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Who Says Omegas Can’t be as Explosive as Alphas

Chapter 13

Chapter 13 


Today went roughly like this. In the afternoon after finishing the pheromone test, the Omega freshmen present all went crazy. By the time they emerged from the theory test in the evening, it was all the Alpha freshmen’s turn to go crazy one after another.


The virus-like rumour of the so-called “S-class Omega” continued to spread and by the end of the evening, the whole school had gone completely mad.


Some couldn’t wait to see what this S-class Omega was all about. While many remained sceptical, their scepticism didn’t last long as the following afternoon the results of all the freshmans’ divisions were officially announced.


The information boards were packed with people, from those who were happy to have made it to the faculty of their choice, to those who were upset that they missed out.


The one in the far corner only had sixty names on the bulletin board. It looked much emptier than the other few that gave off the impression of being densely packed.


This was the list of new students admitted to the quadruple faculty this year. The number of places available was still as scarce as ever, but it was still the most talked about at the announcement site.


Standing at the corner to read the list were many other senior students.


At the top of this list were two freshmen with S-class pheromones that stood out in particular.


Both of them were assigned to Integrated Class 3. One was named Wen Xingduan and the other was Lu Jingning. One was an Alpha and the other an… Omega.


Yes, an Omega managed to enter the Imperial Navy’s Great Integrated Warfare Faculty!


The moment this list was announced, the whole school inevitably remembered Lu Jingning’s name as he was destined to be extraordinary.



Because he was already assured of his admission in advance, Lu Jingning did not go to read the faculty division announcement. Instead, he huddled under his blanket and slept all morning.


He has always loved to sleep since he was a child and was always taking a nap no matter what he had to do. He didn’t know if it had anything to do with his own somewhat special pheromones.


Lu Jingning was sleeping there when Yan Hebin went out. When he came back, he found that this person was still in the same position and never moved, so he couldn’t help but go to the head of the bed and tap him gently with the LCD board: “Still sleeping? Don’t you want to get up and look at the course schedule?”


“What course schedule?” Lu Jingning dazedly pulled open his covers.


Yan Hebin said, “The faculty division is over and the course class timetables are out. There are classes starting this afternoon, so if you want to keep sleeping, you have to check if there are any classes first.”




Lu Jingning froze slightly for a moment and brought the communicator at his bedside over to see that there was indeed a new document waiting to be read.


Sending these messages out so quickly at this time… He had a bad premonition about this.


When he opened it, he found out he actually had a class scheduled for this afternoon.


Pheromone Manipulation. At first glance, it seemed like a class with a particular haughty title. It was something that he was never exposed to in high school.


Lu Jingning ruffled his messy hair, casually looked through his communicator and found a dozen unread messages.


Three or four of them were from Qingcang. He took a look at them. The bulk of the message informed him that the faculty selection was over. The other also expressed regret for not being able to enter the same class with him before finally reminding him that there was class in the afternoon and that he shouldn’t oversleep.


At this moment when he was asleep, this old friend, who knew him excessively well, never came to disturb him.


Other than these messages from Yu Qingcang, the rest came from his old man, Lu Kongbin.


While the tone of the first few messages seemed fairly calm and was mostly asking about his final class placement in a pretentious manner, the next few looked like they were clearly getting progressively more and more impatient.


Later, he probably called the school personally to ask about it. His tone was suddenly extraordinarily uplifting, even after never receiving any reply, he only sent over an audio clip.


Lu Jingning yawned and didn’t think much about it. He lazily pressed the play button.


Lu Kongbin’s voice was instantly played without reservation: “How worthy of my son Ning. To have straight S-class pheromones! You really have some resemblance to myself in my youth hahaha! Congratulations on your entry into the Quadruple Faculty, but this is only the first step, it’s up to you to unify the Imperial Navy now. Show them how good Lu Kongbin’s son is, hahahahahaha…”


The latter did not finish speaking when Lu Jingning turned it off directly with a shake of his hand.


Turning back with a head full of black lines, he met the judging eyes cast by Yan Hebin and curled the corners of his mouth awkwardly, “Ahem, my dad is like that.”


He said, “Your father is very energetic.”


Lu Jingning: “……”


Why did a word like “energetic” sound so strange when applied to someone as old as Lu Kongbin?



After everything, Lu Jingning had class in the afternoon, so he could only get up reluctantly.


He didn’t bother to go to the canteen at mealtime, and just heated up a thermos lunch box before eating it, seeing that it was almost time to head out.


He had just worn his shoes when he heard Yan Hebin suddenly ask, “Are you not going to put on your uniform cap?”


Lu Jingning looked outside at the somewhat sunny stars and casually responded, “Ah, no, I’m not afraid of getting a tan.”


He didn’t really mean anything by it, so he didn’t say much and continued to focus on building his mecha model.


Lu Jingning carried his satchel out of the door. Only when he was halfway to his destination did he seem to understand the reason why Yan Hebin had asked him that before he left at the door.


He didn’t go out in the morning, so naturally he didn’t know the uproar he was causing in school.


As the Integrated War Faculty was the most elite institution in the whole school in terms of the entire student population, in order to encourage the students to respect these elites, the bulletin board not only neatly and uniformly listed out all the selected candidates, but also featured photos of all the elite new students. After this morning, almost all those present had already clearly memorised Lu Jingning’s appearance.


It was because of this that he kept receiving stares from all directions while walking around, as though he was the new man of the hour.


But Lu Jingning had thick skin, so he just accepted the stares and even enjoyed it as he walked slowly.


His presence silenced the otherwise lively classroom for a moment.


The sudden appearance of an Omega in a room full of Alpha, no matter what, would always bring about strong incongruities.


Lu Jingning walked in without glancing at them, and unsurprisingly saw a familiar figure, so he walked over and asked with a smile, “Is there anyone sitting here?”


From his angle, the seat next to Wen Xingduan was indeed empty, but the others knew that Jian Luan, who had just been here, had temporarily gone to the washroom.


Everyone had expected Lu Jingning to be rejected without question, but instead they heard Wen Xingduan respond indifferently, “Sit down, there’s no one there.”


Then, without changing his expression, he saw him pull Jian Luan’s backpack out from under the table and casually throw it onto the seat at the back.


His movements were so skilful and natural that it was as if he was just carelessly disposing of a bag of rubbish.


The crowd: “???”


Lu Jingning, of course, was nonchalant and simply shoved his bag into the drawer and sat down with a big grin.


When Jian Luan came back, he found that there was an extra person in his seat. When he got a good look at that person, he suddenly took a look at Wen Xingduan a bit sadly, but he dared not say anything in case it might anger him and walked towards the back row with an aggrieved face.


The others didn’t dare to mess with Wen Xingduan, so they actively gathered around Jian Luan’s side and whispered to pry, “What’s the situation with the two of them?”


Jian Luan put the bag back down and said expressionlessly, “Do you know why some grandmas can live for hundreds of years? That was because she always minded her own business!”


The crowd: “…”


Jian Luan coldly and solemnly dismissed them. As he looked at the two who were sitting next to each other in the front, he could not help but look up at the ceiling.


He never imagined that a man like Wen Xingduan would be the lustful type after falling in love, simply careless about the way he treats his friends!


Thinking of this, he looked up again and the two were glued together now. He didn’t know what to say, the two tightly clasped hands were very visible.


Jian Luan: “……”


What a disgrace. Flirting and touching each other in public! It’s a disgrace!



The two in front of him were comparing their hand strength, completely unaware of what was wrong with their actions.


Wen Xingduan: “You do have quite a lot of power.”


Lu Jingning: “Right? How else could I be S-class, hehehe.”


Wen Xingduan: “That, I really didn’t think of it before.”


Lu Jingning: “What? An Omega can’t be S-class?”


Wen Xingduan: “Before the test, I didn’t think I would be S-class.”


After hearing him add this, Lu Jingning felt much better and revealed an arrogant smile, “So, Wen Xingduan, you should be more careful from now on! I’m determined to become number one among the new students!”


Wen Xingduan lowered his eyes to glance at the overly dazzling face and the corners of his mouth curled up slightly, “Go for it.”


Lu Jingning: “…”


Sometimes this guy was really annoying, always looking so unconcerned with the world, blandly encouraging others like this. It’s no wonder that whoever came to pick a fight last time got pissed-off half-to-death instead.


It always sounded like a concealed provocation! F-ck!


Thinking of the straight up cancerous Alpha he saw last time, Lu Jingning suddenly developed a hint of interest.


He wondered if that man’s pride was hurt and swollen after the results of the faculty selection was released?


The bell rang outside as a sturdy figure stepped into class on time, walking in through the door, “Hello everyone, I’m your teacher for the Pheromone Manipulation, Jihan.”


Lu Jingning froze slightly when he saw the newcomer, not expecting it to be the same invigilator who said he might not teach him during the theory test the other day.


Let’s just call it a kind of karma.


After introducing himself, he cut to the chase: “So, in order to get to know you better, I will invite you all to come up and demonstrate your pheromones one-by-one in our first class, so please be ready.”


Someone hesitated, but still asked weakly, “Teacher, do you mean… everyone?”

Jihan: “Yes, everyone.”


As soon as he finished his sentence, everyone fell silent.


Those who were able to enter the Quadruple Faculty are all at least A-class elites and were naturally confident about their pheromones.


Under normal circumstances, there would be no problem showing it in public, but in this case – there was an Omega in their class!


The crowd subconsciously cast their eyes towards Lu Jingning in horror.


Everyone knew about the relationship between the Alpha-omega pheromones and its masked ability. Was the teacher preparing them to cause a large-scale rutting scene or was it simply to test their patience?


Either way, it was just their first class, were they going to cause such a ruckus?


What the author wants to say: 

Lu Jingning: Tremble, mortals~


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Chapter 12

Chapter 12


It was obviously impossible to keep a low profile about this kind of thing. It was quickly spread by dozens of people from the originally small Omega group.


Many people didn’t dare to look for Lu Jingning, so they quietly went to see Ren Jin, who had actually seen the test result at the time. After getting a reply of confirmation, they only felt that the world was a little too much like a fantasy novel plot.


Omegas who were able to enter the Imperial Navy to study often had the ambition of joining the army, but as everyone knew, Omegas were always inferior to Alpha under the influence of pheromones. To hear of an S-class concentration Alpha, would already be an enviable thing after looking at their own sad C to B-class pheromones.


But it was different now. In this year’s batch of Omegas, they also had an S-class among them!


The Omega freshmen were all very excited and it was as if a radiant light suddenly opened from the skies and a rainbow bridge first emerged, washing away the dark haze.


This was probably the prideful feeling of making others feel envious!


Look here, there was another owner of S-class pheromones! He was also an Omega just like them!


When Ren Jin returned to the dormitory surrounded by the crowd, the Omegas in the entire school had already formed a “Brother Lu Fanclub” in tacit understanding, while he became the president of the fanclub with great honor.


At this time, everyone did it on a whim, and no one knew how well-known this president would be in the future.


And Lu Jingning, the sole subject, didn’t know that he had already had a fanclub full of fellow brother and sister fans. At this time, what he was thinking about was the last project of the quadruple faculty tonight, which caused him the most headache. Project, codenamed: The Theory exam.


The evaluation for one’s level of pheromone concentration was just an entry requirement for entering each faculty. As long as it is higher than the minimum requirements of each faculty, it will be converted into corresponding test scores.


The quadruple faculty that Lu Jingning wanted to go to was the one with the highest requirements for pheromones and regardless of whether one was an Alpha or Omega, all of them had to be class A or above.


This was enough for others to see how high the entry requirement was.


The S-class Lu Jingning has no doubt satisfied the entry requirements, so it was directly converted into 200 test points. Plus the 280 points he obtained in the previous practical test, he had a total of 480 points. Such an absolute high score was actually enough for him to safely enter his top choice, the Integrated Warfare Faculty.


Following Lu Jingning’s original intention, he was too lazy to participate in the theory test in the evening, but the Imperial Navy University required all freshmen to be present, otherwise all the test scores obtained before would be voided.


So he had no choice. When he saw that the time was approaching, he could only insert a laser pointer into his trousers pocket for writing his name and student number, before staggering to the test site for the prospective students of the Quadruple Faculty.


The moment he entered the door, everyone looked at him ceaselessly before going back to doing their own thing.


This time before the exam was actually very suitable for cramming, but after the afternoon pheromone test, nearly 3 out of 4 people failed to obtain the A-class rating, so they were automatically disqualified from getting a place at the Quadruple Faculty. As such, most did not take this theory test too seriously, getting together in twos and threes to chat with each other.


