If you need anything, just call for me directly.”


“Alright,” Jian Luo replied.


Qing’er turned to leave.


Jian Luo added, “Thank you for your great help.”


“You’re welcome. It’s because of the opportunity you’ve given me. I believe we won’t stop here in the future,” Qing’er said with a wink, “This position will be highly sought after, so I’ll perform well and won’t disappoint the leadership.”


Jian Luo chuckled helplessly, “Go ahead.”


With Qing’er on board, the work for the day became much easier. There were no more trivial annoyances to deal with, and now, with fewer hands in Paradise, the vegetables from the planting base were mostly directed to the factory, resulting in very few entering the market. Previously, the people of Dark Star had disregarded vegetables, but with Jian Luo and more food bloggers showcasing Earth vegetables in videos, this attitude began to change.


From initially not caring to being unable to buy them.


“You actually managed to buy potatoes!”


“Who can afford them now?”


“Let’s just get some chips to satisfy ourselves.”


“Too expensive, and always out of stock. Even if you have the money, you can’t buy them.”


Slowly, vegetables became luxury items, with potatoes being the hardest to find. The food processing plant in Paradise needed large quantities of potatoes daily, so fewer made it to the market. Because of this, the market regulators of Dark Star commissioned Nie Yan to discuss with Jian Luo.


By the time Jian Luo arrived at Moonlight, it was already evening.


Nie Yan was still dressed lavishly, sitting on the couch. He raised his eyes slightly and glanced at Jian Luo, “Here?”




Jian Luo obediently poured tea for Nie Yan, “It’s been busy these days, and I was just about to come see you.”


“Enough of that.” Mr. Nie said leisurely, “Do you know why I’m looking for you?”


Jian Luo wasn’t afraid. With his shares in Moonlight’s chips and food factories, Jian Luo took the lion’s share of the profit. It was a shared interest, and Nie Yan was his boss. He could say he was a half disciple, and how a master would treat his disciple.


Lu Shifeng said to Jian Luo, “Touch them.”


Jian Luo reached out and touched. It was a strange sensation, and for a moment, he seemed to see a scene where his children were in a valley. Despite their rough appearance, they were unhurt, grown bigger and stronger. They were sleeping, obediently finding secluded spots to rest.


Lu Shifeng’s voice came from beside him, “Do you see them?”


Jian Luo snapped out of it, looking at Lu Shifeng, emotions swirling inside him. His eyes reddened as he nodded, “Yes.”


“You don’t have to worry now. Can you go back to sleep?” Lu Shifeng looked at him, a hint of helplessness in his expression. “Feeling better?”


Jian Luo was slightly surprised and even a bit embarrassed as he looked at Lu Shifeng. “You knew about me…”


“You wear your heart on your sleeve. How could I not see it?” Lu Shifeng said gently. “It’s just that this vision isn’t something that happens every time. Even if you come tomorrow, you might not see it.”


It was the third day since the children had left. Perhaps Lu Shifeng had been planning to bring him here for a while.


Jian Luo felt touched. “Then, can I come here to see you in the future?”


He expected Lu Shifeng to agree, but Lu Shifeng said instead, “Don’t come.”


Jian Luo was puzzled.


“The Dragon King’s illusion is different from theirs.” Lu Shifeng gently stroked Jian Luo’s face and whispered softly, “Don’t look. I promise you, I’ll come back as soon as possible.”

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Chapter 169 – The Cubs Enter the Illusion Realm

Chapter 169 – The Cubs Enter the Illusion Realm


There was suddenly a hint of awkwardness in the air, not that everything was fine, but rather the atmosphere fell silent.


Jian Luo almost couldn’t contain his frustration, nearly displaying it on his face, as he glared at Lu Shifeng. “If you sensed something wrong with the taste, why did you still drink it?”


Lu Shifeng glanced at him with indifferent eyes that seemed to carry a hint of menace, his expression clearly stating, “Are you teaching me how to do things?”


Jian Luo backed down.


Lu Shifeng remarked, “The taste is acceptable.”


Jian Luo looked at Lu Shifeng in shock.


Lu Shifeng pushed the bowl aside and calmly said, “But I don’t need it.”




Jian Luo felt a lump in his throat.


Aya nearby caught on to the situation and looked at Jian Luo meaningfully, clicking her tongue. “Luo Luo is quite lucky.”


Jian Luo almost wanted to retort but held back, considering that Lu Shifeng might really twist his neck. Survival instinct silenced him.


Lu Shifeng adjusted his tie and glanced at Jian Luo. “You took the wrong person’s soup. Apologize.”


Jian Luo hurriedly said, “Sorry, Aya.”


Aya waved her hand. “It’s okay, Luo Luo, don’t worry about it. It’s just a bowl of soup.”


Lu Shifeng, sitting there like an elder, raised his eyebrows and looked meaningfully at Jian Luo. “When you make a mistake, you should take responsibility.”


Jian Luo tentatively suggested, “Aya, how about I compensate you with another pot?”


Aya chuckled nervously, “No need, Luo Luo, it’s just a bowl of soup. If you want more, I have plenty.”




No thanks necessary.


Jian Luo turned to Lu Shifeng, who said, “Hmm, and you also need to take responsibility.”


In Lu Shifeng’s mouth, these four people seemed to evoke a sense of inappropriate fascination, leaving Jian Luo flushed. He glared at Lu Shifeng, tempted to kick him, but the consequences were too dire. Lu Shifeng was simply insufferable; he didn’t seem to tire, never backing down unless Jian Luo was practically dying.


