Moschery shielded Qin Yun’s head and waited until the turbulence of takeoff had passed before bracing himself.

       “Qin Yun?” He lifted up the other person’s drenched bangs. The whites of the guide’s eyes had turned pure gold, and the pupils were staring unfocused at one point.

       “Chris!” Moschery shouted. He held Qin Yun in his arms and shouted again at a higher volume, “Chris!”

       There was a crackling sound from the c0ckpit, and Chris ran out in a panic, shouting, “I-It’s my first time to fly a spacecraft! My driver’s license is expired…” He was startled when he saw Qin Yun and then exclaimed, “Oh my God! How much stimulant did he use?!”

       Moschery remained silent with a stern expression. He watched as Chris took out the detection device and skillfully began the examination.

       “How is he?” The Emperor asked nervously, “Is he okay?”

      Chris gave him a strange look, “Isn’t he your guide… Shouldn’t you know the situation best?”

       Moschery, of course, didn’t want to admit that he hadn’t made the final mark with Qin Yun yet, so he could only scowled and coldly said, “Shut up!”

      Chris pursed his lips and complained in a low voice, “Such a bad temper… Your guide must be too doting on you.”

       Moschery: “…”


       Qin Yun regained some consciousness and saw Chris tending to the needle marks on his wrist, and the young researcher felt the man under his hand struggle.

       “Ah…I’m not a bad person.” Chris quickly raised his hands and added weakly, “Although I once went astray…but I have changed my ways now!”

       Qin Yun relaxed and found himself leaning against Moschery. The sentinel lowered his head, grabbed his chin and kissed him without saying a word.

       “Ahem…” Chris was embarrassed. He shifted his gaze and started whistling.

       Qin Yun blushed, and Moschery, on the other hand, kissed quite earnestly. After a while, he moved away, furrowing his brow and asking, “Why didn’t the pheromones work?”

      Chris finally had the chance to come over, “No way…” His eyes fell on Qin Yun’s neck, “What is this?!”

       “…” Qin Yun reached out to cover the eye of the needle and said vaguely, “It’s nothing… I’ve been injected with a suppressant…”

      Chris’ expression became serious. He didn’t speak and didn’t listen to Qin Yun’s explanation. He stubbornly carefully put the blood collected previously into the instrument and chose the option to test the ‘guide’ value.

       Moschery’s expression didn’t look good, “What on earth did they inject you with?”

       “…Nothing.” Qin Yun said weakly. He pretended to look around and changed the topic, “Where is Zhongyan?”


       Then he saw the Emperor’s expression almost crumbling in an instant.


       Moschery was silent for a long time. He stared closely into Qin Yun’s eyes and said word by word, “It’s right at your feet, can’t you see it?”

       At the same time, the red light on the tester rang sharply…


       Lin Dongliang, amidst the recent conflicts between the cabinet and the military, received the main war declaration from the Eta Star. His expression changed drastically upon seeing the war decree. The pretext used was ‘territorial infringement’, and the transmitted images clearly displayed Qin Yun’s unchanged military boots with the Imperial Military Department insignia. Below was the proof of Lan Zhi’s brain death and detailed information about the other party’s high-level SSS guide.

       Berlin sat across from him calmly. Her eyes fell on Skarter’s face with contempt, “The general’s soldiers are indeed extraordinary. If I remember correctly, isn’t he also a low-level guide?”

       Lin Dongliang took a deep breath. Unable to expose the relationship between Qin Yun and Moschery yet wanting to protect the former, he almost didn’t hesitate to take the responsibility himself, “It’s me…”

       “I sent him there.” Skarter said with a smile. He took a deep look at Lin Dongliang with gentle eyes, “I suspected that there was a god-level gene on Eta Star, so I asked someone to investigate.”

       Berlin raised her eyebrows, laughed, and stretched out her hands to straighten her hair, “Violating the peace treaty is a serious crime, General. Haven’t you thought about the consequences?”

       Skarter did not answer. He stood up, took off the military medal on his shoulder and gently placed it on Lin Dongliang’s table. He looked sideways at Berlin and said, “I will accept Eta Star’s declaration of war… regardless of the outcome. But I’ll handle it on my terms.”


