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Chapter 47 – The Demon Lord's blood was stolen

Chapter 47


Yide’s face changed suddenly upon hearing this, but he stubbornly held onto Kui’s hand.


“Your Majesty, I…”


“Yide, I do not wish to see such ugliness within Yingzhou again.”


Yide gazed thoughtfully, as if pondering. After a moment, he said, “Your Majesty, I will not imprison Kui again. I will make proper arrangements for Kui immediately.” He still wanted to possess Kui and was unwilling to set him free.


Haowei did not continue to reprimand Yide. Firstly, Yide would ascend in six days, and he did not wish to punish Yide further.


Secondly, the matters between Kui and Yide were for them to reconcile as outsiders; he could not make decisions. Therefore, how to handle Yide’s feelings needed to be decided by Kui himself.


Yide did not ask Haowei how he knew where Kui was being held. Perhaps he guessed he was being followed, or perhaps he simply didn’t care. Right now, his only concern was Kui. He arranged for Kui to stay in a side hall of the mansion, just a wall away from his own sleeping quarters.


In the following two days, Kui appeared unusually calm, like a puppet. He completed each task according to schedule, but otherwise showed no reaction to the outside world.


Yide visited him every night, trying to talk to him, but Kui completely ignored him.


Such disregard and torment finally drove Yide mad on the third day.


Yide held Kui’s face, his eyes flashing with a bloody light, like a wild beast in rage. “Why?”


Si Lan did not intentionally eavesdrop on Yide and Kui’s conversation. Yide treated him like an ordinary “chicken,” not bothering to avoid talking in front of him. He was fluttering his wings by the window when he heard Yide’s suppressed emotional voice.


“You used to like me so much. Why are you treating me like this now just for an animal?”


“Kui, I still remember the scene when I first met you in the mortal realm. Your figure was shrouded in a misty veil, ethereal and unreal. I had never seen such a handsome celestial like you. You said our celestial affinity was profound, and you would take me to Yingzhou, nurturing me carefully. I was scared at the time, and you comforted me, saying you had been looking for me for over a hundred years, promising to treat me well and prioritize me in everything. But now, how can you cut ties with me for such an animal?”


“Kui, look at me!”


Yide grew more and more frantic in his speech, disregarding everything, and kissed Kui’s lips.


Si Lan quickly fluttered his wings, wanting to rush over and cast a spell to push Yide away, but he saw Kui suddenly reach out and embrace Yide. In the next moment, a pained sound escaped from between Yide’s lips.




Yide tried to push Kui away, but Kui held on tight. His hands were like vines tightly wrapped around Yide’s neck, his teeth biting Yide’s lip and tongue. Blood flowed from their lips and teeth.


Si Lan stared wide-eyed, floating in mid-air, forgetting to flap his wings.


Yide, unable to break free from Kui, raised his hand to strike Kui, but when he met Kui’s one blue eye and one glaring eye, he couldn’t bring himself to do it. Kui continued to bite him as if he didn’t feel any pain.


At this moment, the pain in his heart indeed surpassed everything else.


He had known Kui for more than three hundred years. Kui had brought him back to Yingzhou to cultivate when he was six years old. At that time, he was just a child who was afraid of thunder at night and could only sleep in Kui’s arms. He didn’t like to eat properly and needed someone to feed him. Even when he needed to relieve himself at night, he had to wake Kui up and have Kui carry him to the chamber pot.


All these things formed their simple and warm life together.


Later, after he successfully went through tribulations and regained his position, he remembered his memories as Yide Immortal. Suddenly, Kui’s image in his heart no longer seemed so lofty. It turned out that Kui was just a servant of Yingzhou.


In his life, it was no longer just Kui; there was Yingzhou and also Boling Immortal Sovereign, who was still undergoing tribulations in the mortal realm.


He searched for Boling Immortal Sovereign for a long time but couldn’t find him until recently, when Boling returned after crossing his tribulation. They reunited after several thousand years apart. Boling filled his world instantly, leaving no room for anyone else.


Kui couldn’t accept his change and, on a rainy day, intercepted him to reveal his heart.


In truth, he had already vaguely felt this way—Kui had won his heart. It was only after becoming Yide Immortal Sovereign that he realized his love was for Boling. He told Kui that he only regarded him as a father figure now.


Kui’s eyes at that moment seemed to crack open, inch by inch collapsing. Tears welled in his eyes, slowly trailing down his cheeks in the rain.


It was the first time Kui had cried in front of him.


Kui murmured, “Father… So in this life, I met you three hundred years early to treat you well, only to receive… father?” Kui finished speaking with a bitter smile, his face blurring in the drizzling rain.


Yide realized his words had hurt Kui and wanted to explain, but Kui turned and walked away.


Since then, Kui no longer appeared voluntarily in front of him.


Yet he began to gradually miss the Kui of the past—the one who would stay with him during thunderstorms, make soup for him when he was sick, and tuck him in when he fell asleep…


Only now did he realize that he had once cherished Kui. Sadly, between them now lay mountains and oceans, their relationship irretrievable.


After Kui had bitten enough, he slowly released Yide’s lip.


Yide silently watched him, allowing the blood to drip from his lips.


Suddenly, Kui gave a strange, mocking smile, filled with irony and despair. Yide tried to wipe the blood from Kui’s lip, but Kui bit his finger.


Yide’s brow furrowed in pain, but he said nothing.


They stared at each other, sinking into silence.


Seeing this, Si Lan estimated that Yide would no longer harm Kui and flew out, returning to Haowei’s room.


Haowei still retained a trace of his presence on Si Lan, aware of what Si Lan had seen and done.


Si Lan shook his wings, pacing on the ebony round table with his little claws. Between his brown fur brows, a hint of contemplation and cuteness mixed together.


Haowei smiled faintly, asking, “What did you see?”


Si Lan hesitated, “I didn’t see anything.” Yet he had a feeling something was about to happen; Kui’s unusual calmness was unsettling.


However, Si Lan didn’t know that after he flew away, Kui looked at Yide in the room and slowly spoke, uttering his first words in days.


“Yide, Ah Hu’s soul was torn into pieces and devoured by the Nine Hells demons. But do I still have a chance to see him?”


Yide’s expression instantly changed upon hearing this.


In the room, Haowei reached out to embrace Si Lan, the soft feathers brushing like tiny brushes against his palm, bringing a warm feeling. Haowei comforted, “When soldiers come, the water will cover the earth. Your worries are useless now.”


Si Lan twitched his pointed mouth, his wings fluttering against Haowei’s body. “Have you felt that something’s not quite right with Yingzhou lately?”


“Why do you say that?”


Si Lan thought to himself that perhaps due to Haowei’s spiritual cultivation, he wasn’t as sensitive to things like demonic energies as he was. Despite losing a considerable amount of his cultivation, he still sensed that something was amiss—Yingzhou Island seemed to be subtly changing its course unnoticed.


At the landing point on Yingzhou Island, the direction now indicated by the earth gauge seemed to point towards the “Gate of Ghosts”.


The “Gate of Ghosts” was the gateway to the Nine Hells of the underworld, a place sealed to contain myriad ghosts.


Si Lan didn’t know if this was a coincidence or something more sinister happening. Feeling uneasy, that night, when he saw Haowei meditating deeply, Si Lan quietly flapped his wings and flew out again, intending to check on Kui’s room.


However, just as he landed on the window sill and before he could enter, a large hand suddenly grabbed him from behind by the neck.


In the next instant, everything went black for him, and he was knocked unconscious, his body uncontrollably falling to the ground.


As he collapsed, his eyes caught sight of a pair of black boots.


Si Lan hadn’t expected to be ambushed so silently. When he woke up, he found himself in a dim cave, where the surroundings blurred into countless lines swirling before his eyes like arrows. His head felt heavy and dizzy, making it impossible to stand steadily. He reached for his neck and felt blood from a wing!


He had been bled!


What a strange thing to happen—someone in Yingzhou had recognized his identity?!


He couldn’t use his claws, and only his wings could still exert some force. Using them, he managed to prop himself up, only to discover a formation drawn on the ground, trapping him within.


Just as he was about to contact Haowei with his divine consciousness, a crack suddenly appeared in front of the cave, allowing beams of light to filter through, casting scattered marks on the ground.


A tall figure emerged against the light, emanating a chilling aura as he stepped forward, causing the dust on the ground to seem almost sentient as it automatically dispersed.


Haowei sensed Si Lan’s increasingly heavy aura and, entering the cave, found Si Lan lying within the formation, his brown fur stained with nearly dried bloodstains.


Si Lan saw him arrive and quickly fluttered his wings, standing up involuntarily and emitting a soft cooing sound. However, his head was still spinning badly, causing him to stumble and fall to the ground again, looking weak and pitiful, as if he had suffered severe trauma.


Haowei’s expression darkened instantly upon seeing this. He glanced at the formation and immediately reached through it. His arm was scorched with red marks that quickly swelled like blisters. Unable to wait to unravel the formation, he broke through it with his body, lifting Si Lan up in his arms.


Si Lan had a tuft of feathers plucked from the back of his neck, causing him to lose a considerable amount of blood and further weakening his body, to the point where he could barely speak.


Haowei involuntarily exuded an intense aura, and when Yide Immortal Sovereign and Boling Immortal Sovereign rushed over, they felt a surge of hostility emanating from Haowei, as if carried on icy frost, directly rushing towards them and knocking them to the ground.


“Your Majesty, please forgive us!” Yide and Boling held their injured chests and nodded in apology.


Haowei turned to them, his expression imposing without anger, his voice full of oppression, “The incident on Yingzhou involving Xiaochi, who will take responsibility?”


“Your Majesty, I will find out who harmed Xiaochi as soon as possible,” Yide replied, glancing up at Si Lan in Haowei’s arms.


Haowei’s gaze swept over them, suspicion and intimidation in his eyes. “Xiaochi’s identity must not be revealed. Anyone who knows Xiaochi’s true form, once found, must be immediately captured.”


“Yes,” Yide and Boling said in unison.


Si Lan glanced at them, as if wanting to say something, but then fainted.


Seeing this, Haowei immediately transferred some of his cultivation to Si Lan.


Perhaps due to serious injuries, Si Lan’s soul was unstable. In his unconscious state, he dreamed of strange scenes. These scenes seemed like his wild imagination, yet also like fragmented memories of the past…


He dreamed that he and Haowei had become mortals without magic. When it rained, they could only huddle together in a cave to keep warm. He dreamed of Haowei building a house at the foot of the mountain, Haowei and several men laying bricks for the foundation, while he secretly watched from halfway up the mountain. Because Haowei forbade him from going down the mountain and from others seeing him.


He also dreamed of Haowei kissing him, pressing him down on the bed, his eyes reddening with tears falling…


The final scene was Haowei leaving.


“Xiaochi, wait for me here until I come back to take you.”


Si Lan murmured in his daze, Xiaochi… Xiaochi… Why was he called Xiaochi again?


Could it be that he really was Xiaochi?




Si Lan suddenly coughed and woke up from his sleep. He raised his head to see the fair chin of Haowei. Gradually focusing his vision, he finally saw Haowei’s face.


Haowei had his eyes closed at the moment, his head lowered, showing a hint of weariness. Si Lan was carefully cradled in his arms. As Si Lan struggled to spread his wings, Haowei opened his eyes, frowning at him, “What’s wrong?”


“I’m having trouble catching my breath.” Si Lan folded his wings and scratched his neck. Perhaps the person had been too heavy-handed; his neck still hurt.


Upon hearing this, Haowei reached out and gently massaged his neck with spiritual power soothing his body.


Feeling much more comfortable, Si Lan couldn’t help but relax his brows and asked, “Who captured me?”


“It was Kui.”


“Ah?” He looked at Haowei in surprise.


Haowei explained, “Kui captured you to obtain your blood to restore his appearance. He’s currently imprisoned by Yide in the dungeon.”


Si Lan’s mouth twitched as he sensed something amiss, “It’s not Kui. Take me to the dungeon immediately!”


Haowei also felt it wasn’t Kui, but upon seeing Kui’s sudden recovery and detecting Si Lan’s blood scent on him, he concluded it was Kui’s doing. Without further questioning Si Lan’s words, he immediately led him towards the dungeon.


However, as soon as they stepped out of the palace gates, they witnessed an anomaly in the sky. Far in the distance, a rift had torn open the sky, with clear blue skies and fluffy white clouds on either side, a serene scene. Yet within the rift surged dark, billowing mists resembling waves, each carrying the visage of countless malevolent spirits. These spirits, as if driven mad by some omen, were rushing towards Yingzhou.


Their target was precisely the dungeon where Kui was held.


Just as Haowei moved towards the dungeon, in an instant, an octagonal golden lamp emitting silver light grew larger, seeming to rise from the very heart of Yingzhou Island, surrounded by an eerie silver glow that formed an ethereal and elusive presence, enveloping the entire island.


The malevolent spirits rushed towards the lamp like moths to a flame, but upon contact with its light, they dissipated as if swallowed whole.


Si Lan and Haowei witnessed this scene and exclaimed in unison, “Xuyu Lamp!”


The Xuyu Lamp was a lantern that guided and controlled spirits, capable of both commanding and eliminating them. Created by Fanyu, it had not been seen since his passing, yet here it was unexpectedly hidden within Yingzhou Island.


The screams and cries of terror from the malevolent spirits filled the air, despite their past deeds of evil, now facing imminent dispersal, they shrieked in fear and despair.


The entire sky above Yingzhou Island was shrouded in the sound of malevolent spirits.


Meanwhile, Kui, who had been trapped in the dungeon and now deceased, had transformed into a vengeful spirit floating in mid-air. As the one who had guided the Xuyu Lamp to activation, unlike the other malevolent spirits uncontrollably devoured by the lamp, his lower half shrouded in black mist, faintly visible, his severely scarred right side of the face restored. His hair was gathered neatly behind him, revealing his whole face.


His blue left eye stood out conspicuously on his handsome yet eerie countenance, both eyes unmoving, staring coldly ahead at the Xuyu Lamp, witnessing the scenes of countless vengeful spirits being dispersed.


These vengeful spirits had devoured Ahu’s three souls and seven spirits.


The Xuyu Lamp could exact retribution from these vengeful spirits and gather Ahu’s fragmented soul.


As long as even a tiny fragment could be recovered, Ahu could be brought back to life!


Yide and Boling also sensed something amiss and emerged from their chambers, their faces filled with shock upon witnessing the scene.


Yide gently flicked his finger, calculating something, the color draining from his face as he realized the implications.


“Kui has somehow merged the Xuyu Lamp with Yingzhou Island. If we attempt to stop the lamp from consuming the malevolent spirits, it could destroy Yingzhou Island,” Yide said, his face devoid of color, looking helplessly at Haowei.


The Xuyu Lamp had a gate; opening it was easy, but closing it was extremely difficult, requiring the destruction of the formations on its gate. Kui had merged the Xuyu Lamp with Yingzhou Island, aligning the gate towards the Ghost Gate of Jiuyou, plotting this under the guise of calmness over the past few days.


These malevolent ghosts, though committing numerous evils, are bound by their own rules. Punishing them falls within the jurisdiction of the underworld. Kui’s actions have clearly violated the natural order of the Six Realms.


Si Lan glanced at Hao Wei, who was lost in thought, staring at the Everlasting Lamp in silence.


He sensed a trace of sinister aura on the lamp, identical to the one that disrupted his tribulation back then, causing his thoughts to swirl uncontrollably.


Jiu Ying, Da Yong, Kui — all of them had traces of that person behind them.


Now that person coincidentally appeared on Yingzhou Island, overlapping with Yu Wuxia’s traces. Could it be… that person is related to Yu Wuxia?


Or perhaps, he is Yu Wuxia himself?


Seeing Hao Wei’s unusual expression, Si Lan couldn’t help but inquire through his spiritual awareness, “What’s wrong?”


Hao Wei collected his thoughts and replied, “When I crossed the God-Emperor’s tribulation, someone interfered, leaving behind spiritual injuries. This causes periodic disturbances in my internal energy, leading to moments of confusion and even transforming into a childlike state. The trace of sinister aura left by the one who disrupted my tribulation matches exactly with what lingers on the Everlasting Lamp.”


This was the first time Si Lan had heard Hao Wei explain the reason for his childlike episodes. The last time he asked, Hao Wei had brushed it off, unwilling to reveal the truth, probably fearing that as the Demon Sovereign, Si Lan might exploit this knowledge against him.


Why reveal the truth now?


Wasn’t he afraid of what Si Lan might do?


Suppressing his doubts, Si Lan asked, “Could that person be Yu Wuxia?”


“We’ll need to see Yu Wuxia to confirm.”


As they conversed, the Everlasting Lamp continued to devour numerous ferocious ghosts.


Si Lan furrowed his brows. “Why did Kui ignite the Everlasting Lamp?”


“Perhaps it’s because Ah Hu was devoured by countless ghosts. He seeks vengeance for Ah Hu.”


Si Lan hesitated. “Is it a crime to indiscriminately slaughter evil spirits?”


“Though these spirits were once evil men, they still fall under the jurisdiction of the Judgement Platform. Kui’s actions defy the rules of the Six Paths. I fear… there may be dire consequences.”


Si Lan spread his wings and looked up at Hao Wei.


Ultimately, the outcome of “dire consequences” would depend on Hao Wei’s decision, wouldn’t it?


Yet Si Lan knew Hao Wei wasn’t someone who would pervert justice. “Once the Everlasting Lamp is lit, how can it be extinguished?”


Hao Wei explained, “Kui must have anticipated that we would try to stop him from extinguishing the Everlasting Lamp. So, he merged the formation of the Everlasting Lamp’s gateway with Yingzhou Island. Only by destroying Yingzhou Island can we close the Everlasting Lamp.”


With thousands of residents on Yingzhou Island, sacrificing them to save evil spirits was out of the question.


They were truly caught in a dilemma.


“Is destroying the formation the only way?” Si Lan asked.


“Yes, the Everlasting Lamp was created for Van Yu, controlled solely by him. To stop the Everlasting Lamp, outsiders must directly destroy the formation of the Everlasting Lamp’s gateway.”


Upon hearing this, Si Lan couldn’t help but furrow his brow.


How did such a sinister object like the Everlasting Lamp end up in Kui’s hands?


Although Kui was born from a drop of Van Yu’s blood, it had been a hundred thousand years; Kui couldn’t possibly possess the Everlasting Lamp anymore.


And the person who took his blood wasn’t Kui. Then how did Kui regain his appearance?


Forget it, stopping the Everlasting Lamp from devouring thousands of ghosts was the top priority now.


Suppressing his chaotic thoughts, Si Lan was about to rush towards Kui when Hao Wei grabbed his wing and with a spell, transformed him into a chick-like appearance and tucked him into his pocket.


“Don’t be arrogant. Leave it to me.”




Si Lan’s mouth twitched. He used to say he was bold, and now he’s calling him arrogant.


Tsk tsk, it’s as if he knows him so well. Unable to resist, Si Lan retorted, “Whether I’m arrogant or not, how would you know?”


Hao Wei paused in his attack on Kui, the sword in his hand almost slipping, as he glanced down at Si Lan, saying as he manipulated countless sword shadows, “Apart from me, who else would understand you so well?”


With that, the sword shadows merged into a pagoda-like form and directly pressed down on Kui.


Kui’s sleeves fluttered, a hint of deep blue flashed in his eyes, and the murderous intent in his hand turned into blue light, striking at the illusion of the pagoda. The illusion shattered instantly, but soon the sword shadows reformed into various-sized pagodas, surrounding Kui.


Si Lan angrily questioned, “How do you understand me?”


“Naturally, I’ve seen it with my own eyes.” Hao Wei controlled the illusion of the sword, suddenly connecting countless small pagodas into one giant pagoda, sealing Kui inside.


Seeing this, Kui attacked the pagoda frantically, but each strike rebounded upon himself, causing him harm. Yet Kui didn’t give up, repeatedly slashing with his sword, trying to break open the pagoda.


In his own view, he was imprisoned by the pagoda, but to onlookers, the pagoda was an intangible force, trapping him in place, seemingly attacking the air aimlessly.


“Let me out! I don’t want to hurt anyone, I just want to avenge Ah Hu!”


Si Lan was still dwelling on how Hao Wei had personally witnessed this incident, intending to refute him, but found it true that he had indeed seen it himself. That time in the Extreme Sound Eight Trigram Formation, when he was bathing, the little white dragon clung to his thigh…


Si Lan’s expression turned slightly embarrassed, and he pursed his lips, saying, “Well, it goes both ways.”


“…,” Hao Wei.


Yide and Boling flew to the side of the two. They had thought they were discussing strategy while fighting, but they heard words like understanding and going both ways as they approached. Both of them felt strange.


“Your Majesty.”


Hao Wei glanced at the two of them coldly, his gaze indifferent, and then turned his attention back to Kui within the formation.


Seeing that he couldn’t break free, Kui’s face twisted into a ferocious expression. Strange blue patterns spread from his left eye, quickly covering half of his face. The patterns faintly emitted a gloomy light. This blue eye not only inherited Van Yu’s appearance but also some of Van Yu’s cultivation.


