On a winter night, after a heavy snowfall, a thick layer of white frost was still on the roadside.

       Zhuo Yue gathered up his scarf, put his hands in his pockets and quickly turned around the corner. Because he walked too fast, his face was slightly flushed, and his breath formed a small cloud of warm mist before him.

       This was the most bustling entertainment district in City K, where passionate and lively people scattered in places filled with excitement and extravagance, indulging in a life of luxury. He stopped in front of a gorgeously decorated building and raised his face to gaze at the huge sign above his head. His face, hidden behind a dark collar, was revealed. It was a young and handsome face, and the neon lights reflected a mottled colour in his eyes, which were black and shining. Under the high bridge of the nose, the thin lips softly pronounced the establishment’s name.

       “The Lost City…”

       He pulled out a black card from his pocket, glanced at it, held it tightly, walked up the marble steps to the brightly lit foyer, and calmly handed the membership card to the doorman. However, his slightly curled fingers revealed his uneasiness. The card was borrowed. Memberships for such high-end clubs often cost tens of thousands annually, and now he was simply unable to afford it.

       “Welcome to the Lost City, sir.” The doorman swiped the card through the card reader and handed the card back with both hands. “Can I help you store your coat and scarf?”

       “No need.” He secretly breathed a sigh of relief and pretended to have a bad memory, “It’s been a long time since I’ve been here…Which private room does Chairman Fang of Huasheng Entertainment use?”

       “Please come with me.” The seductive female greeter came forward enthusiastically and guided the way with a smile.

       The elevator went up to the eighth floor, and the greeter stopped in front of a door. She was about to knock on the door when he stopped him.

       “No need for you. I’ll go in by myself.”

       “Okay sir, I wish you a pleasant stay in the Lost City tonight.” She bowed slightly and turned to leave.

       Zhuo Yue stood outside the door, looking at the dark door that blocked sight and sound. He hesitated for a long time and finally grasped the even colder metal door handle with his cold hands. He slowly exhaled and pushed it open.

       A stream of warm air hit his face.

       Inside the private room, the changing lights created an ambiguous atmosphere, the decadent music echoed in the ears, and the vibrating heavy bass seemed to beat at the heart. A young boy was standing in front of the big screen, singing an English rock song with a slightly husky voice. The man bartending at the bar saw him, raised his eyebrows and asked, “What’s the matter?”

       Zhuo Yue pursed his lips and said, “I’m looking for Chairman Fang.”

       The man turned back and shouted towards the semi-circular sofa area, “Marvin, someone is looking for you.”

       The tall man sitting leisurely in the middle of the sofa was currently holding two handsome MBs1Money Boys or gigolos in his arms and telling some interesting jokes. When he heard that, he looked up at the door. His eyes paused on him, and a playful smile flickered in his eyes as he raised his hand in acknowledgement.

       The singing stopped suddenly. The singer glanced at Zhuo Yue, turned off the music, and sat aside with a calm expression. For a moment, the entire private room was eerily quiet.

       Zhuoyue walked to the sofa and said, “Chairman Fang, I’m here today because…”

       “Mr. Zhuo.” The man interrupted him unceremoniously, “No matter what you want to talk about, isn’t it a bit rude to interrupt my private time uninvited like this?”

       He stiffened, “I’m sorry. I couldn’t make an appointment with your secretary, so I had to…”

       The other party smiled nonchalantly, “You came to me because you are considering changing jobs?”

       Zhuo Yue pursed his lips and lowered his head slightly, “Yes.”

       “You offended the investors with your rudeness, got abandoned by Fenglan, and now, with no other options, you want to turn to Huasheng. You’ve played your cards quite well.” The sarcasm in the smile on the man’s lips became more and more intense, “Do you think I,  Fang Mingyan, is a scrap collection station?”

       These words were merciless, like a pair of hands slamming his self-esteem into the mud. Zhuo Yue’s face turned pale, and his nails were pressed so hard that they almost pierced his palms.

       With exceptional looks and a natural charisma in his eyes, he had enjoyed a smooth sailing career since his debut. Before even graduating, he caught the eye of Shen Haofeng, the boss of Fenlang, and took on the leading role in a historical TV drama, “Conquest of Mountains and Rivers.” This move earned him the Best TV Newcomer Award. Rising to fame at a young age, he didn’t pay much attention to others, displaying a cold and proud demeanour, and was not good at getting along with others.

