Yun Po opened the door and saw Feng Junyuan standing outside the door.

       Xia Hongshen looked over and asked, “Something wrong?”

       Feng Junyuan looked a little unhappy. He looked at Yun Po and asked, “Master, how is Yuanyuan?”

       Yun Po opened his mouth to speak but suddenly paused. He closed his mouth, stretched out a hand, and said, “Pay the bill first.”

       Feng Junyuan was stunned. He looked at Yun Po in disbelief for a moment and then looked at Xia Hongshen.

       Surprisingly, Xia Hongshen did not say a word.

       Feng Junyuan suppressed his anger and asked, “How much?”

       Yun Po said, “Since we are all acquainted with each other, I’ll give you a 50% discount. Let’s settle it at two hundred.”

       After hearing this, Feng Junyuan actually took his wallet from his pocket, took out two hundred yuan, and put it in Yun Po’s hand.

       Yun Po accepted the money and was satisfied. He said to Feng Junyuan, “She went to be reincarnated. When she reaches the underworld, there will naturally be a guide. After drinking Meng Po’s soup1is the soup that the dead drink to ‘reset’ themselves, she will forget about her past life and live in peace and contentment in the next life.”

       Feng Junyuan felt relieved after hearing what Yun Po said.

       Yun Po said, “That cunning old fox was after you guys. He set up a barrier in the hospital with the aim of obstructing Xia Hongshen. The spirit of that young girl lingered in the hospital, and sensing Xiang Wenshi’s intentions, she tried to protect you. However, she almost had her soul shattered by Xiang Wenshi.”

       Feng Junyuan lowered his head.

       Yun Po patted him on the shoulder and said, “Forget it. It’s okay.”

       After a moment of silence, Feng Junyuan asked, “What is Song Jun?”

       As soon as he finished speaking, Song Jun’s door opposite opened.

       The conversation between Feng Junyuan and Yun Po stopped, and Feng Junyuan said to Song Jun, “Are you okay?”

       Song Jun reached out and touched the wound on his neck, which still ached slightly from time to time.

       Xia Hongshen walked out of the room and walked towards Song Jun. He raised his hand and touched Song Jun’s neck with his fingers.

       Song Jun suddenly felt a little aggrieved.

       Yun Po looked at him and said, “He’s fine. It’s not tainted with demonic energy.”

       Xia Hongshen took back his hand.

       Yun Po looked at the two of them, then at Feng Junyuan, and suddenly said, “Benefactor Xia, you are enjoying the best of both worlds, living a blissful life. How happy you are. Not like this poor and solitary monk; why don’t you give me one of your treasures?”

       Xia Hongshen gave him a cold look.

       Feng Junyuan frowned and said, “I’m leaving.” After that, he turned and left.

       Xia Hongshen then said to Yun Po, “You can leave too.”

       Yun Po didn’t expect to receive money from Xia Hongshen. He was satisfied with getting two hundred from Feng Junyuan. He picked up his phone and raised it, saying to Xia Hongshen, “Keeping track of the accounts.” Then he wandered towards the stair’s direction.

       There were only two people left, Song Jun and Xia Hongshen.

       Song Jun suddenly became very angry, even sad. He closed the door forcefully without even saying a word to Xia Hongshen.

       If he was just a little depressed before, now Song Jun was sad, not because of Yun Po’s joke, but because Xia Hongshen didn’t even speak to refute Yun Po’s words.

       Enjoying the best of both worlds? Living a blissful life?

       Of course, Song Jun didn’t believe that Xia Hongshen had such intentions. However, he couldn’t help but wonder if he held the same significance in Xia Hongshen’s heart as he thought. If he wasn’t that important, why would Xia Hongshen be so kind to him?

       Lying on the bed, Song Jun took the quilt and covered his head. He felt very tired and didn’t want to do anything for a while.

