Chapter 54

       The person standing outside the door was not a prostitute, but the owner of the small hotel. He shrank his neck after being yelled at by Li Zhenruo, and then said, “Is little brother sleeping? I’m here to change your room. “

       “Change room?” Li Zhenruo was puzzled, “What room?”

       The boss said, “This room has a leaky sewer pipe, and the downstairs residents are complaining, so this room will be temporarily unavailable. I’ll give you a new room.”

       Li Zhenruo still felt strange and asked, “Which room should I change to?”

       The boss said, “Don’t worry, I’ll give you a better one, and I won’t charge you any more money.”

       Li Zhenruo felt that there was nothing wrong with it when he heard the boss say that. He didn’t have any luggage, and he didn’t even take off his clothes, so he said to the boss, “Then let’s change.”

       The boss led him upstairs and opened a new room for him.

       After he entered, Li Zhenruo found that it was much more comfortable than the one just now. At least the beds looked clean and wrinkle-free, and the toiletries in the bathroom were complete.

       The boss left him the key card and left. Li Zhenruo then lay down on the bed, closed his eyes and slept comfortably.

       When he woke up the next morning, Li Zhenruo bought two buns for breakfast at a nearby bakery shop. He stood on the side of the road nibbling on the buns and walked slowly towards the station to take the car.

       Just as he walked to the station, a car stopped beside him and asked, “Where are you going? Do you want to take the car?”

       When Li Zhenruo saw it was a black car, he didn’t intend to answer.

       The driver persevered, “Where are you going? How about I give you a free ride?”

       Li Zhenruo looked him up and down and felt that if the man was not crazy, then he had other ideas. He thought of the hotel owner who came to change his room in the middle of the night last night, Li Zhenruo couldn’t help leaning against the car door, and bent down to ask the driver, “Did someone ask you to give me a ride?”

       The driver seemed to be an honest man, and when Li Zhenruo asked him, he closed his mouth and did not speak.

       Li Zhenruo knocked on the car door and said, “I won’t ride in your car, so go away.”

       After he said that, he stood up straight and watched the driver drive away.

       After a while, when Li Zhenruo was about to get on the bus, another small car stopped in front of the station. The person driving the car honked the horn, and then lowered the window.

       Li Zhenruo looked back and saw that the person sitting in the driver’s seat turned out to be Yan Xiujie. He was a little surprised because after thinking that someone was secretly looking after him, Li Zhenruo’s first thought was that Li Zhenran had followed him, and even if it wasn’t Li Zhenran, that person should be Hua Yi Bang. How could it be Yan Xiujie?

       Did Yan Xiujie recognize him? It’s really not that likely.

       He walked towards the car and asked, “Why are you here?”

       Yan Xiujie said, “Second Young Master asked me to come.”

       Li Zhenruo had already guessed this possibility in his heart, but after hearing Yan Xiujie say it, he still felt a little complicated. He couldn’t help asking, “What did he ask you to do?”

       Yan Xiujie also seemed a little confused, and said, “He only said to come over and to secretly look after you.”

       Secretly… Li Zhenruo was silent for a while, and then asked, “Then why are you appearing in front of me now?”

       Yan Xiujie was a little embarrassed, “Because you refused that driver. I called Second Young Master to say that you might have noticed me, and he then asked me to take the initiative to find you.”

       Li Zhenruo looked at him, still puzzled, “Why you and not Hua Yibang?”

       Yan Xiujie also looked a bit bewildered, “I don’t know.”

       Li Zhenruo thought about a lot of things all at once. He wondered why Li Zhenran asked Yan Xiujie to come over. Was Li Zhenran afraid it wasn’t just because he was here to investigate the cause of Li Zhenruo’s death, so he deliberately asked his former assistant to come over?

       He always felt that Li Zhenran might be doubting his identity. Since when did he doubt it? It was clear when he confessed to Li Zhenran that he was investigating the cause of Li Zhenruo’s death, Li Zhenran also looked angry as if he had been deceived.

       “Mr. Li?” Yan Xiujie called him.

       Li Zhenruo suddenly came back to his senses and asked, “What did you just call me?”

       Yan Xiujie hesitated and said, “Second Master said your name is Li Tuanzi, and he also asked me to bring your ID card and mobile phone here.”

