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Chapter 27 – Companion

       For nearly a week, Zhuo Yue’s entire life consisted of eating, bathing, reading, doing housework, obeying commands, and receiving training. His world had shrunk into a house, where he had no privacy, rights, or autonomy and was completely cut off from his previous life.

       He stood in front of the mirror, looking at himself naked. He couldn’t even remember what he used to look like under the spotlight and in front of the camera. Everything in the past seemed to have become a distant and vague illusion. The applause, screams, cheers, and rumours had all been stripped away from this body. The man who dominated everything tore open his skin, pulled out the childlike child he curled up in, and led him through the dark, shrouded path. Fang Mingyan had seen him at his worst, knew all his weaknesses, and controlled every part of his body. This man had powers that could easily destroy him, yet he had always used that power to protect him.

       When he was around Fang Mingyan, his heart was calmer than ever before, as if everything had become simple and pure. For the first time, he tried to be his true self without reservation, for the first time, he trusted another person wholeheartedly, and for the first time, he willingly gave everything to him.

       Changes were subtly taking place.

       He didn’t know when it started, but his eyes began to stay on Fang Mingyan unconsciously for a long time. Every expression, every movement, every command affected his gaze. He was becoming more and more accustomed to being by each other’s side. Even if he had free time, he wanted to stay within sight of each other.

       Such as this moment.

       Zhuo Yue gently tapped on the door with a green tea in hand, and upon hearing a “come in” from inside, he pushed the door open.

       Fang Mingyan was reading the stack of newcomer information faxed by his secretary. Zhuo Yue put the tea in his hand, went to the bookshelf to get a book as usual, and sat quietly on the sofa to read. There were probably more newcomers participating in the selection this time, and Fang Mingyan had been working at his desk. However, this book, ‘Analysis of Film Art Expression Techniques’ was too theoretical and looked very boring. The room was as warm as spring, and Zhuo Yue couldn’t help but feel sleepy. His eyelids slowly drooped, and the neat handwriting became blurry shadows, indistinct and unclear.

       After this period of conditioning, his sleep quality gradually improved. Although he still woke up from time to time in the middle of the night, he was able to guarantee at least four or five hours of deep sleep every day. At this moment, tiredness came over him. He glanced vaguely toward the desk, then leaned softly on the sofa and fell asleep.

       In a trance, he fell into a dream.

       In the quiet night, the wind stirred the branches and made a rustling sound, and the sound of unknown animals came from the deep woods. He was awakened by the cry, and when he opened his eyes, he found that he was in a stone cave, naked, but warm underneath, as if wrapped in a black scarf. The difference was that the ‘scarf’ had black scales. He moved; the ‘scarf’ also moved, and the scales rubbed against the skin, making it slippery. Immediately afterwards, the huge object beside him also moved, and the mountain-like figure of the dragon enveloped him. He raised his face and saw the slowly opening blood-red eyes, but those eyes were full of tenderness. It circled him with its long tail and gently covered him with its wings.

       “Sleep, don’t be afraid.”

       It seemed to say something like this. Zhuo Yue said “Okay”, stretched out his arms to hug the tail, changed into a comfortable position, and fell asleep again.

       Dreams and reality alternated in the blurred boundary. The world was turned upside down and awakened those in deep sleep.

       When he opened his eyes, Zhuo Yue was still in a state of delirium, staring blankly at the man in front of him. After more than ten seconds, he gradually woke up and found that he was holding the man’s arm. Immediately embarrassed, he hurriedly gave up his hand and said, “Master, I’m sorry…” When he sat up, he found that he had a thin blanket on his body. Based on the dream just now, it was obvious that when the other person covered him with a blanket, he took the initiative to hug his arm. Zhuo Yue tried to explain awkwardly, “I just fell asleep and thought I was in a dream, so…”

       “What did you dream about?” Fang Mingyan asked.

       He blushed and whispered, “Dream of a dragon.”

       The man curled his lips, put his hands on the back of the sofa, held him between his arms, used one knee to prop up Zhuo Yue’s slightly separated legs, and said, “Tell me what it did to you.”

       The man’s knees were pressed between his legs through a thin layer of blanket, deliberately rubbing the sensitive parts gently and sometimes heavily. Zhuo Yue’s face turned red when he was provoked, “It didn’t do anything… Just slept…”

       Hearing his answer, Fang Mingyan chuckled. He leaned forward slowly, forcing Zhuo Yue to lean back on the back of the sofa. His fingers caressed his red ears. His deep voice had a special magnetism that made people’s hearts beat faster, “You are getting more and more courageous. You dare to sleep with others behind my back, huh?”

       His tone was like that of a child having a tantrum, with some unreasonable arrogance and a possessive desire to dominate.

       It felt like there was something soft in the heart like a flower stamen stained by rain and dew. Zhuo Yue looked up at him, with a smile in his dark eyes. He put his arms around the man’s waist, put his head on his chest, and said, “I was wrong, Master.”

       The man curled his lips silently and touched his head.


       Every night at nine o’clock was the hardest time for Zhuo Yue. He had to stay in a cage in front of a camera pointed at him.

       This was Fang Mingyan’s therapy—letting him spend some time with the camera every day and gradually extending the time according to his ability to bear it so that he could reduce his fear through repeated adaptation and habituation.

       It seemed to be working well so far. Zhuo Yue had become much calmer from the panic-stricken initial self. Although his limbs were still stiff and uneasy, at least he could maintain his basic posture for more than twenty minutes.

       Provided that his master was present. Fang Mingyan was like Zhuo Yue’s compass when he was lost, guiding his course all the way south.

       “Let’s start. Recite the short text you just read.” The cage was brightly lit at night, and the man was sitting on a single sofa, playing with a slender red cowhide soft whip in his hand.

       The naked Zhuo Yue knelt in the middle of the thick carpet in a standard posture, constantly thinking about what he had just read in his head. However, the camera placed not far away made him restless and unable to concentrate at all. He pursed his lips and began stiffly, “Time slowed down as the man and I stood by the window. We looked at each other, but neither of us spoke. It felt like I could see from his eyes… fireworks, a bustling firework scene. I want… I want…” After reciting it to this point, he could no longer remember the next sentence, and his eyes unconsciously turned from the man to the cold machine. Suddenly, a bit of sharp air passed by the ear, and the soft red whip rubbed the ear and was thrown heavily on the carpet, making a muffled sound.

       This whip made Zhuo Yue jump with fear. He immediately turned his attention back to the sofa and muttered, “Master…”

       “What order did I give you?” Fang Mingyan looked at him calmly.

       “Keep watching you until… I finished reciting the text.” Under the pressure of the camera, sweat broke out on his back, and his fingers behind his back were twisted into a ball.

       “Where were you looking just now?”

       “I was wrong.” Zhuo Yue tried his best to suppress his physical discomfort and keep his condition stable, and he begged, “Master, can you give me another chance?”

       The man threw the book in front of him and said coldly, “If you can’t memorise it this time, you will sleep here tonight.”

       Zhuo Yue’s body trembled slightly, his lips tightened, and he answered softly, “Okay.”

       This passage wasn’t long, and remembering these sentences wasn’t difficult for him, who was used to memorising scripts. However, under the gaze of that terrifying lens, just controlling himself to stay normal took too much effort. Every part of his body resisted. His blood seemed to congeal, feeling cold even though sweat dripped from his forehead. His eyes stared at the book, his brain repeatedly admonishing himself to remember those black words, but his memory was like an old car that just wouldn’t start no matter what.

       He wanted to do well, but he couldn’t do it well.

       Fear silently eroded his body, and he pushed himself to the limit in his urgency and self-denial. The nightmare grabbed his throat and choked him. Zhuo Yue’s hand holding the book began to tremble uncontrollably, his face became paler and paler, and finally, he arched his body in pain and let out a whimper like a small animal.

       “Zhuo Yue! Look at me, take a deep breath…” The man’s voice came to his ears, like the thunder that drove away nightmares on a summer night. His body fell into a hug, and the cold body was wrapped in warmth. Zhuo Yue opened his eyes with difficulty and saw a crack in the calm expression on Fang Mingyan’s face for the first time. This man who had always been strong and confident now showed a nervous and worried look, which distressed him. Zhuo Yue reached out and hugged him back as if he wanted to comfort him. He said with whitened lips, “I’m fine…”

       Fang Mingyan frowned deeply, took him out of the cage, carefully placed him on the big bed in the master bedroom, wiped the sweat from his forehead, and asked, “Do you feel any discomfort?”

       Zhuo Yue shook his head.

       Seeing the colour returned to his face, the man relaxed slightly. He sat down next to him, stroked his head, and said, “I’m sorry, I didn’t grasp the progress well.”

       Zhuo Yue lay down and shook his head silently again. He looked at Fang Mingyan with deer-like eyes and spoke slowly, “It felt like I could see a bustling fireworks scene from his eyes. I want to stay with him like this, watching the changing seasons, the intermingling of day and night, the majestic mountains and rivers, and the moon shining over the frosty rivers. I still want to be with him until time blurs our outlines, turning from unforgettable to forgettable. I’ve made up my mind about this, and it took all my courage.” After he finished speaking, his eyelashes grew. Trembling, “I recited it, Master.”

       The man didn’t speak for a long time, and there was a warm light in his black eyes. He caressed the face that looked a little tired and finally leaned over to kiss his forehead.

       “You did well, slave.”

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Chapter 26 – Guest

       A kiss.

       It was completely different from when he was rehearsing and filming—so raw and uneasy, yet brave and decisive.

       Zhuo Yue closed his eyes and trembled slightly, carefully and feverishly, like a sacrificial virgin, surrendering all of himself to the gods.

       When the warm breath came towards him, the man who controlled everything was stunned for a moment, and then silently curled his lips, without interrupting the rare boldness coming from his shy slave. The gentle touch lingered on the lips for a moment but received no response. Zhuo Yue opened his eyes shyly, looked at the other person in embarrassment and called, “Master.” He could not explain the meaning of this reckless kiss, perhaps he wanted more warmth from that person, or perhaps craving more attention and love, and at that moment, he couldn’t help but do so. When he looked at the other party, his heartbeat suddenly lost its rhythm.

       Fang Mingyan looked at him calmly, with many incomprehensible emotions in his deep eyes, as if they were hiding a stormy sea, yet also seemingly as calm as a still ancient well.

       Just when Zhuo Yue thought he had offended him and wanted to apologise, Fang Mingyan lifted his chin, leaned over and kissed him.

       Unlike before, this kiss had a strong sense of aggression. The man was like a predatory beast that did not give its prey any chance to escape. The palm of his hand gave the person under him more intense stimulation. While Zhuo Yue was gasping in pleasure, the man’s tongue easily and quickly invaded the wide-open mouth. His moans were blocked inside, turning into blushes and heartbeats, inducing ambiguous sound.

       Facing such a strong possession, Zhuo Yue had no ability to resist at all. The lips were crushed into an alluring red colour, and the tongues allowed themselves to be intertwined under each other’s control. The mixed hot and moist fluid soaked the lips, even dripping down the corners of the mouth during the intense movements. He couldn’t remember any of the techniques for breathing in a kiss scene. The air in his chest was exhausted little by little as if he was going to suffocate to death in the next second. However, what was even more unbearable for him was the almost overwhelming pleasure brought about by the man’s manipulation of his lower body, and his body was completely out of control.

       Just before the climax came, Fang Mingyan withdrew from his mouth and gave a command in his ear with a low voice, “Slave, I allow you to cum.”

       Zhuo Yue, who was pushed to the peak of desire, arched his back while trembling, whimpering with a cry. White turbidity spurted out, and in an instant, it seemed as if a huge firework exploded in his head. Colourful sparks flickered and fell slowly, eventually turning into a white mist.

       All his senses were lost, like lying on soft clouds, floating on a sea of ​​emptiness.

       Gradually, a subtle sound could be heard coming from the chest, one beat after another, intersecting with another similar frequency. His vision gradually became clearer, and he woke up from the trance of climax. He looked at the man who had been by his side and called softly, “Master…”

       Fang Mingyan wiped the water from the corners of his eyes with his fingertips, “Crying?”

       Zhuo Yue remained shy and silent. The sticky bodily fluids remaining on his lower abdomen made him curl up his legs in embarrassment. When he saw the white turbidity on the man’s hands, he blushed with shame.

       “Desire comes from instinct. You have suppressed it for too long.” Fang Mingyan twitched the corner of his mouth, “Go and wash up, and then prepare dinner. There will be two guests at home tonight, and you have my permission to get dressed.”


       Making dinner for four people was not difficult. However, Zhuo Yue was distracted during the process, and his mind was filled with the scene just now.

