Chapter 128: Unraveling Together (1)


Regardless of willingness, everyone gradually grew accustomed to days filled with raging battles.


When peace shattered seemed insignificant now. Their sole concern was when these days would come to a definitive end.


Unbeknownst to them, three years had already passed.


At this moment, Wen Xingchen sat in the command cabin, his brow furrowed tightly.


His warship sped through the interstellar space, its journey traced back from the distant third galaxy, as indicated by the navigation records.


Two years prior, after a selection process by the Alliance forces, a few elite squads were reorganized and placed into a new unit.


Both Wen Xingchen and Lu Jingning were part of it.


Presently, both held the rank of admiral, a rapid promotion within their peers.


Although they commanded their own fleets, their strategic synergy often led the high command to favor their joint operations.


Over time, whenever their red and blue fleets appeared simultaneously, it instilled fear in the insectoid race.


Their formidable joint achievements, coupled with a widely known special bond, led the troops to secretly dub them “Dual Generals of the Imperial Seas.”


It was rare to retain the military academy’s name after graduation, but what others didn’t know was that Lu Jingning himself coined this title, simply because he liked it!


He remained as unreasonable as ever.


In the normal course, the script of two united husbands thriving together should continue. However, just a month ago, Wen Xingchen received an urgent mission, swiftly dispatched to provide support in the battlefield of the third galaxy. It was pressing.


Because Lu Jingning’s task at that time wasn’t as daunting as before, Wen Xingchen decisively set off.


Even before departure, considering someone’s penchant for mischief, he specifically admonished not to impulsively take risks.


Yet, things went awry in the end.


The communication seeking Wen Xingchen’s attention came from Cen Junfeng, currently serving as Lu Jingning’s deputy. Across billions of light-years, his wails echoed, “Admiral, come back!! Our commander vanished again!”


Days later, recalling the heartbreaking and tear-inducing scene, Wen Xingchen’s previously furrowed brow tightened even more.


Vanished again?!


The use of “again” was a bit too vivid.


Yes, the commander-in-chief Lu Jingning, while encircling the insectoids, just like his past, suddenly disappeared!


As described by Cen Junfeng, they successfully cornered all remnants of the insectoids in the northern region of that desolate star.


However, these resilient insectoids, combined with unfavorable terrain, inadvertently led to a standoff with no progress.


Lu Jingning had sat on the front lines for days, counting time, but eventually couldn’t wait any longer. He casually slung an energy gun over his shoulder and leaped alone into the bottomless ravine.


His audacity remained unchanged, but the magnetic field in the lower region severed all contact with the rear forces in minutes.


As Cen Junfeng reported, teary and sniffling, he attempted reassurance, “The commander has been increasingly formidable lately. He should be fine. We’ve sent several waves down, no news yet, and we’re quite anxious. That’s why I thought to inform you.”


Each sentence seemed casually thrown but precisely hit the mark, implying that Wen Xingchen alone held the authority to determine if they’d rush back.




Lu Jingning vanished without a trace. Could he really not return?!


Years of combat hardened Wen Xingchen’s mind, making him even more composed. Yet, at this moment, he couldn’t help but clench his teeth in frustration.


Fine, he’s gone, so he’ll gallivant as he pleases? Just wait, when I return, I’ll see how to handle him!


The oppressive atmosphere in the command cabin kept the crew in breathless silence. Even under full-speed return in semi-automatic mode, requiring minimal operations, they trembled more than when facing the insectoids on the battlefield.


Everyone felt a cold sweat trickle down their backs, refraining from a single breath, afraid to displease this grim reaper, fearing they’d incur his wrath.


Wen Xingchen, lips tightly pursed, inquired, “How far are we?”


The navigator quickly checked the current route and respectfully replied, “Reporting, sir, at our current speed, we’ll reach the destination within a day at most!”




Wen Xingchen responded expressionlessly, his eyes deep and inscrutable.


Just returning from the battlefield, his clothes faintly dusted, the three-star medal on his shoulder stood out, emitting an unusual shimmer.


Though he calmly gazed ahead, the formidable aura of an Alpha firmly gripped every corner of the fleet, unequivocally exposing his current extremely unpleasant mood.


The crew couldn’t help but lament; if Lu Jingning were present, they’d gladly kneel and call him ‘father’ if it could calm their commander’s fiery temper.


They truly couldn’t bear the wrath of this superior!!!



Meanwhile, the very savior whom everyone inwardly summoned remained utterly unaware of their thoughts.


In the ravine, faint starlight trickled in, illuminating his dazzling golden hair. Except for the scattered corpses around him, any perspective should’ve depicted an incredibly appealing scene.


Lu Jingning’s rare metal rod was smeared with viscous insectoid blood. He casually moved the obstructive bodies aside, glanced into the distance, and proceeded, flexing his muscles as he walked.


The terrain of this wretched planet was excessively treacherous, with countless ravines, compounded by the insectoids’ knack for burrowing. Defending here meant it would be challenging to conquer in a short time unless the entire planet was obliterated.


But he was running out of time.


So, he took matters into his own hands to clean up the remnants.


The terminal lost all function under the magnetic influence, leaving Lu Jingning unaware of how many days had passed.


To avoid missing the special day, he had to hasten as much as possible.


By his reckoning from when he jumped down, their wedding anniversary would arrive in about half a month.


By then, Wen Xingchen should also be back.


The war seemed never-ending, but he didn’t want these annoying bugs to interfere with such a memorable day.


Of course, the sooner he resolved matters here, the sooner they could return to the base and enjoy their private time.


The more Lu Jingning thought about it, the more beautiful the prospect seemed, and before he knew it, a smile curved his eyes.


Noticing faint sounds around him, a sharpness flashed in his eyes, and he stealthily quickened his pace.


Seems like another group of prey delivered to his doorstep.


Little darlings, don’t run away; your Lord Lu is here!

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