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Chapter 4

       The food came up quickly and He Qing was really nice.


       He didn’t ask me how much money I had in the bank or how big my house was.


       When he heard that I had just been discharged from the hospital, he only asked me how badly I was hurt and how well my wounds were healing.


       I thought about how nice this guide was and how could anyone have the heart to lie.


       I had no choice but to hold back my tears, and I said, “I’ve lost my memory and I’m probably very poor.”


       He Qing didn’t look down on me in the slightest, he turned on the System on his hand, “It’s okay, let me help you first….”


       I wanted to cry at the sight of the System, “Wuwuwu, I don’t remember the password, and I haven’t turned on the System yet.”


       He Qing turned off the System, and looked at me tenderly, “It’s okay, let’s eat first.”


       I quietly wiped the tears with my hands, took a fork and stuck a piece of steak into my mouth.


       Wuwuwu, the meat tastes so delicious.


       I gobbled down a chunk of steak as if I had never seen one before.


       I even licked the fork.


       He Qing just looked at me tenderly the whole time and didn’t mind me at all.


       I was so moved that I wanted to cry again.


       After dinner, He Qing carefully asked me where I was injured, whether the wound still hurts, and whether I took my medication on time.


       Wuwuwu, He Qing was so nice.


       He Qing and I left the restaurant and took another walk in the garden.


       When we parted, He Qing looked at me as his face blushed a little, “Can we hug?”




       Happiness came so suddenly that I was caught off guard.


       I tried to keep the tears from falling down my face and opened my arms.


       He Qing leaned into my arms and for some reason, I felt he was a little short of breath.


       Then He Qing raised his head and kissed me on the mouth.


       Before my brain could react, my body was already wrapped around him and I exchanged a deep kiss with him.


       Wuwuwu, I must have gotten muscle memory from dating before.


       I felt I had dishonoured He Qing.


       He Qing opened his mouth and gently accepted me.


       Wuwuwu, I really want to go to work and save up to marry He Qing.


       When our lips parted, He Qing panted lightly.


       He leaned next to my ear and said softly, “Remember to go back and report to the military department. I’ll wait for you to take me away from here.”


       Wuwuwu, I didn’t have the password for the System.


       Wuwuwu, I also forgot how to write the report.


       Wuwuwu, how can I marry He Qing?


       He Qing seemed to have remembered this too. He smiled and said, “You could try looking at an ephemeris1In astronomy and celestial navigation, an ephemeris is a book with tables that gives the trajectory of naturally occurring astronomical objects as well as artificial satellites in the sky, i.e., the position over time. at home or something. A lot of people used to use special days as a password, maybe you have one on your ephemeris.”


       How could He Qing be so gentle?


       I reluctantly said goodbye to He Qing, and He Qing kindly gave me the taxi fare.


       Wuwuwu, I will work hard to make money in the future, and I will never be a little white face2men who only rely on women to provide financial support.


       I took a taxi back home and looked through the ephemeris.


       Sure enough, I saw several specially marked days, and I tried them one by one. Finally, I could turn on the System.


       One day had a special red heart drawn on it, exactly two months ago today.


       By my calculations, it was the day before I went to the battlefield.


       This still had a love heart drawn on it, so in nine out of ten, it was a date with that mystery fvck buddy.


       Wuwuwu, I’m about to go to the battlefield yet I still have plans to hook up, why am I so rotten?


       I hadn’t even registered with He Qing yet, and I already feel like a scumbag.

I wonder how cool Guan Lie was before he lost his memory…

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Chapter 57

       There were a lot of things Ning Junyan didn’t say and actually he couldn’t recall much about them. In fact, since he successfully passed the high school entrance examination, and his life and studies have been on the right track, Shu Rong had gradually shown more and more warm side, and at that time Shu Rong started to run a plastic surgery hospital with others, and put more of her mind on making money. Ning Junyan, on the other hand, was able to finish his studies well without her watching him at all times, and he felt that his life had returned to its normal course.

       Even now when Ning Junyan and Chen Yuncheng were talking about the past, his tone was nonchalant, as if he had never cared about that. As long as he held Chen Yuncheng in his arms now, he could feel at ease.

       On New Year’s Eve, Ning Junyan began to take a holiday from going to the hospital.

       It was the first time in many years that Chen Yuncheng had spent the New Year with someone from morning to night.

       He woke up in Ning Junyan’s arms in the morning. In the past two days, Ning Junyan had to sleep with him in his arms every night. At first, Chen Yuncheng was in some pain and could not sleep well all night, as long as he moved a little bit Ning Junyan would definitely tighten his arms and forbid him to leave, but now he had surprisingly started to get used to it.

       It was only when he wanted to get up in the morning that Ning Junyan would keep holding on to him.

       Chen Yuncheng said painfully, “I’m going to pee.”

       Ning Junyan still had his eyes closed, lying sideways on the pillow with messy hair, and said, “Don’t pee.”

       Chen Yuncheng felt that sometimes Ning Junyan looked like a lunatic without logic, he said, “Do I hold it back?”

       Ning Junyan’s arm on his chest moved down and pressed against the small of his back, saying, “Wet the bed.”

       Chen Yuncheng’s whole body almost jumped up, as he had almost pissed himself when Ning Junyan pressed him, and he was about to go crazy, so he lifted off Ning Junyan’s arm and stumbled out of bed towards the bathroom.

       After a while, Ning Junyan followed in and hugged Chen Yuncheng from behind.

       Chen Yuncheng said embarrassingly, “Don’t look at me.”

       Ning Junyan’s warm kisses fell on his ears and cheeks, followed by his neck and shoulders, leaving traces on his body happily.

       Chen Yuncheng said, “We have to go to the supermarket this morning to buy some food, otherwise we won’t have anything to eat for dinner.”

       Ning Junyan finally kissed him on the head, and replied, “Okay.”

       While the supermarket was still open in the morning, Ning Junyan and Chen Yuncheng drove to buy a lot of things.

       There were a lot of people in the supermarket, and the radio kept playing lively New Year’s songs. Chen Yuncheng stopped and took a look at Ning Junyan who was pushing a cart behind him, and suddenly felt a sense of contentment and happiness.

       Ning Junyan was looking at the things in the cart with his head down, but when he noticed Chen Yuncheng’s gaze raise his head, he asked expressionlessly, “Are you looking at me like that because you want me to kiss you?”

       Chen Yuncheng smiled, “Don’t talk nonsense.”

       “Oh,” Ning Junyan lowered his head again, “I thought you wanted me to kiss you.”

       They had bought a lot of food and could have stayed out on the first day of the New Year. It was a pity that Ning Junyan was on duty on the second day of the new year, and he had already promised Shu Rong to go back on the third day of the new year. Otherwise, he could have stayed home to watch over Chen Yun Cheng without going anywhere during the New Year holidays.

       There were only two people eating dinner, and even though it was a New Year’s Eve dinner, it was very simple. After the meal, Ning Junyan hugged Chen Yuncheng in his arms and leaned on the sofa to watch TV.

       Chen Yuncheng knew that Ning Junyan was not interested in TV programs, so he turned his head occasionally and saw that Ning Junyan’s attention was not on the TV screen at all, but was looking at his side face all the time.

       “How did you spend the Chinese New Year last year?” Chen Yuncheng felt a little uncomfortable under his gaze, so he took the initiative to find a topic.

       Ning Junyan recalled it for a while, and said, “Last year I was on duty in the hospital, and a doctor on duty brought me a midnight snack and invited me to eat.”

       “Is it delicious?” Chen Yuncheng asked him.

       Ning Junyan said, “I didn’t eat it, I had a boxed lunch at night and didn’t feel hungry.”

       Chen Yuncheng said, “It’s not like the person was trying to buy you a meal, but it’s just that it’s too lonely to see you alone during the Chinese New Year, so that person invited you to get together.”

       Ning Junyan casually said, “Is that so?” After a while, he asked Chen Yuncheng again, “What about you?”

       Chen Yuncheng replied to him, “I had dinner with Zhou Yan and the others during Chinese New Year last year, and then spent it alone.” At that time Zhou Yan was already with Gu Yaojia, and they came to find Chen Yuncheng. They all had dinner together, and after that Zhou Yan and Gu Yaojia Yao Jia went back to their rented house. Chen Yuncheng then hid in the small room inside the store by himself and watched the whole celebration with the TV next to the bed.

       Now that he thought about it, it was already a long time ago, and too many things had happened this year. Chen Yuncheng’s life has been turned upside down, and there have been great changes.

       Chen Yuncheng actually liked to watch TV. When the TV is on, it was always buzzing with activity, as if there were other people in the house.

       He watched the celebration for a while and then turned around to find that Ning Junyan had fallen asleep with his head on his shoulder.

       For some reason, Chen Yuncheng suddenly recalled the first Chinese New Year they spent together when Ning Junyan was picked up by his foster father when he was a child.

       The foster mother cooked two extra dishes that day, but when she saw Chen Yuncheng or Ning Junyan stretching their chopsticks to pick up the meat, she would hit their chopsticks unhappily.

       But Chen Yuncheng was still quite happy. After they ate and washed the dishes, he slipped out of the yard with Ning Junyan to watch the children living nearby set off fireworks. There were no big and colourful fireworks, it was all children’s playthings, which emit a short light or sound in the dark, and disappeared in a flash.

       Chen Yuncheng even secretly hid money to buy a few. He crouched on the ground and lit the fuse with a lighter, and pulled Ning Junyan to run away before the fireworks burst into bloom.

       It was quite late before the two of them went back to the courtyard after playing. Too lazy to take a bath because it was winter, they only brushed their teeth and washed their faces before going to bed.

       Until he was lying on the bed, Chen Yuncheng was still a little excited. He took Ning Junyan’s hand beside him and said, “Did you hear the TV next door?”

       In the next room, the foster father and foster mother were still watching TV.

       Ning Junyan nodded.

       Chen Yuncheng said, “I also want to watch TV.”

       Ning Junyan lay on his side, facing Chen Yuncheng’s direction, and said, “I’ll buy you a TV.”

       Chen Yuncheng smiled immediately, and turned to look at him, “Where do you have the money to buy me a TV?”

       Ning Junyan said, “I have them at home.”

       Chen Yuncheng asked curiously, “Do you remember where your home is?”

       Ning Junyan thought hard, then shook his head.

