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Forced into the deep

(Vol.2) Chapter 14 – You hate me this much

Chapter 14 – You hate me this much


Xing Zhongwan was really unhappy. He finally brought a woman to his liking and was ready for a round, but I didn’t expect someone to be so blind. The man who had watched him for a long time in the bar even brought someone to follow him. It’s okay if he didn’t get a one night stand, but why did they come to ruin Xing Zhongwan’s good mood? He beat the two men who followed him to death. The man didn’t expect such a beautiful man to be so ruthless and hurriedly revealed his own identity to threaten Xing Zhongwan. This obviously did not make him feel better. Who was Xing Zhongwan? He hated being threatened the most, so he became even more ruthless. The two men were beaten to the ground, unable to move. Xing Zhongwan became even more annoyed by their cries and groans of pain.


He became even more annoyed when Qi Yun, who just appeared in his room with his room card, arrived. His stare made him feel uncomfortable, and that call for ‘Wanwan’ only worsened his rage.


Qi Yun glanced at the two men covered in blood with coldness in his eyes. The secretary waiting at the door winked at the bodyguard behind him. Qi Yun glanced back and quickly took the coat from the sofa. No minding Xing Zhongwan’s dark face, he put the clothes on his almost half-naked lower body. Only then did the bodyguards come in and drag the two half-dead men out.


The door was closed quickly and the smell of blood in the room made Xing Zhongwan frown. The half-smoked cigarette was smothered in the ashtray by him.


“You can go too.” Xing Zhongwan turned around and didn’t look at Qi Yun. He threw his coat on the sofa and took his sweater by the side and put it on.


Just as he was about to pull off the bath towel and put on his trousers, the staring eyes behind him made Xing Zhongwan stop. He then picked up his trousers and went into the bathroom not far away. After putting on his pants and coming out, Xing Zhongwan grabbed a handful of his short bangs on his forehead, picked up the car key that was thrown on the big bed and prepared to go out, but Qi Yun blocked the aisle. Xing Zhongwan told him impatiently to go away but Qi Yun didn’t move. Xing Zhongwan took two steps back and said with a stiff face, “I’m in a bad mood today, don’t mess with me, get out of the way!”


Qi Yun looked at his sweater with a big v-neck. When he took two steps forward, Xing Zhongwan stared at him, “What are you doing?”


Qi Yun stared at his bare chest, “You let that woman kiss you…”


Xing Zhongwan snorted and laughed angrily, “Aren’t you taking it too far?” 


Qi Yun was angry, but he didn’t dare to show it. When he saw the two men with disheveled clothes, Qi Yun had already thought of dozens of ways to make their lives worse than death.


He knew that today, Xing Zhongwan brought a woman with him when he entered the hotel. Knowing it was one thing, but seeing it was another. The scarlet bite mark stabbed his nerves and the absurd thought of why he was not born a woman made him raise his head sharply. He could hug Xing Zhongwan who was in front of him as long as he stretched out his hand. He often viewed things with indifference and impatience, but today Qi Yun couldn’t control himself and wanted to hug him. No one could take away his Wanwan. No one could simply touch him.


Xing Zhongwan saw that Qi Yun refused to let him leave. He didn’t know what he was thinking, just standing in his way in front of him. Instead, he calmed down. It was not worth it for me to quarrel with you. He simply turned around and took the complimentary apple and fruit knife provided by the hotel on the side before cutting it. Laozi should at least be able to eat this apple in the meantime.


Just as the apple was cut in half, Qi Yun looked up to see a pair of mesmerizing eyes looking at him. Xing Zhongwan stopped his movements when he saw Qi Yun stretching out his arms, “Wanwan, can I hug you?


Xing Zhongwan was startled and almost threw the apple in his hand, “What did you say?”


Qi Yun couldn’t wait any longer. He took another step forward and saw that he was so close to touching Xing Zhongwan. He was so eager to reach out to him after missing him for nearly two thousand days and nights. He was just going to hug him gently, that’s all.


Xing Zhongwan threw the apple in his hand but did not put down the fruit knife in his hand. With a cold look on his face he said, “Stay away from me.”


It’s not that he didn’t see the impatience that flashed across Xing Zhongwan’s face. Qi Yun felt sad but didn’t stop. He took a step forward and the two were so close to each other, they could feel each other breathing. The scent of pine wood became more intense. An ice-cold object grazed Qi Yun’s lower right abdomen and Qi Yun lowered his head to find the fruit knife Xing Zhongwan was holding had not been put down. Xing Zhongwan turned his head slightly and their enveloping breaths made him uncomfortable, “Qi Yun, try take one more step forward and I won’t show mercy to you.”


Qi Yun raised his head. Xing Zhongwan was so beautiful but his gorgeous eyebrows and eyes exuded hostility. Qi Yun raised his hand and carefully brushed the bangs in front of his forehead without thinking. As he got closer, the pain of sharp metal cutting through his skin and poking into his flesh was incomparable. To him, he was joyful just to be able to hold Wanwan.


Xing Zhongwan’s hand holding the knife was a bit warm and wet. He frowned and wanted to push the person away but Qi Yun took him into his arms with some force. The slight feel of resistance from the knife in his hand stabbing into flesh made him stunned.


Qi Yun hugged him tightly, burying his head on his shoulder and taking in the smell of his body. His eyes were wet, but Qi Yun couldn’t control it. He has shown his embarrassing appearance to Wanwan before so he doesn’t have to pretend in front of him. He doesn’t have to bury his heartache in his heart when he is happy. It doesn’t matter what he had to give up just to watch him. The real, living Wanwan was right in front of him and the idea of giving up previously now seemed so funny. This time, it would be impossible for him to give up in this lifetime.


The smell of blood on the tip of the nose became stronger and stronger. Xing Zhongwan raised his blood-stained right hand as his body was tightly clasped in Qi Yun’s arms. Xing Zhongwan closed his eyes and his face was pale, “Qi Yun, you are really crazy!”


Qi Yun was taken to the hospital and the secretary almost fainted after he saw the large bloodstain, looking at Xing Zhongwan as if to say, he just loves you, you don’t need to kill him.


Xing Zhongwan was troubled, he inexplicably became the villain with a knife. The sad expression on Qi Yun’s Secretary’s face had an expression that said ‘take responsibility’ as he was sent to the hospital.


Fortunately, the fruit knife wasn’t long and the wound wasn’t deep. Even so, this was too severe of a punishment, even for Qi Yun. The doctor said that if it went any deeper, it would injure his internal organs. The reproachful tone in his speech made Xing Zhongwan even more depressed,


“If you young people have disagreements, just talk about it. You can’t just use a knife.”


Xing Zhongwan was speechless and looked up at the sky…


“Zhongwan bro.” Shen Congxin, who had heard the news, had come to see his eldest cousin. However, because the face of the man lying inside was extremely ugly, he came to find Xing Zhongwan instead. Shen Congxin quickly slipped out of the ward to find Xing Zhongwan to extinguish his anger, “Big cousin refuses to get the procedure done, please go and persuade him.”


Xing Zhongwan squinted at him, “I don’t care if he lives or dies!”


Zhongwan bro, if you don’t care about him, no one will care about him. If he doesn’t get the procedure, the wound will become infected, so just go in and take a look. Just a look.”


Xing Zhongwan just walked forward and away. As he arrived at the door of Qi Yun’s ward, he didn’t know where Shen Congxin came from, but with such great strength, Xing Zhongwan was pushed inside.


Xing Zhongwan was about to shout profanities when three pairs of eyes looked over at him.


Xing Zhongwan abruptly swallowed the swear words that were about to be expelled.


His phone rang and Xing Zhongwan picked it up angrily.


As soon as Xue Qing got off the negotiating table, the woman who was worked to the bone didn’t even get to take a sip of water when she received a call from Zhong Gang saying that Qi Yun had landed in the hospital after being stabbed by Xing Zhongwan…


“It’s only been a few days, but there’s been bloodshed?”


Xing Zhongwan looked down at his off-white sweater stained with Qi Yun’s blood, “He stabbed himself with the knife I was holding and it went into his chest, could you blame me? 


Xue Qing paused, and suddenly burst into laughter, “If the knife was in your hands, you are responsible.”


Xing Zhongwan ruffled his hair angrily, “Why do I feel you and I are not on the same page.”


Xue Qing held back a smile, “It’s just a matter of fact. Don’t be angry. If you stab someone, take good care of them. It’s not like you haven’t taken care of him before. Haha, that’s all I have to say so I’m hanging up first.”


Xing Zhongwan looked at the blackened screen and wondered if he had fallen into another rabbithole again. 


Just as he was thinking about it, there was a knock at the door and someone came in. Zhong Gang, who was still wearing a hospital gown and a coat dr4p3d over him, held a fruit basket in his hands.


Xing Zhongwan watched him bypass him and put the fruit basket on Qi Yun’s bedside with a sincere expression. No words could be used to describe what his boss had just done, but he still used some euphemisms to ask him some things. However, his behavior itself showed the boss what reaction he had towards this incident.


Xing Zhongwan’s eyes widened as he listened to what Zhong Gang said was reasonable and well-founded. As expected of an old man from a public relations background. Even he felt that it was my fault that Qi Yun was lying in bed!


Xing Zhongwan endured his anger and tugged at him, “Can you get up? Does the wound still hurt?”


Zhong Gang looked at his boss’ bad expression and resolutely twisted his face to put on a painful expression before quickly covering his abdomen, “Ms Xue said that you have a situation and told me to take a look. Aren’t we in the hospital? That’s why it’s also convenient for me to be here. Boss, it really hurts now that you mention it. I’ll go first. Mr. Qi, please take good care of yourself.”


After he smiled at Qi Yun, the big man hunched over his stomach and slowly moved to the door, not forgetting to say, “Boss, I have already asked the secretary to bring you clean clothes. You can order anything you need. If you are going to stay in the hospital these few days, you can rest assured. Emma will order you a room.”


Who said I’m going to stay in the hospital, who said that???


Looking back and seeing those three pairs of eyes still staring at him, Xing Zhongwan’s face sank, “What are you looking at? Give him the needle. If it really gets infected, do you want to blame it on me for the rest of your life?” 


The doctor and nurse were both frightened. Who was this? Who could it be who dares speak to Qi Yun like that? Unexpectedly, the man who had been uncooperative on the bed stretched out his arm obediently after being yelled at by Xing Zhongwan. But when Qi Yun got scolded, his mood became better, “I’ll get the needle, don’t be angry.”


That gentle tone made the other two present in the room shocked. Just after returning to his senses, Qi Yun stared coldly at the nurse holding the tray, “Hurry up.”


The young nurse was about to cry in fright. She quickly hung up the IV drip before leaving the ward quickly. Xing Zhongwan cursed in his heart. After  so many years, he still had that dog-ass behavior.


He simply walked over to the head of the bed and took a plum from the fruit basket. After tossing it in the air for a long time, he was really hungry. He didn’t bother to wash it and just wiped it a few times before putting it in his mouth. Qi Yun stared at his wrist in fascination. It was snow white, but there was a meandering scar on his slender wrist that pricked his eyes.


“Does it still hurt?” Xing Zhongwan sighed with deep distress in his tone.


Qi Yun stretched out his hand and pulled the hem of Xing Zhongwan’s sweater, “Wanwan, the stitches hurt a lot but I didn’t ask the doctor to give me anesthesia. After all, when I think of how we were back then, it already makes my heart hurt. I was thinking just now, in this whole life, I won’t ever let you feel hurt again.”


Qi Yun’s eyes sparkled and he said it very seriously. Xing Zhongwan looked at the hand pulling at the hem of his sweater with a plum in his mouth. Before, when Qi Yun could not see, he liked to pull his clothes like this. The familiar movement made him feel like back then, five years ago.


There was a sudden surge from his stomach, so Xing Zhongwan slapped Qi Yun’s hand away and ran to the bathroom to spit out the plum he had just eaten.


Qi Yun’s hand was still in the air after holding the hem of Xing Zhongwan’s clothes, but the sound of vomiting from the bathroom made him go pale instantly.


The warmth gradually faded from his fingertips. You hate me this much…


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(Vol.2) Chapter 13 – Have you seen enough?

Chapter 13 – Have you seen enough?


Xing Zhongwan received a string of addresses and the passwords of the combination lock on his mobile phone and sent a smile to Zhong Gang with satisfaction. He opened the door and got out of the car where Emma had been waiting for a long time at the entrance of the elevator in the basement.


When she saw Xing Zhongwan, Emma, ​​who was dressed in a white suit of an elite style, bowed down at him with a smile on her face, “Big boss.” Xing Zhongwan pointed at her with a smile, “I haven’t seen you for more than two years, but you’ve gotten more and more beautiful. Could it be that you want to stay here and don’t want to go back to the head office anymore?”


Emma followed Xing Zhongwan to the elevator, “I would like to thank the boss for giving me the opportunity to learn. I will go back to the boss and the head office in the future after studying more.” 


With the elevator door closed, Xing Zhongwan pulled down his sunglasses and looked at her, “It seems that Zhong Gang has taught you a lot in the past two years, which is good. Tell me about the branch office.”


Emma told him the general situation while standing behind Xing Zhongwan. Just as the elevator opened, Xing Zhongwan stepped out of the elevator loudly.


The branch established by Zhong Gang belonged to the entertainment department of the group. When it was established, they brought a group of artists from the head office. Xiao Ying was one of them and is now very popular. Emma was a very good agent for artists and had the means to lead. Now that the company is operating well, Xing Zhongwan was very satisfied.


Xing Zhongwan was used to leaving things to his employees. Only the TV station that was passed to him from the Xing family’s inheritance was carefully taken care of by himself. As for the rest, he was not interested as long as his investments made money and never lost.


He rarely visited the head office of the entertainment department even once a year, let alone a small brokerage company of the branch. Emma almost couldn’t believe it when she learned that Xing Zhongwan would be coming.


However, even if they referred to it as a small brokerage company, it was actually not. With great difficulty, Zhong Gang managed to bring the new company to its current position today in two years. To achieve the goal of being in the top ten of the industry tasked by Xing Zhongwan, Zhong Gang did not dare to slack off at all. Or else, who would let him go back to the head office to chase a certain person?


The branch office was located on the 33rd to 35th floors of the building where Qingyuan Capital was. When Xing Zhongwan went in, he passed the long office corridor. It was early in the morning and everyone was there. Seeing Emma bringing a man in, everyone was curious and carefully began to look around.


“Wow, who is the man next to Mrs Em? Oh my god, he’s too good-looking.”


“A new artist signed by the company? It doesn’t seem like that. Just look at that aura and those long legs, I’m going to faint!”


“Dong Zhong I’m sorry, but your status as a male god in my heart can no longer be guaranteed.”


Xing Zhongwan didn’t have time to pay attention to the whispers below. He just turned around and took off his sunglasses before entering the office and smiled to the front, making them all gasp in an instant.


Emma looked at the straight black line of people from behind. Boss, you are starting to mess around again.


Xing Zhongwan walked into the office and looked around. He was very dissatisfied. “Zhong Gang’s taste has not changed at all for so many years. Even his office decoration is so boring. It is so square that it is difficult to breathe.”


Emma looked ahead as Xing Zhongwan took off his suit and stretched his waist. As he stretched, his thin waistline wrapped in a dark blue shirt made Emma sigh. Boss, you look very criminal, okay? 


She and Xing Zhongwan have known each other for ten years so she has since gotten used to it, but the young people outside aren’t. Even if the big boss doesn’t reveal his identity, he could make a moth fly into the flames without caring for his life. However, even he himself doesn’t have such self-consciousness and causes raging hormones everywhere.


“Boss, when you liaise with the employees here, you cannot treat them according to the head office’s standards. The quality of the employees here range widely so if there is anything that makes you unhappy, please tell me and I will deal with it.”


Emma said this very vaguely. She was just saying it for the sake of telling the boss to keep it in a little bit as these children were no better than the old fritters in the head office, as they can’t stop pining for your affection.


