Chapter 26 – Full of Dragon Scent

Chapter 26 – Full of Dragon Scent


The room fell into silence.


Su Liang and his younger brother glanced at each other. It was obvious that their eyes and thoughts were slowly changing. Su Liang was able to calm down after a while and was able to realise something: “Luoluo, you haven’t eaten it before. How do you know it’s delicious??”


Jian Luo simply said, “I have eaten it!”




Su Liang suppressed her curiosity. After all, his son was never involved with any Dark Stars before. He might just have a unique palate.


His little brother who was still young innocently asked: “Brother, are you really going to work at  Moonlight?”


Jian Luo calculated the balance of his account: “Let’s go. I will take you to school to deal with your transfer before going to work.”


Previously due to various things, the transfer money and procedures were not in place, so this time Jian Luo decided to settle things once and for all before he went to work at Moonlight.


Su Liang got up: “Luoluo, do you want mother to accompany you?”


Jian Luo shook his head: “No. I’ll go and take a look myself.”


“That’s fine.” Su Liang didn’t force it, but Jian Luo said, “If you encounter any difficulties, you should inform your family.”


Jian Luo responded: “I know.”


He was sitting on the sofa in the living room. He was about to doze off when he was shaken by his younger brother: “It should be time for big brother to eat now.”


Jian Luo got up in a daze: “Okay.”


As Su Liang brought out the food, she said, “I thought you were already tire enough. Why do you look more tired these past two days?”


Could she expect Jian Luo not to be tired?


Lu Shifeng was a beast who can mess someone up so much, who wouldn’t be tired?


He shook his head: “It’s okay, nothing major. Maybe I was too busy and worked too hard some time ago.”


Su Liang felt a little pained: “If you’re too tired to work, get more rest. We have enough money at home. When I quit my job last time, the base gave me 50,000 Star Dollars yuan severance pay.”


They would never pay off ordinary people this much, but Su Liang’s situation was slightly different. 


Because Lu Shifeng was there, they were really afraid of Su Liang’s son, Jian Luo’s involvement with him, so Su Liang was given twice the severance pay by the base.


Jian Luo rubbed his eyebrows: “It’s nothing major, don’t worry about it. I’ll rest more.”


Su Liang then nodded.


The next day.


Today, Jian Luo took his younger brother to carry out the transfer procedures.


The weather in Dark Star is relatively hot all year round. From Peace Paradise, one needs to take a car to the city and because there were only two cars a day, he had to get up early.


The younger brother took two potato cakes and gave one of them to him: “Brother, this one’s for you.”


Jian Luo took it: “Thank you.”


They are going to the Phelps Academy, a very famous private academy in Dark Star. They mentioned that they accepted humans, but they didn’t actually accept them and there was no other reason for this other than because only a few humans could afford the high tuition fees.


Jian Luo stood at the school gate and said to the security guard at the gate, “Please let us in.”


The security guard asked him: “Do you have a pass?”


“Yes,” Jian Luo’s information bracelet recalled a message: “I made an appointment online some time ago.”


The reservation certificate for the pass required much verification.


If one’s Star Dollars do not meet the amount required for the tuition fee, the pass will not be released. Only with this certificate could one obtain the chance to enroll here.


The security guard glanced at it, and then nodded: “Okay, come in.”


Jian Luo dropped a thank you.


As a private aristocratic college, the ones who are able to survive in Phelps College are also something else, so the quality of their students are generally high.


“Knock knock.”


Jian Luo rapped on the door of the office.


A male voice came from inside: “Are the student and parent applying for a transfer today?”


His younger brother gently opened the door.


Jian Luo led him inside politely: “Hello professor, we’re here to work out the transfer.”


“Okay.” The man stood up and pointed to the table in front: “Please fill out the form first and take the student to a temporary exam later. If there is no problem with the results, you can go through with the formalities.”


Jian Luo sat down on the chair and took the form: “Okay, thank you professor.”


He stretched out his hand to take the order, and when the professor handed it to him, his eyes flickered subtly on Jian Luo’s slender and fair fingers.


Jian Luo found that he couldn’t pull the paper, so he looked up curiously: “Professor?”