       “Oh—” Chen Yuncheng sighed, “It’s okay, maybe you’ll remember it someday.” After he said that, he reached out to touch Ning Junyan’s head. Half a year has passed, and he could not feel anything unusual outside. He felt strange, “How come your head is still not good?”

       After a while, Ning Junyan reached out to touch it himself, but couldn’t find anything.

       Chen Yuncheng looked at him, and suddenly felt that he was quite pitiful, “It’s your first time not spending Chinese New Year’s with your family, right?”

       Ning Junyan also looked at Chen Yuncheng, not knowing how to answer this question.

       Chen Yuncheng reached out and hugged him, letting his head rest on his shoulder, It’s alright, from now on you’ll follow me. I’ll take care of you, and maybe when you remember about it, I can even send you home.”

       Ning Junyan stretched out his hand silently to wrap around Chen Yuncheng’s waist.

       The sound of firecrackers continued to come from outside, becoming more and more intense, until at a certain moment, it sounded like an explosion from all directions.

       Ning Junyan raised his head vigilantly.

       And Chen Yuncheng didn’t need to look at the time, he knew it was twelve o’clock, he patted Ning Junyan on the head to signal him not to be afraid, and said, “Happy New Year.”

       Ning Junyan lay down again, “En”, “You too.”

       As he recalled this, Chen Yuncheng sat up, picked up the remote control on the table and turned off the TV. He squatted beside the sofa, patted Ning Junyan’s face, and said, “Go to bed.”

       Ning Junyan opened his eyes and asked, “Is it twelve o’clock?”

       Chen Yuncheng said, “Not yet, but go to bed if you are sleepy.”

       Ning Junyan nodded and stood up. He took two steps, then stopped suddenly, and said to Chen Yuncheng, “I said I will buy you a TV.”

       Chen Yuncheng was a little surprised, “Do you still remember?” He thought that it was a nonsense Ning Junyan had said when his head was still sick.

       Ning Junyan said, “At that time, whenever New Year’s Eve came, I was always thinking about buying you a TV set.”

       Chen Yuncheng couldn’t help but look at him and smile.

       Ning Junyan raised his hand, scratched his hair, turned around and continued walking towards the room, saying as he walked, “But you don’t need it now.”

       He walked all the way to the door, and saw that Chen Yuncheng hadn’t followed, so he stretched out a hand, “Come here, let’s go to bed.”

       Chen Yuncheng walked over and held his hand, coaxing him, “Okay, let’s go to bed.”



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Chapter 34

       When Suo Yang and Shen Huiming went upstairs, the classrooms were mostly empty. It was now lunch break time and few people would stay there.

       The two entered a classroom on the third floor, and Suo Yang walked in front, leading Shen Huiming all the way in.

       The last row of the classroom was near the window, and the weather in early autumn was very good. With the windows opened, there was a comfortable cool breeze blowing in.

       As they sat side by side, Suo Yang said, “Going to a university abroad should feel very different from the one inside the country.”

       “Well, few of us stay at the school, and when we first went there, we were not used to the food there, so we had to learn to cook by ourselves.” Shen Huiming smiled, “It’s not like the local universities, where they have everything in the canteen.”

       Suo Yang smiled, “When I was at the university, everyone always complained about the unpalatable food in the canteen and the rising price of food. But after graduation, I was exposed to how society was and started to live alone. Only then did I realize that the school canteen is actually very good and cheap. “

       Two men who had left the university campus for many years sat in the classroom and told each other the stories of their student days, looking at the handwriting left by the teacher on the blackboard, looking at the water glass left by a classmate on the table in front of them, feeling a rare sense of relaxation.

       Suo Yang was lying on the table, looking at the leaves blowing outside the window, while Shen Hui Ming looked at him slightly sideways, watching his hair being stroked by the wind blowing in.

       “Suo Yang.”


       “Do you think, if we had met when we were in college, what would have happened?”

       Suo Yang still looked out of the window, and after a few seconds of silence, he said with a smile, “I don’t know, my imagination is really poor.”

       The sound of music suddenly came from outside the window. It was the school’s radio station that started to play a song.

       This was the tradition of Suo Yang’s school. Every day at one o’clock in the afternoon, the radio station would play songs until the class starts at half past one.

       Suo Yang listened to the music and closed his eyes.

       “There\’s wind that blows in from the north.”

       To Suo Yang’s surprise, when he sang the first line of lyrics along with the melody, Shen Huiming’s voice came at the same time.

       The breeze from the north met him unexpectedly.

       The tacit understanding between him and Shen Huiming came unexpectedly again.

       The two hummed a part of this song softly, and Suo Yang was a little sleepy, lying there lazily, enjoying the music, the autumn wind, and the rare good time.

       He was drowsy and almost fell asleep. After an unknown amount of time, the classroom started to be noisy. Suo Yang sighed and sat up straight.

       Shen Huiming looked at Suo Yang who was sleepy, and asked with a smile, “Are you asleep?”

       “Maybe.” Or maybe he wasn’t asleep.

       Who knows? But it didn’t matter at all.

       It was almost time for the afternoon class and some students had already arrived early.

       The students who came in looked at the two men sitting in the corner, some turned a blind eye, and some looked over curiously.

       Suo Yang said, “People are going to study, let’s go.”

       The two got up and left the classroom one after the other.

       They walked against the flow of people along the path, and when they passed a small bush, they saw a young couple kissing.

       Shen Huiming glanced at Suo Yang, and said, “Let me ask you a rather personal question.”


       “Did you ever fall in love when you were in college?”

       When he heard his question, Suo Yang subconsciously looked at the couple who were kissing as if no one else was around.

       “No,” Suo Yang said, “There are only a few boys around, and they all like girls.”

       Shen Huiming laughed out loud, “It’s a pity.”


       “That’s right, if I didn’t go abroad, I would be your senior. If I was around, although we wouldn’t necessarily be able to talk, we wouldn’t necessarily not be able to talk either, don’t you think so?”

       Suo Yang smiled softly, “Senior, have you ever thought about this, this school is so big and there are so many students. Even if we both go to school here, we may not know each other.”

       “No, even if you don’t know me, I should know you.” Shen Huiming joked, “You are the Suo Yang who can score points as soon as he strikes ‘the enemy’ on the basketball court.”

       Suo Yang glanced at him with an angry smile but had nothing to say.

       The two walked around the school, and when it was almost time, they decided to go to a nearby cinema to watch a movie.

       Shen Huiming was in charge of driving, and Suo Yang was in charge of selecting movies. Suo Yang said, “There doesn’t seem to be any good movies recently.”

       “Is there anything you are interested in?” Shen Huiming said, “or relatively interested?”

       There really wasn’t.

       Suo Yang actually didn’t watch movies very much, he spends most of his rest time sleeping.

       “Just choose one randomly.” Suo Yang opened the cinema’s film schedule, “You say a number, and you can watch whichever you choose.”

       Shen Huiming smiled, “So random?”

       “Mm-hmm, just that random.”

       “1,” Shen Huiming said, “What’s at the top of the list?”

       Suo Yang suddenly laughed loudly: “You really know how to choose.”

       It just so happened that there was a red light ahead, so Shen Huiming parked the car and leaned over to check Suo Yang’s phone.

       When he saw the film he had chosen, he immediately supported his forehead helplessly.

       “What is this…” A domestic horror movie. He didn’t need to think but he knew there would be nothing worth watching, How about… you change it? “

       “No need.” Suo Yang stifled a laugh and said, “Let’s just watch this.”

       Suo Yang bought the tickets directly on the mobile phone, and when the two arrived at the cinema, they directly picked up the tickets and waited in line to enter.

       Shen Huiming squeezed the movie ticket in his hand and lamented, “It’s been two years since I last came to the cinema, I didn’t expect that after two years, I would have to watch such an exciting film.”

       Suo Yang browsed the cinema’s new film promotional board, pointed to it and said, “The plot is really exciting.”

       As for the movie they were about to watch, even though it was a horror movie, the plot was very much like a ‘family ethic drama1Family ethics drama is a kind of popular drama whose main content is to reflect social ethics and moral issues. It constitutes the main form of popular drama creation in a melodramatic form.’. What was that brother-in-law, what kind of sister-in-law, Suo Yang couldn’t help laughing.

       Shen Huiming stood behind Suo Yang watching him laughing, and he couldn’t help but laugh along with him.

       Was this what it felt like to be in love and dating?

       Shen Huiming thought it was even cuter than he had imagined.

       Since it was a weekday, there were few students at this time, or rather, no one wanted to see this kind of movie.

       After checking the tickets, Shen Huiming and Suo Yang went in, only to find that they were the only ones in the entire screening hall.

       “The whole cinema is reserved,” Shen Huiming sat helplessly in the middle, “the atmosphere is good.”

       Suo Yang was standing next to him on the left, unable to hide his smile all the time.

       It didn’t really matter what kind of movie they were watching, what mattered was the fun that developed from the event itself.

       Suo Yang felt that Shen Huiming’s reaction now was more interesting than any movie.

       “Oh no,” Shen Huiming said, “I forgot to buy you a bucket of popcorn.”

       Suo Yang smiled, “I’m not a kid who likes to eat snacks.”

       “Then you have to do it for fun.”

       Suo Yang patted him, “Don’t bother.”

       The movie soon started, and as expected, the plot was too absurd to watch.

       Shen Huiming was acting like he was sitting on pins and needles, while Suo Yang was like sitting as steady as a mountain.

       With this alone, Shen Huiming was subdued by him.

       But what Shen Huiming didn’t expect was that while Suo Yang seemed to be sitting steadily, he actually fell asleep after a while.

       Was this person really tired?

       He had slept on his stomach during the school day and then fell asleep again at the cinema.

       Shen Huiming turned his head to look at him, and the flickering light of the movie shone on Suo Yang’s face, giving him a cold and beautiful look.

       Suo Yang’s body was tilted to the other side, looking like he was about to fall down.

       Shen Huiming made a quick decision and ran around to the other end and sat down, just in time to support Suo Yang with his shoulder.

       Suo Yang woke up suddenly and looked at Shen Huiming in a daze.

       Shen Huiming smiled, “Sleep, I’ll be your pillow.”

       Suo Yang was a little embarrassed and wanted to sit up straight, but Shen Huiming grabbed his hand.

       “Lean on me when you’re tired.” Shen Huiming said, “There’s nothing to see in this movie anyway.”

