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Chapter 2 (part 2/2) – You don't know too much



Lu Changze became thinner because of his stomach cancer. He couldn’t eat, and vomited after eating. He simply stopped eating and lived on intravenous nutrition every day.


One can no longer see flesh one him. Lu Changze is now living in a single ward, but he can still see the road from the window. Gu Xiu arranged it for him.


From that day on, Gu Xiu came here often, and every time he came, he would bring food for Lu Changze. Unfortunately, Lu Changze can’t eat anymore. It doesn’t feel good to wait to die.


Especially when the person is very weak, Lu Changze’s waking time is gradually decreasing every day, and he is getting quieter and quieter. Sometimes he would sleep for a day and only utter one or two words.


When one is awake, one will always spend their waking hours thinking about some past things. This was especially true when one is dying.


In the third year of high school, Lu Changze liked men, and there was no one in school who did not know about his crush for Gu Xiu.


There were only two people who dared to talk to him and approach him proactively. One was Fang Ming and the other was Gu Xiu. Gu Xiu and Fang Ming were good brothers.


Fang Ming had a good temper and treated his cousin Lu Changze well. Gu Xiu always felt that Lu Changze was holding Fang Ming back, not to mention that this disgusting man liked him


Every time Gu Xiu saw Lu Changze, he would sneer and become sarcastic. In the second semester of his third year of high school, Lu Changze knew about the Fang family’s financial situation and that they can only support one person to go  to college. Lu Changze’s liking for men has already made Fang’s parents feel uncomfortable. Lu Changze is also very self-aware, so starting from the third year of high school, he stopped studying hard. He knew that the place in this university could only be reserved for Fang Ming.


At that time, he was the only one who felt as if he was being cut by a knife. In fact, he liked reading very much. He liked all kinds of books. How much Lu Changze envied others who could go to college and how much he envied others who could study peacefully, the pain in his heart, the more it hurts, the more it didn’t matter.


After the college entrance examination, Gu Xiu and Fang Ming entered the same university with different majors, while Lu Changze found a part-time job in a restaurant near the university.


The students had to live on campus and Gu Xiu was not used to eating in the school cafeteria. After learning about it from Fang Ming, Lu Changze sacrificed his rest and used his salary to buy meals every day.


Sometimes, he would take a detour to buy Gu Xiu’s favorite food and send it to his dormitory.

Gradually, Gu Xia also ate the meals brought by Lu Changze. Lu Changze served as Gu Xiu’s delivery boy and meal tickets for a year, rain or shine.


When he was a sophomore, Gu Xiu and Fang Ming started a business. Gu Xiu was a man with a good head on his shoulders and he had money at home, so he went into real estate.


Afterwards, the two made some appearances. After Lu Changze pestered Fang Ming so he could work together, Gu Xiu disagreed a lot and Fang Ming had no choice but to never bring it up again. However, Lu Changze had a thick skin, so gradually he got into the bottom layer. 


In fact, Lu Changze was not stupid, so Gu Xiu eventually just let him be.


Lu Changze entered Huihua founded by the two of them, but only Lu Changze himself knew how hard he worked in Huihua.


How many nights he has stayed up just because this company belonged to Gu Xiu and Fang Ming.


But Lu Changze is Lu Changze after all, what he lacked most when he was a child was money, so when he grew up, what he couldn’t let go of was money. He was a philistine and was greedy so he cared about everything. It was not like he never had enough to eat, but he has never felt like he would be able to afford the luxuries he wanted, even if they were a pair of sneakers.


People with slightly more expensive sneakers will never realize the importance of money to Lu Changze. He never went out with a lot of money.


He probably didn’t want to buy clothes even if he had money. Even if he does, he will buy the cheapest clothes because he can’t bear it.


But this attitude of his was very despised, especially by Gu Xiu.


Lu Changze woke up faintly. Seeing that Gu Xiu had arrived, sitting on the sofa beside the hospital bed, he wondered what he was thinking. Seeing Lu Changze wake up, he got up and walked over, “Are you awake?” 


Then, there was nothing else, Gu Xiu didn’t know what to say. Although he came often, the two of them rarely said a word.


Lu Changze slowly propped himself up and sat up. Gu Xiu put a pillow behind him and Lu Changze said thank you softly before stretching out his hand


Opening the novel on the side and continuing to read, Gu Xiu felt a little uncomfortable seeing the leisurely and quiet person in front of him. It was difficult to distinguish between the person in front of him and the one in his memory.


The shameless Lu Changze.


“Where did the book come from?”


Lu Changze looked up at him, “I bought it myself.” Lu Changze pointed to the mobile phone on the table, “I asked the nurse to help me pick up the courier.”


Gu Xiu frowned, “You should be less exposed to radiation…”


Lu Changze smiled, “Why did I fall in love with you back then?”


Gu Xiu was annoyed for a while, “What’s the use of talking about it now? Whether you like me or not, soon you will…”


At this point, Gu Xiu suddenly couldn’t continue.


Lu Changze smiled indifferently, lowered his head and continued to read, “Gu Xiu, don’t come here from tomorrow on.”


“Lu Changze, I told you not to think of yourself so highly. Who cares if I come or not?” Gu Xiu was angry.


“I beg you,” Lu Changze said, “I don’t want to see you when I’m about to die.”


Gu Xiu slammed the door and left.


The moment the door closed, Lu Changze rolled on the bed in pain.


Yesterday, Lu Changze saw with his own eyes a patient who had the same disease as him passing away. When that person left, he was in pain…and in a shameful state.


At the very least, Lu Changze didn’t want Gu Xiu to see him haggardly again. Once at the age of twelve was enough.




Gu Xiu never came again and Lu Changze resumed his days in the hospital alone but he could no longer go to the garden. He couldn’t walk anymore.


Lu Changze’s exhausted body is struggling to pick up a book and his day-to-day life has become a burden for Lu Changze’s exhausted body. He is very tired.


He is quiet, even if the pain is so painful that his eyes are out of focus, it is still very quiet. So quiet that he doesn’t seem to be alive.


The day Lu Changze passed, it was sunny. When Gu Xiu entered, he still had the unfinished book in his hand. Gu Xiu stood beside the bed for a long time.


For a long time, he didn’t know what he was thinking with his downcast eyes and he didn’t know that the patient in this room had passed until the doctor who made the rounds entered.


After a busy schedule, Gu Xiu arranged a single room for Lu Changze. He didn’t care about anything else until today.


He understood that before Lu Changze was hospitalized, he had already arranged everything that was to come after his passing. He didn’t know that person quietly arranged everything for himself without telling everyone.


Gu Xiu stood in front of Lu Changze’s tombstone and looked at the photo of the person on the tombstone quietly. The person in the photo smiled very happily. It was pure happiness. Gu Xiu only saw that kind of smile once and it was in the waiting hall of the hospital. That was the first time he saw that smile in the hospital.


God…The photo must’ve been taken by the hospital for his tomb, but the person in the photo was still smiling so happily. Gu Xiu doesn’t know why death is so important to Lu Changze. Was this a happy thing?


Lu Changze even bought his own grave before he was hospitalized. Gu Xiu felt as if he had never understood Lu Changze before. 


He hasn’t been to the hospital since Lu Changze told him not to come here again, but it was all a lie to him. He still went to the hospital every day but he no longer appeared in front of Lu Changze. Those few days, Lu Changze was as quiet as usual, even when he passed, it was silent.


Gu Xiu suddenly felt that Lu Changze was actually such a quiet person that people would easily forget.




Closing: There’s So Much You Don’t Know


Gu Xiu remembered that Lu Changze told him that there were too many things he didn’t know. After Lu Changze passed away, Gu Xiu was always thinking about this problem.


Sometimes it hurts to think about it, so he doesn’t want to continue thinking about it. He is a person of action, so instead of thinking about it, he wants to do something. He wants to understand what he is doing.


In the end, he didn’t know what he was doing.


Gu Xiu has been to the place where Lu Changze lived before. The place is about to be demolished and most of the people have been evacuated. Gu Xiu entered the place where Lu Changze lived before.


The small house was clean except for some dust. When he opened the closet, none of Lu Changze’s clothes were there. Gu Xiu could guess that these things have been kept away by Lu Changze a long time ago. Maybe it was dealt with in a hurry, but Gu Xiu still found something.


He found books at the foot of the bed, some unfinished sketches and a few pencils.


Gu Xiu never knew that Lu Changze could draw, nor did he know that he could draw very well. At least, he drew himself very well.


Looking over the painting, he could feel the tenderness in the eyes of the person who held the pencil. Gu Xiu put the sketch away carefully.


After going to the places where Lu Changze stayed before, Gu Xiu felt that maybe he had never known Lu Changze before.


Among Huihua’s founding employees, Lu Changze will always be the best one and he will always be the most serious one in doing things. After going through Lu Changze’s previous rookie notebooks, he found that his notes were always clear and serious. His handwriting was always clean and neat. Even if it were one of his unreasonable requests in order to make trouble for him.


It’s really distressing. If he hadn’t asked himself, Gu Xiu probably wouldn’t have known that Lu Changze had been away for five years, not two. If he did not come here in person, Gu Xiu would never know that the university was so far away from his favorite restaurant, let alone the fact that he was working part-time at the time.


Lu Changze, who brought food for him, walked a long way for him. If he hadn’t heard it with his own ears, Gu Xiu would never have known that Lu Changze paid for this with his own money and to save money, he bought rice and ate steamed buns and instant noodles all day long. 


He talked to his manager, the manager who Lu Changze once worked for and he said that he was a quiet and diligent child.


If Lu Changze didn’t say anything, Gu Xiu would’ve never known that he doesn’t like coffee. Now, Gu Xiu had no chance to know what Lu Changze liked to drink.


A few years had passed since Gu Xiu went to see Lu Changze again. Except for him, no one knew that Lu Changze had passed.