Normally, this would be fine on Dark Star, but if it continued tonight, the entire tribe—no, everyone—would know he couldn’t get out of bed. After thinking it through, Jian Luo felt he had to take Lu Shifeng somewhere to expend some energy.


Jian Luo stood up. “You haven’t really explored Earth, have you?”


Lu Shifeng seemed to read his mind. “So?”


“Let’s go, I’ll show you around.” Jian Luo gestured to leave, looking for the children. “The cubs are here for the first time too. I’ll take them out to play. The nearby forests are developed, with no large beasts, and the tribe patrols and hunts daily. It’s safe.”


Most importantly, with Lu Shifeng around, even large beasts wouldn’t be an issue.


“Let’s go,” Lu Shifeng agreed.


As Jian Luo stepped out, the three cubs were observing a butterfly. Such creatures didn’t exist on Dark Star; the butterfly’s wings shimmered in the sunlight, patterns naturally carved by nature, exquisite and unattainable. When they landed on a flower, they appeared fragile yet dazzling.


Thinking the cubs liked butterflies, Jian Luo said, “You can touch them, but don’t catch them. They’ll die if they’re kept confined.”


Long Aotian was delighted to see his father and pointed at the butterfly’s wings, making a noise.


His sister turned to Jian Luo. “Wings.”


“Wings,” her delicate childlike voice was soft. “Pretty.”


The second youngest dragon didn’t talk much, but he expressed himself at appropriate times. “We have wings too, but we can’t fly.”


That’s what Long Aotian meant; his younger brother beat him to it.


Thinking about the Realm of Transformation, Jian Luo’s home had undergone all sorts of trials except for him within a year. Lu Shifeng was already worried; it was the cubs’ first visit. With so much at stake, Jian Luo couldn’t help but worry. He didn’t even know if the Dragon Clan had informed these three children.


Lu Shifeng slowly crouched down. Facing the cubs, he spoke solemnly, “Only the strong have the right to fly.”


All three cubs looked at their father.


“The Dragon God won’t favor useless children.” Lu Shifeng’s eyes were calm. “Only through personal strength can you achieve what you desire.”


These were words Lu Shifeng dared to say to these three little highnesses. Only here, under their father’s guidance, could they experience the hardships of life.


“I don’t have beggars for children. If you want something, go get it yourselves.”


The dragon cubs felt their worldview shaken, instinctively wanting to look at their father, who loved them so much and might say a few words on their behalf. Jian Luo, however, stood silently behind Lu Shifeng, saying nothing. The three cubs glanced at each other, seeming to understand and yet not.


Jian Luo crouched down and touched their little heads. “Do you know how butterfly wings grow?”


The little dragon cubs shook their heads.


“Butterflies don’t start out flying,” Jian Luo explained. “Initially, they’re just a cocoon, completely shrouded in darkness. They sleep inside, and when they want to come out, it’s very difficult and painful. They have to bite through their cocoon and struggle out slowly.”


The little dragon cubs listened intently to the story, even showing pained expressions when difficulties were mentioned.


Jian Luo’s voice was gentle and soothing, carrying a reassuring tone. “They endure pain with resilience. They understand that survival isn’t easy, that achieving the sky and light comes at a painful cost. Only after they’ve exhausted all efforts to break free from the cocoon can they gain the ability to fly.”


The children, their pure hearts showing empathy, murmured, “The butterflies are so pitiful.”


Jian Luo smiled. “Butterflies don’t see themselves as pitiful. They feel proud of their wings, knowing they earned them through effort.”


The dragon cubs understood.


Long Aotian declared, “The cubs will also work hard.”


“To overcome difficulties and earn wings through effort,” summarized the sister, “that’s not pitiful.”


The second youngest cut to the chase, “Where’s the cocoon?”


Jian Luo looked at Lu Shifeng.


Lu Shifeng picked up the three cubs and started walking out. As they walked, he said, “Two months from now, we’ll send you into the cocoon in the Dragon Valley Illusion Realm. Through trials, you’ll receive the blessing of the Mother Tree and gain your wings.”


Jian Luo felt nervous, worried about how the children might feel.


But Lu Shifeng’s children were anything but ordinary. Upon hearing they were going to the Dragon Valley to find their wings, they were ecstatic!


“Then we can fly.”


“We can be as powerful as Dad.”


“Yeah, we’re going to bite through the cocoon!”


They were enthusiastic, bounding around as if they had inexhaustible energy when they reached the mountain.


Jian Luo couldn’t help but smile wryly. “They accepted it so easily and without fear.”


Lu Shifeng said, “They won’t fail, and there won’t be any issues.”




Lu Shifeng looked down at Jian Luo, his red eyes deep and solemn. He said softly, “Because they are filled with hope and light, unlike me.”



Silence fell around them suddenly.


Jian Luo’s heart clenched sharply, a sharp pain spreading through him. He felt tears welling up, recalling the documentary Silver Gray had shown him. He couldn’t fathom how painful and agonizing those years with Lu Shifeng must have been, and what unimaginable burdens he had borne.


Seeing Jian Luo about to cry again, Lu Shifeng softened. “I won’t fail in the third Realm of Transformation.”


Jian Luo asked, “Why?”