       After Yan Xiujie said that, he took the document bag that was placed on the passenger seat and took the ID card, mobile phone inside to Li Zhenruo, and then a credit card. He said, “Second Young Master said that you can withdraw cash.”

       Li Zhenruo took over the mobile phone and ID card and finally took over the credit card. He was not in the mood to feel embarrassed by the name Li Tuanzi, so he just opened the passenger car door and sat in.

       “Did he say anything else?” Li Zhenruo asked.

       Yan Xiujie said, “He said, he told you to go home after you’ve had enough fun.”

       Li Zhenruo rubbed his fingers on the emerged numbers on the surface of the credit card, and slowly touched it from left to right. Finally, he stopped and asked Yan Xiujie, “Where’s his girlfriend?”

       Yan Xiujie smiled bitterly, “I don’t know. I don’t know about the second young master’s private affairs. He just asked me to come over to take care of you and tell you a few words by the way.”

       “Tell me a few words?” Li Zhenruo glanced at him, “Not secretly watch over me? Does he know I would find you?”

       Yan Xiujie still smiled bitterly but did not answer this time.

       Li Zhenruo shook the credit card between his fingers and said, “Forget it, don’t talk about that, just drive, I want to find someone.”

       Yan Xiujie said nothing more and started the car.

       Along the way, except for occasionally telling Yan Xiujie where to go, Li Zhenruo stayed silent at other times. Yan Xiujie also did not speak and drove silently.

       What Li Zhenruo thought about the most was about Li Zhenran.

       Sometimes he felt he really had a limited brain capacity. Every day he thought about Li Zhenran more than the cause of his own death, as if the focus of his life was slowly shifting, and getting revenge was not as important as Li Zhenran bringing a woman home. He felt he couldn’t go on like this.

       But what can be done? Even if we didn’t see each other, could he really be so cruel?

       Li Zhenran asked Yan Xiujie to tell him a few words, and that was Li Zhenran showing weakness. On that day, he clearly said he was giving Li Zhenruo the last chance to choose, but he chose to give up. With Li Zhenran’s character, he should be left alone, but he still called Yan Xiujie to find him.

       Maybe they shouldn’t have ended things so vaguely.

       At this time, Yan Xiujie had already driven the car on the road. Li Zhenruo came back to his senses and gave him directions to drive him all the way to the two-story building in front of Aunt Wu’s house.

       Li Zhenruo got off the car, while Yan Xiujie reversed the car into the yard and parked on the right side of the yard.

       The door of the small building was still locked, and Li Zhenruo was not sure if there was anyone at home, so he stepped forward and knocked on the door.

       No one responded, he stepped back and looked upstairs. Suddenly he heard a mournful cat cry coming from inside.

       Yan Xiujie just locked the car door, and he couldn’t help asking, “What’s going on?”

       At this time, there was another cat cry, sharp and mournful.

       Although Li Zhenruo was still in human form, he seemed to feel that all the fur on his body stood up. He could hear the cat meowing in pain as if he could also feel the pain.

       He stepped forward and knocked on the door hard, “Open the door!”

       The people inside didn’t move.

       Li Zhenruo got stirred up emotionally. He raised his foot and kicked the door a few times, and shouted loudly, “Open the door!”

       Then, he heard heavy footsteps as if someone was walking toward the door.

       The door was opened from the inside. Standing in front of the door was a tall and gloomy young man. He looked at Li Zhenruo with a fierce look, “Who knocked on the door?”

       Li Zhenruo stepped back half a step so as not to get too close to him, and said, “May I ask if this is Wu Jiamei’s home?”

       The young man asked, “What’s the matter?”

       Li Zhenruo said, “I have something to ask her. Can I ask her to come out and talk?”

       The young man yelled, “She’s not here!”

       Li Zhenruo noticed that when he was talking, he kept his right hand behind his back as if he was holding something, so Li Zhenruo couldn’t help being a little wary and asked, “Who are you to her?”

       Before the man could answer, something suddenly jumped down from the window of the room on the second floor. Yan Xiujie was startled because he was close to it, and shouted, “What the?!”

       When Li Zhenruo looked back, he saw that a cat landed in the yard, a pastoral cat with black patches on its white fur, blood on one foot, and was screaming miserably to run outside.

