Li Zhenruo seemed a little disoriented.

       He stood on the side of the street with a wry smile, watching an empty taxi drive past and forgetting to reach out to stop it.

       In fact, things were not necessarily what he imagined them to be. At that time, Sun He decided to go to Li Zhenran. Whether he went in the end or did not find it, and whether there was a change in the middle, no one could tell.

       If Li Zhenruo were calmer, he should sort out all the possibilities in an orderly manner, and then rule them out one by one.

       But as soon as the matter involved Li Zhenran, he found himself in a mess, just like when he showed the man a photo just now, why was his hand shaking? He just needs to accept it, right? But he just couldn’t calm down, just like his current self, except for the urge to go back and question Li Zhenran that supported him. He couldn’t think of anything else for the time being.

       Li Zhenruo walked to the small fountain in the square and sat down. When he looked down and saw his reflection in the pool, he reached out and touched the thin collar on his neck.

       The collar had a tracker. Li Zhenruo had always known it but didn’t pay much attention to it. The two of them had come to this point. The collar worn around his neck was more like a necklace that Li Zhenran gave him and had long since lost sight of its other significance.

       But now Li Zhenruo was a little confused, and he wanted to take off the collar.

       Whether to ask Li Zhenran directly or to continue to find out all the truth alone. But was the truth he had found out really the truth? How many of them had told the truth and how many had told lies seemed hard to tell by now.

       Also, had Li Zhenran been staring at him and monitoring him? Li Zhenruo raised his head, feeling as if he had a pair of eyes looking at her in a trance. He shook his head vigorously and thought to himself that he had died once, so how hard it was to stand the blow? If he was really scared, he might as well let go of the matter since Li Zhentai was already dead anyway, but he chose to look into it, so he had to get to the position where he knew the truth about everything.

       Everyone from the Li family went to Li Zhentai’s funeral, and the entire Li house was empty. It seemed that echoes could be heard when someone spoke.

       Li Zhenruo directly turned over the gate in the form of a cat and went in.

       The doorman saw his hairy buttocks falling out without turning over for a long time, so he kindly came out and gave him a hand. Li Zhenruo, who had been touched by his butt, caught his tail in panic, looked back at the guard, and moved his mouth in fear.

       He originally wanted to say thank you, but when he opened his mouth, he found that he could only meow, so he didn’t say anything.

       Dinner was cat food. Li Zhenruo went back to the room on the third floor early to stay. Later, she turned over all the cabinets and drawers in Li Zhenran’s room but found nothing useful.

       Later, he heard movement downstairs, it should be that they came back after attending the funeral to send off the guests.

       Li Zhenruo hid in the room and didn’t go out. He went to the bathroom to wash his face with clean water. The sound of the water drowned out the sound of Li Zhenran opening the door and when he looked up, he saw Li Zhenran standing behind him in the mirror.

       Li Zhenran squeezed his arms with both hands, lowered his head and gently kissed his neck.

       The drops of water dripped down Li Zhenruo’s face.

       Li Zhenran’s kiss turned into sucking, and the force was not light. After sucking a mark on his neck, he raised his head and asked in his ear, “Where have you been today?”

       His voice was low, and heat got into his ear holes.

       Li Zhenruo couldn’t help shrinking his neck, he said, “Go out and walk around.”

       Li Zhenran let go of his arm and asked, “Do you want to take a bath together?”

       Li Zhenruo said: “I’ve taken my bath, you can take yours.”

       Li Zhenran went to run water to take a bath. Li Zhenruo walked out of the bathroom and sat beside the bed quietly listening to the sound of water inside.

       When Li Zhenran came out of the shower, he saw Li Zhenruo lying on the bed playing with his mobile phone. He walked over and sat beside him and asked, “What are you playing?”

       Li Zhenruo put away the phone and said, “It’s nothing, I’m just thinking about what I should do in the future?”

       “What should you do?” Li Zhenran said.