Xing Zhongwan was looking down at the document and snorted when he heard what she said, “If they can’t even handle this beauty, then they should stop wasting time in this line of work as soon as possible.”


Emma covered her head and felt that she would do this a lot in the future. It was going to be a sad half a month.


“Tomorrow, No. 3 and No. 4 will come over. At that time, if you have any work, hand it over to them. List down your important itineraries and let me know first.”


Emma looked through the schedule with a look of embarrassment, “There is indeed one this year. The company has launched a new group to participate in the selection of a reality show. The heads of various brokerage companies will participate in the recording of the first episode and Dong Zhong has already agreed. Boss, you have to show your face on behalf of Dong Zhong. “


Emma knew Xing Zhongwan had always disliked appearing in front of the camera and resisted even taking his own pictures. In Country X, no matter how famous Xing Zhongwan was, only a few people knew his true appearance. The only time reporters were able to photograph him was at the annual royal family’s year-end reception.


Unsurprisingly, Xing Zhongwan frowned and lay down on the sofa on the side. At least Zhong Gang’s can boast about how comfortable it was to lie on his office sofa.


Emma hurriedly answered, “At most, it’ll just be a quick sweep from the camera.”


Xing Zhongwan really wanted to go to the hospital and drag Zhong Gang up at this time. Look how much trouble you have caused me.


Zhong Gang, who was drinking porridge in the hospital, suddenly felt a chill on his back and felt that his life after being discharged from the hospital would soon be difficult.


The arrival of Xing Zhongwan made the whole company a little invigorated. They all asked Emma’s assistant who the man who entered Zhong Dong’s office was. Emma’s assistant said with a cold face that if they wanted to continue working here, they should shut up for their sake, so everyone who was excited all morning quickly dispersed one after another.


Xing Zhongwan worked until five o’clock in the evening. It was much earlier compared to when he was in the head office. Looking at the time, he estimated that the secretary from his head office was still sleeping, so he stretched out and planned to go out for a walk. As soon as he left the office, he saw Xiao Ying and his publicity agent walking towards him. Xing Zhongwan leaned against the door of the office and crossed his arms in front of his chest. When they met at the bar that day, he didn’t realize that this child really grew up a lot. When Xiao Ying saw Xing Zhongwan, he stopped in surprise, before greeting the big boss. He saw Xing Zhongwan put a single finger in front of his plump lips before shushing him. Xiao Ying’s face quickly turned red as the publicity agent by his side was dumbfounded. She’s never seen her artist looking so shy. When she looked back again, the man who was leaning against the door was gone.


Xing Zhongwan went back to the office to answer a phone call. It was Shen Congxin who asked him out tonight. Xing Zhongwan agreed with a smile, this child is really doing his duty of taking care of him for Qi Yun. Thinking of Qi Yun gave him a headache, but Xing Zhongwan picked up the suit jacket on the sofa and sent Emma a message.


Going out for an appointment.


The bar Shen Congxin chose won over Xing Zhongwan heart. Xing Zhongwan’s big V-neck sweater was stuffed with god knows how many phone numbers while he made his way from the entrance of the bar to the deck. Xing Zhongwan took a sip of wine and threw a wink at the woman who had been staring at him diagonally for a long time. Shen Congxin who sat in front of Xing Zhongwan quickly blocked him out of the woman’s sight. If his eldest cousin knew about him bringing Xing Zhongwan here, he guessed that he would be skinned. But there was no other way, he had to maintain a good relationship with Xing Zhongwan before he could help his big cousin chase him.


Xing Zhongwan couldn’t hide his smile, “I didn’t think that you would be quite good at playing, this place is a good find.”


Shen Congxin laughed. The corners of his eyes curved downwards till there was only a single slit left, “Zhongwan bro, if you like it, then that’s good.” Xing Zhongwan thought his expression of pretending to have fun while being in pain was very funny, especially since he was actually scared to death. Xing Zhongwan turned his head and shook the glass in his hand. Not far away, a man with a good appearance raised the glass in his hand to him. Xing Zhongwan held eye-contact with him and mouthed out a ‘no’.


He saw someone he was interested in tonight. However, with Shen Congxin here, he obviously couldn’t make a move. He had to get this kid out of the way. Xing Zhongwan suddenly got up and pulled Shen Congxin off the dance floor. The deafening music and the men and women writhing crazily on the dance floor all excited Xing Zhongwan. Shen Congxin was a little at a loss at the beginning and was quickly infected by the atmosphere. The men and women who were on the dance floor made it possible for Xing Zhongwan to plan his escape. He stuck out his tongue in excitement to wet the corners of his mouth. It’s time to start eating meat after being a vegetarian for a long time.


Xing Zhongwan watched Shen Congxin, who was jiving along with the music, before disappearing under the colorful lights through the crowded crowd. By the time Shen Congxin stopped dripping with sweat, Xing Zhongwan had long disappeared.


Qi Yun was supposed to attend a dinner party in the evening, but he was distracted. He was thinking about where Xing Zhongwan would move to avoid him today. This was the third house he moved to. Qi Yun was a little impatient and even a little angry. Why did Zhong Gang buy so many houses?


“Qi Yun, Qi Yun?” The grandiose old man in front of him called out to him twice before Qi Yun said back to his senses, “You’re right, I really need to improve in this regard.” The old man with a displeased face then eased up. After changing his expression, he was still very optimistic about Qi Zongcheng’s grandson, even if he was decisive and ruthless in doing things.


“After the official business, let’s talk about private affairs. That wild girl from my family has been rolling around in the army for so many years and has reached the age for marriage. She is about the same age as you and also well matched. If she were to enter into your family register, your grandfather would definitely be happy.”


Qi Yun had no expression on his face, so the old man added, “The election is coming soon, and it should be a great joy for you.” 


The old man was implying that if he married his girl, the position as leader of the army would be his’ from now on.


Qi Yun’s eyes flicked over the pile of military ranks on the old man’s shoulders and said lightly, “The general is mistaken about love.” 


The old man froze for a moment and smiled, “Could it be that it is really as the rumours said, that you are still in love with the woman who took care of you back then. Don’t forget, people who accomplish big things can’t be entangled with these kinds of childish love.”


Thinking of Xing Zhongwan’s eyes, Qi Yun had some smiles in his eyes. At this time, the secretary came over and said a few words in his ear. Qi Yun’s expression changed and the wine glass in his hand was placed on the tray of the waiter. He promptly apologized and quickly walked out of the venue.


The old man touched his shiny bald head. He has never seen this kid so panicked, what happened?


It was indeed a big incident. They lost track of the young madam again. Shen Congxin was about to cry. He shouldn’t have had fun, it was bad that his cousin-in-law was gone. When Qi Yun got into the car, as he listened to Shen Congxin on the phone talking non-stop, his face became more and more ugly. Xing Zhongwan was smart so he could easily get rid of people. Where could he be at this point?


From Shen Congxin’s hesitant words, it is not difficult to guess how debauchedly Xing Zhongwan had spent this evening. Qi Yun rubbed his aching eyebrows. He was in a bad mood. The secretary beside him dared not speak. If he accidentally hit a sore spot, he might explode.


His phone rang, and soon there was a reply saying that the surveillance was turned on and the young madam was found at the door of a hotel. However… the young madam seemed to have entered with a lady and her arms slung around him.


The secretary didn’t dare to hide it. Qi Yun listened with an expressionless face, as the hand on his side had already clenched into a fist, “Which hotel?”


The secretary quickly mentioned its name, before finally adding, “The security is very hard.” After following Qi Yun and being by his side for the past few years, he understood Qi Yun’s temper.


Qi Yun looked ahead and released his clenched right hand before looking out the window coldly. The secretary sighed, “Understood, I’ll proceed.”


When Qi Yun arrived at the hotel, the person in charge of the hotel was already trembling while waiting at the door. He was stopped by the bodyguard before he could speak to Qi Yun. Qi Yun arrived at the 17th floor with a cold face. He stopped at the door with the key card, and his graceful eyebrows wrinkled before pursing his lips and swiping the card to open the door.


As soon as the door opened, a person suddenly flew in front of him. Qi Yun lowered his head and looked at the man with his upper body by his feet. His eyes slightly widened as he walked quickly through the short corridor.


He saw Xing Zhongwan wrapped in a bath towel on his lower body, holding a cigarette in his left hand and swinging a fruit knife in his right hand with raised brows. He was looking at the man who was rolling on the floor, clutching his stomach in front of him.


“It’s really disappointing. Playing mind games with Laozi’s head.”


Xing Zhongwan exhaled a puff of smoke and when he turned around, he saw Qi Yun who was staring at him. Sigh, someone who made him more disappointed has arrived.


Xing Zhongwan stepped on the soft carpet and sat down with one foot placed on the armrest of the sofa. His long and straight legs could blind another’s eyes. The bath towel wrapped around him was split between his legs because of this movement. The black shadow below could easily draw one’s line of sight.


This was the first time that Qi Yun has seen Xing Zhongwan’s body. He already knew that he was in good shape, but the impact of the real picture under the bright light still made Qi Yun take a deep breath. The solid body, as well as the liquid, whether it was sweat or water, slid down the white glowing skin, past the pinkish nubs on his chest and along the beautifully shaped abs on his firm belly.


Qi Yun didn’t dare to move, his ears were a little hot. But it was obvious that he was hot elsewhere too.


The urge to hug him has never been so strong, and he couldn’t help but blurt out Wanwan. The hoarseness and faint call made Xing Zhongwan narrow his eyes and raise his chin slightly with a terrible expression, ” Have you seen enough?”

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(Vol.2) Chapter 12 – Become the door guardian while I leave

Chapter 12 – Become the door guardian while I leave


The person outside the villa did not affect Xing Zhongwan’s sleep and he slept till dawn. He got up in the morning and simply washed up, put on some exercise clothes and went downstairs for a morning run. Before that, he connected his headset and dialed his secretary’s phone. Due to the time difference, Xing Zhongwan was used to dealing with his conglomerate’s affairs in the morning. While listening to the secretary reporting his daily appointments in an orderly manner, Xing Zhongwan opened the door and walked out.


The car was still there, as well as the people too. It wasn’t very bright in the morning during early winter after six o’clock. Xing Zhongwan put on a pair of earphones and turned a blind eye to the man standing at the door. He instructed his secretary with a few words to make some preparations before running around the community.


Shen Congxin leaned against the car door and bit into a fruit pancake. He felt that his cousin-in-law’s figure was really priceless. If only he could have half of his build. When he turned his head in disappointment, he accidentally saw Qi Yun. Seeing the man who hadn’t slept all night while acting as the door guardian, staring into the direction where Xing Zhongwan ran away in a trance made Shen Congxin swallow the pancakes in his mouth with difficulty, “Big cousin, we have to go back. It’s almost time for you to go back and change your clothes at nine o’clock in the morning.”


Qi Yun didn’t reply and just stood there in a daze. Qi Yun told himself not to be sad about Xing Zhongwan’s attitude towards himself because it was just a front, so his heart was very steady. It was okay to ignore him, as long as he could see him, it was fine.


Qi Yun closed his red eyes, he really should leave.


When he moved his already stiff legs and feet, the piercing pain hit him and he almost couldn’t stand. The bodyguard beside him stepped forward to help him but he was stopped. He opened the car door and sat in the car. His face did not look good as Shen Congxin handed him a thermos cup. Qi Yun did not raise his hand to accept it, but instead covered his forehead, “You stay and watch.”


Shen Congxin opened the door and prepared to get out of the car when Qi Yun suddenly changed his mind, “Forget it. Wanwan doesn’t like people watching him, let’s go.”


Shen Congxin moved his aching buttocks from sitting all night, “Big cousin, what if my big cousin-in-law goes back to country X?”


Qi Yun silently looked out the window. Shen Congxin stopped asking questions as this is what his big cousin is afraid of. If his cousin-in-law really leaves, will he chase him or not? He was not happy after chasing his cousin-in-law, but he was also unsettled if he didn’t chase him. Whatever he did, it was all wrong.


Xing Zhongwan ran back while the sky turned bright. The cars and people downstairs have gone. Wiping the sweat from his forehead, he entered the door passcode and entered the villa. Turning on the TV to watch the news, Xing Zhongwan took a bath, changed his clothes and came out in good spirits. He was just pouring himself a glass of milk when the doorbell rang.


Xing Zhongwan opened the door, it was the courier company. The dozen or so large boxes stunned him. He signed the order and asked the delivery man of the courier company who delivered it. Just as he was about to call Xue Qing, his cell phone rang. The number was an unfamiliar one, so Xing Zhongwan picked it up. There was some noise on the other side, but Xing Zhongwan was familiar with the voice of the speaker.


“Have you returned home? I sent over a few things you could use…I…have you had breakfast?” Qi Yun’s tone seemed to be deliberating for a long time, but Xing Zhongwan was not surprised that he was so quick to find his mobile phone number. This was not country X, so it was quite difficult to conceal his actions from him.


Xing Zhongwan felt very irritated while looking at the dozen large boxes, “First of all, thank you for your kindness, but I don’t need it.” After he finished speaking, he hung up the phone neatly and then called the community property staff to find a few people to throw the things away. The dozen or so big boxes didn’t even get a chance to be opened and looked at. He then got out his car keys and got ready to go out for a walk. He will be leaving tomorrow so he wanted to have a good meal. Just after he put on one of his shoes, Xue Qing’s phone call came. Xing Zhongwan felt funny. Why are you giving me a call so early in the morning? 


“Laoxing, Zhong Gang has been admitted to the hospital and he won’t be able to come out for ten days to half a month. During this time, you should take care of the branch’s affairs.”


Xing Zhongwan stopped putting on his shoes and switched his hand to answer the phone, “That can’t be, he was still so lively last night. How did he end up in the hospital and won’t be able to get out for ten days to half a month? What’s the situation?”


“He has delayed his appendix operation until now for the company. Yesterday he was in pain and went to the hospital to get help. As a boss, show some conscience.”


Xing Zhongwan snorted, “What appendix operation? Is it so serious that he needs to be hospitalized for ten days to half a month?”


Xue Qing explained, “He hasn’t ever taken an annual leave for two years since he came to China, so you should give him some time. He needs a good rest. Don’t talk nonsense. There are so many people looking after the head office for you. But not the branch office. I have something to do with Laocheng and we are going to fly back today. That’s all, so let’s hang up.”


“Hey! Hey! Hey!” Xing Zhongwan looked at the phone blankly. Zhong Gang, you really chose this time to be sick.


Zhong Gang, who wasin very much pain, was indeed admitted to the hospital. It was true that he had dragged the appointment to cut his appendix. He had the operation last night, but he didn’t have the absolute need to rest for ten days to half a month. When Xue Qing called, he was pressed by Cheng Zhengzhe on the hospital bed as he listened to Xue Qing’s serious nonsense, who described his hard-working image, working for the company until he became so weak that he would fall if the wind blew on him. The only thing that made him happy was that Cheng Zhengzhe was next to his body. Being sick had its perks. 


“Zhong Gang, during this period of time, you should take a vacation and take a good rest. If Laoxing asks, you can just say you don’t feel good. Didn’t you always say that this branch was treated like an adopted son? Let him watch over it these few days, and let Laocheng stay and take care of you.”


As soon as these words came out, Zhong Gang’s handsome face immediately lit up and Cheng Zhengzhe immediately jumped several meters away from him, “I’m leaving, I’d rather go to shit.”


Xue Qing lifted her wrist to look at the time, “Stop talking, I have to go. Remember, don’t let unnecessary words slip from your mouth.”


Cheng Zhengzhe followed closely behind her and Xue Qing was extremely disgusted, “Stay and take care of Zhong Gang.”


Cheng Zhengzhe’s face turned pale, “A nurse is enough for him. Is he such a delicate big man?”


When Zhong Gang heard this, he immediately covered his wound and groaned. Cheng Zhengzhe frowned and crossed Xue Qing to open the door before quickly walking out.


