Chapter 28


The mecha society was engulfed in a fierce battle of practical combat operations. Lu Jingning huddled up with Yan Hebin, and from the sidelines, he couldn’t help but make comments: “This mecha is actually quite good, but the operator’s performance is lousy. I really suspect they are deliberately holding back for dramatic effect. Look, look, the ballistic trajectory at such a close range missed again.”


Yan Hebin, after enduring Lu Jingning’s complaints for a while, couldn’t help but speak up: “It’s tactical cover. Didn’t you notice how the exploding smoke effectively obstructed the opponent’s vision?”


Lu Jingning dismissed it with a scoff: “Cover my foot! If they were real men, they’d just charge in!”


Yan Hebin: “…”


You make a good point, and I can’t argue with you.


As another missile was launched, the entire battlefield erupted in a dazzling display of fireworks, evoking an exclamation of awe from everyone: “Wow!”


Lu Jingning enthusiastically joined in with a “Wow” before he could say anything else. However, the entire combat scene was suddenly shrouded in flashing red lights, accompanied by blaring alarm sounds.


Lu Jingning paused for a moment, the playful expression in his eyes gradually fading away, “What’s going on?”


Despite his usual unserious demeanor, Lu Jingning grew up in a family of military background. Having witnessed surprise attacks while wandering with Lu Kongbin during his childhood, he quickly reacted to the situation.


Yan Hebin’s tone turned serious: “It’s a red alert.”


Others might not have reacted as quickly, but after a moment of confusion, they gradually regained their composure, though still somewhat panicked.


Lu Jingning didn’t have time to delve into Yan Hebin’s unusually composed attitude and quickly surveyed the surroundings. He spotted An Huo, who was still standing in place, and shouted loudly, “Senior Sister, snap out of it! Organize the members and evacuate safely!”


Though uncertain of what was happening, they knew that a red alert was the highest level of crisis warning. Even a one-second delay could result in significant casualties.


An Huo was immediately reminded by his words and quickly organized the staff members to gather and move towards the safe zone.


Yu Zeyang seemed well-prepared. At the first sign of the alarm, he quickly arranged a temporary passageway, and upon seeing Lu Jingning’s decisive response, he glanced at him before immersing himself into the emergency command.


Most members respected and feared Yu Zeyang’s fierceness, so they followed his evacuation orders without daring to take a deep breath, maintaining a smooth and orderly progress.


As Lu Jingning and Yan Hebin passed by Yu Zeyang, he suddenly spoke up again, “You two Omegas better stick with the main group and not act alone, understand?”


Lu Jingning gave him a direct eye roll, expressing his inner thoughts.


“…” Yu Zeyang was irritated by his attitude but didn’t have time to argue further. He sternly said, “In times like this, you must follow orders! Hurry and go!”


Both of them followed the other members of the mecha society through the safe passage.


After walking for a while, Yan Hebin couldn’t help but look back at Lu Jingning and asked with some concern, “You wouldn’t really be planning to do something reckless, right?”


Lu Jingning was speechless for a moment. “What are you saying? Am I the kind of person who causes trouble at critical moments? I was just teasing him!”


Compared to others, he perhaps understood better the consequences of acting like a hero in an inappropriate situation. In military terms, Lu Kongbin had practically drilled it into him through punches and kicks.


Yan Hebin seemed surprised by Lu Jingning’s unexpectedly calm and composed response, and he said, “That’s good.”


Finally, they reached the open area.


The radiance of the stars instantly spread around them, but in that moment of expanded vision, a loud explosion tore through the air, stunning everyone.


Startled by the direction of the explosion, they saw the teaching building they had recently attended classes in now under intense bombardment. Faculty members were actively evacuating, but many were still trapped inside, and cries for help and screams echoed in the air.


The assault, however, continued relentlessly.


Lu Jingning looked up to the sky and saw an ancient, enormous black spacecraft seemingly materializing out of thin air, ominously hovering above the Imperial Navy University.


The blood-red skull pattern on the hull was striking and seemed to stimulate everyone’s vision, like a nightmare invading their minds.


Someone nearby exclaimed, “Oh my god, it’s the interstellar pirates!”


After that voice, others seemed to awaken one after another.


“This emblem belongs to the Eastern Star System, the Wartorn Clan!”


“I remember hearing that during the joint operation, it was actually the Patrol Team that infiltrated the enemy’s camp and eliminated the leaders!”


“They’re retaliating! These pirates must be seeking revenge!”


“So, they’ve come to find the Imperial Navy Patrol Team?”


“But didn’t they say the entire Wartorn Clan was wiped out? Why are there still so many of them?”


“Oh god, are we going to be caught in the crossfire?”


In the midst of anxious discussions, fear spread, and voices grew louder. Some even began to wail, “Those interstellar pirates were already lawless. This time, they won’t spare us!”


Most of the students present were freshmen and sophomores who hadn’t experienced a real war. Placed suddenly on the frontline of the battlefield, all the knowledge they were taught in class disappeared under the overwhelming tension.