“Huh?” The professor was stunned and quickly let go: “Oh, uh. Fill out the form.”


Jian Luo thought this professor was weird, but he didn’t ask any further questions. He took the form and started filling it out. The professor next to him explained the rules and regulations to his younger brother.


After that.


Jian Sheng said, “Alright professor. I remember it all.”


“En.” The professor took another meaningful look at Jian Luo who was at the desk filling out the form: “Mr. Jian, what kind of work do you usually do?”


Jian Luo filled out the form and said, “Oh, I mainly work as a chef.”

The professor nodded: “That’s pretty good. Where does Mr. Jian work? If I have time, I’ll go and support you.”


Jian Luo was wisely reserved: “You’re flattering me too much. It’s just a small restaurant and not worth mentioning.”


The professor smiled and didn’t ask any further questions.


The form was filled in quite quickly. Jian Luo quickly completed the form in his hands and had nothing to do.


Next, Jian Sheng was going to take the quiz. He was walking around outside when he just passed a corner and heard a group of students gossiping:


“Have you heard that the sacred tree of Dragon Valley has come to bear fruit?”

“I know, I already knew.”

“Which adult do you think had a cub?”

“My God, we haven’t had cubs in many years. I’ve forgotten what a cub looks like.”

“Wuwuwu, who was so lucky to have a cub?”

“They’re the hope of this planet.”


Jian Luo listened with relish, but he was actually quite curious. How easy it would be for the person. All they would have to do was just have a baby and they would become a global hope, and become a major contributor to society. It made one annoyed thinking about it. He was a conscientious and diligent chef, toiling away to work. But some people are really different. They can do just the bare minimum and be done.


“Mr. Jian Luo.”


Someone called him.


Jian Luo put away his sour thoughts and turned around. Seeing the professor just now, he asked with a very good attitude: “Professor, what’s the matter? Is there something wrong?”


The professor smiled: “Mr. Jian, it’s like this. I want to talk to you about your brother.”


Jian Luo said quickly, “Yes, yes.”


“Well.” The professor took him to the pavilion nearby and sat down: “Our school is divided into two. One for boarding students and one for day students, you know that.”


Jian Luo said, “I know.”


He has discussed with Su Liang to let his younger brother stay in the boarding house. It is too far from Peace Paradise, and the child will be tired every time he comes and goes, so he won’t be able to concentrate on studying.


The professor smiled strangely: “Then what do you think about there being more than one person in a single dormitory?”


Jian Luo fell silent for a moment.


Don’t tell me, he really hasn’t thought about it.


“This… it’s not good to say it, but it’s also for your brother’s sake. If you meet the requirements, he can live alone.” The professor said softly, “There are some Dark Stars’ children…”


Jian Luo said, “How much is it for a single dormitory?”


The professor honestly explained: “You need about ten thousand Star Dollars each month. It is fully equipped and there is a special person managing it. You don’t have to worry about the conditions.”


Ten thousand.


The cost is too much.


Jian Luo was slightly sullen, but when he thought of the faces of those Dark Stars, he hesitated again. Many children’s inferiority complexes and personalities came from the pressure of their classmates. He didn’t want his younger brother to feel bad due to his family and race. He had low self-esteem and did not want him to be discriminated against due to his financial situation, or even be looked down upon by others.


If he could, he only hoped that Jian Sheng could live the life of a normal child.


After thinking about it, Jian Luo decided: “Professor, let’s get the single room.”


The professor smiled: “Okay, I will go through with the formalities later. It’ll be no problem and you can enroll as soon as possible.”


Jian Luo nodded: “Okay.”


He then went through various procedures to pay, and the Star Dollars in his star card disappeared like water.


The professor seemed casual: “Does your family rely on you to make money alone?”


Jian Luo raised his head slightly in surprise.


“I’m sorry.” The professor smiled: “I saw that your identification card mentionned a single parent, so I had this thought.”


Jian Luo had nothing to hide: “Well, almost.”


Whatever else the professor wanted to say, Jian Luo was too lazy to listen. He always felt that the professor was indecent, so he stood up: “The formalities are over, I’ll take my leave.”


The professor was stunned for a moment before he stood up to see him off.


