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Who Says Omegas Can’t be as Explosive as Alphas

Chapter 109 – Who Says Omegas Can’t be as Explosive as Alphas

Chapter 109

After the start of the new school year, Lu Jingning’s days remained as calm as ever.


Classes were attended when necessary, and if a nap was in order during lectures, he would sleep as usual.


Perhaps due to the effective last-minute cramming for makeup classes at the end of the previous semester, he became even more carefree.


What was there to fear? With his boyfriend and soon-to-be fiancé Wen Xingchen at his beck and call, makeup classes were remarkably ther4p3utic!


Exams and such were just minor inconveniences!


As a self-proclaimed underachiever, Lu Jingning himself felt the inflation of his ego.


However, after about a month into the new semester, a confidential report arrived at the principal’s office where Bing Cang worked.


He quickly read through it, and a hint of weariness appeared on his face.


Despite secretly engaging in the ongoing battle against the insect race, Bing Cang didn’t expect this day to come so soon.


In a remote star system unknown to the public, a small-scale war broke out a few days ago.


In this battle, a highly concentrated energy source transported by the Empire was intercepted midway, resulting in heavy casualties for the special operations team responsible for the transport.


While the battle didn’t seem to cause much commotion, anyone with a bit of understanding knew the significance of the energy source falling into the hands of the insect race.


The time they had for human preparation would likely be shortened by at least ten years.


Ten years, for them, was already dire.


As a result, the urgency of conscription became evident, and the Imperial Military Department officially issued orders, instructing major military academies to recruit new soldiers and formally begin the formation of a joint alliance army.


In a sense, this move officially marked the first step in the war against the insect race.


Considering that most fourth-year students had already been recruited by various legions, this conscription primarily targeted students in their third year or below.


When the school announced this information on the campus website, it was like a massive stone dropped into a calm lake, creating instant waves.


These students on campus naturally had no idea about the gravity of the situation.


For them, the ultimate goal of entering a military academy was undoubtedly to secure a place in the military, and currently, this was an excellent opportunity.


Those with a bit of ambition showed considerable enthusiasm.


Lu Jingning should have been very interested in such matters, but as he looked at the crowded registration area, he couldn’t help but frown in confusion, “Something seems strange.”


Wen Xingchen, not having strong opinions on the matter, agreed to accompany him since Lu Jingning wanted to come. Now, hearing his sudden remark, he asked, “What’s wrong?”


Lu Jingning pointed to the propaganda posters outside, “The Empire hasn’t openly recruited on such a large scale for a long time, and this new legion is unexpectedly formed in collaboration with the Federation. Don’t you find it a bit unusual?”


Wen Xingchen’s gaze swept over the poster, and after a moment of silence, he said, “The need to establish a joint force by both countries to resist an external enemy can only mean…”


A flash of insight appeared in Lu Jingning’s eyes, “The insect race.”


Although the Empire and the Federation had maintained a facade of friendly diplomatic relations, it was nothing more than surface peace.


Those high-ranking officials had never truly trusted each other, engaging in numerous power struggles behind the scenes. Now, the fact that they decided to cooperate could only mean one thing – an external threat powerful enough to make them wary.


Given their previous experiences, the answer was almost self-evident.


Lu Jingning stood still for a moment, not heading towards the registration area. Instead, he lightly patted Wen Xingchen’s shoulder, “Let’s go, Brother Wen.”


Wen Xingchen, with a half-smile, looked at him, “Alright.”



When Bing Cang received the list of applicants in recent days, he unsurprisingly found the names of Yan Hebin, but not Lu Jingning and Wen Xingchen.


He raised an eyebrow, unable to suppress a smile, “These two rascals, are they waiting for me?”


But since he had no intention of hiding the matter, he directly sent a message, summoning the three of them to the principal’s office.


When Lu Jingning arrived, he saw Bing Cang holding a list, standing with his back to the door near the French windows.


He knocked on the door and called out, “Principal, we’re here!”


Bing Cang turned around, smiled, gestured for them to sit, and personally poured a cup of tea for each of the three.


Such treatment inevitably made them feel flattered.


Lu Jingning, however, wasn’t fooled at all. He smiled with narrowed eyes and asked, “If you have something to say, just say it, Principal. Why bother with formalities?”


Bing Cang didn’t take offense at his words; he simply handed the list to them, smiling amiably, “This is the application list for the Elite Team. Take a look.”


Lu Jingning quickly scanned through it, finding many familiar names, “Elite Team?”


He hadn’t expected that, besides the large-scale recruitment outside, there was also this move.


Although the students who applied would undergo various evaluations and screenings, they couldn’t compare to the directly selected Elite Team.


Bing Cang nodded, “Whether it’s the Empire or the Federation’s major military academies, they will submit a part of the list during this time. As for whether they pass or not, that’s a decision from above.”


After a slight pause, he continued, “Although it’s not suitable to reveal too much, I think you should have some understanding of the nature of this joint force. It’s not just to keep you vigilant but also to ensure the safety of your fellow students. Do you understand?”


Wen Xingchen responded, “Please rest assured, Principal. We will be cautious.”


Bing Cang nodded and glanced towards Yan Hebin.


From the beginning until now, he had been staring at the list, seemingly lost in thought. His expression changed slightly, and Bing Cang called his name.


Yan Hebin seemed to snap out of his thoughts, “Yes, Principal?”


After a moment of silence, Bing Cang said, “I know you’ve been waiting for a chance for a close encounter with the insect race for a long time. But you must remember, in the face of personal feelings, you are first and foremost a soldier. If there are any disagreements during the mission, everything must obey Lu Jingning’s arrangements.”


Lu Jingning, caught off guard, blinked, “So, I have the highest authority?”


The more he thought about it, the more beautiful it seemed. Unable to resist his curiosity, he asked, “Principal, have you finally discovered my potential as a commander?”


Bing Cang couldn’t help but feel speechless at his self-love and didn’t dismantle his fantasy, “You can think that way if you want.”


During the conversation, he cast a discreet glance at the person beside him, who was smiling without saying a word.


He had heard some rumors about their relationship. The reason for entrusting the final authority to Lu Jingning’s hands, in a way, was because he knew that with Wen Xingchen by his side, they could handle it with great discretion.



Perhaps due to the higher priority of recruiting for the Elite Team, the military department quickly provided feedback. The selected military academy students were instructed to report to the new legion internally.


A total of ten students were selected from the Imperial Navy Academy, including the three from the special task force. Among the familiar faces, Lu Jingning recognized Cen Junfeng and Qin Yuankai, who had previously accompanied him on a mission to the Watcher’s Isles.


Cen Junfeng seemed excited and greeted them from a distance, “Hey, Brother Lu! We are true comrades from now on!”


Lu Jingning scanned his enthusiastic face with no expression.


Indeed, ignorance could breed fear. Looking at his excited appearance, someone unaware might think they were embarking on an interstellar vacation with public funds.


The gathering point for the new legion was a nameless asteroid at the border between the Empire and the Federation, with the code SY9989.


To establish this new legion, the military department had long begun preparations.


When Lu Jingning and the others arrived, they could see dark-colored buildings situated in a desert-like area. It looked solemn and indifferent, exuding the unique oppression of a military legion.

Even from a distance, it was enough to make their spines subconsciously straighten, feeling the imminent reality of becoming true soldiers.


As the Elite Team, the first batch of new recruits to arrive, disembarked from the spacecraft, they were met with a desolate and lifeless landscape, almost devoid of any human presence.


The early arrivals were gathering in an open space outside the military base. Upon seeing the new landing spacecraft, they instinctively turned to look in their direction.


The glances held curiosity, but more prominently, wariness and inquiry.


This was a normal state of mind; after all, everyone was starting from scratch. Despite being called comrades, there was an inherent sense of competition among them.


Although they were all elites, no one knew who would be the first to stand out.


The new recruits assembled today included individuals from both the Empire and the Federation. Due to the different colors of their military uniforms, it was easy to distinguish between the two factions.


Moreover, humans, being creatures that naturally form groups, had unwittingly chosen their respective camps.


The white faction of the Empire and the white faction of the Federation each formed a circle. Although they were part of the same alliance army, two factions had inevitably emerged.


Lu Jingning wasn’t particularly interested in the strangers from the Federation.


What surprised him was that, although he knew top military academies like Silver Star Interstellar University would surely recommend candidates, he didn’t expect to see Tang Jiaze among them.


Tang Jiaze noticed Lu Jingning, curled his lips, and made an ambiguous sound.


In fact, as a senior in his fourth year, he had already been accepted by the Fifth Legion. However, as one of the few informed individuals at Silver Star University, he considered it carefully and ultimately chose to voluntarily join the new legion.


Although being part of the Fifth Legion offered job security, the strict rules and regulations made it difficult for someone of his background to advance.


The new legion was different.


If he wanted to climb to the top sooner, sometimes, he had to bear corresponding risks.


Only by truly standing on the battlefield could he rise higher.


A flicker of surprise crossed Lu Jingning’s eyes. After all, Tang Jiaze was a familiar face, and encountering him in this remote place was quite unexpected.


He was about to go over and greet him, but then he heard a disdainful laugh from nearby, “Which military academy sent this student? Isn’t this the Elite Team? Why is there an Omega among them?”


Lu Jingning’s steps paused slightly, and a hint of an enigmatic smile appeared in his narrowed eyes.


Well, this feeling of familiarity, it had been a long time coming.


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Chapter 139 – Who Says Omegas Can’t be as Explosive as Alphas

Chapter 139: Elder Brother Arranges the Wedding Car


The clamor from outside was completely shut out by the tightly closed doors and windows, leaving only the two facing each other.


Clad in a straight suit, the air around him carried the faint scent of alcohol from the banquet moments ago.


It was their wedding night.


However, as Wen Ye took off his coat and hung it on the rack, watching Bin Yunlin leisurely loosen his clothes nearby, his hand, about to touch the buttons, paused momentarily.


Bin Yunlin noticed his gaze, walked over, gently ran his hand through Wen Ye’s hair, his voice soft, “If you’re not ready yet, there’s no need to rush.”


Wen Ye hadn’t expected him to say that. Seeing Bin Yunlin really getting ready to rest in bed, he suddenly reached out and pulled him back, “Let’s do it tonight.”


Bin Yunlin could feel the warmth from the man’s palm, and for a moment, his expression softened, “Alright.”


After saying this, he hesitated slightly, hinting, “If you’re not sure what to do, I can help.”


Wen Ye nodded, agreeing, and once again reached for the buttons at the collar.


