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Chapter 112 – Beloved of the Big Boss

Chapter 112 – Beloved of the Big Boss


Seeing the fiery gazes around, Jian Luo felt very complicated.


Before he could speak, people had already surrounded them. A bold girl, holding a flower, blushing, stammered, “H-Hi, this is for you.”


Jian Luo glanced at the girl, feeling a bit sulky.


The girl kept glancing at Lu Shifeng, shyly waiting for his nod to eagerly add him on WeChat.


Lu Shifeng showed no reaction, but Jian Luo watched them with a fierce glare, his eyes wide and sparkling, his ears perked like an elf. Naturally, such a direct gaze caught Lu Shifeng’s attention.


Lu Shifeng glanced sideways at Jian Luo.


Jian Luo snorted, “Why are you looking at me when someone is giving you a flower?”


The girl, curious about their interaction, stubbornly tried to hand over the flower, “Please accept it.”


Lu Shifeng coldly looked at her and said, “I don’t need it.”




The girl was stunned.


Lu Shifeng didn’t care, leading Jian Luo past her and away with such grace and decisiveness that it left others in awe.


The girl was dumbfounded.


Jian Luo was also a bit dazed, admiringly saying, “So decisive.”


Lu Shifeng sneered, “Not as decisive as you hanging up on the people you were on the line with before.”




He still remembered that.


As Jian Luo silently cursed him for being petty, more people gathered around. The first girl being rejected didn’t dampen the enthusiasm of others.


“Hi, this is my flower.”


“Here’s my number.”




A group of girls surrounded them, chatting noisily.


At first, Lu Shifeng politely rejected them one by one, but eventually, he ignored them entirely. Jian Luo watched in awe. There were even boys among the flower givers, which was surprising.


Jian Luo said to Lu Shifeng, “You seem calm despite all these people liking you.”


Lu Shifeng walked on, “Is it surprising?”


The implications of his words were complex.


Jian Luo suddenly had a bold guess, “Have many people confessed to you before?”


Lu Shifeng replied calmly, “Dark Stars don’t usually give flowers.”


Jian Luo: “What do they give then?”


“We’re more direct, giving items based on preference or capability,” Lu Shifeng explained as they walked.


Jian Luo realized something important, hesitating, “Giving items is a way of confessing? What if you give something out of politeness, wouldn’t it be misunderstood?”


They arrived at a toy store.


Lu Shifeng stopped in front of a shelf, “Dark Stars don’t casually give items unless they want to express goodwill.”


Jian Luo choked.


He had never known this custom.


Unexpectedly, Small clothes, small shoes, small accessories, baby products—everything was available.


Jian Luo stopped in front of the shelf, looking at the adorable children’s clothing, and liked everything he saw. “It would be great if I could take some back.”


Lu Shifeng said, “Remember the styles, and you can get someone to make them when we get back.”


Jian Luo nodded.


Beyond this shelf was the accessories section, filled with bracelets, rings, necklaces, all glittering and attracting many young girls, and of course, some who were there with their partners.


In the ring section, the crowd was especially dense.


Young couples naturally loved buying rings. Some girls were trying on rings, incredibly happy. “Does it look good?”


“It looks good.”


“I like it too, it’s really beautiful.”


“When I have money in the future, I’ll definitely buy you a real one.”


Young girls often yearn for love and are willing to go through hardships with their boyfriends. Sometimes, just a promise is enough to win their hearts.


As expected, one girl said, “It’s okay, we can save money to buy a house. When we get married, we can buy a small diamond ring…”


Jian Luo watched with great interest from the side.


Lu Shifeng seemed to gain some insight and said, “Do Earthlings need accessories for marriage?”


Jian Luo casually replied, “Not just any accessory will do. Usually, you need a diamond ring for a proposal. For the wedding, there are the three golds, but the wedding itself can be a bit more complicated, with the three letters and six etiquettes, and so on.”


Seeing that many people liked diamond rings, Lu Shifeng asked, “Do you like them?”


Jian Luo didn’t expect the question to turn to him. He thought for a moment and honestly replied, “These things feel so distant. Besides, humans on Dark Star stopped following these customs a long time ago. It probably won’t have anything to do with me in this lifetime.”


Even if he were to get married in the future, there wouldn’t be these rituals.


Actually, it’s quite nice to see them in dreams. At least he could relive some moments, which wasn’t bad.