Lu Shifeng reached out to wipe a tear from Jian Luo’s eye, his voice gentle. “Now I have the will to live and the light I want to pursue. The second Realm of Transformation was to take responsibility for the Dragon Clan. The third Realm of Transformation, for you and the children, I will fulfill my duty as a husband.”


Jian Luo’s eyelashes trembled, and tears began to fall.


Lu Shifeng leaned down and kissed his forehead tenderly, his voice gentle and low. “Just as the butterfly breaks free for the light, I want you.”


The afternoon in the forest was peaceful and warm. The spring breeze carried a hint of sweet floral scent. The gentle aroma surrounded them as sunlight filtered through the gaps in the trees. Jian Luo held Lu Shifeng close, whispering softly, “I’ll wait for you, no matter how long it takes.”


Lu Shifeng smiled and caressed Jian Luo’s head, as if sealing a promise. “Alright.”



Since that day, the cubs seemed to have grown up all of a sudden.


Previously unwilling to attend classes or study, Jian Luo no longer received reports from the teachers about the little highnesses. They would finish breakfast on their own in the morning and head to combat training. Among the three cubs, the sister had the weakest body, and Lu Shifeng often trained her separately.


Lu Shifeng said, “You’re different from them. Your agility and intelligence are your greatest strengths. In battle, don’t engage in prolonged fights. Use weapons and the surrounding terrain, find the opponent’s weaknesses, strike swiftly and accurately.”


The sister learned quickly.


She was extremely intelligent; while her brothers were still digesting many things, she had already grasped them. Although she lacked in stamina and strength, after several simulated battles, many teachers remarked on her exceptional reflexes and ability to store energy, hiding her strength until the crucial moment.


The three cubs were fully prepared for their cocoon trials.


Half a month later…


A crowd gathered at the entrance to the Dragon Valley’s Illusion Realm. Today was the day the three young highnesses of the Dragon Clan would enter the realm.


Jian Luo held the three children close, reluctant to let them go. He kept advising, “Don’t resist head-on; if you can’t win, run. Look for opportunities slowly, like hunting, as Dad taught you. Don’t starve; if injured, remember to find medicine and bandage yourself. Be cautious when sleeping at night, find a hidden place…”


He rambled on, his worry as a mother hen in full display.


Unexpectedly, the cubs comforted Jian Luo in return. Long Aotian grunted discontentedly, hopped off the ground, and turned in circles, puffing his chest to show he was a tough cub. His sister rubbed against Dad, while the second youngest obediently stayed in Jian Luo’s arms, silently comforting him.


Lu Shifeng walked over and said, “It’s time to go in.”


The three cubs jumped down and glanced back at their parents before leaping into the Illusion Realm without hesitation.


Jian Luo’s heart felt suddenly empty. He held back tears, barely managing to say, “How long until they come back?”


Lu Shifeng replied, “Anywhere from a few months to a year.”


“Doesn’t that mean you might go in before they even come out?” Jian Luo was shocked.


Lu Shifeng nodded. “That’s possible.”


Jian Luo trembled again. At this moment, he hoped desperately that the Sacred Tree would show mercy to his husband. He was truly terrified, filled with fear.

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Chapter 168 – The Magical Herbal Soup

Chapter 168 – The Magical Herbal Soup


The spaceship landed.


Compared to the last time Jian Luo visited, Earth’s environment seemed much improved. It appeared they had arrived in winter; after this short month, spring had come. Life was beginning to thrive again; tree leaves sprouted tender shoots. Looking down from above, the world was a vibrant green, the azure sea shimmering, a scene that brought joy to the heart.


The spaceship landed not far from the village. Many indigenous residents were working, and nearby were Jian Luo’s newly planned buildings and courtyard areas. The original dwellings in the village were mostly thatched huts, and naturally, the locals were curious about the new houses.


“Beep, cabin doors are now open.”


The mechanical voice sounded, and the ship’s doors slowly opened, allowing a group of eager young people longing for Earth to orderly disembark.




“Why does this air feel so sweet?”


“I feel so comfortable, my goodness.”


“It feels like I’m dreaming.”


If you’ve lived on Earth all your life, you wouldn’t notice the air having a taste. But for aliens who came from elsewhere, the difference was clear. Jian Luo’s body belonged to the 21st century, so he wasn’t as sensitive to the air, but these children were different. Having adapted to the atmosphere of the Dark Star, returning here naturally shocked them in various ways.


Jian Luo had already contacted his younger brother to come pick them up.


The teenage boy had grown tall quickly. Jian Sheng now mainly worked in research and assisted in breeding. After attending Jian Luo’s grand wedding, he hurried back overnight. He looked as though he had just come from the fields, still wearing a sun hat, his skin tanned.


People in Peace Paradise recognized Jian Sheng and warmly greeted him:


“Ah Sheng.”


“Hey, looking sharp, young man.”


“Ah Sheng, we’re here.”


There was a lively atmosphere as everyone greeted each other. Jian Sheng was also delighted to see familiar faces from the village, embracing them and catching up.


Jian Luo said to them, “Let’s head back first. Everyone’s been on the ship for two days and must be tired. Let’s rest early today and visit tomorrow.”


He made the decision, and naturally, no one objected.


While others rested, Jian Luo went down to the grassroots level to chat with the old traditional Chinese medicine doctor about recent developments. To his surprise, he found the old doctor chatting with a simple old lady, both laughing and chatting amiably.


