On Wednesday night, Bu Hui, who rarely had free time, made plans to go out for dinner with Song Jun.

       Bu Hui was interning at the hospital recently and had some disputes with the department director, and the other party was kind of trying to obstruct his internship. Because of this matter, Cheng Ruijing had another quarrel with him and asked him to go find the other party and give him a gift to apologise. Even with Bu Hui’s optimistic and cheerful personality, he felt depressed. When he returned to the dormitory in the afternoon, he met Song Jun, so he took him out to have dinner with him.

       Song Jun also had something on his mind. Although he felt that his problems were nothing compared to Bu Hui’s, under the influence of Bu Hui, he felt even worse.

       Bu Hui ordered several bottles of beer and complained to Song Jun about recent troubles while drinking.

       Song Jun, of course, didn’t bring up his own matters. He simply listened to Bu Hui while unconsciously consuming a considerable amount of alcohol.

       Later, when he came out after paying the bill, Bu Hui was walking in front. Suddenly, he ran a few steps faster and threw himself next to the trash can to vomit.

       “Huh?” Song Jun felt a little dizzy and wanted to follow him, but he stumbled on the edge of the steps and almost fell to the ground.

       Fortunately, someone caught him from behind.

       Song Jun was hugged from behind, and he didn’t react for a moment. He looked back blankly, only to see that the person holding him was Xiang Wenshi.

       “Teacher Xiang?” Song Jun first wondered why he saw Xiang Wenshi here, but he didn’t realise that this posture seemed a bit ambiguous.

       Xiang Wenshi smiled at him and said, “Be careful.”

       Song Jun said, “Thank you.”

       Xiang Wenshi let go of him but still held one of his arms and said, “Are you drunk?”

       Song Jun felt a bit embarrassed; he had indeed drunk a lot. While not completely intoxicated, his mind was a bit muddled. Feeling uncomfortable with Xiang Wenshi holding his hand, he tried to pull away. But he didn’t expect that the other person’s grip was very tight; he flinched but couldn’t break free.

       Xiang Wenshi asked him, “Where are you going? I’ll take you off.”

       Song Jun suddenly remembered Bu Hui, and he turned around to look for him, “Where is Senior Brother Bu?”

       Unexpectedly, Xiang Wenshi grabbed him and refused to let him leave.

       Song Jun was confused and looked at Xiang Wenshi, “Teacher Xiang?”

       “Teacher Xiang,” at the same time, another cold voice suddenly sounded.

       Song Jun and Xiang Wenshi turned around at the same time and saw Feng Junyuan walking in their direction.

       Xiang Wenshi finally let go of Song Jun’s hand and said to Feng Junyuan, “Xiao Feng, what a coincidence.”

       “Yeah,” Feng Junyuan said softly. He was still wearing slippers, his hair was slightly damp, and he was holding a plastic bag in his hand as if he had just come out to buy something after taking a shower.

       Song Jun had a headache and hit his forehead with his hand.

       Feng Junyuan walked up to Song Jun and said to him, “Are you going to come back to the dormitory with me?”

       Song Jun was a little afraid of getting entangled with Xiang Wenshi again, so he nodded and turned around to find Bu Hui.

       Seeing this, Xiang Wenshi said, “Then you all go back together. I’ll leave first, so be careful.”

       Feng Junyuan didn’t answer him.

       Xiang Wenshi smiled and waved, turned and left.

       At this time, Song Jun saw that Bu Hui had finished vomiting and was holding a tree with one hand while talking on the phone. He got closer and heard that Bu Hui was calling Cheng Ruijing, so he didn’t disturb him.

       When he returned here, he saw Feng Junyuan still standing there waiting for him.

       Song Jun shook his head and said, “That Teacher Xiang is a bit weird.”

       Feng Junyuan just shook his head, and it was unclear what he was thinking.

       The two stood for a while. After Bu Hui finished his phone call, he came over and told Song Jun to leave him first.

       Song Jun was a little worried about him and asked, “Senior Brother, are you okay alone?”

       Bu Hui patted him on the shoulder, “Xiao Jing will be here soon. You go ahead, I’m fine.”

       After Song Jun heard this, he felt relieved and said to Feng Junyuan, “Let’s go.”

       It was getting dark, but there were still people playing soccer on the field. They probably intended to continue under the lights when it got even darker.

       Song Jun and Feng Junyuan sat by the football field for a while.

       The injury on Feng Junyuan’s face had not completely healed, but the gauze had been removed. Song Jun held his face with his hands and secretly turned his head to look at Feng Junyuan, thinking that it would be a pity if there were scars on such a beautiful face.

       “I saw that little girl,” Feng Junyuan said suddenly.

       Song Jun was stunned and then realised that the little girl Feng Junyuan was talking about was probably the one he saw in the shower room that day.

       Feng Junyuan’s tone was very calm. He said, “There is an operation this afternoon, and it was a bit complicated. By the time the surgery was done, it was already quite late. The operations in other operating rooms have been completed, and the lights have been turned off.”

       His voice was so soft that Song Jun felt a little scared.

       “I went to take a shower first when I came out. After finishing, I realised I had left my glasses in the operating room. So, I went back to retrieve them. By then, everyone had already left, and all the operating rooms were empty, pitch black inside, with only the cold operating tables. When I returned to our operating room from the afternoon, I found that the door was closed. I pushed it open and saw someone lying on the operating table.”

       Song Jun sobered up from the alcohol almost instantly.

