Chapter 19

       As it turned out, Li Zhenruo’s decision was very wise. He stayed at the entrance of the university cafeteria for more than an hour, and countless girls who passed by took the initiative to feed him food, and most of them were meat.

       He thought of the cat food that he ate every day at Li’s house, but today, he had the opportunity to have such a meal with meat. Suddenly, he felt that the food in the school canteen had become delicious.

       He was so full that he couldn’t keep his pace, so Li Zhenruo found a shady lawn and took a nap for a while.

       In the end, before he woke up, he was driven away by a nearby stray cat.

       The cat was a male cat. The territory and the female cat here should belong to it. Li Zhenruo trespassed into its territory without permission, which was unforgivable in its view.

       Li Zhenruo has not degenerated to the point of fighting with a cat. He got up and left when the male cat threatened him. He shook off the grass on his body and went to see if he could get in the appraisal office.

       In the afternoon, Li Zhenruo was lucky enough to sneak in. He had been to this appraisal office once, but he did not know where the archive room where the appraisal information was recorded.

       He searched floor by floor and finally found the archive room on the sixth floor. It’s a pity that the anti-theft iron door of the archive room was locked, and there was no window above. With his ability as a half-assed cat, he definitely couldn’t break in.

       After he circled around the floor where the archive room was located twice, Li Zhenruo left reluctantly.

       When he went out from the gate of the appraisal office, Li Zhenruo was seen by the security guard again. The security guard picked up the long broom and pretended to chase after him. Li Zhenruo tucked his tail and ran away.

       For dinner, he still went to the school cafeteria door.

       Li Zhenruo even ate half a pan-fried small fish. The one who fed him the fish was a short, chubby girl with glasses. Li Zhenruo looked up at her only to think that she was as beautiful as a fairy.

       Although Li Zhenruo originally didn’t like to eat fish, now as a cat, his tongue probably loved the taste.

       This dinner was more filling than lunch. Since he turned into a cat, Li Zhenruo hadn’t tried to eat so much meat for a long time. He began to like this place a little bit and thought that even if he couldn’t go back to Li’s house, he could stay at the school. It was nice to be a stray cat.

       In the evening, Li Zhenruo spent the night in the school. He found a clean corner, and after sniffing carefully for the presence of other cats. When there were none, he curled himself up.

       Well, although there was a lot to eat, at night he started to miss his warm and clean bed again. And after wandering outside for a day, his fur was already dirty and knotted, so he missed the clear bathwater, and the comfortable touch of Li Zhenran’s slender fingers stroking his fur to dried him after taking a shower.

       Therefore one cannot say that it’s only human, even a cat could always find it difficult to be satisfied with its own life.

       Li Zhenruo slept until the early next morning and went to the appraisal office. The security guards were sluggish in the morning, and he smoothly got in without being caught. He stayed until the people in the laboratory got off work in the afternoon, but he still found nothing.

       Li Zhenruo lingered in the neighbourhood for three or four days without giving up, drifted in during the day, looked for a place to sleep at the school at night, and pretended to be cute to eat all the food at the entrance of the cafeteria.

       He really lived a good life as a stray cat.

       However, today, he slowly walked to the sixth floor of the laboratory and found someone standing in front of the iron door of the archives using a key to open the door.

       He hid in the corner, and after the man opened the door and went in, he sneaked in behind him.

       In the beginning, he stood behind the man, and when he sat down in front of the computer, Li Zhenruo rushed to the file cabinet beside him.

       This place was the most convenient place for him as a cat. He could always be silent, and he could burst out strongly. If he didn’t want his prey to find out, he could hide his whereabouts well.

       There were rows of filing cabinets in the archives room, all of which were placed on the archives of the appraisal office.

       Li Zhenruo hid himself behind a row of file boxes and peeked at the man’s movements through the gap in the middle. With his excellent dynamic vision, he clearly captured the sequence of numbers when the person entered the password. He took a deep breath silently and continued to stare at him without blinking. He watched him log in to the file management system and remember his password.

       Right now was not the right time.

       Li Zhenruo memorized the two passwords firmly and lay down quietly. He had to wait until that person left.

       The man stayed in the archive room for about an hour and seemed to be entering some data. After the entry was over, he shut the computer down and left, locking the door firmly.

       Li Zhenruo still did not act rashly.

       He had been observing here for some days and knew that the archive room was likely to be unoccupied for a long time, and he couldn’t help but feel a little nervous. As he counted the days, today happened to be Friday, and the day after tomorrow would be a holiday. The next time this room would be opened might be next Monday, and if he was unlucky, it may be next Friday.

       As he thought of this, Li Zhenruo looked around and found that all the windows were locked. He jumped to the side of the windowsill and tried to unlock it from the inside, but found that it was nailed to death and could not be opened at all.