“These evil ghosts deserved to die anyway. What’s wrong with me killing them?”

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Chapter 46 – The Immortal's Forbidden Food

Chapter 46


Si Lan’s face flushed red instantly, feeling waves of heat rushing to his cheeks.


Last night, when he went to sleep, he remembered he hadn’t reverted to his human form. How did he wake up like this?


He wanted to push Haowei away, but was afraid of waking him up and making things more awkward. So, he carefully tried to create some distance. He retracted his legs that were wrapped around Haowei’s waist. Seeing that Haowei showed no sign of waking up, he continued to shift Haowei’s arm gently. As a result, Haowei instinctively tightened his hold on him, pulling him closer to his chest. Then, Haowei’s chin rested on his forehead, and a faint murmur could be heard from his lips.




Xiaoqi… Was he calling him?


If so, calling him Si Lan directly would have sufficed.


Why call him Xiaoqi?


Could Xiaoqi actually be someone else’s name?


At the thought, Si Lan furrowed his brows, his gaze falling on the slightly prominent Adam’s apple of Haowei. He inexplicably wanted to lean over and give it a gentle bite.




Haowei murmured again, his words slurred.


The more Si Lan thought about it, the more something felt off. In all the time they had spent together before, Haowei had never called him Xiaoqi. Why would he suddenly say it now?


Could something have happened to Haowei after he returned to the Heavenly Court? Was this the reason for his sudden change in behavior towards him?


Unable to resist any longer, Si Lan blushed deeply and, realizing he wasn’t wearing clothes, pressed his palms together to transform back into his original form.


In an instant, the slender figure in Haowei’s embrace turned into a brown-feathered wild chicken. Haowei’s arms fell empty, and his heart sank as he abruptly woke from his sleep.


“Si Lan, Xiaoqi…”


Haowei lowered his head and saw a “chicken” standing beside him, its big eyes resembling black beans, looking at him somewhat shyly. Startled, he reached out and pulled Si Lan back into his arms.


Si Lan remained silent, feeling Haowei’s heartbeat racing unusually fast as he lay nestled in his embrace.


Si Lan… Xiaoqi…




Quite affectionate.


But seeing his name on that Xiaoqi, Si Lan decided not to pursue it for the time being.


“When did you wake up?” Haowei asked softly.


“Just now.” Si Lan folded his wings around his body, clearly indicating he didn’t want to be too close to Haowei.


Seeing this, Haowei’s eyes flickered slightly, and he let go of Si Lan, sitting up on the bed.


Si Lan took the opportunity to fly out and perch on the window coffin, looking at the weather outside today. The sun was shining brightly, with crimson petals dancing in the wind. A few petals drifted through the window and landed on Si Lan.


Si Lan shook himself to dislodge the petals.


Haowei dressed and walked out, coincidentally meeting Yide Xianjun with a group of servants.


Yide said they were going to Yunchang Lake on Yingzhou to soak in the hot springs. Yunchang Lake was surrounded by mountains on all sides, and the spring water was filled with immortal energy, perfect for healing.


Upon hearing this, Haowei reached out and pulled Si Lan into his arms. “Xiaoqi, would you like to go soak in the hot springs?”


Si Lan nodded. “Gugu.”


“Alright, let’s go then.” Haowei smiled indulgently.


Yide looked at the scene of a man and a chicken in front of him, feeling inexplicably amused.


A noble and handsome man unashamedly holding a “chicken.” The “chicken” seemed somewhat unhappy, half-closing its eyes with a low aura. On the other hand, the man’s eyes held a hint of laughter and indulgence.


Leading the way ahead, Yide said, “Your Majesty, please follow me.”


Just as they reached the courtyard, a piercing voice suddenly came from afar in the corridor.


“Yide! You deceived me!”


In the next moment, a black figure dashed over swiftly, a long sword in hand like a silver snake directly threatening Yide.


Yide hurriedly dodged to the side.


“Why didn’t you tell me Ahu died!” Kuai seemed to have gone mad, disregarding everything as he aimed the sword at Yide. Unfortunately, he was no match for Yide, especially with Boling Xianjun assisting from behind. After a few rounds, they managed to restrain Kuai.


Kuai was bound and unable to move, but his entire body emitted an even stronger hostility. His blue and black eyes rolled bloodshot, his voice rough like gravel swept by the wind, extremely hoarse.


“I regret it deeply, regret loving you for so many years…”


Kuai looked at Yide, tears of blood slowly streaming down his face.


After hearing Kuai’s words, Yide stood stunned in place, as if struck by lightning.


Kuai roared, struggling to break free from the bindings, but the ropes were specifically for restraining immortals, and he couldn’t break them. As a result, the ropes tightened into his flesh, almost cutting through his body.


Seeing this, Yide wanted to use magic to undo the ropes and release Kuai, but Boling stopped him with a hand. “Yide, if you release him now, he will still try to kill you. He’s lost his mind.”


Just as Kuai disregarded everything to break free from the ropes, Haowei suddenly acted, delivering a palm strike that knocked Kuai unconscious.




Yide rushed over and found Kuai only unconscious. He quickly untied the ropes.


The ropes had already cut into Kuai’s body, leaving behind crimson blood stains. Yide’s eyes reddened instantly, gently lifting Kuai and apologizing to Haowei, “Your Majesty, please forgive me. Kuai hasn’t been himself ever since his last injury. He didn’t mean to disturb Your Majesty.”


“It’s alright, Yide. Take him down and tend to his wounds first,” Haowei said calmly, looking at Kuai in Yide’s arms.


Yide quickly responded, “Yes, Your Majesty. I’ll attend to Kuai’s matters first. Let Boling take Your Majesty to Yunchang Lake.”




Haowei withdrew his gaze, carrying Si Lan, and continued on the road to Yunchang Lake. Si Lan kept looking back until Kuai was out of sight, then tucked his head back in.


According to Kuai, Ahu is dead… That’s why Kuai couldn’t accept it and went mad, wanting to kill Yide.


Thinking back to last night when Kuai mentioned Ahu, his eyes brightened. Si Lan couldn’t help but feel sorry for Kuai.


It seemed that Kuai wasn’t living well in this life either.


Suddenly, Si Lan recalled the Buddhist scripture about the tiger in the forest.


Good people don’t receive good rewards.


Bad people become enlightened immediately.


Si Lan asked Haowei through divine sense, “Have you sensed the aura of Yu Wuxia?”


“No,” Haowei replied, his brow furrowed.


He hadn’t sensed Yu Wuxia’s aura. Perhaps Yu Wuxia’s purpose in Yingzhou wasn’t the Heavenly Tail Finger, so he wasn’t near Yide’s residence. It’s also possible that Yu Wuxia had already left Yingzhou.


Si Lan hadn’t sensed Yu Wuxia’s aura either, attributing it to his own inadequate cultivation. But he didn’t expect Haowei to also be unaware of Yu Wuxia’s presence.


Could it be that Yu Wuxia had already departed long ago?


Si Lan folded his wings and sank into contemplation. Upon arriving at Yunchang Lake, Boling Xianjun arranged for servants to attend to Si Lan and Haowei, then withdrew early.


Throughout the journey, Boling Xianjun wore a worried expression, clearly concerned about Yide.


Once Boling had left, Si Lan and Haowei cast an invisibility spell and quietly returned following Boling.


“Why all this sneaking around?” Haowei couldn’t help but ask Si Lan aloud.


They could have stayed openly in the mansion.


“If we stay in the mansion, Yide Xianjun’s actions will surely be influenced by your presence. By leaving according to his wishes and then sneaking back, we can see what he really intends to do,” Si Lan explained.


Haowei never expected this little “wild chicken” to be so thoughtful.


The two returned to the Yide Mansion and searched around but didn’t find Kui. Instead, they heard the sound of Boling and Yide arguing.


Boling’s eyes were red, sitting on a bench in the octagonal pavilion. There were faint tear marks on his handsome face.


“I didn’t mean to tell Kui about Ahu’s death. I never expected his reaction to be so intense…”


“Boling, you nearly killed him!”


Yide stood beneath the pavilion, not looking at Boling, hands behind his back, eyes cold.


Perhaps Kui woke up later and hurt himself again; there was a long scar from his chin to his neck, still bleeding and only briefly stopped.


Boling stood up and walked behind Yide. “Yide, do you plan to deceive him for the rest of his life? You’ve seen it yourself, Kui only loves Ahu now. Can’t you let him go? Let him leave peacefully, let him be with Ahu.”


Boling’s words seemed to sting Yide. Yide’s expression gradually cracked inch by inch, his eyes freezing with a hint of blood, turning around to glare fiercely at Boling.


Boling had known Yide for many years but had never seen Yide so ferocious. Those eyes seemed capable of crushing his neck at any moment. Boling’s face turned pale and he involuntarily stepped back.


Yide turned away, his voice coldly echoing from above. “I won’t let Kui go. Even if he dies and turns into a vengeful spirit, Kui belongs to me!”


Boling seemed like he wanted to say more but seeing Yide walking away without looking back, he held back, sitting on the bench with a dazed expression as tears fell.


Silan and Haowei exchanged glances, then followed Yide. They saw Yide enter the administrative hall and handle affairs, spending the entire afternoon there.


During this time, Boling sent soup over, trying to reconcile. However, Yide furrowed his brow, focused on the documents, ignoring Boling.


Boling stood silently in the room for a while before finally leaving.


Silan lay on the beam, unable to resist whispering, “Scumbag.”


Haowei glanced sideways at Silan but said nothing.


“I wonder where Yide has hidden Kui now?”


Silan had a vague sense of unease. Kui’s madness earlier seemed like he didn’t want to live anymore. Now, locked up by Yide, he feared…


While he worried, he saw Yide close the documents and walk behind a folding screen. Silan immediately fluttered his wings and followed. Inside the inner room, Yide used magic to open a secret passage behind a bookshelf. Oil lamps lit both sides, flickering gently without wind.


Yide walked slowly inside, with Silan and Haowei following. Deep in the secret passage, they found a room that was unexpectedly identical to Kui’s room!


Silan couldn’t help but gasp. This Yide… could he be seriously ill?


Had he planned to imprison Kui long ago?


In the room, Kui was currently under a paralysis spell, unable to move, lying on the bed like a puppet, tears streaming from his eyes. His clothes were stained with blood, reopening wounds that hadn’t fully healed.


Upon seeing this, Yide first stopped Kui’s bleeding and applied medicine to his wounds.


Kui spoke slowly, his voice like wind through withered trees, hoarse and choked, “I was wrong, Master. I shouldn’t have loved you. If I hadn’t loved you, I wouldn’t have defied the heavenly rules to secretly come to the mortal realm to find you. I thought in this life, I would meet you before Boling Immortal and grow up with you. Maybe then you could love me… But I never expected that after seeing Boling Immortal, you would fall in love with him at first sight.”


At that time, Kui’s emotions collapsed, and for the first time, he lost his reason, questioning what Yide had taken him for.


Over the years, Yide had clearly been so attached to him, always needing to hold him to sleep.


Yet Yide told him, “Kui, I only see you as a father.”




These two words were like daggers stabbing deep into his heart, tearing apart his last tender place and shattering his final hope.


He never imagined that after caring for Yide so meticulously and wholeheartedly for so many years, it would end with Yide seeing him as a father.


It was truly laughable.


During that time, shortly after Boling’s return, all of Yide’s thoughts were on Boling.


Kui couldn’t sleep day or night, his hair falling out in clumps, his whole person like a walking corpse. It was Ahu who stayed by his side, helping him through those unbearable days.


Ahu would carry him and run under the moonlight, take him to see mountains, rivers, trees, flowers, and birds, showing him all the beauty of the world. When the Jinyun Mountain collapsed, Ahu shielded him with his body, falling into the abyss formation together. And at that time, Yide was comforting Boling in shock.



Yide heard Kui’s words, his breath unsteady, fingers curling, the back of his hand showing prominent veins suppressing his inner anger. Since he had known Kui, Kui’s eyes had only ever seen him, but since that day when Jinyun Mountain collapsed and Kui and Ahu fell into the abyss for seven days, when Kui emerged, he had changed.


Yide still remembered vividly how for seven days and nights, he had been frantic without sleep, like a madman, breaking countless formations in the abyss before finding Kui, only to see Kui with half of his face destroyed, lying in Ahu’s arms.


And Ahu had transformed into a man’s appearance!


Seeing them tightly embraced, his heart surged with overwhelming waves, yet his expression remained unchanged as he lifted Kui from Ahu’s embrace. He ordered that Ahu must not transform into a man’s appearance again.


He had thought this would dispel his lingering worries, until he noticed Kui no longer made soup for him every day but instead went to catch mountain chickens to stew soup for Ahu. Kui no longer personally made clothes for him but made various beautiful beast skirts for Ahu. Kui no longer secretly followed him to watch his interactions with Boling but chose to travel mountains and waters while riding on Ahu’s back.


Only then did he realize that Kui was gradually giving up on him.


On the day he truly lost his reason, it was when he caught Ahu secretly kissing Kui’s half-destroyed face.


Jealousy, long entrenched in his heart like a wild beast, surged through his body. He went mad, pinning Ahu down and beating him relentlessly.


Ahu was just his mount, why did Xiaohu have to think about Kui!




He beat Ahu to the brink of death, but Ahu refused to give up, only asking him to fulfill his and Kui’s wish.


He sneered coldly, sending Ahu to Jiuyou to help the King of Hades kill demons. As long as he accumulated enough merit, he would fulfill their wish.


But what he didn’t expect was, a month later, news arrived from Jiuyou of Ahu’s death.


He had been hiding this matter all along, not daring to tell Kui.


Sitting beside Kui, there was a paranoia and possessiveness in his eyes that he had never shown before, reaching out to touch Kui’s half-destroyed face, “Kui, forget about Ahu, okay? If you like mounts like Ahu, I’ll go catch one for you. No, not just one, as many as you want, as long as… as long as we can be like before.”


“Kui, don’t say you regret it anymore in the future. I don’t want you to regret it.”


Kui closed his eyes as if unwilling to look at him, “Tell me, did you kill Ahu?”


“I didn’t kill him, I really didn’t mean to kill him, Kui.”


Yide held Kui’s hand, but Kui suddenly broke down emotionally. Though his body couldn’t move, his chest trembled as if something was about to burst out from within. Painful cries intermittently filled the air, echoing in the chamber.


Seeing this, Sizhan couldn’t help but turn away, asking Haowei, “Are you sure Yide will fall before the Ziyu jade plate? Why do I feel that it’s Kui who will die first?”


Haowei replied lightly, “Yes.”


Inside the chamber, Kui seemed to faint from crying, his chest movements gradually calming down, his breath stabilizing. However, Kui kept his eyes open, motionless, staring upwards as if a puppet without a soul.


Yide held Kui’s hand and said a few more words.


But Kui never responded to him from beginning to end.


As he was leaving, Yide bent down and placed a kiss on the corner of Kui’s eye.


This gesture had already exceeded the boundary of “father” as Yide had described.


After Yide left the chamber, Sizhan and Haowei approached Kui on the bed.


Kui seemed oblivious to the two of them, still showing no reaction.


Sizhan spread his wings and placed them on Kui’s pulse, finding that Kui’s breath had weakened a bit more, almost imperceptible. If this continued…


Sizhan raised his head and looked at Haowei, who understood his meaning. He reached out and touched Kui’s wrist, investigating for a moment before saying, “Kui’s life is nearing its end, and there’s no medicine to save him.”


Sizhan felt a pang in his heart. He hadn’t spent much time with Kui, but he felt that Kui was a kind-hearted person. Last time Haowei hit Kui, Kui didn’t get angry but instead offered him peach blossom wine to drink.


He looked at the grotesque wound on Kui’s left face, where the flesh and blood were destroyed; ordinary methods probably couldn’t heal it.


If it weren’t for these scars, Kui would have inherited Fanyu’s appearance, a peerlessly beautiful man.


Thinking of this, Sizhan spread his wings, intending to use his own blood to restore Kui’s face. However, before he could even cut his wings, he was lifted up by Haowei.


Haowei lowered his gaze, staring at him, “What are you trying to do?”


“I want to heal his face.”


“He doesn’t have much longer to live. Even if you heal his face, it won’t change anything.”


“But he has a deep connection with Fanyu, and I… with Fanyu…” Sizhan’s words were cut off by Haowei.


“That was a hundred thousand years ago. After experiencing reincarnation, you have no connection anymore.”


“Does experiencing reincarnation really mean you have no connection anymore?” Sizhan couldn’t help but argue with Haowei, feeling that Haowei was somewhat cold-blooded, typical of someone who had been in a high position for too long, considering everything in terms of pros and cons.


Caught off guard by Sizhan’s question, Haowei suddenly recalled their entanglement in the previous life. His eyes flickered, and he said reluctantly, “Sizhan, your cultivation hasn’t fully recovered yet. If you use your blood to restore Kui’s appearance, it might harm you fundamentally. Besides, if you really care about Kui, you should understand what he truly wants.”


Sizhan was moved by Haowei’s words and fell silent for a moment.


Though Kui’s half-destroyed face looked frightening, Kui himself seemed unconcerned.


What Kui cared more about were his blue eyes and Ahu.


Thinking of this, Sizhan asked Haowei, “Fanyu’s eyes are both blue, but Kui only has one blue eye. Could it be that Kui is Fanyu’s descendant?”


Haowei placed his hand on Kui’s forehead, assessing his condition, and furrowed his brow, “He is a manifestation of a drop of Fanyu’s blood.”


“A drop of blood?” Sizhan exclaimed in surprise. Under normal circumstances, it was difficult for just a drop of blood to cultivate into a form.


“This drop of blood was left on the tail of the celestial dragon, sealed within Yingzhou along with the tail. Later, both transformed into human form and thus began their entanglement over two lifetimes.” Haowei spoke slowly.


Sizhan looked at Kui, falling into silence.


As Buddha said, good deeds lead to good results, evil deeds lead to evil results.


But if that were true, why did the sword that injured Fanyu still affect him a hundred thousand years later?


Could it be that Yu Wuxia led them here to convey something to them?


Everything in this world wasn’t about sowing good seeds for good fruits and bad seeds for bad fruits. It was about cause and effect, but the results were unpredictable, unfair.


Suddenly, Kui coughed, blood dripping from his lips, his chest trembling slightly as if in extreme pain.


Seeing this, Sizhan quickly leaned close to Kui’s ear, “Kui, how are you?”


Kui’s eyes mechanically moved, turning to look at Sizhan, but his body still couldn’t move, his eye sockets shrouded in crimson, filled with endless grief.


In a hoarse voice, he said, “I’m fine… I want to see Ahu…”


But unfortunately, he couldn’t see him anymore.


Ahu had been devoured by the demons of Jiuyou, his soul scattered.


If it weren’t for him, Ahu wouldn’t have ended up in such a fate.


Thinking of this, tears streaked down Kui’s eyes.


“Kui, focus on recovering first. Perhaps you’ll still have a chance to see Ahu.” Sizhan didn’t yet know that Ahu’s soul had scattered. He could only comfort Kui like this, “It’s said that the deceased may not immediately reincarnate. Once you’re better, I’ll take you to the Underworld to find Ahu. At worst, we can find Ahu’s reincarnation.”


Kui suddenly smiled, a strange expression on his half-destroyed face, and uttered a “Hmm” as a response to Sizhan’s words.


Haowei infused some spiritual power into Kui, who managed to struggle out of bed, but his face was devoid of color, pale as paper. The scars on his face became even more pronounced, like ravines crossing half of Kui’s face.


Sizhan wanted to ask about the origins of the scars, but seeing Kui’s poor condition, he dared not continue, fearing it might upset Kui.


As Haowei and Sizhan escorted Kui out of the secret passage, Yide, perhaps sensing something amiss, hurried over. Upon seeing Haowei’s figure, Yide even forgot to pay respects and went straight to Kui, forcefully grabbing his hand.




Kui didn’t struggle, just stared at him silently, as if looking through him.


Haowei looked at Yide, his expression darkening, “Yide, although you are the Lord of Yingzhou, you cannot act recklessly and imprison celestial servants at will.”


“Your Majesty, I did not imprison celestial servants recklessly. As you saw earlier, Kui is mentally unstable. I feared he might harm others, so I had to resort to this, confining him here in the study’s secret passage.” Yide defended himself, bowing his head slightly.


“Oh? Confined like a prisoner in the study’s secret passage?” Haowei lifted his gaze slowly, each word deliberate, his voice carrying more authority than anger.

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Chapter 158 – Scales

Chapter 158 – Scales


Jian Luo held the medicine bowl, looking at Lu Shifeng with some suspicion. His gaze flickered uncertainly, but eventually he set down the ladle and whispered softly, “Is this… your dragon scale?”


Lu Shifeng sat beside him, flipping through documents. The pages turned in his hands as he nodded in response. “Hmm.”



Suddenly, silence filled the room.


Jian Luo’s words felt stuck in his throat. He wanted to say that dragon scales were precious, and aside from that, Lu Shifeng wasn’t due for a molting period yet. Where did the scales in his drink come from? The pain of forcefully shedding scales was unimaginable.


