On Friday, Song Jun had to go to the hospital to get the second batch of blood samples.

       He returned relatively early this time, but upon arrival, the girl from the clinical laboratory he had contacted had something to attend to and said she would come later. Other members of the clinical laboratory team advised him to come in about half an hour, by which time the girl should have arrived.

       Song Jun thanked them and exited the clinical laboratory department, thinking the time was too short to go back to the lab. Instead, he decided to find a place to sit in the garden outside on the first floor for a while.

       As soon as he walked to the small garden, Song Jun met Feng Junyuan, who was going to deliver blood samples for blood crossmatching.

       Feng Junyuan said to him, “Why don’t you go to my office and sit for a while.”

       Feng Junyuan was a somewhat awkward person. After getting along with him, Song Jun had almost figured out his character. Also not very talkative, Feng Junyuan was much more difficult to get along with than Xia Hongshen, but once he got to know him, he found that he was not as cold as he seemed on the surface.

       Song Jun still didn’t know why Feng Junyuan wanted to disrupt the middle of the 7th month Hundred Ghost Parade. But he knew that Feng Junyuan could see ghosts just like him. This feeling was not very pleasant. Maybe he had difficulty controlling his emotions at that time.

       He took Song Jun to his office, and Feng Junyuan poured him a glass of boiled water from a paper cup.

       Seeing Feng Junyuan sitting in front of the computer issuing medical orders, Song Jun leaned over to take a look and asked, “Are there any surgeries scheduled for today?”

       Feng Junyuan shook his head, “Not for my bed.”

       He was talking about the bed he was in charge of. The bed number that Song Jun saw he was giving medical orders to was No. 15. If he remembered correctly, Feng Junyuan said that Bed No. 15 was the bed number of the little girl who died.

       When he thought of the little girl who died on the operating table at a young age, Song Jun couldn’t help but feel a little uncomfortable. He said, “Have you ever thought about finding a Dharma Master to help her transcend?”

       Feng Junyuan stopped typing and said nothing, but Song Jun saw his hesitant expression.

       “Ah!” A scream suddenly came from outside the office.

       Song Jun and Feng Junyuan looked at each other, stood up and walked out of the office at the same time.

       There was a lot of noise outside, and a circle of people gathered around the nurse’s station. A patient covered his arm and said he had seen a ghost.

       This patient was the patient of bed no. 15 under Feng Junyuan’s care. He was admitted to the hospital yesterday and has not yet undergone surgery. He said that he heard a child crying all night last night. He went to the toilet, but as soon as he opened the toilet door, he saw a child’s hand pulling the door tightly from the inside.

       Everyone in the circle around the nurse’s station turned pale when they heard this, obviously frightened. Of course, there were also those who didn’t believe it and said he was talking nonsense.

       The patient then rolled up his sleeves and said, “Look, he was caught by a ghost.”

       Everyone looked over and saw a blue mark on his wrist, which was shaped like a child’s palm.

       Song Jun and Feng Junyuan looked at each other.

       An old lady next to me said, “Oh, that’s really creepy. Bed no.15 is that little kid who died under Dr. Feng’s table, right?”

       Everyone around looked towards Feng Junyuan. The patient in Bed no.15 said, “Doctor Feng, can you change my bed? I’m afraid I’m haunted by a ghost.”

       “Where did the ghost come from?” Suddenly, a man came out of the doctor’s duty room and said loudly, “Don’t talk nonsense here. There are no ghosts in this world.”

       Feng Junyuan turned around and saw that the person walking over was the chief resident.

       The chief resident said, “Don’t make the hospital look like a park. Everyone should go back to the ward and don’t surround the nurse’s station.”

       The patients then dispersed.

       The attending physician asked Feng Junyuan, “Have you finished issuing the doctor’s orders?”

       Feng Junyuan nodded.

       The chief said, “Just do what you have to do; don’t get involved.”

       After saying that, he walked towards his office.

       Song Jun looked at Feng Junyuan and wanted to persuade him not to pay attention, but when he thought that the little girl did exist, he couldn’t help feeling a little chilly and didn’t know what to say.

       Feng Junyuan said, “I’ll go to Bed No. 15 to have a look.”

       Just as he finished speaking, there was a sudden power outage in the corridor.

       There were wards on both sides of the corridor extending from the nurse station, and there was only a small balcony at the end of the corridor, so the lighting was very poor. Once the power went out, the eyes that were accustomed to bright light could not adapt to the darkness for a while, and it would be as if it were pitch black.

       Both the nurses and the patients cried out in surprise as if they had not expected that there would be a sudden power outage in the hospital.

       Generally speaking, even if there were a power outage in a hospital, there would be a backup generator to ensure the operation of various medical instruments.

       However, the power had gone out but did not come back on immediately.

       Feng Junyuan and Song Jun were standing there. They had just adapted to the dark environment of the corridor when they heard a patient’s scream from a ward in front.

       That voice was the voice of the Bed no. 15 patient who had just said he had seen a ghost.

       Feng Junyuan immediately ran in that direction. Seeing this, Song Jun quickly followed.

       The ward was a double ward with beds number 15 and 16. Because it was a shared ward, the doors of hospital wards were generally not locked, but at this time, the door of this ward was closed.