       New talents were emerging constantly in the entertainment industry, and Zhuo Yue’s acting career had always been fixed on the young man in ancient attire. At the age of twenty-six, he was pushed aside by the young fresh faces. A few months ago, the company won him the leading role in a drama and asked him to accompany the producer. Perhaps due to some inappropriate advances from the producer, Zhuo Yue responded with a slap. Not only did he lose the role, it also caused the company to lose investment. Shen Haofeng, furious at the incident, decided to shelve him. His agents and assistants were all withdrawn, leaving him to fend for himself. The producer was quite powerful in the industry, and many historical drama crews did not dare to invite him again. In the past six months, he had not received a single advertisement, a role, or a notice. If he continued like this, he would soon fade out of people’s sight—it was undoubtedly a fatal blow to an artist. The high-interest loans his foster father had taken out had only worsened his situation, pushing him to a point of no return.

       Zhuo Yue lowered his head, his eyelashes slightly drooped to cover the emotions in his eyes, and spoke with some difficulty, “I was careless with my words. The other party always said a lot of inappropriate things. I apologise…”

       Two years ago, Huasheng extended his goodwill to him, offering a high salary to entice him to switch jobs. The boss, Fang Mingyan, even talked to him once in person. At that time, he was at the height of his popularity, so he refused without any room for manoeuvre, which was quite embarrassing for the other party. Now, he was asking for help because he was really desperate. Huasheng was larger than Fenglan, and Fang Mingyan held a high status in the industry, navigating both legitimate and less savoury circles, and even the producer had to give him some respect. Upon careful consideration, he was the only hope for making a comeback on his own terms.

       “If you want to apologise, just saying it doesn’t seem very sincere.” Fang Mingyan leaned on the sofa, his voice was a bit lazy, “Drink this glass of wine.”

       Zhuo Yue looked at the light cyan liquid in the goblet and tightened his lip. He was a light drinker and gets drunk easily, so he usually avoided drinking, but at this moment, he found himself in a difficult situation and couldn’t easily decline. He picked up the goblet, closed his eyes, tilted his neck back and swallowed. The alcohol was very high in alcohol content, and when he swallowed it, he only felt the flame burning all the way from his oesophagus to his stomach, which was hot and spicy. He forced himself to endure the discomfort and asked, “Does Chairman Fang think I am sincere enough now?”

       “I accept your apology. However, from a business perspective, your range in roles is limited. You’ve stirred up trouble by offending investors, and you have been stuck at the bottom of the box for such a long time without exposure. Why do you think I should invest money in you?”

       Zhuo Yue was silent for a long time, with a layer of cold despair in his eyes, as if his soul had been sucked out, and he said stiffly, “You really have no reason to sign with me.” After saying that, he turned around and walked out.

       “Stop.” came a deep voice.

       He stood still, turned around and said coldly, “What else does Chairman Fang want? Forcing me to have another drink?”

       Fang Mingyan curled his lips.

       This guy’s temper was still the same as two years ago, with a noble and cold arrogance coming from his bones, like a lotus flower in the mud, beautiful and clean. However, in this seething cauldron of industry, such people usually only had two outcomes: they lost power and faded away, or they became tainted. Sure enough, in just two years, he fell from the top of the mountain to the bottom of the valley and had to bow his head and ask for help. However, even when he was asking for help, his attitude was still so unruly, like a stubborn and untamed wild horse, unwilling to compromise.

       Overall, Zhuo Yue was not bad. Unlike those actors who relied solely on their handsome appearance, his eyes were bright and clear. When focused, it was as if he peered into your soul. Every movement carried a graceful and serene charm as if he had stepped out of an ancient painting, leaving a lasting impression. This was why historical dramas preferred to cast him in leading roles. With proper nurturing, he had great potential. However, the first step was to smooth out those sharp edges he carried.

       Fang Mingyan looked at the man indifferently, “If I give you a chance, what are you going to give in exchange?”

       Zhuo Yue was confused for a moment.

       He stood alone, with many indescribable emotions in his eyes. Finally, as if he had given up something, he lowered his eyes gently, “Everything I have.”

       Hearing this answer, Fang Mingyan smiled and asked playfully, “Including your self-respect, perseverance, and limits?”