       The two looked at each other for a few seconds in the dark screening room, Suo Yang lowered his head and smiled, and then leaned safely on Shen Huiming’s shoulder.

       For more than an hour after that, until the end of the movie, Suo Yang actually didn’t fall asleep.

       But he didn’t get up either and kept leaning on Shen Huiming.

       Since childhood, Suo Yang had never been one to rely on others. Even if it was his parents, he would not act coquettishly. While other children were still being taken to school by their parents’ hands, Suo Yang was already waiting for the bus every day with his school bag on his back.

       He was not used to being dependent, not used to relying on others, and he had never liked that feeling.

       He wanted to be independent, to hold up his own life.

       But at this moment, when he was leaning on Shen Huiming, he suddenly felt that it would be nice to have someone who could give him a break.

       Suo Yang just leaned against Shen Huiming, and his hand was held by the other party all the time.

       His palms were sweating and his heartbeat had increased in speed.

       His eyes were closed, but it was as if he could see the two of them sitting in the cinema right now, and although the film shown was very ‘amusing’, it was particularly warm between them.

       Meeting Shen Huiming was indeed a great thing.

       The movie ended and the lights in the screening room slowly came on.

       When Suo Yang straightened up, he felt a little bit sad.

       But it had to end even though he was reluctant. He had borrowed his shoulders from Shen Hui Ming for over an hour and that was enough.

       “Did you get some sleep?” Shen Huiming asked with concern.

       “Probably, in a daze.” Suo Yang stretched his waist, “I’ve been flying too much recently, I couldn’t hold it, I’m sorry.”

       “What are you apologising to me for?” Shen Huiming stood up with him, “If I hadn’t dragged you out on a date, you would have been able to rest better.”

       The two walked out. This time it was Shen Huiming who walked in front, and Suo Yang looked at his back.


       It was rare for Suo Yang to call Shen Huiming’s name.

       The flattered Shen Huiming looked back at him and heard Suo Yang say, “When there is a good movie another day, I will treat you to a movie. I will definitely not sleep next time.”

       This was the first time that Suo Yang had taken the initiative to invite Shen Huiming.

       “I want to ask a question.”

       “Go ahead.”

       “Have you dated anyone before?”

       The two of them were standing in the exit aisle, with no one around and the soft red carpet under their feet.

       Suo Yang said, “No.”

       “Then have you seen a movie with someone else?”

       Suo Yang replied, “No.”

       Shen Huiming couldn’t believe it.

       “I really didn’t.” Suo Yang said, “Today is the first time.”

       Shen Huiming smiled, and suddenly took half a step forward, gently hugging Suo Yang in his arms, “Thank you.”

       “Thank you for what?”

       “Thank you for letting me take advantage of you.” Shen Huiming let go of him, and said with a smile, “Suo Yang, you’re spoiling me so much, I really have to suspect that you actually have a thing for me too.”

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Chapter 3

       Barely stuffed, I went back to the bedroom and thought that I would not be so sad if I fell asleep.


      It turned out that there were several boxes of brightly coloured condoms in the bedside table.


       I started to feel sad again.


       Wuwuwu, I’m so poor, why did I dare to have one night stand with people before?


       I worriedly went to the bathroom and looked in the mirror. I was quite tall, so I’m not supposed to be the bottom, right?


       I wiped my tears and touched my asshole. My rear was intact.


       But sadly found that there are two sets of toiletries in the bathroom.


       Wuwuwu, I am so poor like this and I dared to have a long-term fvck buddy.


       Soon it was the next week. During this period, I was afraid to eat and drink enough and only dared to drink some nutritional supplements.


       Because I didn’t know my bank card password.




       I had to save money to fly to the Tower because I didn’t have the password for the garage.


       I rummaged through my bedroom for a decent outfit, took a taxi and flew to the Tower. I showed my badge to the gatekeepers and was taken to a high-end restaurant inside to wait.


       I sat on the chair and stroked the little snake nervously, for fear that I would cry, and I would seemed too sissy.


       The blind date will definitely not take a fancy to me.


       After a while, a man in a trench coat walked in.


       He’s half a head shorter than me.


       He was very good-looking.


       Wuwuwu, I’ve lost my memory, I couldn’t describe him.


       Anyway, the guide was not bad.


       On his shoulder rested a long, fluffy bird with a long tail and a few c0cked feathers on the crown of its head.


       The bird was beautiful too.


       He came over and sat across from me, smiled and asked me gently, “Did you wait long? What do you want to eat?”


       I shook my head, this was a precious guide, I wouldn’t dare have a temper no matter how long I had to wait.


       Moreover, even if he was so gentle, could he take a fancy to me who was so poor?


       Wuwuwu, so sad.


       The little snake on my wrist also seemed to be very fond of the little bird on his shoulder, trying to crawl to the opposite side.


       All I could do was cover my wrist with all my strength.


       The guide on the opposite side called the waiter and ordered a few dishes.


       He even thoughtfully ordered for me too, but I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to pay the bill later and that I wouldn’t have any money left.


       The guide noticed my small movements and asked gently, “Is that your Quantum Beast?”


       The little snake was still bumping its head against my hand, and I said awkwardly, “Yes, it’s a little snake.”


       I held up my wrist and the little snake finally saw the bird head-on, straightened up and kept spitting out its tongue.


       The guide put his hand over his shoulder and the bird jumped onto his fingers.


       Wuwuwu, the guide is so good-looking, he definitely took a fancy to me.


       The guide put the bird on the table and the little snake immediately crawled over to it.


       Surprisingly, the bird didn’t mind it and took its pointed beak and pecked it gently on the snake’s head.


       The guide didn’t seem to reject me as a disgraceful snake.


       He still smiled softly, “My name is He Qing. It seems that my Bird of Paradise likes your little snake very much.”


       I was so moved that I wanted to cry again, “My name is Guan Lie. The little snake in me has never seen the world, don’t mind me.”


       He Qing seemed very happy, “It’s okay, I like the way your little snake wraps around my bird of paradise.”


       Wuwuwu, such a beautiful guide, can you take a fancy to me?

Wuwuwu QAQ

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Chapter 2

       When I finally took off the bandages all over my body, I unwrapped the ‘silkworm chrysalis’ next to the bed like a gift, and inside it was a small snake.


       The little snake looked at me with teary eyes. I was affected by my Quantum Beast and wanted to cry too.


       So I hugged the little snake and we cried together.


       Cripple comforted me from the distance, “Big brother, don’t cry. Hey, this… This, amnesia can still be cured.”


       Brain Hurt also comforted me, “Yes, it’s true, it’s just a memory loss. Anyway, at least you have military honours. I heard that the First-Class Military Honours gives you the right to have a blind date with the guide!”


       One Arm waved his arm, “Yeah, look on the bright side.”


       “Really?” I wiped my eyes as the little snake coiled pitifully on my wrist. I guessed it must not have been this small before.


       Cripple nodded vigorously, “Isn’t that right? You see, we were lightly injured, and we don’t have first-class military achievements, and now we don’t have a guide.”


       But now I had amnesia, I would not even remember my bank password, and I had no relatives to come to see me. So I probably had no money, no house and both of my parents died, how can there be a guide who can take a fancy to me?


       I felt sad again.


       “Wuwuwu…” I started to weep again as I hold the little snake, and the three elder brothers were scared by me.


       Afterwards, a doctor came in to give me a health check-up and told me, “You are in a good shape, and you will be discharged from the hospital in half a month. The military department has arranged a blind date for you.”


       I asked cautiously, “Doctor, can I not leave the hospital? “


       The doctor asked me as he wrote on the medical record, “Why? Is there any discomfort in your body?”


       I instantly burst into tears again, “Wuwuwu, I have no money, doctor. I remember that there is no charge for being hospitalized due to the war.”


       The doctor was obviously startled by me, “What’s up with that? Major General Guan, you made a first-class military achievement in the battle, and the Empire gave you a lot of bonuses, so you don’t have to worry about running out of money.”


       I was even more upset when he said that, “Doctor, I forgot my bank card password.”


       It was probably the first time the doctor had seen it, but he reassured me, “It’s okay, it will come back to you.”


       In the end, I was kicked out of the hospital, and it was useless to cry and hug the doctor’s thigh.


       The military department sent a few mid-level sentinels to pick me up. They came and carried me onto the aircraft and took me out of the hospital.


       I was taken back to what I was told was my home. Cripple has nanny robots in his house, but when I look at mine, I didn’t even have a nanny robot. I’m sure I’m poor.


       Wuwuwu, it was better to stay in the hospital.


       The Lead Sentinel gave me a badge, “Major General Guan, this is a blind date permit. Next week you will be able to go on a blind date with a guide with a high match rate in the Tower1 it’s supposed to 文塔 or Wenta some sort of Pagoda/tower but I’ll keep it as Tower, so please keep it safe.


       I wiped my tears as I pinned the badge to my shirt.


       The sentinel said awkwardly, “Don’t be late. We’re leaving first.”


       After they left, I wandered around the house alone.


       There were no nanny bots in my house, wuwuwu.


       Who’s going to cook for me, wuwuwu.


       The more I thought about it, the sadder I got, and the little snake also shed tears along with me.


       I rummaged in the kitchen while weeping, and finally found some nutritional supplements, which I drank.


       Wuwuwu, this fvcking thing is so hard to drink.

I think I will just stick with wuwuwu for the crying sounds Guan Lie make (≧▽≦)
I never encounter a gong crying so much like this one, lololol
I wonder how majestic he was in the battle before you turned into an amnesiac cry baby~~

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Chapter 1

       [Reminder before reading: You’ve come to see this kind of story, so don’t boast noble moral sentiments. If you have to argue about whether or not it reflects practical issues, moral issues, professionalism issues, and a series of high-realistic issues; I suggest to You—there are thousands of famous books in the world, which are better than this one. So you have to know what you are here for when you come to read this kind of story and make sure to let go of your heart of helping the world and saving people. Come have fun and put your mind at ease before continuing to read, otherwise, it is recommended to stop.]


       When I opened my eyes, my surroundings were white, and my mind was as blank as the surroundings.


       The only memory I had was that I was a sentinel and I didn’t even know what my name was.


       A woman dressed in white next to me saw me wake up and happily called out for a group of people in white clothes.


       I opened my eyes and looked for a while. It seemed that some common sense of life came back to my mind.


       I was in the hospital.


       Several doctors looked left and right around me, shone a flashlight into my eyes, and stretched out their fingers to ask me how many it was.