       At this time, a little black cat jumped up outside the window. The little black cat stood on the windowsill and looked into the room. It could feel that Song Jun was unhappy, but it was not sure why Song Jun was unhappy.

       At times, it felt that the current Song Jun was not the person it used to know. However, when it got closer to him, it could still sense that familiar feeling.

       The little black cat walked back and forth on the windowsill twice, then came over with its tail and lay down.

       It lowered its head, rubbed its face with its paw, and then rested its chin on its front paw, gazing at Song Jun lying on the bed in a daze.

       Song Jun felt that maybe he should keep some distance from Xia Hongshen.

       He thought that he and Xia Hongshen were originally from two different worlds anyway. One day, Xia Hongshen would return to the sky, and he would never see him again. In this case, it was better to keep a distance from him from the beginning.

       In fact, Song Jun had thought about it so much that he was most concerned about Xia Hongshen’s attitude towards him. This was the first time since he was a child that he had a feeling for someone, and he himself was very passive in everything. If Xia Hongshen really didn’t like him, then he would definitely not pester Xia Hongshen.

       Song Jun began to consciously keep some distance from Xia Hongshen. It was not as obvious as last time. After all, it was not as if they could not be friends. However, he always reminded himself that he could not get too deep into this relationship.

       He didn’t know if Xia Hongshen noticed it, or maybe even if he did, he didn’t care. At least on the surface, Song Jun couldn’t feel the change in his attitude.

       However, the little black cat appeared more frequently. Two nights at night, Song Jun saw the little black cat sneaking outside the window and peeking in. He went over to open the window, and the little black cat jumped away immediately.

       Because winter was coming and the weather was getting colder day by day, Song Jun had already taken out the sweaters in the box and put them on, and he would close the dormitory windows at night because the wind blowing in was too cold.

       Several times, when the little black cat came, the window was closed. When Song Jun noticed it and opened the window, it jumped away.

       The large bag of cat food that Xia Hongshen insisted on buying surprisingly hadn’t been finished even after two or three months.

       Unknowingly, it was almost the end of the semester. One day, Xia Hongshen knocked on Song Jun’s door and brought him several sets of test papers. Song Jun saw that they were the test papers from the final exam of his major in previous years.

       “Thank you,” Song Jun said to Xia Hongshen.

       Xia Hongshen shook his head and went back to his room without saying anything.

       The final exams weren’t particularly challenging for Song Jun, especially since several of them were open-book exams. Except for molecular biology, it was unlikely for him to fail any other courses.

       But when the final exams were over, even graduate students started to leave school and prepare to go home for the Spring Festival2Chinese New Year.

       During the Spring Festival in previous years, Song Jun would go back to his grandma. Even if his grandma’s children didn’t like him, as long as he was with grandma, it wouldn’t be a big deal for him to feel a little wronged.

       But this Spring Festival, he had nowhere to go.

       Shortly before the New Year, even Bu Hui finished his internship at the hospital, packed up, and went home to celebrate. However, Song Jun noticed that Xia Hongshen had no plans to leave the school.

       Yes. Xia Hongshen was not an ordinary human being at all. How could he still have a home, let alone go home to celebrate the New Year?

       But no matter what, the fact that Xia Hongshen was still around made Song Jun feel a bit better. He even began to plan, thinking that on New Year’s Eve, he could invite Xia Hongshen to spend time together. After all, watching the Spring Festival’s Gala alone felt quite sad.

       Sometimes Song Jun got curious, wondering if Feng Junyuan went home to celebrate the New Year? Xia Hongshen didn’t have a family, so Feng Junyuan shouldn’t have one either.

       On the twenty-fourth of the twelfth lunar month, it started to snow on New Year’s Eve. In this southern city, snow was a rare thing. Song Jun opened the window at night and saw the snowflakes falling in the night sky, and his mood became better.

       The little black cat ran up to his window sill at this time.

       Song Jun smiled and reached out to hug it in.

