Chapter 119


Lu Jingning paused for a moment before recalling, immediately crawling out of the ground, then bending down to pull Wen Xingchen out from behind.


It was only then that Feng Pei realized they hadn’t died, kicking over the half-burnt incense on the ground as he rushed forward.


“Where the hell did you two go?” Cen Junfeng rubbed his eyes repeatedly, confirming it wasn’t an illusion, making the quiver in his voice more pronounced, “Damn it, you had us searching everywhere!”


He did want to rush over for a hug, but both of them were covered head to toe in bloodstains, appearing as if not a single part of them was unscathed, making him instinctively hesitant to touch them, fearing he might cause pain.


Afraid of hurting them.


Lu Jingning finally managed to step back onto the ground, feeling a mix of emotions from the reactions, and said, “I also want to know where we went.”


That experience was quite bizarre; it seemed unbelievable even when spoken about.


Yan Hebin had been standing in the same spot, gazing for a long while. Now, he hid the relief in his eyes and reminded, “Let’s hurry back, the commander is still waiting for us.”


Feng Pei tapped his head, agreeing, “Yes, let’s go back first!”


Lu Jingning didn’t get a chance to say anything before being supported from both sides. Seeing their cautious demeanor, it was as though they were afraid he’d fall apart with just a little force.


Looking back, Wen Xingchen was receiving the exact same treatment.


When their gazes met, both couldn’t help but smile wryly.


Upon hearing the news of Lu Jingning and the others being brought back, Jiang Quan hurriedly rushed to the medical cabin. There, he found the two sitting shirtless on the bed, surrounded by tattered clothes stained with blood.


The medical staff stood still, appearing somewhat perplexed.


Lu Jingning sighed, feeling helpless, “I’ve said it so many times, we really are fine. Why won’t you believe us?”


The medical staff: “…”


Given their disheveled appearance just a while ago, saying they had no injuries at all—who would believe that?!


Yan Hebin had been by their side all this while. Now, after a moment of silence, he said, “I’ll inform Su Qian.”


Lu Jingning watched him leave, feeling a bit surprised.


When did these two become so close?


Jiang Quan stood nearby for a while, realizing no one had noticed him. He coughed lightly.


Lu Jingning turned at the sound, instantly brightening up, “Commander, we have something to report!”


Initially intending to offer some words of comfort, Jiang Quan found the other party more direct, and almost choked on his own saliva after a cough, waving his hand to ask everyone else to leave temporarily.


With only the three of them left in the room, Lu Jingning and Wen Xingchen exchanged glances and took out the energy stone they had concealed.


The translucent box contained a crystal-clear stone emitting a faint green light.


Jiang Quan initially thought their return alive was a stroke of luck, but he hadn’t expected them to find an energy stone. His surprised expression flickered momentarily, and then he noticed something different, “This stone…”


Wen Xingchen briefly explained their experience and discovery.


Jiang Quan listened quietly, sinking into a prolonged silence. Eventually, he carefully took the energy stone and, with a solemn expression, said, “You two are heroes of all humanity!”


The title seemed a bit too weighty, but Lu Jingning didn’t seem to mind at all, casually saying, “No need for too many compliments. Just mention it to the higher-ups and give us some random military rank. Nothing too high, Colonel sounds good to me.”


Jiang Quan: “…”


He regretted his earlier praise. Why did he have to compliment this cheeky kid?


Seeing the grin on Lu Jingning’s face, Jiang Quan felt a slight ache in his heart. However, before leaving, he gritted his teeth and left a remark, “Just wait!”


Lu Jingning beamed, “Thank you, Commander!”


Wen Xingchen timely held him back, not letting him continue blabbering, fearing Jiang Quan might come back and give them a kick.


After everyone left, the entire ward fell into silence.


Lu Jingning felt a strong wave of drowsiness washing over him. Changing into clean clothes, he yawned, “So tired, finally, I can rest.”


Also, can’t remember how long it’s been since I had a good night’s sleep. Being underground, without daylight—if it weren’t for the timely energy stone restoring their stamina, just digging non-stop day and night, they might’ve truly been buried alive there.


Lu Jingning felt sore all over and was about to lie down for some rest when he noticed Wen Xingchen on the next bed had pulled the covers back a bit, looking at him with a half-smile, “Want to sleep together?”


Lu Jingning blinked, and immediately, a smile twinkled in his eyes. Without hesitation, he jumped straight off the bed, “Of course!”


In an instant, another person appeared in Wen Xingchen’s embrace.


His eyes filled with a deeper smile, Wen Xingchen gently wrapped his arms around Lu Jingning, and they quietly slipped into slumber.


Truly, they were exhausted.



The existence of the healing energy stone was evidently top-secret, and Jiang Quan hadn’t informed anyone else about it.


The Star Gaze Team only knew the two had narrowly escaped death. The next day, in a very humane manner, they waited until nearly noon before waking them up.


However, as soon as they pushed the hospital bed, the first thing they noticed was the empty bed opposite.