Gu Xiu stubbornly kept silent, as if stubbornly keeping a secret about Lu Changze that only he knew.


Gu Xiu reached out and lightly touched the cheek of the person in the photo on the tombstone.


“I didn’t know you liked school.”


“I didn’t know you liked reading.”


“I didn’t know you could draw.”


“I didn’t know you were a good employee.”


“I didn’t know that the restaurant was that far away.”


“I didn’t know you didn’t like coffee.”


“I don’t know what you like to drink.”


“But you know what I like.”


“You’re right, I don’t know too much.”


“Lu Changze, I… miss you a lot.”


The voice was a little choked, but no one heard it.


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Chapter 12 – I’ll wait for you on a spring day

Chapter 12 Li Chou’s Confession Letter


On the letter


To Song Zexu:


When you open this letter, I don’t know if you’ll still remember me. My name is Li Chou. I saved you after you were injured in Yunzhen.


It’s quite surprising that I was able to muster up the courage to write you a letter. You have probably forgotten that our first meeting was a long time ago. 


At that time, you were still not popular and were going to an audition. I happened to meet you when I went shopping in the city.


You gave me the feeling that you are the same kind and gentle man everyone could see on TV. This may be a bit exaggerated, but you are really good-looking. Because I look ugly, I have received a lot of disgusted stares since I was a child. Generally, everyone would dislike me when they see me, but you talked to me, we got along well and it was really comfortable talking with you.


Perhaps it is because of this that I will come to like you so much later.


I was actually very pleasantly surprised when I accidentally rescued you. After all, it was you, my favorite person, but then I got a little flustered, because I was wondering what happened to you to end up with sas many bruises as you did. I was worried until you finally woke up.


Then you woke up, you said you couldn’t see. At that moment, I was sweating profusely. What should I do? You were an actor, what would you do if you couldn’t see?


Fortunately, the doctor said it was only temporary blindness. Later, you lived in my apartment and found out that you were my idol.


In fact, I really like you. I want to be the one to be with you, but there is a huge gap between us and I know it’s impossible.


To be honest, I have had a crush on you for a long time and no one can hold their excitement after being alone together in a room with their crush, but I can’t expose myself. Knowing that you hate extreme fans. I really want to be forceful and I really want to push you down, but just thinking about it, I dare not to.


It’s almost early morning now, the summers in Yunzhen are very hot. You must not be used to it. You don’t belong here and will be leaving tomorrow, so my secret crush is going to be buried in my heart again. I don’t know when you will see this letter. You are so busy, maybe you will never see this. Don’t worry, it’s alright. If you see this, I just like you and I will only continue to support you silently instead of being a threat to you.


You have to remember:


I’ll love you forever.


Li Chou


July 3, 20xx


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Chapter 11 – I’ll wait for you on a spring day

Chapter 11 Li Chou’s Diary (Unfinished)


The first year of diary writing after returning to Yunzhen




[Saturday, July 15, 20xx is sunny]


Today a customer asked for white platycodon. I don’t know how I ended up giving them a white rose, but the customer got angry and told me to be more serious next time.


[Light rain on Monday, July 17, 20xx]


Aunt Wang next door gave me a sweet watermelon today. It’s so big, I feel like it will take me several days to eat it. I’ll let her come to the store to pick a bunch of flowers tomorrow.


[Overcast on Thursday, August 3, 20xx]


My aunt called me back to the city again, but I thought it would be too much to bother them. I heard that my cousin has already found a girlfriend.

It seems that I am being superfluous, so I better not delay it anymore and wait until the Chinese New Year to go back.


[Overcast on Monday, August 7, 20xx]


Today is the beginning of autumn. It is a bit cold. A customer has ordered a month’s worth of red roses for his girlfriend. I am so happy, but it is a pity that I am too ugly. Even if I’m looking for a girlfriend, no one will fancy me.


I should earnestly sell my flowers.


[Sunny Tuesday, August 15, 20xx]


Today I met a girl named Lin Xiaomin. She is very beautiful and a lot of boys chase after her. She has a very good personality, even if she is a little crazy haha. She came to my store to buy a lot of flowers. I was a little envious.


[Rain on Saturday, August 26, 20xx]


Lin Xiaomin came to the flower shop again. She bought several bouquets of white roses and she said she likes white roses the most. It seems to be because of her mother.

Hmm, I don’t know what flowers my mother likes.


[Sunday, September 3, 20xx]


The middle school across the street has started its classes. Are all kids romantic? Several of them came to the store to buy flowers, so I didn’t know whether to sell it to them or not.

It seems that I also had puppy love when I was studying, but no one paid attention to it.


[Overcast on Saturday, October 21, 20xx]


The sunset sea at the end of autumn is still so beautiful, it’s a pity that there are no maple leaves in Yunzhen.


[Saturday, November 4, 20xx is sunny]


Today, I cooked noodles in clear soup and made too much. Fortunately, there was my aunt. Although the food was not as delicious as my aunt’s and it was barely edible.

My aunt said that if I do it a few more times, I will become proficient, so I’ll wait two days before preparing it again.


[Rain on Saturday, November 18, 20xx]


Today I went to the city to buy flower seeds. They are so expensive. Why are the prices of flowers so high recently? I can’t afford them anymore and I forgot to check the weather forecast report. I almost got so many flower seeds wet, it’s too miserable for me.


[Sunday Xiaoxue, December 24, 20xx]


It’s Christmas Eve. Let me just say, so many people came to buy flowers suddenly. Lin Xiaomin gave me two Christmas fruits and bought some flowers before twelve o’clock.

I gave her two lollipops that I made myself, hehe, she said they were delicious~


[Sunday heavy snow on December 25, 20xx]


It’s so cold. Lin Xiaomin’s suitor came to the store and bought a lot of flowers. He’s really rich, but Lin Xiaomin and I complained about the boy’s attitude.


She doesn’t like him.


Year 2 prior in Yunzhen:


[Overcast on Wednesday, January 24, 20xx]


Today is the Laba Festival[/mfn]Celebrated on the 8th Day of the 12th month in the Chinese lunar calendar. Regarding the enlightenment of the Buddha[/mfn]. I boiled half a pot of Laba porridge. I forgot to set a timer and in the end, the porridge was mushy. I barely filled a small half bowl and drank it.

Uncle sent Laba garlic, which is delicious.


[Snow on Thursday, February 8, 20xx]


It’s still early in the north and I went back to my uncle and aunt’s house. My cousin and his girlfriend seem to be breaking up, but my cousin didn’t seem very sad. I asked him why and he said that it is unrealistic for girls to chase celebrities every day. How could such handsome celebrities fall in love with ordinary people?


I thought to myself that my cousin is very handsome. Is it possible for such a big star to be more attractive? My cousin showed me a picture of that big star. I think I have seen his ad and um… seems to be prettier than my cousin.


[Overcast on Wednesday, February 21, 20xx]


A film and television base has been built in the city. I heard that there will be stars coming to shoot movies. I want to go and see them. I don’t know when they will come.


[Sunny on Monday, April 16, 20xx]


I went shopping in the city today and I met a celebrity. He looked very hardworking and he looks good, but I haven’t seen him on TV.


He shouldn’t be very popular yet, but he has a good personality. Unlike me who is so ugly. No one paid attention to him, but he actually thinks that I was trying to audition, how could it be possible?


He will definitely succeed in the audition and will definitely become popular in the future.


[Sunny Tuesday, May 1, 20xx]


The children on May Day are all on holiday. Yunzhen has developed a tourism industry. There are a lot of foreign tourists. A lot of flowers were sold today, which is really good. I feel a little rich.


[Sunny Wednesday, July 4, 20xx]


It’s so hot these days, I want to go to the sea!!!


[Light rain on Tuesday, July 24, 20xx]


It finally rained, but the air was so stuffy. I bought an electric fan, ah, it was cool at last, I listened to the rain while blowing cool wind, and then tied some flowers. They are too beautiful.


[Sunny Friday, August 17, 20xx]


It’s Qixi Festival[/mfn]Celebrated on the 7th Day of the 7th month in the Chinese lunar calendar. It’s like traditional valentine’s day.[/mfn] and Lin Xiaomin seems to have a boyfriend now. Recently, there is a photo circulating in her circle of friends. He is not bad, very handsome. A handsome man and a beautiful woman look very cute together.


[Sunday, September 1, 20xx]


The students have started school again so there are many people at the door of the store. I heard that the third year of senior high school is preparing for the college entrance examination in two weeks and many parents are worried.

I went to Aunt Wang’s store to buy fruit. There were lots of children. Aunt Wang was very busy, hahaha.


It would be nice for them to buy some of my flowers to make their bedroom fragrant too!!


[Overcast on Thursday, September 27, 20xx]


I went to see the Sunset Sea again today. There are a lot of people who come to travel these days. It seems that the National Day is coming. When there are more tourists, they will buy some flowers.


I want to make more money and become a rich man!!!


[Sunday light rain on October 14, 20xx]


It’s a bit cold these days, so I need to put on some thick clothes…


[November 5, 20xx Monday sunny]


Huh? Today, I think I saw an actor in an online drama who looks familiar. It seems to be the one in the city before. It turns out that his name is Song Zexu.


Wow, he’s doing well, I knew he could do it. He’ll be a great actor in the future.


Year three back in Yunzhen:


[Snow on Sunday, January 13, 20xx]


I’m really afraid of the cold. It snowed as soon as I got out of the apartment. It’s really cold. Fortunately, it didn’t snow too much. I have to go to my aunt’s house quickly or I won’t be able to leave if the snow is too heavy.


That’s it, my aunt cooked a lot of Laba porridge. I heard that my cousin brought his girlfriend to celebrate the New Year this year. It’s a bit cramped. I can’t lose face.