At first, Lu Jingning didn’t care too much. Seeing that Yu Qingcang hadn’t come, he just found a place to sit down, but before he could find a comfortable position and take a nap, he heard a few scattered words as they entered his ears.


“Hey, have you heard that crazy rumor on the Omegas side, saying that they have an S-class ranker this year.”


“Ah? An S-class Omega, are they collectively dreaming?”


“Hahahaha, could it be that they were agitated after hearing that we also have an S-class pheromone ranker on our side?”


“That bullsh-t is exaggerated. An S-class Omega? My old grandmother, grandfather, and my great grandmother as well as my great grandfather have never seen one before.”


“Actually, I understand their dissatisfaction, but who asked them to be born as Omegas.”


“Yeah, if it is in other fields, they have it easy in the palm of their hands, but I have to say that joining the army is really not suitable for them.”


“But it’s really too much this time, yet everyone is still saying that there is an S-class among them like it’s the truth.”


Lu Jingning’s eyes that had just closed slowly opened again. His eyes were blurred as he looked towards the other side. He looked at the people who were enthusiastically discussing this, stretched out his muscles, walked over lazily, before suddenly raising his hands and slapping the table heavily.


“Bang!” There was a big sound and although he withheld his power, the huge movement still attracted everyone to look over.


Those Alphas were inevitably startled and were about to have a heart attack. When they saw his unmistakable blond hair, the foul language in their throats was forced back inside.


They might’ve been unfamiliar with Lu Jingning at first and underestimated Lu Jingning before this, but during the actual combat test, this guy’s performance in dismantling the mecha with his bare hands was overkill. No one dared to treat him like an ordinary Omega.


Knowing that this man was too irascible, several Alphas exchanged glances, wishing to travel back in time and space to strangle their overly talkative self.


Damn, how can you forget that there is such a Master Omega in the examination room!


Seeing that Lu Jingning didn’t speak for a while, someone tried to smile dryly, trying to do something to save himself: “Well, fellow classmate… what we did just now, we didn’t mean to look down on Omegas.”


Others also laughed dryly and echoed: ” Yes, yes, we really didn’t mean that.”


Lu Jingning slightly raised the corners of his mouth. Following the eyes of the audience, his own eyes narrowed and his voice was not loud, but it was enough for everyone in the examination room to hear it clearly. He spit out two words slowly: “It’s me.” 


The Alpha freshmen were a little dazed: “Huh?”


Lu Jingning said in a calm tone: “The rumored S-class Omega is me.”


The Alpha freshman laughed dryly: “Fellow classmate, stop joking.”


Lu Jingning lowered his eyes lazily and flickered his eyelashes: “Do I look like I’m joking?”


The smile on the Alpha freshmen’s faces suddenly froze under his gaze, unable to speak.


Just judging from his calm attitude and arrogant stare, it really didn’t look like it.


However, it is indeed difficult to accept that there was an S-class Omega after all those Alphas had failed the pheromone concentration test!


So, the rumors were true?


For a moment, it was as if time stopped at a push of a button as the audience suddenly fell into a strange silence.


Wait, the amount of information is too large, give them more time to process it.


When Wen Xingchen and the others entered the examination room, they saw such a scene.


Yu Qingcang set up a company with the two people in this dormitory after the practical test. Because he was too nervous, he didn’t feel the strange atmosphere in the room. He glanced at Lu Jingning and rushed over excitedly: “Lu Jingning, I heard that in your batch of Omegas, there was someone with an S-class pheromone? Without asking, it must be you, right?! Hurry up and spill it!”


Their fellow freshmen: “…”


Lu Jingning smiled slightly and was about to open his mouth when a man in a military uniform strode in and interrupted their conversation with a serious tone: “Everyone, return to your places and check your documents. The exam will start immediately. From this moment onwards, noise is prohibited.”


As his icy gaze swept across the room, an invisible sense of oppression instantly made everyone shudder.


There was no expression on that face and when his eyes passed over Lu Jingning, he paused for a moment, revealing a smile, if it could even be called a smile: “Oh, it’s you. That S-class pheromoned Omega?”


When his voice sounded out, all the Alpha freshmen subconsciously covered their chests and there was a clear and distinct sound of gasping from every corner.


With how things have developed, there was no need for Lu Jingning to prove himself. It can be said that he has directly obtained the official stamp of certification.


No matter how much one was unwilling to believe it, Lu Jingning’s S-class pheromone certification was authentic.


Many of them were about to cry.


What’s more was that there were Alphas that were eliminated because they couldn’t reach an A-class ranking, yet there really was an S-level Omega here?


What was wrong with this world?!


Lu Jingning was very happy to see this kind of development. When he met the man’s gaze, he said with a smile: “It is me. Nice to meet you, teacher~!”


“I may not be your teacher.” The man looked at him but still had a very business-like tone, “However, welcome to the Integrated Warfare Faculty.”


Following Lu Jingning’s actual combat test score, added together with the bonus score from the pheromone concentration ranking, even if he gets a 0 in the theoretical test, he already has enough points and it can be confirmed in advance that a seat in the Quadruple Faculty has already been reserved for him.


He was also the first Omega student since its establishment to join the Integrated Warfare Faculty.


With such absolute honor to be bestowed upon oneself, if it were someone else, they’d probably work hard to improve their total score. However, Lu Jingning only felt a headache when he saw the contents of the theoretical test. His intention to try and score even just one point did not exist at all.


When the topics of the theory test were displayed on the virtual screen in front of him, he only used his laser pointer to sign his name on it. After completely entering his student ID number, he lay down on the table and fell asleep.


The other Alpha freshmen who were working hard to get as many test points as possible raised their heads inadvertently, just in time to see the person who was extremely out of place in a group of straight backs: “…”


F-ck, was he even trying to take the exam?! This kind of mentality is wrong, completely wrong!!!


The author has something to say:

Lu Jingning: Can you blame me? [Shrug.jpg]



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Chapter 11

Chapter 11 


The pheromone testing room was already full of Omega students who went in for the concentration tests according to their respective numbers.


When it was Lu Jingning’s turn, he stepped in to take a glance at what looked like a mechanical chamber similar for doing full body scans. He then took off his shoes to lay down in it, following the inspector’s gesture.


The mechanical pods soon began to operate, the red beams of light passing back and forth over his body without really touching him before returning back to their initial position a few moments later.


The inspector said in a business-like manner, “That’s fine. Now go out and wait for the results.”


Lu Jingning glanced at the new instruments that were actively calculating their findings and the corners of his mouth lifted slightly. He then picked up the jacket next to him and walked out without looking back.


The next Omega brushed up against him and walked into the testing room with a nervous look on his face.


In fact, it was not just the new students, but also the Omegas who had already completed their tests and were waiting for their results. They all still felt a little uneasy and kept glancing into the evaluations lounge from time to time.


Lu Jingning leaned against the wall with his arms crossed. He was staring at the stars hanging in the sky outside, but he was not burdened with heavy thoughts and started daydreaming.


This new type of capsule, which is used to accurately detect the concentration of pheromones, can only be found at elite military schools such as the Imperial Navy University, in addition to the military department.


Lu Jingning had not been tested systematically like this before, other than during his troubled first heat, when he went to the hospital.


According to the laboratory results of the hospital pheromone sample, his pheromones were somewhat peculiar. The peculiarities also concluded that he had somewhat of an excessive concentration of the Omega component.


As a rule of thumb, if his test results were much higher than the normal status quo, he should have been kept in hospital for observation. If it wasn’t for his father, he would have been locked up in an interstellar hospital for human research for this level of abnormality.


When a normal person finds out that something is wrong with their pheromones, they will inevitably feel a little panic. However, in this regard, Lu Jingning had to admit that his old man was a wonderful man, so not only did he not feel half worried when he got home, he was almost too excited, and was about to run out and tell the whole planet.


The pheromone concentration was so high that ordinary people might not feel it much, but Lu Kongbin, who was a first class colonel, knew it better than anyone else. His exact words at that time were like this: “Ning, you have to trust Dad’s judgment. You’re going to be the strongest Omega in the world! It doesn’t matter if you’re not an Alpha. Our goal is the starry sea, understand?”


Until now, when he thought about it, Lu Jingning still thinks that his old man had some chunni’s disease1Also known as third-grader’s syndrome at times.


He should get a grip!


As the minutes ticked by, the current Omegas had all finally completed their tests successfully and huddled in the corridors waiting for the results to be announced.


At the same time, the instruments in the testing room were working intensely on their calculations.


As the final results were produced, test sheets were being generated and forwarded to the window staff to be sent to the new students one by one through the counter in the evaluation room.


“How are the Omega of this batch?”


The sound of a thick voice rang out coldly from behind


The inspectors were taken aback and turned around to see an old man with white hair looking at them in a kind and friendly manner before consciously giving a military salute, “Good day, headmaster!”


No one expected that Bing Cang would come over to personally inspect the pheromone test.


Even if there was going to be an inspection, it would normally be during the testing of the new Alpha students, right?


Could it be possible that the old headmaster was expecting something from this year’s Omegas?


Though puzzled, one of the inspectors replied seriously, “A total of six B concentrations and 13 C concentrations have been evaluated so far, which is a high number overall compared to previous batches.”


Bing Cang scanned the test list on the table, said “Oh”, before asking, “Are all the results out?”


An inspector: “There’s still one last batch.”


Just at this time, the instrument next to him completed its data output.


Without looking, the inspector respectfully handed it over to Bing Cang: “That’s all, Headmaster.”


Bing Cang received it in his hand and flipped it over. His eyes paused slightly when it landed on a line on one of the test sheets. A trace of surprise flashed across his brows, followed by a thoughtful smile: “This kid is really something.”


The inspector next to him listened with a puzzled look on his face when Bing Cang had already handed the test sheet back to him before leaving without a word.


Everyone looked at each other in disbelief as they curiously gathered around and flipped through the newly released set of test sheets. When they reached the third page, there was suddenly an eerie silence.


This new student, Lu Jingning, had an “S” clearly written on his evaluated concentration level.


The inspectors who have gone through countless freshmen tests: “?!!!”


It should be exciting to see a second S-class concentration in this batch, but this freshman was not an Alpha, but an Omega!


An Omega with S-rank pheromones?


Simply unprecedented and unheard of, even in the billions of years of interstellar history!


If the instrument was not actually broken, then there really was a monster in this batch of Omega freshmen!


These inspectors, who had been working on pheromones for years, calmed down in a sequential manner after their initial shock. They then and then looked at the name of this person and their eyes could not help but show excitement, as they all unanimously took a keen interest in this S-class Omega.


Under normal circumstances, it is precisely because Omega’s pheromones are naturally weaker than Alphas that they are uncontrollably attracted to Alphas while the receivers in Alphas bodies have an innate preference for their an Omega’s soft pheromones, thus creating a natural causation of the mutual attraction between Alphas-Omegas.


But if an Omega’s pheromones were so powerful that they are S-rank, then they are clearly above the vast majority of Alphas. As such, could they still be successfully accepted by the receivers in the Alpha’s body?


This pheromone concentration was an exceptional condition and academically defined as a “pheromone disorder”. Such an Omega is destined to have a difficult time in finding a mate in the future.


But what a great piece of research material he was anyway!



In the blink of an eye, a large number of Omega freshmen had already collected their test sheets at the counter.


“Ah, you’re a B-class? Yan Hebin, that’s really great!” Ren Jin looked at Yan Hebin’s test results and happily congratulated him, but then felt very frustrated when he thought of his own weak F-class result, “There’s nothing I can do about it. Since it’s only an F class, I’ll just have to see what major I’m assigned to by the school when the time comes.”


The other also looked more relaxed as he reassured him, “Relax, all the majors at the Imperial Navy University are equally the most outstanding in the galaxy.”


Ren Jin nodded, “Hm! I think so too!”


Soo Jianian was the third to get his test sheet with a final grade of C, which can be considered unmeritorious.


So far, that leaves only Lu Jingning left.


Everyone was curious about Lu Jingning’s test results and waited very patiently before finally hearing his name being called out over the PA.


Lu Jingning snapped out of his dazed state and rubbed his loose blonde hair while yawning as he headed for the counter in the evaluation room.


He could feel the eyes of the other Omegas along the way.


None of these people were at the challenge, so they didn’t get to see Lu Jingning in action, but with all the buzz on the campus forums, everyone knew that there was a wild and cool Omega freshman in the same year as them, so of course they couldn’t help but feel curious when they heard this familiar name at this time.


Lu Jingning walked in amidst all the attention and reached out to receive his test results.


