Shen Huiming’s first reaction was: The God of destiny makes fools of the people.

       His good friend Cheng Sen had thrown a birthday party for his lover and invited them all to come and have fun.

       Shen Huiming was not a person who liked to participate in this kind of activity, but recently, he had been under a lot of pressure and exhausted both physically and mentally, so he thought it would be good to come out and have a good time.

       He was also quite familiar with Cheng Sen’s lover. He took him with him almost every time he went out to play with them. He was a very noisy person and said that he was also a flight attendant earlier.

       In the past, Shen Huiming didn’t have any extra thoughts about the flight attendants until Suo Yang appeared.

       The invitation to this birthday party was sent out two weeks ago. At that time, Cheng Sen called and asked him, “Still single? Xiao Mo said that he had a good friend and wanted to introduce him to you.”

       At that time, Shen Huiming hadn’t met Suo Yang, and he didn’t even want to fall in love, so he refused straight away.

       Then the matter of ‘matchmaking’ fell on Jiang Tongyan, another buddy of Cheng Sen.

       It was indeed an ill-fated relationship, to say the least. This Jiang Tongyan was Shen Huiming’s old classmate who was full of love and hate entanglements when he was in New York. The two of them had cut off contact, but they met a while ago because of business negotiations. They had finally let go of their previous grievance, and it happened again.

       Shen Huiming understood that life was really more full of ‘surprises’ than a well-written script.

       A few minutes before Suo Yang came in, Shen Huiming and Jiang Tongyan were still talking about this. Since he was heartbroken in college, this Boss Jiang has become an absolute believer in bachelorism. Didn’t you, Shen Huiming, keep beating me? Fine, then I won’t fall in love. He only said that when they met a few days ago, but turned around and agreed to do Zhou Mo’s matchmaking.

       Jiang Tongyan said, “It’s not matchmaking, it’s just an introduction to acquaintances. If you feel good, maybe you can get in touch and see.”

       Shen Huiming laughed at him, “Is this the blossoming of the iron tree1a highly improbable or extremely rare occurrence?”

       “I don’t know if it’s blossoming or not, but I’ve been alone for a long time and I still want someone to warm my bed.” Jiang Tongyan said, “The only thing that makes me feel bad is that you’re there again. But it’s okay, if we can really make it work, I’ll take that person to New York and stay away from you.”

       Shen Huiming laughed, patted the other party’s shoulder and told him that he promised not to rob him.

       Zhou Mo told Jiang Tongyan that what he introduced to him was also a flight attendant and very handsome.

       When Jiang Tongyan mentioned this, Shen Huiming thought of Suo Yang subconsciously.

       He hadn’t contacted Suo Yang for the past few days, and only sent a ‘good night’ message on the night the they had been drinking.

       If he pursued him too closely, he would appear to be desperate and would often cause the other party to be disgusted with him.

       Although Shen Huiming’s emotional experience was not so rich, he still understood people very well and knows the principle of ‘prescribing the right medicine for an illness2to take appropriate steps‘.

       It was just that he didn’t calculate that the ‘the most handsome guy in the flight attendant world’ that Zhou Mo wanted to introduce to Jiang Tongyan was Suo Yang.

       Jiang Tongyan, who didn’t know the truth, shook hands with Suo Yang very gently. Although Suo Yang was a little surprised by Shen Huiming’s presence, he still behaved calmly and decently.

       Zhou Mo said, “You guys talk, I’ll go out to pick up people.”

       He ran off, and before he left, he even squinted at Shen Huiming, then hooked his fingers and said, “Brother Ming, old Cheng is over there, you can accompany him for a drink!”

       His intention was too obvious, he wanted Shen Huiming to support and give the two of them a chance to be alone.

       But at this time, how could Shen Huiming walk away? It was just that this time I really want to feel sorry for Jiang Tongyan.

       Shen Huiming waved at Zhou Mo and then turned to Suo Yang.

       At this moment, Suo Yang just took the wine that Jiang Tongyan handed over, and said with a smile, “Zhou Mo is too boisterous, especially when it comes to randomly matched couples.”

       Suo Yang was not a person who pretended to be arrogant, nor did he reject this way of ‘introducing each other’. He had always felt that if he really met the right person, he could fall in love with them, but the important thing was that he only needed to take one look to know that Jiang Tongyan was not the kind of person he was looking for.

       Zhou Mo was right, Jiang Tongyan’s conditions were very good, both in terms of appearance and financial strength, there was absolutely nothing to nitpick. Moreover, since he was introduced by Zhou Mo, there would not be major flaws in his character.

       It was just that Suo Yang’s eyes are too fierce, or rather, extremely goal-oriented, and simple exchange between the two made it clear to him that he and Jiang Tongyan were not on the same page.

