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Chapter 53 – Naming the cubs

Chapter 53 – Naming the cubs


The atmosphere in the room was icy for a moment.


The smart Jian Luo immediately sensed that something was wrong. Crap, could it be that Secretary Jin was not Lu Shifeng’s type?


What he already said can’t be taken back, so Jian Luo had no choice but to bite the bullet: “Actually, ahem, it’s ok if you don’t want Secretary Jin.”



Lu Shifeng sat down beside him and glanced at him: “You are quite good at making matches. How about you start a matchmaking agency?”


Apparently he was really angry now.


Jian Luo hurriedly said, “No, no, no. I’m just simply saying it. Marshal, your opinion holds more importance, so you don’t have to consider what I said.”


The youth beside him turned off his information terminal and retracted subconsciously, like a snail that would retract into its shell because of a little touch.


Lu Shifeng found out that Jian Luo’s seemed like someone easy to get along with, but it was actually a facade. Jian Luo was like a small snail inside. If he was hurt in any way, he would immediately retract into his shell and close himself up.


Lu Shifeng changed the subject: “Why do you still call me Marshal?”




Jian Luo choked: “Is there a problem?”


There was a moment of silence in the air and Lu Shifeng had to change the way he expressed himself: “You are the little dragon’s mother, so you don’t need to be like others.”


Jian Luo never expected to be bestowed such an honor!


He touched his chin and asked sincerely, “Then what should I call you?”


The Marshal was not very particular: “What do you want to call me?”


“Um…” Jian Luo started thinking. Using his brain was tiring. Even if he didn’t call him marshal, he couldn’t just call him Lu Shifeng directly, right?


No, no, this was too much of a crime!


What about calling him Shifeng?


It would feel too awkward!


Jian Luo tossed and turned on his bed, lost in thought before finally clapping his hands: “I’ll call you Long ge1龙哥 Dragon bro, but I decided to keep it romanized this time, because ‘哥ge’ or ‘brother’ has a slightly different connotation to bro in English.!”




Lu Shifeng said silently, “Where did you get the idea from?”


“Isn’t it good?” Jian Luo sat cross-legged on the bed with an excited expression: “No one else will call you that.”


Of course not. How could there exist such a person who sucked so much at coming up with names?


What’s more, who would dare to call Lu Shifeng their brother, let alone “Long ge”? They should just go pray for their life instead.


The marshal was very dissatisfied with this new name.


But Jian Luo said, “I think Long ge is a very kind name. Every time I call you like this, I will think of my savior who saved me from danger and always be reminded of Long ge’s reliability!”



Lu Shifeng swallowed the words about how he disliked the name and changed it to: “Whatever you want.”


The matter was settled like this and Jian Luo was ready to take a bath with satisfaction. He took off his information bracelet and put it on the bed: “I’m not going home today, so I have left a message for my mother. If there is any message in a while, help me reply.”


Lu Shifeng responded with an ‘en’ slowly as Jian Luo walked away.


Dragons don’t really need a lot of sleep, but humans are different. Humans are a race that will get sick if they don’t sleep at night. The Lord Marshal was lying on the bed leisurely, flipping through the book in his hand when a sound came.


Lu Shifeng frowned slightly, picked up the phone and saw the content of the message inside:

[Luoluo, I forgot to confirm something with you just now. Didn’t we already agree on a place? But there are a lot of small streets there, which one should we meet at? 】


The sincere question touched some nerves.


Lu Shifeng’s eyes narrowed, but he didn’t help Jian Luo make a decision. He put the information bracelet aside and chose to continue reading.


But the other was very persistent.


Jiang Jiang sent another message: “Tomorrow, there will be more people at this place, so you should tell me which restaurant you want so I can make a booking first.”


“What cuisine do you like?”


“Tomorrow the weather is not very good, you should pay more attention before you come, or should I pick you up?”


The endless notifications finally cracked the Lord Marshal’s patience. The Marshal, who had finished being considerate, picked up the information bracelet and replied succinctly: [He is taking a shower. 】



There was silence for a long time, and someone narrowly escaped death.


The next day.


When Jian Luo woke up in the morning, the Marshal had not left, which was very strange. Usually Lu Shifeng had a lot of things to do, but he would always leave quietly to not wake him up. What he didn’t expect was for the Marshal to also have his lazy stay-in-bed days too!


Jian Luo sat up: “Aren’t you busy today?”


Lu Shifeng was getting dressed. Seeing that Jian Luo was awake, he said in a low voice, “En, there are not many things to deal with today. I will send you to work.”


I see.


Jian Luo followed and got up slowly. He stretched his waist and looked at the sun outside: “There’s no need. Due to what happened yesterday, the seeds of the chili peppers need to be submitted and tested to see if they have been altered. That is Wang Heng’s job. I only need to go there in the afternoon.”


This was exactly what Lu Shifeng was waiting for.


The Marshal pretended to be indifferent and said, “Aren’t you going to Phoenix Stage for class in the morning?”




Jian Luo choked: “No.”


Lu Shifeng looked at him: “Then where are you going? I’ll take you there.”


As long as he didn’t take him to class, Jian Luo quickly gave him an address and said, “I have an appointment with someone to discuss something, just leave me there.”


Lu Shifeng buttoned up the buttons of his usual uniform and said casually, “Is that the colleague you mentioned last time?”


Jian Luo nodded: “Yes!”


Thinking of the message last night that the Marshal helped him reply, Jian Luo smiled: “If people often see each other, maybe they can say hello to each other too. I feel that the two of you have a lot of fate with each other.”


Lu Shifeng asked noncommittally: “The fate of replying to one another’s messages?”




Sure enough, it was similar to what Jiang Jiang said. At this point, this section of the road was really congested. When Jian Luo got off the bus, he was already half an hour late to the agreed time.


Because they could not park too long at this section of the road, Jiang Jiang was already waiting inside the restaurant. He didn’t see Lu Shifeng yet at this time as only Jian Luo went inside by himself.


Jian Luo went into the restaurant and waved at him: “Jiang Jiang!”


Jiang Jiang, who was anxiously waiting, trotted over: “Luoluo, you’re finally here. I was thinking if something happened to you.”


Jian Luo smiled shyly.


The atmosphere of this restaurant was pretty good. Jiang Jiang had already ordered some dishes on the table and when Jian Luo sat down, he heard Jiang Jiang say, “Luoluo, I brought the contracts for you to invest in the company. The contract of being Jinjang’s anchor should also be renewed, so I also prepared that contract for you. The split is still the same as before, 70% is your’s, while mine is 30%, but I have a small request. I wonder if you will agree?”


Jian Luo: “Tell me and I’ll listen.”


“Actually, it’s nothing.” Jiang Jiang sighed: “It’s because the timing of your live broadcasts are not fixed. I know that you have an actual job and you may be busy, so maybe you can’t have a fixed schedule. What I was thinking was, if you can, could you fix the time of the live broadcast twice a week, so that it is also convenient for fans to wait for you?”


Jian Luo thought for a while: “Sometimes I have some emergencies, so I can’t have a fixed schedule. How about this, I will try to have more than 3 live broadcasts a week, and I will announce the live broadcast time on my Interstellar web account as appropriate. Is this alright?”


Because of the cubs, he really could not guarantee that he would be free at a fixed point in time. If there were any emergencies, the viewers would be left to become squatting ducks2No livestream, so the viewers left to eat dust in the wind., which was not what Jian Luo wanted to happen.


Jiang Jiang did not make it difficult for him and agreed happily: “Okay!”


The two of them happily signed the contract, after the general contents were read by himself. In fact, before coming here, Lu Shifeng told him to carefully read the contract more to avoid traps. Although they were friends, he still had to be careful. After all, if some of the terms could not be guaranteed to be completed, it will not be good for anyone in the end.


After the business was done, Jiang Jiang began to diverge his thoughts: “Um, Luoluo, let me ask you…”


Jian Luo happily said, “Say it.”


“That is…” Jiang Jiang looked at Jian Luo. To be honest, Jian Luo’s physique was really small compared to the stature and size of dark stars in general, so he hesitated: “I’m a little curious, since you are together with the Marshal, can you really bear it..?”



The air between them suddenly fell silent.


Half a second later.


Jian Luo scooped some vegetables into Jiang Jiang’s bowl: “Let’s eat.”




This meal became inexplicably bad because of that last question. After Jian Luo finished eating, he went back to the cultivation base. When he came to work before, no one really acknowledged him, and some even looked at him strangely,  but now it was different.


Director Li waited at the door for a while and finally saw Jian Luo: “Luoluo!”


Jian Luo paused: “Director Li.”


“I have been waiting for you.” Director Li took his hand with great enthusiasm: “The seeds of that batch of peppers have been screened and there is no problem.”


Jian Luo nodded: “That’s good.”


Director Li followed him and sighed: “I’m really sorry for what happened before. It was due to our negligence in work. The last batch of pepper seeds were sent for testing, but we can tell that the results were good. Luoluo, you are very capable. After our unanimous decision, we are going to upgrade your star level and allocate a shed for you.”


In Peace Paradise, they were ranked by stars.


Starting off with one or two stars, the higher a person’s star rating, the more capable the person. However, one’s star rating was not so easy to upgrade, nor easy to earn. If one is not capable, they will definitely struggle.


Jian Luo was surprised: “Are you sure you want to give me a star upgrade?”


Director Li was afraid he was being too modest: “If you didn’t find out about the seeds in time, we would have suffered even more losses.”



Jian Luo touched his chin but finally declined: “Thank you for your kindness, but for the time being, I will only cultivate more batches of chili peppers in this shed. If there are any new products from Phoenix Stage in the future, I will reconsider.”


Director Li didn’t want to agree, but seeing as Jian Luo was about to refuse, he quickly said, “Then, I’ll just leave a shed for you?”


Jian Luo still shook his head. Just as he was about to say something, he suddenly thought of his current problem. Although the land outside is expensive, the price of land and goods in Peace Paradise was not too expensive. Since he wanted to open a factory in the future, why not acquire some land directly from Peace Paradise?


Thinking of this, Jian Luo seemed to have opened up a path for himself. He said, “I will think about it again, thank you for your suggestion.”


Director Li was very happy: “It’s fine.”


After discussing this matter, everyone was happy. Back inside the shed, several young people inside have been waiting for a long time. Seeing Jian Luo, everyone had different expressions, but they all walked out to him:

“Brother Jian Luo, I’m sorry.”

“We didn’t know that Jiang Kang was that kind of person.”

“Fortunately, it was discovered early.”


Jian Luo let go of the door of the shed: “You don’t need to say this now. I am in charge of this shed and all of you, so I am responsible for any problems with the team.”


The few little ones didn’t dare to make a sound. After what happened to Jiang Kang, no one dared to make trouble with Jian Luo again.


Jian Luo spoke upfront: “The pepper seeds have been brought over after the test, so we can start to plant a new batch. This is the last batch of peppers I will supervise. While I’m still with you, hurry up and practice. When I leave later, any problems will have to be discussed online.”


The crowd nodded.


Jian Luo held a small meeting and everyone gave him a rough overview of the problems they encountered these days. After everyone took notes, they were given some precautions leaving. If this new batch of chili peppers were healthy, they would then be put on the market.


During the afternoon break, Jian Luo sat on the rocking chair in the shed to eat snacks. Beside him were several employees who were also resting.


“Sister Qing, are you really pregnant?”


Someone asked first.


Jian Luo was stunned for a moment. He looked at the petite woman and saw Wang Qingqing covering her stomach with a happy smile on her face: “Well, I just found out yesterday.”


Jian Luo said, “Congratulations.”


Wang Qingqing said softly, “Thank you, but don’t worry, Brother Jian. I will still definitely work hard.”


Jian Luo nodded: “Good luck.”


Everyone continued to talk about the topic of the child, such as where the child will go to school after being born, where to buy diapers, etc. They also talked about whether the child may be a boy or a girl, and what name the child will be called by in the future.


Although there were many topics about the hardships of life, most of them were positive and full of optimism.


After chatting, a young man said half-jokingly: “Sister Qingqing, we basically can’t tell that you are pregnant with this belly, but look at Brother Jian, he is really getting more and more blessed. He’s a little thin, but if he lies down, his stomach is fully round. If I hadn’t known the truth, I would have thought he was pregnant!”




No, you don’t actually know the truth.


Wang Qingqing also glanced at Jian Luo when she heard the words, which made Jian Luo look very nervous, but she smiled and said, “If Luoluo is really pregnant, I have never seen a pregnancy as good as his. If one was pregnant, it would already be in the 3rd or 4th month. This would be the time when one’s symptoms would be the most violent, but he is full of energy and nothing has happened.”


The others nodded in approval.


Jian Luo nodded helplessly: “Yes, I just got fat. If I get fatter in the future, be more tolerant, will you?”


The crowd burst into laughter.


In the evening.


When Jian Luo went back, he couldn’t help but recall what Wang Qingqing and the others said. He thought it was quite reasonable. He had severe symptoms before, so why did he suddenly feel better now?


Jian Luo took the initiative to flip through a textbook, hoping to find the answer in the ocean of knowledge. He finally found a detailed explanation on the page of “Things to Know”:

[The symptoms during pregnancy differ between different races, and the timing of these symptoms for dragons will also different from mother to mother. 】


Jian Luo was startled. What did this sentence mean? Isn’t it time yet?




When Lu Shifeng came in from the outside, what he saw was Jian Luo lying on the bed and looking at the book in surprise. The marshal raised his eyebrows: “What are you looking at?”


Jian Luo sighed: “I was thinking when your cubs will start to make trouble with me.”


Lu Shifeng sat down beside him: “Relax and think positively.”


Jian Luo couldn’t help but wonder: “For example?”


“Like it might start tomorrow.”




Jian Luo, who was not comforted at all, really wanted to kick Lu Shifeng. He lay on the bed, thinking about other things when he suddenly thought of a question: “Hey, Long ge, have you ever thought about naming the cubs?”


Lu Shifeng’s movements stopped for a while. His handsome face was rarely confused, but finally his eyes landed on Jian Luo’s body: “Have you decided on it?”


Jian Luo turned over and said, “I think we can come up with a nickname first.”


Lu Shifeng was a little interested, leaning against the bed with a lazy attitude: “Tell me about it.”


“Well…I was thinking.” Jian Luo said curiously: “What words do you dragons use to come up with their names? I’ll follow the customs first.”


Lu Shifeng explained to him: “The dragon clan members have two surnames, a greater and lesser one. The greater surname will be the one officially assigned to an individual. For example, my surname Lu, is the greater surname. The name with the lesser surname will usually be Long or Tian3Long or Tian 龙或天 (Eng for Dragon or Sky), combined with a nickname.”


Jian Luo nodded: “Then let’s think of a nickname first!”


Lu Shifeng looked at him: “Do you have any ideas?”


“Well…” Jian Luo thought about it over and over, hoping to give the baby a more domineering name and not lose at the starting line. After thinking for a long time, he slowly said, “Long Batian4龙霸天 (Dragon tyrant sky)
-Briefly translates to a dragon so overbearing, the limit’s the sky.
, what do you think?”

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Chapter 52 – A Jealous Human

Chapter 52 – A Jealous Human


The entire dining table was suddenly dead silent, and even someone as airheaded as Jian Luo could feel that he probably said something that shouldn’t have been said?


Jian Luo hesitated: “What’s wrong?”


The dragons looked at each other, and their hearts were quite complicated. If they said something, the Marshal might be unhappy. But they couldn’t not say it after eating Luoluo’s food. If they didn’t even tell the truth, could they even be considered friends now?!




After a sad silence, someone with a fair conscience finally gave a compromising answer: “This is going to be different between different dragons.”


“Yes, yes.” A little soldier also echoed: “And depending on the situation, the dragon’s scales can actually change.”


Jian Luo was very curious: “Really?”


The little soldier bit his bullet and nodded: “Yes, for example, you can see that my scales are cold now, but a while after I eat, the temperature will change.”


Another said: “My scales are hot right now.”


Jian Luo was very curious.


When the soldier saw his bright eyes looking at him, he smiled shyly: “Do you want to touch it?”


Jian Luo didn’t think this was something inappropriate, so he nodded, and was very amazed: “You are a golden dragon!”


The little soldier’s face was a little red: “Yes.”


The dragon family is actually a very proud race in its bones, but they do not usually show it often. Now that he was being asked by Jian Luo, he couldn’t help but feel a little shy and proud, especially after being looked at with such admiration.


The soldier coughed lightly: “A golden dragon is nothing special…”


“It’s very beautiful.” Jian Luo loved gold so much. The dragon arm in front of him had a layer of light golden scales, which shone in the sun and were extraordinarily beautiful. Just as he reached out to touch it, someone grabbed his hand.


Jian Luo was stunned. He raised his head.


Lu Shifeng looked down at him condescendingly, and said solemnly, “What are you groping?”




Jian Luo was very aggrieved: “I got the consent of others!”


“You can touch it if they agree?” Lu Shifeng pulled him to the side and stood there: “If you come here to eat, then just eat. Don’t simply grope others.”


Jian Luo pouted.


A few small soldiers were very nervous when they saw Lu Shifeng coming. Firstly, it was because the dragon king’s hostility was not really hidden, and secondly because when everyone was still a young dragon, there was not any one of them that did not undergo the dragon king’s training.


It was a traumatizing experience okay?!


The soldiers were vicious fighters on the battlefield, but in front of Lu Shifeng, they were all inexplicably honest, like elementary school students seeing the headmaster.


Lu Shifeng glanced at them and said, “Start eating. If it’s not enough,ask the kitchen to deliver more.”


The soldiers said earnestly: “Yes!”


Then, Jian Luo was pulled away and returned back to his initial hotpot table. Jian Luo was very dissatisfied: “I really didn’t force myself on others to touch their scales.”


Lu Shifeng sat down beside him: “I know.”


Jian Luo was curious: “You know, yet you still blamed me?”


“Outsiders can’t touch the scales of the dragon family casually.” Lu Shifeng said lightly: “Sometimes it will cause you to get into trouble.”




Was this his point?


It happened that Secretary Jin was next to him, so Jian Luo didn’t rely on Lu Shifeng anymore, but looked sideways at Secretary Jin curiously: “Secretary Jin, you are also of the Dragon family, so what’s the trouble?”



She was the one who was about to get shot even though she didn’t do anything.


Secretary Jin picked up a piece of meat in the pot, dipped it in the sauce and stuffed it into her mouth: “It depends on the situation. Generally, if you already have a partner, it is best not to touch the scales of other dragons, otherwise it will easily lead to conflict.”


Jian Luo didn’t know there was such a thing: “Then if it’s just to normally appreciate their scales. What other way is there to do so?”




How can someone from the same dragon clan want to appreciate the scales of the same clan member?


It’s as strange as if a human suddenly wanted to start touching each other’s hands, right?


If you were not from the dragon clan, you basically had no chance to touch the scales of a dragon. After all, the dragon clan valued their privacy very much, but she didn’t know why the others were very close to Jian Luo and were willing to allow it.


Secretary Jin glanced at Jian Luo and said casually, “Um, that should be fine, but it’s best not to touch it.”


Jian Luo nodded as if he understood, “I see, maybe touching it will make others unhappy and cause me to get hurt.”


Secretary Jin glanced at Lu Shifeng. He did not say anything, so she didn’t dare to speak.


In the current situation, she was not worried that Jian Luo would get hurt, but rather another innocent dragon, but she dared not say or ask it.


The little adjutant was rather stupid: “Sorry, if you really like it, Luoluo, you can touch me. I’m half-gold, so you can touch…”


Secretary Jin hurriedly interrupted him and started coughing: “Cough!”



The little adjutant closed his mouth, glanced at Lu Shifeng secretly, and met the Marshal’s half-smiling gaze. There was a hint of danger mixed in the cheeriness.


The little adjutant’s strong desire to survive made him change his words: “You can’t ever touch me!”


Jian Luo fell silent.


Lu Shifeng put some meat into his bowl: “Eat.”


Sitting cross-legged, Jian Luo began to focus on the bowl. He took a bite of the meat and said, “I’m a little full. I’m going to go to the restroom, you guys eat first.”


Secretary Jin said, “7878.”


When Jian Luo left, Secretary Jin and the little adjutant accompanied the marshal to eat. They were very cautious when they ate with the marshal, but fortunately, the little adjutant didn’t mean anything by it and was therefore easy-going. In order to liven up the atmosphere, he took the initiative to talk a little bit about fun things to watch online to relieve boredom.


As he talked, the little adjutant went a little off topic and started to talk about some emotional issues: “I saw a couple on the Internet yesterday. They were people of different races together. It was quite rare.”


Secretary Jin was curious: “Which race?”


“Vampires and humans.” The little adjutant pursed his lips and smiled: “They were amazing.”



Secretary Jin’ face was full of black lines. What’s so amazing, their marshals was also with a human being, how was this amazing!?


Lu Shifeng was interested: “Oh?”


When the assistant saw Lu Shifeng’s interest, he was also excited: “But blood clans are a little different from humans. Humans have better personalities, and they are more clingy. While the character of the blood clan is more arrogant.”


Lu Shifeng had a different opinion: “Clingy?”


His tone sounded a little wrong.


The little assistant coughed lightly: “Yes, yes.”


Of course, in front of the Marshal, he was still somewhat restrained: “Actually, they would be more suspicious. For example, if they find out that their partner had some ambiguous rumors with someone else, they will definitely get angry and jealous. If it is a special day, always remember your anniversary. Otherwise, they will be unhappy. Also, their partner has to kiss and hug them every day, so clingy.”


Secretary Jin thinks it’s nothing: “Isn’t that what love is all about? Without this process, what kind of love would that be?”



The Lord Marshal was silent.


The meal went by quickly following their chat and discussion, especially for those soldiers who were fortunate to eat hotpot after returning from the mission, so much so that they ate till their stomachs broke. When they went back, they were going to show off. You’ve never ate this before, right? It’s a new product! It’s delicious!


Compared to them, Jian Luo himself didn’t eat much.


“I’ll tell someone to bring you some holy dragon fruit?”


Lu Shifeng sent him back to his room.


“No, no.” Jian Luo fell back on the bed and lay down: “I’m really not hungry, but I feel a little bloated. I don’t know what’s wrong with me these days, I’m not very hungry.”


He was lying flat on the bed, but his lower abdomen that used to lie flat was slightly bulging. It was not very obvious, but there was a curvature.


Lu Shifeng stood by and watched for a while before saying, “You have a bump.”


Jian Luo was stunned for a moment, and subconsciously touched his stomach: “Is it there? Could it be that I actually ate too much, causing it to grow?”



Lu Shifeng sat down beside him: “When you were full before and lay down, there was no such bump.”


The corner of Jian Luo’s mouth curled up: “So you paid attention to these?”


The Marshal did not feel embarrassed at all, but frankly replied: “The changes are too obvious, I didn’t need to observe it specifically.”


Jian Luo sighed.


He used to think that his pregnancy was very mysterious and a bit unbelievable, and surreal. 


But now that he suddenly had a baby bump, it made him feel amazed. When he touched his stomach, it seemed that there was a slight bump. This feeling of progress and being within reach is the most moving.


Lu Shifeng said, “You take a break, I’ll go wash up first.”


Jian Luo: “…Oh.”


Hmph, dog man, even if I’m pregnant, you won’t know how to touch your cub. Go take a bath, you will be washed to death.