But somehow, the inspector just looked at him for a long time and didn’t let go of his test sheet. After tugging it a few times, he stopped tugging, afraid of tearing the sheet if he did it too hard. He couldn’t help but raise his eyebrows: “Teacher?”


The inspector then snapped back and let go of his hand.


Sigh, he was too fascinated so he became too engrossed looking at him.


Lu Jingning also noticed the oddity in his attitude and scanned down at the test results. His eyebrows were raised slightly before he smiled softly, “Hmm?”


By the time he went out, his little fanboy, Ren Jin had long been eagerly waiting at the door and immediately greeted him as soon as he saw him, “Brother Lu, how was it? Was it A? Was it an A grade?”


Lu Jingning gave him a look and shook his head.


The smile on Ren Jin’s face dropped for a moment, but he also quickly recovered, “It’s okay. B is also quite good! Omegas who are B-class are already strong enough!”


Lu Jingning: “Not a B either.”


“Huh?” Ren Jin’s expression looked and felt a little less than good. He lowered his voice incredulously, “C-class? No way?”


Lu Jingning smiled, “Not C.”


Ren Jin did not speak for a long time, or rather, he no longer knew what to say and just held his hands in front of his mouth tightly.


F-class? Lu, who was so powerful that he could take on two people at once, was actually an F-class like him?


He doesn’t believe it! He definitely doesn’t believe it!


It was the first time he saw this little fanboy reacting so emotionally so Lu Jingning amusingly rubbed his head and did not continue to tease him: “Don’t worry, it’s not F. Here, you can see for yourself.”


Ren Jin looked up blankly. The first time his eyes scanned the test sheet, he didn’t react at all.


After one more look, he felt only a little incredulous.


After rubbing his eyes vigorously and waiting for the third time to see it clearly and conclusively, he was so shocked that he completely failed to control his volume and let out a shocked cry, “S-class?! Brother Lu, your pheromone concentration is actually S-class?!!!”


He was usually so soft, so his voice couldn’t have been any louder, but the sheer volume of his information was enough to silence the otherwise noisy aisle for a moment.


Huh? What did they just hear?




Feeling the stares cast around him, Lu Jingning leaned down slightly and pressed his fingers onto Ren Jin’s lips, blinking gently at him, “Shh, I want to keep a low profile.”


Ren Jin was speechless.


How low profile can he be?

The author has something to say: 

Lu Jingning: How can I keep a low profile, ugh~

Crowd: Low profile, my ass!

T/N: S-class… More like Ass-class AHAHA get it?

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Chapter 10

Chapter 10 


When Lu Jingning returned to the dormitory, his housemate, Yan Hebin, had also returned. After briefly enquiring him, he found that it was true that the content of the first exam of the other three faculty’s side was completely different from that of the Quadruple Faculty.


Simply put, it was much more lenient.


By this time, Lu Jingning had long since left the displeasure brought about by Cen Junfeng behind and asked his housemate very affectionately, “How did you do on your exams?”


Yan Hebin said indifferently, “Not bad, I got 98 points.”


A score of 100 out of 100, was already counted as the absolute highest score.


Lu Jingning knew that he was the kind of person who only said one word at a time, so he didn;t ask anymore, but after waiting and seeing that he really had nothing more to say, he couldn’t help but ask, “Aren’t you going to ask how I did on the exam?”


Yan Hebin gave him a look, “How did you do on the test?”


Lu Jingning had a smile, “I got 280 points!”


Yan Hebin spoke in a calm tone, “Oh, congratulations.”


Lu Jingning: “……”


He felt he shouldn’t have added such a comment. It felt half-hearted, like he didn’t just accomplish a great achievement!


The assessment was divided into three parts. The first part only consisted of the practical assessment, with the most crucial pheromone test being held tomorrow afternoon and the theory test later in the evening.

Although Yan Hebin did not say much, one could see that he was still a bit preoccupied.


In fact, pheromone attribute detection was the most difficult hurdle for most Omegas to overcome. After all, the gap between them and the Alphas in terms of pheromones was innate.


Since pheromones began to be used in combat across the galaxy, they have been divided into five classes, namely F, C, B, A and S, depending on the concentration of the components within their pheromones.


Because the concentration of pheromones directly affects the strength of energy, and because many powerful mechas now require a large amount of energy to operate, a soldier’s pheromone attributes often determine his ability to fight on the battlefield, whether in close-quarters combat or in large-scale military battles.


Based on previous tests, the concentration range of Alphas were usually between Class C and Class A at the initial stages, with as high as 80% of them being in Class B. The last time a Class S Alpha was found was three years ago, and it was extremely rare even in a prestigious military facility like the Imperial Navy University.


This test is less friendly for the Omegas, 


For a relatively strong Omega, it was extremely rare to even have a B class pheromone concentration. Most of them were between F and C class, and even those who could barely enter A class concentration in the later stages are mostly able to do so through great efforts, not to mention the few S class concentration holders in the whole interstellar world.


Therefore, even if the pheromone concentration can be increased through cultivation, Omegas have a lower limit due to physiological factors, and their room for improvement is destined to be limited.


That was just purely based on concentration and not accounting for the suppressive relationship that exists in addition to the Alpha-Omega pheromones themselves.


It’s not for nothing that the default rule “Strong Alphas are stronger than weak Alphas while weak Alphas are stronger than strong Omegas” holds true for all of the Interstellar world. As such, it is not unusual that when you think of an Omega, being in the military wouldn’t be the first thing that’ll pop up in your mind.


An adult Omega also frequently undergoes an estrus period, which is very problematic even with the powerful inhibitors that Interstellar has in place. The use of inhibitors during estrus prevents the Omega from using their pheromone energy effectively, which indirectly makes it a huge problem during combat.


On the whole, compared to Omegas, a group whose chakra is weak and unstable, Betas have no pheromones of its own, but at least they are not disturbed by the pheromones of others and are more suitable for basic military operations in general, which is why a large proportion of the soldiers in the military are Betas.


In fact, Lu Jingning understood all this reasoning, but after having suffered enough losses since childhood, he just holds a defiant oath in his heart.


He was going to be the one to break the mold.




The Omega freshmen had their pheromone testing scheduled after the last batch of Alphas.


Lu Jingning was walking with Yan Hebin, followed by Ren Jin and Soo Jianian from their dorm next door. Before he could walk into the Science and Technology Centre, he was startled by the sudden outburst of awe from inside. When he looked up, he only saw a group of Alphas gathered in the corridor not far from the entrance and didn’t know what was happening.


Several people exchanged a look of bewilderment as Ren Jin bumbled over to enquire.


When the Alpha freshman saw that it was a soft and cuddly Omega, he spoke to him in an extremely friendly manner, his face full of overwhelming excitement.


As Ren Jin listened to them, a hint of shock flashed across his eyes as he subconsciously looked up for a couple of more moments. However, there were too many people in front of him so he could not see the person surrounded by them due to his limited height. He could only walk back with some disappointment and relayed what he had learned, “They said that an S-class pheromone concentration holder came out from testing just now.”


“S-class concentration?!” Soo Jianian was filled with envy as he listened and looked at this completed monitoring information sheet he held in his hand and said rather emotionally, “Forget S-class, I’d be thankful if I could get C-class.”


A grade of C in pheromone concentration is the minimum standard for Omega admissions at the other three colleges besides the Quadruple Faculty. If you don’t even achieve this grade, you will probably be one of those who are randomly assigned after being unsuccessful, and you may not be able to study in the major you want.


Yan Hebin stood by without saying a word.


He doesn’t know why, but as soon as he heard about the S-class Freshman Alpha, a tall figure came to Lu Jingning’s mind. He subconsciously glanced over towards the crowd.


Just then, there was a good deal of agitation under the crowd, as the Alphas gathered there made way for the man who came out in a star-studded manner.


Wen Xingduan’s expression still did not change much, holding the information sheet that showed he completed the test, as if he was not the S-class who had driven those people around him crazy.


The Alphas behind him looked amazed, envious, jealous, disgruntled and some were sneering. Each of them had their own thoughts.


Lu Jingning hadn’t seen such an interesting scene for a long time and stood in place with his hand tucked in his pockets just as Wen Xingduan looked up and met his own eyes.


Lu Jingning raised his eyebrows slightly and was considering whether he should say hello to this man of the hour when the sleeve on his arm was tugged. When he looked back, he only saw that it was Ren Jin tugging at him somewhat nervously.


The well-behaved face had turned red at some point, and at this point, it was not known if he was talking to himself or not. He murmured in a small voice, “Aaaahhh, this Alpha is so handsome! Really handsome! He’s coming, oh my, he’s really coming! What to do, oooh, I’m a bit weak in the knees……”


Lu Jingning: “……”


Ren Jin was small, soft and cute. Even Lu Jingning, an Omega, felt like he was a gentle little animal when he saw him and subconsciously wanted to put his arms around him and spoil him.


He usually looked so soft and sticky, but he didn’t expect him to be so cute even when he was an alpha-crazy nymph.


However, just looking at Wen Xingduan’s face, which definitely stands out even within the other Alpha, it was not really surprising that he can drive Omegas crazy.


What did that Jian Luan say again? Oh yes, this guy, was an Omega killer.


Lu Jingning thought, not moving to take a glance, but silently commented in his heart: Well, it is also true that his looks don’t match up to his real personality.


In the twinkling of an eye, Wen Xingduan had already walked up to him and looked at the information sheet Lu Jingning held in his hand, “Here for the pheromone test?”


Ren Jin did not expect this person to actually know Lu Jingning, but upon thinking about it, of course such an excellent Alpha could only be matched with a strong Omega like his master classmate, so he subconsciously shrank back and as his curious eyes scrambled to secretly observe them.


Lu Jingning was completely unaware that he was being inadvertently pulled over again and just responded idly, “En, it should be my turn soon.”


Thinking of something, he added with a smile, “Oh yeah, congratulations on your S-class pheromones.”


Wen Xingduan smiled faintly, “Thank you.”


Lu Jingning eyes swept over the leathery looking face, and for a moment he really couldn’t tell if this person really felt indifferent or was just putting on a show here.


The Alphas behind saw Wen Xingduan going over to greet a few Omegas and had long since stopped in unison to observe this from afar.


Wen Xingduan glanced back, wrinkled his brow slightly before walking away after greeting Lu Jingning.


Lu Jingning watched him leave as his back got smaller in the distance as the afterglow of the stars shone on him. He could not tell what he was feeling.


After standing quietly in place for a while without coming to a conclusion, he turned around and headed for the testing area on the third floor.


The Science and Technology Centre made an announcement, commencing the start of a new round of pheromone testing for this year’s Omega refreshments as it has now officially begun.


Throughout the years, the Omega pheromone tests have never been something anyone held too high of an expectation of and those Alpha present didn’t take too much interest in it before leaving after hearing the announcement.


Author’s Note: Lu Jingning: S-class? I want it too!


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Chapter 9

Chapter 9 


Even the oldest mechs cost a lot of money, and it’s a good thing Lu Jingning grew up causing trouble so his old man was prepared to give him a large allowance. This small amount of money is nothing in comparison.


Moreover, Wen Xingduan seemed to be from a good family too, and since the two of them had damaged it together, he paid half of the compensation with Lu Jingning.


After the incident, Lu Jingning patted Wen Xingduan’s shoulder and spoke in an approving tone, “Comrade, you’re my brother from now on!”


Wen Xingduan smiled gently, “It’s a great pleasure.”


After emerging from the training ground, Lu Jingning exchanged communicator codes with two of his newly formed revolutionary comrades.


Confirming the addition of two people to his friends list, he smiled and patted Jian Luan’s shoulder, “Comrades, let’s continue to work together next time we have time.”


Although this comrade is not too smart, he knew how to work hard, so in some ways, he is much better than Yu Qingcang, that two-faced man.


Yu Qingcang couldn’t help but look at Jian Luan with a bit of sympathy.


I can’t believe that Lu Jingning, the king of the world, has taken a fancy to him. I’m afraid that the rest of this brother’s life is ruined.


The expression on Jian Luan’s face was no better.


He thought about it but he couldn’t figure out when the “cooperation” part in that sentence had happened. Was he going to keep using him as a human weapon again someday?


Thinking this, he subconsciously took a few steps back, vigilantly keeping a safe distance from Lu Jingning: “In specific circumstances next time!”


Lu Jingning blinked, “I didn’t expect you to be quite strict, comrade.”


Jian Luan: “……”


Strict? You b-stard! You’re a bad hearted Omega!


The four did not notice a man coming out of the second training ground.