       There were a lot of snowflakes on the little black cat’s fur, which quickly turned into water droplets as soon as it entered the house. Song Jun wiped it with a towel. Because he was in a good mood, he picked it up and kissed its forehead.

       The little black cat looked at Song Jun with its crystal eyes, seemingly in a daze.

       Song Jun put it down, went to find a bowl to pour cat food into, and opened a bag of Whiskas bags for it.

       The little black cat was very satisfied with this meal. After eating, he lay on his side on the ground, rolled over, and licked his lips.

       Song Jun felt this was good. At least he had a little thing to accompany him from time to time, and he didn’t seem so lonely alone.

       Seeing that New Year’s Eve was coming, Song Jun knocked on Xia Hongshen’s door one day in advance and invited him to spend the New Year with him.

       Xia Hongshen, of course, did not refuse.

       Song Jun said, “I don’t think there won’t be anything to eat outside tomorrow afternoon. Let’s go to the supermarket to buy some food and then cook it ourselves in the evening.”

       Due to limited conditions, the two of them couldn’t prepare elaborate dishes. However, even when eating instant noodles, they made sure to add a couple of extra sausages to turn it into a delicious meal.

       This winter seemed to be particularly cold, with some light snow sporadically falling for several days in a row.

       When the two of them went out on the afternoon of the 30th, it was still snowing, and Song Jun was wearing an adventure hat. The supermarket was not far outside the school, and the two of them walked there. When he was walking beside Xia Hongshen, Xia Hongshen would always reach out to pull the tip of his hat from time to time.

       Song Jun found Xia Hongshen’s mischievous behaviour a bit amusing and exasperating. He reached out to protect his hat, saying, “Senior Brother Xia, stop fooling around.”

       Inside the supermarket, Song Jun grabbed a shopping cart to buy groceries. His plan was to cook a small hotpot, allowing them to both cook vegetables and have some warm soup on a cold winter day.

       Song Jun wanted to buy ribs to make soup, but Xia Hongshen stood at the fish stall and stared at it for a long time.

       Song Jun went over to stand next to him and asked, “Want to eat fish?”

       Unexpectedly, Xia Hongshen replied, “Don’t want to.”

       Song Jun thought it was strange that he didn’t want to.

       He stood next to Xia Hongshen, looked at it, and said, “Then why don’t we buy a fish to make soup?”

       Xia Hongshen looked at him and said, “Buy it if you like.”

       Song Jun was a little angry for a moment, but he still carefully picked a fish and asked the supermarket salesperson to help him weigh and scale it.

       Most of the others were vegetarian dishes, and Song Jun felt a bit concerned about the money. When paying the bill, Xia Hongshen stood beside him and showed no intention of paying the bill. Song Jun took out his wallet and paid, thinking that he might avoid eating out with Xia Hongshen next time.

       However, Xia Hongshen didn’t stand by and watch when it was time to make dinner. He could do everything, including chopping vegetables, boiling soup, and flavouring, and he was quite good at it.

       Song Jun bought a few bottles of beer in the supermarket, opened them, and drank with Xia Hongshen.

       Xia Hongshen seemed to have a better alcohol tolerance than Song Jun. When Song Jun wanted to drink with him, he drank without saying a word. However, as Song Jun’s face turned bright red and he became somewhat incoherent, Xia Hongshen still maintained his initial calmness.

       Seeing that Song Jun was drunk, Xia Hongshen stood up, picked him up, and put him on the bed.

       Just when he was about to let go of Song Jun, Song Jun suddenly hugged Xia Hongshen tightly, came closer, and kissed him on the lips.

       After the kiss, Song Jun’s face turned red. He didn’t know if it was because of shyness or being drunk, but Xia Hongshen didn’t react at all. He put Song Jun on the bed, stood up, and pulled the quilt to cover Song Jun.

       Song Jun suddenly felt extremely embarrassed and pulled up the quilt to cover his head, not wanting to see Xia Hongshen again.

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