Seeing his appearance, Zhong Gang smiled bitterly and said to Xue Qing, “I’m not in a hurry, give him time.” Xue Qing really wanted to step forward and kick him when he saw Zhengzhe’s noncommittal appearance, “Then I’ll go first back first and settle some things. I’ll come back when I’m done. I’ll have to trouble you and Emma during this time. The matter of Qi Yun depends on Laoxing’s attitude, if he doesn’t say anything, we’ll just do our part.”


Zhong Gang nodded to show his understanding and Xue Qing then went to catch the plane with confidence.


As soon as Xue Qing and Cheng Zhengzhe left, Xing Zhongwan came in the afternoon and came to visit his good employee with a fruit basket and flowers.


Xing Zhongwan looked at Zhong Gang up and down. This man looked well to him although Xue Qing said on the phone that he was going to die. He took a deep breath, “You have a good rest. You can ask Emma to handle the affairs of the branch, as well as leave it to me.”


“Has boss gotten used to living there? Please tell me if you need anything during your time in China.”


Xing Zhongwan took out an apple from the fruit basket and tossed it in the air twice. “I really need a car.”


Zhong Gang picked up his mobile phone and made a call to his secretary. Soon the secretary came over with the keys and Zhong Gang handed them to Xing Zhongwan, “Boss, this is the key to the basement below the branch office. If you like the cars in it, please take them.”


Xing Zhongwan bit the apple and took the key unceremoniously before gesturing to him an ‘ok’.


Xing Zhongwan left the hospital and went to the basement of the branch office. When he opened the basement door, he couldn’t help but whistle. Zhong Gang really collected a lot of good cars. Xing Zhongwan went in and looked at the cars before taking out his mobile phone. He called the secretary far away in country X, “I guess it will take a while. Ask No. 3 and No. 4 to prepare to fly over as soon as possible.” In Xing Zhongwan’s secretary office, all of the secretaries were numbered for the convenience of summoning them. He thinks that since he has to stay with the people around him for a while, he has to be able to use them easily so his work efficiency will be greatly improved if he transferred the people from the head office over here.


Choosing a black 4×4 vehicle, Xing Zhongwan drove out of the basement and onto the elevated road. Xing Zhongwan frowned and decided to buy a car.


When he arrived at the 4S store, he was told that it would take more than a month for all the cars he wanted to be imported. Xing Zhongwan was depressed and simply called the secretary to have his car shipped by air. Only then did he decide on a place to eat at, with satisfaction. As soon as he started the car, his phone rang. Xing Zhongwan glanced at the number and didn’t want to answer it. But the caller obviously didn’t want to give up, so his phone kept ringing. Xing Zhongwan glanced at the phone’s battery and took it without a choice, “Hello?” 


After a while of silence, a deep male voice came from the other end of the phone, “It’s time to eat. Have you eaten?”


“Don’t call me again.”


After speaking, Xing Zhongwan neatly hung up the phone and blocked the number.


Qi Yun stared blankly at the phone with a black screen before dialing it, but the line was always busy. As the secretary on the side watched his face get darker little by little, his voice which had been reporting on work also got softer and softer. Qi Yun covered his phone on the table. Who knew what he was thinking. The door of the office opened and the visitor said a few words in the secretary’s ear, before he signaled for him to go out with a smile on his face, “There is news from the foreign affairs office that the young madam has extended his visa period.”


Qu Yun raised his head. The corner of his mouth couldn’t help but tug upwards. If that was extended, does it mean that he won’t be leaving in the near future?


The secretary knew that Qi Yun was happy, “I heard that the young madam went to look at car today, but he didn’t choose any.”


Qi Yun got up and walked a few steps, his pale face was probably brightened by the happiness in his heart, “Call Shen Congxin.”


It was past 10 pm when Xing Zhongwan returned to the villa. He ran on the treadmill for half an hour, took a shower and got ready to sleep. He passed by the floor-to-ceiling windows and saw some people downstairs with the same car as last night.


Xing Zhongwan looked at the time. It was after eleven o’clock at night. Was this person not going to sleep? With a cold snort, he turned off the lights and went upstairs. He didn’t know that the man downstairs was stunned for a long time because of his figure passing by the floor-to-ceiling window.


Qi Yun was very tired. After a day’s journey, his body urgently needed a rest, but he couldn’t help himself. The urge to see Xing Zhongwan made his tired body extremely excited. He just wanted to watch him quietly, even if he did not see anyone, he just wanted to guard his house.


He took out the medicine bottle from his pocket, poured two pills out before swallowing them raw. Three months later, there will be the general election, and various events will follow. Qi Yun was considered young to be in his current position, and there were many people who were jealous and wanted to pull him down. On the surface, he has been promoted very quickly in the past few years, but only he himself knew how much suppression and how many conspiracies there were. He made it step by step, soaked in blood, and he was only one step away from the top. He should keep a low profile and not let people get a handle on his weakness but he didn’t want to. He knew very well who he was here for, fighting for things he didn’t like and doing bloody things for half his life. He was tired, but he couldn’t stop. Because his Wanwan is too good, he must have the ability to keep his current position if he wants to keep Wanwan. Qi Yun can only imagine how much resistance there will be for someone of his identity and Wanwan’s identity to be together, but he is not afraid of trouble. Xing Zhongwan was the luck of his life, and Qi Yun was willing to use all of his’ to get him back.


Xing Zhongwan got up early in the morning and was about to visit the branch office. When he went out, Qi Yun was gone, but what was going on with the dozen or so sports cars parked at the door?


It was not known where Shen Congxin popped out from, “Big cousin, you You want to go out.”


Xing Zhongwan pointed to a row of cars at the door, “What’s going on?”


Shen Congxin ‘hehe’-ed, “Seven days a week you can choose any car to your liking. If you don’t like them, I will change them until you like them.”


Xing Zhongwan beckoned to him while looking at the rows of very exaggerated supercars of different colors. Shen Congxin ran over happily. He was much shorter than Xing Zhongwan, so he could only raise his head to look at him, “Cousin-in-law, do you have something to tell me?”


Xing Zhongwan squinted slightly and those long and narrow eyes looked straight at him. Watching this scene so early in the morning made him a little riled up. Shen Congxin’s nose started to heat up again after being hit by this beauty.


“Change what you call me and we can still be friends. Do you know where to have fun at night around here?” 


Xing Zhongwan really liked this child. He was happy-go-lucky which made others happy when they saw him too. He truthfully didn’t want to see Qi Yun, but there was no need to turn his anger on Shen Congxin.


Shen Congxin took a breath, “That, of course I know. Cousin-in… Ai, Zhongwan bro, I’ll take you there.”


 Xing Zhongwan smiled and pointed to the row of cars, “Take these all back. Parking here will only block the road for others.”


After speaking, he turned around and got into Zhong Gang’s plain-looking 4×4 vehicle.


Qi Yun, you are too fast. When I wanted to buy a car in the front, you have already sent the cars here in the back.


He called Zhong Gang, “Zhong Gang, how many houses do you own?”


T/N: Yes. It’s exactly what you think it is. He’s going to keep moving around as long as Qi Yun pesters him. Well… pester might be an overly strong word to use.


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(Vol.2) Chapter 11 – You are really back.

Chapter 11 – You are really back.


“Long time no see, Qi Yun.” A familiar voice from the countless of dreams he had in the night lingered in Qi Yun’s mind.


Qi Yun didn’t dare to forget, nor did he want to forget. It’s just that there was no such softness in that Jiangnan accent between his words. Qi Yun’s mind suddenly lost itself. The bonafide Wanwan was really In front of me. It was not a dream, nor was it his imagination. It was the person who had been searching for nearly two thousand days and nights.


Qi Yun just looked at Xing Zhongwan with such a fixated look tha his eyes were a bit fierce, as if he wanted to carve the person in front of him into his mind. Xing Zhongwan looked back at him, not hiding or hiding, his initial surprise gradually turned back into calmness as time passed.


He saw the eyes of the man in front of him turn red, and if he was not mistaken, the corners of his eyes were also a little watery. Xing Zhongwan never thought that he would meet Qi Yun on such an occasion, but when he finally met him, it just happened like this, and he had no other thoughts in his mind.


Seeing that Qi Yun wasn’t speaking, Shen Congxin felt a little anxious and couldn’t help but touch his side, “Oh my big cousin. What are you doing at this moment? Speak up, I’m so anxious.”


Shen Congxin’s little actions were caught by Xing Zhongwan’s eyes, and he couldn’t help but laugh a little. In fact, he had a good impression of the Shen family’s junior vice president. Such a simpleton really didn’t look like he belonged to the Shen family.


“Hello, I’m Xing Zhongwan.” Xing Zhongwan smiled at Shen Congxin. Shen Congxin was stunned for a moment, but he didn’t expect to be able to interact with his cousin-in-law and quickly showed a silly smile to him, “Cousin-in-law, I am Shen Congxin. He has been following you from the beginning to the end, with his whole heart. I mean… I, What am I saying?”


Shen Congxin babbled a lot when he was nervous. Xing Zhongwan laughed, what a lovely child.


“Cousin-in-law? You’re calling me that?” Xing Zhongwan pointed to himself.


Shen Congxin blushed and covered his face, after the first meeting, his cousin-in-law must not like him anymore.


Shen Congxin decided that he would struggle to the death, “Qi Yun is my eldest cousin, so aren’t you my cousin-in-law?”


His words were neither light nor serious. Those who knew the inside story did not change their expressions while the faces of the ones who didn’t know the inside story changed drastically and had their brains fried.


Gao Qiao couldn’t help but ask Cheng Zhengzhe softly, “What do you mean? Laoxing and Qi Yun? Don’t scare me.”


Cheng Zhengzhe was still pretending to be looking at the sky. He really didn’t know anything, so don’t ask him.


Xing Zhongwan was not unhappy because of Shen Congxin’s words, but he smiled politely, “I don’t have the kind of relationship you think I have with Qi Yun. I still have something to do so I will go back first. I’m sorry.” 


For some reason, Xing Zhongwan’s chest felt a little stuffy and he couldn’t stay still. Qi Yun was still looking at him and he was uncomfortable. He turned his body and wanted to walk away from Qi Yun, but his arm was grabbed by Qi Yun. It was not hard but he couldn’t break free. Xing Zhongwan looked sideways and saw Qi Yun’s dark, shining eyes as he watched him intently. His black pupils were filled with Xing Zhongwan’s silhouette. The redness in his eyes have faded, but his dry lips were trembling as his long eyelashes cast a shadow under the bridge of his tall nose. “Wanwan.” 


The two words seemed like they weighed a thousand pounds, and it seemed to have taken him a long time to say it with difficulty. The deep voice was hoarse, but there was a little crack in it after listening carefully. People who are not familiar with Qi Yun wouldn’t be able to hear it, but it’s a pity that Xing Zhongwan was not in the unfamiliar category. During that time, they both got along for days and nights, so there were some details he couldn’t ignore.


Xue Qing waved goodbye to the people around her, intending on leaving first.


Gao Qiao was also very interested but after the first glance, he knew that the relationship between the two was not simple, so he also quickly cleared the scene.


When Xiao Ying went out, he couldn’t help but look back. He often saw the man that was pulling his boss in the news. He lowered his head and clenched his fist. Turns out that it wasn’t that the boss couldn’t accept being with another man.


Zhong Gang pulled him out of the door and said casually, “You should have understood that some things are impossible. If you want fame and fortune, as long as you have the ability, the boss will help you. However, you can’t use the boss’s kindness as a bargaining chip. You have to put yourself in the right position. The boss is not something you can use to climb high.” 


The huge bar was quickly deserted, leaving only Qi Yun and Xing Zhongwan inside. Xing Zhongwan looked down at the fair and slender hand holding his arm.


He said lightly, “Let go.”


Qi Yun didn’t let it go, but just looked at him, his dark eyes were full of affection and didn’t even hide it. Xing Zhongwan looked upset, “Let go.”


Qi Yun trembled. After a moment, he slowly released his hand and murmured, “Wanwan.”


Xing Zhongwan scrunched up his nose, “I said that only my mother can call me that.”


Xing Zhongwan was very beautiful . His eyes were slightly raised at the end of his eyes and he was very gentle when he smiled. But he looks a little scary when he is not smiling, and now he obviously was the latter.


He felt that he and Qi Yun had nothing to say to each other, but it was obvious that Qi Yun didn’t want him to go.


After listening to Xing Zhongwan’s words, Qi Yun lowered his eyes slightly. Those eyes trembled and even the shadow of his long eyelashes swayed. Xing Zhongwan looked at him coldly. Again with this? Was this pitiful look specially reserved for him?


“I want to talk to you.” Qi Yun finally returned to his normal tone. It had an affirmative tone, but had a hint of pleading. Unfortunately, Xing Zhongwan had nothing to say to Qi Yun.


“I have nothing to say to you. I’m going back, shoo shoo.”


Xing Zhongwan was impatient. What did he want to say? That he was sorry, that he’s been thinking about him for so many years? He doesn’t want to listen to that nonsense. He hated wasting time on useless people and things.


It was obvious that Qi Yun fell into the category of wasting his time.


“I owe you an apology.” There was pain in Qi Yun’s deep voice. It was the three words he had rehearsed in his heart and mind countless times during countless sleepless nights.


Xing Zhongwan exhaled, “That’s it? Then I accept it. You can be rest assured. I’ll be leaving first.”


Xing Zhongwan took a step forward, but Qi Yun stepped back and stood in front of him, “Wanwan… Can I see you again?”


Qi Yun’s eyes were bloodshot, which is something that only people who often stay up late have. Xing Zhongwan looked at his thin body. Please at least try to take care of what we both raised and nurtured.


“Qi Yun, I don’t think it’s necessary for me and you to meet again. No matter what happened to us in the past, it’s just the past and it’s over. And you’re fine now, we don’t need to worry about the past.”


Xing Zhongwan said this very quickly. Hee really didn’t want to stay for a second more.


“I’m fine now?” Qi Yun looked at him blankly. Xing Zhongwan turned sideways and walked towards the door impatiently, leaving Qi Yun to stand there. The familiar pine wood fragrance gradually faded as Xing Zhongwan left. With his left hand pinned behind his back, blood dripped on the ground drop by drop. Xing Zhongwan was impatient when he spoke to him, so he did not feel it. He closed his eyes as the pain in his heart spread to his whole body little by little before finally kneeling over in pain, his fingers deeply digging into the wound in the palm of his left hand. The bone-piercing pain made his heart feel a little better. He turned his head slowly, but Xing Zhongwan was no longer there. He clenched his bloody fist and quickly followed him out.


Xing Zhongwan lived in Zhong Gang’s house, a three-story villa in the city center. The community was very quiet. Xing Zhongwan had stayed here for three days and was very satisfied.


He drove back from the bar, took a shower, put on a random shirt, and went to the balcony to smoke. As soon as he looked down, he saw a black car parked downstairs, leaning against it was a person wearing a black cashmere coat that blended in with the dark night. Xing Zhongwan lowered his head, and their eyes met just as he raised his head. Xing Zhongwan breathed into his cigarette, turned his face away, and looked up at the starry sky. The wind was still a bit strong at night. His hair was half-dried and it was messed up by the night wind. A few strokes of messy hair on his forehead blocked his foggy eyes.


When they came back, Xue Qing and Cheng Zhengzhe were very tacit and did not speak. They went inside the house quietly. Xing Zhongwan watched the two of them hold back and spoke when they entered the door, “It’s impossible for me and Qi Yun. We’re going back the day after tomorrow. Xue Qing, book the ticket.” 


Xue Qing nodded. When Xing Zhongwan went inside, she said to Cheng Zhengzhe, “Look at his expression, as if he really is okay.”


“Then what should we do? Should we not do anything and just leave it?” Cheng Zhengzhe was also at a loss. Xue Qing took his shoulders, “He needs some time, let’s go, let’s have a drink.”


