The process of finding the spacecraft was smoother than Qin Yun imagined. Surprisingly, Alice did not go berserk again after waking up.

       A pair of sentinel and guide who had undergone the final marking, even if one of them was injured, their combat capabilities were still formidable. They coordinated perfectly, and almost all of their potential was fully utilised. If it weren’t for Qin Yun’s presence earlier, there was a possibility that Maggie could have killed Chen Xiao.

       “I don’t have a weapon in hand.” Maggie reloaded the bullets in the gun in her hand. Her spiritual link was a black mamba with its cold snake tongue flickerings and coiled around its owner’s waist.

       “You think you are a Medusa or something…” Of course Chen Xiao refused to show weakness. He indignantly said, “Two against one is inherently unfair!”

       Maggie raised her eyebrows frivolously and stopped talking. She waited patiently for Alice to finish checking the spacecraft’s main control room.

       “The fuel is enough for us to fly to the coordinates you gave us.” Alice took off the hat on her head, her long golden waves dr4p3d over her shoulders like sunshine. She looked at Moschery. “We need two pilots.”

       Moschery sat in the driver’s seat without saying a word. Maggie’s wound had been simply bandaged. She hesitated and finally walked towards the passenger seat.

       Alice released her spiritual link, a dwarf winter white russian hamster, all snow-white, with only the tips of its ears and the tip of its nose having fine grey fluff.

       The hamster quickly ran up to Black Mamba’s head, let the snake king support it, and climbed onto Maggie’s shoulders. The latter stretched out her hand and scratched the little guy’s chin.

       Alice’s eyes were very gentle. She looked at Maggie intently, her guiding tendrils soothing her sentinel consciousness cloud.


       The gunfire at the Shura Gate Port was intense and fierce. Moschery’s face was as dark as water under the light mirror. Maggie was not much better. Even Alice’s forehead was covered with fine beads of sweat.

       Qin Yun couldn’t sit still. He tried to extend his guiding tendrils and penetrate into Moschery’s consciousness cloud. After a while, the Emperor’s expression finally seemed to relax a little.

       “There are pursuers behind us.” Chen Xiao frowned and looked at the scanner, “Four heavy weapons spacecraft.”

       Maggie gritted her teeth, “We only have three naval guns.”

       “That’s enough.” Moschery quickly opened the main control board, pulled up the handle, and smiled mockingly, “Finish them off.”


       The trajectory of the naval gun was eerily accurate in Moschery’s hands. The enemy no longer dared to advance after getting two ships hit in a row, but Moschery did not choose to retreat.

       The last naval gun hit the main control room of one of the spacecraft. The remaining spacecraft was obviously panicked and fired a tracking bomb without hesitation.

       Maggie finally understood Moschery’s intention at this moment.

       His Majesty the Emperor piloted their spacecraft towards the enemy spacecraft carrier at an incredible speed. The moment he was about to collide with the spacecraft, he suddenly swerved over the hull of the ship and staggered violently. The tracking bomb behind him did not react in time and directly blew up the opponent’s flank.

       “Yo—” Chen Xiao whistled excitedly.

       Qin Yun was half speechless as he looked at the carrier that had blossomed behind his arse.

       Maggie was lying on the passenger seat and almost lost her strength while Moschery took off his goggles with a relaxed expression. He sat still in his seat and curled his fingers at Qin Yun.

       “?” Qin Yun walked over and bent down.

       Moschery looked into his eyes and said nothing but lazily stretched out his finger and tapped his lips.

       Qin Yun held the other person’s face helplessly and muttered, “Can’t we wait until no one is around to do this…”

       “Shut up.” Moschery pressed the back of his head impatiently, “You are the only one who talks too much.”


       Qin Yun thought that maybe for Moschery, every kiss was really just the most ordinary supply of pheromones… so he felt a little uncomfortable.

       The Emperor frowned slightly after kissing for a while, then he separated and said, “You are not paying attention…what are you thinking about?”

       Qin Yun opened his mouth, his expression changing several times, and finally, he just sighed and said, “It’s nothing.”

       Moschery had a look of disbelief on his face but stopped asking.

       Maggie finally regained some strength under Alice’s comfort. She leaned back on the chair and held her guide in her arms.

       After Chen Xiao set the coordinates, the spacecraft entered automatic navigation. He stood behind Moschery and looked across at the sentinel with a solemn expression.

       “Now, you can explain it.” Chen Xiao asked, “Why do you want to leave Olympus and not want to go to Eta Star?”