       He kissed him and he kissed him back. Everything became an infinite loop in slow motion, and every subtle expression, look, and movement of the man made him think about it over and over again. He tried to convince himself that this was just the most common way for master and slave to get along. Because he belonged to that man, he can do anything to himself. But there was an inexplicable expectation in his heart, hoping for something different to happen.

       Just when he was distracted, his elbow touched the plate placed on the edge of the cooking table. The plate lost its centre of gravity and fell to the ground, breaking into pieces.

       He was startled and immediately knelt down to pick it up.

       “Don’t move.” A deep voice came from the living room. Fang Mingyan walked over slowly, looked at the remains of the dishes on the floor, and glanced at him, “Don’t feel like cooking that much?”

       “No, I just…” Zhuo Yue wanted to explain but was interrupted.

       “If it’s not the case, why are you so absent-minded?”

       He lowered his head, “I was wrong.”

       The man found a thick rubber glove from the cupboard, picked up the large pieces, swept them clean with a broom, put them into thick garbage bags, and labelled them with hazardous materials. After everything was done, he said, “I will punish you to kneel for an hour before going to bed tonight. If you still can’t concentrate, I will let you kneel in the cage. You know what is there.”

       “Yes, Master.” Zhuo Yue replied, lowering his head.

       Zhuo Yue was bringing the last tomato soup to the table when the guest rang the doorbell. He glanced at the dining table again to make sure that the tableware was neat and without any flaws, then he hurried to the entrance and stood behind Fang Mingyan before he opened the door.

       “Really on time.” The owner of the house smiled and welcomed the guests into the house.

       “When you come to someone else’s house to have a meal, you have to be on time.” The man who came in first paused for a moment, then returned to Fang Mingyan’s face and raised his eyebrows slightly. The other person behind him said in surprise, “Hey, you’re not…” His eyes fell on the apron Zhuo Yue was wearing, and he swallowed the second half of the sentence.

       Zhuo Yue stood with some restraint, bowed his head and greeted softly, “Second Young Master, Young Master Xu.”

       The visitors were none other than Chu Yu and Xu Ye.

       Xu Ye helped Chu Yu remove his dark blue woollen coat, smiled at Zhuo Yue and said, “We meet again.”

       “Take the guests’ clothes and hang them up.” Fang Mingyan said in a commanding tone. This sentence clearly revealed his identity. Zhuo Yue did not belong as the guest and was under his control.

       Then, there was only one possibility left.

       Xu Ye’s eyes circled between the leisurely Fang Mingyan and the stunned Zhuo Yue, smiled meaningfully, and handed the coat in his hand to Zhuo Yue. The other person’s cheeks were slightly red as he took them.

       “It smells so good.” Xu Ye looked at the food on the table and moved his index finger, “I had to rush for a meeting at noon and didn’t eat enough. Now I’m starving, feeling like my front is sticking to my back.”

       “Then let’s chat while eating.” Fang Mingyan said.

       After sitting down one by one, Zhuo Yue served the three of them food and stood awkwardly holding his own bowl, feeling anxious. He could not face anyone other than Fang Mingyan as a slave, so he was afraid of hearing the ‘kneel down’ command. Fortunately, what he was worried about did not happen. Fang Mingyan glanced at him and said, “Sit down.”

       Zhuo Yue breathed a sigh of relief and sat down on the empty seat next to the man.

       Chu Yu habitually picked up vegetables for Xu Ye, and it happened that Fang Mingyan also picked up a piece of beef and placed it in Zhuo Yue’s bowl. The two of them moved in perfect synchronisation, just like mirroring each other’s movements. They found each other amusing, and smiles appeared on their faces.

       Xu Ye looked at Zhuo Yue who was silent and asked Fang Mingyan, “Because you haven’t appeared in the club for a long time, many Subs have come to me to inquire about your movements. How should I answer?”

       The man smiled leisurely, “With your intelligence, you must have a suitable response.”

       “I’m very stupid.” Xu Ye tilted his head, “Mr. Lion has always claimed never to meddle with newcomers, never to eat grass by the nest1not to take advantage of others, I leave it this way coz it’s more suitable for the Lion. So, until I hear your exact answer, I dare not speculate recklessly about the current relationship between you two.”

       “How did the Earl train you to be so scientific and rigorous?” Fang Mingyan brought the topic to another person with a half-smile.

       Chu Yu curled his lips, raised his eyes, looked at him, and said slowly, “In everything, we should dare to make bold assumptions but cautiously seek confirmation.”

       Fang Mingyan couldn’t resist the couple’s unanimous statement and said helplessly, “Okay, okay, I admit that I got involved with the newbie and bit the grass on the edge of the nest. Are you satisfied?”

       Zhuo Yue, who was sitting nearby, suddenly turned red when he heard what he said. He didn’t even have the courage to raise his head. He sat silently and stared at the rice in the bowl.

       Xu Ye, who finally forced Fang Mingyan to admit it personally, smiled broadly, winked at Chu Yu, and happily gnawed on the ribs. The three of them talked about work and entertainment, while Zhuo Yue listened quietly. When they heard that Hua Zhan from ‘The Goddess Strategy’ was shortlisted for the Best Supporting Actor of the Year award, their eyes widened.

       “What are the chances of winning?” Xu Ye asked.

       “Zero.” Fang Mingyan smiled, “The nominees with him are all veteran actors who have been working in supporting roles for a long time and are all popular with the audience.”

       “What a pity.” Xu Ye said with great regret, “Then don’t go to the award ceremony. There’s no point in watching other people receive awards.”

       Fang Mingyan smiled lightly, “For artists, getting attention is more meaningful than winning the award itself.”

       Xu Ye was stunned.

       Chu Yu on the side spoke slowly and asked: “When a young face appears among a group of old faces, who will receive more attention?”

       “I see.” Xu Ye picked up the wine glass with a smile, “It seems like it’s time to congratulate Zhuo Yue in advance.”

       Zhuo Yue picked up the beer glass in front of him and clinked it with him. When he was about to drink, the person around him took it away from his hand. Fang Mingyan glanced at him, “He shouldn’t drink alcohol these days.”

       “You’re not going to hurt someone without restraint, are you?” Xu Ye raised his eyebrows.

       The man laughed, “My skills are not that bad.”

       “Who knows if you might lose control for a moment…” Xu Ye continued to speak but was interrupted by Chu Yu’s slight cough. He saw the awkward and confused expression of Zhuo Yue sitting across from him. He realised that he had made a mistake and apologised with some embarrassment, “Sorry, I was joking. Don’t pay attention.”

       “It’s okay…” Zhuo Yue responded with a blushing face.

       “Go and prepare some fruit.” Fang Mingyan helped him out.

       Zhuo Yue immediately got up and went to the kitchen. Chu Yu glanced at his figure and said to Fang Mingyan, “The last time we met, he did not show the natural obedience of Sub.”

       They were all top-notch Doms, and they could often identify certain characteristics of people at first glance.

       The man put down the chopsticks in his hand and curled his lips, “Indeed. In order to make him obey, I had to use some drastic measures.”

       Xu Ye was stunned for a moment and remained silent. It was against club rules to force others to become Subs. As the founders of the club, Chu Yu and Fang Mingyan were both aware of the seriousness of this matter. Although it seemed like it was still a casual conversation at the dinner table, he could clearly feel the change in the aura between the two Doms. At times like this, he preferred to be a listener.

       “We all agree that BDSM must be based on the principle of mutual consent. The club’s rules also clearly prohibit forcing non-homosexuals to become Dom or Sub.” Chu Yu paused, “If it were someone else, I would directly submit it to the club’s senior management for processing, but for you, there must be your reason for doing this, and I want to hear the reason first.”

       “To treat PTSD.” Fang Mingyan answered calmly. (PTSD: Post-traumatic stress disorder)

       Chu Yu frowned slightly, thought for a moment, and asked, “Is it purely to just help the other party, or do you have other purpose?” They had known each other for many years, and they had a strong friendship with each other, so they didn’t have many reservations about each other, and the question was very straightforward.

       “At present, it should be considered the former.” Fang Mingyan smiled lightly.

       “With your ability, you can properly deal with PTSD. I’m not worried about those technical aspects. But one thing I need to remind you is that a novice Sub can easily develop feelings for their first Dom during training. Once he has developed feelings for you, will you be able to give him the response he needs?”

       Fang Mingyan did not answer the question but looked at the man who was peeling the apple in the kitchen silently.

       “Mingyan, I think you should think about it carefully. An involuntary Sub with PTSD is more complicated mentally than an average novice Sub. He cannot distinguish between emotions in the game and feelings in reality. For you, he is just one of your many Subs. But to him, you are the guide, and probably the only person he relies on and trusts. Every decision you make if you are not careful will cause harm to him, and even cause harm to him. It may again induce and aggravate his PTSD symptoms.”

       “I will handle everything properly.” The man raised his eyes and answered every word seriously.

       By the time Zhuo Yue brought the fruit to the table and sat down again, the topic had returned to the gossip in the entertainment industry.

       The industry was very deep. Celebrities and newcomers alike displayed their talents through various means, engaging in both open and covert struggles. There were always endless scandals and untold stories to tell. Zhuo Yue had always stayed aloof, indifferent to the affairs of others. Xu Ye asked him questions he couldn’t answer, but fortunately, Fang Mingyan was there. He was like a walking encyclopedia, knowledgeable about all the ins and outs of the entertainment industry.

       The meal was enjoyed in a harmonious atmosphere. Xu Ye seemed to think of something before leaving and said, “By the way, I want to change the spokesperson for my restaurant. Zhuo Yue has good culinary skills and a good image, which fits my criteria well.”

       “He won’t be making any announcements in the near future.” Fang Mingyan’s refusal leaves no room for manoeuvre.

       “Not in the near future, the current spokesperson contract will expire at the end of March. Then, we will formally contact Huasheng. It will not be too late to make a decision by then.” Xu Ye did not wait for the man to agree, turned to Zhuo Yue and said, “Zhuo Yue, if you are free, you can come to our house, we live in No. 8.”

       Zhuo Yue then realised that they lived so close to each other and said gratefully, “Okay, thank you.”

       “You’re not allowed to go.” Fang Mingyan tilted his head, put his hands on his shoulders, and said with a smirk, “How can I let you spoil someone bad who I have managed to train with great difficulty?”

       Zhuo Yue’s heart skipped a beat and his face turned red.

       After the two left, he started to clear away the dishes.

       The TV was broadcasting a Chinese romantic drama series. The male protagonist was none other than Lu Chenyang, galloping on the grassland with his horse and whip, performing a love-hate drama with the actress in his arms.

       He stared blankly for a while, then lowered his head to wipe the table, his lowered eyes covering up the loss and pain in his eyes.

       “Do you want to act?” At this time, a man’s calm voice came from beside him.

       Zhuo Yue raised his face and looked at the other person; his lips moved silently and he didn’t speak. It was a dark night outside the window, and the lights in the house cast a layer of soft light on the young and handsome face. Zhuo Yue just stood like this, looking at the other party with clear black and white eyes, seeming a little sad and a little hesitant. Like an ancient porcelain passed down for thousands of years, still perfectly preserved, he exuded a captivating charm that made people stop and admire, yet also evoked feelings of pity and compassion for his fragility.

       Fang Mingyan raised his hand, touched the side of his face and said, “Take your time, I will make you feel better.”

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Chapter 25 – Ownership

       The man’s kiss was incredibly gentle, with fleeting touches and delicate friction that seemed only to provide comfort. Zhuo Yue gradually calmed down with this sudden kiss. When their lips parted, he called out softly, somewhat perplexed, “Master?”

       “You belong to me.” Fang Mingyan looked at him, his eyes sucking in all the light like black holes, “No matter what I do to you, it is reasonable.”

       Zhuo Yue’s face gradually turned from pale to red, and he pursed his lips nervously.

       “Exactly three minutes.” The man stood up and carried him out of the study as promised. Zhuo Yue was covered in cold sweat, and after drinking some warm water, he finally recovered. Seeing the bloody stains on Fang Mingyan’s neck that he had scratched, he felt very sorry and silently brought alcohol and cotton balls to disinfect him.

       “Do you know what the punishment is for a slave who hurts his master?” The man sat on the sofa in the bedroom raised his eyes and looked at him.

       Zhuo Yue shook his head in embarrassment and said, “I don’t know…”

       “Under normal circumstances, twenty lashes and two days of solitary confinement, with subjective intent doubling the punishment.” After Fang Mingyan finished speaking, he took in the sight of the slave, tense and unwilling to plead, and smirked. “Considering it’s your first offence, I’ll make an exception and give you a chance to make amends.”

       Zhuo Yue’s eyes lit up instantly like the bright moon parting the clouds.

       The man hooked his collar, pulled him into his arms, and then gave the order, “From now on, don’t move around until I am satisfied.”

