Chapter 52

       In the evening, Li Zhenruo was finally taken in by the kind Song Jun and had dinner with them.

       At this time, Li Zhenruo was surprised to find that in addition to Song Jun and Xia Hongshen, Feng Junyuan also lived here, and there was a young policeman named Long Xing and a girl named Xi Anling with them.

       The place to eat dinner was very simple. It was in a room, and everyone uses a few stools to form a small table. There were several dishes from the cafeteria on it, and there were small stools around to sit on.

       And because Li Zhenruo was an uninvited guest, the young policeman Long Xing gave him his seat and squatted on the ground himself. This made Li Zhenruo feel very embarrassed and said to Long Xing, “I’m sorry.”

       Long Xing smiled cutely, “It’s okay, you eat more.”

       And the girl that sat opposite Li Zhenruo, Xi Anling, kept staring at him as if she thought he was unnecessary.

       Li Zhenruo felt that these meals were really not very tasty, so he took two bites and put down his rice bowl, and asked Feng Junyuan strangely, “Aren’t you a surgeon? Why are you living such a miserable life?”

       Feng Junyuan looked up at Xia Hongshen, “He spends money without restraint.”

       Li Zhenruo was even more curious, “What’s your relationship with him?”

       While eating, Feng Junyuan replied, “He is my master.”

       Li Zhenruo opened his mouth in surprise and asked, “What about Luo Fei?” He always thought that Xia Hongshen and Song Jun were a pair, and Feng Junyuan and Luo Fei were a pair.

       Feng Junyuan replied calmly, “Luo Fei is Luo Fei.”

       Li Zhenruo didn’t know how to continue the topic.

       At this time, Xia Hongshen pointed at him with chopsticks, “Go after you finished eating.”

       Li Zhenruo sighed helplessly, knowing that he couldn’t stay with Xia Hongshen all the time, he should find a place to stay by himself. Fortunately, this was a school. As a cat, he was best at begging for food from female students. But Erhuang was a little bit of the problem, because Erhuang, as a large dog, ate a lot.

       He brought Erhuang out on impulse, but now he regrets it a little bit. Although no one cared about Erhuang in the Li family, he could eat enough food anyway.

       Looking back, Li Zhenruo found that Long Xing took a small bowl and poured a bowl of dog food for Erhuang.

       Xia Hongshen also saw it and asked Long Xing, “Where did you get the dog food?”

       Long Xing said, “It’s for the Erbao. He hasn’t been here lately.”

       Xia Hongshen complained, “A waste.”

       Long Xing touched Erhuang’s head and looked at it with a smile, “It’s so cute.”

       As he saw this, Li Zhenruo said to Xia Hongshen, “I’ll leave later, but can you foster my dog ​​for a while? I’ll pick it up when I find a place to live.”

       Before Xia Hongshen could answer, Long Xing answered happily, “Yes!”

       At the same time, Feng Junyuan asked him, “Where are you going?”

       Li Zhenruo said, “I will deal with things outside for a few days first, and I have to think about the next plan.”

       In fact, he still didn’t give up and wanted to make Xia Hongshen his master. At the same time, he planned to go to Aunt Wu’s hometown to find her first. He was afraid that she would have another work outside or have any other accidents after a long time.

       Feng Junyuan suddenly said, “Why don’t you live with me.”

       This time, not only Xia Hongshen and Song Jun, but also Xi Anling and Long Xing looked at him in surprise, obviously not expecting such an invitation to come out of his mouth.

       Song Jun first asked tentatively, “Xiao Feng? Are you okay?”

       A suspicious blush appeared on Feng Junyuan’s face, and he said, “I like Garfield so much, it’s very cute.”

       Song Jun thought for a while and expressed his understanding, “It is really cute.”

       Xia Hongshen grunted coldly and heaved a pair of chopsticks onto the table.

       But no one paid attention to him, Xi Anling had already stood up and leaned on Song Jun’s back. She stared at Li Zhenruo and said, “Garfield? What do you look like? Transform and show me!”

       Long Xing said, “I know I’ve seen it, the kind of cat whose face is flat.”

       After all the ruckus at night, Li Zhenruo was eventually not thrown out by Xia Hong Shen, but instead slept in a bed with Feng Junyuan. In order to express gratitude to Feng Junyuan for taking him in, Li Zhenruo turned back into a furry kitten when he jumped on the bed and lay down on the side of the bed.

       Erhuang slept under the bed, and yawned loudly, looking a little melancholy.

       Feng Junyuan stared at Li Zhenruo, made Li Zhenruo feel a little uncomfortable, and buried his face in the bed.

       Feng Junyuan asked him, “Why did you come out? Where is your owner?”

       Originally, Li Zhenruo was wandering outside all day, wanting to forget about Li Zhenran, but now Feng Junyuan brought it up again, and his mood suddenly became low.

