Chapter 34

       This topic was followed by a sentence to find Luo Fei, which made people a little imaginative. Regardless of what happened after seeing Luo Fei, Li Zhenruo now really wanted to ask Luo Fei. Of course, it would be better to meet Feng Junyuan as well.

       Today was the weekend.

       But Li Zhentai and Li Zhenzi still went out early in the morning.

       Li Zhentai went to pick up Wen Chun since they were going to take wedding photos, and they had to choose and book a hotel for the wedding ceremony. While Li Zhenzi might have an appointment with a beautiful woman and said that he would not be back tonight.

       After breakfast, Li Zhenran carried Li Zhenruo by his collar and went outside. He did not ask for the driver and planned to drive out by himself.

       Li Zhenruo scratched with his four claws in the air and let out an angry howl.

       “Zhenran,” Li Jianglin stood on the crutch in the living room and suddenly stopped him.

       Li Zhenran stopped and turned around, “Dad?”

       Li Zhenruo also forgot to struggle, and hold up his head to look at Li Jianglin.

       Li Jianglin asked him, “Is there anything you need to do in the morning?”

       When Li Zhenran heard the words, he lifted Li Zhenruo up and showed him, “Taking it to the pet shop to get its hair trimmed.”

       As Li Jianglin heard him say this, he acquiesced that Li Zhenran had nothing to do in the morning and said, “Come out with me.”

       Li Zhenran asked, “Just us?”

       Li Jianglin nodded, “You drive.”

       Li Zhenruo felt strange and looked up at Li Zhenran. Li Zhenran had a flat expression on his face and said, “Okay, wait for me and I’ll drive over.”

       Li Zhenran went to drive the car and left Li Zhenruo in the passenger seat.

       The car was parked by the fountain. Li Jianglin walked over slowly, opened the passenger’s door directly, and saw the cat sitting on it.

       Li Zhenran got out of the car to help him and said, “Dad, sit in the back seat, it’s more comfortable to sit up.”

       Li Jianglin asked him, “Are you going to take the cat with you?”

       Li Zhenran casually responded, “I’ll drop it off at the pet store later if it’s convenient.”

       Li Jianglin didn’t say anything else but waved his crutch to drive Li Zhenruo away.

       Li Zhenruo rushed to the back seat by himself. He looked at Li Jianglin nervously, afraid that Li Jianglin would not let Li Zhenran take him out.

       However, Li Jianglin has directly bent down and sat in the passenger seat.

       Li Zhenran helped to put the crutch in the back seat, returned to the driver’s seat by himself, and leaned over to help Li Jianglin fasten his seat belt.

       As the car slowly drove out of the gate of Li’s house, Li Jianglin suddenly laughed and said, “Your cat is also interesting. Aren’t you afraid of it running away when you take it out like this?”

       Li Zhenran said, “It’s very well behaved and won’t run away by itself.”

       Li Jianglin shook his head in disapproval, “Cats are always different from dogs, cats are not well-bred.”

       Li Zhenran didn’t refute him and just smiled a little.

       Li Jianglin went on to say, “But if it ran away, then it ran away. It’s not worth holding it back.”

       When they came out of the road in front of Li’s house and was about to enter the fork in the road, Li Zhenran asked Li Jianglin, “Dad, where are you going?”

       Li Jianglin said softly, “Go to the cemetery north of the city.”

       Li Zhenran didn’t ask who he was going to see, but just nodded slightly and turned the steering wheel.

       Li Zhenruo didn’t feel comfortable sitting alone in the back row. Sometimes his claws couldn’t grasp the seat cushion, and he would slide to one side when the car was turning or braking suddenly. He thought that Li Jianglin must have gone to see Zhu Yun. He hadn’t come back for so long. So when he got home, he should visit his deceased wife.

       At this time, there were some traffic jams out of the city. Probably because Li Jianglin was in the car, Li Zhenran drove the car very steadily. He and Li Jianglin didn’t speak much and remained silent all the way.

       It took them almost two hours to reach the cemetery on the outskirts of the northern part of the city.

       After parking the car in the parking lot, Li Zhenran got out of the car and took Li Jianglin’s crutch. He opened the door, then helped him out of the car and handed him the crutch.

       Li Jianglin leaned on his crutch on the ground for a little while and turned to look at Li Zhenruo who had stretched his front legs out of the car. He said, “Is it going too?”

       Li Zhenran responded, “It won’t run away, don’t worry.”