       Zhuo Yue didn’t know what Fang Mingyan was going to do next, but just the fact that he was kneeling naked on the other person’s lap with his legs open at this moment made him extremely ashamed, not to mention that the two of them were facing each other and so close. The man leaned back leisurely on the sofa, squinted his eyes slightly, raised his fingers to caress the side of Zhuo Yue’s cheek as if appreciating a work of art, teased his Adam’s apple downward, passed over the collarbone, and lingered on the bulge on the left side of the chest. At first, it was just a simple touch and caress, and then he pinched it between the fingers and kneaded it gently. Zhuo Yue had always been abstinent, and that sensitive little fruit couldn’t stand such deliberate play. It stood upright at that moment, and its colour was so attractive. Fang Mingyan looked at his shy and helpless look, with a smile in his eyes. He used some strength to pinch the poor chest with his hands. The momentary pain turned into numbness and spread, and Zhuo Yue shivered and couldn’t help but let out a gasp.

       “Tell me your identity.” The man’s hand movement did not stop and turned to the other side of his chest. Zhuo Yue was completely unable to resist such teasing, but he did not dare to move. He only tensed his body, “I am your slave.”

       “Tell me your rights.”

       “All my rights come from…ah──” The man’s fingers traced his tight belly, teasing the exposed genitals between his legs, and lightly scratched the small hole at the front with his fingertips, causing Zhuo Yue to tremble violently. It was difficult even to continue the answer.

       “Who allowed you only to answer half of it, huh?” Fang Mingyan wrapped his palm around the balls and kneaded it wantonly.

       Zhuo Yue’s body flushed, and his breathing became more rapid. He forced himself to say, “Master… all my rights come from your giving…”

       “Tell me your duty.”

       “Ah── to please you…” Desire sprouted and gradually awakened in the body. He leaned back slightly impatiently, his eyes gradually filled with mist.

       The man let go of the little guy who had tilted up, held his waist with one hand, and reached behind him with the other, stroking his buttocks. “Slave, every part of your body belongs to me.” His fingers went deep into the crack of your buttocks, passing through the hole hidden in the secret place, and he said slowly, “‘Belongs’ not only means that I have the right to you. But I also have the right to own you, and the right to use you. When I want to use you, you have no right to refuse.”

       Zhuo Yue was tortured by the swarming passion that lingered painlessly, unable to be vented and suppressed. He was so nervous that his whole body stiffened, and he raised his face and gasped. However, his master controlled the rhythm unhurriedly, slowly but forcefully invading every inch of his skin. When the fingertips touched the hole, he trembled and let out a whimper. He called out shyly with a red face, “Master…”

       Fang Mingyan looked up at him and said with a smirk, “Do you hate me touching you?”

       Zhuo Yue bit his lower lip in embarrassment and hesitated for a moment, then whispered, “I’m just a little…scared.” After saying that, he no longer had the courage to look at the man in front of him and turned his blushing face away.

       Although this sentence was said as loudly as a mosquito, Fang Mingyan still heard it clearly.

       This was the first time Zhuo Yue had expressed his feelings so frankly in front of him.

       His fingers did not go deep, but lightly and gently drew circles on the lower back, asking, “Are you afraid that I will hurt you?”

       “No…” Zhuo Yue felt like the rest of his body had lost all sensation. Only the places touched by those hands were extremely sensitive. Every tiny friction was amplified countless times, letting oneself fall apart completely. His breathing became heavier, and the corners of his eyes were filled with water. He reluctantly said, “I haven’t done it… I, um… don’t know what to do…”

       It was not that he was afraid of hurting himself; he was afraid that he wouldn’t do well.

       The relationship that started out as forced pain finally started to become a willing one. His shy and sensitive slave agrees with this role and approach, which gives him more trust and openness.

       He let go and leaned on the sofa, looking at the confused man in front of him, “Slave, I will let you fully feel and show me your desires. In order to reward your honesty, I give you the right to choose. I will be the one doing it, or you can do it yourself.”

       Zhuo Yue was stunned for a moment before he realised what he meant. He was immediately embarrassed and didn’t know what to do. He blushed and curled up his fingers, and called out shyly, “Master…” There was an element of begging and pleading in his voice, mixed together with some hints of coquettishness. After he said it, he felt even more embarrassed. He wanted to hide but had nowhere to hide, so he lowered his head and said nothing.

       “Don’t like these two options?” The man said leisurely, “You can also use those tools placed in the cage to achieve the same effect.”

       Zhuo Yue froze and shook his head in panic, “No…”

       “Tell me your choice.”

       He hesitated for a moment, then lowered his eyes and said with determination, “I… choose you.”

       Fang Mingyan lowered his gaze and smiled softly, as if a warm wind had arisen out of thin air, blowing the wheat field planted in his heart. He hooked Zhuo Yue’s collar and pulled him into his arms, gently licked his slightly red earlobes, deliberately lowered his voice in his ears, and said word by word, “There will be a price to pay for letting me take action.”

       The hot and moist touch and gentle breath made Zhuo Yue shudder, and he was already turned over, lying on his back on the sofa. The sensitive part between his hind legs was held by the man pressing on him. He took a deep breath and closed his eyes shyly. However, the sudden pain in that place forced him to open it again.

       “Look at me.” Fang Mingyan’s eyes looked like a boundless sea.

       Zhuo Yue’s usual life could be described as simple and ascetic. Apart from self-gratification, he had no sexual experience whatsoever. After being molested in that way, he became resistant to desire. In addition, he had been taking drugs before, and almost didn’t even masturbate. Now the suppressed desire in this body had completely awakened under the guidance of another man.

       The delicate sexual organs gradually swelled under skilful teasing, showing a great excitement in the veins. However, Fang Mingyan seemed reluctant to let everything end too soon. With teasing touches that were almost imperceptible, alternating between quick and slow strokes, and a grip that tightened and loosened unpredictably, Zhuo Yue found himself fluctuating between peaks and valleys. Like a small boat in the waves of desire, he was tossed up and down, as if countless tiny currents were coursing through his body. All thoughts in his mind vanished, leaving only the man before him to dominate his world, providing him with all the pleasure and unbearable sensations.

       He tilted his neck back to reveal the beautiful curve of his neck, the muscles on his inner thighs were tense, and his toes were curled up. The glimmering water in his eyes was filled with lust, and his shy and forbearing expression contained an unquenchable desire. Moans and gasps were mixed together, and the pure voice was stained with lust, and there was a special ambiguous sensuality. After a wave of unrequited requests, he finally couldn’t help but tremble and said, “Master, ahh──”

       “I said, there is a price for my actions. You are not allowed to cum without my permission.” Fang Mingyan curled his lips and rubbed the extremely sensitive crown with his fingertips, causing him to tremble repeatedly. The desire kept accumulating, but when it was about to break through, it was tightly imprisoned in the body again. Zhuo Yue felt that he was going crazy. He could no longer care about shame and other things and just murmured, “Let me cum… Let me cum… I can’t stand it anymore…”

       The man raised his eyebrows and tightened his grip, “Who taught you this rule of ordering your master?”

       “I was wrong…” He begged for mercy with a crying voice, “Master, please…”

       “There is no sincerity.” Fang Mingyan was intent on stalling to build up Zhuo Yue’s patience, so he kept the pace under control.

       However, to his surprise, the person below him whimpered and begged for mercy in vain, slightly propped up his upper body with his arms, then raised his face and took the initiative to press his lips.

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Chapter 24 – The Lens

       From lunch onwards, Zhuo Yue no longer had the right to sit on a chair to eat. According to the rules, after preparing the meal, he needed to make sure everything was in order and then kneel beside the chair to eat. His master took full responsibility for serving the food. Fortunately, Zhuo Yue wasn’t picky and just silently ate, occasionally glancing at the man sitting beside him.

       “Have something to say?” Fang Mingyan asked.

       Zhuo Yue said with some embarrassment, “I made it according to my own preferences, I’m afraid you won’t like it.”

       “Not bad.” The man glanced at his bowl and said, “Go and add another half bowl of rice.”

       Zhuo Yue’s appetite hadn’t been great since he was in low spirits. The shallow half-bowl of rice was already close to being finished. Upon hearing Fang Mingyan’s request, he had no choice but to go and add some more.

       After lunch, Fang Mingyan gave him two hours of free time and went to work in the study room. Zhuo Yue finished washing the dishes, took off his apron, and stared at the empty first floor for a while. Then he made a cup of coffee and took it upstairs. He stood at the door of the study and hesitated for a long time. He raised his hand several times to knock on the door but then put it down.

       Huasheng’s ability to thrive in the entertainment industry couldn’t have been possible without Fang Mingyan. In recent years, the company had been running smoothly under his management. Besides his tactics, his dedication was also commendable. Zhuo Yue was well aware that one of the main reasons Fang Mingyan handled all the work at home was for him. He felt guilty and wanted to do something to make up for it, but he was afraid of disturbing the man’s work.

       The coffee was getting cold, and he never had the courage to knock on the door. He sighed and wanted to leave, but the door opened without warning. Zhuo Yue was startled, his hand shook, and the coffee in the cup almost spilt.

       Fang Mingyan, who opened the door, was a little surprised when he saw him. His eyes turned from the coffee cup to his face, obviously waiting for an explanation.

       “Master.” Zhuo Yue said with some embarrassment, “I… originally wanted to give you a cup of coffee…”


       He stammered in explanation, “However…it took a while and got cold.”

       “The coffee actually can get cold from the first floor to the second floor. It seems like the house is indeed a bit bigger.” The man joked, “I can hold a marathon at home next time.”

       Zhuo Yue’s cheeks turned red. He lowered his head and said, “I’ll make you another drink.” He wanted to run away in a hurry, but his wrist was caught.

       Fang Mingyan held the wrist holding the cup, moved the cup to his mouth, took a sip, then put the cup against Zhuo Yue’s lips in the opposite direction and said, “Take a sip.” This move made Zhuo Yue’s face blush. After a while, he lowered his head and took a sip as ordered, and the mellow taste of coffee melted in his mouth.

       “Next time, you can make it a little thicker, and don’t stand outside the door for so long.” The man let go of his hand and said, “Come in.” Zhuo Yue was so embarrassed that he answered ‘yes’ in a low voice. Then, he followed Fang Mingyan into the study.

       “Get whatever books you want to read.” After a brief explanation, the man returned to the computer to process some reports. The only sound in the room was the sound of typing on the keyboard. Zhuo Yue found the book ‘The Art of Performance’, which he had not finished before living here, and sat on the sofa to read it.

       His fingers turned over the pages full of words, but his eyes always wandered in the wrong direction unconsciously. From this angle, he could just look up and see Fang Mingyan’s side profile.

       His serious, focused, and confident expression seemed to make people feel inexplicably at ease just by looking at it.

       After finishing the work at hand, the man sat down next to Zhuo Yue, took away the book in his hand, and asked casually, “What do you think after reading this chapter?”

       He thought for a while and replied, “The naturalisation in performance needs to be achieved through a deep understanding of the character. As actors, we need to comprehend not only the personalities portrayed in the script but also the overall background of the story. For example, in period dramas, our language and behaviour must conform to the norms of that era. In performance, actors need to reveal the character’s inner world through subtle cues. The so-called naturalisation is the high degree of harmony between internal and external aspects.”

       “Not bad.” Fang Mingyan raised the corners of his lips, “Still managed to read that much while being distracted looking at me, huh.”

       Zhuo Yue froze when he was exposed, and his face turned red again.

       “Sometimes lack of concentration is a good thing.” The man raised his chin and asked him to look up from another angle.

       When the black camera placed on the high-rise bookshelf came into view, Zhuo Yue suddenly felt his whole body start to get cold.

       The feeling of fear seeped out from the bottom of my heart, eroding every blood vessel and penetrating every pore. His breathing became increasingly rapid, and an imaginary cold enveloped his limbs and bones, causing him to begin to tremble uncontrollably. Feeling helpless and frightened, he stood up hastily and wanted to leave the room, but was held down by the man next to him. At this moment, Zhuo Yue was like a frightened animal, running around recklessly driven by his escape instinct. He tried to shake him off but was pinned on his back on the sofa.

       “Let me go…” There was a hint of suppressed anger in the trembling voice, and Zhuo Yue struggled even more fiercely.

       Fear of camera-like objects, drug abuse, excessive panic, and depression were all manifestations of his post-traumatic stress disorder. After experiencing that molestation incident, his clean and safe world was completely destroyed.

       However, at first, before he became a pile of ruins, it could be repaired.

       Fang Mingyan knew this very well.