Thinking of this, Jian Luo found it difficult to swallow the soup in his hands. The weight of this favor was too heavy. He felt a mix of gratitude and heaviness in his heart, indescribable.


Lu Shifeng spoke lightly, “Drink it while it’s hot.”


“You…” Jian Luo hesitated with the bowl in his hands, lowering his head. “Thank you.”


“Thank me for what?”


“It must be painful.”


“Oh?” Lu Shifeng shifted his attention completely from the documents to Jian Luo. His demeanor was composed, yet unexpectedly solemn. He asked seriously, “Was it painful when you gave birth to them?”




Lu Shifeng’s gaze softened with tenderness. He reached out and gently ruffled Jian Luo’s hair. “So I should thank you too.”


His hand was warm, imparting an inexplicable soothing strength.


Jian Luo inexplicably felt his nose tingle. “Are you being so good to me because of this?”


Lu Shifeng paused in his actions.


He hadn’t expected Jian Luo to think this way, but he was glad he asked. It would make it easier to tell him the truth.


“Choosing random answers in a math test will lead to failure,” Lu Shifeng said, making Jian Luo look at him. “But I can let you cheat a few times and tell you the correct answers.”


Jian Luo’s eyes flickered slightly, his breath unconsciously hitched.


Lu Shifeng lifted Jian Luo’s chin with a finger. “Because plucking scales doesn’t hurt, but seeing you suffering from fever and illness does.”


Jian Luo widened his eyes.


Lu Shifeng gently pinched Jian Luo’s cheek in that position, tenderly like between lovers, his voice low and magnetic. “Now, continue drinking your medicine.”




Jian Luo was released, sitting alone with his bowl in the messy room.


He couldn’t quite follow Lu Shifeng’s train of thought. What had he just said, was it true or not? Could it be that he was hallucinating?


If that was the case, Lu Shifeng’s kindness toward him wasn’t because of the child, nor was it to repay a favor. It was because he… pitied him?


This possibility made Jian Luo restless all over, unable to calm down at all. Mechanically, he finished the bowl of medicinal soup that had lost its taste.


Jian Luo obediently said, “I’ve finished.”


Lu Shifeng glanced at him, nodding. “In two hours, I’ll have the doctor come in to check your condition.”


Jian Luo nodded.


Just a moment ago, he hadn’t thought much of it, but now he slowly realized Lu Shifeng might have been speaking sweet nothings. This realization made Jian Luo feel shy and belatedly embarrassed. In fact, he wasn’t very good at this sort of thing and had never experienced it before. He hadn’t even had a date before.


Oh, right!


*The Dominating Dragon Falls in Love with Me* must have updated. He could learn from the novel, right? Wasn’t it said that the female lead was very relatable?


Jian Luo opened the novel, flipping to where he had last read. Unexpectedly, the progress of the relationship between the male and female leads was so fast. In the following days, the female lead happened to get injured, and not only did the male lead care for her meticulously, but his sweet words were endless. Jian Luo looked at it and couldn’t help but smile, feeling his heart stir:


“I only want you to be safe.”


“Darling, don’t make me worry.”


Although these words were somewhat Mary Sue, they were damn sweet to read. Compared to the flirtatious lines of the male lead in the novel, Lu Shifeng was still a bit lacking. However, recently, it seemed like Commander Lu had been studying textbooks as his progress was nothing short of remarkable!


Jian Luo also wanted to learn some gentle tricks like the female lead in the book.


The female lead in the novel had many ways to make the male lead fall for her, like being skilled at makeup and dressing beautifully, or pretending she couldn’t open a bottle and acting cute, or saying she hurt her foot to be carried. Every time, the male lead found her adorable, which made Jian Luo wonder if all relationships were like this!


*Knock, knock.*


A knock sounded from outside.


Lu Shifeng: “Come in.”


Feeling guilty for reading the novel secretly, Jian Luo quickly closed the e-reader and looked outside, seeing doctors coming in with bags.


The doctors came to examine Jian Luo’s condition. Since he had just taken the dragon scale, his body should be improving. This required repeated checks, and they now understood his importance to Lu Shifeng, treating him with the same respect they would show Lu Shifeng himself.


After all the examinations, the doctors spoke privately with Lu Shifeng.


“Sir, we’ve examined him and found that the virus in Mr. Jian’s body has almost disappeared. He should be able to lower his fever by this afternoon.”


“Go on.”


“But there’s a rather tricky issue now.” The doctor sighed. “The dragon scale’s effect is too powerful. Mr. Jian’s body can’t withstand such strong medicinal effects. In the coming week, his fever might not come down, and he’ll need to soak in cold springs daily to alleviate it.”


Lu Shifeng frowned slightly.


The doctors panicked under his gaze and hurriedly said, “I’m sorry, sir. We’ll work on developing medications that Mr. Jian can tolerate as soon as possible.”


But it might not help.


They could develop cold medicine, but they couldn’t predict human ailments in advance. If they waited to develop medication every time an issue arose, it would delay treatment.


However, the side effects of taking dragon scales were evident and quite distressing. Jian Luo’s body couldn’t handle it.


Lu Shifeng fell into silence, and his silence weighed heavily on the doctors.


After a while, Lu Shifeng said, “Prepare the cold spring. I’ll take him there.”


The doctors felt relieved when they sensed the pressure easing. They were truly afraid, knowing that if the Marshal decided to be difficult, no one could handle it.



On the other side,


The dragon cubs hadn’t seen Jian Luo for three days, and they were not happy about it.


Long Aotian rarely spoke now, but seeing Su Liang, he stuck to him, nudging and asking, “Daddy, want daddy.”


Previously, even if Jian Luo was busy, he would keep in touch. It wouldn’t exceed two days, but this time, Jian Luo hadn’t messaged them for three days. Though there was a nutritionist with them, they missed their dad.


Little Silver Dragon asked Grandma daily about Jian Luo’s whereabouts. Even the usually quiet Second Child couldn’t sit still anymore and sought out Su Liang, albeit silently, asking him for dad.


Su Liang had to reassure them, saying, “Dad’s busy. He’ll be back soon.”


Such excuses only worked for a day. After three days of being stalled and misled by various people, the cubs were furious!




Long Aotian turned his face away from the milk pudding.


He refused to eat, and the other two cubs followed suit, all three accustomed to only Jian Luo and Lu Shifeng’s management.


Su Liang frowned, “Cubs, why aren’t you eating?”


The black cub turned away, looking miserable, softly humming, “Want dad to feed.”


Su Liang sighed at the stubborn little dragon. She wanted to take the children to see Jian Luo, but he was still sick and sleeping most of the time. He had no energy to communicate and was too hoarse to speak normally. She was afraid the children would be scared, so she delayed.


Little Silver Dragon saw Su Liang’s expression and understood immediately. Her eyes welled up, and she said softly, “I’ll do my homework properly.”


She thought she hadn’t done her homework properly, so this was Jian Luo’s punishment for her.


Su Liang was stunned.


Long Aotian, hearing his sister, jumped off the table and found a small ball for physical education homework, chattering and gesturing with his hands. In the end, he pushed another ball, indicating not just one, but two, and that he was super powerful. The teachers always praised him for being so great, Dad, look, he’s really awesome.


The second child quietly pushed three balls over and sat down obediently beside him, although he didn’t talk, his meaning was very clear!


Su Liang looked at the three of them, feeling a little sad. She hugged the three children before leaving.


As soon as she was about to call Jian Luo, he had already called her. He said, “Mom, are the cubs okay?”


“Luo Luo, is your fever gone?” Su Liang was slightly surprised to hear Jian Luo’s voice. “Your voice isn’t so hoarse now.”


Jian Luo said, “The dragon scale made me suffer, so I’m better now. Don’t worry.”


He knew there was no use hiding it, so he gave Su Liang a brief overview to put her mind at ease, instead of worrying about him all the time.


Su Liang was touched. “The Marshal really treats you well. Are you going to be discharged?”


“It’s not going well for now,” Jian Luo sighed, “because the doctor said the effects of the adult dragon scale medicine are too intense. So, I still need to stay in the hospital and soak in the cold spring for a few more days to observe.”


Su Liang sighed, “It’s unavoidable. Are you feeling any better now?”


“The fever hasn’t gone down yet; I still feel very hot,” Jian Luo touched his head, “but the dizziness and other symptoms from the fever are subsiding. Maybe in the next few days, it’ll just be a bit warm.”


“That’s good then, at least you’re not suffering,” Su Liang said.


“Yeah,” Jian Luo finished explaining and then asked, “And what about the little ones, how are they doing?”


“They miss you a lot,” Su Liang sighed, “Long Aotian refused to eat today, and his younger siblings followed suit. They’re throwing tantrums.”


Jian Luo felt both amused and annoyed. Before he could speak, the door behind Su Liang opened, and the three little ones crouched in a row, blatantly eavesdropping.




Su Liang was shocked; she hadn’t heard a sound or movement!


Clearly, all three little ones had already heard everything. After spending so much time in lessons, they understood almost all the vocabulary and knew Jian Luo was ill, and it was serious.


The younger sister tilted her head, took a step forward, her childish voice earnestly saying, “Use the little ones’ scales to cure Dad.”


Su Liang was stunned.


Long Aotian strongly agreed, even proudly puffing out his little chest.


Su Liang couldn’t help but laugh and cry, “How could we use your scales?”


“Because the little ones’ scales are not overpowering,” the younger sister said softly, “Dad can come back then.”

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Chapter 157 – Dragon Scales

Chapter 157 – Dragon Scales


Lu Shifeng saw that Jian Luo was behaving obediently, so he twisted open the lid of the box and said to him, “Come closer.”


Jian Luo, with a blank expression, leaned in closer.


Lu Shifeng gently applied ointment to the wound, saying, “It might itch a bit, try not to scratch.”




Jian Luo’s cheeks flushed slightly. It seemed like every inch of his skin touched by Lu Shifeng’s fingertips was warming up. He started, “You…”


Lu Shifeng grabbed a wet wipe nearby to clean his hands. “What is it?”


Jian Luo looked up at him, wanting to ask why he kissed the wound, and if he liked him too. However, feeling awkward, his watery eyes looked innocent and pitiful to Lu Shifeng, like a slightly startled bunny.


Jian Luo’s hand, placed by his side, curled up unconsciously. He said, “Why did you kiss the wound? Aren’t you disgusted by it?”


Lu Shifeng set the wet wipe aside and said to Jian Luo, “Look at me.”


Jian Luo’s light brown eyes stared unwaveringly at Lu Shifeng. Lu Shifeng continued, “You said red looks beautiful.”


Reflecting in those crimson eyes was a clear image of Jian Luo. Lu Shifeng’s demeanor was imposing, yet his words still carried a certain pressure. “Did you lie to me?”




When did he say that?


Oh, it seemed like there was such a thing!


Jian Luo hurriedly replied, “I didn’t lie to you.”


Lu Shifeng nodded, seemingly satisfied. He reached out and gently caressed Jian Luo’s face. “Don’t think about unnecessary things, okay?”


Jian Luo was convinced by his logic and nodded obediently. “Okay.”


Because he was still running a fever, he still felt dizzy and had a very hoarse throat. Lu Shifeng poured him a glass of water and asked if he wanted to eat, but Jian Luo felt uncomfortable all over and didn’t want anything to eat. Finally, under Lu Shifeng’s gaze, he obediently drank half a glass of water.


He felt sleepy again.


Curling up in bed, he vaguely felt that the person beside him seemed to be moving. Jian Luo subconsciously reached out and pulled him, “Where are you going?”


Sick people always seemed fragile.


He was more clingy than usual, a feeling that intrigued General Lu and also made him feel a bit heartbroken.


Lu Shifeng said, “I’m right here. Go to sleep.”


Jian Luo softly murmured, “Mm,” burying his head in the blanket. His thoughts were muddled and unclear.


Beside him, Lu Shifeng noticed him sweating profusely and asked, “Feeling hot?”


“Hmm?” Jian Luo mumbled drowsily in response. He didn’t quite hear clearly, but he felt uncomfortably hot all over.


As his body tangled with warmth, suddenly he felt a cool sensation, incredibly comforting and icy. Approaching it relieved his discomfort. Jian Luo was delighted, leaning in to embrace the coolness, pressing his whole body against it. He sighed in relief, even relaxing his furrowed brows.


He slept deeply, feeling extremely comfortable.



When Jian Luo woke up, he felt like he had slept well.


Turning around, he wanted to find Lu Shifeng, but as he moved, he found someone beside him. The sight startled him, and he widened his eyes, abruptly lifting his head to find Lu Shifeng’s face right next to his. He was asleep beside him, and up close, Jian Luo noticed dark circles under Lu Shifeng’s eyes, probably from exhaustion.


His entire body felt pleasantly cool, as if the dragon scales of the Dragon Clan could control body temperature, functioning like a portable air conditioner.


Just then, Lu Shifeng slowly opened his eyes.


Jian Luo, caught off guard, met his gaze directly and stuttered, “Did I wake you up?”


“I didn’t sleep.”


Lu Shifeng asked, “Feeling any better?”


Jian Luo was still burning up. Instead of answering, he asked, “Aren’t you afraid I’ll infect you by being so close?”


Lu Shifeng seemed to find this amusing. A hint of amusement flashed in his eyes as he teased, “The Dragon Clan’s resistance is quite reliable. It’s only under special circumstances that there might be a possibility of infection.”


Jian Luo asked, “What special circumstances?”


He swore he was only worried about accidentally harming Lu Shifeng’s health, but Lu Shifeng seemed more interested in driving.


Lu Shifeng leaned down slightly, his lips brushing Jian Luo’s cheek lightly as he murmured, “Guess.”




No way.


Jian Luo blushed even more. He gently pushed Lu Shifeng away, as though brushing away a mosquito. “Don’t get so close.”


Lu Shifeng raised an eyebrow. “Then I’ll leave.”


Jian Luo hesitated. Honestly, he was feeling too hot right now, and Lu Shifeng’s icy demeanor was oddly comforting, like a little refrigerator. After some thought, Jian Luo admitted honestly, “Actually, you can stay a bit closer.”


Lu Shifeng admired his expression, unexpectedly finding him cute. He chuckled softly, pulling the blanket over Jian Luo and patting his back. “Go to sleep.”


Jian Luo was still sleepy. People with a fever always wanted to sleep. He didn’t object and found a comfortable position in Lu Shifeng’s arms. This was something he was used to; before this, they had shared the same bed night after night.



Once Jian Luo fell asleep, Lu Shifeng got up and left for a while.


His secretary stood at the door and respectfully greeted him, “My lord.”


Lu Shifeng nodded and asked, “How are the test results?”


“Not good,” the secretary sighed. “Luo Luo’s body is different from what we’re familiar with in humans. Using existing medicines might cause adverse reactions due to their potency. If we were to develop new ones, it would take at least five to six days. But he’s still running a high fever, and we’re concerned about further complications.”


Lu Shifeng lowered his gaze, deep in thought. His displeasure was evident, something the secretary remembered from their time on Planet B, when Lu Shifeng had found out about an alert on Jian Luo’s health monitor. The Marshal’s expression had been grim.


The secretary had been with Lu Shifeng for centuries. She knew him as someone who rarely showed his emotions, but everyone had their weaknesses. With weaknesses came vulnerability, and even the omnipotent had their moments of worry and helplessness.


“I understand,” Lu Shifeng said finally.


Seeing his expression, the secretary ventured a guess. “Are you preparing something?”


Lu Shifeng looked up and nodded. “Coordinate with them and I’ll come over later.”


“We have some stock in our warehouse…”


“Use mine,” Lu Shifeng’s possessive streak emerged oddly. No Dragon would allow their partner to use scales from another Dragon. He instructed firmly, “Make the arrangements.”


The secretary nodded obediently. “Yes.”


Jian Luo was indeed blessed to have such good fortune. No one else had ever received such treatment, and this would surely make headlines once it got out.



The Next Day


Jian Luo’s fever hadn’t subsided.


He wasn’t naive; he knew his body might not respond well to the local treatments available on Dim Star. Watching Lu Shifeng feed him soup, he spoke up, “About my illness…”


Lu Shifeng cut him off, “I’ll have medicine brought over at noon.”






Was that true? Jian Luo didn’t dare question too much and simply nodded, “Okay.”


He kept this in mind and didn’t feel like sleeping in the morning. Instead, he started to handle some work matters. He found that the Notary Office had given feedback on his proposed amendments to the Marriage Law because he had made some changes to certain projects.


For instance, he had removed the requirement for wives to adopt their husband’s surname. Moreover, he had suggested that pre-marital property not be considered shared, but earnings during marriage should be. Some of these provisions were based on previous Earth marriage laws and took into account the psychology of some Dim Star residents, which led him to propose a dual marriage law.


One version was original, and the other revised. Couples could choose at the Notary Office during marriage which version to follow. He left this choice to the public, and the Notary Office had approved the proposal. Given time, this dual marriage law would be publicized.


The official said, “If you have any further suggestions, we can discuss them.”


Jian Luo replied, “Thank you.”


“You’re welcome,” the official chuckled. “If you really want to thank me, vegetables have been hard to come by in the market lately. If you could send some over, my wife watches food livestreams every day and gets very envious.”


Jian Luo laughed and agreed repeatedly.


“Knock, knock, knock.”


At that moment, there was a knock on the door.


Jian Luo looked up and set aside his work. “Come in.”


Because of his fever, his voice sounded hoarse, his complexion wasn’t great either, and sitting by the bedside, he appeared fragile and small.


When Lu Shifeng came in holding a bowl of herbal soup, he stood by the bedside and said to Jian Luo, “Come over and drink your medicine.”


Jian Luo obediently sat up and walked to the table not far from the bedside. He took the bowl of medicine and glanced at it—it was black herbal soup, smelling somewhat like traditional Chinese medicine, probably bitter. He stirred it with a spoon, scooped up a spoonful, and tentatively sipped.


Surprisingly, it wasn’t bitter at all. It had a fresh taste, like the gentle fragrance of a cedar forest after rain. His throat was uncomfortable due to the fever, but this herbal soup was soothing and relieved the dryness. The refreshing scent made Jian Luo a bit dizzy; often, he could smell it on Lu Shifeng too, almost like a pheromone, always comforting.


How could this medicine be like this?


Jian Luo paused in his happy drinking, finding it hard to continue. He raised his head hesitantly and looked at Lu Shifeng. “This medicine…”


Lu Shifeng asked, “What’s wrong? Does it not sit well with you?”




Jian Luo hesitated with the soup spoon in his hand. A bold thought weighed on his mind, hesitating to be spoken aloud.

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Chapter 45 – Kui's identity

Chapter 45


Si Lan looked up at Hao Wei, thinking he was joking, but Hao Wei’s face showed no trace of a smile, as if seriously considering the feasibility of his proposal.


Si Lan lowered his voice and asked quietly, “What crime is it to kill an Immortal Lord?”


“Trial at the Judgment Platform, soul shattered and destroyed.”


Si Lan fell silent.


After walking for a while, Si Lan couldn’t help but ask again, “If you were to kill the Immortal Lord, what would the punishment be?”


Hao Wei’s eyes curved with a smile as he glanced at the “wild chicken” in his arms, “Three cups of wine as punishment.”


Si Lan sighed inwardly.


It wasn’t fair. It really wasn’t fair.


But he was just asking casually. He hadn’t lost his mind to the extent of killing Yi De Xian Jun just for the Longsword.


“The Purple Wei Jade Disk shows that Yi De Xian Jun will fall seven days from now.”


That was why Hao Wei brought Si Lan to Ying Continent.


Si Lan was surprised to hear this and opened his mouth in astonishment. Blinking, he realized they had already arrived at Yi De Xian Jun’s mansion.


The vermilion gate slowly opened, and a group of fairy maidens and children floated out, kneeling on both sides to respectfully welcome Hao Wei.


Hao Wei did not conceal his presence this time. Therefore, as soon as he and Si Lan landed, Yi De Xian Jun had already sensed Hao Wei’s presence.


Shortly after, Yi De Xian Jun emerged from his mansion.


Si Lan observed Yi De Xian Jun. The man was slender with a cold and handsome face, dressed in elegant green robes, exuding grace and nobility.


Yi De Jun greeted Hao Wei without arrogance or humility, “Your Majesty, what brings you to Ying Continent?”


Hao Wei glanced at Si Lan in his arms and said lightly, “My pet is injured. I heard Ying Continent is suitable for recuperation, so I brought it here for a short stay.”


Si Lan sighed inwardly again.


Another excuse.


Yi De Xian Jun heard this and looked at Si Lan, calmly assessing him.


A pet… a wild chicken?


Yi De found it somewhat peculiar in his heart, but his expression remained unchanged. At that moment, behind Yi De Xian Jun, a handsome Immortal Lord dressed in white robes and a white jade crown walked out and stood beside Yi De Xian Jun, bowing to Hao Wei.


“Your Majesty, I apologize for not welcoming you from afar. Please forgive me.”


This was Bo Ling Xian Jun, deeply connected with Yi De Xian Jun. It was said that when Yi De Xian Jun was heavily injured and entered reincarnation three hundred years ago, Bo Ling Xian Jun accompanied him through the mortal realm tribulation.