As they brushed past, the man suddenly stopped in his tracks, “Yo, isn’t this Wen Xingduan?”


From the provocative tone of the voice, one could have brainstormed a whole drama.


Lu Jingning looked at Wen Xingduan and then at the newcomer, somehow looking forward to the subsequent development.


He saw Wen Xingduan glance back towards the man’s face and slightly wrinkle his brows, but he unexpectedly asked two words, “Who are you?”


The originally arrogant face suddenly darkened to the extreme. He gritted his teeth and spoke one word at a time, “During last month’s senior year test, you were knocked off the top spot by me, Wen Xingduan. Is it fun to play dumb now?”


Wen Xingduan looked at Jian Luan suspiciously, his face full of confusion about this matter.


“You’re also too unconcerned about your classmates.” Jian Luan forced a laugh and cleared his throat, “He is known as the ‘10k year old’ in our year called Cen Junfeng. You should have heard of him, right? He was under your thumb for three years in high school. You missed a day of exams when you took part in the intergalactic competition, so he got first place that time. I just didn’t expect him to remember it till now, so it’s not easy.”


“Oh, so that’s it.” Wen Xingduan finally understood and gave a very sincere and encouraging smile towards Cen Junfeng, politely, “Sorry fellow student, I know now.”


Cen Junfeng was really unaware that Wen Xingduan had been absent for one day of the exams.


When he was in high school, he was always crushed by this man and had to settle for second place every time. For him, who had always been proud of himself, his days could be said to have been dark. It was only when he finally defeated Wen Xingduan and became the man at the top of the school that he felt his training for many days and nights had not been in vain.


Such confidence of his continued until just now.


Now, after hearing Jian Luan’s words, Cen Junfeng felt that his blind confidence from that first place had suddenly been trampled on, and his face suddenly turned red and white. He finally said with some irritation, “Wen Xingduan, don’t be too complacent either! Now you are at the Imperial Navy University, there will be a long way ahead. Sooner or later I will trample down on you hard.”


Wen Xingduan: “Ah, let’s work hard.”


Cen Junfeng felt his whole body was about to explode with anger.


F-ck, what do you mean by that light-hearted ‘work hard’! Are you looking down on me? Who the f-ck needs your encouragement?


In his fury, he inadvertently turned his eyes and was caught off guard by the sight of an overly radiant face and froze.


Wait! Is this an Omega?


Just now, Ceng Junfen was so focused on his feud with Wen Xingduan that he hadn’t noticed the person next to him. It was because Yu Qingcang and Jian Luan were both standing a bit far away at this time, so  when he turned his eyes back and forth between Lu Jingning and Wen Xingduan a few times, he had somehow thought up something.


He suddenly laughed contemptuously, “Wen Xingduan, you are really too lax. No wonder you couldn’t even finish the 1vs3. You just entered the military academy and have already gotten yourself an Omega. You are a bit too confident in your own abilities, aren’t you? Do you really think no one can catch up with you if you don’t improve?”


Lu Jingning was watching the show from the side, but when he saw the argument suddenly shift towards himself under such an excessively condescending tone, the veins in front of his forehead popped out twice.


Wen Xingduan swept a glance at Lu Jingning’s expression and the corners of his mouth curled up with interest, “Oh? How have I fallen?”


Cen Junfeng laughed coldly and commented objectively, “Those Omegas, no matter how exquisite they look, will only cling to your side all day long in a delicate and soft manner. What else can they do but waste a lot of your time? Wen Xingduan, I am serious about defeating you in a proper manner. Don’t waste too much time on such frivolous things. I don’t want you to find another excuse when I beat you next time.”


Jian Luan felt the glance cast by Wen Xingduan and shrugged innocently.


He hadn’t expected this shameless guy to interpret his earlier words as “making excuses”.


Unlike Ceng Junfeng, only Yu Qingcang who was present was on guard after watching Lu Jingning’s expression completely change quickly.


It’s over, it’s over, this person is definitely the kind of straight-up cancerous Alpha that Lu Jingning hated the most!


It’s really true. If you’re looking for trouble with Wen Xingduan, just focus on him. Why did you have to talked about the sensitive topic of Alpha-Omega relationships? Isn’t this a clear attempt to get killed?


As the smile on Lu Jingning’s face grew wider and wider, Yu Qingcang could feel very clearly that the scary man was about to explode.


With a proud look on his face, Cen Junfeng was about to make a long speech about how “true Alphas can’t indulge in an Omega’s beauty”, when he seemed to feel a sharp force that struck him straight in the back.


Subconsciously, he looked up and met Lu Jingning’s radiant starburst-like smile.


Under such a gaze, his heart subconsciously stopped for a moment, and his heart secretly trembled.


F-ck, this Omega is a bit of a demon, even he’s been hooked, and that’s not good!


Cen Junfeng subconsciously calmed down and asked with an expressionless face, “What can I do for you, fellow student?”


Lu Jingning smiled harmlessly, “Just now, from what you said, are you saying Omegas have to cling onto Alphaa to survive?”


Cen Junfeng stammered subconsciously somehow, “D-don’t you?”


Lu Jingning took a few steps closer, “Who ever said that an Omega had to be inferior to an Alpha?”


Cen Junfeng: “Does this… even need to be stipulated? Whether it’s physical strength or level of ability, Omegas are inherently inferior to Alpha. There’s a whole host of well-known objective factors, and I’m not alone in saying that it’s all common sense!”


He didn’t elaborate on the specifics related to estrus; after all, he just thought from the bottom of his heart that Omega was just fit to stand behind the Alpha, not enough to rise to above the Alpha-Omega discrimination.


Unfortunately, when spoken in such a tone and manner, it is not much different from discrimination after it is heard.


Yu Qingcang covered his face, feeling like he didn’t want to see what was about to unfold.


Without further ado, brother, good luck on your life!


Lu Jingning had almost reached Cen Junfeng’s heels. He raised a pair of bright eyes to look at him with a smirk, close enough to almost gently brush his cheek as his cool, crescent eyes finally narrowed with menace: “None of my physical abilities can match up with the Alphas? So, you want to try?”


Cen Junfeng was subdued by his sudden explosion of aura. His face was a little less than pleasant when he looked back, but he still held his ground: “I don’t fight with Omegas!”


Lu Jingning smiled gently, “What a coincidence, I just particularly like to get my hands dirty with Alphas.”


As soon as the words left his mouth, he didn’t wait for Cen Junfeng to say anything, he had already yanked him up by the collar and dragged him outside without looking back.


Such a large commotion caused students passing by to stop in their tracks and cast curious glances their way.


In comparison, the few comrades who had just fought alongside Lu Jingning were much more calm.


The first thing you need to do is to get yourself lifted by those pair of slender-looking hands to feel like your world view has shifted 1,800 degrees. The world is a small place.


When Cen Junfeng came back to his senses, he was already dragged out several meters. Feeling the eyes that were cast from all directions, he was suddenly a bit embarrassed. He struggled hard twice, but unexpectedly failed to break free, before finally realizing that he might have run into a psychopath. He could not help but say, “What the hell do you want?


Lu Jingning didn’t say a word along the way, letting Ceng Junfeng struggle while dragging him as he should before throwing him down heavily into the corner, leaving him next to the bin.


He fished a mint out and tossed it into his mouth before looking down at him with a condescending, flirtatious look, “You Alphas are so strong, but I can still just lift you up with one finger?”


Cen Junfeng sullenly made a move to stand up, but before he could get up, he was pushed back down by Lu Jingning with a heavy hand.


He wrinkled his brow, thinking that he couldn’t be bothered with an Omega, only to find, even after using all his effort to get up, he couldn’t with the hand remaining still on his shoulder. His face turned red.


A few expressions of shock finally passed between Cen Junfeng’s face.


How is it possible that he lost to an Omega in terms of strength?


Lu Jingning just lightly held him down with one hand, chewing on the mint in his mouth, his tone lazy, “Listen to me carefully. I, Lu Jingning, will soon officially become a member of the Quadruple College, and sooner or later, I will trample all of you arrogant Alphas under my feet! And you, whatever shit you have with Wen Xingduan, has nothing to do with me, but today, remember my name, understand?”


With that, he withdrew his eyes with such contempt that he walked away without looking back.


Cen Junfeng looked at his back for a long time before he snapped and shouted, “What’s the use of having more power, do you think you can pass tomorrow’s pheromone test?”


Lu Jingning slightly paused his steps, not turning to look at him and only looking up at the sky shrouded in a stellar orange light. He suddenly laughed out softly, “Ah, such things, who knows?”


Author’s Note: Want to know the exact pheromone privatization system, I’ll tell you tomorrow~!


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Chapter 8

Chapter 8


Jian Luan weakly and helplessly struggled in Lu Jingning’s hands, suddenly feeling that being eliminated from the field was not such a bad thing, in case this crazy Omega continued to use him as a human weapon towards the mecha if at the drop of a hat, he suddenly disliked him. It was a real threat.


It was fine for him to act like Tarzan and throw him towards other freshmen with his small frame, but he would be particularly helpless against a behemoth like a mecha.


Luckily, Lu Jingning didn’t seem to be looking at him either, only glancing around for a moment to find a relatively safe place to gently just, well, throw him away.


Jian Luan sat on his butt on the ground, facing this kind of hazardous situation in a rather complicated mood. Even the joy of coming back from the dead was lost.


One cannot help but fall into deep thought.


He used to be one of the most popular people in the world, but after he met Lu Jingning, an Omega, he felt less and less valuable.


What was most unacceptable to him was that everyone’s attention was now focused on Lu Jingning, who seemed to have completely ignored his “quiet departure”.


F-ck, was his presence that non-existent?


Jian Luan looked towards the two darting figures with resentment, and then, like the others around, noticed that the two pursuing the mechs closely suddenly stopped in their tracks and turned towards the back.


Jian Luan, who knew the truth, was expressionless.


The other freshmen were in a daze.


Their first thought: Why did they stop?


Their second reaction: They’re not about to steel themselves, are they? Sigh, man-versus-machine combat? How could that be!


In the next second: They punched it! They did it! Holy shit, they f-cking did!


In fact, it was not just the new students. The two operators sitting inside the mechs also did not expect the current students to be so rigid, not only did they not run away under the pursuit of the mechs, but they even wanted to have a good fight?


The originally close firing stalled slightly for a few seconds due to a moment of hesitation.


Just that brief moment, was enough for Lu Jingning and Wen Xingduan to be successful in completely closing up the distance between them.


Passing through the middle of the two mechs at almost the same time, Lu Jingning whistled softly towards Wen Xingduan, “Pick one?”


Wen Xingduan didn’t think much of it and casually pointed to the big guy on his right, “The one on my side.”


“Oh f-cking Kay~!”


Without saying another word, Lu Jingning flipped over and with unparalleled agility tore into the other mech.


Wen Xingduan was also very efficient and went straight to work.


By the time the two operators came back to their senses, the two had been flipped over smoothly in their respective chosen mechs and were locked in a blind spot in the control pod’s field of view.


Not being able to see what is happening on top of their own mechs, the operators could only make guesses about their own situation by the movements of their opponent’s figures based on the operator in the other mech.


The exchange over the communicator was busy –


“You watch out, he’s trying to open your hatch.”


“Don’t worry, as long as the operator inside does not allow it, no amount of external force is likely to break the pod.”


“It’s not a good idea to let them keep picking on it like that, maybe try shooting a little?”


“What are you thinking! This is public property, if it gets broken, will you pay or will I pay?”


“So… I’ll try moving? Maybe it’ll throw them off?”


“That’s a great idea, let’s try that!”


Outside, their exchange could not be heard, and the crowd simply watched as the two mechs suddenly hysterically shuddered under the command of their operators.


Such a scene, if there was a soundtrack, it would probably be accompanied by some fast-paced music with some rhythm to it.


Lu Jingning pulled himself up on top of the iron armour and struggled to find a place to steady himself on the smooth surface. He cursed in his heart: What are you shaking for, are you having a mechanical epileptic episode?


The strength in his hand was so strong that even though he only had little leverage, he still remained steady at all times. Looking up towards Wen Xingduan, he saw that the other’s brows had, unsurprisingly, also wrinkled with impatience.


Without another moment’s notice, he was seen to have taken a sudden small leap and by the force of the vibration, leapt directly onto the mechanical arm.


Lu Jingning blinked in confusion when he saw Wen Xingduan, who had one hand hanging on the mechanical arm and suddenly looked up towards him to gesture twice with his other hand distantly.


While many people still looked confused, Lu Jingning revealed a smile of understanding, suddenly releasing his hand and gesturing back with an OK.