       When Zhuo Yue pretended to be leaving as if nothing had happened, he overly optimistically estimated Zhuo Yue’s mental state and agreed to let him leave. After that, he only asked lightly a few times, and after receiving Lin Hui’s report that there was nothing abnormal, he no longer paid any attention. At that time, all he considered was to prevent Zhuo Yue from becoming overly dependent on him, but he did not expect that it would develop into such serious consequences.

       He felt guilty about Zhuo Yue. So he wanted to make up for his mistake.

       “Master… please…” Zhuo Yue realised that it was impossible for him to break free, and finally stopped his futile resistance. He lay limp, not daring to look in the direction of the camera, and begged incoherently under the man, “I was wrong, hit me, please hit me, take it away…let me go…” Zhuo Yue, who had been relying on drugs to maintain his composure, was now pushed to the edge of collapse again. His clear eyes had lost focus and he just begged meaninglessly over and over again.

       Looking at Zhuo Yue begging like this, Fang Mingyan felt as if a hand penetrated his chest and squeezed his heart tightly. Suffocation and dull pain were mixed together in the chest in a bloody mess. “Look at me.” Slender fingers touched the side of the person’s face, getting closer to each other. The man began his grip forcefully but gently, “Slave, concentrate on looking at me.”

       Zhuo Yue’s eyes finally focused, and his eyelashes trembled slightly like insect wings entangled in spider webs.

       “Yes, just keep looking at me.” The man’s deep, cello-like voice seemed to hypnotise him, soothing his restless emotions. “You’re not allowed to look anywhere else, not allowed to look at anything else. Your eyes should only be focused on me.”

       Zhuo Yue gasped, using his remaining sanity to force himself to obey the order, trying his best to keep his eyes focused.

       “Relax, don’t tighten yourself up so much.” Fang Mingyan stroked his hair, gently and patiently, “I’m by your side, I will always…”

       At this moment, the cell phone on the table suddenly rang, interrupting the man’s words.

       After finally concentrating, his attention was disturbed by the sudden sound. Zhuo Yue, who had gradually calmed down, glanced at the camera again.

       Everything was out of control in an instant.

       He suddenly struggled with strength, almost overturning the person on him. The two were entangled in control and resistance. Fang Mingyan deliberately restrained his strength for fear of hurting him, while Zhuo Yue, who was tortured by fear, had no inhibition at all, and it became even more difficult to subdue him for a while. When the man held him down again, Zhuo Yue let out a cry of despair, like a trapped animal with nowhere to escape.

       “Look at me!” Fang Mingyan held his wrist tightly and said in a deep voice, “If you dare to move again, I will tie you to the camera.”

       “Please, I can’t do it… I can’t do it…” Zhuo Yue had no strength left and spoke tremblingly, “Let me go…”

       “Except for completing the order, you have no possibility of leaving here.” The man supported his body on his elbows and pressed him down. “I’ll give you three minutes. If you can keep your eyes on me for three minutes from now, I will let you out of the study. Every time you fail, your time with this camera will be doubled.”

       Zhuo Yue had no right to choose at all and could only obey.

       Every second of the three minutes was as painful as a year. He bit his lip and tried not to think about the empty eye socket. The person in front of him became his only support. He shrunk his body and grabbed Fang Mingyan’s hand as if seeking refuge, so hard that the knuckles on his hand turned slightly white.

       “I will be here, always with you.” The man gently brushed the sweaty hair from his forehead.

       His eyes moved and his eyes turned red, “I hurt you.”

       Only then did Fang Mingyan feel a slight pain in his neck. He must have been scratched in the previous chaos. The mist in Zhuo Yue’s eyes gradually filled up and formed a transparent drop of water in the corner of his eye. He was still trembling, like a small animal shivering in the cold wind. He choked out, “I’m sorry…Master, I’m sorry…”

       The man knew the cruel method he used, knew Zhuo Yue’s fear, and knew how hard he worked to obey orders under such conditions. This kind of obedience was based on Zhuo Yue’s trust in himself. He wanted to follow orders, but couldn’t control himself, so he felt so apologetic and uneasy.

       Fang Mingyan’s dark and deep eyes were filled with soft dark light. Just as Zhuo Yue was sobbing and apologizing, he leaned over and pressed his lips to his, sealing the next unsaid ‘I’m sorry’ in his mouth.

       The face in front of him suddenly enlarged, and a warm aura lingered in his breath. The soft feeling when the lips touched made Zhuo Yue freeze completely. His mind went blank, he just stared at the other person with his eyes wide open.

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Chapter 23 – Closer

       Fang Mingyan lowered his gaze and smiled. In fact, the entire day had been torture for him. He had violated the BDSM code that he himself had been involved in creating and forced Zhuo Yue to become a slave. He forced Zhuo Yue to stay in that hell-like room and watched him collapse. Seeing Zhuo Yue trembling with fear, he even began to wonder whether what he did was right or wrong. Just as Zhuo Yue secretly went downstairs, he used the remote control to unlock the door and called a car.

       He thought Zhuo Yue would leave, so he made up his mind to let him go.

       However, when Zhuo Yue reappeared in front of him, there seemed to be a crack in his heart, letting in the wind and moonlight. He stared into the eyes wet with tears, held the helpless man in his arms, gently stroked his back, and asked, “Does it still hurt?”

       Zhuo Yue buried his head on his shoulder, nodded and said, “It hurts.”

       “Be a good boy, and you won’t be punished.”

       They were close to each other, and the warmth in the embrace made Zhuo Yue feel a little enlightened. His long eyelashes trembled, and he gently rested his chin on the man’s shoulder and closed his eyes tiredly, “I understand, Master.”

       It was the first time he took the initiative to use that title.

       That night, the exhausted Zhuo Yue lay on the carpet beside the bed and fell into a vague dream little by little with the even breathing of the person on the bed. When he woke up, the bed was empty.

       It had been too long since he had slept so naturally, and when he woke up, he found everything very relaxing. He stood up and opened the curtains, and the slightly dazzling sunlight shone in, coating his naked body with a layer of fluorescent light. He touched the leather collar around his neck. What happened yesterday was not an illusion. There was a new set of utensils placed in the bathroom. After washing, he took two deep breaths in front of the mirror to calm down and then went downstairs.

       The tall trees outside the floor-to-ceiling window of the living room had lost all their leaves, and the empty branches had a different kind of beauty in winter. The man was sitting on the single sofa by the window, reading a book. The slender legs were crossed casually, the posture was upright, and the black shirt had a somewhat solemn aura. Hearing the sound on the stairs, he raised his eyes and looked over.

       Zhuo Yue felt a little nervous, pursed his lips, and called out in a low voice, “Master.”

       “Come here.” Fang Mingyan put down the book in his hand and said.

       He walked over, hesitated, knelt down next to the sofa, and tried to straighten his upper body as taught yesterday.

       There was a gentle smile on the man’s lips. He touched Zhuo Yue’s head and asked, “Did you sleep well last night?”

       He replied with some embarrassment, “I was sleeping so deeply that I didn’t even notice you were up.”

       “From today on, any medication you take will require my prior approval. Do you understand?”

       Zhuo Yue knew that the man would never let himself take sleeping pills and psychotropic drugs again, so he pursed his lips and said, “I understand.”

       “Until I make other arrangements, you can use the master bedroom to rest for the time being. From today on, you will cook three meals. Write down the ingredients you need in the kitchen book a day in advance, and I will have them prepared.” Fang Mingyan handed him a piece of paper on the small table, “This is your schedule, it details what you need to do.”

       Zhuo Yue reached out to pick it up, but the other party didn’t let go. He raised his head in surprise and saw the man looking at him lightly with raised eyes. He was stunned for a moment before he realised what he was doing and took it with both hands. The other man then let go of his hand. The form planned out a week’s schedule for him in great detail, including what time to get up to prepare breakfast and what time to go to bed. There was also fixed time for exercise, reading, and watching movies and TV shows, and he was required to complete assignments to record his experiences. He even included two music training classes per week.

       “Your sense of music is so bad, I hired a teacher to give you lessons. I allow you to wear home clothes during class.” He paused, “Slave, whether I am here or not, follow these requirements and manage your time well. There will be consequences if mistakes are made.”

       Zhuo Yue shuddered, feeling as if his back was starting to hurt again, and said in a muffled voice, “Yes.”

       “In addition, there are some rules that need to be taught to you.” Fang Mingyan patted the outside of his thigh. “The command of this action is to call you and ask you to return to me quickly and kneel down. When I extend my palms flat, it means I ask you to stop where you are, kneel down and wait. Understood?”

       He moved his lips but didn’t say what he wanted to say. He replied silently: “Understood, Master.”

       “I give you the right to ask questions, just tell me.” The other party saw what he was thinking.

       Zhuo Yue asked, “If I didn’t see your gesture and missed the order, will I also be punished?”

       The man curled his lips and said, “As a slave, everything about you belongs to me, including your attention. Do you think you should be punished for being distracted and ignoring instructions?”

       He was choked by this rhetorical question and could only answer with a blush, “Yes.”

       “If you don’t want to be whipped, then focus your attention.” Fang Mingyan glanced at him, “Go and eat the breakfast on the table, and then wash the dishes.”

       Breakfast was left for him on the table. The lean meat and preserved egg porridge were probably cooked by the man himself and kept warm carefully. There were still traces of cooking on the cutting board. Zhuo Yue’s heart felt warm, and he looked towards the window and pursed his lips when he met the other person’s gaze.

       “What, you don’t want to eat?” Fang Mingyan asked.

       Zhuo Yue smiled, “I want to eat.”

       This was the first heartfelt smile he had suppressed for a long time. The upturned corners of his mouth showed joy, unabashedly expressing his emotions to another person, as clear and bright as crystal in the sunlight.

       As if infected by his smile, the man reading the book unconsciously slightly raised the corners of his mouth.

       The conversation last night made Zhuo Yue give up his resistance and try to accept BDSM. This acceptance was based on trust in Fang Mingyan. Fang Mingyan himself knew this very well. Therefore, even though he had always claimed that he had no patience for educating newcomers, he still took a step-by-step approach with Zhuo Yue. He tried his best to create a relatively relaxed environment for this nervous and shy slave so that Zhuo Yue could gradually adapt to his control.

       At this moment, Zhuo Yue, who had finished washing the dishes, knelt quietly on the carpet in the living room and ‘waited’. After only about ten minutes, his eyes unconsciously turned from the man sitting on the sofa reading a book to the window. The weather has been getting warmer in the past few days, and a brightly coloured bird flew out of nowhere, swaying its tail feathers and jumping around on the bare branches.

       Zhuo Yue’s attention was completely taken away by the bird. It took him a while to come back to his senses. When he met his master’s gaze, he was startled and froze in embarrassment and uneasiness.

       “Does it look good?” the man asked with a smirk.

       “…It doesn’t look good.” He replied dryly.

       “That bird interests you more than looking at me. So I’m less good-looking than it, huh.”

       “No, I just…” He wanted to explain, but when he saw the danger hidden in those slightly narrowed slender eyes, he became panicked and tentatively called, “Master…” In this voice, there was a hint of begging for mercy, soft, like the feathers of a young bird. Unfortunately, his master was unmoved and said calmly, “Come here.”

       The unknown was unsettling. Zhuo Yue didn’t know how the man would punish him, so he was cautious when he stepped forward.

       “Face outward, stand by the window.”

       Upon hearing this order, Zhuo Yue froze immediately. Each courtyard of Hanguan was cleaned daily by dedicated personnel. At this time, three uniformed cleaners were working in the courtyard. They were very close to the house, almost right outside the window. And Zhuo Yue was naked except for the collar, without any covering.

       “Master…” He looked at Fang Mingyan at a loss, wanting to redeem the order, so he took the initiative to admit his mistake, “I was wrong.”

       “Do you need me to say it a second time?” The man’s voice gradually became colder.

       Zhuo Yue turned pale and slowly approached the floor-to-ceiling window. When he saw the worker dragging the broom looking his way, he instinctively turned back and bumped into Fang Mingyan who was standing behind him.

       The man grabbed both shoulders and turned Zhuo Yue back to the window. He whispered in his ear, “If you move again, I will throw you straight outside.”

       Zhuo Yue didn’t dare to move anymore, but at such a close distance, completely nudie, and a situation where there was no escape made all the sense of shame swarm over him. A male star who finally became famous again was naked in someone else’s house, wearing a collar, being trained and played like a pet… He didn’t even dare to think about what kind of headlines would appear on the Internet and in the media when people found out about such an act. He wanted to run away, but the person behind him wouldn’t let him.

       His fair body suddenly turned a light blush, his handsome face was even stained with red clouds, and a cold sweat broke out on his back. When the cleaner looked here, he was so nervous that he stopped breathing and could hardly stand still. It wasn’t until the three workers walked past the window, talking and laughing without noticing anything at all, that he breathed a sigh of relief as if he had survived the disaster.

