After hearing the order, Zhuo Yue hesitated for a moment and looked at the audience again. Fang Mingyan was no longer on the sofa in the first row.

       A wry smile appeared on his lips.

       That person had never been willing to expend energy to pay attention to people or things he was not interested in. It seemed that he had already been included in this category. After dissolving the master-slave relationship, he tried to forget about each other but failed repeatedly. When happy, depressed, or lonely, Zhuo Yue would always unconsciously think of that cynical but gentle and meticulous man. The shelter and warmth that man had given him were something he had never experienced in over twenty years of his life. He cherished it like a precious gem, unwilling to let it go.

       If there was anyone in this world who could make him change his sexual orientation, let go of his self-esteem and pride, and trust him wholeheartedly, this person could only be Fang Mingyan. It took Zhuo Yue a long time to figure out what kind of feeling this was. Finally, he decided to face everything and follow his heart. No one could understand how much courage it took for him to take such a step today. In fact, today was the last chance he gave himself, the last time he tried his best to get close to that light.

       However, it ultimately failed.

       Zhuo Yue knelt down numbly, feeling as if a piece of his heart had been hollowed out.

       Seeing that he was so obedient, No. 28 was very happy. He shook the soft whip in his hand, adjusted the distance slightly according to the length, and then ordered, “Next, I will administer four lashes to your front. If you move, you will bear all the consequences yourself. Do you understand?”

       Zhuo Yue maintained his kneeling posture, lowered his eyes and said, “I understand.”

       No. 28 swallowed, and the hand holding the whip trembled slightly because of nervousness. He took a deep breath, raised his hand and swung the whip out.

       The moment he pulled it out, he panicked. He instinctively felt that he had swung it in the wrong direction and used too much force. However, it was too late to stop, and the whip was just about to hit Zhuo Yue’s face. At this time, he felt the whip handle in his hand tremble, and a long golden soft whip came across the air, slashing straight down the middle, forcibly bending the red whip towards Zhuo Yue from the middle, and pressing it down hard. This strike was incredibly fast and powerful, hitting the stage with a sharp ‘crack’. As a result, the red whip’s tip that was supposed to strike Zhuo Yue’s face narrowly missed him, so close that he could feel the faint breeze it created. The Dom’s mouth on the stage went numb for a while, and the whip fell out of his hand and fell to the ground. When he saw the person wielding the whip clearly, he froze in place.

       Zhuo Yue didn’t move. He kept his eyes closed tightly and bit his lip with a pale face. It wasn’t until the ‘pop’ sound was heard that he opened his eyes in panic. The first thing that caught his eye was the golden soft whip lying on the ground, and then the person holding the whip under the stage.

       Time seemed to have stopped, and the vision was frozen.

       Fang Mingyan didn’t look at him. He raised the whip handle in his hand and neatly took the soft golden whip back into his hand. Then he said to No. 28 on the stage without expression, “Come down.”

       The man’s voice was as cold as ice, making the other party shiver. No. 28 knew in his heart that he had almost caused a big disaster. At this moment, everyone was trembling with fear. He did not dare to say a word and stepped back from the stage in dejection.

       The whole place was silent.

       Fang Mingyan stepped onto the stage step by step, stood before the kneeling Zhuo Yue, and raised his chin with the hard whip handle.

       Zhuo Yue looked up at him with trembling eyes and called softly, “Sir…”

       “Why are you here?” His tone was cold and hard, without any warmth.

       The light fell on his eyes and became mottled spots of light, illuminating his black eyes as bright as obsidian. He said softly, “Because you left my world, so I want to…come to your world to have a look.”

       “Now that you’ve seen it, do you find it interesting?”

       Zhuo Yue didn’t know how to answer for a moment. He moved his lips but made no sound.

       “Uh, you two, I’m sorry to interrupt you.” As the host, Rabbit cautiously interjected, “Because there was an incident just now, Dom No. 28 has left the stage again, and I need to seek the opinion of Sub No. 39. Do you want to continue your performance? Do you want to continue with someone else, or give up?”

       “If I choose to continue…” Zhuo Yue stared at Fang Mingyan and asked, “Are you willing to help me complete it as a Dom?”

       “I refuse.” The man glanced at him, turned around and walked towards the audience.

       Zhuo Yue, who was behind him, looked at his back and spoke slowly, “Are you unwilling to do it because you are afraid of hurting me, or is this job too difficult for you to complete?”

       Fang Mingyan stopped.

       At this moment, the audience was in an uproar.

       This was undoubtedly a blatant provocation.

       The club had a very strict class system, and it was extremely rare for lower-level members to speak rudely in such public places and challenge the authority of club elders.

       The man turned around and looked at him condescendingly. Every word was like ice, “Newcomer, you need to pay a price for provoking me.”