[Monday, January 14, 20xx is cloudy]


Back home, my cousin’s girlfriend is very polite and gentle and she is very polite at the dinner table. She will be very happy marrying my cousin. Uncle said that she’ll soon have to wrap big red envelopes. My aunt also likes her very much.


My cousin is getting married, and I don’t even have anyone I like.


[Overcast on Thursday, February 14, 20xx]


Why did I dream of Song Zexu?!


[Sunday, February 17, 20xx]


Is Song Zexu busy? It seems that I haven’t seen him except in that web drama…


[Sunny Saturday, March 16, 20xx]


Lin Xiaomin told me that she has a friend who likes chasing 18th-line artists, and two years ago, she crowdfunded that artist to release an album.


My friends are rich too.


[Sunday light rain on April 7, 20xx]


I went to burn some paper for my parents[/mfn]Chinese culture. We burn paper money as offerings to the deceased.[/mfn]. I don’t know if they are doing well in the afterlife. I need to burn more money and buy more delicious food.


[Sunny on Monday, May 13, 20xx]


I just found out that Song Zexu was the artist that Lin Xiaomin said her friend crowdfunded. I really want that digital album so I went to the online market to find it.


It’s so expensive, what should I do? I want to buy it.


[Sunny Wednesday, May 15, 20xx]


Let’s bite our tongue and buy it. I can eat dirt for the next few days.


[Monday, July 15, 20xx is sunny]


!!! Song Zexu has a scandal. Does he have a girlfriend?



[Overcast on Friday, August 16, 20xx]


I came to Song Zexu’s variety show today. He doesn’t look like he has a girlfriend at all. He is single. Hmph, he seems to like roses. I saw a fan give him a bouquet that he likes very much. There are a lot of roses in the store, I will give him the same next time.


I really like him.


[Saturday, September 7, 20xx is sunny]


I have played Song Zexu’s “Spring” many times on repeat. I am yearning for that kind of life. The springtime is full of vitality and the mountains and plains too.


I have watched all of Song Zexu’s program interviews many times. I hope he is prosperous, but not too tired.


[Overcast on Sunday, December 22, 20xx]


During the winter solstice, I ate dumplings. I cooked them with leek stuffing and made dumplings in sour soup. They were delicious. Li Chou, Li Chou, you are really amazing.


I don’t know if Song Zexu will eat dumplings, he seems to have joined a group a few days ago.


Year four back in Yunzhen:


[Snow January 24, 20xx Friday]


Today on New Year’s Eve, I just found out that my cousin broke up with his girlfriend again. The woman’s family disagreed so there were four of us again at the dinner table.


The braised fish cooked by my aunt is really amazing. My aunt asked me if I have a girlfriend. I dare not say that I don’t like girls now.


[Sunny Thursday, March 12, 20xx]


Arbor Day[/mfn]A secular day of observance in which individuals and groups are encouraged to plant trees.[/mfn] is here. I planted a small sapling in front of the store. I wonder if I can see it grow into a towering tree.


[Sunny on Thursday, May 7, 20xx]


Lin Xiaomin must be in a daze. Recently, a male teacher was transferred from the middle school across the street. She was fascinated by him immediately and she started ordering flowers from me.


God, her persistence is so scary.


[Overcast on Thursday, June 4, 20xx]


Has Lin Xiaomin caught up with the male teacher today?




[Sunny Wednesday, June 15, 20xx]


Oh my god, it’s really Song Zexu. I rescued Song Zexu. Am I crazy? I’m not crazy, am I?


[Sunny Tuesday, June 21, 20xx]


Song Zexu still got up very early this morning and woke me up again. He said he wanted to go to the bathroom, so I helped him to the bathroom and stood by the toilet.


He seemed a little embarrassed so I asked him what was wrong. He said don’t look at me and I realized that he was shy.


I exited the bathroom and after a while I heard the toilet flushing. Then he came out of the bathroom a minute later, and he said to me: “Sorry, I’m bothering you again.”


I looked at his reddish cheeks and I was a little lost in thought for a while. I said, “It’s okay, I should go to work now too.”


Song Zexu asked me what time it was.


I glanced at the clock on the wall. It was only four o’clock in the morning, but I was afraid that Song Zexu would feel sorry, so I said, “It’s already seven o’clock and the sun is already out.”


Song Zexu said “Oh” without any doubt, but I saw that his expression was a little absent-minded and he said after a while: “I’ll have to wait a long time for you to get back, and it’s even after the sun has gone.”


I was startled and suddenly thought: “Does Song Zexu want to go back?”


That’s right, he didn’t belong here in the first place. He is a big star and he’s always wanted to shine on the big screen.


Although I was very disappointed, I still smiled and was about to ask him when he was going to leave, but Song Zexu suddenly said: “But sometimes seeing the sun is not necessarily a good thing.”


I always feel that there is something in Song Zexu’s words, but I am too ashamed to ask. I am afraid that he will find it too offensive and I am stuck thinking about what is it.


What do you mean?


[Light rain on Friday, June 24, 20xx]


The weather was bad today, it was raining all day and I felt a bit cold. I was afraid of infecting Song Zexu. After getting off work, I went to the vegetable market to buy a fish and boiled it for a while in a pot. I filled a bowl of soup for myself, and left the fish to Song Zexu.


Song Zexu only ate a little bit. He said he didn’t like fish. I clearly remember that Song Zexu said in an interview that he loves fish the most. Turns out it’s fake.


I couldn’t help coughing while washing the dishes, and when Song Zexu found out he brought me a cup of hot water with his own hands, and said that I should eat the medicine in time


I was a little surprised, Song Zexu was so considerate. I was a little happy, I really wondered if it was a dream.


It’s good to take the medicine for seven days, and it’s good to not take it for more than a week. I don’t like taking medicine, so I only drank the water from Song Zexu in the end.


Song Zexu is really nice, I like him very much.


[Saturday, July 2, 20xx is sunny]


Today Song Zexu borrowed my mobile phone to make a call. He asked me to dial a number for him. He was calling from the balcony. When it got through, I heard his manager’s voice, but I couldn’t hear what he said on the other line. I had a hunch that he was leaving soon. He probably told his manager to pick him up. Although I should have expected such a day, I was still so sad and a little bit reluctant.


But at least I had him to myself for a short time, so I should be satisfied.


That is, it would be nice if time passed a little slower.


[Overcast on Tuesday, October 4, 20xx]


I’m going to Song Zexu’s fan meeting tomorrow. I almost didn’t get a ticket. Luckily, there is Li Xiaomin. Her relatives are so amazing.


Thinking about it, I’m still a little excited. I don’t know if Song Zexu still remembers me and about that letter… I don’t know if he saw it? Even if he saw, he wouldn’t care, right? There are so many people who like him, how could he notice me who is ugly?


Song Zexu seems to be a little thinner. I saw his interview yesterday and his face was a lot smaller yesterday. He must not be eating well. When he was at home, he never ate much, so the company should treat him better. It’s not good to be too thin, or else he won’t be able to keep up with his nutritional needs.


In fact, I really want Song Zexu to come to Yunzhen again, to see the sunset sea under the afterglow of the setting sun as the golden sea is rippling, or sit on the Grandpa’s fishing boat and go out to the deep sea to play, but forget it. He won’t come. He will definitely hate my face when he sees it.


I can only imagine a little.


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Chapter 10 – I’ll wait for you on a spring day

Chapter 10 – Years later.


“Mr. Song, there are so many letters in your bookcase, are they all from your fans?” The assistant helped Song Zexu tidy up the bookcase next to the desk in the bedroom. 


He was a little dumbfounded by the amount of letters Song Zexu received, it must be too much.


“Yeah, my fans are very cute. They write me letters very seriously and I will occasionally read the letters when I’m taking a break.” Song Zexu explained.


He opened the closet. He planned to move recently and wanted to pack up all the things that were going to be moved to his new home.


He has had a very full work schedule in the past two years and he hasn’t been home for a long time. Most of the clothes in the closet were worn by him before. He was going to take only a few and leave the rest.


When he was picking up a piece of clothing that was hanging on the inside, he suddenly found that there seemed to be something in the pocket. He reached into the pocket and took the item out.


It was a rose red envelope with some dried flowers on the edge, but it seemed that the flowers had been left for too long and it was cracked.


Song Zexu felt that the envelope was made very special and he was a little interested, so he opened it to look inside.


The letter paper was a little yellow, but he read the beginning first.


[To Song Zexu: After I wait for you to open this letter, I don’t know if you will still remember me. My name is Li Chou. I saved you after you were injured in Yunzhen…]


Song Zexu tried his best to search for this person named Li Chou in his mind and he seemed to have a little memory of when he was injured. There seemed to be a person named Li Chou who

saved him, but he was blind at the time and couldn’t see, so he didn’t have too deep a memory.


Song Zexu continued to read and found that this was actually a confession letter.


Li Chou wrote how excited he was when he rescued Song Zexu and how much he liked him.


At the end of the letter, Li Chou even wrote a sentence.


[I’ll love you forever.]


It’s a very simple confession letter, but Song Zexu doesn’t know why he thinks this letter is heavy, maybe it’s because it was from a person who had a long crush on him.


Song Zexu suddenly thought about it. It seemed that he had forgotten to contact him again. He only wanted to ask his agent to give him some money as thanks.


However, for some reason, Song Zexu wanted to see him again, this man who secretly loved him.


The next day, Song Zexu drove to Yunzhen.


He vaguely remembered that Li Chou’s apartment was in front of a park, but he couldn’t find it after searching for a long time. Later, he saw a flower shop.


He went in and asked the boss: “Hello, do you know a man named Li Chou?”


The owner of the flower shop was a woman. When she heard Li Chou’s name, she raised her head from the bar and looked at Song Zexu, and asked, “How do you know Li Chou’s name?”