Lu Shifeng glanced at him a few more times but said nothing.


Jian Luo said, “Let’s go eat. It’s rare for us to be here. I have to show you the ancient Earth’s food culture. You’ll think the food I make is weak in comparison. Only they are true culinary masters!”


As they spoke, many men and women in the mall holding flowers started eyeing them. Some looked like they were about to make a move.


Jian Luo quickly said, “Shall we go?”


Lu Shifeng didn’t expose his various little thoughts. “Let’s go.”


To cater to the dragon’s love for spicy food, Jian Luo specifically chose a hot pot restaurant, an authentic Chongqing hot pot with great flavors.


Jian Luo ordered some ingredients not available on Dark Star. “Shrimp paste, rice cakes, this sausage is super delicious. What do you want to eat? I’ll order for you!”


Lu Shifeng sat across from him, lazily leaning against the soft couch. “Anything.”


Jian Luo ordered according to his own preferences.


When the food was served, the pot started bubbling with spicy steam, smelling incredible. Jian Luo said, “Try it.”


He had missed this taste for a long time.


Later, he still needed to pack some fried chicken and various junk foods to satisfy his long-standing cravings.


Lu Shifeng took a few bites, not showing much on his face, but it was obvious he was eating less than usual and not as much as he did when eating with Jian Luo.


Jian Luo asked suspiciously, “Doesn’t it taste good?”


Lu Shifeng didn’t hide it, simply saying, “It’s not as good as yours.”




Jian Luo’s hand holding the chopsticks trembled slightly.


He looked up, trying to find some insincere traces on Lu Shifeng’s face, but the marshal was frank, as if he was just stating a fact.


Jian Luo said, “What’s the difference? Isn’t hot pot all the same?”


Lu Shifeng leaned back on the couch, raising an eyebrow. “A watermelon and a fool are both ‘gua’ (melons)1西瓜(watermelon) and 傻瓜(fool) share the same 2nd word. Are they the same?”




As expected of you.


No matter what, being recognized by others did touch Jian Luo a little. He ate two big bowls with tears in his eyes and then packed some ingredients to cook separately for Lu Shifeng later.


As they left the hot pot restaurant, a broadcast sounded outside:


“Dear guests, welcome to the large-scale dating event at our Wanxing Mall. The biggest winner of our event, the customer who received the most flowers, has been selected. Please look at the big screen!”


In the center of the square was a large screen, visible to almost everyone in the mall, making a significant impact.


Jian Luo looked up and saw Lu Shifeng in green clearly reflected on it.


Jian Luo pointed, “Dragon Bro, it’s you.”


The broadcast announced, “We detected that this gentleman is our biggest winner today. Please come to the hall on the first floor to receive our super deluxe gift package!”


Jian Luo’s mouth dropped open. “Wow, you won.”


Lu Shifeng remained expressionless.


“I wonder what the prize is.” Jian Luo was as excited as if he had won. “Shall we go see?”


Lu Shifeng had no interest in the prize, but the excited Jian Luo, who hadn’t won anything in ages, was very keen on the deluxe gift package, chattering all the way down.


Finally, they arrived on the first floor.




Confetti exploded.


The gathered crowd applauded. “Congratulations to this gentleman for becoming today’s most popular contestant and winning our deluxe gift package!”


Everyone was extremely excited, smiles on their faces, except Lu Shifeng, who remained indifferent. Before presenting the prize, the manager asked, “Before we award the prize, is there someone you like among those who sent flowers to you?”


Lu Shifeng: “No.”


The manager’s smile froze.


The atmosphere turned awkward. After all, this was a dating show, and even to humor the crew, he should have said something.


The manager tried to ease the tension. “Do you have someone you’d like to send flowers to?”


Probably not.


Because this guy seemed indifferent to everything.


Just as everyone was losing hope, Lu Shifeng nodded. “Yes.”


The manager’s eyes lit up. “Is he here? Can we invite him over?”


Lu Shifeng: “No.”




As expected of you.


Though reluctant, the manager had to swallow his frustration and led Lu Shifeng to unveil the grand prize.


The box was securely packaged, generally requiring scissors to open. Just as the manager was about to fetch scissors, Lu Shifeng easily untied it like unwrapping a ribbon.


The manager’s eyes widened.


The box revealed a delicate black case. Lu Shifeng opened it to reveal a sparkling ring, shining brilliantly under the lights.