Jian Luo bowed and saluted, then packed up and walked out. He then led his younger brother home to pack up and prepare for school.


It wasn’t long before he left when the professor quickly opened the Jinjiang Live Broadcasting Network, and took out the saved live video of Jian Luo and looked at it, especially zooming in on the place where his hands were exposed.


“That’s right.” The professor pushed his glasses: “It really is him.”


The next day.


Jian Luo got up early.


Today, he is going to join Moonlight. Su Liang got up earlier than him: “Luoluo, mother has stewed porridge. We can drink it together.”


Jian Luo nodded: “Okay!”


He has always cooked for his mother, but now that the family’s economic conditions are much better, Su Liang learned quickly. Sometimes, she also thinks about cooking on her own. Of course, when she is free, she prefers to do arts and crafts.


Jian Luo pondered sometimes that since Su Liang was free at home, why not start a live broadcast for her?


Moreover, Su Liang is very good-looking and has the look of an oriental beauty. If she takes good care of it, she will be a good-looking anchor!


Thinking of this, Jian Luo took the initiative to propose: “Mom, when I go out to work, you can also use the live broadcast equipment.”


Su Liang was taken aback: “What?”


“You can also broadcast live.” Jian Luo thought about it more and more: “You are usually at home but don’t you like embroidery very much? Although it is all ancient earth stuff, I think it is very beautiful, you should use it to spread the word.”


Su Liang shook her head: “I only do embroidery for fun.”


Jian Luo smiled: “Then let’s broadcast and play around with it. Since the live broadcast equipment is here anyway, you can also broadcast live in Jinjiang. Jiangjiang is now preparing to open a section other than for food. You’re very suited for it.”


Su Liang was a little moved, but she couldn’t help feeling inferior: “I’m an old woman, no one wants to see me.”


Jian Luo raised his voice: “Oh, Mom, no one will care about how you look. Your own son is so ugly that he can’t meet anyone!”


Su Liang beat him angrily: “Nonsense.”


Although Jian Luo was only suggesting, Su Liang listened to it. In fact, she quit her job and wanted to find a new job. Unfortunately, there were too many restrictions on human beings even if she worked diligently.


It was too hard to proceed.


There is still the second child at home who is studying, which requires a lot of money. How can the family rely on Jian Luo, who has only recently grown up, to make money and support the family?


Thinking of this, Su Liang said, “Luoluo, can mom live stream before you go to work?”


Jian Luo was very cheerful: “Yes!”


He was very happy.


In fact, he didn’t expect his mother to make money. He only hoped that his own mother could find a job to do and work hard in her own small business so she had somewhere to expend her energy while also being able to live better.



“Welcome to Moonlight!”


When Jian Luo came, the greeter at the gate surprised him.


Kazuki came down from the floor above: “Luoluo, you’ve arrived?”


Jian Luo nodded: “I’m here to go through the recruitment procedure. I saw your notice written today.”


Kazuki smiled: “It’s a really good time to arrive. There’s a commotion ahead, I’ll show you over there.”




He clearly came at an untimely time.


Moonlight’s head chef is surnamed Ji. Ji Huaixi was standing in the kitchen with a look of anger and the chefs in front of him bowed their heads as they were lectured.


When Jian Luo came over, there was a dark athmosphere in the kitchen.


Kazuki whispered in his ear: “There will be more distinguished guests arriving soon. The boss’s big customer specially ordered tofu, but the person who was making the tofu made a mistake last night. The tofu was placed in a cool and ventilated place so white mold grew all over it, rendering it inedible.”


Jian Luo nodded in understanding.


Ji Huaixi stood in front with his hands behind his back and said harshly: “The boss’ client this time is very important, yet such an accident can occur in our establishment. I don’t think you want to work here anymore!”


A chef knelt down with a “crash”: “Professor, professor. It’s all my fault. I thought it would be okay. I thought it was okay to leave it overnight!”


The atmosphere in the kitchen was dark.


The manager from the front came over: “Mr. Ji, the boss just sent a letter to inform you that he will be here in the afternoon. How are you doing here?”


Ji Huaixi’s face was not very good: “Something went wrong.”


