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Chapter 53 – Naming the cubs

Chapter 53 – Naming the cubs


The atmosphere in the room was icy for a moment.


The smart Jian Luo immediately sensed that something was wrong. Crap, could it be that Secretary Jin was not Lu Shifeng’s type?


What he already said can’t be taken back, so Jian Luo had no choice but to bite the bullet: “Actually, ahem, it’s ok if you don’t want Secretary Jin.”



Lu Shifeng sat down beside him and glanced at him: “You are quite good at making matches. How about you start a matchmaking agency?”


Apparently he was really angry now.


Jian Luo hurriedly said, “No, no, no. I’m just simply saying it. Marshal, your opinion holds more importance, so you don’t have to consider what I said.”


The youth beside him turned off his information terminal and retracted subconsciously, like a snail that would retract into its shell because of a little touch.


Lu Shifeng found out that Jian Luo’s seemed like someone easy to get along with, but it was actually a facade. Jian Luo was like a small snail inside. If he was hurt in any way, he would immediately retract into his shell and close himself up.


Lu Shifeng changed the subject: “Why do you still call me Marshal?”




Jian Luo choked: “Is there a problem?”


There was a moment of silence in the air and Lu Shifeng had to change the way he expressed himself: “You are the little dragon’s mother, so you don’t need to be like others.”


Jian Luo never expected to be bestowed such an honor!


He touched his chin and asked sincerely, “Then what should I call you?”


The Marshal was not very particular: “What do you want to call me?”


“Um…” Jian Luo started thinking. Using his brain was tiring. Even if he didn’t call him marshal, he couldn’t just call him Lu Shifeng directly, right?


No, no, this was too much of a crime!


What about calling him Shifeng?


It would feel too awkward!


Jian Luo tossed and turned on his bed, lost in thought before finally clapping his hands: “I’ll call you Long ge1龙哥 Dragon bro, but I decided to keep it romanized this time, because ‘哥ge’ or ‘brother’ has a slightly different connotation to bro in English.!”




Lu Shifeng said silently, “Where did you get the idea from?”


“Isn’t it good?” Jian Luo sat cross-legged on the bed with an excited expression: “No one else will call you that.”


Of course not. How could there exist such a person who sucked so much at coming up with names?


What’s more, who would dare to call Lu Shifeng their brother, let alone “Long ge”? They should just go pray for their life instead.


The marshal was very dissatisfied with this new name.


But Jian Luo said, “I think Long ge is a very kind name. Every time I call you like this, I will think of my savior who saved me from danger and always be reminded of Long ge’s reliability!”



Lu Shifeng swallowed the words about how he disliked the name and changed it to: “Whatever you want.”


The matter was settled like this and Jian Luo was ready to take a bath with satisfaction. He took off his information bracelet and put it on the bed: “I’m not going home today, so I have left a message for my mother. If there is any message in a while, help me reply.”


Lu Shifeng responded with an ‘en’ slowly as Jian Luo walked away.


Dragons don’t really need a lot of sleep, but humans are different. Humans are a race that will get sick if they don’t sleep at night. The Lord Marshal was lying on the bed leisurely, flipping through the book in his hand when a sound came.


Lu Shifeng frowned slightly, picked up the phone and saw the content of the message inside:

[Luoluo, I forgot to confirm something with you just now. Didn’t we already agree on a place? But there are a lot of small streets there, which one should we meet at? 】


The sincere question touched some nerves.


Lu Shifeng’s eyes narrowed, but he didn’t help Jian Luo make a decision. He put the information bracelet aside and chose to continue reading.


But the other was very persistent.


Jiang Jiang sent another message: “Tomorrow, there will be more people at this place, so you should tell me which restaurant you want so I can make a booking first.”


“What cuisine do you like?”


“Tomorrow the weather is not very good, you should pay more attention before you come, or should I pick you up?”


The endless notifications finally cracked the Lord Marshal’s patience. The Marshal, who had finished being considerate, picked up the information bracelet and replied succinctly: [He is taking a shower. 】



There was silence for a long time, and someone narrowly escaped death.


The next day.


When Jian Luo woke up in the morning, the Marshal had not left, which was very strange. Usually Lu Shifeng had a lot of things to do, but he would always leave quietly to not wake him up. What he didn’t expect was for the Marshal to also have his lazy stay-in-bed days too!


Jian Luo sat up: “Aren’t you busy today?”


Lu Shifeng was getting dressed. Seeing that Jian Luo was awake, he said in a low voice, “En, there are not many things to deal with today. I will send you to work.”


I see.


Jian Luo followed and got up slowly. He stretched his waist and looked at the sun outside: “There’s no need. Due to what happened yesterday, the seeds of the chili peppers need to be submitted and tested to see if they have been altered. That is Wang Heng’s job. I only need to go there in the afternoon.”


This was exactly what Lu Shifeng was waiting for.


The Marshal pretended to be indifferent and said, “Aren’t you going to Phoenix Stage for class in the morning?”




Jian Luo choked: “No.”


Lu Shifeng looked at him: “Then where are you going? I’ll take you there.”


As long as he didn’t take him to class, Jian Luo quickly gave him an address and said, “I have an appointment with someone to discuss something, just leave me there.”


Lu Shifeng buttoned up the buttons of his usual uniform and said casually, “Is that the colleague you mentioned last time?”


Jian Luo nodded: “Yes!”


Thinking of the message last night that the Marshal helped him reply, Jian Luo smiled: “If people often see each other, maybe they can say hello to each other too. I feel that the two of you have a lot of fate with each other.”


Lu Shifeng asked noncommittally: “The fate of replying to one another’s messages?”




Sure enough, it was similar to what Jiang Jiang said. At this point, this section of the road was really congested. When Jian Luo got off the bus, he was already half an hour late to the agreed time.


Because they could not park too long at this section of the road, Jiang Jiang was already waiting inside the restaurant. He didn’t see Lu Shifeng yet at this time as only Jian Luo went inside by himself.


Jian Luo went into the restaurant and waved at him: “Jiang Jiang!”


Jiang Jiang, who was anxiously waiting, trotted over: “Luoluo, you’re finally here. I was thinking if something happened to you.”


Jian Luo smiled shyly.


The atmosphere of this restaurant was pretty good. Jiang Jiang had already ordered some dishes on the table and when Jian Luo sat down, he heard Jiang Jiang say, “Luoluo, I brought the contracts for you to invest in the company. The contract of being Jinjang’s anchor should also be renewed, so I also prepared that contract for you. The split is still the same as before, 70% is your’s, while mine is 30%, but I have a small request. I wonder if you will agree?”


Jian Luo: “Tell me and I’ll listen.”


“Actually, it’s nothing.” Jiang Jiang sighed: “It’s because the timing of your live broadcasts are not fixed. I know that you have an actual job and you may be busy, so maybe you can’t have a fixed schedule. What I was thinking was, if you can, could you fix the time of the live broadcast twice a week, so that it is also convenient for fans to wait for you?”


Jian Luo thought for a while: “Sometimes I have some emergencies, so I can’t have a fixed schedule. How about this, I will try to have more than 3 live broadcasts a week, and I will announce the live broadcast time on my Interstellar web account as appropriate. Is this alright?”


Because of the cubs, he really could not guarantee that he would be free at a fixed point in time. If there were any emergencies, the viewers would be left to become squatting ducks2No livestream, so the viewers left to eat dust in the wind., which was not what Jian Luo wanted to happen.


Jiang Jiang did not make it difficult for him and agreed happily: “Okay!”


The two of them happily signed the contract, after the general contents were read by himself. In fact, before coming here, Lu Shifeng told him to carefully read the contract more to avoid traps. Although they were friends, he still had to be careful. After all, if some of the terms could not be guaranteed to be completed, it will not be good for anyone in the end.


After the business was done, Jiang Jiang began to diverge his thoughts: “Um, Luoluo, let me ask you…”


Jian Luo happily said, “Say it.”


“That is…” Jiang Jiang looked at Jian Luo. To be honest, Jian Luo’s physique was really small compared to the stature and size of dark stars in general, so he hesitated: “I’m a little curious, since you are together with the Marshal, can you really bear it..?”



The air between them suddenly fell silent.


Half a second later.


Jian Luo scooped some vegetables into Jiang Jiang’s bowl: “Let’s eat.”




This meal became inexplicably bad because of that last question. After Jian Luo finished eating, he went back to the cultivation base. When he came to work before, no one really acknowledged him, and some even looked at him strangely,  but now it was different.


Director Li waited at the door for a while and finally saw Jian Luo: “Luoluo!”


Jian Luo paused: “Director Li.”


“I have been waiting for you.” Director Li took his hand with great enthusiasm: “The seeds of that batch of peppers have been screened and there is no problem.”


Jian Luo nodded: “That’s good.”


Director Li followed him and sighed: “I’m really sorry for what happened before. It was due to our negligence in work. The last batch of pepper seeds were sent for testing, but we can tell that the results were good. Luoluo, you are very capable. After our unanimous decision, we are going to upgrade your star level and allocate a shed for you.”


In Peace Paradise, they were ranked by stars.


Starting off with one or two stars, the higher a person’s star rating, the more capable the person. However, one’s star rating was not so easy to upgrade, nor easy to earn. If one is not capable, they will definitely struggle.


Jian Luo was surprised: “Are you sure you want to give me a star upgrade?”


Director Li was afraid he was being too modest: “If you didn’t find out about the seeds in time, we would have suffered even more losses.”



Jian Luo touched his chin but finally declined: “Thank you for your kindness, but for the time being, I will only cultivate more batches of chili peppers in this shed. If there are any new products from Phoenix Stage in the future, I will reconsider.”


Director Li didn’t want to agree, but seeing as Jian Luo was about to refuse, he quickly said, “Then, I’ll just leave a shed for you?”


Jian Luo still shook his head. Just as he was about to say something, he suddenly thought of his current problem. Although the land outside is expensive, the price of land and goods in Peace Paradise was not too expensive. Since he wanted to open a factory in the future, why not acquire some land directly from Peace Paradise?


Thinking of this, Jian Luo seemed to have opened up a path for himself. He said, “I will think about it again, thank you for your suggestion.”


Director Li was very happy: “It’s fine.”


After discussing this matter, everyone was happy. Back inside the shed, several young people inside have been waiting for a long time. Seeing Jian Luo, everyone had different expressions, but they all walked out to him:

“Brother Jian Luo, I’m sorry.”

“We didn’t know that Jiang Kang was that kind of person.”

“Fortunately, it was discovered early.”


Jian Luo let go of the door of the shed: “You don’t need to say this now. I am in charge of this shed and all of you, so I am responsible for any problems with the team.”


The few little ones didn’t dare to make a sound. After what happened to Jiang Kang, no one dared to make trouble with Jian Luo again.


Jian Luo spoke upfront: “The pepper seeds have been brought over after the test, so we can start to plant a new batch. This is the last batch of peppers I will supervise. While I’m still with you, hurry up and practice. When I leave later, any problems will have to be discussed online.”


The crowd nodded.


Jian Luo held a small meeting and everyone gave him a rough overview of the problems they encountered these days. After everyone took notes, they were given some precautions leaving. If this new batch of chili peppers were healthy, they would then be put on the market.


During the afternoon break, Jian Luo sat on the rocking chair in the shed to eat snacks. Beside him were several employees who were also resting.


“Sister Qing, are you really pregnant?”


Someone asked first.


Jian Luo was stunned for a moment. He looked at the petite woman and saw Wang Qingqing covering her stomach with a happy smile on her face: “Well, I just found out yesterday.”


Jian Luo said, “Congratulations.”


Wang Qingqing said softly, “Thank you, but don’t worry, Brother Jian. I will still definitely work hard.”


Jian Luo nodded: “Good luck.”


Everyone continued to talk about the topic of the child, such as where the child will go to school after being born, where to buy diapers, etc. They also talked about whether the child may be a boy or a girl, and what name the child will be called by in the future.


Although there were many topics about the hardships of life, most of them were positive and full of optimism.


After chatting, a young man said half-jokingly: “Sister Qingqing, we basically can’t tell that you are pregnant with this belly, but look at Brother Jian, he is really getting more and more blessed. He’s a little thin, but if he lies down, his stomach is fully round. If I hadn’t known the truth, I would have thought he was pregnant!”




No, you don’t actually know the truth.


Wang Qingqing also glanced at Jian Luo when she heard the words, which made Jian Luo look very nervous, but she smiled and said, “If Luoluo is really pregnant, I have never seen a pregnancy as good as his. If one was pregnant, it would already be in the 3rd or 4th month. This would be the time when one’s symptoms would be the most violent, but he is full of energy and nothing has happened.”


The others nodded in approval.


Jian Luo nodded helplessly: “Yes, I just got fat. If I get fatter in the future, be more tolerant, will you?”


The crowd burst into laughter.


In the evening.


When Jian Luo went back, he couldn’t help but recall what Wang Qingqing and the others said. He thought it was quite reasonable. He had severe symptoms before, so why did he suddenly feel better now?


Jian Luo took the initiative to flip through a textbook, hoping to find the answer in the ocean of knowledge. He finally found a detailed explanation on the page of “Things to Know”:

[The symptoms during pregnancy differ between different races, and the timing of these symptoms for dragons will also different from mother to mother. 】


Jian Luo was startled. What did this sentence mean? Isn’t it time yet?




When Lu Shifeng came in from the outside, what he saw was Jian Luo lying on the bed and looking at the book in surprise. The marshal raised his eyebrows: “What are you looking at?”


Jian Luo sighed: “I was thinking when your cubs will start to make trouble with me.”


Lu Shifeng sat down beside him: “Relax and think positively.”


Jian Luo couldn’t help but wonder: “For example?”


“Like it might start tomorrow.”




Jian Luo, who was not comforted at all, really wanted to kick Lu Shifeng. He lay on the bed, thinking about other things when he suddenly thought of a question: “Hey, Long ge, have you ever thought about naming the cubs?”


Lu Shifeng’s movements stopped for a while. His handsome face was rarely confused, but finally his eyes landed on Jian Luo’s body: “Have you decided on it?”


Jian Luo turned over and said, “I think we can come up with a nickname first.”


Lu Shifeng was a little interested, leaning against the bed with a lazy attitude: “Tell me about it.”


“Well…I was thinking.” Jian Luo said curiously: “What words do you dragons use to come up with their names? I’ll follow the customs first.”


Lu Shifeng explained to him: “The dragon clan members have two surnames, a greater and lesser one. The greater surname will be the one officially assigned to an individual. For example, my surname Lu, is the greater surname. The name with the lesser surname will usually be Long or Tian3Long or Tian 龙或天 (Eng for Dragon or Sky), combined with a nickname.”


Jian Luo nodded: “Then let’s think of a nickname first!”


Lu Shifeng looked at him: “Do you have any ideas?”


“Well…” Jian Luo thought about it over and over, hoping to give the baby a more domineering name and not lose at the starting line. After thinking for a long time, he slowly said, “Long Batian4龙霸天 (Dragon tyrant sky)
-Briefly translates to a dragon so overbearing, the limit’s the sky.
, what do you think?”

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(Vol.2) Chapter 14 – You hate me this much

Chapter 14 – You hate me this much


Xing Zhongwan was really unhappy. He finally brought a woman to his liking and was ready for a round, but I didn’t expect someone to be so blind. The man who had watched him for a long time in the bar even brought someone to follow him. It’s okay if he didn’t get a one night stand, but why did they come to ruin Xing Zhongwan’s good mood? He beat the two men who followed him to death. The man didn’t expect such a beautiful man to be so ruthless and hurriedly revealed his own identity to threaten Xing Zhongwan. This obviously did not make him feel better. Who was Xing Zhongwan? He hated being threatened the most, so he became even more ruthless. The two men were beaten to the ground, unable to move. Xing Zhongwan became even more annoyed by their cries and groans of pain.


He became even more annoyed when Qi Yun, who just appeared in his room with his room card, arrived. His stare made him feel uncomfortable, and that call for ‘Wanwan’ only worsened his rage.


Qi Yun glanced at the two men covered in blood with coldness in his eyes. The secretary waiting at the door winked at the bodyguard behind him. Qi Yun glanced back and quickly took the coat from the sofa. No minding Xing Zhongwan’s dark face, he put the clothes on his almost half-naked lower body. Only then did the bodyguards come in and drag the two half-dead men out.


The door was closed quickly and the smell of blood in the room made Xing Zhongwan frown. The half-smoked cigarette was smothered in the ashtray by him.


“You can go too.” Xing Zhongwan turned around and didn’t look at Qi Yun. He threw his coat on the sofa and took his sweater by the side and put it on.


Just as he was about to pull off the bath towel and put on his trousers, the staring eyes behind him made Xing Zhongwan stop. He then picked up his trousers and went into the bathroom not far away. After putting on his pants and coming out, Xing Zhongwan grabbed a handful of his short bangs on his forehead, picked up the car key that was thrown on the big bed and prepared to go out, but Qi Yun blocked the aisle. Xing Zhongwan told him impatiently to go away but Qi Yun didn’t move. Xing Zhongwan took two steps back and said with a stiff face, “I’m in a bad mood today, don’t mess with me, get out of the way!”


