Among the researchers, some doctorates and several doctors opened the incubator after draining the liquid.


       In the incubator lay a man with only a pair of shorts.


       The man had a big stature, with honey-coloured skin beneath a firm, muscular body that seemed ready to explode with power.


       Underneath his dense eyebrows were eyes as sharp as a hawk’s, and he slowly rose to sit up in the incubation chamber.


       “Major General Guan, how do you feel?” A doctor was holding a tablet to record the data. “We corrected your genetic chain, and unless you suffer severe head trauma, you will no longer experience memory loss.”


       Guan Lie nodded and said, “Thank you, doctor.”


       He closed his eyes for a moment, then stood up with his arms on his sides, and a golden spiritual net emerged from behind him. Then a thick python about six meters appeared behind him.


       The black scales reflected the chilling light under the light, spitting out tongue from time to time, and its golden vertical pupils kept observing the surroundings as if looking for something.


       Guan Lie said, “No need to look, he’s not here.”


       The python seemed a little disappointed and crawled over to Guan Lie’s side.


       The doctors recorded his physical data again, performed some tests, and told him that he could go back.


       Guan Lie changed into his military uniform and gave them a military salute. He turned around and walked out of the research institute with the big black phyton closely following behind him.


       Guan Lie, who had recovered his memory, opened his System, processed the military department documents, typed a report and sent it.


       Then he flew his aircraft and prepared to go home.


       I fvcking, finally, remembered, the bank password!


       He Qing was watering the flowers in the yard, and the kitten was lazily lying in the grass basking in the sun.


       Suddenly an aircraft landed at the door, and as soon as the door opened, a polished military boot stepped down.


       Guan Lie walked into the house quickly with the big python crawled faster than its owner.


       He Qing put away the watering can, looked up and saw Guan Lie standing not far away, wearing a handsome military uniform, looking at him tenderly.


       “I’m back.”


       Guan Lie stepped forward and hugged him in his arms, “He Qing, I will never forget it again.”


       The big phyton surrounded them, constantly spitting out its tongue, and the bird of paradise floated on He Qing’s shoulder, then gently flapped its wings and landed on the python’s head.


       The Bird of Paradise lowered its head and poked the snake’s head a few times with its pointed beak, and the snake’s golden vertical pupils seemed to soften.


       Guan Lie directly picked up He Qing, walked into the house, and said while doing it, “Wife, I haven’t done it for a long time…”


       He Qing hugged his neck tightly, Guan Lie suddenly remembered something, “Wife, let me tell you, this cat is still not allowed to be kept, I found out, this cat can have night vision…”


       Buried in his arms, He Qing laughed softly, “Okay, even you are jealous of a cat.”


       “It’s not that! I can’t stand the thought that when I turn into a cat, what I see might be what this cat has also seen! Just get it neutered!”


       “Well, I promise it never saw anything it shouldn’t.”


       “No! I’m not comfortable with that!”


       The python followed them happily even with the Bird of Paradise on its head.


       The flowers in the courtyard were in colourful bloom, and there was a feeling of happiness in the sun.

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If you like another sentinel x guide kind of story, the one that inspired me to look for this kind of story is B-class Guide (Korea manhwa)~ I will be looking for another fun read sentinel x guide troupe~ Look forward to it~

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