       One of the older doctors asked me, “Do you remember who you are?”


       I shook my head, my neck stiff, “I don’t remember.”


       The old doctor talked a lot with the doctor next to him, but I could only make out the words: “after-effects”.


       Then a bunch of them went out again in a flurry.


       I was left alone in my hospital bed.


       I had no recollection of who I was, and I waited in bed for a long time, but no family member came to see me.


       Who am I?


       An inexplicable trace of grievance welled up in my heart.


       I waited for a few days, but no one came to see me. Instead, the doctor changed me to another ward.


       I went from a single-patient room to a multiple-occupancy room.


       This time I finally had someone to talk to and I wasn’t lonely anymore.


       There were several patients in the multiple-occupancy room, all of whom were sentinels.


       These sentinels were all lying on the bed, and everyone had bandages on their bodies, some wrapped around their heads, some with their arms in a sling, and some had plaster casts on their legs.


       I was worse off, I was covered in bandages.


       I vaguely remembered that the Quantum Beast1The Quantum Beast can be said to be a symbol of a kind of spiritual power (spiritual body) in the sentinel guide story, and it is a variety of animals. The spirit body is similar to the master and has its own consciousness. would reflect the state of the owner.


       I struggled to see, and sure enough, their quantum beasts were near their owner. There was a lizard with a bandaged head, a wolf with a bandaged leg flying in the air, and a bird on crutches.


       I then remembered, where is my own Quantum Beast?


       I felt that it was not in my sea of consciousness, and after searching for a while, I found a white ‘silkworm chrysalis’ sitting next to my pillow.




       The dude with the bandage on his arm seemed to realise that I could move and that I was alive.


       He sat up with his intact arm holding the hospital bed and his bird followed suit with the crutches and moved twice.


       “Hey, buddy, are you awake?” He looked at me, and I knew I must look terrible with bandages all over my body.


       The other two also looked at me.


       To differentiate them, I’ll call the dude with the bandaged arm, One Arm; the dude with the bandage on his head, Brain Hurt, and the senior with the cast on his leg, Cripple.


       Cripple sighed beside him, “Brother, you’ve got a long life, with this bandage all over your body2he was saying how he was still alive even with all the injuries he sustained.”


       I struggled to move my hands to respond to them.


       Brain Hurt seemed worried that I would die if I moved too much, “Big brother, you should hurry up and lie down. Look at you with all these bandages, it’s so hard to stay alive. As long as you take a breath, we will know that you can hear us.”


       One Arm said, “Dude, you’re lucky with that one.”


       Cripple followed and said, “Well, I heard that there was a big brother in the hospital who had it worse. Although he was awarded a First Class Military Honours in this battle, he was seriously injured and lost his memory. A doctor said that this big brother always behaves like this. After losing his memory, he becomes emotionally fragile, and will cry at every turn.”


       Brain Hurt then added, “That’s right. you could say that it was a fine man, who turned into a sissy after the first war.”


       I struggled to speak and tried to fit in with them, “Do you know what his name is?”


       One Arm recalled, “I think his name was Guan Lie?”


       At that moment two doctors came in, they walked over to my bed with their medical records and one asked me, “Guan Lie, how are you feeling?”


       I felt a sudden silence around me.


       A wave of grievance welled up in my heart again, and I couldn’t help but shed tears.


       “Wuwuwu, doctor, I really don’t feel safe here.”

So I decided to pick this up out of curiosity and also because I started to like a sentinel x guide plot, hehe
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Chapter 56

       Ning Junyan’s cousin was two years younger than him and his wife just gave birth to a son this year. During the meal, the little child was carried to the table, and the family was happy and amused, all teasing the child.

       Shu Rong picked up the child, played with him in her arms for a while, and then suddenly put him in Ning Junyan’s arms.

       Unprepared, Ning Junyan reached out for the child and looked up at Shu Rong.

       Shu Rong stood beside him and asked him, “Isn’t he lovely?”

       Ning Junyan looked down at the child in his arms, and replied indifferently, “He’s lovely.” Then he got up and returned the child to his mother.

       At this time, Ning Junyan’s second uncle said, “If you think he’s lovely, give birth to one yourself sooner.”

       Ning Junyan smiled when he heard the words, and didn’t intend to continue the topic, so he did not say anything.

       It was a long family reunion dinner, and when they were full, the men in the family still sat around the round table smoking and chatting.

       Only Ning Junyan stood up, walked out through the living room, put on his coat and walked outside into the cold and gloomy courtyard.

       When he went out, Shu Rong stopped him from behind, “Are you leaving now?”

       Ning Junyan said, “I’m going out to get some fresh air.”

       After a while, Shu Rong also put on a thick coat and followed him out.

       Shu Rong was in her fifties this year. She took good care of her health, she had fair and tight skin, and a figure she tried hard to maintain. She looked like she was still in her early forties.

       She had opened a beauty and plastic surgery hospital with a friend about ten years ago, with her as the director. Now more than ten years had passed, the hospital’s business was getting more and more prosperous, and she was getting prettier and prettier, like a living billboard for the hospital.

       Ning Junyan’s father, Ning Zhanghong, was the deputy director of another public tertiary hospital in the city. If Shu Rong’s personality was that of a typical businessman, Ning Zhanghong was a low-key and dedicated scholar. Part of Ning Junyan’s personality was inherited from his father; who was quiet and indifferent and didn’t talk much. The other part might come from his mother, who has a strong personality and was difficult to control.

       He was not close to either of his parents even without the experience of being abducted by human traffickers twenty years ago.

       The door light of the living room door could only illuminate a small area of the courtyard, the rest of the flowers and trees were hidden in the darkness.

       Shu Rong wrapped her long coat tightly and asked Ning Junyan, “Are you on duty during the Chinese New Year?”

       Ning Junyan said, “On duty1typically some people will take 1-2 weeks holiday near Chinese New Year.”

       “How many days are you on duty?”

       Ning Junyan answered her, “The second and sixth days of the Chinese New Year.”

       Shu Rong nodded and said, “Then come back home on the 30th night and we’ll spend the New Year together, and come back on the 3rd day as well, we have guests at home that day.”

       “No,” Ning Junyan said, “I have my own arrangements.”

       Shu Rong frowned, “What are your plans for the Chinese New Year alone? What is more important than going home to celebrate the New Year with your parents?”

       Ning Junyan said calmly, “Isn’t it quite a lot? Studying, making money, isn’t it all more important than a family reunion?” After he said that, he heard movement in the living room, turned around and saw that it was grandpa coming out of the dining room, so he walked inside.

       He walked up to his grandfather, bent down and said a few words of New Year’s greetings to him, and then said, “I have things to do at home, so I’ll go back first.”

       Unlike his father, his grandfather had an amiable personality. He grabbed Ning Junyan’s hand and asked, “What’s going on at home?”

       Ning Junyan said softly, “I’ve hidden someone who is waiting for me at home.”

       When Grandpa heard this, he wrinkled his face with a smile, patted his hand and said, “Then go quickly.”

       Ning Junyan said again, “Don’t tell others.”

       Grandpa said, “I promise not to tell.”

       Ning Junyan returned to the dining room to say goodbye to the others. When Ning Zhanghong heard that he was leaving so soon, he just frowned slightly but nodded without asking anything.

       Only Shu Rong was still dissatisfied, and followed Ning Junyan to the place where he parked his car, “It’s fine if you don’t come back at thirty, you’d better make time to come back on the 3rd day of the first month.”

       Ning Junyan asked, “Is there something wrong?”

       Shu Rong said, “I told you that there were guests at home that day.”

       Ning Junyan opened the car door to get in the car, but he felt that Shu Rong looked very unhappy, probably about to lose her temper, so he said, “Okay, I’ll try to come back.”

       Shu Rong backed away from the car and stood on the side of the road watching Ning Junyan drive away.

       Before the car turned the corner of the driveway in the neighbourhood, Ning Junyan raised his head and took a look in the rearview mirror. He saw Shu Rong still standing on the side of the road, as the view in the rearview mirror changed with the turning of the car, Shu Rong’s figure disappeared from it.

       When Ning Junyan arrived home, Chen Yuncheng was setting up a ladder to hang curtains in the living room. He didn’t go out today, so he took down all the curtains at home, washed them, dried them and hung them on the windows.

       “Isn’t there an aunt to do the cleaning?” Ning Junyan walked to the side of the ladder and reached out to support Chen Yuncheng’s leg.

       There was an auntie at his house who came over regularly to do the cleaning, and a full cleaning should be done before the New Year.

       Chen Yuncheng had already hung up the curtains, and was holding onto the ladder to get down, “The auntie can’t finish it all day. I’m free today anyway, so I took down the curtains and washed them.”

       As soon as he had just come down two frames on the ladder, Ning Junyan stretched out his hand and hugged him down, put his forehead close to him, and rubbed his face affectionately.

       Chen Yuncheng was startled, reached out and hugged his shoulder, and asked, “Why did you come back so early?”

       Ning Junyan said, “I came back after dinner, what did you eat tonight and why didn’t you return my messages?”

       Chen Yuncheng subconsciously touched the pocket of his trousers, only to realize that he had left his mobile phone on the bed in his room. He hadn’t looked at the mobile phone all night, so he could only say, “I didn’t see it. I ate instant noodles at night.”

       Ning Junyan said, “No instant noodles.”

       Chen Yuncheng raised his hands to pinch his ears, and said with a smile, “You are really lenient.”

       Ning Junyan said in a serious tone, “No instant noodles.”

       Chen Yuncheng smiled and promised him, “Okay, next time I will order takeaway instead of instant noodles.”

       Ning Junyan went to take a shower, and then dragged Chen Yuncheng who had already returned to his own room, to his room, lying on the bed and hugging Chen Yuncheng tightly in his arms.

       Chen Yuncheng stretched out a hand to feel around Ning Junyan’s head.

       Ning Junyan asked, “What are you touching?”

       Chen Yuncheng said, “I wonder if the injury on your head is still not healed.” During the time when they first met as adults, Chen Yuncheng felt that Ning Junyan had completely changed, yet after a long time, he felt that Ning Junyan had not changed at all.

       Ning Junyan said to him, “It’s not healed yet, the injury is inside, you can’t touch it like this.”

