Your life belongs to me, and my soul will be with you

Content tag: Strong x Strong, Court Drama, One party has only ever loved one person, Light Hearted
Author: Still Waterside/静水边
Artist: /
Alt. Name: 钟情

It doesn’t matter if you don’t understand the settings of the Sentinel & Guide, it won’t affect your reading~(≧▽≦)/~

Revised version of the text: It tells the love history of a low-level guide with a very manly personality and a sentinel who is a bit irritable, a bit awkward and arrogant but has a girlish heart and strives to become a good loving husband of twenty-four filial piety1listening to everything your parent(in this case partner) says.
The guide (shou), the sentinel (Gong)
This is strong, warm, sweet, and cute, series that makes people want to fall in love.

Table of Contents

White Colt

Red Bean

The Universe