Chapter 172 – Father's Big Son

Chapter 172 – Father’s Big Son


Lu Shifeng left.


Jian Luo suddenly felt empty without him around, no children, no husband. He resumed his previous life, simply settling down in the house at Paradise. Life had been like this before, without Lu Shifeng and the children, and he had been quite happy then. Now, though, everything seemed the same yet different somehow.


Su Liang said, “You’ve been tired lately. Most things are sorted out now. Take a break?”


Jian Luo shook his head. “No need.”


He remained busy, intentionally so, keeping himself occupied to avoid melancholy and thoughts of his husband and children. Su Liang was right; he didn’t actually have that much to do.


To impress those below him, even the troublesome reports had lessened. He needed to train his subordinates’ abilities; not everything required his personal touch. With fewer worries, he could find time for live broadcasts.


Today, Jian Luo prepared a skewer hotpot.




The live stream started.


His popularity was high, especially with Earth promoting new products. As the broadcast began, viewers flooded in.


“The Series of Living Beings.”


“Finally remembered the password series.”


“Grandpa, your favorite streamer is live!”


Jian Luo laughed at the comments. This autumn, Su Liang had crafted the latest sweater, in a dark red tone with embroidered maple leaves on the chest, a bright touch of orange amid the main color. Perfect for the slight chill of autumn without needing air conditioning. Jian Luo’s fair skin was complemented by the dark red color, enhancing his charm.


Rolling up his sleeves, he said, “Today, we’re having skewer hotpot. I’ve also invited friends. There’s a variety of skewers to choose from.”


Recently, the cultivation center had developed many new vegetable varieties, and Earth had discovered many local delicacies. Jian Luo showcased them all to ensure their popularity.


“This is seaweed, very chewy.”


“This is lotus root.”


“And over here, potatoes and baby bok choy.”


He introduced each item, then began preparing the broth. With more and more herbs unearthed on Earth, the rich broth mixed with spiciness challenged everyone’s taste buds, making mouths water through the screen.


Jian Luo’s invited guests also arrived.


Qinger and Jiangjiang, along with several managers from his own factory, filled the room with lively chatter. Qinger and Jiangjiang helped out, Jiangjiang, as an administrator for Jinjiang Live Network, meeting everyone in a live stream for the first time. After some bustling around, they finally sat down to enjoy the skewer hotpot.


The best thing about hotpot was enjoying different delicious items in one place, especially when the chef made the broth, adding a unique taste. The audience was once again thrilled:


“Why can’t I afford vegetables?”


“I’m so hungry.”


“Okay, I’ve been on a nutrient fluid diet all month, but I want a plate of shredded potatoes.”


“Everyone, hold on. I heard next month there won’t be any limit on potatoes.”


Each of Jian Luo’s broadcasts spurred massive consumption. The already precarious vegetable market worsened due to this broadcast, with scalpers even hiking vegetable prices. However, this also elevated human status, as many of the lofty Dark Star beings disappeared, and humans began receiving more respect in various public places.


As they ate, many also noticed the clothes Jian Luo wore, which stood out.


“What brand is this new design?”


“I love it!”


“It looks so flattering. Is the Dragon Clan’s wife wearing high-end luxury?”


Seeing someone inquire about his clothes, Jian Luo honestly replied, “My mother knitted this. If you like it, you can visit her live stream to see if she has any available for order.”


Many didn’t know the relationship between the broadcaster Bai Ri and Jian Luo. After Jian Luo’s explanation, they were shocked; after all, Bai Ri was a giant in the handicraft sector, with her handmade products in high demand.


“After Jian Luo’s grand wedding last time, I said there was a woman who resembled the bright daytime shadow.”


“Yeah, what a winner at life!”


“Husband is the Dragon King, children are the hope of the world, mother is skillful in heart and hands, boss is the richest, teacher is a revered figure. Tell me, what does Jian Luo lack?”


The audience started throwing sour comments at the screen.


Jian Luo looked at them mentioning Lu Shifeng’s name, smiling on the surface but feeling a heaviness inside. Even though the soul stone showed no anomaly, he couldn’t shake off the worry. While others envied him, he envied those with a blissful family life, free from daily fears and burdensome responsibilities. But everyone makes different choices, and each path is unique.



Half a month later,


Jian Luo was inspecting shops in the mall. He was planning to open a physical hotpot restaurant, so he needed to check out the space in person. As he was looking around, suddenly his communicator buzzed in his pocket.




“Luo Luo,” Secretary Jin said, “I think I should be the first to inform you that it seems the little princes from Dragon Valley have returned.”