Song Zexu didn’t know how to describe his relationship with Li Chou. After thinking about it for a while, he felt that he could be called his savior, so he said: “He saved me. “


Upon hearing this, the woman sneered, “That’s right. Li Chou loves saving people so much, it  even took his own life.”


She looked at Song Zexu and said, “You are late. Li Chou has been dead for several years, after he was swept away by the sea to save a child. Not even a dead body was recovered.”


She touched her daughter beside her again and muttered in a low voice, “You didn’t even get to look at your goddaughter.”


Song Zexu was taken aback. He didn’t expect such a big change. He opened his mouth, but was unable to speak for a while.


The woman seemed to feel that he looked familiar. She looked at him carefully and suddenly asked, “Are you Song Zexu?”


Song Zexu let out an “ah” without denying it.


The woman took out a diary from the drawer of the bar, handed it to Song Zexu and said, “Although I know you may not care about a secret long-time crush, I still hope you can take a look at what Li Chou left behind.”


Song Zexu took it and found that it was Li Chou’s diary.


He read it and every time he read it, he felt a little shocked. At the beginning, Li Chou did not reveal about his own crush, only relying on watching some interviews or variety shows to see how he was doing. After that, he went to some filming locations to meet him before later accidentally rescuing him.


Li Chou wrote a sentence on the title page of his diary.


[Some people fall into the abyss but cannot wait for their savior]


In Li Chou’s unfinished diary, he hoped that Song Zexu could watch the sunset sea at least once. Song Zexu’s eyes were hot when he looked at that page.


He has never had a crush on anyone and he doesn’t know what it’s like to have a crush on someone. It’s just that he’s a little sad now that someone had loved him fervently.


He asked the woman, “May I ask how to get to the Sunset Sea?”


The woman looked at him and gave him directions.


Ten minutes later, Song Zexu arrived at the Sunset Sea. He remembered that he had been lying on that reef to watch the sea with Li Chou, but he hadn’t had this feeling before.


Now looking at the sunset sea, he really felt that this sea is beautiful.


Song Zexu sat on the reef, looking at the sea under the setting sun. The sun was shining brightly on the sea, Song Zexu seemed to see Li Chou sitting next to him as he spoke: “Look, I didn’t lie to you, the sunset over the sea is super beautiful.”


The sun was dazzling and Song Zexu couldn’t see Li Chou’s face clearly, but he thought he must be very good-looking, his smile was like a spring breeze blowing over the waves of the sea. He suddenly started to sing Li Chou’s favorite song “Spring”.


Finally, he said to Li Chou, “Yes, it’s so beautiful.”


Unfortunately, you will never see it again.


[Selling flowers in this life, to be beautiful in the next one]


I’ll be waiting for you in spring.


——End of the full text——


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Chapter 30 – Replica

Chapter 30: The Mermaid


Tan Xilu once had a conflict with his mother over one thing, their choice of college majors after the college entrance examination. Initially, Tan Xilu’s first choice was not a teaching degree; he wanted to study veterinary medicine.


When Tan Xilu was in junior high school, he found a stray cat named Ah Miao. When he brought Ah Miao home, it was lively, running around everywhere, which was quite different from Tan Xilu’s reserved personality at the time. Ah Miao had caused quite a bit of chaos at home during the first week, breaking numerous vases. Tan’s mother was furious and even thought about throwing Ah Miao out. However, she couldn’t bear to separate them when she realized that Ah Miao was the only companion Tan Xilu had. Fortunately, Ah Miao became less rambunctious over time and even started catching mice in the house.


Ah Miao stayed with Tan Xilu until his senior year in high school. Tan Xilu’s career direction had been decided long ago by his parents – he would major in teaching for a stable job and an easier time finding a partner. Tan Xilu had the same thoughts, but in that year, Ah Miao fell ill.


When he found Ah Miao, the cat was already six or seven years old. While it was lively when he first brought it home, it had clearly aged by the time Tan Xilu entered high school. Normally, when Tan Xilu came home in the evening, Ah Miao would excitedly grab his pant leg and try to jump on him. But one day, when Tan Xilu returned, he saw Ah Miao slowly limping towards him. At that moment, Tan Xilu felt like something precious was slipping away from his grasp.


As it turned out, that was indeed the case. Ah Miao grew weaker day by day, and by the time Tan Xilu entered his senior year, Ah Miao sometimes wouldn’t even be waiting at the door. Still, Tan Xilu would first go and stroke Ah Miao’s fur when he came home every day.


One day, when he returned home, he went to find Ah Miao as usual but couldn’t locate him. Even someone as composed as Tan Xilu panicked. He searched all around the neighborhood, going to places Ah Miao might have gone. It wasn’t until seven or eight in the evening that he received a call from his father, who said that Ah Miao had been found, but the situation didn’t look good.


Tan Xilu rushed to the pet hospital. The driver who had hit Ah Miao explained that the cat had suddenly darted in front of his car, and he couldn’t avoid the collision. Ah Miao appeared in bad shape, lying on a small operating table, barely breathing.


When the doctor came out, he shook his head and said apologetically, “I’m sorry, we did our best, but the cat’s liver damage was too severe.”


Tan Xilu rarely shed tears. When he was a child, crying would result in his nanny withholding food, so despite the hardships and sadness he faced later in life, he refrained from crying. However, at that moment, he couldn’t hold back. He hid in his father’s embrace and cried quietly, tears soaking his father’s shirt. His father had never seen his son so devastated.


What no one had expected was that on the second day after being declared critically ill, Ah Miao escaped from the pet hospital, despite its painful condition. Perhaps it knew its time was running out and didn’t want to cause grief to the one who loved it. Ah Miao limped away from the entrance of the pet hospital and Tan Xilu never found it again.


Afterwards, Tan Xilu dreamt countless times that Ah Miao was in some hidden corner, licking its wounds to console itself, and patiently awaiting death.


It was this experience that led Tan Xilu to choose a major in veterinary medicine, and for this, he had many arguments with his mother.


Tan’s mother knew what was always bothering Tan Xilu – why couldn’t he save Ah Miao? Ah Miao still had some life left, and it could have lived for several more days, but it chose to leave on its own. She understood that Tan Xilu was tormented by this thought.


Despite her constant efforts to console him, Tan Xilu was determined to pursue veterinary medicine. What ultimately changed his mind was a remark from his father. He said, “On the day Ah Miao was on the operating table, you cried and wet my shirt. What if you’re the one performing surgery on a small animal on that table? Will you cry then? Who will you turn to for comfort?”


Tan Xilu was always a timid person. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have refrained from hinting to his parents when the nanny mistreated him, even if it meant giving away some clues. They would have noticed that something was wrong with Tan Xilu, despite being inadequate parents. Tan Xilu didn’t know how to protect himself.


So, in the end, Tan Xilu compromised and applied for a teaching degree.


Tan Xilu stood by the bed and called out softly, “Mom.” His mother, with her back turned, remained wrapped in the blankets, motionless.


“Mom,” Tan Xilu walked to the other side of the bed and called out again.


His mother had originally had her eyes open, but she closed them when she saw Tan Xilu approaching.


Tan Xilu crouched by the bedside, reached into the blankets, and held his mother’s hand. Due to years of holding a pen, there was a thick callus on his mother’s middle finger. When he was a child, Tan Xilu thought this callus was unsightly, but he didn’t realize that he would have one too when he grew up. Now, he understood that this callus was a mark of honor for a teacher.


He rubbed his mother’s palm and coaxed her, saying, “Mom, please don’t be angry. Can you open your eyes and look at me?”


His mother withdrew her hand from his grasp and didn’t open her eyes. She only said, “Then break up with him.”


Tan Xilu suddenly froze in place.


“Mom…please don’t do this,” Tan Xilu bit his lip, his voice starting to tremble, “I…I really can’t live without him.”


His mother opened her eyes, sat up, and stared at Tan Xilu, saying emotionally, “Why can’t you live without him? Wasn’t everything fine before he came back? Didn’t you say you wanted to live well? Why can’t you live without him? Xiao Lu, what’s wrong with you? It’s been seven years; if he wanted to find you, he could have come back a long time ago! Why did he come back now?”


A barrage of questions overwhelmed Tan Xilu, and he didn’t know which one to answer. In the end, he could only call out, “Mom.”


His mother, looking at her obedient and seemingly content child, moved her lips but didn’t respond.


What went wrong? Why couldn’t Tan Xilu be with anyone other than Xu Huaiming? He had clearly moved on, and things were finally getting better. Why did Xu Huaiming have to come back and take her beloved son away?


Sometimes, Tan’s mother would wonder if she had made a mistake by spoiling Tan Xilu so much back then. Maybe she should have taken the initiative, gone to see the man who had stolen her son’s heart when Tan Xilu was in love. Instead of following Tan Xilu’s wishes, she should have found out who that man was and prevented Tan Xilu from experiencing such heartbreak.


She also regretted being too busy with work at that time, not having time to take care of the young Tan Xilu. It allowed the wicked nanny to mistreat him. So, when Tan Xilu, covered in wounds, found solace in someone’s embrace, he obediently followed them. But the cost was too high, and she didn’t want to see Tan Xilu hurt again. He was her flesh and blood, and she couldn’t bear to see him in pain.


“Xiao Lu, can you please listen to Mom? Can you make Mom happy and break up with Xu Huaiming?” Her voice choked, “I’m begging you. During those years when you almost couldn’t make it, I was suffering too. I even thought that if you couldn’t make it, I would go with you. Fortunately, you only stepped one foot into the abyss, and you managed to come out on your own. But Mom really can’t bear to see you jump back in. I can’t take it, Xiao Lu.”


“Xiao Lu, please, can you and Xu Huaiming break up? Mom is really begging you.”