His long-term military life made his movements seem well-practiced. In moments, his clothes lay scattered around him, and then, meticulously, he neatly stacked them.


Bin Yunlin couldn’t help but chuckle, quickly taking off his own clothes and leading him to the bed.


While lying on the bed, Wen Ye seemed unsure of what to do, lifting his head to glance questioningly at Bin Yunlin.


Bin Yunlin’s gaze slid down, landing on his bare chest.


Trained rigorously for an extended period, Wen Ye’s body boasted sleek and strong muscular lines, even among Alphas. The muscles on his abdomen seemed meticulously sculpted, enough to evoke intense desire with just a glance.


Bin Yunlin’s pheromones diffused silently, without any aggression, more like a gentle hand, enveloping Wen Ye completely.


It was the first time Wen Ye had exposed himself so explicitly before Bin Yunlin. Subconsciously, he tightened his legs, inadvertently accentuating the straight and defined lines of his legs.


Bin Yunlin approached him slowly, slender fingers brushing across his face, his gaze grazing the pale lips, suppressing the emotions surging within, his voice low, carrying a peculiar allure, “Aye, spread your legs.”


Wen Ye’s face inevitably flushed a bit. He shifted his gaze to the ceiling, adjusted his breathing, and slowly parted his knees.


Simultaneously, he felt a softness on his lips, and the familiar sensation overflowed.


Bin Yunlin’s lips carried a faint scent of tea. Although it wasn’t their first kiss, it was because of that sudden hand venturing between his legs that ignited Wen Ye’s desire completely.


Like a spark igniting a blaze.


Their naked bodies touched, and though instinct urged him to close his legs, it was Bin Yunlin’s hand obstructing in between that forced him to widen them further.


Bin Yunlin pressed against Wen Ye, one hand cradling the back of his neck, his tongue gently intertwining with his lips, the other hand gently caressing the already hardened member.


Wen Ye usually held dominance, yet now, under Bin Yunlin’s teasing, he felt an overwhelming sense of comfort. Waves of strange sensations surged within him.


The alcohol from tonight seemed to rise, making him feel for the first time what it meant to be unable to resist.


“Um…” Wen Ye instinctively let out a soft moan, moving his hips slightly, offering more of the heated hardness between his legs to Bin Yunlin’s hand.


Bin Yunlin’s eyes lowered slightly, sensing his movement. He released Wen Ye’s lips, easing the pressure in his grip, and began to gently stroke.


The initial intensity dissipated suddenly, causing Wen Ye’s breathing to involuntarily intensify, alternating between light and heavy, his tone changing.


He seemed somewhat dissatisfied with Bin Yunlin’s sudden retreat, his gaze slightly hazy, a faint frown on his forehead.


“Take it slow, don’t rush,” Bin Yunlin comforted softly, slowly kissing down his chest’s curvature, while his other hand explored, tentatively slipping a finger into the tight opening.


It was moist inside, yet incredibly narrow.


“Stop…” Wen Ye’s mind went blank for a moment, the words unfinished. A strange sensation swept over him, his entire body suddenly hot. Feeling uncomfortable, he wanted to close his legs again, but Bin Yunlin’s hand firmly held them open.


“Does it hurt? I’ll go gentler.” Bin Yunlin pressed against him, his finger slowly pushing inside. Gradually, he inserted a knuckle, gently wiping away the thin sweat on Wen Ye’s face, his tone gentle, “See, you’re a bit wet down here already.”


During his words, his fingers gently moved inside, feeling the instinctive response as the passage subconsciously tightened a bit, as if to fully engulf him.


“Mmm… Ah…”


Wen Ye couldn’t help but let out a soft, restrained moan. His thigh muscles tensed further, and his whole body trembled lightly as if electrified.


Gradually, the passage loosened considerably, and Bin Yunlin inserted another finger, gently teasing the newfound sensitive spot.


By this point, Wen Ye’s body had completely relaxed. Waves of desire surged through him, making him appear restrained yet filled with intense longing.


Seeing him immersed in desire, Bin Yunlin’s heart felt an intense heat. He couldn’t restrain himself any longer, leaning down heavily to kiss his lips again.


“Ah… Yunlin… Give me…”


Wen Ye felt the fingers moving inside him, yet at this moment, he couldn’t control his own urgent body anymore. Slowly, he spread his legs, fully exposing himself to the other.


He said, “Yunlin… Ah… Give me…”


The handsome Alpha’s face was filled with desire, his dark eyes seemingly veiled with a mist, and his lips had a strange redness due to the teasing.


Under this gaze, Bin Yunlin no longer restrained himself. He forcefully plunged his thick desire into the now relaxed opening.


With each thrust, uncontrollable sweet and husky murmurs spilled from Wen Ye’s mouth, desire overflowing intermittently.


Bin Yunlin lowered his head and could see a physiological fluid at the corners of Wen Ye’s eyes. While stimulating, he gently licked it away.


“Ah… Mmm…”


Waves of overwhelming pleasure swept through his body. Wen Ye instinctively tried to straighten his legs, but Bin Yunlin lifted him and sat him against the windowsill, his hands embracing Wen Ye’s smooth, taut back.


Bin Yunlin’s eyes also uncontrollably filled with desire. Tilting his head, he kissed Wen Ye’s lips while holding onto him tightly, thrusting deeper.


Wen Ye’s breaths were heavy, his long legs moved instinctively for a moment, eventually encircling the other’s waist.


Their bodies, covered in a thin sheen of sweat, entangled together. Amidst the collision of their flesh, emotions were about to reach their peak when suddenly, everything seemed to spin.


Wen Ye never expected Bin Yunlin to lift him in this position. When he came to his senses, they were standing by the French window.


The sudden withdrawal made him feel a sudden emptiness at the opening. Before he could register this sensation, he was turned around.


Facing the scene reflected in the transparent glass window, he could see himself, full of desire, seemingly merging with the distant neon lights.


They were on the third floor, visible to the guests gathering below. If anyone were to look up at that moment, they would clearly witness this scene of rampant desire.


“Yunlin, don’t… Ah…”


Before Wen Ye’s words finished, he felt Bin Yunlin penetrating him again from behind. His body was pushed against the window sill, the cold touch in front contrasting sharply with the intense heat at the rear opening. Unable to restrain himself, he moaned, but the sound was stifled in his throat.


Bin Yunlin leaned forward from behind, gently holding him close, the hot breath rubbing against Wen Ye’s reddened ear, “Don’t worry, they can’t hear us.”


Seeming to pinpoint his sensitive spot completely, Wen Ye felt his legs weakening involuntarily under Bin Yunlin’s hold. The neon lights from outside intensified his utmost shyness, and uncontrollable moans escaped his throat. Under this complete domination, pleasure surged uncontrollably.


“Yunlin… Ah…”


Instinctively calling Bin Yunlin’s name, Wen Ye felt his descending body held firmly, and the thrusts from behind accelerated.


The heat within him intensified. Near the brink of eruption, an overwhelming rush of heat flooded through him. It felt like it completely invaded his entire body. Simultaneously, Wen Ye felt that climax reaching its peak. With the other’s hand firmly stroking him, his member pulsed twice and completely released.


The thorough explosion left Wen Ye feeling a kind of exhaustion he’d never experienced before. As his body went limp, Bin Yunlin naturally held him close.


The two sat there, nestled against each other, by the French window.


Looking at the colorful starlight outside, Bin Yunlin seemed to recall something, his voice hoarse as he smiled faintly, “Hmm, you’re the best.”

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Chapter 138 – Who Says Omegas Can’t be as Explosive as Alphas

Chapter 138: Extra Story Nine


Today is the day of the Emperor’s Navy University’s freshman orientation.


As it coincides with the school’s eightieth anniversary, Bing Cang invited several students with significant status in the military to return to the campus, setting an example for the younger students.


Jiang Luan, although no longer connected to the military, was well-informed. He took this opportunity to gather a few acquaintances from the past, planning a get-together after the opening ceremony.


Over the years, everyone had moved on with their lives, leaving few chances for such reunions.

Hence, the attendance seemed surprisingly complete.


As Lu Jingning and Wen Xingchen entered the principal’s office, they were warmly welcomed by everyone.


Yu Qingcang playfully ruffled Lu Jingning’s hair, boasting, “Look, I’ve tousled the Marshal’s hair too! I can brag about it to my buddies in the army for a year!”


Lu Jingning pushed him away irritably, “My head is only worth a year of bragging for you? Get lost! You messed up my hair. If you don’t brag for ten years, don’t come back to see me!”


Yu Qingcang clicked his tongue, “Would bragging for a hundred years be enough?”


Lu Jingning playfully kicked him and glanced around.


Apart from Yu Qingcang and Ren Jin, they spotted Bing Yunlin and Wen Ye standing next to Bing Cang’s seat, waving at them from a distance.


The beautifully striking Omega beside Jiang Luan curiously observed Lu Jingning. Catching Lu Jingning’s gaze, the Omega hastily averted their eyes but continued whispering to Jiang Luan.


Looking further… Lu Jingning silently observed the inseparable pair, then teasingly remarked to Wen Xingchen, “Look at them, attending the alumni gathering with their partners and even dressed in matching outfits.”


Yan Hebin and Su Qian both wore white tops and impeccably tailored suits. Even their meticulously buttoned style exuded an academic aura. They were just a step away from sporting the words “I’m a scholar” glaring above their heads.


Seeing these absolute scholars, Lu Jingning felt hesitant to claim the title of a “superior being.”


Suddenly, Yu Qingcang remembered something, “By the way, Marshal Lu, isn’t Cen Junfeng serving as your deputy now? Why didn’t you grant him leave to attend?”


Lu Jingning glanced at him indifferently, “If both the Commander and Deputy Commander attend the alumni gathering, who will run the troops? Who will fight the insect race? Who will take responsibility in case of an emergency?”


Yu Qingcang: “…”


A consecutive strike, rendering him speechless.


Well, indeed, he was still just a younger brother!


After a brief gathering in the principal’s office, it was soon time for the freshman orientation.

Lu Jingning, Wen Xingchen, Bing Yunlin, Wen Ye…

As these top-ranking military officers of the Imperial Army appeared one after another, the entire venue fell into an endless silence due to overwhelming shock.


Behind this silence, the hearts of these freshmen surged with excitement, almost fainting from the thrill of seeing these living legends.


According to the plan, aside from some ordinary military personnel, these top officers were supposed to deliver speeches to the freshmen.


For Yu Qingcang and the rest, witnessing Lu Jingning on stage was particularly intriguing. Watching him step up and present a speech, they were nearly jaw-dropped: “Holy cow, has he truly transformed into a leader after taking the position?”


