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(Vol. 2) Chapter 33 pt. 3 – Ending chapter

I know you’re itching to get to the final chapter, but I just would like to take a moment to give my appreciation to my readers and supporters. Forced into the Deep is ending, and though it took awhile, it is finally complete!

Thank you for everyone who supported me 😀

It’s been some time since the first chapter was published, but thank you so much for coming on this journey with me.

Special thanks to Mochi who was there for me when times were hard, as well as to my Kofi donators, for providing me financial assistance. Thank you to all the commenters, even when I might be too shy to reply to you, I always read each and everyone carefully. I enjoyed reading your comments and it always cheered me up.

Now… onto the chapter!


Chapter 33 – Ending chapter

The next morning, Xing Zhongwan looked at Qi Yun who was wearing a sarong. He looked up and down carefully. After watching him again, he came to the conclusion, “You should take it off, it’s too attractive.”


Qi Yun looked at himself in the mirror and then looked at Xing Zhongwan, “What? Afraid that I’ll be robbed on the street?”


Xing Zhongwan pulled the sarong around Qi Yun’s waist, “That’s different. Only I can see my fairy sister. You’re too ethereal!”


Qi Yun stretched out his hand and pulled him into his arms, “But I want to wear the same clothes as you.” The pulling hand stopped. Xing Zhongwan raised his head and the noses of the two people accidentally touched each other, “Well, then I have to hold your hand well. If any hooligan dares take you away, I’ll cry to death.”


Xing Zhongwan, who was joking, took his precious fairy sister to the market.


Along the way, Xing Zhongwan, dressed like a flower peac0ck, bought many novel gadgets along the way. Qi Yun, who was following behind, worked tirelessly to carry the bag and had to also offer a spare hand for Xing Zhongwan to hold.


Xing Zhongwan bargained in front of a small stall to buy a piece of hand-woven cloth. Just as he was about to pay for it, the proprietress smiled and took out a smaller piece, pointing to Qi Yun who was standing behind him and said in less fluent English, “Gift to your girlfriend.”


Xing Zhongwan held the banknotes in his hand and smirked. He turned to face his expressionless “girlfriend” and said, “Don’t you want to thank the lady boss, they gave it to you.”


Qi Yun was wearing a dress today. Under the light-colored shirt and light-colored sarong, he looked clean like a white lotus with an otherworldly aura. With that face, even Xing Zhongwan couldn’t hold back.


He took the small piece of fabric and said, “He’s my wife.”


Xing Zhongwan touched Qi Yun, “Go thank the lady boss who gave it to you. Just smile.”


Qi Yun curled his lips and thanked her very quietly.


This smile softened the boss’s smile, so she stuffed Xing Zhongwan with many more small gifts.


Xing Zhongwan left the stall and said to Qi Yun with satisfaction, “Sure enough, the fairy’s smile is extraordinary. She will remember you forever in the future.” The two returned to their car with their hands full. Xing Zhongwan wiped his sweat, “This will help get rid of the wolves, tigers and leopards. We will be bringing a lot back.”


Thinking about it, he was a little unwilling to take out his mobile phone so he hugged Qi Yun, “Come on, wife. Let’s scatter some dog food to taunt them.”


Holding the phone at an angle, Xing Zhongwan smiled and said, “I’m going to take a photo.”


Qi Yun suddenly turned his head and kissed him on the cheek. This photo was then sent to the group…


Xue Qing: Laoniang had to chair two conferences in a row and you show me this!!! How unreasonable!


Shen Congxin: You are a bad example to children!!! I also want a girlfriend, I also want to show affection, kiss and hug.


Xue Qing: …


Cheng Zhengzhe: …


Cheng Zhengzhe: Laoxing, you look very busy. I will give you the shopping list from a duty-free shop that I want. Remember to buy it for me.


Shen Congxin: Me too.


Xue Qing sent the shopping list immediately.


There was no sound from Xing Zhongwan for a long time.


Cheng Zhengzhe: Where did these two go?


Xue Qing: I guess he went to do something bad.


Shen Congxin: What’s the bad thing?


Xue Qing: The children stay here!


Cheng Zhengzhe: The children stay and don’t go!


After the two who finished doing bad things, Xing Zhongwan rubbed his kissed red and swollen lips and picked up the phone. He looked at the shopping list in the chat and swore three times in a row.You idiots!


Xing Zhongwan and Xue Qing loved betting. They have never lost from small bets to big ones, but Xing Zhongwan feels that his luck has deteriorated ever since he was with Qi Yun.


For example, Xing Zhongwan lost again this time and the price of losing was to wear women’s clothes at the company’s annual meeting. Xing Zhongwan gritted his teeth with hatred, but he couldn’t say anything.


On the day of the annual meeting, everyone was looking forward to it. Their noble and glamorous big boss finally fell off the high stage. His cute cheongsam made the onlookers choke to death.


Cheng Zhengzhe looked at Xing Zhongwan with his long hair and couldn’t help but give a thumbs up, “Awesome, you look like a real woman in a female’s clothing boss.”


After the noisy dinner, Xing Zhongwan drove back home before changing his clothes. Qi Yun went back to China for more than a month and no one told him about the dinner. Xing Zhongwan misses him a little.


Tonight, he drank a bit too much, so his footsteps were a bit erratic and he entered the wrong password twice to open the door.


Squinting at the man who was looking at him in front of him, Xing Zhongwan swallowed and suppressed the joy in his heart, “Why are you back today?”


Qi Yun stared blankly at Xing Zhongwan, who was standing at the door, dressed in white. The cheongsam was wrapped tightly around Xing Zhongwan’s body, with the high slits revealing his straight and slender legs. The tight ankles accentuated by the high heels of the same color that he had not had time to take off made Qi Yun’s whole body heat up uncontrollably.


Xing Zhongwan felt a little embarrassed and wanted to take off the wig on his head, “It was Xue Qing’s stupid idea, I’ll change it now.”


Xing Zhongwan just wanted to take off his shoes but the man who was still a few steps away suddenly stepped forward. He pushed him against the door and rested his head on the side of his neck, breathing hotly, “Don’t take it off.”


Xing Zhongwan was stunned for a moment. The heat against his waist made him laugh. He rubbed against it and raised Qi Yun’s chin, “What do you want to do?”


Qi Yun’s cold face was rarely flushed, “fvck you.”


Then he leaned down and bit the complicated collar with his teeth. He raised his leg and hooked it around Qi Yun’s waist, “Hey, you just got off the plane, will you be okay?”


This provocative tone made Qi Yun let go of the collar he was biting on, and start sucking heavily on Xing Zhongwan’s neck, “Why don’t you try me, baby?”


As he spoke, his slender fingers lifted the cheongsam, revealing Xing Zhongwan’s snow-white chest. Qi Yun lowered his head little by little and licked Xing Zhongwan’s nipples and the little flesh quickly stood up. Xing Zhongwan stiffened, his d1ck was hard. Qi Yun knelt down and kissed his abdominal muscles, before pulling down his underwear along the slit of the cheongsam. Without the underwear restraining it, something popped out quickly, propping up the thin cheongsam’s fabric.


Xing Zhongwan groaned, “Hurry up.”


Qi Yun chuckled lightly. He supported both his legs that were crossed around his waist and strode to the room.


Xing Zhongwan was lying on the bed. He took out a tube of lubricant from under the pillow and threw it to Qi Yun before unbuttoning his cheongsam and spreading his legs on the bed. He looked back at Qi Yun and those long, narrow eyes were slightly squinted. The cold air was stimulating, brushing over the opening of his ass. Xing Zhongwan couldn’t help but let out a moan.


Qi Yun didn’t even have time to take off his shirt so he just unbuttoned his trousers, smeared his hand with the lube and poked into the slightly open little hole. After more than a month of being apart, the two of them were desperate. Qi Yun rubbed it twice before Xing Zhongwan grabbed his hand and let him in. Qi Yun stretched out his fingers and watched the pink hole dripping with transparent lubricant as he added his fingers one by one. His lower body was aching hard as he glanced at the garterbelt on Xing Zhongwan’s leg. He couldn’t bear it any longer, so he held his own pen-s and pushed the head into Xing Zhongwan’s little hole.


Xing Zhongwan grabbed the sheet and groaned. Qi Yun paused for a moment and he couldn’t help but ask if it hurt. Xing Zhongwan shook his head, “What? Just hurry up.” He thrust his butt behind him.


The tight pleasure was about to drive Qi Yun crazy. Then, in one single thrust, he pushed everything in and the two of them let out a pleasured groan at the same time.


While he was inside, Qi Yun couldn’t help twitching. At first, he didn’t dare to use force to let Xing Zhongwan get used to the sensation. In the end, he couldn’t bear it and thrust it in vigorously. The two-meter big bed creaked. He did not stop and Xing Zhongwan grabbed the sheets with both hands and couldn’t help but scream, Qi Yun leaned down and bit Xing Zhongwan’s neck, “Baby, does it feel good?”


Qi Yun stopped and pulled out slowly as Xing Zhongwan rolled over and pushed Qi Yun onto the bed. He sat with his legs apart and sat down little by little, holding onto Qi Yun’s member while going down on it. Qi Yun hugged Xing Zhongwan’s waist, looking at the cheongsam that was still half hanging on Xing Zhongwan’s body. His column buried deep in Xing Zhongwan’s body hardened up more and couldn’t help but squeeze Xing Zhongwan’s firm buttocks. He couldn’t help but thrust up, “Baby, please move.”


Xing Zhongwan twisted his waist and whispered in Qi Yun’s ear, “This thing under you really doesn’t match your face.”


Qi Yun touched Xing Zhongwan’s rosy lips, “But do you like it?”


Xing Zhongwan opened his mouth and bit Qi Yun’s lower lip, “I like it to death.” His hips began to rise and fall as Xing Zhongwan raised his head back. With his beautiful, slender neck leaning back, some sweat dripped onto Qi Yun’s firm abdomen. Qi Yun looked at his darling and bit the charming little buds on his chest.


“Wanwan, I would die without you.”


The slender fingers wrapped around Xing Zhongwan’s wet member. Xing Zhongwan opened his mouth slightly, and clenched heavily around Qi Yun. A burst of pleasure hit Qi Yun. He couldn’t endure it anymore and came.


Xing Zhongwan opened his wet eyes and carefully wiped away the sweat on Qi Yun’s forehead, “Hold me, let’s go wash up.”


Qi Yun looked at the beautiful member that was still standing tall at Xing Zhongwan’s crotch, “Wait, you haven’t finished yet.”


Xing Zhongwan hugged his neck, “I’m fine. Your waist will be sore if we do too much.”


Qi Yun kissed his hair. Putting him down on the bed, Xing Zhongwan, who was lying on his back, was disheveled. The white cheongsam was lifted up high, the slender and straight legs were covered in fine sweat. The flesh-colored garterbelt was attached to the pantyhose. Slightly reddened, some semen was clinging onto his folds. Qi Yun got hard again so he leaned down and pushed Xing Zhongwan down with some force. Xing Zhongwan moaned, clinging to his back tightly, “Be careful of your waist, Qi Yun gege.” The tone of the first half of the sentence was very serious, the second half was teasing. Qi Yun thrust hard and a loud moan spilled out of Xing Zhongwan’s mouth and he couldn’t help but squeeze him tightly. The small hole still let Qi Yun enter deeper. His legs wrapped around Qi Yun’s waist and his eyes were watery and cute, “Gege, it hurts.”


Qi Yun was taken aback. He lowered his head and didn’t know what to say. He grabbed his waist and thrusted hard. Xing Zhongwan couldn’t help screaming when the head rubbed his prostate, “It’s there. More there, don’t stop! Qi Yun, ah…ah…don’t stop! Harder, ah! Gege, gege, hurry up!”


Qi Yun looked at the man with messy eyes under him. He leaned down and kissed the screaming mouth. I’ll give it to you, gege will give it to you, gege will give you everything.


During the violent thrusting, the mattress shook. Qi Yun’s abdomen was hot and sweaty as Xing Zhongwan came.


“Third young master, we’re here.” Qi Yun had been sleeping and his secretary woke him up. He opened his eyes and there was sweat on his forehead. He actually had a wet dream on the plane. He lowered his head and looked at his pants. Luckily it was covered by a blanket. He was in a hurry to get off the plane, but looks like he won’t be able to leave immediately.


When he looked down again, his phone was ringing. There was a photo sent by Xue Qing, “Look at your wife, he’s so pretty.”


In the photo, Xing Zhongwan was wearing a white cheongsam and light makeup. Qi Yun swallowed his saliva with difficulty. The soft member was hard again.


Seems like he won’t be able to get off this plane for now.


Wanwan, wait for me.


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(Vol. 2) Chapter 33 pt. 2 – Ending chapter

I know you’re itching to get to the final chapter, but I just would like to take a moment to give my appreciation to my readers and supporters. Forced into the Deep is ending, and though it took awhile, it is finally complete!

Thank you for everyone who supported me 😀

It’s been some time since the first chapter was published, but thank you so much for coming on this journey with me.

Special thanks to Mochi who was there for me when times were hard, as well as to my Kofi donators, for providing me financial assistance. Thank you to all the commenters, even when I might be too shy to reply to you, I always read each and everyone carefully. I enjoyed reading your comments and it always cheered me up.

Now… onto the chapter!


Chapter 33 – Ending chapter

Xing Zhongwan, wearing sunglasses, knocked on the door of Country X’s marriage application office


The blond-haired man got up quickly when he saw him, “You’re here? It’s all ready for you.”


Xing Zhongwan took two marriage applications and looked at them carefully before smiling at the person who came, “Thank you.” 


The blond man bent over, “We’d be honoured to serve you.”


Xing Zhongwan turned around and went out the door. After walking a few steps, he couldn’t help but take out the application form and look at it again. The corners of his eyes were curved as he whistled.


His phone rang at the right time. Xing Zhongwan picked it up and Xue Qing’s loud voice made him quickly move away from the phone, 


“Lao Xing, why are you airlifting so many wood hibiscuses?”


Xing Zhongwan said with disgust, “Where are you? Why are you talking so loudly? I’m going to go deaf!”


Xue Qing hung up the phone decisively after a long while.


He then went to the parking lot humming a song. Xing Zhongwan was in a good mood today and so he’ll let her off this time.


Before the car started, his phone rang again.


“Laoniang is at the construction site. Didn’t this place need to be inspected? You haven’t answered me yet? So many wood hibiscuses, are you going to eat it all?”


Xing Zhongwan spun the steering wheel and exited the basement, “It’s for a proposal.”


Suddenly there was silence…


“Are you going to ask him to marry you, Laoxing? Would it even be possible to just hold a wedding? Hey, no, a wedding? Your marriage needs the approval of the royal family. Has it been approved?”


Xing Zhongwan only hummed a single syllable and Xue Qing could hear his joy.


With a sigh, Xue Qing swore at him for bullying a single dog like her.


“Have you found a venue? Is there anything I can help you with? Chinese or Western? Do you want a banquet?”


Xing Zhongwan stepped on the brakes at the red light, “They haven’t agreed yet. Why would you even ask that? It’s still too early.”


Xue Qing tutted for a long time, “Would your lover not agree? He has ‘Wanwan belongs to me’ written from head to toe. Might as well announce it with a loudspeaker. If he doesn’t agree, I will broadcast you shaving your head![/mfn]To become a monk probably. Some people also cut their hair when they’re overly sad due to a break up.[/mfn]“


Xing Zhongwan was amused, “Come on. He went back recently. I’m doing it the day after tomorrow. To be honest, I’m a little nervous.”


“You, Xing Zhongwan, are still nervous? Don’t make fun of me. If you are really concerned about messing up, you wouldn’t have skipped the marriage proposal to the marriage registration. The marriage proposal is just a formality.” Xue Qing disagreed. 


The weather was very cold and she was wrapped in a down jacket at the construction site. It was the worst that she was just fed a mouthful of dog food[/mfn]What information about a couple’s love affairs feels like to single people. It feels like eating dog food. Yuck.[/mfn].


“That’s not the same. I want him to be happy.” Xing Zhongwan smiled, “After all, I love him so much, don’t I?”


Ah… Xue Qing immediately hung up the phone. My days are numbered, Laoniang has to find someone to marry soon!


Xing Zhongwan instructed the servants to lay the wooden hibiscuses from the gate of the manor to the lawn of the Ruoda manor. With a cigarette in her mouth, Xue Qing poked Xing Zhongwan, who was still giving out instructions, “You are being over the top. Your lover is not a woman so why are you spending so much money?”


Xing Zhongwan obliquely glanced at her, “What do you know? In recent years, he has been quite obsessed with flowers, especially hibiscuses, but country X doesn’t have such flowers. I think he looks quite pitiful, so… I just want him to be happy.”


Xue Qing looked unconvinced, “In ancient times, Emperor Xuanzong of Tang sent lychees thousands of miles away.[/mfn]A famous emperor and his love conquest I guess haha.[/mfn] and now Xing Zhongwan is transporting hibiscus from other countries. You are so thoughtful, if Qi Yun is still unwilling, I will not agree to this marriage!”


Xing Zhongwan raised her wrist and looked at the time, “Stop talking nonsense. Is Lao Cheng going to pick it up?”


Xue Qing sat down on the chair by the fountain, “Go, don’t worry. If you don’t say anything, he won’t know what you’re doing today.”


Xing Zhongwan took out the application that already had his name signed on it and looked at it repeatedly. Xue Qing probed his head and pointed to the two pieces of flimsy papers in his hand, “You are just going to use this to propose?”


Xing Zhongwan cleared his throat. He felt like he owed Qi Yun. Thinking of the marriage applications in China that were framed like waste paper, he still felt a little pain in his heart. He understands that this piece of paper is really just a formality for the two of them now. Although Qi Yun never said it, he actually wanted it more than anything. He used to be unable to leave the country, but now that everything is over, Qi Yun followed him back to settle down in Country X. As such, this matter should be completed too.


The sound of a car horn came from the entrance of the manor, bringing Xing Zhongwan back to reality. Xue Qing suddenly stood up, “Come on, I sent a message to Lao Cheng and told him to stop the car at the door.”


Xing Zhongwan gave her a thumbs up and walked to the fountain with the marriage registration form.


Qi Yun opened the car door and got out. He took a deep breath. The air here was very fresh, mixed with the aroma of green grass. It was very pleasant.


He went back to China to deal with some things. After finishing the treatment, he rushed back to catch the plane overnight. He was tired, but no matter how tired he was, he couldn’t stop his urge to see Xing Zhongwan as soon as possible.