       By this time, Li Zhenruo was getting even more flustered.

       If he had to wait a week, would he starve to death right there? What if he had bad luck and no one came in for two or three weeks?

       Li Zhenruo began to blame himself for acting rashly and doing things without considering the consequences.

       But since he has come in, it’s too late to think about regretting it now. It’s better to finish what he had to do quickly, and if he’s lucky again, maybe someone would come to open the door this afternoon, and then he could slip away.

       Li Zhenruo jumped to the front of the computer desk, stretched out his paws and pressed the computer on.

       He still clearly remembers the power-on password and the password of the file system. His cat’s paws were inconvenient for typing and holding the mouse. At the same time, he has to be on guard that someone will come in. If someone came in and saw a cat using the computer at this time, they would probably think they were dreaming.

       However, this old machine was very slow to respond, and Li Zhenruo was a little impatient. While he waited for it to be turned on, he kept tapping on the computer desktop with his cat’s paw.

       As the computer finally turned on, he entered the file system and began to recall the time on the appraisal.

       The appearance of that appraisal was probably the biggest setback in his 23 years of living. He had read the document over and over again, and many details had been deeply imprinted in his mind.

       He entered the commission time to query, and after a while, he saw a file named Li Jianglin’s paternity test.

       At this moment, Li Zhenruo’s breathing began to become rapid, and his movements were a little flustered. He had to stop and take a few deep breaths, telling himself not to be nervous.

       The air was filled with the smell of old paper, and because the space was sealed off, it was particularly stuffy.

       Li Zhenruo tried to relax himself, clicked into the file, and saw a row of related materials on the left, including the authorization document, appraisal certificate, and other related documents.

       Among them, Li Zhenruo found a scanned copy of his ID card.

       He clicked the mouse with his paw, opened the scanned ID card, and saw an unexpected person on it.

       Li Zhenruo once inquired about the identity of this client. He knew that she was a young and beautiful woman. He always thought that this woman was probably a woman who had something to do with Li Jianglin because the sample submitted for inspection was from Li Jianglin’s semen. There are so many vague names in my head, but he hasn’t been able to rule them out one by one.

       And now, Li Zhenruo saw that the owner of the scanned ID card was Yue Zijia.

       The beautiful young woman matched the information he obtained before. As he was staring at Yue Zijia’s picture, a name popped into Li Zhenruo’s head. And now he seems to grit his teeth when he pronounces this name. It was Li Zhenzi.

       After he saw this, the other documents he clicked were just meaningless information.

       Both the appraisal office and the authorization document used pseudonyms, only this scanned ID card shows the client’s information, which must be the regulations of the appraisal office, and it was absolutely confidential information.

       Li Zhenruo quickly shut down the system, then turned off the computer, and jumped off the computer desk.

       He didn’t know how close Yue Zijia and Li Zhenzi were, but Li Zhenzi had to tease a woman when he saw them, so the relationship between the two would not be easy.

       If Yue Zijia was Li Zhenzi’s lover, it would not be very difficult for Li Zhenzi to hand over his blood sample to Yue Zijia for identification, because Li Zhenzi might not want people around him, such as Su Yao to do it. He didn’t want to involve himself in it, so he found someone who couldn’t be easily linked to him and trusted them to do it.

       As for whether there was anything between Li Jianglin and Yue Zijia, Li Zhenruo naturally couldn’t know now, but it was really not surprising. Yue Zijia’s current situation was hard to describe. She was the social flower of the upper class. If she and Li Jianglin were both willing to do it, it would not be considered a disadvantage.

       As he thought of this, Li Zhenruo felt that his suspicion of Li Zhenzi was instantly magnified.

       He plopped down quietly behind the door to calm himself down a bit because he might have to spend a long period of time in the confined area.

       But he couldn’t calm down his mind no matter what. Maybe he could think carefully about it when he calmed down in the future, but at this moment, what Li Zhenruo was thinking was all about how to bring Li Zhenzi to the ground.

       Li Zhenruo slowly closed his eyes.

       To be honest, he was angry at first, but now Li Zhenruo felt a little sad.

       Although he and Li Zhenzi had a bad relationship since they were young, and they fought in front of Li Jianglin for some trivial matters, deep down, he still felt that Li Zhenzi was his brother, not only Li Zhenzi, but Li Zhenran, and Li Zhentai, they are all his older brothers. Even if they were not from the same mother, shouldn’t an older brother protect his younger brother and stand up when his younger brother is in danger?

       But Li Zhenzi was so impatient. After knowing his identity, he did not hesitate to reveal it to Li Jianglin, and in such a decisive way.

       Li Zhenruo lowered his head and placed his round chin on a pair of fleshy claws.

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