The manager started explaining, “This ring, from xx, is valued at about 90,000 Star Dollars…”


Lu Shifeng closed the box and walked away.


Jian Luo, who had been standing on the sidelines unaware, saw Lu Shifeng approaching and curiously asked, “What deluxe gift package?”


Lu Shifeng didn’t hide it. He stood before Jian Luo, opened the box, and the diamond lay quietly in the velvet case. The man holding it gazed silently at Jian Luo. The mall was adorned with colorful flags, filled with floral scents, and accompanied by soft, lyrical music, making it feel like time had stood still, leaving just the two of them.


Jian Luo’s words got stuck in his throat. He could hardly believe it. “Is this the gift package?”


Lu Shifeng nodded.


Jian Luo didn’t know what to say. If it were something else, he might have taken it to look at, but with a ring, he didn’t dare to touch it.


Lu Shifeng said, “Try it on.”




How casually you give out rings.


Jian Luo pouted, “We humans don’t casually give rings.”


Dark Star people really didn’t know anything and just flirted randomly.


Luckily, the manager, who understood the situation, shouted, “Marry him, marry him!”


Because of the manager’s loud shout, other clueless onlookers thought it was a proposal and started chanting, “Marry him, marry him!”




Jian Luo looked at the manager speechlessly.


Lu Shifeng also glanced at the manager. The two of them started, making the manager feel awkward. He scratched his head, “What, isn’t it a proposal?”


Just as Jian Luo was about to speak, Lu Shifeng took out the ring. He threw away the box, took Jian Luo’s hand, and with visible care, placed the ring on Jian Luo’s finger solemnly and seriously.


Jian Luo was stunned.


Lu Shifeng said, “It fits well.”


The manager was dumbfounded. This was the most straightforward proposal he’d ever seen. Regardless of whether the other party agreed or not, he just put it on. Brother, you’re bold!


Jian Luo looked down at the ring on his finger, momentarily speechless.


The manager continued, “I wish you both a long and happy life together, may you grow old together, get your marriage certificate soon, and enter the hall of matrimony!”


Lu Shifeng took Jian Luo away.


After leaving the mall, the wind outside brought Jian Luo back to his senses. He asked, “Why did you put the ring on me?”


Lu Shifeng looked down at him, “Don’t you like it?”


“… That’s not the point.” Jian Luo pursed his lips,


 “For humans, you can’t casually give rings.”


Lu Shifeng: “I know.”


Jian Luo’s eyes widened. For a moment, his heart raced inexplicably, and he breathed more slowly. He looked at Lu Shifeng, a long-held question surfacing, ready to be asked.


“Beep beep beep!”


The knocking sound persisted outside.


Jian Luo opened his eyes, waking from the dream. The room was one the elves had prepared, and the knocking continued persistently.


Lu Shifeng slowly sat up.


Jian Luo smiled wryly, “Why have people been knocking more often since I started using this bed?”


Lu Shifeng’s face was as dark as ink.


The knocking outside remained insistent. Lu Shifeng commanded, “Open the door.”


It was the young emperor, who burst in energetically, “Time to get up, the sun is shining!”




The room fell silent.


The young emperor awkwardly touched his nose, “Did I come at a bad time?”


Lu Shifeng let out a cold laugh.


Jian Luo still gave the young emperor some face: “Your Majesty, you’re overthinking it.”


The young emperor smiled cheerfully. Standing by the bedside, although he couldn’t see inside, he spoke with great enthusiasm: “Luoluo, I’m here to bring you good news. I thought about it all night, and I’ve decided to amend the law. You can check online.”


Jian Luo’s attention was immediately drawn to work: “Really? Let me see.”


He opened StarNet and saw that it was bustling with activity. The empire had rolled out new internet laws and regulations. One clause clearly stated: “In cases of product quality issues requiring returns or exchanges, buyers are obligated to provide genuine and reliable images of the products. Fabrications or severe cases of fraud will constitute a Class B Level 1 cyber fraud, resulting in permanent account bans and entries into the credit system.”


The credit system in the interstellar world, once marred by bad records, affected more than just online shopping. It impacted citizens’ ability to get loans, buy cars and houses, and even use certain software normally. Many privileges would be restricted, and travel would be limited.


With the announcement of this law, the internet was abuzz:


“The Dark Star’s Pearl strikes again.”