       Feng Junyuan pushed the door, but it didn’t open.

       It wasn’t that it wasn’t locked, but more like someone was pushing the door from the inside.

       Feng Junyuan pushed hard again, and the door opened slightly. He suddenly let go of his hand, and the door was closed again.

       Song Jun was standing next to Feng Junyuan. He could clearly see half of the child’s grey-blue face emerging from the gap, looking out with one round eye.

       Feng Junyuan looked at Song Jun, and Song Jun asked him, “Did you see it too?”

       “Yeah,” Feng Junyuan said, “it was her, the child who died on the operating table, named Yuanyuan.”

       Song Jun felt a little numb in his back.

       However, unexpectedly, Feng Junyuan suddenly hit the door with force.

       The door to the ward was suddenly knocked open by him. Feng Junyuan walked in and saw no sign of the little girl. Not only was the little girl missing, but even the original patients in the fifteen or sixteen beds were gone.

       There was a large window in the ward, which was much brighter than in the corridor outside.

       Song Jun followed Feng Junyuan in and looked at the bathroom with the door open but saw no one.

       “What’s going on?” Song Jun asked.

       Feng Junyuan shook his head, “I don’t know.”

       They were all a little dazed and stood in the ward for a while. Feng Junyuan even walked to the window and took a look outside.

       Suddenly, Song Jun said to him, “Don’t you think it’s quiet outside?”

       Feng Junyuan was stunned and turned to look at him.

       It was really quiet outside, so quiet that it was a little abnormal. It was noisy when the power went out, but now there was no sound at all.

       Song Jun and Feng Junyuan walked towards the corridor outside, one after another. When they came out, they saw that the entire corridor was empty, and there was no one.

       The patient and his family were gone, as were the nurses and doctors. The entire thoracic surgery department was silent as if they were the only two people left.

       Song Jun and Feng Junyuan both knew something was wrong. Of course, it wasn’t that everyone here suddenly ran away, but that the two of them were probably blocked off from reality by some force, like that time when they saw a hundred ghosts walking at night by the river.

       “What should we do?” Song Jun asked.

       Feng Junyuan was silent for a moment and said, “Get out of here first?”

       “I…” Song Jun was about to speak. He always felt that something was wrong with the atmosphere, that maybe they couldn’t leave here easily. But before he could speak, he suddenly heard a girl’s laughter coming from the end of the corridor.

       Both of them turned around and saw the little girl, Yuanyuan, hiding behind a door. She stuck her head out to take a look at them. When she saw them looking over, she quickly retracted her head.

       Feng Junyuan said, “That’s the stairs over there.”

       Song Jun was stunned and then said, “She doesn’t want us to leave.”

       Feng Junyuan looked a little confused, “Why?”

       Song Jun shook his head. How could he know why.

       Knowing that the little girl was trying to stop them, Feng Junyuan had no intention of trying. He said, “Let’s go back to the office first.”

       The two men returned to the doctor’s office.

       Song Jun walked behind and reached out to lock the door.

       The current situation reminded him of what happened in the lab at that time. He still remembered that the female ghost was pestering him, making it impossible for him to leave.

       But this time, it didn’t feel so scary. Maybe it was because there was an extra person, Feng Junyuan, and Song Jun knew that Feng Junyuan was not an ordinary person and that those ordinary ghosts and demons should not be able to hurt him.

       There were also windows in the doctor’s duty room, and the light outside was bright. Song Jun stood at the window and looked outside, but there was no one in the bustling hospital.

       “Does she want to kill me?” Feng Junyuan suddenly asked.

       Song Jun said softly, “I don’t think so. She’s just a child, and maybe her parents don’t understand what’s going on with her life. I believe she wouldn’t be unaware of it herself.”

       ‘Drrk drkk drrk’ The two of them heard a sound coming from outside at the same time, like the sound of a nurse pushing a cart walking down the corridor.

       Song Jun stood still and didn’t move.

       Feng Junyuan walked to the door, opened it slightly and looked outside. He saw a nurse’s work cart sliding slowly in the corridor, but no one was pushing it.

       “Let’s go,” Feng Junyuan said suddenly, “I don’t want to wait here any longer. No matter what she wants to do, I’m not afraid of her.”

       Song Jun hesitated.

       Feng Junyuan said, “Then you wait here alone. She should be here for me, and it has nothing to do with you.”

       Even if it really had nothing to do with him, Song Jun couldn’t let Feng Junyuan face it alone. He took a deep breath and said to Feng Junyuan, “Let’s go, I’ll go with you.”

       Feng Junyuan opened the door, stood by it waiting for Song Jun to come, and walked out with him.

       The cart was still slowly coming in their direction. The two of them were walking forward, and the cart slid in front of them and suddenly stopped.

       Feng Junyuan and Song Jun walked around the cart and continued walking forward.

       Suddenly, Feng Junyuan stopped and looked at a staircase that appeared out of thin air on the side of the corridor.

       Song Jun naturally saw it too and couldn’t help being stunned and asked, “Were there stairs here?”

       Feng Junyuan said, “Yes, but it has been stopped and sealed early.”

       “Why?” Song Jun asked.

       “Because I heard there seemed to be an accident,” Feng Junyuan said solemnly.

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