After being heartbroken for a long time, Jian Luo habitually opened the Interstellar web to watch the news. 


A few days ago, he officially authenticated his account online because of the potato incident, but now that he’s logged in to take a look, he had: 100,000 fans.


These were some more recent comments:

“Anchor, I knew you were wronged!”

“I like your potato chips the most.”

“Now that Lord Chenguang has been arrested, I hope you can release genuine potato chips.”




Jian Luo suspected that he would not be able to keep up with the times if he did not surf the Internet for a day. With doubts in his mind, he clicked on the homepage of Interstellar web.


There was a piece of news on the hot search list: [Star Live Broadcasting Network anchor, Lord Chenguang is suspected of illegal planting, which has caused harm socially. He has been detained and sentenced to life imprisonment. 】


It should be mentioned that the Interstellar Live Broadcasting Network can be said to be a relatively large live broadcast website in the whole of interstellar space. Its decline made many people sigh, but it has also allowed countless other websites to take the opportunity to rise. Among them, Jinjiang Live Broadcasting Network was one worthy of the biggest dividend:

“The anchor of genuine potato chips is on Jinjiang Live Broadcasting Network.”

“Everyone can go to Jinjiang and spend 1 star dollar to taste the real thing!”

“Luoluo cooking is super delicious!”


Because of the commotion this time round, they manage to hit the jackpot. It became a free wave of advertisements for Jian Luo. His fans are also crazy for him too. Not only did his number of followers on Interstellar web rise like crazy, when Jian Luo opened his information bracelet, he found that his followers on his live broadcast account were also increasing rapidly.


Jiang Jiang also took the opportunity to contact him: “Luoluo, you are really amazing, driving traffic to our website by yourself. If I hadn’t just asked for a leave not long ago to upgrade the server on the spot, I might be overwhelmed by now.”


Jian Luo didn’t know whether to laugh or cry: “It’s nothing. It’s what I should’ve done.”


“That, Luoluo, I have something to discuss with you.” Jiang Jiang sent a message to him: “I’m thinking, basically, you were there when Jinjiang first established our website. There weren’t many anchors at that time, but you still stayed here till now and I’m really grateful that you’ve contributed so much to the site.”


Just as Jian Luo was about to reply, another message came: “Now that our contract is about to expire, I don’t have any other plans and want to renew the contract with you, but this time will be different. I know you should have some money in your hand, so if you want, you can hold a stake in Jinjiang Live Broadcasting Network.”


Hold a stake?


Jian Luo hadn’t thought about it before, but Jiang Jiang’s proposal was not inconceivable.


“Yes, invest in our shares.” Jiang Jiang explained to him in detail: “Actually, you don’t need to do too much, you just need to come up with some money to invest in shares, the accounts will later be split.”


Jian Luo asked, “Can I buy as many shares as I want?”


Jiang Jiang didn’t force him: “Of course.”


“Okay.” Jian Luo responded: “I have about 400,000 in my hands now, and I want to buy some shares.”


At this moment, Jian Luo is actually quite familiar with the situation in Jinjiang. Although the traffic has increased, it was not optimistic. The cost of server maintenance has also increased, as it matured as a website. It needs customer service staff, auditors, etc. It’s not something Jiang Jiang can afford alone. He needs shareholders, which makes sense.


Firstly, he wanted to invest in Jinjiang because he was really optimistic about the future development of Jinjiang, and secondly, he wanted to relieve Jiang Jiang of his urgent financial burden.


Jiang Jiang was overjoyed: “Okay Luoluo. Let’s make an appointment tomorrow to confirm the contract?”


Jian Luo had no objection: “Okay.”


The two roughly agreed on the time and place before stopping. After Jian Luo discussed it with him, he started watching other gossip news.


After he felt very refreshed, he didn’t expect another news to spoil his mood. It was written in a very exaggerated manner: [Details of the sweet romance between the little princess and the marshal]




Ho, isn’t this exciting.


Jian Luo lay on the bed and changed his position. As he did so, he clocked on the news, reading a little before progressively seeing this very exciting article. It spoke of the previous love-hate relationship between Lu Shifeng and the little princess. The Lord and the little princess were alumni of the same school when they were still students. At that time, the two people’s grades were very close as classmates, so their relationship was very ambiguous.


After graduation, he joined the military and although Marshal Lu spent a lot of his time managing the army, the little princess was still able to get the pity of the marshal and was the only woman who can enter and leave the military at will. After combining these facts, it basically meant that the little princess and the marshal were in love.




How stimulating.


Jian Luo became inexplicably excited when he saw it. He once said that there was no way Lu Shifeng did not have some romances when he looked like this. Who would believe it?




The bathroom door opened.


The marshal came out wearing a nightgown. His tall and handsome figure looked eye-catching and his hair was still dripping.


Jian Luo sat up: “Have you finished washing up?”


Lu Shifeng nodded lightly.


“That’s right.” Jian Luo turned over and decided to focus on the course of the gossip. Along the way, he said, “I just scrolled through something on the Interstellar web. Guess what I have stumbled across, it has something to do with you.”


Lu Shifeng wiped his hair casually with a bath towel: “What do you mean? Is it regarding how many new parenting encyclopedias have been published by the hospital recently?”



Jian Luo had to say: “Tell me about your past relationship with the little princess.”


Lu Shifeng’s movement of wiping his hair slowly slowed down, and he said, “You just finished reading?”


Jian Luo: “En, yes.”


Inexplicably, Lu Shifeng thought of what the little assistant said today, saying that humans were prone to be more jealous in a relationship. Maybe they will also lose their temper. Will Jian Luo be like that too? The Marshal Lord glanced at Jian Luo with a little bit of a hope that was not easily noticed.


Sitting cross-legged on the bed, Jian Luo expressed his opinion: “If you want me to say it, I don’t think the little princess is very good.”


Lu Shifeng was satisfied in his heart. Sure enough, what the little adjutant said was not wrong. Although Jian Luo was a man, he was not immune to the usual stereotype.


Jian Luo added another sentence: “In my opinion, what I have to say is that it is obvious that Secretary Jin is more suitable!”




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Chapter 51 – Dragon scales during courtship

Chapter 51 – Dragon scales during courtship


Jian Luo saw the Lord Marshal standing not far from the shed.


The marshal was wearing a straight and orthodox military uniform. His stern face held less of his usual wanton laziness, and was a little more hostile than usual. Jian Luo was a little scared.


Jiang Kang was surprised: “Who is he?”


Taking advantage of his surprise, Jian Luo trotted to Lu Shifeng: “What are you doing here?”


“Didn’t I come at the right time?” Lu Shifeng lowered his head and looked at him: “Did I interrupt you while you were doing something important?”




Have you had enough?


Jian Luo wanted to prove his innocence: “I had a work matter to deal with with him, so I was late. Were you waiting for me outside?”


Lu Shifeng nodded, raised his eyelids and glanced at Jiang Kang: “Is this your colleague?”


Inexplicably, Jiang Kang felt that the word “colleague” contained a little murderous aura.


Jian Luo nodded and said to Lu Shifeng, “There is still something he and I have to settle.”


Jiang Kang felt a little worse for wear when he saw Lu Shifeng. Dark star people were very easy to distinguish from human beings. Some races were born with grace and self-confidence. That kind of temperament was difficult to conceal. Previously, Jian Luo was like a dust-covered little pearl. He didn’t know what happened after all this time, but there were no longer traces of that inferior temperament and complex of the lower beings on Jian Luo anymore.


The most unpleasant sight for Jiang Kang was Lu Shifeng wearing a military uniform. He was not an ordinary dark star citizen, and may even be a member of the military, one of the three major authorities in the Dark Star!


Jian Luo turned to look at Jiang Kang: “Jiang Kang, I don’t want to embarrass you either. What we had in the past is over, so there’s no need to mention it. Now that you have stolen the seeds, hand it over and tell me who the mastermind was. I can let it go since you were only instructed to do this.”



Jiang Kang’s face was pale: “Luoluo, don’t talk nonsense.”


Lu Shifeng grabbed Jian Luo: “Since he doesn’t want to admit it, it’s useless to ask.”


Jian Luo looked at the Marshal in surprise.


Lu Shifeng glanced at Jiang Kang and said slowly: “As for the person who contacted him to steal the seeds, he has been found. Yesterday, the internet keyboard warriors hired by him have all been arrested and detained in the military prison.”




Jian Luo was slightly surprised: “Really? It went so smoothly?”


“Otherwise?” Lu Shifeng helped Jian Luo fasten the first button on his shirt: “Do you need me to introduce you to a lawyer to prosecute them?”




You don’t have to.


The conversation between the two was very nonchalant, but Jiang Kang was panicking. If he really thought about it, it seemed that the person had not sent him any messages since the afternoon. However, he still had a way out: “What nonsense are you both talking about? I don’t understand.”


Lu Shifeng glanced at him sideways. Seems like it’ll be a waste of words to speak any longer: “You don’t have to understand. There is a new law to be passed by the imperial capital soon. After a credit assessment is carried out on the humans, those with a full credit score will be able to enter Sky City with an ID registry.”


Jiang Kang was taken aback.


Jian Luo was also a little surprised.


How important is an ID registry? If one has an ID registered, they will be able to obtain many things. Not only can one buy a house, there are also many other conveniences that come with having an ID when it comes to information and communication technology agencies, such as purchasing from major retailers.


However, Lu Shifeng added slowly: “Those who have a history of committing crimes will be included in the list of dishonest citizens and will obtain an ID registration.”




There was a moment of silence in the air.


Whether he was in the right or wrong doesn’t matter anymore. Even if Jiang Kang initially still wanted to resist stubbornly, upon hearing this, all his perseverance faded.


Yes, 100,000 star dollars was indeed a lot, but if something goes wrong and he loses his rights to obtain an ID registration, wouldn’t he be reduced to a joke?


Thinking of this, Jiang Kang suddenly changed his expression and took the initiative to say: “Actually, I do know that person, but I am not collaborating with him. I mainly took the opportunity to approach him and find out his motives, so I can call the police to deal with him for justice.”


Jian Luo widened his eyes: “It really was you.”


Jiang Kang’s eyes flickered a little: “Luoluo, you have to believe me. All I did was to… help you.”


As he spoke, he took out a small plastic bag from the storage space of his bracelet. The bag really contained seeds.


Jian Luo was angry when he saw it: “Are you also the one who cultivated and distributed those spoiled potatoes too?”


Jiang Kang shook his head: “Luoluo, I’m not with them. I don’t know what happened with the potatoes. They just contacted me suddenly so I don’t know.”


Lu Shifeng sneered.


Jiang Kang didn’t dare to look at him for some reason. He always felt that this man was very dangerous. Although he didn’t do anything from beginning to end, he was very oppressive.


It was getting late and the air around them was starting to turn chilly.


Lu Shifeng took off his coat, put it on Jian Luo’s body and said, “You stole the seeds to plant them by yourself, and disregarding whether the quality is suitable for consumption or not, you put them on the market. The cultivation base will judge and issue a suitable punishment for you.”


Jiang Kang’s expression was very bad: “You can insult me, but you can’t slander my morality. Are the dark stars that amazing that they can look down on humans like this?”



Just as Jian Luo was about to speak, Lu Shifeng stopped him.


“You can’t blame anyone for humiliating yourself.” Lu Shifeng glanced at the sky: “Go back and tell it to the judge.”


Jiang Kang was taken aback.


As if they received an order, a luxury car came over as two soldiers in military uniforms got out of the car. The two came over and opened a pair of handcuffs as Jiang Kang was restrained skillfully.


Jiang Kang started to completely panic and began to struggle: “What are you trying to do? I said I didn’t do it, I just wanted to help. Luoluo, Luoluo, hurry up and explain to them for me. What right do you have to arrest me? Luoluo?!”


Jian Luo stood beside Lu Shifeng and did not speak.


Jiang Kang still looked at him persistently: “Luoluo, Luoluo. Speak up!”


Jian Luo looked on indifferently and said, “Jiang Kang, if I didn’t find out about your theft of the seeds today, will these things be blamed on me as the supervisor if there are peppers of compromised quality on the market in the future?”


Jiang Kang choked.


“Doing too much injustice will lead to your own downfall.” Jian Luo had no pity for him: “Seek more happiness for yourself.”


His indifferent attitude angered Jiang Kang.


As a person with a very good exterior image, especially in front of a person who has always been inferior to himself, since childhood, whether in family status or ability, he suddenly lost his pride in front of Jian Luo.


Jiang Kang was pinned down as he said, “Jian Luo, what do you have to be proud of? Do you really think you are very powerful? Don’t assume that I don’t know what you are doing. Aren’t you quite proud to be the lover and dog of the dark stars? Even if the seeds are stolen, you deserved it!”


Jian Luo said, “So you admit that you took the seeds and also knew about the potatoes?”


Jiang Kang snorted coldly, neither admitting or denying it.


Jian Luo smiled slightly and said towards a shed not far away, “Director Li, you can come out now.”



Not far from the shed, a figure slowly walked out.


Director Li walked out with a heavy face, followed by many senior staff members from the planting base.


Director Li’s face was solemn: “It’s because of my lax management, I’m really ashamed.”


There are a few senior staff members behind:


“Jiang Kang… Back then, there was only one place in the village to study abroad, so I gave it to you. Now what has become of you…”


“Are you worthy now?”


“Your mother used to go around telling about how good you are.”


“This child, I never imagined…”


Jiang Kang opened his eyes wide and looked at these people who came out in disbelief. For a long time, he pretended to be virtuous inside out, crafting his own excellent character just to gain everyone’s respect.


But now, thousands of people looked at him with contempt and regret in their eyes, as if he was just an insect. There was such a gap between the two different treatments, no one would be able to accept it.


Jian Luo said: “There should be others who were bribed just like him. This is how the seeds of potatoes were distributed. Director Li, you need to do a thorough investigation.”


Director Li nodded: “I will, Luoluo. You have been wronged. If it weren’t for you, we might not have realized these problems.”


Jian Luo didn’t say much.


Jiang Kang was completely destroyed. Even if he will not lose his rights to register for an ID, after being found out by Director Li, it will be shameful for him to live in the village in the future. How will he be seen by the others? This was all the fault of Jian Luo!


Thinking to this extent, Jiang Kang could hardly control his emotions. He broke free from the person restraining him and rushed over to Jian Luo: “Jian Luo, you b-tch…”




Jiang Kang’s body was kicked away just before he touched him. The force of Lu Shifeng’s kick was not something ordinary humans could withstand.


Jiang Kang was smashed back to the ground as his whole body twitched twice. He spat out a mouthful of blood and passed out.


Lu Shifeng didn’t even notice it: “Take this thing back.”


The two soldiers came over quickly: “Yes.”


Director Li and the others were also dumbfounded. They had heard of Lu Shifeng’s reputation before, but even after hearing it, what they saw still came as a shock, even if they shouldn’t be surprised at all.


Lu Shifeng didn’t give them a chance to think and glanced at Director Li: “Investigate about the potatoes. I don’t want this kind of thing to happen again.”


The extremely powerful tyrant’s command is absolute. Lu Shifeng didn’t do much, but Director Li’s back broke into a cold sweat: “Yes!”


After explaining the matter, Lu Shifeng said to Jian Luo, “Go back.”


Jian Luo came back to his senses: “Okay.”


The two left the base in tandem. Lu Shifeng’s car was parked outside, and Jian Luo said, “Where are we going?”


Lu Shifeng: “You haven’t been back for two days.”


Inexplicably, Jian Luo looked at the indifferent face of the Marshal. It seemed he heard something else from it – was it grievance?


A very substantial amount of grievance.


Jian Luo sat on the soft seat: “The babies are fine.”


Lu Shifeng glanced at him and said in a low voice, “In the health information reported back by the bracelet yesterday, there was an abnormal fluctuation.”



I see.


Jian Luo sighed. It was just as he thought, how could Lord Marshal have come to see him? It wasn’t because he missed him for two days that he came here, but because he cared about the dragon babies.


Lu Shifeng said, “I’ll send you here in the future.”


Jian Luo shook his head: “No, if we’re going to Phoenix Stage, it’s very close, so you’ll still pass it by on the way. However, the planting base is too far away, so you can’t.”


Lu Shifeng took out a nearly frozen holy dragon fruit from the small refrigerator for Jian Luo to eat: “When I don’t have time, I will ask Secretary Jin to send you there instead.”


Jian Luo still wanted to struggle.


Lu Shifeng interrupted his thoughts: “Moonlight has released a lot of new products, all of which have been put in the small kitchen. You can eat them when you go back.”


Jian Luo was very straightforward: “It’s great to go back!”




The car arrived at the military base soon after. Jian Luo thought he was going back to rest. Unexpectedly, Lu Shifeng said, “There are a few small brigades coming back from their missions today. There is a celebration banquet ahead, so let’s go enjoy ourselves there together.”


Jian Luo was very curious: “It’s a celebration banquet, what are we going to enjoy?”


In fact, he doesn’t know much about these pastimes. In Jian Luo’s own impression, the military was rigid and cold, if they were not fighting all day long, they were probably on the way to fight?


Lu Shifeng said lightly, “You’ll know when you go.”


All right.


It’s close by anyway.


Before he left, Jian Luo also checked himself. In the morning, he only wore a white shirt and jeans for convenience. He was unsure: “Will it be bad for me to dress like this?”


Lu Shifeng closed the car door: “As long as you are not wearing a military uniform, anything else will be the same for them.”



Jian Luo gave up.


It was his first time visiting to attend a banquet inside the military base. Before walking into the huge auditorium, he had countless imaginary scenarios in his mind, such as the icy soldiers sitting neatly together while discussing the war tactics, and talking about who to kill tomorrow. It would be a gathering full of violence and blood.


However, when Jian Luo walked in, he only smelled the smell of barbecue.


Inside the restaurant, there were soldiers gathered together in twos and threes on the huge table with their sleeves rolled up as they grilled the skewers of meat with their shoulders lifted. The scene was extremely crowded.




Jian Luo felt that his imagination was completely shattered.


Obviously, no one has made a sound yet. The moment Lu Shifeng stood at the door, the entire hall fell silent. The whole room that was rowdy just now immediately fell silent. Everyone stood up and saluted Lu Shifeng: “Marshal!”


Jian Luo’s eardrums almost burst.


The voices of the young dragons or half-dragons in the room were so loud that they almost pierced through the sky.


Lu Shifeng said quietly, “Sit down.”


The little soldiers in the house couldn’t help but look at Jian Luo. There was a single human being in the dragon clan’s building. It was inevitable that some people would be curious. 


Especially since this human being was full of the scent of dragons, which made thing even more exciting. Some people have already started whispering:

“Who is it?”

“He looks so small.”

“The one who looks like he can be squeezed to death with one hand?”

“Please be quiet.”


The corners of Jian Luo’s mouth twitched, and he was really speechless at what the dark stars said, especially the silly people of the dragon clan.


When Jian Luo accompanied Lu Shifeng and walked inside, he thought that it was an ordinary building from the outside, but when he was inside, he found that there was something different. The back of the building was actually open-air and connected to the outdoor hills behind, where there were various grills full of meat.


Jian Luo was surprised: “Why do you only eat meat during dinner together? Shouldn’t you have some cakes, vegetables or something else when you return?”


The little adjutant was roasting meat. Hearing that, he said, “We don’t have any food to eat on the way to our mission, only nutrient solution, so we have a tradition of holding a celebration banquet and eating as much meat as we can when we come back.”


Jian Luo just nodded.


Secretary Jin held a plate and said, “As for vegetables or other foods, we can’t cook it to the standards of our own taste, so we just eat meat.”



Are all dragons always so upfront?


Jian Luo was also hungry when he smelled the meat. He was convinced: “I’ll help to get some vegetables and grill some meat.”


Secretary Jin has been waiting for Jian Luo to say that for a long time: “Okay.”


A new batch of vegetables and meat were delivered from the kitchen. Jian Luo prepared it well before wrapping it up to be eaten. It was a pity that he couldn’t eat the chili peppers the last time he had grilled meat, so he asked one more question: “Do you have chili peppers?”


Secretary Jin nodded: “Yes, weren’t the first batch of chili peppers distributed today? We recently received them.”


Jian Luo was very moved: “You received them just in time.”


Thanks to the technology of the dark stars, all crops had a shortened growth cycle. As such, life has become much more vibrant!


Even if it was too late to grind the chili into powder or make it into chili oil, it could still be eaten directly, as long as it tasted spicy!


The little adjutant said: “Come here, it’s all been delivered.”


Jian Luo sat on the ground on the grass. He had just started grilling when he saw the Lord Marshal sitting in the front seat not far away. There was a lot of roasted meat on the table but he did not touch it much. He was basically still drinking the brewed wine.


“Is he not hungry?” Jian Luo was inexplicably concerned: “At least I still ate something before coming here.”


Secretary Jin followed his gaze and explained, “Are you talking about the marshal? He has always been like this. The Lord doesn’t eat barbecued meat.”



Jian Luo’s movements suddenly stopped.


Secretary Jin asked curiously, “What’s wrong?”


“…Nothing.” Jian Luo suddenly remembered that at the banquet of the blood clan, the marshal had eaten a few pieces of barbecued meat then: “Why? It’s not like your dragon clan has an aversion towards meat.”


When he mentioned this, Secretary Jin sighed deeply: “Who said we do? Actually, the marshal did not have this much of an aversion towards meat before, but one year, he entered the Dragon Valley for training and stayed there for many years… not once ever coming out during this period. Ever since he came out, he has been very picky about food and has a deep aversion to barbecued meat.”


Jian Luo suddenly thought of what the driver had said to him before, about how Lu Shifeng was just cloned, he had a genetic defect.


The dragon clan had high expectations for him. In order to revitalize their clan and the hope of the entire race, Lu Shifeng entered the abyss of the Dragon Valley to undergo tribulations. As for what happened during that period, no one knows.


Was it post-traumatic stress?


It is also possible.


Secretary Jin said: “The Lord is very picky when it comes to food. Moonlight used to have someone deliver food on a regular basis every month, but he basically didn’t eat it. The time he actually began to eat the food was probably when you started coming here to work.”


Jian Luo was flattered: “Me?”


Secretary Jin nodded.


Jian Luo turned to look at the person sitting on the front seat not far away. Dragons were actually quite open and enthusiastic by nature. They are quite open when it is time for fun. There were also many soldiers who looked like they wanted to mingle with the marshal. But when they all saw that the marshal had no appetite, without any exceptions, all of them decided to give up.



Slowly, Jian Luo had an idea in his heart.


Seeing that he was in a daze, Secretary Jin asked curiously, “Luoluo, what are you thinking about?”


“Huh?” Jian Luo smiled slightly: “I was thinking, do you want to try to eat something fun?”


The little adjutant likes to eat the most, and he especially liked to eat the things that Jian Luo made. Hearing this, he was very excited: “What is fun to eat?”


Jian Luo clapped his hands together and said, “Hotpot.”




There was no such thing as hotpot in Dark Star, but there was never a shortage of ingredients and people who were good at using their brains. Those of the dragon clan do not simply like barbecue because it was easy and didn’t require any brains to make, to them, other foods were also welcome.


It just so happened that a hotpot meets all the requirements. There was no need to use their brains or skills, plus they could also eat the hotpot according to their personal preferences.


Secretary Jin said, “How do you eat a hotpot?”