Qi Yun looked at his sweater with a big v-neck. When he took two steps forward, Xing Zhongwan stared at him, “What are you doing?”


Qi Yun stared at his bare chest, “You let that woman kiss you…”


Xing Zhongwan snorted and laughed angrily, “Aren’t you taking it too far?” 


Qi Yun was angry, but he didn’t dare to show it. When he saw the two men with disheveled clothes, Qi Yun had already thought of dozens of ways to make their lives worse than death.


He knew that today, Xing Zhongwan brought a woman with him when he entered the hotel. Knowing it was one thing, but seeing it was another. The scarlet bite mark stabbed his nerves and the absurd thought of why he was not born a woman made him raise his head sharply. He could hug Xing Zhongwan who was in front of him as long as he stretched out his hand. He often viewed things with indifference and impatience, but today Qi Yun couldn’t control himself and wanted to hug him. No one could take away his Wanwan. No one could simply touch him.


Xing Zhongwan saw that Qi Yun refused to let him leave. He didn’t know what he was thinking, just standing in his way in front of him. Instead, he calmed down. It was not worth it for me to quarrel with you. He simply turned around and took the complimentary apple and fruit knife provided by the hotel on the side before cutting it. Laozi should at least be able to eat this apple in the meantime.


Just as the apple was cut in half, Qi Yun looked up to see a pair of mesmerizing eyes looking at him. Xing Zhongwan stopped his movements when he saw Qi Yun stretching out his arms, “Wanwan, can I hug you?


Xing Zhongwan was startled and almost threw the apple in his hand, “What did you say?”


Qi Yun couldn’t wait any longer. He took another step forward and saw that he was so close to touching Xing Zhongwan. He was so eager to reach out to him after missing him for nearly two thousand days and nights. He was just going to hug him gently, that’s all.


Xing Zhongwan threw the apple in his hand but did not put down the fruit knife in his hand. With a cold look on his face he said, “Stay away from me.”


It’s not that he didn’t see the impatience that flashed across Xing Zhongwan’s face. Qi Yun felt sad but didn’t stop. He took a step forward and the two were so close to each other, they could feel each other breathing. The scent of pine wood became more intense. An ice-cold object grazed Qi Yun’s lower right abdomen and Qi Yun lowered his head to find the fruit knife Xing Zhongwan was holding had not been put down. Xing Zhongwan turned his head slightly and their enveloping breaths made him uncomfortable, “Qi Yun, try take one more step forward and I won’t show mercy to you.”


Qi Yun raised his head. Xing Zhongwan was so beautiful but his gorgeous eyebrows and eyes exuded hostility. Qi Yun raised his hand and carefully brushed the bangs in front of his forehead without thinking. As he got closer, the pain of sharp metal cutting through his skin and poking into his flesh was incomparable. To him, he was joyful just to be able to hold Wanwan.


Xing Zhongwan’s hand holding the knife was a bit warm and wet. He frowned and wanted to push the person away but Qi Yun took him into his arms with some force. The slight feel of resistance from the knife in his hand stabbing into flesh made him stunned.


Qi Yun hugged him tightly, burying his head on his shoulder and taking in the smell of his body. His eyes were wet, but Qi Yun couldn’t control it. He has shown his embarrassing appearance to Wanwan before so he doesn’t have to pretend in front of him. He doesn’t have to bury his heartache in his heart when he is happy. It doesn’t matter what he had to give up just to watch him. The real, living Wanwan was right in front of him and the idea of giving up previously now seemed so funny. This time, it would be impossible for him to give up in this lifetime.


The smell of blood on the tip of the nose became stronger and stronger. Xing Zhongwan raised his blood-stained right hand as his body was tightly clasped in Qi Yun’s arms. Xing Zhongwan closed his eyes and his face was pale, “Qi Yun, you are really crazy!”


Qi Yun was taken to the hospital and the secretary almost fainted after he saw the large bloodstain, looking at Xing Zhongwan as if to say, he just loves you, you don’t need to kill him.


Xing Zhongwan was troubled, he inexplicably became the villain with a knife. The sad expression on Qi Yun’s Secretary’s face had an expression that said ‘take responsibility’ as he was sent to the hospital.


Fortunately, the fruit knife wasn’t long and the wound wasn’t deep. Even so, this was too severe of a punishment, even for Qi Yun. The doctor said that if it went any deeper, it would injure his internal organs. The reproachful tone in his speech made Xing Zhongwan even more depressed,


“If you young people have disagreements, just talk about it. You can’t just use a knife.”


Xing Zhongwan was speechless and looked up at the sky…


“Zhongwan bro.” Shen Congxin, who had heard the news, had come to see his eldest cousin. However, because the face of the man lying inside was extremely ugly, he came to find Xing Zhongwan instead. Shen Congxin quickly slipped out of the ward to find Xing Zhongwan to extinguish his anger, “Big cousin refuses to get the procedure done, please go and persuade him.”


Xing Zhongwan squinted at him, “I don’t care if he lives or dies!”


Zhongwan bro, if you don’t care about him, no one will care about him. If he doesn’t get the procedure, the wound will become infected, so just go in and take a look. Just a look.”


Xing Zhongwan just walked forward and away. As he arrived at the door of Qi Yun’s ward, he didn’t know where Shen Congxin came from, but with such great strength, Xing Zhongwan was pushed inside.


Xing Zhongwan was about to shout profanities when three pairs of eyes looked over at him.


Xing Zhongwan abruptly swallowed the swear words that were about to be expelled.


His phone rang and Xing Zhongwan picked it up angrily.


As soon as Xue Qing got off the negotiating table, the woman who was worked to the bone didn’t even get to take a sip of water when she received a call from Zhong Gang saying that Qi Yun had landed in the hospital after being stabbed by Xing Zhongwan…


“It’s only been a few days, but there’s been bloodshed?”


Xing Zhongwan looked down at his off-white sweater stained with Qi Yun’s blood, “He stabbed himself with the knife I was holding and it went into his chest, could you blame me? 


Xue Qing paused, and suddenly burst into laughter, “If the knife was in your hands, you are responsible.”


Xing Zhongwan ruffled his hair angrily, “Why do I feel you and I are not on the same page.”


Xue Qing held back a smile, “It’s just a matter of fact. Don’t be angry. If you stab someone, take good care of them. It’s not like you haven’t taken care of him before. Haha, that’s all I have to say so I’m hanging up first.”


Xing Zhongwan looked at the blackened screen and wondered if he had fallen into another rabbithole again. 


Just as he was thinking about it, there was a knock at the door and someone came in. Zhong Gang, who was still wearing a hospital gown and a coat draped over him, held a fruit basket in his hands.


Xing Zhongwan watched him bypass him and put the fruit basket on Qi Yun’s bedside with a sincere expression. No words could be used to describe what his boss had just done, but he still used some euphemisms to ask him some things. However, his behavior itself showed the boss what reaction he had towards this incident.


Xing Zhongwan’s eyes widened as he listened to what Zhong Gang said was reasonable and well-founded. As expected of an old man from a public relations background. Even he felt that it was my fault that Qi Yun was lying in bed!


Xing Zhongwan endured his anger and tugged at him, “Can you get up? Does the wound still hurt?”


Zhong Gang looked at his boss’ bad expression and resolutely twisted his face to put on a painful expression before quickly covering his abdomen, “Ms Xue said that you have a situation and told me to take a look. Aren’t we in the hospital? That’s why it’s also convenient for me to be here. Boss, it really hurts now that you mention it. I’ll go first. Mr. Qi, please take good care of yourself.”


After he smiled at Qi Yun, the big man hunched over his stomach and slowly moved to the door, not forgetting to say, “Boss, I have already asked the secretary to bring you clean clothes. You can order anything you need. If you are going to stay in the hospital these few days, you can rest assured. Emma will order you a room.”


Who said I’m going to stay in the hospital, who said that???


Looking back and seeing those three pairs of eyes still staring at him, Xing Zhongwan’s face sank, “What are you looking at? Give him the needle. If it really gets infected, do you want to blame it on me for the rest of your life?” 


The doctor and nurse were both frightened. Who was this? Who could it be who dares speak to Qi Yun like that? Unexpectedly, the man who had been uncooperative on the bed stretched out his arm obediently after being yelled at by Xing Zhongwan. But when Qi Yun got scolded, his mood became better, “I’ll get the needle, don’t be angry.”


That gentle tone made the other two present in the room shocked. Just after returning to his senses, Qi Yun stared coldly at the nurse holding the tray, “Hurry up.”


The young nurse was about to cry in fright. She quickly hung up the IV drip before leaving the ward quickly. Xing Zhongwan cursed in his heart. After  so many years, he still had that dog-ass behavior.


He simply walked over to the head of the bed and took a plum from the fruit basket. After tossing it in the air for a long time, he was really hungry. He didn’t bother to wash it and just wiped it a few times before putting it in his mouth. Qi Yun stared at his wrist in fascination. It was snow white, but there was a meandering scar on his slender wrist that pricked his eyes.


“Does it still hurt?” Xing Zhongwan sighed with deep distress in his tone.


Qi Yun stretched out his hand and pulled the hem of Xing Zhongwan’s sweater, “Wanwan, the stitches hurt a lot but I didn’t ask the doctor to give me anesthesia. After all, when I think of how we were back then, it already makes my heart hurt. I was thinking just now, in this whole life, I won’t ever let you feel hurt again.”


Qi Yun’s eyes sparkled and he said it very seriously. Xing Zhongwan looked at the hand pulling at the hem of his sweater with a plum in his mouth. Before, when Qi Yun could not see, he liked to pull his clothes like this. The familiar movement made him feel like back then, five years ago.


There was a sudden surge from his stomach, so Xing Zhongwan slapped Qi Yun’s hand away and ran to the bathroom to spit out the plum he had just eaten.


Qi Yun’s hand was still in the air after holding the hem of Xing Zhongwan’s clothes, but the sound of vomiting from the bathroom made him go pale instantly.


The warmth gradually faded from his fingertips. You hate me this much…


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(Vol.2) Chapter 13 – Have you seen enough?

Chapter 13 – Have you seen enough?


Xing Zhongwan received a string of addresses and the passwords of the combination lock on his mobile phone and sent a smile to Zhong Gang with satisfaction. He opened the door and got out of the car where Emma had been waiting for a long time at the entrance of the elevator in the basement.


When she saw Xing Zhongwan, Emma, ​​who was dressed in a white suit of an elite style, bowed down at him with a smile on her face, “Big boss.” Xing Zhongwan pointed at her with a smile, “I haven’t seen you for more than two years, but you’ve gotten more and more beautiful. Could it be that you want to stay here and don’t want to go back to the head office anymore?”


Emma followed Xing Zhongwan to the elevator, “I would like to thank the boss for giving me the opportunity to learn. I will go back to the boss and the head office in the future after studying more.” 


With the elevator door closed, Xing Zhongwan pulled down his sunglasses and looked at her, “It seems that Zhong Gang has taught you a lot in the past two years, which is good. Tell me about the branch office.”


Emma told him the general situation while standing behind Xing Zhongwan. Just as the elevator opened, Xing Zhongwan stepped out of the elevator loudly.


The branch established by Zhong Gang belonged to the entertainment department of the group. When it was established, they brought a group of artists from the head office. Xiao Ying was one of them and is now very popular. Emma was a very good agent for artists and had the means to lead. Now that the company is operating well, Xing Zhongwan was very satisfied.


Xing Zhongwan was used to leaving things to his employees. Only the TV station that was passed to him from the Xing family’s inheritance was carefully taken care of by himself. As for the rest, he was not interested as long as his investments made money and never lost.


He rarely visited the head office of the entertainment department even once a year, let alone a small brokerage company of the branch. Emma almost couldn’t believe it when she learned that Xing Zhongwan would be coming.


However, even if they referred to it as a small brokerage company, it was actually not. With great difficulty, Zhong Gang managed to bring the new company to its current position today in two years. To achieve the goal of being in the top ten of the industry tasked by Xing Zhongwan, Zhong Gang did not dare to slack off at all. Or else, who would let him go back to the head office to chase a certain person?


The branch office was located on the 33rd to 35th floors of the building where Qingyuan Capital was. When Xing Zhongwan went in, he passed the long office corridor. It was early in the morning and everyone was there. Seeing Emma bringing a man in, everyone was curious and carefully began to look around.


“Wow, who is the man next to Mrs Em? Oh my god, he’s too good-looking.”


“A new artist signed by the company? It doesn’t seem like that. Just look at that aura and those long legs, I’m going to faint!”


“Dong Zhong I’m sorry, but your status as a male god in my heart can no longer be guaranteed.”


Xing Zhongwan didn’t have time to pay attention to the whispers below. He just turned around and took off his sunglasses before entering the office and smiled to the front, making them all gasp in an instant.


Emma looked at the straight black line of people from behind. Boss, you are starting to mess around again.


Xing Zhongwan walked into the office and looked around. He was very dissatisfied. “Zhong Gang’s taste has not changed at all for so many years. Even his office decoration is so boring. It is so square that it is difficult to breathe.”


Emma looked ahead as Xing Zhongwan took off his suit and stretched his waist. As he stretched, his thin waistline wrapped in a dark blue shirt made Emma sigh. Boss, you look very criminal, okay? 


She and Xing Zhongwan have known each other for ten years so she has since gotten used to it, but the young people outside aren’t. Even if the big boss doesn’t reveal his identity, he could make a moth fly into the flames without caring for his life. However, even he himself doesn’t have such self-consciousness and causes raging hormones everywhere.


“Boss, when you liaise with the employees here, you cannot treat them according to the head office’s standards. The quality of the employees here range widely so if there is anything that makes you unhappy, please tell me and I will deal with it.”


Emma said this very vaguely. She was just saying it for the sake of telling the boss to keep it in a little bit as these children were no better than the old fritters in the head office, as they can’t stop pining for your affection.


Xing Zhongwan was looking down at the document and snorted when he heard what she said, “If they can’t even handle this beauty, then they should stop wasting time in this line of work as soon as possible.”


Emma covered her head and felt that she would do this a lot in the future. It was going to be a sad half a month.


“Tomorrow, No. 3 and No. 4 will come over. At that time, if you have any work, hand it over to them. List down your important itineraries and let me know first.”


Emma looked through the schedule with a look of embarrassment, “There is indeed one this year. The company has launched a new group to participate in the selection of a reality show. The heads of various brokerage companies will participate in the recording of the first episode and Dong Zhong has already agreed. Boss, you have to show your face on behalf of Dong Zhong. “


Emma knew Xing Zhongwan had always disliked appearing in front of the camera and resisted even taking his own pictures. In Country X, no matter how famous Xing Zhongwan was, only a few people knew his true appearance. The only time reporters were able to photograph him was at the annual royal family’s year-end reception.


Unsurprisingly, Xing Zhongwan frowned and lay down on the sofa on the side. At least Zhong Gang’s can boast about how comfortable it was to lie on his office sofa.


Emma hurriedly answered, “At most, it’ll just be a quick sweep from the camera.”


Xing Zhongwan really wanted to go to the hospital and drag Zhong Gang up at this time. Look how much trouble you have caused me.


Zhong Gang, who was drinking porridge in the hospital, suddenly felt a chill on his back and felt that his life after being discharged from the hospital would soon be difficult.


The arrival of Xing Zhongwan made the whole company a little invigorated. They all asked Emma’s assistant who the man who entered Zhong Dong’s office was. Emma’s assistant said with a cold face that if they wanted to continue working here, they should shut up for their sake, so everyone who was excited all morning quickly dispersed one after another.


Xing Zhongwan worked until five o’clock in the evening. It was much earlier compared to when he was in the head office. Looking at the time, he estimated that the secretary from his head office was still sleeping, so he stretched out and planned to go out for a walk. As soon as he left the office, he saw Xiao Ying and his publicity agent walking towards him. Xing Zhongwan leaned against the door of the office and crossed his arms in front of his chest. When they met at the bar that day, he didn’t realize that this child really grew up a lot. When Xiao Ying saw Xing Zhongwan, he stopped in surprise, before greeting the big boss. He saw Xing Zhongwan put a single finger in front of his plump lips before shushing him. Xiao Ying’s face quickly turned red as the publicity agent by his side was dumbfounded. She’s never seen her artist looking so shy. When she looked back again, the man who was leaning against the door was gone.


Xing Zhongwan went back to the office to answer a phone call. It was Shen Congxin who asked him out tonight. Xing Zhongwan agreed with a smile, this child is really doing his duty of taking care of him for Qi Yun. Thinking of Qi Yun gave him a headache, but Xing Zhongwan picked up the suit jacket on the sofa and sent Emma a message.


Going out for an appointment.


The bar Shen Congxin chose won over Xing Zhongwan heart. Xing Zhongwan’s big V-neck sweater was stuffed with god knows how many phone numbers while he made his way from the entrance of the bar to the deck. Xing Zhongwan took a sip of wine and threw a wink at the woman who had been staring at him diagonally for a long time. Shen Congxin who sat in front of Xing Zhongwan quickly blocked him out of the woman’s sight. If his eldest cousin knew about him bringing Xing Zhongwan here, he guessed that he would be skinned. But there was no other way, he had to maintain a good relationship with Xing Zhongwan before he could help his big cousin chase him.