       A relationship, or even a marriage, was not something that could be decided by ‘good conditions’.

       More importantly, Suo Yang found that his attention was drawn more to Mr. Shen, who was next to him.

       Maybe it was because the two had met before and had a brief relationship, or perhaps it was because the fate of the three encounters really sounded the alarm in Suo Yang’s heart. In short, he really minded about the person who was sitting next to Jiang Tongyan.

       Shen Huiming turned around and also picked up the wine.

       He said to Suo Yang, “Do you remember me?”

       As soon as these words came out, Jiang Tongyan froze for a moment before asking in surprise, “You know each other?”

       Suo Yang was surprised. He thought that Shen Huiming would pretend not to know him. After all, Zhou Mo was going to introduce him to Jiang Tongyan and Shen Huiming already made a vague gesture to play along and express goodwill.

       However, it was Shen Huiming’s outspoken manner that made Suo Yang look at the man in a different light.

       A gentleman that was open and honest.

       Suo Yang smiled and said, “Of course I remember, Mr. Shen.”

       So far, Suo Yang only knew his surname Shen, as for his first name, he did not know.

       “You…” Jiang Tongyan leaned back slightly and said with a smile, “Should I step aside?”

       The God of destiny indeed makes fools of the people.

       Jiang Tongyan was all set to resign to accept his fate.

       Suo Yang and Shen Huiming both laughed, Shen Huiming said, “That’s not necessary, it seems that I’m also not Mr. Suo’s type either.”

       When he said “also”, Jiang Tongyan understood what he was implying.

       Jiang Tongyan smiled, stood up and said, “I’ll go and get the wine, while you guys catch up.”

       He walked away and went over to chat with Cheng Sen.

       Suo Yang looked at Shen Huiming, not knowing what to say.

       It was Shen Huiming who spoke first, “I didn’t expect to meet again. I really don’t believe it if one were to say that you and I are not destined to meet.”

       Suo Yang smiled, “It’s true.”

       He took a sip of wine and looked at Cheng Sen and Jiang Tongyan who were talking not far away.

       Shen Huiming followed his line of sight and asked, “What do you think of Tongyan?”

       Suo Yang said, “We are people of two worlds3Suo Yang meant to say they are not compatible.”

       Shen Huiming turned to look at him.

       “The relationship between people is actually defined when they first meet, whether or not they hit it off and how far they can develop is all predestined.” Suo Yang said, “Although it may be a bit arbitrary to say so, I’m a big believer in first impression.”

       “So, my friend and I are out of the game at your first strike?”

       Suo Yang smiled, “Don’t say that, it’s just my subjective and rash judgment, it doesn’t mean anything.”

       Shen Huiming felt that Suo Yang was very smart. During the chat, he would never give you a clear rejection or acceptance. You could even hardly extract his genuine thoughts from his words, you could only guess, and could not find an answer yet.

       This guy was very interesting.

       “But it’s still a pity,” Shen Huiming made no secret of his affection for Suo Yang, “At first Zhou Mo was going to introduce you to me.”

       Suo Yang still chuckled, as if with a little bit of shyness, but Shen Huiming didn’t know whether the so-called ‘shyness’ was deliberately performed by the other party to show comfort or a psychological effect of his own.

       “Zhou Mo, eh…” Suo Yang said, “Fooling around all day.”

       Shen Huiming shook the wine glass in his hand, pondering the meaning of this ‘fooling around’ phrase.

       “Have a drink,” Shen Huiming poured another drink for Suo Yang, “It’s just to celebrate our third chance encounter.”

       Suo Yang gently clinked glasses with him, thinking while drinking: Is this romantic fatalism?

       When the wine glass bottomed out, Shen Huiming already handed his tissue to Suo Yang.

       Suo Yang took it, thanked him, and wiped his lips lightly.

       Shen Huiming said, “I’m afraid you don’t know my name yet, do you?”

       He put down the cup and shook hands with Suo Yang, “Shen Huiming, the Hui of badge4徽章 (huīzhāng) and Ming of tomorrow5明天 (míngtiān).”

       Suo Yang said softly, “Shen Huiming.”

       “Right,” Shen Huiming said with a smile, “I don’t know if you have studied the five elements. Although it sounds a bit metaphysical, my name contains gold and water in the five elements, and your name contains gold and fire.”

       He let go of Suo Yang’s hand and poured wine for the two of them.

       “Gold reinforces water.” Suo Yang said.

       Shen Huiming was a little surprised.

       “Water conquers fire.” Suo Yang looked at him and frowned slightly.

       “But fire conquers gold.” Shen Huiming handed the wine glass to Suo Yang and said meaningfully, “We can reinforces and conquers each other.”

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