“It’s a dish that’s easy to cook for all ages.” Jian Luo arranged for a pot to be sent from the kitchen and began to put peppers and other spices into the pot at the bottom of the pot to be cooked: “Hotpot is really the savior of the world.”


The dark stars also had their own eating habits, so they also had their own spices. There were some that Jian Luo was not used to eating, while the other basic ones were okay.


Jian Luo cut the peppers and put them in to cook when the oil was hot. He took advantage of the time to get in front of Lu Shifeng: “I cooked hotpot, do you want to come and eat it together.”


Lu Shifeng played with the cup in his hand: “Just eat it with the others.”



It was impossible for Jian Luo to follow his instructions.


Since you didn’t eat barbecue, I have taken great pains in terms of labor and management to make a hotpot for you. Now, you’re asking me to eat it with them, how could it be possible!


“No, no.” Jian Luo tugged at his arm: “Let’s eat it together. A hotpot is fun when more people eat it together. Aren’t you hungry? I’m hungry, even if you’re not hungry and I want to eat with you. If you won’t eat, then you don’t need to eat it, but I’ll eat it instead.”



Marshal Lu has not been threatened by anyone for a long time, but the arrogant man still couldn’t get angry with him. He could only nod his head in the end: “Alright, let’s go eat together.”


Jian Luo’s lips curled up: “Okay!”


The process of cooking the hotpot soup base was very simple and fast. The aroma of chili spread out as Jian Luo prepared the dipping sauce and taught Secretary Jin how to mix it together.


Slowly, some dragons who were eating the barbecue couldn’t stand it anymore.


A dragon came up and asked, “What is this, can we also taste it?”


Jian Luo said generously, “Yes!”


He boiled a piece of meat in the pot and then gave it to the soldiers. The meat cooked in the pot has been marinated by the soup and has a spicy taste. After dipping it in some delicious sauce and putting it in one’s mouth, the flavour which was distinctively different from the barbecued meat was very delicious. It was also salty and flavorful. There was an endless good aftertaste after just taking a bite.


The soldier’s eyes lit up: “Delicious!”


Jian Luo smiled: “It should be.”


“Yeah! The barbecue is no longer fragrant.” The soldier was very excited: “It’s so delicious, you are amazing!”


The members of the dragon clan were very direct, unlike the marshal.


The soldier put his hand on Jian Luo’s shoulder in an intimate manner: “Are you the chef invited by our marshal? This hotpot is so delicious, you…”


Lu Shifeng glanced at the intimate gesture between the two, reflecting the terrifying possessive nature of the dragon clan. Even among the same clan, members won’t allow for their own things to be shared with others, and this includes people. The marshal said lightly: “I want to eat by myself. Stay away from the chef.”


The soldier quickly withdrew his hand.


Jian Luo thought for a while. If everyone came to eat together, this small pot would be rendered inefficient. He said, “Tell the kitchen to send a few more sets. You can cook on your own. I’ll teach you how to cook it.”


The little soldier nodded happily: “Okay!”


The kitchen responded very fast. Several dishes and seasonings were delivered. Jian Luo asked Lu Shifeng to eat first before going over to tell the soldiers a few precautions. Usually, he viewed the soldiers of the dragon clan as unfriendly, but once he mixed with them and chatted more, he felt that they were actually very enthusiastic and easy to understand.


Sure enough, Jian Luo had different impressions of each clan. The people in Moonlight all put their own interests first while the people at Phoenix Stage always had a sense of unapproachable seriousness. The blood clan was always proud and it’s unknown what they were scheming. As for the dragon clan, it was Jian Luo’s favorite clan in his heart. They were warm and generous, quite simple and he felt happy to get along with them.


A soldier said, “Luoluo, you are so good at cooking, so why haven’t you been snatched up by Moonlight?”


Jian Luo said while stirring the bottom of the pot, “I don’t have to go to Moonlight. You guys here are pretty good too.”


“Yeah, yeah.” The little soldier rolled up his sleeves. Because he was too excited to eat, a lot of scales appeared on his face: “We’re all here. Plus, you can go to the hanging garden to play if you have nothing to do. There are also little dragons there. The little dragons prefer to play with other people.”


When Jian Luo retracted his hand, he accidentally touched the arm of the soldier next to him. There were a lot of scales floating on his arm, but it was actually cold to the touch which made Jian Luo feel very strange: “Will the temperature of your dragon scales change?”


The soldier was curious: “What?”


“Aren’t your scales hot when they appear on your skin?” Jian Luo was very surprised: “Your body is cold.”


He had only touched Lu Shifeng’s scales before, and it was hot, like a big oven. It was now summer, which made Jian Luo not very fond of touching Lu Shifeng in his human form. It was only cool and comfortable when he was in his dragon form.



There was silence around the table.


Several soldiers looked at each other and fell into a strange silence. They didn’t know whether to say it or not. The scales of the dragon race only get hot when they are in heat or in courtship.

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Chapter 50 – What are you both doing?

Chapter 50 – What are you both doing?


Jian Luo was also frightened by this situation.


Originally, he wanted to start a live broadcast and just do his job, but he didn’t expect things to get so out of control.


Jian Luo sighed: “Thank you Feng and Speechless… I remember the online class later. Today’s live broadcast will end here first. I will go and investigate those potatoes. Thank you for your support. I will try my best to find someone to explain everything to everyone.”


As soon as the live broadcast was ended, he gasped against the stove.


Su Liang came over to support him: “Luoluo, Luoluo, what’s wrong?!”


“It’s not a big deal.” Jian Luo sighed and endured: “I just felt a little pain in my stomach.”


Su Liang helped him to sit down on the sofa beside him: “My child, you can’t get angry when you are pregnant. What if you get fetal hypertension? Are you trying to stress me to death?”




Jian Luo didn’t understand it very well, but he was a little worried: “Will that cause harm to the babies?”


Su Liang sighed: “You must not be angry all the time. When I gave birth to you, it happened during your father’s accident, that’s why you have always been in bad health.”


Speaking of the original Jian Luo’s father, Jian Luo almost never heard Su Liang mention it.


Thinking about the potatoes, Jian Luo felt very bad. He thought for a while: “Mom, I just received a reward from the live broadcast. I don’t want the money, I want to donate it.”


Su Liang was stunned.


“I remember there was an orphanage at the entrance of the village.” Jian Luo said, “The children there can’t eat or drink nutrient solution, so they often go to the mountains to dig wild herbs to eat and often get poisoned. I want to donate the money I got to them.”


Su Liang thought about it and agreed: “This is the money you make, so mother has no opinions on it.”


Jian Luo smiled: “Okay.”


He thought this matter was over, but who knew that Lu Shifeng, who was having a meeting in the palace, received a call his wristband. On the huge conference table, many diffrent thought ran through the minds of the people at the table.


Nie Yan put away his wristband that he was secretly watching the live broadcast on while the priest also put down his lesson plan that he ahd been preparing as the little emperor raised his head.


Lu Shifeng said: “The wristband detected that his heart rate was too high just now, so he must be angry right now.”


“What?!” The little emperor was the first to react, wrinkling his face: “If Luoluo is angry, the cubs will definitely be affected as well.”


Nie Yan said: “Isn’t it just a question of potatoes? I will go acquire Interstellar Live Network.”



Zhan Wentai said: “He probably does not want us to get involved.”


Lu Shifeng tapped his fingertips on the desktop: “It’s better to acquire Jinjiang Live than to acquire Interstellar Live. All kinds of barrages can be posted randomly. He only gets angry when he sees those who speak out loud.”


There was a consensus on this matter.


Zhan Wentai was relatively rational: “Acquiring a platform is not the final solution. Even if a platform can be acquired, it cannot acquire the public opinion.”


Talking about this matter, everyone looked up at the emperor in unison.


The little emperor suddenly realized this and was startled: “Why are you all looking at me, do you want me to order troops to go and arrest those who slandered him?”



After thinking about it, the little emperor nodded: “It’s not impossible.”


“Your Majesty has such a leisurely mind, but the ministers do not have that much free time.” Lu Shifeng said leisurely: “You have to order them one by one this way, so it’s better to directly issue a punishment for hate speech on the online platform to stop it once and for all.”


Nie Yan rarely agreed with him: “What the marshal said is reasonable.”


Interstellar Live Network.


It was one of the largest Internet sites in the entire dark star, and one of the hot searches on its search engine was very eye-catching.

#jinjiang’s human anchor was awarded one million#


In the dark star, there were actually a lot of rich people, but the situation was the highlight of it. Very few of them would ever give a human being that much money. To be precise, it has never happened before.


The first human being rewarded with a million star dollars, just hearing this headline made others very shocked and want to eat some melons.

“Is that the anchor who made the potato chips?”

“Looks like it’s really him.”

“What kind of mentality does a person have to have to reward him, someone who makes harmful food for others.”


While everyone was talking about it, they suddenly discovered that the official social media account of the dark star government had released the latest laws and regulations regarding information technology:


Dark Star Government v1verified (kinda like twitter’s verified tick mark):

[In recent years, information technology has gradually developed, and in the era of freedom of speech, everyone needs to pay for their words and deeds. The Internet is not a platform beyond the law. Dark Star has advocated for civility and equality since the old ages and will never condone any violence and attacks, even if it occurred discreetly. Starting today, major online platforms will immediately implement an online real-name system and the entire web will be monitored online 24 hours a day. If someone violates the regulations, they will be issued the penalties as below. 】


Following this official post was the latest regulations. When someone clicks on it, they will see the first regulation in bold and red:
“1. Prohibition of racial discrimination
2. Speculation of unproven rumors are not allowed
3 …”


After reading the whole page, one could sum it up to: if you want to avoid breaking the law, you must be civilized. Of course, some people have discovered the main point:


“Don’t you feel that these regulations seem to revolve around one thing?”

“That’s right, especially the racism one.”

“…No, this is the official statement of the imperial capital, but why would they help human beings?”


Everyone felt a little weird.


Of course, although many people have such speculations, they were unwilling to believe it, even in their own hearts.


Just after the official social media account of the Imperial Capital released the news, everyone was still a little unsettled and still muttered about this. While everyone was still talking about it, almost at the same time, the official website of Moonlight released some news:


Moonlight v: [The hotel adheres to a rigorous regulation and checks. All production methods and the acquisition of raw materials of potato chips are as instructed by @Jian Luoluo2Jian Luo’s social media handle. If you have any questions about the potato chips made by Moonlight, everyone is welcome for inspection. 】


Everyone’s social media accounts posted all at once, surrounding them from all four cardinal directions.


Early on before, someone once raised the question in Jian Luo’s live broadcast room, and they reasonably suspected that the raw materials of the potato chips made by Jian Luo were of inferior quality. Other than that, because their preparatory methods were also different, it has caused the potato chips circulating on the market to make people unwell after consumption.


But now, the official Moonlight has made their appearance!


Moreover, the method of making potato chips in Moonlight was actually directed by that human being!


The netizens were not calm:

“Moonlight is the leader of the food industry.”

“It’s not easy to be recognized by Moonlight and be invited to instruct there!”

“This is not the point. The point is that it is a legendary thing to invite Moonlight to issue a statement!”


Moonlight had a very high status among the dark stars who love food. It was akin to the weathervane3Someone who influences the direction of development, whether it be in public opinion or innovation.

(A weathervane is that iconic chicken-direction-pointing tool on top of rooftops that spin when the wind blows)
of the industry. Being recognized by them is equivalent to suddenly becoming the godson of a president of a wealthy family after being recognized.


Of course, even so, some people dared to challenge the conventional:

“But it’s a fact that there is a problem with Jian Luoluo’s potato chips.”

“The things that have been researched by humans may not be suitable for us to eat.”

“There must be an explanation for this matter.”


Some people wanted to get some clout online, but soon, the others who were watching suddenly realized that the accounts of these people who spoke out were suspended almost immediately.


Some good people suddenly recalled the information that was released by the Imperial Capital before that outlined that they would issue out criminal punishment. What exactly was this punishment? Were there really people from the military who will be dispatched? Just because they trash-talked a human?


Soon, someone posted some news on Interstellar Live Network:

Cui Zao Zao v: “Everyone, my neighbor was just taken away. Someone from the military came to take him away, it was as if he violated the Interstellar Network Law.”


The blogger also attached a picture below. It was a picture of what the neighbor looked like when they were taken away. The military team arrived quickly and took them away right away.


Then, not only this blogger, but many other people began to post news saying that their neighbors, colleagues and friends were taken away. This time the military seems to have really made a move. It was no joking matter, and they just took them away without any discussion.




For a time, the entire web was silent.


Originally, there were people who still wanted to push the blame, but they were all silenced and everyone who was arrogant at first kept their mouths shut, they could not be honest.


When these things happened, Jian Luo was asleep, and even after he woke up, he didn’t know what had unfolded.


“Eat slowly, you won’t be late.”


Su Liang served him vegetables at the dinner table.


Jian Luo devoured them: “I overslept, yet you didn’t wake me up!”


“Didn’t you feel very unwell yesterday? It’s fine to sleep a little longer.” Su Liang asked him to drink more water: “I’ll take you there in a while…”


Jian Luo got up and left: “No, no, Mom. I’m leaving!”


He came out to the yard and suddenly saw a very bright little flag on the roof, which looked very dazzling.


Jian Luo was curious: “Mom, what is this?”


Su Liang came out, glanced at the roof, and then said: “Didn’t you make a donation yesterday? This is the sign of your donation. As our family’s account is registered, and because of the amount of your donation, we were automatically sent this.”






Jian Luo wanted to keep a low profile, but he never expected this to happen.


But now that the matter has already happened, he can’t go back to get the money back, so he could say: “Okay, then I’ll go to work first.”


Su Liang responded: “Walk slowly.”


Jian Luo opened the door and walked out: “Got it!”


He went out of the house and ate a pastry made by Moonlight. When he arrived at the planting base, he was a little sensitive, finding that other people were looking at him in a strange way. If yesterday they were a little curious, today, they were a little fiery.


Jian Luo felt uncomfortable as he pushed open the door of the pepper shed before being greeted with a more violent welcome and round of inquiry:

“Mr. Jian Luo, is it true?”

“Is the donation really from you?”

“How are you so rich!”

“My God, when did your family get rich?”


Looking at Jian Luo’s face with eager eyes, he felt a little uncomfortable. Originally, he just wanted to solve this matter in a proper and reasonable way, but he never expected it to get so big. Jian Luo looked at the many people and suddenly didn’t know where to start explaining.


However, Jiang Kang came over to help him: “Okay, okay. Don’t surround Luoluo. It’s definitely not a mistake that the red flag was issued to him. As for where the money came from, don’t make inquiries and take care of your own affairs properly.”


Everyone looked at each other, pouted and walked away.


Jian Luo breathed a sigh of relief and said to Jiang Kang, “Thank you.”


“You’re welcome.” Jiang Kang’s attitude was very docile, he looked at Jian Luo: “Luoluo, I have something to tell you, can you come with me?”




He had something to say again.


Jian Luo backhandedly wanted to refuse, but Jiang Kang looked like he couldn’t bear it: “Luoluo, will you listen to me?”


Jian Luo pursed his lips, and finally said, “Okay.”


The two walked through the shed and found a secluded place outside. That was when he heard Jiang Kang say, “Luoluo, I know about your live broadcast last night. To be honest, I knew that you must’ve been the anchor. You were the most likely person.”


Jian Luo admitted upfront: “So what?”


“I don’t believe there are any problems with the potato chips you make.” Jiang Kang said frankly, his eyes were affectionate: “I know your character, you would not do such a thing.”


Jian Luo didn’t know what to say, so he could only say, “Thank you for your trust.”


“Luoluo…” Jiang Kang stepped forward: “If you need my help, you can tell me. I will always be by your side, so you can trust me!”


Jian Luo fell back subconsciously: “Thank you, I’ll go first if there is nothing else.”


Jiang Kang’s eyes sank and he stepped forward to hold Jian Luo’s hand: “Luoluo, do you think I have no money?”




Jian Luo directly kicked his leg, unable to bear with it any longer: “I think you are sick!”


After kicking him, Jian Luo was out of breath. He glanced indifferently at Jiang Kang with a distorted face, turned around and left. It can be said that he did not have any affection for him.


Jiang Kang, who stayed in place, looked gloomily at Jian Luo’s back before unconsciously clenching his hands into fists.




There is a message from his information terminal.


Jiang Kang quickly accepted it and saw the message: “What happened to the negotiated matter? As long as you agree, the deposit will be immediately credited to your account. No one else will know about this matter.”


The other party used an anonymous account.


“Is it true that no one will know?” Jiang Kang typed quickly: “Deposit the promised 100,000 star dollars, you won’t regret it.”


The other party sneered: “Don’t worry. No one will ever know. Just bring me the seeds.”


Jiang Kang looked at the chat box with a gloomy expression. He remembered the lack of courtesy Jian Luo treated him with just now. The more he thought about it, the more angry he became.


He never thought that a person could change so much in such a short period of time. Jian Luo really disappointed him.


But it didn’t matter. Although Jian Luo has changed, he was not a pacifist. Isn’t it just money? Jian Luo, you will regret it sooner or later!


In the afternoon.


After lunch, Jian Luo started his routine inspection work.


Director Li came over and said, “Luoluo, a new batch of seeds has arrived. Would you like to come and take a look?”


Jian Luo stood up: “Okay!”


The batch of peppers in the shed were planted with nutrient solution, so they were almost ready to bear fruit. In order to ensure the proficiency of the entire team, he must provide at least three batches of mature peppers.


The quality of the pepper seeds sent this time were obviously better. It can be seen that the scientific research institute on the Phoenix Stage has become more and more proficient in the reproduction technology of pepper seeds.


Director Li pointed to a bag and said, “There are basically about 200 seeds here. Take a look and check.”


Jian Luo lowered his head to look carefully.


Generally speaking, to identify the quality of seeds, everyone would usually scan them with tools and machines, but Jian Luo is different. He was not at ease with using machines to conduct scans. He ensured that they were of high quality before giving up.


Director Li was very curious: “Luoluo, have you planted on soil before?”


It was really amazing, whether in terms of carrying out the techniques or proficiency, Jian Luo could be regarded as a veteran, but the strange thing is that according to his understanding of Jian Luo, the young man in front of him has never planted anything before!


Jian Luo said, “You might laugh at me, but it’s all from the book.”


Director Li was suspicious: “Which book?”


“Forgot.” Jian Luo said confidently, “I’ll tell you next time I remember it.”






Usually, when he was in charge of other sheds, he just roughly swept through them, but when it came to Jian Luo, he took a long time to count, which made others wonder if this child could accurately count the number of seeds.


Jiang Kang and the others came over: “Luoluo, we have just received a notice from Director Li to come over to help you get the seeds.”


Jian Luo put down the seeds in his hand: “Okay, let’s move this batch of seeds back.”




There was a young man in the whole team that attracts Jian Luo’s attention the most, but it was because the young man was extraordinarily silent and nothing else. Sometimes, even during such group activities, he stood far away, never taking the initiative to fight or steal any opportunities.


Jian Luo walked to the boy’s side and put a box of seeds in his hand. With some encouragement, he said: “Okay, let’s go back.”


Everyone happily brought the seeds back.


In Peace Paradise, not just any shed could recieve so many seeds at once.


According to the sales volume of the market, the number of seeds distributed by the national nursery each month will be very different. If the number of seeds they received fluctuates, it means that they will also gather a larger harvest. The number of seeds the people in Peace Paradise can receive also has an impact on their status and pride. 


“Have you heard, we received 200.”


“Listening to Director Li, there may be more in the next batch.”


“We’re too lucky. How many points can we gain from this?”


There was a lot of discussion and the team was also enthusiastic. Originally, everyone was transferred to listen to the airheaded and blind commander who did not have a name, but who knew Jian Luo was actually very good!


The first batch of pepper seeds will soon be ready and Jian Luo has already started planning for the other half of the greenhouse and dispatching people to cultivate it.


Jiang Kang was the first to take the lead: “Luoluo, I have mastered the outline and techniques of planting these days. I will be responsible for planting the second section. Just let me and Xiaoyu work together, how about it?”


Xiaoyu was that honest boy.


Jian Luo frowned, still thinking: “You two will settle it?”


“Yeah.” Jiang Kang hugged Xiaoyu’s arm: “You know my skills as well as Xiaoyu’s. Let’s go settle the second batch, shall we?”




Jian Luo had a good work ethic when dealing with people.


Although he didn’t like Jiang Kang, he will never let real talents be buried. He has to admit that Jiang Kang does have talent.


It was indeed very suitable for him to be in charge of the second sector.


Thinking of this, Jian Luo didn’t feel reluctant: “That’s fine.”


Jiang Kang smiled: “We will definitely work hard!”


Jian Luo encouraged them: “Go on then.”


After the second section was delegated, it was still not over. Jian Luo had to check on their progress from time to time, lest there be any unexpected situation that is difficult to handle. However, what he has to worry about will always come.


In the evening, the seeds of the second section were almost all planted.


Jian Luo came over to finish work. He used an instrument to detect the number of seeds in each place before frowning. He then heard Jiang Kang next to him ask, “What’s wrong?”


“It’s okay.” Jian Luo didn’t say much: “You guys are quite efficient.”


Jiang Kang smiled.


After finishing up on the second section, Jian Luo sent a message to Wang Heng: “Is there any special tracking and positioning system for our seeds? I don’t think the amount is right. I suspect that someone else has stolen them.”


Wang Heng replied after a while: “This system does exist, but you must know exactly how many seeds are in this batch. The tracking distance of this system is only about 20 meters. It was originally designed to prevent the seed from getting lost in the chaotic site so they can be found.”


If he was replaced by a general person who was in charge,they would not be too clear on how many seeds there were.


Jian Luo: “213.”




Wang Heng was surprised: “After the seeds were sent to you, did you count them one by one every day?”


“Why shouldn’t I count them?” Jian Luo said confidently, “If something goes wrong, whose responsibility is it?”




Yes, you’re too amazing.


Wang Heng told Jian Luo about the tracking method, and Jian Luo remembered it. He opened the panel to download the program. After setting up the app, the system began to scan the distribution of seeds, and finally came to the conclusion: [The number of seeds currently distributed on the land is 202. 】


Okay, so it looks like they are really missing a few seeds.


Jian Luo pretended to glance at Jiang Kang, who was not far away, and had some idea of what’s going on in his heart, so he deliberately said: “The quality of the last batch of peppers was not high and its taste after eating was not very good. Come here, the peppers need this special nutrient water, let me tell you about it first.”


Jiang Kang was surprised: “Was there a problem with the last batch?”


Jian Luo’s face was not red, but his heart stopped: “Yes.”


Everyone looked at each other in dismay. They thought it was not bad when they saw that they were growing so well, so they didn’t expect that it had reached the point where nutrient water was needed.


Seeing that the others believed him, Jian Luo said, “It’s almost time to get off work. I’ll go back first. You may all leave early.”


Others hurriedly said:

“Teacher Jian Luo, please travel slowly on the road.”

“Goodbye, Mr. Jian Luo.”



As the time to get off work got closer and closer, almost everyone in the base was gone As the sun set at the horizon, it cast a darkness everywhere.


The last figure came out of the shed, and the traitorous dog was stalked.


Jian Luo’s voice came from behind him: “Stop.”


Jiang Kang’s footsteps stopped.