Beside him, Yan Hebin glanced over and deadpanned, “He asked me to write it for him yesterday.”


Yu Qingcang: “…I was naive.”


But surprisingly, when Lu Jingning recited the speech, he did so with a certain leadership charisma.


Just as he finished the whole speech and was about to salute and leave the stage, he suddenly scanned the audience, raising his voice, “Where are the Omega freshmen this year?”


Clearly catching everyone off guard, after a slight moment of confusion, a few scattered hands timidly rose from the crowd.


Lu Jingning looked at these few Omegas, evidently more than in previous years. A smile tugged at his lips as he pointed to the shining medal on his chest, asking, “Do you see, is the Imperial Marshal’s medal dazzling?”


One by one, some took the courage to respond, “Dazzling!”


Lu Jingning: “Do you all want it?”


The voices this time were suddenly much more organized, brimming with a unique vigor: “We want it!”


Lu Jingning smiled faintly, a hint of undisguised arrogance in his tone, “If you want it, then with your utmost effort, charge towards this position wholeheartedly in the future!”


There was a momentary pause in the entire hall, then a wave of cheers erupted, almost flipping the roof.


As an Omega, Lu Jingning had reached a position comparable to the recently retired Teng Hanmo, a feat achieved by accumulating step by step, unlike Marshal Teng, who wasn’t considered an academic type. Moreover, when promoted to marshal, he was already in his forties, making Lu Jingning’s journey more legendary in comparison. Being an alumnus of the Emperor’s Navy Academy, especially with his intense influence, ignited a fervor among all the attending Omegas.


Having stepped down from the stage, Bing Yunlin, observing the scene, couldn’t help but chuckle and teasingly remarked to Wen Ye, gesturing subtly, “Having an Omega like this, your brother must be working hard.”


Wen Ye: “Not hard.”


Bing Yunlin: “Isn’t it hard?”


Wen Ye looked up at him and said earnestly, “When it’s someone you like, it’s not hard.”


Their conversation amidst the bustling noise went unnoticed due to Lu Jingning’s overwhelming presence.


Bing Yunlin faced with such a look, his eyes subtly flickered. Taking advantage of the lack of attention, he suddenly pulled Wen Ye closer, pressing him against the wall, and kissed him boldly.


Wen Ye clearly hadn’t expected this sudden move. Unaccustomed to such public displays, his body stiffened involuntarily. Initially intending to resist, under the overwhelming passion of the kiss, he gradually became inexplicably immersed.


After the freshman orientation ended and the speakers returned to their group, Jiang Luan noticed something unusual about Wen Ye, usually as cold as an iceberg. However, he quickly shook off the thought, dismissing the notion as ridiculous. He must be losing his mind to entertain such thoughts.


… The evening’s activities were straightforward, returning to the familiar entertainment club they frequented during their school days, in the same private room. After many years without such a reunion, everyone appeared quite lively and naturally indulged in a few extra drinks.


Lu Jingning, in particular, led the drinking charge.


As he downed several glasses, Wen Xingchen, unable to sit still, stopped Lu Jingning’s hand about to reach for another glass, reminding him, “What did we agree on yesterday?”

Due to prior incidents, Lu Jingning had sworn before coming today to absolutely moderate his drinking.


Hearing his Alpha’s reminder, Lu Jingning blinked, acknowledging his fault, and softened his voice, “Alright, Brother Wen, just one more drink, just one.”


His tone softened, and Wen Xingchen unexpectedly couldn’t assert his authority, his lips slightly pressed together.


Observing this, Yu Qingcang couldn’t help but chuckle, “Impressive, Lu Jingning. So disciplined after marriage!”


Ren Jin noticed Lu Jingning’s nearly tipsy state and, with lightning speed, dragged him away, “You’ve had enough. Let me sober you up.”


Normally, Ren Jin, a smaller-built person, couldn’t possibly move Yu Qingcang, but with a sudden exertion of force, Yu Qingcang involuntarily followed along, muttering in confusion, “Have I had too much? Really? No, right?”


As the clueless guy was taken away, Lu Jingning retracted his sharp gaze, turning to Wen Xingchen with a bright smile, “Brother Wen?”


Wen Xingchen, observing Lu Jingning’s state, replied with a deadpan expression, “Half a glass.”


Lu Jingning didn’t object, cheered, and finally reached for the bottle again. But before he could take a sip, Jiang Luan, seated on the nearby sofa, couldn’t help but wail, “Brother Lu, control your pheromones!”


      Lu Jingning paused, then leaned to sniff himself, “Leaked again?”


      In reality, due to the alcohol, only a trace had leaked out. However, given his enhanced strength from years on the front lines, which was incomparable to his school days, it was quite unbearable for an Alpha like Jiang Luan at that level.


  The king of socializing, who could stand firm after drinking so much, now couldn’t even stand up properly.


  Sensing Jiang Luan’s pleading gaze, Wen Xingchen stood up from his seat, saying, “Please continue, I’ll take Anning back to the room first.”


  With a sense of responsibility for everyone’s safety in the room, he scooped up Lu Jingning into his arms and left without looking back.


  Jiang Luan felt alive again.


  His Omega partner beside him couldn’t help but exclaim, “Is this our empire’s top officer? His boyfriend power is off the charts!”


  Jiang Luan: ?


  Wasn’t his boyfriend power strong?


  Seeing Wen Xingchen and them leaving, Su Qian glanced at the time and asked the person beside him, “Do you want to leave?”


  Yan Hebin shook his head, “Let’s stay a little longer.”


  Su Qian was surprised by Yan Hebin’s response; usually aloof to everyone, he might genuinely consider these people as friends.


  Understanding this, Su Qian smiled faintly and swapped his wine for juice, saying, “Then let’s stay a bit longer, but with your drinking capacity, maybe stick to beverages.”

  Yan Hebin nodded, remarking, “Perhaps I should find a way to improve my toleranc


  Su Qian chuckled, “If you want, I’ll prepare a concoction for you.”


  Yan Hebin agreed, “Okay.”


  Clearly, many tonight weren’t handling their alcohol well. With no elixir to boost tolerance, they had to manage on their own.


  Bing Yunlin had noticed earlier that Wen Ye’s eyes were slightly red. Thinking of Lu Jingning’s pheromones, he teasingly asked, “Do you also like his scent?”


  Wen Ye didn’t evade, moistening his dry throat with a sip and nodded, “Physically, it seems so.”


  The response was quite precise, and Bing Yunlin found it almost amusing. But then Wen Ye suddenly looked up and casually added, “However, I prefer lemon red tea.”


  A tender expression flashed in Bing Yunlin’s eyes.


  Knowing his partner disliked public attention, he smiled, took Wen Ye’s hand, and walked out, politely excusing themselves to use the restroom.


  As they left one after the other, the others couldn’t help but be captivated by their joined hands.


  Do these big shots need a group outing to the restroom?


  Exchanging bewildered looks, slowly realizing the situation, a deep, knowing smile appeared in their eyes.


  Despite the years passed, amidst enduring conflicts, each of them seemed to have found their own happiness.


  In this not-so-peaceful era, this, it seemed, was the closest to perfection.

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Chapter 137 – Who Says Omegas Can’t be as Explosive as Alphas

Chapter 137: Extra Story Eight 


“Did you hear? The number of Omega recruits has increased again this year!”


“Oh? It’s been steadily rising in recent years, hasn’t it?”


“But, doesn’t this make it easier for us single Alphas to get into relationships?”


“However, ever since Marshal Lu took over the joint forces, the proportion of Omegas entering the army has noticeably increased.”


“Speaking of which, isn’t that Marshal a true legend? Just thinking that such a figure came from our Imperial Navy makes me excited!”


“Yeah, and there’s Marshal Wen too! The heroes of the Imperial Navy! I applied to the Imperial Navy just for them; after all, they’re both my seniors, haha!”


“Look at you boasting, as if anyone isn’t a disciple of those heroes.”


At the beginning of the new academic year at the Imperial Naval Academy, several senior Alphas gathered at the school gates to welcome the new students. During a lull, they chatted casually, some remarks drifting in and out.


Such scenes unfolded every year at the start of the school year, yet each year seemed to carry a slightly different sensation.


This change occurred subtly and imperceptibly.


The massive insectoid army had been completely blocked by the joint forces at the outskirts of remote star systems, restless but restrained by deterrence for over a year. This situation temporarily returned human life to a relatively peaceful state.


Everyone hoped for this peace to endure for as long as possible.


Among the seniors, a male student with chestnut curly hair happened to glance up and saw two figures walking shoulder to shoulder from outside the school.


His gaze paused involuntarily, surprised, “Are those two our instructors? How come I’ve never seen them before?”


Others followed his gaze, all fixating on the same spot.


Someone couldn’t help muttering softly, “Are you kidding?”


Indeed, they hadn’t been seen before, yet their faces seemed oddly familiar, seen frequently on the front page of information reports.


The two figures didn’t perform any special actions, merely walked naturally. However, the aura exuding from their entire beings carried an inexplicable sense of natural intimidation, causing the students to feel a dryness in their throats.


Golden strands of hair reflected the warm glow of stars. Despite the passing years, the hardships of prolonged battles hadn’t worn away too much of their striking features.


Having not returned to the Imperial Naval Academy for many years and with the campus having undergone several renovations, Lu Jingning momentarily paused upon entering the campus, taking note of the students around before walking over.


As they looked at him in a daze, he generously flashed a bright smile, aiming to ease their tension, “Excuse me, could you tell me how to get to the principal’s office?”


From a distance, they hadn’t seen clearly, but now, facing this distinctive face up close, the senior students didn’t respond. Instead, they felt more bewildered.


So, were they dreaming?


The person they had just been discussing suddenly appeared right in front of them!


Someone was the first to react but couldn’t think straight; their minds were filled with just one thought: If this truly was Marshal Lu, then the person beside him should be…


Wen Xingchen noticed the gazes directed at them, his eyelashes drooping slightly as he calmly reminded, “So, does anyone know?”


His calm tone fell upon everyone’s ears. The vibrant atmosphere, previously lit up by Lu Jingning’s smile, suddenly vanished. In its place, a strong sense of intimidation, not born of anger but authority, swept through.


Unlike Lu Jingning, because of the inherent sensitivity among Alphas, coupled with Wen Xingchen’s long-term battlefield dominance through pheromones, his words made everyone reflexively stand at attention in a neat row, “Yes, sir!”


Lu Jingning found it somewhat amusing and lightly nudged Wen Xingchen with his elbow, “Brother Wen, you scared the kids.”