Jian Luo felt his voice tremble slightly, “Really?”


Secretary Jin smiled, “It should be true. The movements from Dragon Valley indicate so. The sacred tree is about to bestow wings, so there’s been some activity. During this time, only three young princes entered the illusion realm, no one else.”


“I’m coming back right away!”


Jian Luo’s legs were trembling with excitement.


After a brief exchange with the person in charge about meeting later, he hurried back. Lu Shifeng had said it could be as short as a few months or as long as half a year, but these three had unexpectedly come out in less than two months. Was everything really okay?


As he flew back, Jian Luo arrived at the edge of the Dragon Clan’s illusion realm and heard dragon chants from inside—juvenile roars that sounded somewhat tender yet powerful, echoing one after another. The sound was different from the cries of infancy; there was already an underlying strength and presence.


Before Jian Luo arrived, the young dragons inside seemed excited and unwilling to come out. Standing at the entrance, Jian Luo could feel a gust of wind blowing from inside. Shortly after, figures emerged from above the doorframe, and in the sky above the military base, two black dragons intertwined with the clouds.


Jian Luo stood at the door and watched.


The slightly larger dragon, Aotian , was the first to dive down arrogantly, transforming into human form as he approached Jian Luo. Jian Luo had once thought that a humanoid form was already quite tall, but what landed in his arms was a boy who looked only five or six years old, with black hair, blood-red eyes, and sharp features resembling Lu Shifeng.


Aotian pounced into Jian Luo’s arms, hugging his neck, and said softly, “Daddy.”


Jian Luo held the child, feeling somewhat unreal. He patted the boy’s back, his voice trembling, “You’re back?”




Aotian buried his head in Jian Luo’s chest. Even though he had grown mentally, he was still quite young. He murmured, “Daddy, hug.”


Jian Luo couldn’t help but laugh and cry. When he looked up, the second eldest at home had also descended. This child had a slight difference in appearance from the eldest, with softer features resembling Jian Luo, but exuded a cold temperament. There was a distance around the child that kept others at bay. When he noticed Jian Luo looking at him, he walked over in small steps.


Jian Luo crouched down, gently let Aotian down, and said to the younger one, “Come here, Daddy will hug you too.”


Aotian walked over with an unexpected gentleness, despite his previous aloof demeanor.


“Are you injured?” Jian Luo couldn’t help but worry, “And where is your little sister?”


The two siblings glanced at each other, and finally Aotian  said, “Our illusions are different, so we don’t know about sister.”



There was a moment of silence in the air.


Jian Luo couldn’t help but start worrying. The two children might have noticed their father’s emotions and leaned against Jian Luo maturely. Just as they fell silent, a tender dragon chant came from inside Dragon Valley again. All three of them looked towards the door, and a silver dragon flew out as if sensing a familiar presence.


As she landed, Jian Luo saw a silver-haired girl, a small figure about five or six years old, wearing a delicate pink petal dress. Her eyes were deep black, and she was petite and adorable. When she saw Jian Luo, she staggered over and threw herself into his arms, her voice soft, “Daddy.”


Jian Luo looked at the three children before him, safe and sound, and almost shed tears. He smiled, “As long as you’re all okay, that’s all that matters.”


At first, the three little ones had wanted to find their father. However, when they found out he had entered the illusion, they weren’t as happy as Jian Luo had expected. When Lu Shifeng was there, he was always strict with them, never speaking kindly. Jian Luo had thought the children disliked their father, but after learning he was absent, they showed signs of disappointment, often sitting quietly with Jian Luo in Dragon Valley.


Lu Shifeng’s illusion was much longer for the three little ones.


One month, two months, half a year, a year—the Dragon Valley remained quiet. Under Jian Luo’s care, the children slowly grew taller and more sensible. The affairs of the Dragon Clan were managed by Lu Shifeng’s trusted aides. For the dragons, who lived long lives, a year passed like a dozen days, and there were no major incidents. However, there were some annoying rumors and gossip. Initially minor, they eventually reached even the young dragons’ ears.


In the evening, when Jian Luo was telling bedtime stories, Aotian couldn’t hold back any longer: “Daddy.”


Jian Luo looked up, “Hmm?”


“Don’t worry too much,” Aotian held Jian Luo’s hand and said, “Dad will be fine.”


Jian Luo smiled, “I know.”


Worried that Jian Luo might overthink, Aotian added considerately, “Even if Dad is not here, you can find us another father.”


Jian Luo’s hand trembled slightly.

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