Yi De Xian Jun returned to his position three hundred years ago, while Bo Ling Xian Jun had only recently returned.


Hao Wei raised his hand lightly, “No need for formalities. I came suddenly this time, so please treat me as an ordinary friend.”


Although he said so, Yi De Xian Jun and Bo Ling Xian Jun still did not dare to neglect Hao Wei. They invited him to stay in the main hall and arranged fine wine and dishes for the evening.


Si Lan felt a bit guilty. Coming to Ying Continent, eating Yi De Xian Jun’s food, drinking his wine, and waiting for Yi De Xian Jun’s fall—it really lacked conscience.


With these thoughts, Si Lan didn’t want to stay in the main hall anymore and went out for some fresh air.


Stepping out, he used his two small paws to cross the threshold almost half his height. Just as he reached the door, his vision suddenly went black. Instinctively looking up, he was shocked to see a face that seemed to have been mauled by a wild beast—protruding eyeballs, sunken skin, terrifyingly grotesque.


Si Lan was startled and fluttered his wings backward, loudly chirping for help.


Inside the hall, Hao Wei heard Si Lan’s cry for help and immediately rushed out. Seeing a person with a disheveled appearance and a terrifying expression standing before Si Lan, he thought the person intended to harm Si Lan. Without hesitation, Hao Wei struck out with a palm.


The person was hit by the force of the blow, flying into the air and crashing heavily onto the blue stone slabs behind, groaning in pain.


Yi De Xian Jun hurried over to the person’s side, “Kui, are you alright?”


Kui spat out blood, trying to stand up but stumbling back down.


Yi De Xian Jun picked Kui up horizontally and apologized to Hao Wei, “Your Majesty, please forgive us. This person is Kui, who raised me. His ugly appearance frightened Si Lan unintentionally, but he meant no harm.”


With Si Lan now safely tucked away in Hao Wei’s pocket, he regained his senses and looked at Kui.


Kui nestled in Yi De Xian Jun’s arms, looking thin and pale, head hanging low. The left side of his face was covered by hair, and the right side was disfigured, leaving only one eyeball discernibly human.


Si Lan clenched his small claws, now calmer after the shock, nodded at Hao Wei to confirm that Kui hadn’t attacked him; he had just been startled.


Once Hao Wei was sure Si Lan was okay, his expression relaxed slightly.


Yi De Xian Jun quickly interjected, “Your Majesty, let me take Kui downstairs to tend to his injuries.”




Yi De Xian Jun carried Kui away. Behind him, Bo Ling remained standing silently, his gaze fixed on Yi De’s departing figure.


After a while, Bo Ling withdrew his gaze and smiled apologetically at Hao Wei, then shifted his attention to Si Lan.


“Your Majesty, what… is its name?”


“Xiao Qi.”


Si Lan:


What kind of name is that?


Feeling a bit displeased, Si Lan lifted one small paw and tapped Hao Wei.


Hao Wei paused for a moment.


Bo Ling smiled and reached out to pat Si Lan’s head, “Xiao Qi, were you scared just now?”


Si Lan shook his head.


Bo Ling’s smile deepened, “Your Majesty, this ‘wild chicken’… ahem, this divine bird can actually understand speech.”


Hao Wei, with a fond look in his eyes at Si Lan, said, “Yes, he’s very clever.” Though sometimes, he liked to pretend to be clueless and fool everyone around him.


Hao Wei suddenly realized something: whether in heaven or on earth, regardless of whether Si Lan was smart or foolish, he had Hao Wei wrapped around his paw. So, from a certain perspective, the one who was most foolish wasn’t Si Lan, but himself.


Bo Ling became even more interested in Si Lan, looking eager to try something, and asked quietly, “Your Majesty, may I hold him?”


Hao Wei hesitated briefly, “He doesn’t… “


Before he could finish, Si Lan suddenly used his small paw to hook Hao Wei’s palm. Hao Wei couldn’t help but change his words, “He’s not very obedient. If you hold him, be careful.”


“Okay.” Bo Ling’s face lit up with joy as he hugged Si Lan. Si Lan then tucked a feather into Bo Ling’s embrace and pretended to be cute and obedient, rubbing his little head against Bo Ling’s chest.


Although Si Lan initially looked like a wild chicken, closer inspection revealed that his features differed greatly from that of a chicken; in fact, he bore a resemblance to a phoenix. The emerald green feathers on his brow resembled jewels, giving him a noble air.


The more Bo Ling looked at Si Lan, the more he liked him, unable to resist patting Si Lan’s head.


Si Lan pretended to be content, fluttering his wings in response to Bo Ling.


Hao Wei, watching this scene, felt somewhat embarrassed.


When he held Si Lan, the bird always looked awkward and would struggle; but when someone else held him, he appeared comfortable and content. What did this mean?


Are you disgusted by him?


“Your Majesty, I really like him. It seems he likes me too. Can I spend more time with him tonight?” Boling asked.


Haowei furrowed his brows, lowered his gaze, met Si Lan’s intense gaze, expressionless, insincerely replied, “Hmm.”


Are they going to spend the night together?


It’s a relief that Si Lan can’t maintain his human form now, otherwise the thought of Si Lan nestling in Boling’s embrace would disrupt his inner energy and make him want to kill.


Haowei reminded Si Lan through his divine sense, “Though Boling Xianjun and Yide Xianjun haven’t officially bonded, everyone in the heavenly realm knows they have mutual feelings. When Yide Xianjun was critically injured and entered the cycle of reincarnation, Boling followed suit. Now that they’ve both returned, they’re probably about to achieve their cultivation.”


“… ” Si Lan.


Suddenly Haowei used his divine sense to tell him the love story of these two, what did he mean by that?


Is he afraid that Si Lan will ruin the love between Yide Xianjun and Boling Xianjun?


Si Lan couldn’t help but roll his eyes at Haowei, turned his head away, unwilling to look at Haowei.


This guy really has a wild imagination. What does he think Si Lan is? Does he really think Si Lan will like anyone he meets?


Haowei received Si Lan’s eye roll, suspected that he had misunderstood, and upon closer inspection, Si Lan had already covered his face with his wings, looking annoyed.


“… ” Haowei.





Si Lan flapped his wings, flying around in Boling’s courtyard, landing inside the sleeping palace. After transforming into a bird, he felt much freer and could do things without seeming strange.


For example, right now he could openly eavesdrop on Boling and Yide’s conversation.


“I’ve calculated the days, seven days from now is an auspicious day for bonding, and Your Majesty happens to be here. I want Your Majesty to be our witness,” Boling handed a small booklet to Yide, filled with densely written records about bonding.


Yide glanced at the booklet, his expression turning serious in the lamplight.


“Boling, Kuai’s health is not good. I want to wait until he recovers before…”


Just moments ago, Boling, who had a gentle smile on his face, suddenly closed the booklet, his eyes reddening. “Yide, is it really just because of this reason? Or have you actually fallen for Kuai?”


Yide didn’t speak, his breath instantly solidifying.


The atmosphere around them fell silent, as if you could hear a pin drop. Si Lan involuntarily folded his wings, refraining from fluttering around.


When Yide carried Kuai away earlier, Si Lan had already sensed something was amiss.


That’s why he wanted to find an opportunity to stay by Boling’s side, to see if he could figure out the cause of Yide’s death in seven days, but he didn’t expect to overhear such a thing.


“Boling, stop talking about it.”


Yide interrupted Boling’s words, as if recalling something unpleasant, his face particularly unpleasant, he turned to leave, but Boling unexpectedly hugged his waist from behind.


“Yide, we’ve been through thousands of years, and now we’re finally about to achieve our cultivation. Are you… are you regretting it?”


“I don’t regret it. I just wonder if we can postpone the bonding ceremony and give me some time to sort things out?”


Boling nodded, and Yide turned around to embrace Boling.


Si Lan couldn’t help but furrow his brows, feeling that Yide emitted an aura of a hypocritical man who eats his cake and still eyes the pot. Shaking his head, Si Lan fluttered his wings and flew out. The two in the hall were completely absorbed in their own thoughts and didn’t notice him at all.


He wandered around the mansion and found where Kuai was staying.


Today, Kuai had been struck by Haowei, and Si Lan wasn’t sure how serious the injury was.


He felt a bit guilty. He hadn’t had time to apologize before Kuai was carried away by Yide.


He landed by the window, pushed open the paper window, and just as he was about to look inside, he met a slightly bulging eyeball, which startled him so much that he stumbled and fell off the window.


Seeing that he was about to hit the ground, he flapped his wings desperately to stabilize himself.


In the next moment, a large hand opened the window and scooped him in.


Compared to his scarred face, the voice was clean and refreshing, like a breeze in spring.


“Aren’t you afraid of me, little bird? Why did you dare to come over?” 


Si Lan was still in shock, but he raised his head and met Kuai’s face. Kuai had scars crisscrossing the right side of his face, almost obscuring his features, while the left side was covered by hair.


Si Lan pretended not to understand Kuai’s words and made two “coo coo” sounds.


Kuai suddenly chuckled and placed Si Lan on the table, taking out a handful of golden grains from his storage pouch and sprinkling them on the table.


Si Lan hadn’t expected Kuai to actually treat him like a bird. Unable to resist, he used his claws to push aside the golden grains, looking somewhat proud.


Observing this, Kuai fell into thought and poured out peach blossom wine from a white jade bottle.


Si Lan saw the peach blossom wine and excitedly flapped his wings, leaning over the edge of the cup and extending his pink tongue to taste the wine inside. In the land of Yingzhou where peach blossoms flourished, this peach blossom wine was even better than usual.


The smile on Kuai’s lips deepened. “So you’re not a chicken after all.”


But not a phoenix either. Could he be a Yujia?


Kuai’s gaze grew deeper as he quietly observed Si Lan through the dim candlelight.


It was rumored that Yujia’s blood could cure all diseases. Could using its blood restore his own face?


After sipping a few mouthfuls of peach blossom wine, Si Lan didn’t dare to overindulge. He folded his wings and showed a contented expression.


Kuai reached out and rubbed its head. “Go back quickly, or His Majesty Haowei will start worrying about you. Today, I just scared you accidentally, but Haowei almost tore you apart.”


Clearly, Haowei placed great importance on this Yujia.


Si Lan didn’t eat Kuai’s food for nothing. He shook his wings and transformed a pill, which not only healed Kuai’s injuries from today but also aided Kuai’s cultivation.


Kui glanced at the elixir and smiled faintly but declined, “No need.” He didn’t need this anymore; his lifespan was nearing its end, and nothing could save him now.


Seeing his refusal, Si Lan became a bit anxious and spoke in a human-like manner, “Your aura is weak. Eat more spirit fruits to nourish your body.” Kui’s internal injuries were severe, and his life was fading.


Upon hearing him speak, Kui wasn’t surprised. He gently patted Si Lan’s head. His half-face still looked fierce and terrifying, but to Si Lan’s eyes, it no longer seemed frightening.


“Alright, then I’ll accept your spirit fruits. Thank you.”


“Actually… I should apologize,” Si Lan also took the opportunity to apologize on behalf of Haowei, “And also to His Majesty Haowei, he shouldn’t have struck you. However, at that time, he must have misunderstood that you were trying to harm me and acted in haste.”


“I understand. I… actually envy you a lot. To have someone willing to protect you at all costs.” Kui didn’t know what he was recalling, the light in his eyes fading as he looked down.


Si Lan wanted to comfort him, so he flapped his wings and flew to Kui’s other side.


A gust of wind blew in through the window coffin, pushing aside the hair that covered Kui’s left half-face.


Suddenly, Si Lan noticed that Kui’s left half-face wasn’t disfigured; it had been covered with hair all along!


It was strange. Why would Kui deliberately cover the intact half of his face and expose the disfigured side instead?


At that moment, Kui lifted his head, revealing a gorgeous and dazzling blue eye.


When Si Lan met Kui’s left eye, a rush of memories flooded his mind.


Under the moonlight, a figure in black slowly turned around, revealing an exquisitely handsome face, and even in the darkness, his stunningly eerie blue eyes were unmistakable.


He was Fan Yu, the son of Heaven’s Dao.


Kui’s eyes were unexpectedly the same as Fan Yu’s!


Upon closer inspection, Si Lan realized that not only were Kui’s eyes identical to Fan Yu’s, but his face was also exactly the same!


Si Lan was stunned and couldn’t find words to say as he looked at Kui’s face.


According to ancient texts, Fan Yu opposed the Dao of Heaven and met a tragic end.


Could it be… the Kui in front of him couldn’t possibly be the reincarnation of Fan Yu, but how could he look exactly like him?


Si Lan was puzzled. He thought if Haowei were here, he could ask him. As if sensing his thoughts, Haowei’s voice suddenly appeared in Si Lan’s divine consciousness.


“He is not the reincarnation of Fan Yu, but he is related to Fan Yu.”


Si Lan was startled, looking around but not seeing Haowei’s figure.


“Don’t bother looking. I’ve attached a trace of my aura to your back.”


“…” Si Lan.


Kui realized that the wind had blown his hair, revealing the left half of his face, and hurriedly pressed his hair down, feeling embarrassed. “Did… I scare you?” His left eye was blue, always seen as unusual, fearing it might startle the exquisite Xiaoyu Jia.


Si Lan quickly shook his head. “Are your eyes natural?”


“Yeah.” Kui touched his hair again, as if trying to cover his blue eyes even more.


“It looks nice.” Unable to help himself, Si Lan comforted, “Your right half of the face is disfigured, but you don’t care. Instead, you carefully hide that blue eye, showing how much ridicule you must have endured.”


“Thank you.” Kui smiled shyly, “Ah Hu also said it looks good, but it still scares people.” For example, the Immortal Lord Boling was very afraid of his blue eye, so Yide asked him to cover it with hair.


Si Lan felt a twinge of sadness. Although Kui was not the reincarnation of Fan Yu, he was somehow connected to him. The once proud son of Heaven’s Dao now looked like this.


Perhaps, annihilation of the soul wasn’t the harshest punishment after all.


The harshest punishment might be erasing someone’s arrogance throughout countless cycles of life and death.


Unable to restrain himself, Si Lan flapped his wings and landed on Kui’s shoulder. Kui immediately froze, tilting his neck to silently gaze at Si Lan. Si Lan folded his wings and hugged Kui’s neck.


After his initial surprise, Kui’s face softened into a smile.


“Kui, whether it’s your eyes or your face, you don’t need to care about others’ opinions.”


Kui also reached out, gently stroking Si Lan’s fur. “Yeah, when Ah Hu returns, I’ll leave with him. By then, I won’t live for anyone else, only for myself.”


“Ah Hu?” Si Lan had heard this name twice now.


“Yeah, Ah Hu is Yide’s mount. Yide sent him to Jiuyou to earn merit, and once he does, Ah Hu will regain his freedom.” Kui mentioned Ah Hu with a hint of amusement in his eyes.


Ah Hu was his only tenderness in this world.


Si Lan nodded understandingly, realizing vaguely that despite appearances, this life’s Kui was at least cared for by someone.


In the chamber, Haowei, sensing through that trace of aura, saw Si Lan embracing Kui with his wings, his expression dark. Unable to resist, Haowei spoke up to remind Si Lan, “Kui looks a bit tired. Don’t disturb him any further.”


This disobedient little “chicken,” sometimes clinging to Boling, sometimes to Kui—couldn’t he sit still?


Wasn’t he better off when he was silly in the mortal realm, paying attention only to him without a glance at anyone else?


Seeing that Kui indeed seemed a bit weary, Si Lan bid farewell and escorted Kui out. Only after watching him flap his wings over the wall did Kui withdraw his gaze.


Returning to the room, Si Lan landed on the desk, feeling content from the peach blossom brew. His wings involuntarily folded in front of him as he slowly stroked his belly.


Seeing this, Haowei commented coolly, “One family in the east, another in the west—seems like you’re having a great time.”


Si Lan sensed the sarcasm in Haowei’s tone and explained, “I wanted to know the reason behind Yide Immortal Lord’s fall. Judging from his inner aura, it’s stable and strong, doesn’t seem like something’s wrong.”


Haowei replied lightly, “The Purple Wei Jade Disk controls the destinies of all beings in the six realms. It won’t make mistakes.”


“Oh.” Si Lan flapped his wings and settled onto the bed, closing his eyes to sleep while asking, “How much do you know about the story between Yide Immortal Lord and Boling Immortal Lord?”




Haowei’s gaze fell upon the bed, where the vibrant “wild chicken” lay sleeping. Involuntarily, his mind wandered back to the time in the mortal realm when Si Lan curled up in his arms.


He cast a spell to extinguish the lights, then lay down on the bed, reaching out to pull Si Lan closer.


Si Lan frowned uneasily, about to say something, when Haowei’s deep voice interrupted him.


“Tens of thousands of years ago, Yide and Boling ascended together as immortals. One was titled the Immortal Lord of Yingzhou, the other the Immortal Lord of Jinyun Mountain. They had similar temperaments and shared hobbies, and their friendship was deep. Rumor had it that they intended to become immortal companions, but Yingzhou was attacked by savage beasts, Yide was critically injured and reincarnated, and Boling followed him into reincarnation upon death. Yet their immortal bond was profound, and they both returned to their positions.”


“What about Kui?” Si Lan was curious how Fanyu ended up encountering Yide in this life. Logically, as a fragment of the Celestial Dao, Yide should have been feared by Kui.


“Kui… there are few records about him. He was likely a servant in Yingzhou, and later when Yide reincarnated as a mortal, Kui brought him back to Yingzhou to care for him until Yide returned to his position.”


Si Lan recalled overhearing Yide and Boling’s conversation earlier and felt that something must have happened between Yide and Kui. Drowsy and confused, he drifted off to sleep.


Unbeknownst to him, in the darkness, Haowei’s eyes were fixed on him, filled with deep affection.


Sensing Si Lan’s stabilized breath, Haowei gently cast a spell to transform him into human form.


Si Lan’s slender figure nestled in Haowei’s embrace, his head lowered with his warm breath brushing against Haowei’s arm, spreading slowly along his arm.


Haowei involuntarily tightened his arms around him. They had once slept together like this in the cave of the Void.




Haowei felt deep regret in his heart. If only he hadn’t erased those memories back then, perhaps they wouldn’t have missed each other for seven hundred years. He had come seven hundred years late to find his little fool.


Resting his chin on Si Lan’s shoulder, Haowei’s voice trembled imperceptibly in the darkness.


“Xiaoqi, have you forgotten me too?”


It must be that he had forgotten, otherwise he wouldn’t treat him like this.


At that time, Si Lan had been severely injured by Lord Chushan, his soul shattered. After that fragment of his soul returned to his original body, he didn’t retain any memories.


To Si Lan, perhaps it was just a dream, or maybe even less than a dream.


Haowei wanted to find an opportunity to explain to Si Lan, but he vaguely felt that in these past few days, Si Lan seemed to have developed some grievances against him. He couldn’t figure out why Si Lan had changed after only a few days of separation.


Somehow, his mind suddenly flashed back to the eight handsome men that Li Qing had given to Si Lan last time, and he felt a surge of jealousy. Could it be that these days, Si Lan had gone to the Southern Wind Pavilion?


The more Haowei thought about it, the angrier he became. Unable to restrain himself, he bit Si Lan’s neck that was exposed outside, with a hint of resentment. Originally, he had only intended to bite lightly, but unexpectedly, Si Lan’s scent was so intoxicating that he involuntarily increased his strength.


When he realized it, he had already broken the skin.




With his last bit of reason, he withdrew his teeth and used his fingers to heal the broken skin.


Si Lan’s cultivation had not yet recovered, and if he were to suck his blood again, he was afraid he would become even weaker. Si Lan groaned twice in his sleep, turned around to face Haowei, yawned, but did not wake up.


Haowei’s gaze pierced through the darkness, quietly landing on Si Lan’s face. Then, he lowered his head and kissed Si Lan’s forehead, nose, and lips…


The next day when Si Lan woke up, he found that he had actually transformed into human form!


However, before he could be happy for long, he found that he was currently naked, nestled in Haowei’s arms. Haowei’s forehead was against his forehead, one arm around his waist, and one of Si Lan’s legs was still dr4p3d over Haowei’s waist.


Their skins were tightly pressed together, including their intimate parts.


He could even feel the arousal on the other side.


“…Si Lan.”

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Chapter 44 – Immortal Demon Yu Wujia

Chapter 44


When Si Lan heard Haowei’s words, his wings twitched, and he turned around. His pitch-black eyes were full of curiosity. “Didn’t Grandmaster Jiaheng say that after he achieved Buddhahood, his disciple reincarnated as a human?”


“Yes, that disciple indeed reincarnated as a human, but that doesn’t mean there’s no more connection between him and Jiaheng. Over ten thousand years ago, a young Buddha emerged from the Thirty-Three Heavens. It’s said that he did good deeds throughout his many lifetimes without committing any evil. Therefore, at the age of twelve in this life, he attained Buddhahood. On the day of his ascension, he chose to become a disciple under Grandmaster Jiaheng. However, he later fell into the Demon Realm two thousand years ago.”