Lu Jingning couldn’t help but turn his head to look at his anxious classmates. He couldn’t help but smirk.


Remembering not long ago when the members of the Imperial Navy Patrol Team returned to the campus as heroes, welcomed and adored by countless fans, he found the scene quite ironic now.


Amidst the chaotic gunfire, a high-energy laser beam exploded nearby, leaving a large hole in the ground, completely blocking their path.


The moving group had to come to a halt, and panic spread through the crowd.


Seeing that the interstellar pirates’ reconnaissance ship had detected their movement, a series of dazzling beams shot out from the side, intercepting the incoming fire and slicing a small warship in half at close range.


Lu Jingning turned to look and saw a massive new-type mecha emerging from behind the teaching building. The person in the c0ckpit had stunning and flamboyant curly hair. Despite the critical moment, she even took the time to open the c0ckpit door and blew a kiss at the startled crowd, “Keep moving forward, sweethearts. Let the combatants handle this place.”


Lu Jingning: “…”


Such show-offs.


Some people, however, seemed to fall for it and couldn’t help but scream in excitement, “Go, Senior Sister Kang Hanyun!”


Kang Hanyun from the Imperial Navy Patrol Team winked playfully. As the c0ckpit door closed, the light whip in her mecha’s hand swiftly wrapped around a low-flying warship, slamming it heavily onto the ground.


The resulting explosion and debris sent an electric current through their hearts, briefly raising their spirits.


Seeing someone stepping up to protect them, An Huo didn’t waste any more time and raised his voice, “All staff members, clear the way ahead! Other members, keep following me, stay close, and don’t get separated!”


The previously obstructed group finally started moving again.


Perhaps inspired by Kang Hanyun’s motivation, everyone felt a little more reassured. Some even noticed Lu Jingning and Yan Hebin at the back of the group and deliberately came closer to joke, “Ah, no wonder the vice president reminded you. You two Omegas really need to be careful! I heard that those interstellar pirates from the Eastern Star System, the Pu Stars, are particularly obsessed with Omega pheromones. They used to capture a few Omegas and take them back to have some fun. If you accidentally fall into their hands, they might really suck you dry!”


Lu Jingning gave the person a deadpan look, “Oh? How about I demonstrate how I can suck you dry right here and now?”


The person was clearly taken aback by Lu Jingning’s suggestive remark and looked shocked, “Are you really an Omega? Why do you speak like that?”


Lu Jingning smiled mysteriously, “Just talking doesn’t mean anything. I wonder if you want to give it a try?”


“…” The person felt embarrassed, his face alternating between red and white, and then he walked away dejectedly.


At that moment, the group finally reached the entrance of the anti-aircraft area. After entering the code and opening the metal door, everyone heaved a sigh of relief.


The anti-aircraft area was an underground space with a one-way transparent material for the ceiling, extremely sturdy and capable of withstanding several high-intensity artillery attacks.


Once they settled in, everyone, still feeling a little shaken, observed the increasingly intense battle scenes outside. It was the first time for most of them to be so close to a real war, and it was understandably overwhelming.


This was no simulation they had experienced in class; this was real warfare!


Lu Jingning found a spot to sit down lazily, leaning against the wall. His eyes flickered with an inscrutable gleam as he watched the intense battles outside.


Yan Hebin noticed the seriousness in his expression and approached him, asking, “What’s wrong? Did you notice something?”


Lu Jingning furrowed his brow, “I can’t quite put my finger on it, but something feels off.”


The military should have received intelligence earlier, and the reinforcements arrived swiftly. With their arrival, the situation on the battlefield was quickly brought under control.


However, it was precisely because of this that Lu Jingning couldn’t help but sense that something was amiss. Just like what his classmates had said, this attack was carried out by the Eastern Star System’s pirate remnants. But if they were truly seeking revenge against the Imperial Navy Patrol Team, even if they had just suffered heavy losses, this kind of attack seemed a bit too much like a childish play.


At least, if it were him, with such a deep-seated grudge, he would ensure a sure-fire plan for the attack!


Lost in thought, Lu Jingning raised his head and looked towards the enemy’s mother ship at the far end of the sky.


It remained still among the clouds, its blood-red skull emblem eerie and striking, appearing like an observer, waiting for the perfect moment to strike its prey.


Just as Lu Jingning was immersed in contemplation, his communicator suddenly buzzed.


He didn’t expect Yu Qingcang to contact him at this moment. He answered the call and asked, “What’s the situation? Are you in the safe zone?”


Yu Qingcang’s voice came through, filled with a tearful tone, “Don’t even mention it! We have been terribly unlucky! We got involved in the center of the war zone during the evacuation! Lu bro, I’m calling to say my last words! If I die, remember that you’re my real daddy!”


“…” Lu Jingning listened to the sound of battle roaring in the background of the communicator, remained silent for a moment, and then said unkindly, “Get lost! Stop thinking about taking advantage of me all the time. I’m your real daddy? You might just die like that!”


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