       Li Zhenruo raised her head, “I can’t be kept as a cat by you all my life. Since Li Zhentai is gone, shouldn’t I start my own life?”

       Li Zhenran asked him, “What kind of life do you want to live? Are you going to study?”

       “Study what!” Li Zhenruo refused without thinking, “I have read books for so many years, and I don’t want to read any more books.” After he turned into a cat, he tried his best to find out the truth, and there was no such thing as an opportunity to develop a new hobby.

       Li Zhenran heard the words and said, “Then come back to Yunlin to help me.”

       “Huh?” Li Zhenruo seemed a little surprised.

       Li Zhenran said, “Don’t you want to?”

       Li Zhenruo thought about it seriously, “That’s not bad, you’ve been doing too much recently, I’ll be your assistant.”

       Li Zhenran smiled and said, “Okay.”

       Hua Yibang asked the logistics department to add a new set of desks and chairs to Li Zhenran’s large office.

       Originally, Li Zhenran asked to put the new desk in his office, but Li Zhenruo said, “Are you kidding? Do you want to go to work properly?” He himself asked for the desk to be placed in the small office outside, face to face with Hua Yibang.

       It just so happened that both of them were Li Zhenran’s assistants, formally a work assistant and a life assistant, which was completely reasonable.

       When Li Zhenzi came over from his office, he opened the door and saw Li Zhenruo with his legs crossed on the desk, looking at the documents, shook his head and said, “Second brother’s life is too corrupt.”

       Hua Yibang stood up, “Mr. Li the third.”

       Li Zhenruo glanced at him, “Isn’t Su Yao more eye-catching on your side?”

       Li Zhenzi said, “How is Su Yao the same as you?”

       Li Zhenruo smiled, “If you have the ability, go ask Miss Yu to come back.”

       Li Zhenzi’s expression changed instantly, pointed at Li Zhenruo with his finger, and asked Hua Yibang, “Is the second brother here?”

       Hua Yibang answered, “Yes.”

       Li Zhenzhi then pushed open the door of the office inside and entered without waiting for him to give notice. He said, “Second brother, I have something to discuss with you about Qijiang,” while reaching out and closing the door behind him.

       Li Zhenruo saw that he would not come out for a while, and dragged his chair to sit next to Hua Yibang.

       Hua Yibang was inexplicable, “Is something wrong?”

       Li Zhenruo raised her arm and put it on his shoulder, “Xiao Hua.”

       Hua Yibang glanced down at his hand, his expression became vigilant, “What?”

       Li Zhenruo looked up at the fluorescent tube overhead, “I have a mother.”

       Hua Yibang was silent for a while, then continued, “I have one too.”

       Li Zhenruo smiled, and then said, “She is already dead.”

       Hua Yibang said, “I’m sorry.”

       Li Zhenruo patted him on the shoulder, “There’s nothing to be sorry about, but there was a man who used to have a crush on my mother who took pictures of her and her ex-boyfriend and slandered her reputation everywhere.”

       Hua Yibang was stunned, “What’s going on?”

       Li Zhenruo said, “Do you know Sun He?”

       When he asked this question, he looked at Hua Yibang without blinking, trying to see whether he knew or didn’t know his expression.

       In the end, Hua Yibang’s expression didn’t waver at all, he blinked, his eyelashes trembled slightly, and said, “I don’t know.”

       Li Zhenruo continued: “I’m afraid that he will show Ran ge the photo and let Ran ge misunderstand my mother.”

       Hearing this, Hua Yibang frowned slightly and said, “Then you should ask Zhenran. I believe he won’t misunderstand anything after listening to others at will.”

       Li Zhenruo said, “So you don’t know Sun He.”

       Hua Yibang shook his head, “I don’t know.”

       Li Zhenruo found that it was difficult for him to tell whether Hua Yibang was telling the truth or a lie. He was just thinking that maybe Hua Yibang would tell Li Zhenran that he had asked about Sun He.