Xing Zhongwan couldn’t hide his smile, “I didn’t think that you would be quite good at playing, this place is a good find.”


Shen Congxin laughed. The corners of his eyes curved downwards till there was only a single slit left, “Zhongwan bro, if you like it, then that’s good.” Xing Zhongwan thought his expression of pretending to have fun while being in pain was very funny, especially since he was actually scared to death. Xing Zhongwan turned his head and shook the glass in his hand. Not far away, a man with a good appearance raised the glass in his hand to him. Xing Zhongwan held eye-contact with him and mouthed out a ‘no’.


He saw someone he was interested in tonight. However, with Shen Congxin here, he obviously couldn’t make a move. He had to get this kid out of the way. Xing Zhongwan suddenly got up and pulled Shen Congxin off the dance floor. The deafening music and the men and women writhing crazily on the dance floor all excited Xing Zhongwan. Shen Congxin was a little at a loss at the beginning and was quickly infected by the atmosphere. The men and women who were on the dance floor made it possible for Xing Zhongwan to plan his escape. He stuck out his tongue in excitement to wet the corners of his mouth. It’s time to start eating meat after being a vegetarian for a long time.


Xing Zhongwan watched Shen Congxin, who was jiving along with the music, before disappearing under the colorful lights through the crowded crowd. By the time Shen Congxin stopped dripping with sweat, Xing Zhongwan had long disappeared.


Qi Yun was supposed to attend a dinner party in the evening, but he was distracted. He was thinking about where Xing Zhongwan would move to avoid him today. This was the third house he moved to. Qi Yun was a little impatient and even a little angry. Why did Zhong Gang buy so many houses?


“Qi Yun, Qi Yun?” The grandiose old man in front of him called out to him twice before Qi Yun said back to his senses, “You’re right, I really need to improve in this regard.” The old man with a displeased face then eased up. After changing his expression, he was still very optimistic about Qi Zongcheng’s grandson, even if he was decisive and ruthless in doing things.


“After the official business, let’s talk about private affairs. That wild girl from my family has been rolling around in the army for so many years and has reached the age for marriage. She is about the same age as you and also well matched. If she were to enter into your family register, your grandfather would definitely be happy.”


Qi Yun had no expression on his face, so the old man added, “The election is coming soon, and it should be a great joy for you.” 


The old man was implying that if he married his girl, the position as leader of the army would be his’ from now on.


Qi Yun’s eyes flicked over the pile of military ranks on the old man’s shoulders and said lightly, “The general is mistaken about love.” 


The old man froze for a moment and smiled, “Could it be that it is really as the rumours said, that you are still in love with the woman who took care of you back then. Don’t forget, people who accomplish big things can’t be entangled with these kinds of childish love.”


Thinking of Xing Zhongwan’s eyes, Qi Yun had some smiles in his eyes. At this time, the secretary came over and said a few words in his ear. Qi Yun’s expression changed and the wine glass in his hand was placed on the tray of the waiter. He promptly apologized and quickly walked out of the venue.


The old man touched his shiny bald head. He has never seen this kid so panicked, what happened?


It was indeed a big incident. They lost track of the young madam again. Shen Congxin was about to cry. He shouldn’t have had fun, it was bad that his cousin-in-law was gone. When Qi Yun got into the car, as he listened to Shen Congxin on the phone talking non-stop, his face became more and more ugly. Xing Zhongwan was smart so he could easily get rid of people. Where could he be at this point?


From Shen Congxin’s hesitant words, it is not difficult to guess how debauchedly Xing Zhongwan had spent this evening. Qi Yun rubbed his aching eyebrows. He was in a bad mood. The secretary beside him dared not speak. If he accidentally hit a sore spot, he might explode.


His phone rang, and soon there was a reply saying that the surveillance was turned on and the young madam was found at the door of a hotel. However… the young madam seemed to have entered with a lady and her arms slung around him.


The secretary didn’t dare to hide it. Qi Yun listened with an expressionless face, as the hand on his side had already clenched into a fist, “Which hotel?”


The secretary quickly mentioned its name, before finally adding, “The security is very hard.” After following Qi Yun and being by his side for the past few years, he understood Qi Yun’s temper.


Qi Yun looked ahead and released his clenched right hand before looking out the window coldly. The secretary sighed, “Understood, I’ll proceed.”


When Qi Yun arrived at the hotel, the person in charge of the hotel was already trembling while waiting at the door. He was stopped by the bodyguard before he could speak to Qi Yun. Qi Yun arrived at the 17th floor with a cold face. He stopped at the door with the key card, and his graceful eyebrows wrinkled before pursing his lips and swiping the card to open the door.


As soon as the door opened, a person suddenly flew in front of him. Qi Yun lowered his head and looked at the man with his upper body by his feet. His eyes slightly widened as he walked quickly through the short corridor.


He saw Xing Zhongwan wrapped in a bath towel on his lower body, holding a cigarette in his left hand and swinging a fruit knife in his right hand with raised brows. He was looking at the man who was rolling on the floor, clutching his stomach in front of him.


“It’s really disappointing. Playing mind games with Laozi’s head.”


Xing Zhongwan exhaled a puff of smoke and when he turned around, he saw Qi Yun who was staring at him. Sigh, someone who made him more disappointed has arrived.


Xing Zhongwan stepped on the soft carpet and sat down with one foot placed on the armrest of the sofa. His long and straight legs could blind another’s eyes. The bath towel wrapped around him was split between his legs because of this movement. The black shadow below could easily draw one’s line of sight.


This was the first time that Qi Yun has seen Xing Zhongwan’s body. He already knew that he was in good shape, but the impact of the real picture under the bright light still made Qi Yun take a deep breath. The solid body, as well as the liquid, whether it was sweat or water, slid down the white glowing skin, past the pinkish nubs on his chest and along the beautifully shaped abs on his firm belly.


Qi Yun didn’t dare to move, his ears were a little hot. But it was obvious that he was hot elsewhere too.


The urge to hug him has never been so strong, and he couldn’t help but blurt out Wanwan. The hoarseness and faint call made Xing Zhongwan narrow his eyes and raise his chin slightly with a terrible expression, ” Have you seen enough?”

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(Vol.2) Chapter 12 – Become the door guardian while I leave

Chapter 12 – Become the door guardian while I leave


The person outside the villa did not affect Xing Zhongwan’s sleep and he slept till dawn. He got up in the morning and simply washed up, put on some exercise clothes and went downstairs for a morning run. Before that, he connected his headset and dialed his secretary’s phone. Due to the time difference, Xing Zhongwan was used to dealing with his conglomerate’s affairs in the morning. While listening to the secretary reporting his daily appointments in an orderly manner, Xing Zhongwan opened the door and walked out.


The car was still there, as well as the people too. It wasn’t very bright in the morning during early winter after six o’clock. Xing Zhongwan put on a pair of earphones and turned a blind eye to the man standing at the door. He instructed his secretary with a few words to make some preparations before running around the community.


Shen Congxin leaned against the car door and bit into a fruit pancake. He felt that his cousin-in-law’s figure was really priceless. If only he could have half of his build. When he turned his head in disappointment, he accidentally saw Qi Yun. Seeing the man who hadn’t slept all night while acting as the door guardian, staring into the direction where Xing Zhongwan ran away in a trance made Shen Congxin swallow the pancakes in his mouth with difficulty, “Big cousin, we have to go back. It’s almost time for you to go back and change your clothes at nine o’clock in the morning.”


Qi Yun didn’t reply and just stood there in a daze. Qi Yun told himself not to be sad about Xing Zhongwan’s attitude towards himself because it was just a front, so his heart was very steady. It was okay to ignore him, as long as he could see him, it was fine.


Qi Yun closed his red eyes, he really should leave.


When he moved his already stiff legs and feet, the piercing pain hit him and he almost couldn’t stand. The bodyguard beside him stepped forward to help him but he was stopped. He opened the car door and sat in the car. His face did not look good as Shen Congxin handed him a thermos cup. Qi Yun did not raise his hand to accept it, but instead covered his forehead, “You stay and watch.”


Shen Congxin opened the door and prepared to get out of the car when Qi Yun suddenly changed his mind, “Forget it. Wanwan doesn’t like people watching him, let’s go.”


Shen Congxin moved his aching buttocks from sitting all night, “Big cousin, what if my big cousin-in-law goes back to country X?”


Qi Yun silently looked out the window. Shen Congxin stopped asking questions as this is what his big cousin is afraid of. If his cousin-in-law really leaves, will he chase him or not? He was not happy after chasing his cousin-in-law, but he was also unsettled if he didn’t chase him. Whatever he did, it was all wrong.


Xing Zhongwan ran back while the sky turned bright. The cars and people downstairs have gone. Wiping the sweat from his forehead, he entered the door passcode and entered the villa. Turning on the TV to watch the news, Xing Zhongwan took a bath, changed his clothes and came out in good spirits. He was just pouring himself a glass of milk when the doorbell rang.


Xing Zhongwan opened the door, it was the courier company. The dozen or so large boxes stunned him. He signed the order and asked the delivery man of the courier company who delivered it. Just as he was about to call Xue Qing, his cell phone rang. The number was an unfamiliar one, so Xing Zhongwan picked it up. There was some noise on the other side, but Xing Zhongwan was familiar with the voice of the speaker.


“Have you returned home? I sent over a few things you could use…I…have you had breakfast?” Qi Yun’s tone seemed to be deliberating for a long time, but Xing Zhongwan was not surprised that he was so quick to find his mobile phone number. This was not country X, so it was quite difficult to conceal his actions from him.


Xing Zhongwan felt very irritated while looking at the dozen large boxes, “First of all, thank you for your kindness, but I don’t need it.” After he finished speaking, he hung up the phone neatly and then called the community property staff to find a few people to throw the things away. The dozen or so big boxes didn’t even get a chance to be opened and looked at. He then got out his car keys and got ready to go out for a walk. He will be leaving tomorrow so he wanted to have a good meal. Just after he put on one of his shoes, Xue Qing’s phone call came. Xing Zhongwan felt funny. Why are you giving me a call so early in the morning? 


“Laoxing, Zhong Gang has been admitted to the hospital and he won’t be able to come out for ten days to half a month. During this time, you should take care of the branch’s affairs.”


Xing Zhongwan stopped putting on his shoes and switched his hand to answer the phone, “That can’t be, he was still so lively last night. How did he end up in the hospital and won’t be able to get out for ten days to half a month? What’s the situation?”


“He has delayed his appendix operation until now for the company. Yesterday he was in pain and went to the hospital to get help. As a boss, show some conscience.”


Xing Zhongwan snorted, “What appendix operation? Is it so serious that he needs to be hospitalized for ten days to half a month?”


Xue Qing explained, “He hasn’t ever taken an annual leave for two years since he came to China, so you should give him some time. He needs a good rest. Don’t talk nonsense. There are so many people looking after the head office for you. But not the branch office. I have something to do with Laocheng and we are going to fly back today. That’s all, so let’s hang up.”


“Hey! Hey! Hey!” Xing Zhongwan looked at the phone blankly. Zhong Gang, you really chose this time to be sick.


Zhong Gang, who wasin very much pain, was indeed admitted to the hospital. It was true that he had dragged the appointment to cut his appendix. He had the operation last night, but he didn’t have the absolute need to rest for ten days to half a month. When Xue Qing called, he was pressed by Cheng Zhengzhe on the hospital bed as he listened to Xue Qing’s serious nonsense, who described his hard-working image, working for the company until he became so weak that he would fall if the wind blew on him. The only thing that made him happy was that Cheng Zhengzhe was next to his body. Being sick had its perks. 


“Zhong Gang, during this period of time, you should take a vacation and take a good rest. If Laoxing asks, you can just say you don’t feel good. Didn’t you always say that this branch was treated like an adopted son? Let him watch over it these few days, and let Laocheng stay and take care of you.”


As soon as these words came out, Zhong Gang’s handsome face immediately lit up and Cheng Zhengzhe immediately jumped several meters away from him, “I’m leaving, I’d rather go to shit.”


Xue Qing lifted her wrist to look at the time, “Stop talking, I have to go. Remember, don’t let unnecessary words slip from your mouth.”


Cheng Zhengzhe followed closely behind her and Xue Qing was extremely disgusted, “Stay and take care of Zhong Gang.”


Cheng Zhengzhe’s face turned pale, “A nurse is enough for him. Is he such a delicate big man?”


When Zhong Gang heard this, he immediately covered his wound and groaned. Cheng Zhengzhe frowned and crossed Xue Qing to open the door before quickly walking out.


Seeing his appearance, Zhong Gang smiled bitterly and said to Xue Qing, “I’m not in a hurry, give him time.” Xue Qing really wanted to step forward and kick him when he saw Zhengzhe’s noncommittal appearance, “Then I’ll go first back first and settle some things. I’ll come back when I’m done. I’ll have to trouble you and Emma during this time. The matter of Qi Yun depends on Laoxing’s attitude, if he doesn’t say anything, we’ll just do our part.”


Zhong Gang nodded to show his understanding and Xue Qing then went to catch the plane with confidence.


As soon as Xue Qing and Cheng Zhengzhe left, Xing Zhongwan came in the afternoon and came to visit his good employee with a fruit basket and flowers.


Xing Zhongwan looked at Zhong Gang up and down. This man looked well to him although Xue Qing said on the phone that he was going to die. He took a deep breath, “You have a good rest. You can ask Emma to handle the affairs of the branch, as well as leave it to me.”


“Has boss gotten used to living there? Please tell me if you need anything during your time in China.”


Xing Zhongwan took out an apple from the fruit basket and tossed it in the air twice. “I really need a car.”


Zhong Gang picked up his mobile phone and made a call to his secretary. Soon the secretary came over with the keys and Zhong Gang handed them to Xing Zhongwan, “Boss, this is the key to the basement below the branch office. If you like the cars in it, please take them.”


Xing Zhongwan bit the apple and took the key unceremoniously before gesturing to him an ‘ok’.


Xing Zhongwan left the hospital and went to the basement of the branch office. When he opened the basement door, he couldn’t help but whistle. Zhong Gang really collected a lot of good cars. Xing Zhongwan went in and looked at the cars before taking out his mobile phone. He called the secretary far away in country X, “I guess it will take a while. Ask No. 3 and No. 4 to prepare to fly over as soon as possible.” In Xing Zhongwan’s secretary office, all of the secretaries were numbered for the convenience of summoning them. He thinks that since he has to stay with the people around him for a while, he has to be able to use them easily so his work efficiency will be greatly improved if he transferred the people from the head office over here.


Choosing a black 4×4 vehicle, Xing Zhongwan drove out of the basement and onto the elevated road. Xing Zhongwan frowned and decided to buy a car.


When he arrived at the 4S store, he was told that it would take more than a month for all the cars he wanted to be imported. Xing Zhongwan was depressed and simply called the secretary to have his car shipped by air. Only then did he decide on a place to eat at, with satisfaction. As soon as he started the car, his phone rang. Xing Zhongwan glanced at the number and didn’t want to answer it. But the caller obviously didn’t want to give up, so his phone kept ringing. Xing Zhongwan glanced at the phone’s battery and took it without a choice, “Hello?” 


After a while of silence, a deep male voice came from the other end of the phone, “It’s time to eat. Have you eaten?”


“Don’t call me again.”


After speaking, Xing Zhongwan neatly hung up the phone and blocked the number.


Qi Yun stared blankly at the phone with a black screen before dialing it, but the line was always busy. As the secretary on the side watched his face get darker little by little, his voice which had been reporting on work also got softer and softer. Qi Yun covered his phone on the table. Who knew what he was thinking. The door of the office opened and the visitor said a few words in the secretary’s ear, before he signaled for him to go out with a smile on his face, “There is news from the foreign affairs office that the young madam has extended his visa period.”


Qu Yun raised his head. The corner of his mouth couldn’t help but tug upwards. If that was extended, does it mean that he won’t be leaving in the near future?


The secretary knew that Qi Yun was happy, “I heard that the young madam went to look at car today, but he didn’t choose any.”


Qi Yun got up and walked a few steps, his pale face was probably brightened by the happiness in his heart, “Call Shen Congxin.”


It was past 10 pm when Xing Zhongwan returned to the villa. He ran on the treadmill for half an hour, took a shower and got ready to sleep. He passed by the floor-to-ceiling windows and saw some people downstairs with the same car as last night.


Xing Zhongwan looked at the time. It was after eleven o’clock at night. Was this person not going to sleep? With a cold snort, he turned off the lights and went upstairs. He didn’t know that the man downstairs was stunned for a long time because of his figure passing by the floor-to-ceiling window.


Qi Yun was very tired. After a day’s journey, his body urgently needed a rest, but he couldn’t help himself. The urge to see Xing Zhongwan made his tired body extremely excited. He just wanted to watch him quietly, even if he did not see anyone, he just wanted to guard his house.