“Yikes.” The manager didn’t know what to say: “Mr. Ji, you have to solve it quickly. I heard that the boss’s guests are quite picky. If something were to go wrong, you know the boss’s temper…”


Ji Huaixi said in a deep voice, “I know. You should go back first.”


The manager then left after a long sigh.


As soon as he left, the dark atmosphere in the room returned and no one else dared to speak.


After all, tofu took a long time to make and no one apart from the chefs in Moonlight is known to have researched the method to make tofu.


Everyone lowered their heads and said nothing.




Jian Luo took two steps forward: “How about you let me try?”


As soon as he finished speaking, almost instantly, everyone’s eyes fell on Jian Luo, and the emotion in their stares changed.


They were filled with disdain for this human being.


Ji Huaixi turned around and said in a deep voice, “You’re the new recruit, Jian Luo?”


Jian Luo nodded.


“You said you just arrived.” Ji Huaixi looked down at him condescendingly: “Young people shouldn’t be too arrogant or talk too much.”


Someone next to him whispered:

“‌‌What else can you do if it’s spoiled?”

“Humans are so arrogant.”

“You don’t have to be so eager to snatch up the chance to be in the limelight.”


Jian Luo listened to them quietly and said in a low voice, “I said I will try it but I didn’t say it will work. Why are you all so agitated?”


The room fell silent for a while. No one thought that this human being could be so rude.


Ji Huaixi narrowed his eyes: “Can you really do it?”


“Yeah.” Jian Luo nodded, because he had to be respectful towards his master: “But I can’t make normal tofu. I can try making stinky tofu.”


Everyone looked at each other.


Jian Luo rolled up his sleeves: “Did the client specify what kind of tofu they wanted to eat?”


Ji Huaixi shook his head slowly: “Usually we serve boiled tofu, but now it’s too late.”


“Yeah.” Jian Luo tapped his chin: “You guys should continue to make a new batch of tofu. I’ll see if I can make stinky tofu first. If it works, it will be good, if it doesn’t work…”


Someone hummed as they took his words for its face value:

“Stinky tofu? Never heard of it.”

“I don’t think it’s likely to succeed.”

“Don’t let humans fool master.”


Ji Huaixi squinted and finally said, “Yes, I’ll let you try it.”


Jian Luo smiled slightly.


“But.” Ji Huaixi looked up: “If you fail today, all your salary will be deducted.”


You are going too far!


Jian Luo just wanted to help out, but he didn’t think that doing so would result in his salary being deducted if he failed: “Then, can I not try so my money doesn’t get deducted?”


Kazuki almost laughed out loud beside him.


She thinks that Jian Luo is really interesting. Sometimes she thinks that he is really amazing, but other times he is very cowardly.


Ji Huaixi said in a low voice, “No.”


Jian Luo withered, so he could only scratch her head: “Okay, then I’ll try.”


Making stinky tofu is a big project. When he was still on Earth, he had made some before in his free time. He walked over and looked at the tofu. It was moldy in the drawer, and there were white fungus which was a little dark like yeast. This was very good. If there are no mishaps, the stinky tofu should be very fragrant.


Jian Luo Tofu smiled: “It’s all good.”


Other people:”……”


I’m afraid you are mentally ill.


In order to carry out the big project that is making stinky tofu, Kazuki was sent to help Jian Luo. 


She asked, “What are we going to do?”


Jian Luo said: “This has been fermented. After a simple procedure, it can be fried.”


Kazuki thinks it’s amazing: “Is it really edible? It’s all hairy and it seems so stinky. Don’t be too confident about it.”


“It can be eaten.” Jian Luo removed the tofu from the clip: “This belongs to natural leaven, it’s pretty good and saves trouble.”


Kazuki smiled: “How do you know so much?”


Jian Luo went silent for a while. Logically speaking, it seems that his human condition does not allow him to develop many talents. In the blink of an eye, he thought of an excuse: “I watch live broadcasts a lot and some anchors have tried it.”


Kazuki blinked: “Really?”


“What is the point of me lying?” Jian Luo put the tofu on the shelf: “Is there any oil?”


Kazuki said yes. Since Jian Luo’s potatoes and popcorn have become popular, guests who come to the hotel will order them. Their chefs have tried making them, but no matter what they did, they simply couldn’t make it like Jian Luo.


