Chapter 39 – Dinner

       Zhuo Yue raised his face and repeated softly, “Master, hold me, please…” He had never asked for pleasure so actively, and he was trembling with shame.

       These words ignited the fire in the man, shattering his carefully maintained calm. The desire in his eyes surged instantly, rising like a turbulent sea. He picked up the person in his arms, quickly went downstairs, threw him on the big bed in the master bedroom, and ordered, “Spread your legs.”

       Zhuo Yue sank on his back into the soft mattress and shyly slowly bent his knees and opened his legs under the other person’s gaze, revealing his private parts in front of his eyes. When Fang Mingyan’s finger touched his hole, his body instinctively resisted. The moment Zhuo Yue closed his legs, he knew he had made a mistake and tremblingly called out, “Master…”

       “It’s too late to regret now.” The man raised his eyebrows and withdrew his fingers. He took out two pairs of handcuff-like restraints from the side cabinet, held down his knees and spread the slender legs further, and then clasped his wrists and ankles on the same side together so that the legs could only form an M position, wide open.

       The pillow raised the lower abdomen, and between the forcibly separated buttocks, the secret hole stained with lubricant was like a flower that was about to bloom with morning dew, ready to be plucked. Zhuo Yue knew what would happen next. He closed his eyes shyly, waiting for the man’s invasion.

       “Slave, open your eyes and look at me.” Fang Mingyan took off Zhuo Yue’s clothes under his gaze, slowly lowered his tight and muscular body, and rested his elbow on top of Zhuo Yue. His hot and hard c0ck was pressed against his belly, “Next, I will give you the right to choose. Think about it before answering.”

       “Yes, Master.” Zhuo Yue felt the heat coming from his body was astonishing, as if he was also being burned.

       “Want to kiss or touch?” The man gave the first choice.

       He hesitated, blushed and said, “Kiss.”

       There was a smile in Fang Mingyan’s eyes, and he leaned forward to kiss him. He rolled the soft tongue into his mouth and intertwined it gently. Many fragments that Zhuo Yue had recalled countless times flashed through his mind. He remembered the first time the man forced him to drink in the club room; he remembered the kiss scene between him and him in Hanguan No. 15; he remembered him rescuing him at the annual meeting; he remembered him taking him away from that nightmare… There was a moist mist in his eyes. He raised his neck and responded more actively, as if they were dancing together inseparably. Before he could recover from the passionate kiss, the man’s lips had moved to his ear. While licking his earlobe, he asked, “Left or right?”

       This question made Zhuo Yue confused, and he chose left arbitrarily. Then, the nipple on the left breast, which had not yet recovered from the ravages of the nipple clamps, was wrapped in the hot and wet mouth. His lips and teeth were pressed against the chest, teasing the rose-colored bulge gently and sometimes heavily, sucking or biting lightly or biting it with teeth and pulling it outwards. The unexpected pain and numbness made her moan uncontrollably. He was trapped in this sweet and painful feeling, sinking deeper and deeper, craving for more.

       “Next, front or the back?” Fang Mingyan continued to ask.

       Zhuo Yue guessed a little bit and said in embarrassment, “…the front.”

       Small kisses spread from the chest to the lower abdomen. The man held his c0ck and Zhuo Yue’s semi-erect c0ck together with his hands and rubbed them slowly. The mutual contact of sensitive parts made Zhuo Yue’s c0ck stand up instantly. He blushed and called, “Master…”

       “It won’t be easy for you if you are so sensitive.” Fang Mingyan curled his lips, took out a ribbon from his pyjamas, tied it around the root of Zhuo Yue’s erect pen-s, and tied a bow in a playful manner, and said leisurely, ” You have no right to ejaculate without my permission.”

       Every move he made strengthened Zhuo Yue’s desire. He didn’t dare move, so he could only gasp and respond helplessly and pitifully, “Yes, Master.”

       “Now tell me, do you choose the front or the back.” The man teased the bound c0ck wantonly and said slowly, “Think carefully, slave; this will be the position in which I enter you.”

       He bit his lip and hesitated for a moment, then said softly, “From the front, I want to… look at you.”

       Fang Mingyan chuckled and squeezed into the secluded path again with his lubricated fingers. The back hole that had been fully expanded just now gradually adapted to the addition of fingers. Whenever the man accidentally pressed a sensitive point, Zhuo Yue would tremble under him.

       His whole body became numb, falling into the thirst for pleasure, and everything was out of control. The passionate Zhuo Yue moaned in suppressed emotion as the man’s fingers simulated thrusting, and his ass hole contracted again and again, as if to hold back the withdrawn fingers. After Fang Mingyan waited for him to basically adapt, he pressed the thick c0ck between his legs that had been hard for a long time against his hole, and his voice was hoarse with patient desire, “Slave, tell me who you belong to.”