       Chen Yuncheng smiled. He pinched Ning Junyan’s nose, and then pinched his ears, as he often did when he was a child. Ning Junyan would just look at him stupidly, never knowing to be angry, now Ning Junyan was not angry either, but would kiss him hard.

       Only after he was a little out of breath, Chen Yuncheng pushed Ning Junyan away and asked, “Who was there for the reunion dinner tonight?” He had never heard Ning Junyan mention his family before.

       Ning Junyan answered his question seriously, “My grandfather, my second uncle’s family, my aunt’s family, and my parents.”

       Chen Yuncheng thought of Ning Junyan’s parents whom he met sixteen years ago. He no longer remembered their looks, but his impression of them was they were a tall and handsome middle-aged man and a beautiful and delicate woman, “Are you not in a good relationship with them?” He felt a little strange, he remembered that Ning Junyan’s parents were very emotional when they found him, and his mother even cried bitterly while holding him.

       Ning Junyan said, “It doesn’t matter if it’s good or not, maybe I haven’t lived up to their expectations.”

       “You are so good and you still can’t meet their expectations?” Chen Yuncheng thought it was unbelievable as he tried to sit up with his hands.

       But Ning Junyan didn’t let him move, he had to hold him in his arms and said fiercely, “Don’t move.”

       Chen Yuncheng didn’t move anymore.

       Only then Ning Junyan was satisfied, rubbed his hair with Chen Yuncheng’s hands, and said, “I don’t remember things clearly when I was a child, but I remember when they brought me home when I was fourteen, my mother went crazy and took me everywhere for extra lessons, and insisted that I participate in the high school entrance examination at the age of 15 just like others. “

       At that time, he almost abandoned his studies for four years, and there was a big gap between him and his peers.

       Shu Rong was a person who had plans for her life; Ning Junyan was her only son and she loved him very much, and because of that love, she had higher expectations. After experiencing the great sorrow and joy of losing and finding her son, she calmed down and began to put as much pressure on herself and her son. She believed her son was the best, so she went crazy and took Ning Junyan to make up for all the four years of missing in a year.

       Ning Zhanghong might not agree with her ideas, but he never intervened. Most of the time, he shut himself in the study, read documents, or burried himself in hospitals and laboratories. Occasionally when he saw Ning Junyan who was staying up late reading at home, he could only say indifferently, “Come on, don’t let your mother down.”

       Studying was not making Ning Junyan suffer too much, so most of the time he calmly watched the parents, enduring Shu Rong’s hysteria that lasted for a long time.

       Until one night, not knowing what was in his thoughts, he suddenly threw aside the books and exercises in front of him, opened the door and left alone.

       He didn’t get very far before being taken back by his parents.

       Shu Rong asked him where he was going in horror.

       Ning Junyan said indifferently to her mother, “I’m going to find Chen Yuncheng.”

       Ning Zhanghong frowned when he heard this, while Shu Rong grabbed his shoulder and asked him nervously, “What are you looking for him for?” They all knew that Chen Yuncheng was a child who lived with Ning Junyan in the trafficker’s house.

       Ning Junyan said, “I miss him.”

       The couple looked at each other, Shu Rong grabbed Ning Junyan’s hand and said to him, “What do you miss him for? He has gone home with his parents, you won’t be able to find him.”

       Ning Junyan said, “He has no parents.”

       Shu Rong said, “Then he’ll have other relatives, and he won’t miss you either, you’ll each have your own lives, you’ll have new friends later, and in time he’ll forget you, and you’ll forget him too.”

       Ning Junyan shook his head, “I will never forget Chen Yuncheng.”

       Shu Rong turned cold, “Mom will get angry if you say that again, be a good boy and come back with us. Stop thinking about it.”

       From that day onwards, apart from taking Ning Junyan to tutoring classes, Shu Rong also added one more thing to his life, which was to take Ning Junyan to see a psychologist.

       She did not want Ning Junyan to remember that experience, and even more so, she did not want Ning Junyan to bring up that experience, she felt that it was Ning Junyan’s psychological trauma, and also hers. As long as Ning Junyan mentioned Chen Yuncheng’s name, she would tell Ning Junyan repeatedly that Chen Yuncheng had forgotten about him, that they were both unimportant existences to each other, and that they would meet someone more important later.

       Ning Junyan didn’t like Shu Rong’s nervous chatter, and later never mentioned the word Chen Yuncheng again.

The author has something to say:
This is how Ning Junyan’s character takes shape

Mentally deranged tiger mom, huh

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Chapter 55

       Chen Yuncheng stared at the small and exquisite ring box on the dining table in a daze.

       Ning Junyan opened the lid of the box with his slender fingers, used his own slender fingers to open the lid of the box, revealing the understated style of the men’s diamond ring inside, his fingers stroked the surface of the ring and looked at Chen Yuncheng, “Is it good?” The tone of his voice was soft, even with a touch of seduction.

       The sourness that had been spreading in his chest tonight came up to his nose. Chen Yuncheng laughed dryly, trying to make his voice sound more natural, “Stop joking.”

       Ning Junyan looked at him intently, “I’m serious.”

       Chen Yuncheng lowered his head and used his fork to eat the steak he hadn’t finished, “Why did you suddenly think of this?”

       Ning Junyan leaned on the back of the dining chair and said, “I feel that you are very insecure, and I want to give you a sense of security.”

       Chen Yuncheng was stunned, and he couldn’t react for a while. He was almost drowned in Ning Junyan’s seductive language, only after a while he grabbed his short hair and said, “There’s no legal protection for our so-called marriage, either.” He hadn’t read much, but he knew that the country didn’t recognise same-sex marriage.

       Ning Junyan seemed a little surprised, “Why do you need legal protection? My commitment is more reliable than anything else.”

       Chen Yuncheng put down the knife and fork, raised his hands and rubbed his face, “Stop joking.”

       Ning Junyan frowned, “I said I’m not joking.”

       Chen Yuncheng looked at him, “But now is not the right time, it’s too fast.”

       Ning Junyan asked him, “What’s too fast?”

       Chen Yuncheng said, “You’re going too fast.”

       Ning Junyan was a little upset, “I’m not fast, that last time was the first time.”

       Chen Yuncheng reacted all of a sudden, and blood rushed to his cheek, “I don’t mean that!”

       Ning Junyan still showed a cold expression.

       Chen Yuncheng took a deep breath, and said slowly, “Marriage is a very prudent matter, even if there are no legal constraints, I can’t make this decision casually.”

       What he said was tactful, but Ning Junyan still understood, and asked him, “Don’t you want my ring?”

       Chen Yuncheng said with difficulty, “I can’t have it now.”

       “When will it be?” Ning Junyan asked patiently.

       Chen Yuncheng shook his head, “I can’t give you a deadline.”

       Ning Junyan pressed the lid of the ring box with his fingers, and said, “Alright.” After he said this word and made this gesture, he remained seated beside the dining table without moving, looking at Chen Yuncheng with a calm expression, his finger also pressing on the ring box without leaving it.

       But Chen Yuncheng could see a little disappointment from his drooping eyelashes.

       This atmosphere was too uncomfortable for Chen Yuncheng, so he stood up and put away the dishes on the table to wash them in the kitchen. When he came out after washing the dishes, he saw Ning Junyan was still sitting at the dining table, as if he hadn’t moved.

       The ring box was held in Ning Junyan’s hand, the lid was opened, and he stared at the ring inside in a daze.

       Chen Yuncheng reached out and pulled over a chair, and sat down very close to Ning Junyan with his knee touching Ning Junyan’s thigh.

       Ning Junyan looked up at him, “What are you doing?”

       Chen Yuncheng felt very uncomfortable as if it was his marriage proposal that was rejected, and called him, “Ning Junyan.”

       Ning Junyan acted very calmly, closed the lid of the ring box casually, and asked, “What’s the matter?”

       Chen Yuncheng called him again, “Yanyan.”

       Ning Junyan’s expression became slightly tangled, and after a while, he raised his hand to stroke Chen Yuncheng’s hair.

       Ever since Chen Yuncheng had his hair cut, he himself also liked to touch it. His hair was neither soft nor hard. It stood short on the top of his head and felt fluffy. He asked Ning Junyan, “Is it comfortable to touch?” He tried hard to cheer Ning Junyan up.

       Ning Junyan inserted his fingers into his short hair, pressed against his scalp, gently rubbed the soft skin near the back of his neck, and asked, “Can I kiss you?”

       Chen Yuncheng looked into his eyes, “Why are you asking that?”

       Ning Junyan said, “You rejected my proposal.”

       Chen Yuncheng said, “Rejecting a proposal is not rejecting you as a person.”

       Ning Junyan said, “En.”

       Chen Yuncheng smiled, and asked him, “En what?” But before Ning Junyan answered, Chen Yuncheng raised his hand to cup Ning Junyan’s face and took the initiative to kiss him once again.

       After a kiss that wasn’t too intense, Chen Yuncheng withdrew quickly, looking at Ning Junyan with a smile in his eyes.

       Ning Junyan said, “I have this urge.”

       Chen Yuncheng looked down.

       Ning Junyan continued, “After the operation in the afternoon, I have this urge when I think of you.”

       Chen Yuncheng felt very embarrassed, but still went along with his question, “Why was it after the operation?”

       Ning Junyan said, “I was highly stimulated.”

       Chen Yuncheng asked him, “Has it always been like this?”

       Ning Junyan replied, “Since I saw you.”

       Chen Yuncheng kissed him again, parting with some amusement, not expecting that one day he would also be this clingy with someone.

       Ning Junyan caressed Chen Yuncheng’s ear until his ears turned red, and said, “I thought you would agree to marry me.”

       Chen Yuncheng said, “I don’t think we need to be in too much of a hurry.”

       Ning Jun said slowly, “But I want to fvck you.”

       Chen Yuncheng lowered his head weakly, “Doctor Ning, can you not be so vulgar in your words?”

       Ning Junyan said, “Then put it another way, I want to have se—”

       “Okay,” Chen Yuncheng interrupted him, “I understand what you mean, don’t say any more.”

       Ning Junyan seemed regretful, “I thought you thought about it too.”

       Chen Yuncheng didn’t even want to look into his eyes, but only stared at the protruding Adam’s apple on the edge of Ning Junyan’s neckline, “It’s not necessary to be married to do those things.”

       After a brief silence, Ning Junyan suddenly reached out to put his arms around him and stood up.