       Maybe Feng Junyuan just asked casually and didn’t need Li Zhenruo’s answer. After he asked, he reached out and touched the top of Li Zhenruo’s head, and turned over to sleep.

       Unfamiliar room, unfamiliar environment, surrounded by even an unfamiliar person.

       Li Zhenruo closed his eyes, but his other senses were still clear. He was still very awake in his head. He was turning over and over many pictures he saw during the day, but some of them seemed to be blurred. For example, he couldn’t remember whether Li Zhenran hold the woman’s hand when he got off the car.

       “Phew—” Not wanting to disturb Feng Junyuan, Li Zhenruo let out a low breath and opened his eyes again in the darkness.

       The curtains were blown open by the wind, and Li Zhenruo suddenly found a black kitten standing outside the window, looking at him through the window.

       He was taken aback and wondered when the cat was standing there.

       The black cat stared at him for a moment, raised its paw and tapped the window.

       Li Zhenruo subconsciously glanced at Feng Junyuan beside him but found that Feng Junyuan just turned over and didn’t wake up. The black cat outside hooked its paws at him again, as if to signal him to come over.

       Li Zhenruo raised his paw and pointed at himself uncertainly, me?

       The black cat nodded.

       Li Zhenruo hesitated, jumped off the bed, ran to the window in two steps, looked up at it, and then jumped up hard. The window was closed with only one layer of screen. Li Zhenruo pushed the screen with his claws and jumped out. Hearing the black cat “meow”, he found that he could understand what it meant. It told him to follow him up.

       Where to go? Li Zhenruo was still baffled, but the black cat had turned around and climbed up the wall, hooked its claws on the edge of the eaves, and turned over to go to the roof.

       Li Zhenruo was stunned. The eaves1 of this old house were quite long, and it was definitely impossible to climb on the wall and stretch out claws to reach it. You have to use your limbs on the wall, jump over and hook the eaves with your claws, and then flipped over. It was like playing martial arts and movies. After he thought of it for a while, Li Zhenruo reached a conclusion that he could not do it.

       However, since he didn’t move for a long time, the black cat above was impatient and knocked on the roof tiles.

       Li Zhenruo hesitated a little and decided to try it once.

       He didn’t know the identity of the black cat at first, but after hearing him meow, he realized that the cat was probably Xia Hongshen. He didn’t know what Xia Hongshen want to find him so late, but until now he still didn’t give up and wanted to be Xia Hongshen as his teacher. So the other party’s command was a test for him. Even if he jumped over and couldn’t grab the eaves and fall from the second floor, he decided to give it a try.

       Li Zhenruo took a deep breath, jumped hard and grabbed the wall with his sharp claws, jumped up and jumped in the opposite direction, stretching his forelimbs to grab the eaves.

       He felt that the fingernail had touched the eaves, but it was only touching. The tip of the fingernail only grazed, but it was not hooked. The force has come to an end, and so the body sank and fell down.

       Li Zhenruo quickly adjusted his posture and wanted to see if there was a piece of grass underneath, but after falling a short distance, a hand grabbed his stomach and held him up.

       He looked up in amazement and saw Xia Hongshen stretched out half of his body from the roof, grabbing him with one arm, and taking him up until he got on the roof and placed him beside himself.

       Li Zhenruo was still in shock and looked at Xia Hongshen with some small gasps.

       Xia Hongshen looked at him blankly and said, “Why do you want to practice cultivation with me?”

       Li Zhenruo originally wanted to take a human form and sit next to him to talk to him, but then he thought that he would become a human without clothes to wear. Hongshen meowed in front of him.

       He told Xia Hongshen: I feel that my power is too weak, whether as a cat or a person.

       Xia Hongshen asked him, “Do you want to borrow power to take revenge?”

       Li Zhenruo shook his head: I just don’t want to rely on others.

       Xia Hongshen said, “What if I don’t agree?”

       Li Zhenruo thought for a while: If you don’t agree, I will still rely on my own strength to take revenge. When I do, I hope there will be a way to change your mind when we meet again.

       Xia Hongshen held his face with one hand and did not speak.

       Li Zhenruo also lay quietly beside him without moving.

       After a while, Xia Hongshen said, “I got it.” After speaking, he reached out and grabbed the edge of the eaves and flipped over.

       Li Zhenruo froze for a moment and got up to look, and saw that a small black cat had gotten into the small building from the window next to him, and he was the only one left on the roof, and he was at a loss.

       Fortunately, he was still a cat. He dawdled on the edge of the eaves for a while, and finally jumped down in fear and went back to Feng Junyuan’s room.

       The next morning, Feng Junyuan got up to wash up. He had to go to work in the morning and had to arrive at the hospital at 8:30.