       The heavy sense of pressure made Zhuo Yue feel oppressed. He tightened the hands hanging by his sides and stretched his knuckles until they turned white. His eyes were filled with desperate determination, and he looked at him, “No matter what the cost, I just want you to do it yourself.”

       “I’ll do it.” There was no expression on the man’s face. He threw his coat aside, unbuttoned his cufflinks, rolled up his sleeves, held the golden whip in his hand, and ordered in a low voice, “Take off your shirt. “

       Using the whip to lash would leave marks on Sub’s body. Uneven strength and angle deviation would be clearly reflected on the whip marks. So when Dom asked Sub to take off his clothes, it meant that he had enough confidence in his skills.

       At the host’s signal, the audience fell silent.

       Xu Ye looked at Zhuo Yue with some worry. Zhuo Yue’s number card was indeed drawn because he had tampered with it. He originally thought that Fang Mingyan would come on stage to help Zhuo Yue complete the performance, which eventually led to the pairing and everyone would be happy. Although things had developed to this point and the two of them had begun to interact, the atmosphere was completely different. Zhuo Yue’s sudden provocation surprised him. The coldness in the Lion’s eyes even made him feel chill downstage… Everything was beyond his expectations.

       Zhuo Yue took off his white suit, saw the other person looking at him indifferently, lowered his head to unbutton his shirt, and finally showed his upper body naked in front of others.

       “Next, I will whip you from the front, four lashes in total.” Fang Mingyan’s instructions were simple and clear without any sloppiness. “Rule number one, keep the standard kneeling position and don’t move. Rule number two, look at me. Rule number three, don’t make a sound. If you break any of these rules, you will be whipped again. Do you understand?”

       “Understood, Sir,” he replied.

       Zhuo Yue knew his skills well and trusted him enough to not act rashly when the whip came. He made up his mind to remain silent, but he didn’t expect that he would fail at the first lash.

       It hurt so much, and the pain made his whole body tremble. Although he gritted his teeth tightly, he still couldn’t help but groan in pain. The whip was like a furious fire dragon, spitting flames and burning through his skin, leaving an indelible mark of pain.

       However, before he could recover, the second whip was already thrown at him. The golden soft whip perfectly copied the trajectory of the previous whip, accurately pressing on the previous whip mark at the same angle, rendering the mark sloping downward from the left chest a more brilliant red.

       Double blows to the same spot made the pain exponentially worse. Zhuo Yue let out a suppressed cry uncontrollably, his body trembled violently, and he instinctively arched his back in a defensive posture.

       “Repeat the three rules I gave you.” The man stopped and said coldly.

       Zhuo Yue’s eyes were filled with moist mist, and his voice trembled, “…First, keep kneeling and don’t move. Second, to look at you. Third… don’t make any sound.”

       “What did I tell you would happen if you disobeyed an order?”

       “The lashes…will be invalid.”

       “So the first two lashes are invalid.” Fang Mingyan looked at him coldly, “I personally don’t mind using you for some practice, but if you keep moving around unpredictably and yelling, it will ruin the spectacle of this performance and spoil my mood.” He paused and said, “If you still can’t do these three things, get out of here.”

       Zhuo Yue couldn’t help but pant and his trembling eyelashes were like small insects desperately struggling in the spider web. He straightened up with difficulty and said, “Sir, I will try my best not to make a sound…”

       Seeing him look at him with those wet eyes, a surge of agitation rose in the man’s heart. It was like a sharp thorn embedded in his flesh, impossible to locate yet causing a constant, dull pain. He gripped the whip tightly and, without any warning, lashed it out. As it struck Zhuo Yue’s body, his own heart seemed to jolt violently at the same moment.

       He knew very well how heavy the lash was and he also knew very well how painful it would be to be hit by such a lash.

       The soft whip slanted from the left chest to the lower right, leaving a clear mark. The skin showed a state of congestion that was about to be broken, and the fair skin showed a red colour like a blooming tea plant. The pain distorted all the senses, but the person who endured the whipping did not make a sound. His body was trembling violently, but he still maintained his kneeling position with difficulty. The hands behind his back were clenched into fists, and his nails pierced the flesh. There was blood oozing from his lower lip, which must have been bitten due to excessive endurance. Those clear black and white eyes were filled with water mist, still looking in his direction.

       Fang Mingyan was silent for a moment and said, “If you can’t bear it, you can stop at any time.”

       Zhuo Yue’s forehead was covered with cold sweat, and he said with a pale face, “You said that Sub’s obligation is to please the Dom. If my pain can make you feel happy, it should be worth enduring.”

       The man frowned deeply and said coldly, “Newcomer, you made a mistake. You are not my Sub, we are just doing a show. Your pain and endurance didn’t mean anything to me.”