Si Lan couldn’t believe it. “Could it be… the Demon Buddha, Yu Wuxia?”


Si Lan had heard this story from Luo Hui’s mouth even before he hatched, though at that time, he treated it as gossip. It was said that this disciple deeply connected to Buddhism, Yu Wuxia, on the day of his ascension in the Thirty-Three Heavens, resonated nine thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine bronze bells, with their ringing resounding endlessly. Buddha light illuminated a hundred thousand miles, shaking the Six Realms.


However, this disciple, once under Grandmaster Jiaheng, gradually faded from public view. The next time news of him surfaced was when he fell from the Thirty-Three Heavens into the Demon Realm.


“Are you suggesting that Yu Wuxia might be that disciple?” Si Lan asked again.


“It’s just speculation.”


“However, the reason Yu Wuxia fell into the Demon Realm seems rather inglorious.” Si Lan recalled the scrolls he had read before, his mouth twitching involuntarily.


“Three Fox Demons Battle the Handsome Monk for Seven Days and Nights”


“The Celibate Monk Falls in Love with the Peerless Fox Demon”


These two books still remained in his collection.


It was reported that Yu Wuxia, while subduing demons in the Demon Realm, fell in love with a fox demon. He often descended to the mortal realm to frolic with her, eventually bringing her to the Thirty-Three Heavens.


When Grandmaster Jiaheng discovered this, he advised Yu Wuxia to abstain from lust, but Yu Wuxia instead intensified his actions, gathering a group of fox demons to revel in the Thirty-Three Heavens, indulging in carnal pleasures and even involving his fellow disciples in such activities.


This time, Grandmaster Jiaheng did not condone Yu Wuxia’s actions and severely injured him.


Enraged, Yu Wuxia fell into the Demon Realm.


Haowei nodded gently. “This disciple Yu Wuxia has a fiery red mark on his brow, likely a manifestation of accumulated desires from countless lifetimes, concentrated at his brow.”


Si Lan was astonished. “A fiery red mark on his brow?”


It seemed like he had seen such a Buddhist disciple before, even when he was just a sticky mass of egg yolk. He remembered a monk in white robes with a demonically charming face, a red mark on his brow.


That monk’s figure seemed to hover in the vast and boundless world for an instant before disappearing.


He remembered it so clearly because when that monk appeared, he felt excruciating pain all over his body, as if the egg yolk had been scalded.


Just as he was about to succumb to the agony, Luo Hui appeared.


Luo Hui gently embraced him with her two wings, her cooing voice soothing the discomfort outside the eggshell. By the time he opened his eyes again, the monk’s figure was no longer visible in the boundless world.


Thinking of this, Si Lan suddenly felt like he was enveloped in a massive conspiracy. This conspiracy seemed to have started the moment he arrived in this world. It felt like everything he did in the Demon Realm was under someone else’s control and surveillance, even this conversation with Haowei right now…


A chill ran down his spine, making him instinctively wrap his wings around himself.


Seeing this movement, Haowei found him somewhat adorable, looking silly and absent-minded, like the naive fool in the human world with only a shred of soul left.


“Not long after Yu Wuxia fell into the Demon Realm, three Buddhas consecutively fell from the Thirty-Three Heavens. This incident became a taboo in the Thirty-Three Heavens and is prohibited from being mentioned.”


Si Lan’s mouth twitched. It turned out even Buddhas had taboos.


It seemed that even after achieving Buddhahood, it was difficult to truly attain indifference and desirelessness, free from joy and sorrow.


“Where is Yu Wuxia now?”


“After falling into the Demon Path, Yu Wuxia’s whereabouts have been elusive. The last sighting was two hundred years ago.”


This audacious young Buddhist disciple, who indulged in pleasure in the Thirty-Three Heavens, became restrained and disappeared from sight for a century.


It was indeed quite strange.


“However…” Haowei paused, looking up at Si Lan.


Si Lan, upon hearing this, widened his round eyes and tiptoed, his tail erect, earnestly listening to Haowei speak.


Softening a bit, Haowei teased him deliberately, speaking slowly, “However, some days ago, scouts reported seeing Yu Wuxia’s figure appearing in Yingzhou.”


“Yingzhou?” Si Lan couldn’t help but lean closer to Haowei, a tuft of green fur on his brow trembling.


“Mm.” Haowei continued calmly, extending his hand to stroke Si Lan’s little head.


Lost in thought, Si Lan didn’t realize he was being petted until he reacted, caught in Haowei’s embrace.


He hurriedly flapped his wings, struggling to break free, but his claws were sharp and accidentally scratched Haowei’s back. He immediately stopped struggling, holding his breath, staring wide-eyed at the two wounds on Haowei’s hand.


Haowei glanced at the wounds, seemingly unconcerned. Instead, he asked, “What’s wrong? Is it uncomfortable for me to hold you like this?”


“… Si Lan.”


For a moment, Si Lan wondered if Haowei had been possessed, otherwise, why would his temper vary so greatly?


Previously, this person had a face like a demon, with cold words and little desire. Even after revealing his identity, he still intended to punish him. How did he suddenly transform into a gentle and considerate demeanor?


Could it be that he’s also brewing some grand conspiracy?


Si Lan suddenly recalled what Haowei had once told him.


“The reason why the Feathered Jia clan was exterminated is because their flesh grants immortality, their blood revives the dead, and their bones are divine treasures and immortal objects. Thus, they were not only sought after as supplements by myriad beasts but also coveted as weapons.”


Now, was Haowei planning to eat his flesh, drink his blood, or extract his bones?


The more Si Lan thought about it, the more guarded he became.


Seeing Si Lan remain silent, Haowei couldn’t help but bend down. His previously proud expression now carried an imperceptible tenderness and caution. “Did I hurt you?”


Si Lan’s face filled with terror. He folded his wings across his chest and swallowed nervously. “N-no.” He needed to find a way out of this unpredictable person’s grasp as soon as possible.


Otherwise, he might end up being devoured entirely, and when Qu Ze and the others came to collect his corpse, there wouldn’t be much left.


Haowei sensed that Si Lan seemed somewhat different from before, more resistant towards him. He attributed it to Si Lan recognizing his true form and feeling uncomfortable, so he didn’t think much of it.


At that moment, a celestial general’s voice came from outside the hall.


“Your Majesty, Fairy Qu Yu is injured and requests an audience with Your Majesty.”


Haowei responded indifferently, “If she’s injured, she should see a physician. Why come to see me?”


“The Fairy Qu Yu says she has an important matter to report.”


Haowei fell silent for a moment, glanced at Si Lan beside him, lifted Si Lan off and placed him on his lap, the desk in front conveniently blocking Si Lan’s figure.


“Summon her into the hall.”


Haowei had some insight into Fairy Qu Yu’s thoughts, but he had never taken her seriously.


Firstly, he hadn’t resolved the divine injury on his body, so he wasn’t considering personal matters.


Secondly, he didn’t like Fairy Qu Yu.


Fairy Qu Yu entered the hall with two young men, limping and covered in dust, their faces flushed red as if they had just lost a fight.


Seeing this, Haowei’s expression turned cold. “What’s the matter?”


“Your Majesty, you must intervene for us.” Fairy Qu Yu’s voice trembled with tears in her eyes, looking pitiful. “Your Majesty, earlier, Tongyi and Boqing and I took shelter near the Parasol Tree and encountered a strange wild rooster. Though it appeared like a wild rooster, it had phoenix wings. With those wings, it blew the three of us away, even uprooting the Parasol Tree!”


After Fairy Qu Yu finished speaking, the atmosphere in the hall abruptly fell silent, almost to the point where one could hear a pin drop.


After a moment, Haowei lifted Si Lan and placed him on the desk. “Is this the wild rooster?”


“…” Si Lan.


Can you be a bit more polite?


Fairy Qu Yu immediately stared wide-eyed at Si Lan, recognizing the culprit behind it all. She couldn’t help but feel wronged, tears streaming down her face as she knelt before Haowei.


“Your Majesty, it’s indeed this wild rooster.”


“Your Majesty, you must intervene for us.” Tongyi and Boqing also knelt, pleading with Haowei.


Today, Si Lan finally understood what it meant to be “the guilty party gets there first.” These three clearly insulted him and bullied him first, but when they couldn’t beat him, they ran to Haowei for protection.


Tsk tsk.


This is how people in the heavenly realm are.


Haowei lowered his head to look at Si Lan. Si Lan’s eyes, as black as precious gems, now carried a hint of disdain and arrogance. His two bright red wings were slightly raised, as if he was flexing them. Though his face was hidden by feathers, his expressive emotions were still evident.


Unable to help himself, Haowei chuckled indulgently and reached out to stroke Si Lan’s head. In a voice only they could hear, he said, “Do you know you’ve caused quite a stir? Fairy Qu Yu is the princess of the Phoenix Clan.”


Si Lan felt aggrieved. “I didn’t provoke them actively. They were the ones who bullied too much.”


Having spent so much time with Si Lan, Haowei naturally understood his temperament. Si Lan was not one to pick fights or be verbose. Facing Fairy Qu Yu and her group, he must have endured until he couldn’t anymore, risking exposure by revealing his phoenix wings to blow them away.


However, Haowei now wanted an excuse to keep Si Lan by his side. “Both you and Qu Yu claim to be in the right. How can I trust you?”


Si Lan’s mouth twitched. He turned his head away, refusing to look at Haowei, adopting an indifferent demeanor.


Fine, if it came to it, he would deal with him as he had dealt with others, and blow him away with a gust of wind, preferably straight back to the Demon Realm.


Haowei continued to lightly stroke his head, as if coaxing a child. Each word was deliberate. “The Heavenly Family has always had close ties with the Phoenix Clan. If I offend Fairy Qu Yu for your sake, I fear…”


Si Lan suddenly covered his ears with his wings, clearly indicating he wasn’t listening and didn’t care for Haowei’s lofty words. Why bother with such pompous talk? If he wanted to punish him, just do it directly.


Seeing this, Haowei couldn’t help feeling both amused and exasperated. He maintained a cold expression on his face.


Is this little wild rooster actually angry?


Seems like it.


But he had to admit, Si Lan looked quite adorable when he was angry.


Haowei shifted his gaze back to Qu Yu. “You must have mistaken it. It’s my pet, and it has no phoenix wings.”


“But Your Majesty, we did see a pair…” Qu Yu began, but met Haowei’s unwavering gaze and abruptly fell silent, as if overwhelmed by his imposing presence, fearfully lowering her head.


Haowei’s voice turned colder. “I released it to play earlier, and it returned injured. Did you have a hand in that too?”


“No, Your Majesty, we didn’t harm it!”


“Yeah, Your Majesty, we just mocked the little thing a bit. We definitely didn’t harm it!”


Tongyi and Boqing blurted out the truth in their desperation.


Qu Yu’s expression darkened upon hearing this, and he quickly gestured around with his eyes, signaling the two to be quiet.


They shouldn’t speak, so they shouldn’t add fuel to the fire.


Haowei’s gaze grew even more intense, and the oppressive atmosphere in the hall felt like a dense web, enveloping the three of them, making them uneasy.


“Hmm? Are you mocking him?”


The three held their breath, speechless.


Haowei continued, “He is my pet. Why mock him?”


Si Lan, upon hearing “pet,” curled his claws in irritation.


He knew Haowei had never considered him an equal.


Oh well, he had always thought of the little white dragon as a “little thing” anyway.


Qu Yu and the others paled even further at these words. None of them had heard that Haowei suddenly had a beloved pet chicken.


No wonder the chicken had remained calm when faced with their mockery earlier; its master turned out to be Haowei.


“Your Majesty, please forgive us! We truly didn’t know it was Your Majesty’s pet.” Qu Yu had wanted to please Haowei. Before seeking his judgment, she had even messed up her hair and injured herself in several places, hoping to garner Haowei’s pity.


But they never imagined that the chicken they provoked was actually Haowei’s pet.


Qu Yu felt extremely regretful.


Haowei sneered, “Oh… So if he wasn’t my pet, you could freely ridicule him?”


“Your Majesty, I… I didn’t mean that…”


“Forget it. For the sake of the Phoenix Clan’s face, I won’t hold you accountable, Qu Yu. However, from now on, you need not appear in the Jade Clear Palace.”


“Your Majesty…”


“Leave.” Haowei didn’t give Qu Yu a chance to explain and directly ordered the celestial attendants to escort her out.


Qu Yu left with red eyes, choked with emotion.


Si Lan hadn’t expected Haowei to dismiss Qu Yu like this. He had thought Haowei’s earlier words meant he couldn’t defend him.


Now, he realized he had misunderstood Haowei’s intentions and felt somewhat embarrassed.


This Emperor seemed to have a bit of conscience after all, just not much.


Haowei’s hand fell on Si Lan again, lifting his wings to inspect him. “Any injuries?”


“None.” Si Lan tried to retract his wings, but Haowei lifted him up instead. In the next moment, Haowei turned him upside down, parting his layers of feathers to check his condition.


Si Lan shivered involuntarily when his feathers were turned upside down, subconsciously gripping Haowei’s sleeve with his claws.


“What are you doing?”


“Checking your condition.”


“I told you I’m not injured. Now put me down!”


“Oh?” Haowei’s voice contained a hint of amusement. His gaze swept over Si Lan’s tail feathers, some of which were exceptionally beautiful. He figured those two feathers Si Lan had given him were also plucked from his tail.


His hand lightly touched the tail feathers with a hint of vengeance as he spoke, “Since you are both a divine bird and the son of the Heavenly Way, I wonder if your body is different from that of ordinary men?”


“…” Si Lan.


Si Lan had once teased Haowei like this. Later, he even scorned Haowei for having only one. Now, he found himself being teased, scared as he covered the tail area with both wings, his round black eyes widened, slightly frightened as he looked at Haowei, “Don’t talk nonsense! I’m perfectly normal!”


Haowei chuckled inwardly but showed no change on his face. He didn’t tease Si Lan further and let him go.


Even if Qu Yu and others have offended you with their words, you cannot simply dismiss them. Qu Yu is a princess of the Phoenix Clan. If she finds out you are Mo Zun Si Lan, it may lead to conflict between the Phoenix Clan and the Demon Realm again.


The relationship between the Phoenix Clan and the Demon Realm has always been poor, starting with the stories involving Si Shaoxun, Luo Hui, and the former princess of the Phoenix Clan, Ju Zhu.


Before Luo Hui appeared, everyone assumed Si Shaoxun would be with Ju Zhu, believing them to be the most compatible couple. Though they never had a formal engagement, the Phoenix Clan already considered Si Shaoxun their future son-in-law.


However, no one expected Si Shaoxun to be severely injured and fall into the Demon Realm, where he was saved by a “wild chicken” named Luo Hui. Luo Hui intervened and married Si Shaoxun, causing great humiliation to the Phoenix Clan, which severed ties with Si Shaoxun.


Later, Si Shaoxun fell into darkness, leading to direct opposition between the two sides.


It’s rumored that Luo Hui’s death was due to her jealousy of Si Shaoxun’s lingering affection for Ju Zhu. She attacked Ju Zhu but was fatally wounded by the divine mark on Ju Zhu’s body, leading to her demise.


The divine mark on Ju Zhu’s body was promised by the Lord of Sorrow to protect the Phoenix Clan. In this life, the Phoenix Clan has placed the divine mark on Ju Zhu.


Anyone who attacks someone protected by the divine mark will face its retaliation; their wounds will not heal, and their blood will not stop flowing, leading to a painful death.


Upon learning of Luo Hui’s death, Haowei understood why Si Lan was looking for Jiuying. Because the person Si Lan wants to kill, or deal with, is the Lord of Sorrow, whose cultivation has reached the level of a Son of Heaven.


Si Lan said, “The Demon Realm is not something the Phoenix Clan can provoke at will now.” When he blew away Fairy Qu Yu, he already suspected her identity.


Qu Yu should be the niece of that old witch Ju Zhu.


But so what.


He wasn’t afraid.


Haowei’s lips moved as if he wanted to say something but held back, only furrowing his brow and gazing deeply at Si Lan.


What does this little fool want to do, leaving him no choice but to help him.


Because, the little fool is his only warmth in the calamities of the mortal world.


“The fragment of the heavenly finger is also in Yingzhou,” Haowei suddenly said.


Si Lan was stunned, Yingzhou…


Yu Wuxia’s figure had also appeared in Yingzhou. Was this just a coincidence?


And why did Haowei suddenly say this?


Does he know about his grievances with the Phoenix Clan?


Yes, Haowei’s words imply that he has already investigated everything about him.


Since he is no longer hiding, Si Lan lowered his voice coldly, “Then you should know what I want to do with that fragment of the heavenly finger.”


“Well, ten thousand years ago, the Lord of Sorrow owed a favor to the Phoenix Clan. The Phoenix Clan proposed that he lay down the divine mark to protect the people of the Phoenix Clan. However, the Lord of Sorrow did not intend to harm your mother intentionally.”


“Yes, he did not intend to harm my mother, but if I kill Ju Zhu, it will inevitably break the divine mark. Will the Lord of Sorrow feel the disorder of the divine mark and come out to stop me?”


In Haowei’s heart, the phrase “I’m here” surged out, but before he could speak, he saw Si Lan turn away from him and look out of the hall.


Si Lan continued, “So I must find a way to restrain the Lord of Sorrow, so that my revenge will be foolproof.”


Moreover, is the Lord of Sorrow really innocent?


When he first gave the divine mark to the Phoenix Clan, he should have anticipated that innocent people might die under the divine mark, but he still didn’t care. Perhaps the Lord of Sorrow, like Bian Rang, sees all living beings as ants, without any empathy at all.


Thinking of this, Si Lan looked up at Haowei.


The Lord of Sorrow is one of the two emperors in the immortal realm, older than Haowei’s grandfather, and has the deepest qualifications in the immortal realm today. Therefore, if he really fights the Lord of Sorrow, Haowei will certainly stand on the Lord of Sorrow’s side.


Initially, when he learned that Haowei was his fated one, he was so happy because of this reason. He thought he could win over Haowei and make the heavenly realm stand on his side. Now, it turns out to be a misunderstanding.


Si Lan still felt a little lost in his heart. “Your Majesty, thank you for settling the dispute between me and the Phoenix Clan today. I still have things to do, so I’ll leave first.”


“Are you going to Yingzhou in the Eastern Sea?” Haowei asked.


“I… didn’t plan to go,” Si Lan said insincerely, fearing that Haowei would stop him if he knew he was going.


However, Haowei didn’t believe him. “Good, I have something to do and need to go to Yingzhou. You can accompany me.”


“…” Si Lan.


He really didn’t say he was going to Yingzhou in the Eastern Sea!


But Haowei didn’t give him a chance to explain. He lifted him with his wings and held him in his arms. “Be careful following me.”


His two claws were forced to step on Haowei’s palm, feeling the warmth of his palm, somewhat hot, while above his head was his chest.


He could feel the other’s eyes staring at him all the time, warm breath falling from top to bottom on his head. Feeling uncomfortable, he shifted his claws, trying to find a topic. “Yu Wuxia appeared in Yingzhou. Could she also be looking for the end of the paper for Heavenly Cultivation…”


“Well, it’s possible.”


The atmosphere fell silent again, and Si Lan tried to find a topic. “Some time ago, I went to Qiangjue Mountain to see the Divine Seer. The Divine Seer said that person’s purpose was not to harm the Six Realms.”


Haowei originally wanted to say the Divine Seer was unreliable, but suddenly remembered that Si Lan had relied on the guidance of the Divine Seer when he picked him up on Qianqiong Sand Island. So he held back his words.


That ancient turtle spirit, usually full of tricks and deceptions, ended up inadvertently helping Si Lan meet him.


“Perhaps his purpose is not to harm the Six Realms, but he also doesn’t regard the life and death of the Six Realms as important.” Otherwise, he wouldn’t have allowed Jiuying and Dayong to cause trouble in the mortal world.


Si Lan nodded, feeling like there was something he had overlooked, but despite recalling segments of memories, nothing came to mind. His mind was in turmoil, but he couldn’t make sense of it.


In the blink of an eye, he and Haowei had arrived at Yingzhou.


Yingzhou, where peach blossoms bloom year-round, immortal mist swirls, and countless exquisite buildings grace the land.


As soon as they landed, Si Lan felt a fragrance permeating the air, like the scent of peach blossoms mixed with something else. A gust of wind blew, petals fluttered down, painting the ground in crimson.


Si Lan asked, “Where is the end of the paper now in Yingzhou?”


Haowei explained, “After Jiuying killed Bian Rang, this long sword fell into Fan Yu’s hands. Fan Yu attempted to destroy the sword but was instead pierced through the chest, losing much of his cultivation. Later, Fan Yu had no choice but to seal the sword in Yingzhou in the Eastern Sea. Thousands of years later, this sword may have absorbed the spiritual energy of Yingzhou and cultivated into human form.”


No wonder it’s not listed on the Six Realms’ Weaponry List; it turned out it had cultivated into human form.


Si Lan asked, “Who holds this sword now in Yingzhou?”


“Yide Xianjun.”