In Ji Huaixi’s words: “Things are about to get interesting.”


While Jian Luo was waiting for the oil to heat up, many busy cooks around him would look at him from time to time, casting curious glances.


Kazuki said, “The oil is hot.”




Jian Luo used a long spoon to place the stinky tofu in and fry it in the oil. After a while, the white tofu with mycelium was soaked in an oily golden light, making a sizzling sound.


Kazuki beside him said: “It’s so hot.”


Jian Luo nodded: “Stay far away, in case the oil spills out and burns you.”


Kazuki took two steps back.


Jian Luo placed down all the tofu, which has subverted the traditional way of preparing tofu. Kazuki was a little suspicious and the others couldn’t believe it.


A little chef approached Ji Huaixi: “Master.”


Ji Huaixi was cooking a luxurious barbecue and answered without looking back, “Yeah.”


“That Jian Luo is really arrogant.” The little chef said softly: “He’s nothing. He only came here due to nepotism, unlike us who are actually talented with a background. These kinds of people can’t be tolerated.”


Ji Huaixi said in a low voice, “Whether it’ll work? Let’s wait until he makes it.”


The little chef was not convinced: “Master, the tofu is spoiled. How could it be done? Do you want him to fool you?”


He knew that Ji Huaixi hated those who relied on relationship to get to where they were.


Especially someone like Jian Luo who had no real background and was arrogant. 


Ji Huaixi hadn’t spoken yet, when Kazuki softly shouted: “I’m going. It smells so bad!”


Jian Luo said softly, “Stay away, it’s hot here.”


Almost instantly, all the cooks looked over. Although no one came over, everyone in the kitchen was actually paying attention.


The tofu in the pot has gradually been fried and had a rancid smell which made many chefs cover their mouths and noses.


“This is for the guests to eat?”

“Can this be eaten by the guests?”

“God, it’s better to dispose of it.”


There was a lot of discussion and even the calm and collected Ji Huaixi came over: “What’s going on?”


Jian Luo put down the spoon in his hand, and he said, “I’m frying stinky tofu and it’s not ready yet. Please wait a moment.”


Ji Huaixi finally asked what everyone wanted to ask: “Are you sure this is edible?”


Jian Luo didn’t know whether to laugh or cry: “I’m sure.”


“Very well.” Ji Huaixi nodded, but did not continue to question him: “The news came just now that the guests arrived sooner than expected so be prepared.”


Jian Luo nodded.


Kazuki whispered beside him, “Luoluo, you must be successful.”


Jian Luo firmly said: “I’ll try my best.”


Since there will be a distinguished guest arriving soon, the whole kitchen was very busy. Naturally, this meant that Jian Luo had no time to spare. Since he said he wanted to try it, he in fact meant that there was a 100% success rate.


Soon, the color of the tofu has gradually come together. At this time, the stench has also wafted out.


The manager smelled the stench and came over: “Oh, are you frying something here? What is that smell?”


The other cooks all looked at Jian Luo at the same time.


The manager took a few steps and walked over: “What are you cooking? Is it for the guests?”


Kazuki hurriedly stepped forward: “Manager, the new dish we developed is fine. If it’s edible, you can serve it.”


“Serve it?” The manager was particularly bossy at the moment: “Don’t make any mistakes. Today, a distinguished guest is coming over. The boss told me not to be careless.”


The level of distinguished guests was repeatedly stressed, highlightin the impostance of their status.


Ji Huaixi came over: “Are you a chef?”


The manager was taken aback: “No.”


“Then you take care of your own affairs.” Ji Huaixi said in a low voice, “I will handle my people.”


The manager was stunned and choked: “Then hurry up.”


In Moonlight, there were open and under-the-table fights. The chef faction had a very high status. This was especially true of chefs like Ji Huaixi, but the managers and the others who serve the other faction are naturally not to be outdone. They are also high-paid white-collar workers, and can’t be compared to other general managers. They came by to stir some trouble from time to time.


Ji Huaixi said in a low voice, “No.”


The manager turned angrily and left.