As Xing Zhongwan looked at the starry sky, Qi Yun was looking at him. Xing Zhongwan, who was wearing a shirt, leaned on the balcony lazily. On the balcony, after smoking a cigarette, he looked up at the sky. His graceful neck was raised like a proud white swan. Qi Yun knew that this was Zhong Gang’s house that he rented, so he did not intend to stay for long.


After Xing Zhongwan had seen enough, without looking at Qi Yun again, he turned and entered the house. Qi Yun looked into the direction where he disappeared without blinking.


Shen Congxin, who was sitting in the passenger seat, looked out, “Big cousin, let’s go back. It’s very late now and it’s too cold.”


Qi Yun straightened his back as if he didn’t hear him and just stood there, watching the lights in the house go out. Shen Congxin sighed and got back into the car. Why was he so troublesome? He couldn’t persuade himself to wait together with him, but he also didn’t know what to do about the other things.


Qi Yun stood under the cold wind, looking at the pitch-dark villa. For the first time in several years, his heart felt stable. He was in that house every night, on the same soil as him and not in a dream. That kind of knowledge made Qi Yun feel a little happy.


He didn’t want to leave. Wanwan, ah. After looking at you, I don’t dare think. How could I be willing to leave after you appeared right in front of me?


I’m not leaving, I want to watch you. I’m afraid you will disappear as quietly as five years ago.


It doesn’t matter if you don’t believe me, I will wait. After meeting you when I was about to give up, that means even God will not let you slip by me.


You and I are so close, I can’t help but want to hug you.


Just let me look at you like this. Let reality tell me that this is not a dream, that you are really back.


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(Vol.2) Chapter 10 – Long time no see, Qi Yun

Chapter 10 – Long time no see, Qi Yun


Gao Qiao came over and asked curiously, “So lively? Saying it out loud makes me happy too.” 


Xue Qing took the noodles from his hand.


“When we came, we made a bet that you would definitely make noodles for Laoxing. If Laoxing loses, he needs to go up and sing a song for you.”


Gao Qiaoyi heard this with interest, “Sure thing! Walk right up Laoxing and show us what you’ve got.”


Xing Zhongwan was leaning lazily on the sofa, but the familiar aroma made him sit up slowly, “When I finish eating the noodles, I’ll entertain you. Each one of you will get to see?”


He picked up the chopsticks and scooped the noodles up before taking a big mouthful. As he was about to swallow it, he gave Gao Qiao a thumbs up. Gao Qiao happily sat aside, “Eat slowly, I’ll make more for you if it’s not enough.”


Gao Qiao really liked Xing Zhongwan. Previously, he was two levels higher than Xing Zhongwan. At that time, he didn’t know Xing Zhongwan’s identity, but he just liked this beautiful and surprisingly good-tempered Chinese junior. The two became friends soon after conversing with one another about their similar interests. Later, when he learned about his true identity, Gao Qiao couldn’t shake it off for a while. He couldn’t believe that Xing Zhongwan, who drank with him with his sleeves rolled up, had such an identity. But he didn’t have any self-consciousness as the heir of the X country’s media giant, nor did he have a sense of superiority because of his identity. On the contrary, he was very down-to-earth. Gao Qiao felt that this friend was worth making. After returning to China for two years, although they have not been in contact, their friendship has always been there.


“I’ll go after I finish eating.” Xing Zhongwan took a sip of the soup with a smile and suddenly a clean handkerchief was stretched out in front of him. Xing Zhongwan raised his head slightly, took it and said thank you.


A flash of red flashed across Xiao Ying’s handsome face.


“Boss, shall I sing you a song?”


Xing Zhongwan swallowed the noodles and wiped the corners of his mouth with a handkerchief, “Okay.”


Xiao Ying looked overjoyed. He got up and walked towards the middle of the stage.


Xue Qing pointed to Zhong Gang, “You’re breaking the rules.”


Zhong Gang took a sip of wine, “He begged me for a long time, so I couldn’t help it. Plus, the boss said that we should always give special care to our cash cow.”


Xing Zhongwan recently just finished his bowl of noodles, “This child became more mature than he was two years ago. He is a good seedling to cultivate well.”


“Obviously he wants to get your heart. You said you like ambitious people. Isn’t his ambition big enough?”


Xue Qing lit a cigarette and took a puff.


“Can you blame me for looking good?” Xing Zhongwan shrugged.


Xue Qing looked at him with unamused disbelief in her eyes as she pushed Cheng Zhengzhe who was close to her in disgust. Cheng Zhengzhe held his wine glass indifferently, ignoring Zhong Gang’s fiery gaze.


Gao Qiao said with a smile, “Xiao Ying has been really popular in the past two years and my wife likes him very much. Laoxing, you’re really good at judging people.”


Xing Zhongwan squinted. When Xiao Ying started to sing “When Can I Enter Your Heart”, Xing Zhongwan got goosebumps all over.


Xue Qing couldn’t help laughing out loud, “Let’s see how you will perform the finale.”


Xing Zhongwan disagreed. He was a little sleepy after he was full and he was actually a little tired due to the jet lag from flying back here.


Gao Qiao looked at the very handsome boy in the stands, “You are still so likable, regardless by which gender.”


Xing Zhongwan was a little uncomfortable when Xiao Ying’s straightforward gaze looked at him, so he got up and moved his aching waist. When he turned his head casually, he turned to the left rear corner. It was very dark and he could not see if anyone was there, but he just felt that someone was looking at him. Xing Zhongwan rubbed the back of his neck. Was it because he was too tired that he was this antsy?


Just as he was thinking about it, the singing onstage stopped. A clear male voice said, “Boss, at the annual meeting of the head office last year, you said that your New Year’s wish is to find someone who can take good care of you. I… Can I take care of you?”


His face was shy but he was unusually solemn.


Xing Zhongwan stood still, what kind of confession was this?


Cheng Zhengzhe couldn’t bear it anymore, he got up and hugged Xing Zhongwan, “The current generation is terrifying! In this lifetime, I just heard someone want to take care of you. Laoxing, you should accept, hahaha.”


Xing Zhongwan felt a headache. He did not make the brat obsessed after not outrightly rejecting his flowers, did he?


Xue Qing was already laughing, and it took her a long time to recover.


Xing Zhongwan leaned against Cheng Zhengzhe lazily, “Son, I’ll consider it if you change your gender. Work hard and if you sing well, we can make an album. I’ll let Zhong Gang arrange it.”


Xiao Ying froze on the stage and pursed his lips tightly. His face was pale.


Zhong Gang stretched out his long legs and led him down.


Gao Qiao poured wine for Xing Zhongwan, “Who doesn’t know that Lao Xing likes beautiful women? After so long, no one looks as good as him. If their figures are as good as his’, they won’t be able to catch his eye. I’m worried, will you forever be single? It’s too difficult to look better than you. When are you going to find someone to show me, my brother?”


Xing Zhongwan looked at him, “You see, this married man is different. With traces of happiness all over his body, he is starting to worry about us single dogs. I have to change the topic. Come come come, let me sing for you. I didn’t attend your marriage ceremony so I have to sing this song for you, otherwise I’ll be sorry for all the times we fought alongside each other.”


Gao Qiao smiled and took Xing Zhongwan’s glass, “Then you have to think about what to sing. If you can’t sing well, you won’t be allowed to leave today .


Xing Zhongwan walked towards the center of the stage with a smile as Xue Qing coaxed him, “Xing Zhongwan, among the thousands of people in the media, you must be the best singer among them. I will videotape this and post it on for the new employees to watch online so they won’t accidentally miss you and pass you by.”


Xing Zhongwan dragged the high stool to one side and tested the sound on the microphone, “You can do it. Just make sure they are not distracted during working hours, I’m recording this so they will make money for me.”


Xing Zhongwan adjusted the height of the stool so that it was tall. Those long legs that had nowhere to rest could only step on the edge of the pedal.


Xue Qing whistled, “Xing Zhongwan, I absolutely believe that if our group collapses one day, you can definitely make it come back to life with your appearance.”


Xing Zhongwan adjusted the microphone and threw a wink in Xue Qing’s direction, “You have vision.”


“Tell me, Laogao. What song do you want to hear?”


Xing Zhongwan smiled in Gao Qiao’s direction, his long and narrow eyes slightly slanted. The DJ standing not far away took a long deep breath.


Gao Qiao was also overjoyed and had long forgotten that there were other people present on this occasion. “The Moon Represents My Heart1”


Xing Zhongwan nodded and smiled at the waiter on the side, “Sister, bring me a guitar.” 


The lady suddenly blushed and quickly got him a guitar. Xing Zhongwan smiled and tuned the instrument, “It’s been a long time since I sang. Gao Qiao, I wish you happiness all the time.”


It was very lively over there, but it was dead silent on Shen Congxin’s side ever since he heard Xing Zhongwan’s name. He didn’t dare to speak, and only quietly observed Qi Yun.


Qi Yun clenched his glass tightly, his eyes staring at the booth in front of him as he was reluctant to blink. When the young man went up to sing, his straightforward words were obviously a confession. Shen Congxin secretly glanced at Qi Yun, and was frightened by the shadow in his eyes. A cold sweat broke out on his back as the cup that was held tightly by Qi Yun suddenly cracked.


Shen Congxin watched as the transparent fragments fell with blood onto the thick carpeted floor. Shen Congxin wanted to go up to check Qi Yun’s injury, but when Xing Zhongwan who was in front suddenly got up, Qi Yun’s body moved a bit. Suddenly, Xing Zhongwan turned his head and glanced at their corner. The light was a little dim, so it was not very clear. Shen Congxin took a breath at the vague outline, so this was his cousin-in-law. He was so… so tall.


Xing Zhongwan turned around quickly and that brief glance made Qi Yun tremble uncontrollably, Wanwan, Wanwan…


When Xing Zhongwan walked to the middle of the stage, Shen Congxin couldn’t help but cover his own mouth.


Xing Zhongwan’s hair was shaved very short and his short bangs were very close to his forehead, with the ends of his fringe all shaved. This hairstyle can’t be pulled off by ordinary people. Shen Congxin can no longer describe his appearance, other than that he was really beautiful and that his whole body glowed white. Especially those eyes, which are long and narrow and slightly raised upwards, with light blue pupils that looked at you with a hint of light and an unspeakable temptation. Shen Congxin felt his nose heating up. He thought that after getting used to seeing the face of his big cousin, he was immune to pretty faces, but he didn’t expect to see his cousin-in-law.


Qi Yun’s beauty was one that was cold and hard to approach while Xing Zhongwan was beautiful and stunning. His flamboyance and charisma was unforgettable.


And his body, his body was also in very good shape. Those legs…even the high stool wasn’t tall enough for them…


Shen Congxin covered his nose, he didn’t dare to look at Qi Yun. His heart was pounding and he was nervous for Qi Yun. The person who he had been thinking about night and day actually appeared in front of him. Shen Congxin felt that the other person would faint in anticipation.


Qi Yun’s hand was injured. The broken glass pierced into his open wound, but he felt no pain. The moment he saw Xing Zhongwan, his whole world seemed to stop and his world became quiet. He was afraid that he was dreaming, a very beautiful dream. He didn’t dare to move and even breathed carefully. He was afraid that if he breathed hard, he would wake up from the dream and Wanwan would disappear.


That was until the singing sounded in his ears. That crisp, delightful voice with a soft Jiangnan accent suddenly made Qi Yun regain some sense of clarity.


The man sitting on the high stool in the middle of the stage, holding the guitar and turning his face slightly with a smile on his lips, glanced in his direction inadvertently. Qi Yun’s heart tightened, his brows couldn’t help wrinkling. It hurt. It hurt so much, but this pain made his heart that has been dead for a long time come back to life.


That was his Wanwan. He had thought about his appearance for countless nights, but none of them could be compared with the real deal at this moment. Under the illumination of the stage lights, Xing Zhongwan’s appearance was clearly displayed in front of Qi Yun’s eyes.


His Wanwan turned out to be like this. The dirty little boy from before flashed in his mind. Those eyes unexpectedly coincided with the appearance from his memory.


Unfamiliar and familiar, that was his Wanwan.


Qi Yun’s eyes were hot, sore and a little blurry. He closed his eyes to calm down, but quickly opened them again. He was afraid that in the blink of an eye, the person on the stage would suddenly disappear.


Cheng Zhengzhe got up to go to the bathroom, but was suddenly stopped after passing by a booth. Shen Congxin quickly stood up, “Hello.”


Cheng Zhengzhe blinked, “Qi Yun?”


Qi Yun stood up and put his injured left hand behind him as he nodded to him. Beneath his calm exterior, his body trembled slightly while his legs ached from the tension.


Cheng Zhengzhe looked at him and couldn’t help but look back at Xing Zhongwan on the stand. His mouth was slightly agape, not knowing what to say.


At this time, Xing Zhongwan just finished singing and wanted to come down. Cheng Zhengzhe walked over quickly and pointed to Xue Qing in the direction of Qi Yun and the others.


Xue Qing was puzzled, “Why?” 


Turning to look, Qi Yun and Shen Congxin had already come out of the booth. Xue Qing sighed and looked back at Xing Zhongwan. It was obvious that Xing Zhongwan hadn’t seen Qi Yun yet.


Xue Qing took a breath and signaled Cheng Zhengzhe to leave it alone.


Cheng Zhengzhe pointed to this and that before finally choosing to look up at the sky.


Xing Zhongwan saw them all standing up and walked over with a smile, “What’s the matter?”


Xue Qing pulled Cheng Zhengzhe aside as Xing Zhongwan looked at the tall and straight man who was slowly approaching his front. The smile at the corners of his mouth faded a little.


Qi Yun was wearing a khaki sweater and pants of the same color, and was very thin. His back was very straight, as it has always been, even in those awkward days in a wheelchair.


Xing Zhongwan didn’t expect to see him again, let alone meet him without a hint of preparation under such circumstances.


Qi Yun walked very slowly, getting closer and closer to Xing Zhongwan. Seeing the corners of his curved mouth collapse little by little, Qi Yun became very sad. However, he was also glad that Xing Zhongwan didn’t hide, and that his eyes were fixed to his own.


When he came to him and stopped, Qi Yun was a little afraid. It was ridiculous for him to be scared. He thought about Wanwan for a long time but he couldn’t say it.


Suddenly, Xing Zhongwan in front of him smiled, although the smile did not reach his eyes.


“Long time no see, Qi Yun.”

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(Vol.2) Chapter 9 – Reunion (Part 2)

Chapter 9 – Reunion (Part 2)


The sanatorium called, saying that Guan Yang has been on a hunger strike for a while because she wanted to see Qi Yun. As such, the doctor had no choice but to contact Qi Yun.


Qi Yun arrived at the sanatorium that night. He walked into Guan Yang’s ward and saw her on the bed


She was tied up, and her hair was messy with dull eyes. Where was the noble and glamorous look of her prior years?


Qi Yun ordered the people to go out before sitting on the chair beside her bed. Guan Yang turned her head to look at Qi Yun with difficulty. Her thin and sunken eyes burst out with indescribable anger the moment she saw him.


“Are you there?” The dry and broken voice sounded like a demon who had climbed up from the depths of hell.


Qi Yun looked at her steadily with no emotion in his eyes.


Guan Yang laughed out loud, “You’re still the same. I’m not happy to see your face.”


Qi Yun took off his leather gloves, “Do you want to die so much?” 


“Should I wait to be humiliated by you? Are you not afraid of going to hell after death for treating your own mother like this?”


Guan Yang’s eyes were full of wrinkles. The dark days spent in the nursing home made her age rapidly. Even if living was better than death, living like this was also suffering.


“You can’t die yet, you need to atone for your sins while you’re still alive.”