After listening for a while, just as they seemed about to finish, Jian Luo couldn’t help but cough lightly to get their attention.


Smiling, Jian Luo said, “It looks like you’re doing well.”


The old Chinese medicine doctor replied seriously, “So-so.”


Seeing his ruddy complexion and the glow in his face, completely unlike the stagnant water at Paradise, Jian Luo genuinely felt happy for him. Without revealing his thoughts, he changed the subject and asked about the progress of their research here.


The old Chinese medicine doctor handed over some observation records and said, “We’ve expanded the subjects for our experiments. Several groups of people are showing improvements in their constitutions. If everything goes well, we should be able to complete the treatment by the end of this month, and conception won’t be an issue.”


Jian Luo nodded, “You’ve worked hard.”


The old Chinese medicine doctor waved it off, “Not hard at all.” Holding his wolfberry tea, he sat down in a rocking chair, “The ones working hard are those young people toiling in the fields all day. This old bone of mine can’t keep up.”


Jian Luo smiled wryly.


He had thought that was it, but then the old doctor added, “There’s another matter you need to consider in advance.”


Jian Luo asked, “What is it?”


“We’re short on manpower.” The old Chinese medicine doctor sighed, “There weren’t many indigenous people on Earth to begin with. Even with all the households together, we probably won’t have enough medicinal herbs for more than a few hundred people for a few courses. Once successful after this month, there’ll likely be even more Dark Star people in need of herbs.”


Jian Luo had already considered this possibility.


He said, “Factories on Earth also need people. The group we brought today is the largest batch we could spare. In fact, my mother is also planning to recruit. I’ve contacted some investment planets, planning to open a chain of food and beverage stores. But manpower is equally lacking.”


Once a loner, Jian Luo had managed himself well and never thought of anything else, let alone imagined his business would grow so large as to need more people.


The old Chinese medicine doctor suggested, “Recruit.”


Jian Luo chuckled, “Recruit people from the Dark Star?”


Proud Dark Star people would never be enslaved.


The old Chinese medicine doctor reclined in his rocking chair, “Look into it. The recruitment notice isn’t mandatory. Those who are willing to come will naturally be good.”


Jian Luo nodded. He already had suitable candidates in mind. Previously, when he had his baby, people from a tribe on a planet had taken very good care of him and Lu Shifeng. Later, due to some mishandled issues, he wanted to bring those people here to Earth, if they were willing.



After their chat, Jian Luo rested for a while and found his terminal had numerous messages.


The first were from the dragon cubs, who had recently learned to type. They sent all sorts of strange messages every day, with disconnected sentences and joy uncontained.


“Dad’s here.”


“Dad’s doing homework.”


“The teacher tells stories, Dad listens.”


Many times Jian Luo can only guess what his little dragons want to express through trial and error, but fortunately, he can usually grasp the gist. Jian Luo tells his offspring that he will stay on Earth for a few days, asking them to sleep with Dad at night and not cause trouble.


The little dragons are not happy at all.


They feel unhappy, very unhappy. Why is Dad always busy? Dad is always busy, even Grandma, who usually accompanies them, is busy. No one pays attention to the little dragons; they feel unwanted.


Jian Luo adds, “When Dad returns, I’ll make milk cakes for you to eat.”


Long Aotian sneers. He’s already a mature dragon and won’t be swayed by milk cakes!


Jian Luo imagines that he hasn’t spent much time with his children lately. It’s not that he doesn’t want to, but after taking over Earth, there are too many things to handle, a mountain of tasks he must personally attend to. Whether voluntary or forced, he must learn new things and gradually accept such a heavy responsibility.


These past few months have been like spinning at high speed for him. Sometimes he almost forgets that he is just an ordinary person. He has a family and children, who are still very young and will enter the Dragon Valley for training in less than two months.




A communication interrupts Jian Luo’s thoughts.


Jian Luo snaps back to reality and sees a call from Lu Shifeng. He picks up: “Hello.”


Lu Shifeng asks, “Have you arrived?”


“Yeah,” Jian Luo replies, “The little ones just messaged me.”


Lu Shifeng: “Hmm.”


“Tonight, make sure you don’t work overtime. Take the little ones to bed when you get back,” Jian Luo reminds him. “I’ve actually made some milk cakes and stored them in the cabinet. Don’t let them eat too much, just a little each day.”


Lu Shifeng: “Hmm.”


Jian Luo continues, “I noticed the little ones didn’t seem very happy today. Whatever they like to eat, you…”


Lu Shifeng interrupts, “They lack nothing.”


Jian Luo freezes.


He suddenly stops in his tracks. Right, they lack nothing. They have a dedicated nurturing team for daily care, nutritionists for meals, and even someone to coordinate snacks and pastries. They are well-provided for in every way.


Lu Shifeng says, “Material things aren’t everything.”


Jian Luo’s heart sinks as if pierced. “I’ll try to come back sooner.”


“Don’t overwork yourself,” Lu Shifeng advises. “Don’t think too much. Some dragons are born without the company of parents.”


“Some dragons…”


This statement actually understates it; most dragons don’t have that. They can’t even see their parents, or rather, they aren’t considered children but mere continuations, replicas of previous life entities.


The hatchlings seem pitiable yet not pitiable. They are much luckier than most dragons.


Jian Luo nods. “I’ll be fine. Things here should be settled soon.”


Only then does Lu Shifeng respond.