“Where are you going?” Jian Luo leaned against the door: “You also took took away the nutrient water and seeds.”



Jiang Kang’s face sank. As the sun was setting, his face was dark, making it difficult to see his expression, and the entire base fell into a terrifying silence.


Jian Luo was not really afraid.


He remembered that Lu Shifeng had told him that he was surrounded by people from the Dragon Clan to protect him.


Although he couldn’t see them, as long as they are there, he feels at ease.


Jian Luo raised his face: “Those potatoes that were circulated, were you the one who made them too?”


Jiang Kang raised his hands on his side unconsciously: “Luoluo, am I such a person in your heart?”





Jian Luo was speechless: “It’s not that you are such a person in my heart, but your acting is very unconvincing, Jiang Kang, do you understand?”


He thought that Jiang Kang would admit that he was caught, but he had, in fact, underestimated the man’s shamelessness: “Luoluo, I did this all for you to be with you and give you a better future.”



Jian Luo couldn’t believe it: “What are you talking about?”


“What I’m saying is that, I speak from the bottom of my heart.” Jiang Kang turned around, his face full of affection as he stepped forward to hold Jian Luo’s hand: “I didn’t mean to do these things, Luoluo. I know you can understand me.”


As the sun went down, the two people in front of the shed were very close. From the side, it looked like they were almost hugging each other. It was very ambiguous.


Lu Shifeng stood not far away and said in a deep voice, “What are you both doing?”


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Chapter 49 – Not the only one

Chapter 49 – Not the only one


Jian Luo didn’t read his messages again after replying to the last message from Lord Marshal.


Originally, he thought that it was easy to grow peppers. After all, when he was in the greenhouse before, he didn’t give it much thought and managed to plant peppers that looked great, however, once the location changed to this place, everything has changed, and many problems arised.


“Brother Jian, the temperature here is a bit wrong.”

“Brother, it seems that the irrigation here is not well controlled, I have added too much water.”

“Are these pepper seeds defective?”


All kinds of problems made his head hurt. It was obvious that when he was alone before, he felt that it was easy, but now that he has an entire team to coordinate, Jian Luo realized that being able to lead a whole team into doing something well is very difficult, and that mutual understanding is not enough


Thinking of this, he couldn’t help but think of Lu Shifeng. How did the marshal manage to command an army without it being chaotic at all and still have time to leisurely chat with him and stroll around?


Did the man have three heads and six arms?


It seems that he must find some time to go back and ask for more advice.


While Jian Luo was thinking about these things in his heart, his hands and feet were not idle. Just as he was about to lift himself up and walk away, Jiang Kang next to him said, “Luoluo, if you are tired, drink some water.”


While talking, Jiang Kang handed the water in his hand to Jian Luo.


Jian Luo took the water: “Thank you.”


“It’s nothing.” Jiang Kang said to him, “Come and see this. I planted this row and I planted it all according to your instructions. If there is no problem, I will help the others to plant, so, at least the goals we set for today will be completed.”


Jian Luo squatted down to check and found that Jiang Kang really had planted two rows and they were all planted very well. He was indeed a meticulous person.


Jiang Kang said: “When I was studying abroad on the alien planet, I also learned a lot of alien planting techniques. When I came back, I thought that with us humans could try to become more innovative to get rid of our shackles.”


It was the first time that Jian Luo knew that there exists opportunities for studying abroad on alien planets. Since he crossed over, he has only stayed on the Dark star and had no chance to go outside at all.


When it came to this topic, Jian Luo was inevitably interested: “What’s the difference between that alien planet and Dark star?”


Jiang Kang’s skin is very fair, and when he smiled, he was indeed very gentle: “I feel that the technology of the dark stars is more developed. The atmosphere of the planet also has more happiness per capita. As for the alien planets, they are a little less complicated. Some of their planets focus only on a certain industry, so there are entire planets made of reinforced concrete. There are also planets that focus on water resources, so half of their planet are comprised of large oceans…”


Jian Luo was taken aback for a moment.


“Dark star is still the most suitable for human habitation.” Jiang Kang’s eyes swept across Jian Luo’s wrist: “Luoluo, where is the bracelet I gave you before, why did you change it?”


Jian Luo frowned: “You gave me that bracelet?”


Jiang Kang sighed: “It seems that you really forgot. It was a birthday present I gave you. I bought it for you with the money I saved for a long time. You said that you would wear it for the rest of your life.”






I really can’t wear that short-circuiting bracelet for the rest of my life.


Jian Luo thought about it for a while, but decided to express his gratitude: “Uh, thank you, I’ll pass the money to you. How much is that bracelet?”


Jiang Kang looked at the bracelet on Jian Luo’s hand: “Luoluo, I don’t care about money, I care about you.”



Jian Luo was going to be annoyed: “I said I forgot about all of it so don’t say such things again, otherwise I’ll have to replace you, do you understand?”


He said it a little too implicitly.


But it was also the truth. The fate of staff working in this entire shed was all really up to Jian Luo.


Jiang Kang’s face changed: “Okay, Luoluo, I won’t irritate you. I know you’re not feeling well now, so I’ll teach them to plant. Don’t be angry and drink more hot water.”


Jian Luo walked out: “I’m going out to get some air, you guys get busy first.”


Seeing Jian Luo leave, a girl walked to Jiang Kang’s side and asked curiously, “Brother Jiang, I saw that Brother Jian’s bracelet is really expensive. It’s a limited edition obsidian, I think it’s the classic style. The previous price on the official website was 500,000, and the limited edition 800,000 and above.”


Their average monthly salary was only a few thousand, something in the hundred thousands was an amount of money a whole family could only earn in their entire lifetime.


Jiang Kang looked back: “Luoluo’s family background is not good, so it is inevitable that he will be laughed at. He got to his current position through hard work, so it is inevitable to want to use something good. Don’t poke at his scars.”


The girl closed her mouth and said slowly, “Brother Jiang, do you mean that Luoluo’s bracelet is a fake?”


Jiang Kang pursed his lips and seemed to feel a little pitiful: “Don’t say it.”


“I didn’t expect Luoluo to care so much about his image.” The girl sighed: “Brother Jiang, you are really kind.”


The corner of Jiang Kang’s mouth twitched into a smile: “I’m Luoluo’s senior brother, it’s natural for me to take care of him.”


It has only been a few days, but the people in the shed all liked Jiang Kang. Jian Luo has very high standards regarding the various processes and treatment of the seedlings, so many people are a little afraid of him, but Jiang Kang is different, he is gentle and calm. He also liked taking care of others, so unlike Jian Luo, who was very demanding, he naturally had a better image.


The girl admired him very much: “Brother Jiang, I think with your strength, you can also go to Phoenix Stage to cultivate seedlings. Jian Luo just got lucky. I heard that he only got the chance to go there through connections.”


Jiang Kang frowned: “What?”


On the other side, the Royal Garden.


Lu Shifeng sat on the stone chair, as the two little maids standing in front of him trembled. The marshal had not spoken for a long time, and was just silently suffocating the maids psychologically.


At noon.


A maid finally couldn’t bear it anymore and cried: “Marshal, we know we are in the wrong. We shouldn’t gossip and be lazy during working hours, please forgive us.”


Another quickly echoed: “Sir, please calm down. We really won’t dare to do such things anymore.”


Sitting on the chair, Lu Shifeng was wearing a straight military uniform that was dark blue as his slender and fair hands rested on the table, tapping the surface repeatedly as though it was the tip of someone’s heart. There was hot tea on the table, but the marshal did not take a sip.


The maids were sweating from nervousness.


They were all thinking about what they did wrong at the time, after the marshal, who’s time was precious, had summoned the two of them in a condescending manner.


Half a second later.


The marshal opened his lips: “Your lover cheated?”



There was a moment of deathly silence in the air.


The maid who was called was dumbfounded and raised her head subconsciously, only to meet the eyes of Lord Marshal who held no expression in his eyes. This made her heart tremble.


Lu Shifeng frowned: “I’m talking to you.”


The maid hurriedly said, “Yes, yes.”


“En.” The Marshal pretended to be casual: “How did you find out?”




A question mark slowly appeared on the top of the maid’s head, but after looking at Lu Shifeng’s handsome face, she couldn’t help but wonder, why did Lord Marshal suddenly pay attention to the feelings of her, a little maid? Was it because, after hearing their conversation, he also thought about himself, who was also in the same situation. He happened to know that his partner was cheating, so he came to inquire?




Didn’t she also hear that the marshal’s former lover was also raised in the palace?


By the way, it seems that he has moved away. Was it due to a breakup? Could it be possible that she had a chance to become the marshal’s new favourite?


Thinking of this, the maid was happy to answer: “I liked my partner because of his temperament. Although he is not very good, he used to take the initiative to take good care of me.”


Lu Shifeng said: “And then?”


“Who knew that, even though he looked honest, he actually cheated!” The maid thought about it and gritted her teeth: “At first, everything was fine with him, but he was suddenly transferred to another job, and everything changed.”




Transfering to work elsewhere.


Lu Shifeng played with the teacup in his hand and said solemnly, “Explain it more clearly.”


Although the Marshal did not reprimand anyone, there was an air of coldness, and the young woman was taken aback and said quickly: “He actually met an old friend in his workplace, and then he cheated.”


Lu Shifeng’s brows loosened.


According to what he knew, Jian Luo was a student before, so how could he also have an old friend? It was even more impossible for him to have an old love to rekindle. Thinking of this, the Marshal was relieved and waved his hand: “Leave.”


The young woman was hesitant, but she didn’t dare to say anything, so she could only bow obediently: “Yes.”


The marshal became more at ease when his information terminal received a message, it was from Jian Luo who had not replied to his message just now:

[They are not familiar with the critical period for planting now, so I have to work a little overtime to watch them before going home to sleep at night. It is close by, you can rest assured. It will be fine. 】


Lu Shifeng was in a good mood and didn’t feel embarrassed: “En, I’ll ask Secretary Jin to pick out a box of holy dragon fruit and send it to you.”


Jian Luo was happy: [Okay. Actually, I’m not particularly busy at all. There is a person I knew from before, and his qualifications are not bad. If he can help me handle the others, it will be easier. 】


Someone he knew from before?


Lu Shifeng’s smile gradually disappeared, and he couldn’t help but remember what the previous maid had said about his husband being good before. The temperature and atmosphere of the pavilion, which was somewhat calm, gradually froze over again.


The little emperor who just came back from settling his business was very excited: “Uncle Huang…”


Lu Shifeng lifted his eyelids to look at him, with a kind tone: “Is your Majesty’s done with his business?”


A chill ran down the little emperor’s back.




Could it be that another galaxy was going to war again? God, that’s too odd. It couldn’t be that he was just in time when the Dragon King wanted to leave to accompany his wife at home in a hurry? Didn’t he only wait for like just 3 seconds?!



Jian Luo stayed in the planting base until the night.


There was light rain in the sky, and it was misty at night. He was caught in the weather as he walked out.


Jiang Kang said, “Luoluo, where’s auntie? I’ll send you back, let’s go back together.”


“No.” Jian Luo smiled: “My mother should come to pick me up soon. Thank you for your kindness, I’ll go first.”


Jiang Kang was stunned: “Has auntie been fired? Are you the only one in your family making money?”


Jian Luo frowned slightly and was about to speak when a voice came from not far away: “Luoluo!”


Su Liang stood there holding an umbrella. When She saw Jian Luo, she walked over quickly and passed a rain ring through his hands. Once this ring is buckled onto the body, the surrounding rain will be automatically stopped without holding an umbrella. There was also an automatic function of blocking the wind. It was definitely not something that could be used by ordinary families. Originally, Su Liang didn’t want to stand out too much, but now that Jian Luo was pregnant, his constitution was the most important thing. If he catches a cold due to the wind, the consequences would be disastrous.


Jian Luo said, “Mom, let’s go back.”


Su Liang glanced at Jiang Kang, who smiled awkwardly and took Jian Luo back.


If someone in the crowd of umbrellas had a rain ring, it would be very obvious and many people will look at them and be very envious..


“Is that Luoluo?”


“It seems that he is really the eldest son of the Jian family.”


“I heard that he is here to be an instructor, a high-ranking official.”


“God, how did he get promoted?”


“Don’t you know, I heard about him…”


There were endless rumors and Jian Luo could guess what they were talking about without listening. Su Liang was a little angry just thinking of their speculation.


Jian Luo grabbed her and couldn’t stand it anymore: “Mom, I’m so hungry, can we go home for dinner first?”


Su Liang endured and couldn’t help smiling: “You…”


Jian Luo really felt that it was unnecessary. He wasn’t about to explain it to others one by one. Anyway, he was going to only be staying here for a while, so it was unnecessary.


When he got home, there was indeed a meal prepared on the table.


Jian Luo’s saliva was about to leak out: “Is there chili in this? Why is it spicy?”


Su Liang put away the umbrella and said, “Secretary Jin brought it. She said that the people at Phoenix Stage sent a batch of chili peppers that were confiscated at that time today. The marshal asked them to bring them over to you.”


Jian Luo’s eyes sparkled: “I love spicy food.”


He flew to the dining table, picked up a piece of spicy tofu and ate it with rice before sighing, “It’s so delicious. Mom, did you watch my live broadcast?”


Su Liang replied: “You must be doing what you like. Mom just followed it when she had nothing to do at home. I’ve never practiced making it before, so I’m not sure if I’m successful in making the tofu this time. You can try it.”


Jian Luo nodded: “It’s a success, especially successful!”


Su Liang smiled, walked to the table and sat down to watch Jian Luo eat, sighing: “I thought you might endure hardship with the Marshal before. After all, it’s easy to criticize others, but now I can see that the marshal is very devoted to you. I am relieved”


Jian Luo stuffed food into his mouth: “The marshal is pretty good.”


“Then…” Su Liang looked at Jian Luo cautiously, and asked tentatively, “About that, Luoluo. Do you like the marshal?”



There was a moment of silence in the room.


Jian Luo, who was trying to put food in his mouth, stopped, looked at Su Liang, and smiled: “Mom, what are you talking about?”


Su Liang retracted her gaze, a little worried: “Have you discussed it with the marshal, has he told you?”


“It has been discussed.” Jian Luo poked the bowl with his chopsticks: “We have all agreed that after the children are born, I will definitely return to my own life. The dragon cubs are their entire planet’s hope. There are a lot of people who take good care of them, so I don’t have to worry about it.”


Jian Luo’s words were very relaxed, but inexplicably, Su Liang heard a trace of sadness from it.


“Jian Luo…”


Jian Luo interrupted her: “Mom, don’t worry. I know.”


Only then did Su Liang relax a little. The children came too suddenly, and at times, felt unreal. After their initial happiness, when their relationship cooled down, they might feel that being together might not be a good thing. Some people are destined to be unhappy together so it’s best not to be together in the first place.


After eating, Jian Luo decided to broadcast live.


It’s been a long time since he broadcasted live, so he decided to get to work. He took out the lightball and live broadcast equipment before adjusting them.


“Hi, everyone.” Jian Luo said to the ball: “Let’s eat spicy strips today. It’s a kind of snack. Fellow friends who can’t eat spicy food, you should be careful.”


In the past, even if there were a lot of people, it would not be crowded immediately, but this time, the people in the live broadcast room poured in like crazy:

“Is there something wrong with your potato chips, anchor?”

“Yeah, I gave it to my brother and he said he was dizzy.”

“Can you please explain?”

“Is your food edible?”


The previously peaceful barrage in the live broadcast room suddenly became chaotic and Jian Luo really didn’t expect it to be like this.


Jian Luo frowned: “I don’t remember that I have ever sold physical potato chips. I always allowed them to be sold, only to be taste-tested.”


“Master Chenguang made potato chips according to your method.”

“Aren’t you afraid to sell your own products?”

“If this is inedible, are your other dishes edible?”


The barrage was full of chaos and filled with all kinds of doubts. Everyone came so quickly that he was almost overwhelmed.


Jian Luo tried his best to suppress her emotions: “Potatoes are also divided into good and bad. If it is a bad potato, there will definitely be problems with the potato chips made. Please calm down a bit, please?”


The audience didn’t listen at all:

“All the potato chips made in Lord Chengguang’s broadcast are good.”

“Yeah, there are so many bad potatoes on the market.”

“Anchor, can you speak with conscience?”


Jian Luo felt a thorn in his heart, but the more the situation escalated, the more calm he became. He ignored some people’s rude remarks, but had an idea and was inspired: “Where did everyone buy it? I’ll buy some to try too?”


That’s right, can’t he also just taste-test it as well?


Why didn’t he think of it before?!


These audiences are really clever little ghosts, giving him endless inspiration!


The audience was also quite speechless and gave Jian Luo directions: “It’s on the homepage of Lord Chenguang on the Interstellar Live Network.”


Jian Luo followed the audience’s directions to find the sales webpage of Lord Chenguang. When he was about to place the order, the potato chips were taken off the shelf at almost the same time.


Simply great.


The audience also saw this scene:

“Why was it taken off the shelf?”

“Could it be that you’ve already negotiated with him to take it off the shelves beforehand when you wanted to pretend to buy it?”

“Are you guys working together?”


Jian Luo was also stunned stupid, but he laughed even more when he saw the malicious speculation: “Why should I work together with him? I invented the potato chips first, even if I really want to sell them, then I can’t sell them myself? Why do I have to band up with him to sell them?”


The audience was at a loss for words.


Jian Luo leaned against the stove in the kitchen: “If there is a problem with the potato chips, I will help to investigate it clearly, and everyone is welcome to supervise me. I will also try my best to create more delicious food for everyone. If you have any random criticisms and suggestions, I will accept them. However, if you want to make trouble, please leave my live broadcasting room.”


His words mixed with sensibility and criticism could be regarded as sweet words to placate the audience after also telling them to get lost.


Some people in the barrage also recalled their words:

“I clearly heard that Moonlight also sells potato chips.”

“Yeah. Since Moonlight dares to do it, it shouldn’t be a problem.”

“It’s not sold by this anchor, why did you all come here to scold him?”


When a blind spot is discovered, many problems can be exposed. These verbal attacks against Jian Luo were like an organized and disciplined attack.


Sure enough, before the rational audience could even get a few words in, the atmosphere in the live broadcast room soon became chaotic again. Many people began to irrationally continue to express their anger. There were all kinds of monsters in the live broadcast room, and it made one’s scalp tingle. More people came to prick thorns into him:

“Moonlight’s cooking method is definitely different.”

“Can a person at the level of a live broadcaster be can compare with a chef from Moonlight?”

“How low has the human beings come? They really can’t do good things.”


Everything else was fine, but Jian Luo, who saw these two comments, really burst into flames. He took a deep breath, but just as he was about to speak, he saw a light flash across the live broadcast room:

【User: Feng, gave away 8,888 deep-water torpedoes】


The light of the deep-water torpedoes covered the entire screen, and no matter how much the other harassers swiped, they couldn’t read their words on the entire page.


Jian Luo was also stunned.


Some viewers were confused after the light disappeared: “This ‘Feng’ was probably not someone who the anchor collaborated with to send the torpedoes. After all, who would spend so much money watching a human live broadcast?”


When the automated voice stopped talking…


[User: Feng, gave away 88,888 deep-water torpedoes]


The splendid torpedoes filled the screen again in an instant, and even the entire homepage of Jinjiang was struck by the heavy activity coming from Jian Luo’s live broadcast room, which also made others stunned.


People were stunned by their own malicious speculation just now. They were completely stupid. If this person only swiped once, they could say that this user was collaborating with Jian Luo. The point was that they swiped again. After adding up the amount of money donated during these two times, Jian Luo would have already made a base of up  to 400,000 to 500,000 star dollars. This generous amount was also difficult for ordinary dark stars to make in one go.


Finally some of them were convinced:

“Wow, so rich.”

“Gold Master, Father 6661Can mean sh-ht sh-t sh-t. Used to describe something or someone very powerful.

“We’ve seen him so many times, everyone should know him by now.”


The Marshal who sent out the torpedoes was also very satisfied. After he went back, the Marshal thought for a while, and finally realized to himself that Jian Luo would not cheat at all. After all, he was one of the best bachelors. He was handsome too, and besides, as a partner, how many others could be as generous as him?


To sum up, the Lord Marshal thought that he was basically a hard-to-beat opponent, so he could simply just sit back and relax. After all, he met all the requirements with flying colors, as long as Jian Luo’s mind is normal, he will not look at others.


He was thinking this when the live broadcast room suddenly became lively:

[User: Speechless, who gave away 99,999 deep-water torpedoes says: The roses that bloom in September, mine are all to be given to you. 】


The screen hasn’t finished playing out the message yet, when:


[User: Speechless, who gave away 99,999 deep-water torpedoes says: Don’t forget out online class at the end of the live broadcast, don’t let it affect your learning. 】


The two waves of torpedoes were very subtle and a little more in number than the Marshal, but the arrogance in the other’s attitude was outrageous. The torpedoes wildly jumped about on top of the marshal’s fragile self-confidence.


Lu Shifeng narrowed his eyes. After being influenced by the palace maid, he began to think, was it possible that Jian Luo actually had more than one ‘old friend’ like this?

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Chapter 48 – What are the signs of cheating

Chapter 48 – What are the signs of cheating




Jian Luo looked at him in shock.


Jiang Kang looked at Jian Luo eagerly, as though looking for some sort of response, but his attitude was beyond his expectations.


Jian Luo slowly withdrew his hand and said in a deep voice, “Please don’t touch me casually.”


Doubt appeared on Jiang Kang’s face. Seeing that Jian Luo was about to leave, he quickly chased after him: “Luoluo, Luoluo, are you mad at me?”


Jian Luo was so confused by him that he stopped and looked at him coldly: “Something happened to me some time ago, so now my memories are convoluted. I can’t remember many things and I also forgot you, no matter how we used to be or what kind of relationship we used to have, I have long since forgotten it and it will not be considered.”


Jiang Kang stayed where he was.


Jian Luo was satisfied: “That’s it. Since I have assigned everyone tasks, I hope you can cooperate and finish the work, thank you.”


Before taking two steps, Jiang Kang chased after him: “Luoluo, I didn’t know what happened to you, but don’t worry, I will definitely help you. It doesn’t matter if you have forgotten, I will accompany you to remember it. The biggest thing is starting over again. It’s good to restart. The first thing I did after coming back from studying abroad was to come look for you. I can rest assured that you are doing well now, and you can rest assured that I will definitely support your career and accompany you so we can make progress together.”




Jian Luo felt many doubts.


In the end, since he was really unfamiliar with the other person at the moment, he could only bite the bullet and nod: “Okay, please get back to work quickly. This is also to support my career.”


Jiang Kang smiled slightly: “Then I’ll go.”


Jian Luo waved his hand: “I won’t be sending you off then.”


He really didn’t have the slightest memory of Jiang Kang and it was unbelievable when he suddenly appeared. The thing was, how did this person go to the house to find him, when Su Liang didn’t mention this to him at all?


Mother was not a careless person. If there is a situation, she will definitely not keep her mouth shut. There may be a reason for the matter.




His information terminal just got a message at this time.


Jian Luo quickly opened the message and saw the message from Su Liang: “Luoluo, I saw Director Li sending me a message saying that you are back, is that true?”


Jian Luo replied quickly: “En. Mom, I’ll be back at noon.”