       Obviously, there was no way to see it from the outside.

       It was all a false alarm.

       “Have you learned to concentrate now?” the man behind him asked.

       This kind of punishment was more painful than being whipped. The high tension just now made Zhuo Yue almost collapse. After a while, he recovered and said in a muffled voice, “Yes.”

       “Kneel down.” After waiting for Zhuo Yue to kneel down obediently, Fang Mingyan raised his chin, adjusted his sight angle to the treetops he was staring at just now, and said lightly, “I am a very tolerant master, and since you want to look at the scenery, I will let you see enough. From now on, keep this position until I agree to your change. Be forewarned, there will be penalties for moving about.” His hand slowly rubbed along Zhuo Yue’s Adam’s apple, “Among those small props, some of the clips are very interesting and will release low-voltage current from time to time. Some body parts are susceptible and will not feel comfortable when being punished.”

       Just imagining it made Zhuo Yue feel stiff all over. He was kneeling with his face raised, not daring to move. He just stared up at the branch with concentration, cursing that innocent bird countless times in his heart. Nearly forty minutes had passed by the time the man allowed him to stand up. His neck, which he had been raising, was stiff, and his back was very sore.

       Seeing his stifled look, Fang Mingyan found it funny. He patted his leg, asked him to kneel next to him, and touched his cheek, “When I touch you like this, it means I allow you to lean on me.”

       Zhuo Yue’s face turned red. He hesitated for a moment before slowly placing his head on the other person’s thigh. A big hand covered the back of his neck, massaging it slowly. He was stunned for a moment, then relaxed his body and leaned down more naturally.

       The slanting sunlight lengthened the shadows of the trees. In the quiet room, Zhuo Yue lay obediently on the man’s lap, with soft bangs covering his eyebrows. He suddenly found that he didn’t hate this feeling. He even liked it a little bit.

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Chapter 22 – Rules

       Zhuo Yue’s breath caught in his throat, and there was some unbelievable panic in his eyes.

       They both knew the significance of kneeling.

       Deep down in his heart, he always felt that he should be different, at least different from the slaves of men before him. He tried to convince himself that the man just wanted to help him get out of his phobia. Even if he established a formal master-slave relationship, he would not really make him a slave who lost his personality.

       But now, his expectations were shattered.

       Fang Mingyan was serious.

       Zhuo Yue stood where he was for a long time without moving.

       The atmosphere in the room became extremely depressing for a minute as the two looked at each other.

       “I told you, I’m not very patient.” The man stood up, grabbed his wrist and walked out.

       Zhuo Yue staggered a few steps after him. Only when he stepped onto the stairs did he realise he was taking him to the fourth floor, and he suddenly started struggling in panic. However, the hand holding him was as hard to break free as an iron pincer. He was dragged up by the man, stumbling like a broken puppet.

       “No…I don’t want to go, Fang Mingyan…” In panic, he called out the man’s name, and his voice was helpless.

       The dark and heavy door was in front of him. Zhuo Yue’s whole body began to tremble. He grabbed Fang Mingyan’s nightgown sleeves tightly and cried out in panic, “Master, please… please, Master… ” He was almost dragged up by force. At this time, he was unsteady and fell to his knees on the ground.

       In front of the door on the fourth floor, the man finally stopped. His voice was cold and almost ruthless, “Let go.”

       Zhuo Yue loosened his hand on the man’s sleeves with red eyes.

       “In this house, everything about you is no longer important. All your messy thoughts, shame, and humiliation are worthless in front of me. There is only one thing you have to do—please me.” Fang Mingyan said as he looked condescendingly at him, “I don’t have the patience to teach you slowly. If you can’t learn to be obedient, I will put you in a cage and let those cameras teach you. Do you understand?”

       Zhuo Yue glanced at the door closed with fear and replied stiffly, “…I understand.”

       “Open your knees as wide as your shoulders, put your hands behind your back, straighten your waist, and show me your body.” The man ordered, “Lift your head and look at me.”

       Zhuo Yue did as he was told, and his entire body flushed a peach colour from shame. He knelt stiffly, looking up at the man who had caused him pain and uneasiness.

       Fang Mingyan entered the cage and took out a black riding crop. He stood in front of him and said calmly, “Tell me who you are.”

       Zhuo Yue was stunned, his face flushed, and he said in a low voice, “A slave.” After saying that, he was whipped on his shoulder, and Zhuo Yue took a breath in pain. His shoulders were burning. He didn’t expect that the other party would attack without warning, and he felt a little aggrieved in his eyes.

       “Tell me who you are,” the command repeated, and it was clear that the first answer did not satisfy his master.

       Zhuo Yue thought for a moment and replied in a pitiful voice, “I am…your slave, Master.”

       “Tell me your rights.”

       The question was changed, so it should be a pass. He breathed a sigh of relief, recalled what the man had said, and replied, “My rights come from what you gave me, Master.”

       “Tell me your duty.”

       “My duty is… to please you, Master.” He looked away in embarrassment and avoided looking at him.

       “Very good; keep these three points in mind.” Fang Mingyan’s whip stopped at the knot of Zhuo Yue’s throat and slowly picked up, forcing him to look up at the man, “Reflect on what you just did to make me unhappy.”

       This humiliating feeling of complete loss of sovereignty made Zhu Yue’s ears turn pale red. However, resistance meant more terrible consequences. He had no choice but to bite the bullet and said, “Just now… I didn’t complete Master’s order, which made you angry…”

       “Think clearly.” The man nonchalantly moved the whip down little by little until it reached the secret place covered with thick grass between his legs as if teasing the sensitive genitals. “If the answer does not satisfy me, the punishment will be doubled.”

       The rough texture of cowhide rubbed against the sensitive tip, and an indescribable feeling rushed to his head, making Zhu Yue shudder for a moment, but he did not dare to move. His body trembled slightly, and he said, “There… is also the fact that I have just called you by your name.” Then he hastily added, “I was wrong, Master…”.

       “Learn well.” Fang Mingyan curled his lips and swept the whip across the sac, causing the man to shiver.

       Zhuo Yue, who was kneeling at the moment, had all his attention focused on the man, his eyes looking at him with watery fear and trepidation and some shyness and embarrassment.

       “Because of your unconventional behaviour just now, I will punish you next. Six lashes on your back. After each lash, I ask you to count and admit your mistakes. If you make a mistake, the count will start from the beginning.”

       The night was as silent as the sea.

       There was no sound in the room. In the deep darkness, only a small night light left in the corner of the room gave off a soft yellow light, like a lonely hanging star about to be swallowed up by the night, and like a fish drifting in the deep sea, trying to attract the attention of someone.

       The rug was made of thick wool, soft and warm. Zhuo Yue, who was lying on it, moved, and the change in posture caused pain in his spine. He frowned, endured it, and slowly sat up. Insomnia plagued him, and even though he was tired, he couldn’t sleep.

       He had just endured eight lashes of the whip. He couldn’t bring himself to say ‘I was wrong’ the first two times but eventually had to succumb to the pain and count off his apologies as commanded by the man, time and time again. His fingers traced over the slightly swollen marks left by the whip on his back.

       Fang Mingyan skillfully controlled the force to the point where it was painful enough to cause trembling without blood. What’s even more outrageous was that he was the one who caused all the pain, yet he was so gentle when applying the medicine, whispering softly, and hugging him tenderly, making Zhuo Yue unable to hate him at all.

       Zhuo Yue looked at the figure sleeping peacefully on the bed and sat quietly for a long time. He touched the soft leather collar around his neck, and the slight tightening made him feel a little uncomfortable. The collar was tied by the man and it used a fingerprint lock, which he couldn’t open. It served both as a mark of possession, reminding him of his subordinate status, and as a restraint, linked to the bedpost by chains. However, what surprised him was that the ring was not locked due to the other party’s negligence.

       After easily untying it, he stood up and grabbed a nightgown, quietly opened the door of the master bedroom and walked out, stopping at the entrance on the first floor.

       In front of him was the door that locked him in this strange world.

       Just get out…

       He put his hand on the door handle and pressed lightly. After a crisp ‘click’, the door opened. The cold wind from outside flowed in through the cracks, and the slightest coolness seeped in through his skin, causing him to shiver.

       There seemed to be two voices arguing in my mind.

       ──No matter how slim the hope is, we must fight for it. Only by taking this step can we have a chance to leave here… Those ridiculous games of masters and slaves are simply perverse. You can’t stand it…

       ──Don’t go out, you can’t escape. It will be very miserable once you are caught. Think about those cameras… You know what the consequences will be. Don’t try such a dangerous thing…

       ──What if those security guards didn’t see you? As long as you can run to another villa you may be rescued. Besides, isn’t it dangerous to stay here? How painful are those whip marks on your back? Fang Mingyan is just a pervert, and he wants to turn you into a slave without personality!

       The two thoughts grew crazily like vines, twisting and twisting into a ball, almost bursting his head. Zhuo Yue held the door handle tightly and shook his head in confusion and pain.

       ──It’s deteriorated to this point; you can’t rely on drugs anymore. You should try his methods… He promised to cure you; haven’t you always trusted him?

       ──He’s violating human rights! Whip you, and make you kneel down! Who knows if he will make you lick his shoes like a dog tomorrow!

       ──He won’t do that.

       ──How do you know?

       ──I know…

       ──You don’t know!

       ──I know! I know…he wouldn’t do that. No reason, but I know it.

       “…I know.” Zhuo Yue murmured and repeated these words like a mantra. He looked back at the dark living room, right next to the sofa where they had practised acting and kissed; he had rescued him at the c0cktail party and brought him into his sphere of influence; he had helped him walk through it. The endless darkness of the hotel corridor; he once held him and told the story of the Doll Knight…

       The hand holding the doorknob loosened, and with a click, the door closed.

       As if his heart had stopped at a fork in the road, with so many directions to go in, he couldn’t even take a step. Zhuo Yue squatted down at the entrance, buried his head on his knees, and curled up into a ball.

       He didn’t know how long it took, but his legs were so numb that he almost lost all feeling. He trudged back to the third floor, took a deep breath in front of the master bedroom, and then gently opened the door. When he sneaked in carefully and wanted to walk back to the bed, he felt something was different from before. When he looked up, he was suddenly startled and froze on the spot.

       The lights were not turned on, the curtains were half-opened, and the bright moon was about to be full. The moonlight filtered in as if a layer of white frost had been spread on the ground. Fang Mingyan stood by the window, facing the light, and the side of his face could only vaguely be seen.

       Zhuo Yue felt his head go blank. He moved his lips but failed to make a sound, so he just stood looking at him.

       “Come here.” The man’s voice remained steady.

       He pursed his lips and walked over slowly. The moonlight melted into tiny streams of colour in those timid eyes, which had a fragile but unique beauty.

       Seeing Fang Mingyan raise his hand, Zhuo Yue trembled, and his whole body tensed up. However, the expected slap did not fall. The other party just took off the silk nightgown Zhuo Yue was wearing from his shoulders and let it slide to the ground. Zhuo Yue, who was naked again, looked at the man in front of him anxiously, not daring to move.

       “Where are you going?” he asked in a low voice.

       “I… just couldn’t sleep, so I went downstairs…” The brain restarted successfully, but Zhuo Yue hesitated for a moment.

       Obviously, it was safer to say, ‘I went to the kitchen to get a drink of water’ than ‘I want to run away’. His eyes moved, and finally, he said the truth in frustration, “I went to the door.”

       “Why go there?”

       “I want to leave.” These four words were said very softly, as if every sound was a young bird that could not tolerate the cold, trembling and curling up into a ball.

       “The door is open, isn’t it? Why did you come back?”

       “I don’t know.” The water in Zhuo Yue’s eyes gradually filled up. “Maybe I’m afraid of being caught, afraid of whips and those cameras, maybe I have nowhere to go, or maybe I’ve gone crazy. Even as I kneeled and being beaten, I still…still believe you can cure me…” The tears in the corners of his eyes couldn’t be held back anymore and slid down his cheeks, “I shouldn’t think about escaping… You can punish me however you want, just don’t lock me upstairs, please…”

       Fang Mingyan listened quietly to what he said, remained silent for a moment, and finally sighed. Under the moonlight, all the tenderness that disappeared in his eyes seemed to have returned, and he stared at the person in front of him in his dark eyes. He wiped away the tears on Zhu Yue’s face with his slender fingers and said, “Look down.”

       Zhuo Yue looked out the window in confusion. He saw a black Mercedes parked outside the courtyard gate with its headlights on.

       “If you had walked out of that door just now, I would have sent you away and continued to live your so-called normal life.” The man paused, “From then on, your world will no longer have any intersection with mine.”