With something to focus on, Jian Luo becomes more diligent. Amidst his busy schedule, he plans to finish this trip in three days instead of five. However, on the third day, he receives another call.


Lu Shifeng’s voice comes through, “Come outside.”


Jian Luo is surprised in the house, “Outside? Which outside?”


“Outside the village.”


Jian Luo runs out and indeed sees a military ship descending not far from the village. Beneath it stands a person. Before he can call out, a gust of wind rushes towards him, and three little dragons eagerly leap into his arms.


Long Aotian chirps excitedly. When he first came, he was still in Dad’s belly. Now seeing Earth for the first time, it’s like entering a grand palace, his scales shimmering with excitement.


His sister nuzzles Jian Luo.


The quieter second eldest looks at his elder brother as if he’s a fool, reminding him to mind his manners.


Jian Luo tells Lu Shifeng, “Let’s go into the village. It’s too hot outside at noon.”


Lu Shifeng acknowledges and picks up one of the dragons, heading indoors.


Jian Luo lets the three dragons play on the grass at the doorstep, chasing butterflies. He goes inside to pour water for Lu Shifeng. It’s a bit troublesome to heat water here. He suddenly thinks of Aya next door, who often cooks soups like mung bean soup to beat the heat. He might as well get some.


Unfortunately, Aya is busy this time. She tells Jian Luo, “Luo Luo, there’s water inside. Help yourself.”


“Alright,” Jian Luo says.


He goes inside and sees a pot of green water boiling. It should be mung bean soup. Jian Luo scoops a bowl and brings it over to Lu Shifeng, saying, “Try this. It’s a specialty plant on Earth. You’ve probably never had it.”


Lu Shifeng drinks a bowl.


Jian Luo smiles, “Is it good?”


Lu Shifeng furrows his brows, remaining silent.


As they prepare to continue their conversation, Aya rushes over from outside and calls from the doorway, “Luo Luo, did you take my soup to drink?”


Jian Luo stands up, “Sister Aya, I just took a bit of your mung bean soup.”


“Huh?” Aya comes in, “What mung bean soup? That’s my nourishing soup. Would you like some? I still have plenty left.”



The air suddenly quietens

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Chapter 167 – I Deeply Love This Land

Chapter 167 – I Deeply Love This Land


When Jian Luo woke up again, he had lost track of the time spent in the mountains.


Lu Shifeng had just come out of the room when he saw Jian Luo curled up under the blanket. He walked over and said, “I’ve asked for food to be brought.”


Jian Luo couldn’t be bothered to acknowledge him.


Lu Shifeng didn’t get angry either. “I’ve arranged a warship and crew for you. Where do you want to travel for business? You have your private jet.”




The little bundle inside the blanket moved a bit, showing some reaction.


“I’ve opened a supplementary card for you, pocket money. Buy whatever you need when you’re out,” Lu Shifeng said. “If it’s not enough, ask me.”


Jian Luo finally reacted. He poked his head out and mumbled, “I have money of my own.”


Lu Shifeng raised an eyebrow. “Come out?”



Jian Luo was annoyed again, burying his head back. “I want to sleep!”


The sun was shining brightly outside. Lu Shifeng glanced over and then said, “Not hungry, my lady?”


The last two words were drawn out with a lingering tone. Lu Shifeng’s voice was deep and magnetic, especially charming with a teasing smile. These two words were simple, but in his mouth, they carried a hint of ambiguity, like murmured words between lovers.


Jian Luo stirred.


Lu Shifeng continued, “You haven’t eaten for a day and night.”


Jian Luo blushed. Muffled under the blanket, he said, “It’s all because of you!”


“Blame me.” Lu Shifeng didn’t argue, poking him. “The little ones haven’t seen you for days. I’ve kept them outside. Go have a meal and check on them.”


Jian Luo heard that the children were moved. He peeked out and remembered the supplementary card again, repeating, “It’s okay, I have money of my own.”


Lu Shifeng said, “Not much money. Buy some snacks.”


Reluctant to refuse further, Jian Luo generously said, “Okay.”


He intended to dress himself, but as he sat up, his back hurt terribly, incredibly sore. He nearly strained his back, gasping and lying back down.


Lu Shifeng hurried over to support him, frowning. “Is it hurting that badly?”


Jian Luo was angry again. “Blame you!”


“Next time, be careful.” Lu Shifeng half-heartedly apologized, then continued, “I’ll have a doctor come and check on you.”


Jian Luo quickly grabbed him, his face nearly flushed. “No, everyone will know then! It’s so embarrassing!”


Lu Shifeng thought to himself, Who wouldn’t know already?


But considering Jian Luo’s current mood, he chose silence and suggested instead, “Then let me get some ointment for you. No one will know.”


Jian Luo reluctantly agreed. “Fine.”


Soon, Lu Shifeng returned with the ointment. After applying it to Jian Luo, its effectiveness was remarkable. Before long, the soreness and stiffness had eased, replaced by a cool sensation. After dressing, the chefs outside brought in a breakfast spread fit for a king, far more than a typical breakfast.


Jian Luo remarked, “Eating so much in the morning.”


Without looking up, Lu Shifeng replied, “It’s already noon.”



You’re tough.


Jian Luo sat up a bit and began to eat. The door outside was pushed open a crack, followed by familiar whines. Jian Luo turned his head and saw three little ones rushing over to him like a gust of wind. However, Jian Luo was feeling uncomfortable at the moment, and their climbing around accidentally pressed on sore spots, causing him to wince.