However, in doing so, he completely lost his leverage.


The crowd watched as the figure was flung off the top of the mech, thinking he was finally giving up on this charade, when an odd noise drew their attention away.


When they looked up, they saw the mecha that Wen Xingduan was in had distinctively started to violently shake.


Hanging on the mechanical arm, Wen Xingduan followed the momentum of the mech’s tremors. He borrowed the force, to instantly increase the already considerable amount of shaking to the max.


Seeing that the mech was about to lose its balance completely under the tremendous swaying, he grabbed the mechanical arm as it toppled over and fell with his momentum, his afterimage sweeping over the point of landing before he gathered all the strength in his body into his hands the moment his feet hit the ground.


With a violent force, the entire mech was actually completely flung away and thrown out completely.


The operator had no time to react. He only felt that the sky was spinning as he was sitting in his c0ckpit, and through his vision screen, he could see another mech being lifted in front of him before becoming larger and larger. In his excessive shock, his hand shook and he accidentally hit a control button.


The mech Lu Jingning was on had been pinned to the ground by the helpful force of momentum, tipping it over. He had perfectly avoided the collision due to his decisive sliding manoeuvre just now. When he looked up, he happened to see a faint glow of charged energy diffusing from the laser weapon that was almost face-to-face with him.


Noticing the difference, even Gui Liangzhe on the podium couldn’t sit still and was about to rush off the stage quickly.


This laser weapon does have a very low killing power under regular strafing, but the damage value is completely different if it has been charged up in advance.


What’s more, he was this close.


I’m afraid if he did get hit like that, he would…


At such a crisis, some people could not control their shrieks and subconsciously covered their eyes.


But the colour in Lu Jingning’s eyes flickered darkly for a moment, and at the nick of time, he suddenly do a large flip and sparingly managed to evade the danger.


Before anyone could see his movement, he was already behind the laser weapon in the next second as he wrenched down on it hard.


The path of the laser ray was suddenly reversed at an angle just as the energy build-up was complete. The scarlet laser beam shot out, hitting the mechanical leg joint of the mech below unerringly.


The laser beam was at arm’s length, and with its searing heat, it raked across the joints of the mechanical leg. In an instant, a series of sparks shot out in all directions.


A strong scorching smell filled the entire training ground, and the mech was exposed as a piece of its shell dissolved, the metal skeleton inside faintly visible.


The operators of the other two mechs had long since forgotten to move, watching the thrilling scene with the same jaw-dropping gaze as the rest of the field.


If the laser ray that was too close just now had actually hit the human body, the consequences would have been somewhat unimaginable.


Just as everyone was still dazed, Lu Jingning, the person in question, recoiled from a half-hearted awareness of that near-death experience.


He gritted his teeth and gave a fierce push. It was hard enough to break the huge laser weapon he was holding off the top of the mechanical arm as he let out a long sigh and greeted someone not far away, “Wen Xingduan, come and give me a hand?”


Wen Xingduan was obviously a bit surprised by his performance just now, but he didn’t say much, stepping over the two mechs and raising the heavy laser weapon high in the air with Lu Jingning on the left and him on the right. He swept his eyes down at him, “Start counting?”


The corners of Lu Jingning’s mouth cracked into a great smile, he was in a good mood and grinned brightly, “3, 2, 1–!”


As the third number was spoken, the laser weapon was seen to be slammed heavily towards the damaged mech’s leg with the combined force of the two men.


The sound of violent metal clanging resonated through the dome for a moment.


Many people subconsciously closed their eyes, and when they opened them again, all they saw were parts scattered all over the place.


The mechanical leg, without the protection of its shell, was completely separated from the mecha by the massive chiselling damage.


An eerie silence fell around them.


Who can tell them what had just happened? Is this the legendary unarmed demolition of a mech?


Standing amidst the wreckage, Lu Jingning patted the dust on his hands with satisfaction and reached out to hook Wen Xingduan’s shoulder, giving him a thumbs up without mincing his words, “Wen Xingduan, you’re good, you are really good at understanding others!”


Wen Xingduan wasn’t too courteous: “Thank you for the compliment.”


Lu Jingning’s eyes swept through the wreckage behind him, his heart was even more relaxed and he couldn’t help but hum.


Two mechs, two mechs, are now blindly complacent, blindly complacent~ one’s without a weapon, and the other’s without a thigh, how miserable, miserable~!


Tsk, coming after him? Come after him again if you can? Let’s see if they can shoot him again!


He thus walked back in full view of everyone with a confident stride, in stark contrast to the particularly subdued Wen Xingduan next to him.


Jian Luan, who sat on the ground and watched the whole thing, was faced with his two teammates returning side by side. His mouth was open in a wide “O” shape.


What more can be said about this? Both of you, are simply awesome!


He gathered his confused thoughts and was thinking of something to express his admiration, which was like a river of stars, but before he could speak, he saw a sudden darkness in front of him, and a huge body leapt up before he could do anything, their crass voice full of admiration.


“Crap, Lu Jingning, no matter how much you dislike me I have to tell you, you were so damn handsome just now! I’ve never seen an Omega that can wreak so much havoc! Tell me, how the hell did you do that? Teach me, will you?! I can only say that you really deserve to be taught by Uncle Lu1Yu Qingcang just called Lu Jingning an uncle. Expressing seniority and giving high respects.. Of course, I’m not saying you’re not good, I am only saying that only an absolute power like yours must be able to hold in your urge to wreak havoc. Really, you’re just as handsome as ever! I’m pretty sure you’re going to go down in history, my brother!”


Jian Luan: “…”


Never mind. In terms of speaking rainbow farts and nonsense, I’m the one who is going to lose!



Everyone in the arena felt a little muddled until after the countdown timer for the end of the test had sounded.


At first, they had the advantage out of nowhere because of Lu Jingning. However, because of the two of them, he and Wen Xingduan were equal in strength when it came to demolishing the two mechs. This made it much less difficult to dodge them later on, thus increasing their absolute survival rate.


The survivors inevitably have some mixed feelings, most probably felt the well-known love and hate.


Lu Jingning and his team were the only team in the field to survive with all their members, so they undoubtedly took the highest score, with a full 280 points allocated to them.


Both Jian Luan and Yu Qingcang had long since lost their eyes squinting in a wide grin.


Steady, steady. As long as the pheromone test doesn’t end up too badly, their entry to the Quadruple College is assured!


Just as they were about to leave, someone suddenly shouted at them from behind.


Lu Jingning turned his head, only to see Gui Liangzhe, the head of the Quadruple College, standing not far away and looking at him in silence.


He rubbed the tip of his nose and coughed lightly in a pretentious manner, “This… Dean, I know I’ve been a bit overly prominent, if you could very sincerely invite me to join the Quadruple College early…”


Gui Liangzhe didn’t bother with him and expressionlessly took out a transcript, “Dear student, although it’s an old type of mecha, you have damaged the public machinery after all. Please compensate in full, here’s the bill.”


Lu Jingning’s smug words came to an abrupt halt, and it was only after a long time before he blurted out one word: “…f-ck?”


The author has something to say: Lu Jingning: I feel like I’m the target of the deep malice of the entire world?


T/N: Today’s chapter came out a little late haha~ Sorry about that! Also our MC’s destruction of mechs remind me of a phrase: once broken, considered sold lol


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Chapter 7

Chapter 7 


The mechanisms rattled faintly and a series of time-keeping numbers were suddenly projected on the rusted steel walls.


Everyone knew that the event had officially started, and they all turned back their stares at Lu Jingning.


Lu Jingning looked innocent: “Why are they staring at me?”


Yu Qingcang and Jian Luan: “……”


Don’t you have any idea why they’re staring? Luckily, the dean has clearly stated that we’re not allowed to kill each other, or else you would have already offended everyone with the words you just suggested, and our whole group would have been attacked from the very beginning!


Wen Xingduan warned them from the side, “Everyone get ready. It’s about to start.”


Just as soon as the words were spoken, the pre-countdown officially ended.


Almost at the same time, the four mechs that had been standing there quietly suddenly raised their guns and began to fire indiscriminately into the field without warning.


The crowd: “!!!”


In the midst of the stirring cloud of dust, various curses burst forth from everywhere.


The new students obviously didn’t expect the school authorities to immediately take action at the drop of a hat, so they all ran around in a panic, and the entire scene was very chaotic for a while.


Soon there was a succession of people hit by the automatically fired bullets.


These mechs used the least damaging laser beams, which don’t cause lethal damage, but that didn’t mean that they are really just toys from an ancient battlefield. Getting hit was no fun.


Thus, in addition to the cursing and swearing, there was also a cacophony of screaming and wailing added, creating a distinctive noise in the background.


From time to time, mechanical arms reached out from the surrounding iron walls, skilfully clearing the field and eliminating candidates. With the mass attrition, the originally somewhat crowded field gradually emptied.


Lu Jingning and the others who stood a little further away from the mech at the beginning were given enough time to react. At this time, while moving deftly to dodge the beam of light, they still had the leisure to observe the situation around them.


There were certain elimination rules for this test and upon observation it was evident that those who were hit by the laser three times were considered to have failed and were forcibly sent out of the training ground by a robotic arm to be treated by the medical android outside.


Lu Jingning had finished gathering valid information and did not forget to keep an eye on the condition of his comrades.


It goes without saying, but Wen Xingduan looked as if the beams of light were deliberately avoiding him. They weren’t even close to touching him, even if he was not moving around too drastically, as he was able to completely dodge them entirely and very effectively just moving in very minute steps.


On Yu Qingcang’s side, although he was large, he was also definitely also a big, nimble man. He looked like he had not been to the disco recently, enthusiastically twisting his thick waist, while also gracefully dodging in a good way.


In comparison, the “less intelligent” Jian Luan struggled a lot.


Those rays were indeed on the slow side for Lu Jingning, so he moved calmly to Jian Luan’s heels and smiled very warmly and kindly, “Comrade-in-arms, need some help?”


Jian Luan was a little dazzled by the face in front of him. By this time a thin layer of sweat had already formed on his back, so he immediately nodded his head, “Yes!”


Yu Qingcang, who was also on edge, could not help but cast a sympathetic glance at him when he heard the words.


He was still too young to ask for help. He turned to Lu Jingning, who was not very human and never treated the Alpha as a fellow human being.


He was a savage!


Jian Luan felt Yu Qingcang’s excessively compassionate stare and couldn’t help but feel a little bewildered. However, he had absolutely no time to think about it, when the next second he suddenly felt her body lighten and was actually lifted up directly by the hook of his coat.


Jian Luan: “!!!”


No amount of exclamation marks floating in this naive person’s head could have stopped what was about to follow.


In the blink of an eye, he had been picked up by Lu Jingning like a chicken and flung in the air in a few circles, before being thrown out in a certain direction.




Traversing through the air in a trajectory while perfectly dodging everything, he effectively avoided all the rays, and in some controlled bitterness, he only felt himself slamming heavily into a pile of something soft.


The next second, there was an eruption of wailing from beneath his body.


Jian Luan was a bit taken back. He then looked down and finally understood why he didn’t feel much pain when he landed in such a heroic manner. There was such a hefty lot of meat shields below him.


The freshmen he slammed into each bared their teeth and roared, “Who the hell are you? Get the f-ck up!”


Without waiting for Jian Luan to speak, Lu Jingning’s smiling voice had already come up from above, “Sorry, I accidentally crashed into someone. Let’s go, let’s go!”


Having said that, Jian Luan’s body was lightened and his whole body was completely lifted up again.


Jian Luan: “……”


The moment  Lu Jingning carried him away, the area was wiped with a new round of laser beams.


The men who were pinned to the ground had no time to get up and react, so they wailed and screamed, practically weeping at the sight of them.


Unfortunately, the rules were rules, and the few seniors controlling the mechs didn’t give them any chance to dodge, so they were cleared out of the game in the blink of an eye.


As for Lu Jingning, the instigator of the stumble, looked innocently, unconcerned.


He didn’t hit anyone, he was just saving his teammate. After all, with the scene being so chaotic, a few mishaps were inevitable, right?


Gradually, Jian Luan got used to the experience of being flung around like this, and slowly crossed his arms in front of him, colliding into this party and that party, not wanting to talk at all.


He would be blind if he could not see that Lu Jingning was using him as an anti-personnel weapon!


As for the shame of being tossed around by an Omega? It was not a concern in this chaotic situation.


Someone like Jian Luan, will not be able to escape or let go of the opportunity to become someone else’s cheeky weapon. If he had to rely on himself to dodge those rays, he would probably have been zapped into ashes a long time ago.