       Zhuo Yue was stunned and slowly said, “You want… to give up on me?”

       He suddenly felt an indescribable discomfort in his heart. He didn’t know what to say, so he just looked at the other party sadly.

       A hint of softness floated in Fang Mingyan’s dark pupils, “Zhuo Yue, I am not a sadist. Unilateral coercion does not bring me pleasure.” Fang Mingyan’s tall figure was covered with a soft silvery light under the moonlight. “BDSM should be a voluntary interaction between both parties. But you are not a natural Sub and have no instinctive obedience to me. So I need to capture all your attention, establish absolute authority, and become your master. Only then can I break your world and rebuild it according to my rules. But I don’t feel good seeing you in pain. I want you to be happy like you were before. If you really don’t want to accept my way, I will let you go.”

       Zhuo Yue looked up at him, with a faint watery look in his eyes, and said in a very soft but unusually firm voice, “I won’t leave.”

I’m torn between two versions…
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       He paused, “Zhuo Yue, when you are incapable of controlling yourself, give that guy to me, okay?”

       Zhuo Yue’s long eyelashes quivered, and he gently leaned his chin against the man’s shoulder blade, closing his eyes wearily.


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Chapter 21 – Master

       Zhuo Yue, tormented by fear for so long, was now near collapse. He leaned quietly against Fang Mingyan’s shoulder with half-closed eyes, like a beautiful and obedient doll. Fang Mingyan carried him into the bathroom and placed him on a specially arranged chair. After removing his shirt, he gently stroked his cheek and asked, “Can you stand up?”

       Zhuo Yue stood up with some difficulty. Fang Mingyan held his waist and unfastened his belt with one hand. After taking off his outer pants, he stiffly held down the other person’s hand that touched the underwear. Their gazes overlapped, and there was an obvious warning in the man’s dark eyes. He lowered his head, awkwardly dropped his hands to his side, and said softly, “I’m not used to it…”

       “Start getting used to it from now on.” Fang Mingyan’s hand hooked the edge of the underwear along the waistline and pulled it down little by little.

       The slowed-down movement was clearly intentional. Zhuo Yue’s face felt hot, and his body moved back unconsciously. At this time, the man tightened the other arm around him and put a slight force on his hand on his lower back, forcing this shy body to get closer to him.

       “From the moment the contract is signed, you no longer belong to yourself.” Fang Mingyan’s timbre was as low as the wind that swept across the sea. “Your body, your actions, all your attention and emotions belong to me. Bringing me joy is your only purpose for existence, and obeying my orders is the only thing you need to do.”

       “You said that this kind of game…should be voluntary.” Zhuo Yue said awkwardly.

       “You just voluntarily agreed to the master-slave contract I proposed.” The man let go and let his underwear, which had reached his thighs, fall to the ground and then turned on the shower head.

       Being tied up and tortured in that way can be considered voluntary consent?

       There was a powerless bitter smile on Zhuo Yue’s lips. Dense water droplets poured down like heavy rain, moistening Zhuo Yue’s hair and body, and the fine water droplets stuck to the slightly drooping eyelashes. His voice was barely audible over the sound of water, “Aren’t you afraid… that I will sue you?”

       “That’s for when you can get out of here, and as for now…” The man paused, frowned and said in a deep voice, “You must abide by my game rules. I usually don’t have much patience when it comes to teaching novices, so you’d better learn as soon as you can, otherwise I will use some special methods to help you improve your memory, like putting you back in a cage full of cameras.” He looked at the terrified Zhuo Yue and continued, “The first thing that needs to be adjusted is how you address me. You will always call me ‘Master’ and use honorifics when you are not specifically asked to do so. In the presence of a third person, I allow you to call me ‘Sir’. When I call your name, it signifies that I grant you an equal status. Do you understand?”

       Zhuo Yue tightened his lip lines and nodded in embarrassment.

       There was a coolness in Fang Mingyan’s gaze, and he looked at him without making a sound.

       Zhuo Yue was stunned by the sight; his face flushed, and he whispered, “Understood…” and then moved his lips but made no sound.

       “Can’t bring yourself to say it, huh?” The man suddenly grabbed his arm and pressed him against the bathroom wall. Before Zhuo Yue could react, that hand had already grasped the delicate shaft between his legs. Zhuo Yue gasped unexpectedly. In terms of strength, he was completely at a disadvantage. He was imprisoned between the wall and the body by the other party. His back was pressed against the cold and wet tiles. His body could not help but shrink, and he uttered a cry of mercy, “Don’t…”

       Such terminology obviously does not comply with Fang Mingyan’s language standards. He narrowed his eyes slightly, closed his palms, and used his strength punitively.

       “Ah──” Zhuo Yue trembled in pain and instinctively wanted to push him away, but the prospect of a more painful punishment sent shivers down his spine. The one inflicting pain upon him asserted dominance with a firm attitude, leaving him no room for refusal.

       “You can try your best to run away, resist, or not cooperate, if you are not afraid of pain.” The man said coldly.

       “Why are you doing this to me…” Zhuo Yue looked at Fang Mingyan sadly. Before he finished speaking, the strength on that hand became a little stronger, making him gasp in pain.

       “Slave, I just taught you how to talk to me.”

       There was a thin layer of mist in his eyes, and he tremblingly uttered the word that he was ashamed to say with a cry, “…Master.”

       The man released him and said, “Repeat.”


       “Repeat again.”

       “Master.” Tears welled up in his eyes, mixing with the water drops that wet him like raindrops. At this moment, Zhuo Yue had nothing; even the clothes he used to cover his body had been stripped off like a soulless doll waiting to be manipulated by the person holding the strings.

       Fang Mingyan reached out and raised his face slightly, letting him look at him. The moment the man’s hand touched his body, one could clearly feel the sudden tension in his body. This was a reaction of resistance and the reason Zhuo Yue didn’t hide was because he was afraid.

       Afraid of the room with the camera, afraid of pain, afraid of punishment, afraid of  his own self in front of the man.

       There was an inexplicable suffocation surged in the man’s heart, but his face remained calm and expressionless. “The second rule is to answer my questions truthfully. I need to understand your condition, so you are not allowed to hide anything from me. When you answer, you must look at me and make your statement as clearly as possible. Do you understand?”

       “…Understood, Master.” He said these few words in an awkward manner.

       Either obey or be punished. As a Dom, Fang Mingyan used such a cold and rough method to set rules for him, forcing him to recognise his absolute authority. This rule was deeply imprinted in Zhuo Yue’s heart, making him obediently hand over his autonomy to the other party little by little.

       “The third rule is that I have one-way sole ownership of you, and all your rights come from my giving.” Fang Mingyan’s hand gently teased the genitals between his legs, arousing his instinctive stiffness. “Everything about you belongs to me, including your body.” His fingertips caressed the top of Zhuo Yue’s genitals, causing him to tremble. “It is my freedom to decide how to use it, and you do not have the right to refuse. You are not to let anyone touch you without my permission, and you’re also not allowed to masturbate. Understood?”

       After hearing the words ‘no masturbation’, Zhuo Yue’s face suddenly turned red as he recalled the time when he was caught. He responded in a very soft voice, “…Understood, Master.”

       “Very good.” The man took off his soaked clothes, revealing his muscular body. The two of them were naked, facing each other in the thick wet hot air. Zhuo Yue’s breathing was stagnant. He didn’t know where to look and turned his eyes to one side in embarrassment.

       After the command, ‘No movement allowed’, Fang Mingyan began to give him a bath.

       This was the first time since his mother passed away that someone else had done this for him. The memories of his childhood were fuzzy, and now that another man was doing it for him, it was so awkward that he was at a loss for words.

       To his surprise, Fang Mingyan’s movements were gentle and meticulous, unlike his coldness when giving orders. There was no erotic element in touching or caressing, and his attitude was as serious as carving a precious handicraft. When rinsing his hair, he even thoughtfully covers the foam that runs down above his eyes.

       The light fragrance of the shower gel lingered in his nose, and his anxiety was washed away bit by bit by the water of just the right temperature, and his body gradually relaxed from the initial stiffness. He stood quietly with a slight blush on his face, letting the other person’s hands roam around his body, touching every part of his body. When the man’s fingers slowly slid along his spine into the crevice between his buttocks, Zhuo Yue could not help but tremble slightly.

       A secret and vulnerable part of him was unreservedly examined and touched by another man with nothing to hide.

       Along with the shame, there was also a sense of belonging, as if this body really belonged to the man in front of him.

       After washing, Fang Mingyan wiped the water off his body and gave the order.

       “Go wait outside.”

       Just outside the bathroom was the master bedroom. Although Zhuo Yue had lived here for a while, this was the first time he had entered the man’s bedroom.

       The slightly dull light grey tone was neutralised by the white fabric. The overhead lamp had a branch-like design, casting a fluorescent glow throughout the room. Zhuo Yue looked around, and his gaze settled on the standing birch wood coat rack. Two identical silk robes hung there. Feeling awkward being naked, he hesitated for a moment before picking one of them and putting it on.

       There were several photos on the side cabinet, including group photos and landscapes. In one of them, Fang Mingyan was wearing a black formal suit, holding a silver trophy in his hand, and an uninhibited smile on his handsome face. This photo was probably taken when he received the award for Asia’s Best New Director Award. His black eyes were shining with pride.

       Zhuo Yue was looking at the photo when there was a noise behind him. He put the photo down and turned around to meet the man’s cold gaze. This gaze made him very uneasy, and he stood in place at a loss for words.

       “Did I give you an order to get dressed?” Fang Mingyan put on another nightgown and asked in a cold tone.

       “Because there are two hanging items, I thought…”

       “The question I just asked was, ‘Did I give you an order to get dressed?'” The repetition made him feel even more oppressed. Zhuo Yue froze and said, “No…”

       “Take it off.”

      Zhuo Yue pursed his lips, took off his clothes, and hung them back up.

      Fang Mingyan sat down on the single sofa and said, “Face me and kneel down.”

So, there was a note from the end of season 1 where the author said they were making some changes about the character and also some lines in the novel. It turns out that it’s the note for season 2, not season 1. I noticed there are several differences from the aggregator, and I mixed it here and there only to realise some changes were necessary because the action in the next chapter will explain it better
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Chapter 20 – Confinement

       When Lin Hui noticed that Zhuo Yue’s hand holding the cup was trembling unconsciously, he finally couldn’t bear it anymore and dialled Fang Mingyan’s number.

       The drama of the TV series finally came to an end, and Lin Hui drove him back to his apartment.

       Zhuo Yue leaned in the back seat in a daze; his head was groggy and exhausted even though he was resting. It wasn’t until the car left the city centre that he noticed something wrong with the route and asked, “Where are we going?”

       Lin Hui spoke hesitantly, “Chairman Fang said he wanted to see you.”

       Zhuo Yue froze and frowned, “Did you tell him about me taking some medicine?”

       “Ge, I can’t see you going on like this.” Lin Hui gritted his teeth helplessly, “Those medicines are bad for your health, you can’t take them anymore.”

       The person in the back seat was quiet for a long time and said softly, “He can’t help me.”

       When Zhuo Yue stepped into Hanguan No. 15, Fang Mingyan frowned slightly.

       He had lost weight all over; the flesh he had gained at this place was all gone, his chin sharpened, his face devoid of any colour, and the vitality in his black eyes was gone entirely, leaving them empty and lifeless.

       “Chairman Fang.” Lin Hui greeted in a low voice.

       “I’ll give you a week’s leave.” Fang Mingyan, who was wearing a loose-knitted sweater, put down the stack of documents in his hand and said, “He has been staying at my place recently. I have already asked Shen Luo to cancel all his recent schedules. Please go and verify.”

       Lin Hui responded, secretly looking at the face of the person next to him and whispering, “Ge, I’m leaving first.”

       Zhuo Yue did not respond and just stood quietly. After Lin Hui left, he looked at the man in front of him and said, “There is nothing wrong with my body.”

       “It’s not up to you to decide.”

       “It’s not up to you to decide either.” Zhuo Yue frowned, “You have no right to cancel my schedule without permission.”

       Fang Mingyan looked at him calmly, “The contract you signed stated that the company designated all your activities. As the current president of the company, I don’t think I don’t have that right.”

       “That doesn’t make…any sense at all!”

       “Whether it makes sense or not, you have no right to object. From today on, you will be under my direct control. The company will not arrange any itinerary for you without my permission.” Fang Mingyan’s uncompromising attitude left no room for negotiation.

       “It took a lot of effort for me to gain my current popularity. What’s the difference between doing this and ruining me?” He gritted his teeth and asked.