Wen Xingchen remained silent for a moment before stepping back.


Within a short time, some seniors felt a thin layer of sweat covering their bodies. Only then did they sense the pressure ease a bit, allowing their befuddled minds to start functioning.


One of them wiped off a bead of sweat, pointing to a nearby tall building, “If you’re heading to the principal’s office, it’s that building over there. Top floor.”


“Thank you.”


Lu Jingning finished speaking and was about to walk away with Wen Xingchen when someone suddenly called out, “Excuse me, please wait?”


He turned back in confusion, “Is there something else?”


The person, upon being looked at, blushed profoundly. After stammering for a while, they finally managed to say, “Excuse me… you’re Marshal Lu Jingning, right?”


Lu Jingning wasn’t surprised to be recognized, “Hmm? That’s me.”


The person’s face flushed even more like it was on fire. Finally, summoning courage, they blurted out, “I… I’m your devoted supporter! May I have your autograph, please?”


Upon hearing this, everyone’s eyes widened.


Damn, this kid’s usually silent, why so cheeky now?


They all wanted that too, aaaaah!


Lu Jingning, being gracious, replied, “Of course.”


Seeing their companion actually getting an autograph, envy erupted among the others. Unable to contain themselves, they followed suit, asking for autographs as well.


Lu Jingning was genuinely accommodating, swiftly signing on the back of their clothes with ornate and eye-catching strokes.


Noticing their hesitant expressions, he understood and turned to Wen Xingchen with a smile, “Brother Wen, want to join me in signing?”


Initially indifferent, Wen Xingchen casually agreed, taking the pen and adding his signature.


As they departed, the expressions directed at Lu Jingning were filled with unabashed admiration.


He was the person they admired, a perfect Omega, beautiful, kind-hearted, and incredibly powerful!


The thought lingered in their minds for a long time, so much so that it wasn’t until the two walked far away that they slowly snapped out of it, exchanging glances with one another.


“Hey, I heard earlier that there would be alumni gathering at the school today.”


“And they’ll be giving speeches at the freshman welcome ceremony.”




“Damn, this batch is so lucky!”


“I’m starting to get excited. If these two are here, maybe other big shots…”


As their conversation tapered off, an eerie silence enveloped them. They all looked towards the school gates, eyes brimming with anticipation and eagerness.



Lu Jingning and Wen Xingchen continued towards the principal’s office. Lu Jingning noticed the curve of Wen Xingchen’s lips and couldn’t help but glance at him, “What’s so funny?”


Wen Xingchen replied, “I was thinking, you’re always so popular wherever you go.”


Lu Jingning grinned at him, “Aren’t you the same, Marshal Wen?”


Just as Wen Xingchen was about to respond, Lu Jingning’s communicator rang. He tilted his head, signaling Wen Xingchen to answer.


Glancing at the caller ID, Lu Jingning showed it to Wen Xingchen before calmly accepting the call. “Alright, alright, we’re already inside the school gates. You’re all grown-ups, why so impatient?”


The voice on the other end, clearly from Yu Qingcang, stuttered for a moment before grumpily saying, “Isn’t it because you two are too slow? Everyone’s waiting at the principal’s office, and it’s just you two missing.”


Lu Jingning nonchalantly acknowledged and suddenly remembered something, “Is Jinjin also here?”


The communicator crackled with confusion for a moment before Ren Jin’s soft voice came through, sounding excited, “Lu-ge, I’m here! Waiting for you!”


Lu Jingning replied, “Okay, downstairs, we’ll be right there.”


As Yu Qingcang took over the communicator again, it seemed he finally realized something and gritted his teeth, emphasizing, “What do you mean ‘your Jinjin’? Ah Jin obviously belongs to me!”


Oh my, possessiveness at its peak!


Lu Jingning couldn’t resist teasing him, “Yours? Ask Ren Jin if the Lu Supporters Club is still active.”


Yu Qingcang almost wanted to smack the communicator against that smug face but controlled himself, taking a deep breath and gritting his teeth, “Just get here already!”


Lu Jingning moved the communicator away from his ear for a moment, then calmly responded, “Fine, fine, we’re downstairs, we’ll be there soon.”


After ending the call, he noticed Wen Xingchen’s amused expression and mockingly scolded him, “You’re slow too, why are you laughing?”


Wen Xingchen pressed the elevator button and gestured, “Heard that. So please enter, Marshal Lu.”


Lu Jingning couldn’t hold back, finally laughing out loud, “Alright, you’re the same, my Marshal Wen.”

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Chapter 136 – Who Says Omegas Can’t be as Explosive as Alphas

Chapter 136: Extra Story Seven


Initially, the process of Wen Ye and Bing Yunlin being together was incredibly low-key. Even until their marriage, it remained remarkably understated. Even their wedding was a simple affair. In contrast to the extravagant century wedding of the Wen family, theirs seemed excessively modest.


What’s most surprising is how the Bing family, such a prestigious household, simply let them be. It seemed they hadn’t considered how it might affect their image at all.


Both being prominent figures in the military, this demeanor unavoidably sparked speculation. Yet, the involved parties remained unbothered, continuing their lives without a hitch.


If anything, their habits seemed to align more seamlessly as time progressed.


Wen Ye always favored a systematic approach to life, where everything had a plan, followed by flawlessly executed actions. Bing Yunlin, while not particularly disorganized before, was relatively more spontaneous. Many doubted this seemingly mismatched duo’s compatibility, but post-marriage, Bing Yunlin adapted to a degree that their life together became the epitome of perfect synchronization.


Wen Ye adhered strictly to his self-imposed schedule, and Bing Yunlin mirrored it precisely. These routines, neatly placed by the bedside, served as constant reminders.


As usual, with stars rising from the distant horizon, another routine day unfolded seamlessly.


At the crack of dawn, as if on cue, Wen Ye’s internal clock roused him from slumber, his eyes opening almost to the precise second.


This slight movement promptly awakened the nearby Bing Yunlin. Seeing Wen Ye about to rise and dress, he gently pulled him closer.


Nuzzling against Wen Ye’s neck, Bing Yunlin’s voice carried a rare laziness, owing to just having woken up. It lent him an air of elegant languor, akin to a graceful fox. “Good morning, A’ Ye.”


Due to just waking up, his voice held an unusual lilt, making his whole demeanor resemble a lazy yet elegant fox.


Slightly tickled by Bing Yunlin’s actions, Wen Ye couldn’t help but curve his lips. “Morning.”


Observing Wen Ye dress at a pace rivaling military protocol, Bing Yunlin leaned against the bedside, lazily stretching before reluctantly tearing his gaze away to fetch his own clothes.


Although Wen Ye was strict about his routines, he didn’t insist on forcing Bing Yunlin to adhere strictly to his schedule. He had proposed it multiple times, but Bing Yunlin, with a smiling refusal, consistently replied, “I understand your thoughts, but I’d rather sync my life completely with yours for a lifetime.”


Marriage seemed to sprinkle unexpected moments of affection like these randomly into their days. Eventually, Wen Ye learned to simply go with the flow.


Their morning routine was simple. It began with their usual morning run, akin to a marathon, followed by combat training, culminating in lunchtime. Wen Ye’s endurance remained exceptional. His morning run was practically a marathon, at a pace that few, even among the high-ranking officers in the entire military, could keep up with.


Surprisingly, Bing Yunlin matched this speed without breaking a sweat, running the entire distance alongside him. Not only that, he even handed over a bottle of water at the finish line.


One couldn’t fathom when he’d prepared so thoroughly; he was the epitome of an exemplary partner, flawless in every aspect.


Because they reported daily, the sight of them entering the training ground, one following the other, had become commonplace, evoking not just excitement but also a sense of routine among those present.


Later on, others gradually caught on to their daily morning training routine. Some even waited eagerly in advance, eager to witness the exhilarating “mutual combat scene” of these two esteemed officers.


Combat required a fairly matched opponent, and for Wen Ye, Bing Yunlin was evidently the perfect match. Despite sharing a bed every night, once they stepped into the ring, their movements were precise, showing no hint of leniency.


From an observer’s perspective, even a casual video snippet captured the essence of their combat skills. Gradually, this time slot became a learning opportunity for other soldiers in the Legion.


A ring of onlookers surrounded them, eager to witness the showdown between these two top-ranking Alpha young officers. The excitement was so overwhelming that one viewing was never enough.


Over time, the daily training ground became more popular than the neighboring planet’s grand theater, a testament to its packed audience each day.


Wen Ye wasn’t fond of this attention, but accustomed to it, he didn’t protest. As for Bing Yunlin, he had no objections whatsoever.


After a while, Bing Yunlin arranged for a colleague to manage the crowd, ensuring each viewer paid a fee of 100 stars per visit. It was a shrewd move, leaving little room for refusal.


Wen Ye didn’t particularly endorse this approach, but since it was Bing Yunlin who initiated it, rather than expressing dissent, Wen Ye surprisingly cooperated.


In Bing Yunlin’s words, he intended to contribute these earnings to household expenses. Though they weren’t in need, he found a peculiar charm in using this “hard-earned money” to purchase various house decorations, such as the towel rack in the bathroom, acquired through these means.


The eccentric designs left Wen Ye questioning Bing Yunlin’s taste, once remarking, “Could your preferences lean a bit more towards the norm?”


With a radiant smile, Bing Yunlin countered, “Do you dislike it this way?”


Momentarily silent, under Bing Yunlin’s gaze, Wen Ye’s expression inadvertently turned serious. “I like it.”


Initially, he might have hesitated about liking Bing Yunlin’s quirks, but today, the answer seemed unequivocal.


Lunch was prepared by Bing Yunlin. Wen Ye’s aversion to greasy food was common knowledge, so there was an unspoken understanding about who took charge in the kitchen.


Post-meal comprised a brief session of current affairs and a nap. The nap had to fit within an hour, but the news time was remarkably flexible.


As per Wen Ye’s routine, he meticulously perused all significant military and political reports to ensure he had the latest frontline intelligence.


Having brewed tea, Bing Yunlin lounged on the nearby sofa, casually browsing the news. Glancing at the time, he reminded, “It’s time for the meeting.”


Today, they had an internal Legion meeting discussing crucial strategic deployments for the upcoming phase. Despite being on leave for a few days, attending this meeting was imperative.


Wen Ye’s demeanor in uniform contrasted starkly with his usual relaxed attire, whereas Bing Yunlin, regardless of what he wore, always exuded a subtle hint of slyness.


