When I was not home, He Qing didn’t go out either, and just stayed at home to play with the cat every day.


       It made me a little guilty, my He Qing was so gentle, and stayed at home waiting for me.


       I lay on He Qing’s belly and swept my tail carefully, for fear that I would touch something I shouldn’t, and He Qing would beat me up again.


       Wuwuwu, I’ll tell He Qing I’m Guan Lie tomorrow.


       I fell asleep thinking about it.


       However, I woke up suddenly in the middle of the night.


       My whole cat was not under the blanket and was put aside.


       He Qing’s back was turned to me and his body was shivering.


       There seemed to be some special smell in the air.


       Is this…bonding fever?!


       I stood up and crawled over the pillow. He Qing was frowning and clutching the pillow tightly with one hand.




       I called him carefully, but He Qing didn’t respond at all.


       I arched my nose into his hair and He Qing opened his mouth slightly and let out a moan.


       Oh My God!


       What to do!


       What the hell? What the fvck am I supposed to do.


       I walked around him anxiously to see if I could nudge him with my nose, but He Qing didn’t wake up.


       Everything was going alright, why was there a bonding heat all of a sudden?


       Just when I was trying to break something, I woke up He Qing with fright.


       The Bird of Paradise suddenly appeared on He Qing’s shoulder, its furry little head lowered and rubbed He Qing’s face affectionately.


       Then He Qing was fine.


       At that moment, I suddenly felt that my existence as a Sentinel was useless.


       Wuwuwu, I was obviously He Qing’s body and soul mate.


       He Qing relaxed, and then slowly rolled over.


       I was so frightened that I ran my paws sideways, fearing that he would crush me.


       He Qing turned around and slowly opened his eyes.


       I didn’t know if it was because of the bonding fever, but his eyes were a little moist.


       I watched him open his mouth slightly, and called softly, “Guan Lie…”




       My Wife, I am here!


       “Meow meow meow!”


       He Qing reached out, rubbed my head, and then wrapped his arms around me.


       My whole cat was buried between his neck, and I could even smell something faintly combined with heat.


       It felt like I was going to get hard.


       Wait a minute!




       This cat has been neutered aaaaaaaaaa!!!!


       No way to get hard!!!

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Bird of Paradise: What is this stupid-looking cat looking at?

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