"This is the far shore opposite the mainland. I am Uther, the black dragon who resides here. I found you on the beach under the cliff. Have you encountered any difficulties… and are you perhaps… male?"

Content tag: Romance/ Drama/ Fantasy/ Dragon/ Smut
Author: Some Wailing Noises/某嗷
Artist: /
Alt. Name: 龙与‘‘公主’’

The story of a little prince who pretended to be a princess for some unknown reason and the dragon who’s had his eyes on him for a very long time now. It’s 1v1 of Uther (Black Dragon! Gong) x Eudora (Beautiful! Shou). Contains egg-laying and lactation, and beastiality.

With my love for you, I crossed the sea, flew across the starry sky through miles of earth so I could finally catch your eye and meld our hearts into one. 

P.s: The dragon is not a scary one, he has a very beautiful wife whom he is married to, getting into all sorts of ‘plays’ with him until the other’s a sweet, wet mess. ~( ̄▽ ̄~)~

Table of Contents

*Contains NSFW content.