As they stepped outside, Bing Yunlin suddenly called out to him. Wen Ye turned around inquiringly, only to see Bing Yunlin approaching with a smile, gently adjusting his collar. “It’s early, no need to rush.”


Wen Ye disliked being late and always allocated ample time to avoid any haste. But today, somehow, his collar adjustment didn’t seem as meticulous as usual.


Serious in his gesture, Bing Yunlin tidied it up and, casting a glance at Wen Ye’s expression, asked, “What’s on your mind?”


Caught off guard that his momentary distraction was noticed by Bing Yunlin over such a small detail, Wen Ye paused momentarily before responding, “Wen Xingchen and Lu Jingning’s fleet clashed with the Insectoids. I’m uncertain about the situation.”


Bing Yunlin blinked his narrow eyes and lightly patted Wen Ye’s shoulder, smoothing out the final crease. “Lu Jingning is quite nimble; nothing serious will happen.”


Though this statement lacked any theoretical basis, whenever Bing Yunlin spoke, Wen Ye found his words strangely reasonable. Nodding in agreement, Wen Ye affirmed, “That’s true.”


In no time, Bing Yunlin was ready. Grinning, he gestured, “Let’s go.”



Within the military, Alpha-alpha relationships weren’t uncommon. However, the presence of two top-tier Alphas created an undeniably captivating scene.


On the avenue, two tall and slender figures were visible from afar, their proportions immaculate and bodies perfectly sculpted.


Passing soldiers couldn’t help but glance and silently exclaim to themselves, “Those two esteemed individuals!”


Having spent many years in the military, Wen Ye and Bing Yunlin had garnered their fair share of admirers. New recruits rarely encountered them and couldn’t help but sneak excited glances, envisioning countless military scenarios in their animated discussions.


The pairing of these top-notch individuals felt akin to a movie scene—a perfect match, seamlessly complementary.


In reality, if anyone overheard their conversation, they’d probably question their lives. No significant military matters were being discussed. Although Wen Ye appeared deep in thought, the question he posed was entirely unexpected.


Bing Yunlin, amused by Wen Ye’s furrowed brow, chuckled, “How about minced meat fried rice then?”


Wen Ye negated, “I had a substantial intake of meat yesterday; an imbalance in energy intake affects the body’s state.”


Considering, Bing Yunlin suggested, “Vegetables, then?”


Shaking his head, Wen Ye explained, “Purely vegetable-based meals often lack balanced nutrients.”


After a moment of contemplation, he finally concluded, “Based on last week’s menu, we could consider seafood today, preferably shellfish.”


Unable to contain his amusement, Bing Yunlin laughed, “Alright, after the meeting, let’s go buy some.”


Wen Ye nodded in agreement, “Agreed.”


As they conversed, the two arrived at the entrance of the meeting building. The two soldiers on guard saluted crisply upon seeing them.


Wen Ye courteously reciprocated the gesture, and together with Bing Yunlin, they ascended the steps and entered side by side.


Today, everything proceeded according to plan, a genuinely satisfying accomplishment for Wen Ye.

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Chapter 135 – Who Says Omegas Can’t be as Explosive as Alphas

Chapter 135: Extra Story Six


In the world of Alphas, Betas and Omegas, the Alpha-Omega and Beta-Beta pairings are the most common, yet in the military, this unique setting unquestionably necessitates Alpha-Alpha or Alpha-Beta pairings.


Although Alphas have their own sensitive periods, they’re evidently easier to manage compared to an Omega’s heat.


So, when Su Qian’s relationship with Yan Hebin was revealed, it wasn’t well-received by those around them for quite some time.


Since Yu Qingcang had settled with Ren Jin, he had moved past his silent admiration for Yan Hebin. Upon hearing about these two being together, his initial response wasn’t that his coveted Omega was taken by his brother, but rather a very practical inquiry, “How do you plan to handle future heats?”


Typically, during an Omega’s younger years, suppressing the heat during that time is possible with suppressants. However, these drugs have a limited effect, and prolonged use builds immunity. Relying solely on suppressants for life is unrealistic. While some Omegas are averse to marriage, enduring the heat remains an excruciating experience.


Su Qian had evidently pondered this issue early on and simply smiled, “Don’t worry, I’ve been developing a specialized potion.”


“…,” Yu Qingcang was momentarily choked, finally stating, “Forget I asked.”


Alright, the world of academic elites apparently didn’t require concern from ordinary mortals like them.


Look at those affluent individuals, often lavishing fortunes for a smile, while these non-human entities at the pinnacle of scientific research casually engage in exclusive medical studies. Incomparable, truly incomparable.


While such exaggerated claims might be mere bluster if placed on Lu Jingning, Su Qian would never engage in such falsehoods. Yu Qingcang understood him too well, never questioning his words.


In reality, upon establishing a rapport with Yan Hebin, Su Qian had already begun planning this research project. After many years, it had finally borne fruit.


Yan Hebin knew how much effort Su Qian invested in this project. Countless nights, he witnessed Su Qian’s figure in the personal lab, departing only at daybreak.


Though it was a profoundly significant research project for both, it was still a personal matter, relegated to moments carved out between work hours.


The intensity was staggering.


Hence, when he saw the blue potion displayed before him, Yan Hebin didn’t say much, but internally felt an unprecedented tenderness.


He had always been emotionally detached. Initially, when he met Su Qian, he never imagined this man would enter his life in such a manner. Yet now, there was no trace of regret.


Undeniably, Omegas are highly influenced by pheromones. Many asked him what he would do if he encountered an Alpha with an extremely high compatibility. Yan Hebin pondered this but always had one answer— he would choose Su Qian.


For an Omega, missing out on the sensation of being enveloped by pheromones was undoubtedly regretful, yet he willingly sacrificed this physiological pleasure to follow his true feelings.


Su Qian was a remarkable presence, not requiring extensive communication in ordinary times. Merely standing quietly nearby offered an unparalleled sense of tranquility.


His presence lacked any significant pressure and never induced discomfort. Like air, it brought comfort and reassurance without being indispensable.


Yan Hebin knew he liked this tranquility.



As always, when Yan Hebin’s heat arrived, it was a time of great tension for both.


However, something was different this time. Su Qian had completed an incredibly lengthy research project, and the blue potion became a special entity.


As this project was tailored for Yan Hebin, Su Qian gave this potion an exceptionally straightforward name, “Hebin.”


From dating to marriage, there hadn’t been an excess of sweet words between them. Yet these three words alone were the most moving endearments Yan Hebin had heard in his life.


Sometimes, love was like this. In unanticipated moments, it would rush in, making everything romantically chaotic.


Yan Hebin’s heat started in the morning, initially with vague hints before gradually intensifying.


Su Qian adeptly prepared the bathtub, then carried the drowsy Yan Hebin into the bedroom, undressed him, and gently placed him into the water.


Yan Hebin, flushed all over, had a hint of daze in his gaze. As Su Qian attended to him, Yan Hebin didn’t resist, merely let out a soft sigh upon feeling the water’s temperature, then slowly shut his eyes.


Su Qian carefully wiped around his glands and glanced at his current state, asking, “Feeling terrible?”


In his hazy state, Yan Hebin seemed too drained even to open his eyes, softly shaking his head in response, “I’m okay… Continue.”


He practically lay limp in the bathtub. Su Qian felt the body shiver slightly beyond his control as he wiped. It was evident, the agony was intense.


He had never thought much about his Beta status, but whenever Yan Hebin’s heat arrived, he wished he were an Alpha; things would have been simpler.


However, after all these years, the suppressants’ effect on Yan Hebin had significantly diminished, which was why they chose to use the new potion today.


Without delay, Su Qian finished wiping and carefully extracted the blue liquid into a syringe from the sterilized container. Gently injecting it into the cleansed glands, the sensitive area responded, causing Yan Hebin’s breathing to grow unavoidably heavier.


A peculiar sensation surged within him, clouding his already confused mind. His lips quivered slightly, instinctively tensing a bit.


Su Qian kept a close eye on Yan Hebin’s condition. Beads of sweat formed on his forehead, swiftly wiped away by a towel, only to reappear relentlessly, leaving an impression of an uncleanable steam pot.


Yet, Su Qian remained patient, one hand placed in the other’s palm, letting him squeeze tightly, while the other meticulously repeated the routine wiping.


Yan Hebin, in his haze, felt something in his hand as his sole anchor, subconsciously gripping it, using every ounce of strength as a last resort.


Amidst this tense atmosphere, thankfully, the potion’s effects soon manifested. The heat, about to erupt fiercely, seemed to be abruptly cut off, and the pheromones coursing within were quietly and completely absorbed due to an unseen force.


Tailored precisely for Yan Hebin’s pheromonal attributes, the potion’s effect was swift.


What was fortunate was that everything unfolded as anticipated. Su Qian ensured Yan Hebin endured minimal discomfort, preemptively mitigating any foreseeable risks before its formal use.


When Yan Hebin opened his eyes to the dark night outside, his body no longer bore the scorching sensation. In his daze, it felt as if he had just experienced an incredibly long dream, an inexplicable exhaustion lingering.


He couldn’t recall when Su Qian had carried him to bed. His body, devoid of any sweat marks now meticulously cleaned, made the lingering scent of Omega pheromones seem somewhat unreal.


“Awake? How do you feel?” Su Qian’s voice, gentle as always, softened even more as Yan Hebin turned to look at him. The curve of his lips softened, “I’d probably be very happy if you tell me it worked well.”


Under his smile, Yan Hebin’s mind briefly wandered, nodding slightly, “Yes, it worked well.”


His voice, husky due to immense fatigue, carried an unprecedented gentleness.


Su Qian noticed his chapped lips and quickly poured a glass of warm water, handing it over. He sat there, watching Yan Hebin drink, his eyes filled with tenderness.


Yan Hebin’s throat, previously fiery, finally eased after the sip of water. As he glanced up, his gaze fell on the small contraption at Su Qian’s side. His movement halted, “You…”


Su Qian gave a faint smile, “The gift you gave me is quite useful.”


Yan Hebin pursed his lips, a rare flicker of uncertainty in his expression, “My pheromones…”


Su Qian watched the suspicious blush creeping up his neck, his smile growing even softer, “Just as I imagined, I really like it.”


This time, Yan Hebin was too flustered to say anything.


Su Qian, being a Beta unable to smell Omega pheromones, had received a pheromone converter from Yan Hebin as a birthday gift. Originally, Yan Hebin wanted Su Qian to experience his scent using the device. But every time his heat came, they got flustered and never used it.


Who would have thought it would be brought out at a time like this?