       The young man pushed Li Zhenruo away and went after it.

       Li Zhenruo moved faster than him. Before the man rushed over, he took one step to carry the cat, and then took two steps back.

       At first, the cat wanted to run, but unfortunately, it was not agile. When Li Zhenruo picked it up, it became quiet and meowed softly.

       Li Zhenruo looked down at the injury on its leg, only to find that it was not only on the leg but also on the back with bloodstains. He couldn’t help frowning and said, “Are you crazy? What are you doing abusing a cat?”

       At this time, the man pulled out his right hand behind his back. Only then did Li Zhenruo see that he had a kitchen knife in his hand, and he said, “Give me back Ah Juan!”

       When he saw this, Yan Xiujie hurriedly stepped forward to pull Li Zhenruo and said, “Be careful.”

       Li Zhenruo saw that man’s eyes were confused and his face was a little grim. He hugged the cat and quickly stepped back and said, “What Ah Juan?”

       “Aaaaah—” the man shouted, but he didn’t say any other words, and directly slashed at Li Zhenruo with a knife.

       Li Zhenruo said to Yan Xiujie, “Run!”

       Two people came out of the yard and ran to both sides of the road, one left and one right.

       The young man obviously only had the intention to chase the cat, so he ignored Yan Xiujie and ran after Li Zhenruo.

       Li Zhenruo was simply baffled. He held the cat and ran all the way. He didn’t understand why he was provoking a cat-abusing lunatic, but the kitten in her arms kept meowing, which made his heart hurt.

       Occasionally he would encounter pedestrians on the road. When they saw the situation, they hid in the fields on both sides. Li Zhenruo also heard someone say, “Liu’s youngest son is going crazy again!”

       Li Zhenruo saw a small door opened in the front yard, and a girl was about to come out of the door. When she saw the situation outside, she was so frightened that she was about to close the door. Li Zhenruo also responded quickly, rushed over and pushed the door open, forced to squeeze in, and shouted, “Close the door!”

       The young girl hurriedly slammed the door and stopped the person outside at the very last moment. They then heard the sound of a kitchen knife slashing at the iron door.

       Li Zhenruo and the girl leaned against the door with their backs, thinking that people outside would break-in. Fortunately, the door had two large iron doors, and the lock was fairly strong.

       The kitchen knife slashed but left a trace, so the man started banging his body against the door, shouting, “Give me back Ah Juan!”

       The young girl was so frightened that she almost cried, and yelled at Li Zhenruo, “What did you do to him? Give him back his cat!”

       Li Zhenruo said, “No, he wants to hurt the cat!”

       The young girl then said, “He is a lunatic. He thinks this cat is Ah Juan. Please return it to him.”

       Li Zhenruo was short of breath and asked, “Who is ah Juan?”

       The girl said, “His sister, drowned while swimming.”

       Li Zhenruo couldn’t help but cursed, “fvck! I can’t give it to him, he was bullying the cat!”

       The young girl said, “What should we do now?”

       Li Zhenruo said, “Is no one watching him at home?”

       The young girl reacted at once, “Oh, Aunt Wu, tell Aunt Wu to come back!” After that, she shouted at her small building, “Mom! Call Aunt Wu over here, her son is going crazy!”

       The people upstairs responded.

       They were deadlocked inside and out. The man outside kept banging on the door tirelessly. Li Zhenruo and the girl pressed against the door together, feeling that his strength was gradually getting weaker, but the frequency of the bangs had not diminished.

       The blood on the kitten’s body was slowly dried, the fur was coagulated together, and it still looked pitiful.

       After more than ten minutes, Li Zhenruo finally heard a woman’s voice from outside and shouted eagerly, “Ah Qiang, what are you doing?”

       The young girl beside Li Zhenruo was obviously relieved, “Aunt Wu is back.”

       The two listened to Auntie Wu’s footsteps approaching, until she came to the door and pulled her son, telling him to stop making trouble and go home with her.

       Even so, the two of them waited for a while before opening a slit in the small door and looking out.

       The kitchen knife in the man’s hand had been snatched by his mother, but when he saw Li Zhenruo appear with the cat in his arms, he pointed at him somewhat emotionally and said, “He robbed Ah Juan and wants to take Ah Juan to bathe in the river!”

