Chapter 48 – Who Says Omegas Can’t be as Explosive as Alphas

Chapter 48


When Wen Xingchen fell asleep, he vaguely felt something surrounding him. Although it was an entirely new sensation, he could say he slept soundly. In the past, during his estrus periods, he would always suffer immensely, locking himself in a room to suppress the restlessness. Even so, he would still experience an unbearable feeling of wanting to explode, which was difficult to endure.


But this time, he slept through the night until morning, without waking up once. It was probably the calmest estrus period he had ever experienced in his life.


However, precisely because of that, when Wen Xingchen woke up and stared at the unfamiliar ceiling, he seemed lost for a moment. Lowering his head slightly, he saw an arm dr4p3d over him in an ambiguous embrace.




He glanced sideways and caught sight of the peaceful sleeping face of Lu Jingning. Despite Lu Jingning’s usual domineering demeanor, during this moment, his Omega’s gentleness unavoidably showed.


The arm surrounding Wen Xingchen was fair and slender, as though it could easily fit into the palm of his hand with just a gentle grasp.


Wen Xingchen remained silent for a while. Although he could recall previous events, he couldn’t remember what happened after falling asleep last night. He cautiously attempted to remove the hand resting on him.


Unexpectedly, this action disturbed the slumbering Lu Jingning. His thick eyelashes trembled slightly, and as he drowsily opened his eyes, they appeared to carry a thin layer of mist. He rubbed his eyes lazily and said in a leisurely tone, “Morning, Lao Wen.”


He acted so normally.




Wen Xingchen had prepared countless scenarios, but he didn’t expect to receive such a nonchalant response.


Now, he was even more uncertain about what happened last night.


Lu Jingning yawned, clearly not having slept enough. He subconsciously curled up under the covers, asking nonchalantly, “How do you feel now? Still uncomfortable?”


“I’m not uncomfortable anymore.” Wen Xingchen couldn’t recall anything about the events after falling asleep, and he frowned slightly, “Last night…”


Lu Jingning finally noticed his attitude, and most of his drowsiness disappeared. He couldn’t help but feel mischievous and turned to look at Wen Xingchen with a teasing glint in his eyes, “Don’t remember?”


Wen Xingchen didn’t say anything, silently admitting it.


This amused Lu Jingning greatly, and a sly curve formed at the corner of his mouth, “Ah? Last night, you were calling me ‘Gege’ in your sleep and being clingy, not letting me go anywhere. You cried and said you’d throw a tantrum if Brother Lu left you alone. I’m such a righteous person, how could I bear to leave you alone? So, I generously gave you my pheromones. How about it, did you sleep well?”


Wen Xingchen had been quietly listening, and when the last word fell, he suddenly leaned in closer, smiling in a way that was not quite a smile, “So, Brother Lu is so generous. Does that mean you’ll fulfill any request I have?”


In that instant of proximity, the Alpha scent emanated from Lu Jingning enveloped him. It wasn’t as chaotic as last night but incredibly controlled and meticulous, surrounding Lu Jingning entirely.


However, this atmosphere didn’t become tense; instead, it became even more ambiguous.


Lu Jingning could tell that Wen Xingchen was truly at ease now.


He had only meant to play around earlier, but unexpectedly, just the words “Brother Lu” had caused his heart to skip a beat. Then, when Wen Xingchen suddenly emitted his pheromones, Lu Jingning’s throat inexplicably felt dry.


Though feeling a bit guilty, it didn’t prevent Lu Jingning from fighting back with his own pheromones, while also continuing to take advantage of the situation, “Huh, after one night, you still want my pheromones so badly? Brother Lu will gladly give them to you!”


The Alpha and Omega pheromones exploded in the room once again, but this time, there was less of a confrontational feel and more of an indescribable tenderness.


Wen Xingchen’s gaze fell on Lu Jingning’s smooth neck, and he couldn’t help but recall the scene of lightly biting the gland yesterday.


Suddenly, he felt that a certain desire within him had been stirred once again.


With this, he had marked Lu Jingning for the third time.

Repeated temporary markings deepen the bond between Alpha and Omega. Wen Xingchen couldn’t believe that even though his sensitive period had eased, this possessive emotion could still be easily stirred up.


He glanced at Lu Jingning and realized that he might be completely at the mercy of this man for the rest of his life.


Lu Jingning, who was initially tense, was taken aback by Wen Xingchen’s inexplicable gaze.


Just as he was about to say something, they heard a knock on the door. At the same time, Cen Junfeng’s voice came from outside, “Lu bro, are you there? Lu bro?”


Lu Jingning remained silent, exchanging a knowing glance with Wen Xingchen.


After a moment of silence, Lu Jingning asked, “Should I go and open the door?”


Wen Xingchen’s mind had already moved on, and he smiled playfully, “Big brother, scared?”


For the first time, Lu Jingning felt a bit overwhelmed. He never imagined that Wen Xingchen, who was usually so well-behaved, could be this seductive. He thought to himself that when an Alpha gets frisky, no Omega is safe.


The arrival of the unexpected visitor interrupted their playful exchange. Lu Jingning opened the door to find Cen Junfeng, who seemed hesitant and at a loss for words.


