When Tristana saw Lin Dongliang in the royal office area the next day, she was so surprised that she couldn’t open her mouth for a long time. She looked at his face carefully, “…I thought you would ask for leave today…at least half a day. “

       Lin Dongliang smiled. There were traces of staying up late on his face, but he didn’t look too dishevelled.

       “I don’t have that much time to rest.” The Secretary of State adjusted his tie. He turned his head, and his eyes were firm and bright, “Someone is waiting for me.”


       Since Lin Dongliang’s return, although the war front has still not improved, the media has quietly changed. It no longer blindly condemns His Majesty the Emperor’s dereliction of duty but focuses more on democracy, freedom and equality.

       Lin Dongliang had somehow managed to get the Eta Star Hybrid Experiment Programme, a report so huge that it was almost sickening.

       “The Empire will not take the initiative to break any peace treaty, but we have our own bottom line.” Lin Dongliang faced the camera; his expression was as solemn and sad as sacred self-sacrifice, “And it is precisely Eta Star that has violated this principle.”

       A reporter below asked relentlessly, “Besides these, do you have any other evidence?”

       Lin Dongliang smiled gently, “I am fortunate that, while uncovering Eta Star’s conspiracy, I also rescued an outstanding couple.” He gestured to the side, and the holographic image displayed the faces of Maggie and Alice. The latter seemed a bit uneasy, hiding behind her sentinel.

       Maggie calmly deflected the recorders that were about to poke her in the face. She frowned slightly, with an aloof and chilly expression.

       “This is my ID.” The sentinel placed a card on the table, “I am a test subject of this batch of Eta stars. Under the care of His Majesty, I was able to come to the Empire safely.”

       “Of course.” Maggie paused, and she continued, “The people rescued by His Majesty this time also include Mr. Chris, a senior researcher from the Eta Star gene bank, but he now needs to accompany His Majesty to deal with the illegal genes of the Eta Star at the frontline.”

       The reporters below began to whisper. Lin Dongliang’s expression did not change. He stood up and slowly scanned the faces of everyone below.

       “Those who fight for democracy, freedom and equality will never lose…” Lin Dongliang said calmly, “Thank you to the sentinels and guides who have been fighting on the front line so far.” He bowed deeply to the camera, ” Even if we encounter injustice, we never give up.”


       Qin Yun looked at the picture of the Secretary of State bowing at the top of the home page with mixed emotions. Shen Zhuofan curled his lips and said, “Don’t feel bad; senior has his own pride.”

       “…” Qin Yun still felt uncomfortable, “They shouldn’t have had to face all of this…”

       Shen Zhuofan twitched his lips, “Both of them are ready to sacrifice willingly at any time, not for your sympathy.”

       “It is precisely because they have steadfast ideals and an unwavering belief to strive for that they are qualified to stand there, becoming my trusted aides.” Shen Zhuofan showed a nostalgic expression, “This is what His Majesty once said to me.”

       Qin Yun looked at him.

       Shen Zhuofan smiled, “I didn’t understand it very well before, but now I seem to understand something a little finally.”


       Overnight, Lin Dongliang rose to become the highest national idol in the empire. The overwhelming support from public opinion forced the Cabinet to release the remaining half of Skarter’s troops and 30% of the high-level guides to support the war. Unfortunately, Prime Minister Berlin still imposed confinement on General Skarter himself in the name of ‘internal investigation’.

       Lin Dongliang travelled between the royal family and the Cabinet every three days and almost lost weight in just half a month.

       He came to visit Qin Yun with fruits and left after sitting for a while.

       “The front line is basically under control, but we don’t have any extra troops. His Majesty can’t withdraw yet.” Lin Dongliang smiled a little bitterly, “It’s not that he doesn’t want to see you.”

       Qin Yun quickly denied it, “It’s okay, it’s okay, I don’t really want to…” His expression was tangled, “Okay, I actually miss him…”

       Lin Dongliang: “Pfft…”

       Qin Yun was not very embarrassed and whispered, “Don’t tell him…”

       Lin Dongliang also imitated him and lowered his voice, “Okay.”

       Qin Yun breathed a sigh of relief. He seemed to have thought of something, and his expression was a little lonely, “Actually, I also understand that even if he comes back, I probably can’t go back to him like this… General Lane told me about the Cabinet… For safety, wouldn’t it be better to stay apart?”

       Lin Dongliang frowned. He wanted to say something, but he didn’t know how to say it.

       “It is precisely because of having a firm ideal and an unyielding belief in fighting for it.” Qin Yun said suddenly. He looked at Lin Dongliang and smiled, “I am able to stand here and leave without regrets.”


       Shen Zhuofan didn’t open the store early in the morning. He hired someone and trained him for several days before he was finally able to do all the work.