       Aunt Wu frowned and said, “That’s not Ah Juan, Ah Juan is gone.”

       The man looked dazed and said, “Ah Juan just wanted to sneak to the river, I won’t let her go! Tie her up!”

       Aunt Wu touched his back, “It’s not Ah Juan, there is no Ah Juan anymore.”

       At this time, Yan Xiujie ran towards this side, standing not far from them, somewhat warily in this direction.

       Aunt Wu said sorry to Li Zhenruo and the others and then said, “When he was a child, he took his sister to swim by the river. But then something happened to his sister, and his mind was not sober. Did he hurt you guys?”

       Li Zhenruo shook his head, “This cat was cut by him.”

       “Ah—” Aunt Wu didn’t know what to say.

       Li Zhenruo touched the top of the kitten’s head and said to Aunt Wu, “Auntie Wu, I want to ask you something.”

       Aunt Wu looked at Li Zhenruo with a strange expression.

       Li Zhenruo said, “It’s about Li Jianglin’s fourth son, Li Zhenruo.”

       Aunt Wu’s face changed suddenly. She took her son’s hand and stammered, “I-I’ll take him back first.” After that, she pulled her son and turned to leave.

       Her son was still looking at the cat, “Ah Juan, you can’t go to the river to take a bath.”

       Li Zhenruo stepped forward and said, “Send him back first. I’ll wait for you to come out. There are some things I want to ask you..”

       Aunt Wu avoided his eyes and didn’t answer him, and she just dragged her son forward.

       Li Zhenruo held the cat and took Yan Xiujie back to the outside of the small yard of the Wu family. Aunt Wu closed the door after she entered the house with her son.

       Li Zhenruo squatted down in the yard and put the kitten on the ground.

       The cat walked with a limp, and although it was put down, it still stuck to Li Zhenruo and refused to leave. It stood at Li Zhenruo’s feet, raised its head and purring weakly at him.

       Li Zhenruo gently smoothed it with her fingers and said, “We need to find a vet to take a look at it.”

       Yan Xiujie stood beside him, turned to look at the small building, and frowned slightly, “Why is she not out yet? Do you want to knock on the door?”

       Li Zhenruo said, “Wait a minute.”

       They waited for another four or five minutes. The door was opened from the inside. Aunt Wu stood at the door and peeked out. After seeing Li Zhenruo and the two of them, she said, “Just go, I don’t know anything.”

       Li Zhenruo stood up, took a deep breath, and said as calmly as possible, “Aunt Wu, have you ever taken something in Li Zhenruo’s room and handed it to someone else?”

       Aunt Wu stared at him blankly, and she gripped the door frame tightly with one hand, her voice trembling a little, “Who are you? What’s all this got to do with you?”

       When he heard this conversation, Yan Xiujie was also slightly stunned and looked at Li Zhenruo in surprise.

       Li Zhenruo said, “You have worked in the Li family for so many years. Although you haven’t stayed as long as Wang Ma, Li Zhenruo has always been polite to you and always calls you auntie every time he sees you. He never treats you badly in food and accommodation. Why do you want to hurt him? For money?”

       Aunt Wu got emotional and spoke with some tears, “I didn’t hurt him! No one told me what to do with those things? I don’t know what they were used for!”

       Li Zhenruo felt a little uncomfortable in his heart, but he didn’t soften his momentum at all, and he asked sharply, “Who is it? The people who killed Li Zhenruo like this. Tell me exactly who it is, as repayment for your sins for what you have done, so Li Zhenruo can go in peace and don’t come back to you again.”

       Aunt Wu’s body suddenly stiffened, and her eyes flickered. She had obviously suffered a lot from this incident and finally said tremblingly, “It’s Young Master Zhu. He asked me to find something in Li Zhenruo’s room. H-He originally wanted to see if he could find some semen, hair, etc. I didn’t expect that there was a tissue with blood on it, so I took it to him and asked him if this could do it. He said yes, and gave me 2,000 yuan. I don’t know about anything else and I don’t know what it’s used for. After that Fourth Young Master was kicked out, I wondered if it had anything to do with this matter, but I didn’t dare to ask. “

       After she said that, she couldn’t suppress her emotions and cried.

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