Cen Junfeng had come to see Wen Xingchen. Despite not liking the top student in their grade, he felt the need to show some concern after Wen Xingchen’s absence the entire previous night. He worried that the encounter between the two might have resulted in something disastrous.


But seeing Lu Jingning’s appearance, it seemed that things weren’t as tragic as he had imagined.


As Cen Junfeng’s gaze shifted to the side of Lu Jingning, his inquiring words got stuck in his throat.


He felt as if he had suddenly lost his voice, and for a moment, he couldn’t say anything.


Wen Xingchen, who was calmly sitting on the bed, methodically tidying his clothes, had turned the room into a chaotic mess.


Damn, were these two so intense last night?!


Cen Junfeng was utterly shocked and took a step back, feeling a bit uneasy. He wondered if he might be silenced for witnessing something he shouldn’t.


Lu Jingning opened the door, seeing Cen Junfeng silent and backing away. He raised an eyebrow, puzzled, “What’s the matter? What did you come for?”


Cen Junfeng’s mind was like a storm, and the strong survival instinct made him respond as quickly as he ever could, “Ah, I just came to ask if you need me to bring a set of clothes for Wen Xingchen?”


Lu Jingning knew Cen Junfeng was Wen Xingchen’s roommate, so he understood the context. Skipping any unnecessary explanations, he happily turned to the room and asked, “Lao Wen, do you need to change your clothes?”


Wen Xingchen also heard their conversation and controlled the subtle curve of his lips. His voice was calm as he replied, “Yes, please.”


Lu Jingning turned back, and in an effort to demonstrate their normal relationship, he conveyed Wen Xingchen’s message, “He said he’d appreciate it.”


Cen Junfeng’s heart was practically screaming like a groundhog. Seeing Lu Jingning acting like a doting spouse, he couldn’t help but admire the insurmountable gap between himself and the top student.


At least, Lu Jingning was such a formidable Omega that he didn’t even dare to test the waters.


“Just wait, I’ll bring them right away!” With that final remark, Cen Junfeng didn’t linger in this potentially dangerous situation and swiftly turned to leave.


Seeing Cen Junfeng’s hurried departure, Lu Jingning was a bit perplexed, “So friendly! I never knew Cen Junfeng was this warm-hearted.”


Wen Xingchen couldn’t help but chuckle, “He always has been.”



Today was the day of the team competition, and although Lu Jingning had intended to sleep in, he didn’t go back to bed after all.


Once Wen Xingchen changed his clothes and assembled with the other team members of the exchange team, they headed to the team competition venue. Since the final day of the competition would lead to the most significant score changes, everyone was eager and enthusiastic. After confirming the final attendance count, Jihan began to finalize the lineup.


The military academy’s joint exchange competition used a seven-person team format, with five players as starters and two as substitutes. If a starter was unable to continue, the substitutes would automatically step in.


Jihan had already drafted the preliminary starting lineup the day before, but he was hesitant about the two substitute spots.


Looking up at Wen Xingchen, Jihan asked, “How’s the damage from the mecha combat yesterday? Can you still fight?”


Hearing their conversation, Lu Jingning recalled Wen Xingchen’s condition during his sensitive period last night. Without waiting for Wen Xingchen to respond, he preemptively said, “Teacher, let me go!”


Jihan chuckled, looking at him, “Of course, how could we miss you? But we have two substitute spots; besides you, we need to arrange one more person.”


Lu Jingning didn’t hesitate at all, “Then let someone who hasn’t played yet get a chance. They’ve been sitting on the bench the whole time without any chance to shine, it’s a bit pitiful.”


Everyone: … Thank you so much!


Cen Junfeng had been standing aside without much interest, but when Lu Jingning’s sharp gaze fell on him, he immediately understood, “Yes, teacher, let Wen Xingchen rest a bit more, the rest of us can handle it. He’s really tired from yesterday.”


This comment was sincere. After all, fighting in three mecha battles and then wrestling with Lu Jingning in bed was no small feat. How could he not be exhausted?


In just one day, he felt as if he had become a worrisome mother.


As the only person who knew the earth-shattering secret, he couldn’t help but feel that life was extremely challenging.


Hearing everyone’s suggestions, Jihan frowned, deep in thought.


At that moment, Wen Xingchen spoke up, “It’s okay, I can go.”


Hearing Wen Xingchen’s decision, Lu Jingning nudged him with his elbow and asked in a low voice, “Are you sure you want to go?”


Wen Xingchen also lowered his voice, his laughter light and airy as he replied with a question, “Are you worried about me?”


“Yes, yes, I’m worried you might get killed,” Lu Jingning observed his expression for a moment and saw that he seemed to have made up his mind, so he could only sigh and say softly, “Alright, if you want to go, then go. Just remember to stick close to me, I’ll protect you, Lu Brother will keep you safe!”


The words sounded rather arrogant, and faced with Wen Xingchen’s overly radiant smile, he couldn’t help but freeze for a moment.


After a brief moment, Wen Xingchen’s mouth curved up as he spoke, “Okay, I won’t leave your side for a moment.”


The team’s lineup was finalized, and the competition was about to begin.


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