       Li Jianglin didn’t object, but he didn’t believe that the cat would be so obedient, and wouldn’t run around without being tied to a rope.

       However, because Li Jianglin was watching, Li Zhenruo was extraordinarily well-behaved today. When he saw Li Zhenran going to buy flowers, he stood beside Li Jianglin and guarded him. When Li Zhenran came back, he followed them up the mountain.

       Li Jianglin was unable to move freely, so he walked very slowly. Li Zhenran was very patient and only helped him up the mountain slowly without urging.

       Li Jianglin had just instructed Li Zhenran to buy two bouquets, which were now both held on Li Zhenran’s arm.

       Li Zhenruo thought Li Jianglin meant one bouquet for him and one bouquet for Li Zhenran, to convey a gesture of goodwill.

       Sure enough, they really walked towards Zhu Yun’s cemetery.

       Li Zhenruo once came to visit Zhu Yun’s tomb. He has no feelings for Zhu Yun, and he also has no feelings for his biological mother, so he didn’t hate Zhu Yun. The brothers knew that Li Jianglin loved Zhu Yun deeply. Accompanying Li Jianglin to visit Zhu Yun’s tomb was nothing more than to please Li Jianglin.

       Li Jianglin came to the front of Zhu Yun’s cemetery with the help of Li Zhenran, stood up straight and sighed deeply.

       Li Zhenran handed him the flowers and after he saw Li Jianglin put down the bouquet, he also planned to put down the bouquet in his hand, but unexpectedly Li Jianglin stopped him and said, “Keep this bouquet.”

       Li Zhenran paused, stood up straight and put the flower aside, without asking Li Jianglin the reason.

       As he watched Li Jianglin start to reminisce in front of Zhu Yun’s tombstone, Li Zhenruo took a few steps to the side. He looked at the hillside with many tombstones in the distance and wondered if one of them was his tomb. After all, the Li family did not disclose his identity. Naturally, they were the ones who managed his corpse.

       Li Zhenruo was in a complicated mood. After a while, Li Zhenran lightly kicked his behind and said, “Let’s go.”

       Only then did he look up in dismay and saw that Li Zhenran was already supporting Li Jianglin and planning to leave.

       Li Jianglin looked down at Li Zhenruo and let out a laugh.

       Li Zhenruo hurriedly followed Li Zhenran’s feet to leave. Only then did he notice that he was still holding a bunch of flowers in his hand.

       Who are you going to see? Li Zhenruo was slightly taken aback.

       While walking, Li Jianglin said to Li Zhenran, “Sometimes people take some things too seriously, and it’s not really that necessary.”

       Li Zhenran heard the words, nodded and replied, “Yes.”

       Li Jianglin sighed heavily as if he wanted to say something, but then he didn’t say it.

       Li Zhenruo was a little dazed. He followed Li Zhenran’s feet and nearly hit Li Zhenran’s leg several times. He vaguely felt that Li Jianglin might want to visit someone, but he didn’t dare to hold too many expectations. Because the greater the hope, the greater the disappointment will be.

       But when Li Jianglin and Li Zhenran stood in front of a tombstone, he held his breath before he dared to raise his head to look at the name on the tombstone.

       That was his tombstone.

       Li Zhenruo, who was only twenty-three years old when he died, had grown up a very privileged person but died in his most beautiful time.

       In the photo on the tombstone, Li Zhenruo looked young and handsome with a slight smile on the corner of his mouth. He began to recall how he felt when he took this photo as if it was an ID photo he took when he had just come back from college to apply for his ID. At that time, life seemed to be full of countless hopes, and in a blink of an eye, there was nothing left.

       Li Jianglin stood in front of the tombstone and let out a long sigh.

       Li Zhenruo couldn’t help but raised his head to look at him.

       Li Jianglin shook his head. Li Zhenruo looked at his expression carefully, but couldn’t see any more emotions. If he had to say it, he would probably have some regret and some sadness in his eyes.

       Even if it wasn’t his own, he was raised as a son by his side, so he definitely wouldn’t be completely emotionless.

       Li Zhenruo felt that he should thank Li Jianglin who was willing to remember such an old sentiment and come to offer him a bouquet of flowers.

       Li Zhenran just stretched out his hand and placed the flower in front of the tombstone, and said nothing.

       This was a very sensitive topic. No one could tell whether Li Jianglin cares more about Li Zhenruo’s identity or misses this unrelated son.