Kazuki stood next to Ji Huaixi, a little worried: “Master…”


Ji Huaixi turned around indifferently and the busy people in the kitchen asked, “What are you going to do?”


The crowd dispersed.


After a while, Jian Luo’s stinky tofu was finally completed. He took a piece out of the pot and blew it gently.


Kazuki was very eager next to him: “Can you really eat it?”


Jian Luo smiled: “It shouldn’t fail.”


“I look forward to it.”


Kazuki waited eagerly to eat the stinky tofu.


The other chefs also cast their gazes overtly and secretly, good or bad, whatever their intentions were.




Jian Luo first tasted it by himself. He chewed it, tasted it and sprinkled it with another layer of salt from the shelves.


Waiting for a while after tasting it, he then took another bite.


Kazuki was full of anticipation: “Can I eat it?”


Jian Luo shook his head: “Give master a taste first.”



Ji Huaixi stood not far away and didn’t move. Jian Luo personally walked over with a plate and chopsticks, speaking respectfully, “Try some.”


Ji Huaixi knew his sense of taste was good so he picked up the chopsticks and took a bite. The stinky tofu smelled so stinky that he couldn’t stomach the smell but there was a very strong fragrance in his mouth. It also tasted soft and crunchy and there was a clear aroma of tofu, which was wonderful.


The whole kitchen was staring at Ji Huaixi.


They were all waiting for Ji Huaixi to get angry or to criticize Jian Luo.


But there was nothing.


Ji Huaixi put down his chopsticks calmly as his thin lips parted lightly: “Not bad.”’


A smile bloomed on Jian Luo’s face: “Thank you, master.”


“I’m their master, not yours.” Ji Huaixi said in a low voice, “Call me Mr. Ji.”


Jian Luo nodded: “Okay, Mr. Ji.”


Because there were still dishes that were not ready, Jian Luo simply went over to help. The Dark Stars were very advanced. Their kitchen was very large, and there was more than enough space to walk around. There was no smoke or oiliness in the air due to the adsorbents. The moment it wafts in the air, it will be absorbed cleanly.


It was not noisy and the kitchen was clean and comfortable.


Kazuki came over and asked, “Can I taste it? It smells so bad but I’m so curious.”


“I’ll make it for you later.” Jian Luo put the plate back: “Now these are all for the guests. Mr. Ji agreed to give them to the guests just now.”


Kazuki really admired Jian Luo.


The cooks who had been waiting to see the drama just now stopped talking. Especially the few who spoke before, and now they were more earnest.


Jian Luo asked: “What can I do here?”


Kazuki waved his hand: “In fact, you don’t need to cook here. The section you are in charge of is not ours here.”


“Then what am I responsible for?”


“I don’t know, the boss didn’t say it. He said before that he wanted you to stand by here.” Kazuki said honestly, “I’ll come to you when you’re needed.”




It was the same way when he was in the military.


This familiar work pattern was frightening.


Jian Luo swore that he wanted to find a normal job instead of being unemployed so this was something he set himself up for.


Jian Luo hesitated: “Do you know what your boss wants me to do?”


“I don’t know.” Kazuki answered honestly.


The two walked to the head of the kitchen. Suddenly, there was a bark and a large white dog jumped out. It was very big and aggressive. It looked like it wanted to pounce on Jian Luo.


Kazuki exclaimed: “Luoluo!”


Jian Luo also widened his eyes and couldn’t move in shock. Just when he thought it was going to calm down, the big white dog suddenly rumbled and turned his head to hide when he was about to meet Jian Luo, as if it met some kind of calamity or beast.


“Awoo awoo.”


The little white dog couldn’t wait for Jian Luo to leave quickly.


Kazuki was taken aback: “What wrong Xiaobai?”


Jian Luo was also quite frightened: “Is this your pet? Can you have pets in the kitchen?”


Kazuki quickly waved his hand to explain: “No, no, it’s not a pet. It’s a food inspection dog. If the food in the hotel is poisonous or has been altered by someone, Xiaobai will smell it. It’s here every day to keep the food safe.”


Jian Luo nodded lightly: “Then why is it hostile to me?”


Xiaobai seemed to be able to understand people’s words, and continued to whine, shrinking towards the door while looking at Jian Luo’s appearance as if it had encountered a ghost.