“This isn’t the first time laws have been changed because of him.”


“He really doesn’t take any grievances.”


“Don’t put it that way. Some people bullied him first. It wasn’t the streamer causing trouble. I heard there were thousands of malicious refunds. Is it easy to do business?”


There were also plenty of sarcastic voices online.


Some even questioned whether it was necessary to penalize just for not providing photos. Wasn’t the punishment for that blogger too severe?


As everyone was discussing, suddenly, some large online store owners started speaking out.


Interstellar Market’s Flagship Store: “Last December, that buyer purchased a set of tableware worth 3,000 star coins from my store. After receiving the goods, they claimed the ceramics were broken. We asked for photos, and the buyer only provided a picture of a broken wine glass worth 100 star coins, refusing to provide more and demanding a full refund of 3,000 star coins, threatening to file a complaint if we didn’t comply. After machine analysis, we determined the item was broken intentionally by the buyer and not during shipping.”


Lysha’s Clothing: “In March this year, that same buyer bought a limited spring fashion set from our store, totaling about 4,200 star coins. They later returned it, claiming the size was wrong. Upon inspection, the returned item was a counterfeit, and the buyer refused to return the genuine product.”


After the first, there was a second and a third.


Store owners who had long suffered various oppressions suddenly found a public forum, all standing up to expose the nefarious deeds of such buyers.


Gradually, fewer people opposed the new law:


“Some people are indeed malicious.”


“Support the new law, protect the rights of store owners.”


“Honestly, the new law doesn’t harm law-abiding buyers.”


“Are those against it feeling guilty?”


Just when everyone thought the matter was over, the YueSe Group issued a statement regarding the complaint about damaged dried fruit: “Thank you all for your attention and trust in YueSe logistics. User Xiaoyunduo made false claims about our delivery on the 13th of this month, causing significant harm. YueSe announces that henceforth, we will not provide any services to this user. We hope for honest purchases and cooperation.”


The announcement caused a stir online.


While having a bad credit record was bad enough, being blacklisted by YueSe was severe. Everyone knew YueSe’s business spanned every aspect of life, from real estate and cars to daily necessities. Being rejected by YueSe meant being rejected by the entire commercial and daily life sector.


Netizens sighed:


“Light a candle for the brother.”


“Haha, he wanted to bully humans but didn’t know they had powerful backers.”


“He’s done for.”


Just when people thought the drama was over, the M-star’s government’s official website released a statement: “Resident Xiaoyunduo has recently incited inappropriate public opinion online and engaged in severe misconduct, significantly damaging M-star’s image and affecting others. Starting today, we will enforce Class B Level 1 punishment and repossess all properties bought with credit under Xiaoyunduo’s name.”




The entire network fell silent.


That day, everyone understood the consequences of antagonizing the global hope of Dark Star. They realized that while humans might seem weak, their backers were not. Provoking one powerful person could be disastrous, but how could one manage to offend several at once? Xiaoyunduo demonstrated it clearly.

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Chapter 111 – Jealousy (Part 2)

Chapter 111 – Jealousy (Part 2)


Jian Luo never expected to encounter such a situation.


Holding the phone, his voice trembled slightly: “Um, Brother Zhou, it might be inconvenient. Something came up at home these past two days, and I’m afraid I can’t meet you.”


Brother Zhou was clearly displeased: “Luo Luo, are you worried I’m a bad person? Don’t worry, I’m not. I just want to be friends.”




I understand, but you need to realize that it’s not my life in danger, it’s yours. I’m trying to save you, brother!


Jian Luo couldn’t reason with him: “Brother Zhou, I really have something to do, let’s forget about meeting up.”


Brother Zhou’s tone turned cold, and he hung up the phone.


Jian Luo breathed a sigh of relief once he heard the call end.


Thinking back, those days were tough. Due to his education level, no formal company wanted him. He tried to find some basic jobs. His first job in a restaurant ended abruptly because the head chef harassed him. Later, he did various jobs and started live-streaming to pay rent. Though he left the countryside, establishing himself in the city was much harder than he imagined, in fact, several times harder.


Gradually, because he came from the countryside and knew many simple, hearty dishes, these down-to-earth foods became sought after by urban white-collar elites. Slowly, his live streams gained popularity.


But the pressure also increased.


For survival, he learned to chat with these people he referred to as ‘big brothers’ and cooked for them.