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Chapter 29 – Replica

Chapter 29: Orchid Pavilion 


Tan Xilu rarely cooked, and before Xu Huaiming returned home, the refrigerator was mostly filled with various instant foods or pre-cooked meals made by Tan’s mother. Due to the nature of his work, he could usually have breakfast and lunch at school, so he often made do with something simple for dinner.


However, Tan Xilu’s culinary skills were not particularly great. There was one time when there was only a bag of instant noodles left at home, and he reluctantly tried to cook it when he was really hungry. In the end, the noodles turned out half-cooked and inedible, so he threw them into the trash can and went to ask his neighbor Lin Changyu for some help.


But today, he had a sudden urge to make something for Xu Huaiming. He knew that Xu Huaiming was quite picky when it came to food. In the end, he chose to make egg drop soup, which was the easiest dish to prepare.


He peeled and diced tomatoes, sautéed them until they were soft, added water to bring it to a boil, and mixed flour with warm water, stirring constantly. Once it started bubbling, he poured in beaten eggs and finally sprinkled in the seasonings.


Tan Xilu served a bowl to Xu Huaiming, watching him take the first sip with eager anticipation. “How is it? Does it taste good?” he asked.


Before Xu Huaiming could answer, Tan Xilu proudly declared, “It must be delicious. I followed the recipe step by step.”


Xu Huaiming paused, pushed the bowl towards Tan Xilu, smiled, and said, “I think it’s not bad. You can try it.”


“Really?” Tan Xilu scooped up a spoonful, but as soon as it touched his mouth, he immediately rushed to the trash can and spat it out. His face contorted, and he exclaimed, “Why is it so awful? I followed the recipe exactly!”


Tan Xilu was a bit annoyed. It was all a lie, and he rushed to the bathroom to rinse his mouth.


“It’s okay, I can handle it,” Xu Huaiming said, moving the bowl back in front of himself and eating it without changing his expression, even though it was genuinely terrible.


In reality, it was really bad. Xu Huaiming could taste sourness, sweetness, saltiness, and bitterness all in one bowl of soup. Moreover, because he was an AI, his senses were more sensitive than a human’s, so you can imagine how much of a shock his taste buds had received.


But being able to eat a meal prepared by Tan Xilu was a rare treat for Xu Huaiming.


Seeing that the bowl was almost empty, Tan Xilu, who had come out of the bathroom and noticed Xu Huaiming still eating, hesitated for a moment, then hurriedly moved the bowl away, saying, “It’s too awful, don’t eat it.”


“It’s fine,” Xu Huaiming said with a serious expression, as if the taste was actually good.


Tan Xilu knew that Xu Huaiming was encouraging him, but it really was terrible. He had to admit that he had no talent for cooking.


He waved his hand and said, “You should cook from now on to avoid wasting food.”


Xu Huaiming smiled, reached out, and pinched Tan Xilu’s cheek, saying, “As long as you want, I can cook for you for a lifetime. The choice is yours.”


Upon hearing this, Tan Xilu was momentarily surprised. After a moment, he smiled and approached Xu Huaiming, their foreheads touching. He said, “What should I do? It seems I can’t be without you.”


Xu Huaiming’s heart skipped a beat. He raised his hand, hugged Tan Xilu’s waist, and carried him into the bedroom. He kicked the door shut with his foot, and as soon as Tan Xilu’s back touched the bedsheet, he said to Tan Xilu, “Then I’ll never leave you.”


So Tan Xilu kissed Xu Huaiming, allowing him to take the lead.


Perhaps Tan Xilu thought that this was just a commonplace phrase said in the bedroom, or maybe it was something Xu Huaiming said to appease him in response to a certain question. After all, who could guarantee never leaving someone for a lifetime?


But Xu Huaiming was different. He truly could never leave Tan Xilu, and he would stay by his side forever.


However, before Tan Xilu knew that Xu Huaiming was an AI, he would never have believed it.


This time, Xu Huaiming didn’t tease Tan Xilu much. After two rounds, he stopped and carried Tan Xilu into the bathroom to give him a bath. Tan Xilu rested his chin on Xu Huaiming’s shoulder and was already a bit dazed. He occasionally kissed Xu Huaiming’s chin and then became a little drowsy.


Afraid that he might slip in the bathtub, Xu Huaiming held him carefully. When he finished washing him thoroughly and lifted him out of the bathtub, Xu Huaiming suddenly heard Tan Xilu mutter something in his sleep.


He couldn’t hear it clearly, so he listened carefully and heard Tan Xilu say, “Xu Huaiming, don’t be afraid to meet my mother. She’ll definitely like you.”


Xu Huaiming’s heart suddenly softened. He really wanted to kiss Tan Xilu, and in fact, he did.


He decided not to think too much. After all, Tan Xilu was his now. Whether he was a replica of Code no.7 or not, only he could kiss Tan Xilu, only he could be with Tan Xilu without any reservations in bed, and only he could hear Tan Xilu say, “I love you.”


That was enough.


He was like barren soil, and as long as it received a little drop of rain, he could be reborn.


When Tan Xilu went home on the weekend, he didn’t bring Xu Huaiming with him. It would have been too presumptuous to bring him back when his mother was still upset. Tan Xilu’s mother had a strong temperament, and when she dug in her heels, she was truly stubborn. Tan Xilu knew her personality well and didn’t dare to be too impulsive.


He hadn’t been home for a long time. In recent years, his career had just stabilized, and his family’s home was quite far from the teacher’s college, so he had been living in the apartment he shared with Xu Huaiming. He only went home to visit during major holidays, and the last time he had been home was during the National Day holiday.


When Tan Xilu arrived at the entrance of the housing complex, he called his mother again. This time she didn’t answer the call.


Tan Xilu let out a sigh of relief, taking it as a sign that she might be willing to relent. He called his father and told him he had arrived at the gate. Soon, his father rushed out.


Before getting married, Tan’s father was a simple and honest man. When he reached the age to get married, he happened to meet Tan


‘s mother, who was four years younger. At the time, she was in the prime of her youth, with shallow dimples when she smiled. When Tan’s father saw her, he was immediately smitten and decided that he would only marry her.


However, Tan’s father was not very proactive, and he didn’t pursue her actively. If it hadn’t been for the fact that they happened to work on a project together, Tan’s mother might not have noticed him at all. She saw that he was serious about his work and was willing to help her with her questions. It was this academic connection that led to their relationship. People in academia often liked those who were stronger than themselves.


After marriage, Tan’s father became a classic example of a henpecked husband. He obeyed his wife in everything and had little say in matters. But he also doted on his wife, so over the years, they had few major conflicts. He always stood on Tan’s mother’s side. This time, he had high hopes for Tan Xilu.


After all, this son had the same personality as his mother—stubborn and determined. Once he set his mind on something, he would never let go. And with his son’s personality, it was likely that he would only have eyes for Xu Huaiming for the rest of his life.


Tan’s father patted his son’s head when they met, clicking his tongue and saying, “Looks like you’ve lost weight.”


“Where did you get that? I’ve been eating a lot lately,” Tan Xilu replied with a smile.


Father and son had not seen each other for a long time, so they exchanged pleasantries at the door for a while.


When Tan Xilu arrived, he had deliberately bought two boxes of snacks that his mother liked. They were quite heavy, and he carried them up to the fourth floor. When he reached the door, he was a little out of breath.


Tan’s father opened the door, and the house was quiet. Tan’s father carried the two boxes of snacks inside and said, “Your mother is in the bedroom. You can go in.”


“Okay,” Tan Xilu replied and asked, “Is she doing okay emotionally these past few days?”


“She’s fine. Your mother is like a tigress on the outside but a softie on the inside. She’s just afraid you’ll get the short end of the stick,” Tan’s father sighed. “I told her a few days ago that you were coming back, and she went out of her way to pickle some radishes that you like. She asked me to tell you to take them with you when you leave. Soften her up when you talk to her and maybe she’ll relent.”


Tan Xilu nodded and said, “I understand.”


He walked to the bedroom door, knocked, and got no response from inside. Finally, he called out, “Mom,” and then pushed the door open and walked in.


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Chapter 63 – Who Says Omegas Can’t be as Explosive as Alphas

Chapter 63


Yan Hebin explained the process of the mech in great detail, leaving most of the audience in a state of bewilderment. Their minds were fixated on one thought. “Has the Imperial Navy University gone mad? Is this some kind of madness?”


It was no easy feat to achieve a military-grade mech, and even regular mech companies might struggle to develop such a masterpiece. Yet, the person standing on the stage right now was just a freshman!


However, if one paid close attention to the specific data presented during the briefing, they would notice that each parameter seemed to be overly perfect. If these data were true and valid, the value of this mech would likely surpass that of Thunder Technology University.


People exchanged glances, feeling like they had lost all judgment.


The crowd split into two factions.


“Is this for real? I heard there’s some rivalry between the Imperial Navy University’s Yu Zeyang and Wen Han. This display is probably just to prove a point!”


“What’s the point of proving anything? They’ve made big claims, but they’ll have to back it up later!”


“The Imperial Navy University is undoubtedly top-notch in military application, but their expertise lies more in combat. Thunder Research University is more well-rounded. I think it’s just a publicity stunt.”


“Didn’t you hear the data presented earlier? It’s incredibly impressive! It does seem to be on par with top-level mechs.”


“Presenters often exaggerate data during introductions. Let’s wait and see during the actual showcase.”


“To break the ninth-level difficulty, the mech operator must be exceptionally skilled. They might have an S-class Alpha pilot.”


“The Imperial Navy University has plenty of S-class pilots, but we don’t know who’s operating this time… Wait, an Omega?!”


As everyone was discussing, Yan Hebin had finished his introduction, and the focus shifted to the assessment site, showing the situation within the virtual exhibition platform.


Lu Jingning’s dazzling golden hair briefly flashed across everyone’s view, leaving a lasting impression that revealed his Omega identity.


The arena erupted once again.