Guan Yang was startled, but she suddenly burst into laughter, “What am I guilty of? The ones who are guilty are you, all of the Qi family and the Guan family who wanted to cling to power. My father liked the Qi family because of their power. He forced me to marry into the Qi family, to marry that sick child. I lived day and night in the Qi family as the years went by. I thought I could marry your father and sacrifice my love. Who would have thought that his body would be so useless? How much effort did I spend to conceive you? Your father was not good so I pinned all my hopes on you. Who would have thought that the dead old woman would take you away?! Qi Yun, tell me. At Qi’s house where they ate people and didn’t even spit out their bones, what would happen if I didn’t fight to survive? Hahaha, I sacrificed so much so I should get what I want. I’m not satisfied! I never thought that my own son would actually pull me down with his own hands. Qi Yun, you do hate me so much.”


The strong smell of disinfectant in the ward reminded him of the days when he was paralyzed in that suburban villa, when he couldn’t see or move. Where he did not receive any love.


“Do you think of me as your son at all?”


Guan Yang was taken aback. She turned her head to look at the ceiling and a line of tears suddenly flowed from the corner of her eyes.


“I tried my best. When I came back to you, I wanted to try my best to be a good son, but you didn’t want to be my mother. You pushed me away with your own hands.”


Qi Yun lowered his head. He’s been having severe migraines recently. The long-time insomnia only made his headache worse, which could only be relieved by painkillers.


“You are too similar to the Shen family. When I saw you, I was constantly reminded of my past when I compromised to get power. I couldn’t like you. Qi Yun, you are my shame.”


Guan Yang’s words were clear. Qi Yun stood up, “Mother, take care of your body. Your body is related to the honor and disgrace of the Guan family. You must live well.”


Guan Yang turned his head in disbelief, “Qi Yun, how dare you? Are you not afraid of karma?”


As Qi Yun turned around and walked towards the door, Guan Yang’s body was struggling, “Qi Yun, you are a monster! A monster without a heart. You can’t get happiness. A person like you won’t even bow to the heavens. I pity you. What’s the difference between you and me? No wonder Xing Zhongwan left you, someone like you doesn’t deserve anyone’s love.”


Qi Yun paused, then opened the door and went out, telling the doctor, “Take care of her, don’t let her die.”


The doctor called the nurse in to give the emotional Guan Yang a tranquilizer shot.


Shen Congxin approached Qi Yun. He heard Guan Yang’s words from the outside. The mother and son pair were like enemies and he was in no position to express his opinion on their relationship. He only cared about Qi Yun’s body, and his face was very dark.


“Big cousin, I have nothing to do tonight. Shall we go out and relax and have a drink?”


The entourage behind him put a coat on Qi Yun. Qi Yun didn’t stop, so Shen Congxin followed behind quickly, “It’s a very quiet bar, you will recognize the owner of the bar after I tell you more about him. He’s a family friend of the Shen family surnamed Gao. He just returned from abroad. The security is good. Since you work all day long. It’s good to relax once in a while. “


Shen Congxin peeked at Qi Yun’s face and followed him into the parking lot. Seeing that he had not responded, he thought that bringing up the matter had been a wrong move.


Qi Yun sat in the car and looked at the dejected Shen Congxin, “Why are you not in the car yet? Lead the way!”


Shen Congxin raised his head in disbelief. He was belatedly happy and hurriedly got into the passenger seat, “Alright, good. I’ll lead the way.”


Today, the sun really rose from the west. His eldest cousin actually agreed. His Godmother must have blessed him from heaven.


Shen Congxin and Qi Yun walked into this bar in the downtown area and the quiet was really different from the hustle and bustle of the city centre. The bar was in the center and there was a big stage full of musical instruments. Shen Congxin told Qi Yun that the resident singing skills here are very good and some of them become artists when they leave. Qi Yun was not interested in this. The reason why he followed Shen Congxin here was mostly because he did not want to go back and face his empty room.


The owner of the bar was a rich second-generation businessman surnamed Gao. He came back to open this bar a year before the last and it was very popular in the circle. There was a membership system so the people who could come in were either rich or exquisite.


The waiter at the front desk called him and he said yes. When a distinguished guest arrived, he thought about what kind of distinguished guest he could be, but when he saw Qi Yun, he almost couldn’t hold back.


“What a rare guest!”


Gao Qiao stretched out his hand, and Qi Yun shook it for the sake of courtesy, obviously not wanting to talk more. Gao Qiao understood that with Qi Yun’s current status, even extending his hand was already giving him a lot of face.


He hurriedly told the person in front of him what to do before Shen Congxin stopped him, “Somewhere quiet.”


Gao Qiao understood and hurriedly led them to a quiet location on the side with a good view.


This was a fully open bar and there were no private rooms. There was no one in sight but the bodyguards that Qi Yun brought were all quietly scattered around the seats around Qi Yun, quietly watching the surroundings.


Gao Qiao let them open a bottle of antiques.


Shen Congxin pointed at him, “You sure started preparing early today. I thought we arrived a little too early, but I didn’t expect that you were already finished preparing everything.”


Gao Qiao poured wine for the two of them, “Today was also a coincidence. I was abroad, but a few of my good friends came back to China today and said they wanted to come and see me, so we aren’t actually open for business today.”


Shen Congxin picked up the wine glass, “Will we disturb you?”


Gao Qiao shook his head quickly. Qi Yun was here and he didn’t dare to disturb him even if he had a lot of courage.”No, you can do your thing and they will do theirs.”


“Speaking of which, didn’t you always want to connect with Qingyuan Capital?” Their meeting was pushed back by Zhong Gang for an unknown number of times.


“One of the people here today is the real boss of Qingyuan. I can introduce you to each other.”


Shen Congxin’s eyes widened, “Really? Thank you so much, Brother Gao.”


Gao Qiao hurriedly said something polite, but his eyes couldn’t help but glance at Qi Yun. Qi Yun didn’t speak and sat quietly in the corner, rubbing his forehead.


He seemed to feel that someone was looking at him. He raised his head and looked over at Gao Qiao. When he quickly opened his eyes, it was so f-cking scary that his eyes seemed to eat people. As he was embarrassed, a clear female voice came from the door, “Laogao, come out to pick up the guests quickly, Laoniang is here to spoil you.”


Gao Qiao looked overjoyed. He got up and said sorry to Qi Yun before walking quickly to the door .


Seeing Xue Qing at the door, he couldn’t help but give her a big hug, “I’ve kept you waiting.”


Xue Qing pointed at him with a smile, “I haven’t seen him for a few years, and you’re still in good shape. They say that after men get married, they will become fat. You haven’t changed at all, not bad.”


Cheng Zhengzhe behind her tilted his head forward, holding three red envelopes in his hand, “Laogao, Laogao, red envelopes for you.”


Gao Qiao patted his shoulder, “You guys are still so polite. What kind of relationship do we have to have to fake these courtesies?”


“Of course we do. Remember to double it when I get married.”


Xue Qing gave him a blank look, “That’s if you can get married.”


“Why can’t I get married?” Cheng Zhengzhe was dissatisfied. Seeing that the two were about to quarrel, Gao Qiao quickly changed the subject, “Where’s Laoxing? Why do I not see him?”


“He’s looking for a parking space. Don’t worry about him, let’s drink first.”


Gao Qiao led them to the center as Shen Congxin looked over curiously. Qi Yun was in a trance with his wine glass and didn’t know what to think.


At this time, after the commotion at the door, the two people walked in. Cheng Zhengzhe looked up and hurriedly sat down beside Xue Qing. Xue Qing wanted to push him away, annoyed.


He just saw Zhong Gang walking pass with a boy with a very stunning appearance.


“Why did he come? Seems like the word spread fast. Sissy, ask for more blessings for yourself.” 


Xue Qing looked like she was about to watch a good show.


Zhong Gang walked over and sat next to Gao Qiao very calmly, “I heard that the boss will come, so Xiao Ying wanted to come over and have a look.”


He glanced at Cheng Zhengzhe, whether intentionally or unintentionally. Cheng Zhengzhe only looked indifferent, sitting closely next to Xue Qing.


Xue Qing looked at the boy who was picked up by Xing Zhongwan in the practice room two years ago, “I heard that you have had a crush on Laoxing for many years. Laoxing’s secretariat office has enough roses to open a flower shop now. It won’t be easy, but courage is good. Good luck!.” 


The boy was very calm, “The boss is a very good person.”


Xue Qing raised her eyebrows. She did not want to scare away the child. Picking up the wine and looking forward, a tall figure appeared at the door. Xing Zhongwan tossed his car keys and walked in with a pair of big sunglasses, “Laogao, it’s really difficult to find parking here, but the interior decor is not bad.”


Gao Qiao immediately got up and greeted him, “You’re here. I haven’t seen you for a long time. Let’s have a few drinks today and see if you or I will fall first.”


Xing Zhongwan took off his sunglasses, “What you said, don’t regret it!”


Leaning on the sofa carelessly, he nodded to Zhong Gang. The little boy beside him looked at him, a little shy. Xing Zhongwan sat up straight and thought carefully, “Who are you? Who is this?”


“Boss, I’m Xiao Ying. I was in the practice room at the headquarters two years ago. Do you still remember me?”


“You’re very popular, not bad! Keep working hard.”


Xing Zhongwan smiled, as the boy looked at him with smitten eyes. If someone said he didn’t have feelings for him, he won’t believe them. It’s not that he didn’t know who sent the flowers to his office, but he really had no interest in men. If the other person were a girl, he might consider it. Though he really didn’t like to touch his subordinates. But it was okay to have a deeper understanding of what your type is.”


The whole company knew that Xing Zhongwan didn’t touch men, but this kid was quite persistent.


Gao Qiao rolled up his sleeves, “Since you came back today, I’ll cook a bowl of noodles. I already knew you were coming so I’ve come prepared. Wait here.”


Xing Zhongwan got up and hugged him, “Laogao, I think your noodles have been around for many years. It must’ve been really hard for you to cook noodles in a bar, but what should I do? I just love your noodles to death, thank you so much.”


Gao Qiao pointed at him with a smile before turning around and going into the bar’s kitchen.


He moved quickly and a bowl of noodles was prepared after a while. When he brought it out, he happened to pass by Shen Congxin’s table. Shen Congxin stuck his head out to stop Gao Qiao, “Since when could we still order food from your bar? Did you make this yourself? Whose getting such good treatment? I have known you for so many years and have never eaten this before.”


Shen Congxin was also half-joking. The two were very familiar with one another and they used to talk in a straightforward manner. If they were curious, they would ask each other casually. Unexpectedly, Gao Qiao was happy today so he did not hide anything, “He is a very good friend of mine abroad. It is a custom in his hometown to cook these noodles.”


Shen Congxin asked casually, “Who is it? Do I know him?”


“I don’t think you know him. He came straight from abroad. Your Shen family did not set foot into the film and television industry, otherwise you should know something. Half of the private TV stations in country X belong to their group. Qingyuan is also under their group. I will introduce you to him later. “


“Country X?” Shen Congxin felt like he touched a nerve.




“What’s his name?” Shen Congxin swallowed.


Gao Qiao was about to answer him when hurriedly walked away because Xue Qing stood up and laughed, “Xing Zhongwan, get up and sing!” Come on, come on, you lost! Hurry up!”


 Xue Qing’s voice was loud, and Shen Congxin heard it all clearly.


He looked at Gao Qiao in disbelief, “Xing Zhongwan?” 


Gao Qiao didn’t know why, “Yeah, do you know him?” 


Shen Congxin turned his head quickly.


Qi Yun was holding his cup and had raised his head a long time ago. His eyes were fixed on the booth in front of the stage. His whole body was stiff like a puppet that had lost its traction and his lips were tightly pursed. His five fingers which were holding onto the wine glass began to turn white because of the force.


Those beautiful eyes were glowing. He wanted to believe but dared not. When he decided to give up, God just made another huge joke out of him.

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(Vol.2) Chapter 8 – Reunion (Part 1)

Chapter 8 – Reunion (Part 1)


Xing Zhongwan held a video conference with Zhong Gang in his office. It’s been almost two years since the new company was established. Xing Zhongwan was very happy and gave Zhong Gang 30% of the shares, but unfortunately the other party didn’t want it and wanted to go back to the head office to chase Cheng Zhengzhe.


Xing Zhongwan angrily ended the video conference, he couldn’t push his good brother down this road. Turning over the desk calendar on the desk, it was going to be his mother’s birthday soon and he had to go back.


Two days ago, Xing Zhengping called him about his mother’s birthday and inadvertently said that Qi Yun has not been to Xing’s house once this year.


Xing Zhongwan put down the phone, shook his head gently and smiled. It was good, after so many years, Qi Yun finally let go.


He called an insider and asked the secretary to book a flight ticket for him. This time Cheng Zhengzhe and Xue Qing also went back with him.


Xing Zhongwan rubbed his sore forehead as he opened up the documents. There was a knock on the door and after a while, the secretary came in with a big bunch of roses, “Boss, the flowers are here again!”


Xing Zhongwas didn’t even lift his head, “Divide it among the secretary’s office.” 


The secretary smiled, “Boss, it’s been a month. Our secretariat can open a flower shop.”


Xing Zhongwan signed the document and closed it, “This suggestion is good, you can buy snacks with the money from selling the flowers.” 


The secretary covered her mouth and smiled, “Then I’m going out.”


Xing Zhongwan waved his hand. The scent of roses made him sneeze. What were these young people thinking about all day long?


If they wanted to chase him, they don’t even know he was allergic to pollen. How careless.


Xing Zhongwan took a deep breath and got up. As he walked to the floor-to-ceiling window, he looked at the clear sky outside, it was a very good time to go back…


Xing Zhongwan returned to China and was picked up from the airplane personally by Zhong Gang. A celebrity took the same flight as him, so the exit was full. The fans were waiting for the plane, along with the reporters. Xing Zhongwan was unhappy wearing sunglasses while dragging his suitcase into the crowd. In desperation, he had to take off his sunglasses to smile at the little girl holding a light sign in front of him, “I’m sorry, can you let me pass?”


When Xing Zhongwan said this, the little girl holding the light sign became impatient. However, when she raised her head and looked at him, she was stunned for a moment before making way for Xing Zhongwan stiffly.


Xing Zhongwan winked and looked over, “Thank you.” 


The two girls blushed and when they recovered, they couldn’t help but squeal when Xing Zhongwan was gone.


God, what a beautiful face!


Xing Zhongwan got into Zhong Gang’s car and exhaled, “Which star is this? They’re quite popular.”


Zhong Gang glanced at him, “Boss, you forgot? You personally ordered Emma to bring him in. He’s now very popular.”


Xing Zhongwan suddenly realized, “Is it from our company? That’s amazing!” 


He was very careless compared to Zhong Gang, which made Zhong Gang helpless, “Boss, sometimes I really doubt that you treat our branch as your own dear child.”


Xing Zhongwan smiled, “What do you mean? It is my own child. As long as it can make money, the more you earn, the more dearly I love my child.”


Zhong Gang was speechless, “Stay at my house these days. The old house of the Xing family is also far away, so it’ll be more convenient for you to live with me.”


Xing Zhongwan readily agreed and boredly turned on the current affairs news that just happened to be broadcasting on the radio. They were talking about the popular candidates for this general election. Qi Yun’s name entered Xing Zhongwan’s ears and Xing Zhongwan was stunned for a moment. His hand that was held up slid down the car window.


Zhong Gang looked at him from the side, “Shen Congxin is very interested in Qingyuan Capital. I have met them many times and they actually have some good offers, but President Xue told me not to have too much contact with the Shen family, so I will reject them. However, from the perspective of the company’s development, it is beneficial to have a good relationship with the Shen family. Following the domestic trend in the past few years… If there is no incident, Qi Yun will win this election.”


Xing Zhongwan hummed, but he did not say anything else.


Zhong Gang concentrated on driving. The boss was probably a little entangled with that guy.


“Next time, if Shen Congxin comes back with an offer and the case does have investment potential, then let it go. We started this company to make money.”


Zhong Gang nodded to express his understanding. Xing Zhongwan had already fallen asleep on the back of his chair when they got out of the tunnel and got onto the elevated bridge.


Qi Yun was doing an examination in the examination room when Shen Congxin went to see his attending doctor before he woke up.