       There was a joking smile in the man’s dark eyes, “It doesn’t need to be so complicated to destroy you. I just need to find a doctor to issue a mental evaluation of you. An artist with psychological issues, dependent on addictive drugs to control his emotions—who else do you think would be willing to film with you?”

       Zhuo Yue’s heart trembled, and there was a bit of panic in his eyes.

       “In the next period of time, I will handle your problems my way. During this process, I need your absolute cooperation.” Fang Mingyan said slowly, “I will no longer treat you with the courtesy of a landlord treating a tenant. I am your master, in control of you, and you, as my sub, are at my disposal.”

       As Zhuo Yue’s mind flashed with the image of Nick crying out in climax, his face suddenly flushed red. He muttered ‘boring’ under his breath and turned to leave. The door wasn’t locked, but just five minutes after he pushed it open, he was intercepted by two tall security guards and forcefully escorted back in front of the man.

       The two of them bowed and said, “Mr Ming, according to your request for full-day perimeter surveillance and repatriation services, we have returned your guest.”

       “Quite efficient.” The man said with a leisurely smile, “It seems that this guest has been leaving without permission quite frequently recently.”

       “We will focus on surveillance and assign special personnel to patrol outside your residence.” After saying this, the two of them nodded and left without saying a single unnecessary word. They were very well-trained.

       Fang Mingyan looked at him calmly, “Are you going to cooperate, or are you going to continue to resist?”

       “I’m not interested in playing that ridiculous game.” As soon as Zhuo Yue finished speaking, the man grabbed his wrist and pulled him straight upstairs. The other party’s strength was astonishing, and his resistance was completely futile. He was clumsily dragged up to the fourth floor and then had his arms locked into handcuffs hanging from the beam while his legs were bound to the semi-circular steel ring set into the floor.

       He roared angrily, “Fang Mingyan! Are you crazy? This is illegal detention!”

       The man approached slowly, standing before him. There was still a cynical smile playing at the corner of his lips, but his eyes, as deep as the night, held no trace of amusement, emitting a solemn and chilling aura.

       He didn’t care about the charge of ‘illegal detention’ at all, but he really wanted to lock him up here.

       Zhuo Yue, who was restrained by the shackles, felt cold all over, and there was a hint of compromise in his tone, “…let me go, I will go to the hospital and stop taking the medicine.” Seeing that the other party was unmoved, he gritted his teeth and said, “Even if you lock me here and give me hundreds of lashes, I won’t comply.”

       “You don’t necessarily need to use a whip to make people obey.” Fang Mingyan said calmly, “I have many faster ways to make you obey my rules. Today we will try the fastest one.” With that, he turned and walked to the side of the door. Something was covered with cloth, with only a triangular frame visible underneath the fabric.

       Zhuo Yue looked at the outline of the thing and intuitively had a bad feeling in his heart. He shook his head hastily and said, “Don’t…”

       However, the moment he made the sound, the man had already raised his hand and pulled off the grey velvet fabric covering it.

       A camera with a dark lens was pointed squarely at him.

       His blood seemed to solidify.

       It felt like a bucket of ice-cold water had been poured directly over him in the midst of winter. His body was frozen stiff by the irresistible cold, devoid of sensation. His breathing became heavier and heavier, and his neck felt as if someone had choked him, making him unable to breathe. That dark lens was entangled with his nightmares, wielding a blade of torment and burying his deepest fears within him. The continuous suppression and excessive medication hadn’t made it disappear; instead, the madness grew and spread wildly, entangling him tightly and dragging him deeper into darkness.


       He needed the medicine; he wanted to escape, but at this moment, he could only be trapped in place, forced to face the dark lens, unable to do anything.

       “Let me go, let’s talk…” Zhuo Yue tried his best to calm down, but there was an uncontrollable tremor in his voice.

       “There is no need for us to talk before you agree to obey my rules.” The man turned on the camera, and the green indicator light appeared.

       The machine was turned on.

       Then, the electronic screen in front of Zhuo Yue also lit up, and what was displayed on it was a picture of him captured by the camera in real-time.

       “Do you like the way you are tied up?” Fang Mingyan raised the corners of his lips, “Besides that one, there’s a camera in each of the four corners of the room, and they’re all covered now. Until I hear the answers I want, I’ll activate one every twenty minutes.”

       Zhuo Yue turned pale and said intermittently, “You can’t do this… Fang Mingyan, you can’t do this…”

       “I’ll give you plenty of time to think it over without interruption. When you have an answer, you can call me at any time.” After saying that, he neatly left, leaving Zhuo Yue alone in the ‘cage’.

       The sky outside the window was hazy, and there were no lights on in the room, making the whole space look gloomy and dark.

       The camera was like a huge black eye socket that had been hollowed out, staring blankly at him, with a strange green light glowing from time to time. He closed his eyes and tried to hypnotise himself, but such self-deception didn’t work at all. Fear, like a swarm of tiny insects, emerged from the depths of his heart, gnawing away at his sanity, inching him closer to despair.

       The mental oppression brought about a chain reaction in the body, and as time passed, little by little, the trembling became more and more intense. Cold sweat dripped down his forehead, and his throat was filled with a bitter and sour taste. He began to retch, unexpected dizziness followed, and the image in front of his eyes appeared as a shaky shadow.

       “Fang Mingyan!” Zhuo Yue shouted the man’s name in a hoarse voice. When he saw him appearing in front of him again, he begged sadly, “I need to take medicine, give me medicine… I will die if this continues… “

       Fang Mingyan’s eyes were very indifferent. He spread his right hand, and there was a small white medicine bottle in his palm containing the pills that Zhuo Yue had been taking. “Want it?” he asked.

       Just like a thirsty traveller in the desert seeing a clear spring, Zhuo Yue looked at the medicine bottle with trembling eyes and nodded his head.

       The man unscrewed the cap and slowly tilted the bottle under Zhuo Yue’s gaze. The white pills fell to the ground one after another, making a slight sound. When the bottle was empty, he threw it on the ground, turned to the left corner, pulled off the covering, and started the second camera.

       Despair enveloped everything, and Zhuo Yue began to struggle like crazy.

       “Fang Mingyan! Believe it or not, I will kill you!” He screamed with red eyes and pulled the chain loudly. However, the special steel shackles were indestructible, and the thick soft rubber wrapped in the inner ring only added some faint red marks on his wrists and ankles. Lack of sleep and dependence on drugs nearly emptied his body. After struggling for a while, he lost strength and hung his head, breathing heavily.

       He didn’t dare to raise his eyes to look at the two machines. The fear he felt was like that of someone afraid of heights standing thousands of meters above ground, of someone afraid of snakes being wrapped by a python, of someone afraid of darkness walking in pitch-black night, or of someone afraid of ghosts passing through a vast graveyard. Every time he saw a camera, he felt like he was back in that moment of he was molested, plunged once again into that despair and helplessness.

       The quiet, enclosed space intensified these emotions.

       The nightmares were everywhere, like maggots attached to bones.

       Excessive fear finally crushed his spirit. He vomited uncontrollably, cursed, screamed, and laughed nervously, venting all his pent-up emotions like a true psycho. Finally, he burst into tears—like a trapped animal that had given up its struggle, trembling in a snare, sad and helpless.

       The light was fading, and in the dim room, he could vaguely make out the outline of the person in front of him through his tear-blurred eyes. He lowered his head and said in a hoarse voice, “Please… let me go…”

       The man raised his chin, “I need an answer.”

       At this moment, Zhuo Yue was exhausted. He trembled and said, “I can do anything… please, let me go…”

       “Okay, the contract is established from now on.” Fang Mingyan unlocked his shackles. Due to his arms being suspended, Zhuo Yue couldn’t bend over, and there was a lot of vomit stuck to his lapel. However, the man seemed oblivious to it, holding him in his arms and carrying him away from that terrifying room.

       Many years later, Zhuo Yue still clearly remembers that evening.

       The man who held him in his arms said earnestly, “Zhuo Yue, I will make you feel better.”

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Chapter 19 – Getting Along

       Fang Mingyan stepped in at mealtime, and Zhuo Yue happened to come down from upstairs. He was wearing a clean light yellow housecoat with the neckline specially raised to cover up the embarrassing marks on his neck.

       Their eyes met, and the person on the stairs was the first to greet, “You’re back.”

       “Are you asleep?” The man took off his coat and handed it to Zhou Chi.

       “Well, I just woke up.” Zhuo Yue answered naturally.

       Fang Mingyan’s eyes paused on his energetic face, then he moved away quietly and said, “Come over and have a meal.”

       When Zhuo Yue saw the food, his stomach was churning. He managed to take two bites, put down his chopsticks and stood up, “My stomach doesn’t feel good. I’ll be going upstairs first…”

       “Sit down and eat some more with me.” The man spoke with a gentle tone but exuded an undeniable air of insistence.

       Zhuo Yue sat down at the dining table again. Zhou Chi filled another bowl of hot chicken soup and placed it in front of him. He took a symbolic sip and never touched it again.

       Fang Mingyan knew very well that his stomach discomfort was largely due to psychological factors, so he did not force him. He ate slowly, picked up a napkin, wiped his mouth, and said, “Go wash the dishes.”

       Zhuo Yue was a little surprised. Although he had done dishwashing and other chores in Hanguan, he did those things on his own initiative. This was the first time the man asked him to do this. He finished washing absently, and the other party asked him to watch TV together. The NBA basketball game on the screen was exciting, but Zhuo Yue kept finding himself lost in thought, staring blankly at one spot. It wasn’t until 10 o’clock at night that Fang Mingyan allowed him to return to his room to sleep.

       He said he was going to sleep, but in fact, Zhuo Yue couldn’t sleep at all. When the person calmed down, memories of Huang Renbiao’s nauseating face would surface. It felt as if the sensation of his touch still lingered on his body, making him uncomfortable. The bed beneath him seemed to overlap with the dirty mattress in the hotel. Everything he had experienced became torture, like a pair of hands strangling his neck, leaving him breathless. After tossing and turning for who knows how long, he finally drifted off to sleep, only to wake up drenched in cold sweat a few minutes later. He rolled out of bed and abruptly opened the window—the cool breeze that rushed in helped calm his heart. Without turning on the lights, he sat on the couch by the window, staring blankly under the moonlight.

       When Fang Mingyan pushed the door open, what he saw was such a scene. Under the pale moonlight, the windows were wide open, and the night breeze was cold. Zhuo Yue was curled up on the single sofa in thin pyjamas, like a small animal hiding to lick its wounds, looking at him with frightened eyes.

       He turned on the light, walked over and closed the window, put his hands on the armrests of the sofa, and said, “Can’t sleep?”

       Zhuo Yue didn’t expect that he would come to his room at this time. At this moment, he was imprisoned between the man’s body and the sofa. He said awkwardly, “I just… got up to go to the bathroom and saw that the moon is quite bright tonight, so…”

       “So you’re admiring the moon with the windows open at two o’clock in the middle of the night?” Fang Mingyan narrowed his eyes slightly, “You do have a refined taste.”

       This random excuse was simply ridiculous. Zhuo Yue searched in his head for a long time but couldn’t think of a reasonable cover-up, so he had to remain silent.

       “I remember telling you to call me when you can’t sleep or wake up from nightmares.” The man looked at him with his dark eyes.

       He lowered his head and said softly, “I don’t want to disturb your rest.”

       Fang Mingyan sighed helplessly, carried him back to the bed with his long arms, and then lay down next to him. Seeing Zhuo Yue propping himself up with his elbows, staring at him wide-eyed, Fang Mingyan couldn’t help but chuckle. “That expression… Are you afraid I might take the opportunity to do something to you?”

       “…I can sleep alone.” He said embarrassedly.

       “From the time I left at noon to just now, did you sleep alone for more than half an hour?” The man choked him with one sentence, and he grabbed Zhuo Yue’s arm that supported his body and yanked him. Zhuo Yue, who had lost his support, lay down on his side and gave way to the other party a little awkwardly.

       This was originally just a single bed, and it was a bit crowded with two men lying on it. Zhuo Yue almost rolled off the bed as he leaned out like this. Fang Mingyan quickly grabbed his waist and pushed him inward, causing his body to press closer to him, and Zhuo Yue’s face suddenly turned red. He didn’t know what to say, so he just lowered his head and shrank into the quilt.

       “Zhuo Yue.”

       Hearing the man calling him, Zhuo Yue raised his face slightly, and their lips almost touched each other at that moment. Their breathing mingled, and his handsome face was close at hand. Their eyes met each other, and those eyes were staring at him like stars scattered with soft light on a dark night, making him unable to take his gaze away.

       In the quiet room, there was only the slight sound of the clock on the wall. Minute by minute, this ambiguity crossed my mind.

       This closeness, so close that they could see themselves reflected in each other’s pupils, so close that they could feel the slightest breeze when blinking, so close that even without doing anything, their heartbeats would become erratic due to the gaze.