After all, if you’re afraid of pain, it will be better to be able to let your teammates carry you and win than anything else. A great man can bend and stretch, so he can endure all this!


Lu Jingning of course also realized the unconditional cooperation of the big-bodied brother on his hands, and appreciated it in his heart, smashing people back and forth even more without the burden of thought.


With him as a powerful “support”, batches of new students were kicked out one after another. The number of people in the field dropped dramatically, almost twice as fast as before.


A solid protective barrier then enveloped the podium and the rays were all blocked out.


The veins on the front of Dean Gui Liangzhe’s forehead, however, were pulsating wildly.


He had already spotted Lu Jingning’s little plan, but there was no way to rule this kind of collateral damage as a violation, so he couldn’t do anything halfway about this kind of little clever loophole.


The headmaster had greeted him in advance before, saying that they might have an interesting Omega coming to the Quadruple Faculty this year. Before, he couldn’t see what was so interesting about him at all.


He was clearly a thorn on his side that must be plucked out!


After glancing at the remaining time displayed on the iron wall, Gui Liangzhe made a judgement in his mind, picked up his communicator and gave a command in authoritative tone of voice: “K209, K332, perform a joint attack on that Omega.”


There was only one Omega in the room, so the target of the attack was obvious. However, when they heard such an order, the operators in the two mechs froze.


Although this test focused on the ability to respond in the midst of direct confrontation, the difficulty will clearly be different if the mode is changed from indiscriminate strafing to concentrated attacks.


They had long been familiar with the unconditional obedience of a soldier in military school, so although they were doubtful in their minds, they did not object and followed the command very decisively.


Lu Jingning didn’t notice at first, but after being subjected to several concentrated sweeps in quick succession, he also noticed that something was wrong.


He looked up at Gui Liangzhe on the podium and gave him a fierce glare, cursing in his heart, “F-ck, those who led the soldiers in war are really bad! They’re not just evaluating now. They’re targeting a single person!”


With two mechs suddenly turning fire, the tension in the rest of the area was instantly relieved, and the remaining freshmen in the field couldn’t help but look towards the area where the gunfire was exchanged, all with confused faces, obviously unaware of what was going on.


They only saw Lu Jingning carrying Jian Luan in one hand amidst an unbelievably dense crowd of laser beams, his figure excessively nimble.


In the midst of such an intense attack, he even showed a bit of a relaxed posture, turning around from time to time and sneering at the two mech controllers, “Yo seniors, you guys haven’t learned how to operate this mech for long, right? You can’t even hit a freshman like me, I don’t think you should go into battle, you’d be giving away heads!”


The faces of the two manipulators sank slightly, and the two men, who still held some compassion, now looked solemn and became more and more serious.


Jian Luan, who was being dragged along by him, had a shocked look on his face.


Brother, what good would it do you to anger them?


He could almost feel the searing heat of a laser beam brushing past his face, and his whole body felt a little less than good: “You… you be careful, don’t let them shoot me in the face. How will I find Omega after I scar my face!”


Lu Jingning glanced at him uninterestedly and said casually and perfunctorily, “What are you afraid of if you can’t find Omega? I’ll just pay you back.”


Jian Luan shook and blurted out, “I’ll be a bachelor for life, I don’t want you!”


Although he too had once indulged in such a blooming beauty, after getting in touch with Lu Jingning in depth, it made him see the truth deeply – although his exterior was good, one should cherish one’s own life.


Not to mention, this man is a madman. He was also the Omega that Wen Xingduan had taken a fancy to, so even if he lended him his courage, how would he dare?


When Lu Jingning heard him refuse so dryly, he raised her eyebrows in displeasure: “What’s wrong with me, what’s wrong with me?”


His bright eyes narrowed slightly for a few moments, and from the tone of his voice there was no need to doubt that if Jian Luan said even just one word wrong, he would be flung directly on top of the iron mech’s armor for a close encounter in the next second.


It was the first time that Jian Luan had ever been looked at by Omega and he felt like he was screaming at the top of his lungs, when suddenly a familiar voice came from his ears, “You two are having a nice chat.”


Jian Luan cried out with joy and looked bashfully towards Wen Xingduan, frantically hinting with his eyes: Save me! Save me! Save me now!


Wen Xingduan, however, acted if he had not received his signal, looking at Lu Jingning and raising his eyebrows slightly: “Are you tired of running yet? I have an idea, do you want to hear it?”


By this time their escape route was almost entirely covered in dense lasers. This did not give Lu Jingning any sense of urgency with the conversation at all as he moved at great speeds. After seeing Wen Xingduan, a masochist, run into the zone of fire out of his own volition, he was somewhat curious about the proposal that he had defiantly brought about, “Hmm? Tell me about it?”


Wen Xingduan’s eyes looked slightly sideways and the afterimage of the two mechs sweeping over followed not far behind. There was a hint of interest in his tone: “Dismantling the machine. You understand?”


When Jian Luan heard such words coldly, he looked towards his dear friend with a shocked expression.


What the hell is wrong with today, was there another crazy one here?!


And apparently, such a proposal was very much to the liking of Lu Jingning, the devil of trouble. Both of his eyes lit up slightly and it was even visible to the naked eye: “Of course, that’s great!”


Jian Luan: “!!!”


He felt as if he was one step away from a violent death on the spot.


Author’s Note: Jian Luan, what a miserable guy~▼v▼


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Chapter 6

Chapter 6 


Although the Alpha freshmen in the arena had no intention of teaming up with Lu Jingning, their attention inevitably fell on him. Each one was inexorably curious to see who would be the unlucky one to be teamed up with an Omega.


The whispered chattering continued.


“Ugh, doesn’t anyone want to carry this Omega?”


“What carry? Do you think it’s going to be a normal simulated match? That it’ll be alright to bring someone to sleep and win?”


“I’m not saying that. All the other faculties have more or less some Omegas in them, but there really isn’t one in the Quadruple Faculty, so if we could make an exception to get one in, wouldn’t that be…”


“What’s the point of thinking that? Even if he can slack off and get through this round and get some points today, the pheromone attribute test is tomorrow morning. For an Omega ah, that’s the same as a GG1Good Game – means game over, in good sportsmanship..”


“Anyway, it’s exciting enough to think about carrying an Omega to the top, if you can do it, you can boast about it for four years!”


“Saying it like it’s that easy, if you can do it, go ahead!”


Their discussions were quite enthusiastic, but their bodies were more honest. When Lu Jingning passed by, they all uncharacteristically panicked and avoided him.


On the battlefield, no Alpha would like their teammate to be a soft Omega. Even if that Omega had once finished the 1vs2 challenge, it still wouldn’t change the stereotypes ingrained in their heads.


Lu Jingning was walking without avoiding anyone’s gaze. Under the watchful eyes of everyone, he went straight to Wen Xingduan and greeted him familiarly, “Hey classmate, can we form a team?”

The tone of voice was as normal as if he asked him to join him for dinner in the canteen.


But this man was Wen Xingduan!


In stark contrast to Lu Jingning’s lack of interest, Wen Xingduan was surrounded by people who stood in a line in front of him. They were all nervous and hasty, looking forward to being teammates with this elite new student. It was almost as if they had the word “pick me” written on their faces frantically.


Jian Luan had been standing by with the mindset of watching some drama breakout.


Ever since he was a child, Wen Xingduan, who was not in the least bit popular with the Alphas, was suddenly in a battlefield where he was the one in demand.


He was curiously waiting for Wen Xingduan’s final choice when he heard such a scattered and unmistakable greeting. He turned around and met the face that he had admired and wowed countless times in photos. He opened his mouth in dismay: “Ah, aren’t you that…”


Lu Jingning didn’t pay any attention to him, his eyes fell on Wen Xingduan’s body with a smile. When the other looked back, he smiled even more brightly: “Classmate, on the day of the challenge I felt that you are exceptionally talented and have some chemistry with me. You see, even our completion of the 1vs2 are alike. I believe that after teaming up together we will definitely bond in a different way.”


There was a slight pause at this point and a meaningful smile grew rosier: “What do you think?”


The tone of Lu Jingning’s voice was particularly sincere. Coupled with the vague glint in those eyes, in the eyes of the crowd, the way the two looked at each other like this was nothing short of affectionate, and for a while no one dared to say a word.


An Omega openly stating in public that he has an absolute fit with an Alpha would be considered by all to be blatant seduction if the exams were not imminent.


Wen Xingduan’s eyes narrowed slightly for a few moments.


Next to him, Jian Luan had long since changed his expression to one of emotion, to a vague hint of regret.


The only person he could say that was worthy of the name Omega Killer, Wen Xingduan, had only just begun school and he had somehow actually made one fall for him!


It’s a shame. He thought this Omega would be a different kind of spark. He didn’t expect him to be anything cheap like this.


Moreover, he actually tried to use this method to attract Wen Xingduan’s attention? Did this person not know that the 1vs2 event was actually considered a big loss for Wen Xingduan? After bringing up the sore topic, according to his usual ruthless attitude, he will probably close the door coldly on him!


On the other side, Yu Qingcang’s inner self was throwing a mad hissy fit. Very unlike Jian Luan’s attitude of wanting to watch some drama.


Shit, shit, shit, yes! Please say yes to teaming up!


If he dares to say “no” now, he can imagine the passionate image of Lu Jingning chasing this student after the exam starts, even if he does not do anything.


Save a guy! He doesn’t want to be drawn into this inexplicable battle again, not to mention that Wen Xingduan is an opponent he simply can’t beat!


The atmosphere around them was tense for a while as each of them had their own thoughts.


Wen Xingduan’s eyelashes dropped slightly as he looked at Lu Jingning and opened his mouth with interest, “You seem to know me well?”


Lu Jingning nodded without thought: “I should know you much better than most people by a tad bit. After all, that one-sided encounter at the challenge was destined to bring us closer together.”


The crowd looked at each other.


Did these two have some untold story somewhere they didn’t know about?!


Lu Jingning’s two sentences were that of a challenge, but Wen Xingchen couldn’t hear that he was actually repeatedly reminding him of losing the game on purpose. After a moment of silent staring at each other, he gave a light laugh, “You have a point. Then, let’s form a team.”


In fact, for him, it was the same with whoever he teamed up with. If it wasn’t a mandatory rule for the institution to have teammates, he would even feel good about fighting alone.


At this very moment, there was absolutely no need to upset this bad-tempered-looking Omega over such a trivial matter. Incidentally, it also saved him the trouble of choosing someone else, so he didn’t really have a reason to refuse.


Lu Jingning was of course satisfied with the choice he had made. Just as he had thought before, Wen Xingduan was indeed a wise man who knew what he was doing.


With a sense of satisfaction in his heart, he walked over and skilfully reached out to put his hand on Wen Xingduan’s shoulder, patting it gently in a brotherly manner, “Happy to be working with you, my comrade.”


Because of the use of pheromone blocking agents, Lu Jingning’s body did not have the slightest smell of pheromones. Even so, an Omega’s body still carried a softness different from Alpha’s when it was pressed against one another. Wen Xingduan froze slightly in an awkward manner but did not push the restless hand away: “Happy to be working with you.”


The silence around them made everyone unable to breathe for a while.


Obviously no one expected that these two, Lu Jingning and Wen Xingduan, would actually team up together.

Jiang Luan especially, who was standing next to him, felt even more winded.


If he hadn’t seen Wen Xingduan standing with someone with his arms hooked around him with his own eyes, he would have wondered for a moment if he was still in a dream. However, because he knew that this was indeed reality, he somewhat felt unwell as a whole.


After such a shocking revelation, he’s afraid that even if some told him that tomorrow would be the end of the world, he would not be half surprised by it.


It’s just, in his whole life up till now, Wen Xingduan, who never got close to Omegas before was really ready to break his fast!


Jiang Luan stole another glance at Lu Jingning’s face. For a moment, he hesitated a little whether he should get ready to call him his sister-in-law instead.


It didn’t feel right at that time in the dorm. In truth, these two are actually having an affair, right?


Turns out that this person was the one that Wen Xingduan actually likes!


Lu Jingning heard Wen Xingduan introduce his roommate to him and looked back just in time to meet Jiang Luan’s neurotic gaze, “You, fellow classmate, how are you?”


Jiang Luan continued to be dumbfounded: “Nice to meet …… you.”


Lu Jingning: “Uh ……”


This comrade-in-arms looked like he wasn’t too smart.


Could it be that Wen Xingduan hasn’t decided on a team candidate for a long time because he had to drag such a hindrance? Even he had his troubles, it seems.