He dragged his suitcase and took a few steps forward. The servant did not come out to greet him as usual and it was strange enough that his car was parked at the gate and did not go in. Qi Yun didn’t think much. He just raised his head and a hint of surprise flashed in his eyes. He saw the hibiscus flowers. Qi Yun dazedly clenched the hand holding his luggage handle and his Adam’s apple slid uncomfortably. He took two steps inside. Not far away, he saw Xing Zhongwan wearing a red suit with a smiling face. Although the view was beautiful, the man standing in a sea of ​​flowers occupied Qi Yun’s thoughts. He had an answer for the strange occurrences in his heart and the corners of his mouth curved up slightly. Qi Yun’s heartbeat became faster and faster as he watched the fiery red figure draw close.


The man who thought about it day and night, holding a signed marriage application in his hand, said to him, “Qi Yun, let’s get married.”


The corners of Qi Yun’s eyes slowly turned red and Xing Zhongwan was a little nervous seeing him like that, “Hey, if you don’t agree, I’ll…”


Before he finished speaking, he was pulled into his arms. Qi Yun buried his face in Xing Zhongwan’s neck. It was warm and comfortable.


“Those should’ve been my words.”


Xing Zhongwan snorted, “Would there be a difference?” He wrapped his arms around Qi Yun’s back and poked him, “You will feel at ease after we’re married, and you won’t have to keep worrying about me looking at my secretaries. You don’t even know that you are the type they like. You are completely worried about the wrong thing, I…”


His lips were sealed. Xing Zhongwan looked into Qi Yun’s eyes, and there was only him inside them.


Qi Yun took the pen and signed his name solemnly at the signature office. He inadvertently saw some creases on the corners. It was obvious that the papers were pinched so hard that they were wrinkled. Xing Zhongwan picked up the two application forms and put them in the document bag carefully, “I will send these to the notary tomorrow. Qi Yun, where do you want to hold the wedding? Aisha has wanted to be a witness for a long time.” 


Qi Yun propped his chin, quietly looked at Xing Zhongwan who was in high spirits. The fragrance of hibiscus flowers lingered on the tip of his nose, how could he not understand Wanwan’s sentiments?


Xing Zhongwan talked for a long time, but when he turned his head, he saw a face staring at him in a daze.


Xing Zhongwan teased him, “After so many years, do you think I am still super invincible and beautiful?”


Qi Yun smiled, pulled him onto his lap and sat him down, “My Wanwan has always been the prettiest.” 


The two looked at each other and smiled. Xue Qing was holding the camera not far away, “Look at the camera. It’s a pity not to take a photo to commemorate such a day.”


The two only looked at each other and Xue Qing was dissatisfied, “Qi Yun, so you do smile. You only smile very well at Lao Xing. You are so stiff in front of the camera.”


Cheng Zhengzhe took the camera in her hand and said, “If you don’t know how to take pictures, go to the side, I’ll do it.”


“Who said I can’t, give me the camera!”


“No, I’ll do it!” 


Seeing that the two were about to quarrel. Xing Zhongwan raised his hand to touch Qi Yun’s face, “Are you tired?”


Qi Yun shook his head at him and was about to kiss his lips.


“Come on, look at the camera.” Xue Qing suddenly shouted.


Qi Yun turned his face, Xing Zhongwan lowered his head slightly and dropped a kiss on his cheek. At the same time, a shallow smile bloomed at the corner of Qi Yun’s mouth.


Click, went the sound of the shutter.


In the photo, there were two men. One was looking at the camera, and the other was not. 


My smile is only for you. 

Likewise, my eyes are only for you, who smiled for me.     


The day when Qi Yun got his passport, the first thing Xing Zhongwandid did was put down the work at hand and call back Xue Qing and Cheng Zhengzhe who were on vacation on an island. He then booked air tickets for them as soon as possible for a country where they can get a visa upon arrival. He then packed up and took Qi Yun on a vacation. 


There was a chat group with five people Inside. Xing Zhongwan just got off the plane and turned on his mobile phone when a rush of information hit his face.


Xue Qing: I’m going to die, Lao Xing! Laoniang was suddenly called back when her fresh meat was only half soaked. Do you know how it feels? It’s like holding back forever and then getting blue balled, you know?


Cheng Zhengzhe: Don’t listen to the nonsense of the tigress. She’s undergoing menopause. Ignore her, you guys have fun.


Xue Qing: Just you wait in the office. Don’t think I won’t come and beat you to death.


Five minutes later…


Shen Congxin: I’m so envious, I really want to travel with people~ Unfortunately, I’m still a single dog. Cousin please get me a souvenir~


Xue Qing: I’m asking for a souvenir too!


Cheng Zhengzhe: A souvenir please!!


Xing Zhongwan: All of you, get lost! Do you not have any souvenirs from when you went on vacation yourselves? What were you doing? Shoo shoo shoo!


Xue Qing: Qi Yun, aren’t you worried about your wife? We’re being worked like cows and horses all day long…


[A message has been sent.]


It was rare for Qi Yun to send a message in the group, let alone send 100 red packets[/mfn]Something like venmo. He just sent them some cash.[/mfn] in a row.


But he successfully silenced these mouths that were green with envy.


Putting on his sunglasses, Xing Zhongwan squinted at him with a small fan in his hand, “Why did you give them red envelopes?” 


Then he clicked on his mobile phone for a long time. Those people accepted them really fast.


Looking at Qi Yun with an unhappy face, “I don’t get it. Why didn’t you just send me one?”


Qi Yun helplessly touched  his head, “The limit has been reached. I will send it to you tomorrow morning.”


Xing Zhongwan interrupted him and said, “I don’t care about your money.”


Qi Yun pursed his lips and smiled, “Yes, you don’t care about my money, but you care about me.”


Xing Zhongwan slapped him on his forehead, “Don’t be so full of yourself… if only your face…”


Having said that, he couldn’t help rubbing his lower back with his hands, “I deliberately picked a flight with a short distance, but is your waist still sore?”


Feeling the comfortable massaging motions on his waist, Qi Yun couldn’t help reaching out and grabbing the slender hand, “It’s okay, don’t worry. I’m not as weak as you think.”


Xing Zhongwan patted his hand away, ” I’m really worried about your old injury at your waist. Lie on my lap. I’ll rub it for you.”


Qi Yun did so obediently. Xing Zhongwan sighed while rubbing, “Forget gege. Your body’s more like an uncle.”


Qi Yun put one hand on Xing Zhongwan’s lap, it felt good.


“Wanwan, I’m not much older than you.”


Xing Zhongwan interrupted him, “Take good care of your body. You only started gaining some weight in the past few years, tsk tsk. It’s not easy for me. Just how did I become a nanny after I met you? I have to sleep with you, and when I eat… Why do I have to live like this?”


Qi Yun closed his eyes comfortably, “You didn’t let me in the kitchen.”


Xing Zhongwan couldn’t help but feel chills on his back when he thought of the kitchen that had been used by Qi Yun. It was like after a rough storm. Forget it, fairies are bound to float in the sky, let him, a mortal, handle all the normal labour.


The place where they’re living is a small villa near the sea, very quiet. Xing Zhongwan simply unpacked his luggage and dragged Qi Yun out for food. After finding a small restaurant and ordering something, Xing Zhongwan slumped on the stool and enjoyed the night wind absentmindedly.


Qi Yun sat beside him and fanned him. The wind chased away the mosquitoes and he looked at Wanwan with a smile on his face. He was really tired over the past few years. A few years ago, when he couldn’t go abroad, Xing Zhongwan told him that he was fine, but he had worked very hard in the past few years and let Xue Qing and Cheng Zhengzhe rest more. When he obtained his passport, he could now accompany Qi Yun to go and play everywhere. 


He couldn’t help but stretch out his hand to touch his snow-white cheeks. Xing Zhongwan turned his head back and suddenly stretched out his hand to hang on Qi Yun’s shoulder. He kissed him on the cheek, “I’m hungry.”


Qi Yun patted him amusedly as Xing Zhongwan shook his head, “No. Don’t rush the chef or else the food won’t taste good. Can you please give me a kiss?”


Qi Yun turned his head to the side and kissed him on the ear, “En, let me kiss you.”


While talking, he still didn’t forget to free up a hand to chase away mosquitoes for him. Xing Zhongwan always attracted the mosquitoes. If he is not careful, he will be covered in bites. Since he was bitten by a mosquito a lot, they once swelled up and Qi Yun had to take him to the emergency room in fright. In the summer, as long as the two of them went outdoors, Qi Yun would always hand Xing Zhongwan a mosquito repellent out of reflex.


Xing Zhongwan’s mouth was full of curry chicken with a smile, “It’s great to travel. I don’t have to think about anything and no one knows me. I’m just a free bird, I can go wherever I want.”


Qi Yun wiped the curry from his mouth with a tissue, “I think you usually have the same freedom, you just choose not to do whatever you want.”


Xing Zhongwan waved at him, “I still have to care a little. I want to wear a big vest and big pants every day. I want to step on the runway and drop everything for my uninhibited love for freedom but it is impossible. It must be bright and beautiful in front of everyone. I represent not only Xing Zhongwan, but also the whole group. I’m so very tired.”


Qi Yun put a mango into his mouth with a fork, “To my bright and beautiful Boss Xing, I hope I didn’t embarrass you.”


“I’m angry when you talk about this.” Xing Zhongwan put down the spoon and said, “Since my secretaries met you, I have no place in their hearts. You are unattainable in their hearts, so they said if they can’t be with you, they’ll just leave. What shit luck.”


Qi Yun lowered his eyes, with a smile on his lips, “I can only be with you due to my shit luck.”


Xing Zhongwan nodded, “No, they are just confused by your appearance. You are actually black inside, so an honest person like me can’t expose you.”


Xing Zhongwan was serious before he realised the nonsense he said and couldn’t help but laugh at the end.


There were a few little girls on the side and a few tourists couldn’t help but take out their mobile phones to take pictures of them.


Xing Zhongwan moved quickly and opened the folding fan to cover Qi Yun’s face, “If you want to take pictures, take pictures of me. My wife is shy, so don’t take pictures of him.” 


The girls who took pictures turned red and then looked at each other excitedly, “They’re a pair! They’re together!.”


A girl boldly said to them, “Be happy.”


Xing Zhongwan looked at them with a smile. He then looked at Qi Yun who was blocked by the fan, he leaned over and kissed him on the mouth.


He then immediately turned his head and smiled at the girl, “Thank you, we are very happy.”


Qi Yun put his arms around Xing Zhongwan’s waist in an odd way but it was to quickly kill a mosquito hovering near him.


Back at the residence, Xing Zhongwan came out of the bathroom. Qi Yun was leaning against the bedside reading a book. When he saw Xing Zhongwan, Qi Yun took the towel in his hand to dry his hair, “Where shall we go tomorrow?”


Xing Zhongwan closed his eyes comfortably, “Let’s go to the market and pick out gifts for those debt collectors. If you really go back empty-handed, Xue Qing is going to talk and her saliva can flood the entire group company.”


Qi Yun held back a smile, stared at Xing Zhongwan’s fair neck and kissed it. Xing Zhongwan reached out and slid his hand into Qi Yun’s hair, “Come on, I feel bad for your waist, so let’s not do any strenuous exercise.”


Qi Yun threw the towel in his hand on the bed and hugged Xing Zhongwan tightly from behind, “You’re beautiful. I can’t help it, so just kiss me, my dear.”


Xing Zhongwan turned around. As their foreheads pressed against each other, their breaths intertwined, “I say this every time, but you don’t go overboard. Be obedient.”


Qi Yun rubbed his back, “Okay, we still have a lifetime. Don’t worry, we can take our time.”


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(Vol. 2) Chapter 33 pt. 1 – Ending chapter

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Chapter 33 – Ending chapter

Xing Zhongwan flew back to Country X the very next day and didn’t let Qi Yun send him off. Before leaving, he instructed Shen Congxin to take good care of Qi Yun. Shen Congxin nodded his head like he was pounding garlic with it and swore to God that he would take very good care of Qi Yun.


Before Xing Zhongwan pulled the suitcase out, he turned his head and pointed at Qi Yun, who only waved his hands and smiled. Xing Zhongwan swallowed all the instructions that he was about to say as the corner of his mouth twitched, “I’ll be back soon.”


After Xing Zhongwan left, Qi Yun felt the emptiness of the house. He walked from room to room, opened the closet and took Xing Zhongwan’s clothes out and put them back several times. After going back and forth several times, Shen Congxin, who was watching, became more and more frightened.


Qi Yun turned his head to look at him with the usual indifference on his face, “You go back, too.”


Shen Congxin protected his chest with both hands and shook his head like a rattle. To restore his cousin-in-law’s impression of him, of course, he must perform well.


Qi Yun closed the cabinet door and read his mind, “Are you afraid of him?”


Shen Congxin nodded and then shook his head quickly.


Qi Yun didn’t push further. He told him to go away and left the dressing room. His secretary later called him. The scandal regarding Qi Yun has been suppressed. Who did it and their intention, Qi Yun already understood and there was no need to think deeply.


He was the only one left in the Qi family’s main family and after they made trouble with the other branches, they can no longer make a big wave. The Qi family has been in business for so many years and he has really ended it with his own hands. Without the Qi family, there is another royal family on top, the Li family. Those who are now on top must keep check on the others and keep the balance, but these private scuffles have nothing to do with him anymore.


Qi Yun has been fighting all his life and finally he was able to stop.


He picked up the watering can to water the small flowers and grasses on the balcony which were planted by Xing Zhongwan.


Shen Congxin looked at Qi Yun who was watering the plants with a gentle expression. Thinking that even his elder cousin was gentler towards flowers and plants, he couldn’t even compare to a small flower or grass.


Thinking of Xing Zhongwan’s request before leaving, he checked the time and went to the kitchen to bring medicine to Qi Yun.


Taking the bowl from Shen Congxin’s hand, he drank it without frowning.


Shen Congxin followed behind him, “Does cousin-in-law really want to move the company? Before his cousin-in-law went back, Deputy Director Chen came to him and talked for a long time. “I vaguely heard that he wanted the cousin-in-law to take over the Shen family. He said he wants to retire.”


Qi Yun hummed. Shen Congxin did not know if he heard what he said. He was sitting on the sofa and picked up a book quietly.


Shen Congxin continued, “Cousin-in-law didn’t agree. Deputy Director Chen asked him to reconsider.” Qi Yun’s slender fingers turned over a page, but he didn’t look up, “He doesn’t like being shackled down. His hands are full with the Xing family’s issues. I’m tired, so let’s not even bring up the Shen family, he won’t agree.”


Shen Congxin cleared his throat, “Big cousin, since you have nothing going on for now, why don’t you go lead the group?”


Qi Yun snorted softly and raised his head. His eyes stared straight at Shen Congxin who felt his scalp going numb, “I’m giving you three years. The Shen family will definitely be handed over to you in three years. If you encounter any difficult situations, go and explain it to Shen Qinghong yourself.”


Shen Congxin was shocked and wanted to reach out to hug his big cousin but he didn’t dare, “I’m obviously not talented enough. If I lose the group, how can I have the face to see my godmother?”


Qi Yun lowered his head and reached out his hand to him. Shen Congxin took a pen and put it in his hand with a bitter face. Qi Yun then wrote something.


“Tell that to Wanwan yourself. He’s found someone who can help you. But whether you screw it over, is all up to you.”


Shen Congxin’s doe eyes immediately widened, “Who is it?”


“Zhong Gang of Qingyuan Capital.”


Xing Zhongwan sat in the office, looking at the documents at hand. Xue Qing, who was sitting in a wheelchair, gave him a thumbs up, “How did you come up with such a bad idea? You actually handed Zhong Gang to that stupid boy Shen Congxin.”


Xing Zhongwan picked up the pen and signed the documents. He didn’t even have time to look up, “You don’t know what kind of person Shen Congxin is? Zhong Gang and Lao Cheng will never get together. If Lao Cheng turns gay, the earth will turn in the opposite direction.”


Xue Qing laughed, “Aren’t you bent as well? The sun didn’t end up rising from the west, did it?”


The pen cap was thrown at Xue Qing’s forehead quickly and ruthlessly and she was furious, “Xing Zhongwan, Laoniang is still a patient.”


Xing Zhongwan snorted, “I’m very confident with Zhong Gang’s character. It’s good to have him with Shen Congxin. The most important thing is that Shen Congxin likes Zhong Gang quite a bit. Zhong Gang is patient with him too. It can also divert his attention from that old man, saving him from being a frightened bird all day long. As for what will really develop in the end, I can’t control it. Anyway, after three years, I have to take Qi Yun away. He doesn’t want the Qi family anymore, let alone the Shen family’s businesses.


Xue Qing snorted. After doing this much work, in the end, it was still for your lover.


Xing Zhongwan put down the pen in his hand, rubbed the end of his nose and looked at Xue Qing with his long and narrow eyes, “Plus you’re still here at the company.”


“Haven’t I worked very hard these past few years? Lao Xing, when you returned to China, didn’t you secretly invest a lot of money in the case under the chief clerk? You didn’t tell Qi Yun?”


Xing Zhongwan took a sip of the coffee on the side, “Why should I tell him? Besides, it’s Aisha who came forward. The general affairs department needed some political achievements and Aisha needed a chance to perform. It was a deal that benefited both sides. Besides, I would like to thank the chief clerk. He suppressed a lot of bad news about Qi Yun. “


Xue Qing looked disdainful, “He got to become the hero who cleans up the mess and his position in this election is secured. It’s just that your lover is so stupid. Despite things being spoon-fed to him… He obviously could’ve suppressed the matter, but instead, he added fuel to the flames. I have never seen such a fool.”


Having said that, Xue Qing still admired Qi Yun in her heart. After all, his magnanimous dedication to Xing Zhongwan could be seen by anyone.


Xing Zhongwan held a thick document on the side, “His methods were a bit stupid. Anyway, I was the one who chose him.”


Suddenly there was a smile on his lips, “Who made him love me so much, right?”


“Hey…” Xue Qing’s teeth hurt, and she rolled her wheelchair to the door, “As long as you are happy.”


After Xing Zhongwan finished processing a table of documents, he threw the pen and stretched. The door of the office opened and Xie Yi came in to change his cup of coffee, “Boss, which secretaries are you going to bring back to China?”


Xing Zhongwan grabbed the cup and thought about it, “Let’s leave No. 3 and No. 4. I’ll go see the others.”


Xie Yi adjusted his glasses, “Would you like us to compete for the job?”