Lu Shifeng frowned and came over, lifting one in each hand.


Long Aotian protested with a howl or two, but upon seeing Jian Luo really hurt, it relented and earnestly hummed a couple of times, full of self-blame and concern.


Jian Luo hurriedly said, “It’s okay, it’s okay, not serious.”


Lu Shifeng threw Long Aotian and its brother onto the sofa rather ruthlessly. “Behave, or you’re out.”



The two little ones behaved obediently.


Jian Luo still felt sorry for the children and said helplessly, “They didn’t mean to. Don’t be harsh.”


The most obedient little sister squatted by Jian Luo’s leg. Little Silver Dragon rubbed against Jian Luo quietly, looking clingy.


Jian Luo patted its little head. “Have you eaten?”


The little sister replied, “Yes, we did.”


They ate children’s nutritious meals three times a day, with someone dedicated to their care. Occasionally, Jian Luo would cook something for them to improve their diet. The little ones also wanted to eat Jian Luo’s food, but usually, they could only have a taste. When the dragons’ physique wasn’t fully developed, they had to avoid salt and spices, which could affect their health.


Jian Luo picked a fruit from the table and handed it to the youngest little sister. “Have this.”


His youngest daughter sister took it and gnawed on the fruit obediently.


Long Aotian signaled that it also wanted some, but its father was beside it, checking its homework. It could only whine with its eyes full of longing, not daring to move, feeling very aggrieved. It really hated its father sometimes, whimpering sadly.


Two days later


Jian Luo, fully recovered, was bursting with energy!


Back at Peace Paradise, he looked for Su Liang but couldn’t find her. He called her: “Mom, where are you?”


Su Liang replied, “Did Luo Luo come back? Mom’s at the clothing store in Sky City.”


“Oh, just checking since you weren’t home,” Jian Luo said again. “Buying clothes? Get more. You looked really good in that cheongsam last time.”


Su Liang chuckled softly, “Always teasing your mother. That cheongsam was a design you came up with. I thought it was quite nice. I wanted to check out some clothes in the mainstream market. Mom’s been doing live broadcasts, and many people have been asking if she sells clothes. If there’s enough interest, she’s thinking about starting her own line. So, I came to look at fabrics.”


Because Su Liang loved tinkering with these things, Jian Luo would draw some clothes from the 21st century for her to play with when she had spare time. He only drew; Su Liang handled everything else—whether they could be made and how. The short red cheongsam from last time had truly impressed Jian Luo. He hadn’t realized Su Liang was so skilled.


Jian Luo pondered, “Mom, that’s a great idea. Right now, a lot of work at Paradise is physical. It can be tough for young girls and women sometimes. I think you should seriously look into the clothing industry. Start by studying the market, try making some garments with the fabrics you choose. If it works out, we can gather opinions from others and even start a factory.”


Su Liang was slightly surprised, “Can… can we really do that?”


“Why not?” Jian Luo sat down at the table and took a sip of water. “We’ve been focusing on food because it’s all we could manage with our current resources. But if there are other ways to earn money, we should try. Humanity is developing; everywhere needs money. Having more options would be great.”


Su Liang hadn’t realized she could contribute. She was happy, “Alright, I’ll handle it well.”


Before, it was Jian Luo who suggested she start live streaming. With the little orb at home sitting idle, she began doing embroidery and making accessories during her spare time. Initially, it was just to alleviate boredom. But somehow, as more and more people watched, many wanted the same items they saw her wear.


It was time-consuming and tiring, so she usually made one or two extra to give away. Recently, some big names in the fashion industry had tried to contact her through connections, offering high salaries and prices. But she refused. Humanity had much potential, and if she could help everyone with her limited abilities and lessen her son’s burden, that would be enough.


Jian Luo said, “Don’t worry about the cost when you choose things. Try making them first and then consider the expenses. You can use my card.”


While guided by the salesperson, Su Liang browsed through the goods. She said, “No need, Mom’s live streams also bring in income. You don’t have to worry. There’s food at home; we can discuss anything else when you return.”


They hung up.


Only then did Jian Luo remember he hadn’t checked Su Liang’s social accounts. Out of curiosity, he searched. He thought she might have tens of thousands of fans at least. To his surprise, searching by her ID, “Anchor Su Liang,” revealed she had 12.3 million followers, ranking in the top ten of the entire platform.


Jian Luo was truly shocked. Initially, he had only suggested it as a way for his mother to pass the time. But it turned out quite well. He had always hoped Su Liang would find a career she loved. She was naturally beautiful and straightforward; he just hoped she wouldn’t be deceived by some mysterious man.



Half a month later


Jian Luo went to Earth for a field inspection. This time, he didn’t go alone but brought nearly thirty team members. It was a reinforcement mission; they were short-staffed there. Raised in Paradise since childhood, Earth was only known through books and hearsay for them. They knew their ancestors were forced to leave their homeland thousands of years ago, starting their interstellar journey. But after so long, they were almost forgetting what Earth looked like.


This return trip had everyone restless, as if gearing up for battle. Daily discussions were filled with:


“I’ll post on social media once I’m on Earth.”


“What does Earth really look like? The information in books is barely clear.”


“Where did our ancestors live?”


“I never thought I’d return to Earth in my lifetime.”