       Li Zhenruo couldn’t sleep either, so while Feng Junyuan was not in the room, he turned into a human. He picked up his clothes and dressed neatly.

       After a while, Feng Junyuan came back and saw that he was still wearing the same clothes from yesterday. He opened the cabinet and said, “If you don’t have clothes to wear, just wear mine first.”

       Li Zhenruo looked at him gratefully, “Well, thank you.”

       For breakfast, Song Jun went to the cafeteria to buy buns and eggs. After eating, Li Zhenruo took Erhuang out for a walk by the rope. He also trotted around the school by himself.

       After running for more than 20 minutes, his head and back began to sweat. He couldn’t help but slow down his pace, thinking that if he didn’t go back and didn’t change his clothes, he might just borrow Feng Junyuan and Song Jun’s clothes, knowing that the last time he borrowed Song Jun’s clothes were not yet returned.

       As he walked forward slowly, Li Zhenruo suddenly felt his heart palpitate. He stopped in a daze, while Erhuang beside him was still walking forward, pulling on the rope until he couldn’t move and stopped to look at him.

       Li Zhenruo raised his head and looked around, and saw a tall and thin boy walking in his direction. He has seen this boy several times, and every time he saw his body, he reacted violently, as if something was pulling him closer.

       The boy was also looking at him. As the two of them got closer, Li Zhenruo heard his heart beat faster.

       Seeing that he didn’t move for a long time, Erhuang couldn’t help pulling him forward.

       The leash in Li Zhenruo’s hand was taut, and he had to take two steps forward, but he tripped over the rope that came around in front of him and he fell forward.

       Just as the boy walked up to him, he raised his hand and held him.

       His heart was beating violently, Li Zhenruo raised his head from the boy’s arms to look at him, and said in a daze, “You…”

       The boy also frowned and asked him, “Who are you?”

       “Din—” A car next to them stopped beside them for some reason, and the horn sounded abruptly.

       There were few cars on the campus, and it was rare for people to honk loudly. So Li Zhenruo was taken aback at this time. He looked back and saw that the driver’s window was down. Li Zhenran was sitting inside, looking at him coldly.

       Li Zhenruo was stunned for a moment and then realized how ambiguous his actions were with this boy. He let go of his hands and stood up straight. When he looked at Li Zhenran, he suddenly thought of the woman who came back with him yesterday.

       Erhuang was very excited to see Li Zhenran and swung his tail towards him.

       Li Zhenran just said to Li Zhenruo coldly, “Get in the car.”

       Li Zhenruo walked to the front of the car window. He didn’t want to show weakness to Li Zhenran, even though the little grievances in his heart were about to overflow.

       He put his hands on the lower edge of the car window and asked Li Zhenran, “What are you doing here?”

       Li Zhenran said, “My cat ran away with our family dog, and I came to find them back.”

       Li Zhenruo squeezed the car door tightly with both hands, and said, “I’m not going back.”

       Erhuang, however, was lying on the door excitedly, sticking his head in to get intimate with Li Zhenran.

       Li Zhenran patiently asked him, “Why are you not going back? Because of him?”

       Li Zhenruo looked at him and saw that the boy just now was still standing there, looking at them with some doubts. Up until now, Li Zhenruo didn’t even know the boy’s name. He noticed a strange pull from the boy, but he knew very well that it was not love at first sight, but a strange pull from the body.

       At this time, Li Zhenran asked him, but he neither admitted nor denied it, but asked Li Zhenran, “Where’s that woman?”

       “Which woman?” Li Zhenran asked him back.

       Li Zhenruo said, “The woman you brought back from dinner yesterday!”

       Li Zhenran frowned slightly and said, “What happened to her?”

       Li Zhenruo asked, “What’s your relationship with her?”

       Li Zhenran didn’t answer him directly, but said, “What do you think?”

       Li Zhenruo gnashed his teeth and looked at him for a while, then finally calmed down and said, “I’m not going back.”

       Li Zhenran seemed to be angry. Although his face was expressionless, his voice was deeper, “I will give you one last chance to choose.”

       Li Zhenruo felt that he could no longer retreat. Although he might lose some clues when he left the Li family, if he stayed by Li Zhenran’s side, he would only be led by Li Zhenran all the time. Even because of Li Zhenran’s words, he could feel uneasy for a few days.

       He shook his head vigorously, “I’m not going back, the only thing I have to do now is to find out who killed Li Zhenruo, and I want to avenge him.”

       Li Zhenran said, “So I’ve lost my use, have I?”

       Li Zhenruo was slightly startled and wanted to say otherwise, but Li Zhenran had already said, “Let go.”

       Li Zhenruo let go of his hand and took two steps back. Li Zhenran’s car turned around and left without saying anything.

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