Beside Lu Jingning, Yu Qingcang stood quietly in an unprecedentedly well-behaved manner. Although he did not say a word, his slightly trembling fists still revealed his inner excitement.


It’s true that good things will happen to you if you follow Lu Jingning! The big boss’ team! He actually managed to blend in and fit into a super big boss’ team!



After the teams had been formed, they all stood in a line as the dean, Gui Liangzhe stood on the podium and looked around with a meaningful smile on his lips, “I declare that this year’s Quadruple Faculty’s Admissions Competition has officially begun! So, please enjoy the good times ahead!”


His words were clearly a blessing, but for some reason, they fell on deaf ears as the new students could not help but feel a chill down their backs.


As soon as the words were spoken, the deafening roar of machinery rang out.


A huge wall of iron suddenly rose from the ground around the training ground, and in the blink of an eye, surrounded the entire area in an airlocked manner.


The light of the sun was completely blocked out, leaving only the light cast from the top as the only source of light in the darkness.


Such a sudden turn of events sent an inevitable wave of panic through all the new students, but it was clear that this was not the end just yet.


The ground of the training area shook vaguely with the sound of stampeding equipment, one after the other.


Several small doors suddenly opened individually in the surrounding concrete walls as a four-metre-tall mech stepped out at a steady pace in each of the four directions, north, south, east and west. They all looked rather shabby from the outside and their build did not seem too sturdy, so they were obviously simple mech models that had been retired from the battlefield long ago.


However, it was more than enough to handle the group of freshmen.

Before the crowd could respond, a voice with a unique mechanical filter came out distantly through the loudspeaker of one of the standing mechs. There was a hint of pleasure in its tone: “Students, welcome to the Quadruple Faculty’s examination site. Today, the seniors will assist you with this sparring assessment. The content of this test is simple. At the end of the day, you will be awarded points in the test based on the number of survivors in your group, so you must do your best! Go on, ‘survive’.”


The sound of restrained laughter spread with a metallic aura across the tightly closed training ground, as the faces of everyone present suddenly grew a few shades whiter.


Although it was said that the content of the divisional assessment was different every year, no one expected that the Quadruple Faculty would actually come up with something this big this year.


It was not a simulated battle, but a real battle royale where one faced the mecha threat firsthand.


It was also clear from this that the Imperial Navy has really never deliberately tried to avoid casualties in any of its assessments.


In the midst of the dead silence around them, a flirtatious voice suddenly rang out, “Senior, is it okay to assault someone?”


The senior in the mech apparently didn’t expect this question to be asked either, and after choking for a moment, looked towards Gui Liangzhe on the podium.


Gui Liangzhe wrinkled his brow and swept a glance at the expectant Lu Jingning in the crowd, the corners of his mouth twitched secretly: “No!”


Lu Jingning let out an “oh” in a tone of obvious disappointment and lowered his head with a sigh.


It was supposed to be the most effective way to reduce the number of competitors by beating others down in advance, but he didn’t expect it to be against the rules. Looks like he’ll have to think of other ways to get a big score to fill the gap from his theory test..


The others looked at him with such overwhelming regret and couldn’t help but curse out the frenzy in their hearts.


Instead of helping each other at a time like this, how can you still think of fighting among ourselves? Where the hell did this crazy Omega come from? Are you the f-cking devil?


Author’s Note: An Omega that doesn’t get into trouble is not a good protagonist~^_^~


T/N: Wow… our Omega MC rlly is satan himself. Hehe, I can’t wait to show you what’s about to happen soon~ Even though our Omega MC may be crazy strong, I like how he also has flaws like being boisterous and loud (he’s super dumb when it comes to theory exams too lol), but hey! Our MC gotta be someone who likes making trouble. How else will the story move in an interesting direction if the MC is nice, quiet and polite? See you all next week!


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Chapter 5

Chapter 5


The first major event after the start of the school year is, without a doubt, the branch selection.


The Imperial Sea Military Faculty has four major faculties, namely the Combat Command Faculty, the Imperial Defence Faculty, the Military Mechanics Faculty and the Integrated Warfare Faculty.


The Combat Command Faculty is well understood by most. With its primary objective being the training of commanders in the midst of warfare. Each year, it successfully provides the Ministry of Army with a large number of unified warfare personnel.


The Imperial Defence Faculty, in comparison, focuses more on practical aspects of combat such as close combat and requires students to be extremely physically fit. It is considered the quasi-reserve for the army.


The Military Mechanics Faculty, on the other hand, is dedicated to the development and use of machines such as warship mechs, which often, are at the heart of the future development of the Empire’s weapons and are the backbone in the expeditions carried out by the warship fleets out on the battlefield.


As for the Integrated Warfare Faculty – it is known to all the students of the Imperial Navy University as the Quadruple Faculty. It is also the most special out of all the colleges and as the name suggests, it is a comprehensive training centre for all-round talents who are not only knowledgeable in weapon technology, but also skilled in all kinds of combat and are able to take charge and command on the battlefield. After graduating, they are often qualified and able to enter the army directly as officers.


According to the different attributes of these four faculties, all the new students will need to make the choice that best suits their own condition upon entry.


Of course, there are certain criteria for admission to each faculty. For example, the Integrated Warfare Faculty is very popular, so every year, the number of successful official admissions is often less than one tenth of those who apply.


Lu Jingning naturally also set the Quadruple Faculty as his target, but his housemate, Yan Hebin, who was very sensible, only enrolled in the Military Mechanical Faculty.


“What’s the reason?” Yan Hebin pushed the glasses on the bridge of his nose and gave him a slightly strange look in return, “An Omega’s physique is not meant for practical combat, plus my mechanical skills are quite good.”


According to the past ABO allocation of the Imperial Navy University, the vast majority of the Omegas would prefer the Military Mechanical Faculty like Yan Hebin, or consider the first faculty with a focus on command. Those like Lu Jingning, who are hellbent on going to the Integrated Warfare Faculty are the real outliers.


The two academies for Combat Command and Imperial Defence both involve real combat assignments. That’s why if you pay attention, it is not difficult to find and see that all of them were Alphas there, and there was not even a slither of shadow of an Omega, like a celibate fraternity house.


Lu Jingning listened to him before looking up at the sky and touching the tip of his nose, “Maybe I’ll be the first Omega ever to enter the Quadruple Faculty?”


Yan Hebin: “Oh, good luck with that.”


Lu Jingning: “……” What the hell is with this tone that was full of the perfunctory?


The two left the dormitory and walked all the way to the training square. In the blink of an eye, they had both gone their separate ways because of the different faculties they wanted to join.


The training plaza was segregated according to the different faculties and the prospective students of the Integrated War College were gathered in the fourth field, which was smaller in terms of area, compared to the other fields, but because it had the largest number of new students present, it was particularly crowded.


The overcrowding however, would only be temporary. By the time the selections are over, the vast majority of people here will have been sent to other faculties, leaving only a small group of talented students who have been selected.


The Integrated War College had the smallest number of students of all the colleges, but it was absolutely excellent.


When Lu Jingning arrived, the place was already densely packed with people. The moment he walked in, it was as if the Alphas, who had mostly gathered in groups of twos and threes to chat, had collectively pressed the pause button. They were abruptly and unbelievably quiet for a moment.


Did they just see an Omega in a room full of Alphas?


It was like throwing a soft, sticky lamb into a pile of wolves. All the wolves felt a little evil!


Immediately afterwards, someone in the crowd exclaimed as above.


It was obvious that someone had finally recognised Lu Jingning and the dead silence was broken as everyone began to gather and whisper.


“Isn’t that the same Omega that was on the forum post?”


“Wow, I can’t believe I’m seeing him in person! He doesn’t look like anything special!”


“What do you mean there’s nothing special about him? I think he’s particularly nice, heh heh heh.”


“So much for gimmicks, do you guys really think an Omega can stand up to an Alpha and still be Alpha?”


“Do you think he would agree if I approached him to be friends on our communicator now?”


“An Omega actually wants to join the Quadruple Faculty. This is really swell, isn’t it?”


“Isn’t the pheromone test alone probably going to get him tossed out?”


Lu Jingning, as a sheep that had fallen into a pack of wolves, acted as if he did not feel anything. His eyes swept into the crowd and quickly saw the sturdy figure that could not be hidden even though he was standing in the crowd. He distantly shouted, “Yu Qingcang!”


Like a husky receiving his master’s signal, Yu Qingcang suddenly rushed over with unparalleled precision and arrived at his heels in the blink of an eye: “Yes, yes! My little predecessor, you’re finally here!”

With that, his eyes glanced gleefully towards the crowd he had just been in, raising his head arrogantly and unmistakably.


Just now he told those Alphas that he knew Lu Jingning but they didn’t believe him. Now, see? Do they still have any sense left in them?


Lu Jingning never understood this bizarre actions of Yu Qingcang and lazily extended his hand towards him, “Did you get the information yet?”


Without saying a word, Yu Qingcang took out his communicator and transmitted the information regarding this examination.


Lu Jingning looked at them one by one, and finally, his eyes fell on that last item. He frowned and burst out, “F-ck, military schools require us to take theory subjects?”


Yu Qingcang looked at him like he had seen a ghost: “The purpose of the Imperial Navy University is to train the best officers in the empire, have you ever seen any officer who is illiterate?”


Lu Jingning corrected him, “There is still a difference between not knowing an eight-star language and being illiterate.”


Yu Qingcang: “Since when did you start defending the military ministry1They are only trained to be soldiers, so they are dumb … comparatively haha too?”


Lu Jingning gave him a look, “No, I’m just defending the future me.”


Yu Qingcang: “……”


He had to admit that Lu Jingning was breathtakingly powerful, but he also had to admit that the man was equally breathtaking in his uselessness when it came to theoretical subjects.


Speaking of the theory exam, Yu Qingcang couldn’t help but feel a little worried: “The exam is tomorrow night, is it too late for you to go back and revise now?”


Lu Jingning: “It’s too late.”


Yu Qingcang: “What then?”


Lu Jingning shrugged indifferently: “What’s the big deal about turning in a blank paper! As long as the marks in the other assessments are high enough, the theory test? Pfft.”


Yu Qingcang only felt that his “Pfft” was full of contempt and disdain.


When he thought of Lu Jingning’s complete confidence that he could enter the Quadruple Faculty even if he gave up the theory test completely, he couldn’t help but look up at the sky again.


Why is it that an Omega was so wild and cool, while he, an Alpha, has to count his score lines on his fingers?


They were both people, but the difference between them was too big!


Just as he was frantically complaining inwardly about the injustice of the gods, he suddenly heard Lu Jingning ask suspiciously, “You say, are all you Alphas sick or something?”


Yu Qingcang: “Lu Jingning, once again, I remind you solemnly about simply cursing others for no reason! What do you mean that all we Alphas are sick? What did any Alpha do to you?”


“Feel free to talk about it, but don’t get too agitated.” Lu Jingning comforted him without going out of his way before pointing around and sneering, “Look for yourself, these people are obviously peeking at me while pretending like nothing happened after they were caught. Why are they looking at me all the time? What’s the matter, haven’t they seen an Omega before?”


Yu Qingcang held back, but still couldn’t resist spitting out, “What does this have to do with whether they’ve seen an Omega before or not? Look for yourself, are there any other Omegas in the room apart from you?”


Lu Jingning looked around and indeed did not see a slither of an Omegas shadow here again. He then sighed without changing his expression, “This year’s Omegas are indeed too undesirable. The Quadruple Faculty is such a good place ah, they didn’t even want to try before giving up.”


Yu Qingcang didn’t even want to talk to him anymore.


That’s not a lack of ambition, that’s a lack of self-awareness!




Everyone knew that Lu Jingning was the Omega who had completed the 1vs2 against the seniors during the challenge; after all, his blonde hair was just a little too dazzling.


However, even if we knew that he was really strong in individual combat, they would never have imagined that he would want to join the Integrated Warfare Faculty.


An Omega wanted to be a leader in the army? No matter what the time period was, it sounded like a joke.


Since the establishment of the Empire, only a handful of Omegas have entered the military and even Marshal Teng Hanmo, the highest Omega general at the moment, had initially obtained this status through the merits of a logistician, but was almost always unremarkable during his school years.


Everyone could almost see the good-looking Omega walking out of the training ground with a disappointed look on his face.


A blazing light of the stars spread across the ground, and amidst much anticipation, Gui Liangzhe, the director of the Integrated Warfare Faculty, stepped onto the podium and silence instantly fell around him.


The long speech started and Lu Jingning stood below listening to it, a little drowsy. Only when Yu Qingcang next to him secretly nudged him, did he come back to his senses: “Hmm? Is he finished speaking?”