“Still having trouble falling asleep?” The doctor asked while looking at his case. Shen Congxin said with a bitter face, “Yes.” 


The doctor shook his head, “It’s the maximum dose. Actually, I recommend seeing a psychiatrist.”


Knowing his daily workload, he couldn’t eat well or sleep well. Even Iron Man wouldn’t be able to stand it. He was injured in his early years, and his legs hurt when it rained. Since he couldn’t sleep, the pain only got worse and worse. He also didn’t like others touching him, so they can’t relieve it through a massage.


Shen Congxin felt that taking care of Qi Yun was even more difficult than managing the company. He had never seen anyone who was more difficult to serve than Qi Yun. The doctor sighed, “That person… still haven’t been found?” “


Shen Congxin was even more depressed, “We now know where that person is, but he doesn’t dare go to see him.”


“Still, try to persuade him to see a doctor as soon as possible. Some problems are not as simple as they seem after a long time. Now is a critical period. Even a small change can help him settle down.”


Shen Congxin didn’t understand him. He still had no solution for Qi Yun’s problem.


“Doctor, prescribe some medicine. He can still sleep after taking the medicine.”


The doctor said while handing him the prescription, “If you have the opportunity to take him out to see more things, do it. Don’t just let him work blindly. Proper relaxation is good for his insomnia.” Shen Congxin agreed and took the prescription before returning to the ward. Qi Yun was buttoning his shirt expressionlessly.


“Big cousin, I’ve come back with the prescription.”


Qi Yun glanced at him, but didn’t speak. Qi Yun was very thin. Since the car accident, his body has been thin. His temperament has always been cold, but he has become more and more indifferent and the words he spoke have become less and less this year. Shen Congxin was impatient, but what could he do? The other party doesn’t listen to him at all.


Qi Yun was wasting away his life again. Ever since he came back from Country X, there was no longer any light in Qi Yun’s eyes.


“Big cousin, you haven’t been on a vacation for a long time. We can go out and play. We haven’t been to Jiangnan for a long time, we can…” 


Before Shen Congxin finished speaking, Qi Yun had already left the ward and Shen Congxin hurriedly followed him out, “Big cousin, I’ve heard that in two days it will be cousin-in-law’s mother’s birthday. Maybe he will come back. We can…”


Qi Yun’s body froze for a while before slowly turning around. The straight bridge of the nose seemed even more prominent because of his thinness and Shen Congxin’s whole body got goosebumps after looking at him. Qi Yun said nothing, turned around and walked straight out of the corridor.


Shen Congxin followed in annoyance. Now, even the name Xing Zhongwan has become taboo. Cousin-in-law, if you don’t come back, my big cousin will go crazy.


On Xing Zhongwan’s mother’s birthday, Cheng Zhengzhe and Xue Qing both came. They bowed their heads respectfully in front of the tomb. They were all children adopted by Xing Zhongwan’s mother in the orphanage, so they called her mother like Xing Zhongwan. Xing Zhengping stared at his mother’s tombstone in a daze. Over the years, he has aged faster and faster, and his hair has all turned gray in less than a year. Xing Zhongwan stood in front of his mother’s tomb for a long time until someone brought flowers. Xing Zhongwan glanced at it and knew who sent it. He recognized the handwriting on it.


Xing Zhongwan squatted and said, “Mom, I’m sorry that I haven’t seen you for a long time. Are you happy? You didn’t quarrel with grandpa, right? I’ve had a good life in the past few years. I also have a career that grandpa gave me. If you have time, remember to visit me in my dreams.” 


The three of them walked out of the cemetery and smiled at each other. Xue Qing suggested that the three of them have a drink together, and everyone had no objection. When she got into the car, Xue Qing said, “Do you remember the big brother Gao who used to take care of us? I heard that he returned to China and opened a bar. The atmosphere is very good. How about we go to his place?”


Cheng Zhengzhe laughed, “He got married last year, but we didn’t attend. We should give him a red envelope1Wedding money. today. I remember now, Xue Qing, you used to have a crush on someone. Hey, why are you hitting me?!”


Xue Qing gave him a blank look, “Don’t talk, no one is treating you like a mute person! How about you think about Zhong Gang? You won’t know when he might stop you.”


Cheng Zhengzhe said, “Xue Qing, you are famous for your crow mouth. I don’t care, if Zhong Gang pesters me again, I will say that I am with you and that we’re together.”


“Go away! If Laoniang is rumored to be with you, how can I have the face to eat up my little fresh meat, you sissy!”


“Hey, what’s wrong with me? What’s wrong with me? Tell me. Clearly, apart from being older, I can’t be compared to your little fresh meat.”


“Come on, with your physical strength, can you do it for three rounds?”


“Hey, Xue Qing, what do you mean? Do you want to make an appointment with me? Let’s try it.”


“Just try! I’m not afraid of you.”


Xing Zhongwan leaned against the car window with one hand and listened. As the two quarreled, his thoughts drifted to Qi Yun’s bouquet of flowers.


The neat handwriting on the delicate bouquet of hydrangeas… Qi Yun knew that he would come back, but he didn’t come to see him because he didn’t want to cause him trouble.


Xing Zhongwan smiled, leaned back in the chair and closed his eyes.


The voices of the first two bickering faded as Cheng Zhengzhe looked back at him and said softly to Xue Qing, “Say, why didn’t Qi Yun come today? He should know that Laoxing would come to Xing’s house today.”


Xue Qing frowned and did not speak. Cheng Zhengzhe said, “Do you think Laoxing wants to see Qi Yun?”


Xue Qing raised his eyebrows and glanced at Xing Zhongwan, who closed his eyes to rest his eyes. I’m afraid only he himself knows this.

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(Vol.2) Chapter 7 – I love you, so I would rather let you go

Chapter 7 –  I love you, so I would rather let you go


Cheng Zhengzhe followed Xue Qing carefully after seeing her expression change like a kaleidoscope.


“What’s with your expression? You’ve been staring at them for a long time. Be a little bit more restrained, I admit that the man is good-looking, but you should also be a little more reserved. Don’t embarrass Laoxing.”


Xue Qing raised her foot and stepped on Chen Zhengzhe’s leather shoes with her high heels very accurately. Cheng Zhengzhe’s face went blue. With a smile on his face, and he turned slightly and said softly, “Xue Qing, are you trying to murder me? Laozi is in so much pain!”


“Open your dog’s eyes to see exactly who I’m looking at!”


Cheng Zhengzhe endured the pain, who else could it be other than a guy? Thinking about it this way, he couldn’t help but carefully look at the man not far away.


The decent black suit on him was very prudent and the proportion of the man’s figure was just right. His hair was combed meticulously, revealing a smooth forehead and when he turned around, those eyes just swept over to meet Cheng Zhengzhe’s.


I’m leaving. Cheng Zhengzhe wasn’t going to start with his guilty conscience. Those eyes were too bright to look directly at. When he looked at him, he felt like he’d be sucked into the light.


But he seemed a little familiar, where have he seen him before?


Xue Qing saw Qi Yun looking over, before he lowered his head and said something to the entourage beside him. He then walked straight towards them.


Xue Qing pulled Cheng Zhengzhe, who was still unclear about the situation, and said, “Sissy, Qi Yun is coming over here. He has heard my voice before, so I won’t speak later.” 


There was a hint of surprise in Cheng Zhengzhe’s eyes, Qi Yun? That was Qi Yun?


No wonder! No wonder Laoxing ran away so fast. His lover was chasing after him.


While he was thinking about it, Qi Yun had already walked in front of the two of them. Cheng Zhengzhe was pushed forward without any remorse by Xue Qing.


Cheng Zhengzhe calmed down and smiled.


Qi Yun looked at him fixedly before suddenly stretching out his hand to him, “Hello, I’m Qi Yun.”


Cheng Zhengzhe extended his hand and held it in a friendly manner, “Hello, I’m Cheng Zhengzhe.”


Qi Yun looked at the tall and handsome man in front of him before glancing over at Xue Qing, who was standing behind him, “Miss Xue, long time no see.”


Xue Qing gritted her back molars. This Qi Yun was really capable. He was quick at finding things, and has already caught up to her.


Cheng Zhengzhe secretly complained in his heart that he hasn’t started acting yet. Others have made it clear that they didn’t want to mingle with him anymore in a straightforward manner.


Laoxing, you have such good foresight.


Xue Qing pushed Cheng Zhengzhe away from him, “It’s amazing that you’ve chased us all the way here. What’s the matter? Did you want to have a drink with me to catch up with the old days?”


Xue Qing’s tone was not good. If it wasn’t because the situation did not allow it, she wanted to turn around and leave.


Qi Yun obviously didn’t care about Xue Qing’s tone. Those dark eyes remained deep and unchanged, but he hesitated a little, “I want to see Wanwan.”


Cheng Zhengzhe couldn’t help it, so he coughed twice and stepped back and calmly pulled the corner of  Xue Qing’s skirt, signaling her to calm down.


“I don’t know. Since you have the ability to find out about me and Laocheng, why can’t you find your Wanwan?”


Xue Qing dropped this sentence with a mocking expression on his face, “So what if you found him? The answer was already obvious when he left. What are playing at now? The old-fashioned cliche of reconciliation is not in line with your identity as the third young master Qi of today.”


Qi Yun stood in front of her motionless, without retreating in the slightest, “I just want to see him once. Even once is fine.”


“Meet him? To let you hurt him again? Qi Yun, go on and ask, what Xing Zhongwan’s identity is. He took care of you back then, but what about you, how did you treat him? He could have anyone. Even if he wanted a man, you’ll be the last man he goes to.”


Xue Qing spoke ruthlessly as Qi Yun pursed his lips and suppressed the pain in his heart, “Please tell me where he is.”


Cheng Zhengzhe saw that the atmosphere between the two was not right and approached Xue Qing, “What’s going on? I don’t understand what you are talking about. What happened back then?”


Xue Qing pushed Cheng Zhengzhe away and walked two steps closer to Qi Yun, “Qi Yun, ask yourself with your conscience, what right do you have to see him.”


After speaking, she bypassed Qi Yun and left. Cheng Zhengzhe was suspicious as he glanced at him and followed Xue Qing away. The entourage beside Qi Yun asked him if he wanted to follow them, but Qi Yun stood there, looking at the clean floor, stunned.


Cheng Zhengzhe stopped Xue Qing anxiously, “What the hell is going on? Are you and Laoxing hiding something from me?”


Xue Qing frowned, obviously not wanting to say more, “I’m afraid to tell you that you won’t be able to control your own strength…”


Cheng Zhengzhe was stunned for a moment, before saying, “Should I be in a hurry to go back and beat him up now? Although I don’t know what happened back then, it’s definitely right to punch him!”


Xue Qing, who was angry, said, “You can forget it. Hold on for a while, I’ll go back first.”


Shen Congxin arrived two days later than Qi Yun. He was so excited and thought he would finally be able to see his elusive cousin-in-law, however, after the house was found, they disappeared.


Shen Congxin followed Qi Yun to stand in the huge manor, dumbfounded, “How rich is my cousin-in-law?”


The old butler standing in front of them politely led them into the hall, saying that the owner was not here but this is the part of the entire manor that was open to the public and can be visited at any time. Apparently the old butler took them as tourists.


Qi Yun was silent and his emotions were unreadable. Shen Congxin asked when their master would come back.


The answer was that their return date was uncertain.


Shen Congxin was very disappointed. He glanced at Qi Yun, but his expression didn’t change. He thought he would be happier after receiving news of Xing Zhongwan, but he didn’t seem so.


Instead, his expression became darker and darker.

Qi Yun looked at the garden full of hydrangeas, which were so cute. Qi Yun stretched out his hand as a gust of breeze passed through his palm. Qi Yun closed his palms gently, but wasn’t able to grasp anything.


Looking back at the magnificent complex, finding his whereabouts was just the tip of the iceberg.


Xue Qing’s words last night still rung in his ears. What was Xing Zhongwan’s identity? He took care of him back then, but how did he treat him?


With a little clue, it turned out to be very smooth to find. Through connecting the dots of Princess Aisha, the royal family, and of ethnic chinese descent, he didn’t expect Xing Zhongwan to have such an identity.


At that time, when he took good care of him, it was just to repay his kindness and he had really already done enough.


Comparing himself to Xing Zhongwan, Qi Yun was a little shaken while in the midst of trying to find him for the first time. Xue Qing was right, he did not have the right to see him.


Shen Congxin looked at Qi Yun who was in a trance. That thin back was very lonely. Qi Yun has power, money and status, but he is not happy. The person who can make him happy cannot be found.


“We don’t have to wait any longer.”


Without answering, Qi Yun stood for a long time, watching the sun set as the cold wind rose.


“Let’s go.” The voice was hoarse with melancholy, which made others feel sad.


Qi Yun’s figure shadow in the afterglow was lonely and cold as he walked out of the manor step by step.


At that time, he couldn’t see nor walk, but it was not difficult as long as he had Wanwan by his side to accompany him.


Now he could see, he was already gone. Wanwan was already gone. Even if he is standing in a high position and has billions of wealth, every passing day felt like years.


If you see me again and will only remember the bad memories, then I will not look for you anymore. Now that I understand, I only want you to be happy and I don’t want you to have any burdens.


I love you, Wanwan. I love you, so I would rather let you go.


In the cemetery of the Xing family… Qi Yun had returned to China for half a month and he decided to go to the cemetery as soon as he was free. A bouquet of hydrangeas was respectfully placed in front of the tombstone and Qi Yun stared at the photo on the tombstone for a long time before the corners of his mouth curled up as he muttered to himself, “Does Wanwan look like you? It’s a pity I have not seen him before.”


Qi Yun laughed at himself. For more than three years, Xing Zhongwan never came back to see his mother once. He was a very filial person, but Qi Yun knew exactly why he did so.


Xing Zhongwan didn’t want to meet him again…


“This is the last time I will visit you.” Qi Yun bowed to the tombstone, straightened up, took a deep look, before turning to leave.


Xing Zhengping, who came after hearing the news, happened to meet him at the entrance of the cemetery. It was a little embarrassing. Qi Yun, who was not of the Xing family, was more diligent than him at visiting the cemetery. However, he couldn’t stop him, he didn’t dare.


Qi Yun glanced at him, “I won’t come again in the future, so you don’t need to hold your guard against me like I’m a thief.”


Xing Zhengping was surprised. Was he finally moving on?


Qi Yun sat in the car, closed his eyes before opening them again. His eyes were a little red. The secretary worriedly asked if he was uncomfortable.


Qi Yun waved his hand and suddenly felt very confused. He also felt the same way when Wanwan left.


What has supported him for so many years was the belief that he will find Xing Zhongwan.


Now that he has decided to let it go, Qi Yun was completely empty, as if he was no longer interested in anything. The Qi Yun three years ago, should have died. All these years of living were just for that person.


Qi Yun suddenly laughed out loud, he was forever alone.


Xing Zhongwan signed the contract as Aisha smiled until there was only a line where her eyes were and happily accepted the contract.


“What’s your relationship with that beautiful oriental man?”


Aisha had time to gossip after the business was over.


As soon as Xing Zhongwan got off the plane, he was called to the company to sign a contract before he could take a break.


“Are you so free now? Take the contract and go.”


Aisha squinted, “He was looking for you. Since you don’t want to say it, I won’t be staying. See you later, Wan~” 


As soon as Aisha left, Xing Zhongwan laid on the sofa like a dead fish. There was a sound of high-heeled shoes before the doors opened to Xue Qing’s darkened face, “You were so willing to come back. You escaped so fast!”


Xing Zhongwan didn’t even bother looking up, “If you’re tired, don’t come here to find me as if you have nothing to do. Go take a good rest.”


Xue Qing tsk-ed and leaned down to look at Xing Zhongwan’s slightly haggard face.


“Qi Yun already knows your identity. He has even been to your house. I thought he would spend some time finding you, but I didn’t expect him to go back so quickly. Don’t pretend to be dead, you escaped so fast. It shows that you still have him in your heart. Or why would someone with your personality avoid him like hell?”