       At that moment, in Fang Mingyan’s dark eyes, some suppressed emotions seemed to be breaking out of the cocoon.

       Little by little, closer.

       Zhuo Yue’s eyes trembled, and he slowly closed them.

       He thought it would be a kiss.

       However, the kiss did not fall after all.

       Zhuo Yue heard a chuckle. He opened his eyes, looked at the smiling man in front of him, and turned away awkwardly.

       The lights went out, and the room became dark again. Fang Mingyan stretched out his hand to hug him from behind, and his voice behind his ear was gentle and pleasant, “Sleep at ease. I’m here to accompany you.”

       “I won’t be able to sleep like this…” he said, his cheeks burning.

       “Close your eyes.” The man behind him held his waist and let him lean against him. His voice became softer and softer. “Do you know the legend of the Knight Doll? For children who often have nightmares, they can place a doll at the head of their bed. Every night, it will transform into a knight while you’re asleep, fighting off the nightmares for you.” He paused and said softly, “I can be your Knight Doll.”

       His heart skipped a beat. Zhuo Yue moved his lips but made no sound.

       The long eyelashes covered his eyes, and the warm breath fell on his neck, making him calm down. As if he had been enchanted, his heartbeat began to slowly sync up, and his chest rose and fell with the rhythm of the man’s breathing. Time and space have become a blurred background, as if floating in the boundless universe, with only the person hugging him behind him, accompanying, tolerating and protecting him. He finally relaxed completely and allowed himself to sink into the warm chest behind him.

       When Zhuo Yue woke up the next morning, the man had left. He sat on the bed for a moment, then got up and went downstairs.

       For several nights, Fang Mingyan slept with him like this and then left quietly. His company seemed to have some magic power, allowing Zhuo Yue to sleep peacefully. The scars on his body slowly disappeared, and he began to stop thinking about that incident, trying to put it behind him.

       At dinner on Monday, Fang Mingyan cut the steak and handed the plate to Zhuo Yue, saying, “Nick will be here tonight. His training will last two hours and end at eleven o’clock.”

       Zhuo Yue paused, raised his face and smiled, “Actually, Chairman Fang doesn’t have to spend time with me. I can already sleep peacefully.” He looked directly at the other person and said calmly, “It’s not appropriate for me to stay here all the time. I can already go back to work. Plus, delaying the signed contract job will also bring negative impacts to the company.”

       Their gazes met, and the man fell silent for a moment before saying, “Okay, I’ll have Shen Luo arrange your schedule.”

       “Thank you.” Zhuo Yue put the beef into his mouth.

       It was a tender and juicy steak, but it didn’t taste very good.

       He didn’t sleep at all that night, watching the dark sky light up little by little.

       Zhuo Yue started working after moving back.

       The shoot was for a series of high-end fashion brand advertisements. However, Zhuo Yue had been off his game the entire time. They shot for a full hour, but not a single photo satisfied the photographer, Liu Hua. They had worked together before, so Liu Hua was well aware of Zhuo Yue’s capabilities. Today’s situation surprised him, so he decided to stop and pulled Zhuo Yue aside, asking, “What’s going on? You seem tense today.”

       Zhuo Yue glanced at the dark camera in his hand and lowered his eyes, “I haven’t been feeling well lately.”

       “Drink some water and take a rest.”

       He nodded and entered the bathroom. He closed the compartment door, frowned tightly, leaned against the door panel, pulled off his tie, and raised his face in pain and helplessness. Every time he looked at the camera, that nightmare seemed to come back. He told himself over and over again that everything was over, but it was all in vain. In front of the camera, he felt uncontrollable panic.

       This panic made him stiff and trembled uncontrollably, his heartbeats seeming irregular, making it impossible for him to focus and complete the expressions and movements required.

       He tried his best to control himself.

       However, this forced effort led to even more serious consequences. During the afternoon TV drama shoot, as the camera approached, his mind went blank, and a nauseating feeling arose in his throat. He dry heaved and pushed away the person beside him, almost causing the actress he was acting with to fall down the stairs. He apologised repeatedly, but after the shoot, he couldn’t hold it in anymore and vomited. Lin Hui watched with concern, patting his back while saying, “Ge, you’re still not well. Let’s take another break…”

       “No need.” He said in a low voice with a face full of exhaustion, “It’s okay, let’s go.”

       Lin Hui had no choice but to send him back to his apartment.

       After a few days, Zhuo Yue’s condition seemed to improve. Although he still appeared somewhat stiff during filming, his overall mental state seemed to have improved, and there was a sparkle back in his eyes. Lin Hui breathed a sigh of relief; he had been tasked by the big boss Fang to report on Zhuo Yue’s condition regularly. Upon hearing that Zhuo Yue had returned to normal, the boss didn’t intervene further.

       It wasn’t until a month later, when Auntie Yang secretly called Lin Hui to the corner and handed him a crumpled piece of paper, that he realised that things were not as simple as he imagined.

       Aunt Yang was a part-time worker hired by the company for Zhuo Yue. She came here at the same time every day to cook and clean. This paper ball containing two small medicine bottles was found in the trash can. One of them was a sleeping pill; the other was a psychotropic drug, all of which were empty.

       Lin Hui’s eyes felt dark, and he was thinking about how to speak when he heard Zhuo Yue’s voice coming from behind him.

       “Ah Hui.”

       “Yue ge.” He turned around, spread his hands and asked, “What’s with these two bottles of medicine?”

       Zhuo Yue did not answer the question but spoke slowly, “You are the person closest to me. I have always treated you as a younger brother, and I hope you can treat me as an older brother and stand by my side.”

       “Of course, I will stand on your side, but I can’t ignore your health. I must tell Chairman Fang about your medication.”

       “Lin Hui!” Zhuo Yue grabbed his arm as he reached for his phone and said urgently, “Have you ever thought about what will happen if he finds out? I have just gained a little popularity now. If he decides to stop me, I will never have a chance again. You’re my assistant, and if I get sidelined again, there’s a good chance you’ll be reassigned to work with other artists.”

       He stood there, hesitated for a moment, then put the phone back into his pocket and said worriedly, “But where did these medicines come from? Have you seen a doctor?”

       “I know my body very well.” Zhuo Yue lowered his eyes and said, “You have also seen that the medicine is very effective, and my condition has recovered.”

       Lin Hui sighed, “Ge, if you feel unwell, you must tell me as soon as possible. Don’t keep it by yourself.”

       “Yeah.” Zhuo Yue responded.

       However, these medicines could not fundamentally solve the problem. Zhuo Yue’s weight began to decline, and he became increasingly silent, irritable, and dizzy. He spent long periods alone in corners, finding it harder and harder to concentrate. Dialogues he could usually remember in one go now required repeated rehearsal. He needed medication every day to maintain sleep, and on nights with night shoots, he often didn’t sleep for several consecutive nights

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Chapter 18 – Dealing With the Aftermath

       In a damp and stuffy basement in the northern part of the city, a dim yellow light flickered from the hanging light bulb above.

       Huang Renbiao squatted in the corner, huddled nervously. He was thrown here in a sack and thrown in the trunk, still naked.

       There was finally movement at the door that had been silent all this time. After the sound of the key turning, the iron door was opened.

       A man wearing a long black woollen coat walked in, followed by a slightly shorter fat man and four black-clad bodyguards.

       Huang Renbiao saw the fat man’s eyes suddenly light up, crawled over and hugged his legs, crying, “Mao ge, help me, Mao ge…”

       The short fat man known as Mao ge was a newly promoted cadre of the Black Eagles and was responsible for looking after the casinos in this area. Not long after he took office, there was such chaos in the jurisdiction. He was almost skinned alive in the office by Tang Can, the head of the punishment hall, and his back was still sore after being whipped. Seeing this troubled Huang Renbiao, he was furious and kicked him far away. He bowed to the man next to him and said, “Young Master Ming, Manager Tang said whatever you decide to do with the people we caught today, just go ahead. After you handle it, I’ll take care of the aftermath.” After saying that, he shouted sharply at the golden chain man who had been kicked before, “Come here!”

       Huang Renbiao’s face turned pale when he saw Mao ge not helping him. He struggled to crawl over again, kneeling and shaking.

       Fang Mingyan sat on the chair placed by the security guard with a faint smile on his face and said leisurely, “Huang Renbiao… Biao ge, right?”

       The gold chain around Huang Renbiao’s neck was still hanging, and he trembled along with his body. He begged loudly, “Young Master Ming, in your presence, I’m nothing but a dog… I was as blind as a dog1he’s kinda saying he’s been very naive and let that kid Zhuo Hai deceive me, which led to us taking action against your people… Please spare my worthless life. I’ll serve you like an ox or a horse…”

       Fang Mingyan chuckled, looked at him with interest and said, “It’s a dog, a cow and a horse. What kind of animal are you?”

       “I…I…I am whatever Young Master Ming said I am…” At this moment, he just wanted to save his life, and his dignity had long been forgotten.

       “It seems that you are very obedient.” The man’s tone was like teasing a child.

       “Yes, I am obedient…I will listen to whatever you say…”

       “Very good.” Fang Mingyan whispered something to a man in black. Soon, the two thugs who were in the room at the time were brought in along with Zhuo Hai. Their hands and feet were shackled, and no one dared to make a sound with their heads lowered.

       Fang Mingyan took out the black camera, opened the photo gallery and said, “Chairman Huang, next, we’re going to play a game called ‘Recreate the Original Scene’. I want you to replicate everything you’ve done to him, one by one, on yourself.” He turned to the two thugs and smiled, “You two are responsible for helping him complete it. This camera has recorded a lot of things that I can use as a reference. What I want is a complete reproduction of the original scene, and if there are any mistakes or omissions, I will take one finger at a time. The three of you have a lot of fingers combined, so there are many opportunities for mistakes.”

       The two thugs fell to their knees with their legs weak, begging for mercy together with Huang Renbiao.

       The man raised his wrist and looked at his watch, “I have to go back for dinner. Don’t waste time; let’s get started.” After saying that, he leaned on the back of the chair, crossed his long legs, and waited leisurely.

       In the basement, screams and wails could be heard endlessly.

       Huang Renbiao’s complete set of SM equipment left in the hotel room was delivered, except for the lubricant. As he screamed in agony, using his hand with two severed fingers to forcefully insert the di-do into his own asshole, Zhuo Hai, who was forced to watch nearby, trembled and closed his eyes.

       “Don’t want to watch it?” Fang Mingyan’s curved lips had a mocking smile, “It seems that our actors are not working hard enough. Otherwise, we can cut off another finger to encourage them.”

       As soon as he spoke, a man in black stepped forward to take action. Huang Renbiao, who had his third finger cut off, rolled his eyes and passed out. He was woken up by a bucket of cold water.

       “You’re wasting my time by fainting like that,” the man said casually.

       Then, some guards in black forcibly injected him with some medicine. Everything continued, with miserable cries. Huang Renbiao, who was covered in blood, was caught and gave oral sex to one of the thugs.

       The increasingly thick smell of blood in the room made Zhuo Hai suffocate, and everything in front of him made his stomach churn. As soon as he looked away, he was kicked hard on the crook of his knee by a bodyguard in black. His knees bent forward, and he knelt heavily on the cold cement floor, which hurt.

       “You don’t want to watch? Do you want to go up and participate in the performance?” Fang Mingyan looked at him coldly.

       “No…no.” He shook his head in horror.

       The man said in a cold voice, “Open your eyes and watch carefully. If you dare to look away again, I will let you eat the cut fingers on the ground.”

       Zhuo Hai knelt down stiffly, staring straight ahead without daring to move.

       At this moment, he felt as if he was in hell.

       And the person sitting on the chair was the Shura2God of destruction who dominated everything.

       Unlike the fear he felt after causing trouble in the past, this time, he experienced a suffocating terror. Everything before his eyes made him realise one thing: if he fell into the hands of this person… it would be worse than death. This terror from the depths of his heart, like maggots gnawing at his bones, made him tremble uncontrollably.

       When Zhuo Hai was taken out of the basement, he was so frightened that he lost control of himself, and his body had an unpleasant stench. He didn’t know what happened to Huang Renbiao and the two thugs. He didn’t even have the courage to look back. He just knelt in front of Fang Mingyan, begging for mercy and admitting his mistake.

       “I kept you alive because of Zhuo Yue.” Fang Mingyan looked at him condescendingly, his voice cold, “From today on, unless he takes the initiative to find you, you are not allowed to appear in front of him again. If you dare to do anything that offends him, I will remove the small parts of your body one by one. Do you understand?”

       “Understood…I understand…” He lay on the ground and nodded frantically, not daring to stand up until the man left.

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