It wasn’t too troublesome. These big brothers never made excessive demands, at most they ordered dishes and chatted a bit. He remembered one big brother saying: “You’re a kid from the countryside, living alone in the city isn’t easy. We support you as we feel for you.”


Jian Luo never felt ashamed of his streaming career. He lived by his skills and found his way to survive. There was nothing shameful about it.


Thinking of this, Jian Luo said to Lu Shifeng: “When I lived on ancient Earth, I was a streamer. This was my job. They… were like my customers.”


Lu Shifeng sat on the sofa: “Every day?”


Jian Luo was stunned. He remained silent for a moment, then nodded lightly: “I did answer calls every day.”


These were facts. He didn’t want to lie. He told the truth. He never met these people; he only considered them as customers. If the Marshal had any prejudices against him because of this, he had nothing to say.


Lu Shifeng stood up, walked over, and stopped in front of him. This time, he didn’t look down on him but squatted slightly. Given his tall stature, squatting made him look less intimidating, especially in those cute pajamas, significantly reducing his imposing aura.


Jian Luo raised his face and met his gaze.


Lu Shifeng gently parted his thin lips: “You’ve worked hard.”


Jian Luo was taken aback.


Lu Shifeng extended his long arm, placing his large hand on Jian Luo’s head, gently ruffling his hair: “You did well.”


Jian Luo’s eyes widened. They were very close, and he could clearly see those eyes. They held no disdain or belittlement, only a gentle touch on his head and the words, “You’ve worked hard.”


Jian Luo pressed his lips together. He wanted to say something, but his eyes reddened first. He finally lowered his head, muttering: “It’s all in the past anyway.”


Lu Shifeng’s lips curved into a gentle smile.


The atmosphere was warm. Sunlight poured in through the window, bringing warmth. Birds chirped outside, and time seemed to stand still.


Jian Luo and Lu Shifeng were very close. Their gazes locked, breaths mingling, slowly leaning in—


“Ring ring ring!”


Another call came in.




Jian Luo quickly retreated behind the bed.


Lu Shifeng gave the phone a cold glance. Under his gaze, Jian Luo instinctively felt the phone’s life was in danger. He quickly said: “I’ll turn it off right now!”


No matter what, his life was more important!


Jian Luo turned off the phone, and the world fell silent. However, the atmosphere from before had completely vanished. Scratching his head, Jian Luo said, “Since it’s rare for you to come here, how about I take you out for a bit? There’s a lot we can do at this time.”


Lu Shifeng stood up, “Let’s go.”


Jian Luo quickly went into the bathroom, freshened up, and changed clothes. Seeing Lu Shifeng still in his pajamas, he decided the Marshal needed a change of clothes too.


Jian Luo came out and said, “Let’s go to the mall and buy you some clothes.”


Lu Shifeng didn’t mind.


They left the small, shabby rental apartment and went outside to Jian Luo’s only means of transportation—a bicycle.


Jian Luo leaned against the bike and asked, “Can you ride?”


Lu Shifeng looked at the wobbly, seemingly ready-to-fall-apart bicycle and said, “We’ll walk.”




In the end, they took the bus.


If it were just Jian Luo on the bus, it would have been fine. But the problem was having Lu Shifeng with him. Even in pajamas, the Marshal was incredibly eye-catching. His tall, upright stature, handsome and stern face, and noble aura made him a walking advertisement.


The bus passed through the university district, and several young men and women boarded. Upon seeing Lu Shifeng seated in the back, their eyes lit up—more accurately, they sparkled with excitement.


Jian Luo’s mouth twitched, grumbling, “What’s so interesting?”


While he was still muttering, a bold girl approached them. She straightforwardly asked, “Hi, handsome, can I add you on this chatting app?”


Lu Shifeng raised his eyelids to glance at her. His red eyes were like the purest rubies, cold and untainted. His stern face bore no extra expressions as he lightly replied, “No.”


The girl’s eyes widened, covering her mouth in excitement despite his reply.


Heavens! Such perfect beauty! How could someone’s eyes be this lustrously red and beautiful?


Jian Luo, feeling uncomfortable under all these gazes, quickly pulled Lu Shifeng out of the bus as they reached their stop. A group of girls blocked the door, making it hard for Jian Luo to get off. In the end, Lu Shifeng protected him, effortlessly leading him out. Once off the bus, Lu Shifeng had him stand by the platform and glanced back at the bus.