       He was silent for a while and replied, “…Yes.”

       “Okay.” The man sat lazily, with his long legs resting on the coffee table. “Since you’ve come here to seek my favour, you must have investigated my preferences. If you can satisfy me tonight, I’ll sign you.”

       Zhuo Yue froze on the spot for a while, then took off his scarf and took off his coat as if he was resigned to his fate. The two MBs beside Fang Mingyan had already stood aside knowingly. Zhuo Yue sat down next to the man, picked up the foreign wine on the table, poured half a glass and brought it to the man. He didn’t say anything and looked at the man nervously with a pair of black eyes. The temperature in the private room was quite high. He had been wrapped in a thick coat and scarf just now, and there was a thin layer of sweat on his body. Moreover, the alcohol he had just consumed slowly came on, and his body also became hot, and his fair face was dyed with a faint red colour.

       He never liked such occasions and never participated. Even at the opening banquet and closing banquet, he would only sit briefly before leaving. He was popular at that time, and Shen Haofeng didn’t force him. So until today, he had never taken the initiative to drink with someone, and he didn’t know what to say at all.

       The man glanced at the small ice bucket on the table and continued to look at him calmly.

       Zhuo Yue guessed that it probably meant adding ice cubes. He was not sure of the quantity, so he only took out two small pieces, put them into the glass, and handed them over again.

       Fang Mingyan curled his lips and said to the two MBs standing aside, “The newcomer doesn’t seem to know how to accompany a drink. You guys can set an example.”

       The two nodded. The taller one poured a glass of wine, took a big sip, and pointed to his bulging mouth, indicating that he didn’t swallow it, gesturing to Zhuo Yue. Then he hooked the short man’s neck, kissed him, and fed him the wine in his mouth. As lips and tongues intertwined, wine dripped from the corner of his mouth, and the sound made Zhuo Yue blush.

       “Have you learnt?” The man sitting on the sofa looked at him leisurely.

       Zhuo Yue felt stiff all over and stood helplessly.

       He needed this opportunity. His acting career had reached an impasse, and the high-interest loans his foster father borrowed were about to come due. If he didn’t repay the money, those underworld gangsters would literally beat him to death…

       He picked up the glass numbly, his mind in chaos.

       There was a voice whispering in his ear over and over again—if you fail today, you will never get ahead again. Aren’t you an actor? Can’t you use your acting skills to put on a good show? The most you can do is sacrifice yourself. You have nothing left, so how much is this body worth? This is just an unspoken rule in the entertainment industry. They all do this, and you are not the only one…

       Anyway, it was a show… He closed his eyes in pain. When he opened it again, his eyes had changed. The confusion was gone, and the dark eyes settled down, glowing with a gloomy light.

       This was his state when he entered the play.

       Zhuo Yue took a sip of wine and held it in his mouth, getting closer to Fang Mingyan, then stretched his neck and leaned in without hesitation. The lips touched each other and slowly opened. When he wanted to put all the wine into the man’s mouth, he was entangled by the tongue that suddenly came out. In the blink of an eye, the other person invaded his wet and hot mouth.

       Zhuo Yue had only a few kissing experiences, so he was no match for him. He was defeated in a matter of minutes, allowing the other party to march in and take away control. After a while, his throat trembled, and he was forced to swallow all the wine. He was so tortured by the pressure between his lips and tongue that he couldn’t breathe. He put his hands on his chest and tried hard but couldn’t push the man above him away. He couldn’t help but make a guttural sound of “Woo…”

       This was the first time he had been kissed by a man and the oppressive feeling of being controlled frightened him. After the kiss finally ended, Zhuo Yue gasped and leaned on the sofa, saying, “Chairman Fang, I’m not good at drinking. I’ll get drunk if I keep drinking like this…” There was a hint of pleading in his words, and his voice was also much softer.

       Fang Mingyan curled his lips, “How much I drink depends on whether you feed me well.”

       Zhuo Yue held the glass in his hand and leaned close to the man. He raised his face, looked at the man with his dark eyes, and said softly, “Does Chairman Fang think I’m stupid?”

       Such a display of coquetry might be an easy flirtatious gesture for others, but for the usually aloof Zhuo Yue, it was pushing the limits. His body was getting closer, but his heart longed to escape immediately. The overly intimate proximity made the hand holding the glass so nervous that he couldn’t help but tremble slightly.