After the initial surprise, someone couldn’t help but furrow their brows, “Doesn’t this Omega look familiar?”


His words caught the attention of others, but before they could delve deeper, the host switched the screen to a long shot of the mech in action.


The ninth-level difficulty assessment officially began. This level of challenge was rare to encounter. Regardless of whether this mech was qualified or not, it was still a spectacle worth watching.


In front of the mech appeared a thick, rare metal wall. Though its appearance seemed somewhat unremarkable, everyone knew the incredible strength of this rare metal. Leaving a mark on such a surface was nearly impossible for an ordinary mech.


At this moment, the Imperial Navy University’s mech stood in front of the towering wall, motionless. The crowd fell silent.


What was happening? Had they overstated their abilities? They seemed clueless about what to do next.


Meanwhile, inside the control room, Lu Jingning was indeed hesitating about how to begin. Not because he couldn’t achieve it, but rather, he was contemplating how to display his striking and charismatic persona.


This assessment tested the mech’s output intensity, and most operators would choose to use energy weapons to their limits. However, if he wanted to showcase something different and stand out, he needed to take a different approach.


After pondering for a moment, Lu Jingning’s lips curled up with a faint smile. He had an idea!


Amidst the anticipation of the audience, they watched as the mech remained motionless for a while. Suddenly, a dazzling halo of light appeared around its mechanical arm.


Finally, when everyone saw some movement, they were left even more dumbfounded.


What was this? An energy ring? But they weren’t using any weapons right now. Why were they gathering energy on their arm? Were they planning to break the wall barehanded?


Wait a minute! He’s doing it! He’s really doing it!


He’s really, bare-handedly, chiseling the wall?!!!


After equipping the protective energy ring on the mechanical arm, Lu Jingning didn’t need to worry about the impact on his mech. He swung his fist without any reservations.


Though they were in a virtual space, when his fist struck the rare metal wall, the sound wave was transmitted through the screen, causing everyone to cover their ears in pain. They couldn’t take their eyes off the screen, watching as the originally smooth metal wall was dented by the mech’s fist.


This was a thick wall made of rare metal!


To create such damage bare-handedly, the mech’s attributes had to be incredibly strong. But it wasn’t just the mech; the pilot himself must be a monstrous powerhouse!


Lu Jingning wasn’t entirely satisfied with the small dent he made. He frowned and then swung another punch.


The continuous, mighty impacts forced the audio staff to adjust the sound levels so that the audience wouldn’t go deaf.


Everyone’s eyes were fixed on the point of impact. They watched in amazement as the small dent gradually expanded, ultimately creating a huge hole in the metal wall.


The audience was left speechless, with their mouths wide open in astonishment.


The sheer intensity of these punches must be consuming an enormous amount of pheromones. Yet, this operator seemed to have an unlimited supply, delivering punch after punch without any sign of depletion.


That was the most terrifying aspect of it all!


After a while, Lu Jingning realized that the system-defined metal wall was expanding without limit and couldn’t be entirely broken through.


“Darn! This is cheating!” he thought.


He decided to change tactics and showcased the mech’s built-in weapon systems. However, this display was overshadowed by the bare-handed performance. The onlookers didn’t show much surprise as they already knew the mech’s weapon system was top-notch.


After a moment, the system gave the first assessment result – an S-grade.


If there were any doubts about the Imperial Navy University’s intentions to show off, they were now shattered. Both the mech and its pilot were absolutely phenomenal!


When the camera focused on Lu Jingning again, someone finally remembered and shouted, “It’s him! The Omega who participated in the intercollegiate exchange competition!”


This reminder triggered the recollection of others as well.


The media had been full of reports about the only naturally S-class Omega in interstellar history. Due to his unprecedented and unique status, Lu Jingning had become a sensation.


Nobody questioned his real capabilities anymore. His monstrous strength, showcased by the bare-handed chiseling, made people think he could fly out of the universe!


The people from the Imperial Navy University, who were initially worried about Lu Jingning’s overconfidence, now looked at each other in amazement.


With his talent for showmanship, Lu Jingning couldn’t avoid being the center of attention. But now, nobody even remembered the highly anticipated Thunder Technology University.


Unable to contain his excitement, An Huo howled, “Lu Jingning, you’re incredibly awesome!!!”


His shout ignited the enthusiasm in others, and the crowd joined in the cheer.


Unaware of how he had impressed the audience, Lu Jingning moved on to the next part of the challenge. The metal wall disappeared, replaced by a group of new mechs surrounding his own.


This part of the challenge assessed the mech’s defense strength.


Lu Jingning considered taking down all the attacking mechs, but he had been informed earlier that during this part of the challenge, their offensive capabilities would be nullified. He gave up on that idea and activated the defense systems.


The number of attacking mechs at the ninth-level difficulty had doubled compared to the previous level. However, everyone watched in awe as his mech stood firm against the relentless barrage of attacks.


Lu Jingning had already demonstrated the mech’s powerful defense in the first challenge. The force of his bare-handed chiseling had also affected the protective shield on the mechanical arm. If it could withstand such immense damage, the current attack seemed like a drizzle in comparison.


Without any suspense, Lu Jingning achieved another S-grade in the defense strength assessment. Back-to-back S-grades made everyone in the audience realize one thing – there might actually be a top-tier mech that could be directly put into military use, born from this exchange meeting!


The representative from the mech manufacturer who had just signed with Thunder Technology University showed a subtle change in expression, while those who missed their chances were all smiles. Their eyes subtly glanced at Yan Hebin, ready to rush over and negotiate a contract once the virtual assessment was over.


Suddenly, the mechs on the screen moved rapidly. The mechs that were previously firing didn’t stop, but a new teleportation point appeared at the edge of the field of view.


This was the third challenge, testing speed – the mechs had to reach the designated location in the shortest time possible.


Given that the previous two assessments already demanded immense physical endurance from the operators, coupled with Lu Jingning’s flamboyant performance, some were concerned about his pheromone depletion. However, the mech in the screen now seemed to be operating at full power, evading the dense barrage of fire like a lightning bolt and disappearing into the teleportation point’s light circle.


The results of the ninth-level assessment: three S-grades!


The whole venue erupted into excitement.


Although Warm Han’s previous performance with his mech had been incredible, this was different. This result was enough to drive people crazy with excitement.


Amid the jubilation, all eyes turned to the side door, eager to catch a glimpse of the mysterious S-class Omega.


However, they waited and waited, but the figure they expected didn’t appear.


Lu Jingning left the virtual c0ckpit and the venue without saying a word, only hastily sending a communication to Yan Hebin without even time for a proper greeting.


As soon as he stepped out, he realized that his heat cycle, which he thought would come in a few days, seemed to have arrived early.


Before getting on the vehicle, he quickly administered a suppressant to himself. But even so, waves of dizziness seemed to rise up intermittently.


Muttering an annoyed curse to himself, Lu Jingning knew that his pheromone levels were naturally much higher than ordinary Omegas. Adding to that the excessive showmanship he displayed earlier, the pheromones in his body were now raging so fiercely that the suppressant typically used by regular Omegas seemed insufficient.


Finally reaching the hotel, Lu Jingning leaned on the wall and made his way to his room, thinking of giving himself another injection once he got back to suppress the pheromones.


At that moment, he inadvertently looked up and saw two figures passing by at the end of the corridor. His slightly hazy eyes blinked.


Although his mind was somewhat foggy now, he thought he saw… Wen Xingchen and an unfamiliar Omega?


Oh, one more thing, they seemed to be chatting and laughing.


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Chapter 9 – I’ll wait for you on a spring day

Chapter 9




At the beginning of August, Li Chou saw Song Zexu again on TV. The Song Zexu that appeared on the new drama launch conference was much better than the one who was stuck in the apartment every day.


Yes, he seems to be born to be on the big screens, shining brightly in front of the cameras.


His complexion looked much better, but Li Chou noticed that he would subconsciously try to avoid flashes while he was being photographed. Li Chou thought that it probably still hurt and that it was too early for him to return to work. What should he do if something were to happen to his eyes? He regrets that he didn’t let Song Zexu get his eyes fixed earlier, but this was not something for him to decide.


He can’t help it either.


Lin Xiaomin took the time to go back to Yunzhen at the end of the month. She and that teacher have registered for marriage. The girl who used to be hot and passionate was now gentle. When she came to see Li Chou, she was wearing a white canvas dress and Li Chou almost didn’t recognize her.


Lin Xiaomin walked into the shop with a bouquet of dried flowers at the entrance of the flower shop and asked, “Boss, how much is this?”


Li Chou subconsciously raised his head to look at the bouquet of flowers. He was stunned for a moment when he saw Lin Xiaomin holding the flowers after quoting the price. 


Laughing, he said, “I’ll give it to you for free.”


“Yo, that’s great.” Lin Xiaomin smiled.


“What else?” Li Chou helped her wrap the bouquet of dried flowers with star lights, “Long time no see. Why did you suddenly want to come back?”


“I came back to tell you.” Lin Xiaomin approached Li Chou and whispered in his ear, “I’m going to be a mother soon.”


Li Chou froze in place at first. His heart then jumped out of his body. He couldn’t help but raise the corners of his mouth and looked at Lin Xiaomin’s lower abdomen.


There is already a little life in it.


“Can I touch it?” Li Chou looked at Lin Xiaomin and asked cautiously.


“Okay, you will be their godfather in the future.” Lin Xiaomin said.


“I can’t be a godfather. I’m so ugly, I’ll scare them away.” Li Chou squatted down and gently touched Lin Xiaomin’s stomach. 


There was something really moving. What a wonderful feeling.


“You always say such self-deprecating words every day. In my eyes, you are the most beautiful. My child will not despise you. He will like you very much.” Lin Xiaomin said.


“Then… I hope so too.” Li Chou moved his lips.