Cen Junfeng vaguely remembered Lu Jingning had slept there yesterday. He was wondering if this guy had suddenly stopped sleeping in, but then, he caught sight of the unusually swollen blanket on Wen Xingchen’s bed.


Cen Junfeng: “…”


Damn, did these two return just to save on meal expenses?!


As if hearing some commotion, Lu Jingning’s head popped out from under the covers, rubbing his eyes groggily.


As the Star Gaze Team contemplated whether they should leave to avoid suspicion, Lu Jingning casually greeted, “Morning, everyone!”


The group: “…Morning.”


So, what exactly were they mulling over?


Lu Jingning clearly had no awareness of anything amiss. When he sat up on Wen Xingchen’s bed, he even pinched the person beside him lightly, “Brother Wen, it’s time to get up. The sun’s shining on our butts.”


A lazy response came from under the covers where Wen Xingchen was nestled, “Mmm.”


The Star Gaze Team watched expressionlessly as Lu Jingning tossed the covers aside and got up, rummaging around his bed for a while, finally pulling out a set of military attire. With a yawn, he headed into the adjacent bathroom.


During this process, the conspicuous golden tuft on his head swayed gently with each movement.


Wen Xingchen also sat up from his bed, his face carrying a hint of drowsiness, seemingly displeased at being disturbed.


Noticing the direction of everyone’s gaze, he narrowed his eyes dangerously, “Anything else?”


The tone cut through the air, and a palpable pressure emanated from the Alpha, as if a strong sense of coldness surged up the spine.


Cen Junfeng’s voice raised abruptly, “We’re here to wake you up for breakfast. After eating, we’ll board the ship back to base. Since you’re awake, hurry up, we’re about to leave!”


Almost without pause, he dragged the others away in a hurry, seeking survival instinctively.


It was only after traversing several corridors that they felt the chilling pressure finally dissipate.


The group exchanged looks, hesitantly asking, “Did you guys feel it… Wen Xingchen seems to have become much stronger again?”



Others thought the mission hadn’t been completed, returning to the base with a sense of unease, fearing Jiang Quan’s reproach or intensified training.


Unexpectedly, upon reaching the base, Jiang Quan, this living judge, not only showed no sign of reproach but actually gave them a few days off, insisting they rest properly.


It was truly surprising and felt a bit overwhelming.


To celebrate Lu Jingning and Wen Xingchen’s miraculous survival, everyone from the Elite Team took a spacecraft to a nearby asteroid and had a good meal there.


Returning fully fed and with wine in their veins, it was already late at night, and the starry sky became the most beautiful decoration.


No one noticed the disappearance of the two as soon as they disembarked.


In the corridor beside the dormitory building, Lu Jingning cornered Wen Xingchen. In this close proximity, he could feel the scorching breath brushing against his skin.


Partly due to the alcohol, his face was blazing hot. He reached out playfully, lifting Wen Xingchen’s chin, bringing his neck closer, eyes filled with allure, “Come, take a bite, mark me, be a good boy.”


For some reason, he had an impulsive desire, sparked by alcohol, to receive Wen Xingchen’s mark—a yearning to be bound to this person for life.


Wen Xingchen looked at him. 


Under such unrestrained teasing, some distant memories suddenly flashed in his mind. His lips curved involuntarily, “Getting drunk and acting out like this… doesn’t this scene feel familiar to you?”


Lu Jingning squinted, a bit impatient, “Huh? Are you marking me or not?”


Wen Xingchen chuckled, glancing at Lu Jingning’s eager expression with half-lowered eyelashes, “At your service.”


He reached out, pressing Lu Jingning’s slender Omega wrist against the wall, his gaze falling on the gland exposed at the neck, and then he leaned in and bit.


Lu Jingning let out a soft hum, gradually losing himself in the fusion of pheromones, succumbing to the enchantment of that embrace.


The second group, returning to the dormitories, had just arrived nearby. Among them, Feng Pei had drunk the most today. Though his steps seemed unsteady, his vision was surprisingly clear.


Inadvertently catching a glimpse of two vague figures in the corner, he mustered all his strength and shouted, “Who’s there?!”


Cen Junfeng, dizzy and eager to climb into his comfortable bed, jolted at the shout. As he looked in that direction, the alcohol-induced haze cleared a good deal.


Seeing Feng Pei’s slightly widened eyes, about to approach to investigate, Cen Junfeng hastily reached out, subduing the guy with poor observation skills, pressing him firmly to the ground, and firmly covering his almost-sinning mouth.


After a couple of muffled sounds, Feng Pei’s glare seemed to depict someone viewing a traitor to the cause.


Cen Junfeng, his already splitting headache worsening, pleaded, “Stay still, buddy. Trust me, you’ll thank me for saving your life tomorrow…”


Slightly melancholic, he glanced up at the intense night sky, a hint of determination flickering in his eyes.


Seems like it’s time to no longer be single.

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