       Chen Yuncheng’s entire body was lifted by him into mid-air, and he could only hastily put his arm around Ning Junyan’s shoulder, as he saw the ring box roll off Ning Junyan onto the ground.

       “The ring!” Chen Yuncheng shouted.

       Ning Junyan said, “Pick that up later.” He carried Chen Yuncheng who was 180 centimetres tall and walked towards his room without exerting any effort at all.

       Chen Yuncheng was very nervous, and grabbed Ning Junyan’s clothes, “I didn’t say I was going to do anything with you now.”

       Ning Jun Yan didn’t stop in his tracks, just thought for a moment and said, “Then I’m not going to put it in.”

       Chen Yuncheng didn’t expect to hear a man say this to him one day, and his face turned completely red. He hugged Ning Junyan’s shoulders tightly and said, “Let me go take a shower.”

       Ning Junyan said, “I’ll help you take a shower.” He carried Chen Yuncheng into the room, and then kicked the door shut.

       Chen Yuncheng spent the night on Ning Junyan’s bed for the second time. Unlike the last time when he was drunk, this time he was supposed to be sober, yet he still felt dizzy and everything seemed unreal.

       The next morning, he woke up when Ning Junyan got up.

       Ning Junyan was going to work, so he didn’t wake him up. Ning Junyan just kissed his cheek before getting out of bed, and then changed clothes and took a shower quietly.

       Chen Yuncheng kept his eyes closed and pretended to be asleep. He didn’t move until he heard the sound of the door closing from outside. He then opened his eyes and fumbled to look at his phone, Ning Junyan shouldn’t be coming back from his trip to the hospital.

       He sat up, and the quilt slid down to reveal mottled marks all over his body, all left by Ning Junyan. He couldn’t help but lift the quilt again and saw his reddened inner thighs. Ning Junyan was a man of his word, yet this act of rubbing his legs almost to the point of tearing his skin, except that he didn’t put it in, seemed to Chen Yuncheng no different from doing it in the end.

       Chen Yuncheng got out of bed. He hadn’t left since he was carried back to his room by Ning Junyan last night, and had to go back to his room to get dressed.

       When he got up, Chen Yuncheng saw the ring box on the bedside table, he couldn’t even remember when Ning Junyan had gone to pick up the small box that had fallen under the dining table.

       After staring at the box and hesitating for a long time, Chen Yuncheng reached out to pick it up and opened the box and took out the ring inside. Because it was a men’s ring, the surface of the platinum was inlaid with small diamonds, it was not exaggerated but beautiful. He hesitantly put the ring on his left ring finger, the ring was just the right size, and he didn’t know what size Ning Junyan had made it to.

       He remembered Ning Junyan’s words. Ning Junyan said that he wanted to give him a sense of security. Chen Yuncheng stared at the ring and couldn’t help but smile. Finally, he took off the ring and carefully put it back into the box.

       Ning Junyan had to go back home for the Chinese New Year’s Eve reunion in the afternoon. He didn’t schedule an operation and drove away as soon as the hospital’s closing time came.

       The so-called home was actually his grandfather’s home, and today was the year-end gathering for the entire Ning family.

       Although the Chinese New Year was approaching, the streets in the city were still congested during the rush hour. Ning Junyan drove for more than forty minutes, and the sky had already darkened before he turned the car into an old villa complex.

       His grandfather had lived here for many years and did not want to move to the outskirts of the city.

       He parked the car in a street parking space in the neighbourhood, and Ning Junyan walked towards the Ning family’s detached villa.

       He was probably the last one to arrive home. From a distance, he could see that the whole villa was brightly lit, and lively voices coming from inside could be heard. The door of the living room on the first floor was open, and as he walked in, his cousin, who was sitting facing the door, saw it first and said, “Junyan ge is back.”

       Only then did all the others turn their heads and greet him.

       He nodded, walked to his grandpa sitting on the recliner, and said, “Happy New Year, Grandpa.” At the same time, he handed over the New Year’s gift he bought.

       The gift was a box of tea leaves and a purple clay pot. The old man Ning liked it very much, and he took out the purple clay pot and rubbed it for a long time.

       Ning Junyan’s mother, Shu Rong, stood up and said, “Now that you’re back, let’s prepare dinner.”

       The whole family sat down around the dining table.

       Ning Junyan’s father, Ning Zhanghong, was the eldest son in the family, and he had a pair of younger siblings, who each had children.

       Ning Zhanghong and Shu Rong didn’t usually live here, but Shu Rong greeted everyone as they sat down and ordered the nanny to serve the food, acting like a host.

       When Ning Junyan sat down, he sent Chen Yuncheng a message, asking if he had dinner.

       Shu Rong saw it and said, “If it’s not a work emergency, don’t take your phone out on such occasions.”

       Ning Junyan glanced at her calmly and waited until the message had been sent before putting the phone back into his bag.


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Chapter 33

       Before he came to go on a date with Shen Huiming, Suo Yang was a little nervous.

       The whole dating thing was actually a bit foreign to him. All he could think of was sitting in an expensive restaurant and eating an unrealistic meal, watching a movie that might not necessarily be exciting. Other than that, he couldn’t think of anything else.

       As a matter of fact, it was kind of boring.

       Before the date started, he was a little worried that those good feelings built up by Shen Huiming would be drained to nothing on this boring date.

       However, Shen Huiming proved to be far more intelligent and interesting than he had thought.

       The two arrived at the food street near the University of Foreign Studies, with a slightly narrow path, and Shen Huiming drove carefully looking for an empty parking space. Suo Yang sat in the passenger seat and looked at the students passing by the window, young and fearless.

       After a long turn along the path, Shen Huiming finally found a parking space. He then said, “There’s really something wrong with the planning of this place.”

       Suo Yang laughed, “Because it was not planned for you!”

       The two got out of the car, and Shen Huiming looked around the surroundings. Suo Yang said, “It’s only students from the nearby schools who come here, so few people drive here, so naturally there’s not much parking space.”

       “I’m being narrow-minded” Shen Huiming joked with him, “Teacher Suo educates well.”

       Suo Yang laughed out loud, “Why are you…”

       It was not quite what he imagined.

       Although they had met before, and had even spent a few hours alone together in Berlin, before today, Suo Yang’s impression of Shen Huiming had always been that he was ‘mature and dignified’ and a ‘smart gentleman’, but he had never expected that he would still like to joke around.

       It was rare for Sawyer to joke around with people. In his opinion, it was not always possible to make jokes in all relationships, and it required the right person and the right words.

       He always lived a very careful life, was afraid of offending others and didn’t like to be offended.

       However, when he was with Shen Huiming, he would subconsciously joke with the other party and did not resist the other party’s jokes.

       To a large extent, it was because Shen Huiming’s jokes were also well-measured, and not over the top, but were a bit cute.

       Suo Yang felt surprised that he secretly thought Shen Huiming was cute. Logically speaking, Shen Huiming shouldn’t have anything to do with the word ‘cute’.

       “What are you thinking about?” Shen Huiming saw that he hadn’t spoken for a long time, so he walked up to him, “What did you want to say about me?”

       Suo Yang didn’t answer his question, but asked him, “Chicken clay pot, is it okay?”

       Shen Huiming rubbed his stomach in a very cooperative manner, “My mouth is watering right now!”

       When he was in college, Suo Yang and his group of students would come to this food street every week to satisfy their cravings. Perhaps because the customers were students, the food here has always been good and cheap.

       Suo Yang led Shen Huiming to walk along the path, and the two of them were a bit out of place, as they were surrounded by rowdy and youthful university students.

       Suo Yang said, “Actually, several food stalls that I liked very much in the past have closed down, but this chicken clay pot has been open all the time.”

       “Do you come here often?”

       “No, I used to choose this place occasionally when I made appointments with Zhou Mo.” Suo Yang suddenly smiled, “There is something very funny. I liked to eat here when I was in college. When I was in college I liked to eat at this restaurant, I thought that I would have the opportunity to go to Chongqing in the future to try the authentic Chongqing chicken clay pot, but I didn’t know until I arrived in Chongqing that there is no Chicken clay pot in Chongqing, and they seem to eat more roasted chicken in Chongqing.”

       Shen Huiming also laughed, “Just like Sichuan doesn’t have Sichuan Malatang1hot spicy soup, and California doesn’t have California Beef Noodles?”

       The two of them just joked and laughed like this, and went into the shop.

       It was the rush hour for lunch, and when they entered, the store was very crowded. At first, Suo Yang thought they would have to wait for a table, but to his surprise, there was still one last empty table left in the corner, as if he was waiting for them on purpose.

       The owner took them to sit down and put the menu on the table for them to order.

       “Look at it first,” Suo Yang pushed the menu in front of Shen Huiming, “I’ll add to it after you’ve ordered.”

       Shen Huiming didn’t push back and took the overly plain menu and looked at it carefully.

       The two ordered a big chicken pot. When adding dishes, Shen Huiming would ask Suo Yang’s opinion on each one he ordered. The other party would nod, and then he would let the owner write it down. When Shen Huiming finished ordering and gave the menu to Suo Yang, Suo Yang said, “Boss, two more bottles of Artic Ocean2.”

       After he said that, he returned the menu to the boss.

       Shen Huiming asked, “You’re not adding any more dishes?”

       “You’ve already ordered everything I like to eat.”

       It didn’t matter whether it was a tacit understanding or intentional, what mattered was that both of them were happy.

       The small shops on the food street that was there for years were plainly decorated and were not that spacious. In order to accommodate as many customers as possible, the tables were spaced just far enough apart for one person to walk.

       Such an environment was not really good, let alone for Suo Yang, even Shen Huiming himself never thought that one day his date with Suo Yang would be in such a place.

       It wasn’t that it was bad, it was just that it was too down-to-earth.

       “What are you laughing at?” Suo Yang asked.

       The boss came over with two bottles of Arctic Ocean first and put a bottle opener on the table for them to open by themselves.

       Suo Yang directly picked up the bottle opener, opened the bottle neatly, then took out a tissue, and carefully wiped the mouth of the bottles before handing them to Shen Huiming.

       “I was wondering if you think I’m too stingy.” Shen Huiming said, “It was hard to ask you out, and you deliberately transferred your shift to come here, only to take you to eat buns and stroll around the park in the morning, and now here to eat chicken pot at a small shop.”

       Suo Yang lowered his head and smiled as he wiped the mouth of his own bottle.

       “Other people’s dates are western restaurants with thousands of dollars per person, and the two of them go in in suits and elegantly cut steaks.”