Xing Zhongwan raised his eyebrows, “I’ve never seen you all so active in taking the initiative before?”


Xie Yi was calm, “I want to visit the boss’ future wife too. How can we not be excited?”




Staring at his computer screen that was covered with coffee stains, Xing Zhongwan added another count of revenge to get Cheng Zhengzhe in his heart.


In the end, he personally selected the candidates. When Xie Yi left the office, Xing Zhongwan checked the time and took out his mobile phone before video-caling Qi Yun.


The phone line was connected quickly and Xing Zhongwan looked at Qi Yun, who had obviously just taken a bath and had not had time to dry his hair on the screen. He opened his mouth and said, “Sister Fairy, you have to blow dry your hair, otherwise you will get a headache.”


Qi Yun smiled and took off the towel, “I’ll dry it later, are you still busy?”


Xing Zhongwan pointed the camera at the desk, “Look, it’s very hard to be the breadwinner of the family.”


“There was a chuckle, “I’m easy to raise, so you don’t have to work too hard.”


Xing Zhongwan was happy, leaning on the back of the chair. His smile even reached his eyes, “How could a fairy be easy to raise? If it’s not something good, how can I bring it for you? It’s not my style to be tacky.”


Qi Yun combed back the hair in front of his forehead with one hand. Xing Zhongwan on the screen was exhausted, even if he spoke very casually, Qi Yun knew he was tired.


“Wanwan, don’t worry. I’ll wait for you at home.”


Xing Zhongwan was stunned for a moment and stretched out his hand to the corner of Qi Yun’s eyes on the screen, “Are you sure I don’t have to hurry? I miss you so much, Qi Yun.”


These words were very natural. Seeing that the tips of Qi Yun’s ears on the screen were quickly turning red and he was now looking away a little uncomfortably, Xing Zhongwan laughed.


“Don’t you miss me? I saw that you secretly put the shirt I wore on the bed, but I just didn’t have the nerve to expose you. Hahaha, do you like my smell? You can’t sleep without my smell, right?”


Seeing Qi Yun’s redness spread to the root of his neck, Xing Zhongwan suddenly felt that he was being too unkind, so he wanted to change the subject, only to see Qi Yun suddenly facing the screen and smiling, “Well, I miss you, Wanwan… Your shirt was wrinkled when I hugged and slept with it. I had to keep myself sane while you’re not here, so it got dirty last night but I didn’t want to wash it


“Qi Yun, you…” Xing Zhongwan choked on his saliva and pointed at Qi Yun’s gentle smiling face on the screen, “Just you wait!”


The smile on the corner of his mouth got bigger and bigger. Just as the video call ended, there was a knock on the bedroom door.


Shen Congxin’s head appeared through the crack of the door, “Big cousin, the hospital is calling, you… your mother passed away…”


The smile on Qi Yun’s mouth gradually faded. He turned his head, stunned. After a moment, he slowly stood up. “Prepare a car to go to the hospital.”


Qi Yun stood beside the hospital bed. There was a white cloth covering Guan Yang’s body and Qi Yun did not move forward.


Guan Yang committed suicide. This time, she was not as lucky as the previous two times. When she was found by the nurse, her body was already cold.


Qi Yun turned around. When he lifted his foot, a numbness almost made him kneel over. Shen Cong, who was beside him, wanted to give him a sympathetic pat, but was stopped by him.


Outside the ward, standing in the middle of the long hospital corridor, the hospital lights were dim in the middle of the night. Qi Yun glanced at the endless corridor. He touched his own heart, which was still beating but there was no other feeling. His mother has died. After so many years of grievances, Guan Yang was finally relieved.


Qi Yun slowly raised his hand and rubbed the corners of his dry eyes. Should he shed a few tears? After all this woman gave birth to him. This idea flashed in his mind, but Qi Yun denied it. One of the things she regretted the most was giving birth to him.


“Bury her and Qi Yuan together.”


Qi Yun had suddenly said to the secretary behind him. Qi Yun’s legs were still sore and numb. He was a little unsteady on the ground.


“At least I have a partner now.” He doesn’t know if he said this to reassure himself to justify his previous instructions.


The secretary looked at Qi Yun’s retreating back and sighed. His master was lucky, after all, he still has the young madam.


During the bi-weekly supervision and review, Qi Yun was stopped by the person in charge of the Foreign Affairs Office when he came out of the supervision committee, “When are you going to invite your partner to go out for a drink with us, I haven’t seen him in so many years.”


Qi Yun smiled, “Wait for him to come back.”


Seeing him smiling, the person in charge of the foreign affairs office was stunned, “I haven’t seen you smile for so many years. I felt sorry for you some time ago, to deny such a good opportunity. But now that I see you like this, I feel that you haven’t lost anything at all. You’re livelier now. But I saw your partner’s application, I approved his long-term entry permit and even personally stamped it. There is no shortage of benefits, right? I heard that the higher-up’s project is still unfinished and I was worried that I would not find an investor. Though a few days ago, a large amount of foreign investments came in. Regarding who did it, I don’t think you can deny that you don’t know.”


Qi Yun was a little surprised but his face still showed no emotion, “I really don’t know about this matter.”


The person in charge of the foreign affairs office didn’t care either.


“Now that you have retired, the pit that you dug has also been carefully removed. With no more rivals, the top leader has been re-elected. He also has a good reputation. He has been afraid of the Qi family for a long time now. But now that they have yielded, I’m afraid he’ll even laugh in his dreams about it. The matter between you and your family has given you some leeway, so that news has also been suppressed. Not to mention your partner being a male. Just look at the two of you, one going up in ranks while the other has the money to obtain power for each other. It’s not right if your partner doesn’t get to enter the country, you deserve to be together.”


Did we deserve to be together? Qi Yun smiled as he counted the days. He should be back soon.


Just as he was thinking this, a black off-road vehicle suddenly stopped in front of the two of them. The passenger’s window was lowered and a bright face like June’s early sun stuck out of the window. He took off his sunglasses and looked at Qi Yun, “Yun’er, I’m back.”


Qi Yun was shocked, but the smile on his face became wider, “Why are you back today?”


Xing Zhongwan opened the car door and got out. He said hello to the person in charge of the Foreign Affairs Office beside Qi Yun, ” Hello, I’m Xing Zhongwan.”


Stiffly stretching out his hand, the person in charge of the foreign affairs office coughed awkwardly and shook it. He didn’t dare to look at that face, he understood it all now.


In the past, he always wondered why Qi Yun was so obsessed with a man. That was until he saw it with his own eyes today. It was too invigorating…


“My Qi Yun caused you trouble before, I’m really sorry.”


After breaking out of his thoughts, Qingyue interrupted his apology. The person in charge of the foreign affairs office then got himself busy talking.


The two chatted and agreed on a meal appointment for the next time. Xing Zhongwan also gave him a lifetime membership card for his granddaughter to a large shopping mall.


Qi Yun was pulled into the car by Xing Zhongwan. He was still immersed in the joy of Xing Zhongwan’s sudden return and his bold words “My Qi Yun’.


Xing Zhongwan held his face and looked at it carefully, “Well, Shen Congxin didn’t let me down this time. Qi Yun, you’ve gained weight and your face has gotten better.”


Qi Yun grabbed his hand and looked intently at him, “Why didn’t you say a word when you came back? Was it supposed to be a surprise?”


Xing Zhongwan smiled, “It was already too late to inform you after I got off the plane. So, I came to pick you up after I found out you were here.”


Qi Yun nodded with a smile. “It’s good that you came home.”


Xing Zhongwan stretched his arms around him tightly, “I can stay for half a month at most. I miss you, do you miss me?”


Qi Yun stroked his back, “Let me think about it.” There were two coughs in front of him, Xing Zhongwan let go of Qi Yun and pointed at the woman in the driver’s seat with a smile, “This is Xie Yi, my chief secretary who followed me this time.”


Xie Yi nodded to Qi Yun, “Hello sir, I’m Xie Yi.”


Qi Yun looked at the woman with neatly cut short hair and a serious but very beautiful expression. Suddenly he remembered the card that Xing Zhongwan gave out earlier.


“When did you build a shopping mall?”


Xing Zhongwan took off his burgundy coat and leaned on Qi Yun, “I just voted for its approval. Lao Cheng signed it on my behalf. Your deputy director Chen liked it. Qingyuan Capital is out of the question for me now because that’s my dowry for Xue Qing. If Qingyuan can’t get in, then we can just start a new company. The higher-ups wanted that land, the one above wanted to be developed, but he had no money. It just so happened that he wanted recognition and I wanted money, as such, the approval went very smoothly with Xue Qing watching over the head office. As long as the old foxes in the X country group get the profits, they wouldn’t care any less. I’ll make another Qingyuan, believe me. So just lie down at home and count the money.”


Xing Zhongwan said it casually, but it was not easy to convince the internal investment department of the group. Qi Yun rubbed his hands with some distress as his brows furrowed, “It’s hard work.”


Xie Yi in front snorted, “Don’t worry, sir. The boss is best at dealing with foxes, after all, he is one himself. If you don’t agree, he is all about the superficial side of things too  but he’s all about you, so don’t pay it much mind.”


Qi Yun lightly touched Xing Zhongwan’s forehead.


Xing Zhongwan’s face darkened, “To be called a fox is not a compliment! Xie Yi, you…”


Xie Yi turned the steering wheel, “Boss, shall we go to the Xing family’s house?” After saying this, Xing Zhongwan remembered that he had to go there and looked back. Looking at Qi Yun, “Is it alright that we go to the Xing family’s house and see my mother on the way this afternoon?”


Qi Yun agreed.


Xing Zhongwan put the hydrangeas in his hand respectfully in front of his mother’s tomb and pulled Qi Yun down to his knees and kowtowed.


Xing Zhongwan looked at Qi Yun’s serious face while looking at the tombstone and pointed at Qi Yun with a grin, “Mom, I will spend the rest of my life with him in the future. He is Qi Yun. You saw him long ago. He was the one who threw your homemade pastries in the trash can. Mom, I said I wanted to marry him back then, but hey, I actually got married to him. If grandpa is unhappy about it, remember to persuade him to not scold me in my dreams. Anyway, I’m sticking with him for the rest of my life, so it’s useless to scold me about it.”


Qi Yun turned his head to look at Xing Zhongwan and Xing Zhongwan just looked back at him. Their hands were tightly clasped. They didn’t know who started to use holding the other’s hands first, but the two hands seem to naturally come together.


That was until Xing Zhengping came. Xing Zhongwan got up and talked to him.


When he turned around again, he saw Qi Yun was still kneeling. Afraid that his knees would get cold, Xing Zhongwan was going to help him, but he heard him talking very seriously to his mother.


“Auntie, I’m with Wanwan now. He won’t be able to continue the Xing family’s bloodline in the future. I’m sorry, but I can’t let him go, not in my life. I will treat him well. If you are angry, don’t go to his dreams. Come to mine and swear at me instead.”


Xing Zhongwan couldn’t listen any longer and laughed before pulling the person up, “Oh… Hey, don’t call her auntie, call her mom.”


With his arm around Qi Yun’s shoulder, he spoke, “According to what you said, that would mean you won’t be able to continue the Qi family’s bloodline too. Would I also have to kneel in front of my in-law’s house too?”


Qi Yun put his arms around his waist as they both went down the steps, “No need, I’ll kneel instead.”


Xing Zhongwan turned his head and kissed him on the face, “You know what? My grandfather didn’t want to keep children. If my mother hadn’t found my grandfather while he was drunk, I wouldn’t have been born, so don’t blame yourself. “


Qi Yun raised his eyebrows and paused in his footsteps before finally touching his red lips. “Then I have to thank your mother. Without her courage, I would’ve never found you.”


Xing Zhongwan wrapped his arms around Qi Yun’s neck and smiled at him.


The weather was good and the air was cool. It was quiet.


Xing Zhongwan accompanied Qi Yun to the Qi family’s house. Qi Yun knew that Xing Zhongwan didn’t like the place, so he didn’t want to let him follow, but Xing Zhongwan refused because he wanted to help him move his books.


He offered to carry the books for him mainly because he was afraid that he would be hurt. After all, there were no good memories left from that place.


The Qi family’s old house is now empty and was ownerless. Many servants were removed and only a few were left to watch the house.


When he said he would move the books, Xing Zhongwan, in fact did not have to do this at all.  He only needed to instruct the workers to take down the books, pack, and seal them.


Xing Zhongwan held his chest with both hands, feeling emotional. Qi Yun, how much do you like reading books?


After thinking about it, he realized that Qi Yun was missing.


Xing Zhongwan went out of the study and searched for a long time. He finally found the person he was looking for in the backyard on the first floor.


A dark black sweater, slacks of the same color, and a clean and tidy back. Xing Zhongwan stood behind him and held his breath.


It was already evening, and the afterglow of the setting sun shone on Qi Yun’s profile, which was particularly soft.


When Qi Yun felt someone behind him, he turned around and smiled at Xing Zhongwan, pointing to the long path ahead.


“Wanwan, do you know where this road leads? This road leads to the Qi family’s ancestral hall. Because the two sides are full of planatus [/mfn] 梧桐树 (Wútóng shù) – The plane tree has been a frequent motif featured in Classical Chinese poetry as an embodiment of sorrowful sentiments due to its autumnal shedding of leaves. 


These trees were also mentioned before by Qi Yun; something about carrying the newest members (brides) of the Qi family through this path? :)[/mfn]trees, it is also called the plane corridor. Do you remember when I said that I’ll carry you through it myself when my legs are healed?”


Qi Yun smiled, his eyelashes were lowered lightly, but his eyes held a serious gaze.


Xing Zhongwan stepped forward and sighed, “I’m afraid your knees won’t be able to bear it.”


Qi Yun didn’t say a word, squatting slightly. Xing Zhongwan snorted, “I’ll be in your care.”


He stretched out his arms around Qi Yun’s neck and jumped up on his back. Qi Yun caught him steadily and held Xing Zhongwan’s legs with both hands.


Xing Zhongwan leaned his face against his neck, “Am I heavy?”


Qi Yun shook his head and took a steady step forward. Xing Zhongwan looked at the two towering phoenix trees and touched Qi Yun’s forehead, “You are too bold. Carrying me like this, tsk tsk.”


Qi Yun stepped on the fallen leaves below, “I dared to destroy the Qi family so I could carry the person that I love on my back. When we met, I already saved them enough face.”


Xing Zhongwan was stunned for a moment, then laughed, “Qi Yun, how long have you been thinking about carrying me through the entrance?”


Qi Yun lifted Xing Zhongwan’s body that had slipped upwards, “Since I fell in love with you. During the time you left, as long as I could fall asleep at night, I could always dream of walking this road with you behind my back. Then I thought about it. Why didn’t you come back to me when you said you wanted to marry me as that dirty boy from before?”


Xing Zhongwan buried his face on the back of Qi Yun’s neck. His eyes were a little red and he placed his hand in front of Qi Yun’s chest and held his sweater tightly.


“I love you, Qi Yun.”


Qi Yun stopped. He turned his face and kissed Xing Zhongwan’s warm forehead.


“We will always be together, Wanwan.”


“En, always together.”


Qi Yun continued to move forward with Xing Zhongwan on his back. After that, the sky got darker and the street lights were on, as the two intertwined figures’ shadows were cast on the road. You have me and I have you. We have each other.


Some fates may have been set when they first met and they can’t be broken or avoided.


Xing Zhongwan raised his head and hugged Qi Yun tightly, “Sister Fairy, how about I marry you when I grow up?” The spring breeze swept past and there was a rustling noise.


Qi Yun bent his knees and he put Xing Zhongwan down steadily at the end of the road before turning around, kissing the corner of his eye.




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(Vol. 2) Chapter 32 – Really

Chapter 32 – Really


Xing Zhongwan was standing at the door of the Supervisory Committee as he paced back and forth. Cheng Zhengzhe was getting dizzy, “Can’t you just leave? If you can’t stop, just get in the car and sit.”


Xing Zhongwan stared at him fiercely, “I haven’t had the time to settle accounts with you about your affairs. After I’m less busy, we’ll slowly figure it out.”


Cheng Zhengzhe’s back turned cold and he froze immediately.


Xue Qing returned to Country X and replaced him. Before leaving, she prayed and left some blessings for him so Cheng Zhengzhe knew that the matter was exposed.


After the video was broadcasted, Qi Yun was taken away by the Supervisory Committee before Xing Zhongwan recovered from his tense emotions. Although it was only a routine procedure and Qi Yun told him not to worry, Xing Zhongwan couldn’t calm down. At this time, Xie Yi gave him a call, “Let Cheng Zhengzhe come back to replace Xue Qing![/mfn]It was mentioned very early on that Cheng Zhengzhe was scared to work in China as Zhong Gang (who had a crush on him) was there too[/mfn]“


Xie Yi had also told him all the senior management asked the big boss for double the benefits on their wedding day. Xing Zhongwan was angry as all his friends turned on him. Even for his own wedding, he was about to become bald.


Cheng Zhengzhe walked with his high-heeled shoes as his long ponytail shook side to side, “Don’t be nervous. It’s just the standard operating procedure. If I didn’t know better, you look like someone who’s going to say goodbye. Hey! Young master, don’t pull my hair! It’s going to fall out, it’s going to fall out! Yes… ouch, oh my goodness…”


Xing Zhongwan looked at him with disgust, “Why are you dressed like this again? Can you be normal? What if Qi Yun comes out and gets scared to death later?”


Cheng Zhengzhe: …


“Your Qi Yun is no short of crazy too. I am nothing in his eyes. I thought I would be safe if I’m wearing this. After all, Zhong Gang is obsessed with me. Do you think it is easy for me to accompany you while being wary of him?”


Xing Zhongwan patted him on the forehead, “Please don’t accompany me.” As he was talking, the door of the Supervisory Commitee’s room opened. Qi Yun shook hands with someone at the door and someone patted Qi Yun on the shoulder. A trace of curiosity flashed on Xing Zhongwan’s face as he looked at the person behind Qi Yun.


Qi Yun turned around and smiled at Xing Zhongwan, “Wanwan, we’re going home.”


Xing Zhongwan saw the smile on his face and his heart was completely relieved. Turning back into the car, he took out a thick coat and dr4p3d it over him before wrapping a scarf around him too.


Qi Yun looked at Xing Zhongwan who was putting gloves on him with a funny look. For the first time, he realized what it felt like when your wife thought that you were cold.


Cheng Zhengzhe on the side was stunned and lifted his leg in stockings, “I’m cold too, why don’t you care about me.”