He took out the medicine bottle from his pocket, poured two pills out before swallowing them raw. Three months later, there will be the general election, and various events will follow. Qi Yun was considered young to be in his current position, and there were many people who were jealous and wanted to pull him down. On the surface, he has been promoted very quickly in the past few years, but only he himself knew how much suppression and how many conspiracies there were. He made it step by step, soaked in blood, and he was only one step away from the top. He should keep a low profile and not let people get a handle on his weakness but he didn’t want to. He knew very well who he was here for, fighting for things he didn’t like and doing bloody things for half his life. He was tired, but he couldn’t stop. Because his Wanwan is too good, he must have the ability to keep his current position if he wants to keep Wanwan. Qi Yun can only imagine how much resistance there will be for someone of his identity and Wanwan’s identity to be together, but he is not afraid of trouble. Xing Zhongwan was the luck of his life, and Qi Yun was willing to use all of his’ to get him back.


Xing Zhongwan got up early in the morning and was about to visit the branch office. When he went out, Qi Yun was gone, but what was going on with the dozen or so sports cars parked at the door?


It was not known where Shen Congxin popped out from, “Big cousin, you You want to go out.”


Xing Zhongwan pointed to a row of cars at the door, “What’s going on?”


Shen Congxin ‘hehe’-ed, “Seven days a week you can choose any car to your liking. If you don’t like them, I will change them until you like them.”


Xing Zhongwan beckoned to him while looking at the rows of very exaggerated supercars of different colors. Shen Congxin ran over happily. He was much shorter than Xing Zhongwan, so he could only raise his head to look at him, “Cousin-in-law, do you have something to tell me?”


Xing Zhongwan squinted slightly and those long and narrow eyes looked straight at him. Watching this scene so early in the morning made him a little riled up. Shen Congxin’s nose started to heat up again after being hit by this beauty.


“Change what you call me and we can still be friends. Do you know where to have fun at night around here?” 


Xing Zhongwan really liked this child. He was happy-go-lucky which made others happy when they saw him too. He truthfully didn’t want to see Qi Yun, but there was no need to turn his anger on Shen Congxin.


Shen Congxin took a breath, “That, of course I know. Cousin-in… Ai, Zhongwan bro, I’ll take you there.”


 Xing Zhongwan smiled and pointed to the row of cars, “Take these all back. Parking here will only block the road for others.”


After speaking, he turned around and got into Zhong Gang’s plain-looking 4×4 vehicle.


Qi Yun, you are too fast. When I wanted to buy a car in the front, you have already sent the cars here in the back.


He called Zhong Gang, “Zhong Gang, how many houses do you own?”


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(Vol.2) Chapter 11 – You are really back.

Chapter 11 – You are really back.


“Long time no see, Qi Yun.” A familiar voice from the countless of dreams he had in the night lingered in Qi Yun’s mind.


Qi Yun didn’t dare to forget, nor did he want to forget. It’s just that there was no such softness in that Jiangnan accent between his words. Qi Yun’s mind suddenly lost itself. The bonafide Wanwan was really In front of me. It was not a dream, nor was it his imagination. It was the person who had been searching for nearly two thousand days and nights.


Qi Yun just looked at Xing Zhongwan with such a fixated look tha his eyes were a bit fierce, as if he wanted to carve the person in front of him into his mind. Xing Zhongwan looked back at him, not hiding or hiding, his initial surprise gradually turned back into calmness as time passed.


He saw the eyes of the man in front of him turn red, and if he was not mistaken, the corners of his eyes were also a little watery. Xing Zhongwan never thought that he would meet Qi Yun on such an occasion, but when he finally met him, it just happened like this, and he had no other thoughts in his mind.


Seeing that Qi Yun wasn’t speaking, Shen Congxin felt a little anxious and couldn’t help but touch his side, “Oh my big cousin. What are you doing at this moment? Speak up, I’m so anxious.”


Shen Congxin’s little actions were caught by Xing Zhongwan’s eyes, and he couldn’t help but laugh a little. In fact, he had a good impression of the Shen family’s junior vice president. Such a simpleton really didn’t look like he belonged to the Shen family.


“Hello, I’m Xing Zhongwan.” Xing Zhongwan smiled at Shen Congxin. Shen Congxin was stunned for a moment, but he didn’t expect to be able to interact with his cousin-in-law and quickly showed a silly smile to him, “Cousin-in-law, I am Shen Congxin. He has been following you from the beginning to the end, with his whole heart. I mean… I, What am I saying?”


Shen Congxin babbled a lot when he was nervous. Xing Zhongwan laughed, what a lovely child.


“Cousin-in-law? You’re calling me that?” Xing Zhongwan pointed to himself.


Shen Congxin blushed and covered his face, after the first meeting, his cousin-in-law must not like him anymore.


Shen Congxin decided that he would struggle to the death, “Qi Yun is my eldest cousin, so aren’t you my cousin-in-law?”


His words were neither light nor serious. Those who knew the inside story did not change their expressions while the faces of the ones who didn’t know the inside story changed drastically and had their brains fried.


Gao Qiao couldn’t help but ask Cheng Zhengzhe softly, “What do you mean? Laoxing and Qi Yun? Don’t scare me.”


Cheng Zhengzhe was still pretending to be looking at the sky. He really didn’t know anything, so don’t ask him.


Xing Zhongwan was not unhappy because of Shen Congxin’s words, but he smiled politely, “I don’t have the kind of relationship you think I have with Qi Yun. I still have something to do so I will go back first. I’m sorry.” 


For some reason, Xing Zhongwan’s chest felt a little stuffy and he couldn’t stay still. Qi Yun was still looking at him and he was uncomfortable. He turned his body and wanted to walk away from Qi Yun, but his arm was grabbed by Qi Yun. It was not hard but he couldn’t break free. Xing Zhongwan looked sideways and saw Qi Yun’s dark, shining eyes as he watched him intently. His black pupils were filled with Xing Zhongwan’s silhouette. The redness in his eyes have faded, but his dry lips were trembling as his long eyelashes cast a shadow under the bridge of his tall nose. “Wanwan.” 


The two words seemed like they weighed a thousand pounds, and it seemed to have taken him a long time to say it with difficulty. The deep voice was hoarse, but there was a little crack in it after listening carefully. People who are not familiar with Qi Yun wouldn’t be able to hear it, but it’s a pity that Xing Zhongwan was not in the unfamiliar category. During that time, they both got along for days and nights, so there were some details he couldn’t ignore.


Xue Qing waved goodbye to the people around her, intending on leaving first.


Gao Qiao was also very interested but after the first glance, he knew that the relationship between the two was not simple, so he also quickly cleared the scene.


When Xiao Ying went out, he couldn’t help but look back. He often saw the man that was pulling his boss in the news. He lowered his head and clenched his fist. Turns out that it wasn’t that the boss couldn’t accept being with another man.


Zhong Gang pulled him out of the door and said casually, “You should have understood that some things are impossible. If you want fame and fortune, as long as you have the ability, the boss will help you. However, you can’t use the boss’s kindness as a bargaining chip. You have to put yourself in the right position. The boss is not something you can use to climb high.” 


The huge bar was quickly deserted, leaving only Qi Yun and Xing Zhongwan inside. Xing Zhongwan looked down at the fair and slender hand holding his arm.


He said lightly, “Let go.”


Qi Yun didn’t let it go, but just looked at him, his dark eyes were full of affection and didn’t even hide it. Xing Zhongwan looked upset, “Let go.”


Qi Yun trembled. After a moment, he slowly released his hand and murmured, “Wanwan.”


Xing Zhongwan scrunched up his nose, “I said that only my mother can call me that.”


Xing Zhongwan was very beautiful . His eyes were slightly raised at the end of his eyes and he was very gentle when he smiled. But he looks a little scary when he is not smiling, and now he obviously was the latter.


He felt that he and Qi Yun had nothing to say to each other, but it was obvious that Qi Yun didn’t want him to go.


After listening to Xing Zhongwan’s words, Qi Yun lowered his eyes slightly. Those eyes trembled and even the shadow of his long eyelashes swayed. Xing Zhongwan looked at him coldly. Again with this? Was this pitiful look specially reserved for him?


“I want to talk to you.” Qi Yun finally returned to his normal tone. It had an affirmative tone, but had a hint of pleading. Unfortunately, Xing Zhongwan had nothing to say to Qi Yun.


“I have nothing to say to you. I’m going back, shoo shoo.”


Xing Zhongwan was impatient. What did he want to say? That he was sorry, that he’s been thinking about him for so many years? He doesn’t want to listen to that nonsense. He hated wasting time on useless people and things.


It was obvious that Qi Yun fell into the category of wasting his time.


“I owe you an apology.” There was pain in Qi Yun’s deep voice. It was the three words he had rehearsed in his heart and mind countless times during countless sleepless nights.


Xing Zhongwan exhaled, “That’s it? Then I accept it. You can be rest assured. I’ll be leaving first.”


Xing Zhongwan took a step forward, but Qi Yun stepped back and stood in front of him, “Wanwan… Can I see you again?”


Qi Yun’s eyes were bloodshot, which is something that only people who often stay up late have. Xing Zhongwan looked at his thin body. Please at least try to take care of what we both raised and nurtured.


“Qi Yun, I don’t think it’s necessary for me and you to meet again. No matter what happened to us in the past, it’s just the past and it’s over. And you’re fine now, we don’t need to worry about the past.”


Xing Zhongwan said this very quickly. Hee really didn’t want to stay for a second more.


“I’m fine now?” Qi Yun looked at him blankly. Xing Zhongwan turned sideways and walked towards the door impatiently, leaving Qi Yun to stand there. The familiar pine wood fragrance gradually faded as Xing Zhongwan left. With his left hand pinned behind his back, blood dripped on the ground drop by drop. Xing Zhongwan was impatient when he spoke to him, so he did not feel it. He closed his eyes as the pain in his heart spread to his whole body little by little before finally kneeling over in pain, his fingers deeply digging into the wound in the palm of his left hand. The bone-piercing pain made his heart feel a little better. He turned his head slowly, but Xing Zhongwan was no longer there. He clenched his bloody fist and quickly followed him out.


Xing Zhongwan lived in Zhong Gang’s house, a three-story villa in the city center. The community was very quiet. Xing Zhongwan had stayed here for three days and was very satisfied.


He drove back from the bar, took a shower, put on a random shirt, and went to the balcony to smoke. As soon as he looked down, he saw a black car parked downstairs, leaning against it was a person wearing a black cashmere coat that blended in with the dark night. Xing Zhongwan lowered his head, and their eyes met just as he raised his head. Xing Zhongwan breathed into his cigarette, turned his face away, and looked up at the starry sky. The wind was still a bit strong at night. His hair was half-dried and it was messed up by the night wind. A few strokes of messy hair on his forehead blocked his foggy eyes.


When they came back, Xue Qing and Cheng Zhengzhe were very tacit and did not speak. They went inside the house quietly. Xing Zhongwan watched the two of them hold back and spoke when they entered the door, “It’s impossible for me and Qi Yun. We’re going back the day after tomorrow. Xue Qing, book the ticket.” 


Xue Qing nodded. When Xing Zhongwan went inside, she said to Cheng Zhengzhe, “Look at his expression, as if he really is okay.”


“Then what should we do? Should we not do anything and just leave it?” Cheng Zhengzhe was also at a loss. Xue Qing took his shoulders, “He needs some time, let’s go, let’s have a drink.”


As Xing Zhongwan looked at the starry sky, Qi Yun was looking at him. Xing Zhongwan, who was wearing a shirt, leaned on the balcony lazily. On the balcony, after smoking a cigarette, he looked up at the sky. His graceful neck was raised like a proud white swan. Qi Yun knew that this was Zhong Gang’s house that he rented, so he did not intend to stay for long.


After Xing Zhongwan had seen enough, without looking at Qi Yun again, he turned and entered the house. Qi Yun looked into the direction where he disappeared without blinking.


Shen Congxin, who was sitting in the passenger seat, looked out, “Big cousin, let’s go back. It’s very late now and it’s too cold.”


Qi Yun straightened his back as if he didn’t hear him and just stood there, watching the lights in the house go out. Shen Congxin sighed and got back into the car. Why was he so troublesome? He couldn’t persuade himself to wait together with him, but he also didn’t know what to do about the other things.


Qi Yun stood under the cold wind, looking at the pitch-dark villa. For the first time in several years, his heart felt stable. He was in that house every night, on the same soil as him and not in a dream. That kind of knowledge made Qi Yun feel a little happy.


He didn’t want to leave. Wanwan, ah. After looking at you, I don’t dare think. How could I be willing to leave after you appeared right in front of me?


I’m not leaving, I want to watch you. I’m afraid you will disappear as quietly as five years ago.


It doesn’t matter if you don’t believe me, I will wait. After meeting you when I was about to give up, that means even God will not let you slip by me.


You and I are so close, I can’t help but want to hug you.


Just let me look at you like this. Let reality tell me that this is not a dream, that you are really back.


T/N: Sigh.. Qi Yun, Qi Yun. Once you lose the trust of a person, you may never be able to get it back in this lifetime anymore.


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Chapter 13

Chapter 13 


Today went roughly like this. In the afternoon after finishing the pheromone test, the Omega freshmen present all went crazy. By the time they emerged from the theory test in the evening, it was all the Alpha freshmen’s turn to go crazy one after another.


The virus-like rumour of the so-called “S-class Omega” continued to spread and by the end of the evening, the whole school had gone completely mad.


Some couldn’t wait to see what this S-class Omega was all about. While many remained sceptical, their scepticism didn’t last long as the following afternoon the results of all the freshmans’ divisions were officially announced.


The information boards were packed with people, from those who were happy to have made it to the faculty of their choice, to those who were upset that they missed out.


The one in the far corner only had sixty names on the bulletin board. It looked much emptier than the other few that gave off the impression of being densely packed.


This was the list of new students admitted to the quadruple faculty this year. The number of places available was still as scarce as ever, but it was still the most talked about at the announcement site.


Standing at the corner to read the list were many other senior students.


At the top of this list were two freshmen with S-class pheromones that stood out in particular.


Both of them were assigned to Integrated Class 3. One was named Wen Xingduan and the other was Lu Jingning. One was an Alpha and the other an… Omega.


Yes, an Omega managed to enter the Imperial Navy’s Great Integrated Warfare Faculty!


The moment this list was announced, the whole school inevitably remembered Lu Jingning’s name as he was destined to be extraordinary.



Because he was already assured of his admission in advance, Lu Jingning did not go to read the faculty division announcement. Instead, he huddled under his blanket and slept all morning.


He has always loved to sleep since he was a child and was always taking a nap no matter what he had to do. He didn’t know if it had anything to do with his own somewhat special pheromones.


Lu Jingning was sleeping there when Yan Hebin went out. When he came back, he found that this person was still in the same position and never moved, so he couldn’t help but go to the head of the bed and tap him gently with the LCD board: “Still sleeping? Don’t you want to get up and look at the course schedule?”


“What course schedule?” Lu Jingning dazedly pulled open his covers.


Yan Hebin said, “The faculty division is over and the course class timetables are out. There are classes starting this afternoon, so if you want to keep sleeping, you have to check if there are any classes first.”




Lu Jingning froze slightly for a moment and brought the communicator at his bedside over to see that there was indeed a new document waiting to be read.


Sending these messages out so quickly at this time… He had a bad premonition about this.


When he opened it, he found out he actually had a class scheduled for this afternoon.


Pheromone Manipulation. At first glance, it seemed like a class with a particular haughty title. It was something that he was never exposed to in high school.


Lu Jingning ruffled his messy hair, casually looked through his communicator and found a dozen unread messages.


Three or four of them were from Qingcang. He took a look at them. The bulk of the message informed him that the faculty selection was over. The other also expressed regret for not being able to enter the same class with him before finally reminding him that there was class in the afternoon and that he shouldn’t oversleep.


At this moment when he was asleep, this old friend, who knew him excessively well, never came to disturb him.


Other than these messages from Yu Qingcang, the rest came from his old man, Lu Kongbin.


While the tone of the first few messages seemed fairly calm and was mostly asking about his final class placement in a pretentious manner, the next few looked like they were clearly getting progressively more and more impatient.


Later, he probably called the school personally to ask about it. His tone was suddenly extraordinarily uplifting, even after never receiving any reply, he only sent over an audio clip.


Lu Jingning yawned and didn’t think much about it. He lazily pressed the play button.


Lu Kongbin’s voice was instantly played without reservation: “How worthy of my son Ning. To have straight S-class pheromones! You really have some resemblance to myself in my youth hahaha! Congratulations on your entry into the Quadruple Faculty, but this is only the first step, it’s up to you to unify the Imperial Navy now. Show them how good Lu Kongbin’s son is, hahahahahaha…”


The latter did not finish speaking when Lu Jingning turned it off directly with a shake of his hand.


Turning back with a head full of black lines, he met the judging eyes cast by Yan Hebin and curled the corners of his mouth awkwardly, “Ahem, my dad is like that.”