Jian Luo gave him a sideways glance, his voice chilly, “What, do you want to go back and add her contact info?”


Lu Shifeng turned back, looking down at him as if he were a child throwing a tantrum. He raised an eyebrow, “Why are you angry?”


Jian Luo put his hands on his hips, stubbornly saying, “I’m not angry!”


They were supposed to go to the mall, but they got off early. This area wasn’t a mall but had many street vendors selling various clothing styles.


Jian Luo had an idea.


He led Lu Shifeng to a stall and picked out a pair of black sunglasses for him: “Put these on. It’ll hide the color of your eyes. Normal Earthlings don’t have that shade.”


Lu Shifeng had no objections.


Seeing him obediently put on the sunglasses, Jian Luo’s face showed a satisfied smile. With his eyes covered, those people shouldn’t swarm around him!


Feeling pleased, he said, “Let’s go. I saw a suitable outfit at a stall just now.”


Lu Shifeng followed him.


The stall owner, an old lady, had never seen such a handsome young man before. Seeing Jian Luo about to buy clothes, she eagerly said, “100 yuan for two pieces.”


Jian Luo felt the fabric, “So expensive. Are you in the same business as me?”


Old lady: “What do you do?”


“I rob banks.”




“This young man loves to joke.” The old lady refused to give up, looking at Lu Shifeng. “How about this? Since you’re intent on buying, 50 yuan for two pieces.”


Jian Luo was pleased.


While he was picking clothes, the old lady made her move on Lu Shifeng. Eagerly, she asked, “Young man, how old are you?”


Jian Luo was scared that Lu Shifeng would honestly say he was five hundred years old, so he quickly interjected, “He’s 25.”


The old lady’s smile deepened, “The perfect age. Are you seeing anyone? I have a daughter…”




The sound of knocking on the clothes rack interrupted her.


Jian Luo held a shirt, gritting his teeth, “Old lady, there is a small hole on your clothes.”


“Oh no, my fabric is very good…”


After some haggling, Lu Shifeng finally changed into a new outfit. The Marshal looked at the green suit on him, raising an eyebrow in indifference.


Jian Luo was quite satisfied, “Not bad.”


Lu Shifeng said, “Earthlings are very enthusiastic.”


“…… They vary by person.” Jian Luo was honest, “Mostly by looks.”


He was no different. If it weren’t for Lu Shifeng’s face, he wouldn’t be so willing to have his child!


Lu Shifeng said, “Dark Stars have different preferences.”


Jian Luo was taken aback. He hadn’t studied what Dark Stars liked. Did different beings have different aesthetics?


Curious, Jian Luo asked, “What do Dark Stars like?”


“We prefer cute creatures,” Lu Shifeng said meaningfully, “like humans.”




What a peculiar taste.


As they chatted, they reached the mall. A girl in uniform greeted them with a smile, “Hello, are you single?”




With the Dragon next to him, she actually noticed him?


Girl, you have good eyes!


Jian Luo asked, “Why me?”


The girl smiled warmly, “If you’re single, here’s a flower for you.”


Jian Luo took it, “Thank you.”


He thought it was just receiving a flower, but people were truly sinister. After walking a few steps, he realized the mall was holding a large matchmaking event. Single visitors were given a flower with a number. If they liked someone, they could give them the flower.


The person who received the most flowers would become the popularity king, winning a valuable prize and choosing a desired partner from the flower givers.


Upon entering, they were greeted by a strong fragrance of flowers.


Jian Luo clicked his tongue, “Would anyone really give flowers to a stranger…”


As soon as he spoke, someone looked over. There were many young girls and boys in the mall. Although they came to play, not really for matchmaking, seeing the man standing at the entrance made their hearts race and hands tremble.


“Oh my god, so handsome.”


“He’s wearing sunglasses. Is he a celebrity?”


“Ah, he has a flower, he’s single.”


“Girls, I’m going first!”


Author’s Note: Jian Luo: I’m jealous!

T/N: Hey there! How have y’all been? Been busy with life and all, so apologies for the super delayed update, but I plan on finishing this series this year so hang on tight! Please accept this mass-update as an apology! We will get back to a regular update schedule till the last chapter is published (ch180).  There is plenty more where that came from, so stay tuned! Hope you’ve all stayed healthy!

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