Yu Qingcang was not surprised by his demeanor and reminded, “The practical exam is coming up soon. It’s a team battle. Four people in a group, what do you think?”


Lu Jingning blinked, “A team competition with four people?”


He looked around the room and everyone else averted their eyes in unison.


As curious as they were, when it came to the real deal, the Alpha freshmen obviously didn’t think Lu Jingning, an Omega, would be able to participate well, and all quickly finished forming their own teams. No one showed any intention of inviting him to join them.


Yu Qingcang wrinkled his brows, “These groupmates, won’t be very easy to find ah…”


The corners of Lu Jingning’s mouth suddenly hooked up slightly as a familiar figure fell into his field of vision: “Not easy to find? Why so?! I have a good candidate right here.”


Yu Qingcang followed his line of sight and vaguely felt that this tall figure was somewhat familiar, and only after a moment did he recognise him.


Shit, wasn’t this the same Alpha who completed the 1vs2 challenge the other day?


Wen Xingduan, the absolute Alpha of the hour among their freshmen cohort!


But how did Lu Jingning know him?


As he was wondering, he turned around and saw Lu Jingning simply straightening his clothes. He was already wearing a big smile as he wandered over.


Author’s Note: Here he comes, here he comes, here he comes~~


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Chapter 4

Chapter 4 

The dormitories of the Imperial Navy University were divided into three areas according to Alphas, Betas and Omegas.


Omega students live in the south-western part of the school by the artificial lake, separated from the nearest Beta dormitory by a whole training ground, and further away from the Alpha dormitory area.


The number of Omega’s in the military school is very small, but it is easy to see that the school authorities still took good care of this group, both in terms of accommodation and location.


It’s like being pampered with everything in the palm of your hands.


Even the school rules, which have always been strict, are much more lenient to Omega students, and many of them were specifically designed to protect them, with the intention of making school life better for them.


When he arrived, his roommate was looking at the LCD panel. It was not known what he was studying, but he didn’t even raise his head when the door was pushed open.


The first thing Lu Jingning saw when he walked in was the meticulous back of his head.


It was meticulous because of the delicacy of his hair. He highly doubted that this man had spent an unimaginable amount of time combing his hair.


Each strand of hair was arranged in an incomparably neat and smooth position. In comparison, Lu Jingning’s recklessly flying blonde hair could only be described as wild.


The vacant bed was by the window. Some stellar lighting fell in through the floor-to-ceiling windows, enveloping it in a warm atmosphere.


Lu Jingning set up his suitcase. After that, he went over to greet his new roommate, “Hello, fellow student?”


He gently tapped on his shoulder and the other person sitting at the heel of the table snapped back as he removed his two earplugs, “Ah, hello.”


He had gold-rimmed glasses and a showy look that belongs exclusively to Omegas, as well as dark blue eyes that are rarely seen. It was impossible to tell which planet he was from but he had the overall impression of a high, arrogant cat which appeared alongside ancient books, his every movement carried out with a sense of detachment to the world.


Lu Jingning briefly observed him and smiled as he extended his hand towards him, “My name is Lu Jingning.”


The other party gently shook back, “Yan Hebin.”


The temperature of Yan Hebin’s hand was cold and his entire person gave off an icy cold feeling.


It was clear that Yan Hebin was not the warmest of people, and as for Lu Jingning, he was so sleepy that he didn’t even bother to pack up his things. Instead, he went to bed and slept first.


Before he could sleep for long, there was a knock on the door of his room.


Lu Jingning pulled the covers trying to pretend he didn’t hear it. As a result, Yan Hebin opened the door and the weak voice of the person standing outside came through, squeaking incessantly into his ears, “Um… hello, we are from the dormitory next door. We came to say hello.”


After introducing themselves to each other, Yan Hebin saw the other party glancing inside from time to time, so he turned sideways slightly and pointed to the person who was on the bed: “Are you looking for him?”


The shorter one at the door was Ren Jin, and the taller one was Su Jianian.


Su Jianian sniffed and said in a slightly excited tone, “That …… should be the expert student who beat two seniors in the challenge, right?”


Yan Hebin wrinkled his brows, clearly not quite understanding the meaning of their words.


Ren Jin took his communicator out and quickly pulled up the campus forum posts, introducing him with an adoring face, “It’s him! That’s him! The Omega who completed the 1vs2 at the Freshmen’s Challenge today! Now, the whole campus forum has spread the word! It’s a shame I wasn’t there, he was simply too strong!”


After being spoon-fed new information one after another, Lu Jingning finally couldn’t sleep anymore and sat up sleepily after rubbing his hair, “What campus forum?”


When the two men at the door met his gaze. They subconsciously straightened their backs as their faces suddenly turned red as they bowed in unison, “Hello, how are you? It’s our first time meeting, please enlighten us!”


Lu Jingning: “…?”


He’s not an Alpha, what’s the point of blushing at the drop of a hat?


He climbed out of bed with a yawn. After listening to the two guys, Lu Jingning finally got a general idea.


Not surprisingly, after word got out about his 1vs2 feat at the Freshmen’s Challenge, the entire campus forum of Imperial Navy University exploded.


With the graphic analysis and the videos uploaded one after another, the whole school now knews that this year’s freshmen had an Alpha-killer Omega, who not only outclassed all the other Alphas, but also had first-class combat skills and has directly taken out two of them in the challenge.


And to top it all off, this Omega freshman’s face was also a big hit!


The popularity of the post developed to the point where students who were present at the time and took more photos of the scene realized that no matter which angle he was looked at from, every outline of his face was nearly perfectly proportioned, matching almost everyone’s imagination of the top Omega.


What kind of divine Omega was this to have a pretty face and could also fight at the same time?


Many Alpha users just about went crazy online.


Ouch, ouch, ouch! They were really about to go nuts!


When Lu Jingning reached the end of the page, his expression did not look too good.


What happened to his aspirations of making those Alphas feel the fear of being dominated by Omega? What the hell was going on behind all this?


F-ck, what a pretentious species who only knew how to think using their third leg1Only males have a third leg. Females usually don’t. But times have changed.!


He exited the thread and scrolled up and down the campus forum again, wrinkling his brow in confusion as he asked, “Where’s that Wen Xingduan?”


Ren Jin was puzzled, “Who?”


Lu Jingning: “It’s the Alpha who also completed the 1vs2 and ended up losing at the third station for the sake of …… ahem.”


“Oh oh, you mean him?!” Ren Jin suddenly realized, “I heard about him. There was an Alpha who did complete the 1vs2, but how can he compete with you? Of course everyone’s attention is on you! You’re the first Omega ever to pass the challenge! God, I didn’t even know an Omega could be that good before this! Lu Jingning, how in the world did you do it?”


Lu Jingning listened to him start to sprout nonsense again. He looked out of the window as the words entered his left ear and exited the right, slightly distracted.


Both Ren Jin and Su Jianian could see that he was a little distracted and very sagely sighed before finding an excuse to leave.


After sending the people away, Yan Hebin glanced at Lu Jingning’s expression and asked, “What’s on your mind?”


Lu Jingning was silent for a moment and asked tentatively, “If someone didn’t want to participate in the 1vs3 challenge, what would you say would be the reason?”


Yan Hebin pondered for a moment, “Probably because they don’t want to join the Imperial Sea Patrol.”


Lu Jingning: “The Imperial Sea Patrol?”


Yan Hebin: “You don’t know?”


Lu Jingning shook his head.


“The Imperial Sea Union consists of unique troop members in our school, with influencing power on par to the student council. It is one of the three most powerful organisations on campus, with absolute power of speech. Due to this power, naturally, they are not that easy to join. Strictly speaking, the requirements to join the Union are even more demanding than those to enter the student council.”


He explained patiently, “However, according to the tradition of the Imperial Navy University, any freshman who successfully completes 1vs3 is allowed to become one of them without any conditions.”


“Just because of that?” Lu Jingning only felt more confused as he listened, “Can’t you just refuse after winning the challenge?”


Yan Hebin gave him a faint glance and did not explain, but only said in a calm tone, “The Imperial Sea Union, although it is said to be an internal organization of the Imperial Navy University, the establishment is still subordinate to the Imperial Military Department. To use an analogy, if there is a confrontation or battle in the nearby airspace, the union will be the first group of soldiers from our school to go to the front line.”


When Lu Jingning heard this, he finally understood.


All the students who came to the military university have the ultimate goal of going to war, and when such a great opportunity is presented to them by the Imperial Sea Union, he’s afraid that there is really only one option, and that is to accept it. If they refused, in the eyes of the public, they would be no different from deserters.


But from what he had seen of Wen Xingduan, no matter how he looked at him, he did not look like a coward who was afraid to go into battle.


But this message also made Lu Jingning think of something else – did that old headmaster stop him from fighting in the third round, did it also have this reason behind it?


A sudden invitation to join a group chat popped up on his communicator, causing him to come back from his thoughts.


Lu Jingning casually clicked on the confirmation and by the next second, he was completely overwhelmed by the sheer number of messages.


His entire face was filled with black lines after looking at the group name – Ninety-nine sisters and a single flower.


What the hell?



Although it was only the first day of school, the Omega and Alpha freshmen were very efficient in coming together to form a collective group.


In terms of group chat names alone, the Alpha side of the freshman group were much more rigid, with names like “4A Handsomes”, fearing that others might not know that their goal is to be the most alpha Alphas.


And at this time, the topic of discussion in the group was unsurprisingly, still revolving around today’s Freshmen’s Challenge.


More and more live photos were posted on the fly, and there were a number of private collections that are just much more comprehensive than the ones on the campus forum.


Some people even had the photos pre-processed, and under the light effects, Lu Jingning standing on the field dazzled even brighter than Nakeheng, the brightest star in the galaxy.


All the Alphas felt their feral blood boiling just by looking at his face.


“fvck, guys, don’t stop me, I’m in love!”


“Who’s this and what’s his name? Crap, so alpha. I feel like I can’t hold it!”


“Any more photos? Keep posting, don’t stop. I’m going to build my own private archive!”


“I don’t suppose an Omega of this alpha-ness has a mate yet? Heh heh heh.”


“Don’t hehe, you’re not the only one who likes him. I like him too. The question is, will he even pay attention to you?”


“He’s going to be assigned to a faculty soon, right? I wonder how many campuses he’ll go to, maybe he’ll be my classmate?”


“Stop grabbing him, all of you! He’s mine! Stamped!”


“Geez, you can’t do that! We need to compete based on merit, understand?”


Wen Xingduan was sitting in his dormitory flipping through the latest interstellar magazine. He had already blocked the freshman group the moment he entered it, but his best friend Jiang Luan, who happened to be assigned to the same dormitory as him, was chatting feverishly on the communicator. He suddenly looked up at him and said in a flirtatious tone, “Wen Xingduan, why do you think the other person is so popular while you are unpopular when you also completed the 1vs2??”


Wen Xingduan lifted his eyes from the top of the magazine and glanced over, asking another question instead of answering him, “What do you think?”’


Jiang Luan burst out laughing.


He certainly knews the reason for this.


If you want to blame anyone, you can only blame Wen Xingduan for having a big handsome face that can be called the public enemy of all Alphas.


He was such a perfect and somewhat excessive being that even if he did nothing, he would still be excessively threatening in the eyes of the other Alphas.


In an event like the Challenge, where there was hardly any Omega present, it would be nice if the Alphas didn’t want him to disappear from the scene, not to mention the unwarranted publicity it gave him.


After all, the pressure of being with an Alpha like Wen Xingduan is a little too much and it is something that Jiang Luan, a dear friend who has known him for a long time, obviously experienced more deeply than anyone else.


But what could be done about it? A man like Wen Xingduan was often a deadly poison to the Omegas. An existence destined to make all Alphas envious and jealous.


With that in mind, Jiang Luan fanned the flames and asked with a smile, “How about I go and improve your reputation?”


Wen Xingduan raised his eyelashes lazily, “I can also help spread the word to the Omegas about your glorious feat of having an average of one mate per week.”


Jiang Luan raised his white flag: “I’ll shut up!”


“I’m glad you made the wiser choice.”


Wen Xingduan gave a light smile of approval, opened his communicator and looked at the contents of the group chat that was frantically scrolling down on its own. His eyes narrowed slightly as his eyes finally fell on the name that appeared frequently. A hint of recognition flashed between his eyebrows.


Oh, so his name was Lu Jingning.


Author’s Note: Wen Xingduan: Still want to grab him? Oh, it’s mine now.


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