       “I may have to be away from the store for a while.” Boss Shen settled the bill. After thinking about it, he finally put Sweetheart into his bag, “Don’t forget to scoop the litter every day. They don’t like robots… and don’t feed them too much canned food. Several of them have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and high blood sugar…”

       “Boss.” The clerk interrupted him with a sullen expression, “You were so chatty all day yesterday…is this a pattern of you going and never returning?!”

       Shen Zhuofan was rendered speechless, “…Don’t talk nonsense! It’s unlucky!”


       During the day, someone from Duke Garcia’s mansion would come out to walk the lions. Sweetheart lay on Shen Zhuofan’s shoulder, wrapping his whole body around the other person’s neck like a furry scarf.

       “Do you still remember the book I read before, which talked about how to unlock hypnosis?” Shen Zhuofan started talking to himself to Sweetheart.

       The Maine Coon cat meowed softly.

       Shen Zhuofan said with a headache: “How can I, a guide who can’t even produce Bonding Heat, seduce an SSS-level sentinel into bed…”

       Sweetheart stopped meowing and began licking her paw with a disdainful expression.

       Shen Zhuofan was troubled for a long time but couldn’t think of any effective way. He hesitated for a long time and finally plucked up the courage to walk to Ke Qing, who was walking the lion.

       “Um…” Boss Shen asked sincerely, “Is your house still short of people to wash the lions?”


       When Tristana came to pick up Qin Yun from the hospital, she didn’t see Shen Zhuofan. When she inadvertently asked about it, it turned out that the other party didn’t know either.

       “I haven’t seen him in half a month…” Qin Yun packed his things, “Where is the Secretary of State?”

       “You don’t know?” Tristana was a little surprised, and then she laughed in a good mood, “Duke Arthur has sent troops, and His Majesty will be back today as expected.”

       “Oh…” Qin Yun said slowly, “Is, is that so…”

       The female general nodded, “Yes, Skarter has been lifted from confinement, and Lin Dongliang can finally pick him up.”

       Qin Yun said happily, “That’s great.”

       “But we can’t take it lightly.” Tristana went through the discharge procedures for Qin Yun, “The old witch always likes to do stupid things, and she might stab you later.”

       Qin Yun was so frightened by what she said that he couldn’t help but look around after leaving the hospital entrance.


       With just one glance, he spotted Moschery standing in the distance.


       His Majesty the Emperor didn’t seem to come over to say hello. He stood still and didn’t move. Because he was too far away, his expression could not be seen clearly. Only Chris behind him waved vigorously towards Qin Yun.

       Qin Yun subconsciously stretched out his hand to respond. He thought about where Zhongyan had gone before he remembered that he could no longer see him.

       “Aren’t you going to send him off?” Chris took back his hand and couldn’t help but look at the people around him, “He seems to really want you to come over…”

       Moschery’s expression was indifferent, and he shook his head, “No need.”

      Chris was stunned for a moment. Chris was taken aback, a bit angry. He complained indignantly, “Ha, turning your back, heartless and cold-blooded!”

       Moschery did not refute. He seemed to have not heard and stared quietly behind Qin Yun.


       In a place where no one could see, Zhongyan spread out his huge black wings, and it tenderly hugged his guide from behind, heavy and sad.


       Tristana’s expression changed dramatically when she spotted the Cabinet’s banner. She shielded Qin Yun with a grim look, watching as Mrs. Berlin approached nonchalantly.

       “Congratulations on being discharged from the hospital, Guide Qin.” Berlin stopped less than one meter away from Qin Yun. She smiled and said, “You seem to be doing well?”

       Tristana narrowed her eyes, “Thanks to you, we are about to leave.” Just as she was about to pull Qin Yun across the other side, she was blocked by two high-level guides. The female general gritted her teeth, “What does this mean?!”

       Berlin said lightly, “It’s better to come early than to come by chance.” She looked at Qin Yun and put away her smile, “There are still many things on Eta Star that have not been explained clearly. We must ask Guide Qin to come with us.”

       Before Qin Yun could react, two guides held his shoulders down. Just as he was about to struggle, he was suddenly pulled into his arms by a hand stretched out from behind.


       Tristana looked surprised and shouted, “Your Majesty!”

       Berlin raised her eyebrows meaningfully, “Your Majesty, why didn’t you take a rest just after you came back? Aren’t you tired?”

       Moschery roughly pressed Qin Yun’s stiff head firmly against his shoulder

       Berlin: “…”

       “It just so happens that you’re here. I can announce something.” Moschery looked at Berlin coldly and raised Qin Yun’s chin with one hand, “In the future, this man will enjoy half of the Empire’s sovereignty.”

       Qin Yun: “??”

       Moschery: “To put it in layman’s terms, I would marry him.”

       Qin Yun: “…??!!!”

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