Extra 4 – Childhood

       Ning Junyan’s recovery of memory was a gradual process. He would remember something one day and then remember something else a few days later.

       He found out that his name was not Yanyan but Ning Junyan. He also remembered his parents’ names and knew where his family lived.

       At that time, he could actually leave the place or go to the police, but he didn’t. He himself couldn’t explain why. It was no doubt his memory was gradually recovered, but the injury to his head hadn’t fully healed yet. He spent most of his time not thinking but staring at Chen Yuncheng in a daze.

       The most important part of his daily life was staring at Chen Yuncheng.

       Chen Yuncheng was still very thin at that time because he had been malnourished since he was a child. Chen Yuncheng looked small that Ning Junyan felt that he could lift him up and spin him around in the air. Chen Yuncheng’s hair had never been properly trimmed and was a mess, and his face was often not fair enough. Instead, his eyes looked bright, and his lips were red.

       Ning Junyan was already tall, taller than any boy his age, and no punks in the neighbourhood dared to mess with them anymore.

       Their foster mother was reluctant to buy clothes for them and later would not even get old clothes for them. Chen Yuncheng went to pick it up by himself, even stole a few pieces, washed them clean when he returned, and picked out the good ones for Ning Junyan to wear. Later when Zhou Yan came, Chen Yuncheng chose the good ones for Zhou Yan first, and Ning Junyan was not very happy about this.

       Ning Junyan felt indifferent most of the time. When he grew up, his foster father and foster mother started to be a little afraid of him. Only Chen Yuncheng was not afraid of him.

       Chen Yuncheng would urge him to take a bath when he didn’t take a bath for several days, cut his hair with scissors, and help him wash his clothes.

       Ning Junyan had long legs, and when the trousers Chen Yuncheng found didn’t fit his waist and legs, he even cut a section from other trousers and sewed it on for Ning Junyan.

       At night, the two of them huddled under the desk lamp. Chen Yuncheng held a needle and thread in his hand, but he couldn’t get the needle down for a long time, and he didn’t know how to do it himself, so he fumbled with everything.

       Ning Junyan got very close, but obviously, there was nothing to see, so he wanted to get close to Chen Yuncheng’s forehead to watch him sew his pants.

       Chen Yuncheng stretched out his hand to push him away and said, “You are blocking the light.” Chen Yuncheng’s voice had not changed yet; it was still the clear voice of a teenager, a habit he had developed since childhood, his voice was often not too loud, and the tone was always soft.

       Ning Junyan stepped aside to see him muster the courage to place the needle.

       Ning Junyan’s original pair of trousers were jeans, and the trouser legs that Chen Yuncheng cut out were also jeans, but the colour was slightly different. The important thing was that the size did not match, which distressed Chen Yuncheng.

       He didn’t think of any other ways, so he could only sew it up first. The stitches are messy, but he managed to wrap them around, making the stitching look even messier.

       “It’s too ugly,” Chen Yuncheng picked up the pants and showed Ning Junyan.

       Ning Junyan looked at it for a while, then nodded.

       Chen Yuncheng sighed, put down the trousers and said to Ning Junyan, “Just wear them.”

       Ning Junyan moved closer to Chen Yuncheng and rubbed his forehead to show that he agreed.

       The next day, Ning Junyan wore those pants and went out with Chen Yuncheng. He was taller now, almost in the shape of an adult, and could easily cause others to be wary, so when Chen Yuncheng went to steal things, he often asked him to stay away.

       Chen Yuncheng himself was not trying to steal anything. Ning Junyan saw that he often stood on the side of the street and looked at the crowd in a daze. Once he stole the wallet of a middle-aged woman. When the woman walked across the street and found that her wallet was missing, she looked around in a panic. Ning Junyan watched Chen Yuncheng keep looking at her, and after a while ran over and gave her back her wallet, saying something to her.

       The middle-aged woman took the wallet, opened it to have a look, and left quickly.

       When Chen Yuncheng returned to Ning Junyan, Ning Junyan asked him, “What did you tell her?”

       “I said I picked it up,” Chen Yuncheng said in a small voice.

       Ning Junyan didn’t say anything. He just felt that the woman didn’t believe it.

       At night, Ning Junyan lay on the bed and whispered to Chen Yuncheng, “Let’s go.”

       Chen Yuncheng asked him in a daze, “Where are you going?”

       Ning Junyan put his hands behind his head and said, “Go to a faraway place.”

       At that time, Zhou Yan was already living in the same room as them. Zhou Yan lay on his little bed every day and chatted with Chen Yuncheng for a while. Usually, when he was talking, Ning Junyan would not speak. Ning Junyan would wait until Zhou Yan fell asleep before he whispered in Chen Yuncheng’s ear.

       Both of their voices were very small, and they stuck close together when they spoke.

       “There’s nowhere to go,” Chen Yuncheng said. He had no home, no relatives, no idea where to go.

       Ning Junyan turned around and looked at him. With the light coming in from the window, he could barely see the outline of Chen Yuncheng’s face. His nose was small and straight, which made Ning Junyan want to take a bite.

