Chapter 38 – Is it so difficult to give me a chance?

Chapter 38 – Is it so difficult to give me a chance?


After Xing Zhongwan and Professor Gao finished their phone call, he managed to learn more about Qi Yun’s current condition. All in all, the sooner the operation was performed, the better, and the risk to him would also be relatively smaller. They’ve organized a consultation recently so the results will be notified to them as soon as possible.


Xing Zhongwan put down the phone angrily, thinking about it. Cheng Zhengzhe stretched out his hand to him, “Return my phone to me!” 


Xing Zhongwan threw this phone to him in disgust as Cheng Zhengzhe pointed, “If your phone is broken, you should’ve bought a new one earlier. It’s inconvenient without a phone.”


Xing Zhongwan glanced at him, “Don’t nag me!” Cheng Zhengzhe stroked his long ponytail, “Actually, are you afraid that Qi Yun will call you?”


Xing Zhongwan slapped his forehead, “Next time, please dress normally. What’s the matter with you and Xue Qing? That woman wants to dress like a man, while you, a man, wants to dress like a woman. The two of you should just switch genders, it’ll save my head from hurting.”


Cheng Zhengzhe was unhappy, “I was talking about Qi Yun. Don’t change the topic to me. Don’t run away.”


Xing Zhongwan got up, looked back and raised his eyes , “Hurry and bring them back.”


Cheng Zhengzhe smiled and raised his chin, “Then what about you and Qi Yun. Judging from how you are, you won’t leave until he is finished with his surgery. If you want to, why don’t you also take him with you. If that’s the case, Qi Yun would also… Hey! Why are you hitting me?!”


Cheng Zhengzhe covered his head, and when he looked up, Xing Zhongwan had already disappeared through the doors of the restaurant.


In the Qi Family Buddhist Hall, Madam Qi was copying Buddhist scriptures. She was banned by Qi Zongcheng from going out. Madam Qi put the copies aside to dry when the door opened and a young man came in.


“Mom, grandpa was just saying it only. He won’t really stay mad at you. If I beg him a little, he will also give me this face.”


After speaking, the young man turned around and was about to leave.


“Come back!” Madam Qi picked up the brush and didn’t look up, “Don’t go. Just stay with me. Be quiet these few days and don’t cause me trouble.”


The Qi’s fourth young master sat down in front of Madam Qi, “Mom, what’s wrong with you?” You suddenly became so afraid of things. Are you really afraid that Qi Yun, that blind man, will fail you?”


Madam Qi raised her head displeased, “He’s your eldest brother. How can you call him by his first name? If you were to be heard by someone who has the heart to tell your grandfather, you won’t be able to beg your way out of anything!”


Qi’s fourth young master put his hands on the desk with a nonchalant expression,”It’s already been said. But besides me, which grandson of my grandfather is more qualified than me? Should I count on those illegitimate children who can’t even make it to the table?


Madam Qi looked in front of her with a smile on her face. He couldn’tt do anything right, but her fourth young child’s appearance was very much like her’s. She deeply wrinkled her brows. He really was a useless dunce, but unfortunately now he was the only son she could rely on.


“You have to listen to me. Lay low these days. Also, have you checked your girlfriend’s background? I warn you, it’s okay to play, don’t get into a serious relationship and don’t let others take advantage of you.”


Qi’s fourth young master stretched lazily, “Don’t worry, I know what I should do. If there’s nothing else, I’ll leave now.”


Madam Qi waved her hand impatiently as Qi’s fourth young master went out the door lazily. When he saw Old Hu, he narrowed his eyes and asked, “I heard that there is a woman beside my brother? “


Old Hu stood on the side respectfully. He knew very well what kind of person this fourth young master was.


“It’s the illegitimate son of the Xing family who can’t even make it to the table, you don’t have to worry about it.”


Qi’s fourth young master touched his chin. There is a woman beside Qi Yun. This will be fun. Last time, the Qiu family’s daughter died before he had enough fun, so this time he was going to meet this person. He is very interested in Qi Yun’s things.


Xing Zhongwan personally escorted Cheng Zhengzhe to his plane. Cheng Zhengzhe threw him a new mobile phone before leaving, with the card already replaced. Xing Zhongwan took it and turned on the phone with a blank face. After leaving the airport, he got into the car. Before leaving the airport expressway, the phone rang. After looking at it, Xing Zhongwan hesitated for a while, before finally picking it up.


Chen Ying’s voice on the other end of the phone was a little tired, “Young madam, you finally answered the phone. Young Master Yun fainted and was sent to the hospital… I’ve been observing him in the hospital for three day. The situation… It’s not very good. Look, are you coming back…?”


Xing Zhongwan’s hand holding the steering wheel gradually tightened, “I’ll be right back. Which hospital is he in?”


It was late at night when Xing Zhongwan arrived at the hospital. Chen Ying was waiting for him at the hospital door and Xing Zhongwan followed him. He walked quickly to Qi Yun’s ward and hesitated for a moment while holding the door handle, before finally opening the door and walking in.


Qi Yun lay on the bed, covered with a thin blanket. Xing Zhongwan approached him to take a look. Qi Yun was thin and haggard, his lips were chapped and his eyes were closed. He seemed to be asleep.


Xing Zhongwan moved a chair closer and sat down beside the bed. As soon as he sat down, Qi Yun opened his eyes, “Is it Wanwan?”


Xing Zhongwan almost slipped down, “Sometimes I really think you aren’t blind at all!”


Qi Yun turned his head and those visionless eyes were bloodshot, “I recognize the smell on your body.”


Xing Zhongwan looked at him awkwardly and suddenly became speechless. He got up and poured a glass of water, “Do you want to drink water?” As soon as he finished saying this, he suddenly recalled that glass of water he drank from that night…


Xing Zhongwan coughed awkwardly as Qi Yun shook his head, “I’m sorry, Wanwan.”


Xing Zhongwan put the water glass aside, “Don’t say that. When are you going to have the surgery? Chen Ying told me that in your current situation, it is best to operate as soon as possible. I have also contacted Professor Gao, and her opinion is also…”


“Wanwan, are you still angry with me?”


Xing Zhongwan felt like his throat was pressed on and the words in his mouth were choked back inside. He seemed to have forgotten how stubborn Qi Yun was.


“It’s already happened so what use is it for me to get angry. Also, it’s not your fault, although you are indeed in the wrong! Oh, what am I talking about! You can forget what happened that night, I’m now discussing your condition, Qi Yun! This is very important!”


Qi Yun turned his head, and the color on his face deteriorated even more, “For me, nothing is more important than you!”


Xing Zhongwan seems to have been drained of all his strength and had no idea what to do, “Okay, then I’ll make it clear. We’re all adults and we slept together, OK, but so what?”


Xing Zhongwan’s words made Qi Yun turn his head and after a while, his body began to shrink and tremble, “We just slept together. In your opinion, is that such a light relationship?”


Xing Zhongwan frowned irritably. Qi Yun’s sad and disappointed tone made him feel distressed. Xing Zhongwan was irritable, so he got up, “Then what do you want from me?”


From his direction, he couldn’t see Qi Yun’s face as he was hiding behind the shadow, but he thinks that Qi Yun must’ve closed his eyes now and his face should be pale.


After a long time, Qi Yun’s voice sounded from the silence, “Give me a chance, is it so difficult?”


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  1. Baisha

    I have read some disabled crippled papapa scene in BL,,but most of the time the crippled one would be the bottom,,it’s the first time I’ve read a crippled top….but the papapa scene was hot😙

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    Thnx for the beautiful translation ❤️

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