Chapter 10 – Going to the military base

Chapter 10 – Going to the military base


Teacher Wang saw this and was a little proud: “Big brother, I advise you not to give up.”


Jian Luo took out a tissue from his pocket and wiped his younger brother’s face, his voice was a little lower: “Mrs. Wang.”


Teacher Wang was taken aback: “What?”


“We have a saying on Ancient Earth. You’re a teacher, but I don’t know if you have heard of it.” Jian Luo looked straight at the woman with a smile on his delicate face.


Teacher Wang pursed her lips: “What?”


Jian Luo lightly opened his thin lips and said word by word, “Only dogs look down on people.”


Teacher Wang was stunned for a while. She took a long time to understand the meaning of this sentence, but after, her face turned white immediately: “You!”


“Aren’t you here to go through with the formalities for expulsion?” Jian Luo raised his eyelids and looked at her: “Stop talking nonsense and do it quickly, I’m in a hurry.”


Teacher Wang’s chest heaved up and down angrily: “Don’t regret it!”


There was a bright smile on Jian Luo’s face: “Oh, I’m so scared.”




Where has Teacher Wang encountered such a person before? Due to Jian Luo, her chest was about to explode from anger.


She took out the form with hatred and waited to see Jian Luo’s reaction when she received the money. Who knew that Jian Luo’s card would directly send the credits to her account?


When handing back the agreement, Jian Luo said slowly: “Mrs. Wang, thanks to you for coming here, otherwise we wouldn’t have known how long Jian Sheng had to stay with you. Tsk, luckily we found out early!”


Teacher Wang’s face became twisted for a moment. She raised her hand and was about to hit someone, but as soon as she raised her hand, Jian Luo grabbed it. The entire face of the gentle and harmless young man turned dark. He turned his head down slightly, as the corners of his mouth turned into a grin, lowering his voice: “I have installed surveillance in this whole yard.”


Teacher Wang was taken aback.


“If you dare to do it,” Jian Luo’s smile deepened: “I will post it on the Lightweb to promote the school?”


Teacher Wang’s heart sank. She swung her hand away and Jian Luo let go of her. As a result, she stumbled back a few steps because of her unsteady center of gravity. She just stepped on some pebbles and fell, embarrassed: “Ah!”


Jian Luo looked at her condescendingly: “Oh, why is teacher so careless?”


Teacher Wang pointed at him: “Did you know that there were pebbles here and did this on purpose?”


“How can I do that when you were the one who swung your hand?” Jian Luo’s delicate little face was filled with doubt: “Oh, shouldn’t Teacher Wang also expel me?”


Teacher Wang’s face turned blue and white.


Jian Luo was actually also a student but he was not in the same class as Jian Sheng. He had applied for sick leave because of his injury.


Teacher Wang, who was reminded of this, said: “You dare to be so disrespectful. You are really uneducated. Immediately kneel down and apologize to me! Otherwise, I will definitely report this to the higher ups to expel you.”


Jian Luo wanted to be expelled. He took a few steps forward to help Teacher Wang up with a respectful attitude: “Mrs. Wang, it hurts to fall down. To tell you the truth, I really didn’t mean it…”


Teacher Wang snorted softly.


The submissive expression on Jian Luo’s face gradually turned cold and he whispered in her ear, “I did it on purpose.”


He pushed her harshly out of the door. Teacher Wang was stunned and wanted to jump up but the door slammed shut, hitting her in the nose. She didn’t speak for a while.


Looking at the house number angrily, she yelled: “Lunatics!”


The door was closed and the yard regained its tranquility. Jian Luo dusted off his hands.


His younger brother came over: “Brother.”


Jian Luo touched his head: “Huh?”


“What do I tell mother when she comes back?” His younger brother lowered his head and was very worried: “She really wants us to study.”


Only those who have been educated and obtained a diploma can enter the cultivation base to farm, otherwise they can only do some hard labour.


For human beings, it was a great honor to be able to cultivate vegetables.


Jian Luo said, “Do you want to farm?”


His younger brother slowly shook his head: “I don’t want to.”


“Then, what do you want to do?” Jian Luo was suddenly curious.


The younger brother was silent for a while, then said, “I want to be a soldier to protect my mother and protect my brother.”


Jian Luo moved for a while, and he smiled slightly: “Let’s talk about that when you grow up, now your big brother will protect you.”


People are always very excited when bragging.


When I started to do the right thing, I was stunned.


Jian Luo found that there was only 1.5w left in his account. Originally, there was 3.5w. The military gave 3w for a cooked meal, and the remaining 5,000 was from selling potato chips and popcorn. He Xin From his hard work, he only earned 5,000, while the military paid the bulk of his money.


If you look at it this way-


The military was really rich!


Although the live broadcast can also make a living, his younger brother needed 500000 credits urgently in order to go to school, plus his mother was working hard in unsafe conditions on the farm.