       He was willing to let Li Zhenran accompany him today. In some sense, he had already spent some of his attention on Li Zhenran. Probably in his heart, this son was somewhat different from the other two.

       In any case, he wondered if Li Jianglin was actually clear about his real cause of death?

       In the Li family, Li Zhenran, Li Zhenzi, including Zhu Kai, who was not from the Li family, all suspected that the cause of Li Zhenruo’s death was unusual. How could someone as smart as Li Jianglin not have any doubts at all?

       Whether he did not care about Li Zhenruo’s death at all or he did know something but had other plans. Li Zhenruo found that he couldn’t guess at all, and he thought he needed more clues. He wanted to know who it was and why they were so cruel to him!

       A cat’s paw was stealthily settled on the tomb lid. And underneath the paw was his own ashes, but he could no longer feel anything.

       When he left, Li Zhenran supported Li Jianglin and walked a few steps, and when he noticed that his cat was not following, he turned around to look.

       At this time, Li Zhenruo was still staring at his tombstone in a daze.

       “Dumpling, let’s go,” Li Zhenran called to him before he turned around and ran two steps to catch up with Li Zhenran.

       They left the cemetery without staying outside and drove directly back to Li’s house. It was almost noon when they returned, and it was just in time for lunch.

       Back at home, Li Zhenruo found out that Li Zhentai and Wen Chun come over. They wanted to discuss the wedding with Li Jianglin.

       Li Zhentai heard the sound of the car and came out to escort Li Jianglin. As he saw that Li Zhenran was driving alone with Li Jianglin, instantly his face changed in a way that he couldn’t even conceal.

       Li Zhenruo guessed that he must be very unhappy.

       However, Li Zhentai was still sensible. He quickly helped Li Jianglin back to the living room with a smile and told him that he and Wen Chun were here to ask about the wedding, hoping to get some advice from Li Jianglin.

       Now, this was what Li Jianglin cared about most.

       Just after lunch, Li Zhenran answered a phone call, and Li Zhenruo leaned in to listen. It was like a call from Hua Yibang, and it should be something about the company.

       Sure enough, after hanging up the phone, Li Zhenran told Li Zhenruo that he had to go out in the afternoon and could not accompany Li Zhenruo to find Luo Fei.

       Li Zhenruo’s round eyes drooped down instantly.

       At this time, they had returned to Li Zhenran’s room. Li Zhenran originally said that they would go out after he took a nap.

       Li Zhenruo was extremely disappointed. When Li Zhenran reached out to touch his head, he turned his head in disgust, and slowly dragged his tail off the bed, wanting to leave.

       Li Zhenran looked at his posture, perhaps he felt he couldn’t bear it, and said, “Wait a minute, I’ll call Luo Fei.”

       So Li Zhenruo hurriedly stopped in his tracks again, holding out some hope that there would be room for a turnaround.

       This call took a long time. Li Zhenruo heard Li Zhenran seemed a bit reluctant and kept asking Luo Fei, “Is it alright? There won’t be anything, right?”

       Luo Fei also seemed to have been giving him assurances.

       Later, after hanging up the phone, Li Zhenran said to him, “I asked Luo Fei. He gave me Dr. Feng’s contact information and told me to send you to Dr. Feng’s place.”

       Li Zhenruo’s eyes widened.

       Li Zhenran glanced at the time and said to him, “I’ll pick you up when things are over in the afternoon.”

       Li Zhenruo nodded obediently.

       Li Zhenran hooked his fingers, “Come here.”

       Li Zhenruo ran over immediately.

       Li Zhenran grabbed his face, “If I don’t see you this afternoon, you will bear the consequences yourself.”

       He was grabbing very hard. Li Zhenruo raised his paw to push his hand but couldn’t push it away, so he kept nodding to show that he understood.

       After a while, Li Zhenran asked the driver to drive them out. Before going to the company, he took a detour to take Li Zhenruo to Feng Junyuan.

       Feng Junyuan’s hospital was an affiliated hospital of a medical university, located in the city centre. The hospital was very famous and usually has a lot of patients. The driver was stopped by the traffic police before he drove near the hospital and was not allowed to continue.

       Li Zhenran carried Li Zhenruo out of the car and planned to walk over directly.

       Sometimes Li Zhenruo would rather Li Zhenran tie a rope to him like a dog and lead him, rather than always carry him by the collar. It will be painful to death if he walked a little far. He began to struggle hard, and Li Zhenran hugged him in his arms.