Yide Xianjun is the lord of Yingzhou. Three hundred years ago, he entered reincarnation and later returned to his position. Unexpectedly, this immortal lord turned out to be a fragment of the heavenly finger.


Si Lan hesitated, furrowing his brow. “So, can he still transform into a sword?”


“If he jumps into the furnace, he naturally can transform back into a sword,” Haowei replied.


“…” Si Lan.

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Chapter 156 – The Kiss

Chapter 156 – The Kiss




The box hit the ground, kicking up a cloud of dust.


Jian Luo shielded the young man as they fell to the ground with a grunt. They landed nearby, the young man’s notebook and pen flying far due to the force of impact. There was a chilling sound of impact in his ears, dust flying everywhere, and thunder rumbling in the distance. The young man was stunned, subconsciously glancing at Jian Luo beside him, only to see him curled up in pain.


The young man said, “Jian bro?”


Jian Luo groaned, curling up in agony.


In an instant, although not very obvious, the young man smelled blood, not too heavy but definitely there. Red liquid flowed from Jian Luo’s fingers onto his fair skin, a chilling sight.


The young man widened his eyes, almost panicking and shouting, “Help! Someone, help!”


Jian Luo sighed inwardly. “Stop shouting, I’m not dead yet.”


The young man, hearing him speak, snapped out of it. As he looked up, he saw the wound on Jian Luo’s face, a clearly visible trail of blood. It was dangerously close to his eye.


Because of the commotion here, many people heard the noise and came over. As they approached, they saw potatoes scattered on the ground and someone sitting there. Jian Luo had blood flowing down his face, a shocking sight.


Someone exclaimed, “Call an ambulance!”


Others ran to fetch Su Liang.


Jian Luo had to remind them, “Get the first aid kit, stop the bleeding first.”


Most people were in a panic, and it wasn’t until Jian Luo, as the injured party, spoke up that they reacted.


Su Liang ran over while a group of people surrounded Jian Luo to tend to his wound. When she arrived and saw Jian Luo’s face, she froze, her nose tingling, eyes turning red, tears streaming down her face. “Luo Luo.”


Jian Luo recognized her voice and turned away, not letting Su Liang see. “Mom, don’t worry, it’s nothing serious.”


Su Liang cried even harder.


With a group of people around, the sound of an ambulance finally approached in the distance. Initially, the medical staff didn’t pay much attention upon hearing about an injured person here, but when they heard the patient’s name, they couldn’t sit still.


Jian Luo.


Everyone knew his name; he was already a national treasure.


“Make way.”


“Don’t block the path.”


“Family can come along.”


The scene was chaotic and frantic. Jian Luo’s last memory was of the white roof of the ambulance. Everything else felt like bubbles to him. His final thought before closing his eyes was embarrassment about facing Lu Shifeng when he returned.



Jian Luo had a dream.


In the dream, he was an old man with speckled white hair, while Lu Shifeng remained young. Their three children had grown up and achieved success in their respective fields. However, he couldn’t live long enough to see them marry and have children, leaving behind countless regrets in his lonely life.


“Still not awake?”


“The doctor said it would be these two days…”


Voices approached from far away. Jian Luo’s eyelashes trembled as he opened his eyes. The first thing his nose detected was the strong smell of disinfectant, sharp and awakening.


Jian Luo took a while to adjust, his voice hoarse as he said, “Mom.”


Su Liang froze for a moment, then hurried over, tears welling up in her delicate eyes again. “Luo Luo.”


Jian Luo squinted at her appearance and smiled. “Why are you crying again? I didn’t die, you know.”


“Mom won’t cry anymore.”


Su Liang wiped her face and helped Jian Luo sit up. “How do you feel? Still uncomfortable?”


Jian Luo shook his head, instinctively checking his whole body. Then he thought of his face and asked, “Is my face injured?”


While shielding the boy from the frame, he bumped into a nearby shelf and cut his face. At the time, he didn’t feel much, but now it stung fiercely.


Su Liang paused, then quickly reassured him, “Luo Luo, don’t worry. Anxing’s medical technology is very good. You won’t be scarred.”


Jian Luo smiled faintly. “Hmm.”


In truth, as a boy, having a pretty face didn’t matter much. But—he didn’t want Lu Shifeng to see him looking ugly. It would be too embarrassing.


Jian Luo remembered and asked, “Mom, how long have I been asleep?”


“Two days.” Su Liang brought porridge and rice from a nearby small kitchen. “The doctor said you could eat once you woke up. Here.”


Jian Luo’s hands were weak, so Su Liang fed him spoonful by spoonful. As he ate, Jian Luo asked, “Where are the kids?”


“They’re at home. You were injured, and I didn’t want them to worry, so I didn’t bring them to see you.”


Jian Luo acknowledged with a nod.


After finishing his meal, he wanted to look in the mirror. Su Liang followed him, a bit worried that Jian Luo couldn’t handle seeing his face. Jian Luo simply walked up to the mirror and saw the red mark on his face, from the corner of his eye to his nostril, quite striking.


Su Liang’s heart tightened.


Jian Luo looked for a while and smiled. “It’s quite distinctive.”


Su Liang was slightly surprised.


“As long as it didn’t hit my eye, it’s fine. Eyes are harder to treat than scars.” Jian Luo said, “Please don’t worry. I’m not a child anymore. I can handle this.”


Strangely, the more indifferent he seemed, the more upset Su Liang appeared.


*Knock, knock*


There was a knock at the door.


Jian Luo turned around. “Come in.”


It was unexpectedly the young boy. He timidly stood at the door and greeted Jian Luo, “Jian bro.”


Jian Luo smiled. “Why stand there? Come in.”


The boy entered with some gifts, bowing. “Jian bro, I’m sorry!”


He seemed very nervous, trembling uncontrollably. Jian Luo wondered if he might shake himself apart.


Jian Luo sat down. “I went to save you myself. Don’t worry about it.”


The boy bit his lip. “But…”


“Be more careful next time. Not every time will be so lucky.” Jian Luo picked up a glass of water from the table and took a sip. “Go back now. I’m fine.”


The boy looked at the scar on Jian Luo’s face, hesitated to speak, unsure how Jian Luo might react. He hadn’t expected Jian Luo to be so calm.


Unable to voice his comforting words, he bowed and left.


After he left, Jian Luo said to Su Liang, “You should go rest too. I’m a bit tired and want to sleep.”


Su Liang nodded. “Okay.”


Once everyone had left, Jian Luo completely let go of his facade of indifference. He sighed and sat on the edge of the bed, staring out the window, contemplating life. He was afraid, too. Why wouldn’t he be afraid? He was only human. But what good would fear do? As Lu Shifeng would say, crying endlessly wouldn’t solve anything.



Falling asleep was a drowsy process.


This time, his sleep was deeper. He dreamed of many things—his past life in the village, times when he felt trapped, his struggle in the big city, and the nights he spent working hard to pay the rent through livestreams. Life seemed like a reel of film, playing scenes one by one.


When he woke again, he heard voices around him.




“Why isn’t it going down?”


“We’re not sure either. His body seems resistant to Anxing’s medication and even had a stress reaction.”


“Let’s stop the medication for now.”


Jian Luo groggily opened his eyes and saw a figure beside him. He reached out instinctively to grasp the person, but his hand hung in mid-air before a large hand enveloped it. This definitely wasn’t Su Liang’s hand. Jian Luo snapped awake at this realization. Standing there was Lu Shifeng.




Jian Luo’s voice was hoarse. “Aren’t you supposed to come back in two weeks?”


Lu Shifeng said, “You’re injured. I came back to see you.”


This man never spoke sweet words. He always quietly did things without mentioning how exhausting or troublesome it might be to rush back.


For some reason,


Jian Luo’s nose tingled. His head felt heavy from the fever, and his face hurt from the injury. But he wasn’t crying over these things. It was just that seeing Lu Shifeng made him unexpectedly vulnerable.


“What’s there to look at?” Jian Luo instinctively wanted to cover his face with his hand. “It’s ugly.”


He fell asleep again for two days. A faint scar had formed where the red mark on his face had been, now quite prominent. In truth, it wasn’t ugly at all. His fair skin and handsome features made the lightning-like scar look mysterious and cool.

Lu Shifeng: “Don’t talk nonsense.”


Jian Luo looked at him expectantly.


Lu Shifeng continued casually, “I wasn’t particularly handsome before either.”






Jian Luo didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Just when he was feeling mixed emotions, Lu Shifeng fetched a tray with a medicine box from nearby. He applied some ointment to his own hands and said, “You need to apply this cream to your face every few hours. Come here.”


Jian Luo sat on the bed, watching him act so indifferently, which annoyed him. Although he knew applying the medicine was for his own good, he couldn’t help but pout and sarcastically quip, “You say I’m not ugly, yet you’re so diligent in applying the cream. Aren’t you still disgusted with me?”


In reality, everyone who says such things hopes to hear comforting words. They want to hear reassurance that it’s okay, that they’re not ugly, that applying the medicine isn’t because of disgust. Behind every unreasonable complaint is a desire for repeated reassurance.


Lu Shifeng quietly looked at him.


Jian Luo stole a glance at him guiltily, but didn’t receive any comfort. He couldn’t hide his disappointment, but still tactfully said, “Okay, okay, I won’t say anymore. If you want to apply it, go ahead…”


Lu Shifeng leaned down, getting closer. His handsome face suddenly enlarged in front of Jian Luo, and just as Jian Luo was babbling, Lu Shifeng gently lowered his head and kissed the red scar tenderly, as if treating it like a precious treasure.


Jian Luo’s eyes widened suddenly, and his words froze in his mouth.


To be precise, he was dumbfounded.


Lu Shifeng lifted his head, his crimson eyes staring directly at him. He raised an eyebrow and teased, “Can I apply it now?”


Author’s note: Lu Shifeng: Not easy.

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Chapter 155 – Hurt

Chapter 155 – Hurt


After about ten minutes, Jian Luo returned to the table. The video call was still active, but Lu Shifeng had resumed working. He seemed to be in a training ground, surrounded by many people, watching the troops below and giving guidance.




A delicate voice came from the video.


Jian Luo stiffened and saw a cute young boy shyly run up, holding a bottle of water. “You’ve worked hard all day, have some water.”


Lu Shifeng responded, “No need.”


“Can I wipe your sweat for you?”


“Not necessary.”


“Are you tired? I know a place with great food.”


“I’m very busy.”


“It’s really delicious, and you haven’t eaten all day.”


Jian Luo: “…”


Even though the boy hadn’t done anything particularly wrong, Jian Luo felt inexplicably uncomfortable, finding the sight of the boy next to Lu Shifeng extremely annoying.


The boy persisted, “Sir, can I at least accompany you…”


“Excuse me for interrupting.”


Jian Luo, smiling, sat back on the sofa and said to Lu Shifeng, “Are you two busy?”


Lu Shifeng turned around and met Jian Luo’s gaze.


Jian Luo smiled, but there was a hint of menace in his eyes. “I was worried about how you’re doing outside, but it seems this young man is taking good care of you.”


Then he turned to Lu Shifeng and asked, “Did Secretary Jin find you a personal assistant?”


The term “assistant” was cutting, and the young boy’s face turned pale.


Lu Shifeng said, “No.”


“Oh.” Jian Luo feigned surprise and smiled at the boy. “Sorry for the misunderstanding. Our lord doesn’t like having others around him. I thought you were an assistant.”


The word “others” made the boy’s face go even paler, and his smile wavered. “It’s fine.”


Seeing the boy unhappy made Jian Luo delighted. He acted exaggeratedly, “Oh dear, I didn’t disturb you, did I?”


If anyone were to judge Jian Luo’s acting, they would call it outrageous. His face showed an expression of difficulty, but his eyes had no trace of apology. He kept making sarcastic comments while pretending to be concerned, creating a bizarre yet harmonious scene.


Lu Shifeng, watching Jian Luo’s performance, had a hint of amusement in his eyes. “No.”


The young boy looked at him in surprise.


When Lu Shifeng turned back, his eyes were cold. “Your Highness, mind your own business. I have work to do.”


The boy was stunned.


Lu Shifeng walked away, bypassing several groups of people. Jian Luo called after him, “Hey, aren’t you going to talk a bit more?”


“Jian Luo.”








Jian Luo sat cross-legged on the sofa and asked, “Who was that?”


“The king’s son of this planet,” Lu Shifeng said, placing his coat aside and opening the freezer to find some frozen food.


“Why was he with you?”


“Military training.”


“Why would he come to you for that?” Jian Luo was still dissatisfied. “And as a student, openly bribing the instructor with food and drinks, is that appropriate?”


Lu Shifeng placed the food in a container to heat it and sat down, raising an eyebrow at Jian Luo. His blood-red eyes glinted with a teasing smile.


Jian Luo, caught up in his rant, suddenly found himself at a loss under that gaze and felt a bit embarrassed. “What? Did I say something wrong?”


Lu Shifeng replied, “I’ll be back in a couple of days.”


“So soon? Didn’t you say you’d be gone for half a month?” Jian Luo, momentarily happy, then tried to compose himself. “I-I didn’t ask.”


Lu Shifeng smiled. “Aren’t you calling because you missed me?”


Don’t be so direct, okay?


Jian Luo’s ears slowly turned red. He became flustered and angry. “It was your daughter who was yelling to see you.”


Lu Shifeng leisurely observed him and raised an eyebrow. “Really?”


“What else?” Jian Luo averted his eyes.


Lu Shifeng, showing some consideration, waited for him to calm down before speaking again. “Then let’s just say I miss you.”


Jian Luo was stunned.


He suddenly looked up to see Lu Shifeng lazily smiling at him. The marshal pressed the button to end the video call and said, “Wait for me to come back.”


The video call ended.


Jian Luo sat on the sofa in a daze, his mind still reeling from the conversation. He felt a bit hot all over, as if he had just run 800 meters and jumped a hurdle, feeling both excited and nervous.


Actually, he wasn’t completely clueless about relationships. Even if he hadn’t experienced them himself, he had seen his roommates and friends date. The things Lu Shifeng said were definitely not something friends would say, and Lu Shifeng wasn’t one to joke around.


So, did that mean he liked him too?


But how do you even date someone? Wouldn’t he find me boring?


Jian Luo couldn’t sleep at all with this possibility on his mind. Lying next to the cubs, he tossed and turned for an hour, unable to calm down.




Isn’t “The Domineering Dragon Falls in Love with Me” a textbook on dating?


Feeling like his mind was suddenly cleared, Jian Luo quickly opened his information terminal and searched for the book on the web. To his delight, it was only 300,000 words long. With a hopeful heart, he started reading, planning to just skim through it. However, he got completely engrossed after the first few chapters.


Because the main character was so much like him!


Their actions and thoughts were remarkably similar, especially when the heroine thought:


“He might just be trying to take responsibility for the child.”


“I’m just a human; I can’t grow old with him.”


“Does he like me, or just the novelty I bring?”


Jian Luo even wiped away tears at these parts. Initially, he had only planned to read a bit, but he ended up reading late into the night. When the heroine and hero misunderstood and argued, he felt sad. When they secretly liked each other but wouldn’t admit it, he felt anxious.


Finally, he reached the latest chapter.


The hero had transformed from a cold and aloof dragon into a sweet-talking one. During the heroine’s business trip, he made all sorts of sweet phone calls, saying he missed her and loved her. This gave the heroine a great sense of security, and their relationship progressed further. The hero even prepared a surprise gift, making the heroine cry with joy when she returned, deepening their relationship even more.


Jian Luo: “…”


So touching!


Today, he cried for the love of fictional characters once again.


The consequence of staying up late reading was having strange dreams. Jian Luo only slept for a few hours, dreaming of various odd encounters with Lu Shifeng.


“Ring ring ring.”


The alarm clock rang.


Today, he had to visit the food processing factory to check on the supplies. He had already planned out the production of fast food products, starting with mass-producing chips and fries, which could be packaged and sold. He needed to oversee the supplies and machinery himself. The cubs had cultural lessons today, and the teacher from Phoenix Terrace was coming to pick them up. Jian Luo packed their homework and sent them off to school, repeatedly reminding them not to be naughty.


Long Aotian nuzzled him for a long time before leaving.


Jian Luo watched the three cubs walk away with the teacher, feeling a bit hesitant. He had always been against private tutoring, believing that children needed to be in a group to develop better. He planned to discuss sending them to a public school with Lu Shifeng when they got a bit older.



At the food processing factory.


“Luo Luo!” Director Wang was waiting for him at the door. “Oh, you don’t look too good.”


Jian Luo chuckled. “I didn’t sleep well.”


Director Wang sighed. “Young people need to take care of their health. Don’t work yourself too hard. You know, health is the most important asset. You’re working too hard…”


Jian Luo felt a bit guilty.


He had stayed up reading a novel, but he couldn’t admit that.


Around them, many young men were busy moving goods into the warehouse. The latest batch of potatoes from the vegetable breeding center had arrived, and they needed to stock up for the upcoming production. Many people greeted Jian Luo as they passed by.


Jian Luo nodded in acknowledgment and asked Director Wang, “Have you found people for the three meals?”


Director Wang replied, “Don’t worry. I’ve found some good cooks from the village to provide breakfast and lunch for free.”




Jian Luo added, “The workday ends at five. If anyone works overtime until seven, dinner will be provided for free.”


Director Wang was taken aback but smiled. “Alright.”


They had expected to be given nutrient solutions for meals, but Jian Luo had generously arranged for fresh vegetables from the breeding center and hired cooks to prepare meals. He even had Su Liang come over to teach cooking and manage the canteen during the cubs’ lessons.


In Dark Star, vegetables were expensive, and it was rare for anyone to have them three times a day. The workers were pleasantly surprised by this benefit. Some had been reluctant to work here instead of in the city, but with this kind of welfare, all regrets vanished.



Thunder rumbled across the sky outside.


Jian Luo turned to look at the sky. “Is it going to rain?”


Director Wang looked up and felt the air for a moment. “Yeah, it seems like it’s going to rain. The weather forecast clearly said there wouldn’t be rain today.”


“We need to move the goods quickly,” Jian Luo said. “It won’t be good if they get wet. I’ll help.”


Director Wang quickly stopped him. “You’ve been working too hard lately. Let us handle this. I’ll call some people from the village who are off today to help out.”


This is the good thing about being in a community. Everyone is from the same village, so with a shout, people will come to help each other.


Director Wang was sincere. Initially, he had some issues with Jian Luo, but after spending time with him, he realized that Jian Luo was someone who genuinely got things done. He funded the construction of a Hope Primary School, built factories to help villagers get jobs, and advocated for marriage laws that benefited everyone. He was responsible and kind-hearted.


No matter how you looked at it, there was nothing to criticize about Jian Luo. People have feelings, and they couldn’t be ungrateful.




Another flash of lightning streaked across the sky.


The entire sky darkened, the wind started to pick up, and dust on the ground began to swirl. It felt like a storm was coming.


Many villagers joined in spontaneously to help move the potatoes. When some villagers heard that the work at the factory wasn’t finished, they brought their families to help. Jian Luo went to the cafeteria and told Su Liang to make ginger soup, and also asked the chef to buy some meat and vegetables to prepare hot pot for everyone once the work was done.


After giving instructions, he left the cafeteria and walked back. As he reached the side of the warehouse, he saw from the corner of his eye that a shelf not far away was swaying in the wind. At the top of the shelf was a box of potatoes, which was precariously stacked and looked like it was about to fall. Standing below was a boy, unaware, jotting down notes.


Jian Luo’s eyes widened. “Get over here!”


The wind was too loud for the boy to hear clearly. He looked up, sensing something, and saw Jian Luo but was confused and didn’t move.


Jian Luo looked up and saw the box about to fall. Without thinking, he dashed over.

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Chapter 43 – The Demon Lord is upset

Chapter 43


Upon learning that his destined one had been killed by Haowei, Si Lan felt briefly melancholic. However, he quickly rallied himself and decided to prioritize advancing his career.


He set aside the matters of the Torch Snake and Little White Dragon for now.


According to the diviner, only the Immortal Jia Heng knew the story of tigers devouring the flesh of Buddhist disciples in the Unsubstantial Immortal Sutra. Si Lan planned to seek out Immortal Jia Heng in the Thirty-Three Heavens.


Every month, Immortal Jia Heng would open a sacred altar at the beginning of the month to teach Buddhism, open for listeners from all six realms. This made it convenient for Si Lan to find him.


However, Si Lan currently looked like a “wild chicken” and found it difficult to move around. Flapping his wings, he struggled to fly towards the Thirty-Three Heavens.


Unbeknownst to him, shortly after he left, Haowei arrived at Mount Zhiyun to find him.


As soon as Haowei landed at the foot of the mountain, he noticed unusual activity at Zhiyun Peak. On the mountainside, a group of demons had gathered on an open circular platform, men and women of all ages.


In the center of the platform, the brothers Song Cheng and Song Ye sat as if judging something, assessing each individual in turn.


Haowei glanced at them briefly, not thinking much of it, and went straight into the hall to find Si Lan. Not finding him there, he went to the Qixian Cave, but Si Lan was nowhere to be found.


With his cultivation greatly reduced now, where else could Si Lan have gone?