       Moschery stood in the c0ckpit and watched the holographic video sent by Lin Dongliang in silence. The other person no longer had his signature gentle expression; his eyes were as cold as ice, and he had a Skarter military badge on his chest.

       “The military department was seized of half of its troops by the cabinet under the pretext of investigation… Eta Star asked Olympus to increase its troops, and the number of guides and sentinels was more than three times ours.”

       “Skarter has gone to the front line immediately, and I will go there later to assist the General.”

       “General Tristana Lane will do his best to contain the cabinet and wait for the safe return of you and Guide Qin.”

       “On the issue of military support, I have sent a request to Duke Garcia… but as of now, there has been no response.” Lin Dongliang lowered his head and reached out to cover the military medal on his chest, “Your Majesty, I have one last personal request.”

       He smiled and looked at Moschery on the other side of the screen, “We will fight to the last moment. If something unfortunate happens, please bury me and General Skarter together.”

       “I believe that one day, justice will break the shackles of the system.” Lin Dongliang bowed respectfully, “I look forward to the time when you regain Olympus.”


      Chris carefully observed Moschery’s face from the side. After a while, he finally couldn’t help but hesitantly say, “In half an hour… he will completely lose his ability to guide… Why don’t you go and take a look?”

       Moschery didn’t answer. He turned around and walked to the back cabin. Chris behind him scratched his hair and could only follow helplessly.

       The temporary spaceship did not have a rest area. Qin Yun slept quietly on Moschery’s clothes, and Zhongyan positioned him in the middle. When Moschery entered, he saw that the rhinestone Toothless made by the guide was hung around the neck.

       The other end of the pendant was held in Qin Yun’s hand. He could no longer see the dragon. He could only tell where Zhongyan was by relying on the small pendant.

      Chris turned away, unable to bear to look any further, but Moschery’s expression did not change.

       He knelt down and gently loosened Qin Yun’s fingers, and took him into his arms.


       Qin Yun woke up.

       “What’s wrong?” Even though he was about to lose his guide ability, Qin Yun could still detect Moschery’s emotional problems immediately, “Did something happen to the royal family?”

       Moschery held the hand that the other party extended, and he stroked the bandage on Qin Yun’s wrist, “It’s fine. Go back to sleep.”

       “Can’t sleep anymore…” Qin Yun muttered, and he adjusted his position to make himself as comfortable as possible in the arms of His Majesty the Emperor.

       Moschery opened the visor of the rear cabin. The spacecraft had not yet left the atmosphere of Eta Star, and the floating clouds were filled with golden morning light.


       “How much longer?” Qin Yun suddenly asked, “My guide ability?”

       Moschery didn’t speak. After a long time, he answered indirectly, “It’s my fault. There are no god-level genes on Eta. We fell into Olympus’s trap.”

       “Oh…” Qin Yun was stunned. He didn’t expect Moschery to apologise, so he could only pretend to be relaxed and said, “Fortunately, we didn’t make the final mark… Otherwise, I wouldn’t have the confidence to hypnotise your consciousness.”

       “Do you want me to forget about you?” Moschery looked down at him.

       “…” Qin Yun opened his mouth.

       Moschery: “You are my guide.”

       “…I will no longer be a guide.” Qin Yun said sternly, “And…there may be real god-level in the future…”

       “There won’t be any more god-level.” Moschery said calmly, “From now on, I only have you.”


       Qin Yun raised his arms to cover his eyes. He could clearly feel that his mental power was gradually dissipating. Moschery interlaced his finger with his, lowered his head and kissed each other tenderly.

       “I… I want to perform the ritual.” Qin Yun’s eyes were red, but no tears fell. He was somewhat nervous. After taking a deep breath, he hesitated for a long time before speaking in a hoarse voice, “I would like to be your lighthouse, guiding your way, smoothing the scars of loneliness and the surges of stormy seas.”

       This was the oath that the guide made when they first signed a contract with the sentinel. Qin Yun didn’t know whether Moschery understood it or not, so he looked at the other party with some anticipation and caution.

       Moschery smiled; he closed his eyes piously, put his forehead against Qin Yun, and said in a low and sweet voice, “My life belongs to you, and your soul…”


       The Emperor embraced his guide under the rising sun, and the golden light fell on them.


       “And my soul, will be with you.”

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