Handing the cup back to Su Qian, Yan Hebin pulled the covers, using the pretense of sleep to bury himself entirely. To receive praise for the scent of his pheromones from the one he loved, this was an entirely new feeling.

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Chapter 134 – Who Says Omegas Can’t be as Explosive as Alphas

Chapter 134: Extra Story Five


The brief holiday swiftly came to an end. After tidying up their belongings, the two who needed to return to the military put the coal ball into the cat cage and boarded a private lightship.


Originally, one significant reason for keeping the coal ball was to ensure that Ye Ling wouldn’t feel too lonely at home during their absence. Taking this opportunity, they decided to bring it along.


Today, upon hearing that the little black cat was finally arriving home, Ye Ling appeared quite delighted and had been waiting eagerly by the door.


Joining Ye Ling at the door was Lulu, who had already adjusted the pet care program.


As one of Lu Xuebai’s outstanding all-purpose household robots, Lulu warmly welcomed the arrival of the coal ball and had done thorough homework to ensure the new member received meticulous care at home.


At first, the coal ball felt somewhat unfamiliar with its new home. After staying in the living room for a while, it gradually gained courage and eventually dared to stick its head out of the cage.


However, before it could fully grasp its surroundings, a shadow suddenly loomed over it.


Upon looking up, it saw on the display screen what appeared to be an extremely bizarre smiling face.


Lulu had searched extensively on the Star Network and finally settled on this expression, which it considered friendly and amiable. Speaking in a pure electronic tone, it greeted, “Hello, little kitty!”


The coal ball suddenly stiffened all over, and in an instant, its fur bristled up entirely. With a swift wave of its paw, it vigorously scratched and then turned around without looking back, darting away.


Unprepared, Lulu was pushed over, staring at the empty ceiling in disbelief. Countless thoughts flashed through its computer program in an instant.


“What just happened? How did I get pushed over? Could it be that this cute little kitty doesn’t like me?”


As an all-purpose household robot, Lulu felt an unprecedented sense of shame at that moment, questioning its self-awareness for the first time.


“How could such a situation be allowed to happen!”


Lu Jingning sat next to Wen Xingchen, listening to Ye Ling’s casual chatter. Catching a glimpse with his peripheral vision, he noticed the two little creatures already engaged in a playful chase. He blinked with interest and remarked, “Looks like Lulu and the coal ball seem to get along well, huh?”


At this, Wen Xingchen lifted his head, watching the coal ball’s frantic escapades, and gradually overlaid a familiar scene in his mind. Unable to contain his laughter, he said, “Get along? Are you sure?”


Lu Jingning, puzzled, asked, “Isn’t it?”


However, despite the lively scene in the living room, Ye Ling appeared incredibly content. Seeing several decorations repeatedly knocked over, instead of showing any signs of annoyance, he wore a pleased smile. “Exactly, a home should be like this, a bit lively is better.”


Lu Jingning asked, “So, are we leaving the coal ball to Lulu?”


Ye Ling’s eyes curved with a smile. “Lulu seems to really like this little kitty. I think it’s good.”


Listening to the conversation between the two, Wen Xingchen couldn’t help but glance at the almost overflowing red signal on Lulu’s display screen.


It was genuinely evident, the feeling of liking.


How should I put it… it could only be said that these two were indeed mother and son.


As a household robot, Lulu had to admit it had its methods.


That afternoon, the initially evasive coal ball was finally completely tamed, all thanks to a fragrant catnip.


Lu Jingning watched the small black bundle rolling around on the floor and couldn’t help but marvel. Reflecting on his own previous attempts, he couldn’t help but feel a bit sour. “Such a simple method, why didn’t I think of it?”


The display screen on Lulu was filled with victorious expressions. “Because I am Lulu, an all-purpose household robot!”


Listening to this incredibly proud tone, one might expect it to burst into radiant light on the spot. After saying this, it no longer paid any attention to Lu Jingning, happily playing with its newfound love, the little coal ball.


Standing in place, Lu Jingning stared for a long time at those two figures gradually receding into the distance.


Somehow, he felt a bit like Luo Kongbin now: “Brother Wen, what should I do? I think I’m starting to feel jealous of Lulu.”


Wen Xingchen glanced at him. “Have you ever been jealous of me?”


Lu Jingning almost instantly replied without much thought, “How could I not? How do you know I haven’t been jealous?”


Wen Xingchen inquired, “Hmm? When?”


Under his gaze, Lu Jingning instinctively looked out of the window, hummed twice, and said, “Of course, there have been. But when it comes to feeling jealous, how could I let you, the person involved, know?”


Chapter 134: Extra Chapter Five


Wen Xingchen coaxed, “But I want to know.”


“Huh?” Lu Jingning felt his sight dimming, turned around, and indeed saw someone shamelessly leaning closer. He couldn’t help but smile and push him away, “You’re in my house, behave.”


“I’m not doing anything.” Wen Xingchen looked at him with a smile that didn’t quite reach his eyes, lightly pinching his gland, his gaze carrying a hint of coaxing, “Next time you feel jealous, you must tell me. I really want to know.”


Seeing this shameless demeanor resurface, Lu Jingning couldn’t help but laugh. He teased, “What if I don’t want you to know?”


Wen Xingchen leaned in a bit closer, almost entirely closing the gap between them, a faint smile lingering in his elongated eyes, “Then, I’ll make sure you have to let me know.”


Lu Jingning looked into his eyes and couldn’t help but laughingly lean against him, “Brother Wen, your taste for mischief is growing.”


A slight curve appeared at the corner of Wen Xingchen’s lips, “Don’t you like it?”


Lu Jingning extended his arms, gently wrapping them around from behind his neck, smiling brightly, “I do, very much. I like it so much that I won’t be able to not like it in this lifetime.”


Wen Xingchen’s gaze brushed over his lips, his voice growing softer, “What a coincidence, so do I.”



Not far away, Lulu was happily sharing prepared treats with the coal ball, “Here, this is canned food, this is dried fish, this is freeze-dried… Don’t rush, it’s all for you, I don’t eat these, no one’s going to snatch from you.”


The coal ball stared at the array of pet snacks appearing magically before it, its round eyes shining brighter.


Lulu looked on contentedly as the little black cat eagerly devoured the treats it offered, its tone becoming authoritative, “So, you need to understand, only by maintaining a good relationship with me will you have this many delicious… Hey, where are you going? Listen to me!”


But the coal ball, having eaten its fill, seemed to ignore everything and dashed away without a backward glance.


By the time Lulu realized and tried to chase after, it had already vanished.


The smiling expression on the display screen instantly turned into a flickering red fury.


This little rascal of a cat, turning its back after eating its fill!


No way! As an all-purpose household robot, how could it be stumped by such a trivial matter?


It refused to believe there was a cat it couldn’t tame! It was going to confront this little rascal head-on!

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Chapter 133 – Who Says Omegas Can’t be as Explosive as Alphas

Chapter 133: Extra Story Four


To Wen Xingchen’s surprise, after the chaos of the first day settled, Lu Jingning exhibited an unexpected enthusiasm for raising cats.


Not only did he extensively browse through cat care guides online, but he also diligently started experimenting with making cat food in the kitchen.


Observing someone bustling around in the kitchen, Wen Xingchen leaned against the doorway in silence for a moment. Suddenly, he walked up and pulled the person into his arms from behind.


Lu Jingning could feel tiny strands of hair lightly brushing against his neck. Feeling a slight itch, he couldn’t help but nudge him gently with his elbow, “I’m cooking, don’t tease.”


A cryptic tone emerged from behind Wen Xingchen, “You’ve never cooked for me.”


Lu Jingning’s busy movements paused momentarily, seemingly realizing something. He glanced back at the other with a mix of amusement and exasperation, “Wen-ge, are you feeling jealous?”


Unexpectedly, under this banter, Wen Xingchen responded unusually calmly, “Yeah, the vinegar jar has turned into a huge vat. What do you think I should do?”


Lu Jingning: “…”


Wen Xingchen: “So, when are you planning to cook for me next?”


Lu Jingning scooped up a spoonful of a dark substance with a ladle and waved it in front of him, asking, “Are you sure about this? This is the extent of my culinary skills. Are you sure you want to eat it?”


A hint of resigned determination laced Wen Xingchen’s tone, “Even if it’s poisoned.”


Lu Jingning choked for a moment, then couldn’t help but burst into laughter, pushing him lightly, “Okay then, you just wait for me to poison my husband.”


As the two were jesting, a dark shadow whizzed past them, finally landing on the nearby table.


Charcoal stared with curious round eyes at the entwined pair, seemingly puzzled about their actions. It let out a meow in a childish voice.


Lu Jingning wriggled out of Wen Xingchen’s embrace and promptly served the sticky mass from the pot into a cute pet bowl, invitingly saying, “Little Charcoal, come here. See what delicious treat I’ve made for you.”


Charcoal’s gaze shifted from the blurry and peculiar food in the bowl. It bared its teeth at him and swiftly turned away, dashing off without a backward glance.


Lu Jingning: “Damn it! You stinky cat, stop right there!”


Wen Xingchen leaned against the cabinet, watching the antics of the two figures—one large, one small—as they resumed their daily chase, unable to suppress his laughter.


Ever since this little black creature came to their home, such scenes seemed to unfold daily. Strangely enough, no matter how many times he witnessed it, he found it endlessly entertaining.


In the end, Charcoal fell short in terms of stamina, exhaustedly grabbed by Lu Jingning by the neck and brought back, then casually placed in front of the plate of dark cuisine.


With a coaxing tone, Lu Jingning said, “Be good, Charcoal. Try your PAPA’s masterpiece, hmm?”


Charcoal looked at him with a sense of despair, lowered its head, and stared at the seemingly inedible thing in front of it, as if contemplating its tiny existence.


Finally, under Lu Jingning’s increasingly stern gaze, succumbing to the other’s coercion, it tentatively stuck out its pink little tongue and symbolically licked it.


Lu Jingning eagerly awaited its reaction. Yet, the moment the tongue touched the food, the small black mass seemed to be jolted as if electrified, abruptly convulsing and then stiffening completely, collapsing motionless onto the floor.


Lu Jingning’s heart skipped a beat, panicking as he stood up, “Wen-ge! Something’s wrong! What’s happening, Wen-ge!”


Wen Xingchen, witnessing the scene from a distance, raised an eyebrow without a hint of alarm.


Lu Jingning suddenly realized something. When he turned around, the little thing that had just been half-dead and stiff on the ground leaped up the moment he shifted his gaze, swiftly disappearing out of sight.


Lu Jingning: “…”


Damn, it even learned to play dead!