He said, “Your father is very energetic.”


Lu Jingning: “……”


Why did a word like “energetic” sound so strange when applied to someone as old as Lu Kongbin?



After everything, Lu Jingning had class in the afternoon, so he could only get up reluctantly.


He didn’t bother to go to the canteen at mealtime, and just heated up a thermos lunch box before eating it, seeing that it was almost time to head out.


He had just worn his shoes when he heard Yan Hebin suddenly ask, “Are you not going to put on your uniform cap?”


Lu Jingning looked outside at the somewhat sunny stars and casually responded, “Ah, no, I’m not afraid of getting a tan.”


He didn’t really mean anything by it, so he didn’t say much and continued to focus on building his mecha model.


Lu Jingning carried his satchel out of the door. Only when he was halfway to his destination did he seem to understand the reason why Yan Hebin had asked him that before he left at the door.


He didn’t go out in the morning, so naturally he didn’t know the uproar he was causing in school.


As the Integrated War Faculty was the most elite institution in the whole school in terms of the entire student population, in order to encourage the students to respect these elites, the bulletin board not only neatly and uniformly listed out all the selected candidates, but also featured photos of all the elite new students. After this morning, almost all those present had already clearly memorised Lu Jingning’s appearance.


It was because of this that he kept receiving stares from all directions while walking around, as though he was the new man of the hour.


But Lu Jingning had thick skin, so he just accepted the stares and even enjoyed it as he walked slowly.


His presence silenced the otherwise lively classroom for a moment.


The sudden appearance of an Omega in a room full of Alpha, no matter what, would always bring about strong incongruities.


Lu Jingning walked in without glancing at them, and unsurprisingly saw a familiar figure, so he walked over and asked with a smile, “Is there anyone sitting here?”


From his angle, the seat next to Wen Xingduan was indeed empty, but the others knew that Jian Luan, who had just been here, had temporarily gone to the washroom.


Everyone had expected Lu Jingning to be rejected without question, but instead they heard Wen Xingduan respond indifferently, “Sit down, there’s no one there.”


Then, without changing his expression, he saw him pull Jian Luan’s backpack out from under the table and casually throw it onto the seat at the back.


His movements were so skilful and natural that it was as if he was just carelessly disposing of a bag of rubbish.


The crowd: “???”


Lu Jingning, of course, was nonchalant and simply shoved his bag into the drawer and sat down with a big grin.


When Jian Luan came back, he found that there was an extra person in his seat. When he got a good look at that person, he suddenly took a look at Wen Xingduan a bit sadly, but he dared not say anything in case it might anger him and walked towards the back row with an aggrieved face.


The others didn’t dare to mess with Wen Xingduan, so they actively gathered around Jian Luan’s side and whispered to pry, “What’s the situation with the two of them?”


Jian Luan put the bag back down and said expressionlessly, “Do you know why some grandmas can live for hundreds of years? That was because she always minded her own business!”


The crowd: “…”


Jian Luan coldly and solemnly dismissed them. As he looked at the two who were sitting next to each other in the front, he could not help but look up at the ceiling.


He never imagined that a man like Wen Xingduan would be the lustful type after falling in love, simply careless about the way he treats his friends!


Thinking of this, he looked up again and the two were glued together now. He didn’t know what to say, the two tightly clasped hands were very visible.


Jian Luan: “……”


What a disgrace. Flirting and touching each other in public! It’s a disgrace!



The two in front of him were comparing their hand strength, completely unaware of what was wrong with their actions.


Wen Xingduan: “You do have quite a lot of power.”


Lu Jingning: “Right? How else could I be S-class, hehehe.”


Wen Xingduan: “That, I really didn’t think of it before.”


Lu Jingning: “What? An Omega can’t be S-class?”


Wen Xingduan: “Before the test, I didn’t think I would be S-class.”


After hearing him add this, Lu Jingning felt much better and revealed an arrogant smile, “So, Wen Xingduan, you should be more careful from now on! I’m determined to become number one among the new students!”


Wen Xingduan lowered his eyes to glance at the overly dazzling face and the corners of his mouth curled up slightly, “Go for it.”


Lu Jingning: “…”


Sometimes this guy was really annoying, always looking so unconcerned with the world, blandly encouraging others like this. It’s no wonder that whoever came to pick a fight last time got pissed-off half-to-death instead.


It always sounded like a concealed provocation! F-ck!


Thinking of the straight up cancerous Alpha he saw last time, Lu Jingning suddenly developed a hint of interest.


He wondered if that man’s pride was hurt and swollen after the results of the faculty selection was released?


The bell rang outside as a sturdy figure stepped into class on time, walking in through the door, “Hello everyone, I’m your teacher for the Pheromone Manipulation, Jihan.”


Lu Jingning froze slightly when he saw the newcomer, not expecting it to be the same invigilator who said he might not teach him during the theory test the other day.


Let’s just call it a kind of karma.


After introducing himself, he cut to the chase: “So, in order to get to know you better, I will invite you all to come up and demonstrate your pheromones one-by-one in our first class, so please be ready.”


Someone hesitated, but still asked weakly, “Teacher, do you mean… everyone?”

Jihan: “Yes, everyone.”


As soon as he finished his sentence, everyone fell silent.


Those who were able to enter the Quadruple Faculty are all at least A-class elites and were naturally confident about their pheromones.


Under normal circumstances, there would be no problem showing it in public, but in this case – there was an Omega in their class!


The crowd subconsciously cast their eyes towards Lu Jingning in horror.


Everyone knew about the relationship between the Alpha-omega pheromones and its masked ability. Was the teacher preparing them to cause a large-scale rutting scene or was it simply to test their patience?


Either way, it was just their first class, were they going to cause such a ruckus?


What the author wants to say: 

Lu Jingning: Tremble, mortals~


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Chapter 52 – A Jealous Human

Chapter 52 – A Jealous Human


The entire dining table was suddenly dead silent, and even someone as airheaded as Jian Luo could feel that he probably said something that shouldn’t have been said?


Jian Luo hesitated: “What’s wrong?”


The dragons looked at each other, and their hearts were quite complicated. If they said something, the Marshal might be unhappy. But they couldn’t not say it after eating Luoluo’s food. If they didn’t even tell the truth, could they even be considered friends now?!




After a sad silence, someone with a fair conscience finally gave a compromising answer: “This is going to be different between different dragons.”


“Yes, yes.” A little soldier also echoed: “And depending on the situation, the dragon’s scales can actually change.”


Jian Luo was very curious: “Really?”


The little soldier bit his bullet and nodded: “Yes, for example, you can see that my scales are cold now, but a while after I eat, the temperature will change.”


Another said: “My scales are hot right now.”


Jian Luo was very curious.


When the soldier saw his bright eyes looking at him, he smiled shyly: “Do you want to touch it?”


Jian Luo didn’t think this was something inappropriate, so he nodded, and was very amazed: “You are a golden dragon!”


The little soldier’s face was a little red: “Yes.”


The dragon family is actually a very proud race in its bones, but they do not usually show it often. Now that he was being asked by Jian Luo, he couldn’t help but feel a little shy and proud, especially after being looked at with such admiration.


The soldier coughed lightly: “A golden dragon is nothing special…”


“It’s very beautiful.” Jian Luo loved gold so much. The dragon arm in front of him had a layer of light golden scales, which shone in the sun and were extraordinarily beautiful. Just as he reached out to touch it, someone grabbed his hand.


Jian Luo was stunned. He raised his head.


Lu Shifeng looked down at him condescendingly, and said solemnly, “What are you groping?”




Jian Luo was very aggrieved: “I got the consent of others!”


“You can touch it if they agree?” Lu Shifeng pulled him to the side and stood there: “If you come here to eat, then just eat. Don’t simply grope others.”


Jian Luo pouted.


A few small soldiers were very nervous when they saw Lu Shifeng coming. Firstly, it was because the dragon king’s hostility was not really hidden, and secondly because when everyone was still a young dragon, there was not any one of them that did not undergo the dragon king’s training.


It was a traumatizing experience okay?!


The soldiers were vicious fighters on the battlefield, but in front of Lu Shifeng, they were all inexplicably honest, like elementary school students seeing the headmaster.


Lu Shifeng glanced at them and said, “Start eating. If it’s not enough,ask the kitchen to deliver more.”


The soldiers said earnestly: “Yes!”


Then, Jian Luo was pulled away and returned back to his initial hotpot table. Jian Luo was very dissatisfied: “I really didn’t force myself on others to touch their scales.”


Lu Shifeng sat down beside him: “I know.”


Jian Luo was curious: “You know, yet you still blamed me?”


“Outsiders can’t touch the scales of the dragon family casually.” Lu Shifeng said lightly: “Sometimes it will cause you to get into trouble.”




Was this his point?


It happened that Secretary Jin was next to him, so Jian Luo didn’t rely on Lu Shifeng anymore, but looked sideways at Secretary Jin curiously: “Secretary Jin, you are also of the Dragon family, so what’s the trouble?”



She was the one who was about to get shot even though she didn’t do anything.


Secretary Jin picked up a piece of meat in the pot, dipped it in the sauce and stuffed it into her mouth: “It depends on the situation. Generally, if you already have a partner, it is best not to touch the scales of other dragons, otherwise it will easily lead to conflict.”


Jian Luo didn’t know there was such a thing: “Then if it’s just to normally appreciate their scales. What other way is there to do so?”




How can someone from the same dragon clan want to appreciate the scales of the same clan member?


It’s as strange as if a human suddenly wanted to start touching each other’s hands, right?


If you were not from the dragon clan, you basically had no chance to touch the scales of a dragon. After all, the dragon clan valued their privacy very much, but she didn’t know why the others were very close to Jian Luo and were willing to allow it.


Secretary Jin glanced at Jian Luo and said casually, “Um, that should be fine, but it’s best not to touch it.”


Jian Luo nodded as if he understood, “I see, maybe touching it will make others unhappy and cause me to get hurt.”


Secretary Jin glanced at Lu Shifeng. He did not say anything, so she didn’t dare to speak.


In the current situation, she was not worried that Jian Luo would get hurt, but rather another innocent dragon, but she dared not say or ask it.


The little adjutant was rather stupid: “Sorry, if you really like it, Luoluo, you can touch me. I’m half-gold, so you can touch…”


Secretary Jin hurriedly interrupted him and started coughing: “Cough!”



The little adjutant closed his mouth, glanced at Lu Shifeng secretly, and met the Marshal’s half-smiling gaze. There was a hint of danger mixed in the cheeriness.


The little adjutant’s strong desire to survive made him change his words: “You can’t ever touch me!”


Jian Luo fell silent.


Lu Shifeng put some meat into his bowl: “Eat.”


Sitting cross-legged, Jian Luo began to focus on the bowl. He took a bite of the meat and said, “I’m a little full. I’m going to go to the restroom, you guys eat first.”


Secretary Jin said, “7878.”


When Jian Luo left, Secretary Jin and the little adjutant accompanied the marshal to eat. They were very cautious when they ate with the marshal, but fortunately, the little adjutant didn’t mean anything by it and was therefore easy-going. In order to liven up the atmosphere, he took the initiative to talk a little bit about fun things to watch online to relieve boredom.


As he talked, the little adjutant went a little off topic and started to talk about some emotional issues: “I saw a couple on the Internet yesterday. They were people of different races together. It was quite rare.”


Secretary Jin was curious: “Which race?”


“Vampires and humans.” The little adjutant pursed his lips and smiled: “They were amazing.”



Secretary Jin’ face was full of black lines. What’s so amazing, their marshals was also with a human being, how was this amazing!?


Lu Shifeng was interested: “Oh?”


When the assistant saw Lu Shifeng’s interest, he was also excited: “But blood clans are a little different from humans. Humans have better personalities, and they are more clingy. While the character of the blood clan is more arrogant.”


Lu Shifeng had a different opinion: “Clingy?”


His tone sounded a little wrong.


The little assistant coughed lightly: “Yes, yes.”


Of course, in front of the Marshal, he was still somewhat restrained: “Actually, they would be more suspicious. For example, if they find out that their partner had some ambiguous rumors with someone else, they will definitely get angry and jealous. If it is a special day, always remember your anniversary. Otherwise, they will be unhappy. Also, their partner has to kiss and hug them every day, so clingy.”


Secretary Jin thinks it’s nothing: “Isn’t that what love is all about? Without this process, what kind of love would that be?”



The Lord Marshal was silent.


The meal went by quickly following their chat and discussion, especially for those soldiers who were fortunate to eat hotpot after returning from the mission, so much so that they ate till their stomachs broke. When they went back, they were going to show off. You’ve never ate this before, right? It’s a new product! It’s delicious!


Compared to them, Jian Luo himself didn’t eat much.


“I’ll tell someone to bring you some holy dragon fruit?”


Lu Shifeng sent him back to his room.


“No, no.” Jian Luo fell back on the bed and lay down: “I’m really not hungry, but I feel a little bloated. I don’t know what’s wrong with me these days, I’m not very hungry.”


He was lying flat on the bed, but his lower abdomen that used to lie flat was slightly bulging. It was not very obvious, but there was a curvature.


Lu Shifeng stood by and watched for a while before saying, “You have a bump.”


Jian Luo was stunned for a moment, and subconsciously touched his stomach: “Is it there? Could it be that I actually ate too much, causing it to grow?”



Lu Shifeng sat down beside him: “When you were full before and lay down, there was no such bump.”


The corner of Jian Luo’s mouth curled up: “So you paid attention to these?”


The Marshal did not feel embarrassed at all, but frankly replied: “The changes are too obvious, I didn’t need to observe it specifically.”


Jian Luo sighed.


He used to think that his pregnancy was very mysterious and a bit unbelievable, and surreal. 


But now that he suddenly had a baby bump, it made him feel amazed. When he touched his stomach, it seemed that there was a slight bump. This feeling of progress and being within reach is the most moving.


Lu Shifeng said, “You take a break, I’ll go wash up first.”


Jian Luo: “…Oh.”


Hmph, dog man, even if I’m pregnant, you won’t know how to touch your cub. Go take a bath, you will be washed to death.


After being heartbroken for a long time, Jian Luo habitually opened the Interstellar web to watch the news. 


A few days ago, he officially authenticated his account online because of the potato incident, but now that he’s logged in to take a look, he had: 100,000 fans.


These were some more recent comments:

“Anchor, I knew you were wronged!”

“I like your potato chips the most.”

“Now that Lord Chenguang has been arrested, I hope you can release genuine potato chips.”




Jian Luo suspected that he would not be able to keep up with the times if he did not surf the Internet for a day. With doubts in his mind, he clicked on the homepage of Interstellar web.


There was a piece of news on the hot search list: [Star Live Broadcasting Network anchor, Lord Chenguang is suspected of illegal planting, which has caused harm socially. He has been detained and sentenced to life imprisonment. 】


It should be mentioned that the Interstellar Live Broadcasting Network can be said to be a relatively large live broadcast website in the whole of interstellar space. Its decline made many people sigh, but it has also allowed countless other websites to take the opportunity to rise. Among them, Jinjiang Live Broadcasting Network was one worthy of the biggest dividend:

“The anchor of genuine potato chips is on Jinjiang Live Broadcasting Network.”

“Everyone can go to Jinjiang and spend 1 star dollar to taste the real thing!”

“Luoluo cooking is super delicious!”


Because of the commotion this time round, they manage to hit the jackpot. It became a free wave of advertisements for Jian Luo. His fans are also crazy for him too. Not only did his number of followers on Interstellar web rise like crazy, when Jian Luo opened his information bracelet, he found that his followers on his live broadcast account were also increasing rapidly.


Jiang Jiang also took the opportunity to contact him: “Luoluo, you are really amazing, driving traffic to our website by yourself. If I hadn’t just asked for a leave not long ago to upgrade the server on the spot, I might be overwhelmed by now.”


Jian Luo didn’t know whether to laugh or cry: “It’s nothing. It’s what I should’ve done.”


“That, Luoluo, I have something to discuss with you.” Jiang Jiang sent a message to him: “I’m thinking, basically, you were there when Jinjiang first established our website. There weren’t many anchors at that time, but you still stayed here till now and I’m really grateful that you’ve contributed so much to the site.”


Just as Jian Luo was about to reply, another message came: “Now that our contract is about to expire, I don’t have any other plans and want to renew the contract with you, but this time will be different. I know you should have some money in your hand, so if you want, you can hold a stake in Jinjiang Live Broadcasting Network.”


Hold a stake?


Jian Luo hadn’t thought about it before, but Jiang Jiang’s proposal was not inconceivable.


“Yes, invest in our shares.” Jiang Jiang explained to him in detail: “Actually, you don’t need to do too much, you just need to come up with some money to invest in shares, the accounts will later be split.”


Jian Luo asked, “Can I buy as many shares as I want?”


Jiang Jiang didn’t force him: “Of course.”


“Okay.” Jian Luo responded: “I have about 400,000 in my hands now, and I want to buy some shares.”