Haowei saw Xie Li sleeping on a rocking chair and walked over to wake him up. “Xie Li, where is your master?” Perhaps now that he knew about their intertwined past lives with Si Lan, he felt a strange affection upon seeing Xie Li, as if Xie Li were another father figure.


Xie Li opened his hazy eyes and mumbled softly, “Master… he said he went to advance his career…”


Haowei’s expression turned peculiar. “Advance his career…”


“What exactly is ‘career’? Is it a thing or a person?”


Xie Li chuckled and pointed to the sky, continuing, “After muttering something about men needing to advance their careers, Master flapped his wings and flew up to the sky. I guess his career must be up there in the heavens.”


“…,” muttered Haowei.


He had no idea there was an Immortal Lord named ‘Career’ up in the heavens!


With that thought, he immediately transformed into a white mist and flew towards the sky. Glancing back at the situation on Mount Zhiyun, he noticed more and more people queuing halfway up the mountain. He had forgotten to ask what they were doing.


Back in the Ninth Heaven, Haowei did not find any trace of Si Lan, so he attempted to contact him through his divine sense.


“Si Lan.”


As he called out these two words, his heart inexplicably skipped a beat, and he suddenly recalled Si Lan’s smile when they were together in the mortal realm.


Dumbfounded, silly, yet quite adorable.


At this moment, Si Lan had just flown into the heavenly realm. Suddenly, he heard Haowei’s voice in his mind, as if it were booming directly above him, sending shivers down his spine.


Instinctively, he closed off his divine sense.


He didn’t want to talk to Haowei right now, afraid that he wouldn’t be able to control his emotions.


Not hearing any response from Si Lan, Haowei called out for him again, only to find that Si Lan had actually closed off his divine sense!


Si Lan… must have accidentally closed it off.


Comforting himself in this way, Haowei then took out the two colorful feathers and tentatively shook them.


“Si Lan, are you there?”


Unexpectedly, even through the feathers, he couldn’t reach Si Lan. Haowei felt somewhat crestfallen, a touch of gravity in his expression, displeased. He called over an attendant and asked, “Is there an Immortal Lord named Career in heaven?”


“Your Majesty, are you referring to Lord Sini?” the attendant asked.


Haowei’s brow furrowed suddenly, standing up with an air as cold as frost, seeming to wrap around coldness. Without saying a word, he flew straight out.


“Lead me to the mansion of Lord Sini!”



Si Lan flew for some time, noticing that Haowei’s voice had disappeared and gradually calming his mood.


He didn’t know what else they could possibly discuss. He no longer wanted to play the fool and ingratiate himself with Haowei as his destined one.


Passing by the Ninth Heaven, two young celestial beings saw him and were astonished.


“How did a wild chicken fly up to the Ninth Heaven?”


“This is the first time I’ve seen a wild chicken fly so high!”


“…,” Si Lan ignored them, turned his head away, and flew on.


Seeing this, the two young celestial beings looked at each other.


“Can this wild chicken understand what we’re saying?”


“It’s truly miraculous. If he were a bit more majestic and powerful, I would consider keeping him as a mount.”


“…,” Si Lan.


Heh heh.


Young and already so bold.


Flapping his wings, Si Lan increased his speed and flew away from them. When his cultivation was intact, he could blink and reach the Thirty-Three Heavens. Now, weakened in cultivation, it felt like an insurmountable distance.


Tired from flying, he landed on a row of Chinese parasol trees to rest.


He took out some wild berries, just took a bite, and before he could swallow, a sudden gust of wind struck, nearly knocking him off balance and causing the wild berries in his hand to fall.


He quickly flapped his wings to steady himself, hearing mocking voices around him.


“Where did this ugly thing come from? How dare it land on the Chinese parasol tree?”


Si Lan’s scalp tingled upon hearing the sharp voice. He looked up and saw three proud phoenixes staring coldly at him.


In the middle was a phoenix, flanked by two phoenixes.


All three had brown eyes, red beaks, ostentatious golden wings, and colorful feathers. The character “仁” (benevolence) prominently displayed on their chests.


The one who had just spoken was the phoenix on the right.


Seeing Si Lan dumbfounded and silent, the phoenix on the right continued, “What? Is this little wild chicken seeing a phoenix for the first time?”


The phoenix on the left laughed, covering her beautiful face with her wings, “I suppose he’s been scared silly by us, he can’t speak now.”


“…,” Si Lan.


“Hey, you little thing, do you know where you’re standing? This is the Chinese parasol tree, reserved for our phoenix clan, not a place for a wild chicken like you.” The phoenix on the right sneered, then flapped her wings deliberately, blowing Si Lan off the tree again.


Si Lan almost fell to the ground but managed to stabilize himself by flapping his wings frantically.


The three phoenixes landed on the branch where Si Lan had just stood, looking down on him.


The phoenix in the middle, who hadn’t spoken until now, said, “Tongyi, Boqing, why bother with it?”


“Understood, Lady Quyu.” The two phoenixes quickly nodded in respect.


However, as soon as they finished speaking, a powerful airflow, akin to thunder and lightning, suddenly rushed towards them, blowing the three of them away along with the row of Chinese parasol trees.


“What… what’s happening?”


Caught in the tumultuous airflow, they couldn’t stabilize themselves and tumbled uncontrollably forward.


“It seems… like the aura of the Phoenix… Phoenix God?”


“How could there be a Phoenix God?”


Glancing back, they saw that the previously mocked wild chicken was nowhere to be seen. Instead, a pair of huge phoenix wings abruptly appeared, gleaming like golden blades as they slowly folded, imposingly intimidating them.


The fearful faces of the three soon disappeared into the distance.


Si Lan looked around cautiously, relieved that he hadn’t been discovered, and quietly retracted his wings.


To blow away those chatty phoenixes, he had to sacrifice some of his cultivation and transform into phoenix wings.




He wondered when he could return to human form.


As he sighed, he flew towards the Thirty-Three Heavens.


Approaching the Thirty-Three Heavens, the scenery changed dramatically. The clouds were extraordinary, edged with gold, and radiating Buddhist light. Floating in mid-air were numerous Buddhist halls, with constant sounds of bells and sutra recitations.


Countless gray-robed Buddhist disciples, holding prayer beads, moved through the clouds.


Seeing Si Lan, this “wild chicken,” appear, they didn’t find it strange at all, maintaining a calm demeanor.


Si Lan flapped his wings and hurried towards the sacred altar. Just as he caught sight of it, a solemn and deep Buddhist chant reached his ears, stirring a profound sense of awe within him.


Clusters of auspicious clouds piled up like Immortal’s hair bun, and above the altar, a large white light enveloped everything. Beneath this light, countless Buddhist disciples closed their eyes devoutly, bowing their backs and prostrating on the ground, listening to the scriptures.


Above the radiance was Grandmaster Jiaheng Immortal.


Due to the considerable distance, Si Lan couldn’t make out Grandmaster Jiaheng Immortal’s appearance clearly. He could vaguely see the figure dr4p3d in a crimson kasaya, seated on a lotus platform with a dignified and solemn demeanor. The majestic chanting of the Immortal echoed from all directions, swirling above his head.


Like a devout disciple, Si Lan spread his wings and prostrated himself on the ground to listen to the scriptures.


This session of scripture recitation lasted for three days and three nights.


Si Lan followed suit and listened for three days and three nights, afraid to lose focus or leave. He inexplicably felt as though the Immortal’s gaze was omnipresent, as if any hint of disrespect would offend the Immortal.


During this time, when he felt hungry, he quietly took out a wild berry. He used one wing to shield his actions from view and delicately nibbled on the berry with the other wing.


Perhaps his actions were still somewhat audible, as Si Lan distinctly felt the Buddhist disciples around him twitching their eyebrows. Fortunately, their cultivation was deep, and none of them opened their eyes to reproach Si Lan.


After three days, the scripture recitation concluded, and all the Buddhist disciples departed from the sacred altar.


On the lotus seat, Grandmaster Jiaheng Immortal remained, explaining to the remaining disciples who still had doubts.


Si Lan flapped his wings and flew over to join the queue.


He never expected that even queuing up would take three days and three nights.


Si Lan couldn’t help but admire Grandmaster Jiaheng Immortal’s ability to lecture and resolve doubts continuously for six days and six nights without rest, maintaining a smile and energy throughout.


When it was Si Lan’s turn, only he and a young black-robed Buddhist disciple remained.


He flew before Grandmaster Jiaheng Immortal. Grandmaster Jiaheng Immortal looked at him, his gaze briefly pausing on Si Lan for a moment before settling on his eyes, slowly revealing a hint of a smile.


“I wonder, venerable one, do you have any doubts that I can clarify?” Grandmaster Jiaheng Immortal asked.


Knowing that Grandmaster Jiaheng could deduce his identity from his actions, Si Lan didn’t conceal anything and said directly, “Immortal, some time ago I came across a Buddhist scripture. It is said that only you can decipher this particular scripture in the Six Realms.”


“Oh, what scripture is it?”


“In the forest, the Immortal practiced diligently and encountered a tiger, which eyed him hungrily. The Immortal cut his flesh to feed the tiger. This went on day after day until the Immortal turned into white bones, and the tiger, having eaten his flesh, attained Immortalhood.”


Si Lan recited the scripture slowly. As Grandmaster Jiaheng Immortal listened to the first sentence, his expression changed abruptly.


After Si Lan finished reciting, Grandmaster Jiaheng Immortal seemed to sink into contemplation, furrowing his brow deeply, remaining silent for a long time.


Si Lan also remained silent, patiently waiting for Grandmaster Jiaheng Immortal’s response.


After a while, Grandmaster Jiaheng Immortal snapped out of his reverie and asked, “How did you come across this scripture?”


“Some time ago, the human realm was afflicted by Da Yong. After subduing Da Yong, I came to the mountain peak where Da Yong was once sealed. I saw this scripture displayed at the mountain’s base. I believe it was intentionally left behind by the one who released Da Yong as a clue.”


Upon hearing this, Immortal Jakhong gently clasped his hands in front of him, his brow furrowing.


Seeing him like this, Si Lan couldn’t help but feel somewhat puzzled.


Was there something wrong with this sutra?


After a while, Immortal Jakhong opened his mouth, about to speak, when suddenly a voice from beside reported, “Immortal, His Majesty Haowei is here to see you.”


Upon hearing “Haowei,” Si Lan’s tail feathers immediately stood up, revealing a guarded demeanor as he swiftly tucked his wings behind the sacred altar.


Is Haowei here to capture him?


No, he had concealed his presence since arriving in the heavenly realm; Haowei shouldn’t know he was here.


Shortly after the report from the young disciple, twelve celestial horses pulled a carriage flying in from a distance, landing on the sacred altar.


Two purple and cyan celestial generals and six attendants respectfully stood on either side of the carriage.


A white-clad youth drew back the curtains, and the person inside the carriage then stepped out slowly.


Si Lan couldn’t help but sneak a glance, observing Haowei in this unfamiliar aspect, so different from his earthly demeanor.


Haowei wore a white robe embroidered with golden threads and jade patterns, exuding extraordinary grace. A white jade crown adorned his head, revealing his cold and handsome features. His figure was tall and slender, as if he had descended from the moon, his footsteps radiant, dispersing dust and clouds wherever he walked.


Si Lan only glanced briefly before hurriedly looking away.


This version of Haowei seemed somewhat unfamiliar.


Chongying, who transformed into a small white dragon, was proud and adorable, but that was him in his injured state.


Chongwei, wearing a hooded robe, was cool and silent, but that was only him hiding his identity.


And now, this current appearance of his, perhaps, was the true Haowei.


Si Lan suddenly felt a bit uneasy.


The real him and him, it felt like they belonged to two different worlds.


Haowei approached Immortal Jakhong, who folded his hands and greeted, “Your Majesty.”


“Immortal, I’ve come this time to consult you on a Buddhist scripture.”


“Please, Your Majesty, go ahead.”


“I came across a Buddhist scripture on Mount Dayong. It tells of a Immortal practicing in the forest, encountering a tiger that stared hungrily at him. The Immortal cut his flesh to feed it…”


After hearing this, Immortal Jakhong’s expression paused briefly, then his gaze subtly flickered towards the steps beside him.


Si Lan was hiding there at the moment.


What a coincidence that these two came to inquire about the same scripture.


“Your Majesty, this scripture is recorded in the book ‘Without Delusion.’ My understanding aligns with its meaning: the tiger eats the Immortal’s flesh, the tiger becomes a Immortal, and the Immortal becomes a ghost,” Immortal Jakhong slowly explained.


Upon hearing this, Si Lan felt certain that Immortal Jakhong must be hiding something. Just by observing his expression earlier, it was clear that this scripture probably didn’t have such a superficial meaning.


Haowei fell silent for a moment, then spoke after a while, “The tiger mentioned in the scripture… it must be you, Immortal Jakhong.”


While his words carried an element of inquiry, they were more affirming.


Upon hearing this, Si Lan was so shocked that he couldn’t help but cover his mouth with both wings, his black eyes widened in disbelief.


Immortal Jakhong… was the tiger who had eaten the Immortal’s flesh?!


Immortal Jakhong’s face paused slightly at the sound, but he did not speak.


Behind Immortal Jakhong, the young monk grew irritated, but facing the disrespectful person who was the Heavenly Emperor Haowei, the young monk didn’t dare confront him directly. He stomped his foot in frustration, accidentally stepping on Si Lan’s tail.


Si Lan’s eyes widened instantly, contorting in pain. Afraid to make a sound, he quickly stuffed both wings into his mouth to stifle any noise.


The monk seemed oblivious to having stepped on something and inadvertently stepped again.


Si Lan was in agony, almost rolling his eyes back.


What a calamity.


“If you’re angry, little monk, go step on the Heavenly Emperor instead. Why bother with this ordinary ‘wild chicken’?” 


He didn’t dare make a fuss, gently retracting his tail. His two glossy black eyes were veiled with a mist of tears, feeling incredibly wronged.


Immortal Jakhong remained silent for a moment. “Your Majesty, indeed, the tiger in the forest was me.”


“Immortal, please continue to enlighten me,” Haowei said calmly upon hearing his admission.


Immortal Jakhong seemed unsure how to explain, lost in reminiscence. His eyes carried a hint of melancholy. After a while, Immortal Jakhong smiled faintly, tinged with bitterness.


“This matter dates back thirty thousand years. In that life, I was the tiger in the forest, starving. I encountered a devout monk in the mountains. The monk was emaciated, with sharp eyes. I circled him, intending to devour him. Surprisingly, after sensing my intention, the monk voluntarily cut his flesh to feed me.”


Saying this, Immortal Jakhong lowered his head, closed his eyes, and uttered, “Amitabha.”


“As recorded in the ‘Without Delusion’ sutra, in the end, the monk died after giving all his flesh and bones. I consumed his flesh and immediately attained Immortalhood.”


Anyone who heard this would find it incredulous: the devout monk who fed the tiger’s flesh became a ghost, while the tiger became a Immortal.


This world indeed had so many things that defied reason.


“What happened to that monk in his next life?”


“He reincarnated as a human.”


“Did he hold any resentment?”


“He may have harbored dissatisfaction, but it didn’t form into resentment, so he still has future lives.”


“What about his next life…” Haowei furrowed his brow, tentatively questioning Immortal Jakhong.


Immortal Jakhong met Haowei’s gaze and slowly replied, “After I attained Immortalhood, I no longer concern myself with worldly matters.”


“Immortal, ancient seals on demons and monsters have been recently broken. Do you think it could be his doing?”


Immortal Jakhong fell silent before answering, “He shouldn’t have such abilities.”


Haowei didn’t press further. He wasn’t sure if Immortal Jakhong truly didn’t know or if he was hiding something. The conversation always seemed to hit a dead end. But now, at least, he knew that the tiger was Immortal Jakhong.


Perhaps finding the reincarnation of that monk could unravel everything.


As Haowei was about to leave, he suddenly heard the voice of a celestial general from behind the sacred altar.


“Your Majesty, look, there’s actually a wild chicken here listening to the sutras!”


Haowei looked up and saw a brown-feathered wild chicken fluttering its wings, attempting to escape, but it was caught by an immortal guard.


The guard held the chicken by its wing and walked excitedly towards Haowei. “Your Majesty, it’s still just a brown-feathered wild chicken!”


The “brown-feathered wild chicken” tried to cover its face with its wing but failed, forced to open its eyes awkwardly under the embarrassing scrutiny of Haowei.


Si Lan had been quietly listening to Haowei and Great Immortal Jiaheng’s conversation, but when he glanced up, his eyes met those of the immortal guard beside Haowei. Feeling uneasy, Si Lan tried to “fly away,” only to be caught.


Haowei couldn’t believe he had found the person he had been looking for so long here. Just a few days ago, he had nearly overturned the mansion of the Fourth Wilderness Immortal Lord in his search for Si Lan, but to no avail.


Yet here Si Lan was, in the Thirty-Three Heavens. Haowei guessed Si Lan, like himself, was here for the investigation regarding Linzhong’s tiger.


At least it wasn’t about the Fourth Wilderness Immortal Lord.


Haowei’s gaze fell on the hand of the immortal guard gripping Si Lan’s wing, his expression souring. He reached out to take Si Lan.


Seeing this, the guard hurriedly said, “Your Majesty, please don’t touch such a common creature. Let me handle it.”


Si Lan hesitated.


Si Lan vaguely sensed that when the guard said “handle it,” his throat moved, almost as if he was about to drool.


Suddenly, Haowei narrowed his eyes and sharply turned his gaze towards the Great Immortal. The guard immediately obediently brought the wild chicken to Haowei.


Haowei reached out to take Si Lan, sensing Si Lan’s intention to escape, and gently encircled him with his hand.


“Great Immortal Jiaheng, I have other matters to attend to today. I bid you farewell for now.”


“Safe travels, Your Majesty.”


Though Great Immortal Jiaheng’s words were directed at Haowei, his gaze was on Si Lan. Seeing Si Lan’s pleading eyes, Great Immortal Jiaheng was about to speak, but Haowei flashed away, leaving the holy altar without even boarding his carriage.


Seeing this, Great Immortal Jiaheng shook his head and smiled.


After Si Lan left, the only disciple left in the holy altar was a black-robed disciple with doubts.


Great Immortal Jiaheng looked at the disciple, who knelt respectfully, head bowed, face hidden.


“What doubts do you have that you need me to clarify?” Great Immortal Jiaheng asked.


“Immortal, trapped in attachment, everywhere is the round earth. Unable to dissolve my attachment, my heart is troubled. How can I achieve peace of mind and face things calmly?” the black-robed disciple said, raising his head. Though dressed as a disciple, his face was strikingly sinister, eyes like deep ocean ripples, with a subtle crimson mark between his eyebrows, devilishly charming.


Great Immortal Jiaheng’s expression changed abruptly upon seeing him.



Si Lan was brought back to the Ninth Heaven by Haowei, carrying a wild chicken in his arms. The immortal servants who saw Haowei’s expression were as if thunderstruck, staring dumbfounded and incredulous.


Si Lan silently prepared himself mentally. A few days ago, he had ignored Haowei’s attempts, but now he had no choice but to face him.


It didn’t seem worth it to confront Haowei directly over a snake demon fiancé he barely knew. But treating Haowei as he used to made him uncomfortable.


Though Haowei subjectively hadn’t deceived him, objectively he had killed his husband and taken advantage of his sincere feelings.


Shameless and despicable.


Haowei lifted Si Lan by his wings and placed him on the desk. Only then did Si Lan snap out of his thoughts and glance around. The spacious and dimly lit hall had tightly closed doors and windows, with no one inside, the atmosphere so silent it seemed like even the air had frozen.


His claws rested on the memorial, adopting a stance of neither attacking nor retreating, and he looked up at Haowei.


Unfortunately, he had to tilt his head and neck a hundred and eighty degrees just to meet Haowei’s gaze, as Haowei was over eight feet tall.


“Why couldn’t I contact you a few days ago?”


“Oh, these days I’ve been wholeheartedly immersed in Buddhist scriptures, casting aside all worldly distractions,” Si Lan couldn’t help but feel a twinge of relief at this moment, thankful that his transformed appearance, with feathers covering his face, hid any blush from Haowei when he lied.


Haowei’s tense expression softened slightly as he sat on the throne, lowering his head to look at him.


Perhaps due to their shared experiences in the mortal realm, at this moment, Haowei appeared calm on the surface when facing Si Lan, but his heart was in turmoil.


After his return to his position, he had no memories of his time in the mortal realm, yet unexpectedly, the deepest recesses of his mind retained memories of his time with Si Lan there. That was why he had seen the thatched cottage they once lived in and the two humanoid puppets inside the Extreme Sound Eight Trigram Array.


In that life, when he returned to the village, he couldn’t find Si Lan, and it seemed Si Lan’s spirit had already returned to his original form.


Perhaps that fragment of spirit didn’t carry memories, or perhaps it did but only as a vague dream, as Si Lan seemed to have forgotten it all.


The two of them had since occupied different realms—one ascended to the heavenly realm, the other standing in the demon realm.


For over eight hundred years, they had not seen each other again.


