The story of a dragon egg searching for its father

Content tag: Transmigration/ Fantasy/ BL
Author: Pika Pi/比卡比
Artist: /
Alt. Name: 朕究竟怀了谁的崽(穿书)

One-sentence introduction: The story of a dragon egg searching for its father


Zhao Qi transmigrated into a novel as the despotic and impotent emperor. In the original story, the emperor committed all kinds of atrocities and had the embarrassing problem of impotence.


Zhao Qi, with his transmigrated knowledge, could solve the impotence issue. However, he refused to have a harem, and he firmly stuck to the path of being an emperor with only one consort.


During a palace banquet, someone drugged Zhao Qi’s drink. In a daze, he managed to catch someone, and then…


When he woke up, he realized he had made a big mistake! Zhao Qi was furious: “How dare someone take advantage of me? I will find that person and castrate them!”


He ordered the Chief Eunuch to present the list of attendees at the banquet and identified four suspects: the cold and aloof Prime Minister, the charming and dashing Prince, the supremely skilled General, and the scholar who harbored deep resentment for being taken into the palace by the original owner of his transmigrated body.


Two months later, they still hadn’t found the culprit. However, Zhao Qi began experiencing symptoms like vomiting and excessive sleepiness. When he called for the imperial physician…


The imperial physician was shocked and at a loss for words: “Your Majesty, this is… signs of pregnancy!”

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