       They walked to the hospital’s entrance. Li Zhenran called Feng Junyuan and was told to wait for him under the surgical building.

       A nurse passed by and saw him hug a cat and said, “This is not a pet hospital.”

       Li Zhenran said, “I’m not taking it to a doctor.”

       The nurse asked, “Then why are you bringing a cat?”

       Li Zhenran asked her, “Am I not allowed to bring my family?”

       The nurse was speechless for a while, then looked at him inexplicably and left.

       Li Zhenruo recalled the look in the nurse’s eyes, probably wanting to express: I won’t bother you because you are handsome. If you look ugly, I will definitely kick you out.

       After waiting for a few minutes, Li Zhenruo saw Feng Junyuan, who was wearing a white coat and a stethoscope around his neck, appeared at the door of the surgical building.

       When he saw Li Zhenran, he quickened his pace and hurried over. He greeted, “Mr. Li.”

       Li Zhenran was very polite to Feng Junyuan, “Doctor Feng, I’m sorry to cause you trouble.”

       Feng Junyuan seemed to want to laugh, but only raised the corner of his mouth, and said, “No problem, leave him to me.”

       Li Zhenran looked down at Li Zhenruo, who was in his arms, without speaking, with a warning in his eyes.

       Li Zhenruo suddenly felt that Li Zhenran’s nervous appearance was cute. He didn’t know what he was thinking, so he suddenly jumped up and kissed Li Zhenran’s lips.

       Li Zhenran was also slightly startled by his action.

       Li Zhenruo felt embarrassed, turned around and jumped on Feng Junyuan, who caught him with his hand.

       Li Zhenran then said, “I’ll come and pick it up this afternoon.”

       Feng Junyuan nodded, “Give me a call.”

       Li Zhenran waved to them and turned to leave.

       Li Zhenruo kept looking at his back until Feng Junyuan carried him towards the outside of the hospital. He felt a little strange and raised his head to look at Feng Junyuan.

       Feng Junyuan said as he walked, “You really have changed back to your original form.”

       Li Zhenruo couldn’t communicate with him, and it was suffocating.

       Feng Junyuan said again, “I’ll take you to Song Jun now.”

       Li Zhenruo didn’t know where Song Jun was. In fact, until now, he didn’t know who Song Jun was. He just heard Feng Junyuan always talk about him. In Li Zhenruo’s mind, this Song Jun must be a very powerful and high-level person.

       However, within ten minutes, Li Zhenruo was carried by Feng Junyuan out of the hospital into the back door of a school. He heard Feng Junyuan call the person named Song Jun, and then he saw a man named Song Jun under a laboratory building. He was a thin young man in a white coat.

       “Xiao Feng!” The young man waved to Feng Junyuan.

       Feng Junyuan lowered his head slightly and said to him, “He is Song Jun.”

       Li Zhenruo looked at Song Jun and found that the other party was just an ordinary young man with a clean-cut appearance and a kind demeanour, but his eyes were slightly sharp.

       Feng Junyuan walked over, directly reached out and handed Li Zhenruo to Song Jun, and said, “This is the cat I mentioned to you.”

       Listening to his tone, Li Zhenruo guessed he should be very familiar with Song Jun.

       Song Jun lowered his head, reached out and scratched the top of Li Zhenruo’s head, with a very friendly attitude, and then said to Feng Junyuan, “I see, I will take it to senior brother1in here Song Jun is saying 师兄 which means male senior fellow students in a Chinese martial arts school.”

       Feng Junyuan nodded, “Then I’ll go back to the hospital first. I have an operation this afternoon.”

       Song Jun waved to him.

       As he watched Feng Junyuan leave, Song Jun hugged Li Zhenruo a little higher, looked at his face, and said strangely, “What kind of cat is this? It looks so strange, Persian cat?”

       Li Zhenruo could only flatten his mouth, expressing that he had no way to tell him.

       Song Jun didn’t mind if he didn’t get an answer. He walked into the building with Li Zhenruo in his arms, and said, “Let’s go find senior brother.”

Honestly in this part where Li Jiangling visited Li Zhenruo I feel really sad because maybe Li Jianglin does love Zhenruo but just not in the form that Zhenruo expected and maybe in the previous chapter where Zhenruo saw a sign of distress in Li Jianglin and thought it was just because Li Jianglin was afraid of hitman is really him feeling distressed because he lost Zhenruo.
At least he now knows that ‘his’ dad cares about him.

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