       “Everything about me belongs to you, Master.” Zhuo Yue saw the amazing size of the man’s c0ck, suppressing his nervousness and fear, and tried his best to open his body.

       “I will take my time, don’t be afraid.” The man patted his side buttocks reassuringly, and slowly pushed the front end of the thick c0ck into the already expanded and lubricated back hole. The sphincter was completely stretched by the invading object. Zhuo Yue gasped in panic, his tense body couldn’t help trembling, and his eyes filled with water. The hot hole warmed the lubricant, and the tight clamping and instinctive contraction brought the ultimate pleasure, making Fang Mingyan gasp involuntarily, “Relax, slave.”

       “Uh-huh…” The person underneath him finally relaxed a little, and the man took advantage of the situation and thrust his waist forward completely, causing Zhuo Yue to arch up and scream out in surprise.

       “Good boy, look at me.” Fang Mingyan had never been very patient in the foreplay, but he worked hard with Zhuo Yue. He suppressed his desire and stopped moving. He leaned over and kissed the frightened man beneath him, saying softly and comfortingly, “I won’t hurt you, try to relax and accept me.” He took Zhuo Yue’s earlobe in his mouth again, licking it between his lips and teeth, constantly arousing his desire.

       Zhuo Yue had no ability to resist the man’s gentleness. He let the other person take control of his body and gradually relaxed. The man spread his legs wider, slowly pulled out his c0ck a little, and then pushed it in slowly, moving in and out between the white buttocks as if exploring the deep flower path, waiting for Zhuo Yue to adapt gradually.

       The c0ck that slowly moved in and out intentionally or unintentionally brushed against sensitive points, causing Zhuo Yue to tremble slightly and let out a suppressed moan. His voice was clean and clear, and the cry that was tainted with lust at this moment was like a young monk who had been tempted by the devil, with a special sexiness of abstinence, which was very sultry.

       When the huge thing slowly pushed into the deepest part, Zhuo Yue let out a whimper and raised his neck.

       His body was filled with a part of another person, but there was no strange feeling at all. It was as if a part that was missing a long time ago had returned to itself, rich and satisfied. He looked at the man above him and gasped, “Master… I love you very much.”

       The man’s movements stopped, and the desire surging in his eyes could no longer be suppressed. He pulled out suddenly, then pushed his waist harder and penetrated deeper, hitting the sensitive point. His tone became strong and domineering, “You tease me one way after another. You don’t want to get out of bed today?”

       “Hngh…” The sore and numb feeling caused by squeezing the glands surged from underneath the body like an electric shock, splitting into many small streams and flowing freely in the body. The powerful and fast thrusts made Zhuo Yue completely engulfed in desire, and his moans became softer and more charming than ever before. “Master, be gentle… don’t go there…” His eyes were filled with mist, his body rose and fell with the man’s impact, and he intermittently begged for mercy.

       “No?” Fang Mingyan frowned, and his movements became more forceful, with an element of punishment.

       “Ahhng─” Zhuo Yue was tortured by the pleasure mixed with pain and screamed repeatedly, and finally cried, “Please, I can’t bear it anymore, I was wrong, Master…” The erect c0ck was already swollen at this moment. It was red, and a small amount of transparent liquid oozed from the top, as if it was crying.

       “Tell me where you went wrong.”

       “I have no right to say no…” His voice was choked, “My body belongs to you.”

       “Remember this.” Fang Mingyan untied his hands and feet, supported his waist, inserted his c0ck straight to the root, then straightened his waist and pumped it with great force, and the full sac hit his buttocks and made a snapping sound.

       Zhuo Yue only felt that he was about to be pierced by the blade of flesh, and his whole body was floating in pain and pleasure. Layers and layers of pleasure gathered in his lower body from all his limbs, crying out to be released. However, the prohibition of being unable to climax made every minute and every second a torment. Those desires that had no place to place made him completely forget his shame, and he cried and begged, “Please allow me to cum… Uhmmn, please…”

       When he was about to climax, Fang Mingyan untied the ribbon around his c0ck and said, “Good boy, cum with me.” Then, after several rapid thrusts, Zhuo Yue couldn’t help it anymore and arched back. His body ejaculated, and the tight hole made the man gasp while white liquid was injected into his body.

       At that moment, everything around him seemed to disappear.

       There was only one other, floating in the endless sea, embracing each other.

       The breathing in the ears, the frequency of the heartbeat, the temperature of the palms, and each other’s breath made him calm down like this.

       He wanted to just drift to the end of the world, turn into wind and rain together, and never be separated again.

       The intense climax made Zhuo Yue lose consciousness briefly. He lay weakly, breathing heavily with half-closed eyes that were out of focus. It took him a long time to come back to his senses, and called out in a hoarse voice, “Master.”

       The man leaned over and kissed him on the forehead. The man then smiled and said, “I love you too, slave.”

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