       What would he do to Li Zhenran then? Ask him who Sun He was and that he had never met him? Or would he just show him the truth? Or maybe tell him he knew there was something else he was hiding.

       Li Zhenruo didn’t want to question Li Zhenran, but he was vaguely expecting Li Zhenran to come forward and confess to him.

       When Li Zhenzi came out of the door, Li Zhenruo was still leaning on Hua Yibang’s shoulders.

       “What are you doing?” asked Li Zhenran, who followed Li Zhenzi out.

       Li Zhenruo took back his hand nonchalantly and said, “Nothing.”

       Li Zhenran said, “Move the desk in.”

       “Huh?” Li Zhenzi was also stunned for a moment, then glanced at Li Zhenruo amusingly, shook his hand and said, “I’ll go first.”

       Li Zhenruo’s desk was still forcibly moved into Li Zhenran’s office.

       He sat diagonally across from Li Zhenran, and Li Zhenruo said uncomfortably, “Have you ever thought that this way you don’t even have any privacy, I can hear whatever is going on in the company.”

       Li Zhenran said indifferently, “It’s okay, I have nothing to hide from you.”

       Li Zhenruo leaned back, folded his arms around his chest, smiled and said, “Really?”

       Li Zhenran replied, “Yes.”

       In the afternoon, Li Zhenran received a phone call temporarily, someone invited him to dinner in the evening.

       It was someone he was dealing with on business and it was at a crucial time for the Li family, so Li Zhenran was not in a good position to refuse, so he agreed on the appointment with the boss for a meal.

       He said to Li Zhenruo, “You come along too.”

       Li Zhenruo was burying his head in sorting out a document. He didn’t look at Li Zhenran and said, “I’m not going, you can go with Hua Yibang.”

       Li Zhenran came over and touched his head, “So serious?”

       Li Zhenruo bit the pen holder, “When I finish sorting out the documents, I will take a taxi back by myself.”

       Li Zhenran said, “You don’t want to socialize, do you? Is that how you’re going to be my assistant?”

       Li Zhenruo smiled and pulled his tie, pulled him down and kissed his face, “I have the privilege.”

       Li Zhenran also smiled, touched his hair and said, “Call me when you’re done, and I’ll arrange for a driver to take you back.”

       “Okay,” Li Zhenruo replied.

       It was inconvenient to be late for the entertainment over there. Li Zhenran talked to Hua Yibang to see the driver prepare the car, put the trenchcoat on his wrist, and hurriedly walked outside with Hua Yibang.

       Li Zhenruo really bowed his head and carefully sorted out the documents. His dinner was still the takeaway that Li Zhenran called directly for him.

       After he finished the documents, Li Zhenruo glanced at the time and it was already eight o’clock at night. He stretched, stood up and walked around Li Zhenran’s office, then sat down in front of his big desk and pulled open the drawers one by one to look through the contents.

       He wished he could find something, but he also wished he could find nothing.

       When he turned to the bottom drawer, the lights in the room suddenly went out without warning, and the computer seemed to automatically shut down. Li Zhenruo raised his head, wondering whether it was a power outage or if there was a problem with the wiring that had tripped the circuit.

       The world outside the window was still brightly lit. After getting familiar with the darkness in the room, Li Zhenruo could gradually see the outline of the room. When he was about to reach for the phone and call the security office on the first floor to check the situation, he suddenly saw the door and didn’t know what to do. When the time opened, there was a man standing by the door, with a tall and straight outline.

       Li Zhenruo said, “Li Zhenran?” In fact, he didn’t see that person’s face clearly, but just by looking at the outline of his body, he intuited that it was Li Zhenran.

       Sure enough, the person standing by the door said, “What are you looking for?” It was Li Zhenran’s voice.

       Li Zhenruo did not answer him.

       Li Zhenran asked again, “Why don’t you ask me what you want to find? As long as it is what you want, I will give it to you.”

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