After the excitement, silence settled over them more often than not. They would stand by the ship’s windows, gazing at the vastness of space. Occasionally, someone would ask how much longer until they arrived, counting down the days anxiously. No matter how many generations passed, the human desire for home, for roots, never faded.




After enduring two dark nights, the ship’s mechanical voice echoed:


“Beep. Attention, passengers. We are entering the solar system. The remaining distance to the target landing planet is 152.1 million kilometers. There might be some turbulence during landing. Please find a stable position…”


Before the voice faded, everyone seated rushed to the windows, craning their necks to look outside.


Finally, someone exclaimed, “I see it!”


It was a serene blue Earth, standing quietly amidst the vast sea of stars. The gentle white mixed with the blue on its surface made it appear as beautiful as a dream sky. Compared to many other planets, it was actually quite small and inconspicuous. But at that moment, it was the only thing on everyone’s mind.


For some reason, despite these lively young people not having experienced the hardships of their elders, they involuntarily fell silent. They quietly gazed at Earth, some trembling uncontrollably with excitement, hands tightly gripping the nearby railings, eyes reddened.

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Chapter 166 – The Grand Wedding Ceremony

Chapter 166 – The Grand Wedding Ceremony


Outside was full of joy and festivity. Jian Luo got into the carriage.


This wedding was quite grand. Or rather, Lu Shifeng had not initially planned for it to be so. Lanterns and decorations were everywhere, and even the Dragon Valley had posted large red “double happiness” symbols following human customs. The dragon clan favored black and red, which fortunately did not clash with human red.


When Jian Luo arrived at Dragon Valley, he almost didn’t recognize it from what he had seen before. It was a colorful world everywhere, dazzling to the eyes. The once empty Cloud Wilds were now filled with banquet tables, bustling with guests coming and going, creating a lively and festive atmosphere.


The most important ceremony for the dragon clan was to bond their partners under the sacred tree.


When Jian Luo arrived, many venerable elder dragons were already present. They looked at him with eyes full of affection. Most dragon elders were tens of thousands of years old. In their later years, they either traveled far and wide or slumbered in the depths of Dragon Valley, rarely appearing.


Only during significant events would these dragons emerge. One such event was the Dragon King’s wedding.


Standing in the center was an elder dragon with white horns. It appeared ancient with its snowy mane. It beckoned to Lu Shifeng and Jian Luo, “Come here, child.”


Jian Luo felt a bit nervous because Lu Shifeng had no living parents, so there was no need for an ugly daughter-in-law to meet her in-laws. Unexpectedly, facing several elders, he still felt uneasy, flustered, and fearful.


Lu Shifeng sensed Jian Luo’s nervousness. He squeezed Jian Luo’s hand, silently giving him strength, and whispered softly, “Let’s go.”


Looking at him, Jian Luo felt less nervous and nodded gently. “Okay.”


The two walked forward together. The grass in Dragon Valley was soft, the air fresh. With slow steps, amidst the attention of the crowd, they finally stood before the elder. Jian Luo’s palms were sweating.


The elder raised his head slowly, placed his hand on Jian Luo’s head, murmuring something like a low dragon chant or a whisper of a spell. Listening to it unwittingly calmed the mind. A cool sensation seemed to flow from his brow. When Jian Luo came back to his senses, the elder had already withdrawn his hand.


Lu Shifeng bowed with him.


The elder clasped his hands together slowly and said, “Go.”


Jian Luo, still dazed, was pulled by Lu Shifeng to the next elder. Before this, he knew there would be some blessing ceremony, but no one had told him it would be this detailed. Fortunately, Lu Shifeng was reliable, guiding him all along and not letting him embarrass himself. Overall, it went smoothly.


Finally, under the gaze of everyone, the blessing ceremony concluded.


Jian Luo obediently stood aside, waiting for the final, most solemn, and most important offering. The winds around them involuntarily quickened. In almost the blink of an eye, several elders who had been standing on the ground disappeared suddenly, replaced by dragons leaping in the sky. Giant dragons. Several dragons churned in the sea of clouds, their dragon chants echoing from afar, resonating throughout the land of Dragon Valley, even reverberating over the Sky City.


Not just these few.


Many dragon clans also transformed into their original forms and flew into the sky. The symphony of dragon chants, the green light orbs around the sacred tree began to increase, gradually surrounding the surroundings. The overflowing spiritual energy seemed to baptize the entire body, and the mother tree awakened. Its branches began to swell, and the towering giant tree began to creak.


Jian Luo involuntarily widened his eyes.


The deep and majestic dragon chants of the dragon clan shook the heart. They seemed like kings of the sky, and the sacred tree responded to their calls. As the branches swelled, half of the sky was filled with green light. The green light orbs returned to the body of the mother tree. Suddenly, before Jian Luo’s eyes —


The branches began to bloom.


In bright red, with dark centers, red and black intertwined, these majestic and charming flowers blossomed among the greenery, covering the branches that seemed to reach the sky. Gradually, half of the sky was dyed with the color of flowers. A graceful fragrance filled the air, carried by the wind, and petals fluttered down, a shower of blossoms, a sight beyond description.


On the day of the Dragon King’s wedding, the sacred tree of the dragon clan bloomed, its fragrance spanning three thousand miles, lingering for a long time.


The guests below erupted into a clamor, a rare scene in a hundred years. Many would only witness such an occasion once in their lifetime. Cheers and jubilant voices echoed through Dragon Valley. Amidst this celebration, the sacred tree slowly lowered a branch. Atop this branch was a flower, distinct from the others. It was a pure black flower, beautiful in its cold solitude and boldness.