       Hearing this, Zhuo Yue’s tearful eyes trembled, and he slowly said with heartbreaking sadness, “To you, I hold no significance, but to me, you are the only light in my life. Since I am not worthy to be your sub, at the very least, I should ensure that this performance ends perfectly.” He endured the pain and straightened his body and said, “Please continue.”

       Fang Mingyan’s dark eyes were filled with dim and uncertain light, and the hand holding the whip tightened and relaxed several times. After a moment of stalemate, he asked coldly, “You want to be my sub, right?”

       Zhuo Yue was stunned for a moment. He saw Fang Mingyan throw away the whip and stand in front of him, a faint smile on his lips. “I have conditions for taking a sub. If you can complete my command, I might consider giving you a chance.” The man grasped Zhuo Yue’s jaw, roughly rubbing his thumb across his lips, and slowly said, “Please me with your mouth.”

       The moment he heard the order, Zhuo Yue felt cold all over.

       “That’s just…” Xu Ye could no longer remain seated after seeing the lion take such harsh action against Zhuo Yue. He couldn’t contain his anger any longer and stood up furiously, but was held back by Chu Yu beside him.

       “Sit still.” The Second Young Master looked at him calmly, “You have interfered enough; leave the rest to them.”

       “Always resorting to the same tactic… So shameless…” Xu Ye cursed angrily. Before, he was reckless and ignorant and planned to find the Lion as his new master. The Lion also gave him this order, asking him to perform oral sex on him in front of Chu Yu, which made him cry when he was punished by Chu Yu1(see Surrender 1 for details). Now he repeated his old tricks, obviously to make Zhuo Yue retreat in spite of the difficulties. He wanted to help, but his master spoke up, so he had to sit down again as he looked anxiously at the people on the stage.

       The entire banquet hall was so quiet that one could hear a pin drop, and the performance had completely deviated from its original track. However, the one on the stage was the Lion—one of the club’s major shareholders and none of the seniors in the audience made a sound to stop him. The others did not dare to make any mistakes and silently watched what happened. The host, Rabbit, even hid in a corner to watch the show.

       Zhuo Yue’s naked upper body was covered with a layer of warm yellow light, and a layer of clear mist rose in his eyes as if wrapped in strands of sadness and fragility entwined into knots like glass.

       The dark room, the dirty sheets, the shaky camera, the humiliating posture, the ugly man, the smelly bodily fluids, the feeling of retching when his throat was violated…that hellish nightmare that invades every night.

       It was Fang Mingyan who had taken him away from this nightmare, yet now used this method to make him remember it.

       The trembling fingertips touched the zipper of the man’s pants several times and then retracted several times. The water that had gathered in the corners of his eyes finally came out, sliding over his cheeks with scalding heat. Just when Zhuo Yue bit his bleeding lower lip and tried to do it again, his wrist was caught. He raised his face helplessly, looked at the person who was watching him, and said in a trembling voice, “I’m sorry…”

       “Why do you always have to make me feel so…” The words ended here. The dusty glacier in Fang Mingyan’s eyes finally cracked. He stared deeply at the hesitant man in front of him and sighed helplessly.

       Everything was supposed to go according to his plan. After using BDSM to cure Zhuo Yue’s PTSD, he intended to find an excuse to terminate their master-sub relationship, secretly monitor Zhuo Yue’s progress, and help him adapt to a life without him, ultimately facilitating his return to a normal life. However, fate played a cruel joke, making Xu Ye the link between their two worlds, bringing this stubborn man back to his side.

       Then he was in chaos.

       This person, who was so fragile that even a camera would frighten him, was stubborn to the point of being covered in scars yet refusing to turn back.

       Although he knew he shouldn’t take action to protect him, he couldn’t help but intercept the whip that would cause harm. Even though he knew he shouldn’t interfere with the performance, he was provoked into picking up the whip. He was the one who had planted the thorns blocking his path, yet he couldn’t bear to see him in pain.

       Because that pain felt as if he was experiencing it himself.

       For the first time, Fang Mingyan felt that he had lost—lost to a stubborn fool.

       Enough. He no longer wanted to hide himself under a calm and cold facade and torture and hurt the man who made his heart ache. He stretched out his hand to wipe away the tears on Zhuo Yue’s face, and his dark eyes revealed the long-lost tenderness, “Why do you have to choose a difficult road?”

       His long eyelashes moistened with tears trembled. The man who was still kneeling looked up at him and said, “Because only this road can lead to you.”

       The man stroked his hair and said in a deep voice, “Zhuo Yue, you need to understand that entering my world means you’ll become an outcast in others’ eyes. To most people, BDSM is seen as perverse, disgusting, and pathological. It can’t be brought into the light; you’ll never be able to discuss this preference with your friends openly. The intense stimulation it provides might make you addicted, and over time, you might become dependent on it to experience pleasure. Leaving all that aside, we’re both men, and you know very well how society views homosexuality. For you, this relationship is perilous. If anyone finds out, all the hard work and effort you’ve put into your career could crumble into ruins.” The man said these words patiently and seriously, “Many people here can no longer turn back, but you still have a chance to choose. You are not a complete sub, you can live a normal life.”