Only then did Qi Yun notice Cheng Zhengzhe standing beside Xing Zhongwan. He was slightly taken aback, “Mr. Cheng is very beautiful.” When the words came out, Xing Zhongwan interrupted him and pulled him into the car, “Don’t look at that thing, it’ll dirty your eyes.”


Cheng Zhengzhe was annoyed, “What do you mean dirty your eyes? Look at my long legs and buttocks. You have no taste.”


Xing Zhongwan turned back leisurely, “Zhong Gang has taste. Go show yourself in front of him. Do you dare?”


Cheng Zhengzhe was as quiet as a chicken immediately, he really didn’t dare.


Along the way, Xing Zhongwan, who had been restless for three days, was surprisingly calm. He was sitting upright in the car and staring straight ahead when Qi Yun stretched out his hand and placed his hand on his knee. It was cold.


Qi Yun sighed softly, “I’m fine.”


Xing Zhongwan carefully looked him up and down several times before reaching out and hugging his neck, saying “I know.”


Qi Yun stroked Xing Zhongwan’s back, knowing that this incident really scared him.


“I’m okay, it’s just standard procedure. I can’t go abroad for three years and must follow the supervision order. During this time, I must report to the Supervision Committee regularly. I already promised you that I would not let myself get into an accident.”


Xing Zhongwan let go of him. Suddenly, he raised his hand and squeezed his face, “You have everything planned, right? What benefits did you give to the General Manager? You sold the entire Qi family for your own freedom. I’m afraid even the General Manager is laughing, even in his dreams. Is this what you planned? I don’t believe it.”


Qi Yun touched his temples as Xing Zhongwan let go. He was looking at Qi Yun’s red and distressed face.


“I didn’t want to let them go so easily, but like what you said in Xishan, I can’t fight with them anymore. I have to take myself out of it without paying a price. Fortunately, I succeeded.”


Xing Zhongwan glared at him, “Just for this incident, I’ll chop you with Xishan’s meat cleaver!”


Qi Yun rubbed his cheeks, “I won’t dare do it anymore.”


Xing Zhongwan snorted, “I bought a house so let’s live there in the future. I really don’t want to go to that villa in the suburbs. I don’t know how you lived there after so many years.”


Qi Yun’s focus was shifted after hearing about him buying a house, “Aren’t you going back to Country X?”


Xing Zhongwan hummed.


Qi Yun’s expression became serious in seconds, “No, your body will be overwhelmed if you’re working in different timezones.”


“Who said I have to work in different timezones?”


Xing Zhongwan half stretched his legs and leaned on the back of the chair, “I’ll move the head office here. Although it is a bit troublesome and I have to go through a lot of procedures, it is not impossible. Didn’t my grandfather do the same thing back then?”


Qi Yun pulled off the scarf around his neck and frowned, “Wanwan, you don’t have to. In this way, it will be three years only… I…”


Xing Zhongwan hummed, “Yes, just three years! Are we going to live in two different places for the next three years? I’ll just move back after three years. Let’s talk about it after that. Can you deal with the Shen family? Now that it’s settled, I’ll go back tomorrow to make things happen. I’ll be back in half a month at most.”


As soon as he said that the two places were far apart, Qi Yun’s expression immediately sank.


The new house that Xing Zhongwan bought was more than 200 square meters big and it was decorated very simply. Qi Yun walked around and saw several large but empty bookshelves in the study.


Xing Zhongwan changed his clothes and came out. He was leaning against the door and pointing inside, “I left this for you. You left so many books at Qi’s house. This much should be enough for you. Let’s find a time to go back and get them together. I’ll ask Shen Congxin to bring you all your clothes and so on. Now, if you need anything else, just buy it. I bought a small design company and a garment factory in country X, so that they can design and produce anything you want. If you want perfume or something, look for Laocheng. He is a perfume hobbyist. If you are looking for something fun, ask Xue Qing… forget that. She has no serious qualifications.”


Qi Yun smiled and looked at Xing Zhongwan, who didn’t stop talking. Xing Zhongwan finally felt something was wrong, “What’s wrong?”


Qi Yun brushed away the strands of hair sticking to his forehead, “Am I being spoiled?”


Xing Zhongwan smiled and took Qi Yun’s hand and led him to the tall windowpanes that reached from the floor-to-ceiling in the living room. He pointed to a towering landmark building not far ahead, “Do you know how much you are worth, Qi Yun? If you have nothing to do, go to the Shen’s corporation for a while and go work in your office.”


“The old man Chen looked at me and said I’m like a goblin who brings disaster to the country and the people. He never once counted on me.” What Qi Yun said was the truth and he really didn’t have much interest in doing business.


“Didn’t you see that the bald patch on his head getting bigger and bigger?”


Xing Zhongwan dragged his finger to point to the room, “Come on, Third Master Qi, let’s take a good wash and wash away the bad luck. Then, later we can have dinner with that old transvestite[/mfn]Cheng Zhengzhe[/mfn]. Although my two friends are a little weird, they are very easy to get along with.”


The dressing room in the master bedroom had several large cabinets and the clothes in it were all neatly hung. Qi Yun leaned against the door, watching Xing Zhongwan busy picking out clothes. He took a deep breath and felt a little unreal.


Xing Zhongwan turned back and looked at Qi Yun’s dazed eyes and reddish eyes. He stopped his movements and smiled slightly, “Qi Yun, don’t be afraid. I will always be here in the future.”


Qi Yun tilted his head, lowered his eyes, his eyelashes fluttered, and the corners of his mouth pursed slightly.


Xing Zhongwan held his chin, with one hand on the corner of his mouth, and the other on his trembling eyelashes.


“Did you know that when you are uneasy, you will lower your eyelids? Your chin will move, and your eyelashes will tremble. When you are shy, you will only lower your eyelids and your eyelashes will also tremble…”


The moment he covered the other’s warm lips, no further words were needed to reach deeply into the other’s heart. Their emotions for each other was clear.


When Qi Yun wiped his hair dry and came out, he saw Xing Zhongwan holding a bracelet in the study.


As Xing Zhongwan shook the bracelet, Qi Yun put down his towel and took it in his hand. He opened it using a hidden button, lifted Xing Zhongwan’s sleeve and put the bracelet on his wrist solemnly.


Xing Zhongwan clicked his tongue twice, “That old man… I don’t know what he was thinking at the time, how could he send me as a woman…”


Before he finished speaking, he felt that something was wrong. If it was not for the previous  daughter-in-law of the Qi family…


Qi Yun embarrassedly rubbed the back of his head, as though he did not expect to put a bracelet on his own Xing Zhongwan.


“I have to go back to the suburban villa and get the marriage application back.”


Xing Zhongwan turned off the hair dryer, “Why do you want to get that thing back? After you pass the supervision period, we will go to X country to collect the real thing. This time, let’s have Aisha be the witness.”


Qi Yun stopped moving, his back a little stiff. Xing Zhongwan bent down and looked at him, “You won’t reject, would you? It’s impossible for us not to get married. The whole group knows it now. Where would I put my face if.. Hey, what are you doing!”


In the blink of an eye, Xing Zhongwan was pressed down on the bed by Qi Yun and the two looked at each other for a long time. Qi Yun suddenly buried his head in Xing Zhongwan’s neck, “I’m so afraid, Wanwan, I’m so afraid that all this is fake.”


Xing Zhongwan’s heart twitched. He took Qi Yun’s hand and put it to his heart, “Really, you … Touch it! My heartbeat and how hot it is!”


They were tightly wrapped around each other when one of them sat up. The two men then pressed their foreheads together, and their eyes were wet.


“Qi Yun, we are really together.”


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(Vol. 2) Chapter 31 – Being together

Chapter 31 – Being together


After days of non-stop heavy rain, the business group from country X came to the airport. Riddled with lightning and thunder, they couldn’t tell if they would be able to fly back in this weather.


Aisha was not depressed because of the bad weather. Instead, she was happy as she had finished what she had sought out to do. She was about to talk to Xing Zhongwan but was stopped by Xue Qing, “Don’t go to him at this time, he’s in a bad mood.”


Aisha snorted, looking at his tall and straight back not far away, she spread her arms out helplessly, “We may not be able to fly today.”


Xue Qing looked at her watch, “Let’s wait for the notice.”


As they were talking, two familiar figures walked over from the entrance. It was Zhong Gang and Shen Congxin.


Shen Congxin trotted over, “It’s raining really hard outside and probably impossible to fly in this weather.”


“Why are you here?” Xue Qing raised her eyebrows, a little unhappy.


Shen Congxin rubbed his hands aggrievedly, “I am still the vice president in name, it’s not surprising for me to send a partner off. Though I’m mostly here to send Zhongwan bro off.”


After speaking, he tilted his head and searched for Xing Zhongwan’s figure who was standing alone.


Xue Qing beckoned to Shen Congxin as he bent down obediently. Xue Qing then pinched his ear, “Don’t bother him.”


“Ouch. It hurts, sis. It hurts!”


Zhong Gang couldn’t stand it any longer, “Don’t bully others, are you still a child?”


Xue Qing let go, “That’s just what you think. What do you mean by child? Laoniang was already at the negotiating table when I was his age. How could such a powerful person have raised such a useless thing that only knows how to eat?”


Shen Congxin felt that he was even more wronged. It was not like he didn’t want to be good at it


In the corner of his eyes, he searched for Xing Zhongwan. There was something he wanted to say to Xing Zhongwan, but he didn’t know how to say it.


Xing Zhongwan rested his chin with one hand and looked at the heavy rain outside. He had not been at peace all day. He took out his phone and looked at the familiar number. He wanted to press it several times but held back.


As his thoughts were racing, he had always felt that something was amiss with Qi Yun. With one hand in the pocket of his coat, he flipped the lighter inside, stretched his neck and looked at the ceiling above the airport. He paced back and forth several times, but his heart only beat faster and faster.


“Zhongwan bro!” Shen Congxin called out, causing him to lower his head and look in the direction of the voice. Right in front of him was a huge display in the waiting hall. It was originally broadcasting some advertisements but had suddenly stopped.


A notification suddenly appeared on his phone. Xing Zhongwan took it out and took a look before his eyes suddenly widened. He quickly clicked on the video.


Xing Zhongwan was very familiar with the subject of the video. It was the old housekeeper in the suburban villa. Xing Zhongwan’s hand trembled while holding the phone, what did he say? That President Qi maintained a close relationship with a man during his illness. The next few photos that appeared were of two people hugging each other on the terrace of Xishan. Both were in an intimate posture. Qi Yun was clearly photographed but the photo did not reveal Xing Zhongwan’s face at all.


Xing Zhongwan took a deep breath, raised his hand and rubbed his head. His originally neat bangs were all messed up.


Several people present all looked at Xing Zhongwan in horror. Only Aisha could not understand Chinese, but she could understand a little by looking at the pictures. She took her mobile phone and asked Xue Qing, “Xue, what does this mean?


If she still had any strength left to answer her, it would be with two words. It’s over.


Shen Congxin opened his mouth and his eyes were red, “What? How is this possible? Those were not the photos from before?”


Xue Qing looked at him suddenly, “What did you say? Photos from before?”


Suddenly he heard a loud noise. Xing Zhongwan had swept the potted plant by the bench to the ground and everyone was stunned. Xing Zhongwan was panting heavily, his eyes blood red.


Just as Shen Congxin was about to speak, he saw that the news broadcast live on the screen at the airport had been stopped. It was replaced with a press conference.


The subject of interest was Qi Yun.


Xing Zhongwan raised his bloodshot eyes and watched Qi Yun surrounded by reporters calmly admitting to the sudden scandal without any rebuttal. He also apologized to the public for the adverse effects of the incident. However, the most shocking news was yet to come. Qi Yun stood up and bowed to the screen. “Because of the adverse effects of this incident, I hereby officially announce my resignation.”


In his hand was a resignation application and it has already received approval from the General Affairs Office. There was an uproar in the audience for a while and the reporters present were so shocked that they didn’t know what to ask for a while.


Whatever was said next, Xing Zhongwan couldn’t listen anymore. He clenched his fists and walked quickly to Shen Congxin and lifted his collar. With great strength, he directly lifted the little Shen Congxin up, “What’s going on? Resign!? Explain it clearly!”


Shen Congxin had never seen such a crazy Xing Zhongwan, tears streaming down, “I don’t know, Zhongwan bro. What I saw were not those pictures. The ones who threatened the eldest cousin obviously did not use those. I was also surprised when my eldest cousin asked me to help him write his resignation application.”.


Shen Congxin grabbed his collar, “This is not right, but if my big cousin won’t let me say it, and I won’t dare tell you anything either. I really didn’t know that he would hold a press conference today and admit everything.”


Shen Congxin squatted down before holding his head and crying.


The flush on Xing Zhongwan’s face slowly faded and he was stunned. His chest was heaving violently and Qi Yun’s words before parting suddenly flashed in his mind, “Wanwan, do you still remember what I said to you in Jiangnan?”


When the two met for the first time after five years, Qi Yun also asked him this.


What words? What did Qi Yun say in Jiangnan?


Fragments from five years ago flashed through Xing Zhongwan’s mind. Jiangnan, the resort center, the lake, the bridge… On the bridge, Xing Zhongwan’s eyes suddenly widened.


Qi Yun was born with many things so he can’t help but to participate in this game. If I don’t fight, I am not qualified to stand by your side. I promise you, I’ll get off the operating table this time. If you are willing, can you stay with me?


I can go with you…


Xing Zhongwan staggered back two steps in a daze. Qi Yun, that’s what you meant, so this decision…you already made up your mind five years ago, didn’t you?


Why? To this day, how much effort have you put in to get nothing?


Shen Congxin, who was squatting on the ground, looked at Xing Zhongwan with tears in his eyes,


“How tired my cousin has been in recent years. I have watched it all these years. But he has no choice. In order to find you, he has to walk on a road he doesn’t like. In those few years, he was going crazy looking for you but the information he could find was limited and it was all secret. For the future, he has worked so hard for so many years to get you back. He couldn’t sleep well every night and took a lot of sleeping pills. Just to hold your hand, he only relaxed after. It’s bitter. My origins are humble and though outsiders say that he is ruthless, what do they know? He has protected me, a stinky boy who he has no blood relationship with until now, just because my godmother entrusted me to him. He… In the end, he has to put the blame of all his mistakes on himself. After discussing for half a lifetime, he left such a dilapidated body. When it rains in the winter, his joints hurt and he can’t sleep. Yet, he wanders around the house looking for your shadow. He… Qi Yun is a fool, a fool who hollowed himself out for you.”


Shen Congxin’s words pierced into Xing Zhongwan’s heart like a sharp knife. He raised his hand to cover his cold forehead, grabbed the car key in Zhong Gang’s hand and rushed out.


Xue Qing looked at Shen Congxin in disbelief, “You said that Qi Yun was looking for Lao Xing all these years?”


Xue Qing was about to get off the wheelchair in a hurry, but was held down by Zhong Gang, “What are you doing? Your injury is still not healed.” 


Xue Qing pointed to the outside, “Injury?! It’s just a minor injury. Hurry up and chase after him! At this time, Lao Xing…! Let’s stop talking, take me to the parking lot.”     


Zhong Gang thought about it and pushed Xue Qing’s wheelchair but was stopped by Aisha, “Take me.”     


Xue Qing was anxious, ” I don’t know what to do if Lao Xing just rushes out like this.”     


Aisha pointed to herself, “If something really happens, my identity will be of use.”


Xue Qing didn’t have time to think about it. The three hurried out of the waiting hall.     


As Qi Yun left the press conference, his secretary in the lounge handed him a bottle of water. Qi Yun shook his head, leaned back against the back of the chair, looked at the front, raised his hand and glanced at the time. He should be on the plane by now.    


“Sir, there are a lot of reporters at the door. Shall we go out through the back door?”    


Qi Yun’s face was dark and his secretary was a little worried. He could imagine how many embarrassing and acerbic questions they would be asked if he confronted reporters head-on.  


Qi Yun stood up slowly, “Let’s go through the front door, we won’t be able to avoid it.” 


The secretary sighed, “I’ll arrange for more bodyguards.”     


Opening the door of the lounge, Qi Yun walked straight through the corridor and walked out of the conference room. There were security guards outside the hall so nothing could go wrong. The moment the door was opened, countless flashes came over.     


“President Qi, is the man in the video the royal heir to the X country’s media corporation?”


“President Qi, for this scandal to break out before the election. Did you take the blame and resign to protect the other person in the video’s identity?”


“President Qi, please answer this question.”



Qi Yun was calm as he was surrounded by bodyguards. He walked out of the hall, only frowning slightly when the flash flashed in the corner of his eyes.


A large number of journalists kept up behind him. Looking at the heavy rain outside the door, Qi Yun stopped and suddenly saw a straight figure coming through the curtain of rain.


When Qi Yun looked at the approaching person, the calmness on his face finally disappeared. Xing Zhongwan, who was soaked all over, had a pale face. He was panting, standing in front of him with red eyes and staring at him.


Qi Yun didn’t have time to be surprised, he raised his hand to wipe off the rainwater hanging from Xing Zhongwan’s eyelashes, but was slapped away by Xing Zhongwan.


Qi Yun called out “Wanwan.”


With a snap, a slap landed on Qi Yun’s face. Qi Yun took a hit to the side of his face. When he turned his head, his eyes were red, “Wanwan.”


Xing Zhongwan’s slap was heard by the three people who came behind him.


Xing Zhongwan’s lips trembled with anger, “Qi Yun, are you trying to be a hero? You have to carry everything by yourself. Aren’t you amazing? Just what did you promise me? That you won’t let anything happen to yourself. Is this the answer you’re giving me? Ah! Do you know what you are doing? You are finished! It’s over for the Qi family and it’s over for Qi Yun. You won’t get up again, you know? “


Tears slid down his wet cheeks to his chin, Qi Yun stretched out his hand tremblingly, “Wanwan…”


Xing Zhongwan took two steps back, “Qi Yun, in your heart, I, Xing Zhongwan, can’t handle things like that. Yeah? Do you dare deny that those photos were taken by yourself? From that angle, do you think I’ll be thankful if you sell yourself out like this? Qi Yun, try to think this for yourself. Whether you don’t believe in me or if you’re overestimating yourself, why do you carry everything by yourself!? Why do you think that I, Xing Zhongwan, have to be protected by you and that I can’t bear it for you. The timing this time was really good. If I left, you would be left playing the hero behind my back, right? If it weren’t for the thunderstorm, the plane couldn’t fly today. I didn’t know you were so selfless, always sacrificing everything for others. Qi Yun, you are so kind! “




Qi Yun panicked. When he stretched out his hand to hug him, Xing Zhongwan took two steps back, “You made this plan long ago right? You made up your mind that you don’t want anything, right? You don’t even want me? Qi Yun! Have you ever thought about the consequences of doing this? If you are investigated, if my identity is found out and you were involved in an accident, what should I do? Did I do all that for your sake just to see you destroying yourself so badly? Qi Yun! So what’s the point of my prudence during this time? You have come all this way for me so why don’t you say it! Why? In the end, if you still have to hide it from me, do you think that you love me by carrying this burden? Qi Yun! You are so self-righteous!”