At this moment, Jian Luo is actually quite familiar with the situation in Jinjiang. Although the traffic has increased, it was not optimistic. The cost of server maintenance has also increased, as it matured as a website. It needs customer service staff, auditors, etc. It’s not something Jiang Jiang can afford alone. He needs shareholders, which makes sense.


Firstly, he wanted to invest in Jinjiang because he was really optimistic about the future development of Jinjiang, and secondly, he wanted to relieve Jiang Jiang of his urgent financial burden.


Jiang Jiang was overjoyed: “Okay Luoluo. Let’s make an appointment tomorrow to confirm the contract?”


Jian Luo had no objection: “Okay.”


The two roughly agreed on the time and place before stopping. After Jian Luo discussed it with him, he started watching other gossip news.


After he felt very refreshed, he didn’t expect another news to spoil his mood. It was written in a very exaggerated manner: [Details of the sweet romance between the little princess and the marshal]




Ho, isn’t this exciting.


Jian Luo lay on the bed and changed his position. As he did so, he clocked on the news, reading a little before progressively seeing this very exciting article. It spoke of the previous love-hate relationship between Lu Shifeng and the little princess. The Lord and the little princess were alumni of the same school when they were still students. At that time, the two people’s grades were very close as classmates, so their relationship was very ambiguous.


After graduation, he joined the military and although Marshal Lu spent a lot of his time managing the army, the little princess was still able to get the pity of the marshal and was the only woman who can enter and leave the military at will. After combining these facts, it basically meant that the little princess and the marshal were in love.




How stimulating.


Jian Luo became inexplicably excited when he saw it. He once said that there was no way Lu Shifeng did not have some romances when he looked like this. Who would believe it?




The bathroom door opened.


The marshal came out wearing a nightgown. His tall and handsome figure looked eye-catching and his hair was still dripping.


Jian Luo sat up: “Have you finished washing up?”


Lu Shifeng nodded lightly.


“That’s right.” Jian Luo turned over and decided to focus on the course of the gossip. Along the way, he said, “I just scrolled through something on the Interstellar web. Guess what I have stumbled across, it has something to do with you.”


Lu Shifeng wiped his hair casually with a bath towel: “What do you mean? Is it regarding how many new parenting encyclopedias have been published by the hospital recently?”



Jian Luo had to say: “Tell me about your past relationship with the little princess.”


Lu Shifeng’s movement of wiping his hair slowly slowed down, and he said, “You just finished reading?”


Jian Luo: “En, yes.”


Inexplicably, Lu Shifeng thought of what the little assistant said today, saying that humans were prone to be more jealous in a relationship. Maybe they will also lose their temper. Will Jian Luo be like that too? The Marshal Lord glanced at Jian Luo with a little bit of a hope that was not easily noticed.


Sitting cross-legged on the bed, Jian Luo expressed his opinion: “If you want me to say it, I don’t think the little princess is very good.”


Lu Shifeng was satisfied in his heart. Sure enough, what the little adjutant said was not wrong. Although Jian Luo was a man, he was not immune to the usual stereotype.


Jian Luo added another sentence: “In my opinion, what I have to say is that it is obvious that Secretary Jin is more suitable!”




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(Vol.2) Chapter 10 – Long time no see, Qi Yun

Chapter 10 – Long time no see, Qi Yun


Gao Qiao came over and asked curiously, “So lively? Saying it out loud makes me happy too.” 


Xue Qing took the noodles from his hand.


“When we came, we made a bet that you would definitely make noodles for Laoxing. If Laoxing loses, he needs to go up and sing a song for you.”


Gao Qiaoyi heard this with interest, “Sure thing! Walk right up Laoxing and show us what you’ve got.”


Xing Zhongwan was leaning lazily on the sofa, but the familiar aroma made him sit up slowly, “When I finish eating the noodles, I’ll entertain you. Each one of you will get to see?”


He picked up the chopsticks and scooped the noodles up before taking a big mouthful. As he was about to swallow it, he gave Gao Qiao a thumbs up. Gao Qiao happily sat aside, “Eat slowly, I’ll make more for you if it’s not enough.”


Gao Qiao really liked Xing Zhongwan. Previously, he was two levels higher than Xing Zhongwan. At that time, he didn’t know Xing Zhongwan’s identity, but he just liked this beautiful and surprisingly good-tempered Chinese junior. The two became friends soon after conversing with one another about their similar interests. Later, when he learned about his true identity, Gao Qiao couldn’t shake it off for a while. He couldn’t believe that Xing Zhongwan, who drank with him with his sleeves rolled up, had such an identity. But he didn’t have any self-consciousness as the heir of the X country’s media giant, nor did he have a sense of superiority because of his identity. On the contrary, he was very down-to-earth. Gao Qiao felt that this friend was worth making. After returning to China for two years, although they have not been in contact, their friendship has always been there.


“I’ll go after I finish eating.” Xing Zhongwan took a sip of the soup with a smile and suddenly a clean handkerchief was stretched out in front of him. Xing Zhongwan raised his head slightly, took it and said thank you.


A flash of red flashed across Xiao Ying’s handsome face.


“Boss, shall I sing you a song?”


Xing Zhongwan swallowed the noodles and wiped the corners of his mouth with a handkerchief, “Okay.”


Xiao Ying looked overjoyed. He got up and walked towards the middle of the stage.


Xue Qing pointed to Zhong Gang, “You’re breaking the rules.”


Zhong Gang took a sip of wine, “He begged me for a long time, so I couldn’t help it. Plus, the boss said that we should always give special care to our cash cow.”


Xing Zhongwan recently just finished his bowl of noodles, “This child became more mature than he was two years ago. He is a good seedling to cultivate well.”


“Obviously he wants to get your heart. You said you like ambitious people. Isn’t his ambition big enough?”


Xue Qing lit a cigarette and took a puff.


“Can you blame me for looking good?” Xing Zhongwan shrugged.


Xue Qing looked at him with unamused disbelief in her eyes as she pushed Cheng Zhengzhe who was close to her in disgust. Cheng Zhengzhe held his wine glass indifferently, ignoring Zhong Gang’s fiery gaze.


Gao Qiao said with a smile, “Xiao Ying has been really popular in the past two years and my wife likes him very much. Laoxing, you’re really good at judging people.”


Xing Zhongwan squinted. When Xiao Ying started to sing “When Can I Enter Your Heart”, Xing Zhongwan got goosebumps all over.


Xue Qing couldn’t help laughing out loud, “Let’s see how you will perform the finale.”


Xing Zhongwan disagreed. He was a little sleepy after he was full and he was actually a little tired due to the jet lag from flying back here.


Gao Qiao looked at the very handsome boy in the stands, “You are still so likable, regardless by which gender.”


Xing Zhongwan was a little uncomfortable when Xiao Ying’s straightforward gaze looked at him, so he got up and moved his aching waist. When he turned his head casually, he turned to the left rear corner. It was very dark and he could not see if anyone was there, but he just felt that someone was looking at him. Xing Zhongwan rubbed the back of his neck. Was it because he was too tired that he was this antsy?


Just as he was thinking about it, the singing onstage stopped. A clear male voice said, “Boss, at the annual meeting of the head office last year, you said that your New Year’s wish is to find someone who can take good care of you. I… Can I take care of you?”


His face was shy but he was unusually solemn.


Xing Zhongwan stood still, what kind of confession was this?


Cheng Zhengzhe couldn’t bear it anymore, he got up and hugged Xing Zhongwan, “The current generation is terrifying! In this lifetime, I just heard someone want to take care of you. Laoxing, you should accept, hahaha.”


Xing Zhongwan felt a headache. He did not make the brat obsessed after not outrightly rejecting his flowers, did he?


Xue Qing was already laughing, and it took her a long time to recover.


Xing Zhongwan leaned against Cheng Zhengzhe lazily, “Son, I’ll consider it if you change your gender. Work hard and if you sing well, we can make an album. I’ll let Zhong Gang arrange it.”


Xiao Ying froze on the stage and pursed his lips tightly. His face was pale.


Zhong Gang stretched out his long legs and led him down.


Gao Qiao poured wine for Xing Zhongwan, “Who doesn’t know that Lao Xing likes beautiful women? After so long, no one looks as good as him. If their figures are as good as his’, they won’t be able to catch his eye. I’m worried, will you forever be single? It’s too difficult to look better than you. When are you going to find someone to show me, my brother?”


Xing Zhongwan looked at him, “You see, this married man is different. With traces of happiness all over his body, he is starting to worry about us single dogs. I have to change the topic. Come come come, let me sing for you. I didn’t attend your marriage ceremony so I have to sing this song for you, otherwise I’ll be sorry for all the times we fought alongside each other.”


Gao Qiao smiled and took Xing Zhongwan’s glass, “Then you have to think about what to sing. If you can’t sing well, you won’t be allowed to leave today .


Xing Zhongwan walked towards the center of the stage with a smile as Xue Qing coaxed him, “Xing Zhongwan, among the thousands of people in the media, you must be the best singer among them. I will videotape this and post it on for the new employees to watch online so they won’t accidentally miss you and pass you by.”


Xing Zhongwan dragged the high stool to one side and tested the sound on the microphone, “You can do it. Just make sure they are not distracted during working hours, I’m recording this so they will make money for me.”


Xing Zhongwan adjusted the height of the stool so that it was tall. Those long legs that had nowhere to rest could only step on the edge of the pedal.


Xue Qing whistled, “Xing Zhongwan, I absolutely believe that if our group collapses one day, you can definitely make it come back to life with your appearance.”


Xing Zhongwan adjusted the microphone and threw a wink in Xue Qing’s direction, “You have vision.”


“Tell me, Laogao. What song do you want to hear?”


Xing Zhongwan smiled in Gao Qiao’s direction, his long and narrow eyes slightly slanted. The DJ standing not far away took a long deep breath.


Gao Qiao was also overjoyed and had long forgotten that there were other people present on this occasion. “The Moon Represents My Heart1”


Xing Zhongwan nodded and smiled at the waiter on the side, “Sister, bring me a guitar.” 


The lady suddenly blushed and quickly got him a guitar. Xing Zhongwan smiled and tuned the instrument, “It’s been a long time since I sang. Gao Qiao, I wish you happiness all the time.”


It was very lively over there, but it was dead silent on Shen Congxin’s side ever since he heard Xing Zhongwan’s name. He didn’t dare to speak, and only quietly observed Qi Yun.


Qi Yun clenched his glass tightly, his eyes staring at the booth in front of him as he was reluctant to blink. When the young man went up to sing, his straightforward words were obviously a confession. Shen Congxin secretly glanced at Qi Yun, and was frightened by the shadow in his eyes. A cold sweat broke out on his back as the cup that was held tightly by Qi Yun suddenly cracked.


Shen Congxin watched as the transparent fragments fell with blood onto the thick carpeted floor. Shen Congxin wanted to go up to check Qi Yun’s injury, but when Xing Zhongwan who was in front suddenly got up, Qi Yun’s body moved a bit. Suddenly, Xing Zhongwan turned his head and glanced at their corner. The light was a little dim, so it was not very clear. Shen Congxin took a breath at the vague outline, so this was his cousin-in-law. He was so… so tall.


Xing Zhongwan turned around quickly and that brief glance made Qi Yun tremble uncontrollably, Wanwan, Wanwan…


When Xing Zhongwan walked to the middle of the stage, Shen Congxin couldn’t help but cover his own mouth.


Xing Zhongwan’s hair was shaved very short and his short bangs were very close to his forehead, with the ends of his fringe all shaved. This hairstyle can’t be pulled off by ordinary people. Shen Congxin can no longer describe his appearance, other than that he was really beautiful and that his whole body glowed white. Especially those eyes, which are long and narrow and slightly raised upwards, with light blue pupils that looked at you with a hint of light and an unspeakable temptation. Shen Congxin felt his nose heating up. He thought that after getting used to seeing the face of his big cousin, he was immune to pretty faces, but he didn’t expect to see his cousin-in-law.


Qi Yun’s beauty was one that was cold and hard to approach while Xing Zhongwan was beautiful and stunning. His flamboyance and charisma was unforgettable.


And his body, his body was also in very good shape. Those legs…even the high stool wasn’t tall enough for them…


Shen Congxin covered his nose, he didn’t dare to look at Qi Yun. His heart was pounding and he was nervous for Qi Yun. The person who he had been thinking about night and day actually appeared in front of him. Shen Congxin felt that the other person would faint in anticipation.


Qi Yun’s hand was injured. The broken glass pierced into his open wound, but he felt no pain. The moment he saw Xing Zhongwan, his whole world seemed to stop and his world became quiet. He was afraid that he was dreaming, a very beautiful dream. He didn’t dare to move and even breathed carefully. He was afraid that if he breathed hard, he would wake up from the dream and Wanwan would disappear.


That was until the singing sounded in his ears. That crisp, delightful voice with a soft Jiangnan accent suddenly made Qi Yun regain some sense of clarity.


The man sitting on the high stool in the middle of the stage, holding the guitar and turning his face slightly with a smile on his lips, glanced in his direction inadvertently. Qi Yun’s heart tightened, his brows couldn’t help wrinkling. It hurt. It hurt so much, but this pain made his heart that has been dead for a long time come back to life.


That was his Wanwan. He had thought about his appearance for countless nights, but none of them could be compared with the real deal at this moment. Under the illumination of the stage lights, Xing Zhongwan’s appearance was clearly displayed in front of Qi Yun’s eyes.


His Wanwan turned out to be like this. The dirty little boy from before flashed in his mind. Those eyes unexpectedly coincided with the appearance from his memory.


Unfamiliar and familiar, that was his Wanwan.


Qi Yun’s eyes were hot, sore and a little blurry. He closed his eyes to calm down, but quickly opened them again. He was afraid that in the blink of an eye, the person on the stage would suddenly disappear.


Cheng Zhengzhe got up to go to the bathroom, but was suddenly stopped after passing by a booth. Shen Congxin quickly stood up, “Hello.”


Cheng Zhengzhe blinked, “Qi Yun?”


Qi Yun stood up and put his injured left hand behind him as he nodded to him. Beneath his calm exterior, his body trembled slightly while his legs ached from the tension.


Cheng Zhengzhe looked at him and couldn’t help but look back at Xing Zhongwan on the stand. His mouth was slightly agape, not knowing what to say.


At this time, Xing Zhongwan just finished singing and wanted to come down. Cheng Zhengzhe walked over quickly and pointed to Xue Qing in the direction of Qi Yun and the others.


Xue Qing was puzzled, “Why?” 


Turning to look, Qi Yun and Shen Congxin had already come out of the booth. Xue Qing sighed and looked back at Xing Zhongwan. It was obvious that Xing Zhongwan hadn’t seen Qi Yun yet.


Xue Qing took a breath and signaled Cheng Zhengzhe to leave it alone.


Cheng Zhengzhe pointed to this and that before finally choosing to look up at the sky.


Xing Zhongwan saw them all standing up and walked over with a smile, “What’s the matter?”


Xue Qing pulled Cheng Zhengzhe aside as Xing Zhongwan looked at the tall and straight man who was slowly approaching his front. The smile at the corners of his mouth faded a little.


Qi Yun was wearing a khaki sweater and pants of the same color, and was very thin. His back was very straight, as it has always been, even in those awkward days in a wheelchair.


Xing Zhongwan didn’t expect to see him again, let alone meet him without a hint of preparation under such circumstances.


Qi Yun walked very slowly, getting closer and closer to Xing Zhongwan. Seeing the corners of his curved mouth collapse little by little, Qi Yun became very sad. However, he was also glad that Xing Zhongwan didn’t hide, and that his eyes were fixed to his own.


When he came to him and stopped, Qi Yun was a little afraid. It was ridiculous for him to be scared. He thought about Wanwan for a long time but he couldn’t say it.


Suddenly, Xing Zhongwan in front of him smiled, although the smile did not reach his eyes.


“Long time no see, Qi Yun.”

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Chapter 51 – Dragon scales during courtship

Chapter 51 – Dragon scales during courtship


Jian Luo saw the Lord Marshal standing not far from the shed.


The marshal was wearing a straight and orthodox military uniform. His stern face held less of his usual wanton laziness, and was a little more hostile than usual. Jian Luo was a little scared.


Jiang Kang was surprised: “Who is he?”


Taking advantage of his surprise, Jian Luo trotted to Lu Shifeng: “What are you doing here?”


“Didn’t I come at the right time?” Lu Shifeng lowered his head and looked at him: “Did I interrupt you while you were doing something important?”




Have you had enough?


Jian Luo wanted to prove his innocence: “I had a work matter to deal with with him, so I was late. Were you waiting for me outside?”


Lu Shifeng nodded, raised his eyelids and glanced at Jiang Kang: “Is this your colleague?”


Inexplicably, Jiang Kang felt that the word “colleague” contained a little murderous aura.


Jian Luo nodded and said to Lu Shifeng, “There is still something he and I have to settle.”


Jiang Kang felt a little worse for wear when he saw Lu Shifeng. Dark star people were very easy to distinguish from human beings. Some races were born with grace and self-confidence. That kind of temperament was difficult to conceal. Previously, Jian Luo was like a dust-covered little pearl. He didn’t know what happened after all this time, but there were no longer traces of that inferior temperament and complex of the lower beings on Jian Luo anymore.