Lu Shifeng said to Jian Luo, “This is my soul flower.”


Jian Luo widened his eyes, looking at the small flower in disbelief.


Secretary Jin approached with a vessel from nearby and smiled, saying, “Drip your blood into the flower to merge it with the Dragon King’s soul flower, then the ritual will be complete.”


Jian Luo nodded gently. “Alright.”


Secretary Jin added, “Dragon clan’s soul flowers are managed by the sacred tree. Each flower that blooms today represents countless ancestors of ours. When the Dragon King weds, all dragon clans are invited to witness this momentous occasion, including our ancestors.”


Jian Luo looked at Lu Shifeng in astonishment. After hearing this, he dared not look directly at these flowers anymore. He had previously thought them beautiful, but now realized that when you gaze into the abyss, the abyss may also be gazing into you.


Lu Shifeng told Jian Luo, “A dragon clan’s soul flower can only form one contract in its lifetime—immutable and irreplaceable.”


Jian Luo’s hand holding the vessel trembled slightly. “That’s strict.”




Lu Shifeng seemed to remind him, “The contract cannot be undone.”


At first, Jian Luo didn’t grasp the meaning. He initially sympathized with the dragons—wasn’t it said they could only have one partner in their lifetime? He had heard that dragons were a loyal race, remaining faithful to their partners until death, thinking it was voluntary. Little did he know, their emotions were monitored by the mother tree!


Secretary Jin smiled and said, “It’s time, we can proceed.”


Jian Luo responded and, fearing any mistake in the sacrificial process, had rehearsed it countless times before coming. He let a drop of his blood mix with the black soul flower. To his amazement, the purely black flower began to change color and emit light once it absorbed his blood. Finally, it gently fell into a small flower tinged with pink, losing its former dominance.


Jian Luo chuckled wryly, “It even changes color. Now I’m inside you.”


Lu Shifeng looked down at him, his gaze gradually deepening, and said, “Yes, now I’m inside you.”



For a moment, silence hung in the air.


Jian Luo turned his head away, not only unwilling to speak but even contemplating giving Lu Shifeng a kick. Secretary Jin pretended not to notice.


With the ceremony reaching this stage, it was basically over. Next came various toasts and social interactions. Lu Shifeng thought Jian Luo would cling to him, or with his shy nature, perhaps even hide behind him. Many people had come today, and fearing he might be overwhelmed, Lu Shifeng had even prepared comforting words. However, what he never expected was—


“Hello, I’m Jian Luo.”


“Oh, you’re from Yunxing. I’ve heard your oceans there are beautiful. Yes, yes, cultivation must be quite an issue. Actually, over here…”


“No problem, let’s keep in touch.”


“Please, you’re too kind. I’ll visit another day. You’re really too kind.”


For the sake of business, Lu Shifeng saw the boy in Jian Luo’s eyes grow up. Since taking on responsibilities, Jian Luo had either voluntarily or inadvertently grown visibly capable. Previously averse to socializing, he now selected his targets and approached them actively.


On a planet 80% covered by oceans, with the most developed per capita financial resources for tech chips, it was no problem—Earth provided vegetation and vegetables, reaching cooperation. On a global glacier world where residents lived in underground cities and vegetables weren’t needed, though their happiness index wasn’t high, it was no problem—Earth opened resorts for tourism.


Jian Luo never stopped for a whole day.


He spun like a top, seizing every opportunity for collaboration, negotiating one deal after another, drinking one glass after another. Lu Shifeng didn’t realize Jian Luo could hold his liquor so well.




After sunset, the guests dispersed.


Jian Luo’s first action upon returning to his room was rushing to the toilet to vomit. He felt like he might turn into a pile of mud. Behind him, Lu Shifeng frowned. “You shouldn’t have drunk.”


Lu Shifeng had tried to stop Jian Luo from drinking, but he darted around, talking to everyone. Marshal Lu couldn’t keep up with Jian Luo’s pace and wasn’t sure how much he’d drunk without realizing.


Jian Luo was still conscious. He stood up and said, “It’s okay, I handle alcohol well.”


Lu Shifeng handed him a glass of warm water. “Where did you learn that?”


“In college. My roommates and I used to sneak out to drink. We were broke, so it was just cheap liquor.”


He seemed a bit excited as he continued, “Later, when I started working in sales, I had to entertain clients, so I trained myself to handle more. No one can outdrink me. Impressive, right?”


Lu Shifeng gazed at him, his blood-red eyes calm as still water. Finally, he murmured softly, “Hmm.”


Jian Luo got drunk and began to ramble, “I used to be a broadcaster. Actually, I don’t really like cooking. I used to cook at home when I was young, and even after growing up, I had to cook. But I want to save money to buy a house. The housing prices in the city are too high for me to afford. I’m from the countryside, so I want to save enough to build a house back there and marry a wife to live a good life.”



There was a moment of quiet indoors.


Lu Shifeng’s expression wasn’t as amiable as before; he narrowed his eyes dangerously. “Marry someone?”


Jian Luo was completely unaware of the seriousness of the situation and continued chatting enthusiastically, very animated. He said, “Marry a wife, have chubby children. I really like kids. One boy and one girl would be nice. I won’t favor one over the other. When we get old…”

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