Xing Zhongwan turned around irritably, “It’s not what you think.”


Xue Qing went around the sofa and sat opposite him, “I’m afraid you can’t help it when you see him? That’s right, at that time he already stole your heart, even with his ghostly appearance. If you see him now, I’m afraid…”


Xing Zhongwan got up impatiently, “What’s the matter with you today? You keep mentioning him. I have nothing to do with him now. He is currently famous and it’s not good for him to be obsessed with me. To him, Xing Zhongwan is just a stumbling block on the way forward. Aren’t we both happy now? Qi Yun is smart so he should understand. I have been very clear with him that it is impossible between me and him.”


Xue Qing opened her mouth slightly and took a deep breath into her chest, “You! Ai… It’s rare that you have ever really liked someone, but unfortunately it’s Qi Yun.”


Xue Qing got up and pressed on Xing Zhongwan’s shoulder, “I’ll go first. There’s a regular meeting the day after tomorrow, remember to attend.”


Xing Zhongwan wiped his face, “Thank you, Xue Qing.”


Xue Qing was stunned and tsk-ed, “What is our relationship? You don’t have to say thank you. Laocheng and I only want you to be happy for yourself. Just understand it in your heart.”


“And if you really want to reward me, give me the little fresh meat1Handsome little juniors. under you. How many times have I asked you? But you just won’t give them to me!”


Xing Zhongwan smiled, “For you, it’s time to settle down. Women can’t drag it out.”


Xue Qing opened the door and smiled back, “Teach me how to do it when you marry a wife. I’m leaving.” 


The quiet returned to the office as Xing Zhongwan lay down on the sofa. He lifted up his hand and the scar on his wrist was still very prominent. Xing Zhongwan did not forget the pain of the stitches at that time, nor did Qi Yun forget his kindness to Xing Zhongwan.


It was all good in those fleeting moments. It was good when he trusted and loved before knowing the truth and got his heart torn apart.


Qi Yun, if I didn’t fall for you back then, I wouldn’t blame you so much now. I’ve tried to forgive you, but my heart won’t allow it.


Let the fairy sister live on in my dreams.


T/N: I really hope the readers don’t actually think that Xue Qing, our Wanwan’s best friend, is actually a carnivore or even worse, a cannibal…

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(Vol.2) Chapter 6 – I have been chasing you for so many years.

Chapter 6 – I have been chasing you for so many years. Finally, I have received some news of you


Xing Zhongwan guessed that it was another blind date. His eyes twitched as he looked at the dozen or so photos in front of him. Sitting across from him was a freckled young white woman who was wearing a haute couture suit.


When Xing Zhongwan closed the photo album calmly, the woman on the opposite side made an exaggerated expression.


“Wang, you don’t pike meng do you?1碗,你似西方拦还纸吧 (1) vs 晚,你是喜欢男孩子吧 (2)
Aunt Aisha is speaking in broken chinese,. It’s supposed to be Wǎn, nǐ shì xǐhuān nán háizi ba (2) instead of Wǎn, nǐ shì xīfāng lán hái zhǐ ba (1).

Her pronunciation is off.
” Xing Zhongwan became disabled after hearing her broken Chinese…


“Please speak English. And no, I don’t like men. I just don’t want to get married at the moment. Thank you…”


The woman opposite him looked disappointed, but soon became excited, “I’m going to your hometown, Wanwan. I’ve always wanted to visit the house you mentioned, it must be beautiful.” 


Xing Zhongwan scratched his ears, it really was better speaking English.


Thinking of the house that had already been donated, Xing Zhongwan nodded, “My visit will be short. If you have time, you can visit it. It should be open to the outside world.”


Aisha, who had an excited look on her face, made Xing Zhongwan laugh. However, an important point in time was overlooked, which was that Aisha’s visit would occur around the beginning of summer.


Shen Congxin was forced to work. When he finally finished his work and wanted to go back home to sleep, he was stopped by the company’s executives at the door, “Little Vice President, where is the third young master?”


Shen Congxin wanted to go home, “Do you have something important to settle him? If it’s not that urgent, wait a few days.”


“There is a document that needs to be signed by him.”


Shen Congxin was helpless, “Is it already the beginning of summer?”


After he finished speaking, he realized that Qi Yun was in the south of the Yangtze River and he would definitely be there as even the thunderstorms wouldn’t be able to shake him off.


He took the file and left wisely. Sigh, he was going to wait for that old man to come back.


Qi Yun was indeed in the south of the Yangtze River. He just arrived the day before yesterday and was watering flowers in the garden. After the house was bought over by him, he rehired all the people who used to work here. The servants of the Xing family did not ask much. Most of them still had feelings for the house and returned to work.


With a new owner, everyone wondered if they should change the way they greeted. Qi Yun only said, “The master remains the same, I’m just guarding the house for him and waiting for him to come back.”


The servants of the Xing family have always been wise so they didn’t ask too much. They only did as they were instructed and stared at this Mr. Qi, who always came to stay in Lixia every year, with some strange pity.


He was waiting for the young master, but the young master will not come back.


The weather in Jiangnan was a bit sultry. Qi Yun was wearing a white shirt with his sleeves rolled up and a pair of loose trousers lining his straight and slender legs. When the secretary came over, he stopped when he saw Qi Yun’s footsteps. After following him for so many years, only when he was in this house in Jiangnan did he look like a person with a little warmth in him.


“Sir, we have a delegation from the X royal family. This is a good opportunity, why don’t you go back?”


Qi Yun put down the watering can and picked up the scissors to trim the branches. “Their timing is not right. What can I do?”


The secretary tensed his forehead. Well, you are the boss so you have the final say.


“I’ll go back after staying two more days.” The secretary was worried about how to urge him to go back, so Qi Yun’s words made him feel relieved, “Okay, I’ll arrange it now.”


After the secretary left, Qi Yun put down his scissors. He looked at the open-wide sky, it was going to rain again.


Xing Zhongwan’s office was open-air and on the top floor, with glass windows reaching from the floor to the ceiling, incredibly bright. Every time Xue Qing and Cheng Zhengzhe came to find him, they always complained that his good office resembled a crystal coffin before Xing Zhongwan told them that they did not know how to appreciate its spacious and free design.


Cheng Zhengzhe pointed to more than 20 secretaries outside, “Have you ever thought about their feelings? Forget the make-up, they can’t even catch a break.”


Xing Zhongwan disagreed as if it were natural, “They get to appreciate their boss’s prosperous beauty from all angles around the clock. This is an extra benefit for them, so what’s there not to like?”


When Xing Zhongwan said this, the other two felt their stomachs churning…


This time Cheng Zhengzhe had come to Xing Zhongwan. The secretary understood Cheng Zhengzhe’s gesture, telling her to leave so he opened the door and went inside. Sure enough, Xing Zhongwan was there, lying on a huge reclining chair wearing sunglasses… while sunbathing…


Cheng Zhengzhe took off his sunglasses in disgust, “Get up and sign this.”


Xing Zhongwan first opened his eyes in dissatisfaction as the dazzling sunlight almost forced them to tears, “Can’t you see me pondering about my freedom? Don’t disturb me.”


Cheng Zhengzhe didn’t care, “While you were pondering about your freedom, Laozi was working his arse off. Don’t bother me? Hurry up and open for business!”


Xing Zhongwan got up impatiently before taking the document and the pen from Cheng Zhengzhe’s hand. He signed it and threw it into his arms.


Cheng Zhengzhe passed him a bottle of perfume, “Hey, the new bottle is for you. You’re running out of the old one, right?”


Xing Zhongwan received the delicate perfume bottle with complicated feelings


It’s because of this one thing that shit almost hit the ceiling fan.


“You can customize a different fragrance for me next time.”


Cheng Zhengzhe raised his eyebrows and found that the matter was not simple, “After using it for more than ten years, suddenly you want to change this. Confess. What happened?”


“It’s just that I’m tired of it. Aiya, if you have nothing else, just leave!”


Cheng Zhengzhe disliked this. He disliked this very much. Was he not a bro anymore? What’s there to be ashamed of? That Qi Yun almost recognized him because of this scent?


“Okay, I’m leaving. I won’t come next time even if you invite me. I’m getting a panic attack even just looking at your office. By the way, was the old house in Jiangnan really donated? Isn’t your little aunt in the list of visiting groups? Hey, are you lsitening to me!? You won’t be getting longan and red dates soups in Lixia anymore at this rate.”


Hearing about Lixia, Xing Zhongwan jumped up immediately, “What did you say?”


Cheng Zhengzhe almost stumbled like a dog eating shit, “Why did you get so excited? Isn’t it just a bowl of soup? Every year, the internal affairs of the country will just pass by accordingly, wasn’t this year also… Wow, what is with your face? Is the sky going to fall? Or is our group going to collapse? Hey, hey hey, say something Laoxing!”


It wouldn’t be so coincidental, would it? They stumble upon each other, right!


Aisha came to Jiangnan a day before she was going to leave China. She was very interested in the old mansion mentioned by Xing Zhongwan and wanted to come and see it for a long time. Unexpectedly, when she came here in high spirits, she was told that this house was a private house and could not be visited. Aisha was not happy anymore, wasn’t it supposed to open to visitors? How could it be private? She finally made this trip and couldn’t just go back like this, so she was about to negotiate with the people at the door. When the door opened and a group of people came out, Aisha couldn’t help but look over and was stunned when she saw the man in the lead… Wow, was that an oriental fairy? It was the first time she saw an oriental man whose appearance was comparable to that of her little nephew.


Qi Yun glanced at Aisha, “What’s the matter?” The servant at the door hurried up to explain the situation.


Qi Yun was silent and was about to leave when Aisha on the side walked up to him. It seemed like this person was the one to call the shots around here, “This mister. This manthsion is ownership of my newphew…2这位线沈,这个污子是我纸子的(1) vs  这个先生, 这个屋子是我侄侄的(2)

Aisha’s bad chinese enunciaion strikes again.

It’s supposed to be Zhège xiānshēng, zhège wūzi shì wǒ zhí zhí de (2) instead of Zhè wèi xiàn shěn, zhège wū zi shì wǒ zhǐ zi de(1)….


“You may speak English.” Qi Yun was expressionless and a little impatient in his heart.


Aisha breathed a sigh of relief at her poor Chinese…


“This house is open to the public, so why is it a private house? I want to go in and visit, can I please?”


Qi Yun’s expression changed. Not many people knew about this house, so how could she know that it was supposed to be open to the outside world?


His heart feels that he has just dug up something.


“I am the owner of this house.” Qi Yun was testing the waters.


Aisha’s eyes widened, she didn’t find the wrong place, right? Impossible, the address was given to her by Wan himself.


“No, no, this house belongs to my nephew.”


Aisha hurriedly explained this but Qi Yun was completely stunned. He hurriedly took a step forward, “What did you say? Can you say it again? Nephew? Is he Xing Zhongwan?” The  beauty up-close made Aisha’s heart beat faster and the accompanying assistant pulled her sleeve and whispered in her ear, “Your phone.”


Aisha answered her phone. The reception staff who was a local here heard the news and hurried over. They were stunned when they saw Qi Yun. Qi Yun’s secretary stepped forward and asked them with discernment, “What’s the matter?” 


The staff bent down and whispered, “I didn’t know the princess of the royal family of country X would come with the visiting group. I don’t know why they came here, so I hurried over in a panic after finding out.” 


The secretary took two steps back and quickly walked to Qi Yun’s side before saying a few words in his ear. Qi Yun stared at the woman who was still answering her phone. This person must be related to Wanwan.


“Wan, didn’t you say it’s open to the outside world? Why can’t I go in? But there’s a really good-looking man.”


Xing Zhongwan was pacing back and forth in the office while holding his phone, “What did you tell him?”


“I said it belonged to my nephew, and he also mentioned a Chinese name. I didn’t understand it, but I still remember the pronunciation.”


Xing Zhongwan stopped, frowning deeply, “Don’t talk to him now. Did you tell him you don’t know anything after he asked you any questions?”


Aisha was puzzled, “Why? Do you hold any grudges against him?”


“Don’t worry about it, don’t say anything anyway.”


Aisha turned her head and glanced at Qi Yun. Those eyes were looking at her with integrity. Aisha sweated coldly, “I now believe that you have a grudge with him. Well, I will keep it a secret, but as a condition, you must give me three years of free prime-time commercial slots on your TV station.”


“Two years.”


“Three years!”


“One year.”


“Three years!”


“Fine, go ahead and tell him whatever.” Xing Zhongwan gave up.


Aisha hurriedly said, “One year is one year. The deal is done!”


Xing Zhongwan put down the phone and turned his head quickly. He picked up his jacket and walked out of the office. On the way, he called Xue Qing, “I’m going out for a while, you and Laocheng will watch the situation here.”


Xue Qing was eating steak, “Where are you going in such a hurry?”


“Go to see the lion’s cub.”


Xue Qing was unhappy, “Didn’t you just come back after seeing him? No, there is a very important event next week that you have to attend on behalf of the group. You can leave a few days later after that.”


“No, it’ll be too late by then. I’m leaving today!”


Xing Zhongwan started the car as Xue Qing put down her knife and fork, “Give me a reason!”


“The lioness is about to give birth. I’ll go back and see if her cubs are born yet.” 


Xue Qing almost flipped the table, “Xing Zhongwan, is it your child that will be born soon? What are you anxious about!”


After shouting, Xing Zhongwan also hung up. Cheng Zhengzhe sat opposite her, “What’s wrong?”


Xue Qing wiped his face with an impatient tone, “Xing Zhongwan ran away again!”




Cheng Zhengzhe spit out a mouthful of red wine as Xue Qing threw the towel on his face that had an idiot expression.


“The situation was not as simple as we thought!” The towel in Cheng Zhengzhe’s hand turned purple as he came to this conclusion.


“What the heck, it’s been almost three years since he left Qi Yun, but he’s still not normal. If I had known this earlier, Laoniang would have tied Qi Yun and taken him abroad. I don’t care if he is the third young master Qi or young master Shen. I would’ve stripped him and tossed him to Laoxing. “


Cheng Zhengzhe raised his hand silently to express his approval. Women are not easy to mess with nowadays…


Sure enough, Aisha immediately became tight-lipped after receiving the call. No matter what Qi Yun asked, she always kept a fascinated smile and didn’t say a word. Qi Yun was very sure in his heart about this gut feeling and made a phone call to the Foreign Affairs Office in person. His hands trembled with excitement.


“There will be a follow-up group to X country next week? I’ll apply to accompany them.”


The person in charge of the foreign affairs department couldn’t understand why this party who wasn’t a part of the visiting group suddenly became so interested in this.


“With your current status it is not easy to follow them. What title will you use to follow them?”


“The representative for the Shen family has not been decided yet right? I’ll go in person.”


There was silence for a while, “Is this related to the person you’re looking for?”


Qi Yun hummed as the corners of his mouth couldn’t help but curl up slightly.


“Okay, I’ll make arrangements for you. The rainbows have finally come after the storm, it seems. Come and fill in the application. There is enough time to approve the documents to make it in time for the departure date.”


Qi Yun hung up the phone, feeling a little excited as he held the string of beads on his wrist. This uncontrollable joy and unease were complicated emotions that made his mood go up and down.


I have been chasing you for so many years. Finally, I have received some news of you


I will always be able to find you, with God helping me.


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(Vol.2) Chapter 5 – The Xing Family

Chapter 5 – The Xing Family


Xing Zhongwan subconsciously shrunk inside his own mind and most of his consciousness was stuck inside. Sure enough, even though Qi Yun had already recovered, he still looked like he was going to die if anyone got close to him. With him at the center, no strangers would be able to come near him.


Xing Zhongwan took a closer look to see that Qi Yun’s leg was still a little lame and it seemed that he had not fully recovered. That cold face was icy cold and Xing Zhongwan was worried that the people who followed him would freeze to death. His entire body was still thin. He didn’t know if it was an illusion, but judging from his face, it seems that he became even thinner than when he first left two years ago.


