Chapter 33

       It was already past nine, almost ten at night. The street was still quite lively, especially this particular restaurant, which was packed with people having late-night snacks. Every table along the street was occupied.

       According to the boss, when it was hot in the summer, they often had to sell until three or four o’clock in the morning before they could close the stall. Recently, because the weather was cold, they usually had to sell until about one o’clock in the morning.

       The dishes Pei Qing ordered had not been delivered yet, and there was only a bottle of beer in front of him. He gently stroked the bottle with his fingers, looked at Zhan Weiyang’s red ears, and suddenly asked, “Do you know how to do it?”

       The red spot on Zhan Weiyang’s ears spread to his entire face. He didn’t look at Pei Qing again, but without warning, he leaned his head against the table, his forehead hit it with a crisp sound, and then refused to look up. Obviously, he knew that Chen Youyou had shown him some strange things, and he was so scared when he saw it for the first time that he didn’t come back to his senses for a long time.

       Pei Qing was startled when he heard the sound of Zhan Weiyang’s forehead hitting the table. He quickly reached out to put his hand under his forehead and tried to push him up. Zhan Weiyang refused and simply buried his face in Pei Qing’s palm and rubbed it left and right.

       “Okay,” Pei Qing couldn’t help laughing, “It’s okay.”

       Zhan Weiyang then secretly looked at him, raised his head shyly, and sat silently with his neck shrunk.

       Pei Qing’s retracted fingers still felt the smooth touch of Zhan Weiyang’s face, and he unconsciously rubbed his fingertips gently.

       After waiting for a while, the waiter brought the crayfish they ordered.

       Pei Qing said to Zhan Weiyang, “Are you hungry? Eat it quickly.”

       Zhan Weiyang nodded. He put on thin disposable gloves, reached out to take a crayfish, and just picked it up. He felt it was too hot, so he quickly put it back. After putting it back, he was still not giving up, so he grabbed its plier with his fingertips, picked it up, and put it in his bowl.

       Before he could bring himself to peel the shell, he looked up at Pei Qing and found that Pei Qing had already started peeling a crayfish.

       “It’s hot,” Zhan Weiyang reminded him.

       Pei Qing stared at the colourful crayfish in his hand and replied, “I’m not afraid.”

       Zhan Weiyang thought Pei Qing was really amazing. He was not afraid of heat, just like Zhan Pengcheng.

       Pei Qing quickly peeled a shrimp, dipped the pink shrimp meat in garlic sauce, and handed it to Zhan Weiyang.

       Zhan Weiyang looked at him.

       Pei Qing said, “Open your mouth.”

       Zhan Weiyang then opened his mouth blankly and let Pei Qing feed the shrimp meat into his mouth.

       Pei Qing asked him, “Is it delicious?”

       Zhan Weiyang nodded while chewing the shrimp meat.

       Pei Qing didn’t say anything; he just smiled, lowered his head, and then reached out for the second shrimp.

       Before Zhan Weiyang finished peeling the shrimp in his bowl, Pei Qing had already peeled the second one and brought it to his mouth, asking him to open his mouth and feed it to him. Zhan Weiyang was a little anxious, so he said, “You eat some, go eat some.”

       Pei Qing said calmly, “I like to watch you eat.”

       Zhan Weiyang didn’t know why he blushed, and his heart beat fast. He peeled the first shrimp in a hurry and insisted on feeding it to Pei Qing. Pei Qing couldn’t resist him and had to eat it.

       Later, most of the dishes ordered by Pei Qing were fed into Zhan Weiyang’s stomach. Pei Qing was really not hungry. He just took Zhan Weiyang out to eat, fed Zhan Weiyang well, and then took him back.

       Pei Qing drank two bottles of beer, but he didn’t get drunk. There was only a slight smell of alcohol in his breath.

       They walked back to the neighbourhood. When they walked to the fountain in the centre of the neighbourhood, Zhan Weiyang couldn’t help burping, and he quickly covered his mouth embarrassedly.

       Pei Qing asked him, “Do you want to rest for a while before going back?”

       For Zhan Weiyang, as long as he could stay with Pei Qing for a while more, he would be happy, and he nodded immediately.