       Maggie and Alice looked at each other. She seemed to have made a lot of determination and then slowly said, “Eta Star has been the first fortress of Olympus for the past 50 years, and sentinel guides are stationed every three months to guard the god-level genes…”

       “We all know this.” Moschery said disdainfully, “Don’t fool me with such worthless info.”

       “I don’t intend to hide anything.” Maggie smiled bitterly, “What I said is only on the surface.” She looked at Moschery with an angry cold look in her eyes, “Do you know why the birth rate of guides in Olympus has been so high in recent years? The avian people on Eta Star have high mental power, yet they only have males and can’t reproduce.”

       Maggie took a deep breath; her emotions fluctuated greatly, and she had no choice but to rely on Alice for comfort, “Olympus actually planned to cross-breed these beasts with human guides and sentinels, and the experiment was successful… with the birth rate of…80% are high-level guides.”

       “Where’s the other 20%?” Qin Yun couldn’t help but ask.

       Alice glanced at him, her expression pitiful and disgusting, “Nothing… neither an avianman nor a human, no IQ, only know brutal attacks.”

       “Is Olympus crazy?” Chen Xiao murmured, “This happens every three months…doesn’t anyone notice?!”

       Maggie: “Not many guides were sent, and brainwashing is so severe internally… Sentinels even cooperate with higher-ups to get stronger and more guides.” She closed her eyes and said calmly, “In Olympus, it has always been survival of the fittest, natural selection. The law is the elimination of the weak by the strong. Anything can be done in pursuit of the god-level. It’s just as normal as it gets.”


       The spacecraft was flying smoothly in space, and when Qin Yun suddenly woke up, he realised that Moschery was not around.

       The fluorescent panel in the main control room illuminated the Emperor’s expressionless face. When he turned his head, Qin Yun realised that he had been staring at the other person for a while.

       “Why are you awake?” Moschery rubbed his eyebrows. He looked at the guide, who was only wearing a single shirt, with disapproval, “Come here, aren’t you cold?”

       Qin Yun sneezed belatedly after hearing this. He rubbed his nose and let the sentinel take off his coat and put it on him.

       “What are you looking at?” Qin Yun asked as he leaned closer and stretched his neck.

       Moschery handed him the antique tablet in his hand, “This is from Lin Dongliang.”

       Qin Yun: “Request for additional personnel?”

       “Yeah.” Moschery said with a cold face, “I sent the situation in Olympus over. They are worried that you and I may not be able to handle it.”

       “…” Qin Yun was embarrassed to say that he was also worried…

       Moschery could clearly see what the other party was thinking. He suddenly reached out and pinched Qin Yun’s neck, “Don’t think foolishly. I can protect you.”


       Lin Dongliang held his forehead in frustration when he received the third rejection notification of the additional personnel request. Skarter picked it up casually and glanced at it a few times.

       “His Majesty always has his own reasons for not accepting the increase in personnel.” Skarter comforted, “After all, there is no doubt about his strength.”

       Lin Dongliang sighed, “I was…just in case… Judging from this situation, the situation on Eta Star is completely different from what we originally imagined. It is always easy for things to go wrong if the plan cannot keep up with the changes.”

       Skarter said nothing. In his opinion, Moschery had always been conceited, but Qin Yun’s performance along the way also proved that he was not a simple low-level guide.

       “Have you found Qin Yun’s adoptive mother?” Skarter suddenly asked.

       Lin Dongliang shook his head, “If the high-level SSS guide deliberately wants to stay hidden, it is not easy to find… and the cabinet may have found something recently, bypassing us and putting pressure on Tristana the removal of low-level guides from the military.”

       Skarter sneered, “Those meddling women just won’t give up, huh?”

       “Berlin has wanted to do this for a long time.” Lin Dongliang looked worried, “She has always advocated replacing lower echelons of the military department with high-level guides from the academy…”

       “Ha, those high-end porcelain dolls of hers?” Skarter said angrily, “Can they go to the battlefield? Letting my soldiers fight on the front line while they hide behind?”

       Skarter gritted his teeth and said, “Don’t even think about it.”

       Lin Dongliang did not retort. He stretched out his guiding tendrils to soothe Skarter’s consciousness cloud. The red panda raised its head and crawled to sleep next to the king crocodile. Its big tail covered the crocodile’s eyes.

       “I’m thinking of a way.” Lin Dongliang said gently. He paused and said firmly, “I think we need the support of Duke Garcia now.”

       Skarter’s mood had calmed down, but his expression was not optimistic, “He managed to remain neutral after Shen’s accident six years ago. It is not so easy for him to switch sides now.”

       “If…” Lin Dongliang thought, “If Shen comes back, maybe the situation will be different?”

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