“I don’t think it thinks you’re hostile.” Kazuki explained to him: “Xiaobai is actually quite courageous. At that time, there was a tengu that the boss personally brought here. It was able to walk all over it. It’s not afraid of anyone and only listens to the boss.”


Jian Luo said, “Then what happened to it?”


Kazuki sighed: “I don’t think it seems to be hostile to you. It seems to be a little afraid of you.”


Jian Luo pointed to himself: “Afraid of me? What a joke. It’s a dog that even you are not afraid of. How could it be afraid of me, a human being?”


Kazuki also scratched her head in confusion: “Ah, that’s weird. This shouldn’t be. The little white of the Tengu clan are not afraid of people. The only thing they are afraid of is the dragon clan, which was their clan’s nemesis.”


Jian Luo said, “I’m not part of the dragon family.”


“Or do you have something from the dragon race?” Kazuki looked over. “Speaking of which, I also find it a little strange. I think your scent is a little different, but I can’t tell you what’s different about it.”


Xiaobai was in the corner wailing. If someone understood the words of the Tengu, then his words would probably mean:

(Dragon scent! His entire body is filled with the scent of the most terrifying dragon. Quickly leave, quickly leave! Awooo, I’m going to have nightmares tonight awoo.)


Jian Luo also found it strange to see Xiaobai like that so he had to explain: “I used to work in the military. Maybe I haven’t lost the Dragon Clan’s scent because I stayed with them.”




This explanation was too far-fetched.


Kazuki was a little puzzled: “Aren’t you a chef? Are you also responsible for feeding the dragons? And I heard that the military’s dragons are not allowed to be seen by ordinary people. Luoluo, you are really amazing!”


Jian Luo was also shocked stupid: “Iis it true that the Dragon Clan can’t be seen by everyone?”


“What do you think?” Kazuki scratched her head: “Dragon clan pretty much reject outsiders from entering the territory. When you were with the dragons, did you see anyone else beside you?”



Jian Luo seriously recalled, it seems that there was really no one else!


The other side.

As Nie Yan, the boss of Moonlight, sat in the car with a legendary VIP customer, his face was expressionless. If it was not because of the high status of the person next to him, he would not have served him long ago.


The little emperor was finally able to leave the palace and he was very excited. As he sat in the car, he kept shouting: “It’s too hard for me to come out even once. I’ve heard about the delicious food in Moonlight. I also heard that some kind of snack seems to be popular recently, but I don’t know where to eat them. Oh, I remember that Moonlight recently released a tofu soup. I must try it.”


Nie Yan continued to mention the perfunctory: “Your Majesty can relax. Everything you mentioned has already been arranged and prepared.”


The little emperor just let it go. He played with the box in his hand and asked again, “Uncle Huang was going to come and accompany me to dinner. When will he come?”


“Marshal has been busy these days.” Nie Yan dutifully continued to mention the perfunctory to him: “After contacting him, he said he would definitely come over to accompany His Majesty for dinner.”


The little emperor nodded.


Soon, they arrived at Moonlight. In order to welcome the legendary VIP, Moonlight was not open today. It was only available to serve the VIP guests. The red carpet was spread out over dozens of meters and the waiters welcomed them in the same tone: “Welcome to Moonlight.”


The little emperor was used to seeing big scenes and this kind of act was not awkward or unbearable so he hardly changed his expression along the way.


Nie Yan led him to the second floor to be seated down. This was where one could see the best view of Sky City. He said: “Your Majesty, wait a moment. I will have someone come over.”


The little emperor looked forward to it very much: “Okay.”


As soon as Nie Yan showed up, the manager hurried to the front and shouted, “It’s time to serve. The guests are here.”


The waiters passed by to bring all kinds of food, and the aroma of the food gradually filled the hall.


The little emperor looked around: “What about the new tofu that has been researched?”


Nie Yan looked at the manager.


The manager hurriedly said, “It’s here. The best dish.”


Kaizuki walked over with the plate. In order to prevent the smell from dissipating too early, he hid the appearance of the whole dish with a large silver lid, adding a bit of mystery.