       Zhuo Yue shook his head and said, “I don’t want to live a life without you.”

       Fang Mingyan was silent for a while and asked, “Have you decided?”


       “No regrets?”

       “No regrets.”

       “Okay.” The man took a small step back and said, “Go and pick up that golden whip.”

       Zhuo Yue stood up despite the pain, picked up the whip, and then returned to its original position.

       “Kneel down and raise the whip above your head with both hands.” The second order came one after another, and Zhuo Yue did as he was told.

       At this time, several people in the VIP seating area stood up one after another, looking very solemn. Many people in the audience had surprised looks on their faces and lowered their voices to discuss something.

       “Is this…an oath?” Xu Ye in the audience widened his eyes and asked, “Master, what the Lion is doing now is…”

       “Yes. He is doing the master-slave oath ceremony.” Chu Yu said calmly while looking at the two people on the stage.

       “What is the difference between an oath and a contract?”

       “The validity of the oath is not only to confirm the relationship between two people but also to bind both parties. To terminate the contract, only one party needs to agree, but to terminate the oath, two people need to make a joint statement in public. Simply put, in the world of BDSM, it is equivalent to a marriage certificate,” Pharaoh said, “Because of this, very few people make such an oath now. The most recent one should be the one between Sima and Xia Ran, and that was two years ago.”

       Sima Jun was surprised, “I didn’t expect the Lion to do this.”

       “He’s been in love with that kid for quite some time now.” Chu Yu smiled, “As the saying goes, ‘Those involved can’t see clearly; it’s the outsiders who have the clearest view’.”

       Xia Ran sighed, “When someone who rarely takes things seriously starts being serious, it becomes quite special. And when someone who rarely loves finally falls in love, they become incredibly brave. The two of them are truly meant for each other.”

       At this time, with everyone watching, Fang Mingyan slowly said, “The whip represents power, and the person who owns the whip will become the master to control and dominate everything. Zhuo Yue, will you voluntarily hand over all your rights to me, and from now on consider me as your master, obey my orders, obey my command, and become my slave?”

       Zhuo Yue was still stunned when he suddenly heard a shout from the audience, “Answer him quickly!” He turned around and saw Xu Ye’s excited expression. He seemed to understand everything that was happening at this moment, and there were a few tears in his eyes, “I do.”

       The man took the whip from his hand, held the whip in his right hand, and lightly tapped the whip handle on his forehead. “Zhuo Yue, listen carefully to everything I am about to say.” His deep voice was as moving as reciting a psalm, “I hereby establish a master-slave covenant with you. Under the binding oath, neither you nor I shall have the unilateral right to terminate the relationship. Once the covenant takes effect, I will become your sole master, and you will become my sole slave. Everything you possess will belong to me, including your body and soul, as well as your property and life. Likewise, everything I possess will belong to you, including my body and soul, as well as my property and life. We shall be each other’s closest confidants, sharing everything in life.”

       At this point, Zhuo Yue could not hold back his tears any longer, and it slipped down his cheeks.

       “During the duration of the oath, I will not allow you to overstep your bounds, deceive or conceal anything, or have an affair with others. I will have the right to punish you. At the same time, I will also take on the responsibility and obligation to protect and care for you, doing everything in my power to ensure your safety, guide your spirit, and keep you away from all harm.” Fang Mingyan paused and said, “The above is the entirety of the oath, I will give you three minutes to think it over before making a decision.”

       “I do…” Zhuo Yue looked at him with tearful eyes and repeated, “I do.”

       Three minutes was too long, and he was unwilling to wait any longer.

       The man placed his right hand on top of his head and no longer concealed the soft warmth in his eyes, “In the presence of all, I hereby swear an oath to accept Zhuo Yue as my only slave, to take all responsibility for his care and protection, and to abide by all of the stipulations in the Master-Slave Oath. If he violates the oath, he is willing to accept any judgment given by the East Coast.”

       Zhuo Yue said word by word with tears in his eyes, “In the presence of all, I hereby swear an oath to accept Mr. Fang Mingyan as my only master, obey his orders, fulfil my obligations, and abide by everything in the master-slave oath. If I violate my oath…” He pursed his lips and said, “I am willing to lose everything I have.”

       “Then, the oath is established.” Fang Mingyan leaned over and kissed his forehead, then picked him up in his arms.

       Zhuo Yue didn’t remember how he left the club that day. He only remembered the man’s answer after he asked “Why?”

       ──Slave, I love you more than you can imagine.

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