Chapter 117


The thought in Lu Jingning’s mind flashed by, and before he could step forward again, a hand had already stopped him.


Wen Xingchen’s face was as calm as water. “Stand behind me.”


For the first time in his life, Lu Jingning enjoyed the treatment of a hero saving the beauty. A hint of laughter flashed in his eyes, and he leisurely stopped his steps, obediently saying, “Sure, Brother Wen.”


The dialogue between the two seemed to stimulate Bai Chen’s nerves. A hint of gorgeous crimson was bitten out at the corner of his lips. His voice was cold, “Attack them all!”


Wen Xingchen responded, “As you wish.”


The pheromones belonging to Alpha exploded, sweeping the surroundings with an unprecedented fierceness. The oppressive force was so strong that even Lu Jingning, standing behind, felt an uncontrollable tingling on his skin.


A hint of surprise flashed in his eyes.


Whether it was because of anger or the opponent’s overwhelming strength, in any case, it was the first time he saw Wen Xingchen exerting his full power.


However, such high-intensity outbreak evidently imposed a significant burden on the body itself.


Lu Jingning stood still for a moment, with a furrowed brow, deeply sighing.


The feeling of doing nothing like this was truly uncomfortable, like sitting on pins and needles, like walking on eggshells, like having a fishbone stuck in the throat.


Forget it, being a delicate beauty really doesn’t suit him.


Glancing at the crimson that had been effectively stopped on his arm, he took a step and instantly joined the battle.


Wen Xingchen could feel the familiar breath approaching suddenly. After skillfully avoiding an energy beam from the enemy, he couldn’t help but ask, “Didn’t I tell you to stand behind me?”


Lu Jingning gestured to his position, grinning, “Of course, I didn’t run ahead of you.”


Wen Xingchen: “…”


Seeing his displeasure, Lu Jingning added sincerely, “I just feel safer standing by your side!”


Wen Xingchen’s tone paused slightly, reminding, “Don’t move too much, be careful of your wound.”


If such words were heard on ordinary occasions, Lu Jingning might find them nagging, but because it was Wen Xingchen who spoke, in the current situation, it strangely felt sweet, like honey: “Okay, Captain!”


Wen Xingchen couldn’t help it and finally revealed a faint smile on his tense face.


Really, not forgetting to be talkative even in such a situation.


The cooperation between the two was always tacit. At this moment, they assisted each other seamlessly, and there were almost no flaws in the offense and defense.


The insect soldiers tried to launch attacks several times but were overturned one after another.


During the offensive, Lu Jingning casually picked up a knife from a corpse. The material was unknown, probably a rare metal. In his hands, it was like a toy for a child, more lethal than those new high-tech weapons.


In other words, he was a walking humanoid weapon.


Although he didn’t say much before, the fact that he got injured in this situation made him feel extremely frustrated.


Even when he was brawling with Lao Lu, at most, he would just get a scratch. But facing these bugs, why the hell did this happen?


The joint attack of the two was fierce. In a blink of an eye, except for Bai Chen standing in the rear, there were only three insect creatures left on the battlefield.


The one with blue hair was obviously the strongest. After losing several times, his eyes narrowed slightly. He flew forward like a ghost, directly attacking Lu Jingning.


His nails instantly lengthened sharply, extremely sharp, aiming to pierce his neck.


In the moment Lu Jingning swiftly retreated, Wen Xingchen had already lifted his hand to block. The sharp friction sound echoed around.


Lu Jingning, with limited knowledge of the insect creatures, had never heard of such a method of enhancing body parts to the extreme for attack. In surprise, he couldn’t help but hesitate.


The soldier’s attack missed, and he regretfully licked his sharp nails with his tongue. “Ah, what a pity.”


The sticky green liquid passed over his tongue. Obviously, it was the venom commonly used by the insect creatures.


Before the words fell, instead of retreating, he became even more aggressive.


Swinging his claws created a chilling wind, forcing the two to step back repeatedly.


Lu Jingning sidestepped to avoid an incoming claw. Seeing the deep crack on the ground where he had just stood, the corners of his mouth involuntarily lowered.


After such intense fighting, the wounds that had just healed were torn open again. Without looking, one could imagine the blood flowing once more, accompanied by the agonizing pain.


Damn, it really hurts!


He gritted his teeth, no longer retreating. With a forceful step, he suddenly changed the momentum and directly charged towards that damn insect.


Damn it, never-ending annoyance!


At this moment, Wen Xingchen was concentrating half of his physical information energy, and he caught a glimpse of the figure that darted out. It almost disrupted his energy.


The insect, in the midst of an attacking spree, didn’t expect this sudden move. Feeling like the prey had willingly come to him, a smirk appeared on the corner of its mouth.


Just as he was about to viciously attack that beautiful face, he suddenly felt a heavy pressure coming straight at him, crashing into him.