As Xing Zhongwan roared, the tears and raindrops on his face were indistinguishable for a long time. Qi Yun’s heart was about to break, he just wanted to hold the person in his arms. He was still stunned when he stretched out his hand but he only saw Xing Zhongwan fiercely raise his hand to slap himself. Aisha, who was standing not far away, shrieked.


Qi Yun grabbed his hand and touched his swollen cheek in distress, “What are you doing?”


Xing Zhongwan squatted slowly. His eyes were blurred and the smell of rust filled his nose along with the heartache. Fools, he and Qi Yun were both fools.


Qi Yun held his face and kissed the corners of his teary red eyes, “I still remember in Xishan, you said that you had no one supporting you so you must be strong yourself to try to make people like you. Do you know how heartbroken I felt when I heard this? I want to be your support, Wanwan. Whenever you are tired, Qi Yun will be behind you when you turn around. My identity is a shackle and I know that you dare not cross this limit for my sake. Then since that is the case, I don’t want it anymore. Status is not what I ask for. You know what I’ve always wanted. I don’t want to tell you, because I don’t want to put pressure on you. If you have any doubts, you can be with me at ease. I don’t want you to suffer or worry anymore, I will feel distressed.”


Xing Zhongwan grabbed Qi Yun’s arm and burst into tears. After so many years, he endured it. After so many years, he didn’t cry when he parted ways with Qi Yun. Qi Yun almost couldn’t save him and he didn’t cry. The words “I want to be your support” made his years of patience collapse.


Qi Yun wiped the tears on his face and smiled gently, “Don’t be angry, okay?”


Xing Zhongwan raised his head, his long and narrow eyes were red and swollen with tears, “Qi Yun, there is no next life, so hold my hand for the rest of your life, don’t let it go.”


Qi Yun was stunned and tightly wrapped the person in his arms, “Okay, I won’t let go for a lifetime.”


Xing Zhongwan’s face was buried in Qi Yun’s shoulder, tears soaking his cashmere coat. Not far away, Xue Qing wiped her tears, “It’s too embarrassing, crying so loudly. Even I can’t ridicule him in the future. After saying that, her tears fell even more violently. Aisha handed her a handkerchief and even said God several times. Her eyes were red.”


Xing Zhongwan looked up at Qi Yun, “I haven’t cried like this since my mother died. How will I have the face to see others after crying in front of so many people? “


Qi Yun stood up slightly and took off his coat. He squatted down and put his hands over the heads of the two of them, blocking them from the other’s view, “This way others won’t be able to see it.”


Qi Yun stared at him closely, “From now on, it’s really just Qi Yun. The Qi Yun who is completely clean. “


Xing Zhongwan sniffed, “I’ll keep you.” He brushed the white hair on his temples.


“You really plan to give up everything and come to X country with me?” Qi Yun nodded and replied earnestly, “I was going to go with you to take the bar [/mfn]lawyer’s license exam[/mfn] in country X. 


Tears poured out of Xing Zhongwan’s eyes again, and he said after a long time, “It is very difficult to get a lawyer’s license in country X.”


Qi Yun simply put down his hands, let his coat dr4p3 over their head and cupped his face with both hands, “It’s okay, trust me. I’ll be able to pass the test soon.” A suppressed cry came out through the expensive coat.


Not far away, Xue Qing was holding her mobile phone and Cheng Zhengzhe who was on the other side of the video call didn’t know why, “When the hell are you getting on the plane? Xue Qing, why are you crying? What’s wrong? Do not scare me.”


Xue Qing turned the camera and wiped away her tears.


Cheng Zhengzhe was preparing for a meeting and the group executives in the conference room were almost there. Before the meeting, he wanted to confirm their arrival time with Xue Qing, and also inform the people in the group that the big boss was coming back. He just screenshared the video on the powerpoint, who would have thought…


In a second, the entire conference room was filled with people spitting out their coffee.


Cheng Zhengzhe was frightened and quickly closed the video before coughing twice.


“Moving on. Let’s start the meeting. Hey, what’s the content of today’s meeting?”


The pen in the hand of the chief secretary, Xie Yi, had snapped into two, and everyone in the huge conference room looked at each other.


Cheng Zhengzhe’s face turned pale, he had a hunch that when Xing Zhongwan came back, he was going to die…


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(Vol. 2) Chapter 30 – Exchange

Chapter 30 – Exchange


That night Qi Yun and Xing Zhongwan were both leaning on the terrace of Xishan Villa. They chatted for a long time, about their childhood to adulthood. They didn’t even realize that they could have so many topics in common. The early sun was slightly exposed on the horizon, and neither of the two took the initiative to leave first.


That was until a convoy drove up along the winding mountain road, destroying the tranquility of the Xishan Villa.


Shen Congxin got out of the car and handed the bag to Qi Yun with a complicated expression. After all, this kid has never been able to hide his thoughts. Qi Yun ignored Shen Congxin and spoke to Xing Zhongwan who was behind him, “Can you help me tie my tie, Wanwan?” 


In the dressing room, Qi Yun took off his casual clothes. He only lifted his head after turning his head to the side, “Is it ugly?”


Xing Zhongwan shook his head and helped him put on his shirt. Before he buttoned him up, he touched the long scar on his chest and stopped. He didn’t know how many times he had seen this scar. The pity from when they first met was a contrast to the heartache he currently felt. Both were two different emotions. Qi Yun’s chest was more or less filled with scars, and they proved that he was always wandering between life and death.


Xing Zhongwan grabbed a tie on one side and tied it carefully on Qi Yun. Qi Yun’s eyes were always looking at him. He was reluctant to blink. He recalled the first time he saw Xing Zhongwan. His Wanwan has always been beautiful, rich, and unfettered. It made others unable to take their eyes off him.


After putting on the cufflinks for Qi Yun and helping him into a suit. Xing Zhongwan raised his head and looked at him seriously, “Qi Yun, I won’t help you take care of that kid[/mfn]Shen Congxin[/mfn]. If something happens to you, the Shen family will not care about him.”


Qi Yun didn’t know whether to be happy or resigned. After all, the other person knew him too well despite no words being exchanged. Even his little thoughts could not be hidden from Wanwan.


“I already said that I won’t lie to you.”


Qi Yun raised his eyebrows and embraced him. Xing Zhongwan hugged him back and couldn’t help but hold him tightly.


Soon, there was a knock on the door from the outside, “Sir, it’s time to go.”


 Xing Zhongwan let go of him as Qi Yun smiled, “Go now, I’ll see you off.”


Xing Zhongwan picked up his down jacket. He turned his head and took two steps forward before stopping. Suddenly turning around quickly, he reached out to hug Qi Yun’s neck. Qi Yun stroked his hair lightly, “Trust me, I won’t let myself get involved in an accident.”


Xing Zhongwan slowly drew his arms back as those long and narrow eyes looked deeply into Qi Yun’s brightly lit star-like eyes.


“I believe you.” The short three words made Qi Yun suddenly feel some sourness at the tip of his nose. Xing Zhongwan’s trust he had lost with his own hands had come back at such a delicate moment just before they parted.


He watched Xing Zhongwan go out of the villa gate. As he saw his silhouette get smaller and smaller, he couldn’t help shouting in his direction, “Wanwan, do you remember what I said to you in Jiangnan?”


Xing Zhongwan turned around. The wind was too strong, so he could only hear what he said vaguely, “What did you say?”


Qi Yun let go of his clenched hands and shook his head with a smile.


Xing Zhongwan glanced at the man in the suit and smiled slightly. He seemed to have heard this sentence before. Before he had time to think deeply, he had already gotten into the car and when he turned around, Qi Yun was no longer there.


Xing Zhongwan lowered his head and covered his chest. He was uneasy. This same uneasy feeling came back to him again, the same feeling he had after waking up from the nightmare the other day.


The smell of rust permeated from his chest, spreading to the insides of his nose with every breath, making it very uncomfortable.


Shen Congxin brought a document to Qi Yun. Qi Yun took it and looked at it promptly before signing his name and stamping it with his private seal. Shen Congxin was quiet. His face was as dark as the bottom of a pot. He thought about it all night but still didn’t understand why Qi Yun was doing this.


Qi Yun looked at Shen Congxin who was listless as if he had been frozen. It was really worrying that the kid wanted to ask but didn’t dare to ask more. He was even more afraid that Shen Congxin would help count the money if he was sold. Qi Yun put on his coat and glanced at him, “Wanwan said he doesn’t take care of kids, so I won’t sabotage the Shen family.”


Shen Congxin looked at him inexplicably. He didn’t understand what he said.


His secretary came in and said that it was almost time. Before leaving, Qi Yun said to Shen Congxin, “Clean up this place. Your cousin-in-law likes it very much.”


After the door was closed, Shen Congxin was still surprised. What was wrong with it? But he was not smart enough to figure it out so he’ll just clean up first.


After getting into the car, the secretary said, “The chief clerk asked you to go see him.”


Qi Yun nodded, “Have you found out who took those photos?” 


The secretary replied, “It is most likely as you expected. Someone probably sent these photos to the general manager first.”


Qi Yun closed his eyes, “About what I told you to do.” 


“Don’t worry, I did everything according to your instructions. I didn’t let Xiao Shen get involved. The vice president knows.”


Qi Yun snorted as he abruptly remembered the serious expression on Wanwan’s face when he tied his tie


“Chen Cong, what are your plans for the future?” 


The secretary froze for a moment, “To follow you.”


He replied resolutely. Qi Yun put his hand into the pocket of his coat, and found a lollipop inside. It was needless to ask who put it there.


In the past, after drinking Chinese medicine every night, he liked to eat something sweet after.


He peeled off the candy wrapper and put the sweet, oily candy into his mouth. With that, the bitterness in his heart was not too unbearable for a while.


“You and Chen Ying really look alike. You deserve to be brothers.” His secretary couldn’t bear to look directly at the indifferent-faced man biting a lollipop. Sure enough, as long as it was given by the young madam, even poison would taste sweet.


This candy must have been bought by Shen Congxin along with the other groceries last time, but it was placed in his pocket by Wanwan. Qi Yun could imagine what he looked like when he sneaked the treat in.


“When will the business group from country X return?” His secretary looked at the computer in his hand and replied, “Their private jet leaves at 8 pm.”


Qi Yun snorted, “Find a way to delay it until the plane takes off.”


The plan would be carried out at 8 o’clock, “Sir, is this… okay?”


Qi Yun took the lollipop out of his mouth and looked at it. The pink strawberry was already bitten into pieces in his mouth.


“I can’t let him know, otherwise he won’t leave.” 


Xing Zhongwan brought porridge to Xue Qing when he went to the hospital.


Xue Qing accepted it as she tried to read Xing Zhongwan’s body language. “It’s not easy for Laoniang to keep drinking this porridge forever.”


Xing Zhongwan patted the cast on her leg, “Speak human words.”


Xue Qing snorted and drank a mouthful of the warm porridge. “People say that on the day you disappeared, your boyfriend was not idle. Many of your rivals, like the one from country Z were laid to waste while the Shen family was safe and sound. This happened when they were still finalizing the negotiation regarding that development project with the country X’s business group. If Qi Yun didn’t stop his attack, it was estimated that the fight would carry on and havoc would be wrecked. But don’t you find it strange that the Shen family is now sitting on the sidelines? It’s as if he had prepared for this in advance. The Shen family was calm in the midst of howls of ghosts and wolves and there was not even a peep from them. This move is not in line with the usually ruthless Qi Yun at all. What does your boyfriend plan to do? It’s not good for him to go on like this. It’s as though he plans to stop at the next moment.”


Xing Zhongwan frowned just as the TV was broadcasting the names of the members of the Supervisory Committee that were being investigated. Xue Qing held her bowl and pointed at the TV, “See? It’s not over. You’ve spent an entire day and night with him, yet he didn’t reveal anything to you? His suicidal behavior, Laoniang really can’t understand this.”


Xing Zhongwan got up, took the bowl in Xue Qing’s hand as she choked. Xue Qing opened her mouth, “And what wrong with you? Taking food away from the patient like this. Did you promise to love each other?”


Xing Zhongwan rubbed his stomach, which was finally more comfortable now, “I didn’t eat anything in the morning and it was uncomfortable to smoke.”


Xue Qing could see that he was very uneasy. 


“If you are really worried, don’t go back for now. You can see that they haven’t done anything for the past few days when you came back. Besides, he’s already too busy to take care of himself now. Maybe…”


“It can’t be possible at all,” Xing Zhongwan frowned.


Xue Qing was stunned and smiled, “You are too rational about everything, including your feelings. You will be very tired, Lao Xing. If you endure too much, you will open up your past wounds again.”


Xing Zhongwan took out a cigarette and held it between his lips. Looking down at the busy traffic from the 23rd floor, there was a sudden flash of lightning in the sky. Xue Qing slowly lay back on the bed, “There is going to be some changes around here.”


In the office of the General Affairs Office, the director of the General Affairs Office pointed at the document and looked at the signature in disbelief. With a complicated expression, he asked, “Qi Yun, what do you mean by this?”


Qi Yun sat proudly at the desk and handed him another document with photos and videos in it.


“I think you have already received these photos. I have more detailed ones here.” Zong Wuqi took the file bag and looked at each photo carefully as his face turned pale, “Are you out of your mind? Why don’t you justify yourself? Are the rumours surrounding you and that person from country X real? Are you misguided?”


Qi Yun said indifferently, “General Manager, I’m not interested in your position. At this point, I’ve also revealed it to you about it now. Now, only you can stabilize the current situation by taking action. The rotten foundation cannot be removed, but you can clear away some redundant branches that you have wanted to prune for a long time now. In order to remove what you don’t want, take this opportunity to stabilize your position in everyone’s hearts no matter how bad the situation is. No one else is best suited for this seat but you.”


The look on the general manager’s face looked a little better, “I watched you grow up, third young master. I can’t understand your thoughts until now. How long have you been planning this? You! You… you do it!”


The tabletop was slapped. It vibrated as the pen on the table rolled to the ground with a loud thud.


Qi Yun took another candy left in his coat pocket, “If you need some time to clean up the mess, I’ll buy you some time.” The general manager stared at him. Qi Yun’s eyes were firm.


“Is it worth it? To take up this gamble with the entire Qi family by yourself. Once you do it, you will never recover.”


Although words of dissuasion were coming out of his mouth, Qi Yun knew that the other would cut off any thorns on his side as long as it was a good deal.


He would exchange the power in his hand for freedom. After all, he himself was from the Qi family that has been in business for a hundred years. In the Shen family, no ambitious person would refuse this kind of temptation. The general manager accepted Qi Yun’s materials and couldn’t help but ask him before leaving,


“Is that man really worth it? “


Qi Yun turned around. The candy in his pocket had already melted and it was sticky in the palm of his hand.


“Life must be worth something to live in vain.” 


After coming out of the General Affairs Office, Qi Yun met his rival who had been slighted recently. Even though he was still in public at the entrance of the General Affairs Office, that person had dared grab his collar and say, “Qi Yun, you demon! If you have the ability, come at me. How dare you threaten my family! I won’t let go of this. You think that no one knows what you have done, but I’ll make sure to see to your death after I’ve trampled you under my feet!”


His bodyguard stepped forward to separate them. Qi Yun calmly smoothed out his ruffled shirt, “If you have time, you might as well stop and think about who is really behind it and who your real enemy is.”


Qi Yun didn’t say any more. After ignoring the maniac behind him, he got into the car and rubbed his tie. There was a trace of unhappiness on his calm face, the tie he was wearing was crooked.


He took out the sticky candy that had been melting in his palm, peeled off the candy wrapper and put it in his mouth.


A flash of lightning flashed across the sky, and in the blink of an eye, drops of torrential downpour hit the glass of his car and everything outside was blurred for a moment.


Biting the little candy in his mouth, he listened to the sound of the rainstorm hitting the car, the traffic and the various voices from outside. Qi Yun just looked forward quietly until the sweetness in his mouth slowly dissipated.


It’s time to end this…


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(Vol. 2) Chapter 29 – Days

Chapter 29 – Days


Xing Zhongwan stood outside the villa. He took a deep breath and the fresh air made him feel better instantly.


He turned around and asked Qi Yun who was behind him, “When did you find this place? It’s alright. Even birds can’t fly up here. What do you think? Do you want to die alone here?” 


Xing Zhongwan, who was wearing a hat that only exposed his eyes, took off the scarf around his neck and wrapped it around Qi Yun.


“I had this idea before. When I built this villa, I thought it would be good to die alone here.”


Qi Yun smiled. He was not joking, he knew really meant it at the time.


Xing Zhongwan pulled the scarf covering Qi Yun’s mouth and stared at him, who was a little flustered.


“What’s the matter?”


Xing Zhongwan said seriously, “It’s not easy for a person to live. Even if you are alone, you have to live well. How old are you to still have such negative thoughts?”


Qi Yun asked him to sit on the side of the fence. On the chair, he placed a thermos cup in his hand filled with red date broth boiled by Xing Zhongwan.


“Wanwan, have you ever thought that without you, there might not be a Qi Yun in this world anymore. For so many years, I have always felt that those days were stolen by me.”


His eyes drooped slightly as his eyelashes fluttered. Xing Zhongwan knew that he was thinking of the past.


Xing Zhongwan took his cold hand and sat across from him. He then put his hand in his pocket to warm it.


“Qi Yun, I told you before that God allowed you to survive. That means you should not wish for death, and instead you should cherish your life.”


Qi Yun raised his head, looked at him blankly, and finally kissed him in the corner of his eye. “I have always been alone, Wanwan. Qi Zongcheng’s knife has long since taken away all my family, my cares and concerns in this world. It is not me who is cruel. Everyone forces me to be cruel.”


Xing Zhongwan understood. He knew it all. It hurt, but what could be done? It was impossible for one to not be dragged down as long as one was in that position.