The most unpleasant sight for Jiang Kang was Lu Shifeng wearing a military uniform. He was not an ordinary dark star citizen, and may even be a member of the military, one of the three major authorities in the Dark Star!


Jian Luo turned to look at Jiang Kang: “Jiang Kang, I don’t want to embarrass you either. What we had in the past is over, so there’s no need to mention it. Now that you have stolen the seeds, hand it over and tell me who the mastermind was. I can let it go since you were only instructed to do this.”



Jiang Kang’s face was pale: “Luoluo, don’t talk nonsense.”


Lu Shifeng grabbed Jian Luo: “Since he doesn’t want to admit it, it’s useless to ask.”


Jian Luo looked at the Marshal in surprise.


Lu Shifeng glanced at Jiang Kang and said slowly: “As for the person who contacted him to steal the seeds, he has been found. Yesterday, the internet keyboard warriors hired by him have all been arrested and detained in the military prison.”




Jian Luo was slightly surprised: “Really? It went so smoothly?”


“Otherwise?” Lu Shifeng helped Jian Luo fasten the first button on his shirt: “Do you need me to introduce you to a lawyer to prosecute them?”




You don’t have to.


The conversation between the two was very nonchalant, but Jiang Kang was panicking. If he really thought about it, it seemed that the person had not sent him any messages since the afternoon. However, he still had a way out: “What nonsense are you both talking about? I don’t understand.”


Lu Shifeng glanced at him sideways. Seems like it’ll be a waste of words to speak any longer: “You don’t have to understand. There is a new law to be passed by the imperial capital soon. After a credit assessment is carried out on the humans, those with a full credit score will be able to enter Sky City with an ID registry.”


Jiang Kang was taken aback.


Jian Luo was also a little surprised.


How important is an ID registry? If one has an ID registered, they will be able to obtain many things. Not only can one buy a house, there are also many other conveniences that come with having an ID when it comes to information and communication technology agencies, such as purchasing from major retailers.


However, Lu Shifeng added slowly: “Those who have a history of committing crimes will be included in the list of dishonest citizens and will obtain an ID registration.”




There was a moment of silence in the air.


Whether he was in the right or wrong doesn’t matter anymore. Even if Jiang Kang initially still wanted to resist stubbornly, upon hearing this, all his perseverance faded.


Yes, 100,000 star dollars was indeed a lot, but if something goes wrong and he loses his rights to obtain an ID registration, wouldn’t he be reduced to a joke?


Thinking of this, Jiang Kang suddenly changed his expression and took the initiative to say: “Actually, I do know that person, but I am not collaborating with him. I mainly took the opportunity to approach him and find out his motives, so I can call the police to deal with him for justice.”


Jian Luo widened his eyes: “It really was you.”


Jiang Kang’s eyes flickered a little: “Luoluo, you have to believe me. All I did was to… help you.”


As he spoke, he took out a small plastic bag from the storage space of his bracelet. The bag really contained seeds.


Jian Luo was angry when he saw it: “Are you also the one who cultivated and distributed those spoiled potatoes too?”


Jiang Kang shook his head: “Luoluo, I’m not with them. I don’t know what happened with the potatoes. They just contacted me suddenly so I don’t know.”


Lu Shifeng sneered.


Jiang Kang didn’t dare to look at him for some reason. He always felt that this man was very dangerous. Although he didn’t do anything from beginning to end, he was very oppressive.


It was getting late and the air around them was starting to turn chilly.


Lu Shifeng took off his coat, put it on Jian Luo’s body and said, “You stole the seeds to plant them by yourself, and disregarding whether the quality is suitable for consumption or not, you put them on the market. The cultivation base will judge and issue a suitable punishment for you.”


Jiang Kang’s expression was very bad: “You can insult me, but you can’t slander my morality. Are the dark stars that amazing that they can look down on humans like this?”



Just as Jian Luo was about to speak, Lu Shifeng stopped him.


“You can’t blame anyone for humiliating yourself.” Lu Shifeng glanced at the sky: “Go back and tell it to the judge.”


Jiang Kang was taken aback.


As if they received an order, a luxury car came over as two soldiers in military uniforms got out of the car. The two came over and opened a pair of handcuffs as Jiang Kang was restrained skillfully.


Jiang Kang started to completely panic and began to struggle: “What are you trying to do? I said I didn’t do it, I just wanted to help. Luoluo, Luoluo, hurry up and explain to them for me. What right do you have to arrest me? Luoluo?!”


Jian Luo stood beside Lu Shifeng and did not speak.


Jiang Kang still looked at him persistently: “Luoluo, Luoluo. Speak up!”


Jian Luo looked on indifferently and said, “Jiang Kang, if I didn’t find out about your theft of the seeds today, will these things be blamed on me as the supervisor if there are peppers of compromised quality on the market in the future?”


Jiang Kang choked.


“Doing too much injustice will lead to your own downfall.” Jian Luo had no pity for him: “Seek more happiness for yourself.”


His indifferent attitude angered Jiang Kang.


As a person with a very good exterior image, especially in front of a person who has always been inferior to himself, since childhood, whether in family status or ability, he suddenly lost his pride in front of Jian Luo.


Jiang Kang was pinned down as he said, “Jian Luo, what do you have to be proud of? Do you really think you are very powerful? Don’t assume that I don’t know what you are doing. Aren’t you quite proud to be the lover and dog of the dark stars? Even if the seeds are stolen, you deserved it!”


Jian Luo said, “So you admit that you took the seeds and also knew about the potatoes?”


Jiang Kang snorted coldly, neither admitting or denying it.


Jian Luo smiled slightly and said towards a shed not far away, “Director Li, you can come out now.”



Not far from the shed, a figure slowly walked out.


Director Li walked out with a heavy face, followed by many senior staff members from the planting base.


Director Li’s face was solemn: “It’s because of my lax management, I’m really ashamed.”


There are a few senior staff members behind:


“Jiang Kang… Back then, there was only one place in the village to study abroad, so I gave it to you. Now what has become of you…”


“Are you worthy now?”


“Your mother used to go around telling about how good you are.”


“This child, I never imagined…”


Jiang Kang opened his eyes wide and looked at these people who came out in disbelief. For a long time, he pretended to be virtuous inside out, crafting his own excellent character just to gain everyone’s respect.


But now, thousands of people looked at him with contempt and regret in their eyes, as if he was just an insect. There was such a gap between the two different treatments, no one would be able to accept it.


Jian Luo said: “There should be others who were bribed just like him. This is how the seeds of potatoes were distributed. Director Li, you need to do a thorough investigation.”


Director Li nodded: “I will, Luoluo. You have been wronged. If it weren’t for you, we might not have realized these problems.”


Jian Luo didn’t say much.


Jiang Kang was completely destroyed. Even if he will not lose his rights to register for an ID, after being found out by Director Li, it will be shameful for him to live in the village in the future. How will he be seen by the others? This was all the fault of Jian Luo!


Thinking to this extent, Jiang Kang could hardly control his emotions. He broke free from the person restraining him and rushed over to Jian Luo: “Jian Luo, you b-tch…”




Jiang Kang’s body was kicked away just before he touched him. The force of Lu Shifeng’s kick was not something ordinary humans could withstand.


Jiang Kang was smashed back to the ground as his whole body twitched twice. He spat out a mouthful of blood and passed out.


Lu Shifeng didn’t even notice it: “Take this thing back.”


The two soldiers came over quickly: “Yes.”


Director Li and the others were also dumbfounded. They had heard of Lu Shifeng’s reputation before, but even after hearing it, what they saw still came as a shock, even if they shouldn’t be surprised at all.


Lu Shifeng didn’t give them a chance to think and glanced at Director Li: “Investigate about the potatoes. I don’t want this kind of thing to happen again.”


The extremely powerful tyrant’s command is absolute. Lu Shifeng didn’t do much, but Director Li’s back broke into a cold sweat: “Yes!”


After explaining the matter, Lu Shifeng said to Jian Luo, “Go back.”


Jian Luo came back to his senses: “Okay.”


The two left the base in tandem. Lu Shifeng’s car was parked outside, and Jian Luo said, “Where are we going?”


Lu Shifeng: “You haven’t been back for two days.”


Inexplicably, Jian Luo looked at the indifferent face of the Marshal. It seemed he heard something else from it – was it grievance?


A very substantial amount of grievance.


Jian Luo sat on the soft seat: “The babies are fine.”


Lu Shifeng glanced at him and said in a low voice, “In the health information reported back by the bracelet yesterday, there was an abnormal fluctuation.”



I see.


Jian Luo sighed. It was just as he thought, how could Lord Marshal have come to see him? It wasn’t because he missed him for two days that he came here, but because he cared about the dragon babies.


Lu Shifeng said, “I’ll send you here in the future.”


Jian Luo shook his head: “No, if we’re going to Phoenix Stage, it’s very close, so you’ll still pass it by on the way. However, the planting base is too far away, so you can’t.”


Lu Shifeng took out a nearly frozen holy dragon fruit from the small refrigerator for Jian Luo to eat: “When I don’t have time, I will ask Secretary Jin to send you there instead.”


Jian Luo still wanted to struggle.


Lu Shifeng interrupted his thoughts: “Moonlight has released a lot of new products, all of which have been put in the small kitchen. You can eat them when you go back.”


Jian Luo was very straightforward: “It’s great to go back!”




The car arrived at the military base soon after. Jian Luo thought he was going back to rest. Unexpectedly, Lu Shifeng said, “There are a few small brigades coming back from their missions today. There is a celebration banquet ahead, so let’s go enjoy ourselves there together.”


Jian Luo was very curious: “It’s a celebration banquet, what are we going to enjoy?”


In fact, he doesn’t know much about these pastimes. In Jian Luo’s own impression, the military was rigid and cold, if they were not fighting all day long, they were probably on the way to fight?


Lu Shifeng said lightly, “You’ll know when you go.”


All right.


It’s close by anyway.


Before he left, Jian Luo also checked himself. In the morning, he only wore a white shirt and jeans for convenience. He was unsure: “Will it be bad for me to dress like this?”


Lu Shifeng closed the car door: “As long as you are not wearing a military uniform, anything else will be the same for them.”



Jian Luo gave up.


It was his first time visiting to attend a banquet inside the military base. Before walking into the huge auditorium, he had countless imaginary scenarios in his mind, such as the icy soldiers sitting neatly together while discussing the war tactics, and talking about who to kill tomorrow. It would be a gathering full of violence and blood.


However, when Jian Luo walked in, he only smelled the smell of barbecue.


Inside the restaurant, there were soldiers gathered together in twos and threes on the huge table with their sleeves rolled up as they grilled the skewers of meat with their shoulders lifted. The scene was extremely crowded.




Jian Luo felt that his imagination was completely shattered.


Obviously, no one has made a sound yet. The moment Lu Shifeng stood at the door, the entire hall fell silent. The whole room that was rowdy just now immediately fell silent. Everyone stood up and saluted Lu Shifeng: “Marshal!”


Jian Luo’s eardrums almost burst.


The voices of the young dragons or half-dragons in the room were so loud that they almost pierced through the sky.


Lu Shifeng said quietly, “Sit down.”


The little soldiers in the house couldn’t help but look at Jian Luo. There was a single human being in the dragon clan’s building. It was inevitable that some people would be curious. 


Especially since this human being was full of the scent of dragons, which made thing even more exciting. Some people have already started whispering:

“Who is it?”

“He looks so small.”

“The one who looks like he can be squeezed to death with one hand?”

“Please be quiet.”


The corners of Jian Luo’s mouth twitched, and he was really speechless at what the dark stars said, especially the silly people of the dragon clan.


When Jian Luo accompanied Lu Shifeng and walked inside, he thought that it was an ordinary building from the outside, but when he was inside, he found that there was something different. The back of the building was actually open-air and connected to the outdoor hills behind, where there were various grills full of meat.


Jian Luo was surprised: “Why do you only eat meat during dinner together? Shouldn’t you have some cakes, vegetables or something else when you return?”


The little adjutant was roasting meat. Hearing that, he said, “We don’t have any food to eat on the way to our mission, only nutrient solution, so we have a tradition of holding a celebration banquet and eating as much meat as we can when we come back.”


Jian Luo just nodded.


Secretary Jin held a plate and said, “As for vegetables or other foods, we can’t cook it to the standards of our own taste, so we just eat meat.”



Are all dragons always so upfront?


Jian Luo was also hungry when he smelled the meat. He was convinced: “I’ll help to get some vegetables and grill some meat.”


Secretary Jin has been waiting for Jian Luo to say that for a long time: “Okay.”


A new batch of vegetables and meat were delivered from the kitchen. Jian Luo prepared it well before wrapping it up to be eaten. It was a pity that he couldn’t eat the chili peppers the last time he had grilled meat, so he asked one more question: “Do you have chili peppers?”


Secretary Jin nodded: “Yes, weren’t the first batch of chili peppers distributed today? We recently received them.”


Jian Luo was very moved: “You received them just in time.”


Thanks to the technology of the dark stars, all crops had a shortened growth cycle. As such, life has become much more vibrant!


Even if it was too late to grind the chili into powder or make it into chili oil, it could still be eaten directly, as long as it tasted spicy!


The little adjutant said: “Come here, it’s all been delivered.”


Jian Luo sat on the ground on the grass. He had just started grilling when he saw the Lord Marshal sitting in the front seat not far away. There was a lot of roasted meat on the table but he did not touch it much. He was basically still drinking the brewed wine.


“Is he not hungry?” Jian Luo was inexplicably concerned: “At least I still ate something before coming here.”


Secretary Jin followed his gaze and explained, “Are you talking about the marshal? He has always been like this. The Lord doesn’t eat barbecued meat.”



Jian Luo’s movements suddenly stopped.


Secretary Jin asked curiously, “What’s wrong?”


“…Nothing.” Jian Luo suddenly remembered that at the banquet of the blood clan, the marshal had eaten a few pieces of barbecued meat then: “Why? It’s not like your dragon clan has an aversion towards meat.”


When he mentioned this, Secretary Jin sighed deeply: “Who said we do? Actually, the marshal did not have this much of an aversion towards meat before, but one year, he entered the Dragon Valley for training and stayed there for many years… not once ever coming out during this period. Ever since he came out, he has been very picky about food and has a deep aversion to barbecued meat.”


Jian Luo suddenly thought of what the driver had said to him before, about how Lu Shifeng was just cloned, he had a genetic defect.


The dragon clan had high expectations for him. In order to revitalize their clan and the hope of the entire race, Lu Shifeng entered the abyss of the Dragon Valley to undergo tribulations. As for what happened during that period, no one knows.


Was it post-traumatic stress?


It is also possible.


Secretary Jin said: “The Lord is very picky when it comes to food. Moonlight used to have someone deliver food on a regular basis every month, but he basically didn’t eat it. The time he actually began to eat the food was probably when you started coming here to work.”


Jian Luo was flattered: “Me?”


Secretary Jin nodded.


Jian Luo turned to look at the person sitting on the front seat not far away. Dragons were actually quite open and enthusiastic by nature. They are quite open when it is time for fun. There were also many soldiers who looked like they wanted to mingle with the marshal. But when they all saw that the marshal had no appetite, without any exceptions, all of them decided to give up.



Slowly, Jian Luo had an idea in his heart.


Seeing that he was in a daze, Secretary Jin asked curiously, “Luoluo, what are you thinking about?”


“Huh?” Jian Luo smiled slightly: “I was thinking, do you want to try to eat something fun?”


The little adjutant likes to eat the most, and he especially liked to eat the things that Jian Luo made. Hearing this, he was very excited: “What is fun to eat?”


Jian Luo clapped his hands together and said, “Hotpot.”




There was no such thing as hotpot in Dark Star, but there was never a shortage of ingredients and people who were good at using their brains. Those of the dragon clan do not simply like barbecue because it was easy and didn’t require any brains to make, to them, other foods were also welcome.


It just so happened that a hotpot meets all the requirements. There was no need to use their brains or skills, plus they could also eat the hotpot according to their personal preferences.


Secretary Jin said, “How do you eat a hotpot?”


“It’s a dish that’s easy to cook for all ages.” Jian Luo arranged for a pot to be sent from the kitchen and began to put peppers and other spices into the pot at the bottom of the pot to be cooked: “Hotpot is really the savior of the world.”


The dark stars also had their own eating habits, so they also had their own spices. There were some that Jian Luo was not used to eating, while the other basic ones were okay.


Jian Luo cut the peppers and put them in to cook when the oil was hot. He took advantage of the time to get in front of Lu Shifeng: “I cooked hotpot, do you want to come and eat it together.”


Lu Shifeng played with the cup in his hand: “Just eat it with the others.”



It was impossible for Jian Luo to follow his instructions.


Since you didn’t eat barbecue, I have taken great pains in terms of labor and management to make a hotpot for you. Now, you’re asking me to eat it with them, how could it be possible!