Su Liang was obviously very happy: “Okay, then mom has lunch ready. You can come home for dinner after you get off work.”


Jian Luo responded: “Okay.”


It was difficult to wait for lunch slowly, so Jian Luo simply went to the field to teach a few young people how to sow the soil.


There was a relatively thin boy. When he saw Jian Luo coming, he immediately changed his expression: “Leader.”


“Don’t need to be so serious.” Jian Luo patted him on the shoulder: “I’m just a temporary instructor sent from above. If you have any questions, feel free to come to me.”


The little boy nodded slightly.


Jiang Kang said not far away: “Luoluo, can you come down here?”


Jian Luo ended the conversation with the little boy, walked to Jiang Kang’s side, leaned down and asked, “What’s wrong?”


“We were discussing how close the seeds of this pepper can be planted.” Jiang Kang always spoke politely: “According to previous experiences, about 20cm between each seed should be enough, what do you think?”


Jian Luo squatted down to measure the distance and gestured for a larger distance: “Let’s move them further, the peppers should not be too dense.”


The other young people looked over curiously.


For human beings, one has to work hard all their life to work in a planting base. Whether one can plant well is also another thing. In the planting base, such people who have knowledge in planting techniques were always worthy of respect.


Jiang Kang asked, “Why?”


“It is important for Chili peppers to have adequate light. If their photosynthesis is not uniform, problems will arise.” Jian Luo roughly explained: “When I submitted my report, I specifically applied for a greenhouse. This is so the first batch of peppers will have a consistent quality. On the other hand, the follow-up quality inspection requires a high score in order to pass, so our vegetable score must be high.”


Peace Paradise also had a ranking system.


The better the condition of each batch of plants produced by the planter, the higher the score of the same group of planters. If the score is accumulated to a certain level, they can get promoted, their salary will be higher and they will receive better treatment.


For example, Director Li rose to his position like this. By solely focusing on his plants, he cultivated vegetables of the best condition. Naturally, he became the director this way.


Jiang Kang stood up straight and looked at Jian Luo tenderly: “Luoluo, it seems that you haven’t stopped making progress in the days I was not around. It’s great.”




Jian Luo got goosebumps from him.


Jiang Kang still insisted and wanted to say something, but Jian Luo hurriedly waved his hand: “You guys continue to plant. I’ll go look at other people first.”


After feeling like he was being stared at all morning, Jian Luo felt his back turn cold.


Finally, it was noon. He hurriedly ran home just as Jiang Kang was about to get up again.


Su Liang was cooking and when she saw Jian Luo, she was very surprised: “Luo Luo, what are you running for?”


“I didn’t run.” Jian Luo wiped the sweat from his forehead: “I just walked fast, it’s nothing else.”


Su Liang sighed: “That’s fine, go wash up and then eat.”


Jian Luo went into the bathroom to wash his hands, and said, “Mom, let me ask you something. About that Jiang Kang, does he have anything to do with our family?”




The sound of bowls breaking came from the kitchen.


Jian Luo was startled and ran over quickly: “What’s wrong, Mom?”


“Luoluo, have you met Jiang Kang?” Su Liang turned around in surprise and exclaimed again: “Yes. Why did I forget that he will definitely go to the base too.”


Jian Luo began to clear up the broken porcelain on the floor: “What are you talking about?”


Su Liang knew by Jian Luo’s reaction that he had indeed forgotten. She sighed, and after much consideration, she finally said, “Luoluo, come here.”


Jian Luo was dragged by her to the sofa before sitting down.


Su Liang’s face was rarely solemn: “In fact, I didn’t know about this matter at first, and it was only after he came back that he knew a little.”


Jian Luo’s heart skipped a beat: “What’s the matter?”


How tricky, don’t tell him that he and Jiang Kang used to be involved with each other. If that’s the case, wouldn’t he be screw-d?


Su Liang sighed: “Mom heard that you did discuss this with Jiang Kang before this, but you hid it from me, so I didn’t know.”




Jian Luo felt that his heart was complicated.


“Well, Mom, I shouldn’t have anything to do with him.” Jian Luo was very puzzled: “We only talked about finding a partner.”


How would Su Liang know about this kind of thing? What she is most worried about now was: “Luoluo, no matter what you had before, now that you are following the marshal now, you must be single-minded and not have any contact with Jiang Kang anymore, otherwise…”


Although Su Liang didn’t say the unfinished words, Jian Luo could more or less also guess what kind of troubles lie ahead.


It was difficult.


Jian Luo didn’t know whether to laugh or cry: “Mom, am I that unreliable in your heart?”


Su Liang’s eyes were red.


“Okay, okay, I understand.” Jian Luo sighed: “I’ve already made it clear to Jiang Kang. We only considered being partners before, and it’s not like we were married to each other back then. Besides, why are you listening to his words? What if he came onto me on purpose because I lost my memory?!”


Su Liang was stunned.


Jian Luo felt that he was speaking the truth. Thinking of this, he patted Su Liang’s hand: “Okay, let’s eat!”




He was going to livestream today.


Because the spicy tofu made from chili was very popular last time, this time he was going to make something else that was also spicy.


After thinking about it, Jian Luo felt that it was best to make red oil noodles. When he just ate, he really felt tired of the rice. This time, he just took this opportunity to make red chili oil noodles.


Taking out the light broadcasting ball, Jian Luo adjusted its angle and said, “Hello everyone, we will be broadcasting live today.”


There were not many people in the live broadcast room:

“Wow, has the anchor started broadcasting?”

“Hey, I’ve been waiting for a long time.”

“What are we eating today?!”

“Anchor, do you know that Master Chenguang from Interstellar Live?”


Jian Luo didn’t want to talk about the matter regarding Lord Chenguang, so he chose to ignore it, but said, “Thank you for waiting for so long, let’s eat red chili oil noodles today!”


The most important thing about red oil noodles was it’s spiciness.


Jian Luo remembered that he had never made dough for them before, so they were all also a little interested.


His fans were curious:

“Red oil?”

“Is oil also edible?”

“What is dough? I don’t think it’s a new staple at Moonlight.”


In fact, there was already flour prepared at Jian Luo’s place, so he just took it out and mixed the flour, poured it into a bowl and added water to it: “The flour used to make the noodles are the same used to make the potato cakes, but this time we won’t add potatoes to it. Instead, the noodles will be a stand-alone dish for us to eat.”


Adding water was a technical task and the light ball captured every detail in the bowl. Everyone could see the dough sticking together and feel that it was very sticky in his hands intuitively. The dough clumped up together, looking sticky, and didn’t feel very good to the touch.


Some viewers who turned on the sense-sharing hologram felt uncomfortable:

“It’s too sticky.”

“Wow, I don’t like it.”

“Yeah, it’s too troublesome to make noodles, forget it.”

“No, I think it’s pretty fun.”


Everyone’s opinions were mixed, and Jian Luo said to the audience in front of the camera: “Everyone should also pay attention to the amount of water when making noodles by themselves. When making the first batch, it is recommended to put less water first and then add on to it little by little.”


The noodles were almost done and only needed to be left to rest for a while. Jian Luo put plastic wrap around it and set it aside: “I’ll continue with this later. For now, let’s prepare the red oil first!”


There were not many peppers left from when he brought some back from the seed base last time. It was probably only enough for one more meal so Jian Luo simply took all of them out.


The audience was very excited when they saw the peppers:

“It’s chili again!”

“My gosh, this thing killed me last time.”

“I’m withering away.”


It seems that many people were a bit traumatised by the peppers. Jian Luo was annoyed but also felt that it was funny, so he still reminds them very conscientiously: “Well, everyone must be careful when cutting peppers in the future and don’t eat them casually. You must wash your hands after cutting peppers. If you rub your eyes before that, it will be very spicy.”


Because the first batch of chili peppers have not yet been entered into the market to be sold, many viewers were a little curious about Jian Luo’s identity. Could this thing really be something that an ordinary human anchor can obtain?


When there is curiosity, there will be speculation.


Many people began to speculate on Jian Luo identity based on his live broadcast times.


“I remember that only the planters or researchers at Phoenix Stage can get the vegetables and plants that haven’t been put on the market.”

“So the host actually got it from there?”

“How did he get in? Going from the backdoor would be too hard, right?”


There was a lot of discussion, and they were all very curious about Jian Luo’s identity, but there were also malicious speculations:

“He’s just a human being, how could he get these planted through regular methods?”

“It’s also possible that it’s a wild, mountain species that he discovered.”

“It shouldn’t be. Don’t you need to report them before they are fit for consumption?”


The direction their guesses became more and more confusing, however, most people, especially those who have tasted his spicy mapo tofu before, recognized Jian Luo’s talent. After all, no matter how jealous they were, they couldn’t hide the fact that Jian Luo could indeed produce a lot of new recipes.


By then, Jian Luo has already ground down all the peppers.


The oil in the pot was already hot, so he put all the peppers in. Because the oil was boiling hot, it made a sizzling sound.


Jian Luo said to the camera: “Usually, you should pay attention to safety when adding in the peppers. The oil will be very hot, and after the peppers are put in, they should be stirred with a spoon, otherwise the peppers may be overcooked. “


The scent of chili peppers were choking, in addition to the fumes from the oil. To the dark stars, it was even more uncomfortable than the first time they tasted the spiciness of the chili peppers.


The people who opened the sense-sharing hologram was caught even more off guard.

“Cough, cough, f-ck.”

“It’s hard to breathe.”

“Anchor, are you making biochemical weapons?”


Many people couldn’t wait to close their sense-sharing hologram, as many barrages flew all over the place, the bad comments about the peppers not stopping. They have basically never seen this plant, but it was too suffocating. Yes, they were about to be sent to heaven by the cooking of a single meal.


Jian Luo was also choked a bit, but he was already prepared. He covered his mouth and nose with a wet towel. Sure enough, nothing much happened, and after that, the aroma of chili oil began to diffuse out gradually. This unique aroma of chili peppers made Jian Luo, who has always been a glutton for peppers, almost drool.


“Okay, it’s almost there.”


Jian Luo put the chili oil aside and finally had time to look at the dough he set aside before.


About half an hour later, the dough has almost risen completely.


Jian Luo put the dough in the basin and clarified some water: “Now I have to wash the dough. Just like washing vegetables, we must wash it several times.”


Water was poured on the surface, and soon the whole basin was dyed a layer of milk-like color. Jian Luo was kneading the dough and washing it while paying attention to the color. Finally, when the color of the water was clear, she stopped: ” Now we’re going to collect the noodle-wash and let it sit.”


The audience were dumbfounded:

“I always thought we would be eating that dough.”

“Can you eat it after washing it like this?”

“To be honest, anchor, I always thought you were playing.”

“I thought we were going to eat the dough +11Usually used in the comment section to agree with another person’s opinion.

User 1: I think Jian Luo is scared of Marshal Lu
User 2: Jian Luo is terrified +1.
User 3: +1
. In the end, the anchor said we were going to eat the leftover water.”


Jian Luo, who had been kneading the dough, smiled, but didn’t say anything else. After the noodle-wash was collected, he put them aside. There was a layer of sediment left in the basin.


Jian Luo took out the layer and smeared a layer of oil in the steaming pot. He then lay a thin layer of batter evenly: “Now, let’s prepare to steam it in the pot.”


Unlike the fried peppers, this flour was tasteless and very plain. Jian Luo stretched it back and forth two or three times in total, when finally many thin strands of noodles were left. This was the highlight of the day!


The audience was also amazed:

“The process is comparable to a chemistry experiment.”

“My God, it’s so hard.”

“Looking forward to the final result, I hope the anchor will not let me down.”


Everyone screamed for him to hurry, but Jian Luo was not in a hurry at all. Instead, he leisurely put the dough aside to dry, and prepared the small side ingredients.


To eat the noodles, one needed to add some side garnish. After adding some salt and cutting some cucumbers, the chili oil needed to be filtered again. With his strange production methods and the unique choking chili scent, the popularity of his live broadcast increased as Lord Chenguang’s rage grew. 


In another room.


“Hey Xiaochen, your anchor has updated again.” The moderator called out to him: “Did you watch it?”


Lord Chenguang was also watching the live broadcast, so he didn’t have the energy to speak much, “I saw it.”


The moderator asked him: “Do you have the energy to replicate it or not? Or you can learn to try it tomorrow. This human anchor limits his purchases every time. As long as you have the energy to reproduce it, we can definitely make more money!”



Lord Chenguang looked at the picture and frowned: “Boss, have you noticed? It’s not that I can’t learn to do it, it’s that I don’t have any peppers!”


The moderator was also stunned. They have always been accustomed to copying, so they subconsciously wanted to imitate him, but they never thought that this roadblock would be missed.


Lord Chenguang was actually quite a coward even though he earned money unscrupulously. He didn’t want to get involved: “Brother, do you think this Jian Luo has any background? How can he get such things? He is not an ordinary person. Even a platform as big as ours doesn’t have the resources, how could he get it as a human being?”


The moderator also fell into contemplation: “No. If he really has some background, he should have spoken up when the potato chips were stolen, so why wait until today? This human could be a little tricky, but he’s definitely not powerful. So since there are peppers, they will definitely be mass-produced seeds at the human planting base. We can contact that person take it out and let us plant it for ourselves!”


Lord Chenguang was a little worried: “But many people mentioned that our potatoes have side effects after eating them. Will they find us?”


The moderator sneered again and again: “Why are you looking for us? The original was made by Jian Luo, so it has nothing to do with us. If there are people who really have any opinions or objections, shouldn’t they also go to the rightful culprit? On the internet, gossip spreads very fast like wildfire, what’s the big deal?”


Lord Chengguang thought about it for a while and came to the same conclusion. No matter how one puts it, the other party is just a human being. Even if he had a little talent, he won’t be able to beat them!



In the live broadcast room, the red chili oil noodles have reached their final preparatory steps.


Jian Luo poured the red chili oil on them, as if performing some kind of grand ceremony. The aroma of the chili peppers and the dough mixed together, as they were mixed with chopsticks. Their deliciousness wafted close as they are put into one’s mouth. The spiciness that permeated through one’s lips is completely different from that of the tofu. The dough was very glutinous and the aroma of the chili was better integrated with this dish.


Seeing Jian Luo’s blissed-out appearance, many viewers in the live broadcast room finally couldn’t sit still.

“I’m going to turn on the sense-sharing hologram!”

“Ow, oh my God, what is this smell? It’s so fragrant.”

“Even if I die today, I won’t skip this… God, it smells so good!”


Most people were overwhelmed by the taste of red chili oil noodles.


Jian Luo smiled and said: “I have recorded the taste and will limit the purchase to one copy later. Thank you, my fans, for your support!~”


After he finished cooking the meal, it was basically time for Jian Luo to end the live broadcast.


When he closed the live broadcast, he saw a lot of chats mentioning the name of Lord Chenguang from the layers of barrage. He frowned, but didn’t say anything.


“Luoluo, is the live broadcast over?”


Su Liang’s voice came from outside.


Jian Luo came back to his senses and replied, “Mom, I finished the live broadcast. I made red chilli oil noodles. You can try it and eat it as a late night snack.”


Su Liang came in, took the bowl and told him, “Okay, go wash up and rest early.”


Jian Luo nodded: “Got it.”


Just as he was about to go to wash up, Su Liang hesitated to speak, before saying: “Luoluo, that Jiang Kang, you must stay far away from him. Now that you are pregnant, mother is really afraid…”


Jian Luo understood. He opened his mouth to persuade Su Liang: “Okay mom, I know the gravity of the situation. Don’t worry, I know this in my heart, and I will definitely not mess it up.”


Only then did Su Liang nod and start cleaning the kitchen. As long as Jian Luo stayed at home, Su Liang would definitely volunteer and not let him do the work.


Seeing this, Jian Luo sighed.


Because of Jiang Kang’s matter, Su Liang has been restless, and even Jian Luo didn’t know how to make her feel a little more relieved. In fact, he understood Su Liang’s worries, but Jian Luo felt that it was not a big deal at all. There was no problem with having a few romances before getting married and having children.


What’s more, he suspects that he transmigrated with his original body, so forget about him being involved with Jiang Kang, judging by the way Jiang Kang looked at him today, he really doubted that the previous owner of his position was even involved with him at all.


On the other side.


Inside the imperial garden of the palace.


Lu Shifeng sat at the stone table and discussed matters with the little emperor. Because there was a temporary emergency, the little emperor had to rush back to the study, while the marshal took a stroll in the newly built garden by himself.


Suddenly, several female voices sounded out:

“Did that one from your family really cheat?”

“It’s true. I now understand that no matter how good you are to him, the flowers at home won’t be as enticing as wild flowers.”

“Why is that? Could it be a mistake? I thought he was usually an honest and timid person.”


Lu Shifeng frowned and stopped inexplicably.


The other palace maid sighed heavily and said, “It’s not a mistake. You know, there are usually three signs before they cheat and cuckold you.


“What signs?”


The little palace maid told her the signs: “First of all, he will tell you that he is always busy working overtime, then he will start to tell you that you are annoying, so you don’t always look for him because he can’t reply to you in time because at work. After that, a so-called colleague who has a good relationship with him will appear beside him and inexplicably always looks for him. Even though they were both corroborating, if you voice your jealousy, you will appear unreasonable.”


“Oh my God, is that so?”


“Yes, and finally, here’s the real kicker, the most absolute sign.” The palace maid said: “If he tells you later that he will work overtime at night and not come back to sleep at night, that is the final straw.”


Lu Shifeng stopped listening and left. The Marshal thought it was nonsense. After all, it was impossible for him to encounter such a situation.


But thinking about it, Jian Luo went to Peace Paradise and they did not promise to meet up today. Considering this, Lu Shifeng sent a message to Jian Luo: “Is it going well?”


His information terminal soon lit up.


Jian Luo replied, “It’s okay, my colleagues are very nice to me.”


Lu Shifeng’s brows loosened: “Did the small dragons bother you?”




This time, Jian Luo was a little slower to reply.


Their chat would usually be over by this time, but while Lu Shifeng was still thinking about whether to continue their conversation, Jian Luo already sent a message: “Okay, I have a colleague who is looking for me here. I will go and direct them first. Have to go.”


A colleague?


Inexplicably, Lord Marshal thought of the conversation between the two palace maids.


Lu Shifeng asked more: “You just went, what do they need you for?”


“I’m here to cultivate peppers. As an instructor, I’m sure they want to ask me about work.” Jian Luo simply replied, “I don’t know how to socialize with them.”


Lu Shifeng felt a little relieved.


That seemed about right. Jian Luo was still very good, but what was that red flag from the last sentence they were talking about?


Just when the Marshal was about to type, suddenly another message came from there: “By the way, let me tell you in advance that I may have to work overtime tonight, so I won’t go back home to sleep.”

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Chapter 47 – Marshal is being ignored

Chapter 47 – Marshal is being ignored


Lu Shifeng looked at him.


Jian Luo could feel a slight pressure under the palm of his hand. That feeling was really magical, really magical. Although he has always known that he has a cub in his belly, he has never felt this kind of special feeling before, but now, the slight movement felt like a pebble was thrown onto a calm lake, causing ripples to emerge from the bottom of his heart.


“Come here!” Jian Luo subconsciously urged,  his voice filled with some playful anger: “Come on.”



Lu Shifeng stood up, walked over, and sat down beside him, frowning: “Do you feel uncomfortable?”


“No no.”


Jian Luo couldn’t control it anymore. He reached out and grabbed Lu Shifeng’s hand before carefully and gently placing it on his lower abdomen. He then put his index finger in front of his lips and whispered, “They’re moving.”


For a moment, he could clearly feel the Marshal going stiff.


It’s very strange that there would come a day when Lu Shifeng was stunned stupid.


Jian Luo was also very excited. He asked , “Do you feel it? The small dragons are saying hello.”


Lu Shifeng’s large hands covered Jian Luo’s lower abdomen, and his handsome face was a little solemn. The great marshal felt nervous for a long time. The last time he felt nervous was the first time he went into battle to kill the enemy.


Carefully placing his hands, Lu Shifeng felt the movements carefully.


Jian Luo waited for a long time, but after Lu Shifeng put his hand on his abdomen, the cubs, who were previously lively and active, didn’t show him any courtesy, and did not want to move again.




The atmosphere was a little awkward.


Jian Luo raised his eyebrows, his eyes blinking: “Well, maybe they’re tired and just went to rest after moving about.”


Lu Shifeng was silent for a moment before withdrawing his hand.


The two were silent for a while. Jian Luo regretted it. He shouldn’t have acted rashly. He approached the other: “Are you angry?”


Lu Shifeng supported half of his body: “Sit down.”


“Oh.” Jian Luo sat back down again. He smiled and tried to make up excuses for the small dragons: “Maybe they became nervous after seeing you so they don’t dare to move.”


Lu Shifeng leaned against the post at the end of the bed and said lazily, “Do you get nervous when you see me?”



The blame was shifted onto him.


Jian Luo bit the bullet: “Of course I’m not nervous.”


Lu Shifeng’s lips curled into a smile: “That’s right, you were so bold that you even rushed into my bedroom directly.”




Jian Luo recalled the events of that day and felt a sense of shame. This matter involved his innocence, so Jian Luo decided that he had to struggle no matter what, so he said, “It was really an accident that day. I was thinking of giving food to secretary Jin. I didn’t expect it to be your room.”


Lu Shifeng raised his eyebrows meaningfully: “You wouldn’t have gone inside if you knew?”


Nonsense! That goes without saying!


Jian Luo tried his best to explain: “How could I take the initiative to deliver myself to your doorstep? Am I crazy?!”


He just wanted to try his best to prove his innocence, but he never expected the smile in the Marshal’s eyes to gradually disappear.


Jian Luo blinked innocently and hugged his weak self tightly.


Lu Shifeng finally said, “Am I no good?”




A slow question mark appeared on Jian Luo’s head before he then shook his head obediently: “It’s not that you’re not good.”


Lu Shifeng was fiddling with something in his hand and pretended to be casual: “I think Mr. Jian dislikes me very much.”



Am I that see-through?


Jian Luo finally understood what the problem was, and coughed lightly: “I don’t dislike you as much anymore. After all… Hasn’t anyone told your highness that he is very handsome?”




This time it was Lu Shifeng who was slightly surprised.


For thousands of years, everyone’s evaluation of the Dragon King of the Dragon Clan has always been that he was brave and good at fighting, praising him for his invincibility and decisiveness in killing.


Lu Shifeng narrowed his eyes: “I’m handsome?”


Jian Luo nodded generously, and glanced through the appearance of the marshal again. The more he looked at him, the more comfortable his heart became. When his handsome face was not smiling, he was very cold, but when he smiled, he became more refined and elegant. This striked a point in his cute zone. If Lu Shifeng was human, Jian Luo might have fallen for him long ago.


Before Lu Shifeng could speak, Jian Luo began to think: “You said that the cubs will either be like you or me. I hope that they will be like you, because you are good-looking. Will it be able to transform into their human forms?Or will it take a long time like the little golden dragon before they can transform. Ah, if so, then I don’t know if I can live that long.”


Lu Shifeng frowned: “What nonsense are you talking about!”


“What’s the matter?” Jian Luo rolled on the bed twice before crossing his legs: “I know that little golden dragon is one or two hundred years old, Secretary Jin told me.”


Lu Shifeng didn’t speak.


