Chapter 127 – Who Says Omegas Can’t be as Explosive as Alphas

Chapter 127: Cycle of a Hundred Years (3)


The historic first battle ended with the insect race fleeing in disarray. 


But evidently, that wasn’t the focal point. 


For a destined lengthy racial war like this, the opening move isn’t crucial. As long as one perseveres, the tide can turn against adversity at any moment. The most crucial aspect remains: who will have the last laugh.


The only fortunate aspect is that both the Empire and the Federation were adequately prepared for this war. 


Despite some turmoil among the populace, such unrest didn’t persist for long. It was swiftly pacified by the decisive methods of those in power.


With the battle already underway, life had to continue as usual. It’s just that perhaps now there’s a bit more anxiety lingering in the air.


However, the most significant impact was on the military personnel. 


Unlike the prolonged era of peace, once war commences, it’s inevitable that they face the stark reality of sacrificing themselves on the battlefield.


It might sound stirring enough to evoke enthusiasm, but when comrades’ cold bodies lay before them, reality poured like a bucket of cold water, waking everyone up thoroughly.


Cruelty, that’s the essence of war. 

To uphold the rousing heroism depicted in history books, first and foremost, one needs to survive.


Among the military, those in the medical departments undoubtedly comprehend life and death most profoundly.


Regardless of whether it’s the Empire or the Federation, once the alliance front forms, the medical elites, who used to reside in laboratories day in and day out, volunteered eagerly to provide medical support at the frontline.


Here, this is one among numerous medical stations. 


If one were to cast their gaze down from the sky, they’d witness stretchers strewn around the camp, densely packed, enough to astonish anyone.


The number of soldiers injured in the war was far too many for the medical station to accommodate, hence they were reluctantly treated outdoors.


Even so, those fortunate enough to be brought back for treatment were considered favored by Lady Luck.


Within Room 3 of Section B, the air was thick with the smell of strong disinfectants.


A slender figure sat by the sickbed, rolling up blood-stained sleeves, revealing a rather ghastly wound on the arm.


Although the bleeding had been stopped, as the disinfectant swab lightly grazed over it with forceps, Yan Hebin couldn’t help but furrow his brow slightly due to the stinging sensation.


Su Qian’s actions were already at their gentlest. Observing his patient’s endurance, he calmly remarked, “Just focus on your duty; there’s no need to play the hero. Feeling pain now?”


Though the doctor’s words sounded like advice to a patient, in this environment, they carried a different undertone.


Yan Hebin glanced at him instinctively. “I can’t just stand by and watch someone die.”


Su Qian continued cleaning the wound, then turned to retrieve a roll of bandage from the cabinet. After a slight pause, he spoke again, “Being too soft-hearted isn’t beneficial for a soldier.”


There was no sense of reproach in his words, yet Yan Hebin lowered his eyelids, silent.


A profound silence enveloped the room.


It wasn’t until Su Qian cut the final piece of bandage that he sighed softly, “I hope I never see you among those people one day.”


Of course, Yan Hebin knew whom “those people” referred to.


Lately, almost every day, transport ships arrived carrying soldiers who died in battle. Some were claimed for their hometowns, but many were laid to rest right here on this desolate, uninhabited nameless planet, where nobody even knew their names.


Su Qian didn’t dwell further on this heavy topic. Suddenly, he pulled out an exquisite box and handed it over, a faint smile playing on his lips. “Like it?”


Yan Hebin looked at him puzzled, reaching out to receive it. Upon opening it, he discovered an exquisite pendant shaped like a water droplet.


A flicker of surprise flashed in his eyes, an unusual expression for him.

Obviously, the appearance of this gift had genuinely caught him off guard.


Su Qian noticed the change in his demeanor; the smile in his eyes softened. “Timing isn’t great, what with the war just beginning. Otherwise, I would have prepared a more decent birthday present for you.”


Yan Hebin shook his head sincerely. “Thank you, I really like it.”


On this historic day, each of them seemed incredibly insignificant. If not for Su Qian, who would remember the birthday of such an inconspicuous ordinary soldier as Yan Hebin?


The material of the pendant remained a mystery. Inside, there seemed to be a liquid-like substance flowing. Occasionally, when a ray of light touched it, one could witness a faintly dazzling color circulating, exquisite yet unique. Obviously, it was meticulously chosen.


Yan Hebin softened and reached out to take it, but any movement pulled at the wound on his arm, instinctively causing a slight frown.


“Let me do it.” Su Qian smiled, taking out the pendant from the box and delicately placing it around Yan Hebin’s neck.


The doctor’s fingers, accustomed to holding surgical tools, were slender and well-shaped, bearing a thin callus layer at the tips. When they grazed against the skin, there was a distinct sensation.


This touch, fleeting by the gland, sent a momentary surge akin to an electric current, causing Yan Hebin, who usually faced enemy forces fearlessly, to unconsciously straighten his back.


He involuntarily lowered his head slightly, hiding the somewhat heated cheeks from view.


At this moment, Yan Hebin was thankful that Su Qian was a Beta, unable to sense the faint Omega pheromones floating in the room. Otherwise, he would have wanted to dig a hole and bury himself from this unexpectedly tantalizing sensation.


From their acquaintance until now, they still lingered in a shallow ambiguity. Both tacitly avoided tearing down that final barrier.


Yan Hebin knew it was his issue.


His father’s disappearance remained a thorn in his heart, urging him to climb higher while subconsciously wanting to distance himself from any distracting emotional ties.


But, at this very moment, he encountered Su Qian, causing an unwanted disturbance within him.


“How is it? Does it look good?”


The man’s gentle voice brought him back to reality.


As Yan Hebin regained focus, he looked up to find Su Qian, who had somehow produced a mirror and placed it in front of him. The pendant hung on his chest, and behind him, the man’s gaze through the mirror rested upon him, brimming with a gentle smile.


Su Qian’s smile was always so gentle and comforting, allowing Yan Hebin to miraculously calm down in his presence.


His gaze didn’t land on the pendant but instead inadvertently fixed on Su Qian’s face. They gazed at each other through the mirror, then saw their own reflections in each other’s eyes.


Su Qian noticed his distraction and couldn’t help but ask with a smile, “What’s wrong?”


Yan Hebin stared at him for a long time, finally breaking the silence as if determined, “After this war ends, would you mind giving me another gift?”


This manner of demanding a gift was clearly not his style; it suited Lu Jingning more. However, Su Qian merely paused for a moment, then agreeably responded, “Of course, what would you like?”


Yan Hebin’s lips tightened slightly, he put away the mirror and turned, saying, “This time, I don’t want a pendant. I want something to wear on my finger.”


Engagement or marriage, as long as they could be bound firmly together, anything would suffice.


He wasn’t accustomed to such audacious behavior as Lu Jingning. After saying this, his face flushed intensely, but he struggled to maintain an expressionless demeanor.


After a while, Su Qian grasped the implication behind these words. Suppressing a smile at the overly conspicuous flush on the man’s ears, he softly replied, “Alright, then I’ll also give myself to you at that time.”


As these words brushed past his burning ears, Yan Hebin finally couldn’t hold back, lowered his head to evade the watery gaze, and stood up from the bedside, “I’ll return to my unit first.”


Watching that figure dart out like a flash, Su Qian couldn’t help but chuckle softly.


Though he had waited for this day for a long time, in such wartime circumstances, this seemed to be the best news he could receive.

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