       “Hey, knock it off.” Suo Yang looked at him with a smile in his eyes, “Don’t you think that kind of date is boring?”

       Shen Huiming took a sip of soda and looked at Suo Yang with a smile.

       “Actually, the form of dating is not the most important thing, what’s important is the purpose.” Suo Yang’s fingers gently rubbed against the glass soda bottle, “Do you want to take a walk with the other party in the flashy Crystal Palace? Or do you want to take advantage of this rare opportunity to really get to know each other? Everyone positions themselves differently for each date, so the direction will be different.”

       He took a sip of the soda, the cold bubbles were stimulating and refreshing.

       “I really like this feeling now.” Suo Yang said, “It’s more real, isn’t it?”

       Shen Huiming looked at him in a daze, and nodded. He felt that he liked this man a little more.

       In fact, there was no absolutely perfect Three Views3The “three views” refers to views on the world, life and values. in this world, but when two people were together, it was important that the three views fit together.

       Although the Crystal Palace was certainly a beautiful and romantic, people always always have to come back down to earth and live with one’s feet on the ground. What’s more, there’s been plenty of romance between them—the encounters one after another at the beginning, the bet at a height of 30,000 feet, and the wedding in a short trip to Berlin. All the memories were real and romantic, and now, sitting down unpretentiously to a cheap but hearty chicken clay pot, how was that not romantic?

       Having eaten and drunk enough, Suo Yang went to the cashier to pay the bill first.

       Shen Huiming didn’t argue with him, because it was the most unnecessary and meaningless thing.

       When the two came out, Suo Yang stood at the door and sniffed on his own shirt.

       “It has a strong smell of chicken clay pot.” Suo Yang said, “It was probably a mistake to bring you here for meal.”

       “At this time, this big brother will show off.” Shen Huiming smiled softly, “Let’s go, get back in the car.”

       Suo Yang followed him into the car with a puzzled look on his face and then watched Shen Huiming take out a small spray.

       “It’s to remove the smell,”  Shen Huiming said, “Spray your clothes and hair, it will disperse the smell soon.”

       “That amazing?” Suo Yang took it and carefully sprayed some on his shirt.

       “Do you think I live very delicately?” Shen Huiming sat there gloating, waiting for Suo Yang to praise him.

       Suo Yang smiled, “Very delicate, so can I ask you for a gift? Just this thing. Give me one.”

       Shen Huiming leaned there and looked at him with a big smile, “I’ve seen people who need flowers, watches, bags and houses, but this is the first time I see people who need scent spray.”

       Suo Yang finished spraying his shirt, then lightly sprayed it on his hair, “Gifts are still the most thoughtful when they are practical.”

       The two of them sat in the car and joked around for a while, and Suo Yang said he wanted to take Shen Huiming to school for a while.

       Of course Shen Huiming was eager to do so, he was curious about the place where Suo Yang had studied.

       In other words, he was curious about everything about Suo Yang.

       It took less than five minutes to drive from the food street to Suo Yang’s school.

       Once they entered the campus, the car was parked under the guidance of Suo Yang.

       Across the street from where they parked was the basketball court. Through the iron fence, they could see those young men who were not afraid of the cold still playing there wearing their autumn clothes in full swing

       As the two of them walked slowly along the basketball court, Suo Yang pointed to a building in front of him and said, “That building is the building of our department. At that time, the majority of our major classes were held at that time.”

       “When I was studying, I always went to the wrong classroom.” Suo Yang smiled, “I don’t know what happened back then, like a fool.”

       Shen Huiming listened beside him, imagining how the college student Suo Yang would run into the classroom in a panic with his books in his arms, and then ran away in a panic after realizing that he had gone to the wrong classroom.

       Those embarrassing moments in youth always become extra cute when you thought about them later.

       Shen Huiming also wanted to meet that reckless Suo Yang back then.

       “I made a fool of myself a lot when I was in college,” Suo Yang said, “I don’t know how to play basketball, but in there’s a competition in the department, and there were not enough boys in our class, and I had to cover. As a result, after the whole game, everyone remembered Suo Yang as someone who will definitely give points to the opponent whenever he makes a move.”

       Shen Huiming laughed so hard that his whole body felt like it was pulled back to years ago, with that basketball game in front of him.

       “I’m a good basketball player,” Shen Huiming said, “Should I teach you another day?”

       “Don’t,” Suo Yang didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, “I can’t even understand the rules, so I’d better not trouble you.”

       When the two of them reached the entrance of the school building, Suo Yang asked, “Do you want to go in and take a look?”

       “Can I go in?”

       “It should be possible.” Suo Yang led him inside, and the guard’s uncle was dozing off.

       The two slipped inside gingerly, as if they were thieves, then quickly turned around and went upstairs, and smiled at each other on the empty stairs, like two students who had successfully avoided the teacher’s inspection and skipped class.

       At this moment, it seemed that they were no longer a small boss who needed to read documents on the plane and the flight attendant who was tense to serve passengers, but rather two ordinary college students, the senior leading the junior one to fool around in the school building.

       Youth seemed to have left for a long time.

       But in fact, youth had always been there.

       Going back to the university campus was like going back to when they were 20 years old, and everything could be very simple, including liking someone.

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Chapter 54

       Chen Yuncheng didn’t know what to say to Ning Junyan, he went back to his room, opened the door and saw several paper bags on the bed.

       He walked over and saw that one of the bags contained a new pack of men’s underwear, and the other bags contained all new clothes.

       There was a woollen sweater, two shirts, a pair of trousers, and a down jacket. The style of the down jacket was similar to the thick down jacket that Ning Junyan wore before, and it seemed to be of the same brand.

       Chen Yuncheng took out all the clothes and saw that there were no tags on them.

       He hurried out of the room, found Ning Junyan in the study, and said, “Did you buy those clothes for me?”

       Ning Junyan was facing his laptop looking at something, but now he looked up at him and said, “Yeah, you disappeared early in the morning, so I had to go shopping alone.”

       “Why do you buy so many?” Chen Yuncheng asked.

       Ning Junyan said, “I bought it because I thought it looked good.”

       Chen Yuncheng said to him, “I don’t need it, I have clothes to wear.”

       The chair beneath Ning Junyan shifted slightly, “Your underwear is torn.”

       Chen Yuncheng said, “Then just buy the underwear, what’s the point of buying anything else? Take it and return it.”

       Ning Junyan said, “The tags are all cut.”

       The tags were all cut, so they could not be returned, and the size of the clothes would not fit Ning Junyan.

       Chen Yuncheng was a little annoyed. He turned around and left the study and went back to his room. He searched for the brand of the down jacket that Ning Junyan bought for him on the shopping app with his mobile phone, and found that the purchase price was two to three thousand. He suddenly felt a throbbing pain in his temple, he picked up the down jacket, and for a moment felt that it was inappropriate to dispose of it.

       Ning Junyan walked in at this moment and asked him, “You don’t like it?”

       Chen Yuncheng asked him, “Did you receive the money I transferred to you?”

       Ning Junyan said, “I received the text message.”

       Chen Yuncheng was a little annoyed, “You took all the money to buy me clothes when you received them?”

       Ning Junyan shook his head, “The sum here is less than ten thousand.”

       Chen Yuncheng threw the down jacket back on the bed, “I don’t need such expensive clothes.” There was no difference between a three thousand and three hundred down jacket on his body.

       “Are you angry?” Ning Junyan asked him.

       Chen Yuncheng was indeed a little angry, but he felt that he couldn’t simply vent it on Ning Junyan, who had only used his own money to buy him a gift.

       Ning Jun extended his arms and hugged him from behind, wrapped his arms around his waist, and said close to his ear, “Then next time you go shopping with me, choose the style you like.”

       “It’s not a matter of style,” Chen Yuncheng said.

       Ning Junyan kissed his ear, and suddenly felt his short hair prickling his cheek, and couldn’t help kissing him on the head again, “You can talk about any problems you have, don’t get angry.”

       Chen Yuncheng felt that he couldn’t get angry anymore.

       He stood in the room for a while, pulled away Ning Junyan’s hand that was wrapped around his waist, and bent down to pick up the new underwear on the bed.

       Ning Junyan said to him, “Wash them before you put them on.”

       Chen Yuncheng said “En”, and went to the bathroom in his underwear. When he washed it and went to the balcony to dry it, he saw Ning Junyan’s bed sheet and quilt cover were still hanging on the balcony.

       When he thought of the reason why Ning Junyan had changed his bed sheets, Chen Yuncheng was so ashamed that he couldn’t even lift his head up.

       Chen Yuncheng didn’t want to wear those new clothes, so he hung them up and put them in the closet.

       The Chinese New Year was less than two weeks away. Since that weekend, Ning Junyan had been busy with work and didn’t spend much time at home.

       But Chen Yuncheng, on the other hand, had nothing to do, except for helping Sun Shiliang with a renovation job halfway through the year. He simply went to a construction site outside to work part-time for a week. Taking advantage of the low wages and high wages of the workers before the holiday, he saved 2,000 yuan.

       After getting the money, Chen Yuncheng bought a cigarette and sent it to Long Zhanyu.

       Long Zhanyu worked the night shift last night, and today he was so busy that he didn’t have time to go home to sleep until noon. He opened the door and saw Chen Yuncheng standing outside with a paper bag containing cigarettes, and said, “What’s the matter? Wish me an early New Year?”

       Chen Yuncheng handed him the cigarette and said, “Yes, I’m wishing you a happy new year.”

       Long Zhanyu said, “Happy, my ass.”

       He invited Chen Yuncheng to sit down. The room in the second-storey house was fairly neatly tidied up, except that there were empty beer bottles and full ashtrays on the coffee table in the living room, and coats were thrown casually on the sofa. It was a single man’s residence.

       Chen Yuncheng sat down, Long Zhanyu went to the kitchen to boil water with his messy hair, made him a cup of tea after a while and brought it out.

       The tea was too hot to drink for a while.

       Long Zhanyu lit a cigarette, crossed his legs and leaned on the single sofa, saying, “Zhou Yan has been transferred to the jurisdiction1simply put a jurisdiction is the official power to make legal decisions and judgments. So Zhou Yan’s punishment is going to be decided pretty soon.”