Noticing Wen Xingchen’s faintly curved lips, he cleared his throat and put on a proud tone, “Truly worthy of being raised by General Lu Jingning—the tactical application of feigning death is exemplary!”


Wen Xingchen couldn’t hold back his laughter anymore, “Indeed, it is.”


Lu Jingning, maintaining his expression, shifted his gaze to the window, pretending not to catch the undertone in those words.


After a while, he turned back, looking at Wen Xingchen, “So, are you still sure you want to eat it?”


Without hesitation, Wen Xingchen replied, “Of course.”



In the end, Lu Jingning fulfilled his top’s request, shifting his focus from cat food to egg fried rice.


In theory, this should have been a very simple dish. At least, based on the steps described, it seemed so. However, while Lu Jingning understood every word and sentence in the instructions, when it came to practical application, it seemed quite different.


The thought of Wen Xingchen eating this meal made his hand holding the spatula tremble slightly. Fortunately, the final presentation looked somewhat decent. At least, compared to the dark cat food served to Charcoal, this bowl of egg fried rice didn’t appear as terrifying.


When Wen Xingchen picked up his chopsticks, Lu Jingning could sense an extremely nervous gaze fixed on himself. His lips couldn’t help but curl up slightly, and he calmly took a bite.


Lu Jingning remained attentive to the taster’s reaction. However, from Wen Xingchen’s poker face, he couldn’t discern anything. Unable to resist, he asked, “Is it delicious?”


Chewing slowly, Wen Xingchen responded, “Mm, exceptionally talented.”


Receiving affirmation, Lu Jingning’s previously anxious heart finally eased. Watching Wen Xingchen eat with such relish, he happily served himself a bowl.


As he sat down at the table, he noticed Charcoal looking at him from a distance. Smiling, Lu Jingning invited, “Little Charcoal, delicious food here. Do you want a taste?”


Although Charcoal appeared vigilant, seeing Wen Xingchen enjoying the food, it cautiously took hesitant steps toward them.


Seeing it approach, Lu Jingning’s mood brightened. He picked up a spoon and offered it to Charcoal. Sniffing the food, Charcoal confirmed that it smelled much better than the previous “poison” and cautiously took a small bite.


Lu Jingning beamed, “How is it? Delicious, right—Damn it! Why are you running away?!”


Seeing Charcoal eat a mouthful and then resume escape mode, his expression froze completely. With a furrowed brow and full of doubt, he reluctantly put a spoonful of the food into his own mouth.


As the strange taste flooded his mouth, he immediately spat it out, almost bursting into tears from the saltiness.


Lu Jingning never expected his debut to result in this. Staring at Wen Xingchen in disbelief, he noticed that Wen Xingchen’s bowl was empty without him realizing it. He also saw the almost empty jug of water beside him, his expression turning complicated.


After a brief silence, he reached out to take Wen Xingchen’s bowl, but Wen Xingchen evaded it.


With tightly pursed lips, Lu Jingning said, “It’s so bad, don’t eat it.”


Wen Xingchen took the last few bites, saying, “As long as it’s made by you, it’s delicious.”


If not for the hurried drinking, his indifferent expression might have indeed conveyed such a sentiment.


Lu Jingning felt warmth rush to his ears, unusually disheartened, “It seems like I’m really not cut out for cooking.”


Wen Xingchen chuckled, ruffling his hair, “I like it.”


Lu Jingning looked at him, wanting to say something but ultimately staying silent.



That night, the living room lights remained on throughout.


Lu Jingning, worried, peeked into the bathroom from outside the door countless times, suggesting, “Should we go to the hospital?”


Wen Xingchen, just finished vomiting, weakly waved his hand, “No need, I’ll be fine soon.”


The war god who always stood firm on the battlefield seemed somewhat shaky at this moment.


Lu Jingning handed him another cup of hot water, watching the somewhat pale complexion, feeling both distressed and self-blaming. In his heart, he silently made a resolution—absolutely cannot let Wen-ge suffer another setback! If there’s a next time, he must taste the “poison” himself first!


In a corner not far away, Charcoal’s round eyes watched the two people who were still fussing in the middle of the night, softly meowing to itself. Meow meow meow, luckily, this cat runs fast!

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Chapter 132 – Who Says Omegas Can’t be as Explosive as Alphas

Chapter 132: Extra Story Three


Before, Lu Jingning didn’t feel anything was amiss, but after Lu Kongbin’s push for marriage, he indeed felt that something was missing in this home.


He mentioned this inexplicable feeling to Wen Xingchen. After a moment of contemplation, Wen Xingchen asked, “How about getting a pet?”


Lu Jingning was momentarily taken aback by the suggestion, but upon second thought, he smiled brightly, “I think that’s a great idea!”


According to Lu Kongbin, it was about making the home livelier. Besides, they were both ‘little brats,’ so having a pet wouldn’t hurt.


With this thought in mind, Lu Jingning immediately took out his terminal, reclined on the sofa, logged into the Star Network, and started browsing through nearby planets’ pet stores.


Watching Lu Jingning’s swift and resolute actions, Wen Xingchen couldn’t help but smile. Naturally, he leaned in closer and, looking at the myriad of photos on the screen, asked, “So, what kind of pet do you want?”


Without hesitation, an idea flashed through Lu Jingning’s mind, and he replied, “A cat!”


Wen Xingchen didn’t have strong opinions on the specifics. Upon hearing Lu Jingning’s choice, he glanced at him instinctively, a faint curve appearing on his lips.


Lu Jingning, resembling a mischievous cat himself, piqued curiosity. What would it be like for him to have a cat?


At this moment, completely immersed in the passion to add vitality to their home, Lu Jingning failed to notice Wen Xingchen’s smile. As his gaze fell on one of the photos, his eyes lit up. He raised the terminal slightly and asked, “How about this one?”


“You decide.”


Wen Xingchen always indulged Lu Jingning unconditionally, especially in such trivial matters.


However, as Lu Jingning looked up, their eyes met. He raised an eyebrow, casually responded, and then leaned in, lightly pecking the lips that were offered.


Lu Jingning didn’t expect him to take advantage of the situation like this. Annoyed yet amused, he glanced at Wen Xingchen. “So, should I place the order?”


“Go ahead.”



Interstellar logistics nowadays were very efficient. The next morning, the new member of the household arrived.


Lu Jingning had chosen a pure black Persian cat. A small tuft of white fur on its neck resembled a tidy little bowtie. Its two eyes—one blue and one yellow—observed the unfamiliar surroundings with a vigilant glint.


As Wen Xingchen was out, Lu Jingning took responsibility for receiving the delivery. He carried the cage inside and placed it on the living room table after opening it.


He intended to release the kitten, but his movement made the cat retreat further, curling into a dark ball, intensely vigilant.


Thus, man and cat stood frozen, staring at each other in complete silence, the surroundings eerily quiet.


Lu Jingning: “…”


He had never raised a pet before and was genuinely inexperienced. After a long silence, he patted his knees and stood up, “Whenever you want to come out, just come out. I’ll go see where to settle you for now.”


Due to continuous battles in recent years, the pet industry market was exceptionally low. So encountering a customer, the pet store was particularly polite. Along with the Persian cat, a large box of pet supplies arrived, filled to the brim.


Cat climbing frames, slides, food bowls, water bowls, snacks… and more.


Lu Jingning looked at them and felt a headache coming on.


Damn, why did it feel like taking care of a cat was more complicated than raising a child? Did they really need so much equipment?!


His gaze wandered around the room and eventually settled on the relatively spacious balcony. Thus, he moved everything on the ground there in one go.


Lu Jingning couldn’t remember the last time he did such tedious chores.


Back home, they had Lulu, the all-purpose domestic robot. After marriage, due to frequent missions, they rarely stayed at home, usually cleaning once a week. Now, organizing these pet supplies made him more tired than going into battle.


However, encountering these pet items for the first time, Lu Jingning still found them somewhat fascinating. He played around while tidying up, and time slipped away unnoticed.


After fiddling with a pet nail clipper for a while, he picked up a small flashlight-like object, pressing it out of curiosity. A red dot projected onto the floor ahead.


A laser pointer? What’s this for?


He blinked curiously, pondering the purpose of the device, when suddenly, a black shadow whizzed past him. Immediately, a childish meow rang out, “Meow~!”


The little kitten, finally daring to leave the cage, swung its black paws and leaped directly onto the red dot.


With cautious paws covering the spot where the red dot had landed, it took quite a while before the kitten gingerly moved its paws away.


Expecting to find its ‘prey,’ the kitten was bewildered upon releasing its claws, only to find emptiness before it, leaving it staring with puzzled eyes.


Lu Jingning, lost in thought and unknowingly releasing the button, suddenly realized the situation and couldn’t help but burst into laughter at the little black cat’s bewildered expression.


Somewhat aware of the tool’s purpose, Lu Jingning’s playful side got the better of him.


As the red dot moved around the house, the kitten’s agile figure darted around like the wind.


Unfortunately, catching such a red laser light was impossible.


Lu Jingning, amused, couldn’t help but laugh, “Oh, you silly thing!”


Whether or not the cat actually understood, it momentarily bared its teeth in response.


This only made Lu Jingning laugh even harder. He flicked the light to a high shelf, where the water pot was placed.


The playful kitten, enticed by the light, eyed the target, narrowing its eyes slightly. With its two differently colored eyes—one blue and one yellow—a sharp glint flickered, and it pounced.


“Boom!” A loud crash echoed.


Startled, Lu Jingning rushed over to find the shattered pot and a mess around it. And there sat the initiator, the black shadow, now damp and sitting in the middle, its fluffy fur completely drooping, making it appear much smaller. Its two watery eyes now held a look of innocence.




Lu Jingning sighed heavily and gestured towards it, trying to remain as calm as possible, “Let’s go, I think we should probably take a bath first.”


Unwilling to comply, the kitten didn’t intend to accept his kind call, promptly turning and running away.


Gritting his teeth, Lu Jingning called out, “Stop right there!”


The kitten: “Meow~!”


Thus, man and cat engaged in an intense battle at home. What started as a small spillage of water soon spread across every corner.


Finally, teeth clenched, Lu Jingning stood up from behind the sofa, looking at the cat in his hands and sneered, “Run? Have the guts to keep running!”


In response, the little creature let out a fierce meow.


Then, it wildly struggled, but its short limbs proved futile in Lu Jingning’s grip.


Lu Jingning carried it and marched into the bathroom, shutting the glass door behind.


As the sound of water started, there was a ruckus inside.


“Bathing, be quiet!”


“Keep this up, and I’ll send you back!”