“I, Qi Yun, am unsure of how much blood I have on my hands. I’m not worthy of you, Wanwan.”


Xing Zhongwan sighed and touched Qi Yun’s cold forehead. He then unscrewed the thermos cup in his hands, “Drink this and keep yourself warm.” 


The warmth reached Qi Yun’s eyes and Wanwan in front of him became blurred. He subconsciously grabbed Xing Zhongwan’s hand.


Xing Zhongwan let him hold it and fell on the back of the chair. Although the wind was strong, the warm sunlight made it less cold.


“I’m not as good as you think. When I first took over the corporation, no one accepted me. I was once young, and with this beautiful face… Sometimes it might become a burden. At that time, I had nothing but blood of the Xing family. Even so, I had to live on. I had to let others acknowledge me. At the most difficult time, I had to sleep in the airport to talk to my shareholders. Once, I was also in Country Y for training despite the difficult conditions and war. I was once stuck on the ground, but the Xing Zhongwan now is very beautiful. Outsiders don’t know what he has experienced. Being from the royal family is a shackle with so many people’s eyes staring at you. You can’t do anything wrong because even a little bit will be infinitely magnified. I can’t be easily swayed by others if I make myself stronger. Yes, you can see that everyone likes me. Who doesn’t like Xing Zhongwan who is slick, smooth and never makes mistakes. Do I want to be like this? No. I have to work hard to make others like me. Only then can I get by. By trying my best to become what everyone likes and becoming the perfect Xing Zhongwan forever.”


Xing Zhongwan paused and looked at Qi Yun, “I don’t want to, but I can’t help it. I don’t have a father or mother. With no one to rely on, I have friends like Xue Qing and Laocheng who lived their lives, but they have their own lives. After all, everyone can only rely on themselves. People who have no one to care about will arm themselves and improve themselves. When there is no one to rely on, one will become strong”


He stretched out his hand to hold Qi Yun’s face, “You are fine like this. Fate has not been fair to you, and you still have your own imperfections and weaknesses. You should not compromise.”


There is still half still left unsaid but Xing Zhongwan pressed into the bottom of his heart. I want to love you, Qi Yun. I want to protect your imperfections and weaknesses and let you live a free life. When you look back, I want to still be here. All the pain and injustice in your world. I want to support you through them all.


But he didn’t dare say this. The difficulties between them are far more than the current ones they’re facing. He swears that he won’t dare to say it easily.


“I know you had a hard time.”


Qi Yun dragged Xing Zhongwan into his arms and patted him on the back. Xing Zhongwan didn’t look over his head and took a deep breath, “Okay, let’s not stay in the wind. Let’s go in and prepare for lunch, my nose is freezing up. Get up. “


Qi Yun said ok before letting go of him. He then took his hand into the villa.


Xing Zhongwan walked behind and looked at the hands of the two of them in a rare moment of tranquility.


Xing Zhongwan went to the bathroom and left Qi Yun to boil a pot of water before he came out to blanche the ribs. As he went to the toilet, he put some ointment on the way out before rolling up his sleeves.


Qi Yun only stood in the kitchen in a daze when Xing Zhongwan quickly walked over. He then saw what was going on and slapped his forehead, “Wow. I overestimated you, fairy. You should remain floating in the sky. Let me, a common man, do these trivial matters.”


Qi Yun’s embarrassedly touched his nose. He has been studying very hard, but he didn’t know how to start a fire.


Xing Zhongwan looked back at the panicked grown man behind him and pulled a stool over for him to sit on, “Now, sit down.”


Qi Yun sat down obediently, staring at Xing Zhongwan’s back, “Did you cook for me like this before?”


Xing Zhongwan thought about it very seriously, “The villa you lived in was very crowded and the kitchen is much smaller than this. To be honest, I had just established a firm foothold in the group at that time and was finally able to just raise my eyebrows and be allowed to come back. Thinking about it, I was unlucky enough to be tasked with taking care of you.”


Looking at the bubbling ribs in the pot, Xing Zhongwan suddenly remembered something, “Speaking of which, you used to be much cuter than you are now. You’re not that easy anymore. It’s a pity.”


Qi Yun got up and walked to hug him from behind. Xing Zhongwan was taken aback for a moment before taking a piece of paper towel to dry his hands. He then brushed his hair back, “What’s the matter?”


Qi Yun didn’t speak for a long time, even as Xing Zhongwan turned off the fire.


Qi Yun buried his face in Xing Zhongwan’s neck, “I’m miss it.”


Xing Zhongwan was startled. He understood what Qi Yun meant by missing it. Such a pleasant time seemed illusory.


Resisting the sourness gushing out of his heart, he pushed Qi Yun out and closed the kitchen door. Xing Zhongwan turned on the faucet and looked at the rushing water, with red eyes.


Qi Yun lowered his head, frowned slightly and let out a sigh of relief. The phone on the table rang. Qi Yun walked over to pick it up, unlocked it, and opened it.


The originally warm face sank little by little. After pressing the power button, Qi Yun’s eyes did not move until the screen turned black. He raised his head and glanced at the closed kitchen door before raising his forehead. He took a few steps forward and finally stopped. Looking down at the beige carpet, Qi Yun gritted his teeth, his hands hanging by his side were already tightly clasped and his forehead was flushed red.


The moment the kitchen door opened, Qi Yun released his clenched fists and looked up at Xing Zhongwan who was holding a plate, and laughed.


Qi Yun drank the soup. Although he had always had a cold face, the joy on his face could not deceive anyone. Xing Zhongwan took two more sips, “Is it so delicious? Why do I think it tastes mid?”


Qi Yun smiled, “It tastes like home.”


Xing Zhongwan was taken aback for a moment. He then turned his head abruptly, his face a little red.


After coughing twice in embarrassment, Xing Zhongwan felt that he had to change the subject, “Seriously, you’re always getting injured all your life. Have you had your fortune read? Is there no way to resolve it?”


Qi Yun suddenly remembered that Wanwan believed in these superstitions a lot, “Yes, when I was a child and my grandmother was still alive. They counted my luck using my birthday and said that when I was 30 years old, I would meet a righteous and noble person who could prevent all disasters.”


Xing Zhongwan stared at his bowl. “Really? 30 years old… that’s five years ago, who did you meet?”


Qi Yun smiled but didn’t say a word. When Xing Zhongwan realised, he swore several times.


“Turns out you can tease me too, Qi Yun!”


Qi Yun shook his head quickly, “I’m telling the truth, are you not my righteous and noble person?”


Xing Zhongwan snorted, covering his mouth and looking to the side.


Qi Yun put down the bowl and looked at him quietly. This was the first time in a long time he had seen this side of Wanwan. This was the real Xing Zhongwan. Not the heir to a well-known and wealthy family in country X who was excellent in everything and perfect in everything. Removing the series of labels attached to him, this was just Xing Zhongwan.


Xing Zhongwan turned his head and met Qi Yun gaze, “Are you not going to eat?”


“Eating.” Qi Yun picked up the bowl and ate mouthfuls of rice with a smile.


At this time, Xing Zhongwan’s cell phone rang. He glanced at it before walking to the living room with his cell phone to speak. When he walked away, the smile on Qi Yun’s mouth gradually faded, and there was a hint of sadness in his eyes.


“On the plane tomorrow night, go back with Aisha’s group.”


Xue Qing called and told him it was time to go back.


Xing Zhongwan hummed and asked her if her body could handle the long flight.


Xue Qing said that there was nothing to worry about on her end. There was a doctor accompanying her. The two talked for a long time without getting to the point. In the end, Xue Qing breathed a sigh of relief, “What about you? With Qi Yun?”


Xing Zhongwan hummed. Xue Qing sighed, “If you can’t bear it, then…”


“It’s not a problem that I can’t bear for now, you know?”


Xue Qing stopped talking, how could she not understand.


“I’ll wait for you at the airport tomorrow.” After saying this, Xue Qing hung up.


Xing Zhongwan put down the phone and stared blankly at the floor-to-ceiling windows. The sun gradually disappeared and it looked like it was going to rain.


Behind him, a clear and indifferent voice had an unparalleled deepness, “Go back.”


Xing Zhongwan turned around and wrapped his arms around Qi Yun’s back. The obvious outline of his spine made him a little afraid to go back. Putting his head on Qi Yun’s thin shoulder, “Why did you offer up so many lamps and copy so many scriptures, when you obviously don’t believe in those?”


Qi Yun chuckled lightly, brushing Xing Zhongwan’s hair, “I did too many wrong things. I’m afraid of going to hell and being unable to enter reincarnation after death, and that I can’t meet you in the next life.”


Xing Zhongwan’s hand hung on his waist. He tightly grasped the thin body underneath the casual clothes because he was shaking slightly. He hated the Qi Yun who was too honest and opened his heart for him.


Qi Yun grabbed his trembling hand and held it gently, “I didn’t believe it before, but after you left, this has become the meaning of my life; to find you. If there is a next life and I am not Qi Yun, and you are not Xing Zhongwan, if there is no danger lurking at every corner and I don’t have so many scruples. If we were just ordinary people, can we… be together?”


Xing Zhongwan closed his eyes and held Qi Yun’s hand tightly. No one dared to let go.


“Then let’s think of a secret code so that we can recognize each other.”


Xing Zhongwan raised his head and Qi Yun’s eyes flashed with a quiet light. It was deep and never ending.


Xing Zhongwan approached Qi Yun and a light kiss fell on the corner of his mouth.


At the moment of separation, Qi Yun raised his hand to caress Xing Zhongwan’s beautiful eyebrows.


“If I go back to the beginning, I won’t let go of your hand. I will take that dirty little boy home… and hide him away from the world.”


Xing Zhongwan looked at the smile on Qi Yun’s mouth. Although he smiled, Xing Zhongwan knew how painful it was for him to say this. Qi Yun didn’t have many happy events in his life. He was forced to reach the present, and he couldn’t stay out of it. Qi Yun desperately wanted to keep a little bit of his clarity, how could he not understand?


“Qi Yun, promise me, be good. No matter how difficult it is, don’t give up on yourself. I’m not heartless, I’ll be sad and distressed. If you go to the hospital again, I won’t be able to take it anymore. Xing Zhongwan can bear it again, but you can’t be so selfish and keep yourself in danger so the person you like worries again and again.”


Xing Zhongwan’s eyes were red, and he spoke every word one by one because the corners of his mouth were shaking. Qi Yun kissed the red and hot eyes, “My Wanwan, so beautiful.” Xing Zhongwan closed his eyes, “I was praised by someone who was prettier than me. Should I jump up in joy and turn three times?” 


There was no joy in his playful tone.


Qi Yun held his face, I promise you, I won’t let myself get involved in another accident. “


Xing Zhongwan’s shoulders loosened, “You must keep your word! “


Shen Congxin looked at the secretary who put down the phone again and felt a little distressed for him. He just came back to work after recovering from a serious injury and has not been stable for a few days, but has already started to live every day in stress.


“Does it still go to voicemail? The secretary wiped the sweat from his forehead and glanced at him helplessly, “What do you think? “


Shen Congxin spread his hands, “At this time, if you go to the big cousin, you will also be kicked out. Just pick it up at the agreed time, and get your suit ready.” It was rare for the secretary to see Shen Congxin so calm, and he was a little puzzled, “Do you know something?””


Shen Congxin shook his head. It would be great if I could really guess what his big cousin was thinking. He looked at the stack of photos on the table with a complicated expression.


During this period of time, he always felt that Qi Yun had already made a decision. Although he didn’t know what the hell it was, he always felt that this decision would bring earth-shaking changes to the current tense situation.


Just as he was thinking, the phone rang.


Shen Congxin picked it up and greeted the caller.


“What did you say? Big cousin? Are you sure!? Hello! Hey……”


The moment he hung up the phone. Shen Congxin was sluggish, what did he hear just now?


After walking around the office like a headless fly, the secretary stopped him and patted him on the shoulder, “What’s wrong?”


Shen Congxin opened his mouth, but couldn’t make a sound.


Qi Yun, are you serious?


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(Vol. 2) Chapter 28 – A day with me

Chapter 28 – A day with me


Qi Yun was awakened by the dazzling sunlight outside the window. It had been raining for more than half a month, but the sun had suddenly turned up today. Before he opened his eyes, he reached out to see if the person beside him was still there. That was when he was caught off guard by the shiny kitchen knife that was stretched out in the air.


He sighed and sat up slowly. Xing Zhongwan looked at him with a livid face and the kitchen knife, “Are you going to chop it yourself or should I chop it off!”


His gnashing of teeth made Qi Yun want to laugh and cry. He stretched out his hand to take the butcher’s knife that was obviously used for chopping bones, “I will do it myself. Don’t be angry.”


When he spoke, the phone that Xing Zhongwan threw on the ground rang. Xing Zhongwan ignored it, but the person who called was persistent. Xing Zhongwan endured the awkward situation and picked up the phone.


“Laoxing, in order to avoid this morning’s possible worst-case scenario, I’m sending you a video of the incident. Shen Congxin didn’t dare to say it, so he asked me to explain it to you instead. You’re finished…”


Xing Zhongwan ended the call as Xue Qing sent a video. As he watched the video, Xing Zhongwan glanced at it twice before his face darkened a few shades. In a fit of anger, he smashed the phone heavily on the ground. Qi Yun sighed as he saw the good quality phone being smashed in a corner. He then resignedly lifted the quilt ready to take off his pants but before he had time to act, the knife in his hand was quickly snatched by Xing Zhongwan.


Qi Yun was puzzled and raised his head to look at him. Xing Zhongwan took a deep breath and held the bone-chopping knife in his hand, “Why didn’t you just push me away?”


Qi Yun thought, I probably should’ve pushed you away.


As soon as Xing Zhongwan finished speaking, he felt that he was talking nonsense. His drunkenness and clinging skills were officially certified now.


Covering his hungover head, Xing Zhongwan might have a big stamina, but his head still hurts. Qi Yun wanted to stand up and give him a head massage but there was also another throbbing pain in his back. After all, that was the consequence of its overuse. Looking at Xing Zhongwan’s regret and him wishing that his memory was reset to zero, he just sat and listened obediently.


Xing Zhongwan took the knife and turned around twice, thinking for a long time, “But why does my butt hurt!”


Qi Yun snorted without thinking, “I laid down yesterday to bottom, but you didn’t want it.”


Xing Zhongwan sucked in a breath of cold air. He then squatted and was about to cry. I lost my face and couldn’t even recover it.


Qi Yun got out of bed and walked over to him. He was thinking about patting his head. He stretched out his hand several times but didn’t dare to touch him. Suddenly Xing Zhongwan raised his head and almost bumped into Qi Yun who was just bending over. Xing Zhongwan held his stomach and rushed to the toilet quickly. Qi Yun frowned when he heard the loud slam of the door closing. Was he unwell? He walked quickly to the door of the bathroom, not caring that Xing Zhongwan would be angry and knocked on the door, “Wanwan, how are you feeling? I’m calling the doctor, Wanwan! Wanwan?” 


After knocking for a long time, Xing Zhongwan shouted from inside furiously, “You better shut up!”


Qi Yun’s knocking on the door stopped as he stood at the door in a daze, with unspeakable remorse coming up. Qi Yun, why didn’t you just hold back? He really made Wanwan angry now who was rarely agitated and restless. Qi Yun whispered, “Don’t be angry, I’ll go.”


Xing Zhongwan was sitting on the toilet. He had the runs several times since he woke up. He couldn’t get out of the toilet so he covered his head and scolded Qi Yun half to death in his heart. Xing Zhongwan was really shocked to death after getting up this morning. Was he angry too? How can one not be angry if one’s ass is blooming? Even if the memory from last night was a headache, he could still recall some of it. Resisting the urge to strangle Qi Yun to death, he put on his clothes and went downstairs just to see Shen Congxin who was carrying a large bag and a small bag. When Shen Congxin saw Xing Zhongwan, he shrank. He nodded and passed the plastic bag in his hand to him. This was some external ointment that Qi Yun had ordered Shen Congxin to buy.


Shen Congxin also thought about it a lot and bought the cover and lubrication. When Xing Zhongwan looked at the cover of the ointment in the bag, it was like a stream of hot oil pouring down on the flames that had not yet been extinguished. But how could Shen Congxin know that it was Xing Zhongwan who had a blooming butt. He always called him his cousin-in-law and always thought that his big cousin was the bottom. Seeing that there was something wrong with Xing Zhongwan’s face, he hurriedly turned around and ran out the door.


Xing Zhongwan threw down the plastic bag without saying a word, went to the kitchen to get a bone cutter and ran to the bedroom. He then squatted beside Qi Yun to see what to do next.


Qi Yun slept soundly. His eye bags were dark blue, his face was still pretty, but he was still very tired and the white hair on his temples made Xing Zhongwan feel pity. Xing Zhongwan looked at him and then simply sat down and stretched out his hand to brush the few white hairs, “Aren’t you tired?”


The whisper made the sleeping man open his eyes. Xing Zhongwan was startled and hurriedly stood up. When he got up, he subconsciously stretched out the knife in his hand, and this happened early in the morning.


Xing Zhongwan sighed and stood up resignedly. After washing up and opening the door to go out, he almost ran into Qi Yun who was guarding the door. Xing Zhongwan covered his heart, “Oi, what are you doing? Scaring people to death!”


Qi Yun looked at him worriedly, “What’s wrong?  I asked Shen Congxin to go to the doctor and bring some medicine, you…”


Xing Zhongwan cast a glance at him, “Try to be prodded with a stick for a night.” Saying that, he went downstairs with a limp. Qi Yun stood still at first. He didn’t give too much of a reaction but he realized that the tip of Xing Zhongwan’s ears had turned red. Was he not angry anymore?


Xing Zhongwan went downstairs and looked at what Shen Congxin had brought. It was really too much and too prepared. Did you move the entire supermarket here? Xing Zhongwan opened a few plastic bags and glanced at it. It was alright, and he could eat some of these.


He had inspected this villa early in the morning. It was uninhabited for at least a radius of 100 miles. It was estimated that reaching the next winding road would take more than an hour. Aisha’s group would return the day after tomorrow and Xue Qing has been getting better in the hospital. To be honest, there was nothing to worry about. Right now, there is no car so he can only walk down the mountain and Xing Zhongwan does not want to abuse himself.


Qi Yun followed him downstairs, a little helpless. Xing Zhongwan pointed at him, “Wash yourself and change your clothes. There is a change of clothes in the closet in the second bedroom next door.”