       One side was theft with multiple co-defendants, and the other side was an intentional homicide. After communicating with the higher authorities, he would be transferred to the jurisdiction of the public security bureau in Zhou Yan’s hometown county. When the time comes, he would be prosecuted together with the theft case and tried by the local intermediate court.

       Chen Yuncheng nodded and asked, “When will the trial take place?”

       Long Zhanyu said, “I guess it’s still early, we have to wait at least a few months.”

       Chen Yuncheng sat on the sofa, and leaned forward slightly, with his arms on his knees, as he stared at the full ashtray on the coffee table in a daze.

       Long Zhanyu didn’t care whether the ashtray was overflowing or not, and was still flicking soot into it. He said, “I asked my acquaintances at the prosecutor’s office and the court, and they all said that Zhou Yan’s case would be a reprieved case2Reprieve is the suspension or postponement of the punishment of a convicted person. When a reprieve is granted, a criminal is temporarily relieved from the execution of his/her sentence even if he was sentenced to death, so you don’t need to worry too much.”

       Chen Yuncheng looked at him, “Thank you, Officer Long.”

       Long Zhanyu raised his hand holding the cigarette and waved it in the air, and he said, “It was my poor consideration that got you into trouble with Zhang Wenyong’s case.”

       Chen Yuncheng shook his head and said nothing.

       Long Zhanyu asked him: “What are you doing now? Do you need me to introduce you to a job?”

       Chen Yuncheng was a little curious when he heard the words, “What kind of job can you introduce me to?”

       Long Zhanyu yawned, “I heard earlier that they were hiring in the community or something, if you are interested, I can go and ask around.”

       “No thanks,” Chen Yuncheng saw that Long Zhanyu was very sleepy and didn’t want to disturb him any longer, so he got up and said, “Take some rest, I’m leaving first, and I’ll come out for dinner another day when I’m free.”

       Long Zhanyu sent him to the door of his house.

       Chen Yuncheng stood outside the door, looked at him and said, “Smoke less. It’s really bad for your health.”

       Long Zhanyu said, “But you are still buying me cigarettes?” Then he waved his hand, “Just go.”

       Chen Yuncheng walked towards the elevator, walked two steps and then came back, saying, “If Zhou Yan is in court, can you let me know?”

       Long Zhanyu leaned against the doorway and looked at him, “I’ll ask around for you, and I’ll tell you when the court date is confirmed.”

       Chen Yuncheng said again, “Thank you.”

       Long Zhanyu said, “Call me if you need help.”

       Chen Yuncheng smiled, “Okay.”

       The next day, Chen Yuncheng received a call from Gu Yaojia that the child was ready to be discharged from the hospital.

       Gu Yaojia wanted to take her child back to her hometown before the year’s end, but Chen Yuncheng felt that it would be too dangerous for her to carry her luggage and hold the child by herself, whether by bus or train, so she finally borrowed Ning Junyan’s car and drove them back.

       The car travels on the highway for the whole journey, and it only took more than three hours for one trip.

       But when they arrived, Gu Yaojia insisted that Chen Yuncheng stays for lunch. Her parents and elder brother had specially prepared a meal, so Chen Yuncheng could not refuse and had to stay for a meal.

       After dinner, when Chen Yuncheng and Gu Yaojia were alone, he asked her, “Would you like to go and see Zhou Yan when the court is in session?”

       Gu Yaojia looked tired and asked, “When will the court start?”

       Chen Yuncheng said, “I don’t know, but I asked a friend to help me find out.”

       Gu Yaojia asked again, “Can we go and listen?”

       Chen Yuncheng nodded, “Yes.” After speaking, he quickly said, “If you want to go, I will pick you up then.”

       Gu Yaojia looked at Chen Yuncheng and asked him, “Do you want me to take the child?”

       Chen Yuncheng nodded.

       Gu Yaojia smiled suddenly, and she said, “I’ll go then, I will take the child to meet him, and tell the child that it is his father. Although he’s not much of a man and has broken the law, he did all those things for him.”

       Chen Yuncheng sat beside him and listened quietly without speaking.

       Gu Yaojia suddenly called him, “Cheng ge.”

       Chen Yuncheng lifted his head.

       Gu Yaojia’s eyes were red, “I can’t afford to pay back the money for the time being, but as soon as I have money, I will definitely pay it back.”

       Chen Yuncheng said, “It’s okay, let’s talk about it later.”

       On the way back, there was a traffic jam on the highway.

       Chen Yuncheng drove forward slowly behind the long queue. He turned on the radio in the car and heard the radio host talking about the upcoming Chinese New Year. As he sat alone in the car, listening to the lively topics, Chen Yuncheng suddenly felt a little lonely.

       He thought that if he really went to drive a long-distance truck as he had originally intended, would he have to endure the loneliness of the journey all the time?

       Actually, he was not a person who enjoyed loneliness. He wished more than ever that he could have family members who could accompany him growing up and spend the holidays together.

       Many people asked him why he cared so much about Zhou Yan and told him not to care about Zhou Yan anymore, but he couldn’t let it go. Because for so many years, Zhou Yan was like his only family, only the two of them were homeless during the Chinese New Year, and they accompanied each other in a strange big city together.

       It was a pity that he wouldn’t even have Zhou Yan in the future.

       Chen Yuncheng leaned on the back of the seat, watching the faintly visible sunset in the distance, and the gradually darkening sky outside the car window. He thought of Gu Yaojia, Zhou Yan’s young son, and the more than ten years that Zhou Yan would spend in prison.

       He was very sad.

       When he returned to the city, Chen Yuncheng received a call from Ning Junyan, asking him why he hadn’t come back yet. This was the second call from Ning Junyan today. The first one came at noon, asking when he would be back.

       Chen Yuncheng put the phone on speaker and said, “I’ve already gotten off the highway, so if there’s not too much traffic, I can probably get home in half an hour or so.”

       Ning Junyan asked him, “Have you eaten?”

       Chen Yuncheng said, “Not yet.”

       Ning Junyan said “En”, “I’ll wait for you to have dinner.”

       After hanging up the phone, Chen Yuncheng concentrated on driving and returned to the neighbourhood where Ning Junyan lived at about the expected time.

       At this time, it was completely dark, and before the car reached the gate of the neighbourhood, he saw a slender and tall figure standing under the street lamp from a distance.

       Ning Junyan was wearing a coat and a scarf and was waiting for him at the neighbourhood’s entrance. Through the foggy window glass, Chen Yuncheng saw his whole body being haloed by the light, creating a warm and soft circle of light.

       Chen Yuncheng heard his heartbeat gradually speeding up, and the discomfort along the way turned sour the moment she saw Ning Junyan. He stepped on the brakes, slowed down and parked the car on the side of the road, very close to Ning Junyan.

       Ning Junyan approached with quick steps and walked around the front of the car to the driver’s side. Chen Yuncheng opened the car door, leaned out and grabbed his lapel, and at the same time lowered his head and kissed his lips.

       It was not too late, and there were pedestrians passing by the neighbourhood’s entrance, but at that time, Chen Yuncheng could no longer care about other people’s eyes.

       Ning Junyan was only briefly in a daze before he quickly raised his arms and wrapped them around Chen Yuncheng, kissing him back hard.

       He didn’t even know how long the kiss lasted before Chen Yuncheng pushed Ning Junyan away, his ears turning red as he sat back in his seat and gripped the steering wheel with both hands.

       Ning Junyan was still standing by the car door looking at him, and said, “Do you miss me that much?”

       Chen Yuncheng didn’t look at him, but said, “Where are we going to eat?”

       Ning Junyan said, “I’ll make it for you at home.”

       Chen Yuncheng nodded, “Okay.”

       When he returned home, Chen Yuncheng took off his jacket and went to the bathroom to wash his hands. As soon as he went in, Ning Junyan followed him in from behind, hugged him from behind, stared at him in the mirror and said, “You’ve lost weight.”

       Both of them were busy during this period of time, and Ning Junyan hardly had time to take a closer look at Chen Yuncheng under the bright light.

       Chen Yuncheng had indeed lost weight. The short-term jobs he did on the construction site was the hardest and most tiring job so that he could make more money. He pressed the hand sanitiser on the palm of his hand, lowered his head and rubbed his hands carefully, and asked Ning Junyan, “No overtime today?”

       Ning Junyan said, “No overtime today.”

       Chen Yuncheng took the initiative to kiss Ning Junyan just now, but now he felt embarrassed again, instead of looking at the person in the mirror, he just said, “Is dinner ready?”

       “Yeah,” Ning Junyan kissed the top of his head, turned around and left the bathroom first, “Come and eat.”

       Chen Yuncheng couldn’t help but raised his hand to touch his head and felt that after he cut his hair, Ning Junyan especially liked to kiss his head.

       The dinner was a steak fried by Ning Junyan, accompanied by red wine. If a candle was lit in the middle of the table, it would really have that kind of vibe.

       However, Chen Yuncheng was very unskilled in using the knife and fork. He kept knocking on the plate and making sounds.

       Ning Junyan said, “I had an emergency surgery this afternoon, it was quite troublesome, and I’ve been thinking about you since I finished.”

       Chen Yuncheng heard it but didn’t look up at him, trying to fight with the steak on the plate.

       After a while, Chen Yuncheng realized that Ning Junyan had stopped talking, so he took the initiative to find a topic and asked, “Which day do you have a holiday for Chinese New Year?”

       Ning Junyan said, “The holiday starts on the 30th, but I have to be on duty for two days in between.”

       Chen Yuncheng asked again, “Where did you plan to go?”

       Ning Junyan looked at him, “I’m not going anywhere, I’ll just keep an eye on you.”

       Chen Yuncheng couldn’t help raising his eyes, and quickly lowered his eyes, “You’re not going to gather with your family?”

       “Tomorrow night,” Ning Junyan said, “the family reunion is tomorrow night.”

       Chen Yuncheng nodded, “Oh.”

       Ning Junyan said, “You can go back with me.”

       “Are you kidding me?” Chen Yuncheng laughed as he said, “In what capacity would I go back with you?”

       Ning Junyan said, “We can get married, and you come back with me as my partner.” His tone was too calm, and he didn’t seem to be joking at all, and then he took out a square ring box from his pocket, “My custom-made proposal ring has arrived.”

The author has something to say:

I received a lot of starfish today. In order to thank everyone for the starfish, I tried my best to write more characters in this chapter. Although there is no love scenes, at least there is a proposal, which also fits the Qixi Festival atmosphere.

I wish you all a happy Qixi!


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