“Damn, do you know how much I spent to get you?!”


“Wow, you smelly cat, you dare scratch me?!”



When Wen Xingchen returned, he didn’t find Lu Jingning in the living room. Instead, what he saw resembled a war zone aftermath.


He blinked, hearing commotion coming from the bathroom direction. Without even taking off his coat, he hurried over, “Aning?”


With the sound of the door opening, both the big and small combatants inside the bathroom turned to look.


In that scene, Wen Xingchen froze in his tracks.


He suddenly seemed to experience what one might call a double critical hit.


Lu Jingning was completely covered in soap bubbles, even pink foam clinging to his hair ends, and the struggling kitten in his arms wasn’t any better.


Though almost entirely covered in bubbles, the kitten remained fiercely defiant, emitting a determined meow.


Wen Xingchen cleared his throat, coughed, and managed not to burst into laughter.


Lu Jingning saw Wen Xingchen and almost instinctively activated the SOS mode, “Wen Ge, come help, this little rascal is really hard to handle!”




Wen Xingchen responded and casually hung his coat on the handle before joining the bath-time battle.


However, a faint smile lingered around his lips, barely concealed.


He could almost anticipate what it would be like if Lu Jingning had to take care of a child. One rascal was already a handful, let alone two. That would probably lead to chaos sooner or later.


Helping out, he casually asked, “Have you thought of a name for it? What are you planning to call this troublemaker?”


While dealing with the squirming little creature, Lu Jingning didn’t dare exert too much force. Feeling a bit powerless at the moment, he blurted out in response, “Call it Charcoal, or Charcoal.”


“Charcoal?” Wen Xingchen raised an eyebrow.


Lu Jingning gritted his teeth, “It’s black, small, and has an explosive temper, isn’t that like Charcoal?”


The kitten, initially resigned to being handled by the duo, suddenly seemed to understand something. It raised its head and let out a fierce “Meow!” towards Lu Jingning.


Unfortunately, the overly cute and childish tone of its voice made it sound more like it was trying to be adorable.


Wen Xingchen gently rubbed its head, “Welcome to our family, Charcoal.”

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Chapter 131 – Who Says Omegas Can’t be as Explosive as Alphas

Chapter 131: Extra Story Two


When Lu Jingning received a call from Lu Kongbin, he was still drowsy, lying in bed. It wasn’t until he fully understood the content of the conversation that he abruptly woke up, “What did you say?”


Lu Kongbin’s voice, unfiltered through the communication device, came through: “I said, you little brat, hurry down and open the door! I’ve been waiting downstairs for damn ages!!!”


Lu Jingning: “???”


Lying beside him, Wen Xingchen vaguely heard the earlier conversation. His lazy furrowed brow showed a hint of curiosity, “Is it your dad?”


Lu Jingning didn’t directly answer. He jumped up from the bed and swiftly ran to the window.


Looking down through the gap in the curtain, he could clearly see the two tall figures standing at the entrance.


He fell silent for a moment, then turned back to give Wen Xingchen a deep look, “And your dad too.”


Wen Xingchen: “…”


Lu Jingning was now wide awake in an instant. He hurriedly put on some clothes, his face expressionless as he scanned the somewhat messy environment inside the room. Unable to hold back, he muttered in frustration, “Damn it, should’ve asked Er Ge to lend us Lulu!”


He had previously felt something missing in his new place, and now it dawned on him—it lacked an all-around domestic robot!


Wen Xingchen’s dressing pace was considerably slower. He couldn’t help but lightly chuckle and reminded, “Remember to lock the door later.”


Indeed, it needed to be locked. Can’t let the elders see this chaotic scene, embarrassing.


Upon hearing this, Lu Jingning couldn’t help but grab a pillow and throw it at him.


Listening to Wen Xingchen’s laughter even after being hit, heat flushed Lu Jingning’s face uncontrollably. He muttered resentfully, “Making such a mess, I wonder who’s to blame!”



Lu Kongbin didn’t actually come with Wen Muqiao. They coincidentally met at the door.


Despite a slight easing in their relationship after becoming in-laws, each encounter still couldn’t avoid a standoffish air between them.


In this recent period, a rare moment of peace during the war, everyone had a bit of free time. Yet, as soon as they had this free time, they started contemplating the future.


These matters, some trivial and some crucial, were now on their minds. Among them, undoubtedly, the most concerning was the monumental event of continuing the family line.


For this reason, the two fathers, without any prior arrangement, made this trip, leading to this “encounter.”


Lu Jingning invited the two inside, poured each a cup of tea very obediently, then stood by, observing them, curious about the intentions of these two.


Lu Kongbin and Wen Muqiao already knew each other’s purpose, so they sat there, maintaining a reserved demeanor, waiting for the other to start.


For a while, the conversation veered off in various directions, none touching the main subject.


Wen Xingchen had been sitting silently on the nearby sofa. After a few hours, he couldn’t stay silent any longer.


He sat up, lightly tapping the coffee table with his slender fingertips, a faint curve on his lips, “So, rushing over early in the morning, what is it for?”


Probably due to wandering too much outside, the constantly changing Omega spouses, Wen Muqiao finally realized his previous mistake. Recently, he decisively proposed to Yu Zhi again, persistently asking for marriage until finally obtaining the certificate.


After remarriage, with Yu Zhi mediating between them, it somewhat eased the relationship between father and son.


Wen Muqiao still carried a trace of guilt in his heart. At this moment, he cherished this hard-won affection even more. He appeared more afraid of his son than before. Hence, Wen Xingchen didn’t ask, making Wen Muqiao unable to bring it up. He could only desperately signal Lu Kongbin, hoping he’d bring up the topic.


Lu Kongbin had previously hinted to Lu Jingning about the issue of procreation, but it didn’t end well. Seeing this situation, he couldn’t help but give Wen Muqiao a sarcastic look, “Are your eyes malfunctioning?”


This old man, normally he wouldn’t miss anything, yet now he’s trying so hard to make him the scapegoat?


Wen Muqiao was retorted, and both corners of his lips drooped.


After a moment of silence, he turned to Lu Jingning, his expression unchanged as he said, “Ningning, your dad is here today because he has something to tell you.”


Lu Jingning looked up at Lu Kongbin, “Dad, what’s the matter?”


Despite cursing Wen Muqiao in his mind countless times, Lu Kongbin forced a smile on his face.


After organizing his thoughts, he asked in a coaxing manner, “Well, Dad is getting old, and I’m thinking maybe it’s time to retire in a while…”


Chapter 131: Extra Story II


Lu Jingning chuckled, “What are you thinking? Given the current war situation, the military won’t allow you to retire for another twenty or thirty years, I reckon?”




Lu Kongbin choked, fell silent for a moment, then continued, “What I meant was, don’t you feel your mom is actually quite lonely staying at home all the time?”


Lu Jingning didn’t catch on, blinked at him in confusion.


Lu Kongbin said, “Well… You and Xingchen have been married for quite a while. Although I know you’re both in a rising phase in your careers, young people sometimes shouldn’t just focus on work. You should also consider other things, think more about the future.”


“Other things?”


Lu Kongbin looked at him expectantly, “Kid, can you understand what Dad is saying?”


Under his sparkling gaze, Lu Jingning fell silent for a moment, then earnestly said, “Dad, if you’re worried about inheritance issues, you don’t need to consider us.”




Lu Jingning patted his hand gently and spoke sincerely, “Even if you and Mom give us another brother or sister, I won’t have any objections.”


As if to completely reassure Lu Kongbin, he added solemnly, “Big Brother and Second Brother probably think the same way. So, don’t burden yourself with these thoughts!”




Wen Muqiao, who had been quietly listening nearby, couldn’t hold back and sprayed the tea he’d just sipped all over when he heard the last two sentences.


Lu Kongbin’s face twitched viciously, his expression suddenly colorful and especially splendid.


Wen Xingchen, suppressing the smile at the corner of his lips, pulled Lu Jingning closer and whispered softly in his ear, “Dad means, when will he get to hold a grandchild?”


Lu Kongbin had never been more satisfied with Wen Xingchen, so understanding. He was almost moved to tears, “Yes! That’s what I meant!”


Lu Jingning was initially stunned, then, feeling the warmth brushing against his ear, he couldn’t help but blush slightly.


He glared at Lu Kongbin, unamused, “Can’t you just say it straightforwardly? Why beat around the bush like this?”


It’s not like I’d be upset!


Lu Kongbin grumbled in his mind, looking expectantly, “So, are you agreeing?”


“How did you conclude that?” Lu Jingning, contrary to his usual easygoing demeanor, felt his face growing hotter as he spoke, “As you said, Xingchen and I are in a critical phase in our careers, with important positions at hand, constantly having to visit the battlefield. When do we have the time?”


Though he had anticipated this answer early on, Lu Kongbin still looked visibly disappointed.


Lu Jingning glanced at him, suggesting earnestly, “Instead of coming to me, why not talk to Big Brother? He’s been married longer than us and there’s been no sign of a child. Isn’t he anxious too?”


Lu Kongbin’s expression turned serious, “How do you know I’m not anxious?”


[In the first galaxy, Lu Jiyuan sneezed repeatedly: ???]


Seeing his dad’s genuinely distressed expression, Lu Jingning comforted him by putting a hand on his shoulder, “Rare that you’re here. Stay for a meal, Old Lu?”



After lunch, the two dads left with low spirits.


Once Lu Jingning saw them off and returned to the room, the door was gently closed by someone waiting in the corridor.


Raising his head, he saw a tall figure enveloping him almost entirely.


Lu Jingning lifted his gaze, “What’s up, Wen Ge?”


Wen Xingchen bent down, almost at eye level with him, a faint smile in his deep eyes, “Really not considering it?”


Knowing what he meant, Lu Jingning felt his face heating up but retorted, “Consider what?”


Wen Xingchen gazed at him for a while, his expression soft, clearly not buying Lu Jingning’s act of feigned ignorance, “Actually, I’m looking forward to it. What do you think we should do?”


Lu Jingning tilted his head, his voice involuntarily lowering, “You know how hard I’ve worked to stabilize my position in the military. If now…”


Before he could finish, his lips were softly sealed, muffling the remainder of his words.


This kiss was deep and long, spreading a myriad of pheromones freely in the air.


When the person in his arms softened completely from the kiss, Wen Xingchen gently released him, his tender voice filled with endless indulgence, “No rush. Anytime is fine. I’ll wait for you.”


Feeling a bit dizzy from the kiss, Lu Jingning couldn’t help but curse inwardly.


Damn, using charm again, always breaking the rules!

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