       The two sat down on the swing next to the fountain. From here, they could see the balcony on the second floor of the Zhan family. That was where Zhan Weiyang often stood and looked down.

       Pei Qing asked him, “Why don’t you want to go out and play today?”

       Zhan Weiyang didn’t answer.

       Pei Qing said, “You didn’t want to go out with me?”

       Zhan Weiyang said quickly, “It’s not like that.”

       Pei Qing looked at him.

       Zhan Weiyang said softly, “I don’t want to go out with Zhan Xiusong and the others.” He said this and didn’t say anything more. It was not that he hadn’t gone out with Zhan Weiguang and Zhan Xiusong before, but they just took him with them and didn’t care about him much. He never felt happy when he followed them.

       Pei Qing said, “What about going out with Qing ge next time?”

       Zhan Weiyang slowly swung his body back and forth on the swing, tapping his feet on the ground from time to time. He asked Pei Qing, “Do you like playing with me?” He felt that Zhan Weiguang and the others didn’t like playing with him.

       Pei Qing did not answer but just asked, “How do you want to play?”

       Zhan Weiyang could not answer. He imagined that if he went out with Pei Qing, it would be fun to do anything.

       Pei Qing said, “I’ll accompany you however you want to play, okay?”

       Zhan Weiyang was overjoyed in an instant. He then asked Pei Qing, “Why are you so nice to me?”

       Pei Qing looked ahead, laughed and said, “Why indeed?”

       Zhan Weiyang did not understand his emotions and asked, “Why?”

       Pei Qing said, “Why Yangyang asked why?”

       When asked this question, Zhan Weiyang said, “I don’t know.” Obviously, he was the one who asked it first.

       Pei Qing smiled gently and said, “Gege doesn’t know either. What does Yangyang think about it?”

       Zhan Weiyang was stunned. His head couldn’t figure out their relationship. After a long time, he said, “I don’t know.”

       Pei Qing stood up from the swing and said: “Don’t ask if you don’t know, go back to sleep.”

       Zhan Weiyang had to say, “Okay.” He hurriedly followed Pei Qing and walked towards home.

       They secretly used the key to open the door and go into the living room on the first floor. Pei Qing saw that the note he left before leaving was still there. It seemed that Zhan Pengcheng did not find that the two of them went out at night, so he walked over and took the note away.

       Going up to the second floor, Zhan Weiyang opened the door of his room a crack. Through the crack of the door, he saw Zhan Xiusong lying on his bed and snoring. His mobile phone was still on his chest. It seemed that he fell asleep halfway through playing and did not have time to tidy up. The table lamp in the room was even still on.

       Zhan Weiyang looked around and retreated to the corridor. At this time, Pei Qing had returned to his room, leaving Zhan Weiyang alone in the corridor.

       He looked down at Pei Qing’s coat, which he was still wearing, hesitated for a moment, walked to the door of Pei Qing’s room, and knocked gently.

       Pei Qing said from inside, “Come in.”

       Zhan Weiyang opened the door and looked inside.

       Pei Qing came over, passed by him, left the room, and walked towards the bathroom, saying, “I’m going to brush my teeth.”

       Zhan Weiyang glanced at his back and followed him silently to the bathroom door. His body was outside the door, only sticking his head out to look at him.

       Pei Qing saw Zhan Weiyang in the mirror, but he didn’t say anything, so he lowered his head and continued to brush his teeth.

       Until Pei Qing brushed his teeth, washed his face with clean water, stood up and wiped the water off his face with a towel, Zhan Weiyang was still standing at the door, staring blankly at him. Pei Qing said, “Gege is going to the bathroom.”

       Zhan Weiyang looked at his face with a questioning look.

       Pei Qing put one hand on the trouser button and asked him, “Do you want to come in and see?”

       Zhan Weiyang suddenly understood what Pei Qing meant, shook his head quickly, stepped out and stood against the wall.

       Pei Qing then closed the bathroom door.

       When he opened it again after a while, he saw Zhan Weiyang still standing outside the door, so he said, “Do you want to go wash up?”

       Zhan Weiyang shook his head, then nodded.

       Pei Qing reached out and rubbed his head, “Go ahead.” He walked outside.

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