Qi Yun choked and still couldn’t believe it. Was his anger gone?


Seeing Qi Yun still standing dumbfounded, Xing Zhongwan was unhappy, “Aren’t you uncomfortable wearing yesterday’s clothes?”


At this time, Qi Yun realized that Xing Zhongwan was wearing a casual beige shirt. Did he plan to leave?


He was a little overjoyed in his heart. Halfway upstairs, he couldn’t help but look back at Xing Zhongwan who was squatting in a pile of plastic bags and fighting with carrots. It was as if he was transported back to five years ago.


Xing Zhongwan got two carrots out and got up when he saw Qi Yun who was staring at him, “Are you going to be full by just looking at me? Be quick and come down for breakfast!”


Xing Zhongwan was so angry at Qi Yun’s expression of disbelief as though it was normal for him to lose his temper. Please, he had a bad temper but he was not unreasonable.


Angrily, he shredded the radish, chopped up some meat, and served a pot of noodles. At first glance, it looked like no one lived in this place, but everything was well maintained. Xing Zhongwan quickly put two bowls of noodles on the table. He then split the items in the plastic bags into categories and put them in the refrigerator.


When Qi Yun came down, what he saw was Xing Zhongwan’s busy figure. His eyes were a little hot. Xing Zhongwan looked back at him and pointed to the noodles on the table, “Eat it.”


Qi Yun walked down, sat at the table and picked up chopsticks, carefully glanced at Xing Zhongwan, who was picking up the noodles, “Eat it, don’t just look at it. There is no poison!” He gritted his teeth at that last sentence but Qi Yun smiled and took a mouthful of noodles into his mouth, the familiar taste made his eyes a little blurry.


Xing Zhongwan deliberately ignored the tip of his red nose, “It’s not that bad is it? Even if I haven’t been in the kitchen for a long time.”


Qi Yun hurriedly shook his head, “It’s delicious.”


Xing Zhongwan took a sip of water and shifted his butt uncomfortably, “Speaking of your skills, you haven’t improved at all, where have you been living for so many years.”


Qi Yun stopped chewing the noodles in his mouth. Xing Zhongwan looked at Qi Yun who was wearing the same casual clothes as him and had his bangs down. The usual sternness was there but the beauty was also like a frightened bunny. For a while, he thought of teasing him, “Actually, that was your first time, right?”


Qi Yun chewed the noodles in a daze as his neck turned red. Xing Zhongwan became playful, “It’s the first time I felt any pain. It’s been a long time, but it was still uncomfortable this time. Qi Yun, haven’t you slept with anyone else after so many years?”


Cough! Cough! Cough…


The frightened bunny was agitated again and couldn’t stop coughing. Not to mention his neck, his entire face was flushed too. Xing Zhongwan hurried over to pat him on the back, “Why are you acting so funny, are you alright?”


Qi Yun took a cup of water and took a few sips of water before looking at him awkwardly. His stomach burst into laughter, “Oh, I was right after all. Hahaha, I’m laughing so hard. Who would’ve thought that our Speaker Qi was so innocent…”


Qi Yun looked at Xing Zhongwan, who was laughing uncontrollably. Qi Yun watched him with wet eyes, as he bent down with a smile, raised his head and asked him, “You like me that much?”


Qi Yun nodded.


Xing Zhongwan suddenly let out a breath, squatted on the ground and grabbed the fur on the carpet. Qi Yun pulled the chair and squatted in front of him, he knew that Xing Zhongwan was feeling awkward.


“Stop pulling, it will go bald if you pull it any more.” His slender fingers pressed against the back of Xing Zhongwan’s hand. Xing Zhongwan ignored him and continued to bully the carpet. Qi Yun didn’t feel any discomfort in his waist, so he simply sat down and copied Xing Zhongwan. They both plucked the carpet clean.


After the two grown men held back what they wanted to say for a long time, Xing Zhongwan looked up at him, “Isn’t it naive?”


Qi Yun looked back at him, “It’s not naive to do anything with you.”


Xing Zhongwan smiled, “It’s like… an old man and a youth.” He stretched out his hand and touched the white hair on Qi Yun’s temple, Qi Yun grabbed his hand, “Am I getting old?”


Xing Zhongwan was taken aback for a moment. Very seriously, he replied, “You’re not old, but even so, you’re still very beautiful. Even if you’re old, you’re still an old fairy.”


Xing Zhongwan’s pale blue pupils held a smile. This was the first time Qi Yun had seen it so clearly in his eyes. Joyful, the two men sat on the carpet by the dining table and looked at each other. Qi Yun reached out and touched Xing Zhongwan’s chin, “Can you stay with me for a day? Let’s pretend I’m not Qi Yun and that you are not Xing Zhongwan.”


Xing Zhongwan looked at him amusingly, “Then who are we?”


Qi Yun pulled the person into his arms, “Two people who like each other.”


Xing Zhongwan’s hands follow the shape of his spine to his lower back. With a soft sigh, he replied with an ‘en’.


In the hospital, Shen Congxin and Xue Qing were video-calling each other.


“Sister Xue Qing, how are you still in the mood to eat? I don’t know what’s happening between my big cousin and cousin-in-law? They won’t fight, right?”


Xue Qing raised her brows and continued drinking her chicken soup.


“Don’t worry, they won’t be able to fight. It’s not the first time his ass has bloomed.”


Shen Congxin suddenly grasped the point, “What did you say? Not the first time?” He has already made up an image in his mind of his big cousin being held down. But that was not as shocking as Xue Qing’s statement saying that it was not the first time.


Xue Qing licked the chicken soup at the corner of her mouth, “You only saw Qi Yun’s efforts, but you didn’t see what Laoxing secretly did behind his back.”


Shen Congxin tilted his head, “But the cousin-in-law is really nice to my big cousin, even if he is fierce.”


Xue Qing snorted, he is really a young child, he still can’t see the truth behind the facade.


After closing the video, Xue Qing put down the bowl in his hand and glanced at the time on her phone.


You don’t know how much he likes Qi Yun.


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(Vol. 2) Chapter 27 – Drunkenness

Chapter 27 – Drunkenness


The current atmosphere in the car was very embarrassing. Shen Congxin almost jumped out of the car. He didn’t dare to look behind him.


He just recalled Xue Qing’s sigh and her instructions before she hung up the phone. If you want to survive, make sure you take a video.


Shen Congxin felt his scalp numbing up. Xing Zhongwan was hanging onto Qi Yun’s body in the rearview mirror. His legs were still tightly locked to his big cousin and he couldn’t bear to look directly at him. Brother Zhongwan, are you always this enthusiastic when you are drunk? Shen Congxin suddenly felt the strong urge to survive so he took out his mobile phone carefully and listened to Sister Xue Qing.


Qi Yun reluctantly patted Xing Zhongwan who was hugging him like a koala. He was surprised. Turns out there was this side to you, Wanwan. He could smell many different kinds of liquors coming from his body and wondered how many he had to drink. He was about to rub his stomach but was caught by Xing Zhongwan. His mouth, which was red because of the alcohol, exuded hot breaths on Qi Yun’s face.


Xing Zhongwan’s pair of teary eyes narrowed slightly as he leaned on Qi Yun. His tongue licked the tip of Qi Yun’s white ears a little bit. Seeing the snow-white outline turn red little by little, Xing Zhongwan smiled, “Hey beautiful, are you shy?”


Qi Yun sighed helplessly and grabbed his hand that was digging into his pants, “How much alcohol have you been drinking? Are you always like this when you’re drunk?” 


Feeling a little bit angry, Qi Yun flexed his finger and flicked the pitiful Xing Zhongwan on his forehead. Xing Zhongwan narrowed his eyes in pain, looking unhappy, “You hit me?” The slight anger he felt suddenly vanished. Now looking at the quickly reddening forehead, Qi Yun reached out his hand and touched Xing Zhongwan’s forehead in some distress.


“Does it hurt?”


Xing Zhongwan nodded, “It hurts. But it won’t hurt if you kiss it.”


Qi Yun was so stunned his red ears looked like they were dripping blood and he couldn’t help but feel that it would be good if the usual Xing Zhongwan was always like this.


He was unable to stretch his neck in this confined space to kiss him on the forehead, so Xing Zhongwan smiled and grabbed his tie to kiss Qi Yun’s lips instead.


Shen Congxin couldn’t even hold his phone anymore. No matter how juicy this was, whether he was to videotape this or not, he felt that he would die regardless of what he did now.


“Big cousin, where are we going now? It’s not appropriate to send Brother Zhongwan back in this situation.”


It was inappropriate. After all,  Xing Zhongwan now looked like a tumour growing on Qi Yun that he couldn’t get rid of.


Qi Yun’s lips were now swollen due to Xing Zhongwan’s kiss. Xing Zhongwan then proceeded to press his restless head against his chest, “Go to the villa in Xishan, where people are quiet.”


Shen Congxin agreed and ordered the driver to go to Xishan. Because Xing Zhongwan had already started to undress, he quickly covered his eyes. Oh dear mother, I will see no evil.


Xing Zhongwan sat on Qi Yun and took off his suit before beginning to unbutton his shirt. With a dark face, Qi Yun grabbed the suit that had been thrown aside and put it back on him, “Did you use to do this too? Would you just cling to anything beautiful you see?”


Xing Zhongwan only held Qi Yun’s face in dissatisfaction, “What kind of position do you prefer? Or we can try a few. You are so beautiful, I will take good care of you.”


Qi Yun smiled angrily, grabbed his hand and bit his ear lightly, “Beautiful? How beautiful am I? Am I more beautiful than the ones you are usually with?”


Xing Zhongwan’s slightly blue pupils rolled around, thinking carefully and nodding seriously, “You are the most beautiful. With your pretty forehead, pretty eyes, pretty nose, and lips…”


After mentioning each part, Xing Zhongwan gave them a kiss. When he stopped by Qi Yun’s lips, he stretched out his red tongue and gently licked it, “This place is the most beautiful.” 


After he finished speaking, Qi Yun tightly sealed his lips. He held onto Xing Zhongwan’s waist and breathed heavily, “If you can’t meet beauties daily, you’ll seek them out yourself, right?”


Xing Zhongwan was pulling and twisting the originally neat and flat collar of Qi Yun’s shirt,”Then will you be by my side all the time?”


You really are a complete mess when you’re drunk. Wanwan, even at gunpoint, you wouldn’t be able to say such things sober.


Qi Yun felt a little sad, “It’s always been you who didn’t want me.”


The driver in front and Shen Congxin were on ice. If it was not obvious already, the question and answer provided was blatant flirting. Xing Zhongwan but he gave the driver a wink and they then drifted to the villa in Xishan.


As soon as the car was parked, the driver and Shen Congxin unfastened their seat belts and got out of the car immediately. They automatically left the car and left the rear door open. Seeing this, Qi Yun carried Xing Zhongwan out of the car with a cold face. Xing Zhongwan waved his hands with an unhappy expression on his face, “Beautiful, you’re pressing down on my stomach, I want to vomit…”


Qi Yun: …


He stepped into the villa. Qi Yun has not been here for a long time, so he was trying to figure out where the switch was. However, they both fell to the ground with Xing Zhongwan against the door.


In the dark space, their visibility was limited and they could only feel each other’s scorching breaths. Xing Zhongwan squinted his eyes and quickly pulled Qi Yun’s belt towards him. He then pushed him into the wall with his lower body. In between, a pair of cool hands pulled Qi Yun’s shirt and grasped his back. Qi Yun gasped and grabbed the pair of naughty hands that were doing bad things, “I’m afraid that you’ll wake up and regret it later, Wanwan.”


Xing Zhongwan tilted his head and exhaled, “I’ll regret it if I can’t sleep with such a beauty,” He broke free from Qi Yun’s grasp and instead pinned his hand on the top of his head. He then felt around Qi Yun’s flat chest before becoming stunned… The slender hand rubbed that place again uncertaintly before finally looking at Qi with a puzzled expression, “Beautiful, why is your chest so flat.”


Qi Yun was a little embarrassed. Before he could think about what to say, Xing Zhongwan had already lowered his head to hold his nipples, “But it’s so cute here. It’s okay, I don’t dislike your chest.”


Qi Yun laughed again. His hand was grabbed against the wall as chest was attacked by an ambiguous lick. Qi Yun was going crazy, but Xing Zhongwan, who had pushed him against the wall, was in a more of a hurry. He was fierce and skillful in unbuttoning and pulling off his trousers. Qi Yun’s face turned dark again.


However, the other person was still full of interest. He just crouched down and looked at the bulging organ in front of him that was no different from his own. Xing Zhongwan raised his head in confusion, “Beauty, why do you have this?” After speaking, he pointed to his lower body, which was unzipped, “What a coincidence, I have one too.”


Qi Yun couldn’t bear it any longer with that cute look. He broke free and threw him to the ground. The door of the villa was covered with a thick carpet, but there is no floor heating. Even so, it was not cold. Qi Yun’s whole body was surrounded by Xing Zhongwan’s legs as he lovingly rubbed his face, “Wanwan, do you see who I am?”


In the villa, it was hard to see with only the moonlight from outside supplying light. Xing Zhongwan stretched out his arms around Qi Yun’s neck, “You are a beauty.”


It was winter and Qi Yun was afraid that he would catch a cold, so he dragged him to the room on the second floor. On the way, he finally found the remote controller for the light so the two of them didn’t need to walk in the dark.


Entering the room, Qi Yun had just turned on the light when Xing Zhongwan pressed him down on the big bed.


Qi Yun didn’t know where his shirt was thrown by Xing Zhongwan, but as he pressed him down, he looked at Qi Yun’s body carefully, his long fingers tracing the scar on his chest. His eyes were a little red and Qi Yun patted his head, “What’s wrong? You’ve seen it before. It’s ugly, isn’t it?”


Xing Zhongwan tilted his head and stuck out his tongue little by little on the long scar. With such care and empathy, Qi Yun’s heart moved, “I don’t care anymore.”


Xing Zhongwan murmured, “It must be very painful, it’s so long.”


His hands kept going further down his body until Xing Zhongwan stared blankly at Qi Yun’s crotch as if he was looking at a strange piece of equipment. Before, the treasure was in the dark, so he didn’t feel shy, but now that there were lights and it was bright, Qi Yun blushed. He put his hand over his eyes and was a little embarrassed. Xing Zhongwan took out his finger and poked it. The straight and beautiful pillar bounced back mischievously. Xing Zhongwan seemed to have found something fun and poked it hard several times. Qi Yun was so shy that he couldn’t even care about being shy. If he continued to tease him like this, he was about to catch fire. Qi Yun spread his legs and pulled Xing Zhongwan to lie on top of him, “Let’s do it. Unfortunately I did not bring any lubrication or protection here, but it’s fine. I’m not afraid of the pain.”


Xing Zhongwan was looking alternately between his crotch and his face. Qi Yun thought that he was repulsed by another man’s body so he didn’t know what to do. However, after looking at his d1ck that showed no signs of softening, he sighed and thought about it. Qi Yun got up and rubbed Xing Zhongwan’s back, “Then can I use my mouth?”


Xing Zhongwan’s crotch and the hardness had already begun to get wet. Xing Zhongwan sighed contentedly, “Remember to breathe even while you put it inside. That’s right.”


Xing Zhongwan opened his legs wide, his knees bent. His hands were holding the head that was swallowing his d1ck. He did not forget to spit out a few words, “Beauty, you are not skilled in this technique.”


Qi Yun’s tongue carefully licked his heavy balls and said, “I don’t have anyone to practice with.”


He took in Xing Zhongwan’s c0ck to the hilt and the drunk Xing Zhongwan couldn’t stand this kind of stimulation. He immediately came inside Qi Yun’s mouth.


When Qi Yun raised his head, there was still some white liquid hanging from his mouth. Xing Zhongwan sat up and stretched out his hand, “Spit it out.” Qi Yun stared at him, opened his mouth and the white liquid dibbled out little by little into Xing Zhongwan’s palm. Xing Zhongwan watched Qi Yun’s red tongue licking the rest of the fluids around his mouth and his half-soft thing suddenly became hard again.


Xing Zhongwan was still dumbfounded as those beautiful eyes stared at him.


Qi Yun sighed and moved his body, only to see Xing Zhongwan’s arms outstretched around his neck. He then whispered, “I can’t bully you. It’ll hurt a lot and you’ll be pitiful.” Qi Yun hugged him and thought it was funny. Who was bullying who right now? If you sobered up and saw us like this, you would probably chop me up with a knife.


As he was about to reconsider, Xing Zhongwan began to kiss him, little by little from the ear down his neck and onto his chest. He then rubbed Qi Yun’s d1ck and pressed it down at his waist. When he realised what Wanwan wanted, he spoke, “Silly boy, don’t get angry when you wake up tomorrow morning.. and don’t run away, understand?”


Xing Zhongwan tilted his head and couldn’t understand why he would get angry.


He hadn’t figured out that Qi Yun had him pressed onto the bed. Qi Yun scrunched his gorgeous eyebrows and couldn’t bear it. “It will hurt, baby.”


Xing Zhongwan took off his gloves and fiddled with Qi Yun’s d1ck, “Then don’t hurt me.” The soft Jiangnan accent made a mushroom cloud quickly pop above Qi Yun’s head.


Kneeling down and spreading Xing Zhongwan’s legs, he could see the beautiful and red entrance beneath the sack. This is the first time Qi Yun has seen Xing Zhongwan’s private place. As it was quite cold in the room, his little hole clenched a little. Xing Zhongwan moaned impatiently, “Cold.”


Qi Yun quickly looked around. He didn’t want to hurt Wanwan. He’d rather endure it than let him get hurt. Qi Yun felt a sharp pain in his lower body when he suddenly saw a tube fall out of his pocket and fall onto the ground. When he picked it up, he saw that it was a bottle of essential oil that he had used to moisturize his hands. He had always known how exquisite Wanwan was, it seems that he’ll have to wrong him tonight again.


Qi Yun opened the lid and poured some on Wanwan’s c0ck. As he watched the yellow liquid flowing down into the small hole, the scent of orange blossoms filled the room. Qi Yun rubbed his c0ck again and fortunately there was no irritation. He was afraid that Wanwan would be uncomfortable, so he carefully stretched out a finger into the closed hole. The foreign sensation made Xing Zhongwan open his confused eyes, “What are you doing…”


His next following words were all blocked in Qi Yun’s mouth. Xing Zhongwan climbed on top of Qi Yun and held his shoulder, panting slightly. Qi Yun stretched out another finger to ask him if it hurt or not. Xing Zhongwan shook his head despite looking cutely uncomfortable. Qi Yun lost his mind when he felt the other’s soft insides. He moved his fingers away, and replaced it with his c0ck, sticking it inside and kissing the corner of Xing Zhongwan’s eye, “I’m coming in.”