If not for his resurgence of divine wounds, falling into the demon realm again, perhaps they would never have been entangled.


At this moment, Haowei unexpectedly felt a trace of gratitude towards the person who had injured him and disrupted his tribulation.


“Why didn’t you come to find me when you came to the heavenly realm this time?” Last time, he had looked for him when he intruded into the Scripture Repository, but this time he had come quietly.


Si Lan carefully chose his words, “I know you’re busy with state affairs, so I didn’t dare to trouble you.”


“Not too busy.”


Upon hearing this, Haowei’s heart cleared a bit more, a faint smile tugging at his lips as he gently stroked Si Lan’s head.


It had to be said, Si Lan’s feathers were glossy and smooth to the touch.


“The affairs of the heavenly realm have been quiet recently,” Haowei added.


Si Lan opened his mouth but hesitated. It was clear Haowei had been idle, otherwise he wouldn’t be holding onto this “wild chicken” like this. After a moment, he said, “Your Majesty Haowei, I remembered there’s still something for me to handle in the demon realm. I’ll take my leave first.”


With that, he spread his wings, ready to fly away, when he heard Haowei’s unhurried voice from behind.


“Don’t you want to know the follow-up story of Linzhong Hu and the disciple of the Immortal?”

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Chapter 42 – Missed past life

Chapter 42


“Hao Wei…” 


“My lady?”


For a moment, Haowei wasn’t sure whether to laugh or cry. How could this old gentleman’s eyesight be so poor that he mistook Si Lan for a woman?


Si Lan still didn’t understand anything and, upon hearing Taixu’s words, curiously poked his head out, his deer-like eyes staring at Taixu without blinking.


Indeed, the Divine Lord Taixu’s vision was not very sharp. Seeing Si Lan with just half of a wooden hairpin holding his long hair, skin as fair as snow, and an unusually beautiful face, Taixu thought Si Lan was a woman.


Stepping closer, Taixu noticed that Si Lan lacked the aura of an ordinary person. He couldn’t help but raise his head and take another look at Si Lan.


Si Lan turned out to be a strand of soul essence.


The owner of this strand of soul should be a demonic cultivator, using the Yin Qi of Mount Taixu to manifest a human form.


“Old sir, this cave belongs to us,” Haowei couldn’t help but speak up again.


The thatched hut at the foot of the mountain would be completed in a few days, but until then, they had to stay here.


“But old sir, in a few days, we can give you this cave.”


“Oh… it’s alright…” Taixu naturally wouldn’t argue with Haowei over a cave. He smiled and said, “I’ll just find another one. You two…”


As he said this, Taixu extended two fingers and lightly tapped them together, a hint of mischief flashing in his eyes. “Just stay here peacefully. I won’t disturb you two.”




For some reason, Haowei always felt that this old gentleman was teasing him and Si Lan.


This old gentleman was indeed advanced in years, but his mind was indeed so impure.


Thinking of this, Haowei intentionally frowned, his ears strangely turning red.


Taixu chuckled as he leaned on his cane, unsteadily walking out of the cave. Passing by Si Lan, he couldn’t help but glance at him again.


He never expected that just by descending to the mortal realm for a nap, he would encounter Haowei, who had crossed tribulations. It was truly fate.


From the looks of it, what Haowei had crossed should be the tribulation of love.


Tsk tsk, Emperor Haowei was truly worthy.


The object of his love tribulation was chosen to be even more beautiful than the celestial maidens in the heavens.


Si Lan saw Haowei driving the old man away and felt a bit sorry. This old man, with all his hair and beard white, might be eaten by wild beasts alone in the mountains.


Si Lan gestured to Haowei, who understood and fetched a basket of wild fruits to chase after him, only to find the old man nowhere near the cave entrance.


How strange. He looked around but there was no sign of the old man.


Where could he have gone in such a short time?


Thinking carefully, this old man appeared to be in his declining years. Could someone of his age climb Mount Taixu alone?


The more Haowei thought about it, the more suspicious he felt. He couldn’t help but concentrate, realizing they couldn’t stay here for long.



At nightfall, Chong Mingwei’s men came looking for Haowei again.


Haowei hadn’t enlisted in the last batch of conscriptions, but now with this new call for soldiers, if he didn’t go, he would miss the opportunity.


Haowei promised them that he would join the army for sure, and only after those men left did he look at Si Lan, who was asleep. His heart felt as if it were weighed down by a huge stone, suffocating and unable to breathe.


A solitary wanderer in his past life, now he unexpectedly had someone he cared about.


Not just joy, but also worry.


Si Lan, half asleep, opened his eyes drowsily, glanced at him, mumbled something, and then closed his eyes again.


Approaching Si Lan, Haowei was about to lie down when Si Lan instinctively curled up into his arms.


Though the cave was spacious, the only place to sleep was that large stone, so these days, Si Lan always slept nestled in his embrace.


Si Lan seemed afraid of the cold, always hiding his hands and feet. Sometimes when he couldn’t, he would hide them against Haowei’s body. Though he felt helpless, Haowei never pushed Si Lan away.


The oil lamp was about to burn out, flickering faintly and outlining dim lines on Si Lan’s body. His thick, long eyelashes were closed together, concealing his moist black eyes. His small lips were slightly pursed, revealing a hint of innocence and stubbornness. His two hands were tightly clenched into small fists, pressed against Haowei’s chest.


Haowei’s gaze slowly examined him, his heartbeat gradually accelerating.


In the world of mortals, it’s not the dust that is mortal, but the dust in the heart, turning into dust.


Was this person the “dust” he was destined to experience in this lifetime?


But this “dust” seemed more difficult to cross than ten thousand rivers and mountains.


Haowei reached out, wanting to touch Si Lan, but his rationality stopped him. Hesitating, as he was about to withdraw his hand, the oil lamp burned out, plunging the surroundings into pitch darkness.


Haowei’s hand naturally fell on Si Lan’s body, drawing him closer into his embrace.


The world was dark, nothing could be seen.


But his heart could now openly reveal its feelings without restraint.


Si Lan’s strand of soul essence didn’t quite grasp worldly emotions, but he could sense Haowei’s recent unease. Remembering the last time he gave Haowei a wooden flute and how happy it made him, Si Lan decided to give another gift to Haowei.


In recent days, Haowei would go down to the village to fetch peach blossom wine and return for Si Lan to drink. Every time, they ended up getting quite drunk, as if this could make them forget the impending separation.


Today, as Haowei returned carrying wine, he saw Si Lan sneakily stuffing something under his robe and holding a knife in one hand.


Pretending not to notice, Haowei set down the peach blossom wine and quietly placed a package of osmanthus cakes from his pocket in front of Si Lan.


Si Lan’s lips twitched, his eyes bursting with a hint of light as he smiled at Haowei, silently expressing gratitude, and then unwrapped the package, pinching off a piece of osmanthus cake and putting it into his mouth.


Like a child indulging in treats, after finishing, he even stuck out his pink tongue and licked his fingertips.


Haowei didn’t change his expression, averting his gaze as if he was feeling sleepy, lying down on the stone bed to rest. But in fact, he saw Si Lan sneak a glance at him, then surreptitiously reach for the knife again, doing something mischievous with his back turned.


Holding his breath, Haowei cautiously approached Si Lan from behind and discovered Si Lan carving a wooden puppet in the shape of a person. Judging by the puppet’s appearance, it resembled Haowei.


A soft spot in Haowei’s heart softened even more as he gazed at the back of Si Lan’s neck, motionless for a long time.


So, in this world, there was someone who simply thought of him.


Not for fame, not for gain or grudges.


Haowei saw Si Lan almost pricking his finger with the knife several times and couldn’t help reaching out, grabbing his hand from behind. Si Lan paused for a moment but didn’t resist.


Haowei held his hand, gradually carving the puppet.


The puppet’s figure was already outlined by Si Lan, but its features were yet to be carved. Haowei started with the eyebrows, slightly thicker as the strokes were added. The eyes were deep, so the eye sockets needed to be more pronounced. The nose was high, so the sides needed to be carved inward. The lips were slightly thin, and a simple outline of the upper and lower lips sufficed.


Si Lan held his breath throughout, not making a sound, allowing the other to hold his hand and slowly carve out the face he had seen countless times.


After finishing the carving, Si Lan held the lifelike puppet and turned around to show Haowei a silly smile.


Haowei asked, “Why did you want to carve me?”


Si Lan held the puppet, lips moving but no sound coming out.


Haowei knew he couldn’t respond, nor did he expect him to speak. Yet, a smile still appeared on his face, gently rubbing Si Lan’s head with his hand.


Like a child, Si Lan plunged into Haowei’s arms. Haowei’s breath caught as he lowered his head and saw Si Lan take out another humanoid puppet, placing the two puppets side by side.


“Xiao Qi, I’m going to leave for a while, maybe a long time, maybe I’ll be back soon.”


The words of parting were finally spoken.


Si Lan didn’t understand, continuing to manipulate the two puppets. He positioned them face to face, slowly moving them closer until their faces almost touched.


Their lips lightly touched, as if kissing.


Haowei had more words in his heart, but seeing this scene, he suddenly choked up, “You…”


Si Lan didn’t see anything wrong, continuing to make the two puppets face each other, mouths touching, as if playing a fun game.


Meanwhile, behind them, Haowei’s heart pounded like a drum, a rush of heat surged to his head, making his ears turn red, and his eyes involuntarily revealed a hint of intense warmth.


“Xiao Qi…”


Si Lan paused in his movements and looked up at Haowei.


Suddenly, Haowei lowered his head and kissed Si Lan on the forehead. Si Lan blinked, looking at Haowei in confusion. After the kiss, as if feeling it wasn’t enough, Haowei’s lips descended again, kissing Si Lan’s eyes.


Si Lan closed his long eyelashes, feeling the other’s breath lightly land on his face. The breath continued downward, reaching his nostrils, as if expressing annoyance, unexpectedly lightly biting his nose.


Startled, he shivered and shrunk into Haowei’s embrace.


A faint chuckle echoed in Haowei’s throat as a smile tugged at the corner of his lips.


Lying in Haowei’s arms, Si Lan furrowed his brows slightly in apparent distress, reaching up to touch his nose that had just been nipped.


He had thought Haowei was going to eat him.


Meeting his innocent gaze, Haowei’s eyes deepened further. The fair and clean figure in his arms seemed like a delicacy awaiting his tasting.


He knew even if he did something to Xiao Qi, Xiao Qi wouldn’t understand, but he didn’t want to bully Xiao Qi like this.


“Xiao Qi, you need to cultivate quickly.”


He heard that demons became more worldly-wise the more they cultivated.


“When I come back, I hope you can talk to me.” Haowei sighed, then added, “If you can’t speak, at least understand what I’m saying.”


A little response from him would be enough.


Seeing that Haowei wasn’t going to ‘eat’ him again, Si Lan focused on playing with the two puppets in his hands.


Before long, the house below the mountain was repaired. Haowei took Si Lan down the mountain. Si Lan was a bit reluctant to leave the cave, but when he saw the newly thatched house, he suddenly became fond of the new and tired of the old.


Now, Si Lan could go up the mountain to pick fruits when hungry, fetch clear water to drink when thirsty, and run into the house when it rained. He could light a fire and cook, having learned basic survival skills.


These days, Haowei had been telling Si Lan that he was going to leave, but Si Lan seemed not to understand what parting meant. On the day of departure, Haowei packed his bags, patted Si Lan’s head, and bid him farewell.


Si Lan thought he was going to the village as usual to buy wine and exchange food, so he smiled at him.


However, Haowei’s expression was serious and stern, making Si Lan vaguely feel something amiss.


So, Si Lan gave Haowei a humanoid puppet from his pocket. Haowei took it and saw that it was carved in Si Lan’s likeness.


Was he giving this to him in hopes that he would often think of him?


Haowei’s heart softened.


Although this little fool didn’t understand anything, he probably loved him.


But he didn’t dare linger any longer, stiffly turned away. He feared that if he stayed a minute longer, his heart would soften for a minute longer.


The journey of departure was extremely difficult step by step. Only when he was sure he couldn’t see Si Lan did Haowei dare to stop, turn around, and look back.


“Xiao Qi, I’ll come back as soon as possible.”


After he left, Si Lan took out another puppet, looked at its face, and his eyes showed surprise.


Huh, it seems he gave the wrong puppet.


He had intended to give Haowei a puppet resembling Haowei, but how did he end up giving away a puppet of himself?


He suddenly felt unhappy, like a child, furrowing his brows and sitting on the doorstep, waiting.


Normally, before the sun reached its peak, Haowei would return carrying things.


But this time, he waited until the sun set and the sky darkened, yet Haowei did not appear.


Anxiety crept into his heart, but he remembered Haowei’s instructions: not to leave the foot of the mountain and not to let anyone see him. So, he paced around the thatched house in circles, circling until the next day dawned and Haowei still hadn’t returned.


Did Haowei think he was stupid and didn’t want him anymore?


He felt sad, clutching the humanoid puppet of Haowei, sitting on a slightly raised hillside, his eyes reddened, staring at the village entrance.


Unfortunately, another day passed, and Haowei still did not return.


Day after day, he finally understood that Haowei might not come back.


Under this remote and lonely mountain foot, he lived like a lost soul, isolated from the world.

One day, dark clouds rolled in and torrential rain poured down.


It’s raining…


He looked at the misty curtain of rain before him and suddenly thought of the cave below the waist of Mount Taixu.


With rain this heavy, would Haowei seek shelter in the cave?


With that thought, he braved the downpour, climbed up the hill, and halfway encountered a mudslide, almost being swept away. He clung tightly to a large tree, barely steadying himself until the mudslide passed. Gripping wild grass and branches, he slowly and laboriously climbed halfway up the hill.


Entering the cave, he saw it filled with small animals seeking shelter from the rain, but Haowei was nowhere to be found.


His face turned pale, wet black hair clinging to his forehead, tears mixing with rainwater and streaming down his cheeks.


He stood motionless as if under a spell, unable to move.


So Haowei really didn’t want him anymore.


His emotions—joy, anger, sorrow, laughter, grief, thought, and fear—had filled this period of time, but now only grief and fear for Haowei remained.


Suddenly, footsteps echoed at the cave entrance. Si Lan turned excitedly and walked toward the entrance.


He couldn’t speak, but he couldn’t forget to cry out, as if calling Haowei’s name. However, when he reached the entrance and saw the face of the approaching person, the smile on his face froze instantly. The last glimmer of hope in his eyes, like fireworks, dimmed sadly.


The God of Taixu leaned on his cane, coughing with every step, slowly walking in. Seeing Si Lan standing in the cave, the God of Taixu wasn’t surprised and approached with a smile, “Why are you all alone?”


Si Lan gestured with his hands, and the God of Taixu vaguely understood something.


But the God of Taixu misunderstood. He thought Haowei’s departure was a return to his rightful place after a tribulation.


He reassured Si Lan, “Don’t worry, Your Highness. After he returns, he will definitely take you back to the Nine Heavens.”


Si Lan seemed curious about the Ninth Heaven, blinking at him. The Supreme Void continued, “The Ninth Heaven, hmm… quite fascinating. There are human-faced beasts, three-eyed generals, the Eight-Armed Buddha, oh, and plenty of delicacies from mountains and seas, much better than staying in this village.”



Seemingly lost in thought, Si Lan looked bewildered. The Supreme Void tapped his cane, and suddenly, a miniature illusion of the Ninth Heaven appeared before their eyes in the cave.


In the illusion, mist enveloped everything, cranes soared, and immortals in flowing robes rode on clouds. Palaces and pavilions of jade-like appearance shimmered, creating a carefree and elegant scene.


Si Lan extended a surprised hand towards the illusion, but as soon as he touched it, the vision vanished instantly. Startled, he pulled back his hand and turned to look at the Supreme Void, only to find him gone as well.


From above the cave, the voice of the Supreme Void echoed, “I’ll go ahead. No need to rush; His Majesty will come to fetch you.”


During this time, the Supreme Void secretly descended from the mountain to check on Haowei and Si Lan. Although Si Lan’s spirit seemed absent-minded, the Supreme Void hadn’t seen Haowei care so deeply about anyone else before. Surely, once Haowei returned to his position, he would come looking for this absent-minded “girl.”


Alone, Si Lan sat forlornly in the cave.


Haowei had left, the old man had left.


All that remained beside him were a few wild chickens seeking shelter from the rain…



One year later.


The border war finally ended victoriously, giving Haowei the chance to return and find Si Lan. With his military accomplishments, he now held some sway within the army, enough to bring Si Lan to the battlefield with him this time.


However, upon his hurried return home, he found the recently repaired house already in disarray. The roof had been torn off, the wooden door collapsed, and the eaves were covered in spiderwebs.


His heart sank as he stepped inside. Inside, the layout was exactly as it was when he left: a table with two chairs. In the inner room, there was a round wooden table covered in dust, with something placed in the center.


Approaching cautiously, Haowei realized it was a wooden puppet carved in his likeness. He picked up the puppet slowly, calling out Si Lan’s name, “Xiao Qi… Xiao Qi…”


Seeing the dust-covered state of the house, it seemed like no one had lived here for a long time.


Had something happened to Si Lan shortly after he left?


But Si Lan was a demon; ordinary people shouldn’t have been able to harm him.


Had he been targeted by a sorcerer?


The more Haowei thought about it, the more frightened he became. He inquired around the village but heard nothing about sorcerers visiting in the past year. Disheartened, he returned, thinking perhaps Si Lan hadn’t been captured but had returned to his own world.


He took out the wooden puppet from his embrace. Its face had been worn smooth.


When he was dragged by enemy horses on the battlefield, nearly dying, he managed to kill the enemy soldier and found the puppet with his face, now nearly unrecognizable from being rubbed against the ground.


His heart clenched painfully, as if struck by an enemy’s blade.


After that, he dared not bring the puppet onto the battlefield anymore, always keeping it carefully under his pillow, only taking it out occasionally when he missed someone.


He never expected this to be the only thing Si Lan left behind.


Haowei didn’t know if he would ever have a chance to see Si Lan again. If someday Si Lan returned to the mortal world and came back here, he hoped he would know that Haowei had come looking for him.


Placing the puppet with the worn-down face under his pillow, Haowei left again.


But his life in the mortal realm was destined to be a tragedy. He hadn’t had the chance to clear the grievances of the Chong family, only to be forced into rebellion.


Initially, three deputy generals sought him out, merely to exploit the remnants of Chong Mingwei’s influence and win over his former soldiers. Their aim wasn’t to clear the Chong family’s name but to overthrow the Yu dynasty.


Betrayed by his subordinates during battle, captured by the Li dynasty, he endured countless tortures and torments. Yet, in order to clear the Chong family’s name and to see Si Lan again, he endured all the pain, holding on until his last breath, awaiting rescue.


It was only then that he learned he had been captured because of a plot by the three deputy generals.


Seeing he wouldn’t obey, they planned to let the Li dynasty kill him completely, then use his death to incite public anger and resentment, falsely claiming they were seeking revenge for him and the Chong family.


Unfortunately, he survived.


He grew wiser, no longer opposing the deputy generals’ words. He reluctantly followed their plan. Two years later, he successfully overthrew the Yu dynasty.


The night before he entered the Yu dynasty, he killed three deputy generals. It was just that on the day he was crowned, he was also killed by someone.


With thousands of arrows through his heart, he died in front of the dragon’s throne.


At that moment of death, the only thing in his mind was that the green shadow.


That sudden emergence of spirits was the only warmth in his twenty-two years on Earth.


Si Lan seemed to appear, standing in front of him, his figure faintly visible.


How much he wanted to grasp that warmth, but in the end, he didn’t catch it.


In the twenty-fifth year of the Yu dynasty, Wei returned to his original position.


The memory of the people on Earth has been sealed in the past


Eight hundred years later, the sealed memories began to unravel one by one, countless scenes flooding Haowei’s mind.


Haowei recalled everything about Si Lan. His cold and composed demeanor gradually crumbled, eyes reddened with bitterness. The regret and longing that lingered in his heart at the moment of his death in the mortal world still swirled within him.


He thought of Xiao Qi, he was waiting for Xiao Qi.


But in that life, he couldn’t wait any longer.


Haowei’s body felt unsteady, staggering backward. Seeing this, Yu Wudao quickly steadied him. “Your Majesty, what’s wrong?”


Haowei shook his head, slowly closing his eyes to calm himself.


He bore the fate of the Lone Star of Heaven’s Demise, enduring a lifetime of hardships.


Although Si Lan had only appeared for a little over a month during his twenty-two years of trials and tribulations, that month was the only warmth he had known in the mortal realm.


Even though fate had long been written by the Purple Star Jade Disk, Si Lan’s appearance was still an uncontrollable process.


He finally understood why Si Lan had said he was his male husband; perhaps their fate had been destined in the cosmic order long ago.


“Si Lan… Xiao Qi…”


He silently repeated these two names in his heart, his heart softening.


Emotions that he had deliberately avoided and refused to confront surged forth at this moment.


He felt that he should fulfill the eight-hundred-year-old promise.


He needed to find his Xiao Qi.


His Xiao Qi must be waiting for him too.

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