“No, no.” Jian Luo tugged at his arm: “Let’s eat it together. A hotpot is fun when more people eat it together. Aren’t you hungry? I’m hungry, even if you’re not hungry and I want to eat with you. If you won’t eat, then you don’t need to eat it, but I’ll eat it instead.”



Marshal Lu has not been threatened by anyone for a long time, but the arrogant man still couldn’t get angry with him. He could only nod his head in the end: “Alright, let’s go eat together.”


Jian Luo’s lips curled up: “Okay!”


The process of cooking the hotpot soup base was very simple and fast. The aroma of chili spread out as Jian Luo prepared the dipping sauce and taught Secretary Jin how to mix it together.


Slowly, some dragons who were eating the barbecue couldn’t stand it anymore.


A dragon came up and asked, “What is this, can we also taste it?”


Jian Luo said generously, “Yes!”


He boiled a piece of meat in the pot and then gave it to the soldiers. The meat cooked in the pot has been marinated by the soup and has a spicy taste. After dipping it in some delicious sauce and putting it in one’s mouth, the flavour which was distinctively different from the barbecued meat was very delicious. It was also salty and flavorful. There was an endless good aftertaste after just taking a bite.


The soldier’s eyes lit up: “Delicious!”


Jian Luo smiled: “It should be.”


“Yeah! The barbecue is no longer fragrant.” The soldier was very excited: “It’s so delicious, you are amazing!”


The members of the dragon clan were very direct, unlike the marshal.


The soldier put his hand on Jian Luo’s shoulder in an intimate manner: “Are you the chef invited by our marshal? This hotpot is so delicious, you…”


Lu Shifeng glanced at the intimate gesture between the two, reflecting the terrifying possessive nature of the dragon clan. Even among the same clan, members won’t allow for their own things to be shared with others, and this includes people. The marshal said lightly: “I want to eat by myself. Stay away from the chef.”


The soldier quickly withdrew his hand.


Jian Luo thought for a while. If everyone came to eat together, this small pot would be rendered inefficient. He said, “Tell the kitchen to send a few more sets. You can cook on your own. I’ll teach you how to cook it.”


The little soldier nodded happily: “Okay!”


The kitchen responded very fast. Several dishes and seasonings were delivered. Jian Luo asked Lu Shifeng to eat first before going over to tell the soldiers a few precautions. Usually, he viewed the soldiers of the dragon clan as unfriendly, but once he mixed with them and chatted more, he felt that they were actually very enthusiastic and easy to understand.


Sure enough, Jian Luo had different impressions of each clan. The people in Moonlight all put their own interests first while the people at Phoenix Stage always had a sense of unapproachable seriousness. The blood clan was always proud and it’s unknown what they were scheming. As for the dragon clan, it was Jian Luo’s favorite clan in his heart. They were warm and generous, quite simple and he felt happy to get along with them.


A soldier said, “Luoluo, you are so good at cooking, so why haven’t you been snatched up by Moonlight?”


Jian Luo said while stirring the bottom of the pot, “I don’t have to go to Moonlight. You guys here are pretty good too.”


“Yeah, yeah.” The little soldier rolled up his sleeves. Because he was too excited to eat, a lot of scales appeared on his face: “We’re all here. Plus, you can go to the hanging garden to play if you have nothing to do. There are also little dragons there. The little dragons prefer to play with other people.”


When Jian Luo retracted his hand, he accidentally touched the arm of the soldier next to him. There were a lot of scales floating on his arm, but it was actually cold to the touch which made Jian Luo feel very strange: “Will the temperature of your dragon scales change?”


The soldier was curious: “What?”


“Aren’t your scales hot when they appear on your skin?” Jian Luo was very surprised: “Your body is cold.”


He had only touched Lu Shifeng’s scales before, and it was hot, like a big oven. It was now summer, which made Jian Luo not very fond of touching Lu Shifeng in his human form. It was only cool and comfortable when he was in his dragon form.



There was silence around the table.


Several soldiers looked at each other and fell into a strange silence. They didn’t know whether to say it or not. The scales of the dragon race only get hot when they are in heat or in courtship.

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(Vol.2) Chapter 9 – Reunion (Part 2)

Chapter 9 – Reunion (Part 2)


The sanatorium called, saying that Guan Yang has been on a hunger strike for a while because she wanted to see Qi Yun. As such, the doctor had no choice but to contact Qi Yun.


Qi Yun arrived at the sanatorium that night. He walked into Guan Yang’s ward and saw her on the bed


She was tied up, and her hair was messy with dull eyes. Where was the noble and glamorous look of her prior years?


Qi Yun ordered the people to go out before sitting on the chair beside her bed. Guan Yang turned her head to look at Qi Yun with difficulty. Her thin and sunken eyes burst out with indescribable anger the moment she saw him.


“Are you there?” The dry and broken voice sounded like a demon who had climbed up from the depths of hell.


Qi Yun looked at her steadily with no emotion in his eyes.


Guan Yang laughed out loud, “You’re still the same. I’m not happy to see your face.”


Qi Yun took off his leather gloves, “Do you want to die so much?” 


“Should I wait to be humiliated by you? Are you not afraid of going to hell after death for treating your own mother like this?”


Guan Yang’s eyes were full of wrinkles. The dark days spent in the nursing home made her age rapidly. Even if living was better than death, living like this was also suffering.


“You can’t die yet, you need to atone for your sins while you’re still alive.”


Guan Yang was startled, but she suddenly burst into laughter, “What am I guilty of? The ones who are guilty are you, all of the Qi family and the Guan family who wanted to cling to power. My father liked the Qi family because of their power. He forced me to marry into the Qi family, to marry that sick child. I lived day and night in the Qi family as the years went by. I thought I could marry your father and sacrifice my love. Who would have thought that his body would be so useless? How much effort did I spend to conceive you? Your father was not good so I pinned all my hopes on you. Who would have thought that the dead old woman would take you away?! Qi Yun, tell me. At Qi’s house where they ate people and didn’t even spit out their bones, what would happen if I didn’t fight to survive? Hahaha, I sacrificed so much so I should get what I want. I’m not satisfied! I never thought that my own son would actually pull me down with his own hands. Qi Yun, you do hate me so much.”


The strong smell of disinfectant in the ward reminded him of the days when he was paralyzed in that suburban villa, when he couldn’t see or move. Where he did not receive any love.


“Do you think of me as your son at all?”


Guan Yang was taken aback. She turned her head to look at the ceiling and a line of tears suddenly flowed from the corner of her eyes.


“I tried my best. When I came back to you, I wanted to try my best to be a good son, but you didn’t want to be my mother. You pushed me away with your own hands.”


Qi Yun lowered his head. He’s been having severe migraines recently. The long-time insomnia only made his headache worse, which could only be relieved by painkillers.


“You are too similar to the Shen family. When I saw you, I was constantly reminded of my past when I compromised to get power. I couldn’t like you. Qi Yun, you are my shame.”


Guan Yang’s words were clear. Qi Yun stood up, “Mother, take care of your body. Your body is related to the honor and disgrace of the Guan family. You must live well.”


Guan Yang turned his head in disbelief, “Qi Yun, how dare you? Are you not afraid of karma?”


As Qi Yun turned around and walked towards the door, Guan Yang’s body was struggling, “Qi Yun, you are a monster! A monster without a heart. You can’t get happiness. A person like you won’t even bow to the heavens. I pity you. What’s the difference between you and me? No wonder Xing Zhongwan left you, someone like you doesn’t deserve anyone’s love.”


Qi Yun paused, then opened the door and went out, telling the doctor, “Take care of her, don’t let her die.”


The doctor called the nurse in to give the emotional Guan Yang a tranquilizer shot.


Shen Congxin approached Qi Yun. He heard Guan Yang’s words from the outside. The mother and son pair were like enemies and he was in no position to express his opinion on their relationship. He only cared about Qi Yun’s body, and his face was very dark.


“Big cousin, I have nothing to do tonight. Shall we go out and relax and have a drink?”


The entourage behind him put a coat on Qi Yun. Qi Yun didn’t stop, so Shen Congxin followed behind quickly, “It’s a very quiet bar, you will recognize the owner of the bar after I tell you more about him. He’s a family friend of the Shen family surnamed Gao. He just returned from abroad. The security is good. Since you work all day long. It’s good to relax once in a while. “


Shen Congxin peeked at Qi Yun’s face and followed him into the parking lot. Seeing that he had not responded, he thought that bringing up the matter had been a wrong move.


Qi Yun sat in the car and looked at the dejected Shen Congxin, “Why are you not in the car yet? Lead the way!”


Shen Congxin raised his head in disbelief. He was belatedly happy and hurriedly got into the passenger seat, “Alright, good. I’ll lead the way.”


Today, the sun really rose from the west. His eldest cousin actually agreed. His Godmother must have blessed him from heaven.


Shen Congxin and Qi Yun walked into this bar in the downtown area and the quiet was really different from the hustle and bustle of the city centre. The bar was in the center and there was a big stage full of musical instruments. Shen Congxin told Qi Yun that the resident singing skills here are very good and some of them become artists when they leave. Qi Yun was not interested in this. The reason why he followed Shen Congxin here was mostly because he did not want to go back and face his empty room.


The owner of the bar was a rich second-generation businessman surnamed Gao. He came back to open this bar a year before the last and it was very popular in the circle. There was a membership system so the people who could come in were either rich or exquisite.


The waiter at the front desk called him and he said yes. When a distinguished guest arrived, he thought about what kind of distinguished guest he could be, but when he saw Qi Yun, he almost couldn’t hold back.


“What a rare guest!”


Gao Qiao stretched out his hand, and Qi Yun shook it for the sake of courtesy, obviously not wanting to talk more. Gao Qiao understood that with Qi Yun’s current status, even extending his hand was already giving him a lot of face.


He hurriedly told the person in front of him what to do before Shen Congxin stopped him, “Somewhere quiet.”


Gao Qiao understood and hurriedly led them to a quiet location on the side with a good view.


This was a fully open bar and there were no private rooms. There was no one in sight but the bodyguards that Qi Yun brought were all quietly scattered around the seats around Qi Yun, quietly watching the surroundings.


Gao Qiao let them open a bottle of antiques.


Shen Congxin pointed at him, “You sure started preparing early today. I thought we arrived a little too early, but I didn’t expect that you were already finished preparing everything.”


Gao Qiao poured wine for the two of them, “Today was also a coincidence. I was abroad, but a few of my good friends came back to China today and said they wanted to come and see me, so we aren’t actually open for business today.”


Shen Congxin picked up the wine glass, “Will we disturb you?”


Gao Qiao shook his head quickly. Qi Yun was here and he didn’t dare to disturb him even if he had a lot of courage.”No, you can do your thing and they will do theirs.”


“Speaking of which, didn’t you always want to connect with Qingyuan Capital?” Their meeting was pushed back by Zhong Gang for an unknown number of times.


“One of the people here today is the real boss of Qingyuan. I can introduce you to each other.”


Shen Congxin’s eyes widened, “Really? Thank you so much, Brother Gao.”


Gao Qiao hurriedly said something polite, but his eyes couldn’t help but glance at Qi Yun. Qi Yun didn’t speak and sat quietly in the corner, rubbing his forehead.


He seemed to feel that someone was looking at him. He raised his head and looked over at Gao Qiao. When he quickly opened his eyes, it was so f-cking scary that his eyes seemed to eat people. As he was embarrassed, a clear female voice came from the door, “Laogao, come out to pick up the guests quickly, Laoniang is here to spoil you.”


Gao Qiao looked overjoyed. He got up and said sorry to Qi Yun before walking quickly to the door .


Seeing Xue Qing at the door, he couldn’t help but give her a big hug, “I’ve kept you waiting.”


Xue Qing pointed at him with a smile, “I haven’t seen him for a few years, and you’re still in good shape. They say that after men get married, they will become fat. You haven’t changed at all, not bad.”


Cheng Zhengzhe behind her tilted his head forward, holding three red envelopes in his hand, “Laogao, Laogao, red envelopes for you.”


Gao Qiao patted his shoulder, “You guys are still so polite. What kind of relationship do we have to have to fake these courtesies?”


“Of course we do. Remember to double it when I get married.”


Xue Qing gave him a blank look, “That’s if you can get married.”


“Why can’t I get married?” Cheng Zhengzhe was dissatisfied. Seeing that the two were about to quarrel, Gao Qiao quickly changed the subject, “Where’s Laoxing? Why do I not see him?”


“He’s looking for a parking space. Don’t worry about him, let’s drink first.”


Gao Qiao led them to the center as Shen Congxin looked over curiously. Qi Yun was in a trance with his wine glass and didn’t know what to think.


At this time, after the commotion at the door, the two people walked in. Cheng Zhengzhe looked up and hurriedly sat down beside Xue Qing. Xue Qing wanted to push him away, annoyed.


He just saw Zhong Gang walking pass with a boy with a very stunning appearance.


“Why did he come? Seems like the word spread fast. Sissy, ask for more blessings for yourself.” 


Xue Qing looked like she was about to watch a good show.


Zhong Gang walked over and sat next to Gao Qiao very calmly, “I heard that the boss will come, so Xiao Ying wanted to come over and have a look.”


He glanced at Cheng Zhengzhe, whether intentionally or unintentionally. Cheng Zhengzhe only looked indifferent, sitting closely next to Xue Qing.


Xue Qing looked at the boy who was picked up by Xing Zhongwan in the practice room two years ago, “I heard that you have had a crush on Laoxing for many years. Laoxing’s secretariat office has enough roses to open a flower shop now. It won’t be easy, but courage is good. Good luck!.” 


The boy was very calm, “The boss is a very good person.”


Xue Qing raised her eyebrows. She did not want to scare away the child. Picking up the wine and looking forward, a tall figure appeared at the door. Xing Zhongwan tossed his car keys and walked in with a pair of big sunglasses, “Laogao, it’s really difficult to find parking here, but the interior decor is not bad.”


Gao Qiao immediately got up and greeted him, “You’re here. I haven’t seen you for a long time. Let’s have a few drinks today and see if you or I will fall first.”


Xing Zhongwan took off his sunglasses, “What you said, don’t regret it!”


Leaning on the sofa carelessly, he nodded to Zhong Gang. The little boy beside him looked at him, a little shy. Xing Zhongwan sat up straight and thought carefully, “Who are you? Who is this?”


“Boss, I’m Xiao Ying. I was in the practice room at the headquarters two years ago. Do you still remember me?”


“You’re very popular, not bad! Keep working hard.”


Xing Zhongwan smiled, as the boy looked at him with smitten eyes. If someone said he didn’t have feelings for him, he won’t believe them. It’s not that he didn’t know who sent the flowers to his office, but he really had no interest in men. If the other person were a girl, he might consider it. Though he really didn’t like to touch his subordinates. But it was okay to have a deeper understanding of what your type is.”


The whole company knew that Xing Zhongwan didn’t touch men, but this kid was quite persistent.


Gao Qiao rolled up his sleeves, “Since you came back today, I’ll cook a bowl of noodles. I already knew you were coming so I’ve come prepared. Wait here.”


Xing Zhongwan got up and hugged him, “Laogao, I think your noodles have been around for many years. It must’ve been really hard for you to cook noodles in a bar, but what should I do? I just love your noodles to death, thank you so much.”


Gao Qiao pointed at him with a smile before turning around and going into the bar’s kitchen.


He moved quickly and a bowl of noodles was prepared after a while. When he brought it out, he happened to pass by Shen Congxin’s table. Shen Congxin stuck his head out to stop Gao Qiao, “Since when could we still order food from your bar? Did you make this yourself? Whose getting such good treatment? I have known you for so many years and have never eaten this before.”


Shen Congxin was also half-joking. The two were very familiar with one another and they used to talk in a straightforward manner. If they were curious, they would ask each other casually. Unexpectedly, Gao Qiao was happy today so he did not hide anything, “He is a very good friend of mine abroad. It is a custom in his hometown to cook these noodles.”


Shen Congxin asked casually, “Who is it? Do I know him?”


“I don’t think you know him. He came straight from abroad. Your Shen family did not set foot into the film and television industry, otherwise you should know something. Half of the private TV stations in country X belong to their group. Qingyuan is also under their group. I will introduce you to him later. “


“Country X?” Shen Congxin felt like he touched a nerve.




“What’s his name?” Shen Congxin swallowed.


Gao Qiao was about to answer him when hurriedly walked away because Xue Qing stood up and laughed, “Xing Zhongwan, get up and sing!” Come on, come on, you lost! Hurry up!”


 Xue Qing’s voice was loud, and Shen Congxin heard it all clearly.


He looked at Gao Qiao in disbelief, “Xing Zhongwan?” 


Gao Qiao didn’t know why, “Yeah, do you know him?” 


Shen Congxin turned his head quickly.


Qi Yun was holding his cup and had raised his head a long time ago. His eyes were fixed on the booth in front of the stage. His whole body was stiff like a puppet that had lost its traction and his lips were tightly pursed. His five fingers which were holding onto the wine glass began to turn white because of the force.


Those beautiful eyes were glowing. He wanted to believe but dared not. When he decided to give up, God just made another huge joke out of him.

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