       Then Ning Junyan really did it.

       Chen Yuncheng was taken aback, almost cried out, covered his nose and said, “Why bite me?”

       Ning Junyan said, “I want to bite.”

       Chen Yuncheng whispered, “It hurts.”

       Ning Junyan raised his hand to touch him as a comfort. He just wanted to bite him, and he didn’t want to really hurt him.

       Chen Yuncheng was silent for a while and asked Ning Junyan, “Do you want to leave?”

       Ning Junyan let out an “En”.

       Chen Yuncheng turned over, faced him face to face, and said, “But where are you going?”

       The word ‘go home’ was on the lips, but Ning Junyan didn’t say it.

       Chen Yuncheng said to him, “If you have a place to go, just go. I…won’t go.”

       Ning Junyan looked at him, “You’re not coming with me.”

       Chen Yuncheng said, “Foster father and foster mother have raised me for many years, and I don’t know where to go.” At this point, he was suddenly sad and reached out to hold Ning Junyan’s hand, “I will miss you very much.”

       Ning Junyan raised his arms to hug him, and Chen Yuncheng didn’t refuse. He got into Ning Junyan’s arms, wrapping his arms around Ning Junyan’s waist.

       Neither of them spoke, just hugging each other and sleeping all night.

       That night, Ning Junyan had some bizarre dreams. In the dream, he was still hugging Chen Yuncheng. Chen Yuncheng was very soft and well-behaved. His hair and skin were fragrant. He didn’t know what to do, so he hugged him. His favourite, Chen Yuncheng, rubbed his body.

       When he woke up the next morning, Ning Junyan felt wet and sticky inside his underwear.

       Chen Yuncheng was still hugged by him and felt something when he woke up. The two of them knelt on the bed, lifted the quilt, and saw that the bed sheet was also stained.

       Ning Junyan didn’t have any expression on his face, but his eyes were a little innocent, and he was looking at Chen Yuncheng without speaking.

       Chen Yuncheng had learned a lot of words in the past two years, renting fewer comics to read, and started to read novels secretly. He seems to understand what happened to Ning Junyan and stares at Ning Junyan’s underwear.

       Ning Junyan calmly pulled down his underwear to show him.

       Chen Yuncheng hurriedly told him to put it back on, blushed, and secretly glanced back in Zhou Yan’s direction. When he saw that Zhou Yan was still sound asleep, he got out of bed and went to find clean underwear for Ning Junyan to put on.

       The two of them squatted in the yard, washing sheets early in the morning.

       The foster mother got up and saw it and wanted to come over to ask a question, but seeing Ning Junyan’s gloomy expression, she went directly to the kitchen from the side.

       After washing the sheets, Chen Yuncheng also washed Ning Junyan’s underwear and hung them in the yard.

       Zhou Yan, who had only just woken up at this time, came over and asked curiously, “Why are you washing the sheets so early?”

       Chen Yuncheng shook his head, “It’s nothing. You should go have breakfast.”

       Zhou Yan was a little scared of Ning Junyan and saw Ning Junyan sitting beside Chen Yuncheng, so he went to the kitchen alone.

       Chen Yuncheng came back to Ning Junyan and sat down with him.

       “What did you dream about?” Chen Yuncheng suddenly became curious.

       Ning Junyan didn’t answer. He turned his head, looked at Chen Yuncheng’s red and transparent ears, recalled the dream last night, and wanted to hug Chen Yuncheng in his arms again.

       Chen Yuncheng didn’t know what he was thinking, so he laughed.

       Ning Junyan said at this time, “I’m not leaving.”

       Chen Yuncheng looked at him in surprise, “Why?”

       There was no reason. Ning Junyan felt that he had to look at Chen Yuncheng, and he couldn’t let Chen Yuncheng leave his sight.

       Chen Yuncheng lowered his head, and after a while, he said sullenly, “Wait a little longer. If you remember where your home is, you can return, okay?”

       Ning Junyan didn’t tell him that he had remembered.

       Chen Yuncheng said softly, “I’m actually a little selfish. I don’t want you to go.”

       Ning Junyan looked at Chen Yuncheng’s side face. Chen Yuncheng woke up in the morning and had just washed his face carefully. His skin was not fair, but it was clean and even-toned at this time. His cheeks looked tender, and his lips were moist and red.

       I want to kiss.

       Ning Junyan’s thoughts began to wander, and while listening to Chen Yuncheng’s words, he recalled last night’s dream.

       Chen Yuncheng continued, “Actually, it would be better for you to leave here, but then I will be the only one left. No, there is also Zhou Yan.”

       Ning Junyan thought to himself: Zhou Yan is nothing!

       Chen Yuncheng said, “But you and Zhou Yan are different.”

       Ning Junyan was a little happier.

       Having said that, Chen Yuncheng stopped, propped his face with his hands and looked forward.

       Ning Junyan raised his hand and touched his lips with his fingers.

       Chen Yuncheng asked strangely, “What’s wrong?”

       Ning Junyan didn’t say anything and put his hand back to his side, thinking that it was really soft, and then thought, So be it.


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