The little emperor was very excited: “It looks really good, it must be fragrant.”


Kazuki showed an embarrassed but polite smile as he opened the lid. When the lid was slowly raised, a shocking stench spread out.




For a moment, the hall fell silent.


It’s also thanks to the little emperor’s cultivation that he didn’t flip the table immediately. For Nie Yan, it was because he didn’t want to lose his honor that he didn’t turn his face.


The little emperor was silent: “Is this something edible?”


Nie Yan’s voice was also a bit colder: “I informed that the distinguished guest would arrive in advance. Did you not take my words seriously?”


Kazuki knelt down in fright: “Don’t be angry, sir. This is indeed a bonafide dish. You might as well try and eat it first. If it doesn’t taste good, it won’t be too late to punish the one responsible.”


The little emperor and Nie Yan glanced at each other.


Nie Yan took the initiative: “I’ll try it.”


“No need.” Instead, the little emperor was a little interested: “I’ll do it. Since she said it was food, I’ll try it.”


The little emperor took a piece of chopsticks and put it in his mouth. He was just trying to hold it inside, but when the stinky tofu entered his mouth, his eyes lit up. There was nothing else, except that it was much too fragrant! As it entered one’s lips and teeth, it was smelly, but the moment you placed it into your mouth, it was fragrant and seemed to bring one into a wonderful place!


“Delicious!” The little emperor immediately made a choice: “Let your chefs come to see me.”


Kazuki was stunned: “You want to see him?”


The little emperor nodded: “Can’t you do that?”


Kazuki looked at Nie Yan. After all, he was her boss. She can’t make the decisions about this kind of thing.


Nie Yan lifted his eyelids and said softly, “Let him come over.”


Jieyue bowed and replied, “‌En.”


The girl told Jian Luo about this when she returned. She pulled Jian Luo: “Luo Luo, go over there later. You don’t have to worry about it. That young client with Nie Yan, the boss on the other side, wants to ask you some questions. If so, do you know what to say?”


Jian Luo was very calm: “I know. Don’t worry.”


He walked to the front and saw Nie Yan and the little emperor sitting down. At first glance, he was stunned.


The little emperor waved at him: “You’re the chef right? Come here.”


Jian Luo came over and asked, “Are you not satisfied with your food?”


“No, I’m very satisfied.” The little emperor raised his face reservedly: “I want to ask, how did you know that tofu can be prepared like this?


Jian Luo didn’t intend to take credit or stand out from the crowd, so he thought carefully and answered well: “It’s not my idea at all. It was just a mistake and everyone in the kitchen deserves the credit.”


The little emperor nodded: “So it’s like that.”


Jian Luo stood there plainly, waiting for him to continue asking questions.


The little emperor propped his chin and looked at Jian Luo for a while before said astonishingly: “What’s wrong with your neck?”


Jian Luo was silent for a moment.


He touched it himself and found that there was a very small wound there which was caused by Lu Shifeng’s scales and it has not fully healed yet.


The little emperor looked straight at it. The blood race was naturally extremely sensitive to other blood beyond one’s imagination. He wanted to know what kind of relationship the chef and his uncle had.


Jian Luo hesitantly said, “I accidentally got it.”


“Accidentally?” The little emperor was even more curious: “How did you get it? You seem to have been bitten.”




How did the kid notice it?


This obviously looked like an ordinary wound to anyone!


Jian Luo was now in a very big dilemma. He absolutely couldn’t say that he had an affair with Lu Shifeng, otherwise there would be no peace in his future.




What better reason was there?


Nie Yan also raised his eyes and looked over. He didn’t expect the chef to be so ingenious, and asked in a deep voice, “Why didn’t you answer what the guest asked you?”


Jian Luo gritted his teeth. Thinking of Xiaobai in his heart, he simply said, “I was indeed bitten, but I was accidentally bitten by a dog.”




The room suddenly fell into silence.


Half a second later.


The little emperor burst out laughing, he giggled like he heard the joke of the century, and was about to slap the table.


Jian Luo looked at him speechlessly.


The little emperor laughed for a long time, wiped his tears and said to the person behind Jian Luo, “Uncle Huang, you’re just in time. What do you think?”

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