Xing Zhongwan smiled. He was very busy, after all. It took him two years to climb to his current position and it would be impossible to do so without putting in the effort.


Xing Zhongwan was far away from him. The distance between him and Qi Yun in the huge banquet hall was just a diagonal line and it was a good thing that his eyesight was not too good. Xing Zhongwan took out his mobile phone and sent a message to Zhong Gang.


Zhong Gang was taking Emma to meet with other people. He was the one responsible for Qingyuan Capital. He has held the title of being the person in charge for many years and there were many people who wanted to curry favor with him. She was sent to him today with a smile on her face. He looked at the assistant who just started reporting to him today. She was a shrewd, strong, and very beautiful Caucasian beauty…


Was she really a foreigner? Who the hell was she to be able to speak much better Chinese than him? However… This person, who was recommended to him by the boss, was really good… Emma’s ability to learn was very strong… Seems like he’ll be able to go back to the head office to pursue Zhengzhe…


Just as he was thinking, his phone began shaking in his pocket. Zhong Gang took it out and glanced at it before frowning slightly. He was just about to tell Emma that they should go until a young man suddenly stopped in front of him, “Hello, Dong Zhong from Qingyuan Capital. I’m Shen Congxin.”


Zhong Gang looked at the handsome man in front of him who was much shorter than him. Shen Congxin? The little vice president of the Shen family?


Zhong Gang straightened his body that he had just turned around because he was about to leave. With a smile on his face, he greeted him, “Hello, Vice President Shen.”


Qi Yun’s appearance caused a commotion and many girls hid to look at him quietly. His appearance made many people jealous and stunned stupid. As the head of the Qi family and the Shen family, just one of those titles was enough to attract people. What’s more was, since he recovered from his illness, Qi Zongcheng used all his resources to support him. It can be said that he will soon rise to the top. Some people even said that in a few years, Qi Yun will likely participate in the general election as well. The women didn’t give much thought to these things. They were looking at taking the position of young madam Qi. After all, Qi Yun, who was in his thirties, was not married yet.


There are countless people who openly or secretly agreed with his current position. It was just unfortunate that Qi Yun had no elders. The public was told that his mother was recuperating in a sanatorium. There was no one who didn’t know that Guan Yang went crazy. Qi Zongcheng was now paralyzed on the bed and couldn’t take care of the business anymore. As for the Shen family… Let’s not mention them anymore. Qi Yun was the only one left from there. There were also people who relied on Shen Congxin to pass on a few good words about them to Qi Yun, but they don’t know that this little deputy played dumb, always saying, “I already have a cousin-in-law already, don’t ask again.”


If you want to start from the inside of the Shen family, Shen Qinghong’s confidant may be able to speak in front of Qi Yun back then. But now, the Shen family is even more impregnable, so if you ask, they will tell you that the position of our Shen family’s young madam is something you can’t afford to covet and to stop dreaming.


In fact, they all know that there is already someone in Young Master Yun’s heart. They have always had a young madam, but the young madam ran away and Young Master Yun had been looking for him for two years. It is estimated that he will not be able to find him in this life and that he will die alone.


Everyone was thinking about it. Qi Yun was right in front of them, but no one dared to go up and talk to him. Originally, he was not easy to approach. But now that he was healthy, he was even colder. Just a glance at him would make one’s back go cold. Becoming young madam Qi was not an easy thing to do. They really didn’t have the courage to even talk to him.


Deputy Director Chen of the Shen family was Shen Qinghong’s confidant during her lifetime. Seeing that Qi Yun had come, he leaned over cautiously, “You’ve arrived?”


Qi Yun was a little lacking in interest, so he raised his eyes and nodded slightly. The other was so stunned that his forehead started sweating.


After so many years, he has really lived his life lying down with his belly facing up like a dog. Every time he saw Qi Yun, the first thing he felt was fear. He would even become the servant of his son.


“Thank you for coming today.”


The secretary beside him handed him a glass of warm water, “I wouldn’t have to come here if you pulled Shen Congxin up earlier.”


There was some sadness in Deputy Director Chen’s heart. You think I don’t want to? It’s hard to pull that stinky boy up too. Qi Yun swept his eyes and saw that Shen Congxin was talking to a tall man not far away. His excited expression was very rare. Looking back, he happened to meet the woman who was looking at him. The woman blushed but did not avoid his gaze. Qi Yun looked at her eyes with no emotion and indifference. The woman’s red face gradually turned white, before her eyes finally turned red fast. She looked away and walked quickly towards a middle-aged lady. When the lady looked back, she saw that her daughter was so pale that she was about to cry. She was shocked and asked, “What’s wrong?”


“He’s scary, mother. Let’s go.”


The lady was frightened by the expression on her own daughter’s face. What’s the matter, you haven’t even met him, but were frightened to this extent?!


Xing Zhongwan sat in the corner and saw it all clearly. Looking at the girl with this kind of expression, he predicted that the girl will have a nightmare when she goes back. Xing Zhongwan looked at his phone. What happened to Zhong Gang?  Xing Zhongwan couldn’t sit still and wanted to leave before he came back. Qi Yun’s eyes drifted over here several times and several people have already noticed him so staying here like this is not the way to go.


Xing Zhongwan took out his mobile phone and sent a message to Zhong Gang, “I’ll go to the airport first. I’m leaving Emma to you. See you later.” 


After sending the message, Xing Zhongwan got up and prepared to leave.


Qi Yun also planned to leave. He only came here today to show his face and he didn’t want to stay any longer after showing the Shen family some courtesy. The secretary behind him handed him his phone. Qi Yun took a look. Shen Congxin secretly sent him a message at some point, asking him to come over to support him. Qi Yun frowned and was very upset. He really didn’t know how Shen Qinghong fell in love with him back then? Without any enthusiasm at all, Qi Yun got up and looked at Shen Congxin who was beckoning at him. He wanted to turn around and walk away, but after thinking about it, he changed his direction and began walking towards them.


Xing Zhongwan never thought that Qi Yun would walk towards him, but he was already walking towards the middle. It would be too obvious to turn around now. Someone just happened to pass by him and Xing Zhongwan and Qi Yun passed by each other. At the moment when their shoulders passed, Xing Zhongwan exhaled and walked straight to the door without looking back. Qi Yun’s steps suddenly stopped. It was a familiar smell! Suddenly turning his head, there were countless figures and faces behind him, but the scent of the pine wood became clearer and clearer in his mind. Qi Yun’s cold and white face became more solemn as he pushed aside the entourage behind him and walked out quickly. Shen Congxin waved at the back of Qi Yun who was leaving resolutely. What happened to his big cousin who turned around suddenly when he was almost here?


“I’m sorry. It seems that our chairman has something to do. I can’t introduce you to him today. I’m very sorry.” Shen Congxin kept a smile on his face, and Zhong Gang smiled indifferently, “It’s okay, it’s my honor to meet Mr. Qi. If I don’t get to meet him this time, there will always be a chance next time.”


Zhong Gang’s words were only said as a courtesy. He had wanted to know Qi Yun for a long time, but unfortunately it was difficult to meet him. It’s a pity he wasn’t able to see you today.


Xing Zhongwan came out of the door and stopped a taxi. He watched Qi Yun come out of the door in a panic, as if looking for someone. Was he recognized? That’s impossible! It must’ve been the smell on his body. He had sprayed his cologne today, which was really a misstep. Xing Zhongwan ordered the driver to drive away as he inadvertently saw Qi Yun panicking on the other side. If he guessed correctly, he was shaking. Xing Zhongwan stopped looking at him as he laid back on the chair, “Please drive to the airport.”


“Big cousin, what are you looking for?” Shen Congxin came after hearing the news. He had not seen Qi Yun so complacent for a long time.


“Wanwan was here. There was his smell, he’s back.”


Qi Yun supported his aching leg. He would never forget that smell. Who was it? Where did they come from? Qi Yun’s eyes were red and he looked a little crazy. Shen Congxin saw him and knew something was wrong, “Don’t worry, I’ll look for him.”


Qi Yun suddenly remembered something, “Give me today’s guest list, hurry up!”


Qi Yun looked at the list in his hand name-by-name and Shen Congxin couldn’t bear to see his focused look, “Big cousin, you must be mistaken. Almost everyone in the banquet hall used perfume. With so many fragrances all together, how can you recognize it? If you smelled something, you must’ve been hallucinating because you thought too much.”


Qi Yun ignored him. He was not wrong, he wouldn’t remember the smell of Wanwan wrongly.


Shen Congxin was lying on the desk helplessly as his elder cousin went crazy again. In fact, it was not that he never thought about finding clues from the perfume field before, but there were thousands of pine fragrance perfumes on the market. Shen Congxin didn’t know how many domestic and foreign manufacturers they had seen, but Qi Yun had rejected them. Later, a person in the industry told him that it may be a customized product that was not available in the market. Shen Congxin also investigated this lead, but there was still no clue at all, so he gave up on this, but he didn’t expect…


Shen Congxin still wanted to persuade him as it was already midnight. Will Qi Yun want to stay up all night again?


The phone on the desk rang, but Qi Yun didn’t answer. After a while, the secretary knocked on the door and came in,


“The house in Jiangnan was donated.”


Qi Yun’s hand stopped turning the list over as he slowly raised his head, his eyes solemn.


“What did you say?”


Most of the old objects in the Xing family’s old house in Jiangnan were still there, but a few musical instruments and costumes in Xing Zhongwan’s yard were now gone. Qi Yun stared blankly at the empty old house. At this time, he was finally sure that Wanwan had really come back. It’s just that the news came to him too late. The old man’s death and burial were quietly hidden from everyone. It was also him who had appeared at the banquet. Maybe this was how they were meant to be, just passing by each other.


Thinking of this, Qi Yun felt a pain in his heart that had not been turbulent for a long time. The pain suddenly made him find support on the pillar next to him. Why didn’t he recognize him?


The moment the question came up, Qi Yun laughed, and the bitterness and sadness poured into his chest. He was so determined to leave, so how could he have recognized him? He was in such a rush to hide.


Qi Yun’s secretary held a transfer document and a check.


“Master likes this house very much, so I hope the curator can give up his love.” The curator looked at the amount on the check and asked in disbelief, “This is too much.”


“This house is priceless in the master’s heart. The money was donated by the master, and it can be regarded as the support of the Shen family for the protection of cultural relics.” 


The curator was stunned for a moment and he was a little uncertain, “The Shen family, is it the one from Haiyuan?”


“Exactly.” The curator gasped. After breathing again, he could only accept the check.


There was something missing from the canopy bed and Qi Yun noticed it at a glance. The doll was gone. The secretary came in and handed a mobile phone to Qi Yun. Shen Congxin spoke cautiously on the other end of the phone, “Big cousin, I checked everything according to what you said. I checked the guest list and the entry and exit status of the past few days, none of the identities match the right person.”


Qi Yun’s face sank quite a bit, “How about last night’s entry and exit records?”


Shen Congxin took a deep breath, “This is what I wanted to say, big cousin. I can’t find anything. We do not have enough authority. I also called the Foreign Affairs Office, and they replied that we did not have enough authority.”


Still not enough authority! Qi Yun silently hung up the phone and sat down on the canopy bed a little dejectedly.


Shen Qinghong’s words before his death once again left him at a loss.


“If you want to get him back, your current position is not enough. You have to continue to climb up.”


 “The Xing family’s influence overseas is not that simple. If he wants to hide from you, it will be easy.”


Qi Yun punched the shelf.


When he returned to Qi’s house that year, Qi Zongcheng vomited blood on the spot when he saw the stack of materials, as he pointed at him and scolded him three times. Qi Yun was unmoved. Qi Zongcheng asked him what he wanted. The Qi family was so tormented by him, did he come back to threaten them now?


Qi Yun replied very calmly, “I can only get what I want by climbing up.”


And what he wanted has always only been Wanwan.


Qi Yun didn’t want to talk about the hardships of the past two years. The closer he got, the more unbelievable it was. How could it be so difficult to find a person?


He didn’t even know which country he was in. The person in charge of the foreign affairs department secretly told him that they had applied for foreign affairs protection. When they had this kind of authority, generally, the identity of such a person did not even need to be seen by the director of the department to be qualified, so he advised him not to investigate further.


Qi Yun said at the time, “What level do you have to be to check this? The chief speaker? The director of foreign affairs? Or the chief secretary of the country?”


“You’re crazy for telling me this. If you let others hear it, it’ll be too incredulous. You are too popular, climbing up so high in just two years. There are many who are jealous of you. Do you know what will happen if they catch wind of this?”


“If I have to climb up till that position. No matter if it takes five years, I will even try it for ten years. “


Qi Yun didn’t say this as a joke. He’s already made up his mind. The person in charge of the foreign affairs department was much older than Qi Yun and he received the favor of Mrs. Qi in his early years, so he sincerely regarded him as a junior.


“If you want to walk this path, you should know better than me how many bloody storms there will be in the future. Whatever Mrs. Qi had seen, it will be more than that… Hey, just forget it. To be of your status is already not a simple person.”


Qi Yun didn’t answer. The firmness in his eyes explained everything. The person in charge of the foreign affairs department joked, “It’s not a blood feud, is it?”


Qi Yun glanced at him with a complex expression and melancholy eyes, “It’s me who wronged him. “


Xue Qing came to pick up Xing Zhongwan and when she saw his expression, she knew something was wrong.


“What’s wrong?” Is it because I messed with you?”


Xing Zhongwan opened the car door, “I don’t want to talk to you now.”


Xue Qing was shocked, “I have performed well recently and I have done nothing wrong.”


Xing Zhongwan closed his eyes and didn’t want to talk to her. Xue Qing thought for a second, “It wasn’t because you met Qi Yun at the banquet that you were in such a hurry to come back, was it?”


Xing Zhongwan said nothing, but the expression on his face said everything. Xue Qing patted his thigh, “What a coincidence! Fortunately, I applied for foreign affairs protection before you left the country, so he won’t be able to find out about your identity.”


After catching the flight overnight, the ten-hour trip made him feel like he was going to die.


“I know I was wrong. I won’t make you go to any banquet next time. I was wrong, don’t be angry.” Xue Qing looked at him carefully.


Xing Zhongwan took a deep breath. Seeing Qi Yun again confirmed his thoughts back then. That Qi Yun was really suitable for turning the clouds all over the world. This was what he should have been like.


Xing Zhongwan wiped his face, “I won’t be leaving for a while, what’s the next plan?”


Xue Qing blinked. She knew that she should not mention Qi Yunagain and quickly changed the subject, “There’s someone who’s been wanting to ask you out for a meal for a long time.”


Xing Zhongwan leaned back in the chair lazily, “Little Aisha… Auntie…” 


The Xing family was an immigrant in the early years and their preedcessors were very good at doing business. It was unknown which generation married a royal princess. It was almost impossible for a princess to marry a chinese person at that time, but it really happened and it was said to be a sensation. Therefore, Xing Yanyin’s blood was a bit mixed and his appearance was extremely handsome. In this instance, Xing Zhongwan looked like Xing Yanyin a 100%. Xing Zhongwan didn’t like to wear sunglasses to pretend to be cool. It was because his eye colour was a little different from ordinary people’s.


How closely related were the royal family to Xing Zhongwan, he didn’t know, but they were quite close. In addition, the Xing family has always been closely entangled with the royal family. As they have been in countless wealth for many years, the Xing family’s local status is quite high.


Xing Zhongwan was also shocked when he came to take over the Xing family’s business. Just what did his grandfather leave him? The pressure was too great…


This little Aunt Aisha, Xing Zhongwan doesn’t know how she was related to him or how she became his senior, but he doesn’t want to be entangled. He called her his aunt in name only, because she was actually five years younger than him. She was seriously still a little princess.


And every time she wanted to see him, there was only one reason. To set him up on a blind date.

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