Xing Zhongwan still didn’t understand what he meant by coming in and as his lower body was penetrated, the uncomfortable feeling of his internal organs being squeezed made him frown. He held Qi Yun’s back tightly and a tear escaped from the corner of his eyes. Qi Yun immediately stopped, “Does it hurt?”


Xing Zhongwan opened his mouth, as Qi Yun held his firm buttocks with both hands. He shook his head, “Just a little.”


Qi Yun breathed a sigh of relief and buried himself in his body before sticking out his tongue to lick away the fine sweat on his forehead.


He hoped that he would still  be able to see the sun tomorrow…


Xing Zhongwan was lying on the bed as he pouted. Qi Yun grabbed his waist with both hands, and slowly pushed his thick and beautiful shaft into the small hole to open its folds. This mercilessly squeezed out some white fluids and some yellow-coloured orange blossom essential oil started dripping from where they were connected. Xing Zhongwan grabbed the sheet with both hands and bit his lip tightly. Qi Yun pinched his chin for fear that he would bite and hurt  himself, “Wanwan, don’t bite yourself, bite me.”


Xing Zhongwan opened his mouth slightly and couldn’t help but moan, “Ah…you…stop…ngh!”


Qi Yun took out his c0ck completely, swapped positions so Xing Zhongwan was under him and spread his legs. His hardness pressed against the pitiful back entrance that had been fvcked open and pushed it open again with force. Xing Zhongwan tugged at his neck. Screaming silently, his strong and beautiful abdominal muscles that were tensed up were clearly revealed in the bright light. Due to the force, his beautiful c0ck was half-hard with some crystal clear liquid beading at its head.


Qi Yun separated his legs and hooked them on his arms. He didn’t move quickly but thrusted deeply into Xing Zhongwan’s body so he could carve himself into his body.


As his lower body was moving, Qi Yun bit the pretty pink buds on Xing Zhongwan’s chest, “Wanwan, do you remember that you promised me to call my brother next time we meet? Can I hear that from you now?”


Xing Zhongwan’s head was spinning from the alcohol but he could still hear his words. His lower body was sore and numb, yet the discomfort at the beginning had already turned into unspeakable pleasure under the intense thrusting. He couldn’t help it and started to stroke his half-hard c0ck as moans escaped his mouth.


However, Qi Yun suddenly stopped and the small hole that was full but suddenly lost the pleasurable rhythm. Xing Zhongwan opened his eyes unhappily, Qi Yun leaned into his ear and tempted him, “Can you call me gege[/mfn]Means older brother in chinese. Also a coquettish term of endearment.[/mfn]? Call me gege and I’ll give it to you.”


Xing Zhongwan moved his own lower body impatiently. He did not know where the others’ capriciousness came from but he rolled over and pushed Qi Yun under him. Some of Qi Yun’s c0ck slipped out but Xing Zhongwan sat down heavily and slipped it inside again. As it went in, both parties sighed comfortably at the same time.


Qi Yun smiled as he grabbed Xing Zhongwan’s strong waist. My Wanwan’s figure is really good. “Do you like to sit on it?”


Xing Zhongwan didn’t say a word. Instead, he began to twist his body. For a while, his red and swollen hole was fvcked quickly and repeatedly swallowed the huge c0ck. Qi Yun was hooked and almost went crazy because of him, his eyes dyed red with love.


Xing Zhongwan closed his eyes and stuck out his tongue to lick the salty sweat from his mouth. Finally, he opened his eyes and stopped. Those long and narrow eyes were bright as he said, “Gege.”


When he called out to Qi Yun, Qi Yun was stunned, but before he could react, his body was already one step ahead of him. He grasped Xing Zhongwan’s waist and pushed it down heavily.


He ejaculated inside as Xing Zhongwan tightly tightened his hole, before Qi Yun could pull it out.


Looking at Xing Zhongwan, who was sleeping soundly on top of him, Qi Yun put him on the bed with a wry smile. He cleaned his hole and covered him with a quilt. After taking a shower, he got inside the quilt and hugged his drunk baby who slept like the world did not exist and looked at his reddened face and tears at the corner of his eyes.

Qi Yun kissed the corner of his lips and hugged him tightly. Ah, I hope this won’t disappear tomorrow morning.



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(Vol. 2) Chapter 26 – It's too late

Chapter 26 – It’s too late


Xie Ming, who was wearing sunglasses, handed a thick folder to Xing Zhongwan. Xing Zhongwan opened and glanced at it. A hint of surprise flashed in his eyes, “Sister Ming, you?”


Xie Ming took off her sunglasses. Her simple face without makeup held an indescribable tenderness, “Boss, if it wasn’t for you, I would not have gotten my daughter’s custody back. I understand that Speaker Qi helped me get to where I am today even though he is quite busy. I’m so sorry there is nothing much I can do for you in return.”


“No no no.” Xing Zhongwan put the stack of documents away, “Sister Ming, how did you get ahold of these?” 


A trace of bitterness flashed on Xie Ming’s face, “Boss, I always have to leave some way out for myself. None of these people are clean. I was going to use this evidence in exchange for the custody of my daughter. I thought I would have to struggle to death with the other party before this was resolved but I didn’t expect this turn-of-events thanks to you.”


Xie Ming then passed a mobile phone to Xing Zhongwan, “Boss, I’ve also recorded a video of my testimony. If that document is not enough, I can also come back and testify in person.”


Xing Zhongwan took the phone and looked at Xie Ming gratefully, “Sister Ming, thank you.”


Xie Ming smiled and said, “No, thank you. Master Xing treated me well in the past. Even if it’s not for boss, I, too, can no longer stand for that group of cronies’ behavior anymore.”


Xing Zhongwan then handed the two air tickets to Xie Ming, “Sister Ming, return to country X today. Your place of residence has already been arranged. After you resume work in country X, feel free to find Xie Yi anytime.”


Xie Ming patted Xing Zhongwan with the back of her hand, “Boss, please pay attention to your own safety in this country. And as for…you and Qi…forget it, this is out of line for me. Then I will leave first, boss. See you in country X.”


Xing Zhongwan watched as the thankful Xie Ming left. A tall and strong man then came out behind him. It was the same man in the small building that day.


“Boss, someone has been sent to escort Miss Xie.”


Xing Zhongwan put both his hands on the file bag and tapped thoughtfully, “Be careful, don’t let anyone find out.”


Wa Liang’s bald head was in the way. Qi Yun looked indifferently at the serious old general, “Don’t you want to discuss my marriage with your daughter again?


“I can’t find any other good suitors but how can I bear to cast my family’s fate in your hands? There’s another reason I’m looking for you. Have you been in conflict with Laocheng recently? I feel that he’s getting close to the opposition full of elders who think it’ll be over if they apologize to the juniors. Why did you bother offending others at this critical moment?”


Qi Yun took the old general forward and said, “Our way of thinking is too different. Does an old man like yourself find his values to be more compatible with your own?”


The old man pointed to his bright forehead and pointed at Qi Yun, “You stinky boy. Are you cooking up some bad ideas again? Let’s not talk about this. What happened to the railway infrastructure joint-venture with the little princess in X country? You gave her the green light all the way. Does that beauty… have something to do with it?”


Qi Yun asked calmly, “Where did you hear this gossip?” 


The old man laughed, “I’m old, but my ears are not deaf. Whether intentional or unintentional, the news will soon spread. I have to keep it down quickly since I’m in the same boat as you. What good will it be for me if this boat capsizes? But you have to give me some reassurance. Surely you and that person from country X don’t have that kind of thing going…”


Qi Yun suddenly stopped and looked calm, “Don’t you think he resembles someone?”


The old man was stunned for a moment, but his eyes suddenly rounded as he smacked his round and oily forehead, “Oh, I remember now. Xing Yanyin! No way, this…was he the child who was kicked out of the Xing family at the beginning…tsk tsk, let me calm down a little.”


Qi Yun closed his coat, “Think about it slowly. I’m heading back first.”


When Qi Yun came out, he happened to meet the group from country X. Aisha recognised Qi Yun’s face immediately. After all, the project had been negotiated and the contract was signed today. Aisha understood how much effort Qi Yun had put into this project, otherwise there would not be this much progress after just three days of talking. Aisha and Qi Yun shook hands and exchanged a few words as the members of the group behind them all looked at the young president with curiosity.


“Thanks to you, I am able to negotiate this project on behalf of the people who live along the snow-capped mountains in Country X. Your country’s infrastructure is one of the best in the world. If you can encourage some movement regarding this project, many who live in these mountainous areas will be able to benefit from it.” Aisha had said. Her words were not just polite, but sincere too.


Qi Yun said calmly, “It’s also a good project for your country and mutually beneficial.” 


What Qi Yun said was perfunctory but Aisha didn’t mind, “This project will be assisted by the Royal Family Foundation and the person in charge is present here today. Wan, please come here.”


Aisha beckoned towards the end of the crowd. Xing Zhongwan who was bored and had his hands in his suit pants pocket was about to yawn. When he was suddenly called, he started coughing.


At this time, Qi Yun was looking at him, along with the entire follow-up group. Xing Zhongwan was so sleepy that he wanted to yawn again. He used his brain power too much when he just came back, so the jetlag had not subsided. What did you call me for this time, Aisha?


With this thought in mind, he walked to the front with a smile on his face before stretching out his hand, “Hello, Speaker Qi.”


Qi Yun smiled, reached out and shook it, “Hello.”


Aisha was secretly proud. Thank me later for giving you both a chance to shake hands in an open and honest way.


“Speaker Qi will attend the farewell dinner the day after tomorrow, right?”


Xing Zhongwan withdrew his hand and stood aside to look at Qi Yun.


Qi Yun hesitated for a moment before Xing Zhongwan said leisurely, “His Royal Highness, President Qi is a busy man.” He gave her a wink. Haven’t you occupied enough of his time already?


Aisha glanced back at him. I gave you both a chance to meet, but you’re still hating on me!


“That’s alright if Speaker Qi doesn’t have the time. Next time you have the opportunity to visit Country X, please let me personally show you around.”


Qi Yun nodded slightly and glanced at Xing Zhongwan inadvertently. Seeing that he was fiddling with his trouser legs in a bored manner, the seriousness plastered on his face must have been so boring to keep up with.


“It’s been windy these few nights, everyone be sure to keep yourselves warm.”


When Xing Zhongwan raised his head suddenly, Qi Yun no longer looked at him. As Qi Yun left, Aisha was still sighing about how Qi Yun was really considerate. Xing Zhongwan only looked at the thin suit on his body, and noted that he was dressed the least warmly in the entire group. Qi Yun’s words were actually directed at him.


Xing Zhongwan wrapped himself in a thick down jacket and went to the hospital to see that Xue Qingzheng was in a video-call with Cheng Zhengzhe. As soon as she saw Xing Zhongwan, who was wrapped up like a bear, he quickly summarized the work he was doing and ended the call. She excitedly took the computer and turned to Xing Zhongwan, “Old Xing, where did you get this amazing information?”


Xing Zhongwan took off his down jacket and slumped on the sofa opposite to her, “I’ve never seen such a vigorous patient.”


Xue Qing bit an apple, “That’s because you have a lot to keep in mind. After all, you’ve been tired recently.”


Xing Zhongwan stretched his body and took a breath, “The road has been paved for him. Let’s see just how he will pick this up.


Out of the corner of his eye, he glanced at the headlines on Xue Qing’s computer. If you want to play, two can play at that game. Take your time.


Shen Congxin was holding a newspaper as he ran into Qi Yun’s office, “Big cousin, have you read the news?”


Qi Yun was on the phone when Shen Congxin came in with a whimper. Qi Yun sullenly motioned for him not to speak.


“Qi Yun, are you just bored? You could’ve held back with such a big event occurring soon. I’m still thinking of how you and Lao Cheng’s relationship can be salvaged. Instead, I now have to draw a line with him. At any rate, you’ll only let me live a few more years until your ambitions are realized right? Despite my position as your manager, you’ve only walked all over us.”


After the other party hung up the phone angrily, Qi Yun motioned for Shen Congxin to come in and read the news to him. The corners of Qi Yun’s eyes gradually curled up and he let out a sigh of relief and laughed.


“Big cousin, you said you wouldn’t do it.”


Qi Yun got up and walked slowly to the window. The smile on the corner of his mouth was getting bigger and bigger when remembered the time Xing Zhongwan alone went to the central government for himself many years ago.


“You did it, didn’t you?” Shen Congxin recalled, “The incident involving my cousin-in-law?”


Qi Yun returned to his position and called the insider to let the secretary come in.


The expressions on Shen Congxin’s face were not too good, “I…I…this move is too ruthless. But how can my eldest cousin-in-law have a director of commerce do this…”


Qi Yun said the word Xie Ming.


Shen Congxin opened his mouth and murmured, “Xie Ming’s ex-husband is… by my cousin-in-law…” Without speaking he made a gesture with his fingers slitting his throat as his hands were shaking.


“Big cousin, I finally understand now. My cousin-in-law doesn’t truly hate you. He’s also really cruel and not a human being either. Hey, that’s not right… that’s not right… Anyway, he’s too good for you in comparison.”


Qi Yun took a sip of water calmly as the secretary knocked on the door. He was severely injured by Qi Zongcheng last time, so it took more than a month to recover but he was already caught up with all the major happenings as soon as he resumed his job.


“A lot of things can be found out by digging into this matter at the Commerce Department. Even I’ll be uprooted along this line.” He had been waiting for this day for a long time, but he didn’t expect Wanwan to give him a good headstart.


The secretary replied in a low voice, “But there will be a lot of people involved in the investigation. I’m afraid the one at the top won’t stand by.”


Qi Yun snorted coldly, “This is not what he wants to see the most. That Zi Zai… he doesn’t want to let go of his power yet. No one would easily hand over the power they’ve obtained after all. I will investigate this issue to the end and the people caught along the way will be enough for Wanwan’s revenge. Someone will always come to clean up the mess, and the higher ups have probably been waiting since a long time ago. They are more than willing to stand on the ‘good’ side and by selling him this favour, I’m also letting him know that I, Qi Yun, will still be on his side. With that, he should know who should go and stay.”


Qi Yun took a sip of steaming tea from the old house of the Xing family in Jiangnan. It was really fragrant.


Xing Zhongwan wore a tie, buttoned his diamond cuffs and put on a sapphire blue suit. Today marks the day of the farewell dinner he has to attend.


Now that the higher ups have been put in a mess. Those people will be afraid that it will be too late before they can stop Qi Yun. As such, they won’t be able to rise from this hurdle. As for the limit of cruelty, it will be up to Qi Yun. This will be the end of his revenge for Xue Qing’s accident.


Aisha is unfamiliar with the guests at the dinner party here. Although the food and wine was delicious, the toast was a little scary to carry out for a person from country X who didn’t know much about the wine etiquette of other countries.


Xing Zhongwan drank a lot of wine on behalf of Aisha. Even halfway through the banquet, Qi Yun was still not seen and it was not easy to leave before the dinner was over. Just as someone just came to give a toast again, Xing Zhongwan took a sip of wine from Aisha’s hand. After gulping it down, he felt something was wrong when the wine entered his throat. It was yellow wine!


When Aisha found out that there was something wrong with Xing Zhongwan, he had already been sitting in the corner for a while. He didn’t speak and his expression was a little dull. It was rare that he blushed. Xing Zhongwan, who claimed to not become drunk even after a thousand cups, was actually flushing red after drinking! Aisha didn’t think that the few glasses of wine he had drunk on her behalf just now could make him drunk, but Xing Zhongwan didn’t seem sober now either.


Aisha walked over and helped Xing Zhongwan up, “Wan, I’ll take you back first.” The drunk person was very obedient. He lowered his head and let Aisha support him.


Aisha looked around. She couldn’t leave her entourage here, but they can always be sent back later. Only Xue Qing can be trusted but she was still in the hospital. What should she do?


Aisha’s small stature supporting Xing Zhongwan was struggling to get out of the side door of the banquet hall. Luckily, she happened to meet Qi Yun, who came late. The two looked at each other and Aisha felt that she had met her savior, “Speaker Qi, Wanwan is drunk now. Can you help me send him off? Or you can find someone else who’s credible, I can’t leave the event now.”


Qi Yun also noticed Xing Zhongwan who had his head lowered and said to Aisha, “Leave it to me.”


Aisha handed his body to Qi Yun and then entered the venue with confidence. Qi Yun supported Xing Zhongwan and patted him on the back, “What’s wrong? Did you drink too much?”


Hearing a familiar voice, Xing Zhongwan raised his head. Those reddish eyes full of drunkenness looked at Qi Yun’s face, slowly sweeping over the bodyguard, secretary, and Shen Congxin with a look of anticipation before finally returning to Qi Yun’s face again. He suddenly stuck out his red tongue and licked those dry lips, his fingers trembling as he lifted Qi Yun’s chin, “You are so beautiful.”


He then hugged Qi Yun Yun tightly, even if Qi Yun was unsteady, and did not stop there.


Everyone had a ghostly expression before then turning around neatly. The young madam or cousin-in-law will silence whoever saw him in such a state once he woke up.


Xue Qing called Aisha when Xing Zhongwan’s did not pick up his phone. She wanted to eat some porridge and wanted him to come back and bring it for her. She learned from Aisha that Xing Zhongwan was drunk when she handed him over to Qi Yun. Xue Qing almost jumped off the hospital bed.


She called Shen Congxin quickly, but fortunately his mobile phone answered quickly.


“Is Laoxing with you?”


Shen Congxin answered hesitantly, “Uh…yes.”


Xue Qing held her hand over her chest, “Yes, I can be rest assured if he is with Qi Yun. Though Lao Xing must have drunk yellow wine. Feel free to enjoy any kind of alcohol together, but if you do have yellow wine, just let him have one cup. By the way, is he drunk already? Fine, listen to me. Just leave him alone. If you leave him alone, it’ll be fine! Otherwise, if he gets drunk, he will hug whoever is the most beautiful and his true colours will be exposed. It will be impossible to separate him and the other person before he sobers up. Hey, are you still listening?”


Shen Congxin desperately looked at his cousin-in-law who was unmoving behind him and starting to move towards his big cousin. Brother Xing Zhongwan then kissed him on his cold face.


“Sister Xue Qing, it’s too late…”



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