It’s a pity. No one expected Li Chou’s time to be so short that he didn’t even have time to see this child.


During the National Day in October, many tourists came to Yunzhen. The tourism sector of Yunzhen is developing very well. Sunset Sea was reopened in September.


More patrolmen were added at night, and they were always paying attention to avoid any accidents from happening.


On the 4th night, the son of the Lin family was supposed to be on patrol, but he drank with his friends at noon. He lay down at home and fell asleep. His mother thought he wouldn’t be able to patrol so she changed the shift for Li Chou, who was supposed to be on patrol on the 5th.


Li Chou had to get up early to go to Song Zexu’s fan meeting the next day. He managed to get the tickets, so he didn’t want to change shifts at first. However, he was too embarrassed to say no to the old man, so he bit the tongue and agreed.


After Song Zexu left, Li Chou seldom wrote diaries about Song Zexu. Perhaps because he was going to see Song Zexu the next day, Li Chou worked hard and brought the diary to the patrol room.


It was the third month after Song Zexu left and Li Chou started writing again.


[Tuesday, October 4, 20xx, overcast]


[I’m going to Song Zexu’s fan meeting tomorrow. I almost did not get a ticket, fortunately my friend Lin Xiaomin managed to get one. Her relatives are so amazing,


Thinking about it, I’m still a little excited. I don’t know if Song Zexu still remembers me. That letter… I don’t know if he ever saw it? Even if he saw it should, he wouldn’t care, right? There are so many people who like him, how could he notice me who is ugly?


Song Zexu seems to be a little thinner. I saw his interview yesterday and his face was a lot smaller. He must not be eating well. When he was at home, he never ate much too, so the company should treat him better. It’s not good to be too thin and he won’t be able to keep up with his nutritional needs.]


At this point, Li Chou stopped writing. The sea tonight seems to be a bit frighteningly angry. The waves were getting higher and higher and they were roaring. Li Chou looked out of the window and found nothing unusual, so he lowered his head and continued writing.


[In fact, I really want Song Zexu to come to Yunzhen again to see the setting sun under the afterglow of it all as the golden sea is rippling, or to sit in Grandpa’s fishing boat and go to have fun in the deep sea, but let’s forget it. He won’t come and he will definitely hate my face when he sees my appearance.


I can only imagine a little…]


Before the diary was finished, Li Chou suddenly heard a cry for help outside. He immediately put down his pen, stood up and walked out of the patrol room. There was a man on the beach.

A woman was running and she was at a loss. When she saw Li Chou, she ran over with tears in her eyes and said to Li Chou, “Please, save my daughter. She seems to have been swept into the sea. I just saw her coat float away at sea.”


Hearing this, Li Chou’s expression became serious. The night was too dark and the chances for  a child who’s fallen into the sea at rising tide was now very good. But if the girl has just been swept away, maybe she hasn’t drifted away, so as long as he swims fast and is lucky, maybe he’ll be able to save her.


Li Chou quickly took protective measures for himself. While doing this, he said to the woman that he will go to the sea to find her first and told her to go to the wall of the patrol room and dial the emergency number above now.


After saying that, Li Chou walked towards the beach. He had to find the little girl quickly or he would really lose her.


“Hurry up, don’t be stunned.” Li Chou looked at the woman who was already a little scared, “Don’t worry too much, I will definitely rescue your daughter.”


“Thank you.” The woman cried and ran to the patrol room.


It was the first time Li Chou swam into the sea at night. The sea water was cold at night, but it was okay in Yunzhen, which was like summer all year round. The sea water was turbulent and

he couldn’t see clearly at night. Li Chou swam nearly 100 meters and didn’t find a trace of the little girl. Seeing that the moonlight was about to be hidden under the clouds, Li Chou felt a little desperate in his heart. He felt that he might really not find the little girl.


The woman hurried into the rescue room, but just after pressing the phone number, she heard her daughter calling her. She looked out the window and saw her daughter standing behind the reef.


She hurried out to hug her daughter and scolded her: “Where did you go, child? I thought you fell into the sea.”


“I accidentally threw the coat mummy bought into the sea. I was afraid that mummy would scold me so I didn’t dare to say it, but I couldn’t find my mother just now so I was scared.”The little girl said pitifully.


“You are mad at mom? Do you know how worried mom was just now?” After the woman finished speaking, she suddenly remembered that she had sent a patrolman to go looking for her daughter.


She looked into the sea. The tide was so strong now, could the patrolman come back? What if he dies, the woman feels a little scared and ran into the patrol room and dialed for the emergency services.


Li Chou felt that he couldn’t exert all his strength. He didn’t know how long he had been swimming and he didn’t know where he had swam to. He was gradually panting hard. The soles of his feet were as heavy as lead and the sea water was pouring into his mouth. Li Chou struggled to open his eyes and the moon seemed to be gone.


He suddenly wondered if he would never see Song Zexu again. He seemed a little regretful. He finally bought a ticket, but he couldn’t go.


He won’t be able to see Lin Xiaomin’s baby anymore. She is due four months later, so he won’t be able to hear her call him her godfather. As for the little girl in the sea, he didn’t manage to save her. If the little girl is alone at the sea, how scared she must be.


However, he was also tired and he couldn’t swim anymore.


Li Chou closed his eyes slowly, letting his body sink into the cold seabed.


Then he died in the sea he loved most.


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Chapter 28 – Replica

Chapter 28: The Shadow Speaks


This winter seemed colder than previous ones, even though Tan Xilu was dressed warmly. As he walked through the school corridor, he still felt a chill in his limbs. He rubbed his arms and entered the classroom sluggishly.


Recently, Tan Xilu’s open classes had been very successful. He was handsome, his teaching logic was clear, and he spoke gently. Some students recorded his classes and shared them online, which gained quite a bit of attention. Today, the usually empty classroom was unusually crowded.


It was the first time since he started teaching that Tan Xilu had so many students attending his class. He looked at them in slight surprise and finally chuckled, asking, “So many people today?”


A girl sitting in the front row replied first, “Because it’s Teacher Tan’s class, who could refuse Teacher Tan?”


Tan Xilu looked at the unfamiliar girl seriously and asked, “I don’t think I’ve seen you before, have I?”


Another girl next to her eagerly chimed in, “Because she likes you, Teacher Tan. Do you have a girlfriend?”


Tan Xilu was momentarily taken aback, then he realized and looked at the girl, saying, “I don’t have a girlfriend.”


The girl’s eyes brightened, but before she could say anything more, Tan Xilu continued, “But I do have a boyfriend.”


The girl looked a bit disappointed, said, “Ah,” and fell silent.


“All right, let’s not waste time discussing my personal life in the classroom. Let’s focus on the lesson,” Tan Xilu said, opening his textbook and beginning the class.


Perhaps because the classroom was full today, everyone was more active in participating. Although many students were unfamiliar faces, possibly friends from other departments, they were all attentive. Tan Xilu occasionally asked questions, and they responded well. He was quite satisfied with the class.


At the end of the class, he assigned a small assignment for everyone to write a summary of the lecture for the next class.


Tan Xilu paid attention to feedback from his students, as he believed that not every teaching method suited every student. He would adjust his teaching methods based on the students’ summaries. As a result, he consistently received excellent evaluations from his students.


After class, as usual, Tan Xilu slowly packed his belongings at the front of the classroom. He usually stayed in the classroom for five to ten minutes after class to answer any questions students might have. However, no students approached him today, which suggested that everyone had understood the lecture well. He picked up his laptop bag and started to leave. Just as he reached the classroom door, someone called out to him.


Tan Xilu stopped and turned around to see the girl who had expressed her liking for him before class.


“What’s up? Did you have trouble understanding the class?” Tan Xilu asked.


The girl shook her head, looked at Tan Xilu with a puzzled expression, and after a few seconds, she spoke, “Teacher Tan, is your boyfriend the pastry chef named Li from ‘West Essence’ Dessert Shop?”


Tan Xilu was taken aback, guessing that she meant Li Zhao. He replied, “No, why would you ask that?”


The girl seemed surprised, “Isn’t it?”


She picked up her phone, found the video she had saved, and showed it to Tan Xilu. “This was constantly being shared on my social media, and everyone said you were dating that pastry chef.”


Tan Xilu watched the video, unsure if the person who recorded it was trying to make fun of him or genuinely believed he was dating Li Zhao. The video had filters and effects that made it look romantic, and if he hadn’t known better, he might have thought the same. Tan Xilu shook his head and replied, “We’re just friends, not dating.”


“Really?” The girl looked disappointed and said, “But please don’t date him. My friend met him at a party yesterday, and he shamelessly asked her out. I used to have a good impression of him, but now I think he’s really cheap. You mustn’t date him.”


The girl emphasized her point by saying “mustn’t” twice.


Tan Xilu couldn’t help but smile wryly and said, “Don’t worry, my boyfriend isn’t him.”


Suddenly, Tan Xilu remembered this morning when he woke up, and Xu Huaiming was standing with his back to him, holding his clothes. Tan Xilu lazily reached out and pulled Xu Huaiming’s shirt. Xu Huaiming turned around and looked at him. He leaned down slightly, touched Tan Xilu’s face, and there was a faint scent of lemon on him, which Tan Xilu had recently come to love. For this reason, Xu Huaiming had replaced most of their home items with this scent.


Xu Huaiming asked, “What’s wrong?”


Tan Xilu raised his lips and said, “Nothing.”


He grabbed Xu Huaiming’s tie, pulled him closer, and then hugged him around the neck and kissed him.


Tan Xilu said, “Xu Huaiming, I love you.”


Xu Huaiming looked at him, smiled, and nodded, saying, “I love you too.”


His boyfriend was perfect, he loved him deeply, so how could he be Li Zhao? His boyfriend’s name was Xu Huaiming, unique and deeply in love with him.