In the moment of being dazed, a rain of intense punches from the opponent mercilessly struck him.


Lu Jingning: “Damn it! Enjoying the fight, huh? Let me give you a real thrill! Want another round of excitement?!”


He had had enough!


Where there is oppression, there is resistance. Concentrating all the pheromones into his fists, Lu Jingning, after avoiding the annoying claws, unleashed a barrage without a second thought.


Today, he won’t stop until the opponent sees stars. Otherwise, they might never understand why flowers are so red!


Lu Jingning’s fists were now incredibly powerful, even smashing into rare metal ores would leave an imprint, let alone the small body of the insect creature.


In no time, the skin burst, flesh became a blur of blood and gore.


If it weren’t for finding this scene too disgusting, Lu Jingning would have wished to turn them into a lump of meat paste.


Only after the lifeless mess on the ground for a long time did he catch his breath, disdainfully wiping his hand stained with green insect blood. “Damn, shouldn’t have been polite to them! Too used to it!”


Wen Xingchen: “…”


When Lu Jingning turned around and met his gaze, just as he was about to say something, Wen Xingchen turned expressionlessly away.


Next, almost invisible movements unfolded. In an instant, he had the other two insect creatures pinned to the ground.


After resolving the situation, Wen Xingchen calmed the surging pheromones within him and turned to Lu Jingning, saying casually, “These guys, nothing special.”


This time, it was Lu Jingning’s turn to be silent.


Although there were no unnecessary words, for some reason, he felt that Wen Xingchen seemed to be taking the opportunity to showcase something to him—something like an incredibly strong power.


Before, Ye Ling said Alphas liked to establish a tall image in front of their mates. Now, it seemed to be true.


How extraordinary Wen Ge was, and he always said that Lu Jingning was the flashy one. Look now, obviously, he was the one who enjoyed it the most.


However, such a scene on Wen Xingchen did seem somewhat absurd.


After suppressing the crazy smile that surfaced, Lu Jingning turned to look at Bai Chen.


At this moment, with no soldiers following him, he stood alone, still on the distant mound, looking down at them.


Bai Chen obviously didn’t expect that the elite he brought would be dealt with so cleanly. A fleeting look of surprise flashed in his eyes, but there was no panic as the two approached.


It was Lu Jingning who looked at him, and Bai Chen, with a pleasantly surprised smile, said, “Indeed, the Omega I chose is truly extraordinary.”


His gaze seemed to carry a hint of greed, sticking to Lu Jingning’s body, making him feel intensely uncomfortable from head to toe.


Lu Jingning’s brow involuntarily furrowed. Just as he was about to speak, Wen Xingchen silently blocked him.


Wen Xingchen spoke to Bai Chen, “You have no way out.”


Bai Chen, who had lost to Wen Xingchen in the bounty competition, now standing alone in front of the two, admitted his disadvantage without hesitation, “Yes, no way out.”


Because of being blocked, his gaze was forced to fall on Wen Xingchen. There was disgust all over his eyes, but the smile on his face became even more triumphant. “However, what does it matter? As a warrior, dying on the battlefield is the best ending. Although I regret not being able to make a name for myself, but…”


Pausing slightly, his smile became more sinister, “But, having you two accompany me is also such a delightful thing.”


Lu Jingning stared at him without blinking, suddenly noticing the faintly shining color in that hand. His heart jumped, “Xingchen, be careful!”


However, Wen Xingchen’s reaction was even faster than his.


Almost instinctively, he turned and directly pulled Lu Jingning into his arms, using his entire body to tightly shield him.


Lu Jingning lifted his head and met the deep gaze. In that moment of eye contact, he responded with a soothing smile.


His heart suddenly skipped a beat, and in an instant, all the pheromone energy in his body erupted completely. It felt like an invisible giant hand, a fierce wind, pressing heavily towards the area where Bai Chen was.


At the same time, the light in Bai Chen’s hand unexpectedly exploded.


Centered around it, a massive crimson light burst out like hungry ghosts from hell, wildly spreading around and quickly devouring all the land in the vicinity.


The once silent desolate planet, due to the tremendous explosion, was now tainted with the color of half the sky. Even the warships in the interstellar battle above were attracted by the glaring light.


Jiang Quan, who had been closely monitoring the situation, abruptly stood up from his chair, staring fixedly at the screen.


Looking down from high above, one could see that a portion of the ground on the desolate planet seemed to have been carved out, deeply sunken, surrounded by numerous cracks, a shocking sight.


A slight tremor ran through his heart.


He was, of course, familiar with the means the insect creatures used for mutual destruction, but to push the opponents to this extent in the elite team, could it be…


Jiang Quan’s hand holding the controller trembled slightly.


For a moment, he was hesitant to delve further into his thoughts.

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