Jian Luo rolled over and lay on the bed, looking at him with one hand on his chin: “If that’s the case, then don’t tell them in the future that their mother is just a human.”


If he is dead and small dragons have not changed shape yet, when the child grows up, it will not be good for them to know that he has already died a long time ago.


He won’t be able to take his cubs away. In the words of the dark stars, they are the hope of the world, and the future of the Dragon Clan, which is destined to belong to the dark stars.


In this case, it doesn’t really matter if the small dragons know who their mother is. Thousands of years later, when he has turned into a pile of ashes, no one will ask about him after he leaves.


Lu Shifeng frowned: “Have you arranged everything for yourself?”


Jian Luo looked up at him suspiciously: “Huh?”




Lu Shifeng sneered and pulled Jian Luo: “Get up and go wash up. The water for soaking your feet will be delivered in a while. The high priest told me to tell you that you have an exam to take when you go to Peace Paradise.”




Are you the devil?


Jian Luo never imagined that his fate in life would really be inseparable from taking exams. The only good news was that his classes were taught online and he would open a video every day to listen to a little bit. As such, his class time was greatly reduced.


The next day.


“Luoluo, I sent you his contact information.”


Jiang Jiang’s message came from the information bracelet.


Jian Luo responded, opened the bracelet and glanced at it. Sure enough, he saw Lord Chenguang’s contact information. He chose to add him as a friend and it didn’t take long for the other party to agree.


Lord Chenguang sent a question mark: ? Who are you.


Jian Luo introduced himself: “I’m Jian Luo, the anchor from Jinjiang Live Network. Hello, I saw your video on Interstellar Food Network and I want to confirm a few things with you.”


Lord Chenguang was silent for a while before finally speaking, “Speak.”


“Well, I want to ask where you bought the potatoes you used to make chips.” Jian Luo went straight to the point: “Is the production method the same as the one from my live broadcast room?”


Chenguang was very forthright: “Yes.”



Jian Luo typed quickly: “Then why do some viewers say that they feel dizzy after eating your potato chips? If the potatoes are not well-selected, or have sprouts on them, they are not supposed to be edible…”


He saw that the other party was typing and typing for a long time before the entire chat page flashed red with an exclamation mark.






The conversation here did not end properly, when Jiang Jiang sent a message: “Luoluo, how are negotiations over there, is he willing to come to an agreement with you?”


Jian Luo was not angry: “He doesn’t want to.”



Jiang Jiang was silent.


Jian Luo sighed: “It doesn’t matter, I’ll check it out myself.”


Jiang Jiang knew that there was a way to solve this. Even if he had no way, Marshal Lu was definitely not a pacifist either, so he didn’t ask any more questions. He only told Jian Luo not to be impulsive and to discuss things with him before giving up.


When Jian Luo turned off the chat, the car had already arrived.


The driver said: “The planting base is ahead.”


Jian Luo got out of the car, smiled at the driver and said, “Thank you.”


The driver waved at him and then left. Jian Luo walked slowly towards the planting base. When he was about to reach the gate, he saw the director from last time.


The director has obviously been waiting for a long time. Now, he was very surprised to see Jian Luo: “Are you… Really Luoluo?”


Jian Luo smiled and nodded: “Uncle Li.”


“Hey Luoluo. I didn’t expect it to be you.” Uncle Li was very pleasantly surprised: “The higher ups said that a breeding specialist will be here in the next two days. We really didn’t know how to grow peppers so we were waiting for you.”


Jian Luo walked inside while talking to him: “It’s okay, I’m here today for this matter.”


The two briefly chatted along the way, exchanging the basics of the planting quantity and the steps in taking care of peppers.


When passing by the greenhouse where potatoes were grown, Jian Luo stopped.


Uncle Li said, “Luoluo, what’s wrong?”


“Uncle Li.” Jian Luo smiled slightly: “Do we supply all our potatoes to every place in a uniform manner? Where do we send them? Are they sold privately?”


Uncle Li was the junior director here, so he knows a lot about these things. Hearing that, he explained, “Potatoes are high-quality vegetables. Every month, we have a joint supplier for large enterprises. We do not sell them to private households. “


Jian Luo frowned: “Where do they send them?”


Uncle Li thought that Jian Luo’s questions were a little strange, but in the end he still told him honestly: “Most of them are imported into the Interstellar Supermarket, and the other half of the bulk is to restaurants like Moonlight.”


So it’s like that.


As far as Jian Luo knows, most of the residents who wanted to buy vegetables now ordered them from the Interstellar Supermarket, but the source of Lord Chenguan’s supply should not be from the Interstellar Supermarket.


Jiang Jiang checked that Lord Chenguang once boasted that his potatoes were fresh potatoes picked directly from the shed and were completely different from those in the supermarket.


Then there must be a problem with his source of supply.


Uncle Li was curious: “Luoluo, what’s the matter, do you want to eat potatoes?”


“Ah… Yes, I haven’t eaten them in a long time.” Jian Luo simply made up a reason and smiled, “You must want to laugh.”


Uncle Li was relieved: “What’s wrong with that? Potatoes are really delicious. Most of our buyers here eat potatoes. The seeds sent from the seed base every month are basically in short supply too.”


Jian Luo nodded as he followed him.


He quickly walked to the chili planting shed and saw a few people standing there from a distance, seemingly discussing something.


Uncle Li smiled and said, “Luoluo, these are all employees who want to cultivate seeds with you. Let’s get to know each other briefly.”


Jian Luo raised his head just in time to meet a man’s gaze. When their eyes met, the other was dazed.


“Jian Luo?”


A happy expression appeared on the man’s face.


Jian Luo unconsciously took two steps back, feeling genuinely frightened, mainly because he really couldn’t remember who the special person in front of him was.


The man was excited and took a step forward to hold Jian Luo’s hand: “Luoluo it’s me. I am Jiang Kang, I came back from studying at F-star. I am back and I wanted to go to school to find you two days ago, but they said that you had dropped out of school. Then, when I went to your house, Auntie Su also said that you were busy with work. Who knew that I would still meet you here, what a surprise!”




Jian Luo looked at the young man in front of him helplessly. He felt helpless from the bottom of his heart.


“That Jiang Kang?” Jian Luo struggled to break free from his hand and made something up: “Is that so? We’ll talk later if there’s anything. It’s work time now.”


Jiang Kang was stunned, but hesitated for a while before letting go.


Jian Luo smiled awkwardly at Director Li, and then re-introduced himself to the others: “Hello everyone, I’m Jian Luo. I am the technical guide for the large-scale planting of peppers this time, and I will be with you for the near future. Let’s overcome any challenges and technical difficulties of the chili peppers together, thank you.”


Small applause came from the shed.


After seeing his introduction, Director Li smiled and said, “Okay, Luoluo. You get busy, Uncle Li is leaving now.”


Jian Luo knew that keeping him here would be of no use, so he said, “Okay, Uncle Li, you can go ahead first.”


After sending Uncle Li away, Jian Luo followed his previous plan. He first looked at the pepper seeds sowed in the soil. After confirming that there was no problem with the seeds, he then held a small meeting on how to cultivate the seeds. He also clearly told them to pay attention to some major details.


Jian Luo personally gave them a demonstration: “Generally, each of us must pay close attention to the temperature like so… and we must take care of these various conditions after the seeds are put into the soil.”


Everyone else nodded.


“If anyone has a problem in the process of planting, I hope you will take the initiative to raise the issue. It’s not a bad thing if there is a problem. However, if you hide and don’t report it, it will be a big problem.” Jian Luo stood up and dusted off his body as he said in a low voice, “Do you understand?”


Everyone responded.


Only then did Jian Luo smile: “Then I’ll give you a lot of advice from now on. Let’s work hard together.”


The group of juniors who were sent to cultivate pepper seedlings were the new generation of young people in Peace Paradise. They were basically here to obtain some experience. After everything had been arranged by Jian Luo, the juniors all took the lead and used this opportunity to make a start. At this time, Jiang Kang finally seized the opportunity to be alone with Jian Luo.


“Jian Luo!”


Jiang Kang held Jian Luo’s hand.


Jian Luo sighed inwardly and turned around: “En, what’s wrong?”


“Why are you so indifferent to me?” A trace of hurt flashed across Jiang Kang’s eyes: “I just came back from studying abroad, why aren’t you affectionate or warm towards me?”




A question mark slowly appeared above Jian Luo’s head.

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Chapter 46 – Reward

Chapter 46 – Reward


Jiang Jiang was puzzled.


Jian Luo hurriedly said: “Okay, okay, I’ll hang up now. I still have something to do here. If there’s anything, you can send me a message or call me later.”


Jiang Jiang had a question mark on his face.


After hanging up the call, Jian Luo looked at Lu Shifeng and subconsciously showed a pleasing smile: “Why are you here?”


Lu Shifeng stood at the door of the shed: “The time for you to get off work has passed. I thought you had forgotten the way out.”


Jian Luo felt inexplicably guilty: “I had something to do, so I didn’t go out.”


“I see.” Lu Shifeng raised his eyebrows: “Mr. Jian is busy with his business.”



Shut up.


Jian Luo closed his bracelet and changed his clothes before walking to Lu Shifeng: “Let’s go.”


Lu Shifeng said, “Let’s go eat first.”


Jian Luo almost forgot to eat. Once he had something on his mind, it was easy to start thinking wildly and forget about his hunger.


“What do you want to eat?” Jian Luo recently wanted to eat a heavier meal: “Where are we going to eat?”


Lu Shifeng glanced at him: “You pick.”


The best place one can choose in the entire dark star was Moonlight, but the Moonlight’s food felt like food that was simply eaten out from his own kitchen, so it was really nothing new.


Jian Luo thought for a while: “I can eat whatever I want? I won’t need to stick to the restrictions?”


Lu Shifeng replied: “As long as you don’t eat more than 10 ice creams in one go, I don’t think it will be a big deal.”



Will you ever let that one go?


Jian Luo didn’t want to embarrass himself. He wanted to stay happy: “Can you cook?”


In fact, he was just asking casually.


But what he didn’t expect was for the Marshal to nod: “Yes.”


“Really?” Jian Luo, who actually had no appetite, was refreshed: “Then what can you make?”


Lu Shifeng took him into the car, where his assistant was waiting. Seeing two people inside the car, he asked obediently, “Sir, where are we going?”


Lu Shifeng said to Jian Luo, “You want to eat the food I make?”


Jian Luo fastened his seat belt and said, “I’m just curious. I don’t really want to eat outside, so I might as well make it myself.”


When he asked this question, he actually didn’t expect the Lord Marshal to agree.


Lu Shifeng sat lazily on the chair and said slowly, “Okay, I’ll make it for you tonight.”




Jian Luo was shocked.


The assistant in front was also shocked. He didn’t think that the Marshal could cook. Did he really have the skills? Maybe… yes?


But who could have such a great fortune to be able to eat food made by the marshal himself!




Luoluo’s life was too good, he could brag about this for a hundred years.


Jian Luo was also surprised. He has some suspicions in his eyes: “Then what should we eat for dinner? I won’t be picky, as long as it’s not fishy or raw.”


Lu Shifeng was sitting beside him, looking at the parenting encyclopedia. His handsome profile was sharp as he opened his lips and his voice was teasing and magnetic: “It’s a secret.”



No problem.


Jian Luo slept all the way to their destination.


They didn’t go back to the palace today, but to the military. He knew this place very well and they got off at the Hanging Garden where there were little dragons frolicking in the Dragon Valley.


Jian Luo got out of the car and stretched: “Aren’t we going to the palace?”


“En, the house here is complete.” Lu Shifeng asked him to stand properly: “We will live here in the future.”


The little assistant behind said, “We are also very safe here. It is very close to the mother tree, so you and the cubs can relax.”


Jian Luo suddenly looked forward to seeing what the mother tree would look like.


Many dragons in the Sky Garden noticed this and they all looked over frequently, but they were afraid of Lu Shifeng so they did not dare to approach. Only some brave little dragons dared to come closer, but even so, the little dragons did not dare to be presumptuous, only watching from a short distance.


Jian Luo saw the little golden dragon before. The little golden dragon was standing not far away, its body a golden yellow. Compared with before, it seemed to have grown a little bit, so its golden scales were obviously thicker and heavier now. Before, Jian Luo could pat its head, but it was almost impossible to reach its head now.


It was still pretty cute anyway.


Jian Luo said to Lu Shifeng, “They seem to be quite afraid of you.”


Lu Shifeng said indifferently, “Really?”


“En.” Jian Luo didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. He gave an example: “When I came here before, they all liked to come over to me, but now they are a few meters away.”


Lu Shifeng raised his eyebrows and said meaningfully, “Do you like them very much?”


This was a very sensitive topic. Although in Jian Luo’s eyes these are just little dragons, similar to children, but in fact, some of these little dragons are already one or two hundred years old. Compared with Jian Luo, some dragons could even be as old as his grandfather.


None of them could transform now, but once they could, they will be considered fully-fledged adults. The dragon family are born as extremely possessive creatures, so even among the same clan, they will feel mutual jealousy.


Jian Luo said simply, “I like them!”


After he finished speaking, the temperature in the air instantly dropped by one degree.


The party involved, Jian Luo, didn’t notice this and still stepped down on this landmine: “I like that little golden dragon the most. Although it almost threw me down last time, its color is so beautiful!”


It was golden, like a mascot.


It would be nice if one of my dragon cubs were a gold one.


Lu Shifeng sneered and glanced at the small golden dragon: “Gold is beautiful?”


Not far away, the innocent little golden dragon suddenly felt his entire dragon body going cold. It looked over innocently and met the eyes of the dragon king. Like a sheet of fragile, thin ice, it stayed in place, frozen in fright.


Jian Luo saw that small dragon suddenly slumped over and glanced at Lu Shifeng curiously, only to find that the Marshal was wrapped in a layer of icy hostility. He also seemed a little unhappy.



Are you angry because of its color?


Unexpectedly, the Marshal could get angry because of this.


Jian Luo pursed his lips and smiled: “Actually, I also like black.”


Lu Shifeng turned to look at him with a half-smile, “Don’t force it.”


“Really.” In order to prove his honesty, Jian Luo thought for a while and his smile deepened: “Although gold is good, the one who really saved my dog life was the black life-saving dragon, so I still prefer black.”


Lu Shifeng raised his eyebrows noncommittally. Although he didn’t say anything, he was obviously in a better mood.


The little assistant at the back was stunned. It turns out that the Marshal was so easy to deceive? This is obviously a random explanation!


Even he could see through it!


Jian Luo was so good at coaxing!


Jian Luo quickly changed the subject: “Shall we go and see the new house?”


“No hurry.” Lu Shifeng said to him, “I’ll take you to dinner first, the house won’t run away.”



OK, we’ll follow your suggestion.


Jian Luo thought that Lu Shifeng would take him to the kitchen, but who knew that Lu Shifeng took him inside. In fact, they didn’t go inside the military base like last time, but instead just walked around the outer edge. Following the Marshal, they walked into the Hanging Garden.


There was a large floating disk. After getting on it, the disk will fly up and send its passengers directly to a floating island.


Jian Luo glanced down as he moved further and further away from the ground. He leaned against Lu Shifeng in fear.


Lu Shifeng: “Are you afraid of heights?”


“…Huh?” Jian Luo’s heart was very empty: “Just a little bit. It’s not that I’m afraid of heights, I’m afraid of falling. I don’t have wings, so I will fall to my death.”


He spoke with sincerity.


Lu Shifeng had to re-examine the young man standing in front of him wearing thin clothes. He was more than a head shorter than himself, and it was as if the other would fly away if there was a slightly strong wind.


Humans are really fragile.


He heard that their lifespans were less than a hundred years.


Lu Shifeng had heard before that in the past few years, humans and dark stars could not intermarry. There was no other reason than because there was an insurmountable difference in their lifespans. While he would remain young and strong, his partner would get older.


Later, the scientific research institute at Phoenix Stage invented a clone model suitable for human beings, but they were only able to achieve an 80% replication of genes. In the end, there is a fundamental difference between a clone and the real person.


Jian Luo looked at him with round eyes: “Why are you looking at me?”


Lu Shifeng retracted his gaze, as he stretched out his hand to hold Jian Luo’s cold ones: “If you are afraid of falling, grab onto me.”


Jian Luo was suddenly held, and was stunned for a moment.


The marshal was tall and handsome, and his palms were also very broad. The warmth gradually warmed his originally cold hands, giving one a full sense of security.


The wind blowing on the disc was a bit strong, but after he leaned against Lu Shifeng, he felt that the wind was much smaller all of a sudden. When he felt scared, he just grabbed onto him.




The disc stopped at the top.


Lu Shifeng led Jian Luo towards the inside. Jian Luo originally thought that the entrance to Dragon Valley would be in front of a mountain or something, but he never expected that after passing through a transparent tunnel, the Marshal would stop to look at him: ” Don’t move here.”


Jian Luo nodded obediently: “Okay.”


In the next second, a scene that made him stunned happened. Scales gradually appeared on Lu Shifeng’s skin. It was a momentary event. A huge black dragon gradually showed its form, starting from the head. The scales glowed with an icy light in the sun, and its huge body was daunting. As he was being watched by those blood-red eyes, he couldn’t help but think of running away.


After waiting for some time.


The black dragon said: “Come up”


Jian Luo: “Oh… ah?!”


Lu Shifeng stared at him quietly, as if asking, you don’t expect me to help you with this kind of thing too, do you?


Jian Luo was speechless and gulped. It would not be good to say that he was finding it difficult to climb up, so he could only smash his teeth together and swallow the words into his stomach. He used his hands and feet to start climbing the dragon. The black scales felt cool and slippery under his hands. It inexplicably reminded Jian Luo of some untimely memories.


When the dragon is in heat, scales also tend to pop up on his body, darn!


Jian Luo trembled while crawling: “If I fall, you have to catch me. I still have your cubs in my stomach.”


Lu Shifeng: “I never tossed you down, even when there were no cubs.”


Jian Luo suddenly remembered that Lu Shifeng was his savior when he went to the Hanging Garden for the first time, and he smiled: “Yes, yes, thank you so much.”


After climbing for a long time, he finally managed to climb up.


Moreover, he climbed onto the dragon’s back very carefully and found the most comfortable position to sit in.




Lu Shifeng’s wings shook, and the whole dragon flew into the air. Jian Luo sat on his back, but strangely he didn’t feel the wind blowing.


Jian Luo had thought about where the entrance to Dragon Valley was for a long time, but he never thought that it was actually in the sky. When the dragon entered the air,  they seemed to be in another place in an instant. Dragon Valley was a place with a small bridge and flowing rivers all over its mountains and fields. Near a holy dragon fruit tree, there were many dragons roosting lazily.


In the end, Lu Shifeng stopped at the foot of the highest mountain.


Jian Luo slowly climbed down and gasped lightly: “It seems that there are little dragons outside. The dragons in the Dragon Valley are all adult dragons.”


Lu Shifeng transformed back into his body and said in a low voice, “The small dragons like to play around.”


I see.


They were probably just like children who liked to leave home to play outside. Turns out the sky garden was just like an amusement park for children.


The real home base was here!


Jian Luo raised his head and looked at the majestic mountains in the Dragon Valley. There were even auspicious clouds covering the top of the mountain. The sky was golden and it was like a fairyland on earth.


Lu Shifeng put his feet together and started walking up the mountain: “We have not arrived at your first destination yet.”




Jian Luo quickly followed.


Climbing the mountain was hard work, but he wondered why they couldn’t just fly up: “Marshal, I have a question.”


Lu Shifeng turned around: “Why don’t I fly up?”


Jian Luo nodded pitifully.


“To go to see the mother tree, all dragons who can transform into our bipedal forms are not allowed to fly.” Lu Shifeng said: “It is a rule.”


Jian Luo was already tired of walking. Although he didn’t even finish walking halfway there and might have only climbed for about 10 minutes, he was already really tired from walking.


Lu Shifeng stopped: “Can’t crawl any further?”


Jian Luo nodded and gasped lightly: “Why don’t we take a break?”


“No.” Lu Shifeng’s breathing was not heavy. He walked over and squatted down: “I’ll carry you.”




Jian Luo couldn’t believe it.


The man in front of him squatted in front of him. It seemed that the long walking distance was instantly alleviated. Lu Shifeng stepped under the altar and suddenly became more approachable.


Jian Luo hesitated: “Is there a problem?”


Lu Shifeng nodded: “For this trail, if there’s not just you but a few more next time, it’ll be no problem as well.”



Then it is all good.


Jian Luo leaned on his back and put his arms around his neck, very well-behaved he asked: “Am I heavy?”


Lu Shifeng: “Heavy.”


“…I’m really sorry about that.”


The corner of Lu Shifeng’s mouth twitched into a smile: “I’m just teasing you.”


Jian Luo rolled his eyes, wishing he could just take a bite of Lord Marshal’s neck, but after thinking about the scales, he was really afraid of breaking his teeth, so he just forgot it.


The mountain road was long, but Lu Shifeng’s footsteps were steady.


Jian Luo was slowly beginning to feel sleepy, but even half-asleep, he still chatted with Lu Shifeng: “Are we taking the cubs to see their grandparents?”


Lu Shifeng said in a deep voice, “That could be considered it.”


“Will the mother tree despise me?” Jian Luo was very sleepy and asked casually, “Because I am not a dragon.”


Lu Shifeng’s eyes sank slightly: “No, it likes you very much and has opened many fruit trees for you.”


Jian Luo buried his head on his shoulder and he could smell the nice scent of Lu Shifeng’s body. He muttered, “That’s because she likes the cubs.”


Lu Shifeng didn’t speak.


“You too.” Jian Luo lowered his head, his voice was so soft that it was almost inaudible: “I know that you are also kind to me because of the cubs, and you will never be so kind to me ever again in the future.”


The mountains were very quiet, but from time to time there would be one or two indistinct dragon roars in the distance. The sun at dusk fell and sprinkled its light on the two while also casting a layer of gentle light on the entire canyon.


Half an hour later.


Lu Shifeng said, “You don’t want me to take responsibility?”


There was no response from behind. Lu Shifeng heard a slight snoring sound after a while. Very good, the carefree human fell asleep.



Lord Marshal paused and decided not to pursue any further.


When they finally reached the mother tree, Jian Luo felt that he had slept deeply. Lu Shifeng only put him down after he woke up. When he looked up, he saw a towering tree standing on the top of the sky, covered with leaves. The sky was covered with dazzling sun rays and the greenery was lush. Among them were interlaced vine branches, with clouds and mists spread among the leaves and vines. It was a tall and majestic tree.


Jian Luo’s eyes widened: “So this is the mother tree.”


Lu Shifeng nodded and he pointed to the root of the tree: “Go and touch it. It’ll just be like saying hello to the divine tree.”


Jian Luo: “Okay.”


When he first arrived at this kind of place, it was like waking up from a dream to shoot a movie. He walked in small steps and the closer he got to the tree, the more respect he felt in his heart. It was like a child who was about to meet his parents.


After getting closer, Jian Luo could even see the texture of the tree root. He stretched out his hand and carefully touched it, as if he was touching a baby. The root of the tree felt rough, but it was normal. He was about to withdraw his hand with a sigh of relief, when he looked up and saw a vine descending from the tree with a red fruit on it.




Jian Luo widened his eyes.


Where did this fruit come from!


Lu Shifeng was behind him: “Take it.”