Suddenly, Tan Xilu remembered something else and asked the girl, “You mentioned that many people shared this video. How many people, approximately? Does everyone in the school know about it?”


The girl replied truthfully, “Not everyone. The video was sent to Tan Sinzhe at that time, and he asked everyone to delete it…”


The girl suddenly realized she had said too much and quickly explained, “I wanted to confirm with you if this was really your boyfriend, so I didn’t delete it. Now that I’m sure, I’ll delete it right away.” She pressed the delete button.


Tan Xilu didn’t mind this too much, but he wondered if the video had reached Xu Huaiming. Although they had talked it out the night before, it was still not good to have a controversial video like that circulating, and he blamed himself for his indulgence. He didn’t even know who had recorded it, and it had spread so wildly within the school. Fortunately, Tan Sinzhe knew about his relationship with Xu Huaiming and had asked them to delete the video. Otherwise, they might have been married by now according to the rumors.


Thinking of Tan Sinzhe, Tan Xilu realized that he hadn’t seen the young man in a long time. He wondered how Tan Sinzhe would react to the news of Chi Yexing’s upcoming wedding.


Tan Xilu sighed, hoping that Tan Sinzhe wouldn’t be too upset.


In the evening, Tan Xilu went to the dessert shop as usual. After the New Year’s celebration, business had slowed down a bit. However, because Xu Huaiming was busy with inventory, he couldn’t come to pick Tan Xilu up. Tan Xilu went to the shop alone. When he arrived, there were only a few customers left. Arlene was tidying up, and for some reason, Tan Xilu felt that Arlene


 seemed a bit annoyed with him. Usually, when he came in, she would greet him with a smile and call him Teacher Tan, but today she didn’t even look at him.


Tan Xilu felt puzzled but didn’t dwell on it. Perhaps Arlene had dealt with difficult customers today and didn’t feel like talking. He sat down at the counter, and Xu Huaiming, who had just finished working in the back, hadn’t come out yet. She had prepared a glass of lemon water for Tan Xilu, and it was still slightly warm. Tan Xilu took a sip, enjoying the sweet and sour taste that eased the fatigue of the day.


With some free time on his hands, Tan Xilu picked up his phone and tried calling his mother again, but as expected, the call was still in progress. He also sent her a message asking if she had eaten, but it still showed a red exclamation mark, indicating that the message hadn’t been delivered.


Tan Xilu found his father’s WeChat and asked, “How is Mom doing?”


His father replied after a while, “She hasn’t eaten anything for a day, just staying in her room.”


Tan Xilu sighed. His mother had always had a good temper, but this time, it seemed she was really upset. He thought, “Well, I’ll visit home this weekend and talk to her myself.”


So he sent a message to his father, “Dad, try to comfort Mom and get her to eat something. I’ll be home in a couple of days to see her.”


His father sent a sad emoticon and then asked, “Son, is that guy really the only one for you?”


When his father sent this message, Xu Huaiming had just come out of the back room. He must have had an accident with one of the packaging bags, as he had white powder on his clothes and cocoa powder on his face. He looked comical, and although he had originally looked a bit unhappy, he immediately put on a smile when he saw Tan Xilu. “Alu, you’re here!”


Xu Huaiming’s smile was pure, filled with joy. Even from a distance, Tan Xilu could see that his eyes were filled with him.


When Tan Xilu was a child, he had raised a little cat named Ah Miao. It had round, shiny eyes and was a stray cat he had picked up. It was very well-behaved. When it saw Tan Xilu holding a little fish snack, its eyes would widen with excitement. It would lick Tan Xilu’s palm first, and at that moment, he would pet Ah Miao’s head. It was as if Ah Miao sought his approval before finally eating the fish snack.


Once, Tan Xilu had a high fever, lying in bed, seemingly on the brink of death. Ah Miao thought he was going to die and snuggled in his arms. It extended its tongue and licked Tan Xilu’s face, as if begging him not to leave.


Two days later, when Tan Xilu’s fever broke, he was full of energy again. Ah Miao jumped onto him and looked at him, meowing. Tan Xilu could see his own face reflected in Ah Miao’s black pupils.


Tan Xilu felt that Xu Huaiming looked at him in the same way as Ah Miao did back then. He was very happy and a little excited.


So Tan Xilu replied, “Hmm, it has to be him.”


Unfortunately, not long after that, Ah Miao went missing. Tan Xilu thought, “But Xu Huaiming must not leave him.”


He couldn’t bear the pain of losing his loved one again.


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Chapter 27 – Replica

Chapter 27: Nine Thousand Mistakes


When Tan Xilu learned from the police that Xu Huaiming had gone missing, his whole being went blank. He stood in the police station, enveloped in an unreal, ethereal sensation.


He couldn’t quite grasp the meaning of the word “missing.” What did it mean? How could someone go missing?


Seeing that Tan Xilu’s reaction was off, the police officer poured him a cup of hot water and comforted him, saying, “Mr. Tan, don’t take it too seriously. It’s just a temporary disappearance. We’ve been actively searching, so you don’t need to worry too much.”


Tan Xilu held the cup of scalding hot water, his palm burning from the heat, but he seemed numb to everything. He moved his lips, struggling to focus his pupils, and asked the police, “Did he go missing because the truck overturned and fell off a cliff?”


Before the police could respond, he asked again, “Have you searched every place? How could someone go missing? As long as he’s in the car, he must be there, right? It’s just because you didn’t search properly. I’ll go look, and I’m sure I can find him.” With that, Tan Xilu set down the cup and tried to rush out.


The police officer, seeing his overly emotional state, quickly restrained him, saying, “Mr. Tan, please calm down. The rescue team is actively searching. It rained heavily last night, and the road is slippery in that area. Even if you go, it won’t be easy to find him. If we have any news, we’ll definitely notify you.”


Upon hearing this, Tan Xilu, who had been so agitated a moment ago, suddenly covered his face and crouched down. His shoulders trembled, and tears the size of beans streamed down from his eyes, falling to the floor one by one. His sobbing was quiet but conveyed profound sadness.


Tan Xilu had come to the police station as a friend. Not far from where the truck had overturned, a broken phone was found with Tan Xilu’s contact information on the back of the phone case. When the police asked about the relationship between Tan Xilu and the owner of the phone, Tan Xilu, still in a fit of pique, said they were just friends. However, when he heard about the truck overturning and the owner going missing, he was stunned.


At that moment, same-sex marriage was not yet legal, and although being gay didn’t make one a pariah, it was far from socially acceptable. To avoid unnecessary trouble, Tan Xilu had not admitted to their relationship when questioned by the police.


But even a blind person could see that the tearful Tan Xilu and the missing Xu Huaiming had a relationship that was far from ordinary.


In fact, just the day before, Xu Huaiming had sent a message to Tan Xilu, saying that he was going with the elderly man from the neighboring fruit shop to the neighboring city for some shopping. He promised to make a new cake for Tan Xilu when he returned. Tan Xilu was easy to please. Even after their prolonged cold war, he couldn’t resist the allure of good food. Moreover, Xu Huaiming had made the first move to reconcile. However, Tan Xilu, feeling a bit proud, hadn’t replied to Xu Huaiming’s message, planning to make up when they met later. But he hadn’t expected that he wouldn’t get that chance.


Tan Xilu’s emotional breakdown continued until his mother came to the police station to pick him up. She apologized to the police for the trouble.


The police waved it off, saying, “We understand, Mr. Tan. As soon as we have any news about Mr. Xu, we will notify you.”


Tan Xilu, in a dazed state, was led out of the police station by his mother. On the way home, they encountered a traffic light intersection. She stopped the car, looked at Tan Xilu in the rearview mirror, and called out to him, “Xiaolu.”


She called his name three or four times, but Tan Xilu didn’t respond. He seemed lost in thought.


His mother sighed. She knew that this incident had hit Tan Xilu hard. Tan Xilu hadn’t had much experience in love, and this was his first major setback. She would have preferred it if Xu Huaiming had been a heartless scoundrel who played with his feelings, rather than the sudden disappearance that left Tan Xilu bewildered.


His mother had never been fond of Xu Huaiming. She had seen many types of relationships in her profession as a teacher, and she knew that meeting the parents was a serious matter. When parents agreed to meet someone, it meant they saw that person as a potential family member. But Xu Huaiming had repeatedly evaded it. Why wouldn’t he meet the parents? She couldn’t help but wonder if it was because he had no intention of staying with her son.


Because of this, his mother had become less enthusiastic about the relationship, and she had stopped mentioning Xu Huaiming. But to be honest, Tan Xilu had changed after starting his relationship. Sometimes, he would post pictures of delicious food on social media. She couldn’t remember the last time she had seen him cook. Whenever she came home, she noticed that he had gained some weight and looked well-fed. She had come to terms with it and thought that if Xu Huaiming was willing to be in a good relationship with Tan Xilu, it was fine. Even if they broke up in the end, she could introduce him to someone else. Love was supposed to go through ups and downs.


But now, they were facing more than just ups and downs.


Tan Xilu’s emotional breakdown persisted until he finally told his parents that he wanted to live a better life.


And he did exactly that. He quickly obtained various qualifications and began working at a pace that surprised his mother. His mother was always afraid that he had been through something traumatic again. But when he first accepted her suggestion to go on a blind date, she realized that he had finally come to his senses and was ready to move on.


He was truly prepared to continue living.


She thought things were gradually getting better. Despite meeting so many men, Tan Xilu didn’t find anyone he liked, but that was okay. There was plenty of time, and you couldn’t just settle with anyone for the rest of your life. However, now Tan Xilu said that Xu Huaiming, who had been missing for so long, had returned, and they had reconciled.


His mother couldn’t possibly agree to that. She didn’t want this man who had disrupted their family to come and disturb their lives again.


So, before Tan Xilu could explain, she hung up the phone decisively to show her stance.


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