       Feng Junyuan stretched out his hand and grabbed his hair, “That someone looked like a child. Because the light was very dark, I couldn’t see clearly. The patient from the surgery we performed in the afternoon was an adult man, definitely not a child and he had been sent away long ago. It suddenly struck me that the operating room was the same one where we operated on the little girl from Bed Fifteen, who had passed away. Then, I saw the person on the operating table sit up, turn around, legs hanging over the edge of the table, trying to climb down…”

       Song Jun asked, “What then?”

       Feng Junyuan looked at him, “Then I got scared, closed the door and ran away. I didn’t even take my glasses.”

       Although it was still evening and the surroundings were very lively, Song Jun felt the cold atmosphere from Feng Junyuan’s words. He couldn’t help but wince and asked, “Is it her?”

       Feng Junyuan said, “It should be her.”

       Song Jun was silent for a moment, “Why did she come to you?”

       Feng Junyuan shook his head and said after a while, “Maybe it’s because I killed her.”

       “Don’t say that,” Song Jun said, “It’s not your fault.”

       Feng Junyuan raised his head, looked at the football player in the distance, and suddenly asked Song Jun, “Do you want to eat a skewer?”

       “Huh?” Song Jun was stunned when asked.

       Feng Junyuan picked up his plastic bag, and Song Jun realised that he had bought a bag of grilled skewers.

       “You haven’t had dinner?” Song Jun asked him.

       Feng Junyuan nodded, “I came directly from the operating room.”

       Song Jun said, “I’m not eating. I ate a lot just now; take your time.”

       Feng Junyuan silently lowered his head and continued eating.

       Song Jun sat for a while and suddenly remembered what Xia Hongshen said about being careful about Xiang Wenshi. He said to Feng Junyuan, “You have to be careful of that Teacher Xiang.”

       Feng Junyuan glanced at him, “Huh?”

       Song Jun didn’t know what happened, so he could only say, “I don’t know, Senior Brother Xia said it.”

       At this moment, someone on the field took a powerful shot, but the ball went astray, flying in their direction.

       Because it was too dark, Song Jun didn’t notice it at first. He only saw Feng Junyuan next to him raise his hand as if to block the soccer ball. As a result, the whole ball broke in half from the middle and fell to the ground.

       Song Jun was a little dazed, and Feng Junyuan was also stunned. He looked down at his hands, wondering what he had done.

       The soccer ball players came over to pick up the ball, but they never thought that Feng Junyuan had cut the ball. They stood there in confusion for a long time, not knowing what happened.

       “Not bad,” a voice suddenly said behind them.

       “Senior Brother Xia!” Song Jun stood up suddenly.

       Feng Junyuan also stood up and turned around to look at Xia Hongshen, who suddenly appeared behind them.

       Xia Hongshen said to Feng Junyuan, “Remember the sensation in your body; those things won’t dare to come near you casually in the future.”

       Feng Junyuan looked at Xia Hongshen for a while, his eyes a little fierce, and then turned and left without saying a word.

       Song Jun looked at Feng Junyuan’s leaving figure and said to Xia Hongshen, “He seems to reject you.”

       Xia Hongshen said ‘hmm’ and looked indifferent.

       Song Jun wanted to ask something, but he was afraid that Xia Hongshen would dislike him for being nosy, so he didn’t ask.

       “There’s no more cat food in your room,” Xia Hongshen said suddenly.

       Song Jun was confused and didn’t understand why he mentioned this. He hesitated and said, “Because I only bought a small bag, and the kitten has a big appetite. But how did you know?”

       Xia Hongshen said, “I saw it last time I went to your place.”

       Song Jun couldn’t react for a moment. He had forgotten the last time Xia Hongshen went to his room.

       Xia Hongshen asked him, “Are you going to buy it?”

       “Ah?” Song Jun was stunned for a moment, then said, “Oh, let’s go then.”

       The two of them walked towards the outside of the football field. Xia Hongshen came close to his neck and smelled it, “Have you been drinking?”

       Song Jun always felt that this action was a bit ambiguous and said sheepishly, “I drank a little with Senior Brother Bu.”

       Xia Hongshen asked him, “Why didn’t you call me?”

       Song Jun was unsure how to respond to the question. He thought to himself that it was Senior Brother Bu’s treat, and he didn’t ask him to come over, so how could he bring it up? After hesitating for a moment, he didn’t answer Xia Hongshen’s question.

       Fortunately, Xia Hongshen stopped asking any more questions, and the two of them walked towards the supermarket outside the school.

       Song Jun was choosing cat food in front of the pet supplies aisle. He planned to continue buying the brand he bought last time because the little black cat liked to eat it.

       However, since the little black cat didn’t visit often, he hesitated and decided to buy a small bag so it wouldn’t spoil if left unused for too long.

       Xia Hongshen stood behind him and reached for a large bag on the shelf above.

       “It’s too big!” Song Jun said.

       Xia Hongshen ignored him, put the cat food into the trolley, and then reached for a large bag of tuna whiskas.

       Song Jun was going crazy, “Have you seen the cat? Why are you taking care of it so much?”

       Xia Hongshen stopped and turned to look at him, “You don’t like it?”

Song Jun said “Uh… I like it, but the treatment is too good. I haven’t eaten that well myself.”

       Xia Hongshen said, “You can eat it with it.”

       Song Jun said helplessly, “Forget it, I haven’t reached that level of craving yet. Buy it, go buy it, just go buy it…”

       In the end, he carried back big and small bags full of food for the kitten. He thought to himself that Senior Brother Xia was so strange. He had never even seen the cat, and yet he was so kind to it. In comparison, he didn’t treat him that well; Xia Hongshen didn’t even think of getting him some snacks.

       He didn’t realise that Xia Hongshen was actually genuinely thinking that they could eat together, but he obviously wouldn’t appreciate that.

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