Jian Luo mechanically stretched out his hand to take the fruit. The tree vine stopped in front of Jian Luo’s belly like an elder, but didn’t touch it, only lingering for a while before slowly retracting.


After everything calmed down, Jian Luo turned around stiffly and stopped in front of Lu Shifeng: “What does this mean? Are the elders satisfied with me?”


A smile crossed Lu Shifeng’s eyes: “They’ve given you their blessings.”


Jian Luo held the holy dragon fruit he got as a gift. This fruit was not at all different from what he had eaten before. It was bright red, and didn’t look out of the ordinary. He was very curious: “Is this the meal you brought me here to eat?”



You didn’t make it yourself at all!


Lu Shifeng said, “Isn’t it still food?”




It’s impossible to refute, but Jian Luo thought that it might be because this fruit is different from the others, there should be some other effect.


Lu Shifeng turned into a dragon and said to Jian Luo, “Come up.”


Jian Luo hurriedly climbed up with his hands and feet. He was familiar after doing it once, and he became proficient quickly. He then sat firmly on the dragon’s back.


The dragon crossed the mountain and finally took Jian Luo out.


On the way back, Jian Luo ate the fruit. Lu Shifeng took him to the prepared house. The place was very large and well-furnished. There was even a big bed, which was very soft and comfortable to sit on.


Jian Luo stepped on the blanket on the ground in surprise: “The blankets are so soft.”


Lu Shifeng said, “Well, if you fall off the bed, you can just go back to sleep directly.”




Dog man.


Jian Luo was full after eating the fruit. He remembered that he hadn’t discussed important matters with Lu Shifeng, so he told Lu Shifeng what happened during the day, and finally asked, “What do you think?”


In fact, these petty questions he asked were like asking a general who commanded the battlefield to take care of children’s quarrels.


Lu Shifeng threw his military coat on the sofa and said slowly, “Do you want to check this out yourself?”


“Yes.” Jian Luo was very curious: “But how do I check?”


It was like what 1+1 equals to. Lu Shifeng had to control his temper: “Do you suspect that there is a problem with his food safety?”



Jian Luo nodded: “Uhuh.”


“All purchases of potatoes can only be obtained wholesale through vegetable planting bases.” Lu Shifeng raised his eyes and looked at him: “Aren’t you going to Peace Paradise these few days, it would be better to check from there.”


Jian Luo seemed to be wide awake: “Yes.”


Lu Shifeng turned the book to another page: “As for that anchor networking dinner…”


“What?” Jian Luo suddenly became a little nervous.


Lu Shifeng lifted his eyelids and glanced at him: “Do you want to go?”


Jian Luo fell into deep thought and sat cross-legged on the bed: “Actually, it’s okay whether I go or not. I’ll chat with that person tomorrow after I get their contact information. In fact, I’m not very against attending this banquet, but I’m worried about accidents happening because I’m not alone now.”


Lu Shifeng looked at the parenting book in his hand, and a smile appeared on the corner of his mouth: “You have grown.”



Jian Luo’s mouth twitched and decided to ignore him.


“It’s no big deal if you really want to go.” Marshal Lu was more casual: “Be careful what you eat. Don’t eat more than a dozen ice creams and you’ll be fine. I’ll have some people follow you.”


Jian Luo choked.


Lu Shifeng threw the book aside and looked at him calmly: “However, since you remembered to take the initiative to discuss things with me, and it’s all good now. As a reward, what do you want to give me?”


Jian Luo was slightly surprised, but also a little cheerful. He was just about to speak, when suddenly, for a moment, his entire person froze as his eyes also widened unconsciously.


Lu Shifeng was sensitive and noticed it too. The man frowned: “What’s wrong?”


Half a second later.


Jian Luo thought for a while before he unconsciously stroked his stomach. He then showed a slow smile to the Marshal, which was very bright: “Come here, I will give you your reward. You can redeem it on the spot.”


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Chapter 45 – I have nothing to do with Lu Shifeng

Chapter 45 – I have nothing to do with Lu Shifeng


There was a moment of silence in the room.


Jian Luo noticed this strange silence and turned around innocently. He thought that Lu Shifeng was having some problems within his army.


It shouldn’t be so coincidental right?.


But you can’t directly ask yourself if your work is not going your way. If you really hit the mold, wouldn’t it add fuel to the fire?


Lu Shifeng looked at the meal on the table: “Who ordered it?”


“Huh?” Jian Luo still had the wrapped up food in his hand, and he said, “The bill looks like it’s from Royal House No. 1. Someone will pick it up, so I’m only sending it out the door. I don’t know who it is.”


Lu Shifeng tapped his fingertips on the table and there was no joy or anger on his face, but many thoughts were running through his mind.


There are only a handful of people who were qualified to stay at Royal House No. 1.


Zhan Wentai stayed at Phoenix Stage all year round, so he was basically excluded. The emperor already stays in the palace, so he was excluded too.


Nie Yan?


It’s not impossible.


Lu Shifeng lifted his eyelids and glanced at Jian Luo: “How did you draw him from your lottery?”


When it comes to this, Jian Luo got excited. Everyone probably wanted to prove themselves or to show off a little every once in a while so Jian Luo couldn’t hide his joy: “I received 88,888 torpedoes from him!”


Lu Shifeng was silent for a while: “That’s it?”




A question mark appeared on Jian Luo’s head and an inexplicable sense between victory and defeat came: “This is the biggest gift I have received since I started broadcasting. I have never received this before and the entire Jinjiang Live Broadcasting Network rarely encounters situations like this too.”


Lu Shifeng adjusted his sitting posture and said casually, “Has no one ever given you gifts before?”


He also swiped1Swipe credit card. AKA donate $$$ a lot.


But he’s never seen Jian Luo this excited.


Jian Luo said confidently: “Yes, but this gentleman swiped it at the right time as a sign of recognition of my cooking. Maybe he’s my true fan.”


True fan?


Lu Shifeng sneered.


Jian Luo saw the unhappy appearance of the marshal and really couldn’t figure out what he was thinking, so he could only say: “Then I will send it out.”


He turned around and was about to leave when he heard a voice from behind: “Wait.”


Jian Luo paused and heard Lu Shifeng sit up a little, his face a little distracted: “I’ll have someone send it for you.”


“Huh?” Jian Luo was holding the package and hesitated: “Isn’t that too kind of you?”


Lu Shifeng raised his eyebrows: “Isn’t the place just within the community? What are you afraid of?”


He’s also right.


Jian Luo was relieved: “Well, this should be delivered as soon as possible. It’s still hot now but it won’t taste good after a long time.”


The Marshal sneered again and again: “Don’t worry.”


So this ill-fated takeaway was sent out and Jian Luo didn’t know what would happen to it next.


After his meal, an attendant came to clear the table and also brought some cut fruit after. The holy dragon fruit was cut and placed on the plate, which looked very nice.


Jian Luo sat on the chair and asked casually, “Have you eaten yet?”


Lu Shifeng waited for a long time, and finally heard his words, so he raised his eyebrows: “I thought Mr. Jian only cared about the 888 torpedoes.”




It’s actually 88,888.


Jian Luo added in his heart, he didn’t dare say it out loud: “No, no. Um, I’m sure I care about you too. You’re the small dragons’ father.”


I don’t know which part of this sentence appealed to Lu Shifeng, but the marshal’s mood became alright again.


“Are you hungry?” Jian Luo stabbed a fork into the holy dragon fruit to eat it: “I’ll go and cook some more food for you. There’s still rice in the pot and side dishes over there.”


Lu Shifeng shook his head: “Don’t need to busy yourself, you can rest.”


Jian Luo made an “en” and didn’t insist. He continued to concentrate on eating his fruit. After a while, a servant came to the door with something in his hand.


The attendant saluted Jian Luo: “Your Royal Highness, the hospital has brought something, saying it’s a gift for you.”




Jian Luo now had a headache after hearing about the hospital.


“Got it.” Jian Luo stretched out his hand: “Give it to me.”


The attendant held a large bag in his hand, which was bulging but no one could tell what it was. He handed it to Jian Luo obediently.


Jian Luo didn’t expect anything good at all. Please do not let it be a luxury gift package of nutrient solution. He prayed to god as he opened it simply and rudely, but unexpectedly only saw a few books with gilded fonts on them:

Parenting Encyclopedia

999 Things New Moms Must Know About

Ten Thousand Years of Parenting History of Dark Stars


Regardless of the titles of these books, they were basically pretty normal, so Jian Luo let it be, but after re-reading it, the later titles became even more and more outrageous.

February-March Baby Raising Guide

Things You Must Know in March-April

Did you know about these things about April-May?



Jian Luo fell into a long silence.


Lu Shifeng flipped through a few books at random: “Their work efficiency is fast. The library has long since lost this collection of books, so it must’ve been specially printed for you now.”


Jian Luo held a few books and almost didn’t get angry: “There are so many, but I still have to take another exam. How can I finish reading these?”


Lu Shifeng put the books on the table: “Just read them when you have nothing to do, you don’t have to finish reading them all.”



You put it too lightly.


Jian Luo turned around and suddenly came up with an idea: “I think as the cub’s father, I can’t be the only one to read it. You also have the responsibility and are obligated to read the book too. If I have to take the exam, then you have to take the exam too.”


Lu Shifeng looked at him with interest.


“Cough.” Jian Luo felt guilty, but still resisted: “Is there any problem?”


Half a second later.


Lu Shifeng said slowly: “Mr. Jian is right.”


The daring little human was unaware of how daring he was being at all. No one in dark star dared call out Lu Shifeng like this for a long time, not to mention anyone who still wanted to give the Marshal an exam.


Master Jian Luo was bold: “Then read it first. I’ll read it later.”


Lu Shifeng took one, but he didn’t look at it in a hurry, and said to Jian Luo, “Go wash up first. If you’re stressed about the nutrient liquid, they changed their policy and made a nutrient solution for you to soak your feet.”




That’s insane.


Jian Luo nodded speechlessly: “I see.”


It was a proven fact that even if no one could think up any ideas, there is no magical dakr star who couldn’t think of a solution. A pot of green and bubbling nutrient solution was brought to soak his feet. After looking at it, Jian Luo felt his views widen again.


He sat on the sofa and said to Lu Shifeng, “Why are your nutrient solutions always green? Can’t you change its color?”


Lu Shifeng was reading and when he heard the words, he spoke slowly, “Want me to change it to red for you?”


Jian Luo fell silent.


It was quite comfortable to soak his feet in the nutrient solution, even if it looked a little unacceptable, it actually did not stain and was odorless, so everything was fine. Jian Luo picked up the bookThings You Must Know in March-Aprilto read and learn about parenting for dark stars.


He opened the first page and it read:

“Starting in April, the cub’s hearing has basically developed. Parents can carry out music prenatal education. In order to improve the parent-child relationship, they can also talk to them from time to time. Parents who tell stories to their children can foster their curiosity.”




This was good.


Jian Luo counted the days. The cubs are indeed about to be 4 months old, so perhaps their hearing has really developed, so could he tell them some stories?


On the opposite side, Lu Shifeng read the books very quickly, up to ten lines with a glance. After a while, he has already read most of the books while Jian Luo has not even finished the first paragraph of the first page yet.


Jian Luo was puzzled: “You can remember it all?”


“Why?” Lu Shifeng gave him a little bit of attention: “You want to give me a test too?”


“…That’s not it.” Jian Luo hugged the book and explained frantically, “Did you know what happens in April?”


Lu Shifeng put down his book.


Jian Luo was inexplicably a little nervous in his heart, and he looked forward to it: “Have you read about it?”


Lu Shifeng reached out to him: “Hand it over.”



Jian Luo didn’t give it to him, but simply showed him the page: “It is mentioned in this book that we should talk to the cubs, so do you have any designated children fairy tales?”


Lu Shifeng said, “No.”




A question mark slowly appeared on Jian Luo’s head: “But the book says to talk to them, do you not have any stories to tell them at all?”


Lu Shifeng thought for a while: “Do you want to hear it?”



Jian Luo blurted out, “The book says that the father should tell it to his cubs, not me.”


Lu Shifeng’s eyes stared at him with his pitch black eyes, as if he could see through all the thoughts in his heart and making Jian Luo feel inexplicably guilty.


Jian Luo was stunned: “No, it’s okay to not tell me.”


Lu Shifeng threw the book aside: “Have you finished soaking your feet?”


“Huh?” Jian Luo took his feet out of the basin and wiped them with a handkerchief. He was very positive: “I’m done.”


Lu Shifeng said “en”: “Go to bed and wait, I’ll tell you later.”


I didn’t expect it to be true!


Jian Luo was very excited: “Okay, okay.”


In fact, he has never heard of dark star’s fairy tales before. Would it be as magical as Snow White or something?


He was really looking forward to it!


Jian Luo happily got into the quilt. He waited for Lu Shifeng to finish washing before he put on his little black bear pajamas and sat on the bed.


Jian Luo’s little head popped up: “What story are you going to tell me today?”


Lu Shifeng was half-covered under the quilt while also half-sitting on the bed. He said in a low voice, “Tell me about the Dragon Clan’s battle of Phoenix Tail Slope on Interstellar Island Group.”




This does not sound like a fairy tale!


Jian Luo hesitated for a while, but still held on to some hope: “What story is it?”


“Once upon a time, there was a dragon team that bumped into an interstellar pirate group.” Lu Shifeng told the story very mechanically: “The fighters on the other side operated the newest b-257 battleship, and the combat missile type it held was the f7. There were 17 people in the dragon team. According to the feedback from the detector, the opponent had at least 300 people. The terrain of Phoenix Tail Slope was full of rocks, which was suitable for offensive and defensive battles…”


Jian Luo fell silent.


Marshal Lu’s combat recount vastly included the entire interstellar space and any military force would cry if they heard it. In addition, the Marshal also gave an analysis of the small dragons’ experience in combat in a condescending manner. He was really attentive.


After Lu Shifeng basically analyzed the situation of the enemy and himself, Jian Luo, who was next to him, was already dead asleep, and he slept very soundly.




The next day.


After a good night’s sleep, Jian Luo didn’t dare to tell Lu Shifeng what happened yesterday.


Fortunately, Lord Marshal was also very kind and didn’t ridicule him. After the two of them had breakfast together in a very tacit understanding, Lord Marshal sent Jian Luo to work and left after a few words as usual.


The first thing Jian Luo did when he got to his workplace was to give the food box to Wang Heng: “Well, this is the finished product for the chili peppers.”




Wang Heng took the food box and opened the lid for a moment: “Tofu?”


“En.” Jian Luo gave it to him: “I made some more in the morning. You can eat it while it’s still hot at noon, or during dinner. I’ll go and rewrite an application report on chili peppers.”


Only then did Wang Heng react: “It turns out that the anchor was you!”


Jian Luo laughed: “It’s me.”


Wang Heng, who was holding the lunch box, finally accepted this matter: “I was just wondering, the new breed of vegetable was just cultivated, so how could an anchor have it.”


Jian Luo didn’t plan to hide it. Seeing this, he said, “This is the new product that was broadcasted live yesterday. You can take it to try.”


Wang Heng hesitated for a long time before saying, “Thank you.”


Jian Luo didn’t mind, but reminded him: “You’d better eat it soon. It won’t taste good if it’s cold, don’t blame me for not reminding you.”


“No.” Wang Heng held the box and said after a long silence, “My wife likes to watch your live broadcast. I’ll take it home for her to eat.”



Jian Luo stopped.


He remembered that Wang Heng had also said before that he wanted to have a child with his wife. Right now, he was also very kind to his wife. For no reason, Jian Luo actually felt a little envious. This may be true love in real life. Probably because they both miss each other, they will always cherish and save good things for one another.


Not like old Lu.


Who told him an old war story.





In the evening, the report of the Chili report was approved.


It was completely different from yesterday’s tone and attitude. This time the reviewers seem to have suddenly changed their attitudes: [After our multi-party certification investigation, the pepper is now upgraded to high-grade ssr seeds, and its edible value is allocated as a high-grade seasoning. It is verified for batch planting. The first-level permissions for this matter has been issued to the seed cultivator Jian Luo’s account, please check. 】


Jian Luo asked Wang Heng, “What are the first-level permissions?”


Wang Heng was tinkering with his latest seeds, and replied: “If your seeds have been approved for batch planting, then you need to follow up and guide the planting work on the human side. This means, for almost the next few days, I’m afraid you have to go to Peace Paradise frequently.”


Most dark stars didn’t want to go there.


Except for Jian Luo.


Hearing this news, Jian Luo was very happy: “Okay! Then I can go there tomorrow, now that the order has come out.”


Wang Heng gave him a strange look and nodded: “In summer, the environment in Peace Paradise is even worse, you should pay attention to yourself.”



Have you forgotten that I am a human too.


Jian Luo was not angry: “I see.”


He was still happy to be able to travel at the expense of the government. The most important thing was that he didn’t have to worry that the priest would come over at any time to tell him to take the exam.


In the afternoon, Jian Luo was handling the handover work. He made all the handover preparations for himself in order to move to Peace Paradise from today onwards.




His information terminal received a message.


Jian Luo opened it casually. It was Jiang Jiang, “Luoluo, I found out that there is an anchor on the Internet who imitates you and makes the same food as you to gain popularity every episode after you finish your broadcast. Did you give him the authorization to do so?”


Jian Luo was stunned and replied, “No.”


“Then you should go and have a look first.” Jiang Jiang sent him the weblink and name: “It’s someone from the Interstellar Food Network called Chef Chenguang.”



Jian Luo said, “Okay.”


He was very impressed by the Interstellar Food Network before. At first, he wanted to broadcast live on their live network. Later, he came to Jinjiang without signing a contract with them and some unpleasant things happened after that, but with time, he basically forgot about it and put it behind him.


Who knew that after such a long time, this Interstellar Food Network would once again reappear in his life this way.


Jian Luo sat down on the chair and began to search for this Lord Chenguang. The obsidian information bracelet was fast, and sure enough, he found this person very quickly. After watching about a dozen videos, the earliest and the most popular video was:

[Luoluo’s potato chips, unlimited purchase for the same taste]


The food anchor in the video also made potato chips, which attracted a large number of people to come and appreciate the broadcast. Taste tasting was also opened after that. The order quantity exceeded 10 million, and the unit price for each was 2 star dollars. Jian Luo’s own broadcast only sold it for 1 star dollar.


Jian Luo thought about it before subscribing to try it. After taking a bite, it was very crispy, but it almost had the same problem as the one produced by Moonlight last time, that is, it was a little burnt because they did not grasp the control of heat well. The taste was partially okay, but others will get tired of this product pretty quickly as it was not thin enough.


Jiang Jiang sent another message: “Luoluo, have you read it yet?”


“I saw it.” Jian Luo replied to him: “Actually, potato chips and chips were not my idea. I read them in a book. They belong to the culture of the ancient earth, so it can’t be considered that he copied me.”


Jiang Jiang was very surprised: “But how would he know about it if you didn’t bring it up. He’s just rubbing off on your popularity, because you have limited purchases, he’s decided to use your popularity to sell his merchandise unscrupulously!”



It was the truth.


Jian Luo frowned: “But I don’t want to ruin the quality by rushing on the quantity.”


Jiang Jiang was also very angry: “Actually, I found out about this two days ago. 

They are really good at exploiting holes, so it’s not easy to make them own up to their mistakes. But the problem now is, even if they do not limit their purchases in bulk, there have been some health concerns as something went wrong with their physical chip products so some people have started to feel unwell after eating them. Now, they don’t want to admit that there’s a problem with their potato chips, but instead claim that there is a problem with the food itself.”





Jian Luo thought it was weird, so he had to confirm: “As long as the potato chips are not eaten every day, the appropriate amount will not cause any discomfort.”


Jiang Jiang was also very angry: “It must be their production problem.”




Jian Luo opened the homepage of Lightweb, browsing it before finally finding a forum discussion page about potato chips:

“Chef Chenguang’s potato chips will make you dizzy, do you face the same problem?”

“Yes, sort of. I thought it was just me.”

“Yeah, what’s the problem?”

“His production method is the same as Luoluo’s.”

“It seems that you can’t eat more potato chips on their own, and you can’t eat more than ten pieces at a time too.”


There was a lot of discussion on the Internet, and a lot of discussion about potato chips, but everyone’s attitudes were different. It was precisely because Jian Luo himself did not have an account on Lightweb, so no one came to him.


Jiang Jiang sent a message to Jian Luo: “Luoluo, in a couple of days there will be a convention for all the anchors. These people should also be present there, will you go?”


If it was left to Jian Luo’s previous temperament, he would definitely go.


But now there were still cubs in his stomach, what if something happens?


Originally, he really didn’t have any feelings for these unplanned children. But after three or four months, it was hard to be impartial. How could he not care for them?


If possible, he really didn’t want to expose the children to any danger.


Jian Luo’s fingers quickly typed on the screen: “Jiang Jiang, do you have Lord Chenguang’s contact information? I’ll chat with him first.”


Jiang Jiang was curious: “What are you going to do?”


“I suspect that the potatoes he used had already sprouted or were bad.” Jian Luo had no tolerance for this kind of thing and typed quickly: “I don’t mind getting not involved, because I didn’t invent potato chips, but if he used them to harm my good conscience and name, then I must find him.”


Jiang Jiang was also taken by Jian Luo’s thinking and quickly replied: “I don’t have his contact information yet, but I can check it out for you.”


Jian Luo breathed a sigh of relief: “Thank you.”


It was just time to get off work. Wang Heng packed up and was ready to go home with the spicy tofu in his arms. When he turned around, he saw Jian Luo sitting not far away.


Wang Heng frowned: “Aren’t you going back?”


Jian Luo sat on the chair, wearing a clean white shirt. From a distance, he looked like a student who had just got off school. He raised his head and smiled slightly: “Well, it’s time to go back. You should go first.”


Wang Heng waved his hand and left.


Jian Luo was full of worries and had a lot of things to think about, so he just sat in the shed. If he was allowed to go out now, he would have to face those dark star people. Now his heart was numb. The funny thing was that when he looked around, he couldn’t find anyone to talk about it to, so he could only quietly keep it to himself.


“Ring ring.”


His information bracelet was being called again.


Jian Luo sighed before receiving it. It was Jiang Jiang’s call. When he picked it up, he heard Jiang Jiang say, “I have entrusted it to someone, we will find out tomorrow. Also, regarding the registration form for the anchor conference tomorrow, our platform was only given one place so you can consider it. If you want to go, I will take you there and we can count it as clarifying it with the other party.”


Jian Luo was cautious: “Okay, I understand. I’ll think about it on my side.”


Originally, he meant that he was going to reconsider it himself.


Who knew that Jiang Jiang actually said: “Okay, discuss it with your marshal!”




Jian Luo choked with a mouthful of old blood: “Why do you think that I am with the marshal?”


Couldn’t he be discussing it with someone else? Couldn’t that person be himself? Why must it be Lu Shifeng?


How spiteful!


Jiang Jiang on the other side was much calmer: “Are you not?”



Jian Luo decided to be hard-hearted for a while, and heaved a sigh of relief: “Don’t talk nonsense, I obviously have nothing to do with him!”


When he finished his sentence, he turned his eyes and suddenly saw a figure standing at the door. Marshal Lu was standing there, leaning against the door and looking at him. When his eyes fell on him, it felt like a sharp knife was placed against his back or like sitting on a needle.