Just as he was thinking about it, a notification sound came from his information bracelet. Jian Luo opened it to check:


Jiang Jiang: “Luoluo, hurry up and watch the Lightweb.”


Jian Luo was stunned by his enthusiasm, so he decisively clicked on the information page of the Lightweb and saw the biggest trending search above:


#new potato chips dopamine#


There was a message posted by a guy named Lorne:


“According to the research, the new recipe of potato does not contain elements that can directly harm the body. It is, however, rich in iron factors, which help to promote the secretion of dopamine.”


The person spoke neatly and looked very official and just, but Jian Luo did not recognize who he was.


But the following Dark Star comments were not exactly responses but:


“High Priest!”

“The high priest is right!”

“What are potato chips? I’ll go buy them now!”


Of course, when netizens were seething, they did not forget that anchor of the Interstellar Food Network. After all, that person was the one who took the lead in saying that there was a problem with potato chips.


Dark Stars have always hated being lied to, so most of them went to the inconvenience and insult the blogger who issued the statement:


“Please give us an explanation.”

“To be honest, I used to think he was very professional, but now he’s nothing like that!”

“Interstellar Food Network is not going to give an explanation?”

“This website is so disappointing, forget it, I’ll download Jinjiang.”


The power of the web is already great, but the fact that the high priest was suddenly included in this incident made people who weren’t paying attention take notice.


The number of fans the High Priest has is huge:

“Although I don’t know what potato chips are, I will definitely support them.”

“Jinjiang Live Network, I’ll just download it.”

“Potato chips are really delicious, and the anchor’s other delicacies are also delicious!”


In the end, this matter was reversed. Jinjiang Live Broadcasting Network received the largest traffic it has gotten since the establishment of the site. Not only were there many audiences, but many anchors as well.


When the netizens crusaded against Jianluo one-sidedly, the website did not withdraw the anchor to prevent disasters. Instead, it stood up and dared to act to shelter its anchor. As such, it became so popular that many anchors chose to join Jinjiang.




The atmosphere in the conference room of Interstellar Live Network was grim.


The supervisor paced back and forth angrily: “How did they manage to invite the priest?”


Several moderators were sitting together, and someone said, “We found that it was the same person who helped send it to the procuratorate for inspection.”


The supervisor slammed the table: “Who was it!?”


He was furious and wanted to settle the score after the commotion died down. After all, they were familiar with the people at the procuratorate and had already agreed to not accept Jinjiang’s submission for inspection. Who was so capable to hand it in anyway?


The moderator coughed lightly: “The military.”


The supervisor couldn’t believe it: “Who?”


“Lu Shifeng.”



The room was suddenly so quiet that you could hear a needle falling.


The other side


Jian Luo received a message from Jiang Jiang.


Jiang Jiang sent him a message: “I really can’t believe that the military really sent the potato chips to the inspection center. They even invited the high priest.”


Jian Luo said, “The military has really helped a lot.”


“Yeah.” Jiang Jiang also comforted him: “But in the next two days, you should refrain from live broadcasting for the time being and let the public opinion on the web settle down first.”


Jian Luo: “Okay.”


It could be said that this became a big deal.


Jian Luo thought about thanking the high priest and the military who helped him, but for now he asked the Lightbrain to help him check up on the transfer. The Lightbrain replied.


Lightbrain: “For students to transfer schools, the adults in their families need legitimate occupations.”


Jian Luo said, “My mother has one.”


“But you’ve been expelled. Now you are an unemployed person.” Lightbrain beat him down ruthlessly: “You are considered an adult now, but your work as a food anchor is not recorded as a legitimate occupation.”


? ? ?


Occupational discrimination, reported.


If this was the case, it may cause his younger brother to be unable to go to school. After Su Liang came back, he knew that this matter would definitely cause her to panic.


Just as Jian Luo was thinking, his information bracelet rang again. He opened it and it was Ai Jin who was calling him: “Mr. Jian, what do you think?”


Jian Luo was about to ask her: “I heard Jiang Jiang said that you helped me with the inspection?”


Ai Jin said quickly: “It was nothing.”


“Thank you.” After this incident, Jian Luo had a good impression of the military: “Are you talking about food delivery?”


Ai Jin said: “Yes, yes. What have you decided? The conditions can be negotiated.”


The people from the military seemed to be able to negotiate well. Jian Luo has a really bad impression of the Dark Star from people like Teacher Wang and the moderator. He feels disgusted whenever he sees them but people from the military are different. They were polite and didn’t even use forceful methods to force him, waiting patiently for him to think about it, even helping him so much.


Thinking of this, Jian Luo said, “I’ve thought about it, and I’m willing to accept your offer.”


Ai Jin was overjoyed: “Thank you so much, let’s make an appointment to meet. I’ll be waiting for you at my military center in Sky City!”


Jian Luo thought for a while, and finally agreed: “Okay, I’ll be there tomorrow.”


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