       “It’s okay, I can teach you.” Fang Mingyan held his wrist, brought the glass of wine to his mouth and took a sip. He then lifted his chin and pressed it down. This time, the invasion was more forceful than before. He pinched Zhuo Yue’s chin semi-forcefully to make him open his mouth and even held the back of his neck forcefully. With a push of his tongue, the wine and ice cubes were pushed into Zhuo Yue’s mouth. The man’s tongue acted recklessly in the mouth full of wine, attacking the mouth that had been cooled by the cold wine, teasing the small ice cubes that were gradually melting, entangled with the shy and flustered soft tongue, and examining every inch of the territory that was filled with the cold wine.

       Zhuo Yue, who was already drunk, was a little confused at this time, and the lack of oxygen made his head even more dizzy. He half-closed his eyes helplessly and gave up resistance. The wine in his mouth had already been swallowed by the man’s skillful teasing, and a small amount of wine dripped from the corner of his mouth, adding a bit of lustful feeling. He didn’t come back to his senses until the third button of his shirt was unbuttoned.

       Seeing this situation, the other people in the private room wisely withdrew, leaving only him and Fang Mingyan. At this moment, he was being pressed on the sofa by the other party, being torn open like a package of express mail.

       As long as you obey…it will be over if you endure it for a while…Only by completing this scene well can you please him…

       Zhuo Yue tried his best to self-hypnotize, but his body was resisting, and he was so tense and stiff that he couldn’t make any movements. When the man opened his shirt, his naked upper body felt the coolness and could not help but shiver.

       Fang Mingyan’s warm fingers lingered on the collarbone and then touched the sensitive breasts on his chest. He pinched them tightly with two fingers and pulled them, causing the man under him to gasp unbearably.

       “Ah… don’t…” There was some feeble softness in that voice, which was touching people’s hearts. Zhuo Yue didn’t expect that he would make such a sound, so he covered his mouth with the back of his hand in shame.

       “That’s a beautiful sound.” The man turned to the other bulge without mercy and ravaged it into the same beautiful crimson colour. “It looks like tonight will be a lot of fun.” As he said that, he moved his hand between his legs and kneaded the most vulnerable part through his pants.

       Zhuo Yue shivered and shrank his body, but he couldn’t escape the man’s control. Instead, he was gripped by the suddenly tightened hand, causing him to groan in pain.

       “Behave yourself if you don’t want to be hurt.” Fang Mingyan neatly tore off his outer pants and threw them aside along with his underwear.

       His naked body was completely exposed to sight. Zhuo Yue’s delicate c0ck was very light in colour, like an abstinent boy, looking like he had never been to sex before. The slender legs that were trying to be closed were forcefully stretched to a painful angle, and even his buttocks were spread apart, revealing the tender secret point hidden between them.

       Accepting another man’s inspection in such a shameful posture made Zhuo Yue’s face turn pale. He stiffly endured the other party’s teasing, and when the touch of his finger landed near the opening, he couldn’t help but tremble all over, and tears rolled down from his empty eyes.

       He tried hard. He tried to make himself understand the current situation and try to please the man to gain opportunities. But thinking about what would happen next, the humiliation, fear, helplessness and panic made him completely collapse, and he struggled hard. It was a pity that he was much weaker in terms of strength, and with the alcohol, he couldn’t exert much strength. Not only was he unable to break away at all, but the man tied his hands behind his back with his shirt.

       “No… please…” he cried and begged, “Fang Mingyan… please, let me go…”

       “Can’t continue your act anymore?” The man pinned him down like a lion, his cold voice filled with sarcasm, “Wanting to receive but unwilling to give, aren’t you a bit too greedy, Zhuo Yue?”

       Big tears welled up in his eyes. He choked and said intermittently, “I have no choice…it is clear that there is nothing left, and it is clear that I have made up my mind…but I still can’t do it…”

       In many years, except for acting needs, he had never cried like this in front of others. The pressure and fear drove him to a complete breakdown. At this moment, Zhuo Yue was like a wronged and sad child, exposing all his vulnerability in front of Fang Mingyan.

       The man narrowed his eyes slightly, pondered for a moment and let go of him, letting him cry to his heart’s content. He waited until he gradually calmed down before speaking again, “Have you cried enough?”

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