For a moment, Jian Luo suddenly shuddered.


Jiang Jiang asked suspiciously: “Is there really nothing?”


“En.” Jian Luo immediately changed his words: “That of course…is impossible.”


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Chapter 44 – Made for another man

Chapter 44 – Made for another man


Jian Luo was puzzled and it could be said that he was very, very conflicted. The two got into the car. Today, they were both going to drop him off at his workplace. They sat on the cushion as Jian Luo looked at the problem on his screen. He was very embarrassed.


Lu Shifeng glanced at him: “Is there a problem?”


“No.” Jian Luo unconsciously replied something perfunctory to him first: “It’s okay, I can handle it myself.”


The problem concerning the bracelet still persisted. Jian Luo thought about it for a while before finally choosing “no spouse”.


Who knows.


The bracelet immediately displayed: [Please re-enter, authentication failed. 】




A question mark appeared above Jian Luo’s head.


What’s wrong with this bracelet?


He took a deep breath and finally caved into the wicked thing, choosing: “Yes.”


The system immediately authenticated his information successfully, and couldn’t wait to give him the next options to fill in: [Please enter your spouse’s name and contact information. 】




Was this necessary?


Jian Luo glanced at Lu Shifeng quietly, thinking about it in his heart, should he enter the marshal’s name?


This is a problem.


Lu Shifeng glanced at him: “Are you thinking about using my name?”




Jian Luo was shocked and couldn’t believe it: “How did you know?”


“Because this is a linked bracelet.” Lu Shifeng said in a low voice: “The Obsidian is only available for couples, so you must enter your partner’s information.”




I have a feeling you knew from the beginning.


Jian Luo swallowed the complaint in his heart: “Then I…”


Lu Shifeng nodded: “Fill in my name.”


“Will it make any difference after I fill in your details?” Jian Luo was very curious. After all, he never used this kind of advanced technology before: “I mean, will it affect the various functions it has?”


This thing doesn’t have any tracking, or some perverted features right?


Lu Shifeng looked at his document sent by the secretary: “There is basically no difference and it can be used normally. The Obsidian has the most basic human monitoring system, so if your body experiences any abnormalities, I will know as soon as possible.”


Jian Luo seemed to understand but also not understand at the same time: “So that’s how it is.”


Soon, they arrived at the seed planting base and Lu Shifeng said to him, “I will pick you up at noon to take you to the hospital for an obstetric examination.”


Jian Luo had no objections: “Okay.”


After a few days, he has finally returned to work. As soon as he entered the shed, Wang Heng came over excitedly: “Your chilies have turned out well.”




Jian Luo’s eyes widened and he hurriedly ran over to see them.


They really turned out well!


He saw the green rhizomes standing firmly from the ground, with green leaves and red fruits. They all grew very well. The colors of red, viridian and green looked very beautiful. For a moment, Jian Luo was moved and it even filled his chest cavity, with an indescribable feeling. It was as if he was standing on the earth’s land and had returned to his home planet, looking at his own fields.


Wang Heng said later, “They look very good.”


That one sentence brought him back to reality in an instant.


Jian Luo walked slowly to the front of the nursery and squatted down, subconsciously smiling: “I have no regrets if it grows well.”


Wang Heng was surprised: “How do you eat this?”


Jian Luo wanted to prank him, so he picked a small pepper and smiled at Wang Heng: “Try it, it’s delicious.”


Dark stars were sometimes very simple-minded.


Wang Heng really took it: “The resulting plant could be seen the day before yesterday, so I’ve been curious for a long time. It looks pretty cute, but I don’t know if the taste…”


He stopped speaking abruptly.


Wang Heng’s face gradually flushed red as his face wrinkled together, like he had just swallowed poison.


Jian Luo snorted and hurriedly said, “Hurry up, go rinse your mouth.”


Wang Heng generally flew over to the water outlet not far away and rinsed his mouth for a while before thinking for a long time. He then scolded: “What the hell is this?”


Jian Luo beside him was a little guilty: “I’m sorry.”


Wang Heng was still heaving: “Do you have a problem with your brain? To have chosen this to cultivate. No one will eat this thing, understand? Quickly destroy it!”


Jian Luo tentatively asked, “Does it taste numb and spicy?”


Wang Heng nodded frantically.


Jian Luo was relieved. He patted Wang Heng on the shoulder: “Okay, just wait. I won’t simply waste resources planting this vegetable for nothing. I’ll go back to the kitchen today and show you the finished product after it comes out.”




Wang Heng waved his hand: “Go away, I won’t eat it.”


Jian Luo smiled and said nothing.


Now that the pepper seeds have been successfully cultivated, it was necessary to write a breeding and cultivation report. After submitting it, it must go through several stages to be approved. After the approval is successful, they will be officially put into the production base of Paradise Garden to start mass production.


After spending the entire morning writing, Jian Luo submitted the cultivation report.




His information terminal received a message.


After Jian Luo clicked it, he saw Zhan Wentai’s message: “Did you come to work?”


Jian Luo’s head throbbed and he had to admit the truth: “I did come.”


“Come to class at noon, I have prepared materials and lesson plans for you.” Zhan Wentai worked very seriously: “I’ll pick you up.”


Jian Luo quickly replied: “I can’t make this noon, I’m going to take an obstetric examination.”


There was silence for a moment.


Jian Luo breathed a sigh of relief and thought he almost escaped.


The result was this.


Zhan Wentai quickly changed his words: “I can also teach you after noon.”



Jian Luo was resigned: “Then wait for me to come back in the afternoon before going there. You don’t need to worry about me for now.”


The high priest finally let him go.


It was almost lunchtime and Wang Heng, who had been looking at him unpleasantly asked, “Where are you going to eat? I’ll go with you?”


Jian Luo refused: “The place where human beings go is not suitable for the noble you, I’ll just go by myself.”


Wang Heng snorted coldly, “Who wants to go with you?”


That’s good.


Jian Luo came out of the door and saw Lu Shifeng’s car.


It didn’t take much time to get to the hospital from here. The marshal was wearing his usual military uniform, but he didn’t know where he came back from. Jian Luo only whiffed a faint bloody smell, which made him uncomfortable.


They arrived at the hospital soon after.


The doctors had already been ready since a long time ago and they were very enthusiastic when they saw Jian Luo:

“Mr. Jian Luo, how are you feeling recently?”

“Do you have any reactions to certain food?”

“Which flavors are probably more disgusted with?”


Jian Luo answered as he thought the answer. Finally, after being surrounded by many doctors and answering the questions, the nurse kindly gave him a drink: “This is juice made with holy dragon fruit, you can try it.”


The color of the drink was white and there were golden particles of the holy dragon fruit in it. At first glance, the drink was even filled to the brim.


Jian Luo took it: “Thank you.”


The nurse took out a needle that had been prepared some time before and smiled: “Then let’s draw blood from you.”



I knew you weren’t that kind.


Jian Luo raised his arm resignedly: “Go ahead and pierce it.”


The nurse responded. After taking care of Jian Luo, she really started to insert the needle. While holding the drink, Jian Luo found that the needle was really much smaller than the last time. It seems that Lu Shifeng didn’t lie to him and really made the hospital make small needles.


After a while, the doctors finished taking blood and started testing, so Jian Luo was free and walked out of the room.


Lu Shifeng turned around and looked at him holding a drink.


Jian Luo explained: “The nurse gave it to me.”


“I know.” The Marshal was leaning against the window with a lazy attitude: “Mr. Jian was slightly temperamental last time, so this time they were ensured to be well prepared.”



Jian Luo pouted: “What about my temper?”


Lu Shifeng lifted his eyelids and glanced at him. He looked at him from top to bottom and then slowly opened his mouth with a smile: “Well, it’s not really that bad.”




I’m pretty sure you’re implying something else.


Fortunately, the dark star’s technology is good, so the test results came back quickly. The doctor invited Jian Luo and Lu Shifeng to chat about it as soon as they got it.


Seeing the doctor’s serious attitude, Jian Luo was inexplicably a little nervous. He was very afraid that the doctor would ask him to eat whatever he prescribed when he went back, or even publish about a disease named after him.


Lu Shifeng was very calm: “Let’s talk.”


The doctor hurriedly and respectfully put down the information tablet: “We tested Mr. Jian. The genes in your body indeed show a stress response to our nutrient solution.”


Jian Luo was slightly surprised: “What do you mean?”


“The general consensus is that your body rejects the nutrient solution.” The doctor said very reservedly: “And it has nothing to do with pregnancy. It is rejected by your body’s natural feedback mechanism, similar to a kind of acclimatization.”



It was quiet in the room.


Unaccustomed to the soil and water here? It was known by all that the human beings in Peace Paradise have been drinking nutrient solution from childhood up till adulthood for the sake of saving money. If word gets out about the doctor finding a person who was unaccustomed to the soil and water here, he will become a laughing stock.


Jian Luo held back for a long time: “I don’t know why either.”


Lu Shifeng said to the doctor, “Will it affect his body?”


The doctor paused for a long time. He thought that the marshal would ask such strange things like why Jian Luo’s body was so strange, and that it would be better to stay in the hospital for observation or something, but who knew that the marshal would ask such a question.



The doctor said honestly: “At present, there are no records of such an observation.”


According to his own understanding, Jian Luo said, “I prefer to eat the vegetables of ancient earth. According to my physical condition, my body is more susceptible to accepting them, so if I eat these, will it also be nutritious for the small dragons?”


The doctor was a little dizzy when he was surrounded by their questions: “Well… if you are healthy and eat nutritious food, the small dragons will also be nourished. It’s three months old now, so you have to pay more attention. Starting from around April will be the fastest growing period for the small dragons. Pregnancy classes for you are currently being arranged.”


Jian Luo fell silent.


He felt that after he was pregnant with cubs, he was pulled back to study.



After coming out of the hospital, Lu Shifeng took him back to the seed cultivation base.


Jian Luo got out of the car with his head down in dejection: “I’m leaving.”


“Is the work unpleasant?” Lu Shifeng could clearly feel that he was not in a good mood: “You can talk about it if you need advice.”


Jian Luo leaned against the car door. He was resigned: “No, I just need to go for class.”


Jian Luo didn’t know if it was just his imagination, but he felt that he saw Lu Shifeng smiling. Even if the smile flashed for only a second, he still smiled.


Marshal Lu got out of the car. With his tall and straight body, he stood beside Jian Luo: “Let’s go.”


Jian Luo was suspicious: “Where are we going?”


Lu Shifeng looked down at him: “To meet your teacher.”



Jian Luo, the little daughter-in-law, followed Lu Shifeng into the building. The many followers of Phoenix Stage along the way would stop and salute when they saw Lord Marshal.


Seems like he’s the same level as the other person the last time.


When they entered the place, they saw Zhan Wentai sitting by the bed not far away. The priest was wearing a white robe and his whole body exuded a holy light.


Lu Shifeng sat down at the table: “Nothing better to do recently?”


Zhan Wentai was reading a book. After he heard the straight-forward word, he said: “The cubs are the hope of the empire. It is everyone’s responsibility to take care of it. It is also my responsibility to teach Luoluo.”


The person carrying the hope of the whole empire sat down opposite him.


Lu Shifeng picked up a book and read it. After reading it, he saw that it was actually recorded the history of the empire. It was full of pictures and texts, and could be said to be very detailed.


Jian Luo was under great pressure: “Mr. Zhan, what are we learning today?”


Zhan Wentai took out the test paper he had prepared some time before and gave it to him: “You haven’t been coming in these days, so I’m worried that you have forgotten the previous knowledge points. Do this first, then I’ll see what you know about history now, so I can approximate your degree of mastery.”




An exam?


Jian Luo took it as he trembled, glancing at it roughly. His heart was cold.


However, the Lord Priest also added a sentence in an understanding tone: “If you can’t do it, just leave it empty, then I will give you a supplementary lesson alone.”



Jian Luo’s hand holding the paper trembled even more.


After Zhan Wentai explained this, he said, “Okay, let’s start doing the questions.”


There was a pre-prepared pen and paper on the table for a long time so Jian Luo could only pick it up resignedly. To him, the content of the entire test paper could be summed up in four words – he didn’t know anything.


Jian Luo looked at it for almost half a day. Apart from the free-mark questions that even idiots could answer, he had to use the odd 1 out of 4 technique1

In multiple choice questions with ABCD answers, if one doesn’t know the answers, sometimes they use this technique.

Read the T/N to find out how to ace your exams with this fool-proof (not really) method,

to choose the answer.


“Knock Knock.”


There was a knock on the door from outside.


Zhan Wentai glanced towards it and said to Lu Shifeng, “I’m going out.”


The Marshal sitting on the sofa nodded lazily.


“Jian Luo.” Zhan Wentai took two steps and stopped, turning his head to look at him: “After you finish it, put the test papers here. I’ll come back and look at them.”


Jian Luo hurriedly nodded.


So the invigilator left, and Jian Luo, who was sitting in the same place, was relieved when he heard the sound of the door closing and began to peek at Lu Shifeng. After his 30th time peeking, the marshal finally asked: “What are you looking at?”



Jian Luo held the pen and glanced back quietly. After confirming that Zhan Wentai was not around, he whispered, “Um, when was the first time the dragon clan migrated?”


Lu Shifeng looked at him in a leisurely manner.


“I’m just asking.” Jian Luo started talking nonsense with his eye wide open: “Actually, I remember it, but I just want to confirm it with you.”


Laying on one side of the sofa, the lazy man closed the book. Lu Shifeng then spoke slowly, “Then which date do you remember it being?”




Why are you making it difficult for me?


After holding back for a long time, he finally made a choice to skip those remedial lessons instead of keeping his pride intact: “Okay, I forgot. Just tell me.”


Lu Shifeng raised his eyebrows and smiled, “The 25th star century.”


Jian Luo hurriedly immersed himself in writing the answer. After that, he asked, “Which canyon did the first meteor shower land in?”


Lu Shifeng asked him, “You don’t remember the classes that the high priest gave you?”



Jian Luo was choked up, he blinked as his voice became weaker and weaker: “It’s not like I wanted this to happen. In fact, the priest explained it in detail and did it pretty well, but… but I couldn’t digest it all at once, so I can’t remember that much.”


Lu Shifeng looked at him.


“Okay.” Jian Luo felt even more guilty when he saw him: “I will definitely take notes next time, review it when I go home, and get a good score in the test.”


He thought that Lu Shifeng would reprimand him.


But what he never expected was that the Marshal would just say this lazily: “It doesn’t matter.”


Jian Luo: “Huh?”


“It’s okay if you don’t do well in the test.” Lu Shifeng lightly opened his thin lips, a little vile: “If the cubs are uneducated little dragons after birth, I won’t blame you.”



What kind of cubs are born with automated knowledge in them?!


Jian Luo rolled his eyes and simply ignored him.


He sat down with the test paper, even as the final result would be dismal. The Marshal was busy with his affairs, so he stayed here for a little while longer before leaving. When Zhan Wentai came back, he glanced at the test paper and was silent for a long time.


Jian Luo felt like he was sitting on pins and needles: “Well, teacher, don’t be angry. You can lecture me again and I promise you will get a good grade in the exam this time.”


However, Zhan Wentai slowly put down the papers, his calm gaze fell on Jian Luo: “No.”


Jian Luo: “Huh?”


“There should be a problem with my teaching and instructing method.” Zhan Wentai looked at the test paper with a stern face: “This is the end of today, and I need to think about it.”




No way!


Jian Luo was full of complaints, but he didn’t dare to say it too clearly. However, he was still very happy that he didn’t have to take remedial classes. After leaving Phoenix Stage, he returned to the shed.


Wang Heng said after seeing him come back: “The auditor has just sent back the report. They rejected the request for the mass production of peppers.”


Jian Luo frowned: “What’s going on.”


“I told you that chili peppers have no actual edible value.” Wang Heng was annoyed: “It’s useless for you to bring it up in the report. You will definitely be rejected.”


Jian Luo took the report and looked at it a few more times. Sure enough, it was similar to what Wang Heng said. His entire proposal was rejected, and the examiner’s tone was also very sharp: “After the official appraisal, the peppers have no edible value. Mass production is not recommended. For mass production, please give priority to the SSR grade seeds when selecting seeds. Also, conserve more fertilizer and land resources.”




Wang Heng said next to him, “Someone came over there just now and said that you should clean up all the peppers. You can pick another seed in two days.”


Jian Luo put away the report: “Don’t clean it up yet.”


“What do you want to do this time?”


Jian Luo walked up to the peppers and started picking peppers: “I want to write a complaint report which will be submitted tomorrow. Don’t clean this place up.”


Wang Heng sighed heavily, too lazy to say anything.



Because the house in Dragon Valley has not yet been furnished, Jian Luo still stayed in the palace for the past two days. Today, he was going to cook a meal with the chili peppers, so he specially asked the attendants to lend him a small kitchen.


The attendant dispersed the usual crowd and finally packed a separate cubicle for him in the imperial kitchen, and said, “If there’s anything, just holler!”


Jian Luo said thank you.


Two days ago, he bought a live broadcast lightball online on his own, so now he was just trying out its functions.


“Beep, it’s turned on.”


The ball was connected to the live broadcast room and the broadcast started on time at night, so  Jian Luo habitually greeted the camera: “Hello everyone, let’s eat spicy tofu today.”


In fact, he actually wanted to make some meat, such as spicy crayfish, spicy fish, etc. But now he can’t stand the smell of raw meat. After all, it was alright if he accidentally vomitted in front of his audience once, but what if the smell comes back, it’ll bring much trouble, won’t it?


After carefully considering, the simple spicy tofu was okay too.


The audience in the live broadcast room was also very excited:


“What do you mean by spicy? I don’t know what it is.”

“Anchor, can you be normal and do normal things this time?”

“I like to make your recipes, it’s delicious every time.”

“I’m not tired of rice crackers, can we do that again?”


As more and more recipes were made by Jian Luo, the popularity of the live broadcast room got higher and higher. Although his broadcasting time was not fixed, there were still a large number of people who camped outside his room every day.


Jian Luo nodded: “It will be spicy, and I’ll be making a new product for everyone today.”


On the table was the tofu sent by Moonlight. With their masterful skill, the tofu was very tender and fragrant.


“When cutting tofu, you have to be careful.” Jian Luo said while cutting the knife: “As the texture of tofu will be slightly fragile, you should pay more attention and avoid hurting your hands.”


From this point on, it was basically the usual routine.


Seeing that the water in the pot was boiled, Jian Luo said, “Put the tofu into the blanching water first, so that it won’t fall apart and will be more delicate after frying. You should also pay attention to it when you make it yourself.”


A few steps later, Jian Luo took out the chili and washed it. He then said, “The chili is the most critical step. Chop it and add it in…”


The audience members were not calm:

“What are chili peppers?”

“It looks so strange.”

“Why are you putting it together with the tofu?”


When Jian Luo started to cut the peppers, some restless viewers who had turned on the hologram couldn’t hold back and secretly tasted the peppers. Almost instantly, everyone was quiet.

“It’s poisonous.”

“Ahhh, my mouth.”

“Everyone, listen to my advice. Don’t eat it!”


There was a lot of disturbance in the barrage, as if a fuse had been lit, but Jian Luo, who was cooking, only concentrated on cooking his spicy tofu. It was a beautiful red as the aroma of chili peppers spread out slowly, making everyone feel good.


Jian Luo has been craving for peppers for a long time, and now he was almost drooling.


The audience was intimidated:

“A pot of poison.”

“Report the live broadcast room for maliciously hurting people.”

“Whoever eats this thing will die. I just tasted it, and I can’t speak it right now.”


When Jian Luo turned around and saw these words in the live broadcast room, he was completely dumbfounded. He thought of a possibility and dared not accept the truth: “Are there people who’ve just eaten a few bites of the chili?”


Obviously, it was a yes.


As the aroma of spicy tofu came out, many people couldn’t help but sigh.

“What should I do? This vicious vegetable has caught my attention.”

“It seems to be okay.”


Although most of them were shouting, the dark stars have always loved challenges, so even if the crowd was fierce, there were still some people who could tone down their excitement.


“It’s best not to eat the chili raw. It’s too spicy.” Jian Luo served the food and said, “It’s a little hot now, so let’s leave this for later.”


“I steamed some rice.” Jian Luo turned on the rice cooker next to him: “You can eat them both together. It’ll make for a good meal.”


After the meal was finished, the tofu was almost ready to eat. Jian Luo carefully put one in his mouth. The delicate and smooth tofu no longer had the same faint taste it had before, but it still had a smell that stimulated the taste buds and mobilized the nerves. After biting into it, the initial taste was crispy and delicious, it was wonderful!


For a time, apart from the small number of them who couldn’t stand spicy food, most were shocked.

“What does it taste like?”

“The chili, it’s so damn sweet.”

“It successfully got my attention.”

“Leave the link for the chilli peppers, thanks!”


Just when everyone was clamoring to buy chili peppers, the largest donation in the history of Jinjiang was wired into the live broadcast room: The user Speechless has presented 88,888 deep-water torpedoes to the anchor.

The super luxurious torpedo special effects blinded all the audience in an instant.


Because Jinjiang received such a large torpedo reward, it flashed once across the public homepage screen and other broadcasts of other anchors. As the local tyrant gave the donation, the entire Jinjiang homepage was swamped and other anchors started talking. After the numbers exploded, everyone was also stunned.


Not to mention others, Jian Luo himself was also stunned, and subconsciously asked, “Did the hands of this audience member accidentally slip up?”


After a while, [Username Speechless: I want to buy a spicy tofu]



The power of money.


The 88,888 deep-water torpedoes were worth almost hundreds of thousands of star dollars, even at a discounted rate. Jian Luo has never seen such a wealthy person before, so he had to make the promise, “…Okay, I’ll make it for you soon.”


The live broadcast room was temporarily suspended. At the same time, two hot searches also rose in the star network:


#hundreds of thousands of star dollars to buy a bowl of chili#


After Jian Luo finished eating, it happened that he had not finished using all the ingredients, but managed to keep some for himself, as such, he simply made another spicy potato with the remaining ingredients and decided to use some of his backdoor connections to inquire about the identity of the user by the name of Speechless.


There was a voice outside, someone was approaching.


Lu Shifeng leaned against the door: “Have you eaten?”


“En, I’ve eaten.” Jian Luo replied casually, “You are early today.”


Lu Shifeng saw that Jian Luo had already eaten but was still busy in the kitchen. He thought of a possibility that Jian Luo might be making food for the marshal himself, and couldn’t help but smile. He was in a good mood.


Jian Luo responded.


Lu Shifeng waited for a long time but no one came to personally greet him, so he had to ask, “What are you doing?”


“Oh, I’m cooking for someone.”


The Marshal was just about to speak with satisfaction, when he heard Jian Luo add another sentence: “It was made for a gentleman from my live broadcast room.” 



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About the odd 1 out of 4 technique…

When we get multiple-choice questions, we usually have four options: A, B, C, and D. According to this technique, we first have to look at the length of the four options ABCD. Out of the 4 options, if 3 are longer, then the shortest one is the answer. Vice versa, if out of 4 options, 3 are shorter than 1, the longer one is the answer. Hehe, the more you know~

Now try it out:

Q: What is Marshal Lu to Jian Luo? (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

A) His husband and mate

B) His food bin

C) Scary.

D) His pet dragon


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